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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  October 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i have never seen anything like that. >> get that kid in gymnastics school right now. >> have a great weekend, great to be back here with you. >> you have a great weekend as well. thank you for joining us, america's election headquarters starts right now. wikileaks releasing a fresh batch of e-mails from the clinton controversy. donald trump about to have a press conference including efforts to get the white house help hide some e-mails by claiming executive privilege. ed henry is live in washington, some very dramatic developments on the e-mails that may tie president into all of this. what is the latest on that while i remind erin that he has always maintained publicly that he didn't know she was keeping that private server. >> that is exactly right.
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in the last five minutes, we have gotten another very interesting e-mail from the hacked e-mails of john podesta's e-mails. secondly, hillary clinton telling the american people again and again she turned over all work related e-mails. on march 4th, he said think we should hold e-mails to and from potus? that's the heart of his executive privilege. we could get them to ask for that. they may not care, but it seems like they will. look at the time line. that is on march 4th. on march 3rd, they issued a subpoena demanding she preserve all of her e-mails and records.
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fast forward to that same month, they demand the server be turned over. and then inth last five minutes, another one, march 22nd, two days after asking for the server, there are e-mail exchanges about the president and hillary clinton meeting together at the white house. that meeting we learned about at the time, but the fact that it was happening this context of them decided do we hold e-mails between them or not? and then they met behind closed doors, all very interesting. >> it sounds like we also have sensational information about clinton donors. >> a leaked e-mail showing that once hillary clinton raised questions about their governance, a law firm was brought in and conducted a major view and said some interview
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yeses reported conflicts of those raising funds or donors. mike pence spoke out on all of this this morning on fox and friends. . at the time, it is remarkable to me they continue to ignore the hard evidence throwing out of her years of secretary of state. >> you heard begin and begin they will not engage on the accuracy of all of the e-mails, but they believe that russia is interfering in the u.s. election. they want to talk about that. they want to talk about the sub fans of all of this. >> we are awaiting donald trump at a rally. you see the crowd is ready
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there. he will likely launch new attacks on hillary clinton in light of all of the e-mail revelations, and respond to mounding allegations of sexual misconduct and blaming the and proving evidence. in charlotte, trump will be holding a rally today, what can we expect from trump? >> good afternoon to you. you can expect we will be talking about the later regulations. he has something else to deal with. more ta more steady drip drip drip. the late zest a 46-year-old woman from southern california, kristin anderson. she says as an aspiring model,
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she informs a nightclub, donald trump was beside her, she didn't know it was him, he allegedly put his hand up her skirt. the person on my right, who was donald trump, put their hand up my skirt and he touched my vagina through my underwear, absolutely. >> one of the spokes people for donald trump told the washington post "mr. trump strongly denies this phoney allegation by someone looking for prepub lfre publicity" and trump says he has evidence to refute all of those claims. we have yet to see any of that evidence yet, but this morning mike pence said he believes what
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trump is saying. >> the remarkable thing is as the media goes chasing after unsubstantiated. >> donald trump has got a lot to respond to today, sandra. that, he also wants to talk about the wikileaks as we said at the top, and he wants to get into some of the issues that are real important to americans. things like the economy, trade, hillary clinton's record on all of that today as well. greensboro in a half hour's time and charlotte tonight. >> and trump is talking about the timing of all of this being very curious. what are you hearing there? >> yes he call it'd a experience by the global elites to crush
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the movement here in the united states. quite a movement it is, he has 15 15,000 people at a rally. and he suggests this stuff has been out in the ether for a long long time. and at a ticket when hillary clinton is on defense over the whole wikileaks e-mail dump. this is what trump said last night about all of that. >> i gave a speech earlier today around lies, corruption, and false accusations of the crooked hillary clinton campaign. and the mainstream media that control and it's quite amazing. they want to distract us from what's coming out by wikileaks. and keep us from talking about the issues, we will not threat
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happen. it is interesting to see what will happen for trump, but in the state of north carolina, he is still in the running, hillary clinton is up three points, four points, 45-41, but that is less than the last time checked back in august. >> for more on this, let's talk with jeff dewitt who joins us now. thank you for being here. >> you just heard it, there is a lot going on right now, the latest on these allegations over sexual assault and trump u trump groping women, he is expected to take to the podium there shortly. we will go to that, but pence, his running mate saying expect
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by the end of day evidence refuting those charges. what should we expect? >> i know that very soon we have very strong things coming out to show that, think about how hard this is, too. imagine if someone contacted you and said 30 years ago you inappropriately touched them. it's very hard to come up with anything, unsubstantiated attacks. and attacking donald trump, and here we are, early ballots are dropping in a lot of states today, even, and they come out with these claims of 30 years ago he touched someone on an airli airplane -- it's just so much junk. >> jeff, this is politics and he still has to deal with it. and his supporters are questioning whether or not he is handling the situation well, is he focusing too much on the
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allegations rather than getting back to the issues? what do you make of his handling of it? >> they attack him personally, i know very well that he didn't do any of the things they are claiming, but we all want to get back to the big issues about wikileaks and the coordination between the clinton campaign and the white house who interestingly enough president obama is campaigning on behalf of hillary who is not campaigning herself, but it shows the coordination to hide evidence. it shows john podesta saying let's hold back e-mails as if they're not work related e-mails. >> let's show our audience what john podesta wrote, and this happened on march 4th, 2015. think we should hold e-mails to and from potus? that's the heart of his
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executive privilege. we could get them to ask for that. at the same time, people need to know that publicly they were saying they were turning over every single e-mail and here is a discussion that would indicate they were not. >> and you see e-mails showing that john podesta was setting up phonecalls between himself and the chief of staff at the white house. it shows that hillary clinton had a meeting with president obama, and if my memory is correct, it was the same month that firm in colorado used the bleach bit program to wipe the server clean. then a few months later, when hillary clinton was asked about it, she said oh you mean wiped with of a cloth, and then she goes in front of congress and testifies 21 times she cannot recall. she could recall everything that
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happened and she needs to go read wikileaks because it will refresh her memory very clearly on what she did. >> it just keeps getting more interesting. good to have you. >> donald trump is set to take the stage any moment now where he is expected to hit hillary clinton over her new e-mail controversy as we just discussed in the wake of new revelations from wikileaks. speaking of clinton's e-mails, she answers questions from judicial watch and her responses or lack there of while under oath. i have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the state department. yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. can give you ans advantage.gether
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a possible tornado reported along the coast of oregon. witness describing a typical beach storm suddenly whipping up into something much, much more. there are no reports of injuries, but police have received several calls about damage including a woman who says all the windows in her home were blown out. no confirmation there was an actual tornado, but things were blown around. hillary clinton responding to written questions from ju dishl watch as part of a major lawsuit. the new he will release document shows she replied "i do not recall" many times involving decisions to use clinton or if she participated in any
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communicatio communications. also destroying or disclosing e e-mails on official state department business. in total she used a variation of "do not recall" at least 25 times. chris, this has been an effort on your part for a long time, your organization's part, did we learn anything new from those questions that she ultimately answered first of all? >> yes, we did learn something new. first of all, that she is, at best, misleading at at worst lying to the court? she developed a sudden case of amnesia about several documents and things she designed and implemen
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implemen implemented, and now she can't recall any of these details, and she is stuck. she will not purger herself or -- >> she played it safe, but it you expect she said she cannot recall in some form 21 times, there was only 25 questions. so -- >> was it your sense that she was really trying to answer she questions? her camp maintains it's the same thing we answered a million times. >> this is unbelievable. the legal handy work of david kendall. i think when the judge reads the answer, appointed to the bench my mrs. clinton's husband, i don't think judge sullivan will be terribly persuaded by the wide selected amnesia. >> as far as it is concerned, going back to the fbi report,
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they said back then that in december of 2012 clinton suffered a concussion and around the new year had a blood clot. based on her doctor's advice she could on work at state for a few hours a day and could not remember every briefing she received. >> if she is incapacitated she needs to disclose that. we have sworn statements of what her position is, what she says she can or cannot remember. it sun believable and what it does confirm is that she placed the united states in grave danger because there is still 22 top secret e-mails that went across her server that they turned over to the intelligence community, she endangered the united states and now she is lying about it.
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>> it was not just the 21 do not recalls, she offered various legal obligations through the wordings of 18 of the 25, and she filed separate objections, it appears to be an effort to really not get mrs. clinton into any more trouble. >> it is the worst sort of lawyering that makes people hate lawyers. >> if it was in personal and life, yes. but fact that we were put position where we can only rely on interrogatories it is a disadvantage. that is why, even in arguing this, the judge himself, wants to argue it in person in front of them. >> and brian fallon saying these are the same questions she has
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addressed under oath. >> we are awaiting for donald trump to take to the podium any moment now where his campaign indicated he will go after mrs. clinton hard. plus early voting under way across the country right now. why these two states are particularly unique for voters who have a change of heart.
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well some early voters in
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this election may be finding themselvess with a case of buyers remorse as the 2016 campaign goes into the final stretch. voters in at least two states are able to change their vote if they cast their ballot early or absentee. we have this roller coaster campaign, some might have a change of heart. >> minnesota and wisconsin officials confirm that voters can and are changing their minds and their ballots. they have already submitted ballots through early or absentee ballots in that state. wisconsin officials say voters can cancel their absentee ballots up to three times. opponents say that system robs voters of weeks of comments and revelations about candidates and point to this election and the
11:26 am
now daily emergence, it seems, of donald trump's sexual assault accusers and thousands of e-mails from john podesta. now thousands of voters can resubmit their ballots if they change their minds. reports claim that hundreds of thousands of americans nationwide have already voted. >> how common is this for states to allow voters to change their minds? we have been calling some of the top states, and they're all saying voters are prohibited from changing their early ballots. as for florida, broward county, one of the 2000 election manual recount counties, once you have
11:27 am
voted through early voting or by absentee ballot, your vote is cast and final. if you have early remorse you have to check with your local officials. sorts through all of the spin, a fact checker just in time has google news results. they use news with fact checking articles and live news stories. they meet the fact checking definition. there you go. >> donald trump to step up to the mic now at any moment now, and speaking for the first time since another wikileaks dump.
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is is
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. any minute now donald trump is set to take the stage at a rally in north carolina and across the country. a woman accuses him of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior will be having a press conference. and hillary clinton trying to move past another wikileaks bomb shell, this one potentially linking president obama to the scandal. the president going after trump
11:33 am
pretty hard. >> if you're tough you don't make excuses. you don't start coming about the ref before the game is done. you just play the game, right? that is what hillary clinton is doing. don't fall for what trump tries to do and make everybody depressed. don't believe it. i promise you your vote counts. jennifer griffin, following all of the action. live in seattle, the president not mincing words there on his attack against donald trump. >> no, and following up on his wife's passionate take down of donald trump yesterday. hillary clinton for her part is out on the west coast raising
11:34 am
money. she is on her way to seattle, she will be here shortly for a fundraiser. it will be hosted by mackl arma. show she wants those bernie supporters. the singer macklemore and ryan lewis will be hosting the event today. he made headlines at the grammys a few years back when he sang the song "same love" as 33 couples walked down the aisles and he pronounced them married. >> because of the revelation of
11:35 am
the public video and everything that came out on "access hollywood" he was really all wrought up and you could just sense the anger he had. so he want today just dominate and then stalk me around the stage, and i just felt the presence behind me and i thought whoa, this is really weird. >> clinton will be heading back to new york after the seattle fundraiser where she will be getting ready for the third and final debate. thank you, we want to go to donald trump in greensboro, north carolina. >> november 8th, that's our day, right? i want to talk to send our
11:36 am
thoughts and prayers to every recovering from hurricane matthew. we send our deepest c est koest. good luck to everybody. the incredible spirit of the people of this state will power it's recovery and it will rebuild our nation. i have property in this state, it's a great state. beautiful property, great employees. in a trump administration we'll end edge aids of policies that is at our expense. we will take on big business and donors that are bleeding our
11:37 am
country dry. >> we're going to renegotiate our disastrous trade deals, sop the massive inflow of refugees. take care of our great vets, and we're going to repeal and replace obama care. 100%, that is a disaster. premiums are soaring beyond anyone's wildest expectations. you know what is going on. everyone is leaving, and you can have one or two, you can have nobody. obama care is failing. we will repeal it and we will replace it. . your jobs have come back. your income goes up your taxes
11:38 am
go way down on a trump administration. . your companies won't be leaving our country under a trump administration. they'll be staying right here. there are plenty there that are negotiating to leave. these are the issues that we will issue to face. they say she is doing debate prep, but she is just resting. just resting. for what she has done, they should lock you have her. it's disgraceful.
11:39 am
what is going on and what is at stake on november the 8th. wikileaks released new clinton campaign e-mails revealing how friendly hillary was with attorney general loretta lynch, just months prior to her investigation of the illegal secret e-mail server that gave foreign governments access to our confidential information. this comes on the heels of disclosure that clinton campaign was released. hillary clinton told the fbi 39 times she could not remember. she could not remember anything.
11:40 am
i could not remember, i could not remember. or recalling key events regarding her e meal immail server. and the freedom of information account request, she just said she could not remember, recall, or anything else, key events or key anything 21 different times. it is one more reason that if i win, i will ask my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor and we have to investigate the investigation itself. hillary bleached and deleted
11:41 am
33,000 e-mails after a congressional subpoena. she got a season from congress and she said this is no good. this is terrible. those 33,000 e-mails had bad stuff. she said get rid of them, bleach them, get rid of them. and then she made everybody get rid of iphones. they were hammered to death to cover up her crimes. yesterday new disclosures were ma made. got an arms deal from hillary, and her state department, and they were unable to get. the nation of qatar kicked in $1
11:42 am
million for bill clinton's birthday party. and the clinton's ripped off the people of haiti and they were suffering and dieing after the earthquake. her brothers, on the board of a bold mind. but the media is covering up for the clintons and there are many crimes against so many people. they show how the media con sfiers and collaborates with the clinton campaign. fei giving the questions and answers to hillary clinton before the debate, okay? what a rigged system, folks. we had a cloud -- the media will
11:43 am
not even talk about the size or the enthusiasm of the crowd. i watched nbc this morning and they say last night donald trump was in cincinnati. if hillary clinton has 800 people, oh, the crowd is so big -- it is horrible. it is really horrible. the corrupt media is trying to do everything in our power to stop our movement. believe me they don't want this happening. we have a great movement that has never happened before. and no paper is more corrupt than the failing "new york times." the good news it is failing it won't be around too much longer, but they're really, really bad people. the largest shareholder is carlos slim.
11:44 am
he comes from motiexico. he has given many millions to the clintons. reporters of the new york times, they're not journalists, their corporate lobbyist for carlos slim and hillary clinton. we will foreign leaders decide the outcomes -- we just can't let it happen, where they decide the outcome of our elections. sh is the last chance to save our country and reclaim it for wee the people and it is going to happen. it is going to happen. as we have seen right now i'm being viciously attacked with lies and smears. it is a phoney deal.
11:45 am
i have no idea who these women are. i have no idea. i have no idea. and i think you all know i have no idea because you understand me for a lot of years, okay? when you looked at that horrible woman last night, you said "i don't think so." whoever she is, where ever she comes from, the stories are total fiction. they're 100% made up. they never happened, they never would happen. i don't think that would happen with very many people, but it certainly will not happen with me. folks, people say don't talk about it, talk about jobs and the economy. don't worry, your jobs are coming back to north carolina like you have never seen, the economy will be good.
11:46 am
these are lies being pushed by the media and the clinton campaign to try to keep their grip on our country. they are false, totally invented fiction. totally and completely fabricated. never met this person, these people, i don't know who they are. i look on television. i think it is disgusting. they have no witnesses, no one is around, they're doing it for maybe some free fame. it is a total set up. now suddenly after many many
11:47 am
years, phoney accusers come out less than a month before one of the most important elections in the history of our country. it also comes at a time as wikileaks unveils horrible, horrible things about hillary clinton. but they would rather talk about this. someone you have never seen saying oh, in 1992 he went like this -- one came out recently where i was sitting alone in some club. i don't think i sit alone, i was sitting alone by myself like this -- and then i went wha -- to somebody. i just heard this one. it's like it is like unbelievable.
11:48 am
even a simple investigation would show this is all nonsense, and false. i already debunked the "people" magazine story. why she didn't write what happened why didn't she put it in the story. it could have been a big story. why didn't she do it 12 years ago? she is writing a story, think of this. she is a liar. writing a story, check out her facebook page, you will understand. she is writing a story about a beautiful love story. melania and donald, and she said i made an inappropriate move. just so you understand that's a big story if i did.
11:49 am
think wrote the most beautiful story, honestly, the most beautiful story. beautiful. why would she have not put this into the story. two nights ago i get a call "people magazine" they say okay, she was on last night or one of the top people and said no, we were just informed of it. did you hear about it five years ago? no, just recently. these people are sick. and the reason she didn't write it it 12 years ago is it never happened. it is a lie. if it did happen, 100%, it would have been written, the big story of the year, okay?
11:50 am
they're all horrible lies and fabrications. and we can't let them change the election. around oh, donald trump did this or that. i never saw these people before. i don't know who they are, and then you watch these phony networks and dishonest networks who are 100% -- let me tell you something about hillary clinton. she's got nothing going. the only thing she's got going is the media. she's got nothing going. she's got nothing. the other day at the debate, where, i destroyed her, okay? every job line poll, even "time" magazine, she said the other day i'm standing -- i told you this -- but i'm standing at my podium, and she walks in front of me, right? she walks in front of me.
11:51 am
you know? and when she walked in front of me, believe me, i wasn't impressed, but she walks in front of me, and she takes a question. then she walked back. that was the end of that. no problem. then she said the next day, i invaded her space. give me a break. and i was waiting for that. because she had that incident once before where they made up something, some guy invaded her space. the poor guy lost the election because of it. but i was very conscious of this. so i purposely, i purposely didn't do anything. so -- get this guy out of here. get him out of here. out. get out of here.
11:52 am
[ chanting usa ] >> it's really total disrespect for the american flag. there he is. look. good. great. folks, folks, that's what's happening to our country. that's what's happening. that is total disrespect for our flag. that's what's happening to our country. we're going to turn it around, folks. we're going to turn it around. so just to finish up -- so just to finish up, you see what's happening. the process is rigged.
11:53 am
this whole election is being rigged. these lies spread by the media without witnesses, without backup or anything else are poisoning the minds of the electorate. no witnesses. no backup. no anything else. and i'm telling you, i have many top professionals. don't talk about this, donald. nobody believes it. i said maybe some do believe it. you have to talk about it. am i right? when somebody makes an accusation that you did something and you weren't -- you never saw this person before, it's a lie, total lie, it's fabrication, sometimes they do it for fame. maybe they get money. who knows? the clinton campaign is pushing it. "the new york times" did a story on somebody where it was totally false. they knew it was totally false. we gave them the information. they wrote a big page anybody somebody where they were sending
11:54 am
me e-mails and letter, and you realize -- it was a one way send -- and you realize it was a phony deal. they did a big story on it. they didn't mention the e-mails and everything coming my way, and others looked at it, and as bad as they were, as soon as they saw this stuff that was said, they immediately decided not to do this. "the new york times" did a story on it. they read these stories, and people might not know how untrue they are. it's really a disgrace. i've been saying this for a long time. the whole thing, we've been going through, and i hate to say it, but the whole thing we're going through, bernie sanders who was a rigged deal. the whole thing is one big fix. it's one big fix. it's one big, ugly lie. it's one, big fix.
11:55 am
the press can't write the kind of things they write which are lies, lies, lies. . the stories are fabrications and false, and the only thing i say is hopefully, hopefully, our patriotic movement will overcome this terrible deception. hopefully our great movement, and there's never been anything like this in thenit united stat. the only way they figure they can slow it down is to come up with people who will say i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane, and he went after me on the plane. yeah, i'm going to go after. believe me, she would not be my first choice, that, i can tell you. man.
11:56 am
you don't know. that would not be my first choice. hopefully our great movement powered by everyday citizens will overcome the sickness -- >> all right. for more on trump's comments coming out of north carolina at the rally, chris plant is a radio talk show host, chris fouler is a fox news contributor. donald trump guys saying the claims against me are horrible lies. this whole election is rigged. first chris, your thoughts. >> well, it's classic vintage donald trump speech. he even declared his advisors are telling him to talk about the issues and instead he's talking about these matters which most political candidates would want to put behind them, turn the page, change the subject, talk about what you want to talk about, but i suppose this ensures that for at least one more news cycle it will be about this again get the guy out of there and the tussle in the audience. and there's today's news.
11:57 am
>> and while he's denying all the allegations him, he continues to talk quite a bit about that in this rally there, meanwhile gloranother woman is g represented that is accusing donald trump of sexual assault. summerer isvoes is her name. she's alleging misconduct. she broke into tears alongside her attorney in l.a. here's a bit of it. >> he put me in an embrace and i tried to push him away. i pushed his chest, put space between us and said come on, man, get real. he repeated my words back to me, get real, as he began thrusting his genitals. he tried to kiss me again with my kands on his chest, i said you're tripping, attempting to make it clear i wasn't interested. he said what document, and i
11:58 am
said i came to have dinner. he said okay. we'll have dinner. >> richard, i want to get your response while also telling you that is ongoing, that press conference. you can see the attorney. trump meanwhile saying moments ago i've never met any of these people making these claims. these are all lies. >> if it was just one story or two stories standing alone, then maybe you could say maybe he's right, but this is about, i think we're at 15 if i'm counting correctly. maybe ten. i might be overestimating here, but the donald is really -- i agree with chris. he's got to focus on the issues and try to put this behind him. if he doesn't, every time these stories come out, he'll lose one more woman voter and another woman voter. we are just 24 days out from the election. the more this misogyny continues, the worse off it is for donald trump, and he's beginning to poison the water for down ballot races, senate races, house races, state
11:59 am
legislators, governors, he has to think about the party and not just himself. to be honest, i think he's being selfish. >> and to his chris, as so many are telling him to stick to the issues. he launched the rally talking about the issues. he led with we're going to renegotiate our trade deals, end illegal immigration. he said all that and spoke on the economy and creating jobs in this country before he turned his focus to his words, crooked hillary. he mocked her for doing debate prep rather than being out on the trail, saying, well, she's really just resting. what do you make of his strategy and how he's coming out of all of this. >> well, honestly, again, i'd like to see him stay on issues and get the news media to cover issues. the news media is going ignore the sentences he provided on substantive issues.
12:00 pm
and i think it's ridiculous that republicans have taken the high road on sex and gender. >> here's harris in for shepard smith. >> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 p.m. in north carolina where we have been listening to donald trump. he has been going after the women accusing him of groping and sexually assaulting them over the years. at least seven of them now. two more women came forward just this afternoon, and he called them liars. one of them is a former "apprentice" contestant. but trump says a simple investigation would show in almost all cases this is false. that's what he says, and his running mate says the campaign says they have evidence to help prove the woman wrong. if that's the case, now would be a good time to come up with it. a new poll shows trump's behavior is a deal breaker for a lot of voters.


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