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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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you want some? what? >> that's it for us. have a great weekend, everyone. "special report" next. the hits keep on coming. new e-mails showing possible collusion between the clinton campaign and obama. two more women accuse donald trump of sexual assault. this is "special report." welcome to washington. we are getting new information tonight. it comes in the form of just released clinton campaign e-mails. the latest offensive from wikileaks. donald trump finds himself twice more accused of sexual assault.
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we have team coverage tonight. jennifer griffin and john roberts and the details of the allegations and how trump is pushing back. we have begin with ed henry who has communications that call president obama's statements into question. >> president obama was drawn into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal today as a number of e-mails hacked from john podesta's account reached over 10,000. six days before hillary clinton first addressed the public about her e-mail problems, john podesta fired off a march 4, 2015 note to mills invoking president obama. he wrote, think we should hold e-mails to and from potus? we could get them to ask for them. they may not care. it seems like they will. remember, the president downplayed his e-mail contract with clinton. >> did you know about her use of
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a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state? >> no. >> reporter: as for podesta asking whether they should hold back e-mails between the president and secretary clinton, she made this promise a few days later. >> i have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the state department. >> reporter: whether all work-related e-mail was turned over to the public is another matter. on march 3, 2015, republican gowdy issued a subpoena. then on march 20, he demanded the server. there was a lunch. according to a new e-mail out today. at the end of march, according to the fbi, the i.t. firm used bleach bit to delete thousands of e-mails. under sworn testimony, clinton asserts she had no prior knowledge of the e-mails being deleted. pressed on podesta leak today, a
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spokesman suggested executive privilege was invoked to hold back some e-mails. >> i believe -- i have to double-check. but i believe with correspondence with the president, there was executive privilege. there was concern that those e-mails not be made public. >> reporter: donald trump raced questions about whether more e-mails were deleted. pence said they are getti intins attention. >> at the time that many in the national media are chasing after the unsubstantiated allegations, it's remarkable they continue to literally ignore the hard evidence flowing out of hillary clinton's years of secretary of state. >> reporter: there was a development on the clinton foundation. with another e-mail showing that after chelsea raised questions about the foundation's inner workings, a law firm known for folk us on philanthropic issues was brought in in conduct a
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review and concluded some interviewees reported conflicts of those raising funds, some of whom may have an expectation of quid proco-b quo benefits. >> the audits that were -- had been provided by the clinton foundation were inaccurate. >> reporter: eric schultz was pressed about those e-mails of hillary clinton. he sited a tradition that the president reserves the right to invoke executive privilege. interesting as well, he said that he doesn't believe these e-mails between obama and clinton will be made public. >> there are speeches in there that hillary clinton has delivered. what about that? she suggested i no longer understand the middle class. in 2014, she was talking to executives at ge and said, food stamps are great because it can spur economic growth.
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nancy pelosi said something like that and took a lot of heat for it. it suggests, if she's elected president, she is leading in the polls right now, she's going to want to expand food stamps, which have cost taxpayers a lot of money. >> they have increased. the clinton campaign continues to hit on the russian angle and the u.s. intel pointing to russia. vice-president even weighing in. >> reporter: they released something from "meet the press." he is talking to them and saying they will send a warning signal to russia. the administration believes russia is behind the hacks. to give their side, said from the clinton campaign, they believe the russians were involved in this hack of podesta's e-mail. they think the republicans are not admitting that there is incredible intervention right now by the russians in our election. she said something else. she said, the clinton camp has taken extraordinary measures to make sure that their communications are more secure. they wish they had done -- >> they say that they are concerned about the hack and how
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extensive it is. hillary clinton's server was iron clad. nobody got into that. >> reporter: when she has been pressed, we don't know. judicial watch testimony indicate out that shannon was reporting on last night. she wouldn't answer questions about cyber securitsecurity. was her server breached? that was something in the fbi investigation everybody is wondering about the details. >> democrats are pushing the fbi to now investigate. >> reporter: they want an investigation of whether there's collusion between the trump-pence campaign and the russians. roger stone said stuff in recent months that maybe john podesta would be targeted suggesting he had inside information with wikileaks or the russians. this may go nowhere. >> thank you. donald trump is pushing back against two more accusers tonight. they are the latest women to come forward with allegations about sexual misconduct by the gop nominee. these are new allegations from
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years ago. in one case more than two decades ago that trump firmly denies. they come as the trump campaign seeks votes in the must-win state of north carolina. john roberts is with the trump team in charlotte right now. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. north carolina where a new poll shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton by three points now. donald trump eager to get back out the message that appeared to be a winning one. his campaign is reeling from drip, drip, drips of alleged incidents from years ago in some cases that shows no sign of abating. the latest allegations against trump come from two women in california. one, a former contestant on "the apprentice" said she was accosted by him. >> i tried to push him away. i pushed his chest. put space between him. come on, get real.
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he repeat mid words back to me, get real. as he began thrusting his genitals. >> reporter: the other, a 46-year-old photographer claims as an aspiring model in new york city in the early 1990, she was glo groped at a nightclub. >> he put their hands up my skirt. did he touch my vagina through my underwear. >> reporter: in north carolina, trump fought back against all of his accusers, which now number seven. >> these are lies being pushed by the media and the clinton campaign to try and keep their grip on our country. they are all false. they are totally invented. fiction. all 100% totally and completely fabricated. >> reporter: trump claims he is thespiracy of global elites so they can maintain power.
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today he took aim at mexican billionaire carlos slim who is a major shareholder in "the new york times." >> reporters at "the new york times," they are not jo journalists. >> reporter: president obama mocked trump's claims of a global conspiracy. >> this is a guy who spent all his time hanging around trying to convince everybody he was a global elite. now suddenly he is acting like he's a populist. i will fight for working people. come on, man. >> reporter: trump still in the running in the north carolina battleground trailing clinton by four points in a new wall street journal poll. trump is hammering clinton over revelations in the e-mail dump. >> saudi arabia paid bill clinton a lot of money to make his speech and then got an arms deal from hillary and her state department.
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>> reporter: moments ago, a response from donald trump to the latest allegations levelled at him by a woman who we played at beginning of the report saying i vaguely remember her as a contestant. to be clear, i never met her at a hotel or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago. that's not who i am as a person. it's not how i have conducted my life. she continued to contact me for help, e-mailing my office on april 14th of this year asking that i visit her restaurant in california. beyond that, the media is creating a theater absurdity that threatens to tear our democratic process apart and poison the minds of the american public. we're about to hear more about all of this in just a little while when donald trump takes the stage here at charlotte. >> we will monitor it. thank you. hillary clinton is on the west coast. she's appearing in a region solidly democratic if not enthusiastically behind her.
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in particular. she's getting ready to be on the trail for a few days and not answering questions about the wikileaks e-mails. jennifer griffin reports tonight from seattle. >> reporter: good evening. hillary clinton did not campaign in any battleground states today. she is, however, attending a fund-raiser behind me after raking in $10 million at two fund-raisers in california. hillary clinton is feeling confident enough to take two days to fund-raise on the west coast. avoiding press who might ask tough questions about the latest wikileaks revelations. instead, sitting for a friendly interview with ellen. >> he was trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage. i would feel this presence behind me. i thought, this is really weird. >> reporter: they might light of
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the last debate. >> that was the best dancing i have ever done. >> reporter: at a fund-raiser in seattle hosted by the hip hop artist macklemore, clinton urged her supporters not to let up. president obama campaigned in ohio. >> if you felt the burn in the primaries, you need to vote. >> reporter: instead of appealing to republicans as clinton has who are turned off by trump, president obama chose to point the blame. >> you said you are the party of family values. you weren't appalled earlier? when he was saying degrading things about women? when he was judging them based on a score of are they a two or ten? that wasn't enough for you? >> reporter: in an appeal to african-american voters, the clinton campaign release aid new ad narrated by morgan freeman. >> you care about protecting his legacy and our progress.
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show what it means to be stronger together. >> reporter: in a released e-mail to clinton campaign chairman john podesta, a key clinton surrogate, expressed contempt for one african-american leader. the former naacp president after he endorsed senator bernie sanders in the primary. while defending her husband, another powerful clinton surrogate brought up a time hillary clinton would just as soon forget. >> i can't make any excuse for bill clinton's conduct. he paid a price. he was impeached. he acknowledged what he did. >> reporter: another wikileaks e-mail showed senior clinton advisers were critical of the white house for not firing anyone senior at the department of health and human services after that disastrous rollout of obamacare. >> jennifer griffin in seattle.
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thank you. now to foreign policy. the obama administration is portraying yesterday's missile strike on radar sites in yemen. experts paint a different picture of the tension in the waters off of yemen. connor powell is monitoring the situation tonight from our middle east bureau. >> reporter: a bloody civil war showing no signs of giving up. a direct confrontation with iran. the islamic republic ordered two ships to the red sea after the u.s. army destroyed three guided systems used by huothi rebels in yemen. >> with regard to the iranian navy activities, i will leave it to the iranians to describe it. >> reporter: the pentagon targeted the sites thursday at
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missiles refired at the uss mason from inside houthi controlled territory. it's a latest in a long line of confrontations where iran and its proxies have harassed american naval ships. in january, iran's guard captured ten u.s. sailors after their boats drifted into iranian waters. >> unless we pick a spot to start saying you cannot push us here, this is as far as you can push us, they will continue to expand their provocation. >> reporter: the pentagon said thursday, however, the strikes against the houthis were carried out to row teprotect u.s. perso. the u.s. is deeply involved in yemen's civil war. providing logistics and revealing saudi warplanes conducting air strikes in yemen. saudi arabia's war against the rebels is deeply controversial. its air strikes have killed thousands of civilians, including more than 140 people last week in yemen's capital.
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more crucially, the obama administration has yet to explain how america's involvement in the war advances u.s. national security interests. >> the white house says it's conducting a review of its support for saudi arabia in yec yemen. the potential for a deadly confrontation is growing fast. >> connor powell, thank you. president obama is sending 500 more soldiers to iraq. the troops are from the first infantry division head quartqua at fort riley. three members of a kansas group face charges related to an alleged plot to bomb apartment building with somaly immigrants. federal prosecutors say they are calling themselves the kansas security force.
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president because obama is coup sum friending the embargo on cuba. what is the insight into this directive? really the question a lot of critics are asking, can it be undone by a future occupant of the white house? >> reporter: let's make it plane. this is an expansion of the white house's plan to encourage trade and travel. it's important to point out there was a big part of this directive i think a lot of people find interesting. it ends restrictions only buying cuban cigars and rum. americans can bring home as many as they can manage as long as they are for personal use. the president saying, challenges remain and very real differences between our governments exist. i believe engagement is the best way to address the differences.
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and make progress on behalf of our interests. among those who are rejecting this, this relationship between the u.s. and cuba, of course, florida gop nor marco rubio in a statement he wrote today in part that the obama administration along with american companies in collusion with american companies is now responsible for essentially bankrolling a communist dictatorship which works each day to undermine america's security and national interests. in answer to your question, administration officials acknowledge that this could be undone by a future occupant of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they hoping the momentum generated since the reopening of ties with cuba will enable that to not happen and hopefully at least in their mind keep going between the two countries. >> that will be a point of contention. according to new analysis, health care insurers pulling back on obamacare can a cause
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1.5 million people to lose coverage soon? what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: this is cratering. there's no other way that you can honestly describe what's happening right now with the marketplace and obamacare. this is part of a study that found 1.4 million people in 32 states could lose the obamacare plan they have right now. that's because of major insurers opting out. aetna and united health. this is big. it means that instead of growing in 2017, obamacare could end up shrinking. as of march 31, the law did cover 11.1 million people. we have been watching the calendar, november 1 is the next enrollment period. we will watch to see what happens. >> kevin cork live on the north lawn. the government says it racked up a $587 billion deficit for the just completed fiscal year 2016. that is an increase of 34% from the year before.
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spending went up 5% while revenues stayed flat. the government borrows 15 cents of every dollar it spends. stocks were up today. the dow rose 39. the s&p finished ahead a half. the nasdaq gained a point. for the week, the dow loss a half percentage point. the nasdaq fell. why some people think the speaker of the house may have made a big mistake in dealing with donald trump. first, here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. detroit, with the city's new namesake navy ship docking downtown. the uss detroit is a $440 million vessel designed to work in shallow waters and operate with speed and agility. sacramento, crews battle a 200 acre wildfire. it began overnight. the cause is not known. officials issued a mandatory evacuation order for residents of 500 homes.
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a live look in atlanta. the big story there tonight, a federal judge orders an extension of voter registration deadlines for one coastal county in georgia after hurricane matthew disrupted the final signup days for new voters. residents of savannah must be allowed to register through next tuesday. early voting begins monday in georgia. north carolina also extending voting registration. that's tonight's live look o outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. erts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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because safety is never being satisfied. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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donald trump is not the only republican facing serious leetd leadership questions tonight. many believe paul ryan may have badly misplayed his dealing with
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the party's presidential nominee. james rosen reports there are concerns that could come back to haunt him. >> reporter: facing blow back from his gop conference over his treatment of donald trump, paul ryan sharply attacked hillary clinton and the america that he claims she would as president remake in her image. >> there's no room to run. no chance to grow. or to fail for that matter. people are not needed. they will counted and sorted. this is how you can so casually classify groups of people as baskets of deplorables. >> reporter: he brannishbrandis policy agenda. he kept his distance from donald trump. >> i know many people are still making their choice. i know some people are avoiding making any choice at all. i don't begrudge anybody for that. >> we will make america great again.
3:26 pm
thank you. >> reporter: throughout the trump cyclone of 2016, ryan other others have struggled with his style. after last week' s release of lewd comments, ryan abandoned the nominee who turned in a strong debate performance against clinton. >> she should be ashamed of herself. if you want to know the truth. >> reporter: trump faces a flood of allegations all strongly denied that he made unwanted sexual advanced to women over the years. on twitter, trump blasted ryan for being weak, ineffective and disloyal. mike pence was as ever more diplomatic. >> paul ryan is my friend. honestly, i would like to see republican leaders supporting the republican nominee for president of the united states. >> reporter: analysts see the speaker walking a delicate line, not always nimbly.
3:27 pm
>> he is trying to motivate republican voters to turn out for their republican congressmen and senators and preserve the majority in the congress for the republicans. >> reporter: perhaps as an additional olive branch to the forces, the man won 14 million votes in the gop primary, ryan asked trump supporter to deliver the gop response. >> thank you. there's confidence that republicans will hold on to the house. however, democrats have to win 30 seats. there's less confidence today than there was two weeks ago. on the senate side, it's much more precarious for the republican majority. we look around at some of the closest senate races around the country. if you look at the closest right now in the polls, it's right here in pennsylvania. mcginty, a former state and
3:28 pm
environmental policy official is up against pat toomey. look at the polls. she's currently leading in the average of polls by less than a point. battleground pennsylvania energy is a big deal. toomey pushed for coal and natural gas. she has pledged to support clean energy measures. it's a big issue there. toomey has not been clear about his support for donald trump. a fact that his opponent has called him out on. >> i do think that it's incumbent upon senator toomey to come clean about his support for donald trump. he keeps trying to dodge the question. what more do we need to know? >> the choice comes down to whether we're going to elect a hillary clinton katie mcginty combination that will make permanent the disaster of the obama administration or whether we will change the wrong track we are on and get america moving in the right direction. >> questions have increased in
3:29 pm
days. let's look at another state very close here in north carolina. depp are a ross against senator richard burr, the chair of the senate intelligence committee. you can see burr holds on to a slight lead. deborah ross has said that senator bu arr has done little his time for north carolina. burr is trying to portray ross, a former lawyer, as someone who would not be tough on crime. in the debate last night, you can imagine what came up. >> one tlinghing i can tell you that hillary clinton is prepared to be commander in chief on day one. donald trump has demonstrated particularly this week that he is singularly not qualified to be our commander in chief. >> when somebody asks for forgiveness, you grant it. now, i'm not going to defend donald trump, what he said or his actions.
3:30 pm
but when i look at our choice, it's not close for me. i'm going to support my nominee. i'm going to support donald trump. >> the third closest senate race in the average of polls is right here in new hampshire. there you see incumbent republican kelly ayotte against maggie hassan. look at the polls here. ayotte has a slight lead. she has accused hassan of trying to take undeserved credit for new hampshire's state budget. their third debate was this afternoon. this time on radio. and they sparred over this issue again. >> wi >> i will stand up to anyone in the oval office if i don't think they are doing the right thing. i would ask you to consider whether hassan would stand up to
3:31 pm
hillary clinton. >> what you didn't hear my opponent say is why she supported donald trump for over a year as he made one sexism comment after the next as he made one racist comment after the next, he made fun of people with disabilities. he seems to think cruelty is a sport. and her support for him has been unacceptable. >> donald trump coming up in a lot of these senate races around the country. as far as the clinton foundation and the investigations into the e-mail server and wikileaks, not coming up as much. we want to look at a congressional race right now. that is in this state of new york. it's a congressional race that is really tight. it's also been getting a lot of coverage because it's rough and tumble. david lee miller has that story. >> reporter: a rmix.
3:32 pm
it's a battleground for control of congress. chris gibson is not running for reelection. vying for his seat are a law professor who moved to the district from brooklyn. she is an ak co-light of bernie sanders and features him in her ads. the opponent is a lobbyist and a former state senator described as a paul ryan conservative. issues including gup control, jobs and the environment are being overshadowed by donald trump. he supports the republican ticket. he remains unclear if he will cast a ballot for trump. >> i will not be voting for mrs. clinton. i haven't decided who i'm going to vote for for president. >> my opponent has been talking out of two side of his mouth.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: the district is split evenly. at a debate thursday night, trump came up again. >> my opponent has not had the courage to denounce trump. supports the ticket and doesn't trust voters enough. >> reporter: he called trump's remarks on women reprehensible. >> they're outrageous. the fact is is that the voters are intelligence enough to decide the race for president. they will decide the race for congress in the 19th district. >> reporter: they will debate this month in what could be a one issue race. >> my gut tells me donald trump is going to be the deciding factor in this race and many others. >> reporter: republican k candidates could be helped by a trump defeat. that's what happened in 2012, obama carried the region. >> david lee miller, thank you.
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the panel is next. we will deal with ugliness that has become this presidential race. stay here. ♪ something new has arrived. uniquely designed for the driven. introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover.
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stay tuned. there's more information coming out that will back his claim this is all false. >> he asked me to sit next to him. i complied. he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> when -- am i right? when somebody makes an accusation that you did something and you weren't -- you never saw this person before. it's a lige. sometimes they do it for fame. maybe they get money. who knows? he went after me on the plane. i'm going to go after -- believe me, she would not be my first choice. that i can tell you. >> donald trump responding today
3:38 pm
to two new allegations of sexual assault. this brings it to the number of eight in recent days. releasing a statement that the latest one sitting alongside gloria allred, he did remember from "the apprentice" but denies he had contact with her that was inappropriate. meantime, on nbc, biden was asked why should bill clinton's past affairs and the allegations against him, whether that should matter. >> as you know, donald trump is bringing up everything bill clinton. should that matter? >> no, it shouldn't matter. i can't make excuses for bill clinton's conduct. i wouldn't attempt to make any excuses for his conduct. he paid a price for it. he paid a price. he was impeached. and he was -- he expressed his sorrow and acknowledged what he did. >> there you see the two sides
3:39 pm
on these two issues. let's bring in our panel. charles hurt with the washington times, tim farley, and charles krouthammer. this defense today was vigorous. he denied everything. he did a little more than that. how he described each of these allegations and the women. >> yeah. that is not -- the great thing about donald trump all along is that he doesn't play by normal political playbooks. going after the looks of these people is -- it's terrible. it's a terrible way to try to deal with this. far better way to deal with it would be to just make his blanket denial, deny everything and then go back to talking about issues. every time somebody attacks him on it, go back to talking about the issues. >> he said that today. he said, all my advisers say
3:40 pm
talk about the economy, taulk about jobs, but i have to defend myself. i'm going to. >> yeah. there's something sort of pathological about it. i don't -- obviously, it's part of why he has been so successful at this game. at the game of politics is because he does -- he listens to his gut and he attacks back. but this is not a smart way of doing it. honestly, a lot of people -- i think that he actually could make some -- have traction with a lot of people by doing this issues argument. because people are sick and tired of hearing about all of it. they're tired of hearing about the clinton stuff and they're tired of hearing about this stuff. >> a couple things. we should say that the allegations are serious. we are sitting here with four men, which is not by plan that we had to deal with this topic. you know, they are -- there are allegations of sexual assault that have to be treated
3:41 pm
seriously. we can't confirm these. donald trump is denying them. the women are telling their story, some in an emotional way. politically, how does this fall? can he somehow change this dynamic that has been developing since the debate? >> that's the point. he has the bragdotiousness. if he is the way he appears to be and what he said in the tape and then even though he denied it and everyone knew it was the -- go ahead and follow me. that's exactly what it wound up being. for donald trump, interestingly enough, a couple of things that are a problem. number one, it just -- it fits like the personality. number two, it's putting him on the defense. he's a good counter puncher, but it's hard to counter punch against a bunch of people. it's not just the clintons or president obama. it's a lot of women. now he is punching back against
3:42 pm
as many people as he can. the third and final part of this is that he is not talking about issues that could actually help him a little bit. he is so wrapped up in this one particular story. there's no way that he is going to be able to come up with this evidence that he keeps talking about that is lying in wait somewhere. >> we haven't seen it. >> like the state department communists under mccarthy or something. no way to prove that. >> at the same time, vice-president biden saying, yes, but what bill clinton did is not relevant. >> of course it's relevant. but to a separate issue. the issue is the utter hypocrisy of democrats. the greatest feminist in the late '90s, the ones who had spoken of honoring women, the up withes who ones who defended him knowing for sure he wasn't telling the truth, knowing for sure that he had abused women. because some of them are actually open about this, he would defend them on abortion
3:43 pm
for political reasons. the irony is it's happening in the reverse. look i think charlie is right. for trump to claim -- this is his defense against charges. the women weren't attractive enough and i shouldn't have assaulted them. that's what he said. you can't come up with a worse defense because it completely validates what was on the tape, that this is what he does when he is attracted to women. and you can -- i don't know who to believe. but the more he lashes at these women up to eight right now, the more he has no chance of getting anything else looked at, particularly the wikileaks which could be helping him right now. and the more he reinforces this image of him perhaps not essential a predator, he denies that. but certainly from the tape
3:44 pm
somebody who is extreecmely touy about images of his masculinity, which is why he defense efends . >> his supporters say his wife stands by him and that he is -- he asked for forgiveness for past dal yangss is what they say. this is not over in i time soon. we will cover it no matter what. the other side of the coin is this wikileaks story. this is the president talking to cbs. >> mr. president, when did you learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> did you know about hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server? >> no. >> while she was secretary of state? >> no. >> well, there are e-mails that show a lot of communication about what to do.
3:45 pm
for example, john podesta e-mails march 4. i think that was march 7th was the interview. think we should hold e-mails to and from potus? that's the heart of his executive privilege. goes on with the back and forth of all the e-mails that have gone between president of the united states and hillary clinton. this starts to get really interesting. >> it's the missed opportunity for a trump campaign. everything that donald trump has said about how the system is rigged, how both politics in general and the clintons themselves -- the way politics works in this town, it fits perfectly into all of that. as this is unfolding over here, you are finding out in almost in real time by looking at all these e-mails that it's all true. it really is the -- the clintons have their fixer. they have their enforcer. >> quickly, tim, another thing
3:46 pm
that comes up again and again in the e-mails that we have seen so far, foundation donors, this is a document, a governance review conducted by a private firm attached to an e-mail to podesta. in which it says -- it's right there in black and white. >> there is so much in here. but the problem is, it's an overwhelming amount for the average voter who is not nearly as engaged in the details and the daily e-mail blast is something that over time people become -- they see it as another chapter in this story that has something to do with e-mails. i understand the facts are there. there's also a sense that hillary clinton is distant from a lot of this. that's the third party. there's a lot of buffers between mrs. clinton and the rest.
3:47 pm
as a result of that, she is sort of floating above this. john podesta makes a great risotto. >> we will continue to report on it. if i can get "godfather ii" into any panel, i'm glad. next up, the lightning round.
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. paul ryan, the house speaker, addressing a crowd today, talking about issues, talking about policy, not really talking a lot about donald trump or taking questions about all of this. this is the friday lightning round. we're back here. tim, what about speaker ryan and how this is braking down? >> job one for him, keep the majority. he's trying to do that. keep his dignitary. he talked about fighting bob lawful ette, fighting senator from wisconsin. he needs to strike the balance to support the people that need to get arrested. it's like the kobiach i in the
3:52 pm
room. at least thus far he's walking that line. it will be tough for him through election day. >> the house, we'll watch that closely. next topic. iran, moving warships off the coast of yemen and the u.s. engaged in an intense situation there. in there it shows how completely wrong was the entire obowlama assumption for the deal. there were mod root noose ierp, if you appease them with this deem. you lift the embargo the boycott by other countries. they would become a minimal and you could negotiate with them. if exact opposite has happened, as predictable by the critics. money is now pouring into the revolutionary guards t. iranians seem the weakness of the dministration and how much it will sacrifice anything in 0er to keep the deal going. so iran won't walk. it allows iran to walk over everyone in iraq, syria and
3:53 pm
lebanon. now in yemen. >> what is strikeing is that the administration was so adamant this was a limited defensive move, firing these missiles into yemen and that it has nothing to do with getting into the civil war in yemen. >> it's a part of the appeasement of the self deterrence. we have this deal. iranians have the breaking of the sanctions. we have as yet nothing. so the iranians are in control. and the nightmare of the administration is that iran pushes it to the limit and then gets upset with something we do and announces that it's a part of the bargain is of, restarts the program and they have all the benefits, economic and political, and we have nothing. >> all right. quickly. last topic. obamacare, bloomberg has a new analysis some 1.4 million people could lose, get off of obamacare because of the situation that's each of these states, in coming days.
3:54 pm
we are talking before the election? a normal election. that would be the surprise. >> that would be the october surprise. as it turns out, not only can you fought keep your old plan, you can't keep you new plan either. you know, in a normal election, it would be devastating, especially with the comments from bill clinton last couple of weeks, but -- >> that it was crazy and hard on small business. >> yeah. but the bottom line is that we are just so far beyond that issue at this point. i don't think it's going to be -- we can avoid it. >> we can try. >> maybe 50,000 people per state anyway, right? it's not that significant a number if you brake it down that way. >> 32 states say bloomberg. really quickly, both candidates show up for debate? >> yes. >> up next, winners and losers. hey america,
3:55 pm
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>> it is friday. now time for winners and losers with the panel. >> okay. you choose, charlie, winner or
3:58 pm
loser? >> i'll go loser first. >> that would be the system of e-mail as an efficient form of politics. >> totally agree. >> everybody is deleting their e-mails. they're not sending e-mails. it's all going back to phone calls and meetings in the park, with a tooth peck. you hold your hand over your mouth. >> how many bleach bits do you think? >> bleach bits? >> it's happening. >> and the winner, there is no winner. this is just the week without a winner. >> wow. >> except maybe possibly canada. because on november 9th, there's going to be huge -- and maybe that makes them a loser, actually. canada is going to have a huge surge at the southern border. >> you can't have two winners. >> michelle obama winner. amazing speech yesterday. she was power. . she was authentic. she connects to people the way hillary clinton cannot and quite frankly the way her husband is not able to quite so much anymore, because he's familiar goods. but she was powerful at the democratic convention you remember and shelves just as
3:59 pm
powerful yesterday. loser for me is donald trump. that's an obvious move. i this i that number one he had a terrible week. the numbers are down. obviously, he's still fighting off all these accusations. by the way, i think "time" magazine has the new cover, total meltdown. not a good week for donald trump, he loses. >> winner or losers? >> losers, the gop. they are now in the middle of a serious civil war. i thought it would likely end after the election and now i'm beginning to think it will be a permanent feature. about half the party will be pro trump. half will be in the ryan catch and it could end up with an actual split, something we haven't seen in 150 years. my winner, bob dylan. he answers blowing in the wind. if churchill could win the nobel for leicester, so can dylan. i'll not sure churchill could sing. then again, nieto kerr dylan. >> all right. winners and losers. thanks everybody for letting us into your homes tonight. fair, balanceant unafraid. make sure you tune in sunday.
4:00 pm
i'll be hosting "fox news sunday" for my friend chris wallace, who is getting ready for this show. later sunday, a special report at 8:00 p.m. "on the record" with my friend bret hume starts right now. >> good evening, i'm tucker karlsson in for if great bret hume. the this was on the record remember was president obama lying to you when he said he didn't know about the checkpoint e-mail server? it looks like he may have been and the clinton campaign may have tried to hide the e-mails between the secretary of state and hillary clinton. those are not the only bomb shells in today's wikileaks e-mails. every day a new batch. the press seems to be ignoring them. wait nul see what we have uncould have had overnight. there are new assault accusations against donald trump. we will hear trump's response to those coming up. now to the poll, the national polling average shows hillary clinton with just under a 7-point lead in a


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