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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 15, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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(man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. after a brutal week of shock and brawl politics, the candidates prepare for their final face-to-face showdown. plus, breaking just in the past hour. new secrets from the latest bash of leaked e-mails. will it turn off voters to hillary clinton's message. raising new accusations against donald trump. what he's now saying on and off script. as early voting begins in key battleground states. >> yes, there are people out in that very cold water in arlington, massachusetts.
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terrifying moments with not a second to waste. what would you do right then to help that stranger. good saturday to you. we only have a couple of more saturdays until election day. i'm leland vitter. >> i'm melissa prann. any minute now, republican candidate donald trump will be holding a rally in portssmith, new hampshire. donald trump is not taking back his stops. he's got growing numbers of accusations claiming he sexually assaulted them. of course, we have both sides of the presidential campaign coverage today. peter dusy is live. and rick is in chappaqua, new york. we begin in new hampshire with peter. hi, peter, what's the latest from the trail?
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>> reporter: elizabeth, the latest from the trail is that here in portsmouth, new hampshire, before we expect donald trump to take the stage, member of his teams are handing out fliers about how to become a volunteer, and one of the volunteers told our team that they are specifically seeking out female trump supporters to go and help canvas, because they think that that is going to help give the campaign in this critical swing state for mr. trump a softer side. that's what's going on behind us, before trump gets here. there were thousands of people lined up a few hours ago, outside of this event before the doors even opened. it goes to show even after a bad week of stories coming out about trump, he can still bring out people in large numbers, in important states. and this rally is going to be starting just a few hours after the trump team wants a counteroffensive against the women accusing him of misconduct more than a decade ago. the campaign now says a "new york post" story about a decade
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ago, her story is discredited because this other passenger said he didn't see trump do anything wrong. and from april, written to a trump aide, by his newest accuser, formerly of the "apprentice," represented by gloria allred, in the e-mail, she highlights her ties to trump but never mentions anything sinister. i'm in a unique situation because i'm a former presence that operates the business for supporters to drop in, express their admiration about him and ask about my experience. this election is being rigged by the media pushing false and unstangs yatd charges. on social media, he wrote, hillary clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail. instead, she's running for president in what looks like a rigged election.
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trump has been talking a lot lately about how he thinks there is a conspiracy that the clinton campaign and media are working together to destroy his chances at winning the white house. we don't know how much of that we're going to hear today. i was just told a few minutes ago by a trump aide that a big focus here at this event in new hampshire is going to be on the opioid epidemic. of course, with donald trump speaking, he could go anywhere, so we'll be here to bring it to you live in a few minutes. >> all right. peter doocy, with the latest, thank you very much. >> wikileaks dumped another batch of e-mails from the clinton campaign just about an hour ago. trump has been talking about this a lot on the stump. the latest happening as hillary clinton lays low on the campaign trail. and focuses on wednesday's debate. live in chappaqua, new york, where mrs. clinton is for the weekend, hi, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, leland. the clinton campaign insisted with the response to the daily
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releases by wikileaks of john podesta's e-mails. what they're saying is they refuse to address the content of the e-mails, or even verify their authenticity. now they're saying this is akin to a watergate-like break-in. and the russians have perpetrated that. and that is the issue here. so they don't get into the details. instead, they deflect all criticism of the content of those e-mails toward the actual break-in themselves. hillary clinton has just returned from a west coast trip. she was fund-raising over the last couple of days there. she did make some public remarks at her fund-raiser, allowed the cameras in. she said that while her campaign is trying to stay above the fray, and above the controversy surrounding the 2016 campaign, she is still knocking her opponent. >> i really don't care what he says about me, and what he does going after me. i am not going to respond to
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that. but i will stand up and defend everyone else who he insults, he degrades, he demeans. >> reporter: hillary clinton prepares for the third and final debate here in westchester county, new york. it was during the first debate that she brought up former miss universe alicia machado. and the mistreatment she claims by donald trump then, which has prompted others to now come forward. and the clinton campaign will mention these incidents, and essentially allow the media and donald trump to take it from there. donald trump has criticized hillary clinton for the no public events she has on her schedule. she has none this weekend. that has pretty much been the standard procedure for her in the leadup to the debates. trump said she doesn't have the energy to be president of the united states. he said she has a grueling campaign schedule. she indeed does have the stamina to be president of the united
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states. and the campaign says that they're going to intensify he schedule after this final debate on wednesday. leland, back to you. >> all right. rich edson in chappaqua, new york, with the clinton campaign. thank you, rich. >> for a little bit more, let's bring in associate editor with real clear politics. we heard rich's report there. we're getting this constant drip, drip, drip. is this getting voters fatigued? do they not care about the content? do you feel we should be paying attention to some of these e-mails? >> we have paid attention. and they released the negatives about the calculating politician. she has been running for president since 2005. and she knew when she left the state department and giving extensive speeches she would be running again. a lot is being revealed in the e-mails. it's just hard to be considered explosive when donald trump's campaign is imploding. >> getting overshadowed? >> it is getting overshadowed. it doesn't mean that a death by
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a thousand cuts won't in fact take place if something devastating is revealed. it could be terrible for her. the state department is releasing details on the friday before the election. we don't know what's going to be in them. they don't know what's going to be in them. i think it's going to make for a very tough debate for her. >> i do want to get back to her e-mails, but there was a fox poll done, that said 57% of voters polled felt like her speeches was no big deal. is that really the pulse of voters? because some of the material in those speeches goes against really everything on her platform. specifically the borders, specifically trade deals. those are big, big issues for folks. >> we're all nervous about whether or not polling can be trusted and we have a handle on how to reach polls in this election, especially after what happened in 2012. the thing is that it is an issue that speaks to her, you know,
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sort of character as a leader, and then her -- her actions as a leader. she took a chance to speak to big banks in between secretary of state tenureship and then a run for president. in which she sort of was able to blow kisses in their ears and take a more progressive stance running against bernie sanders. so it's kind of don't worry what i say, just worry about what i tell you in private. she did articulate she does take two positions, one in public and one in private. i think it would be more damaging if we were not in the face of eight women accusing donald trump of groping. and in terms of his response to the allegations. that said, it's not really ended her campaign. it doesn't mean there won't be something come out that would be politically fatal. >> we've seen a lot of inflecti inflection, where it's coming from, really focusing on russia and the validity of those
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conversations. do you think they've handled it appropriately, especially ahead of the debate? >> i think they had no choice but to try to deflect, right? donald trump and hillary clinton have both done that. stonewall and move on to something else. look, what's frustrating to me as a citizen of this country, that i love, is that the russian interference in this election is actually an alarming -- it's horrifying. >> are people focusing on that -- >> but that doesn't mean when the clinton campaign tries to deflect back to that, away from the contents of these personal communications, that did doesn't mean that it doesn't have anything to do with the content of the e-mails. actually, no one from donald trump through anyone in this campaign, or closely tied to his campaign is friends and allies. no one has disavowed this. he's been briefed about it. his intelligence -- his classified briefings, he knows exactly it's happening. our government confirmed it publicly last week. you can speak to members of
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house intelligence and senate intelligence. this is just a devastating development. but it has nothing to do with what john podesta was doing when he was scheming in the e-mails. >> i do want to ask you ahead of the debate, how can she be prepared to answer these as opposed to just deflecting and say, we need to be focused on this with russia? >> i think she's going to write it off with campaign match nations. that's what i expect. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. leland? >> well, for charter members of the never trump movement, recent sexual assault accusations have, as you might imagine, only cemented their views. wisconsin congressman is the first house republican to publicly reject trump. he did so back in december. congressman ribl joins us now from green bay. we'll get to the packers here in a minute, sir, but before that, a little politics. as we look at what's going on here, and we keep learning more
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and more, not only about donald trump, but about hillary clinton as well, the interview just now with amy stoddard, is there anything that will move you in the next 24 days in the trump column? >> i don't think there's any way i can get there, and i've been pretty clear about that. when i talk to just regular citizens up here in northeast wisconsin, they're becoming increasingly disgusted with the entire process, whether they're supporting hillary or donald trump. they're just dismayed by where this campaign has gone. and they're very frustrated. i think the big concern is will they actually go out and vote. >> that's a big issue,pecially . and for after the election no matter who wins. i was talking to a life-long independent earlier today and she said, you know, i'm becoming more and more optimistic by the day. i thought that's an interesting idea. i haven't heard that so far in this election. she said, well, it's because i'm becoming increasingly confident,
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that no matter which one wins, they'll be impeached. >> that is a sad view. i wouldn't necessarily agree with it. but i suppose anything's possible going forward. because both of these candidates have got a lot of skeletons in the closet that are now starting to come out and emerge, whether it's wikileaks e-mail issues with hillary clinton saying one thing behind the scenes, and something else in public, or whether you've grot donald trump with the sexual assault allegations that are going on. independent voters up here, what they're telling me is they recognize that donald trump's kind of pan ach is driven by the fact that the american people want a disruption. and they view him as a disrupter. and what they're really hoping for is that one of the independent candidates actually becomes a disrupter with millions of people fleeing both hillary clinton and donald trump, and voting for an independent candidate. and that would be the ultimate disruption. >> seems far-fetched they would play that role.
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but we never know. on to the senate race there in wisconsin, which has become a battleground, and obviously control of the senate. many argue is almost as important as the white house. take a look at the current polling right now. johnson-feingold, 43.5. feingold 43.5. clear politics average. is there any effect, do you think, that mr. trump and for that matter people like you disavowing him as republicans is hurting johnson, helping feingold? >> it doesn't appear to be. in fact, i would say the evidence is to the opposite. if you watch the polls over the course of the last eight or nine months that they've been paying attention to the race here in wisconsin, johnson is closing the gap and coming in much closer now. he had a very powerful performance last night in the statewide debate that he had with russ feingold. i actually think there's a good shot he wins this election. >> well, that would be
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interesting if it does hatch. and certainly change things here in washington. before i leave you, you're done in politics, leaving congress after six years, which is an unusual move to make. any idea what you're going to go do? >> well, i spent 35 years in the roofing business. i'm going to be going back to the industry that i know, and i've enjoyed for the bulk of my career. i always said i would term limit my time in congress. i viewed this as a season of service. i'm looking forward to going back into the private sector. >> amid this election, i think our founding fathers would find that refreshing to hear, if they're looking down and watching upon us. they'll be watching the cowboys take on the packers tomorrow. good luck, sir. >> good luck to the green bay packers. they're going to do fine tomorrow night. >> we'll be watching. looking forward to it. thank you, sir. >> thank you. fair and balanced, mike kelly, a trump supporter, will tell elizabeth prann why he still thinks donald trump can
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win come november. voters in flood-damaged areas of north carolina are getting an extra five days to register to vote. a judge extended yesterday's deadline until wednesday for voters in 36 counties after the state democratic party sued, in addition to the clinton-trump battle there is a competitive race for a senate seat now head by burr. there is another setback for samsung, as its galaxy note 7 phone is on the no-fly list. the department of transportation and the faa has issued an emergency order banning the smartphones from airplanes. that emergency order goes into effect today. it follows an evacuation of a southwest airlines flight earlier this month. and numerous reports of the phones catching fire.
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passengers, get this, liz, could face fines if they try to travel with the phones. but it brings up an important question. the galaxy note and iphones, put them in a case, don't look all that different. who protects every passenger on every plane from someone saying, hey, you know what, i'm going to take my phone anyway. >> how often do you see people keeping their phones on for the last possible moment. of course, if you're on that flight you sure hope that they do. >> you might spend a minute, the ban went into effect about 15 minutes ago, if you're on a plane, look to your left, look to your right, phone profiling, here we come. three men are now behind bars for plotting a bombing attack on somali refugees in a kansas apartment complex. federal prosecutors arrested and charged the men, all members of a kansas militia group yesterday after an eight-month undercover investigation. will carr has details on the thwarted attack and the men
9:18 am
plotting it. will, what can you tell us? >> elizabeth, fbi agents say this investigation took them into a hidden culture of both hate and violence. they say these men were part of a militia called the crusaders. the fbi says that's a group that is anti-government, anti-muslim, and anti-immigrant. they say that the three men planned to bomb an apartment complex in kansas. it's home to 120 somali immigrants. one apartment is used as a mosque. according to investigators, stein told investigators he wanted to carry out an attack much like the orlando nightclub shooting. and they also wanted to fill four cars with explosives, and park those cars in the four corners of the apartment complex. authorities say this is a significant and credible threat. and set to take place the day after the election. >> it's alleged the defendants
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conducted surveillance to size up potential targets. they stockpiled explosive components. they prepared a manifesto describing their beliefs to be published after the bombing. one of them said the bombing would, quote, wake people up. >> the council on islamic american relations issued a statement after the arrests saying, given the alleged plan to attack a kansas mosque, the two other hate incidents reported today against islamic institutions in michigan and new jersey and overall spike in anti-mosque incidents nationwide, state and federal authorities should offer stepped-up protection to local communities. if convicted, all three men could face life in prison. elizabeth? >> will carr, reporting live. will, thank you so much. unclear if it will have a result, but the u.s. and russia are back at negotiations over, you guessed it, syria, just weeks after a ceasefire reached last month collapsed. and the u.s. pulled out from
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diplomatic talks. secretary of state john kerry arrived today in switzerland for the new round of meetings, which include saudi arabia, iran and turkey, among others. he first met one-on-one with his russian counterpart, sergei lavrov, a key player in hammering out any process. they hammered out a lot, none of them have worked. last week kerry accused russia of war crimes targeting hospitals and civilians in that war-torn country. coming up after the break, u.s. missiles deliver a message to rebel fighters in yemen. will this deepen u.s. military involvement in another middle eastern war zone. it is called sin city for a reason. las vegas prepares to host the final presidential debate. the fallout from this week's campaign controversy. a pacific typhoon slams into the coast. residents in oregon brace themselves for dreadful weather. janice dean is watching it all.
9:21 am
janice? >> hi, elizabeth. we're watching the potential for heavy rain, a lot of snow and hurricane-force winds as several systems move into the northwest. we'll track it for you when we return after the break. picking up for kyle.
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thousands are without power in coastal oregon because of what you see on your screen right now. look at the size of that tornado. thankfully, no injuries reported. after the twister ripped through that area, as you might imagine, several homes damaged, two businesses destroyed in the t n town. the mayor did declare a state of emergency, as that region is now bracing for even a larger and rougher storm today. >> devastating. so for more on the northwestern storms, let's go live to meteorologist janice dean at the fox weather center with the very latest. hi, janice. what can you tell us? >> hi, liz and leland. yeah, this was what was left of a typhoon in the western pacific that is now pounding the northwest. the worst of the weather is coming right now, with all of this onshore wind, rain, and snow. in some cases, we're going to see hurricane-force wind gusts all along the coast from the
9:26 am
northwest down to northern california. and into the rockies. so look at the future radar. we've got this storm system, and then one behind it. this is the time of year that we typically see these winter type storms. this one is going to be expansive. we're going to see the potential for very damaging winds over the next 12 to 24 hours. and the snow is going to pile up as well across the mountains with upwards of two feet. and maybe even two feet of rainfall. now, speaking of rain, hurricane matthew long gone, but we're still dealing with issues across north carolina and south carolina. the rivers and streams are starting to recede now. but we have seen incredible damage, historic damage for this region. the good news is, no forecast rainfall over the next couple of days. and real quick look at your daytime highs today. a little cool across the northeast as well as the great lakes. but look how warm it is across the southern u.s. where temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees above average. and cooler air, of course, with the storm system into the northwest, which we will
9:27 am
continue to track from the fox news extreme weather center. liz, leland, back to you. >> janice, thank you very much. still ahead, senator harry reid is retiring. here are the two candidates that are in a tight race to replace him. big question, will the silver state turn red. a look at the nevada senate race and what is at stake for republicans coming up. just watch that. a woman is trapped inside of her sinking car. there it goes underwater. we'll tell you what happens next coming up. you can run an errand.
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(music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. back to the election. all eyes will be on nevada next week, where fox's own chris wallace will be moderating the final presidential debate. clinton and trump are running a tight race there. but it's not as tight as the senate race for republican congressman, making a play for retiring harry reid seat red. for republicans, it's an opportunity to actually pick up a senate seat which could help them keep control of the upper chamber. here with more insight is josh, national journal political editor. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be here, elizabeth. >> i really want to get into the nitty-gritty of nevada, because it's fascinating, as well as a couple of other states. i want to put up a poll and get
9:33 am
your reaction. it's actually a number of polls. a number of states where we see in those particular swing states, clinton is ahead, and this is obviously general polling. you can see the states on the side of the screen there. on the other column you see a number of republican senators who are ahead in those senate races. so is this a particular instance where we may not see people voting up and down the ticket? because perhaps it's an unusual election cycle. >> you will see more splits in voting than we've had in quite some time in this election. the question is, how big will the divide be. what we're seeing right now is even when trump chanced over the weekend, and hit his low point in the polls, a lot of these republican senate candidates, according to public and internal polls by the campaigns, were still running 6 to 10 points ahead of donald trump. it means the battle for the senate is still going to be down to the wire. it's still very possible republicans could maintain control of the senate even if
9:34 am
trump loses in a landslide. the big worry, though, for republicans is the turnout. a lot of the republicans that don't like donald trump have become so disgusted with the whole campaign -- >> they're simply not going to show up. >> and that's hard to tell from the polls. >> i want to focus specifically on nevada. you talk about senators having to walk this very fine line, where perhaps some of their constituents do support trump. nevada is a perfect example where we saw representative hecht get booed on stage. how do you walk that very fine line and how are they walking that fine line? >> this is the most difficult formula for republicans. ever since donald trump won the nomination, mitch mcconnell advised his members to basically say, i'm not a big fan of donald trump but i think he's better than hillary clinton. and that formula worked for quite some time until this past weekend until the video came out and some of the scandals emerged. many republicans panicked.
9:35 am
joe hecht made an announcement alongside mitt romney at a campaign event that he could not support donald trump. a lot of people there, some people there booed him. the worry for republicans, this is sort of the thing they're watching, they're hoping the college educated anti-trump republicans don't take their anger out on the down ballot. they're also worried the trump supporters don't care about republicans in congress. they may be so mad that someone like joe hecht who withdraws his endorsement of donald trump they can leave the bottom of the ballot blank. >> i want to switch to new hampshire. donald trump is here today. a state he won in the primaries obviously. senator kelly ayotte is a freshman. she is obviously running for reelection. she has not necessarily supd port donald trump. is he going into hostile territory? and as a young senator who wants to get reelected who has kept a pretty steadfast approach, do you see that steadfast approach winning? >> she was one of the other
9:36 am
republicans who said she couldn't support donald trump anymore. she's going to write in mike pence on her ballot. this is a matchup of two political types. ayotte is very well liked. new hampshire is a small state. >> but a must win. >> a must win. if i was going to watch any state to see which party was going to win control of the senate, it's new hampshire. you have a popular senator in ayotte who has had trouble figuring out how to distance herself from donald trump. you have a governor who's fairly well liked who is running neck and neck. every public poll shows this race in a statistical dead heat. if the state that's blue is generally democratic, if a republican can win the senate seat in new hampshire, despite all the awkwardness with donald trump, it's a good sign for republican. >> we're leaving and i only have five questions left. but we're out of time. so i hope to have you back. >> thank you. >> leland? speaking of new hampshire, fox news alert as we head there. republican presidential nominee
9:37 am
donald trump making a speech in new hampshire. >> they show how the media collaborates, con spires directly with the clinton campaign. by the way, they show how the clinton campaign gets the questions for the debates, and the answers for the debates prior to the debate. and we still beat her easily in that debate. can you believe that she got the questions and answers prior to, i guess the bernie debate? and you don't even hear about it. can you imagine if i got the questions to a debate, it would be the biggest story worldwide.
9:38 am
you must immediately resign from the campaign. you don't even hear about it. she got the questions before a debate. to cover up her crimes. hillary clinton deleted 33,000 e-mails after -- remember, not before, that would have been bad -- after -- after a congressional subpoena, so she gets the subpoena, she said, we've got problems. delete all the e-mails. get rid of them. and she acid washed them. she lied to congress under oath. she made 13 iphones disappear. some with a hammer. anybody ever get rid of their phone with a hammer? three or four people, i want to talk to them later. and now just last week we learned that two boxes of
9:39 am
e-mails and evidence are mysteriously missing. they're gone. hillary clinton should have been prosecuted, and she should right now be in jail. she should be. she should be. the fbi and the department of justice created a fraud in allowing hillary clinton to get away with her terrible crimes. and i guarantee you the clintons are laughing like hell at them right now. the director's performance in congress, coupled with bill clinton's planned meeting on the
9:40 am
tarmac with the attorney general, in her airplane, just prior to decision time on hillary clinton's future, supposedly talking about golf and grandchildren for 39 minutes. secret meeting. secret meeting. and remember, he just happened to be there. he was going to play golf in arizona. i love arizona, it's one of my favorite places. but at that particular time of the year, it was like, what, 110 degrees out, right? and he wasn't seen playing golf that day after -- i guess he decided to cancel his golf game. just happened to be, oh, look, there's the attorney general's flag. maybe i'll hop on and give my regards to the attorney general. folks, there's never been a situation like this in the history of our country. it's the lowest point in those departments' history. fbi people who are phenomenal
9:41 am
people, must be spinning at what's going on with the fbi. spinning. instead of being held accountable -- >> donald trump in portsmouth, new hampshire. he's got three moralies coming up today. this one, and two others. we'll break in and continue on monitoring this to see if anything new comes up. so far, he's stuck pretty much to his same script. it appears his teleprompter is back working after he took it apart at a rally a couple of days ago, hitting the media, hitting hillary clinton, the fbi, talking about wikileaks, among other things. we'll monitor it for news and let you know if anything substantial comes out of it. if you would like to monitor it yourself, pull out the computer and we'll continue to follow trump's speech as it happens. liz? without hesitation, and not a second to waste, good
9:42 am
samaritans jumping into the massachusetts pond to rescue a 68-year-old woman who was trapped in her sinking suv. police say the woman was trying to back into a parking lot when her vehicle plunged into the water. after her rescue, she was cold, but otherwise unharmed, and of course, extremely thankful. >> seems like an awfully long way out into the water for backing up. russia gets a warning from washington, you hack us, we hack back. we'll tell you what vice president biden has been saying coming up next. and trying to wrangle the biggest gator ever found in texas. we'll tell you how this dance with the gator -- i don't think i would like to dance with a gator. >> no gator dancing. >> the highlight of my career. this is a really big alligator.
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this is a fox news alert. we are monitoring donald trump in portsmouth, new hampshire, his first of three campaign stops today. just moments ago, we monitored his comments. he did address the allegations, he's also addressing his democratic opponent. we're going to take a moment and listen life. >> i have so many friends in new england. i have so many great friends in new england, including tom brady and coach belichick. how good is tom? how good is tom? how good is tom? remember, he opened his door last year and he had the red hat. they said, what's that all about? how good is tom? they said, what did tom, throw for 300, 400 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions. and what a good coach, right? what a good coach. the coach, but he's great. that's a great group of people. this will finally be the year
9:48 am
the american people say, enough is enough. enough is enough. speaking in a secret meeting to a foreign bank, hillary clinton said her dream is to totally open trade and open borders. that means that's the end of your jobs. that's the end of your jobs. by open trade, she means foreign countries can cheat us out of millions and millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars. that's what she means. it also means -- seriously, it means the end of the jobs that weren't taken by the disaster known as nafta. that's what it means. by open borders, she means totally unlimited immigration. when she thought no one was listening, hillary clinton was plotting to destroy the sovereignty of the united states. either we win this election or we lose the country. i really believe this is the last chance we have to win. i really believe that. it's not going to happen again. not going to happen.
9:49 am
a trump administration will secure and defend our borders. and yes, we will build a wall. [ chanting build that wall ] >> a wall will not only keep out dangerous cartels and criminals, but it will also keep out the drugs and heroin that's poisoning our youth. it's poisoning our youth. and by the way -- >> you've been listening live to donald trump. you can hear him there in new hampshire. he's mentioning a number of things, specifically hillary clinton's alleged wall street speeches that were leaked by
9:50 am
wikileaks. he also is going back to some of the talking points he mentioned quite a bit during the primary. and you heard the crowd there chanting "build the wall." we'll be back with more news after the break. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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9:54 am
today more e-mails from clinton's campaign chairman posted online. the documents believed to be the result of a russian cyber attack on the campaign. here is vice president joe biden talking about how washington is ready to respond. >> we're sending a message. we have the capacity to do it and the message -- >> he'll know it. >> he'll know it. it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact. >> with us now for insight, fox news military analyst general jack keane. general, you heard what vice president said. i suspect the russians watch "meet the press" as well. do you think they're scared? >> i doubt it. we've never responded in kind to any provocation by the russians, not to the annexation of cry mia, expansion into ukraine, military incursion in syria,
9:55 am
bombing the cia-backed syrian moderate rebels, the recent horrific war crimes committed against the syrian people. >> they won't take it seriously? >> i doubt very seriously they'll take that statement seriously at all. >> what happens now? what's the russian's end game? is it just to embarrass us or to see how far they can push us or is it to simply do whatever they think is in their best interest because, to your point, we're not going to respond? >> they're operating in their national interest. what the russians want is a return to the world stage as a global power. they want to be taken seriously. they have serious economic and domestic problems at home. they're camouflaging some of that by a lot of the incidents that putin is creating on that world stage. what it really comes down to is he really wants power. he's interested in forcing eventually the collapse of nato. as much as he can humiliate and embarrass the united states, that is to his advantage because it weakens our relationships
9:56 am
with our al wlies. >> none of this happens in a vacuum as we watch vladimir putin. you think about, he's sending an aircraft carrier through the english channel off the coast of syria. you've got yemen where the iranian backed houthi rebels fired on american ships. 20 seconds or less, are we at the point where the middle east could explode? >> it's in bad shape. it's hard to think of it actually getting worse. i don't believe there will be a confrontation between the united states and russia. russia certainly does not want that. they will go right up to the end but avoid that. >> let's hope the brinksmanship, somebody blinks first. general keane, appreciate you being with us. more politics about who will be commander-in-chief when we return. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase...
9:57 am
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10:00 am
after a brutal week on the campaign trail, donald trump is back in the state that started it all and trying to keep supporters from jumping ship. one never-trump republican says don't bother. >> whether they're supporting hillary or supporting donald trump, they're just dismayed by where this campaign has gone and they're very frustrated. i think the big concern is will they actually go out and vote. >> we're going to be speaking the a trump supporter who thinks there's still time to turn things around. more embarrassing revelations from the clinton campaign's leaked e-mails. will it matter to the voters coming up? just days before their sin city
10:01 am
showdown, early voting gets under way in several battleground states. good saturday to you. hour two, 1:00 on the east coast. i'm leland vitt tart. >> i'm elizabeth prann. donald trump addressing voters at his first campaign stop of the day in new hampshire. that's where trump is doubling down on his stance that this presidential race is unfairly stacked against him. peter doocy is live outside the rally in new hampshire. peter, i know he has three campaign stops today. we can hear him live. what is his focus today? >> reporter: we're inside the rally here, elizabeth.
10:02 am
we just heard trump go somewhere that he has not gone yet. obviously a big issue in new hampshire is open oid abuse. he's talked about that. he said ahead of the next debate hillary clinton is behind closed doors somewhere getting pumped up with something, and he said he proposes before their next debate on wednesday, they should both take a drug test. he said she's willing. he wants to see if she is off somewhere getting some kind of something pumped into her so she is reedy for him. that's something new we have not heard. he has also been going over some of the more familiar lines about hillary clinton. he said that right now he thinks she should be in jail. and when he said that, which goes a little further than him saying at the last debate, if he was president, he would put her in jail. when he said she belongs in jail right now, the crowd whipped into a frenzy chanting "lock her up." he's also spending a lot of time now explaining what's in the clinton campaign e-mails that were released by wikileaks.
10:03 am
he doesn't think those have been getting enough coverage. he says clinton is the most corrupt person he thinks to ever run for office. he says those e-mails reveal that she ripped off the people of haiti and ha the clinton campaign has destain for catholics and evangelicals while also coordinating with the press to make it easy for her and harder for the competition. >> they show how the clinton campaign gets the questions for the debates and the answer for the debates prior to the debate, and we still beat her easily in that debate. >> reporter: trump today also trying to defend himself from what he calls phony allegations dating back a few decades since his butler has said one story that a woman has come forward with wouldn't be possible. one of the woman who says she
10:04 am
was groped on an airplane said it lasted for 15 minutes. he said the time frame wasn't realistic because if it would have gone on for one second, he probably would have been smacked. >> we can see a big crowd behind you. what type of crowd turnout has he had this week, especially after sort of a really rough week for the candidate? >> reporter: bad week, but good turnout or similar turnout to other saturday rallies that we've been to at similar-sized venues. there was a long line a few hours before the doors open. we've got pictures of it for you. still a lot of people in trump gear. trump supporters chanting "lock her up." trump walked around with flyers with instructions on how to volunteer. one volunteer said they had these flyers and they're specifically looking for female trump supporters because they want them out in new hampshire on behalf of trump.
10:05 am
they think that would soften him up a little bit. i don't know how many he was able to recruit. i can tell you from here trump is off to another new england stop in bangor, maine, for an arena rally, off to a dinner in new hampshire. the campaign said despite everything that happened and the debate coming up, they are not slowing down. >> all right. peter doocy reporting live. thank you so much. never a dull moment. trump supporters are hoping a strong debate performance wednesday and outrage over the clinton campaign e-mails ridiculing religious conservatives will boost turnout for republicans up and down the november ballot. we spoke to read ribble, now pennsylvania congressman mike kelly, an unwavering trump backer joins us from pennsylvania, one of the must-win battle ground states. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, elizabeth. great to be on with you. >> i don't know if you were able
10:06 am
to hear congressman read ribble earlier, obviously one of your peers, if you will. he says he's feeling increasingly disgusted. i want to get your response to those frustrations. >> i do understand the frustration. reid was a never trump guy from the beginning. i have been a never hillary guy from the beginning. as we've seen, there is a public hillary and there is a private hilla hillary. when you look at the two candidates, mr. trump is out in front -- >> some people will argue, sir, and i do so respectfully there is a public donald trump and a private donald trump. even he has said that. >> the private donald trump i know is a guy who i have great faith in and a man who has accomplished very much. when i talk about the public hillary, let's talk about somebody who looks at what she thinks needs to be said for where she's at to gain polls and a private hillary clinton talks about what's really in her heart. i know this week the revelations of wikileaks, when it comes to people like myself, i'm a roman
10:07 am
catholic, evangelicals, jews, whoever you are, these folks, especially this elitist group they think we are the great unwashed, we don't get it. that's why you have to have a bigger kboft that can make every decision for you because you're not quite the person needed for right now. i'm a never hillary guy for a number of reasons.eneral loss o supreme court should be something that all of us look at and say are we really willing to let these other distractions take us away from the most critical part of what our life will revolve around for the next several years. >> you said you're a roman catholic. one of your biggest preferences would be someone who holds family values near and dear to their heart. i want to ask you first and foremost, your response to the accusations this week, and i know you said in your opinion piece that policy trumps all, forgive my pun there, policy that you feel this republican
10:08 am
nominee would state during his tenure, you feel like that's more important than anything else. >> here is what i think. a dynamic and robust economy solves a lot of problems. we have to have that type of an economy. middle income people and lower income people, people of color have suffered more than anybody in the last eight years. so i'm telling people, take a look at the most important things in your life. try to separate those things that are a distraction from those things that have to be done. these are things needed now. we have a better way, the republicans have put out a policy book that tells you where we would lead the country, lower taxes, less regulations, allow people to rise, communities to thrive, schools to thrive. more important than anything else, family to be able to be self-sustained and not relying on a government program that's unsustainable. it doesn't make sense to me. i will tell you this, you can find a person as deep as the pacific ocean in policy as paul
10:09 am
ryan, you combine that with a senate on the same legislation, a high energy executive like donald trump who has spent his whole life working with people to reach mutually beneficial goals. that's what allows america to be great again. >> what i'm hearing from you is that folks and congress need -- they need to work together. and we just had an example where we had congressman ribble on here, you two very much disagree. you are members of the same party. how do you explain that to voters? >> look, i explain to voters this way. look at yourself. look at where you are as a person. look where you'd like our country to be, where you want your children and grandchildren to be. look backwards and see where we are. listen, i have great respect for reid. he and i are good friends. he's been a never trump guy from the beginning. whenever the primaries were held, and the most votes ever accrued in a republican primary for president by donald trump with 16 other people in that primary, i always say this, the
10:10 am
people made the decision. now, members of congress may not agree with it. i have friends are dynamic about when they want trump and some not happy with that. i said wasn't it up to our voters, up to the primary process? i'm getting sick and tired of people from washington that think somehow within that little circle of influence, they they know more than the people who are outside, people who i see every day that week up every morning with one goal and one goal in mind, elizabeth. keep this in mind, they want to keep a roof over the head of their children, food on the table, clothes on their back and save money for the future. a dynamic and robust economy is the only way to get there. when it comes to roman catholics, i'm outraged a group of people, elitists would sit down and make fun of us and chastise a person choosing to have their child baptized as being not worthy. >> i'm sorry to cut you off but we're up against a break. thank you for your time. we see both sides of the
10:11 am
argument. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. continuing with election news, vice president joe biden says washington, u.s. military, is ready to respond to a series of russian hacks aimed at influencing our election, including the hack that targeted the dnc. in the past few hours, wikileaks has posted even more e-mails from clinton campaign chairman john podesta's e-mail. kristin fisher with more. >> the vice president of the united states is vowing to retail eight against russia. that in and of itself is a very big deal. but especially when you take into account something else nbc news is reporting, that the cia is currently preparing for the possibility of launching an unprecedented covert cyber strike against russia. listen to what the vice president told nbc's chuck todd yesterday. >> we're sending a message. we have the capacity to do it.
10:12 am
>> he'll know it? >> he'll know it. it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances with the greatest impact. >> so a message will be sent. will the public know it? >> i hope not. >> this threat of retaliation comes as wikileaks continues to releerks e-mails from the clinton campaign chair. the eighth round was released under an hour ago. one highlight featured this line from podesta days before clinton poub lickly addressed her e-mail issues for the first time. quote, think we should hold e-mails from podus. we could get them to ask for that. they may not care, but it seems like they will. that really calls into question exactly what the president knew about her private e-mail server. remember in the past he downplayed knowing anything about it. so so far the clinton campaign is neither confirming nor denying the authenticity of
10:13 am
these leaked e-mails. leland, as you well know, the fact that they are not coming out and publicly denying them, that in and of itself says a great deal. >> trying to pivot to the russians. speaking of the russians, russia today quoting the president spokesman at the kremlin saying of course, given such an unprecedented unpredictable line, we have to take measures to protect our interest, somehow hedge the risks and continue such unpredictability is dangerous for the whole world. that coming from the kremlin. obviously jack keane, four-star general, telling us earlier he doesn't think the u.s. will do anything. more on that coming up. on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton is off the trail prepping for wednesday's final presidential debate in las vegas. rich edison is in chappaqua, new york, and has details on reaction to the latest dump. the candidate doesn't have any public events scheduled this
10:14 am
weekend. do you know what she's up to? >> this is about debate study. she has no public events. by the way, that clean schedule as far as no public events being concerned, is something she's been criticized for. he says she doesn't the stamina or energy to be president of the united states. hillary clinton has been fund-raising on the west coast, california and washington state. there she addressed those claims. >> people ask me all the time how can you do this. believe me, i ask myself that sometimes, too. it's a grueling, strenuous challenge that requires a lot of stamina. >> reporter: hillary clinton's communications director says the campaign will intensify her schedule after the debate on wednesday. they're also saying in describing these weekends where
10:15 am
she has no events ahead of debates, something she uses to prepare for those debates. they say it's certainly paid off in the first couple of encounters with donald trump. elizabeth? >> rich, what is the campaign saying about the latest wikileaks dump? >> reporter: the campaign is refusing to comment on the specific content of the e-mails that have been published, on the controversies that have followed. they're not even confirming the authenticity of those e-mails. instead they talk about this russian conspiracy to hack democratic officials' e-mails, publish those e-mails in attempt to get what they say is their preferred candidate in donald trump to be president. they're calling this a modern day watergate break-in. the campaign posed this saying, quote, four decades later -- from watergate -- we're witnessing another effort to steel private campaign documents in order to influence an election. only this time, instead of filing cabinets, it's people's
10:16 am
e-mails they're breaking into and a foreign government is behind it. this, of course, as now reports are surfacing. those from the vice president claiming that the u.s. is potentially preparing a response to that against the russian government with the cia. back to you. >> similar response from the camp that we've seen as this drip, drip, drip continues. rich edison, thank you so much. we appreciate it. for more on the wikileak e-mails, katy bow williams cyber security reporter with "the hill" who has covered the wikileaks dump if you want to call it, or continual dumps. katy, appreciate you being here. what do you make of the clinton campaign comparing this to a watergate break-in. >> what they're doing is echoing some of the concerns i'm hearing from some of my sources in the security research community which is that the russian government is using -- >> you say your sources, non-partisan sources? >> i would say that's a fair thing to say. that you have a foreign
10:17 am
government that is using wikileaks as a tool, some would say a weapon the influence public opinion. now, what influence the u.s. election means, what influence public opinion means, that doesn't necessarily mean help donald trump win. it might just mean so uncertainty, so discord. >> when you looks at what the russians have been doing or allegedly been doing, and you hear the u.s. for the first time naming and shaming the russians in a very public way, much more than any u.s. officials have done from the chinese, do you get the sense that they have ut buttoned up pretty tight, that they have incontrovertible proof that the russians are behind this? >> certainly with regard to the dnc hack, but they haven't made that clear with regard to the theft of mr. podesta's e-mails. >> how closely aligned are julian assange and the russian intelligence services?
10:18 am
>> that's a really, really good question. we don't know. to talk about wikileaks is to talk about julian assange. it's a very, very small organization. he will claim hundreds of volunteers working for him. in fact, it looks like it's a one-man shop. he's not very clear about where he gets his documents, how he vets them, where they're coming from. >> to that point, we have not heard the clinton campaign confirm or deny the john podesta e-mails. we don't know if it's julian assange from london adding in color here and there or if it's a true recitation of private e-mails. >> you're getting at the heart of this issue which is are these e-mails authentic or have they been doctored in some way, and with no insight into how he vets his documents, there's no way to know that. >> you've been up on the hill and talking to folks, do you get the sense there's as much interest in the wikileaks e-mails as there is, for example, in the donald trump
10:19 am
accusations? i know "the hill" did a big piece on there. it's a one to 30 ratio between accusations against donald trump and wikileaks. >> i think you're seeing a candidate who failed to grab ahold of opposition research that has been dumped into his lap by julian assange. i'll give you an example of what i mean. days after the original dump we had sort of the content of these paid speeches to wall street in them, he goes on twitter and launches into a tirade against paul ryan and effectively tips off a civil war in his own party. there's an argument to be made that he's sort of blowing his own opportunity to make this is a campaign issue, although i think you're starting to see him grab hold of individual e-mails more now. >> suffice it to say there's a lot in these e-mails that aren't being made a big deal. >> i think they're being reported on. i think you are seeing individual stories on content of the e-mails. it's incumbent on the candidate himself to raise it to the level
10:20 am
of a campaign issue. >> we haven't seen it in trump surrogates in terms of hitting an individual issue. trump on the stump today in new hampshire talked about the issue of hillary clinton allegedly getting one question in advance at a town hall, those kind of things. >> katie bo, appreciate your work. come back when you have a scoop. liz? >> after a week of accusations and allegations, the countdown is on. the final presidential debate. our panel is here with advice for both candidates. plus a police raid at a polling precinct. we'll tell you why officials in one state are extra concerned about voter fraud and what they're doing about it. >> most people are groups that are doing these voter registration drives are doing the right thing. but it's too close to the election to take a chance. >> secretary of state john kerry is back at the negotiating table with russia this weekend. we're going to update you on the situation in syria.
10:21 am
>> people's lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you've done. >> heated. >> so a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes. >> and unlike anything else. but now in their last showdown, the debate is fair and balanced. for the first time ever, fox news' own chris wallace is asking the questions and getting real answers from the candidates. don't miss the critical final presidential debate with moderator chris wallace right here on fox news channel. eck for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it ces to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day?
10:22 am
you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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10:25 am
the saudi-led coalition responsible for bombing a packed funeral hall in yemen last weekend is today blaming,quote, wrong information. the attack killed more than 140 people, wounded over 600 including many civilians. the u.s.-backed saudi coalition which itself backs the yemeni government thought the funeral hall was packed with houthi rebels and was, quote, a legitimate military target. it turns out 2,000 mourners were attending a memorial service when the missiles hit. secretary of state john
10:26 am
kerry is in switzerland and back at the negotiating table with russia as the violence continues in syria. president obama directed his national security council yesterday to renew diplomatic talks just weeks after a cease-fire collapsed. our own kitty logan has the report from our london bureau. hi, kitty? >> hi, elizabeth. this is yet another effort to seek some level of diplomatic solution to the syrian conflict or at least to try to negotiate a new cease-fire after the latest deal broke down. earlier today secretary kerry held a one-on-one meeting with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. relations between these two players has hit a low point. but russian cooperation is vital for any cease-fire agreement. secretary kerry joined a delegation from other countries involved in this complex conflict. those include turkey, saudi arabia and iran. the big question for all those present, what can be done to stop the escalation in violence
10:27 am
in syria. syrian president bashar al assad seems determined to maintain his position. yesterday he spoke of, quote, cleaning aleppo. that's syria's largest city. he also said he'd use any military success there for what he described as a springboard to move on other opposition-held areas in the north of the country. now, since the cease-fire deal broke down last month, fighting has intensified around aleppo. syrian government forces continue to push to regain control there. syrian and russian jets backing those efforts from the air. but this has come at a high human cost. those air strikes often hitting civilian targets, causing large numbers of casualties. it's one major factor which prompted the breakdown in diplomatic relations between the u.s. and russia. just last week, if you remember, secretary kerry accused the russians of war crimes. now, both the u.s. and russia say they have no real
10:28 am
expectations of these talks today and neither country has a realistic solution to this conflict. this meeting is at least a hopeful sign that there is some diplomatic dialogue between these two players. >> kitty logan, thank you so much. leland. back at home, the hurricane is gone but the catastrophe continues in the carolinas. ahead, water weary communities waiting for relief and quite literally surviving only on their prayers. >> i had to tell them because i saw it from the air that their houses are under water. that's tough to tell an individual. a fox news anchor preparing to moderate a historic presidential debate in what has truly become a campaign unlike any other. >> you haven't seen anything like this. >> no, because i've never seen a candidate like donald trump.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
we know donald trump is on the campaign trail again today holding three events in his last weekend before the last debate. hillary clinton is down today, presumably burying herself in books and policy. voters and party leaders on both sides of the aisle are hoping the tone of the election can swing away from personal insults and accusations of sexual assault and the major issues facing our country. here for a debate preview, joel, a partner and director of strategic services at the chatter done group and josh kimbrel, a political radio talk show host. thank you so much. i do want to start with you, josh. we had a recent fox news poll that came out on thursday night. it said how concerned scandals will have serious effect on the election. people polled very much, 37% when it comes to clinton, 44% when it comes to donald trump.
10:34 am
there are a number of voters concerned with scandals. we're talking about both candidates. how do they stay focused on the issue. >> this campaign has devolved into gutter ball. let's be honest, neither of these candidates is overly popular. you've got two people who at best are morally challenged. at worst, a lot of people believe morally reprehensible. if they keep playing gutter ball, donald trump is going to lose. >> we saw him even today, he's definitely more of what we saw in the primary. he's going out on his own, not exactly following an exact script. >> he's going to have to go back to the issues that won the nomination in the first place. he talked about the fact that the middle class is being gutted out by bad trade policy, bad economic policy. when you adjust for inflation, the average american in the middle income brackets has not
10:35 am
received an improvement in their standard of living or income since the early '80s. he's got to hit those pocketbook issues, talk about trade, talk about the economy, bringing jobs back. you've got secretary clinton down in brazil giving a speech where she's paid $250,000 to say her dream is open borders and open trade. that plays right into donald trump's hands if he ses the moment instead of playing gutter ball with the two people who mastered how to deal with gutter ball. >> you talked about seizing the moment. are we going to see secretary clinton pushing on all the accusers that have come out this week, or does she walk a fine line by saying you're trying to take away from policy and going to the personal accusations. >> the clinton campaign doesn't need to push these stories. these continue to come out every day and trump continues to respond to them. he kind of has to do. otherwise, they dominate the news cycle. every time he responds, he doesn't respond in manners that are considered professional. he attacks the victims. he's commented on how they look
10:36 am
and whether or not they would be justified. that's what the press is looking to cover on. that shows his temperament. if you remember going back to the first debate, i've got the best temperament, stop, listen to me, i have the best temperament was his approach. it's not going to work in this third debate. the game plan is clear for both of them. for donald trump -- and it's the same plan going into debate number two -- he cannot lose it. he absolutely has to remain calm -- >> people argue he doesn't necessarily lose it. >> he talked over, you'd be in jail, going to jail. he kept talking over her, huffing and puffing. barack obama went through that in the first debate against mitt romney, the huffing and puffing and breathing. those are things you have to pay attention to. hillary clinton, stay calm, stay cool, let him hang himself. >> let him hang himself. according to a new fox news poll that came out on thursday, trump 39%, clinton 41%.
10:37 am
he's going in as an underdog. that can be to his benefit. >> as long as he pros can you tell the case against hillary clinton. there are republicans out there nervous about his temperament. he's going to have to bring the party together. even after the e-mails have come out, he got into a twitter rant with paul ryan. that wasn't the time. he should have gone after the e-mails from john podesta. he has to prosecute the case against hillary clinton primarily on policy as opposed to playing gutter ball. you're not going to win playing gutter ball against the two people who for 30 years mastered political machinations. >> that's what got him to where he is. what's happened, he's run home to mommy. he's gone back to where he feels comfortable. >> he did not win the primary because of the petulant comments. he won the primary because he tapped into the real fear americans have about their economic future. go back to that. talk about trade and open borders. he can win the election.
10:38 am
if he plays gutter ball with hillary clinton, it's not going to end well. >> all of us will be watching. chris wallace will be moderating. i think it will be a spectacular debate. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. be sure to check your listings as the vice presidential nominees tim kaine and mike pence will be guest on "fox news sunday" hosted by chief political an kerr bret baier. our political player of the week is our own chris wallace, taking time off his regular duties to prepare to moderate the final presidential debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern on wednesday. after the break, a police raid in indiana after allegations of voter registration fraud. >> i'm worried about voter confidence in the system. >> and the owners of this nail salon did not let a robber get away without a fight. stay with us. we'll show you this video. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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well, in case you didn't know, it's election season. there is a lot of ways to know that. one of them voter registration booths turn up all over town. in some cases that may not be the best way to go like in the state of indiana. the voter registration process has turned into a large-scale criminal investigation into alleged voter fraud. here is eric shawn. >> indiana state police raided the group, the indiana voter regi investigation of alleged voter registration fraud that has grown to 56 counties. officials say they discovered phony names, false addresses and misleading information on some of the applications turned in by the group. the result, warns indiana
10:44 am
secretary of state connie lawson, could be that some voters will be disenfranchised. >> i'm worried about voter confidence in the system. i want every voter in the state of indiana to know that the vote that they cast will be counted, and it won't be canceled out by someone committing fraud. >> the allegations echo the scandal that took down acorn, the activist group that flooded offices across the country with fake voter registrations starting with the 2008 presidential race. scores of people were convicted, some served jail time and they shut down voter registration efforts. the group suspected in indiana is actually run by the washington, d.c.-based patriot majority usa, described by as having democratic liberal leanings. in a statement its president says, the raid is part of a partisan effort to rig the election by suppressing the rights of tens of thousands of
10:45 am
african-americans to vote. an effort to deny 45,000 african-americans their right to vote. lawson says the probe is not racially motivated. >> we do not ask the question of race orre ethnicity on our vote registration applications and we're not discriminating against voters. >> she says to be safe voters should register themselves. >> i would not use at this point in time a third party to register to vote. i would do it myself. most people are groups doing these voter registration drives are doing the right thing. it's too close to the election to take a chance. >> patriot majority u.s.a. says it is non-partisan and focuses on voter empowerment among other issues. its website is attacking mike pence on the investigation. he's still the indiana governor as well as donald trump's running mate. that was eric shawn reporting live. now to this story. everything is bigger in texas. that includes reptiles.
10:46 am
this 1'38" alligator was captured wednesday. it's the largest reptile caught alive in the state. several people had to sit on the 90-pound beast to safely secure it. this big boy will spend its days in a nearby theme park and sanctuary. if you had to be one of those nine people to volunteer, would you do it? >> i was thinking -- >> there's nine of you. >> nine of you who has to sit on the alligator. if the alligator gets mad, you've got a one-in-nine chance. >> better than four. >> still not buying it. nor would i want to dance with the gator which is what we called that earlier. no gator dancing today. moving on to this, walking with a purpose and earning smiles along the way. from gators to dogs, the show is improving. just ahead, how this free range pooch on the streets of chicago is quite literally getting a new leash on life. >> he spreads the love. he makes people happy, you know. i want to give him back what he's given me.
10:47 am
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well these people didn't go
10:51 am
to the nail salon for manicures. who mans are suspected of robbing apple nail and spa in philadelphia. the incident all caught on camera which we can't resist shows employees fighting back, hitting one of the suspects with a pot the plant. that's before he knew he had a gun. police are searching for the suspects but the employees say they were not hurt in this incident. >> never know when you need a potted plant. southern states hit by hurricane matthew have a long road to recovery after misafter flooding damaged their homes. in the pacific northwest, the cleaning is just beginning as they face the threat of more storms today. brian live with the latest, hi brian. >> reporter: hi, not one, but two tornados striking oregon's coast west of portland friday morning as the state braces for brutal, dangerous weather today, this weekend, along the pacific
10:52 am
northwest. more heavy rain and strong winds. look at this, and f-2 tornado with winds of at least 125 miles per hour coming ashore yesterday morning, striking oregon. along the northern coast. the twister toppling power lines, at one point, leaving 15,000 residents without power. now the tornado uprooting trees, damaging businesses and homes. witnesses describe hearing a freight train like noise. luckily there were no deaths or injuries. a second twister hit about an hour south in oceanside, but caused no damage, now today the pacific northwest will experience strong winds that could gust to 50 miles per hour as heavy rain threatens to bring flooding and mudslides along the i-5 corridor in washington and oregon. meanwhile, this as the southeast is still recovering from hurricane matthew. a week after the storm, particularly north carolina, the death toll in the tar hill state rising to 26 after two more people were found submerged in
10:53 am
their vehicles in couple berland and wayne counties. most victims were killed while driving or walking through flood waters. flood waters as high as ten feet are receding and the long road to recovery begins. >> and there are still many, many difficult days ahead for north carolina and many of our citizens. who were being impacted by this incredible hurricane that has been with us now for over ten days. >> reporter: friday judges ordered voter registration deadlines and hurricane matthew has killed at least 43 people in the u.s. more than 500 in haiti. leland. >> yeah, and so many other lives affected along the way as well. brian live in new york, thanks, brian. here's what's coming up. >> after the break, the force is strong with this one. how one officer of the law is using the ancient art of the jed i did to keep traffic running smoothly. we really couldn't turn this
10:54 am
down. it's too good. hell hello, coming up in te minutes, from new york, the fallout continues for the trump campaign on the polling numbers following allegations that he was inappropriate with women. but trump's fighting back hard against the charges. also, is the cia prepping for cyber attacks against russia? former cia director james woolsy will be here with his reaction. see you in a few. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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at nine sea lions. they were pups, have returned to the wild off the coast of peru on friday. the pups were rescued after their mothers died off the coast. they were nursed back to health by the organization for research and conservation of aquatic animals. and now are headed back out. good luck, guys. >> very cute. now check out this video. this is a police officer in south bend, indiana. officer paul stababe directs traffic with the use of light sabe sabers. also shows for waiting pedestrians and vehicles. he says that not only does the sabers make the kids happy, but the adults, they are smiling and following traffic quite nicely.
10:59 am
>> couldn't that be a little distracting if you're a driver? >> what i think you meant to say, is can i get one, and i checked it out on amazon, and there's plenty of available. >> are you going to have some for me. >> totally. >> light saber show coming up over the next couple of weeks. >> and everyone is turning off their tvs. >> that's what we do. oh my god. is he cute? >> i think it should be a goal. end the show with a doggy video every week. >> now everyone is tuning back in. he likes to walk himself, leash in hand along the river walk. this golden retriever spreads the love, david duncan will grab the leash -- >> how could you feel uncomfortable around this retired show dog? so far, no bad encounters, just an awful lot of smiles. >> it's a whole new definition to loose leash walking. big week ahead, you have to tune in -- >> wednesday night, chris
11:00 am
wallace, showdown in las vegas. it is going to be one amaze show, just saw chris earlier as he was prepping. the door to his office is close ed, everything is secret inside. we'll see all the material on wednesday night. great show, see you next weekend. we are nearly three weeks away to election day, and the stakes could not be higher. donald trump still on defense as he is set to hold three campaign events today. he's been drawing big crowds over the last few days, despite the allegations from women who claim he's made unwanted sexual advances years ago. still the impact of these allegations taking a toll with trump losing ground in some key states. hello everybody, i'm uma. trump though is fighting back, hard, denying that he did anything inappropriate against the women who are coming forward with their stories. he's blaming the mainstream media and the clinton camp of trying to, quote, p


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