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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  October 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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"the greg gutfeld show" is next. see you tomorrow live from las vegas. watching. julie banderas up next with the fox report. donald trump launches a hard offensive over the string of sexual assault allegations and hillary clinton keeps her head down just days away from the final debate for the contenders for president. i am gile banderas, good evening, this is the "fox report. ". throw week and counting until the general election and the candidates seem to be taking opposite approaches. mrs. clinton preparing for wednesday's debate moderated by chris wallace here on fox and her supporter and running mate tim kaine make her case. donald trump about to wrap up his third appearance in three states today.
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a speech in an anti- terror event in new jersey. we'll watch it and bring it to you as news unfolds. in new england, mr. trump launched out against the news media and hillary clinton. >> it is a rigged election because they are taking unsubstantiated and put ping them on front pages of newspapers. it is a rigged election and we are not letting it happen. americans have had it with the year and decades of clinton corruption. >> we have team fox for you. jennifer griffin has more from you from las vegas. and first carl cameron is live in maine tonight. hey, there, carl. >> reporter: hi, julie. donald trump long complained the election was rigged whether it was bernie sanders with hillary
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clinton or his open republican primary and he said the situation is rigged and he expanded the scope of his criticism. and today, he actually suggested that the fbi be and the justice department by not choosing to charge hillary clinton for her home e-mail server and scandal that they are rigging the election. watch this. >> the fbi and department of justice created a fraud in allowing hillary clinton to get away with her terrible, terrible crimes. it is one of the lowest points in the history of the justice department and in the history of the fbi. [applause] [cheering] >> instead of being held accountable, hillary is running for president in what looks to many people in a totally rigged election. >> reporter: one of the things that donald trump make its more of a problem is his argument
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that the media is throwing the election and trying to elect hillary clinton and defeat donald trump as well. julie. >> carl, with the last debate how is donald trump preparing. >> reporter: he's traveling and plans to have five events a day which was a gauntlet thrown down against hillary clinton so he would out pace her. in new hampshire before his event this afternoon, he thought it was time to have a additional round of scrutiny before the next debate, suggesting that hillary clinton might have been on drugs on the last one. >> i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i think why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior. i don't know what is going on with her. but at the beginning of her last
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debate she was pumped up at the beginning and in the end. it was like take me down. she could barely reach her car. >> reporter: the last week and half or so, part of trump's strategy and tactics are about suppressing the vote so that the turn out on both side ises would be so low only loyal supporters would show up and he could there by win it. >> the trump campaign has objection with the leaders of ohio's republican party. ohio, a battleground state and now there's this. >> reporter: it is not just a battleground state. no republican won the presidency without ohio in the general election. the leader of the ohio party is governor kasich or senator rob portman of ohio who with drou
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their support. trump is talking about matt borgous who is the republican party chairman in ohio. and the trump campaign manager in ohio severed all ties with matt borgous saying that he is trying to feather his nest at the expense of donald trump. he is the republican party chairman in ohio. governor kasich has not endorsed trump. for any campaign to sever ties in the the buck eye state with all of its historic importance to republican a bold move. >> it does go in line with trump's argument against the establishment and he believes that the establishment is against hip. >> reporter: he believes that the media, establishment and
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political establishment in both party and the ultimate system, built over a two century of modern politics is rigged and for an outsider, he's arguing he's locked out and he has 24 days to do it. >> thank you very much. the hillary clinton campaign firing back that the race is rigged in her favor. what is fundmental about the american electoral system is that it is free and fair and open to the public and participation in the system and vote issing should be encouraged and not dismiss inned or under mined because a candidate is afraid he would lose. our team coverage in las vegas. we are seeing interesting shifts in nevada. why is the state of nevada so important? >> reporter: well, it is very
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important. it is a microca sym of of the shifting demographics of the u.s. electorate. there is 20 percent of the population here are latino and growing asian population. both candidates spent a lot of time campaigning here. hillary clinton was here earlier this week. las vegas has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country , second only to alaska. role household income declined 19 percent in nevada. the latest real clear politics poll shows clinton only leading 1.5 percent. and gary johnson poling at seven percent. and jill stein is not on the ballot here. what is hillary doing for the next debate? you don't hear or see and
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getting them ready for the final. > reporter: he flew back from a fundraiser. and she is preparing the way she always does and left her house at 1:00 today. and she is as we are told at the hotel where she prepped in the past. in fact, they built a exact replica and clinton arrived through the back entrance and expected to be there 4 or 5 hours if the past is any indication and had this to say about her opponent in a fundraiser yesterday. >> i take no satisfaction in seeing what trump does and says. because it hurts, it hurts me and hurts our country and all of us.
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>> reporter: the campaign pushed back on accusations from donald trump that the system is rigged against him. you quoted out a statement suggesting had that donald trump is simply saying this because he thinks he's going to lose. clinton campaign analystics believe it may be the largest turn out election in our history. >> jennifer, has the clinton campaign offered evidence that russia is behind the wiki locs release? >> reporter: they are pointing to a statement released by james clapper in which the intelligence community put out the statement that suggested that russia was trying to interfere with u.s. elections. the campaign had a conference call with mike morel.
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>> i can't remember a single time in american history where the american government has accused another government of trying to interfere in our election. this is really unprecedented and you know, as a national security person, it shakes me to my core. >> reporter: mike morrell is a hillary clinton supporter. juli juli julian a safrj said his goal was to release all of these e-mail and hack in u.s. e-mails of american political parties in order to undermine confidence in the u.s. two party system and that appears what is happening these days, julie. >> all right, jennifer, thank you you so much. we'll take a closer look be at the wiki leaks dumps in the show
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and tune in to the final debate next wednesday. first time of a fox news journalist will moderate a presidential debate. our own fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. debt and entitlement, and immigration and the economy and supreme court. foreign hot spotses and the fitness to serve as president. notice this debate is about the issues. the topics can change depending on the news of the day. 615 minute time segment and each dedicated to it a topic. don't miss it. chris wallace moderating the final show down between hillary clinton and donald trump live from the university of las vegas. next wednesday starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern, right here on fox news channel.
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now to another story. a group of men behind bars and charged with plotting an act of terror in an american community. hear what the feds say they were planning. >> and the pentagon monitoringing the situation in north korea and attempted test of another ballistic missile. what does it mean for security in the region and the u.s. that's all straight ahead. that's right here on the fox report. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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the u.s. military announcing it detected the launch of a north korea missile that the pentagon said was a failure. the pentagon spokesman condemning the test bite rogue regime and insisting the american commitment to defending our allies in the region is iron clad. the launch posed no threat to north america. three men are charged with a domestic terror plot against a group of immigrants. they are part of a kansas militia group. they planned to bomb a an apartment complex where somali immigrants. they planned to carry out the attacks on the day after the u.s. election.
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will carr, has more from the l.a. bureau. why do they think it was a community to target? what do officials say about why they targeted this community? >> reporter: good evening, julie, according to the fbi, they chose the location based on the hatred for people living in the community. according to the authorities, they are anti- government, and anti- musand anti- immigrant. the three all planned to fill four cars with explosives and park them in four corners of the apartment complex in the city. it is home to 120 somali immigrant and a mosque. they joked about hanging cipes from the victim's necks and called them cockroach and said only a good muslim is a dead
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muslim. he said unless a lot more people wake up and smell the coffee and want the country back, it might be too late. i think we can get it done but it ain't nothing nice about it. >> these charges are based on eight months of investigation by the fbi and allege would to taken the investigators in a hidden culture of hatred and violence. >> reporter: fbi agents said they had the gun and ammunition and explosive material to pull the attack off. >> that was something that was imminent, and these individuals as we stated in our comments, they are committed to carrying this out and significant impact on the state of kansas but also this community and nation. >> if convicted the men face life in prison.
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>> so how often is it happening in the united states? this is a dangerous recurring event? >> reporter: more than you think. this years almost on parwith the number of attacks on mosques that we saw in 2015, which is the most and triple than 2013 and 14. prompting the council of american islamic relations to call for more protection from the federal government, julie. >> will, thank you. world leader ares taking a stab at drafting a ceasefire. secretary of state john kerry leading the talk and telling reporters afterwards that there was mixed results. first a blast in iraq first a blast in iraq claiming dozens of cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking.
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we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die.
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isis claiming responsibility for a bombing targeting a funeral in baghdad. dozens were killed in the blast and wounded and children and elderly people among the dead. survivors were preparing a meal when the attacker came in the tent and set off the device. vehicles were damaged. the attack comes as the iraqi forces are planning an offensive against isis to retake mosul in the north. secretary of state kerry confirming rebels in yemen released two u.s. citizens. they were freed as part of a diplomatic arrangement that included humanitarian
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arrangementes. & how they stem the arrangement. and secretary of state saying the ideas were put forth to lead to a ceasefire in the future. kerry admitted tense moment and ultimately no deal this time around. they report from london. >> they lasted just four hours and no new ceasefire for now. there had are encouraging signs that the dialogue over syria will continue. this is the first meeting over the u.s. and russia since the diplom diplomatic broke down. co players were at that table. secretary kerry described the talks candid and difficult.
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it was a tense atmosphere. the one thing they all agreed on that to end the conflict on ending syria kerry met separately with russian foreign minister are labrovov. relations have cooled since negotiations broke down. in a recent interview, president assad said he intended to press on in the military offensive in aleppo, and wants to press on to other opposition areas. russia has been backing syria and hundreds are trying on the offensive on the city. the u.s. accused russia of war crimes for targeting civilians. the u.s. wants russian to stop the bombing. the syrian government is pushing
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to gain control it is unlikely russia will withdraw the air support. secretary kerry said there are chances of negotiating a sees fire deal. they are set to continue on monday, julie. >> the clinton campaign responds, as wiki leaks releases a new batch of e-mail and what her campaign says about it now. and a new threat in the battle against isis. they use it as a weapon to kill, how is the pentagon remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. searchingcan you help?used car? start with the millions for sale at the new! show me cars with no accidents.
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the clinton campaign firing back at wiki leaks as the group released more e-mails from john podesta. and the team. the clinton campaign is dismissing it as a attempt to tip the scales in donald trump's favor. what are we learning from the podestan e-mails. >> the crown jewel is the transcripts of three paid speeches that clinton made to goldman sachs. if accurate, one part that stands out is what clinton said about dodd- frank that was
2:31 am
passed by the obama administration in the 2008. clinton said there was a complaining about dod dht d, frank. if you are an elected members of congress and people are losing job and shutting business and it is all the fault of w you can't sit idly by and do nothing. and what you do is important. clinton is telling the goldman sach's excutive that she supports it. that would have been a huge gift to bernie sanders. >> how is the clinton campaign responding? >> they have not confirmed the e-mails. but with podestan is firing back on twitter and posted a picture. i bet the lobstery ri soto is
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better than the embassy. that is a not so subtle dig at julian a sange. this is after u.s. intelligence officials confirmed that russia was behind the hack of the democrat national committee. vice-president said they retaliate by sending a message to vladimar putin. >> we'll send a message and he will know it and it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact. >> reporter: will the public know it? >> i hope not. >> whistle blower edward snowden, i get the feeling that no one told biden what covert
2:33 am
operations means. >> i was thinking that same thing. thank you very much. kristin fisher. >> new concerns about the risks of of our military men and women and what they face in battle from mosul. drones. u.s. forces used the small aircraft to their advantage for years and the ones that terrorist are now using are a lot different. shannon bream has more from washington. >> this is the way battlefields are shaped. >> terrorist are increasingly turning to something that average americans can buy with click of a mounds. terrorist shot down a small drone and it exploded and killed two of them. the technology is easy for terrorist to obtain. >> some of them are quad copter and that sort of thing. we have seen them use items that
2:34 am
you can just buy. it is not high-tech. they can buy those as anybody else would. and they are available on amazon. >> reporter: they present a real risk and giving the enemy the capability to monitor and assess forces and that is critical in the offensive to retake mosul. they can recognize the airborne equipment. >> they get their hands on larger drones, they can pack more and more explosives on them and commit larger scale attack and they are not just attacking a outpost or a small group of soldiers but buildings and headquarters and more straj edgic. >> reporter: fed officials said they are are well aware of the drone tactics and how to counter
2:35 am
them. >> we have seen them over coalition base and iraqi bases. it is a threat that we have sewn developing for sometime. we have ingauged them and both we and our partners shot them down. >> it is growing expertise. >> attacking a high explosive to it a small drone and detonating it is within their capability. >> reporter: experts believe it may be a combination offousing technology to jam their functions and physically shooting them down which is critical as isis levers their ability to weapon otherwise them. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. fox news weather alert and nasty weather slamming the pacific northwest. oregon bracing for a big storm
2:36 am
brewing off of the course and not one but two tornados knocked out power for thousands of people. and in the mean time in north carolina flood waters are high one week after hurricane matthew. the voter registration is extended. the governor urging people there to just be patient. >> hurricane matthews continues the destructive path through north carolina. and yet we are seeing acts of herrorism and incredible strength by our citizen and we are seeing recovery. and we had difficult days ahead for north carolina and our citizens that are impacted by the incredible hurricane that is with us for ten days.
2:37 am
>> and many poor communities are hit hard by this terrible weather and brian is here with the latest. it is not only the flooding but a nationwide map. >> the rains may have stopped but in the day sense the storm overwhelming rafr and canal and some parts saw 18 inches of rain and 2300 people had to be rescued by helicopter or boat. water roaching ten foot high and particularly in cumberland and wayne county and the death toll rose to 26. and the flood waters resowing and revealing two more bodies found submerged in the vehicles. recovery starting in places like princeville. >> i talked to people in princeville. i had to tell them that their houses are underwater. and that's tough to tell an
2:38 am
individual. and i feel so sorry for them. and i can't say even more, it is the poorest of the poor. and many people who cannot afford this type of disaster to hit their family. >> more than 23000 in north carolina applied for federal disaster assistance. and they are extending the deadline. >> the pacific northwest is pumbleed by a storm. >> you you don't have to be a mertologist to know how it is hitting oregon and washington and northern california. damaging winds up to 85 miles per hour and this after two tornados struck oregon's coast west of the portland. f- two tornado and windows of 125 miles per hour coming ashore and striking on the northern coast and uprooting tree and damaging businesses and homes.
2:39 am
>> a friend of mine said oh, my god. lockout the window there was a funnel cloud off of the ocean and heading in. >> we heard theroar. and just like we see in all. footage around texas all of the time. there is a tornado and saw it come right cross here. >> yeah, it is it a rare occurrence in oregon. >> it left 15000 people without power. and one hit in ocean side. people in oregon are trying to clone up the debris before the storm came in. >> 1, 2 punch. awful. brian, you sounded like a mertologist. >> i do what i can. >> thank you. you did a good job. >> you may not have heard his name but sewn him in the movies. one of wood wood's busiest stunt men and appearing nothing
2:40 am
hundreds of tv shows. and his was sully on miracle in hudson. he's going where no stunt man went before. trace has the story. >> i was 9 or 10 years old. this is a man who wore a cape. and i wanted to be like him. all of america wanted to be like him. he was captivated and although the stunt failed eddy was hooked and fro years later found himself in the same spot and rocket. we had slight chances in the parachute technology. he was not successful because the parachute deployed early.
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it took seconds. >> i was smoking and moving. it was a controlled explosion. >> instantly hitting was the easy more. and steering the rocket and deploying the chutes is where it got tricky. when eddy found out he was going to survive. he smiled and thumbs up and realized when he got to the other side of the canyon his rocket was hot. it hurt like hell. >> while the ride itself was
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unpleasant the journey was fulfilling. >> i finished out the dream of my hero. and that is priceless. he lost money because of permit and construck cost but it was dazzling. >> a car wreck splitting the car in to and somehow, thank goodness, both drivers survived. and plus, are you registered to vote in this unprecedented election? law enforcement is looking closely at the registration process in dozens of counties amid concerns of voter fraud. , let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something."
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>> a fox news alert. donald trump spoking about teriter in new jersey and hosted by the republican hindu coalition. and if news break and comes out of it, we'll bring it to you on the fox report. >> horrific on long island and split a car in half. just look at this scene. it doesn't look real. police say it was due to a speeding drunk driver that smashed in to a mazda. he was driving a mercedes. and the force of the impact flipped the mercedes over and cut the red mazda into. no one in the car was killed but
2:47 am
both drivers in the mercedes were hospital otherwised. >> in indiana, they are looking into voter registration fraught. they are examining it more than half of the state's counties. it could involve another group signing people up. >> indiana state police raided the group inap investigation of voter registration fraud. they have phony name and false addresses and misleading allegations by the group. and the result, could be that some voers will be disenfranchised. >> i want every voter in the state of indiana that it will be cast and counted and not
2:48 am
cancelled out by fraud. ax corn had flooded offices. starting in the 2008. the group in indiana is runned by the washington d.c. paced patriot usa. they blame state officials saying that the raid is a partisan effort by surpressing the rights of tens of thousands of african-american to vote. and an effort to deny them of their right to vote. we do not ask the race on the application. to be safe. voters should register themselves. most groups that are doing the drives are doing the right thing. it is too close to at this time election to take a chance. >> patriot's majority usa said
2:49 am
it is nonpartisan and focuses on voter empowerment. mike pence is the governor and donald trump running mate. >> the neckson library is ready for a big reveal. we'll tag along with nixon's grandson for a sneak peek. and gorilla escapes as a major zoo. zoo. what zoo off
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it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. new details on a zoo escape. officials are calling it a minor
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incident. the silver back gorilla got out of his enclosure. and scary stuff in the london zoo and sparked a lock down. armed police officer stood there until the gorilla was tranquilizeed the public was never in dafrmg despite the screams. animal rights groups are demanding an official investigation. >> the president nixon presidential library opening the dorafter a $15 million renovation. they hope to teach americans about the role he played. william got a sneak peek tour from president nixon's grandson. >> therefore, i shall resign the
2:54 am
president see effective at noon tomorrow. >> with we look at the fact and look at the to ititality of the record. >> what is the goal of the renovation. >> and so what the most important thing people to get a new look at the richard nixon. they don't know he started title nine and we want people to get a deeper understanding. >> and the most important that confronted him. we can bring alive history and see history coming alive. everyone knows about the nixon tapes. this gives you a chance to pick up the phone and click on a top and i can listen to president nixon talking about the lunar landings and all of them
2:55 am
occurred under his presidency. this handshake is extremely important. this showed we were going to end decades of a lack of communication and handshake was symbolic of a new relationship of china. this showed my grand parent's loving from the chopper. >> i shall rise. that's the story of my life. >> in addition to making the library more contemporary and interactive. it treats watergate with more honesty and recognizing one moment or mistake. and does not define richard nixon's 50 years career in politics. >> one police officer channelling the force. and using a light saber to help people cross the street and want longer lasting heartburn relief?
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>> one police officer in indiana proving he is a force to it be reckoned with. >> it really has a great positive with everyone coming through and talking about them and the kids smile and it makes traffic flow. >> every officer needs to carry them. >> officer paul using a lifesaver and inner jedi to
2:58 am
direct traffic. he does more than keep it clear. he puts on light saber shows for pedestrians crossing the treats and people passing boichlt i love the sound effects. and i would love traffic cops sitting in bumper-to-bumper new york city would lighten the heart. ands that's how fox reports this saturday. october 15th. i don't need to remind you there is a debate between hillary and trump. it is the final before the throw weeks from now election. you got to watch. it chris wallace is
2:59 am
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good morning, everyone. it is sunday, october 16th. i'm sandra smith. this morning, the race for president tightens up. new polling shows donald trump closing in on hillary clinton as the gop issues a new challenge. >> we should take a drug test because i don't know what's going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debate she was all pumped up at the beginning and at the end it was like, take me down. we are live on the campaign trail with the stunning new poll


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