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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  October 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ft of tomorrow possible. okay, you rest your voice. you have a great weekend. >> america's election headquarters starts right now. >> donald trump taking on the president and the first lady. the nominee stuffing in crucial swing states, each stepping up attacks with just 18 days until the election. the clinton com pain now asserting that trump could be involved in the wikileaks e-mail dump and trump taking aim at first lady michelle obama. >> we have a bunch of babies running our countries, folks. we have a bunch of losers. they're losers, they're babies. we have a president that all he wants to do is campaign, his wife, all she wants to do is
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campaign. she is friends with hillary, but she said if you can't take care of your home you can't take care of the white house or the country. she is the one that started that, we can't say that, it is too vicious, can you believe i said that? >> that just happening a few moments ago, fox team coverage with the latest release from wikileaks. and live on the campaign trail with hillary clinton in clinton, ohio. we start with john roberts, live in newtown, pennsylvania. john, where do we begin? so much going on and 18 days left to go. >> my goodness, it is too vicious, we won't say that, oh, goodness, we just said that. that was not in his prepared remarks there.
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that was an off script ad lib, and clear that everyone is fair game here in these remaining 18 days as he blitzes all of the battleground states and plans to take little if no time off between now and election day. sometimes doing three and potentially four events a day trying to get the word out, turn around the polls. the latest polls show he is in a hole, down six points to hillary clinton. imploring his audience to make sure they do as much as possible to get every vote out between now and election day. if it is absent to your early voting. listen to what trump said? >> we cannot take a chance of blowing it. we cannot take a chance. we have something, we're so close, it's a movement like they have never seen in this country before, never ever seen. don't blow it on november 8th. >> trump said win, lose, or draw, he doesn't want to find himself in a position late on the night or early november 9th
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saying i wish i did one more rally, one more event, or one more piece of direct mail. he doesn't have that many work to do to get even or ahead of hillary clinton here in north carolina. here in pennsylvania the task is bigger, he is down more than six points which is why he will have three events here today. >> and that big dinner last night, the al smith dinner, trump getting some mixed reviews for his performance on stage there, john? >> the whole night getting mixed renews. father jonathan morris said the night was cringe-worthy. it was a good charity, they raised $6 million, but donald trump seemed to lighten the crowd a little. got good responses to some humor, and at the same time drew the ire of the crowd. his humor, if it was humor at all, crossed the line.
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he got a laugh and where he got booed. >> just before taking -- hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said pardon me. and i very politely replied "let me talk to you about that after i get into office." here she tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. the two of them were on either tide of timothy dolan. he said his seat was the iciest play on the planet. >> hillary clinton also making an appearance at an early voting event in ohio and former president bill clinton in florida. our thanks to john roberts.
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our team coverage continues now in cleveland, rich? >> in just a couple hours, hillary clinton will meet with black live matter activists. there are skeptics concerned in democratic circles that she will not be able to turn out as much of the democratic base as president barack obama did. here in ohio, this is cleveland, a democratic stronghold, and clinton needs good turnout in this part of the state if she wants to rerace any gains that trump has done done elsewhere. a new poll puts the race at about 45% for donald trump and the same for hillary clinton. a month today he lead this very
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poll by three per scentage poin. hillary clinton's has had a relative lie light schedule. now the debates are over and now he have have a more aggressive schedule. still more surrogates out there on her behalf. yesterday it was michelle obama in arizona of all places, typically very republican and polling very closely in this election. meanwhile president bill clinton is in florida today and tomorrow, and vice president joe biden today, and tomorrow katy perry in nevada and miley cyrus in virginia. this is their continued questions about wikileaks. they're not answering the pekts of the content of the e-mails coming out, they're deferring all of the questions saying it is russia involved and russia
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taking a historic step in interfering in the u.s. election. back to you. >> thank you. speaking of wikileaks, the group hitting the clinton campaign with a 14th dump of damaging releases from chairman john podesta's e-mail account. joining me now is ed henry who has been reading these things 24/7, you do it for fun now, ed? >> yeah, we broke a story last night about $12 million that hillary clinton raised from the king of morocco going into the clinton foundation. look at the gossip as well. a liberal activist keeps popping up, last year, she basically said about a letter to the editor blasting the times, bleep these expletives. love it. there are tough moments, and now
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bernie sanders, they're all smiles, all getting along, but not so much back in early 2016 when he was doing well, john podesta saying thanks, his actual proposal sucks but we live in a lefty alternative universe. and they went after jeb bush. that is not surprising. but john podesta said love the contrast, what a jerk. and finally babysitting collides with the campaigns, hillary clinton is a bit overwhelmed with pickle charlotte up to babysit for her the week. people understand that being a grandma can be a little hard. >> this is not the end of this, you expect more e-mails to go go through all night and day?
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>> talk about tantalizing here. wikileaks said look out, we have a surprise for tim kaine and donna brazil. a previous e-mail suggested that she helped feed a question to hillary clinton ahead of the town hall meeting that helped her look good. look at the numbers, 1577 more e-mails released today. a grand total of 25,000 podesta e-mails out. they promised 25,000 more e-mails between now and election day, that brings the total to 15,000. only 18 days to go. that means the next 18 -- i have a lot of reading to do. >> you're going to be a busy man. ed henry, good to have you. isis is striking back with militants launching attacks near kirkuk killing at least 18 people there as iraqi troops make gains to retake the terror
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group's stronghold. benjamin is there. >> yeah, they launched this audacious counter attack. about 100 miles southeast of mosul. they started early this morning using explosives. the attacks focused on government buildings. they killed at least six police officers and a power station where 13 employees died. give up battles conned for hours. they walked openly through the treats. at least a does peep had been
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killed. some of the oldest settlements in the world would be liberated. >> a sense of victory today on the road to the front lines. fighters returned from battle, but a couple miles ahead, the story was very different. and it became clear that victory was not yet won. >> the villages around us are all christian and they have been liberated in the last couple days by kurdish fighters and christian units. liberating a town and clearing an area are two very different things. and reinforcements streamed forward to help, it became very clear that isis was still holding out. >> we have been trying to move forward for some time now but they can't clear the area in front of us. it is a clear reminder of what extent isis covers the area. >> isis was approaching to protect their own villages and churches. they have no training of their own, no funding for the
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military. they just moved back into those towns and they discovered a lot of the churches have been destroyed by isis. >> benjamin, thank you. the clinton campaign floating the idea that the trump campaign may have had advance notice of the wikileaks e-mail dump and may be coordinating with the russians. we'll ask donald trump's national security advisor to respond. and -- we're learning more about the horrors to take back mosul. isis likely using civilians as human shields. >> three or four months, let's see, we'll be attacking mosul because we want to get the leaders of isis. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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the clinton campaign launching a new attack against donald trump. brian fallon pointing to the damaging release of e-mails from the account of john podesta showing donald trump may be looking with the russians. fallon is suggesting his unwillingness to speak out against this unprecedented interference in our elections, raising troubling questions about whether or not he had advanced knowledge of any activities. ambassador james wolfie former director of the cia, what do you make of the allegations from the clinton campaign?
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>> conspiracy theory. it is easy to throw around accusations. all sorts of people have been hacking others and the authors of some of the e-mails should remember the difference between an e-mail and a diamond, an e-mail is forever. once you write one of those, even if you're very sorry about what you said six months or a year or two ago, it is still there. and i think that there is drafters remorse going on, but not a conspiracy with russia. >> and exchange did happen during the last debate where hillary clinton said trump would be acting as a puppet for putin, listen opinion. >> everything i see has no
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respect. for this person. >> that's because he would rather have a puppet as president than -- >> no puppet. >> it's pretty clear -- >> you're the puppet. no you're the puppet. >> the russians have engaged, you encourage espionage against our people. >> what did you make of that exchange? >> i think that is when i went out to get a cup of coffee. that, i mean, i far prefer the parts of the debate between the parties that dealt with the serious issues in a serious way. >> do you, at this point in the campaign, we have 18 days left to go, do you see them discussing the necessary issues? are we having the right conversation? >> sometimes. there are stretches that i think are the american system on
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display and was both articulate and it went well, but the level of anger and so forth is one that i would like to see disappear from our tradition. >> donald trump was just holding a campaign rally, and he did touch on mosul. and he talked about the sneak attack on the city. i want you to listen in and get your reaction. >> how are you going to get these people, you do a sneak attack, or a surprise attack, right? we're two predictable. here is obama, we believe they're in mosul, so in three or four months, let's see, he goes, three or four months we'll be attacking mosul because we want to get the leaders of isis. okay. well in the meantime, the following day, they're out of there. ambassador? >> i think donald trump's
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critique of president obama is telegraphing his punches is well taken. in war you want to be surprising. and deceptive when you can be to throw an enemy off. you don't broadcast to them and tell them what you're going to do. and it's not the first time, it's the seventh or eight time that donald trump criticized the obama administration for telegraphing their punches. >> ambassador, lastly, as you are a member of trump's national security committee, do you believe -- >> i'm not working on the national security issues, we're doing -- one of the statutory requirements that are working on the transition. ambassador, good of you to be
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here. >> more problem for samsung's galaxy note 7. now it is banned from a new area affecting countless travelers.
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amtrak issuing an emergency ban on samsung galaxy note 7 from trains and train stations.
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the phones are already bans from u.s. flights. why are they banning them on amtrak? >> they wanted it to play out a little bit. they had two major recalls, and amtrak took the same steps that others have including other airlines and are banning it all together. including trains, platform stations, connecting buses. even if it is office, it is not allowed on. i will explain in a minute, get rid of it, amtrak is worried about safety and security of their passengers. you could disrupt service, have firing, all sorts of problems that could be associated with this and they want to get rid of that possibility and they decided today that they are not allowing it anywhere why any of the locations.
11:26 am
>> you have to assume this scare is having a big impact on samsung, what is the company saying about all of this? >> i have a seven, an s7, it looks similar to the note, but there is no stylus on the bottom, but at first glance it could appear it is the same phone. so samsung having a real problem. so far around two million have been recalled. there are still people that have not returned the phone. they believe it's because they have not been paying attention, so now there are kiosks in airport so if you have a galaxy note seven you can take it back. it is costing samsung money as well. the airline said make sure it is turned off, amtrak banning it all together is different from the flight that i was on.
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>> so the samsung galaxy note 7. >> yes. and alleged data thief in court today. what they're saying about new charging against the former nsa contractor. plus, it is pay back time, why president obama is taking aim at senator marco rubio.
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donald trump on the campaign trail earlier firing back at the president and the first lady. it is fair to say that trump and the first lady will get in a tit for tat, we know campaign heavyrighheav heavyweights were saying all of the right stuff. we expected the first lady to talk about her candidacy and why it was important for her to be elected president of the united states, but not to target her chief rival, donald trump. >> when a presidential candidate
11:32 am
threatens to ignore our voices and reject the outcome of this election, he is threatening the very idea of america itself. >> the white house is feeling very good about the job that the first lady is doing out there. she will be on the stump until election day if need be. >> the yous also seems to be focusing on down ballot races. >> i think there is a sense, and we talked to the white house press secretary about this. there is a sense they have it won. while he said all of the right things about avoiding complacency, they feel very strongly about their numbers, he also talked about the fact that the president said it would probably be something that we
11:33 am
would see more of moving forward and here is why. >> his desire to be loyal to his party. his desire to raise money from republican donors, and not the best interest in the u.s. economy, for securing the border, or fighting for the kinds of values he sometimes speaking for casually about. >> the president will be out there on the pump, we'll bring you all of the details. >> kevin, thank you, live from the white house. >> let's bring in the staff writer for the federalist. the former director of the youth engagement fund at the democracy alliance and the former youth outreach director.
11:34 am
let's start with this, president obama slamming marco rubio, what is this all about? g. >> he is hitting marco rubio for once running against trump and now endorsing him. i find this to be terribly ironic because president obama basically calling mim a liar an we know that he is not doing this because he likes her. in her e-mails, she indicates she was routinely excluded from cabinet meetings. they didn't like having her around, so he is doing this now, delivering stump paechs and peping her hot to help out his own party and keep democrats in control of the white house. let's listen to the president, in his own words, calling marco rubio one of those people. >> i'm even more confused by
11:35 am
republican politicians that still support trump. marco rubio is one of those people. how does that work? how can you call him a con artist and dangerous and object to all of the controversial things he said, and then say "but i'm still going to vote for him. come on, man. >> alexander? >> i think the president remade the case better than i could in that marco rubio who said not only that donald trump is dangerous, but he has still supported donald trump, attacked a cold star family, said reprehensible things about women, and is still out there, just a man out for himself, looking out for his own job, who said when he ran for president he did not enjoy being a
11:36 am
senator, and is asking the voters of florida to end him back to a job he really doesn't even like. so that's what we're going to hear from the clinton campaign in the coming weeks ag well. >> wahl ryan has something to say about this as well. saying i was the first to engorse marco rubio and i'm proud to stand with him again. bre, is this a fight for the senate that we're witnessing here? >> definitely and i think it is true that trump made it trick year for republicans down ballot are keeping their heads down and not comments one way or the other. i think the gop is very much concerned about whether or not they can keep control of the house and the senate. >> okay, and the big al smith dinner was last night, i want to
11:37 am
get your take on a couple exchanges there, then there was some interesting jokes that took place, watch this. >> hillary is so corrupt. she got kicked off of the water gate commission. how contribute do you to be to be kicked off of the water great commission? pretty corrupt. >> people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants, a beacon for hope. donald trump looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four. maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changing her hair. harsh, there was certainly some booing in the world.
11:38 am
>> there was, i was shocked that trump was booed by the beneficiary mmt b but i did think that he rossed the line. >> i watched him eating dinner and speaking with the cardinal and it appeared to be a cardinal exchange for the most point. >> the cardinal said they had an awkward skem and, and hillary clinton's people are saying nasty things about catholics. as a christian i find it alarming that she surrounds herself with people so hostile
11:39 am
to welcome. >> hillary is a more devout christian than donald trump could very pretend to be. >> it is always about humor from the candidates and it did take a turn at both points from the candidates. thank you for joins us. a contractor facing a judge today in what they call a breath taking hack. lee laj? >> least in the government's eyes, the former navy man and nsa contractor has a mother load of our nation's most secret information. if he chooses to defect. so the hearing today will be about if he will be in jail
11:40 am
while awaiting trial. after betraying the most important trust that the united states can grant, he is a high risk to the nation and the physical safety of others after 20 years of violating trust and laws, the defendant asks the court to place similar trust and abide by any conditions of release set by the court. they don't want that to happen. they say martin stole secrets over more than a decade, the lumt that's he kept in his storage shed, here is a pick chr of him. probably more value is the data. he is now compared o to edward snoeden. martin may have stolen a lot more. we'll put it in perspective for you now as the washington post
11:41 am
did. prosecutors say he took at least 50 terabytes of data and six full bankers boxes. so one terabyte is the equivalent of 500 hours worth of movies. so far they have not said if martin gave the information to a foreign government. they done think he has yet, but that's why they say it is so important to keep him in jail. not just because of what he took, but what he knows, sandra. >> thank you, lots of people trying to beat the rush this election season by voting early. we know many of you have. some folks are also trying to beat the crowds by voting absentee. we'll talk to a republican party leader from one state that is on track to break absentee voting records. i've been a soldier for 3 years.
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on this friday we will talk to chris wallace. what he has to say about trump comments and whether or not he will accept the election results if he loses. coming up at the top of the hour, see you then. early voting is under way in many states prompting long lines like this scene in north carolina that started early voting yesterday. it's neighbor to the south does it differently with absentee ballots. 15% to 20% more people involved than at this time in 2012 according to election officials. the chairman of south carolina's republican party where you are observing what is happening
11:46 am
there, what does it tell you? >> i think voters are very excited across the country and here in south carolina. 15% to 20% ahead of the pace. about 400,000 people voted absentee. it is an encouraging sign for republicans and across the country in states like florida, millions of votes cast already. leading other stating including gad. cutting in the margins in ohio and ohio, very, very encouraging. >> and you saw we were just running a banner there, a million absentee ballots cast in florida. let's talk about that state and what we're seeing there. republicans, the state reported, 989,000 had cast ballots. the republicans accounting for 3 42% and democrats 40%.
11:47 am
>> that is very good news for marco rubio, donald trump, and mike pence. this will be contested south of orlando in neighborhoods and door to door. i'm very excited. of course over the next 18 days we will see what happens and i have confidence there in florida for the republicans. >> and it didn't just happen by mistake. it wasn't -- this is a concerted effort to get people out to vote early. yeah, our party particularly invested majorly in the past few years. giving candidates success. the republican party saw about a quarter million absentee applications. we believe of the 48,000 votes or so cast here for president that we lead by a significant margin. we're very confident going to election day. >> just 18 days left to go until election day, you wonder --
11:48 am
there is a conversation going on because of the trends we're seeing, record numbers of people voting early, is that good for the process. a lot of minds can be changed in a couple weeks. >> i think from a party perspective, we can compete in the field and on message, and with the policies our party put forth, especially in these contested senate races where every single vote matters in florida, ohio, and across the country. i have no problem with early voting with b think republicans should get more on board with it, we can compete out there and win more elections. >> okay, matt moore, thank you, sir. if you have voted or are about to vote, we want you to be part of our big election night coverage here on fox news channel. here is a before shot of mike's
11:49 am
absentee ballot. post your picture on twitter on instagram and you could see it air right here on election night. have some fun with it. police near boston looking for a group of teenagers who pulled off a crazy flash mob robbery at a mall. look at this surveillance video. they stormed into an apple store, cutting the cords of the ie phones on display all at the same type. they were in the store for about a minute and they walked out the door with 19 points worth about $13,000. the bermuda triangle that has claims many planes and boats, have scientists figured it out? and a police officer who did the right thing in the nick of time.
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scientists making a discovery about the bermuda triangle. >> eve christian columbus wrote about bolts of fires and scientist happen been saying there's something strong in the bermuda triangle the 500,000 square mile area from miami to puerto rico to bermuda. experts dismissed the discussion of paranormal activity but had to be a reason ships and planes were disappearing in 1945 five u.s. navy bombers talk only from fort lauderdale, and 14 minutes later the pilots radioed that
11:54 am
their compasses malfunctioned and that was the last anyone heard from the airmen and none of the five bombers were found and a rescue plane misching. now science channel has spoken to experts who think the mystery lies in a weather phenomenon. listen. >> the shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs. they form what are called microbursts, blasts of air that hit the ocean and then create waves that can sometimes be massive in size as the start to interact with each other. >> reporter: the waves can be up to 45 feet high, easily enough to flip just about any ship. as for the super powered microbursts imagine being caught in a category 5 hurricane that forms in really just a few seconds. that's what these meteorologists are saying, these clouds are capable of producing.
11:55 am
others say there's no mystery with the -- triangle. just is one of the busiest corridors in the world. >> you have pilot chops do you buy this? >> reporter: microbursts are legitimate. that's why airplanes don't fly into thunderstorms. 175 miles-per-hour microbursts? i'd like to see one to believe it. but, yeah, brief it exists. >> makes for a good story. thank you. so here's the question of the day. what is bill murray doing at the white house? that's the briefing room. today. why he was there. we have the answer, next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. a police officer in texas used cpr to save a
11:59 am
three-year-old blow's life and his dash cam caught the entire thing on video. officer chase miller was responding to a call about a boy who was unresponsive after he had a cease sure. you can -- seizure. you seek the officer jumping into action giving the boy chest compressions. he is now recovering just fine. thank you to that officer. then there's this. bill murray making a surprise appearance at the white house briefing room. after today's briefing. murray, decked out in chicago cubs gear. i have no problem with that. showed up to chat with fellow chicagoan, president barack obama, about the cubs being one win away from winning the first world series berth since 1945. measure where -- murray is the town to receive the mark twain prize for humor. go cubs. >> people -- the smithsonian
12:00 pm
museum launching a campaign to save the ruby slippers from the wizard of oz. here's harris faulkner to for shep. >> donald trump and hillary clinton on the ground in crucial battle ground states. a new poll shows the nominees in a dead heat in a red state and the web site wikileaks says a surprise is coming for clinton's running mate, tim kaine. let's get it going here. >> donald trump says losing the election would mean his campaign was a waste of time, but he says he has been working so hard, he'll have no regrets, win, lose or draw, come


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