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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i have no feel how it is going to play out. it's been such an unpredictable year. we will be back monday with only 15 days to go. that's all of the time we have left this evening. hope you have a great weekend. hello and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." scant new polling out tonight on the presidential race but what there is suggests a race largely unchanged since this week's debate. also tonight, the moderator of that debate our colleague chris wallace is here to tell us what the experience was like. and we'll show you a newly discovered video out that shows hillary clinton warning state department personnel about, that's right, cyber security. at this hour. donald trump is about to speak in pennsylvania, our team will monitor his rally for any news and bring that to you. at the moment, the national polling average shows hillary clinton with just over 6 point lead in a two-way race and just under that, under a 6 point lead in a fourway. the betting odds continue to show her a heavy favorite by
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more than 5 to 1. one of the only fresh polls available since the debate from morning consult and mitt co-shows the race unchanged from five days ago as you can see. with clinton leading trump 42 to 36. scott jennings who did political analysis for the george w. bush white house joins me from louisville, kentucky. have you had a chance to look that the morning consult poll which is have we have to look at tonight what strikes but it? >> if you look at the survey hillary clinton's lead on the ballot is 6 points which is in line with what she has in the real clear politics national polling average. if you look inside republicans and conservatives danger signs for donald trump. only getting 82% of republicans. self-identified conservatives only give donald trump 67%. so, base consolidation remains an issue. it makes me wonder is donald trump suffering among conservatives because of his distances on russia, national security, and free trade, which are traditional issues that conservatives pay attention to? >> scott, i think we may have a graphic to illustrate
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that question on etiology. there has been a question whether he had enough conservative support. of course, that translates to colonel extent into republican support. there you see the poll number that you just were referring to. hillary clinton has got 80% of liberals. and even 17% of conservatives, which is a little bit of a surprise. trump, in this poll, has only 67% of conservatives and that, i think, is -- i think that -- you agree that that is a warning sign, isn't it? >> it really is. because, if you can't get over 90% of your own party, if you are donald trump, that's going to make it really hard to come back and win the election. and in some ways hillary clinton has run a bit more hawkish race than donald trump. so you wonder is she picking up some national security conservatives because of the kinds of things she has had to say about russia and other hot spots. so, for donald trump over the last two weeks, he has got to get those republicans up to 90%. he has got to recover some conservatives.
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in this poll, hillary clinton was winning among independents as well. that's not true in every survey. what we need to look at in the weekend surveys, brit, is did the debate on wednesday night give donald trump any list among independent voters, especially in the swing states, because of his republican number stays low, is he going to have to make up the difference among independent voters, and we will see if he got it done on the debate when we see the national survey this weekend. >> yeah. you know, i think a lot of observers, myself included, thought that by and large, he had had a pretty good night, and his best night in debates so far. but, i think there was a question raised about whether that would be the story of the -- from the night as people who didn't watch it read about it the next day or saw excerpts from it. and, of course, there was so much talk about this question of whether he would accept a result, that i wonder if that didn't obscure what his otherwise had been a pretty strong performance. what are your thoughts? >> yeah. i think that's right. he had left that part out or he had given a different answer that sounded more
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reasonable to people, he might have been judged the winner of the debate. if you look at this politico morning consult survey, you see there is virtually no constituency for his answer. even half of his own supporters think the winner of the -- the loser of the election, rather, should accept the results. tea partiers think the loser should accept the result. conservatives think the loser should accept the results. if donald trump had not gone down that road, you wonder if the debate outcome would have been different and certainly the media coverage of the post debate aftermath would have been different as well. >> yeah. look at this. all registered voters it's almost 70% to accept the results. now, to be fair to trump, obviously you can see clinton supporters overwhelming trump supporters under half. many thought should than not. he kind of cleared that up a little bit the next day when he said all he was doing was reserving the right to challenge if it's a questionable result. i wonder if that clarification might effect the polling on this in the days ahead. >> yeah.
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that's a good question. and we'll likely see some more national polling this weekend. i'm guessing more people have seen news coverage of what he said at the debate rather than news coverage of the clean up the next day. so, we'll see if the cleanup coverage helps counter act some of what happened on the debate stage and that could be picked up in the polling this weekend. so we'll have to watch out and see if any surveys show any movement for trump. but, right now, the evidence we have indicates hillary clinton is maintaining about a 6 point lead, which is really consistent with the national polling average and would be consistent with the notion that as we go later in october, more and more people have already made up their mind and are, therefore, less prone to moving around here at the end of the race. >> scott, as always, thank you. contentious atmosphere of campaign 2016. there are few tougher jobs than debate moderator. those who moderated debates ahead of this week were subject to withers criticism. somehow my colleague chris wallace managed to be a tough but fair moderator whose handling of the whole
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thing won acclaim from nearly everyone. he joins me now. hello, chris. congratulations. >> i survived. i made it. >> you did more than make it, my friend. we are all proud. tell me about the experience. beforehand, when you were waiting there and about to go up and on the stage before the -- were you nervous? >> well, yes. but let me take you back a little bitter further because it's interesting and it's a story i haven't told so i had prepared all my questions. i have a great researcher lori crim. and just like a special "fox news sunday" we had prepared our questions but the day before on tuesday, we did a run through where i sat at the desk with the two podiums there. they had somebody playing clinton. somebody playing trump. and, you know, just to do a mock through. we did 15 minutes on favorite pizza. and the clinton person, i must say did a fantastic job of explaining why her pizza was the best and trump person actually not quite as
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good as why she was wrong and his pizza was better. why it was instructive because i had formulated my questions and my idea of what was going to happen, with you on the debate stage, which is so much closer, so much more intimate than it appears on tv. when you have these two people and they have them interrupting each other about pizza and coming at me, i realized that one of the keys to this debate more than i had anticipated was going to be making decisions on the fly. when do you interrupt? when do you not interrupt? when do you throw it to the other person? and that there were a lot of instinctsial decisions i was going to have to make. >> that you couldn't prepare for really. >> no. but at least i knew that that was there. i had 24 hours to think about it. you know, i feel, i think you feel like we have done everything there is to do in this business. i tell you when you are in the wings and they are about to announce you at start a presidential general election debate between two people that's not going to be a team. just you.
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you bet i was nervous. and as the debate started, i heard this voice asking these questions and thinking, who is that? i suddenly realized it was me. it was an out of body experience. but i would say about 10 minutes in i kind of relaxed into it. and i felt it. not that i was going to always be able to get my way in terms of interrupting them or getting them to answer my questions. but i felt comfortable in the situation. and for the final 80 minutes it was challenging, exciting, important, but kind of fun. >> so you feel like you were kind of relaxed but concentrating? >> yes. >> all right. now, did anything surprise you about the conduct of either of the candidates? >> as keith jackson, the fabled football announcer used to say before a big rivalry game, these two guys just plain don't like each other. their distaste for each other, they didn't shake hands at the beginning. they didn't shake hands at the end. when she came over to talk to me at the very end, he
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waited -- >> -- what did she say? >> two things. she said thank you. and then as opposed to the other debates, there were barriers up so that the family couldn't walk up on the stage as they had in the other debates. and she turned to me and she said do you think i can walk down there? i said secretary clinton, i think you can do whatever you want to do. so she walked down. trump waited until she left, and then he came over. we had a little bit longer conversation. >> what did he say? >> he said good job and he thought it was the best of the debates. he seemed quite happy with it? now, i haven't heard much criticism of you from any quarter except -- the citizens now. not people in our line of work or politicians or whatever. just ordinary citizens beefing about the question you asked trump that led to the answer that made all the head lines the effect he wasn't going to commit now to accepting the result of the election. when you thought about that, oh, the criticism was that you didn't ask the same question of her. tell me about that whole thing. >> >> well, look, let's just go
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quickly into the background. trump, for at least two weeks had been talking about this election is rigged, it's going to be stolen from us. and if it becomes such an issue that last sunday, when mike pence was on the shows, he was asked specifically about this and he said of course, trump and i will, quote, absolutely respect the results of the election. his daughter at the debate on wednesday said they will respect the results of the election. trump had never said that. to me, that was kind of a win-win question in the sense that whatever he said it was going to be news. i will say that when i asked him the first time and he said i'll have to wait and think about it and see what happens on election night, there was a gasp in the hall. and i thought it was important to put this in historical perspective and to say, you know, this is part of the foundation of our democracy. no matter how hard fought a race is that at the end the winner concedes -- the loser
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cob seeds to the winner and they come together for the good of the country. that's part of what union nights us. and even then when i put it in that context he said i'm going to keep new success pence. why didn't i ask hillary clinton? because she, in no way, shape, or form had ever suggested that she wouldn't accept it. and, in fact, her answer was an answer when she said she thought his refusal to accept it was horrifying. >> horrifying. you took that as, as certainly i did, as meaning that she would be in no position now to come around later and say she wasn't going to accept it? >> no. absolutely not. so when did you sense or did you that this performance on your part had gone so well and the praise would be pouring in from the left and the right from democrats or republicans or did you sense that until it happened? >> i would say over kansas in the airplane yesterday flying home, i mean, i -- which i don't -- i'm too cheap to get airplane
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google. wi-fi. i said wow this really went pretty well. >> didn't people come up to you after the debate? >> yes. honestly you are almost in a state of one, exhaustion and two kind of shock. i knew had it gone well but i certainly didn't know i was going to get the praise that i got. and, you know, i was gratified. yes, i felt good for myself, of course. but i really also felt good for us, for fox news. because this was a big deal that fox had finally, after 20 years in existence gotten moderator for general election debate. i felt very keenly as i was preparing for it, i wasn't just representing me. i was representing us. when it turned out well, i felt. >> that feeling ahead of time couldn't help with the nerves, did it. >> no, absolutely not. absolutely a added to the sense of pressure. but, you know, as i think i may have said to you at one point, the only thing worse than doing this would be not doing it and particularly as
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i relaxed into it i was having a great time. and. up enjoying it? >> yeah. but in a way that you are totally focused and totally in the moment. you know, i will give you an example of the kind of the decision that you have to make. i asked clinton a question about pay-to-play in the clinton foundation she quickly says no, that's not true. i'm happy to talk about the foundation. oh boy now i knew where we were headed here. all the good. i'm not belittling it now all the good work we do. now i got interrupter. you are on the stage i didn't know but 71 million people. and you have to say well, i know all that good work that you do but i asked you about pay-to-play, that's a tough moment. >> i bet. i bet. so now you are back "fox news sunday" is coming up this weekend. you'll be back in the chair. >> right. >> what are you doing this weekend on fox news channel? >> that's the thing. you set there and is i celebrating it or whatever. in this business you can celebrate for as long as you
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have to do your next job. by the time my plane landed from las vegas yesterday afternoon, i was begging my booker about who you were going to have as guest. woe are going to have kellyanne conway. i'm log forward to talking with her. trump has a steep road these last 16 days. what does he try to do? debate questions are a terrible thing to waste. there are some i didn't get to ask. have a debate between newt gingrich and democratic congressman javier baker isserra. it may be more interesting and maybe more informative than the real debate. >> what you have done for me kind of business. >> you bet. >> you have done a lot for fox news and certain certainly for the country. congratulations, chris, and thank you for taking the time. with 18 days to go until election day, donald trump is holding a rally right now in the key battleground state of pennsylvania. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live at that trump rally in newtown, pennsylvania.
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hello, john. >> brit, good evening to you. donald trump here in the battleground state of pennsylvania. the second rally that he has had here today. a state where he has a lot of work to do because hillary clinton in the real clear politics average of polls leads him by more than six points now. pennsylvania may be a state that slips away from him. he can make it up in other states if he wins north carolina. but certainly it's a state that he would like to put in the win column, which is why he is spending so much time here. and tomorrow here in the keystone state, he begins his closing argument. he have a big symbolic speech in gettysburg. you will remember 153 years ago, 272 very famous words were uttered by then president abraham lincoln. donald trump will begin his closing argument tomorrow with his version of a contract for america. remember newt gingrich did that back in 1996. trump will put into one place according to his campaign a concise program that he will begin to execute on day one of his president should he be enough to prevail. talk about tax reform.
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the military. repealing obamacare. his plan to reduce allow energy to reflourish. recraft trade deals like nafta. rewrite the iran agreement. his five-point plan to reform ethics in washington and his plans to create an american desk at the commerce department which really would be focused on keeping american jobs and creating an environment in which american companies can flourish. according to the trump campaign, he will also unveil several issues that he believes puts him on the side of voters and show how out of touch according to the campaign hillary clinton really is now, we talk about the polls. he is leading in only four of 16 of the battleground states. that's arizona, georgia, our five of them rather, arizona, georgia, iowa, missouri, and ohio. but hillary clinton leads in all the rest. he is still close in florida and north carolina. so might be able to turn those around. and in an investor's business daily poll, which is a national poll, he actually leads, brit, by a single point. there is some thought that when you look at that
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compared to other polls that are out there it may be a bit of an outlier. the trump campaign is taking that as a sign that they may be able to make headway. good things for donald trump the scandals are fading. the question is though, brit, has the damage already been done and can he, in the next seven days, undo much of that damage and win the night on november the 8th, brit? >> you know, john, you can't help but wonder if laying out these agenda items in such detail as he is now about to do as you reported would not have helped him if he had done it sooner? >> well, you know, he was laying them out kind of one piece at a time of course the late month of august and beginning of september he had all of his policy speeches. but, you know, as do you in a debate you have your closing comments. this is the beginning of his closing argument. he will put all of that in one place. the symbol lick location of gettysburg and, brit, we will see if any of those independent voters out there are still willing to listen to him. >> okay. john. thanks very much. hillary clinton spent her
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day in the swing state of ohio where she used an event in cleveland to urge supporters to vote early. that's where we find fox news correspondent jennifer griffin. hi, jennifer. >> hi, brit. well, senior clinton advisors tell me that they are increasingly concerned that donald trump won't in the end accept the election results. as a result they are making some preparations just in case. in fact, on the tarmac today when we landed here in ohio, i had a conversation with one of her senior advisors in which i was told that one of the reasons they are shifting their strategy in the last few weeks of the election, they're doing so to make sure they win -- that their win is decisive enough so that he cannot quibble with the results. clinton addressed this issue at her first rally since the debate. >> we know in our country the difference between leadership and dictatorship. right? [cheers and applause]
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and the people transition -- the peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart. >> the problem is the polls here in ohio show the two candidates in a statistical tie. the real clear politics average shows donald trump with a lead of less than 1%. clinton spokesman brian fallon told us they think the republican establishment will side with them in the end, especially here in ohio. >> >> on the other side you have seen donald trump attach not just the governor here his or her is a republican but the republican site party chairman. we think that is significant because it's the state party that's been trumping up trump's nonexistent field program here in ohio. think have inthernl civil war on the ground in ohio. >> clinton is, relying on some of the voices though have emerged during the campaign to make her closing argument. >> only one american soldier
11:20 pm
died, my son was captain mi khan. he was 27 years old. he was muslim american. i want to ask mr. trump would my son have a place in your america? >> that was gold star father khan who spoke at the democratic convention. the campaign plans in the coming days to have hillary clinton out on the trail every day. they plan to run up the score on the electoral map. that is their hope so that there -- there aren't any close calls and there aren't any debates over the election results in the end. brit? >> okay, jennifer, thank you very much. this year's annual al smith dinner in new york played out much differently in today's headlines than some thought it did last night at the event. bernie goldberg is coming up. first, new video shows hillary clinton lectured
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more on that video that we mentioned at the top of the hour. fox news has obtained internal state department video showing hillary clinton solemnly warning state department staff to be careful about, that's right, cyber security. catherine herridge has the story. catherine? >> thank you, brit. this may seem like a familiar story to our viewers because just last year we had this cable also from secretary clinton that was sent to state department employees warning them against the use of personal email for government business while at the same time she was using her own
11:24 pm
personal server. >> so that warning was really exactly about what she was doing? >> you know, it's like telling your kids not to eat junk food while you are eating potato chips. it was that kind of situation. of course, we have never done that right? >> of course not. >> anyway, this clip is really more con confirmatory evidence you follow the rules while i ignore them. a little short clip right here for you. >> so the key phrase really here is that she says we have a personal responsibility and it comes down to you while at the same time she was using the personal server and we later found out it had more than 2100 emails with classified information. >> right. of course the broader message of that video seemed to be that you must be very careful. >> yes. >> in the way you handle this information. >> a lecture, emphasis there. >> and that to be contrasted
11:25 pm
with what the fbi director said that she had been extremely careless. >> that's correct. >> careless in her handling of it. >> so i mean it's more than a bit ironic to see this video. it's a picture that kind of reaffirms what we have already seen in paper already, brit. >> it's the old do as i say not as i do. catherine, thank you very much. >> your welcome. >> donald trump quiet about the claims about the election is being rigged. what evidence is there? nightly political panel is here. byron york. correspondent at the washington examiner. and nina easton, "fortune magazine." nina? so he says it's being rigged. he says he has suggested it would be election day itself and election day and before. he has sometimes refined that to say what he is talking about being rigged by the media so what -- has he got a case here in your judgment? >> couple things. one, we had ivanka trump on stage at our fortune event
11:26 pm
in laguna this week the day of the debate. she as one of the surrogates made a case it's rigged by the media he would accept the results of the election. he has his surrogate saying one thing while is he drilling down more harshly on this voter fraud issue. is there voter fraud? yeah. there is instances of voter fraud. but, there isn't widespread rigged election type voter fraud that would swing an election. >> you are talking about presidential election. national presidential election. >> the kind of voter fraud that we hear about some numbers of voters either voting illegally or votes allegedly being changed or being busted in from out of state sound like the kind of numbers that could make a difference in a local election, particularly, possibly a congressional district election. >> right. >> maybe in a statewide election. byron, your thoughts? >> well, you know, when he talks about the system being rigged, sometimes when he talks about the election being rigged, sometimes he talks about the system being rigged, most of it is about the media there is, in fact,
11:27 pm
a lot of bias against trump. i just don't think there is any doubt about that. but this is one of these statements that trump has made that his surrogates have to go out and explain all the time. well, is he not really talking about actual voter fraud. and then trump says yes, i am. that's exactly what i'm talking about. so, i mean, there is some of it. but, the idea, the day after the debate he goes to ohio and says, of course i would accept the results of a clear election, a clear results of an election. but if it were really close, blah blah blah, and we have seen a really close election in 2000. >> close and questionable as he has also said. >> he could have said that at the debate. >> look at one example that he does say and pulls out. he took study 1.8 million americans who are dead on the record. on the voter records. >> registered to vote. dead but registered to vote. >> dead but registered to vote. so, yes. that's true. that a study found that the study also found that there
11:28 pm
is absolutely no evidence that those names were used. >> to vote? >> to vote. and, yet, he says well, those 1.8 million people are going to be voting against you. if he uses sort of piecemeal approach to the studies. >> i have often wondered about that. all these different peoples on the role, dead people on the roles to vote. how do you vote them? i mean, you have to come -- you have to have other people take their names and use. >> there are weaknesses in the system and this is what i supported voter i.d. laws. i think that the states need to do more to clean up their voter registration roles. there is some weaknesses in the system. but, is there widespread rigging that's going to swing an election that could be four or five or six percentage points on the national level. >> it only matters if it's super, super close. >> florida 2000. >> that's what bush v. gore showed us the system cannot deal with such fine
11:29 pm
differences if you have 10 million votes 500 of them be the margin of victory. almost impossible to get a precise count of that and, the polls right now tell us it's not gonna be close. no single state will determine the electoral college. >> but the bush/gore example does show that you can get a race close enough where a few hundred votes could make a difference. we will talk more about that later. don't go away. latest wikileaks dump shows infighting in
11:30 pm
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wikileaks just released thousands of new emails from hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry dug through the release. >> the hit keeps coming as wikileaks dumped nearly 2,000 more hacked emails from clinton campaign chairman john podesta this morning. and they're just getting started. now wikileaks is threatening to broaden their targets. tweeting, quote: we have a surprise in store for at tim kaine and at done that brazil. hillary clinton's running mate and the interim chair the dnc. >> i hope you enjoyed my remarks tonight. i said no to some jokes that i thought were over the line but i suppose you can judge for yourself on wikileaks in the next few days. >> that was hillary clinton's attempt to lighten the blow at the al smith dinner. but some the new emails are no laughing matter for the clinton campaign. >> though showcase what might be considered a lightly angry tone within her inner circle. when clinton communications director jen palimery had a
11:34 pm
barn burning letter about the candidate use of democratic activist fired off congratulatory email saying, quote: the letter is great. bleep these explicit hives. new new email seems to belittle democratic primary voters when he attacked senator bernie sanders healthcare plan by saying actual proposal sucks but we live in a lefty alternative universe. in another email the focus turns to the candidate herself with top aide huma abedin telling podesta that clinton was exhausted from having to take care of her granddaughter writing she is a bit overwhelmed picking charlotte up to baby-sit her for the week. that is one email that might help hillary clinton since most voters understand family matters. a bigger headache for the campaign wikileaks has already dumped out 25,000 emails now and are vowing they will put out another 25,000 more by election day.
11:35 pm
brit? >> ed, thank you. last night donald trump and hillary clinton shared the stage at the annual al smith dinner in new york. both candidates got some laughs and both got some boos. watch. >> we have learned so much from wikileaks. for example, hillary believes that it's vital to deceive the people by having one public policy. [crowd boos] >> and a totally different policy in private. here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. [crowd boos] maybe you saw donald dismantle his prompter the other day. i get that they are hard to keep up with. and i'm sure it's each harder when you are translating from the original russian. [ laughter ] [crowd boos] >> but if you were looking at some of today's headlines you might have gotten the
11:36 pm
wrong idea. fox news contributor bernie goldberg joins us from north carolina. some of those headlines. hi, bernie. >> let me give you some of those headlines, brit. from abc news, donald trump gets booed at al smith dinner after jabbing hillary clinton. from "the washington post, at charity roast donald trump delivered what might as well be a campaign eulogy. from the daily beast, donald trump son of catholic hater, disgraces al smith dinner. and from npr, at al smith dinner, donald trump turns friendly roast into three alarm fire. now, from that, there is a temptation to say the media detests donald trump anyway. that's no secret. a lot of the media do anyway. and they are out to get him. but, donald trump, brit, has this incredible knack for handing them the gun that they use to shoot him. it's one thing to say
11:37 pm
hillary clinton bumped in to me and then said pardon me. that's funny. that's a joke. but the one you played where he says hillary clinton likes to deceive people by having one position in public and another position in private. that's not funny. that's not a joke. that's what you say at a campaign rally. so, look, were the media thrilled to go after donald trump? yeah. but you could make a case that he brought a lot of it on himself. >> it's also the case though, bernie. that you heard -- i mean, i read repeatedly as the dinner was going forward on twitter and elsewhere that he had been booed. i didn't see very many people reporting that she also, likewise, had been booed. you couldn't hear it quite as well on that clip that we played but you could hear it. >> that's right. no, you are absolutely right. she also got booed. the one headline that got it right was in "u.s.a. today" that said trump, clinton draw laughs, boos at al smith dinner.
11:38 pm
so they got it right that both of them got boos. but hillary clinton's boos were not as loud and i will give to you with examples of where she got booed. okay? she says that if donald trump is elected president, barack obama may not be allowed in on presidents' day because of donald trump's ban on muslims. all right. humor is subjective but i think that's funny. okay? another one where she said kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager may not get paid because she is a contractor and donald trump doesn't pay his contractors. fen, subjective, but at least it's a joke. donald trump, i mean, he has this knack for doing. this he crosses the line. he goes too far. and he gets booed. you can't -- you can't dismiss though the venue. he is in new york city last night where donald trump is lucky if he gets 10 votes on election day. he is there with a hotsy
11:39 pm
totsy elite. a group that never liked donald trump. no matter how much money he had they might hang out with him every and now and then. if that dinner last night were in dallas or some place in idaho, hillary clinton would have been the one who got booed and donald trump would have been the one who got a lot of laughs and applause. so that's part of why he got booed louder and more often than hillary clinton. but you're right. you're right. she did get booed. >> and there is -- but isn't there a tradition at that dinner and the speakers get up and jokes they tell are many on their own and a night for self-efacing humor. didn't seem to me either one of them were self-efacing. >> that is definitely the general theme. but, again, if either one of them was self-deprecating, more than the other, hillary was more self-deprecating. i mean, she told a joke about how lucky the audience was because she usually
11:40 pm
charges a lot of money for it and how she took it and how she took a nap and all that i don't think donald trump, frankly, i don't think his personality is such that he is capable of self-deprecating humor. even on a night like that when it would have gone over so well. >> yeah. that always goes a long way. bernie, thank you very much. >> thanks, brit. >> you bet. and segregated events at one of the nation's largest and most well known public un
11:41 pm
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11:44 pm
time now to take a craziness of all the campuses around the country. depauw university, a catholic school in chicago has banned pro-life posters that say unborn lives matter. in a public letter posted on the school's website the university president referred to the posters as bigotry under the cover of free the college republicans and made to resemble black lives matter movement. the university president went on to say in letter
11:45 pm
that the pro-life poster design provokes the black lives matter movement, end quote and doesn't reflect the catholic values of the university. depaul said the university's gidding principles of speech and expression which make cheer they say that the speech deemed hurtful by the university will not be tolerated. a teacher at north high school in norman, oklahoma told students quote to be white is to be racist, period. a student who attended the class told nbc affiliate kfor that it felt like the teacher quote was encouraging people to pick on people for being white. the lecture dealt with how to heal the racial divide in our country. the superintendent of the norman pluck schools told fox news that the teacher made a mistake with his choice of words but racism is an important topic. some stiewts at gettysburg, pennsylvania were urged to watch a film about talks six masculinity. the throw most destructive words are to be a man.
11:46 pm
watched the film told the website college fix that the screening quote was part of lessons warning students that the notions of masculinity comes as harmful side effects. multiple mass shootings with masculinity. gettysburg college told fox news the film was optional and meant to invite conversation on key issues. the university of michigan sponsored segregated down halls on quote diversity and infliewtion according to the student newspaper the michigan daily. the student reporter was booted from the first town hall because the event was only open to students of color. the university official who oversaw the town halls told the michigan daily that he felt it was appropriate to segregate the events to give people of color a space to talk without feeling watched. a spokesperson for the university told fox news that it expects all students to be welcomed to these discussions. but that student should also respect when one group wants to have a dialogue among themselves. if you have got a campus craziness story, please let us know, email and tell us about it campus craziness at
11:47 pm we would very much appreciate hearing from you. and the historic 2000 presidential election has made its way back into the dialogue this year. and donald trump has drawn comparisons to al gore.
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
of course you will remember at this week's debate donald trump refused to commit in advance to accept any outcome of the election. in a new politico morning consult poll finds 68% of registered voters say the losing candidate should accept the results when that is broken down by candidate. 89% of clinton supporters say accept but only 7% say that. here to sort that out is our political panel. byron york, chief political correspondent of "the washington examiner" and
11:51 pm
nina easton. what's your title now at fortune? >> it's co-chair of -- it's chair of fortune national and global forum going to take place at the vat tan in december. >> byron, i think we should salute. >> a chair. >> so this argument has been raising sort of a little bit below the radar for the last couple of days about whether what al gore did in 2000, when he challenged the results of the florida election, was not satisfied with the state law required recount, and went on to fight for a recount that was to be conducted by hand in handful of counties, whether that was better or worse than what trump did by saying that he might not in advance -- might not accept the result of the election. your thoughts, byron? >> first thing democrats would say is that al gore did this after the voting and that trump is doing it perspectively, suggesting there is going to be cheating when we don't know about that and al gore did
11:52 pm
it afterwards. the fact is though, al gore did the idea every vote counted that was not the mantra of the al gore campaign in 2000. >> they said that. >> they were looking in recounts in areas where they expected to get more votes. that's what the whole thing was about. and we have had both sides since bush v. gore talking before elections about the possibility of fraud. you've had -- i mean, why is there all these voter i.d. conversations and legislation and why is there all the talk from democrats republican voter suppression? this is something that's talked about before every election. >> nina. >> the key thing about that election was that al gore won the popular vote by .5. >> nationally. >> i realize this all took place in florida but he won the vote, it was that close and people need to remember that it was that close that he won. >> we don't by the popular vote. >> he won the popular vote by .5% and the electoral
11:53 pm
college, you know, eventually because florida, the supreme court stopped the recounts and the supreme court stopped the recounts and, thereby, florida went to bush and the electoral college went to bush. that is a totally different situation. >> what about the effect though? trump has said he might not accept the results. gore flat out didn't accept them until the end when the supreme court had finally shut the whole enterprise down. >> and then he accepted them. i just think it's a different thing than -- >> --so which -- >> -- who is mind in the polls and is making noise and, you know, with some of his supporters really being behind this idea 25% of that poll of trump supporters say he shouldn't accept the results. even if it's a large spread. even it's 4% or 5% or 6%. >> see if he ever does that. >> i think to some extent i wonder how much this is trump being a showman and keeping everything going. >> get out the vote is what it is coming up, if you have
11:54 pm
been having any mean treat withdraw the past few days don't worry we have some
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11:58 pm
time to hear from viewers. here is feedback i have been getting on twitter. linda white said thank you for fair and balanced coverage. you ever one ever the ones keep my blood pressure down. thanks dr. hume. >> you are a media person not a political advisor. just report the news, you chirp. can you do that? larry pierson seems to think that i can, huntly, brinkley, chron cite, and hume journalists i respected for news but not political agenda. what i say seems lost. ken die says 15 years ago i was accused of looking like you. i watched you reporting when i was a child in the 70's. you are a staple in my life. never go away again. thank you. mean while tucker carl son was quite well received for sitting in on me tonight.
11:59 pm
great show tonight. you weren't there. bird quest said yeah i think it's time to change the show to "on the record" with tucker carlson and put brit hume back in the mausoleum. hang on, folks, i will be back there soon. meanwhile keep the feedback coming. woe like hearing from you. tweet me @ brit hume or "on the record" at stay tune for "the o'reilly factor." bill was at last night's al smith dinner. we will give you his firsthand account. in the meantime leave you as always political time of the day comes with hubert humphrey who said, quote, we believe to err is human. to blame on someone else is politics. we'll be back here monday at 7:00 eastern, we hope you will, too. don't forget, the factor is coming up next. good night.
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welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. now to andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show. hillary clinton's campaign came up with 85 slogans before settling 0 stronger together. i think they should have gone with my suggestion, what difference at this point does it make. and canadians send a video message to americans telling us we are great. i think i speak for all-american when's i respond -- americans when i respond what is canada again? and a study says female drivers suffer road rage more than males do. i could make a comment, but sexism is more of


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