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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> depends what you mean by member. >> nicely played. >> thank you, kat. >> that wasn't an answer. this is a real dilemma. >> that's a great costume idea. >> madison, jesse otto, terry sclappert. i'm greg gutfeld. love you, america. is also part and a major part of this corruption. my ethic's plan will end the corruption in our government. i have no special interest but you, the american voter. a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. we will cancel all federal funding of sanctuary cities. [cheerin [cheering]. >> welcome to watters' world i
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am jesse watters'. donald trump utlining his agenda. he delivered it in pennsylvania where thousands of americans died in an epic civil war battle. he will shrink the government and fight for worker and unleash american energy. and repole obama care and dismantled gangs. and help our vet and select supreme court justice and let americans keep more of their hard earned money. he managed to step on it a little bit. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. and all of these liars will be
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sued after the election is over. >> the media sewed on that and instead of his popular policy proposals. it was a popullist policy pitch to spark the closing argument. and frames a patriotic renegade with the people in his back and taking on cooper rit media and establishment in this country face on. speaking of corrupt. more damage am e-mails rock the clinton campaign. 2014 clinton e-mailed confidential intelligence information to jon podesta's unsecured e-mail. according to all experts, this is a blatant national security violation. also, it's discovered that the
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clinton administration paid women less than men. and this is a tip of the iceberg. i spoke to fox nows contractor katy. >> to hear the political revelations. hillary clinton hates every day americans? they referred to hispanics as needy latino and bernie sanders is a dufuss. and hard to argue with that. clinton campaign pushed the obama muslim narrative they denied and takes a public and private position on things and the campaign was caught denigrating catholics. katy, when you look at this and combine it with bernie sanders are basement dweller and trump people are basket of deplorables. this party and hillary clinton, probably the most snobby campaign oif ever sewn; do you agree with that?
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>> i think politically the e-mails on the campaign trail is first and last. she doesn't relate to every day americans. she's been in washington d.c. four decades and that is an issue in connecting to every day voters. donald trump as a billionaire is able to relate to the worker. hillary clinton when she tries to comes off fake. that is not who she is. and sewn it through the e-mails. >> a billionaire, a man of the people. and up next, media revelations and start with hillary clinton fed a debate question. that was donna brazil. we have a debate moderator over in cnbc in the tank for hillary bragging about attacking on
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donald trump. and media let democrats edit stories and running by the stories before they are published with the campaign and white house. and hillary's campaign wining and downing media with off of the record dinner and frame the campaign launch. we know the media is corrupt but now we proof. we have ones that are corrupt. >> the media side of the emaims is the least surprising. mainstream media has collusion with the democratic party. that's why the media is kaled the extension of the democratic party. that being said, republicans have known it for years. ronald reagan won it and bush took on the media that was against him. and donna brazil in terms of
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consequences with her. will have to resign from the dnc. >> later on in the show, i confront her about the feeding of the questions. and corruption. all right. this is a big one. the obama department of justice. knife giving hem strat jiezing over how to cover up the emaims and lesome. and take the money from the foreign lobbyist. and make george soros happy. and moroccan government pay for play situation, where i think 12 million is pledged to the clinton foundation in exchange for a conference in that
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country. let me ask you, katy, are they criminal in your opinion? >> i think so. i think it goes to the more serious issue of people truly believing that not many institution that we have in government are corrupt. but the important institution. justice department where justice is supposed to be blind. it is scary. they pers outed conservatives because they had a different bloef system. i don't doubt hillary would do the same. >> that's why they had had no security. hillary wants open boards. and syrian refugees can't be fully veted yet she wants 100,000 more.
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bin laden raid,e information to become bankers and the chairman of the clinton campaigns it would be better than a white man referring to the dean dean shotter. the it shows how delougzal the party is about islam l. nsnow she didn't want it well, i will not shut the doron women and which were. the past majort of the for her to admit wecant doot the poand
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in front of 70 mellion about who they will vote for. to lie about it the juiciest bet for last and the svrl stouf much bim's clots close life is particularing. and saying one thing and stab you in the back. apologies are her. now per the can command are go any does ta inspire confident? >> i didn't see emaims about jogga and what she was doing? >> 35000 asbestos round jog on.
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>> i ept it is a letsdzor for all of us and did sxrrjs i got to go. thank you very much. >> thanks, jesse. >> up next. den gravec we'll show you the case. and watters' world confronts d'amato jennifer, are you going to apology otherwise for
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she shouldn't be allowed to run.
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she's done a serious crime and just in that respect, i say it is rigged. >> donald trump not the only one claiming rigged election. there is proof coming in the form of undercover video. it seeps the democratic operatives discussing ways to commit voter fraud. fox news channel has not independently vertied the content but what is sewn is shocking. >> it is easy forrepublicans people to say. we have been bussing people in. [applause] and we are not stopping now. if a major voter fraud investigation came up. how would they prove that? >> you can prove it. that is true.
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>> you use shell companies. if well is a bus involved you can't prove it. >> remember the violent protest that broke out in trump events in chicago and san jose. the project got the same democratic operative inciting violence in trump rallies. >> the spirit of engagement. and crazy and starting confrontations in the line, right? they are not starting to attend the rally. ed in of the rally, secret service has control. it is not hard to get some of the crazies to by the and it is a matter of showing up and get in to it the rally in a planned parent hood t- of shirt. and in terms of the map.
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you can message to draw them out, and draw them to punch you. we roached out to the trump and clinton campaign and surprisingly they did not respond. co-host of the five. bim erly and the excutive prouser of imusin the morning. person ad>> i am was what makes you think it would not rig it for trump? >> it is more complicated. there is legal over sight and primaries are done by private parties. there is a complicated history of slicing and dicing videos. and it is not anything that
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roger stone hasn't done over the years since his first campaign. >> there is a guy name krammer and met with the president as a convicted felon. i don't think they are all clean here. spoking of rigged elections, i remember president obama talking about election rig nothing it 2008. let's rol the tape. south americas it helps in ohio we have democrats in charge of the machines. i come from chicago. so i want to be honest. it is not just republicans that monkeyed around in the elections. sometimes democrats have, too. >> he looked like he was a ballet box. >> and these videos and saying the o'keefe guy was a convicted felon. >> leave the felons alone.
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>> my boy shorty. now, listen, hillary clinton said that she was out and horr foyed when donald trump would not accept the election results. and this is a woman who said george bush was selected and not elected. don brazil provided the question and she accepted the stolen questions from cnn. >> i wouldn't put anything past the people. if they pay people to insoit violence. can they pay women to accuse donald trump of messing around. >> you wouldn't put anything past them. they have been compliceit in a wide variety. it is rigged by the clinton campaign and media and that's
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why he would not accept the results. and when you see this, people would less ensphired on the campaign. >> why is everyone getting fired? and where are you letting them go. come on, there is not just one incident. it is multiple. >> it is not just rigging the ballot box. you have nbc with an october surprise. and media colluding with the democrat and fbi letting hillary clinton off of the hook. it is crooked dealings. >> he rolled out if they can do it to a billionaire with millions of twitter followers. and money. they can do it to you.
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this left keeps the dead folks on the voter rolls. it is fact checked to death. >> and he said obama keep your health care plan. same people say that is true. >> washington post. and all of the journalism. >> and in bed with the clinton campaign. >> not at all. washington post and politico. >> and they edit stories. you know, i love what you are saying but we have to run. >> now hillary clinton treat the agents that protect her? the watters' world crashes the debate in las vegas. >> did you really feed debate
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>> hillary clinton said donald trump doesn't have the character to be president of the united states. but does she? new fbi documents reveal the contemptuous way that hillary clinton treats the people charged with serving and protecting her. joining me is gary burn who served 12 years as a uniformed officer at the white house. he is also author of crisis of character. did they throw a lamp at you or what did you witness? >> nothing was thrown at me. i do tell a story in my book
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where the clintons get in a bad argument and there is a crashing sound and when it is investigated they found a broken blue vase and i saw it in the curattor's office. and the president had a black eye that he was trying to console under make up. there was a black eye and big fight and crashing and broken vase. >> bill was notorious forrousing the arkansas troopers to arrange daliences while governor of the state. did you notice anything a miss at the white house with the former president? >> i ended up testifying in the monic on lewinsky case where he was having an affair with monica and ordered to testify by supreme court justice. and i did see that and other
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things that lead me to believe that everything we heard from the people in arkansas was true. they just took the road show to washington d.c. hillary clinton when she got to lifted furniture and took it back to the townhouse in georgetown. she was accused of stealing china or silver ware. she has sticky fingers? >> there was furniture involved in that, to. it was not like the stuff that you and i buy from bed, bath and beyond. it is historical value. >> i do not shop bed, bath and beyond. i am doing better than ioused to. no offense. they have great products. >> but the white house office and the mansion, and the usher's
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office couldn't get it pack until they embarrassed them in the news. >> they had to be be shamed. >> was hillary verbally abusive to people. fbi report said people would try to love her detail because of her attitude. did you witness that? >> absolutely. it was hostile working with her. some of the secret service at that time had passive aggressive management style and if you don't give us a, b, or c we'll put you on first lady detail. >> it was a form of punishment. >> and now the entire country is at risk of being punished if hillary clinton is president. still to come, watters' world crashes a party in las vegas and i will give you my take on the state of the race.
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donald trump cracking jokes. people tell me that modesty is perhaps my best quality. even better than my temperament.
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headlines, log on to fox ♪ >> i novembers las vegas wednesday night for the third and final presidential debate and as always, i caused a little trouble. ♪ >> make america great again. >> that's right, let's go rump trump. >> you are getting pumped for the big debate? >> clearly. >> we are going to brittany spears. >> the trump you see in the media taking all. is that the trump you know personally? >> no tis not.
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trump is a guy who loves america so sxch the american people so much, that he put p up his own money and willing to take these kinds of hits and not because he needs it for his ego or anything like that. >> one of the things about mcdonald. i call it what happens when you own a yacht. it is an open money pit. you poor money and spend it and he will watch the pennies. >> and someone who spend millions and millions of dollars is tight. >> what can you pawn me for? >> i don't know. you look high maintenance. we don't pay for that stuff. >> can donald trump ever tried to pawn anything in here? >> we are voting for trump this year. make america great. >> and everything that i see has
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no respect for this person. >> well, that's because he rather have a puple. >> no puppet. you are a pup pet. she's done it 30 years, why the hell didn't you do it over the last 15 or 20 years. one thing you have over me is experience but bad experience. >> on the day i was in the situation rom and monitoring the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice he hosted the celebrity a appreness. >> it is a dark vision of our country. >> she talked about violence. at my rallies she caused the violence. >> every time donald doesn't think it is going in his dprekz it is rigged against him. there was a time when he didn't get a emmy for his tv program
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and he tweeted at emmys were rigged. >> should have got it. >> would you absolutely accept the results of the election. >> i will look at it at the time. not now. we have bad hombres here and we'll get them out. >> what was it like to watch the debate. >> that was amazing and i hoped trump would take no prisoner and i believe he did great. >> were you worried if he is elected president he would try to deport you. >> yeah, i am thrilled. >> that's why i am here. >> i wanted to see what you are wearing jesse watters'. >> how do i look had. >> the apprentice did not win an emmy. the system is rigged? >> absolutely not. that was a joke. we can send a man to the moon and do fantastic medical
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procedures but can't verify voting? of course he could. >> he hit it hard. there was violence at his rally and she walked bo that. he said you paid for them. >> did you feed the debate question to hillary. >> i hear lies. and there will be any proof that i received questions in advance is. >> are you going to apologize for mocking catholics? >> yes, or no. guess no. >> who do you think won the debate. i don't care who won the debate. either way. go trump! >> i am saying clinton. she's winning all of the debate.
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>> don't you want to make america great again. >> i do. but not that way. >> do you know who i am, officer? >> no, i do not. >> i am the greatest man alive. >> will stop you right there. >> trump won the debate and needed a knock out. he didn't show his policy chop and hillary was an incompetent rattle. the media castigated trump. and here's the facts. nbc october support surprise hurt trump for women. and e-mail and corruption are boring and sex isn't. the press covers all of trump's drama and covers up all of hillary. networks covered trump's tapes 7- 1 and another reason why the
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system is rigged. this election should be about the economy and the referundum on the obama legacy. i believe that the american people are seeing past the media hacks. this is a changed election and voters care more about the salary. trump is up 16 points with independents and democratic enthusiasm at a 16-year-old. economy is weak and terror is on the rise. and throw- quarters of the voter ises are are unhappy with the direction of the country. donald trump is tied or live in the tracking poll. in the ibd poll most accurate last election. and look at the state. crucial swing state in ohio and pehind in red state arizona. something is going on with the
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poll ps. they are all over the map. big media are hyping the poll ps that show hillary up by six is. mitt romney was up by six and lost by four. assume hillary is ahead head. look at the track record of trump come backs. three week surges launched donald trump back in the lead. trump, if you believe the trends is poised. i think be brong. especially with wiki-leaks andun known outside events ready to shape the race. joe biden threatens to punch out donald trump and will the press even cover it? and don't miss hillary clinton having pun p. i didn't think he would be okay
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with a peaceful transition of power.
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>> the mainstream media loves to accuse donald trump of being racially divisive and inciting violence. here is bill clinton ripping on white guys. >> the press asks me if you debate him. and i wish i could take him behind the gym. >> that is joe biden threatening to p donald trump. and we have donald trump like us. >> and how do all of these old gray haired white guys. how is our social security handed down [inaudible]? >> and joining me, what is important here? who would win in a fight trump or biden? >> trump. of course. >> he would go violent quick. >> first're first one violent
11:45 pm
wins. >> and height advantage and long arms. >> he's got the reach. >> biden couldn't boat up baron trump. >> and that is believable. >> biden locks like instead of ed pill and went out on the stump and took a couple of puffs. >> it does look like. >> trump is high energy natural. >> and has very big hands and could strangle him. let's talk about something. we have had the left riot and loot and attack police officers and now they are picking fights at trump rallies and vice-president talking about punching out the republican nom no. and the violence is coming from your side of the table. >> i think vice-president biden when has great teeth and i would bet on him. >> he's going to bite trump?
11:46 pm
you know the democrats like to fight dirty. >> good irush guy. it is it happening on both side. donald trump called for his own support issers to go attack journalist. and he cages journalist and puts them in a pen. >> and hillary ties them up. it is a draw. >> in the skooby van. >> you take everything literally. and if biden says it. it is just hypothetical. but he forget his party is antibullying. you can't do that. >> if trump said that you would have secret service asked what they are doing. >> and kick ball outlawed. >> and dodge ball. >> talking about trump and this video of joe biden groping women.
11:47 pm
it is in the swearing in ceremony. >> i have seen it. >> he is a handsy guy. >> and shoulder massage. >> it was a pressure point and trying to relief. >> and also bill clinton here, this is fresh off of him saying red neckline and white guys. and remember joe biden said republicans want to put black back in chains. they can say whatever they want about race. someone said the latinos they lost had love me and he's super insensitive. >> and hillary clinton calls them needy latinos. and taco bowl voters. >> and hillary clinton and bill de blasio they did a joke about c, highly racist and no one cared about it. >> we were enraged.
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>> that is a double standard. >> i will not saying. it is not appropriate and i think what we are missing here. a did whole side of the democratic party doesn't want that. no excuse right or left. the democrat party is for empowering moirnity and people of color. >> the media lets you sloyd and takes literally. >> dems are so self rightous with the media on their side is. >> coming up next. donald trump and hillary clinton ripping each other in a fancy dinner in manhattan. wait until you see this.
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♪ ♪ thursday night provides some much needed comic relief from the campaign season. particularly after wednesday's third and final debate. and boy did the candidate's deliver at the annual al smith dinner in new york city. >> the truth is i'm actually a modest person. true. in fact, many people tell me that modesty is perhaps my best quality. even better than my temperament. it's great to be here with a thousand wonderful people, or as i call it, a small, intimate dinner with some friends. or as hillary calls it, her largest crowd of the season.
11:53 pm
the media is even more biassed this year than ever before, ever. you want the proof, michelle obama gives a speech, and everyone loves it. it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely great. my wife melania gives the exact same speech, and people get on her case. >> it's amazing, i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he'd be okay with a peaceful transition of power. this is such a special event that i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here, and as you've already heard, it's a treat for all of you too because usually i charge a lot for speeches this like.
11:54 pm
you know because this is a friendly dinner for such a great cause, donald, if at any time you don't like what i'm saying, feel free to stand up and shout, wrong, while i'm talking. people look at the statue of liberty, and they see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants. a beacon of hope for people around the world. donald looks at the statue of liberty and seeing a fore. maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes the hair. i hope you enjoyed my remarks. some were blunt, but i think you can judge for yourself on wikileaks in the next few days. >> pretty good. what i wanted to know, was that maria bartiromo in the back in the red dress? was that fox business's marie --
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>> with the white gloves. >> white gloves. is that what you wear? >> beautiful james bond movie or something. >> very, very -- >> bridget is who she looked like. that was fun anyway anything i've seen on comedy central since jon stewart left. that was brilliant. >> it was good. >> humanize hillary. that is a very tall bar there. >> and -- >> trump was very, very -- he's done a roast before. he's used to that. >> i like the pardon me. >> yes. >> bumped into hillary backstage. i said wait until afterwards. >> it's so amazing the whole narrative everywhere here is that oh trump was booed. in the reality, you have elite new york city audience looking to boo. he did a great job. >> and it's funny how trump can say, i'm going to put this woman in jail and a day later toast
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champag champagne. >> how dare donald trump do that. she came out and just as vicious. they had to all shut him out. it was an even fair night. and again, that's the way it should be. >> let's be honest, they all have joke writers. they're not really that funny. >> you should get some. >> i should, i need some. that is it for us this evening, thank you for joining us. remember, justice jeanine is next. and kimberly is in for the judge. pete is hosting "fox & friends" tomorrow morning. follow me on facebook, twitter, and instagram. and remember, i am waters, and who's world is this? >> it's yours. >> this is my world right here. can you guys all do that for me? can we practice this? it's more in the risk.
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welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. now to andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show. hillary clinton's campaign came up with 85 slogans before settling 0 stronger together. i think they should have gone with my suggestion, what difference at this point does it make. and canadians send a video message to americans telling us we are great. i think i speak for all-american when's i respond -- americans when i respond what is canada again? and a study says female drivers suffer road rage more than males do. i could make a comment, but sexi


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