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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. harris: begin with a fox news alert. we are awaiting a donald trump rally in the battleground state of new hampshire where he could have new reaction to the latest wikileaks revelations rocking hillary clinton's campaign. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today sandra smith, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis. radio talk show host meghan mccain and look who is here on a friday, people, today's #oneluckyguy, the co-host 6 "the five" and cashing in, eric bolling. >> great to be back. big political discussion. we have 11 days left? wow. harris: they get bigger.
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we got it down to the minute. good to have you. let's move. eric's book, wake up america, "new york times" and amazon best-seller now, wait a minute, both? goodness gracious. congrats. >> thank you. harris: as we wait for donald trump in manchester, new hampshire, near daily drumbeat revelations coming out of wikileaks. some of the head spinning bombshells, hillary clinton's top advisors were apparently in the dark about the controversial email system as the scandal was breaking. we're learning that the sister-in-law of john podesta, the campaign chair, raked in six-figure fees lobbying clinton's state department, where podesta who is now clinton's campaign chair as i mentioned, served as senior advisor for her. ed henry has been pouring through the wikileaks postings. so much to get to on a friday again, ed. reporter: great to see you, harris. the key here when you take a step back of daily dose of one email after another, there is
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now well over 30,000 of them. wikileaks promising 50,000 of john podesta emails out there by election day. stay tuned for that. it is not just offering a window how the clinton campaign works, it gives you window how she mite govern as president. let me give you a two quick examples. you mentioned the fact her top campaign officials were in the dark about her email scandal. look at first email. john podesta going back and forth with robby mook, the campaign manager. did you have any idea of the depth of this story? mook, nope, we brought up the existence of emails in research this summer but were told everything was taken care of. so you have campaign chairman, and campaign manager say, we didn't really know it was this bad. we asked about it to hillary clinton to other people and were told everything was taken care of. that gives you idea maybe hillary clinton kept most serious information to just herself and maybe people like
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cheryl mills and huma abedin. as president, if you're not sharing information with even people on your mid-strain station, very senior people like john podesta. that could be a problem. last one on israel. neera tanden, her name keeps coming up, a liberal activist, who writes into john podesta in march of 2015 when prime minister netanyahu was in america, israel is depressing. good lesson that the wing nuts are ruthless in every country. podesta responds, bad. why is this significant? neera tanden is the co-chair of the presidential transition for hillary clinton if in fact she is elected. she will have a powerful voice in the next administration if it's a democratic one, number one. number two, thinking about taking a step back, what we've seen already previous emails attacking catholics, talking about needy latinos. now taking a shot at israel here. this is serious stuff and keeps popping up day after day, harris. harris: another reason when you
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consider how chilly the relationship is between president obama and benjamin netanyahu of israel. you would want there so be civility even playing ground going forward with our staunchest ally in that part of the world? >> no doubt about it. the clintons played this, former president bill clinton has good relationship with prime minister netanyahu and hillary clinton as secretary of state and maybe more hawkish than president obama. these emails suggest otherwise. harris: it can be scary. ed henry, thank you very much. talk first with eric bolling about your thoughts. >> 35,597 emails. 14,000 or so left to go. neera tanden, is very aggressive on email. foul language on some of these. clearly she didn't ever expect her emails to be in the light. i will tell you a lot of them, it is not adding up to a lot for
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me but the ones that do are crushing it. for example, yesterday the podesta stuff, podesta and, kim strassel wrote an op-ed in today's "wall street journal," lead op-ed, talking about this relationship between teneo a corporation set up as a pr/lobbying firm, to unite, access bill clinton with these big donors, coca-cola, ubs, dow chemical. $19 million goes through teneo and ends up in bill clinton's pocket. these are massives massive crony agreements. kim draws the line, the clintons don't have the line. blurred line between what is charitable activities and what goes right into the clinton covers and i think that is really damaging stuff. not necessarily who they like, who they don't like, four white guys running campaign. harris: i also see a tremendous collateral damage that we are keeping up with now. she didn't even care about her own people. they didn't know what was going on but would be tasked with
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defending her. i think about people like new york city commissioner, formerly bill bratton, now with teneo, collateral damage some of these people gone to work for employers may feel. bigger picture with the emails. melissa: i wouldn't cry for bill bratton. he is making fortune. that is why people go over to become consultants. they go over there essentially on the dole at teneo. i agree with you, it begins and ends with the foundation. brought 2014 non-profit lawyer of the year out of retirement to go through the foundation and look at the documents and her findings were amazing. she said that the oversight required by federal charity law, none of it was in place there. she said donors expected a quid pro quo in return for their contributions. you have people at other networks saying the foundation has to be closed. oh, my goodness, that horse is out of the barn. these people have already paid the clintons 15, $12 million in the case of king of morocco. he is looking for payback. says it there in the documents.
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they expect something down the road. they already paid. when she goes into the white house she will pay all the people back, saudis, abu dhabi, king of more cob row, goldman sachs, all people that paid her favors. harris: very least she has to prove she won't be doing that. e weprove quickly, right? heard quid quote pro. sandra: then again, why, john podesta being left in the dark? why would hillary clinton, self-vetting why would she have not put everything out there and told him quote, that everything was taken care of with the emails? >> when i read through the emails and all articles on this, two things struck me. number one the fact that chelsea clinton had concern about people working for the clinton foundation. it is quite obvious that hillary clinton is tony soprano, and her consiglares hench women will do anything for them even if it compromises national security. we have a president will rely on
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these two women for concern, excuse me these two women for everything not include her advisors and people also work for her. when you're talking about the white house and incredible decisions that have to be made for a president, if you're only consulting two close women who will do things illegally for you? harris: we'll fix your mic in 10 seconds for people who can hear it. >> so here's the issue. hillary clinton was at the state department. doug band, cheryl mills, huma abedin were jumping between state department, clinton foundation, and teneo. here in lies the problem. you can say all right, bill clinton ingratiated himself to the tune of $116 million through the access he was providing, teneo was providing but the clinton foundation is separate. no, it's not. the clinton foundation was also taking from them too. teneo says hey, you want access to bill clinton, he is the former president, that's fine. we'll give you access.
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you need to pay 500 grand for bill clinton to speak or make a donation to the clinton foundation and we'll provide access. that is incestuous what they did. melissa: that is in the email. this is fact. this is not opinion. this is what they wrote. >> start. harris: you started with this is window perhaps into the world how a clinton administration would run. i want to know who she would have listened to, who would have told her this wasn't just a bad idea but like the worst idea if she ever intended to run and win? >> they don't care, harris. they don't care. kim strassel points it out. she calls it it grifters-in-chi. they take everything, invited or not, don't leave until they take everything they can possibly get. is president obama -- >> he didn't get involved originally male male he said they need a chinese wall and
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stop taking money from foreign governments. harris: senator said she did nothing wrong. melissa: might be regretting that, showing exactly they were doing everything they said they wouldn't. harris: watch october when the obamas come out this is complicated. sandra: here we are 11 days out. we can talk about this on the couch every day because these emails are coming out seems like every day and what really political impact will it have? >> there are massive amount of undecideds right now more than last five -- sandra: are there? >> five or six election cycles. harris: there are conflicts on this issue. >> there are independents and independents and undecideds, there are people right now going, i would love to say i want to vote for hillary clinton. i would love to vote for donald trump. melissa: people are undecided will i really show up and vote or will i stay home? i don't think there are people necessarily deciding one candidate or the other but
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people could just say you know what? she is awful too. i'm staying home. harris: wow. we'll move on. after that "access hollywood" tape came out a lot of republicans pulled their support for donald trump. remember the lewd comments he made? they're doing an about-face. this is the about the fifth about face? republicans jumping back on the trump train. joe biden would like to take trump behind the gym for past comments about women. trump says he dreams of site fighting the vice president. would argue the press would tear into him if he said anything like that. is he right? stay close. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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♪ sandra: donald trump holding a rally this afternoon in the battleground state of new hampshire and with just, count it, 11 days to go until election day, more high-profile gopers are reversing course saying they will vote for trump. we told you about congressman jason chaffetz yesterday. head of house government reform committee that he will not reindoors trump but will vote for him. republican smarts john thune of south dakota, mike crapo of
9:16 am
idaho who all called for trump to quit the race after that "access hollywood" tape was released, are now saying they will vote for him after all! this as a new "fox news poll" shows trump supporters with higher level of support than clinton voters 68 to 61%. what do you make of all this? they're going to support him, they're not going to support him and now they're going support him again? >> that is awful. hillary clinton as seated president obama as surrogate. he is fantastic. sandra: michelle obama. >> michelle obama is best surrogate i've seen in 20 years. she has joe biden. what does donald trump have? he has donald trump. when i hear people say on gop that i can't support him, okay, fine. then i hear people say i'm, he should pull out. that's awful. even worse when gop establishment person says, i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. look i am one issue voter right now.
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one, it is constitution and supreme court and federal judicial system. that is my only issue. love donald trump or hate him, he is far more conservative than anyone that hillary clinton will put on the bench. sandra: meghan, your thought on republicans reversing course? >> jason chaffetz in particular looks like he is doing this for political expediency. i have a problem he referenced his 15 year-old daughter when he unendorsed. he said he couldn't look his 15-year-old daughter in the eye. i don't know what happened few days but apparent his daughter was not coming into play. he was angling for speaker before paul ryan. there goes large swath of republican party who are huge trump supporters and doesn't want to make them angry. i want politicians to keep with your convictions if you unendorse stick with it. there are mere eleven days left we're counting down hours in some swing states donald trump is doing better right now. i certainly wouldn't count him out. the problem with these specific
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politicians we referenced you go wherever the weather vane is. no conviction. be jeff flake, ben stays. harris: you hit the nail on the head. the word is wing. meghan: yes. harris: from the gaining they were behind him how much, zero, the establishment. when he beat 16 others they checked. they checked back out. they check in and they check out. at convention he had it to move forward. he did. paul manafort helped scoop up the delegates. a tape came out. lewd, crude awful things left. what is driving the thank? winning. melissa: i disagree with you guys totally on this one. in this last moment it is actually effective to have somebody like jason chaffetz stand up say, look, what a lot of people are thinking, both these candidates are not ideal. i have really big problems for them. but at the end. day i need to vote for donald trump. you're a single issue voter on supreme court, i'm a single
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issue voter on the economy. think we're in dire straits what is happening with obamacare! we talk about the premiums and we'll talk about the battleground states and how that shapes up. with economy, business, market, regulation, donald trump is so far ahead of hillary clinton in terms of what he does for tax policy, how he gets the country moving again. regardless how you feel about him, because i hate comments on women. meghan: you don't think it looks like political expediency? melissa: yes in the sense i care about the country -- meghan: if you don't think he doesn't want to be speaker when paul ryan steps down you're crazy. this is party politics. he is in utah which could go to evan mcmullin. >> i would rather have more political expediency by establishment class and get behind the nominee. sandra: eric, he hasn't exactly opened himself up for endorsements. donald trump said basically i don't need them. i can do this alone.
9:20 am
those endorsements won't change anything. >> that's fine. sandra: if he had more support from goppers would things be different for donald trump? >> i think it would. independents and people undecided. there is a vast group of people who are moderate republicans who are saying i can't get myself to vote for donald trump. i can't get there unless they heard paul ryan, the bushes, both father and son, saying look, i don't like the guy. i disagree with lot of things he does but will be better than hillary clinton so we'll get behind him. meghan: donald trump can't one day say paul rye and why and establishment people are losers, irrelevant, direct quote, another day if we don't have their endorsement we're losing voters. you're speaking out of both sides of your mouth. harris: i wonder how much money he would have. >> great point. sheldon adelson, koch, those are big, big money donors that haven't stepped up the way they had in the past. great point. sandra: we're getting down to
9:21 am
the wire, where some polls are tightening in key states where the candidates need to duke it out in the final push for november 8th. speaking of duking it out, rough-and-tumble language from the vice president and republican nominee. donald trump why joe biden gets a pass when he is slammed for the same language. we'll debate it next. ♪ i'm terrible at golf.
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♪ melissa: we are awaiting a donald trump rally set to begin any moment in the key swing state of new hampshire as new polls show trump and hillary clinton locked in a close race in some key battleground states. in iowa, "quinnepiac poll" of likely voters shows the candidates tied in a four-way matchup. in nevada, "nbc/wall street journal" marist poll shows the candidates also neck-and-neck at 43% n georgia, this quinnepiac survey shows trump one point in virtual tie with clinton. in new hampshire, another nbc/"wall street journal" marist poll with clinton up nine points. monmouth shows clinton up by four points. "wall street journal" is
9:27 am
reporting that donald trump is pumping additional $10 million into his own campaign for a grand total of $66 million so far. meghan, you were and i talking about before the show, what could change tenor especially in the battleground states. people are getting obama care premiums and hitting on twitter and email, everywhere on facebook, pennsylvania, 150 peers increase in lot of places. 50% in philly. arizona is huge one. what are people in arizona saying? meghan: really bad in arizona. most effective attack ads have to do with hillary clinton and obamacare and extension of obamacare if she is elected. democrats should not get too comfortable. anything can happen. 11 days may seem like short amount of time, but in 24 hours cycle to move the needle one way or to the other, left or right. if i were hillary clinton i
9:28 am
would not be too comfort. melissa: hitting people in the wallet. >> this came out and you have massive, massive increase in the obamacare premiums the right predicted for five years, which expected this to come. jonathan gruber said don't worry, americans are dumb enough to buy into this and we did somehow supreme court changed from fee and penalty to tax. make a long story short, trump should hammer this especially in battleground states in arizona. there is poll has hillary clinton leading in arizona. he should get there -- melissa: open your mail. >> you will have 116% increase in arizona. 40% increase in north carolina, another battleground state. minnesota, he can win, 53% increase. this is massive for the average american who has -- meghan: really bad. i know someone personally in my life their premium is almost as much as their mortgage at this point. to say this is disaster and con -- >> throw one quick thing out here.
9:29 am
i did the math, silver plan, middle plan on obamacare, it is most popular one, not high or low one, middle plan. 40 years old, non-smoker you will pay between premiums and deductibles $8500 out of your pocket before the government or insurance company picks up penny for cold or strep throat. not one penny. harris: there is another segment of voters this hits too. it hits everybody but it's interesting because donald trump has done so much outreach recently to the african section of the voter electorate. i was watching on, which is very popular magazine, particularly among black women, and they were doing some explaining, was, why you're seeing obamacare in the headlines and the negative and they blame the federal government. i mean it was a short blurb and article but it is hitting in this community too. it is another place if donald trump wanted to, he could talk about that as well with his outreach. sandra: saw a gentleman get off the train this morning wearing
9:30 am
make america great again hat. i asked him in the final days what are you thinking? he said he should just stick with obamacare. his supporters want him to stick on this last few days. melissa: yeah. >> i agree with that. melissa is right. economy. i would say the supreme court and obamacare is a gift. he has to make sure it keeps on giving. melissa: foundation is one thing for sure. emails that is salient thing comes out you see how corrupt the clintons are and sell the state department, they will sell anything. next they will sell the white house which i think is really scary. you see a woman in texas i know personally her premiums gone up $1300 a month. she makes $40,000 a year. you can't, who can pay $1300 a month? harris: this topic resonates with everybody. sandra, you've been saying all along, doesn't seem like emails touch hillary clinton. maybe touch her a little more. meghan: $1300 a month. harris: bull's-eye for some people. meghan: we have this. hillary clinton reportedly has
9:31 am
vice president joe biden top of her short list to be secretary of state should she win. a source tells "politico" that biden has not been approached yet but the vp says on numerous occasions he would not accept a position in the next administration. meantime the vice president and donald trump still trading jabs after biden would like to take trump, quote, behind the gym for trump's past comment about women. this week the vice president sought to clarify what he meant. >> i would like to take him behind the gym if i were in high school. [cheering] i mean all kidding aside, wouldn't you? i mean for real! can you imagine a guy in locker room talking that way and, your sister's out there watching the game? [laughter]. not a joke. if i were in high school. i want to make it clear. i understand what assault is. meghan: donald trump punching back, but points out he is held to a double-standard of the
9:32 am
listen. >> i got biden, he said i would like to take him behind the gym. oh. i dream of that. biden. [cheering] you know what you do with biden? you go like this. [laughter]. and he would fall over. [cheering] tough guy. mr. tough guy. can you imagine if i ever made that statement? donald trump is a bully. he threatened, vice president biden. donald trump is bully. can you imagine? he would say it. everyone thought that was wonderful statement. meghan: true. i actually agree with donald trump on this. because he is crazy uncle joe biden people give him a pass. i'm exhausted with the bro locker room talk across the board. isis is using chemical weapons with our soldiers in iraq. i'm sick of this stuff. so sick of it. harris: what about following isis to the gates of hell? that is fight we would have
9:33 am
welcomed him or anybody in the administration to take. meghan: there is definitely a media double-standard. if donald trump said i would take joe bide inch out back and media would go crazy with headlines. sandra: that he threaten the vice president, don't you think? >> me. maybe i'm only one here would love to see it. i would pay extra. sandra: who would win the fight? >> remember when donald trump had the thing with vince mcmahon and wwe thing and loser would shave his hair and vince mcmahon lost? that would be great. the both wrestle and loser -- harris: donald trump's counterpart. i can see if you're saying -- you know, kind of that vice-presidential level. sandra: oh, my gosh, this conversation -- harris: he said, but i'm not a teenager. i know what assault is. it is assault even if you are a teenager. i agree. takes it to different level. meghan: classless on both their parts.
9:34 am
all the serious events happening globally internationally, talking about with obamacare. decorum of this election. melissa: we have so many huge issues facing country right now. look at the economy, it has been lagging in the past eight years. so many jobs have not been created. taxes are crushing people. there are some different things going on. isis, we have all the problems. our schools are failing. i'm worried about the future of this country for my children. we're talking about this garbage? meghan: i know. the question does joe biden have a place in hillary's new administration? i mean, he says he won't do it. he says he is not interested but you know, she comes a knock inch, might be too good toe pass up. harris: that is interesting. you heard hillary clinton would try to bait him going into one of the debates. you see this a little bit, can you bait him. we've been seeing tightening with donald trump. just from objective point of how the questions are being asked and how the things are being put out there. i watched that
9:35 am
george stephanopoulos interview yesterday on gma. he said what regrets do you have? trump said, i bet you regret giving to the clinton foundation? there is tightening. that is reflection on kellyanne conway. maybe he is listening a little bit more? i'm looking, there was a time this could have lived today. it is not living 15 minutes with him. sandra: going back to the media giving joe biden a pass on this, this just, this just gets donald trump supporters even more worked up. we quoted those enthusiasm numbers and his supporters are more enthusiastic than hers are, that is seen in every poll. >> look, clearly joe is having a little funny think, right? do we not? does he really want to take donald trump behind -- harris: oh, i'm kidding if i was teenager. donald trump picks up on it. donald trump done for year-and-a-half. if he could have amped up rhetoric and have a little fun with it he does. you're right, sandra -- his supporters buy into it.
9:36 am
they love that that makes them, like catnip. harris: went right back. -- would not have happened. meghan: this is fresh meat for his supporters. the problem he needs independent swing voters, i know, that doesn't move the needle at all one way or the other. donald trump going on offense ramping up his talk of a rigged election and suggesting he may sue nbc over the "access hollywood" tape. whether this is a winning strategy for the republican nominee.
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on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ sandra: we're waiting for donald trump to step up to the podium in a rally in manchester, new hampshire. he has been on offense in the final stretch of the race ramping up his talk of a rigged election. bill o'reilly asked him about that last night. >> the system is rigged, bill. you look at media how horrible they are, how false they are. and i think the biggest rigging
9:41 am
what happened with the fbi and justice department with respect to hillary clinton because she is so guilty in some different ways she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. right there the system is rigged. a lot of calls were made from texas, incredible place, i love texas. the lines were massive and they were talking about flipping, they press a button and another name comes up. >> do we have any data? >> 1.8 million people who are dead who are registered to vote. sandra: trump already saying he may sue his accusers. now it sounds like he may bo after nbc as well. o'reilly asked him about the "access hollywood" tape where he caught on camera making lewd comment about women. watch. >> it was illegal act, nbc. it was not supposed to be on. >> you think illegal what they did putting that tape out? >> no. that was private locker, that was a private dressing room. yeah that -- >> are you taking any action after the election against nbc?
9:42 am
>> you'll see. you'll see. >> so it is possible you might? >> but i will, i will tell you, first of all, shouldn't -- but it was, you know it was locker room talk and, yeah, i mean you know we're going to find out soon enough, i will tell you. sandra: we will find out soon enough. what did we say, 11 days to go here? what do you make of this strategy in the final stretch by donald trump? >> rigged part is two-pronged. i like one part. dislike the other part. i like the part where media gives hillary clinton with the softballs and coverage and trump gets beat up. you talk about media, a lot is negative. that is winning strategy. as much as they don't like congress they don't like us at same rate. that is winning strategy. i don't like this, the polls, the polling places are rigged. i just don't think that is winning because if i'm a trump supporter who wants to vote for donald trump, i keep hearing that he is going to lose because the polls are rigged, i might
9:43 am
not show up. i might not get to the polls. here is the strategy. yes it is rigged but i'm still going to win. if anyone asks me what i will do after the election, i will let you know after i'm president, hey, i will let you know if i'm not president. sandra: reading meghan and melissa minds, stick to fighting terrorists, stick to the economy, melissa, stick to issues in final stays of election is that what you would prefer? melissa: i would say so for sure. there is something to the fact when you don't get same kind of coverage on emails. it was only when debates were over, when things started die down and there weren't as many stories day by day, you're seeing more of it. took, 13, 14, 15, 20 dumps of thousands of emails before the mainstream media started to pay attention. that is function of their own bias. certainly we've all been there and seen that, in the past, that is a winning strategy. agree with you, you don't want to say, thing happened in texas is compelling and is crazy but
9:44 am
you don't want to discourage people from going. harris: i'm also little confused how donald trump has gotten this far and still doesn't have a pure answer what happened on the tapes, right? or own that bus with bully bush. billy bush lost his job. he can go after and sue whoever he wants. why not say -- sandra: locker room talk. harris: i said those things. you can't pretend he didn't say them. i said those things. move on. to go down that hole i'm going to sue, blah, blah, blah, let's get back to what is our word for the day obamacare. meghan: gives it oxygen and keeps alive, white college educated voters, republicans hasn't lost in decades. mitt romney won them 30%, he is down 30%. harris: why does he do it? meghan: he can't help himself. if you're on really, obamacare, terrorism, email scandals.
9:45 am
that is it. supreme court picks,. >> that is interesting. kellyanne conway will be on o'reilly. if this is what she sticks to. meghan: by all means. i want would love that answer. i don't know if he is not disciplined enough to do it, but these things play very well with voters. on opposite end i'm sick of talking about the tape and hearing about it. >> media isn't sick of it. they love it, dredging it up. if there is opportunity to bring the tape back into the media -- harris: if there is way to answer that. you know that kellyanne conway and others have to talk about the messaging of this. this is quick pivot at this point. because it just doesn't happen 15 minutes ago. >> harris, he said day one if you punch me i will punch you back harder. harris: in the context of everything that happened though? there is a lot going on. >> steve schmidt, gop operative -- not a trump fan, not a trump fan. trump lately or trump has been like his labrador retriever, the
9:46 am
throw the tennis ball the labrador retriever will bring it back no whatever setting is. he makes a point, donald trump fights back no matter what, to his discredit or detriment he has to stop chasing the ball and get back to the economy, obamacare and hit things that matter. harris: women for trump on the trail today. , women for trump are on the trail today and they are dealing with some of this headwind that he has created. yeah. sandra: donald trump slamming hillary clinton over one of her top staffers comments about catholics and evangelicals. how it might or might not affect faith voters when they head to the polls in less than two weeks >> frankly any catholic votes for hillary clinton i would say, if i were a catholic i wouldn't be talking to them anymore.
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harris: more "outnumbered" on this friday. in just a moment let's go to jon scott what is happening second hour of "happening now." >> hey, harris. we're waiting for donald trump in manchester, new hampshire. he is making a run-through the battleground state. mike pence will join him later. we're waiting to hear about tim kaine rallying for hillary
9:51 am
clinton in tallahassee. kaine made controversial comment, commenting on the new clinton foundation details leaked by wikileaks. when asked about bill clinton's use of private jet, he told a local station, he is president and es entitled. most presidents do very, very well when they leave office. president obama will campaign with hillary clinton in florida. the race is toss-up by most associated press polls. clinton just added an event in arizona. she will be in phoenix on wednesday. 11 days to go. harris, back to you. harris: whoo who. thank you. >> donald trump making a new bid for catholic and evan -- evangelical voters after the leaked email showing clinton's communications director jennifer palmieri making offensive
9:52 am
comments about catholics and evangelicals and another email where the campaign chairman talked about rebelling against church doctrine. palmieri says she is catholic and didn't recognize the email. a catholic network is slamming emails that reflects about her own thinking about people of faith. >> she has to do more than apologize. no, that is her thinking. that is her staff. frankly if any catholic votes for hillary clinton, you know, i would say, if i were a catholic i wouldn't be talking to them anymore. she has been terrible in what she said and her thoughts toward catholics and to evangelicals. she was mocking evangelicals also. you would say why would an evangelical and catholic, almost you can say anybody of faith, in particular they were mentioned, evangelicals and catholics why would they vote for hillary clinton and how could they vote for hillary clinton? but that's her speaking, believe me.
9:53 am
>> so, melissa, do you think it is fair to take what palmieri said in email to apply it to hillary clinton? first of all i'm catholic and i was very offended by the comments. melissa: it is whole pattern of behavior. we saw the one israel depressing, wing nuts, everywhere, out of control. shows you that. that was in reference to netanyahu. there is disrespect throughout all. mails and mocking of anyone who has faith. find if you believe that way. you don't believe in god or religious person, through all these emails there is mocking. it is funny to me, this is group on the left, we're the party of tolerance. we're the ones, we embrace change. we embrace new people. harris: that is great point. melissa: they're intolerant of religious people. it is so hypocritical. harris: is there some polling shown these people who work in her campaign that the there is a loud cry from agnostics in this
9:54 am
country? i'm just curious to know how we got to the point where this was their conversation? >> literally a cheap shot against catholics. at one point she said catholicism is bastardizing christianity. sandra: he has right to step in to say something about that obviously that is news. eric, as somebody that supports donald trump how does do you think he does on this issue? how does he speak? does he do well? >> maybe not, with you, on thissish you clearly hillary clinton is at fault. this is her campaign. this is a high level spokesperson for clinton campaign suggest -- you're not just alienating catholics. you're alienating -- harris: question sandra is leading to, can he pick it up and turn it around and make it a win? >> you're alienating every person of faith, not just catholics. meghan: exactly what people think clintons think of catholics and evangelicals.
9:55 am
they're limousine liberals. i've been around politics my entire life. your staff is reflection what your beliefs are. this is 100% fact. i'm not surprised they believe this everyone of faith knows that liberals, specifically clintons have different impression and difficult kind of, i don't know how to describe it other than you can be tolerant of everything in this country except christianity and somehow okay -- >> and wing news. wing nuts clearly. melissa: make it a win by letting it speak for itself. sandra: let me remind you have very icy moment at al smith dinner he went apparently off script and she was sitting there not pretending to hate catholics in the room. harris: there was hush. >> that was ill-advised. that was one i could take a pen. harris: archbishop said coldest place in the planet. >> we'll leave it there. [laughter] you can run an errand.
9:56 am
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10:00 am
hit me up on facebook and twitter. harris: obamacare. sandra: you were so nice you signed a copy. harris: just like the picture. some people look different on the cover but you do. >> thanks. harris: have a great weekend. we're back on monday at noon eastern. "happening now." >> mr. trump going to the state that gave him his first primary win and could help him all the way to the white house. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> you need a supreme court that will stand up on behalf of women's rights. >> we need a supreme court in my opinion will uphold the second amendment. >> the next president will influence the court for decades to come. there are rumblings about block it is nominees for the next four years. plus, new revelations from the


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