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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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welcome can everything, this is your your you and if this is an october surprise, the surprise is we don't know what it impact will be. we know the fbi director is kind of hinting that the case that was closed with hillary clinton and sort of disavowing any criminal culpability on her part over a private serve and whether private inflammation information passed. kind of closed but kind of re-opened on separate examination of separate e-mailed that were obviously important enough and pert inept enough for the fbi directyear, james comey, to give a big shoutout via letter to all key committee chairman, in congress, that this
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might bear some attention again. i want to share something before i get to the impact here. the threat of the unknown and how wall street responded, when this first crossed the wires, at 1:10 p.m., the do dow immediatey tanked. interestingly enough the mexican peso did as well with the belief being that a certain outcome -- wall street abhors uncertainty, have been counting on a hillary clinton win. when that didn't look like such a sure thing and furthermore for those south of the border that a president trump wasn't out of the question, that currency sank, our stock sanked. they have stablizedded here but the damage is done because other lot of people don't know what is about to happen. certainly something that can't readily be resolved in the next 11 days before americans go to the polls and keep in mind millions already have. now to ed henry.
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with what the heck is going on? >> reporter: that's a great question. to answer it, it's really kind of a double-barreled october surprise from the fbi director, james comey. he is revealing he is investigating hillary clinton's handling of classified information yet again, but the second part of that its he is doing that because new e-mails emerged, according to an fbi source, who told me these separate sexting investigation of former congressman anthony weiner yielded these new e-mails. remember, he is the us of huma abedin, clip top's top aide who was interviewed by the fbi during the first phase of their investigation. all this stemming from comey early today as you mentioned, about 1:00 p.m. it broke, eastern time. she sent this her at the stunned members of congress. they're in reassess until the election. the said in connection with an unrelated case which we now forwards is the anthony weiner case -- the fbi learned of the
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existence of e-mailed that appear to be pertinent to the investigation, james comey wrote. i am writing to inform you the investigative team brief met on this yesterday and i agreed the fbi should take appropriate steps to allow investigators to review at the new e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information. now, let's look at the context here. james comey under intense pressure, after declining in july to press charges against hillary clinton, despite having the news conference, where he suggested that she was very sloppy in her handling of classified information. that led to a lot of outrage, not just on the outside among republicans but inside his building at the fbi, and outside in terms of retired fbi agents and former senior officials saying, they could not understand why james comey did not go fur forward with charges. remember anotherment element its president obama made public commented, including to chris wallace, that suggesting he believed there was no classified
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breach 0 here or mishappening of national security information by hillary clinton. that led donald trump and others to say there was something inappropriate going on here in terms of how it all played out. final point, the timing of this has caught the hillary clinton campaign offguard. they are furious, and john podesta, her campaign chairman who has been in the news for this hack of his e-mails, the wikileaks document dumps, that's been knocked out by john podesta saying he wants to see james comey put up or shut up, and explain exactly what he has. what new information he has. to explain to the american people why this is being basically reinvestigated 11 days before a major election. >> you know, it does sort of make you wonder of the timing of this. in the letter -- i reread this letter of now of tiles and talks about trying to determine whether they can obtain classified information as well to assess the importance to the investigation. the way you framed it.
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he was made aware of this, the present this file or whatever to him, he obviously examines it, reads is, ponders it, knows he ha to swallow his pride, embarrass himself to get back in touch with the same committee chairman who were furious at him to say, you know, so that alone tells me it's not just sort of a dismissive deal here. >> right. somebody who was very aware of the political calendar in james comey and made sure that he did this in july, and said, okay, folks, some people are not going to be happy but i look 59 it. did this in july help didn't do this on october 1st. you're absolutely right. even though he continuously said he is has tot den-year term so not about politicked. he is ware of the political calendar and got this out of the way. there was credit civil. there was pressure -- criticism and there was pressure but he thought it was over with, the clinton and trump camp payment thought it was over with team.
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big issue here in terms of timing is think about why john podesta and the clinton camp is so frustrated. even if they find, they're trying to find out whether there is classified information in the e-mailed. let's say five days from now they say there's no classified information, or 15 days from now, after the election. what good its that for human being can? either going to lose the election in part because of this or wins and she is under another cloud where donald trump and others are saying she won even though the fbi let her off the hock twice. this timing its extraordinary to say the least sky. >> which prompted podesta's remarks it's extraordinary that we see something like this 11 days out from a presidential election and goes on to say, was a have been reporting, for the director to immediately provide the full details what he is now conditioning. dope them the immediately is coming right now. >> yes. >> thank you, my friend. former republican governor, john
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sununu. what do you think of this? >> you used the right technical term. you said kind of hinting. this letter was kind of hitting, and i don't think it's going to go anywhere legally. it might but i doubt it. and i think republicans have to be careful because in or two othree days you may get a comey, never mind, but it does provide a political reality, and in the context of the wikileaks e-mails that are out there i think the republicans ought to put is as part of the culture of corruption that is involved in the clinton operation. >> do you think this will be resolved one way or the other in a few days? >> i doubt it. i doubt it. but there is always the possibility. and you must operate at if there is a possibility. and that is why i suggest that the focus be on the climate of corruption that's adds to and that the climate of corruption that starts at the clintons go toes the democratic national
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committee, where they stuck it to bernie -- and it's really oozing down to local campaigned. i have a sound running for governor and the democratic candidate wouldn't discuss irvs associated with the certain contract and re-open them. nobody could figure it out. and then the found out he took 40,000 decide from the people that took it. there's a culture of corruption that perfect e permeates the democratic process across the country. they're attacking candidates on personal things and the clintons have empowered this. >> now, you're quite right, always a possibility that the director comes forward and says, i've conditioned this and tried to be aware thief calendar and the time it is resolved. even if that is not the case, the fact of the matter is, it was through an outside case that these e-mails came to light and i would imagine, governor, americans who look as this who might not be in the weeds as you and i might be, they just look at this and say, this again. it's a separate investigation.
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into someone else and just seems like very complicated weeds, and all going back to the same issue of trust. >> just think 0 of what you're saying if the clip tops may have become immune to all the corruption because there's so much corruption. the republicans have to deal with that. they have to put it into context and have to talk specifically. and this bill clinton inc. e-mail that came out from band is to me the. classic smoking gun, if you will, on how the clintons -- >> let me ask you, i know it's is a political year. but we're learning as well, governor, the white house indicated that it was not given any heads up on this fbi announcement, nor was anyone at the state department, nor apparently any clinton campaign officials. what do you make of all of that? >> i think there's at least a
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little component of cover your butt in it, and i think the director comey has to deal with certainly a large number of fbi agents who thought the mishandled the other one and i think he is just trying to -- as part of this, thought the should do it the way you describe, without notifying anybody, so that he is not accused of having given them advance warning. >> thank you, governor, good having you again. the clinton campaign reaction now from jennifer griffin with the campaign in des moines, iowa, right now. jennifer, what are they saying? >> reporter: well, neil, we have just received a campaign statement from john podesta who called on'm fbi direct york james comey to release the information that he has as soon as possible to go through e-mails and reminded people back on july-after the july 4th july 4th weekend when comey came forward and after hillary clinton had been interviewed, that he said there was not
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enough evidence at that time to press charges, and i have just spoken to a law enforcement source and i understand that these devices that we're talking about, that the fbi has seized, are from anthony weiner, and so far there is nothing on those devices that shows any classified information. it's important to point out also that the investigation was never closed, and that the fbi agents had an ongoing investigation. they were looking at wikileaks revelations. they were also involved, of course, in the anthony weiner sexting case which could bring federal charges, and fbi director comey was made aware that they had come across some new information on weiner's devices, and as a result, that statements he made to the congress when asked by republican congressmen about whether through was anymore evidence he felt he needed to revise that. so this is not a reopening of the case based on the fact they
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found classified information yet, and that it is why such an angry response right now from the clinton campaign who clearly feels they've been blindsided. also point to important oust that huma abedin is traveling with hillary clinton today. she was onboard the plane. she always travels with hillary clinton. she is her closest aide. they sit in a separate section of the plane and when hillary clinton traversed out of the plane and the pool reporters, the traveling press, shouted questions at her, she did not respond. she smiled and waved and then at that peach in sed are rapids did nod make any mention of this news that the fbi was now taking another look at her e-mails, her dealing with classified information. back to you, neil. >> jennifer, were any of them worried or get a sense -- obviously for comey this would be embarrassing as well if something for which he said is done. i'm going to move on, you're right, never closed an investigation. i understand it but for him too
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even talk about, look, i have other information, other e-mails that obviously forced him to change his mind a bit here and swallow a little crow, he -- it was obviously important enough to do that and affect him. they must sense there's something here that prompted this. >> reporter: there's a lot of head scratching from clinton campaign officials who i have spoken to and those who are close to the clinton campaign, a lot of head scratching because, a., they were not given any heads up. this is out of the blue to them. and b., they really felt that the case was closed. that was the implication and the indication that they had from the director of the fbi himself. so, this is -- they're demanding -- the clinton campaign its demanding if the fbi director has something, that hey release it before the election and not leave people hanging with just 11 days to go.
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>> thank you. very, very much. that is the question, whether he will be doing that. we'll be hearing from rnc chairman reince priebus on what he might know and what its below telegraphedded here. a big enough deal for thefish director to swallow a little pride here and say about atlanta so-called concluded investigation -- well, not quite. also, following other developments right now in chicago, an american airlines aircraft blowing a tire a few minutes ago at chicago's o'hare international airport, aborted a take you've and the passengers were removed. everybody appears to be okay. but a scary time on a crazy day. and it's not done. more after this.
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fbi has just sent a letter to congress informing them that
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they have discovered new e-mails pertaining to the former secretary of state, hillary clinton, investigation. and they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatened the security of the united states of america. >> that was from donald trump. minutes after hearing that indeed james comey had written a letter to all key committee chairman on security and overall measures like these. to say that this is the start of something big of we should stress the white house doesn't see things that way. the white house indicating today it was not given a heads up on this, nor anyone at the state department, nor pin in the clinton come pain but a spokesman for the president saying i don't think is in hag surfaces to change the president's union opinions and views of secretary clinton, the
1:19 pm
president was in route to orlando to speak on her behalf at a campaign event. reince priebus with us right now. they're saying no big deal, reince, you're saying what? >> well, of coursing coursing tt they're going to say that. you wouldn't have james comey write to all of the heads of these investigative committees to say that he is amending his testimony where he testified that the case was closed, only now to say that in fact the case is open, and that they found e-mails that may be pertinent to the case. he wouldn't say may be pertinent unless they were pertinent. somebody handed off this material. james comey didn't find the material himself. some agent came to james comey and said, here's what we found, and my guess is that it's pretty serious, and that it wouldn't have happened today if it wasn't. >> allot of these e-mails came in relation to a separate case
1:20 pm
involving anthony weiner and the sexting charges against him of underage women. so, maybe it's part of that he just reviewed them and said, before i write off up owith include i'm out in made aware of these other, to your point, pertinent e-mails of so might not be a big matter, but the fact that he is giving them a aheads up you say, makes it a big matter? >> well, yeah. why else? i saw podesta's statement, and i think his statement actually makes our point even further, which is why would an fbi director inform the entire highest levels of our congressional leadership in these particular areas of this matter if it wasn't something extraordinarily serious. >> why would he fifth all of them a heeds heads up and not anyone at the state attend, and not for example, anyone at the white house, no one in the
1:21 pm
clinton organization? >> i don't know what -- i don't know what the protocols are at the fbi, but obviously he wouldn't have done it if it wasn't big, and secondly, hillary clinton shouldn't have gotten away with it in the fit place. james comey laid out a case of gross gemming against hillary clinton and if you read the statute -- there constitutional argue. s the eye way but if you read the statute it says i you violate this statute you're not eligible to hold federal office, in this country. it's one of the penalties for violating the -- >> what did you think of what paul ryan -- >> giving away state zika celts. >> paul ryan said any of these security briefings that presidential candidates get every couple of week shed shouldn't be getting them but that she is -- what do you think of that, surprise amazing security. >> paul ryan is correct. and as we know' paul ryan is very careful and doesn't just throw off statements. we have learn that about paul ryan, and so the fact that paul ryan has now weighed in and said
1:22 pm
hillary clinton should not be eligible for these briefings, for these security briefings, tells you loot about what people like paul ryan and others on the hill think of hillary clinton. she can't be trusted with the presidency. that's clear. but more importantly, it's what we have been saying all along. she should have never gotten april with this in the first place and now 11 days before the election, we know that the fib director is come back can and saying, time-out, this investigation is open,what i saw month ago, and -- >> you're right -- >> inflames -- >> not resolved anytime soon. thank you very much. we tried to reach his counterpart, donna brazill. they did not get back to us. right now the fallout in the markets for a while, crazy.
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11 days out from the election and things changed. an october surprise that surprised everyone the fbi re-opening the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private server while secretary of state after discovering new e-mails. this isn't wikileaks stuffs or stuff that came up post the investigation. apparently it came up during a probe of former congressman anthony weiner's sexting case, in a stunning turn of events here that was just part of the discovery in that case but these e-mails came to right. fbi agents forwarded them to the director, james comey had a chance to review them, and in a review in that investigation concluded he should reach out to key committee chairman in congress to let them know. i might have to go into this again. california republican congressman darrell issa member,
1:27 pm
a member of the house judiciary committee getting thes up. what is interesting about that, sir, is that there was no heads up granted to anyone at the state department, to anyone at the white house or anyone the clinton campaign. what do you make of that? >> well, based on what we have seen leaking out through wikileaks they probably were informed and well fine that out years from now. think what most interesting is what we appear to have are e-mails not previously seen by the director, not seen in the investigation, and i think the american people have to ask, after four years, after hillary clinton left office, why is it she hasn't turned over the documents she was required to leave at the state department by law when she left. >> what would i bet or what do you think it could be? i don't want you to just speculate itch understand that's tough. but that would change the directyear's mine or have him do a pride swallowing about-face
1:28 pm
here? >> it's hard to come up with the specifics. what i think we can safely know is it a not just more e-mails because you can read those and make a decision. it has to be some information that is going to cause them to have to reach out to individuals, subpoena people, do depositions, something that would take a while because if it was just reading and evaluating e-mails and saying we have a few thousand more to add, they would have done that in a one-day announcement. so i do know in my heart that this is going to go on past the election because there have to be individuals who now need to be either examined or reexamined. >> that would cloud potentially hillary clinton herself? >> well, wouldn't want to speculate but again, she -- >> she was interviewed by the fbi already. and prior to the july 5th july 5th announcement on mr. comey's part he wasn't going
1:29 pm
to recommend the justice department take any further action. that was based after only days earlier talking to-miles-an-hour christian i christian -- to mrs. clip top. at the very least, probable possibly has to revisit that. this could be a met. >> certainly a mess created by hillary clinton. she broke the law. a law that she advised others to obey when she was secretary. she destroyed 30,000 documents, many of which were recovered but apparently not all. and she continues to essentially not cooperate. even though she says she cooperates, i think the fact is that if she wanted to get this behind her, she could have done it when i sent her a letter asking about, well, she was still secretary, about whether she had a private e-mail, notifying her once again that there was a requirement not to do it on private e-mail and for every e-mail that inned a vert tently becomes private they have to be made public to the state
1:30 pm
department and left there. had she done what she knew she should have done she wouldn't be in this position. had she come clean early on she wouldn't be in this position. and according to what you're saying, had her chief aide, huma an den -- had her husband done what she should do he won't have those on this devices. >> what does that tell you, in a situation like this, this could all turn on the basis of a sexting investigation into a form united states congressman? >> well, that may be good for the news but to me the fact that president obama was e-mailing back and forth to her private e-mail and then he comes to my own district and says there hasn't been a single major scandal in his administration, might be a better point. this is a major scandal, and it's a scandal of the making of hillary clinton. it's a scandal that didn't have to be because all she had to do was obey the law when she left
1:31 pm
congress -- left the state department, and it wouldn't have happened. it's not too late for her to essentially stop digging a hole, but i suspect she'll continue to provide information only when she has to, only when it's found in other places. that's been a pattern of her whole life. >> congressman, we'll see. again, the hillary clinton campaign said that that they might have been sloppy. they did nothing illegal but today's developments could put a new wrinkle on that. i in the meantime, this is such a big story and is changing literally by the minute a good thing we're live tomorrow 10 al-to noon following up on the develops of dismiss following up on your money developments as well because there were clear connections between what the stock market was doing, within seconds of hearing this, and then what the mexican peso was doing. within seconds of hearing this. suddenly a trump campaign that seemed silly and going nowhere,
1:32 pm
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waiting to hear from donald trump, this time campaigning in maine the only tate that splits its electrovotes there, apportioned the most to the winner and the second most to whoever gets the second round of votes but all of this on a day that might have been a gift to his campaign. and stop hillary clinton's advance in key states. mostly that at a minimum the impact of this latest e-mail revelation and the fact that james comey, the fbi director, has essentially reopened things here or at least looking into expanding that server issue of hillary clinton and what didn't get out. john and gary, we're looking at the money angle here itch want to show everybody again something that shows how quickly wall street sizes -- seizes on something. 1:10 p.m. the top circle when this e-mail probe just came out,
1:37 pm
stocks tanked. so did the mexican peso. wall street doesn't like the unexpected. this was unexpected. it already factored in, i think it's safe to say, hillary clinton victory, whether they liked it or not. that's what they were planning on, this they didn't see happening. did they react too quickly? gary? >> the market's been very quiet for 37 days. we have seven trading days left waiting for the election supposedly a certainty for clinton and then everything changes in a nanosecond. that's howl you get the reaction from certainty to uncertainty and then see the dow dump 130 do 150-points before you can say boo. the other part of the equation is the easy my equation. you have one candidate that will keep yellen, keep the easy money and another one that said they were fire janet yellen and get away from the ease use money and markets have been addicted to it so i think that's of consequence
1:38 pm
today and you saw what happened very quickly. >> it's not a matter of red or blue. what gary is saying, it's green. sometimes wall street is used to things a certain way and doesn't like change. >> i think the fbi revelation is certainly a big surprise. a little bit less surprising is that stocks tanked on the news. there's been a lot of evidence so far in the cycle but donald trump's chances have improved, the equity markets, not just in the u.s. bull globally have followen. a recent paper that looked at a study of that. there's a policy rationale for that. donald trump has spoken against trade. he hays spoken in favor of raising tariffs significantly on china. tariffs are like taxes. in and has spoke spoken about renegotiating nafta. >> if all of a sudden something like this, the sun certainty, markets would be crazy nuts by
1:39 pm
the end of the day. they kind of ended the day where they again, after all another of that whip sawing do you see that as a market still doubting he is going to win or preparing for that? which is it? >> i think that's right. i think that if you look at prediction markets, donald trump only improved by seven percent or so-so he remains still having roughly a 20% probability of get egg electricitied. so i think his odds remain low even though he is improving -- >> time taking a bet here. i think they dramatically improved today but could i be wrong. one thing that makes me say this is this comment by senator chuck grassley on comb's decision to do this, he goes on to say about comey, senator grassley, left a lot more questions than answers for both the fbi and secretary clinton. congress and the public deserve more -- what the fbi plans to do with the evidence.
1:40 pm
presume bailiff that would be pretty weighty stuff for the director do what he did. so let's say we learned that there was big reason and substantial reasons for him to do what he did today, and that it could turn this election. then what? >> substantial news will change the election, and just. remember, it's knot just about the presidential side. it was supposedly a lock also that the dems would get the senate. that may be off the table even though the republicans probably going to keep the house. big news is big news and way have seen over the last few months momentum change swiftly and huge. no intended, from one to the other. so, i would not count out anything. i got to tell you, it's friday. we haven't another ten days, ten days assever long time in politicked and can promise you one thing, the republicans are going to be running ads 24/7 starting tonight and all the races and it is going to definitely change the scenario.
1:41 pm
>> gentlemen, thank you very much. good weighing in on this. we know to gary's point is that it's still another few days to go in this wonderful month here so we could still see more october surprises. we're in november, surprise because we got time for that as well. surprise. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. and better than that diabetes pill i used to take.
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the president moments ago just touching down in orlando, florida, going to a campaign event on behalf of hillary clinton here. hillary clinton herself earlier today in iowa, didn't even mention this development on the part of james comey, want to reassess pert inept e-mails, he called them. kevin cork has the latest from the white house. we're developed the who is didn't get a heads up neither did anyone at the state department or anyone at the hillary clinton campaign so i guess it was at face value operation secret.
1:45 pm
right? >> yeah. at face value. i think it would be fair to say a lot of people around here skeptical about that. the white house saying all the rights things, we learned about it in the press just like the rest of you guys itch find that hard to believe but does beg the question what did directyear comey find out that made him ultimately eat a little crow perhaps and open the investigation involving secretary clinton. you may recall, back a few monkeys oohing he said she was extremely careless but not reckless and proclaiming the bureau would not indict clinton. today i decided to ask the president at he was making his way over to marine one issue shouted a question and said do you have any reaction to he reopening of the case. he didn't say word but his spokesman had plenty to say. the principal deputy white house press secretary saying the president's expectation is that all fbi efforts follow the facts wherever they lead. the went on ad the president
1:46 pm
believes decisions made by independent prosecutors mt. be made independently of politics. lastly saying i don't thing anything has surfaced to change the president's views and opinions of secretary clinton. now in case you're wondering, might he say something about this? no dice. not tonight. ate going to all be about how great sect christian -- secretary clinton she and is how she would continue the obama legacy, legacy which gets a lot more complicated should she lose in less than two weeks. >> kevin a lot of democratic operatives with whom i have been speaking on this news, well, to their sense is that most people looking at this, it's in the weeds, kind of complicated, something about a server, whether it was classified stuff. so, more of the same. think that's what they're saying. most americans say more of the same and it won't register and hence no need on the part of either clintonites or those at the white house to respond because people don't care.
1:47 pm
are they being a little cav veer about -- cavalier about it? >> if you look at it objectively you have to say they're probably on to something. if you ore a die-hard clip top supporter will this make you not vote for her? probably not. still going to get in there and pull the lever for her but what i think is interesting is the small sliver of voters, the so-called independents to swing voter inside these swing states, i think it's relevant and i think a lot of people would like to hear more from director comey about exactly what is out there. you heard john podesta talking about that. that could have a major impact for them but if you're a died in the wool democrat doesn't move the needle at all. >> thank you, kevin cork at the white house. the president in orlando today. you're looking at air fort one or will be -- air force one, or you will be shortly, arriving in orlando. we're getting from jennifer griffin that according to a
1:48 pm
well-placed source the fbi actually has in its possession four devices, one belonging to clip top aide, huma abedin and at least one of the others belonging to her husband, anthony weiner. of course, they are separating right now. it is still very much a married couple for the time being. this has to concern a sexting case involving the former congressman, and whether he was sexting an underwage woman but this came up in the course of that investigation. can you say mess? after this. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies,
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you ever wonder how it is
1:52 pm
that no one -- no one at the clinton campaign was given a heads up, no one at the white house was given a heads up, no one at the state department given a heads up on this. tom, i was wondering if maybe they are concerned about loose lips and getting words out. i'm thinking the time bill clinton hopped on loretta lynch's plane to chat. maybe they were concerned about that. what do you make of that? >> i don't think make much of it. i think the director's hand was forced by the revelations earlier this week in "the wall street journal" that his top deputy was essentially through his wife on the payroll of terry mccullough. >> you think this is all linked to that? >> i don't think any of this is voluntary. i think the director's hand was forced here. he had an internal rebellion
1:53 pm
from fbi agents, former and current. he couldn't stand in the way anymore. >> the rebellion -- it's a given, more reason for him to swallow his pride and have to do an about face, that's director comey, he would have to have been presented with new stuff that would push him to do that. right? not just a rebellion. >> this is a terrible situation for mrs. clinton. the fbi comes off looking as the keystone cops. that's charitable. why hadn't they gotten abedin's computer devices prior to this time? abedin had an e-mail account on the clinton e-mail server. the only state department official other than her that we are aware of other than hillary clinton to have an account on this system. we know classified material was in her e-mails, abedin's e-mails through our litigation. yet it's only recently they go looking for e-mails at her home or on her devices? what was the fbi doing? they waited so long to ask these
1:54 pm
key questions. >> that's a very -- >> comey has a lot of questions to answer. >> we're told this came on because there's a separate investigation against her estranged husband, anthony wiener, a sexting investigation. this came up in the course of that. do you buy that? >> no. i believe the documents were there for the taking as a result of the investigation. >> in other words, she could have been communicating with him and compromised material came over? >> i think they seized the devices in the course of the investigation of wiener. but they should have seized them for other reasons. >> they have four devices. assume that one each from abedin and the congressman -- former congressman. >> if you were the adviser, key adviser to the secretary of state and you had a secret -- were on her secret e-mail system and there were records showing you were getting classified
1:55 pm
information, every computer that you and your family owned would be in the custody of the federal government and the fbi would have taken it all. the fact they hadn't done it until recently raises additional questions about what the fbi was doing and the compromised, corrupted investigation by the fbi and the justice department into hillary clinton who is a favored person in terms of any investigation by this administration. we are in a crisis right now as a result of what mrs. clinton did and what the compromised co-conspirators in the obama administration have done for her. now we have this mess a few days before the election. it isn't fair to the voter. frankly, it isn't fair to hillary clinton that they are throwing this stuff out there at the last minute without any further detail to help voters or even mrs. clinton defend herself at this -- >> you are right about this. apparently, they were exercised over how to go about this, we are learning from our washington office. the debate was going something
1:56 pm
like this. do we do it now or do we do it later? that was a tough question. the decision was made to inform the committee now about what they had, because they didn't want to be accused of holding information that could have been pertinent to the investigation and then have to inform congress after election day. so they were doing -- if that's to be believed. >> i hear all this. it just reconfirms why comey should have nothing to do with this anymore. why there needs to be some type of independent counsel or special counsel which is allowed under the regulations of the justice department. there's got to be a new -- we have to have a fresh eyes on this whole scandal. this is going to take place whether or not mrs. clinton is elected. i guarantee there will be a special counsel. and a criminal investigation no matter who wins the presidency. >> i think you could be right about that. thank you, tom, very much.
1:57 pm
>> you are welcome. we will be all over this tomorrow. we are live 10:00 a.m. eastern time right through noon. the fallout from all of this is something that is not only a surprise but could change the shape of this election forever. see you then.
1:58 pm
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this is a fox news alert. tremendous breaking news today coming out of the fbi e-mail investigation into hillary clinton's server. we are waiting now -- trump will come out in maine. here he is. looks like he is coming to the stage. we will take his comments and see if he makes remarks regarding this bombshell news that was released in a statement by comey today. he did mention it earlier in the day at a prior rally. here is trump now. >> thank you. thank you. maine. maine. thank you.


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