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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 29, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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now. but karl rove, thank you very very much. we've on this and we'll continue to be on it, on monday both on fox business and fox news, if it matters to you, it matters to us. see you then. >> the hillary clinton campaign in defense mode on two fronts today over brand-new revelations the democratic presidential candidate's e-mails. one front, wikileaks, the other front coming at her from huma abedin's disgraced husband, anthony weiner. >> donald trump pouncing on the news, calling it the biggest political scandal since watergate. we're on the trail with the candidate in the battleground state of colorado. and since 19 million americans have already voted. >> in early absentee and mail in ballots, we're in florida and
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we'll ask them if this new revelation changes anything. good saturday to you and, wow, what a busy saturday it is and will prove to be. it's not even half over yet. i'm leland vittert. welcome. a fox news alert, a bombshell development that could reshape the 2016 race now just 10 days before election day. the fbi is restarting their investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail use while secretary of state. now the fbi is investigating anthony weiner, the estranged husband of top clinton aide huma abed abedin. never a dull moment. >> the strangest political
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season just got stranger. yesterday we're hearing about thousands of e-mails now it's tens of thousands, that raidses questions about how thorough the original investigation was, but people close to fbi director james comey tell me he feels like he was in an impossible situation. his new investigation into anthony weiner found these clinton e-mails. waiting until after the election, he would have been criticized. comey said in july no charges were pending, but there was evidence of a potential violation of law, team clinton thought the worst had passed, clinton under fire again, challenged comey to put up or shut up, reveal what he has. while republican tray gaudi says it's pretty rare for a presidential nominee to call for transparency. >> we are calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has.
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>> she is the author of her own destiny. everything that's happened since then is the natural probable consequence of deciding you're going to have a rogue e-mail system. >> remember what we learned from wikileaks just a couple of stays ago, as the e-mail story first broke in march 2015. john podesta wrote, did you have any idea of the depth of this story? look who the campaign manager responded? nope, we brought up the existence of e-mails in research this summer, but we're told that everything was taken care of. so it suggested there she was keeping her own people in the dark. nonetheless, democratic lawmakers, elijah cummings and john conyers are saying today in fairness to everyone involved, we're writing to the fbi request, that the fbi department of justice issue a more complete accounting of the details hind this letter. in terms of the timing, guys, a former fbi official told me last
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night, if she were going to be transparent, why didn't she release her e-mails a long time ago. >> why was congress notified and also although there's criticism, there has to be something, you're reporting there's tens of thousands of e-mails. >> i spoke to a former senior fbi official who told me, look, having done a lot of these types of investigations, he believes that there had to be among these tens of thousands of e-mails at least some of them going back and forth to hillary clinton, we don't know that for a fact, i want to be clear. but he said that, because he said, look, they go through the anthony weiner investigation, they find tens of thousands of e-mails, but if it was huma abedin doing yoga or something
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else, they said we have to talk to you again. but this former fbi official told me, since there's so much pressure on comey and he was drawn up to congress in july about all of this. there has to be something that touches hillary clinton that made him say, this is serious number one, and number two, i got to go back to these lawmakers and say clinton's name as popped up. because if her name did not pop-up in fairness, how do you drag this out now 11 days, now ten days before the election, so that's a guess, but an educated guess according to the fbi official i spoke to. >> the clinton campaign wants the fbi to release all the information it has. john podesta says that's extraordinary coming so close to the election. mike emanuel, just getting ready to hop on the clinton campaign plane about to take off for florida. so you can imagine the folks
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getting on in the front of the cabin of that plane are not exactly having smiles on their faces this morning. >> leland, not at all, they are still stunned about the news released yesterday. reporters are down on the tarmac, waiting for her to roll up, we'll see if she has anything to say to reporters on her way on to the plane. here's what we pieced together on the investigation into these e-mails, we know they were on a lap top that belonged to disgraced former congressman anthony weiner, and his estranged wife huma abedin. she was on the trip yesterday when hillary clinton went to iowa when the fbi announced that it was taking a closer look, that e-mails had surfaced that they believed were pertinent to the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the clinton campaign surrogates are essentially saying, well, agent of they duplicates that have already been turned over to
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investigators, but a close source told my producer jake gibson that there's no way they can prove that, the fbi has not gone through all the e-mails yet. and so out of an abundance of caution, director comey felt the need to come out with this and say things have changed and we need to take a closer look at them. >> what have you been able to piece together from the campa n campaign, are they in panic mode? are they in crisis mode? or are they completely still in shock, less than 24 hours after this. give us a sense of how this campaign is handling this. >> reporter: my sense is they're shocked. hillary clinton and her team announced that she's going to go to republican arizona next week, that's how good they felt about their chances before all this happened. on the flight to iowa when the
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news broke is doing a call this hour with reporters so we may have some update from them. but what we have heard from the campaign is they are trying to do their very best to press fbi director james comey to release the information, to come forward with anything they have at this point, because just is suspicion of something funny in those e-mails, reopening the investigation is damaging just ten days before election day, and we're in the midst of early voting across the country, so the clinton campaign is clearly i larged by the timing of this. the fbi is not known for saying a lot when they are investigating, but after doing a news conference this summer saying the investigation has wrapped, comey felt obligated to send a note to political to tap lawmakers to say we have some more investigating to do. so now the clinton campaign is obviously concerned with the timing so close to election day. >> we'll get to florida and those early voters, but for to long huma abedin and hillary
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clinton have been inseparable, always in that private cabin, all the way in front, in front of most of the staff on the plane you're getting on right now. do we know if huma abedin is going to be on the plane today or not? >> reporter: we have not seen her just yet, she does travel quite frequently, as you mentioned, a second daughter to secretary clinton, those who on the plane last night, say the staff seem to be protective of abedin, obviously alarmed by the news, trying to make sure that she was okay with this breaking development in the midst of this presidential campaign. it would not be surprising to see her on the plane after last night's headline, it would not be surprising if perhaps she took a day to get through the shock of what's going down in terms of the investigation into these e-mails. >> not surprising, but perhaps telling, when you figure it out, shoot us a quick e-mail and we'll get the word out.
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thank you. >> reporter: you bet, thank you. donald trump has been using this investigation to restart his campaign, he addressed three crowds yesterday, starting each speech talking about the e-mail investigation, how it's proof, he's saying that the system maybe isn't as rigged as he's complained for so long that it is. in boulder, colorado, just outside of denver where trump is expected in a few hours for a rally. >> reporter: there is an old saying in politics, when your opponent is down, keep your foot on his or her neck. and that's exactly what donald trump plans to do in the next few days as he barn storms the mountain states and the desert southwest here over the course of this weekend. and here's something else that clearly would be giving the hillary clinton campaign fits this morning. it's the latest abc news tracking poll, they have been doing this since the 23rd of october. this has gone from donald trump being 12 points down to now
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being just 2 points down. hillary clinton leads 47 to 45, donald trump has made up ten points in just the last seven days, and that trajectory for any presidential candidate is quite remarkable. a number of battleground states have also been tightening as well as there's been talking about the wikileaks investigation, and what was going on in the clinton campaign. doug band apparently getting bill clinton rich off his connections with the clinton foundation. donald trump plans on hammering that hard here in colorado and again in arizona later on today and certainly his support es are responding to this. >> the fbi after discovering new e-mails, is reopening their investigation into hillary clinton.
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the investigation is the biggest political scandal since watergate and it's everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered. >> reporter: now this does present an interesting contradiction for donald trump because for the last several weeks he's been out there on the campaign trail complaining that the entire system is rigged against him, the election system, the polls, is rigged against him. which he had to walk back in new hampshire when all this broke. listen to this. >> the system is rigged, but with what i've just announced previously, it might not be as rigged as i thought, right?
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the fbi, i think they're going to right the ship, folks. >> reporter: now in addition to the battle ground states that he's going to be hitting today, and that's colorado, arizona and nevada, donald trump also plans on going to new mexico tomorrow and then he's going to spend a day in michigan on monday, those are traditionally blue states, but the trump campaign tells me that they have got internal polling that the race is up, and that donald trump is only 3 points behind in michigan. this could be a little bit of a head fake, donald trump might go there because he's close anyways, just to try to draw hillary clinton's campaign away. but with donald trump being as far behind as he is in the fundraising compared to the clinton campaign, he's really not in a position to spend money where it's not necessary. so maybe this is real. >> you also have to figure you'll see how the travel
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schedules shape up in the next few days. john roberts on the trail, wherever they end up, thanks, john. let's break this all down with peter nicholas with "the wall street journal," he's been covering the hillary clinton campaign extensively. a lot to break down here today. i want to ask you first and foremost, we saw both sides seize on the opportunity, asking the director of the fbi for more information, something that we typically don't see in an investigation. that being said, how does the next ten days look for both of these campaigns as they try to get more information? >> this is the last thing that hillary clinton wanted to be talking about. in july, fbi director comey said this investigation was closed. that was a welcome development for her. she wants to stay on the positive direction for her can dpas i. and it's something she can exploit after the election. now we have e-mails injected back into the conversation, we
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have anthony weiner and the sexting scandal that's been reintroduced so this is the last thing she expected. so you can see the anger and the outrage on the part of her campaign chairman john podesta and hillary clinton herself. >> when we heard this initially, as i said, she had wanted more information, this is something she doesn't want regardless. there's only ten days left, she has an honesty and a trust issue, when we see the fbi director coming out with new information, we wouldn't release that information for no reason at all. >> it's possible that these e-mails may just be duplicates of the e-mails the fbi has already reviewed but it doesn't sound like the fbi really knows, they want to look into this, they want to see what else is there, it's possible it could have implications for the investigation. what comey is saying is maybe it was premature to close the investigation if there's new information out there.
9:16 am
he wants to cover himself, cover the fbi and review this and not being accused after the fact that having sat on this material and not having brought this before congress and the american people and let them know before election day. it's a confusing and unexpected issue and a strange twist in an election year. we don't know if comey and the fbi will go along here with requests for more information, but the pressure is only going to build on him. >> when we look at the trajectory of the race and the polls we can make predictions, but there are 17 million people who have already cast their ballots. with all those undecided voters going forward, what does this mean for them? >> there's a couple of theories there, one possibility is that this is already baked into the cake, the e-mail issue has been thoroughly discussed. >> are they fatigued? >> it could mobilize or energize her republican base, voters who
9:17 am
had not thought they would turn out for donald trump might be like, you know what? i've just had it with the clintons, had it with this e-mail issue, it could make a difference on down ballot races, it could make a difference in states like ohio and florida. it's a pretty bombshell development. >> to elaborate just slightly. the fact that there are republicans who were speaking out who we didn't hear from before who were saying maybe they were going to vote for donald trump but neutral but not giving an endorsement of him. but now we're starting to see them come out and say listen, we can't have this in the white house. >> this reminds voters of what, some things they disliked during the clinton era. a penchant for secrecy, perhaps, an unwillingness to share information, perhaps entitlement. so this resurrects some of these issues. as i said, it might energize republican voters and could make
9:18 am
a difference at the margins in some of the swing states. that said, the polls have shown a pretty solid hillary clinton lead leading up to election day, and it's not clear that the trajectory of this campaign will be altered by this development. >> i wish we had time to break down some more of the wikileaks, but we will certainly have you back. and this e-mail scandal continues to develop, we're covering all angles of this new hillary clinton e-mail investigation. on monday we will have bob goodlatte, 11:00 a.m. eastern, media buzz tomorrow, howard kurt sits down with kellyanne conway who's had a lot to say about this, donald trump's vice presidential nominee, mike pence, plus chris wallace has an exclusive interview with
9:19 am
congressman noonez. as always, keep it right here on fox news channel for all the latest election news leading up to our special live coverage all day election day, that is tuesday, november 8. coming up after the break, we're going to speak about some controversial ballot initiatives involving gun control and whether they're going to motivate voters to come out to the polls. >> another issue on the ballot, whether or not we take action to end gun violence. >> we are going to save something that is under tremendous stress, we're going to state of your second amendment. plus after spending more than five years dealing with drought, millions of americans living in this part of the country are now facing flash floods. we're going to tell you where, coming up. >> it's literally like driving
9:20 am
through solid rain. it's like where is all this water going? like where is it supposed to go? and early voting is under way, we're going to take you to the polling station in the biggest battleground state of them all, florida. adam shapiro is in coral gables. >> reporter: we'll let you know what people are saying about the latest scandal around hillary clinton when we come back. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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a weather alert for you, heavy downpours have washed out roads and has drivers in central california to slow down. the city of modesto got three inches of rain in just two hours. officials say the flooding has caused a number of crashes due to slippery road conditions. stay safe out there. although election day is still ten days out, millions of americans have already cast their ballots. early voting is under way at a
9:25 am
number of big battleground states, including florida. how adam shapiro is in florida, one of the battle ground states. >> reporter: a great many of voters say it doesn't matter, because they made their minds up a long time ago. we're in coral gables, florida, this is south of miami. we're in miami-dade county, it's a democrat stronghold, so this is an issue on the minds of people coming here to vote. especially when you consider that turnout at this polling station, early turnout about 1,400 people a day is running about 2,000 people a day, so we're asking them out this latest information about hillary clinton and the fbi and what
9:26 am
they have to say about it. >> why am i not going to vote for her? >> reporter: yes. >> dishonesty and steering this country toward the socialist agen agenda. >> no, not at all, i know she's very capable and she's the one most qualified for this job. and it's a good opportunity for us to give her a chance for she would make history because she would be the first female president of the united states of america. >> i will still vote for her because she's a human being and they make mistakes. but who am i to cast against somebody who makes mistake and build them a little bit better, you know what i mean? >> reporter: a few hours ago, we interviewed a woman mary wright who had made up her mind to vote for donald trump, and this
9:27 am
latest information only re-enforced her decision. when you speak to voters who are voting early in this part of south florida, the majority are saying, i already made up my mind, this new information from the fbi either re-enforces my decision or has no impact whatsoever. >> adam shapiro live in florida. speaking of early voting, fox news has a correction to make, last night we made a mistake in our reporting about early voting in the state of indiana which began last tuesday. we reported that in louisiana, you can cancel out your early ballot any time by voting in person. the louisiana secretary of state's office contacted us to tell us this is absolutely not true. according to louisiana secretary of state, whether you vote early, by mail or in person in that state, your ballot cannot be changed once it is submitted. we stand corrected and of course apologize for the error.
9:28 am
now that we know that the fbi is taking another look at hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server, what happens next? we're going to take a closer look. and hillary clinton is on the defensive on the campaign trail telling the fbi to make the e-mails in question public. rich is standing by with the latest from the clinton campaign. >> reporter: elizabeth, democrats went from praising him to now calling his decisions mind boggling, fbi director james comey and his handing of the investigation, after this. g.
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you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. the fbi is examining a lap top shared by clinton aide huma abedin in connection with her
9:33 am
estranged husband in connection with e-mails sent to a minor. the number of e-mails are on the lap top are at least 1 million e-mails on that device. hi, rich. >> reporter: him clinton is soon on her way daytona beach, florida where she'll hold another campaign event. while that is going on, her campaign is aggressively responding to the fbi director, his decision to proceed with this investigation and then congress about it. john podesta is on a call right now, in it he says comey is light on facts, heavy on innuendo as to what americans would do with this information.
9:34 am
and the american people should not be kept in the dark and left to draw their own uninformed opinions. voters deserve to know the facts before they head to the polls. hillary clinton hasn't mentioned this much in her campaign stops. after those campaign events, she did cobble together a press conference, and she called for the director to divulge more information about this and whatever comes of this latest investigation, everything will be fine. >> we don't know the facts, which is why we're calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has. even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant. so let's get it out. >> and after he left congress, after losing the new york mayoral race, after a number of different times popping up
9:35 am
particularly in the "new york pos post", we all thought maybe we would stop hear about anthony weiner, and that's not the case. the reason they found these e-mails is because of their investigation into anthony wiener, who used a joint lap top with his estranged wife huma abedin, investigating his -- holding these events at least publicly at these events as if nothing's going on on the fbi front as her campaign and their allies push from behind the scenes against jim comey and his announcement. >> it is a position in the political conversation the fbi has spent a century trying to avoid. joining us now for insight,
9:36 am
former justice department official robert driscoll, nice to see you sir, as always. let's assume two facts in evidence, james comey ain't dumb. and he's well aware of the political bombshell he set off just days before the election, what's the calculus? >> i think the calculus director comey is taking is the blow back he's taking now from democrats is less than the blow back he would take if this was released after the election. if this is just duplicate e-mails, he would take a lot of heat for raising this before the election. i don't think he would do that if the accusation would be far worse for the fbi if they could be accused of covering it up for the last 11 days. >> these e-mails from huma abedin's computer that she shared with anthony weiner, you
9:37 am
think about this, you put 40 agents into a room and you say look, guys, nobody leaves this room until you answer me these questions, are there any e-mails in here that we have seen or are there any e-mails in here that significantly change this case? that doesn't take that long. why didn't that happen or you think it did happen before comey came out with this letter? >> i would hope it happened. but in private practice, we have deduplication programs, you can compare e-mails and immediately throw out the duplicates, so it should be a matter of a couple of key strokes and some computer time to find out if those e-mails match those that have already been reviewed. director comey isn't a dumb guy and those steps would have been taken before he would have done something like this. >> there's reporting out there that the attorney general tried to tell director comey not to do this, saying look, the fbi and the justice department do not
9:38 am
get involved in political showmanship, essentially. we try our best not to influence elections, the fbi has a long history of not doing that, holding indictments, solding s&p s&p -- holding subpoenas. does that jibe with how the justice department works? >> when attorney general lynch, when director comey put out his statement before clearing clinton of the charges, she said it didn't have any impact on the investigation and wouldn't even talk about it. now it seems they weighed in the other way. it seems to contradict what general winn said before. in terms of history, it's different. but cap lyburger was indicted
9:39 am
three days before the election. it's not wildly unprecedented that some legal action can take place coming up to an election. >> what's the percentage that you put on that in the next week, we hear another james comey press conference where he says here's what we have? >> i think he'll come out with more. i think both sides have asked him for more, the pressure to find out the security issue with the carlos danger and anthony weiner e-mails, why was she using that lap top if she had secure state department lap tops. the whole reason the guidelines exist is for this not to happen. i think he's aware of the politics of this and he knows that the american people have a right to know this. >> and in fairness, we don't know if any of the e-mails on the lap top were classified or if they were state department
9:40 am
e-mails, more of that to come. liz? after the break, while gun control may send more voters to the polls on november 8. we'll explain. and for residents who struggle from freedom. we're going to be speaking with general jack keane on the fight against isis. you can run an errand.
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(announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. u.s. air strikes in the offensive to retake mosul, where they are giving war weary civilians the chance to escape that city. city residents are being used as human shields for fleeing isis fighters. according to the u.n. human rights office, those strikes are disrupting the civilian escape route. general jack keen joins us right now, obviously there's a dire situation right now in the middle east. there's a number of issues i want to tackle. first of all, what are the challenges for the men and women who are trying to fight this
9:46 am
battle? not only the tunnels, but the human shields and the fact that they're using diversion attack. >> urban warfare is often the toughest form of warfare, because you've got all the structures that the enemy has to protect themselves and it shields them, and you have to go into that city street by street and building by building and then room by room to deal with the actual warfare itself. we're not at that stage yet, because we're still outside of mosul, and the towns and villages that the iraqi security forces have been seizing are relatively small in relation to that urban area. but by the time we get to that fighting, some human shields will be gone but they probably still will be present because soldiers trying not to kill
9:47 am
civilians will take risks trying not to put anybody in danger and some of them will be killed. >> it's almost impossible, because you have the campaign on the ground and in the air too, and there are cities that are surrou surrounded, which you have talked about that are strong holds rights now and they are using civilians in that sense in the cities surrounding mosul. >> the good thing that the iraqi security forces and everybody else that's part of their coalition, they have taken control of about 100 towns and communities in the southeast of mosul, but what isis has done, they have gone into those communities and they have moved tens of thousands of people out of there towards mosul and anybody who didn't want to go with them or even hesitated for a moment, they just killed them. so there's thousands of people dead in those towns and cities, just assassinated outright. and i'm talking not just adults,
9:48 am
if a kid doesn't want to go, they'll kill the whole family. that's just how brutal they are. >> what about cutting off the supply lines, how else can we capitalize on weakening this monster? >> we have been working on a program called air interdictions, particularly ones from syria into mosul because the border there is very close. but also there's rules of engagement that restrict us. we just can't fire at any vehicle that's going down the road because we don't know what's in that vehicle. and they'll use as many civilian vehicles as they can to deceive us in terms of what the contents are in that vehicle. so what's happening now is a, we're moving forces, the population mobilization units, these are the iranian backed shiia militia, and they're moving up to a city about 45, 50
9:49 am
miles west of mosul, and one of these objectives is to cut off these supply lines on the ground, which is a lot easier to do than it is in the air. >> and in ten seconds, no timeline? >> we don't know, we don't know how stiff the resistance will be in mosul and we don't know how much support or coerced support they're going to get from the people. >> hopefully the situation gets better, thank you so much. still ahead, the second amendment on the ballot. the new trend in gun control and what you can do about it. 73% of americans try...
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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wouldn't it be cool if bad guys didn't have guns? >> totally cool. >> what if we could ticket a person before they could buy ammunition. >> what would prop actually do? prop 63 adds to the prison crisis by adding dozens of new crimes and penalty enhancements. >> both sides of the issue as voters take to the pos. the golden state is just one of four states with initiatives on
9:54 am
the ballot to tighten background checks, expand checks for ammunition purchases and increase penalties for gun crime. jesse burns, associate editor for "the hill" to talk about it. jesse, talk to any krong man in town, any state lawmaker, they will tell you the most powerful lobby they fear is nra. this takes it around the nra and straight to the voters. how does that change the dynamic? >> that's exactly ride. gun reform activists have been stymied in the last several years. what they're doing is focusing on the state level issues. they're going to maine, nevada, washington, california, focusing on trying to increase background checks but then go further than that. they think they have more success at the state level doing this than they would than even at the state legislature level. >> background checks poll pretty well. a number of gun restriction
9:55 am
measures that poll pretty well. you think about that. a lot of money flowing into these races, especially california and nevada, key places to put tv ads on. >> nra is the biggest supporter for trump, $27 million. it's a state where gun control, it's on the ballot and it seems like there's some support for this issue. the nra -- >> yu think about this as it relates to the big story of the day, the fbi investigation, the new investigation into hillary clinton's erb mails. it has huge down ballot effects. in nevada you have a close senate race, .5%, this ballot issue. even if hillary clinton wins the state or wins the presidency, this could still have a big effect? >> we've seen her leading in
9:56 am
polls, in battle ground state polls. even though this e-mail investigation story, if it doesn't affect her, it will affect the senate and house races as well. republicans are reenergized and will come out swinging in the last ten days. >> i was talking with some democrats very scared in pennsylvania about the senate races that they thought they had wrapped up. >> jesse, come back and see us. >> absolutely. when we come back. next hour of america's election headquarters, more on the fbi investigation into hillary clinton and, of course, the woman on the left, huma abedin, always on the campaign plane. we're told not on the campaign plane today as hillary clinton heads to florida. ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare.
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10:00 am
stalled momentum in the hillary clinton campaign as the fbi restarts its probe into her e-mails, the campaign pressing the fbi to tell them what they have. why democrats are now worried about health care premium hikes and how republicans are starting to use it for their benefit. >> job killing obamacare is one more way the system is rigged. our system is rigged. clinton wants to double down on obama kaesh, destroying american health care forever. you see it.
10:01 am
does everybody agree? >> millions are talking about the world series as fans gear up for game four. are the cubs hoping to tie things up? thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm elizabeth prann. >> i'm leland vittert. we have a second hour of election headquarters from >> this is the reason why one hour was not enough. as law enforcement telling our jay gibson, the fbi is looking at 10,000-plus e-mails belonging to clinton aide huma abedin, and it appears at least some of them lead back to hillary clinton. chief national correspondent ed henry has been breaking details since this happened about 1:00
10:02 am
yesterday, 4 hours in. >> what's happening is the clinton camp is trying to push back hard. they had a conference call. the campaign manager basically calling out james comey saying why did he open up this can of worms? if he did, he has an obligation to do something, tell us more about what he knows. you're right, jake gibson, one of our top producers saying a law enforcement official says there's five digits of e-mail meaning ten,000 or more, raising questions about how thorough the original fbi probe was if they didn't find these e-mails in the first place. people close to the fbi director saying he was in an impossible position, investigating apartment any weiner finding a trove of e-mails they believe connected to the initial clinton probe. democrats are furious saying this may tilt a close race, a race getting closer overnight. james comey said in july, no
10:03 am
charges, but there was evidence of potential violations of law. you see hillary clinton boarding the plane for florida. a reporter shouted out a question or two. she did not answer anything about the fbi. last night she said she wants the fbi to come out with more information while republican chairman of the house judiciary committee bob goodlatte said she better be careful, that there could be a bombshell here. >> we made it very clear that, if they're going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to republican members of the house, that they need to share whatever facts they claim to have with the american people. that's what i expect to happen. >> now we're in a situation where having taken this on and having found new evidence and having been criticized for a number of aspects of how this has been canned ld, i think he's done the responsible thing of saying we have new evidence. i assume that there's some
10:04 am
significance to it because if it were just a few random e-mails, you wouldn't do it under these circumstances. i think this is probably more substantial and that is why he has put it out now. >> all of this happening as wikileaks releases round 22 of john podesta's i mails, including this one, where an activist declared, sometimes hrc and bc, bill clinton, have the worst judgment. bernie sanders back in the primaries questioning hillary clinton's judgment. here we are again ten days from the election, judgment under question again. >> there's been so much complaint from the clinton camp why now, why is this coming out now? it seems it would be a way to hand it over when they should have handed it over. >> i spoke to a former senior fbi official who told me, if hillary clinton didn't want any of this, she could have dealt with her server which was secret for years, a long time ago.
10:05 am
the republican national committee, you know where they stand in the election, they put out a freedom of information request, there's this that they have to sign when they leave office, they certify they're turning over all of their documents and there's no classified information they're leave with. we don't know for sure what the fbi has. among those 10,000-plus e-mails from huma abedin, did she take them from the state department and not tell the fbi when they did an interview with her some months ago? my point is, there could be more exposure for huma abedin in terms of this separation statement and what she signed is now true and valid and secondly, what did she tell the fbi before because there could be charges of lying with the fbi. >> mike emanuel who is on the plane with hillary clinton, she's always in the front cabin, isn't on the plane today. >> she might be sitting down with lawyers. that's what you have to do in a
10:06 am
situation like this. this is a serious investigation. >> under penalty of u.s. law. ed henry, come back as you get more. >> i will. thank you. >> liz? >> now to the other side of the aisle, donald trump is seizing upon the latest fbi revelations, saying it questions his opinion point's honesty and trustworthiness. stepping up the rhetoric as he campaigns in two battleground states out west where we find our senior national correspondent john roberts with the latest. hi, john. >> reporter: elizabeth, a very large and enthusiastic crowd at the fairgrounds at golden, colorado. just about all anybody is talking about today is the fbi reopening the investigation. one woman i talked to said it's like christmas came early this year. donald trump had planned to open up a new line of attack against hillary clinton on her support for hir husband granting clem
10:07 am
see to puerto rican terrorists back in 1999. if the fbi plays this as close to the vest as it did the initial investigation back in the spring of this year that it talked about in june and july, donald trump could have a clear lane for the next 11 days to hammer this as hard as he possibly can as he did in manchester, new hampshire, yesterday. listen to this. >> this is bigger than watergate. this is bigger than watergate in my opinion. hillary bleached and deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. that alone to me -- there were more serious things done, but how does it get much more -- >> reporter: liz beth, i was going to tell you a little bit more about what's going on. they're in the national anthem now, so i'll pause and send it back to you.
10:08 am
>> john roberts, thank you so much. we appreciate it. okay. in a moment we will bring in our panel. we have a couple comments we're waiting to discuss what's going on in the campaign. as soon as we will get them, we will bring them up and interview them. in the meantime, i'll pass it on to my colleague leland. >> good panel and a lot to talk about. the other people learning a lot more about the hillary clinton e-mails are the voters. early voting is under way in a number of closely contended battle ground states, both donald trump and hillary clinton may have something to like about those early numbers. we checked in with adam shapiro down in florida who said there were record numbers in south florida. the clinton campaign has been touting that turnout in florida and nevada from females and especially hispanics. while trump's forces have seen encouraging signs in iowa and
10:09 am
ohio, 37 states allow some form of early in-person or mail-in voting. as much as 40% of the electorate could vote before november 8 kt. who knows what people don't know before they vote. latest figures from the u.s. elections project and the associated press show that nearly 20 million people have voted as of friday. that includes about 11 million mail-in ballots already returned and 8.7 in-person early voters. >> interesting, 17 million already voted. before we get to our panel, i want to bring in john roberts. we were pausing for the national anthem. john, if i may, i know it is still fairly early, the fallout from the most recent developments. are we getting any indication that it's being reflected in the polls? >> reporter: we vice president gotten any indication yet that this latest revelation is affecting the polls in any way. we do have an indication that
10:10 am
all that we've seen with the wikileaks drip, drip, drip, certainly has had an impact. take a look at this abc news tracking poll. this started on the 23rd, a week ago, basically. donald trump was down 12 points to hillary clinton when it started 50-38. since then he's clawed back ten points and is now only two points behind hillary clinton. ha is an extraordinary trajectory, particularly at this part of a presidential campaign. if you are a candidate for president and you gain ten points, even though it's one poll in a week, that's a pretty good track to be on. donald trump said yesterday in new hampshire -- cedar rap pids, iowa, he has no idea where any of this is going. >> we pulled ahead nationally in numerous polls, and this was all before this recent disaster for her but justice for the country
10:11 am
occurred. we had gaps but we are really moving. i just wanted to say that because i don't know what's going to happen now. by the way, speaking of iowa and speaking of polls, "the des moines register," not my favorite paper, has us up four points. >> t"the des moines register" said some very critical things about donald trump. if he's up four points in that poll, that's a very good and very accurate poll. it means that iowa bodes well for him. that's one of the states he really has to win. sorry pour the brief pause but we're certainly not going to talk over the national anthem. >> we appreciate and respect that. thank you john roberts. good luck on the campaign trail. keep us posted. voters have the scandals to think about and they also have the issues to think about. one hot button issue has been a
10:12 am
debate in 2012 and on the minds of voters in 2016 is obamacare. millions are feeling sticker shock after seeing their rates skyrocket for what will be 2017. trump is calling to repeal and replace obamacare. hillary clinton wants to fix the existing program. a majority of states are seeing double-digit increases, states like tennessee with a 63% increase. oklahoma, 69% increase, both red states. now move to arizona on the map. hillary clinton is headed there because she thinks it could be a battleground state. rates in arizona are increasing 116%. "the washington examiner" health care reporter page cunningham here to break all this down. page, nice to see you. 116%. that almost sounds like the price of oil going up. >> right. well, this has certainly been real sticker shock.
10:13 am
we knew the obamacare rates would be higher. the administration confirmed that in the last week. it served to bring obamacare back into focus. the health care law weirdly had taken a back seat for most of the election. now you hear donald trump really trying to hammer these rate increases on the campaign trail, and a lot more attention by senators in some of these tight races, es skpshlly in states where you see big hikes. senator richard burr is battling for his seat there. you see big rate hikes of about 40%, and really diminished competition as well, 90% of the counties in north carolina will have only one insurer selling in the marketplace there. it turned into poe at the present time political weapon for republicans. >> all politics are local, and sometimes folks say, hey, look, what do i care, it doesn't affect me. whapt percentage of americans and voters generically, are affected by the rate increases we're talking about here? >> well, that's a really good
10:14 am
question. i think this is a big misconception. it ooh es a pretty small number of americans, about 11 million getting their coverage through the marketplaces. most americans, as president obama pointed out, still get their coverage through their employee or through medicare. that isn't to say that this isn't a good political weapon. republicans for years have been predicting that the health care law wasn't going to reduce costs or provide these plans that democrats have promised for a long time. so for the very first time, they have real evidence that there are some tangible problems in the marketplaces. so it's an opinion question as to how the law will help winnie races. but because you are seeing a relatively small number of americans actually affected by the rate hike, that may take away from some of the political potency. >> the one thing markets hate, and the insurance market is a market like any other, is
10:15 am
uncertainty. how much of these rate hikes going into 2017 are the uncertainty from the insurers going, we don't know what's going to happen? we don't know if donald trump is going to be president and will try to repeal obamacare. how much is the insurers protecting themselves and how much is it simply health care costing more? >> well, that's one of the key questions for insurers, who is going to enroll in these marketplace plans. nobody knew when the health care law was passed. the hope was that more young healthy people would sign up. they have not come in in the droves that the administration hoped for. so i think you saw a lot of insurers that were optimistic at the beginning and underpriced their product for the first few years and so they're having to compensate by some of these big rate hikes. i think you see advocates for the law saying this is just the market correcting itself and we
10:16 am
may not see rate hikes this big in subsequent years. regardless of how you dice it, you have this portion of folks in the marketplace who will have to change plans. subsidies are available to most people. there's a segment of consumers who can't get any subsidies at all and have to pay the full cost of the plan. the goal again this next year by the administration is to try to get more of these young healthy people to sign up. i think the health of the marketplace going forward is going to hinge on whether they can accomplish that goal. >> we know the number of healthy people that at least the obama administration hoped and projected when we saw those rosy and wonderful numbers has not exactly shown up. young people like beer money more than health insurance. go figure for that and folks in their 20s. paige, appreciate your time and expertise as well. we'll have you bag to talk about it. >> thank you.
10:17 am
>> all the best. liz? after the break, it touts itself as an know investigative partner to solve global challenges, but the clinton foundation has problems of its own. how it ties into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. >> just yesterday we learned that bill clinton's right-hand man pushed for clinton foundation donors and other large corporations to fum as much as $66 million in profits to bill and hillary clinton. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
10:18 am
but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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10:21 am
back to our top story, the fbi's restarting of hen e-mail investigations. jessica is a senior political strategist with shone consulting. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> jessica, we know john pod estee held a phone call saying director comb me's most recent developments and announcements were light on facts, heavy on innuendo and the new info may not necessarily be significant. how does hillary clinton and her team assure voters that everything is going well and the next ten days ensures victory
10:22 am
for them? >> well, this is definitely nothing that they planned on. i think john modesta and robby mook have handled it well. i think she has to talk about her positive vision for the future of the company but also be willing to answer questions. that's something that's irritated voters, contributed to having only 30% of americans think she's honest and trustworthy. if you get a question about this, talk about it. we need more information from director comey, are these repeat e-mails that have already been gone through? these are important bits of information. i would say this is already baked into the numbers and her favorability and honest and trustworthiness as i mentioned. she's got to make sure she seems accountable and can't ignore everyone on the press line. i think that would be a big mistake. >> i want to expand on what you're talking about and bring up that fox news poll. this was taken before the most recent developments where we see
10:23 am
hillary clinton has about 30% of those polls who feel she's honest and trustworthy while donald trump has about 34. >> not doing that great. >> not doing that great. chris, i want to talk to you, donald trump has the opportunity to capitalize on this. where does he go as far as the vulnerable voters who are independents and who are not really sure? >> donald trump needs to stick to the issues. it's very important right now that he stay on the offense. he can't go back to the defense. hillary was assuming way too early she had this thing in the back. she was practically picking out the decor for the oval office, now there's a real chance she could lose here. i think hillary supporters and trump supporters have made up their minds. they're probably not going to switch. where this could have a huge impact is with the 8% of voters who are true independents. the sound bites surrounding this are horrible. voters are hearing things about
10:24 am
fbi investigation, corruption, sexting with a minor. all of this stuff is very damaging and could ultimately cost hillary the white house. if she does, she has no one to blame but herself. she's been lying about this whole e-mail business from the beginning. voters know it and now it's coming back to haunter. >> we polled a number of independents. in this particular poll trump did pull around 41%. jessica, it want the ask you, this is the time when she really needs to go for the independents. >> right now she's definitely on the defense. >> she had won them right after the trump tape dropped a few weeks ago and there was a big swing of republicans and right-leaning independents towards her. that's why the race is equalized around where it was. that's with about a 4% or 5% lead. i respect kristin a lot. i don't think it ooes going to cost her the election.
10:25 am
she has to talk about her vision of the country, inclusivity, economic growth and how she's going to fix obamacare. donald trump has had a good few days where she's not talking about suing people accused him of groping. when he gets air gapt, he tends to tweet at night. he has to make sure he doesn't have access to his phone. she has to keep hammering her message. she needs to be open about this. independents want to know she's the safe hands. that's her argument, that he's temperamentally unfit. the fact that james comey has done this has brought into question the language of being extremely careless with her e-mails. she needs to be a steady hand and responsive to the american people. >> kristin, i want to give you the last word. we heard hopefully the tactics that could happen with the clinton campaign. when we look at the trump side,
10:26 am
where do you want to see donald trump over the next ten days? what states do yu feel like he needs to visit? what does he need to be telling those independent voters who are most vulnerable. >> it's all about sticking to the issue. if he does that, he can win. we're talking about independent voters right now. hillary has to worry about mobilizing her base. the fbi reopening this investigation could actually demobilizing hillary supporters who won't go over to trump, but may end up staying home. a few weeks ago, 33%, only 33% of her own supporters said they were very enthusiastic to go vote for her. 60% of voters view her as corrupt. this reopening of the case could confirm fears that hillary supporters already had and cause them to say everyone is corrupt in this race, i'm just staying home in november. >> kristin, the investigation never closed. it's not a reopening. we have five times the number of
10:27 am
staffers nationally than the trump campaign. so mobilization -- >> having this investigation back in the news -- >> i'm just saying using that word is inaccurate. >> i have to cut you guys off because of time. i certainly wish we had more. jessica and kristin, thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead, did the clinton foundation stick a big for sale sign up on the u.s. government? donald trump thinks so. pressure is now moupting for mrs. clinton to do some explaining. >> what went on between you and the clinton foundation, why isn't it what mr. trump calls pay to play? >> everything i did as secretary of state was in furtherance of our country's interest and values. the state department has said that. i think that's been proven. i'm happy. in fact, i'm thrilled to talk about the clinton foundation.
10:28 am
>> insult women. >> it's all talk. >> here we go again. >> it's really bad judgment. >> issues, not insults. >> she should be ashamed of herself.
10:29 am
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10:32 am
live pictures right now golden, colorado, just outside of denver, a key swing state. you can see the stage there. donald trump taking that stage at 2:00 p.m. eastern. that's noon mountain. we heard from donald trump three times yesterday. each time he hit the hillary clinton e-mail saga hard. also took on the clinton
10:33 am
foundation, started talking about the clintons as a corrupt organization, talking about her private e-mail server. at one point or another, praising the fbi and justice department which he had said was part of the mass rigging of the election. mr. trump's remarks live as they happen from colorado. fox news alert, the clinton campaign answering questions on the fbi's restart into her e-mail server investigation n. a conference call that wrapped up just a little while ago, campaign officials say there was, quote, no evidence of wrongdoing on the democratic president nominee's part. our own jennifer griffin was on that call and joins us now from miami. jennifer, what can you tell us? >> hi, elizabeth. we just got off that call with campaign chairman john podesta and company manager robby mook. they say they have no
10:34 am
investigation that the fbi has, in fact, reopened that case about hillary clinton's handling of classified information. they say that still remains closed from the summer. they are demanding answers from feb director james comey asking why he september the letter he september yesterday. here is what they said. >> director comey was the one who wrote a letter that was light on facts, heavy on innuendo, knowing full well what republicans and congress would do with it. it's now up to him who owes the public answers to the questions that are now on the table. and we're calling on him to come forward and give those answers to the american public. >> john podesta added that there's no indication this was about hillary. the e-mails were not sent to or from hillary clinton. we do not expect clinton to address the fbi director's decision yesterday during campaign stops in florida huma abedin was on board -- was not
10:35 am
on board clinton's plane today from new york on route to florida. on the conference call john podesta said huma turned over all the relevant e-mails and the campaign still stands dehyped her. he learned the i mails were found on a laptop abidine shared with her husband anthony weiner. clinton was defiept during that brief press conference in iowa last night. >> so we don't know the facts which is why we're calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has. even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant. so let's get it out. >> we've also learned that attorney general loretta lynch opposed fbi director james comey's decision yesterday for breaking with a long-standing fbi practice of not doing anything within 60 days of a u.s. election that could be perceived as enter veeg with
10:36 am
that election. dnc chair donna brazile called even the appearance deeply troubling. comey admitted in the letter to congress and the heads of the committees in congress that what he was doing may be miss understood. he september a letter to all fbi members yesterday explaining that there may be some blowback. the clinton campaign demanding answers from fbi director james comey. >> jennifer, i have one quick question. i know campaigns are fluid especially as we're only ten days out. any indication that the clinton campaign is going to be doing anything remarkably different over the next ten days, they're adjusti adjusting, responding to these new developments? >> it's not clear. just about 20 minutes after they announced she was going to be traveling out to arizona this week which is an unprecedented move, going to a typically red state, but she was going to
10:37 am
travel out there. it's not clear at this point whether this will change her travel plans. as of yet, elizabeth, it looks like they're going to go forward. she's not going to be talking about this on the campaign trail today and they say, robby mook, the campaign manager says their volunteers and activists are even more motivated as a result of this announcement yesterday and they are flooding into their campaign chapters and trying to get out the vote. so there is a sense among campaign staff that this may actually motivate their base. back to you. >> jennifer griffin reporting. good job. thank you so much. coming up after the break, we are minutes away from donald trump's remarks at a golden, colorado rally. how the trump campaign and supporters are reacting to the late latest october surprise delivered by the fbi.
10:38 am
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10:42 am
-- calling the election rigged for weeks, donald trump is singing a slightly different tune now that the fbi is reigniting its probe into hillary clinton's e-mails. trump told supporters yesterday that maybe the system isn't as rigged as he thought. will trump and his supporters seize on this october surprise? kevin cirilli has been with the trump campaign and joining us now from golden, colorado. first and foremost, how is donald trump -- what's going on behind the scenes? how are his advisers saying he should handle this development? >> elizabeth, i spoke recently with top advisers within the trump campaign and what they told me is they're going to double down in their attack against the fbi's reopening of the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server, but not going to have him discuss apartment any weiner. they view this as an opportunity
10:43 am
for donald trump to move independent voters, to convince those voters that he is ready to close the gap with independents, to focus heavily, today specifically on obamacare as well as immigration. today i think you'll see a donald trump on message and poised to seize momentum heading into this final full week of the election. >> since we did hear that announcement, he came out hitting hillary clinton really hard, and then he went on to some of his major talking points. we did see a fairly disciplined campaign message. but my question to you and you've been traveling with the trump campaign, do you think he can stick to that narrative and stay dismenned with only ten days left? >> last night the trump campaign added a new rally to their schedule tomorrow, albuquerque, new mexico. they view new mexico as being in play. of course, last week end in
10:44 am
gettysburg, his debut in the contract for america played particularly well with his base. however, the mainstream media headline was dominated by his comments against those accusers. there was no such gap yesterday on the campaign trail. he did stick to the issues. he had around table discussion in new hampshire, discussing the drug epidemic, how he would combat that. clearly making a play for local media in new hampshire. he saw him double down on criticism for the affordable care act. that's the message that you're going to see. i would also point out, elizabeth, that right now donald trump has unified the republican party and congress, they're all singing the same tune, attacking hillary clinton for this, again, reopening of the investigation. both sides want more information from the fbi director, but all republicans seizing on this as an opportunity to close the gap, not only from a down-ballot race
10:45 am
perspective but the top of the ticket. >> you talked about the new rally plan. there's a very fluid game between now and november 8th. we know there are a number of independent voters who could be looking at voting -- especially looking at our fox news poll -- looking to vote for trump. how does he kater to them and reach them in the next ten days? >> evidenc i've been all over the country speaking to people who are adamant supporters and also independent voters having trouble making up their mind between both choices. wha they tell me is they're looking for a reason, for donald trump to convince them that he can hammer hard on the issue, issues like immigration, issues like the affordable care act. they want him to seize that policy prescription on those issues. look today, in particular, as he's at these massive rallies to see if he's talking specifically
10:46 am
to that crowd. his top advisers tell me again that they're confident he can do it. >> kevin cirilli. breaking news that donald trump's advisers want him to stick to the message, not hit on the salacious aspects of the news. kevin, thank you for that breaking news. we appreciate it. november means elections. it also means the world series. the chicago cubs want to braeak 108-year curse of the billy goat. the indians clinched another game in the seven-day series. jim grey extraordinary live in chicago ahead of game four coming up. >> reporter: leland, the good news for cubs fans, they've waited 71 years, 108 since they won. yesterday there was tremendous
10:47 am
joy before the game. game four on tap and we'll be back here to wrigley field. 73% of americans try...
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welcome back. now to the news of baseball. wrigley field hosted game three of the world series last night. that in and of itself is a big
10:51 am
deal. this is the first world series game hosted at wrigley in -- get this -- 71 years. fox news contributor jim grey at wrigley field right now. cubby fans did not have a good night last night despite the fact that there was a world series game. how are they feeling tonight? >> they're still excited. it's the first of four, not the first of two. the air came a little bit out of the bubble. there was such a massive celebration after the nlcs and the explosion of having the world series come back after they beat the dodgers. they failed to hit the ball, only got five hits. you've got to hit the ball and score runs. they stranded six people in scoring position. that's not good enough. john madden used to say, a fine line between a great defensive struggle and a boring game. in baseball there's a fine line between a great pitcher's duel and a boring baseball game.
10:52 am
>> hard to imagine a world series with the cubs in it could be boring. we'll wait for game four and look forward to seeing you there. all the best. >> reporter: all right, leland. talk to you soon. all right. new momentum thanks to hillary clinton is at the back of donald trump, thanks perhaps to the fbi. there's general mike flin warming the crowd up for donald trump as he gets ready to take the stage in golden, colorado. one thing trump keeps talking about is the clinton foundation. more on that as we come back. c. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
10:53 am
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business.
10:56 am
(announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. you can see there live, donald trump about to take the stage at a rally in the battleground state of colorado. you can see there's someone there warming up for him. the crowd is patiently waiting. of course, as soon as he does take the stage, we'll bring you his remarks live from golden, colorado. >> on the stage yesterday, we can expect today as well, donald trump using the new fbi investigation into henillary clinton's e-mails to keep hammering away at a lot more than just her private server. >> hen>> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her
10:57 am
criminal scheme into the oval office. >> some had even suggested the clinton foundation should be investigated by rico, if you will, designed to funnel illegal cash into her hands and profit as secretary of state. james grimaldi has done en credible reporting on this. we'll get to wikileaks which is a bountiful treasure trove for a reporter like yourself. donald trump keeps saying pay to play, pay to play. that requires the quid, a pro and a quo. what do we have. >> we have a quid and quo, but not any pro. to have a case like that you would need to show that the gift was given in exchange for a particular favor. we've seen favors. we've seen gifts, but we haven't
10:58 am
seen anything like an e-mail that might indicate that it was deliberately given or solicited in an explicit exchange agreement. >> so there's things perhaps that aren't illegal but don't look good. are they just really good at hiding the pro part of this, was that not done in e-mail? what string are you pulling on here? >> i'm not sure they need to have an explicit understanding that the gift was in exchange for something. it could be the gift given by big banks, ubs, bark clays and others. if the king of morocco is coming forward saying, hey, i'd like this meeting, well, they know in the back of their head, oh, they're a supporter of ours, we maybe want to put them to the top of the list. that doesn't mean the gift was
10:59 am
given in exchange for the giver. >> we've seen, please flag people who are friends of wjc, those kind of things. >> if you can prove that was given in exchange for the gift, you may have evidence of a crime. really to prove that you start getting into state of mind. as you saw in the bob mcdonnell case in virginia, the governor who received a lot of gifts from someone who wanted something, the supreme court said some of that is routine, part of political business. >> jim, stand by. we want to hear what donald trump has to say in golden, colorado. donald trump taking the the stage. in the past day or so we know he's been hitting hard, talk about the clintons, the e-mails, the foundation. we'll see if he took their advice. >> thank you everybody.
11:00 am
thank you. w wow, what a crowd. what a crowd. [ cheers and applause ] >> so i spent a long time making my shoes so beautiful, so shiny, walked through more dusty floors than i've seen in my life. that's okay. it was worth it. that is great. we have something so important to talk about. you've got to get those ballots in, right?


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