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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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so stay with us every night this week. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. please remember that the spin stops here because we have definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, from the friday night frying pan to the monday night fire, the clinton campaign dealing with not only a new investigation by the fbi, but also with new allegations that the campaign manager lied to the country and the candidate cheated at a key debate. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. for the second time in a single month now we're hearing new reports that former acting dnc chair and former cnner donna brazile was feeding questions to the clinton campaign ahead of democratic town hall debates. on top of that we're hearing that clinton campaign manager had a close relationship with a man who engineered a series of
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dirty tricks on the campaign trail. after he went on tv to say he didn't know this guy. and we haven't begun going over the new headlines regarding the fbi stunner on friday, putting the e-mail investigators back to work. judge nep judge -- we begin with catherine her re her ridge of where we are. >> a software program to exploit the data and identify records relative to the case. new york agents working the sexting investigation stumble across e-mails from anthony weiner's estranged wife, clinton aid huma abedin. fbi headquarters here in washington was notified. we don't know why it took three weeks for the fbi director james
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comey to send friday's letter to congress. what we've confirmed is that the new york agents needed additional approvals to expand their search beyond the sexting allegations. after the review found multiple hits for the clinton server and state department records. agents can now read the contents of the e-mail. in the meantime, a course close to weiner's legal team believes that the laptop was used to back up abedin's smartphone contacts, and in the process it back up all of her e-mail. abedin told the fbi in april that she routinely sent e-mails like this to clinton to her personal yahoo! account where it was easier to print. and in a separate deposition with judicial watch, abedin swore that she never deleted in any e-mail and searched any device that could hold the records. the justice department sent this letter to capitol hill pledging to make every resource available
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to expedite the review before election day. but with the number of records that does seem to be a long shot. >> catherine, good to see you. joining me now, judge nepal tan no. >> looks like huma had a shared computer with anthony weiner, forwarded a bunch of documents that she never should have forwarded to her yahoo! account because no one's yahoo! account has ever gotten hacked and then manual cli forget about it when she came under questioning with the federal bureau of investigation. >> as well as the freedom of information case where the deposition was ordered by a federal judge, the lawsuit by judicial watch. look, if the fbi had been permitted by the justice department to seat a grand jury and had subpoena power, they more likely than not would have
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subpoenaed huma abedin's mobile device and would have seen the trigger in there that automatically forwarded to herself every e-mail she received. >> unbelievable. >> they didn't know -- >> yahoo! e-mail account has our state secrets. >> they didn't know about it until they stumbled upon it when they were looking at her husband's laptop for reasons that we understand. >> so they didn't -- and they're looking to see whether there are state secrets in there and whether there's classified information in there. >> it's interesting. the affidavit to induce the search warrant. >> on sunday. >> on sunday night, two days of director comey sent a letter about what he hadn't seen which caused the uproar, that affidavit targets huma, it doesn't target hillary clinton. that she may have lied to us. >> there may not be bad news for hillary but may be very bad news for huma abedin. >> right.
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>> you're pointing out that comey's letter on friday that got everyone in a advertitizy, didn't know what was in the e-mail. and we all were surprised that he hadn't obtained a warrant yet to see what's in the e-mails. he saw that there were thousands of them. he was told by his guys that they related to the clinton investigation. >> the fbi does not give updates on criminal investigations. >> but he promised he would update them. >> but it should not be been kept. it's a violation of department of justice for him to give a progress report. it creates a false impression. >> your point is this could be a nothingburg enand it's already been hung around her neck? >> my point is he should have
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unleashed the fbi to go wherever the evidence takes them without telling anybody that he was doing it. and given given the evidence to the justice department. this is a fact-finding investigative agency that he runs. he doesn't answer to congress, only the doj. >> but he was asked whether he would reopen the clinton investigation if he discovered new information that was relevant or substantial and he said we certainly would look at that. i don't know. we'll see. reportedly he felt the bureau's reputation was on the line and now we have a theory as to another reason why he did it. judge, good to see you. we're also investigating a possible civil war brewing in washington after reports surfaced that the doj tried to stop the fbi from looking into the clinton foundation. yet another mess in this election. "the wall street journal" broke this story earlier under the head looib "fbi in internal feud over hillary clinton probe." ed henry has the details live
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from washington. >> that's right. questions about whether a top fbi official told agents to halt the probe of the clinton foundation. they were looking at potential crimes. this comes as there were new wikileaks allegations today. despite hillary clinton saying the focus should be on good works around the world, one e-mail, he was dealing with brush fires over the town drawings and they should cut off the foreign donors. eight days later, bill clinton's aid wrote wrote all the money is in. personal reporting others down the chain of command say agents were given a starker construction on the case, stand down when the agents questioned this, they said the order came from mccabe. people close to him deny he's issued a standdown order. but he was under fire because
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the campaign records show the pact donated nearly half a million dollars to the 2015 state senate campaign of dr. jill mccabe who is married to that fbi official. she lost anyway and all involved have denied any improper influence on these various fbi investigations. >> ow. >> makes your head hurt. >> i don't know what the hell you just said. can you bottom line -- i get the part, this was reported last week, mccape second in command at the fbi, the wife runs for office in virginia. >> state off in virginia. >> gets a big donation from a huge hillary supported who happens to be the gof tore of virginia. they had no idea. >> now agents are saying we've got a standdown order. >> what's the separate thing about the clinton foundation and mccabe? >> fbi agents are saying they were given a stand-down order, stop investigating the clinton foundation.
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>> by mccabe? >> by mccabe. people around mccabe said he never issued the order, that he wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on at the clinton foundation. nobody knows the truth. the bottom line? the fbi is in full revolt right now. it's a mess. this is an agency that's supposed to be sorting this out and it's in chaos. >> ed, thank you. >> good to see you. >> i'm getting -- it's getting a little more clear. were you with me? what? what? let's see if we can go one step further. joining me now, trump campaign national security adviser pete hoekstra. congressman, let me start with you. the takeaway seems to be something funny is up at the fbi. it kind of stinks. we don't want to falsely impugn mccabe who one presumes is serving his country honorably
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but the direction is pointing at a red flag. >> you've got a couple of red flags, at the fbi with mccabe, whose wife's campaign got the $500,000. mccabe should have recused himself and not been part of the process in terms of decision-making on the clinton foundation or the clinton e-mail. >> he wasn't in charge when the donation was made, however. he was not over seeing the clinton e-mails investigation at that time. >> that is absolutely correct. but as that process moved forward, he did move into the decision-making process. >> but his wife already lost at that point. >> yeah. but the thing is at one point in time they had gotten $500,000. and that -- hey, i've raised funds. you remember the people who give you $500,000, let me tell you. >> that's a big number. >> the other person that should have recused herself through this process is loretta lynch.
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her name comes up repeatedly in both of these investigations. you know, this is a person who was appointed by bill clinton when was president to be a district attorney. this is a person that met with bill clinton on the tarmac at a phoenix airport as both of these investigations were going on. >> that's coincidental. >> yeah, coincidental. and this is also the person that was mentioned in the "the new york times" report as being considered to be the next attorney general if hillary clinton won this race. they both should have recused themselves and turned it over to the other professionals at the fbi and the justice department. >> what es your take on that? >> almost everything that the congressman said is conjecture taken from anonymous sources who are warring with each other in the newspaper, both in the "the new york times" when there was conjecture about loretta lynch being reappointeding a attorney general and in "the wall street journal" today with the story about the fbi.
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it is a bad week for the fbi where you have people leaking anonymously to the newspaper on both sides of every single issue. you got one side saying there's misconduct, other side saying no there isn't. there's people impugning the integrity of the deputy director of the fbi with zero evidence. >> right. they have nothing hard against him. it's just circumstantial. it's like really? should he have taken $500,000 from terry mcauliffe who is a well-known operative of the clintons. he's their guy. and then gone on to oversee anything to do with hillary? i see the congressman's point that p mr. mccabe should have recused himself. >> look, i really didn't know about how the fbi operates to understand what recuse is necessary. terry mcauliffe's goal in life
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back then was to get the senate back for democrats. he was being blocked in his number one ambitionings, being blocked by the virginia senate republicans and it was a one or two seat majority and that was a seat he thought he would win and he raises prolific amounts of money. um not the least bit surprised he put that kind of money -- >> they say that 500,000, that is a lot in any race, never mind a state race like hers. >> it is. but i think as you pointed out, she lost. maybe it one enough. state senate races can be very expensive. but the point is, terry mcauliffe wasn't thinking about what the deputy director of the fbi might or might not be investigating. he was thinking i got to get the senate back. nothing to do with what her h husband did for the living. >> we'll let the case rest for the evening and let the viewers
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decide whether there's funny business going on with the investigations into the clintons. thanks to you both. every since director comey dropped the bombshell on friday, leading democrats have taken turns attacking the director, the one they loved so much back in july. why was the white house defending mr. comey this afternoon? we'll speak with alan dershowitz next on that. leaked e-mail appear to show donna brazile giving the clinton campaign an unfair advantage heading into a presidential debate, the primaries, that is. so what does ms. bra dele have to say about that tonight and what about what she told me on the broadcast in front of you just 12 days ago. don't miss our investigation. >> where did you get it? >> i will not be persecuted because your information is false. >> i'm getting it from podesta's
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eight days to go.
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it feels like we're going to make it. like eight days. we can handle that. and hillary clinton and loyal democratic allies are wasting no time condemning fbi director james comey over his decision to take a look at the new evidence in her e-mail scandal. here's a little sample. >> i call it an october betrayal of long standing fbi protocol. >> director comey made a grave mistake. we all make mistakes. but this is a grave mistake. >> mr. comey really needs to come forward and explain why he took the unprecedented step. >> director comey sent this unprecedented letter shortly before the election when he doesn't even know what the information is. that's disturbing. >> in fact it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and it is deeply troubling. >> dozens of top democrats taking a chance to attack director comey. the white house today say this.
6:20 pm
>> the president believes director comey is a man of integrity, principal and a man of good character. these are the traits that led the president to select him to be the director of the fbi and these are cuff questions. and so it's a good thing that he's a man of integrity and character to take them on. >> joining me now, alan dershowit dershowitz. let me get you take on comey and whether he did the right thing >> i think he is a man of integrity. the president got it right. h's a man of great integrity. he's going to be criticize' has been criticized by scholars and a former attorney general. i think the he did the right thing by making the statement, the statement was wrong. what he should have said is i don't know what is in the
6:21 pm
e-mail. the fourth amendment precludes us from looking at them. i'm going to look at them. don't infer everything. don't change your vote based on my announcement. it's a technical announcement designed to inform congress. but if anybody infers anything from the content of the e-mail, they're making a serious mistake. he should have said that and he should said it now. >> we don't expect anything from director comey 2010 now and election day. >> we all trust comey. >> i do too. >> but remember who the building is named after. j. edgar hoover. would we want this precedent to be employed by a j. edgar hoover in the future. anything that an fbi director does becomes precedent. >> i trust comey as a recovering lawyer who's been told by lawyers with republican and democratic backgrounds for years that he's a straight shooter and
6:22 pm
calls them like he cease them irrespective of politics. let's just say she gets indicted, which is a far step away from where we are right now. >> it's not going to happen. >> people are wondering how it would affect the election. let's say she wins on tuesday and then she gets diindicted. can she still be president? >> yes. but turn it around, she loses on tuesday and then on december 1 comey announces there's nothing in the e-mail. he backs the villain. he should not have an impact either way. he saw that hillary was so far ahead that he said to himself, let me here on the side of disclosing this, it's not going to change the election -- i think his own self reputation, i don't want to be criticized by trump after he loses the election. what he didn't realize is that his very statement could turn
6:23 pm
the election around and give it to trump. the clintons are handling this wrong. by criticizing him, they're putting pressure on him to find something. because if in fact he finds nothing, he'll look terrible. he's going to look hard to find something. >> she should act like he doesn't care. >> you never benefit from criticizing the director of the fbi. >> do you believe that huma abedin is just shocked to find 650,000 documents or e-mail on her home computer that she just allegedly didn't know about them in. >> i think she and her lawyers had an obligation to check that and find that out when she got a subpoena to produce the information, was asked to produce it and she and her lawyers said they produced everything. it was at least negligent for hem not to have checked on a home computer that was her husband's and that easily could have been used for backups, especially if she knew she used it to back up some materials.
6:24 pm
so maybe she didn't know, but she should have known and her lawyer should have known. >> they basically say if hillary clinton were elected next tuesday and then indicted and then convicted before inauguration tim kaine would then be the president. if she gets indicted and not convicted until after the inauguration, there's no question. it's not clear whether you can pardon yourself but she's probably in the clear at that point. >> she's not going to be indicted. it's more likely that trump will be indicted for his trump university, for his relationships with russia, for all of that. >> he's not going to be indicted for a any of that. >> that's my point. nobody gets indicted -- >> maybe i'm getting indicted. are you a twin? >> no. nobody is getting indicted for e-mails. this is a new thing. nobody knew how to deal with it. so i think that what i'm worried about is that the election could be influenced by what comey
6:25 pm
said. >> we're going to get into that in just a bit and take a look at what the polls were telling us. always a pleasure. >> my pleasure. >> maybe the tea party groups ro going to be indicted. new controversy over donna brazile after it appears that the cnn contributor and acting chair right now has been caught sharing debate questions with the clinton came pan for a second time. those are the two we appear to know about. here''s how she responded after the first time. >> jack tapper came out and said this was unethical. that's your colleague at cnn. it's not megyn kelly. who gave you that question? we'll show you show you show he's responding tonight. plus, howie kurtz weighs in and what it means for cnn, what their obligation is now. stay tuned.
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breaking tonight, new controversy for donna brazile as the interim dnc chair finds herself once again accused odd stackings the deck for hillary clinton. she's accused of cheating. this is the second time in the event where ms. brazile appeared to have fed the clinton campaign information in advance of the debate. here's a little of what happened when i interviewed her about the first incident. where did you get it? where did you get it? >> first of all, what information are you providing to me that will allow me to see what you're talking about? everybody -- >> you got the wikileaks release of march 12th, podesta e-mail showing you messaging the clinton campaign with the exact wording of a question asked about the march 13th, hall debate.
6:31 pm
where did you get it? >> as a christian woman i understand persecution but i will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false. >> i'm getting it pr podesta's e-mail. >> well, podesta's e-mail were stolen. you're so interested in talking about stolen -- >> you're denying it? >> you're like a thief in the night. >> jack tapper came out and said this was unethical, that's your own colleague at cnn, it's not megyn kelly. who gave you that question? >> megyn, once again, i've said it and i've said it on the record and i'll say it on the record and i'll keep saying it on the record. i have not gone to try to validate falsified information. >> your e-mail to the clinton camp said sometimes i receive the questions in advance and cnn is saying roland martin gave them to you or someone at tv one and they were provided to hillary before the town hall.
6:32 pm
>> anybody who knows me and there are a number of your colleagues as well, they know me very well. i know how i play. cnn has never provided me with questions, absolutely ever. >> when you said from time to time i get the questions in advance, what were you referring to? in that e-mail you offered the exact question that one of the moderators roland martin then proposed the next day? >> so my reference back to you, ma'am, with all respect, and i respect you greatly. >> and i respect you too. >> the validity of those e-mails, if i can only tell you one thing -- as you know, this whole episode is under criminal investigation. but i could just tell you one thing. a lot of those e-mail i would not give them the time of the day. i've seen so many doctored e-mails. >> today ms. brazile is denying wrongdoing. in moments we'll be joined we richard fowler and ask if the
6:33 pm
supports the claim that the system is rigged and we'll stick with howie kurtz. but we begin with trace gallagher. >> now it appears one day before the democratic primary debate on march 6 in flint,michigan on cnn donna brazile wrote to clinton campaign chair john podesta quoting one of the questions directed to hrc tomorrow is from a woman with a rash. her family has lead poison and she will ask what if anything will hillary do as president to help the people of flint. her's the question that was asked the very next night to clinton and bernie sander. watch. >> will you make a personal promise to you right now that as president in your first hundred days in office you will make it a requirement that all public water systems must remove all lead service lines throughout the entire united states. >> a little too coincidental for
6:34 pm
cnn which now says it's severed ties with donna brazile on october 14th and quote never gave brazile access to any questions. we're uncomfortable with what we've learned about her interactions with the clinton campaign while she was a cnn contributor. brazile herself continues denying that she gave the clinton campaign questions and said that she treated democratic candidates equally. at the time she was the vice chair of the democratic national committee which is not supposed to back candidates during the primary. but today's response from brazile is tepid compared to the defense she offered when he was first accused of tipping off the clinton campaign. that's when she alleged persecution and said that the russians may have doctored the e-mail she sent to the clinton came pain before the march 12th debate, quoting from them, from time to time i get the questions in advance. here's one that worries me about
6:35 pm
hrc. brazile goes on to warn the clinton campaign to be worried about a question of the death penalty. >> trace, thank you. joining us now, tucker carlson and richard fowler, a fox news contributor and nationally syndicated radio talk show host. man. you know, can i tell you, when this story first broke i defended cnn and i defended donna brazile saying i cannot imagine either one of them doing this. the height of unethical behavior. and yet the facts are proving my initial defense of them wrong and there's in where for them to go with it, tucker. there's nowhere for them to go. >> she may respect you but she wu lying to your face as we now know. let's stipulate at the outset, whether or not you agree with wikileaks, what they do, i don't think there's a single piece of data that they've ever released
6:36 pm
that's been proven to be false, a fabrication and it's the same in this case. she did this. cnn knows she did this and consider cnn's response, they're quote uncomfortable with this. she stole information that may in the end have influenced the outcome of a presidential nominating contest that was close. what cnn's response. i reached out to brian tell zer and she's also on his high horse about some wrongdoing in in the media, no real response from him. who's watching the watchdog and the question is nobody. it's unwilling to police itself as a network and that's really a problem. >> the problem is that it undermines the integrity of the whole system an it makes people wonder whether what other cheating has there been that we don't know about and whether this continued. did this continue thereafter? might this have gone on into the
6:37 pm
general election? you tell me whether this makes you uncomfortable. >> this is a mess. i agree with tucker that cnn should point to themselves and figure ou how it is possible for a contributor to get the questions. that needs to be said. here's the larger problem, the problem for donald trump. yes there's a problem. but with this being said, donald trump's idea that the media somehow coordinating with all of these state board of elections to rig the election seems to be false. what the media is doing, besides what we've seen with this e-mail, most of the time donald trump is putting his foot in the mouth, the media is pointing it out and he's blaming the media for coving it. >> we've covered that at length. this is a distinct and serious problem. i know this is an old horse. but can you imagine if this were a republican who had been fed a question by fox news, the
6:38 pm
different reaction we would be seeing in the media? >> i was standing about five feet away from you when you did that interview with donna brazile, who whom i like by the way. and my jaw was open as was everyone who was watching. i remember thinking how can that not be on the front page of the "new york times." she has no response at all. she accuses you of persecuting her. sort of half quotes the bible. and i'm thinking, this is the head of one of the two political parties giving a nonsensical answer, lie in the most transparent possible way and nobody picked it up. yeah, whatever. she just kind of went on. do you know what i mean? >> richard, can she stay at acting chairwoman of the democratic national committee? >> i know donna very well. known her for almost a decade. i will say that she -- you know, i think it's said that the russia's have hacked these e-mail. here's the thing. donna is -- and i think anybody on either side of the aisle can tell you, donna is one of the
6:39 pm
best political operatives out there and i'm happy she's at the helm of our party. >> she's a lovely person. listen, this is my job. i get paid to call this stuff out. so i did. but i had her dead to rights and one wonders whether the reason she was so defensive in the interview is she knew it wasn't the only time, richard. so you're fine with her notwithstanding the fact that she appears to have cheated in two debates, staying at the head of the dnc? >> the question has to be asked how is it possible for a political operative to get a question. that's the main question. with that being said, when it comes to running the democratic party, when it comes to winning this election which is likely we're going to do in eight day bs, i trust nobody other than donna brazile to get the job done. >> sure, she got the job done. she got the one nominated that she wanted. the question is how did they get there. >> amen. >> because of the people, not because of the e-mail.
6:40 pm
>> because of that behavior. we have to question that. as trace mentioned, we reached out to cnn and given a statement that reads, on october 14th, cnn ooh accepted donna brazile's resignation. it goes on to say cnn never gave brazile access to questions, prep material, attendee lists or meetings in advance of a town hall or a debate. howie kurtz is host of media buzz op howie used to work at cnn. i don't know how she got the questions. but they need to look into this. >> look. you used the right word in saying this was cheating. do that brazile betrayed the network where she worked for many years. it gives me no joy to say that. cnn has handle this poor. i don't believe that anyone at cnn fed these questions to donna brazile. cnn suggested that it came from tv one, their partner in the town hall. but more than two weeks ago cnn
6:41 pm
basically forced donna brazile out. with they're call it a resignation. we know what happened. this is the first we're hearing about it with the second wikileaks stuff. cnn talks about transparency. why did cnn not get out in front of this, saying we're parting company with donna brazile saying we're launching an investigation. they're more interested in protecting their image. >> we partnered with tv one and roland martin. cnn was certainly like, look over there. and now this second one happened in a debate that was only cnn. there was no other partner. and if she got the question, you know, the question is where did she get it from. and cnn should be out there defending its journalists, anderson cooper hosted that debate and don lemon participated. if nobody gave her the question, how did she access it. here we have systems. you can go back and check.
6:42 pm
you can find out when somebody's id log into the system and where they went when they were in there. we should know that. the journalists over there should be demanding that right snow. >> cnn should be horrified at this turn of events to use jack tapper's term, one of the few that spoke out, and should investigation gait and go public with the results of the investigation and try to vindicate its reputation by identifying who's responsible. not fair to tarnish the whole network but that's where it stands now. and to not come forward and say by the way, she's not coming back here. an abc suspended its contributorship with donna brazile when she became acting head. >> good for them too. it's hard because she seems like a lovely person. but -- >> she was vice chair of the dnc at the same time she was working for cnn. that's a conflict -- a problem that could not be squared. >> good to see you, howie. >> my pleasure. you know, these stories, it
6:43 pm
brings you no joy to cover. but when people behave badly, what are you going to do? we would be happy to speak with her again to see what the update is on the second story. with all of these c challenging headlines, what could it mean for the polls that are getting titer. after we heard democratic operatives bragging about starting violence at the trump rallie rallies, the clinton campaign says we have no idea who these guys were. th the guys end up getting fired. tonight a knew twist to the story. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪
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6:48 pm
voted. the early voting is going on. and i have sot great news for you. >> tell me. >> the first polls close in seven days, 23 hours and 13 minutes. >> praise jesus. >> you're almost home. >> how many have vote snd. >> 22 to 24 million people. >> we both sides say we're winning that. do we know what's true? >> republican in nevada are starting to catch up. but if i had to give the nod of which registered voters are doing better, i would give it to the democrats. >> people want to know where the fbi announcement on friday is going to change the race. >> when you get to the end of the election people lose their minds. the craziness goes from regular crazy of an election especially to this which has been the most hideous election. the lunacy of the parties becomes frothier and their eyes
6:49 pm
bulge out f their heads. it's not just i'm sending a let tore congress and huma backed up her phone. it's she's indicted, she's going , it's over. that's friday, then monday, trump is owned by the kremlin. 's all over. and everybody freaks out. and the answer is these things move among hard partisans. but when we look at the polls, you know what we see? >> what. >> the stuff with huma and the weiner iphone have certainly increased intensity among the hard partisans but in the data we have it doesn't move the stop line. >> what about the washington post poll, she was ahead 12 points and now just three points ahead. >> if we look at an average of delicious well-made polls, two ekes ago she was eight, nine points up and she starts to give that back. the reason she was giving it back had nothing to do with this because it hadn't happened yet. she's giving it back because you get closer to the end and the p
6:50 pm
ares were starting to come home for donald trump. they were sucking it up, saying i hate her too much to vote for her. >> is there any way november 8th doesn't come and we get stuck in this weird pesh duty that we do this forever more? >> this is a black mirror ed soed and we'll spend the rest of our lives in the studio? >> i don't feel better. thank you, stirewalt. up next more wikileaks. don't go away. so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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new details tonight on yet another wikileaks e-mail that could reveal troubling connections between the clinton campaign and folks they're not supposed to be talking to. trace gallagher has the latest from l.a. >> megyn, bob cramer is the democratic consultant caught on the veritas tapes talking about how to stir up violence at trump valleys. he was also heard on tape discussing his daily conference calls with the clinton campaign saying that hillary clinton herself approved of his tactics. now a linked e-mail appeared to link cramer with robby mook. the 2015 e-mail written to a founder of a group says, quote, i just wanted to pass along this note who e sent to bob cramer who is consulting to the dnc and
6:55 pm
close to mook. mook was asked whether the clinton had knowledge of aj tarts fomenting violence at trump rallies. >> these individuals no longer have a relationship with the dnc. they've never had a relationship with the clinton campaign and the events that are referenced i think happened in february of last year. they did not have a contract with the dnc until june. >> it was three months after that that this 69-year-old woman on oxygen claims she was attacked on a trump supporter. the clinton campaign continues to claim that the tapes were edited out of context. >> trace, thank you. we'll be right back. changes to make things right. first, all customers who have been impacted will be fully refunded. second, we'll proactively send you a confirmation for any
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thank you sean. hannity is here. >> save that for charity. >> really? does somebody want this? all right. highest bidder, it could be yours. love, hearts and understanding. now here's sean. i was just doodling hillary and donald trump but i won't show you that one. thanks megyn. welcome to "hannity." tonight, eight days left to stop the trump machine. and hillary is trying to distract you. according to "the wall street journal" the fbi is searching through, get this, 650,000 e-mail found on what you is thought to be a shared laptop belonging to the clinton's top aide, huma abedin and huma's estranged husband, anthony weiner. according to the report, the fbi thinks that some of those th


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