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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 1, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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can fix it runs counter to who we are as americans. we work together. so there are many reasons why i think it is fair to conclude donald trump is unfit to be president. today i want to spend a few minutes focusing in familiar about what he has said and what he has done to women and girls because -- you know, any of you see the debate? you know, i stood next to donald for four and a half hours during those three debates proving conclusively i have the stamina to be president of the united states. and during those debates donald
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always used to say what have you been doing for 30 years? i always found that kind of odd because he could google it and find out. i have been a lawyer and first lady and senator and secretary of state i have been a wife and mother and grandmother and a friend and church goer and for my entire life i have been a woman. and when i think about what we now know about donald trump and what he has been doing for 30 years, he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading insulting and assaulting women. some of what we have learned is
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very upsetting. i would rather be here talking about nearly anything else like how to create jobs and get the economy working for everybody, not just those at the top, how we will make college affordable for every single family. i have a plan that if your family makes less than $125,000 you will not pay to go to a college o university. if you're above that it will be debt free and we will help you pay back the debt you already have to get out from under it. but i can't just talk about all of the good things we want to do because people are making up their minds. this is a consequential choice. we have got to talk about something that frankly is painful because it matters. we can't just wish it away. you know, a lot of his
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supporters don't like to hear this. i don't blame them. if i were supporting him i wouldn't want to hear it either to be honest. but i got to tell you, i learned way back in elementary school, and i learned it in sunday school. it's not okay to insult people. it's not okay. and look at what he does. he calls women ugly, disgusting, nasty all of the time. he calls women pigs. he rates bodies on a scale from one to ten. we just heard from alicia. she was miss universe when donald trump owned the pageant. she gained some weight and he called her miss piggy and called her miss housekeeping because
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she is a beautiful latina. he brought a bunch of reporters to a gym to watch him order her around to exercise. you know, he also says this is someone who likes to eat. i have to say who doesn't like to eat? i mean really? can we just stop for a minute and reflect on the absurdity of donald trump finding fault with miss universe? but you've got to ask, why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who, a bully, that's who. and thankfully alicia refuses to let such a small person get her down. she knows that donald trump doesn't get to decide her value in her eyes and in the eyes of her family and her friends.
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but what about our girls? what about girls watching all of this? what happens to their confidence, their sense of self worth. if you have a daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, wife, good friend, someone like this becoming president who insults more than half of the population of the united states of america and what about our boys? this is not someone we want them looking up to i was the mother of a teenaged girl. i tried every day to make sure she was smart and capable. i am doing the same thing with my granddaughter and grandson. let's be honest here.
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the world has a way of telling our girls exactly the opposite. they don't look right. they are not thin enough. they don't act right. no one will like them unless they change their clothes or stop being bossy or whatever the criticism might be, right? i remember when chelsea was a teenager i would wait on the second floor of the white house for her to come home from school. some times we only had a few minutes together but before she would run off with her friends or do whatever she was planning to i would find out how was the day. we would talk about what was on her mind. that time together was really valuable to me as a parent because we parents -- and i know there are a lot of parents here today, we work hard to give our kids a sense of confidence to send them out into the world
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believing in their own value. it really is important we don't let anybody take that away from them. we want them to be strong. we have got to work hard to make sure our boys just like our girls have that same sense of positive energy, not negative, not tearing people down, lifting people up and respecting women. so when i look at my granddaughter and my grandson i am on the same mission. i want them to know they are loved. they are cared for. they are respected. i want them to develop a good work ethic. i believe in hard work and i want them to go out and prove themselves in the world. that's what i want for every
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child. i have spent my life doing everything i could to help kids and families. it will be the mission of my presidency. i will get up every day in the white house trying to figure out how to knock down the barriers, overcome the challenges so that people living here can get ahead and stay ahead. so i know there is work to be done. we can't do it with words alone. we have to do more to stop women being some how object ified but you know what donald trump was bragging about, grabbing women, mistreating women and i have to
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tell you, since that tape came out 12 women have come forward to say what he said on that tape is what he did to me. then we heard his response. what he does at his rallies so go after those women all over again, insulting them. he said he couldn't possibly have said those things because the women weren't attractive enough to assault. look at her he said. i don't think so. about another he said she wouldn't be my first choice. he is also on tape bragging with howard stern about how he used to go backstage at his beauty pageants and he would barge in on women while they were getting dressed. he said he did that -- he said he did that to inspect them. that was his words. he said i sort of got away with
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things like that. sure enough, contestants say yes, that is exactly what he did to us. as bad as that is he didn't just do it at the miss u.s. a. pa jenlt or miss universe pageant, he is also accused of doing this at the miss teen u.s.a. pageant. contestants say donald trump came in to look at them when they were changing. some of them were just 15 years old. we cannot hide from this. we have got to be willing to face it. this man wants to be president of the united states of america. and our wonderful first lady, michelle obama speak for many of
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us when she said donald trump's words had shaken her to her core. far l for a lot of women who have gone something like that in your lives, that's brought back painful memories. for men who would never ever talk like donald it has been shocking. he tried to explain it away as locker room talk. i'll tell you what, a lot of professional athletes stood up and said not in our locker rooms. that does not happen. but i guess the bottom line is he thinks belittling women makes him a bigger man. i don't think that's woman any where who knows what that feels like. he doesn't see us as full human beings with our own dreams, our own capabilities, our own purposes. he has shown that clearly throughout that campaign. he is very wrong.
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he is wrong about both the women and the men of this country. he has shown us who he is. let us show him who we are. we can stand up for what we me and believe is right. you can go down the list of everything he has said. he doesn't believe in equal pay. he thinks pregnancy is an inconvenience. he will raise the minimum wage and he said if he comes home and dinner is not on the table he gets angry instead of supporting women who are out there sporting their families. he wants to make it even harder. i have a message for him. we are going to fight for affordable child care. we are going to fight for equal
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pay for all people. we are going to fight for paid family leave. we are going to fight to make sure everybody gets rising wages in america and that's important because so many people are still struggling, still working hard raising a family, having a hard time getting all of their bills paid. if that's especially true for minimum wage workers whom two-thirds of who are women. i'm excited because i know we can do this. i will stand up and i will fight for you. i will work for you. i will give my heart to this mission of making our country all it should be because instead of donald trump's dangerous and devicive vision mine is positive, optimistic, hopeful and unifying.
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but i can't do any of this without your help. early voting has already begun. almost 26 million americans have already voted. that includes 4 million right here in florida. americans are voting for the kind of better future we can make together and voting on all of the issues that they care about. it may be my name and donald's name on the ballot but everything you care about, our security, our economy, bringing our country together, the environme environment, clean water and clean air. here in dade city you can vote every day from now until
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november 5th from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in fact right now the government center, you can go there right after this rally and vote. >>. [ cheers and applause ] >> we need everybody to stand up many this election. if you a mail-in ballot send it in today. don't wait to send it back. talk to your friends and families and coworkers. he says he wants to suppress young people from voting, women from voting, people of color from voting. that's a lot of people. by showing up with the biggest turnout ever we will send him and everybody a message that that's not who we are. now, i know here in this county and this larger region you
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probably know some people are going to vote for trump. sheer what i want to ask you. i want you to talk with them, ask them what they care about, ask them what kind of future they want for our country. donald trump's economic plan is flashing taxes on the wealthy and big corporations. i have said i want the wealthy to pay their fair share and i will not raise taxes on anybody making less than $250,000 a year. so there could not be -- no matter what you care about, a bigger difference between me and donald trump. and i hope that you will come out and volunteer for these last seven days. we are signing people up for volunteerships, making calls, knocking on doors. turnout matters. go to hillary to see
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how you can get involved. here is what i want to leave you with. you know, i feel like so many of you that our country already is great but we can make it greater. and the main reason america is great is because america is good. we are a big hearted generous people, not a small minded people. we know if everybody works together we will get farther together than if we separate people, we engage in all of the negativity we have heard in this campaign. some times the fate of the greatest nation lies in the balance. for america this is one of those make or break elections.
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it really is in your hands. i hope you will think about how you will feel the day after the election on november 9th. are we going forward together or are we going to be pulled backwards by someone that wants to bully us? and i hope you will think about how together we can make a deferen difference. i want to be your partner as well as your president. i want us to create the best possible future for our children and grandchildren. that is what i will work my heart out to do. i hope you can help me to make a better, fairer, stronger america. thank you all. all right. hillary clinton on making her
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battle pitch in florida. it shows some polls trending to donald tru donald trump depending on the poll. the poll there seems to show -- whether it closes that way is anyone's race. >> he has to gobble together other big states to make it all coming together. repeating a laundry list on the part of mr. trump. to some you have to have not heard them before. the idea is to rally and in this case democrats who might have been on a renewed fbi probe. rich has the clinton campaign. i guess this is about bringing them back, right? >> reporter: absolutely.
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the campaign agency indicating hillary clinton has been here five times in the last week. she brings a campaign rally. first is that it would be unsafe, financially unsound the second part of this had to do very much with gender issues. alicia machado was brought in which she launched into a tirade on donald trump and his comments and treatment of women. hillary clinton pro claiming before she began that comment and ser comments that she has served someone who defended women and children. her campaign could have issues.
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the washington post did a poll that says by 53 to 43% more trump supporters are very enthusiastic about him. the senior clinton campaign said that's bad polling. it's not what they see. they see something good here across the country. that's why they are here in florida. they say if they win here they can block every other conceivable path. it is out west for them. the average is a close race and also nevada. so the final push continues. it's about the turn yps owe will
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the president barack obama coalition? show up to vote for her and that's waelly where their is. >> thank you very much. this is the final week of the campaign. i want to stress that here. we have been exploring this. it is interesting to go back in time. do you guys remember thooz two individuals? is history ability to repeat it's tell of with these two, with hm hm and donald trump. i say that but before i bigger leads and indiana added to that mix. it is a little more than that. now he appears to be toying.
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on his naggal daily polls, add them up and it would indicate but something was going on in his final weechlkt i want you to look at poll numbers going into that final week. let's show a statistly race. ten points carrying about 44 states that was then could we be s seeing that now? let's go to ed, the came capacity, watching susan crabtree. to you on the shifting sands, obviously they would have to shift dramatically but some were shifting to the hillary clinton
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e-mails. what is going on? anything? >> definitely a momentum shift. you always want to be on the side of momentum. it started before the fbi thing. it is very similar to reagan in 1980. we went ahead of that debate and finished with a very strong finish. >> we have a look at the can y candidates. did we have anything like that in 1980? in other words were ronald reagan supporters similarly -- i
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guess is to try to see whether it is a tipoff. >> i don't remember that being the case. the crowds were not the indicator. it had been close. i didn't want to step ton the moment momentum. reagan helped himself and then the race kind of went back and forth for a couple of days. by saturday the race was even. on sunday the race went to five points down and monday it went ten points down. >> had you seen anything like that prior?
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>> never in presidential polling history has an election gone into the weekend close and come out a landslide but there was something happening there which is that once we had been trying -- we just watched hillary clinton. any campaign i thaug it was about donald trump being a sexual misbehavior which is -- that seemed to be her only case there and on a nuclear button. i remember we had pressed reagan's personality. once it became more clear a break took place and all of the
1:27 pm
issues which we were trying to keep out, the state of the nation, economy and so forth -- i'm sorry? >> no. no. no. that was very well put. one of the things we are noticing with a lot of these numbers -- and again, it might not be 1980 at all. hillary clinton kind of repeats lines about donald trump and what he said about women and women have come back and said some stuff about him. she doesn't sprinkle a great deal of news. i don't know anything about strategy but donald trump will mix in the news of the day. is that hurting her? is she not up kadating the spee?
1:28 pm
many of us have heard this same speech. trump will try to see what's going on with this e-mail stuff but he does get news in there. what do you think? >> i'll tell you what. i'll let ed and pat i think broadly we are dealing with an interesting dynamic. you had 65% of the american public trusting the way they were running even though they are dealing with an energy crisis. all of that situation they still trusted government at 65%. now we see last month the same ones questions and they are saying it is at an all time low, 42% do not trust their government. it is difficult for donald
1:29 pm
trump. he is similar with lay began in that he is a communicator. he has harnessed social media, the tv image he had back in 1980. >> and maybe he would have dub that -- done that as well. >> is it your opinion that some of the switch and momentum can maintain itself for another week or is it hard to do? >> it is reasons that are coming home. i think the momentum is going his way.
1:30 pm
it is a repeated attack. you an obligation to turn out and vote for me. is he going to stay on skipt in i find that happening with him. >> do you think -- >> yes. i still think he needs to speak to the country. i do not know why they haven't bought time for him to speak nationally. >> go over the heads of the immediate what. the washington postit is showing a 10 point party margin. >> all right. thank you all again.
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this is crazily connecting dots that might not be connectible. >> same election but this is similar. >> it does feel like that. >> it does too. >> all right. you're in the ditch with me, guys. thank you all very very money. can we take a quick peek? the dow is down about 105 points i'm not saying exclusively because of this election stuff but i will point out there is another statistic out there that says at the markets do the three months prior to the election day does the white house. what happened the last three months? the markets are down a little bit. they are down. more after this. anything else t.
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all right. in the meantime the clinton campaign continues to get peppered with questions over donna brazil, what it knew and when they knew it. >> the children tom campaign defending donna brazile. they accepted her resignation because of what happened in terms of what appeared to be inside information she got from the network and shared with the clinton campaign. it all started with the
1:37 pm
wikileaks which suggested donna brazile got. at the time cnn said we partnered with tv one. they might have given the questions to donna brazile. when questioned she said it simply didn't happen. >> it shows you messaging the clinton campaign with the exact wording of a question asked at the march 13th -- >> kelly, kelly, kelly, as a christian woman i will not sit here and be persecuted. your information is false. >> her information turned out to be true. in the last 24 hours we found there was a cnn debate where cnn was hosting it in march. there were no other partners that could have leaked the information and it turns out donna brazile gave more
1:38 pm
information to the clinton campaign, e-mailed it. they announced they accepted their resignation. donald trump saying she should be removed as dnc chair. giving donna brazile saying donna is doing a great job and has been one of the most important accomplished leaders. if you see donald trump on the debate stage i'm quite confident any questions would not have helped him. you can see a shock at his debate performances. what donald trump is raising, is if she was colluding with them potentially about debate questions in the primary back in march and in the town hall did any of this happen in the general election debates this is something donald trump will keep pushing. the dnc and clinton campaign saying she is not going any where. >> amazing. >> all right. thank you. you.
1:39 pm
all right. now, this whole stash of e-mails going through. it is hard to say. do you think mr. chairman there is any chance we will get any news or update or progress report before election day? >> we have requested it be expedited for obvious reasons. having worked it it would be record speech for any case with new evidence to be processed within that short of a period of time however it is very serious to get a search warrant to obtain the 650,000 additional e-mails. >> how do we know there were that many? that's lot right there. >>. >> reporter: well, the question is how many are tied to the
1:40 pm
clinton private server? that's what i don't know the answer to. >> do we know how many are duplicates. >> reporter: she used met that data. uma abedine and in terms of numbers we don't know that right now. >> do we know that she knew her husband had all of this stuff on his lap to be? >> well, it was pursuant to an investigation that's how the fbi stumbled, if you will, onto this. aberdine her an only gags to turnover e-mails.
1:41 pm
>> far while weiner often carted around this said laptop. and you talk about pay it forward that's paying something bad forward into other people's hands. but are there thoughts this went beyond just these two? >> i think it is highly like lichlt she shared this. there is a reason why we have securi security. you and i have talked about this from getting into the foreign
1:42 pm
adversaries hands but also in a hands in this case that went through an alleged child pornography. we don't know what he did with the laptop which makes it vulnerable. the reason she chose the private server was to circumvent so she didn't have to produce these e-mails to the american people there by ser come venting. >> less pink that some people thought? i know different city polls that produce different results. we do see him reestablishing leads that moved within, you know, a shot of being even or winning in some of these other states building on a missouri lead that was five points and now i believe closer to 12. what do you think is going to -- >> i think the national trend is
1:43 pm
tightening. i think with the latest hillary scandal that now it's tightening even more. i would say in my home state i wouldn't be concerned about it. given what i have seen in very republican polling districts it is sort of between 5 to 7 points ahead. i would not be surprised if that lead is much greater. >> all right. thank you, sir, very very much for taking the time. >> thank you. all right. there might have been a dust up between the department of justice and now they are cooperating fully with the fbi. so who do we believe here? that's after this.
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. all right. we have more department officials with us right now. one of the things that we are hearing now is that justice is cooperating and working to get to the bottom of this sort of e-mail deluge. it poo pooed the need to publicly state this. how do you think they will get this resolved? >> i don't think they have changed here. it is a swarm of lawyers who are hostile to doing anything about this situation. >> at justice or fbi? >> at justice. look at the donations. they are running somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-1 in favor of hillary.
1:48 pm
so i was there. extraordinarily partisan agency now from top to bottom. we know from comey's testimony in july that he said doj lawyers had grave concerns. those grave concerns scuttled that grand jury presentation. you can't go to the grand jury without dog lawyers doi-- d.o.j doin i doing it. >> i mean those two didn't get alone and hoover did his own thing. is it that bad because that means if you're not on the same kind of intelligence page you're not on the same page period. >> it is hard to poll liticized.
1:49 pm
you have all di sligvisions of justice. so it's much easier to politicized.o.g. i think he had two particular agents in the investigation and were already leaking. that's how we know there was fury if this case wasn't purs pursued. >> do you think he went too far the other way then? >> yeah, but perhaps the democrats should thank their lucky stars that he did this. it could have been much worse had they sat where i'm at right now and told your their stories. i think the democrats should recognize it could have been far worse. >> okay. thank you. very good to see you. >> thanks. all right.
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he has known the clintons since the early 1990s. when he says i work for bill clinton but i can't work for hillary, that's a big deal. he's next. ♪
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1:54 pm
>> how about anyone at the clinton campaign? >> i have had a couple of calls to the process and thought best to leave things where i put it in the piece you referenced. >> all right. so they weren't cursing you out or? >> no. i have been critical of her for a while and supported her but i just reached a point where with the multiple multiple investigations and the possibility of gridlock, i said, i can't support her. i haven't changed my world view. >> but was it based on that, the fact that you might still like her but with a potential investigation, an fbi investigation that would continue if she wins as president, obviously should she get inaugurated, that it would just drag her? explain. .. >> there was certainly that and there was the motivation, basically the events of friday. but also, candidly, mr. comey's
1:55 pm
comments in july and what he said about secretary clinton raised real questions in my mind about her suitability to govern. yes, there were no charges filed then but there were multiple instances where he questioned her credibility. and that was also disturbing to me. >> all right. now, you've obviously known for a long time. you were not blind to the problems that they as a couple had so why was this such a shock? >> look, i don't think it's necessarily on which you support or don't support somebody but i do think when you're facing investigations by the congress, the justice department, the fbi, the possibility indeed the certainty that we'll have gridlock in the congress and our
1:56 pm
government, it's hard to support somebody. >> explain the enthusiasm gap increasingly widening between the two candidates. what do you do this fall? >> i think i'm going to sit out the presidential election. >> next week, doug schoen isn't going to vote? >> i'm going to vote for congress, senate, local offices. frankly, i cannot cast an affirmative vote for either candidate and i think a lot of americans, as you were suggesting, neil, feel the same way. >> a lot of democrats fall suit with lack of enthusiasm, she's going to lose this. >> that's certainly a possibility. >> do you think that will happen? g >> i think that's a possibility. she has a real lead in the electoral college and it will be tough for trump to overcome it. but as you know, she's gone from a 12-point lead to a 1-point deficit. that's big movement in one week.
1:57 pm
>> doug schoen, very brave what you did. thank you very much. we'll explore that enthusiasm gap that doug is sort of embracing and tipifies tomorrow on "your world."
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of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. hi, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with greg gutfeld, juan williams and dana perino. this is "the five." they are shouting female to hide the e-mail in a desperate defense of hillary, some claim the e-mail probe is an attack on women. berkeley professor robin lakeoff claims it's not about e-mails at all. it's about men not believing women should be engaging in high-level communication. sorry, robin, your


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