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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  November 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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apple's next update including 72 brand new e moe skbrips they include a face palm, a shrug fingers crossed as well. there's multiple ways question communicate. >> also a fist bump, champagne glasses, and bacon. >> bacon. >> that'll be my favorite. >> we'll watch for it. >> thank you for joining us. >> america's election headquarters starts right now. we start out with a fox news alert right now. fresh troubles, the clinton campaign courtesy of wikileaks again today. this as we head into the final days of one of the most unpredictable elections in modern history. hello everyone, i'm heather naurt. we are now six days out and hillary clinton and donald trump fine tuning those closing arguments. they're honing in on key states that could ultimately be the deciding factor. trump is holding events all over the state of florida today. that is the only state decided by less than 1% of the vote in 2012. and take a look at where surrogates are going, hitting up
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battleground states as well. hillary clinton's team, they are fanning out across the country. she's holding events in nevada and new mexico. but this latest wiki release is hot on her heels as we learn more about a possible conflict of interest in the fbi probe of mrs. clinton's use of a private e-mail server, a fact that was seized on by donald trump today. listen. >> assistant attorney general peter kazik is a close associate of john podesta. the two met for dinner after testifying about benghazi, and podesta, who by the way said hillary clinton has terrible instincts on wikileaks, described him as the man who kept him, podesta, out of jail. >> well we have live team fox coverage. john roberts is with the trump campaign in florida. brett is standing by with analysis of all of this, but our chief national correspondent ed henry will get us started today. you've been plowing through the
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wikileaks, i can't imagine what time you get in to do that. we are finding big new problems for the clinton foundation and the latest release, tell us about it. >> heather, we keep getting all of these stories with questions about pay to play and giving us a window perhaps on what will happen if hillary clinton is elected president and former president bill clinton is in the white house as well. and they have all these people from around the world who have poured millions into the clinton foundation looking to cash in. doesn't mean that a new clinton administration would give them favors, but these new e-mails are showing how the donors expect favors from the clintons. latest example would be this ukrainian billionaire. look at him, victor. now he met with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state at a dinner, other events as well. and he donated at least $8.6 million to the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state. new e-mail just out from wikileaks shows he was in the words of a clinton foundation official, relentlessly following up, trying to get a meeting in march 2015 with bill clinton.
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quote, are folks comfortable offering him a meeting? i get the impression, although i keep saying he cares about ukraine, he feels he hasn't taken enough action to demonstrate that. i'm happy to say no, it would just be good to know what wjc and hrc and you all would like to do. this would likely impact the future of this relationship. slow walk or apply will only reinforce his growing angst. future relationship perhaps hinting at whether he would give more millions to the clinton foundation. here's the key, the wall street journal reported this past summer that he met with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. he popped up on those records. the calendar days of the dozens of people who donated to the foundation and then either got phone calls or meetings with the secretary of state. heather. >> wow, that is certainly significant. and they did say a long time ago, two for the price of one when they talked about electing bill clinton into office. so what can you tell us then about a different angle. and that is the conflict of interest, potential one, with the department of justice.
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>> you were just playing donald trump talking about petercastic. he's somebody who's the assistant attorney general, big job, overseeing congressional relations. he was part of informing congress about the fact that this fbi probe was essentially back on, questions because of that dinner he had with john podesta. the previous relationship representing him, and now wikileaks has a new e-mail. this one as well from 2015, in which we see giving what he called a heads up to john podesta. there's a hearing on the hill today where the head of the civil division will testify. likely to give questions on state department e-mails. another filing. government filing in the foya case will go this morning that indicates fwl a while. 2016 before the state department posts the e-mails. so look, this was someone who had inside information about what was going on. he's giving the clinton campaign a head's up about the state department e-mail us. guess what, he did not send it on his justice department e-mail. that would have been a public record. he sent it from his gmail to
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john podesta's gmail, the only way we know is because of wikileaks. >> personal to personal account. ed henry, thanks for going over all of that for us. president obama speaking out about the examination of thousands of new e-mails that could be tied to the now closed hillary clinton e-mail probe. president obama said this yesterday about how he thinks the media's handling this. >> people say crazy stuff about her and when he makes a mistake, an honest mistake, it ends up being blown up as if it's just some crazy thing. you know, i've made a very deliberate effort to make sure that i don't look like i'm meddling in what are supposed to be independent processes for making these assessments. >> now meddling is a keyword there. compare that to his answer from yesterday to what president obama had to say back in october of 2015 in an interview with 60 minutes. watch. >> do you think it's not that
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big of a deal? >> what i think is that it is important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public and they can make their own judgment. i can tell you that this is not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. >> pretty clear what he was saying there. brett was the anchor of special report. thanks for joining us. unof the things he down played, calling it a mistake. how's that going to go over with voters? >> i don't know. but i know that back when he said what he first said in october of 2015 there were calls and questions about whether that was obstruction of justice at the top. and the white house had to come out and clarify that he was not making a statement preventing the investigations, but what he said was that it's not a threat to national security. what he said today was, people say crazy stuff about her. and when she makes a mistake, honest mistake -- he was asked about e-mail review which of course looks at the new e-mails
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they discovered on anthony wiener's laptop, huma abedin's e-mails that they are combing through the metadata and some of them we're told from sources went to and from hillary clinton. and may have classified information. so i think it's still a question for the president speaking out like this in this current legal environment when his fbi director is where he is on this investigation. >> well, you have to wonder, is the president, perhaps, trying to undermine this investigation? >> i don't think we should go that far. i think we should be very careful how we characterize it. we should ask the white house about what he is meaning to do here. but clearly when you have the president weighing in on current investigations, and here is a key point. is that not only do you have e-mail classification investigation and the look into these e-mails, but you have an ongoing extensive investigation into the clinton foundation. and the pay to play allegations.
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sources tell us that that falls under the white collar criminal division of the fbi and that they have been looking into this for more than a year. there are some characterizations of the evidence that it is significant but it is continuing. and they are also looking through these new e-mails for that connection as well. i think we need to ask the white house about the president and again, to see if they walk back any characterization that he's making in an effort to support hillary clinton. >> all right, brett, i want to ask you about something earlier. chairman mike mccaul talking about impeachment. listen then i want to get your reaction. >> assuming she wins, and the investigation goes forward, and it looks like an indictment is pending, that the point in time under the constitution, the house of representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. they would go to the senate,
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impeachment proceedings in removal would take place. >> are republicans moving too quickly? >> well, again, you have to see where the evidence goes, and if there's an indictment and whether it goes forward, but what he is characterizing is a president elect who then gets indicted. and you, of course, would have uproar in this town no matter what. as it stands now with what's out there, with wikileaks and with these investigations, you will have a lot of pushback from republicans in congress to hillary clinton from the start, i think. you're not going to have a smooth ride if she wins to the inauguration. the other thing to point out is that fbi officials are paying very close attention to these wikileaks dumps on a number of fronts. >> you have to wonder how the congress and the white house, if she were to become president would work together. that's another big angle right there. brett, thank you so much. be sure to check out brett's
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special tonight on "special report." he's doing a five-part series on our military called "how we fight." we seen part of this is. this is fantastic. i encourage you to check it out. it's today, running today through sunday. thank you. well the almost daily dump by wikileaks revealing more of the inner workings of the clinton campaign and her too close for comfort ties with dnc interim chair donna brazile. what the leaked e-mails are revealing. community shaken to it's core by the murder of two police officers. what we now know about the accused cop killer. >> it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars. um -- that's the best we got that we can explain right now. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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welcome back to another fox news alert. we are learning more today about the man arrested in the murders of two iowa police officers. they were gunned down overnight while sitting in their squad cars outside des moines. court records revealing that scott michael greene has a history of violence toward police and others. police arrested him in april of 2014 for resisting officers who were checking him for a weapon. two days later, he was arrested for threatening to kill a man during a confrontation in a parking lot. police also confirming that scott was removed from a high school football game just a few weeks ago. after he waved a confederate flag in front of spectators. donald trump hammering hillary clinton as he zips around the state of florida. driving home the latest revelations from wikileaks along with the message that hillary clinton can't be trusted. john roberts is live for us in
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miami where donald trump's message was very different today than yesterday which was about health care and policy. today, hammering hillary clinton. hi john. >> reporter: still talking about policy, heather, but also hammering the clinton campaign. he just left miami where he had a rally here at the amphitheater about 4,000 people or so here south of downtown miami is up to orlando. pensacola later today and rally in jacksonville. spending a full day inform in this important state with the 29 electorate votes. nationally the race is locked up to 46 points apiece according to to the latest abc news poll. interesting cross tag here to look at. when it comes to trust worthiness and honesty, donald trump has an eight point lead over hillary clinton. which is why today it'll continue to do it through the rest of this tour here. he is driving the point home that the wikileaks revelations are showing us a side of the clinton campaign that nobody knew before. revelations about the attorney
11:16 am
general. apparently in contact with the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign, john podesta about the release of those e-mails. podesta writing him back to say additional chances for mischief. and again today talking about the fact that donna brazile interim head of the dnc gave hillary clinton on at least one occasion, probably two occasions, the questions, or at least an idea of the questions for upcoming debates. here is what trump had to say about that today here in miami. >> so she got the answers, cheated, she got the questions, cheated, and then she rather than reporting them, rather than saying this shouldn't be happening, she used them against bernie sanders. can you -- she probably got them against me too, but we won the debate so easy, i don't think it mattered. >> reporter: we should say that there is no evidence at this point at the very least to suggest that she got any of the questions to the presidential debates, and i can tell you certainty heather she certainly didn't get any of the questions
11:17 am
from chris wallace. >> that is for sure. we keep really tight handle on those things. tell us about this, donald trump went really hard today on the whole idea that goes over really well with his supporters that the system is rigged. >> reporter: yeah, what's that all about is in the closing days of the campaign is to motivate his people out to the polls. you know, there was some conflicting polls here in the sunshine state a new cnn poll has hillary clinton up by three a new york times poll from a couple of days ago has got donald trump up by four. republicans are leading by about 17 or 18,000 returning at least in the early voting absentee and in person. so trump is trying to get every person he can out to the polls, so he says the system is rigged and there's only one way to change it. here's what he said today in miami. >> hillary is not the victim, and the american people, frankly, are the victims of this rigged and corrupt system in every way.
11:18 am
but this is your chance finally to change it. november 8. >> reporter: and suggesting that people already voted in certain change can change votes. that is allowed in seven states. three happen to be battleground states, wisconsin, which is where he first mentioned it, michigan, and pennsylvania are the remaining states where you could do that. i don't know if anybody will, but he certainly encouraging people to do. >> well john, i'm glad you mentioned that, we'll be talking about that later. we'll tell our viewers where they can change their votes if they happen to live in that state. john roberts, thanks so much. live in florida for us. let's take a further look at what john roberts was talking about. a time lionel of the cnn donna brazile story. on march 5th while working as a commentator for cnn, brazile e-mails the clinton campaign manager heads up with a woman about a rash asking about lead problems in flint, michigan. the very next day, cnn hosted a town hall meeting debate in flint, michigan, in which that
11:19 am
very question was asked. then on march 12th, brazile tells a clinton campaign staffer she got a question from a debate co-moderator. cnn hosted another town hall debate and that question about the death penalty was asked verbatim. now after these leaks came to light, brazile resigns or fired depending on how you look at it. the issue is this, even though it's now clear that brazile was lobbying in the primaries against bernie sanders, she keeps her job as the interim head of the democratic national committee. that is why the former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz lost her job because she was seen as having advocated for hillary clinton over bernie sanders, donna brazile doing the very same thing. mike pence weighing in on hillary clinton's e-mail trouble. >> millions of americans, bill, were very troubled this summer when the fbi concluded that
11:20 am
hillary clinton had been in their words extremely careless with classified information on a private server when she was secretary of state and yet they didn't recommend to continue the investigation or charges. >> but that is not the only thing the fbi is investigating. we'll ask a former federal prosecutor about the seemingly chronic investigations now surrounding the clintons. and states with early voting as we have just been talk about, reporting a huge turnout this year, is it a good indicator of the final results? our political panel will weigh in coming up.
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the fbi finding itself mired in a fierce political battle after publicly announcing just days before the election that they were examining newly discovered e-mails that could be tied to the clinton e mole probe. and then in a major surprise, the bureau releasing documents involving bill clinton's pardon of mark rich, a fudgetive democratic donor. well this release came from a freedom of the information act request. joe is a former u.s. attorney and former federal prosecutor as well. joe, thanks for joining us. perhaps nobody knows d.c. and the legal system better than you. remind us who mark rich was. >> mark rich was a fugitive financer who was indicted by the southern district of new york and fled the country before he was indicted and lived in switzerland. and he was pardoned by president clinton on the -- within the last hours of his presidency after denise rich, mark rich's ex-wife gave a huge sum of money to the clinton library.
11:25 am
>> do you believe there are any parallels between that case and the whole investigation that we're going through right now with the clinton foundation? >> oh, i don't think there's any doubt there's parallels. inside and outside the investigations, the agents have said to me they consider their director to be a dirty cop. they consider loretta lynch to be politically corrupt, they believe she should be disqualified from participating in any of this investigation because she prevented two grand juries in both subject matter areas and they believe that a special prosecutor should be appointed. they say that because no grand jury was used in the original investigation of hillary clinton's private server, they did not discover the wiener laptop, if there was a grand jury, subpoenas, search warrants, that would have been discovered one year ago and the result that comey announced in july would have been different. >> and this is what some of your sources are telling you, let's drill down into that one a little bit more. two parallel investigations essentially. we only just recently learned about the clinton foundation investigation. we all know about the e-mail
11:26 am
server investigation, but, a lot of folks look at this and say why not more focus on the clinton foundation investigation? explain what you believe that was all about. >> well, there's no focus on the clinton foundation investigation, even though there are some assistant u.s. attorneys in new york and some fbi agents looking at it. loretta lynch has refused to permit a grand jury to look into the clinton foundation. there is now a deep-seeded belief inside the fbi and among the former fbi community that loretta lynch is literally, physically interfering with the execution of the law and that she should be disqualified from having anything to do with these cases. this is, this is really such a serious level that the agents are defying their leadership in leaking information to the press. >> you know, she when was asked if she would recuse herself back in july, she answered this way. let's listen, i want to get your reaction. >> well recusing would mean that
11:27 am
i wouldn't be briefed on what the findings were or the actions going forward would be. and while i don't have a role in those findings and coming up with those findings or making those recommendations as to how to go forward, i'll be briefeden to. and i will be accepting their recommendations. >> so she still wanted to be briefed. let me get your reaction. how can a sitting attorney general who has deep ties, appointed by clinton in that new york office in which she previously served before heading down d.c. to become an attorney general. how can she be unbiassed and fair in the investigation. >> she can't be. especially because she met with president clinton, former president clinton on her plane, on the tarmac in phoenix for 39 minutes and tried to hide the meeting by having no photographs allowed to be taken of it. this is why the agents are in revolt against the senior leadership of the department of justice as well as against director comey. here -- see they believe that comey should have said to the attorney general back when they
11:28 am
first started the private server investigation, madame attorney general, we need a grand jury. she refused to do that. they believed that he should have said to her at that point, either you give me a grand jury, or i will resign. he didn't do that. they feel he let them down and in my opinion, comey not only let them down, he let down the american people and the rule of law. >> all right, joe, thanks so much for joining us. always great to see you and great so to have yo our on. have you voted yet? early voting is popular this year and google is reporting an interesting trend. we'll take a look at the numbers with first time u.s. voter. that's coming up next. plus, donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton and certainly traditionally democratic-leaning states. once by the the way that she also lost during the primaries to bernie sanders. so could some of those blue states go red? we'll talk about that when we come back. well, here we go again -- >> bad judgments. >> she should be ashamed of herself.
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at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? hillary clinton sprinting across key battleground states today. first a surprise event in broward county, florida, with stops later today in las vegas and also tempe, arizona. as the team hopes they will drive higher than expected latino turnout in some of these
11:33 am
key swing states. our senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in tempe with the latest, hi there, mike. >> reporter: heather, nice to see you. this trip comes as new polling about the western states that hillary clinton is going to visit today. and other key battlegrounds. let's look at the latest numbers. new cnn/orc survey has donald trump with a five point lead over hillary clinton in traditionally red arizona. 49 to 44. in nevada, trump has a six-point edge in that same survey, 49% to 43%. in florida, critical with 29 electoral votes, the new survey has clinton up 49 to 47. and then there's pennsylvania, clinton 48, trump 44. clinton left battleground florida earlier for this trip out west, part of today's effort is to try and energize latino voters before she left florida late last night. clinton blasted trump supporters who turned out to heckle her.
11:34 am
>> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards, we're going forward into a brighter future. >> reporter: part of this trip is the west it the clinton team trying to play offense in states where republicans traditionally play well like arizona, battleground like nevada. with her flying much of the day, clinton has the luxury of the president and vice president of the united states out in other battlegrounds making the case for her. heather. >> they are everywhere. certainly on both sides. mike emanuel, enjoy arizona there. well we are just six days away from this election. and already more than 29 million people have voted early. now that's nearly twice the number from the same point back in 2012. this has google trend searches
11:35 am
announces the question, well, this is one of the top questions being asked. where do i vote early? that has reached an all-time high. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in california with what the google trends search is now telling us, hey jonathan. >> hey, heather. you know, it's really interesting what google trends is showing us. it seems to be bearing out what we've seen in the lines behind us here at the l.a. county registrar's office, there's greater interest in ever in early voting. google trends has been measuring how many people put in that search term, where do i vote early? and that's the number of searches is up 3,200% from september to october. the highest number of searches have been in texas, georgia, north carolina, maryland, and washington, d.c. there's also a data analysis company called capitalist that is looking at the early voting figures. some interesting points that they have found. more registered democrats than
11:36 am
republicans are voting early. the hispanic vote is up across the board. the youth vote is down across the board. it'll be interesting to see, heather, whether those are trends that are reflected on election day itself, heather. >> okay. so here at fox, we are asking voters get involved through social media and you are a part of that. so tell us what you're seeing so far. >> yeah, well we want everybody to get involved. so if you have voted, if you're going to vote, post that photo, instagram, facebook, twitter, however you'd like, #fox news 2016 and we might feature it on election night itself. right now, we're going to feature a selfie from jessica biel. she posted it having voted today, on instagram, and she sort of teased her husband justin timberlake a little bit. because jessica biel waited, she said until she got home to post that photo, rather than doing it posting a photo from the voting
11:37 am
booth which is, of course, what justin timberlake famously did and where he was voting in tennessee, that is not legal. so check any laws before you take any photos. and in fact, goebt like justin timberla timberlake, be like me as a first time american citizen, i voted today. i waited until i got outside of this polling place until i took my photo, but i am very, very proud indeed to be a first time voter in the great united states of america. healther. >> jonathan, we're so happy for you. you became a citizen, u.s. citizen what was it about two years ago now? >> yeah, just about two years. almost exactly. >> we are so happy to have you. and i can see how proud you are. and that is exactly what it is all about and the way that you feel about your vote, so many of us have to get back to that enthusiasm for it. glad you didn't wind up in the pokey. glad you took your picture out there, not inside. thank you so much. >> thanks, heather. as he mentioned, we want you to be apart of our election night coverage. you can post on facebook,
11:38 am
twitter, instagram with a #fox news 2016. you can see it on air on election night in our brand new studio. and that studio is amazing. you'll want to check it out. speaking of early voting, donald trump is targeting clinton-leaning michigan and wisconsin in a very big way. these are both states where trump and bernie sanders pulled out wins in their respective primaries earlier this year. so does he really have a shot? let's talk about it with bree peyton, she's a staff writer for the federalist and leslie marshall, fox news contributor and syndicated radio talk show host. ladies, great to have you here. donald trump is spending time in michigan and in wisconsin, both states went for democrats, i mean, paul ryan back in 2012 is the vp candidate couldn't even pull in wisconsin. is that a good strategy for donald trump to focus his efforts there or do you disagree with it? >> i disagree focussing the efforts there. i understand why, and certainly when he is so appealing to the
11:39 am
blue collar worker crowd, but if you look at those who forecast like 538, hillary clinton has an 80% chance, i'm rounding up, of winning both states. i would put those states in the win column. if i were donald trump, i'd focus more efforts and money on other states like florida, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and even arizona. >> and bree, what do you think about him spending so much time there and focussing efforts there? >> i think it's a decent strategy. i think there's ban lot less polling in both states. and i think in particular with all those breaking news surrounding hillary clinton's the reopening investigation into her e-mails and some of the shady business that she did during her tenure as secretary of state, i think it makes sense to really barrel down and focus on those two states. i think particularly in wisconsin it kind of makes sense. this is a state that has seen a huge amount of growth under governor. i can see where they would be
11:40 am
reluck lant to undo that progress. >> there's not a ton of polling coming out of wisconsin. you have to wonder perhaps they're overstating hillary clinton's supporters, but will have to stay tuned to find out. i want to ask you both about this. donald trump, he's been going hard, you can switch your vote, we've got a graphic that shows some of those states where you can change your vote after you had already voted. i wonder if you think leslie, that this is going to have any kind of a big impact. look at these states, what do you think? >> no. no, i don't. >> why not? because a lot have changed. a lot of people cast their ballots maybe a month or so ago and now we know a lot more information today than we did back then. >> no, i don't think so because traditionally, in our elections and current day when we look back historically, we're really a two-party system government and also that's how we think. we're very close to a 50/50 nation divided. most are going to vote for hillary. most republicans overwhelmingly
11:41 am
will vote for trump, 28% of the gop right now early voting in florida seem to be going for hillary and she is up with independents, but at the end of the day, i think when a person makes their decision, they're going to keep that. are there one or two people that may do it, yes? not enough to move the needle that would help or hurt either of them. >> bree, impablt or not enough? >> sure, i just spoke with a voter actually in california the other day who said that he was planning to vote for hillary clinton, but then when all this news broke that the clinton campaign was basically working in cahoots with the department of justice, and that she was kind of getting, you know, this rigged system and this rigged investigation, he decided to not go ahead and vote for her. i think that early voting is bad for democracy and i could see a lot of people who did cast a vote for hillary clinton seeing all this kind of stuff who are really frustrated with the political system and the way that powerful people are able to skirt the law, changing that vote and wanting to go through that. and i think it's important to be telling voters that this is an
11:42 am
option that they can have. >> well, it's certainly a debate worth having in the future. ladies, thanks so much for joining us today. bree and leslie, always good to talk with you. some battleground states are setting up to go down to the wire including a traditionally ruby red state like arizona. and that is where hillary clinton is heavily courting latino voters. can that help her turn arizona blue? we'll be right back. >> ohio just is, is an important state just simply because we have a lot of electoral votes and we have a diverse population. we have rural people, we have city people, we have women, we have men, we're very diverse. if you're taking prescription medications,
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a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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more ahead on the new polls showing shifts in the presidential race just six days before the election. we'll speak with a journalist who says unpredictable campaigns such as it is means hillary clinton and donald trump may be reworking their closing
11:46 am
arguments right up until november 8th. we'll also speak with judge andrew napolitano about the new clinton e-mail review. he's compared the fbi director james comey to j. edward hoover. accused of abusing his power. it's all coming up on shepard smith reporting. we'll see you then. welcome back. they're a key voting block in that election and one of the fastest growing in the nation. the latino vote could play a crucial role in swing states including arizona. william louisiana jew necessary joins us live from tucson. >> reporter: they're transforming the electorate here and half have voted because of early voting sites like this one here in tucson. democrat carried arizona only once in the last 64 years, but, polls show the race is effectively tied in large part because of a massive get out to vote effort to bring in latino
11:47 am
voters. >> so let me give you this first. >> reporter: he represents america's sleeping giant, the millions of eligible, but until now unregistered latino voters. >> republican, democrat, or other. it's up to you. >> reporter: by combing through neighborhoods like this one, latino advocates registered 154,000 new latino voters. a 25% increase and that is dramatically changing the state electorate. >> we've already registered to vote, now it's the phone call, e-mail, text message. >> that's correct. >> reporter: record half a million arizona latinos could vote in this election, that's 20d % of voters up from 6% in '08. >> for us, we're at a tipping point that came a lot earlier than we expected because of all of those people that were out there on the ground. >> this is not about being a red state or a blue state, this is about standing up and fighting back for our families. >> reporter: up to 40% register as independents, but most vote democratic.
11:48 am
analysts predict 70% will vote, number nearly equal to white. >> they turn out out at a good place. is it greater pace would it make a difference and the answer is absolutely. >> do you feel like you might show up? on election day? >> well, i have to. you know, i mean, people, you know, my family are talking to me. >> reporter: so clinton has recently dumped $2 million into arizona for tv advertising. there are two ballot propositions, another on minimum wage that could help her, although that voter that you met, eugene, he registered republican. even though he said his family is going hammer him for it because they're all democrats. >> back to you. >> all right, we'll talk about some of those political disagreements in label the. william, great to see you there. we have breaking news on voter fraud allegations that could affect tens of thousand was ballots in the state of florida. we'll have a live report from broward county, that's coming up next.
11:49 am
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. accusing broward county of opening ballots before they are actually verified. we are live in miami. what is happening there? >> reporter: well, there's a one hour roughly deadly left for the supervisor of elections left to respond to the republican party of florida which alleged -- i want them to hear what i say. i have been advised that tens of thousands vote my mail ballots are being opened before they have been verified by the county
11:53 am
canvassing board. believed to be legally deficient. these illegal actions must stop immediately. if they are not canvassing the mail-in vote you could have someone casting a vote by mail that would get counted and included in the verified totals. they are very concerned broward coun county, palm beach county, they want to avoid that kind of issue. again, tens of thousands of vote by mail ballots opened without essentially being verified. >> what happens if the supervisor of elections does not respond. what happens then? >> reporter: 4:00 p.m. we tried to get ahold of the supervisor of elections. they have not rurnd oeturned ou repeated phone calls. the chairman of the republican
11:54 am
party of florida tells me they will file a lawsuit to stop this practice at 9:00 a.m. thursday morning. >> a lawsuit is 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll keep a close eye on that. we are live out of florida. scattered reports from voters there and in other parts of the country about voting machines flipping their vote. trace is live with more on that. how does this work and where is it happening? >> reporter: so far in georgia almost 2 million people have voted early. they say there have been very few problems but with accusations of vote rigging every issue getting a very hard look. voting machines are being looked at in baldwin and coweta. they amachines flipped votes from hillary clinton to donald trumpment th trumpment donald trump. they say people may have brushed
11:55 am
the screen with long fingernails or jewelry. georgia's democratic congressional members have asked loretta lynch to continue sending federal poll watchers to georgia on election day. in texas there are also scattered reports of voting machine problems. one voter in tarrant county texas posted hers on facebook and it was shared more than 200,000 times. that machine was checked out and said to be fine. even the woman who claims her vote was flipped admits it did not stop donald trump from tweeting a lot of call-ins, people are not happy, big lines, what is going on? here is an election official in texas. >> that's not unheard of that we hear those allegations. we hear them just about every general election. you know, social media and those types of things. what we want to assure people of
11:56 am
is that's not happening. >> not unheard of. and with five, six, seven days to go you'll hear a lot more of this. >> and we want to have confidence in our system and confidence in our votes cast. you think politics are ugly here? we'll take you to where it gets really ugly. it's over dcseas. we'll be right back. allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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a scuffle breaking out leading to one lawmaker being dragged out forcibly. two lawmakers who want hong kong to plit entered the chamber. they had to be wrestled away by security. they haven't been able to take their oath of office and they are getting very impatient. we are hours away from a historic moment after the cubs pulled out an incredible win
12:00 pm
last night. be sure to check into game seven tonight at 8:00 eastern time on the big fox network. can't wait to see that game. it is going to be fantastic. thanks for joining me. have a great day. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in orlando where donald trump is expected to hold his second of three events. trump's train is picking up momentum including in pennsylvania whether it's enough, we'll know in six days. hillary clinton is going west. she is hitting hard in a statement that tends to run republican red. today a look at the closing strategy and ground games and what each needs to do to pull out a win. let's get to it. >> and first, it's wednesday


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