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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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hello, and welcome to this election eve edition of "on the record" from new york. i'm brit hume. the national polling average and our newly revised electoral college score card point in differing directions tonight. the map looks better for mr. trump while the polls look a bit better for mrs. clinton. the real clear politics average of 13 national polls shows her with a 2.9 point lead in two way race and 2.3 in a four way. betting odds better 4 to 1. things look brighter for mr. trump in today's latest edition of our electoral map. >> brit, it is time for a final look at our electoral college score card heading into tomorrow's election. several key shifts this race now tighter than it's ever been before. good news for clinton supporters when it comes to
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nevada it moves up from toss-up to leaning democrat. the four other shifts we see tonight all work in favor of donald trump. will they be enough? we'll get to that three key states are moving from toss-up status into the leaning republican column. arizona, iowa, and utah. in addition, north carolina, you see it there, shifts from leaning democrat to statusup status. so now let's look at the totals. the dark red solidly g.o.p. states through the middle there they count for 116 votes. the leaning g.o.p. stated a another 99 they combine for a total of 215 in donald trump's column. the toss-ups in yellow including florida, that huge prize with 29 votes, they only count for 49. the dark blue, solidly democrat states bring in 182 votes. the leaning democrat states account for 92. combine those for a total of 274 in clinton's column. so, while this map shows the numbers tighter than they have ever been, trump is left with the same assignment he has had if he
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hopes to win on election day. all the solid and g.o.p. states pick up all the toss-ups in yellow and pick off at least one state that now leans democrat. we will see tomorrow if he can do it, brit. >> shannon, thank you. there is also a new fox news poll out tonight which is roughly in line with the national polling average it shows mrs. clinton with a 4 point lead in a two-way race as you can see and 4 point lead in a four-way race. let's get some thoughts now on the polling from scott jennings who did polling analysis for the white house. good evening your thoughts on what you are seeing. >> seeing the national polling averages come in line with each other. all the tracking polls say the investors business daily and usc poll come in line to show a 3 to 4 point lead for hillary clinton. some belief maybe herding going on where pollsters try to get together at the end where nobody is a true outlier. looks like a bit of the lead in the national tracking. the question is whether that lead is carrying over to the states which sometimes lag
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the national tracking. we are seeing some state polls that look a little different than the national polls. >> well, and the map that shannon just outlined for us shows mrs. clinton, if everything holds as it appears, with just 4 votes more than she would need to be elected. that's the lowest totally think we have had on our map in some time if not since we started doing it that is a distinctly different picture than we are seeing with the national polls. >> that's right. couple of states are on a nice edge. florida is a true toss-up. north carolina a true toss-up in the last polling there we have even seen some polls out of pennsylvania tonight showing trump with a 2 point lead. two surveys showing trump one a 2 point lead in both of them. we have several states on a knife's edge. she is ahead right now. if you lose any one of them, now you are back down below 270 and got to start winning some of the pure toss-ups on the map. >> let's talk a little bit about pennsylvania kind of a garden of dying hope for republican presidential candidates in the past. seems to be late movement in the truck direction happened
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cycle after cycle and the candidate goes, in rushes in, sets up an event, campaigns a bit, leaves with some optimism and then on election day it all gets crushed. do you think there is any reason to doubt that will happen again this time? >> clearly there has been some tightening because both campaigns have spent time and money there late. it's part of her firewall. if she wins it along with north carolina and florida, this race is over. if he wins it, he is still in business. maybe not quite over the top but winning it does definitely open up a lot of doors for him. i do think it's tighter than people thought it would be. >> yes. just looking at the average here now, scott, it shows less than a 2 point load for mrs. clinton. that's the average of all the current polls that does look pretty close. >> this is one of those states without early voting. it's hard to read the tea leaves like we can in nevada and florida and some other states. >> right. let's talk a little bit about mr. trump's day. he was in michigan or will be in michigan tonight. michigan is, is it 1988.
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20 years ago since it last went republican? that's quite a challenge i would think. for him to win, he has got, as you point out, or shannon has pointed out, we have talked about this. he has to run the table of the states that romney won. he has got to win the toss-ups and that still leaves him short. so some place like michigan or pennsylvania, he has to have. >> yeah, the three states are pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. one of those three comes his way, then he has definitely got a path to 270. if he wins everything that's on the board and map right now he is still short. those three states have the demographics that seem to lean toward his candidacy more than other states in the southern part of the united states, arizona, florida, for instance. so, ohio is trending republican. michigan is a lot like ohio. if he can flip ohio, which looks likely tonight, then there is some belief there that he could do it in michigan and they're looking at absentee data in michigan. absentee voting suspect but down in the city of detroit where you have a lot of traditional democrat votes in the african-american community. so i don't know that it's polling as much as gut feel,
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demographics and absentee data that says that the trump campaign this might be a place. >> i must say i have been on a lot of presidential campaigns and it is customary at the end to see big crowds, even for candidates who are way behind. i remember walter mondale at the end we had these enormous crowds and it put a little spring in his step although i don't think he ever believed he was going to win. trump is a little different in the sense that he has had these enormous crowds throughout, going back to the primary season. he plays to these enormous crowds. scott, in your experience you can think of a time when a candidate has had this kind of crowd attention and admiration when it didn't end up meaning anything in the end? >> he has had big crowds. i was standing on stage in west chester, ohio, in 2012 right at the end of the race when mitt romney had 37,000 people at a rid rock concert and it felt like how could you lose? big crowds do give energy to a campaign. they don't necessarily translate into winning.
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losing campaigns frequently have large crowds. i would trust the polling and data analytics more than the crowd sizes. truly he does have a committed base. that's why we have seen him weather some the storms like the tape, for instance, he never dipped that low because his committed core supporters, the ones at the rallies keep showing up. >> let's talk a little bit about tomorrow night. i'm an ordinary guy. i'm sitting at home. i'm turning on the television, i'm interested. polls are starting to close across the country. where should i be looking most of all? >> first is florida. if he wins florida, trump wins florida he is in business. if hillary clinton wins florida it's an early night. then north carolina, if donald trump wins north carolina, still in business. if she wins it, real long road for donald trump. then ohio, the one we think he is going to flip. if he flips it in business. iowa, we think he is going to flip that one as well. early on in the evening you will see a couple red states fall. kentucky and indiana will go first will go to trump right out of the gate. florida is the one. if she holds him off in florida, it's over early. >> all right, scott. good to have you.
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thanks for all -- >> thanks, brit. >> you have been a great help to us. donald trump's final day on the campaign found him racing up the eastern seaboard to four different states with a late stop planned in michigan tonight. in just a a short time he will be in new hampshire which is where we find fox news campaign carl cammeron. hi, carl. >> hi, brit. laser show is in store for the folks here at the trump rally in manchester, new hampshire. home of his first primary victory in the nomination run. and the whole schedule today, is not only reflects what trump's strategy is, but it really reflects what you were just discussing a moment ago. trump started his day in florida, a must-win state. he has been campaigning there very, very aggressively with a particular emphasis on the i-4 corridor. huge concentration of voters there often said as goes the i-4 corridor interstate 4 tampa on the gulf coast to the daytona beach on the east coast, whoever wins that could win florida. that's where he began his
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day. from there he went to north carolina. that's a red state. he has to defend it. if he loses florida, and he loses north carolina as you just heard, it could be devastating. that's why it was his first two states on this last campaign day from. there he just wrapped up a short while ago, a big rally in pennsylvania. he has had big crowds. more than 10,000, 15,000 people in all of them. in pennsylvania he has had a bit of a rougher road there. lots of eager conservatives. hillary clinton had been leading in a lot of the polls for quite a considerable amount of time. from pennsylvania, that event just wrapped up in scranton, now he comes to manchester. not a lot of electoral college votes here. but a very, very big population of independent voters in the granite state. and that will be a big indicator tomorrow night. if trump brings in a lot of new voters outside of the republican base that he has had in many other states, new hampshire will be potentially a bellwether in that regard and then from here tonight, he is going to have what is likely to be now a midnight rally in michigan. michigan is one of those
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blue states that for many years has been voting democrat. likewise minnesota where he visited just yesterday at the expense of a wisconsin event, as a matter of fact, over the course of a weekend. another one of those states where he has got to win. michigan tonight really is his back drop on the final day of campaigning before the actual election day is his opportunity as it's been all day long to say democrats, independents, come along. and he is doing very much that. arguing that his is a movement, which he has been saying for quite some time. over the last couple of days, brit, trump has been saying it's the greatest movement in the history of the united states. a little bit of grandiosity from the first time billionaire candidate as we wind down and start counting the votes tomorrow, brit? >> i'm sure, carl it, feels pretty big to him. thanks for all you do out there, carl. good job. >> thanks, brit. >> hillary clinton started her final campaign day in pennsylvania and then headed to michigan. and she is back in pennsylvania for a rally in philadelphia with some very big named guests before she heads to north carolina.
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wow. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is at philadelphia's independence hall. hi, jen. >> hi, brit. well, the campaign hopes to end on a high note here in front of independence hall where, of course, the founding fathers lay the groundwork for the republic. earlier tonight, we confirmed that the campaign had sent a cease and desist order to broadcast networks telling them to stop running ads suggesting that hillary clinton was still under investigation by the fbi. clinton for her part preferred to focus on her closing argument. >> we have got to rise above all of this hate-filled rhetoric, all of these insults and scapegoating and finger pointing and insulting. i want to be the president for all americans, not just some. i want to be the president for those who vote for me and those who vote against me. i want to represent
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everybody. [cheers] >> she began the day at home in chappaqua face timing her granddaughter as she boarded her campaign plane for the last day of campaigning. she sent her biggest surrogates to typically blue michigan. >> you have the chance to reject a coarse, divisive, mean spirited politics that would take us back. can you elect a leader who has spent her entire life trying to appeal to the better angels of our nature. you have the chance to elect our first female president. [cheers and applause] >> clinton herself stopped in pittsburgh. then grand rapids, michigan. the campaign clearly concerned that trump has a chance to flip this traditionally democratic state. after she is joined on stage here in philadelphia by president and mrs. obama as well as bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi, she will be flying with bo flying with f. >> i guess there is nothing
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like celebrities to back them in. political panel rick klein political director at abc news and jason riley senior fellow at the manhattan institute also a member at the editorial board at the "wall street journal." so, rick, what do you think? >> i think that this is a surge of momentum for hillary clinton toward the end that i think is going to power her probably to victory. i think that -- you come down to the battleground states and you see them tipping in the same direction. i think there is a potential here for her to overperform even where we have seen the polls so far. >> our map tonight shows shifts that are three out of four of them are in his direction. >> those are states that he needed anyway. with the exception of iowa, which i think is one of the shifts. >> you think iowa will flip. >> i do. i think that the democratic base has been sufficiently scared in to action in the last couple of days. lock, i don't want to preclude the possibilities here because i think they are real and i still there are still trump path. hillary clinton has far more of them. >> jason, your thoughts?
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>> i'm not sure hillary has the momentum now. i think she has the lead to ward off trump's momentum. the fact that hillary is in states like michigan and pennsylvania on the eve of the election, you would ask her campaign six months ago if they would be in those states the last night she would say we would be in trouble if they are. and they are. she is going to go to north carolina later and close things out there traditional lay red state. the idea that she is doing some clean up work here in some of these traditionally blue states that she thought she would have in the bag right now are signs that the momentum is really with trump right now. >> i think she probably peaked a day or two ago and the end of the fbi investigation probably helped to urge that along. and i think now it's about those -- the day of voting states and running up a big score in places like philadelphia. that's why you see the rally there i just look at some of the demographic groups in the early liver vote and i look at some of the polling that's come out in just the last couple of days and it seems to converge on seeing a coalition come together
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that's energized now about hillary clinton. this latino vote in nevada in particular. down in florida as well in early vote. i think that could very easily be the story of the night. >> it does seem, jason, that the clinton campaign isbanking o turnout to overcome the fact that it doesn't have the enthusiasm and probably could have never had the enthusiasm that barack obama had from the american community. >> blacks are about 1% of the turnout new 2012 and 13% in 2008. they are probably going to drop down to maybe 9%, 10% this go around. but, as rick said, she seems to be making it up with hispanic voters pretty egg cantley up in terms of their registration rates. they're just phenomenal at this point. so, yes, i think she is trying to hold together that coalition. the other thing she is counting on, brit, is enthusiasm among democrats iand the lack of enthusiasm for trump. romney had about 93% of republican votes in 2012. trump hasn't broken 90%. that's a gap there in enthusiasm among republicans for their nominee. >> a lot of the discussion
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about the tightening of the polls, rick, has been that republicans coming home. republicans coming home is not enough because there are not enough of them. the question arises if he can't get above 90% it does raise a question whether he can be elected. >> they needed to come home weeks ago. closing message you needed them on board. not just independent voters but subgroups of less likely voters. i think trump has had moments here and he still has a path. and i think the path that runs through the you were midwest. you were states are probably gone colorado and nevada. the last possibility for him is some combination of a pennsylvania to michigan. then you look back down to florida and you say, look, if hillary clinton wins in florida, it's over. >> we're rating that out a flat out toss-up. >> as we r. we at abc. that and north carolina are clearly in that category. either one of those goes to hillary clinton, and she is the president. >> we have just been talking in the last segment as you probably heard with scott jennings, earlier segment with scott jennings where do you look as a viewer on election night, the first
4:17 pm
couple places to look will be florida and north carolina where the polls close pretty reasonable hour and we have a chance to get a sense of it. >> yeah. >> the only question for me is do they get called early. if they stay out there. even if it's not that close, that will leave some suspension in the night. >> every election night i ever covered always some state which you expected to hear from early and it will be getting on toward midnight and race will have been decided and you still haven't heard from wherever it is. no doubt there will be one like that tomorrow and be interesting to find out which one it is. thank you, go don't go away. speed read news from the world of politics. new jersey governor chris christie says he doesn't know if the bridge gate scandal cost him the vice presidential nominee. today he told cbs he was runner-up to be v.p. he thought governor mike pence was a better choice. last friday former chief of staff and executive were indicted in that bridge gate scandal. he has no memory of any of his aides telling him about
4:18 pm
the lane closures on george washington bridge that caused traffic jams. janet reno has died. she died earlier today from complications of parkison's degree. first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general and also game the epicenter of several political storms during the clinton administration. she served 8 years and told reporters i don't do spin. janet reno was 78. scooter libby has gotten his law license back. the d.c. court of appeals has reinstated former chief of staf. he was leak investigation. cull minute natalled in valerie plame name was leaked to reporters. libby didn't do that but he was disbarred in the district of columbia soon after his conviction and is now free to practice law again. win or lose no are fireworks over the city last night. the campaign has called off a planned fireworks show over the hudson river. no word on what sparked the change of plans.
4:19 pm
both clinton and trump will be holding their election night convenience here in manhattan. that will be the first time both presidential candidates have been in new york city on election night since 1944. should it stay or should it go? new wikileaks email show the clinton campaign battled over the clinton foundation. ed henry is here next with that also tucker carlson will be here with another piece of the wikileaks dump that shows interesting relationship with the democratic party and one of our cable news competitors. stay tuned. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you.
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today's batch of emails released by wikileaks showed top clinton aids worried
4:22 pm
about possible conflicts of interest with the clinton foundation. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry reports. ed? >> good to see you, brit. interesting because all these emails showing more angst within the campaign about what exactly was going on at the clinton foundation and what's significant is that even tonight they can still accept foreign donations. ♪ just a small town girl >> as hillary clinton tries to put it all on the line to try and win the white house -- >> tomorrow we face the test of our times. >> new emails released by wikileaks show intense angst within the campaign about the future of the clinton foundation if she does get elected. one flash point in particular, whether the foundation should continue to take foreign donations. clinton campaign manager robby mook writing from a purely political perspective i would want to avoid any foreign money at all. while former president bill clinton recently said there would be a ban on donations
4:23 pm
from foreign governments and companies if his wife wins, another new email from a top clinton global initiative official suggested they could build a work around to still let foreign money flow in, quote: if corporate or individual or foreign upon soreship is precludeside there an acceptable membership alternative for organizations and at what price does that fee become unacceptable. emails reveal tensions among democrats about this about mass incarceration. >> a lot of folks in the black community blame the 1994 crime bill. why should black people trust you this time to get it right? that's the question. >> well, senator sanders voted for it as well. are you going to ask them the same question. that answer drew the fury of bill de blasio who wrote to john podesta why on earth did she say are you going to ask senator sanders that question instead of just addressing the issue? when she makes it about her she loses the high ground stating the obvious, i know, but she keeps doing it that
4:24 pm
exchange may help explain an earlier wikileaks dump in which a clinton aide called de blasio a terrorist for waiting so long to endorse clinton. >> we need more love and kindness in americans. >> other emails show clinton's closest aides were concerned the campaign lacked a central message more than a month after she announced her candidacy. quote, she just did two tv. no flags. still doesn't pivot back why she is running or contrast from republicans that came foreign minister christina shocky email any sign of the retreat memo in the memo she was referencing came at as later it showed just how worried staffers were early on. the the memo's first question what is the overarching vision that drives hrc's campaign? >> now, other new emails showed dnc staffers prepping questions for cnn anchors getting ready to interview republicans. cnn insisted did not drive research bigger problem tonight another new email
4:25 pm
involving donna brazile leaking yet another town hall question to the clinton camp a far bigger offense remember previous collusion led to her being pushed out at the network, brit? >> thanks very much. did cnn's democratic national committee go beyond reporting a major announcement. you will hear it here. stay tuned. approaching medicare eligibility?
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80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. one a day. starting next monday my friend tucker carlson will assume this seat as the
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anchor of a new 7:00 p.m. broadcast called tucker carlson tonight. he joins me now. who better to ask about what wikileaks has been revealing about the relationship of some journalist to the politicians they cover and especially the clinton campaign. tucker, what are you seeing out there on wikileaks? >> it's un -- you know, basically, it confirms your darkest suspicions about the collusion between the press, some in the press and the clinton campaign. you're seeing, for example, you have a new one in today that shows in great detail the effects of donna brazile's famous email bragging that she got the questions ahead of time from cnn. >> and furnished them. >> that's exactly right to the clinton campaign and it turns out at this town hall event in flint, michigan, hillary clinton was asked a question that she was anticipating. of course that's a massive advantage if you know what the yes is going to be. you are seeing this across the board. politico, a reporter there called glen thrush. >> glen thrush is a pretty
4:30 pm
big duke at politico. >> for sure and writes the kind of, you know, big think analysis pieces after every primary and debate nights and kind of guy entrusted by his editors at politico to tell america what to think about this is revealed as one who routinely sends his pieces over to the clinton campaign, in effect for vetting. now, there is some fine line here there are many times in the course, if you are a print person that you could send a fact over and want to make certain that is true. to send a piece over and say tell me what you think before it's printed does suggest a closeness that is unseemly and discrediting to the rest of us. maybe, worst of all, in my view, is the behavior revealed of cnn where apparently producers solicited questions from the clinton campaign that a couple of their anchors were thinking about asking donald trump. now, we should be clear it's not at all known whether those anchors knew anything about it and i happen to know both of them and i think they are both good and honest people. >> i can remember back in
4:31 pm
the days when i did debate moderating that you would get emails. >> right. >> i got emails and appeals sometimes from special interest groups. >> that's right. >> right to be asked and other political organizations they would come at you unsolicited. >> that's right. >> to urge you to take up their issue in some way. >> of course. >> or ask a question that would help them. but, this email suggests cnn is looking for questions. please send some topical/interesting ones maybe on fiorina. this was apparently appear interview with ted cruz. my thinking about this, that's new to me. >> well, it's odd behavior. like, i hosted a show on cnn called "crossfire." debate show. representing a side. we always got case from the rnc you should say this or say that it's your opinion whether to say it or not. debate show. cnn anchors supposed to be telling the news in a straight way.
4:32 pm
two things to note one did, cnn which is a news organization has it begun forensic deep dive into how it happened will they tell us about it. are you as transparent as you require the rest of us to be. the answer is. no the second question is did they do the same for republicans? did they call over to the rnc or to the trump campaign we're going to talk to hillary clinton, what should we ask her. somehow i suspect they didn't. >> donna brazile who famously forwarded -- bragged as you pointed out that she sometimes got cnn questions to be asked at debates and town halls. >> right. >> ahead of time and she passed them on, she was asked on a radio show today by a friendly host what about that? and she said, you know, if you had it to do over what would you do? she said the first thing i would do is i would make sure that i knew a lot more about cyber security and then she went off on the russians whom the democrats consistently complain are behind these wikileaks revelations. but she never said that if she had it to do over again
4:33 pm
she wouldn't do it? >> that's been the gamut from the start to. we don't know the truth about that. the press is being discredited by this kind of behavior. when the smoke clears on wednesday morning it's going to find itself with fewer readers and viewers in what they are saying. less power and going to go to alternative media are you going to believe a channel colluding with the clinton campaign? probab great to have you here. looking forward to your show, buddy. >> i really appreciate it. >> you bet. tight senate races across the country. 34 seats up for grabs and democrats are expected to gain some seats. the question remains will they gain enough to retake the majority from the republicans? here to take us through some of those races is chad pergram who covers capitol hill for fox news on a day-to-day basis. hi, chad, nice to have you on. >> thanks for having me. good evening. >> what should i be looking for? we got 24 seats in republican hands that they have to defend. democrats having to defend only 10. take it from there. >> that's the main thing here is that the republicans are playing defense at this
4:34 pm
point. and the reason is because of their success in 2010. consider the fact that you had senators like kelly ayotte and ron johnson in wisconsin and pat toomey they all rode in on anti-obamacare protea party waive in 2010. that doesn't exist right now. and the playing field in presidential year in 2016 is very different than 2010. and that kind of puts the g.o.p. at risk. the democrats are really only having to defend one seat here and that's in nevada. harry reid is retiring. you have joe heck, the republican congressman running for the seat there against catherine cortez masto and that's really the only seat that republicans can try to add to their majority if they're able to retain their majority. >> right. so, and it looks to me just looking at the average of the polls out there, it looks like the democrat cortez mass toe is -- masto.
4:35 pm
where else are you looking. >> north carolina. that's a tough one right there. north carolina is a seat that always goes the way the presidential race goes north carolina has only split its ballots between the president and the senate once. that was 1968 when it voted for nixon and voted for sam irvin who, of course then investigated richard nixon chairing the watergate committee. another wild card is missouri, roy blunt is a republican senator, first term, used to be the whip in the house. is he up against democrat jason kander. nobody probably a year ago could imagine that roy blunt would be in worse shape at this point in the election cycle than, say, rob portman, another republican up this year in ohio. keep in mind that roy blunt has had a precedent for losing tough races before. and that was when he was the whip. john boehner came out of nowhere to beat him for the majority leader case. >> this was when he was in the house. i'm looking at the polling average out there. and he appears to be ahead by just over a point.
4:36 pm
and it strikes me that it's particularly interesting that he would be in trouble out there because that is one state where the senate candidate is running well behind donald trump who looks as if he is going to win that state pretty easily. so one wonders what were the ingredients of roy blunt getting in trouble. >> part of the criticism is that he has been in washington too long. that he is an insider. and at the end of the day democrats just by putting this race on the field, it forces the republicans to spend money there when maybe they can't spend it in wisconsin or spend it in florida. that's another key pointed here looking at. >> quickly. >> recruiting cruz boy the republicans in florida, marco rubio getting him to run again and then indiana evan bayh the democrat. >> yeah, evan bayh, of course was the former senator from that state. former governor. his father was a senator and governor. well-known political family out there. but he lived in washington, right? so very quickly, i think he got himself in a little trouble by not being enough of a hoosier. >> absolutely. that's the criticism against him.
4:37 pm
but just the fact that democrats were able to make that a competitive seat here and put that on the board when it was expected to be a cake walk for todd young, the republican congressman a couple months ago. that's a big deal and that might be the difference if the democrats do, in fact, take the seat -- the senate by one seat. >> and we are taking a look at it now. todd young ahead by .07 in the average that's not very much. thank you very much. >> any time. >> bill o'reilly says one state, one state is the key to donald trump winning the white house which state is it? bill is here next to tell you. plus fbi director james comey has been accused of interfering with the presidential election. what does the white house think about all of that? that's coming up. that goes on a. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right.
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saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. pennsylvania with its 20 electoral votes would be one of donald trump's biggest prizes if he could win it tomorrow night. keith stone state hasn't gone to republicans since george h.w. bush won it in 1988. bilbill o'reilly has spent time in that state and has
4:42 pm
thoughts of that state of the race. >> the only reason i'm sitting with you is because this is it. this is it, hume. hume goes to florida. boca grand, they have a big parade. it's over. it's over for you. and who is carl son? is he coming in. >> tucker has got it start nextmond. >> you know, in my levittown neighborhood, if you were named tucker, you were beat up. automatically you couldn't come out of the house. pennsylvania, i started my career in scranton where trump was today. hillary clinton is having a big event. we will show you a little bit on the factor in a few minutes in philadelphia. got bruce springsteen. she has got president obama. got michelle obama and jon bon jovi. look at them. they are having a great time. but what people don't know is in philadelphia if you don't vote, people will come to your house and drag you out because that's the whole ballgame. high turnout in philadelphia, lose the state. if she doesn't, the
4:43 pm
african-americans don't come out, then trump i think is going to win. >> what about the philadelphia suburb which have been considered pivotal. that's where the soccer mom moms. what's your thoughts about that? >> it's hard to really put a label on that. i think that it's a more liberal area, the than conservative area. the further west you get the more conservative. the further north you get that's why trump was in scranton, wicks bury, those people need jobs up there. i think all things considered hillary clinton will win pennsylvania turn out of americans is 85% of what it was for barack obama. it slips under that number, i think trump. >> you don't have the kind of hispanic presence in that state. >> no. >> that you do in some of the other critical battleground states. >> florida, the battle for hispanics in florida is so intense because the dade county cuban population tends to be more conservative than the
4:44 pm
orlando, puerto rican community. it's a brawl. this is why the election tomorrow, the returns are going to be very interesting to watch. absolute hand-to-hand combat. >> of course if florida goes to hillary. >> it's over. north carolina, too. north carolina. >> what do yo do you think about north carolina. >> right now you have got to say hillary clinton is the favorite to win. i can't make a prediction. i'm going to make some predictions on the factor tonight. i can't make a prediction on this. because here is the wild card i don't know about. the trump people believe and i think there is a little nervousness in the clinton machine, too, that there are people who don't respond to polling. you call them up and he had thank up. they hate you, who are going to vote for trump. they are unpollable people. there are a lot of them they think. white people, working class. they will come out en masse for trump. that's where what they are pinning their hopes on.
4:45 pm
>> kind of interesting paradox on that. the trump people i hear from and i hear from a certain number of them they can't wait to tell you how much they are for him and how much they believe in him. yet they are let isn't a when it comes to pollsters. >> they don't like -- they don't trust the media. >> believe me, a lot of them don't trust me either. they are not afraid to tell me. >> they don't trust anything. they don't want to be involved with that basic establishment polling press, "new york times," "the washington post." these are the people that when you do exit polling they blow you right off. they are not going to stop and talk to you. i'm out of there. the trump people, there is a loft them. and they may be right because michigan, why is hillary clinton competing in michigan? she should have that state won. she has to compete there. same thing in new hampshire. that's it. if there are a bunch of people who hate the establishment and they all come out and vote for trump, that's what they are pinning their hopes on. >> good to have you. >> don't get sun burned.
4:46 pm
>> i will be watching your predictions tonight. >> don't get sun burned in boca grand. you're still going to do the factor once in a while. >> you bet i will. >> all right. >> on election day eve, the white house has reacted to yesterday's fbi announcement from director james comey and we have that reaction next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
the white house said today that president obama continues to have confidence in fbi director james comey and does not believe mr. comey intended to advantage any political candidate in the conduct of his investigation into hillary clinton's emails. this after mr. comey announced yesterday that his off, then on again investigation was once more off again. presidential press secretary josh earnest did note, however, that comey's recent actions have been at the center of the campaign in the past 10 days. our nightly political panel
4:50 pm
is back. rick college political director at abc news and jason riley senior fellow at the manhattan institute and member of the "wall street journal's" editorial board. well, let's talk about this question. comey's motivations. now, we have had, you know, we have had these three episodes. there is history with comey going back a way. is he trying to be a straight shooter here? is he protecting his own hind quarters what do you think, jason. >> i think jim comey is looking out for jim comey. he is in a jam. he got hundreds of thousands of emails dumped on him, possibly related to an investigation that he had already closed. he was in a jam. he had to do something. but he is in a jam because of his previous actions. he has no one to blame here but himself. >> because he came out and announced last summer that he basically concluded the investigation and made public, very rare, his prosecutorial. >> almost unheard of. not his job to do running commentary on the nature of his investigation. investigate and turn the investigation over to the justice department. >> rick? >> i agree with that i think what's telling here is that he wasn't able to review the
4:51 pm
emails before going out with that letter of 10 days ago. i think he was concerned about people in his own office leaking or people on the hill leaking what they were hearing and letting them know about these in the investigation. the rationale thing to do or reasonable thing to do if you don't want to interfere with politics is to take a look what you have before you put out any letter at all. we may not have ever gotten a letter, much less two toward the end if they had done the review, got the court order and done the review. >> once they had gotten this thing underway, they had to boil down to 650,000 to just those that were addressed to or from hillary clinton and then expect them and it was like 24 hours a day and seven days a week for, what, a week and three days. >> not only that but do it in the spotlight of democrats pressuring them and criticizing tm to death over meddling in the last days of the campaign, including criticism from the president himself. so he was under tremendous amount of pressure. >> given the fact that he
4:52 pm
did what he originally did, which was to make the big announcement at the news conference last summer, last july, i guess it was, did everything in your judgment, rick, as jason suggested sort of flow from that that he sort of pinned himself into a situation where he couldn't not tell the hill both what he thought he might have and then what he ended up not having? >> that makes the most sense to me. again, it reflects something that's going on in his own office. he wasn't confident enough that he could do that review in private without seeing it go out publicly in this extraordinary series of events. >> there was that moment after his initial press conference when he was called to testify on the hill and lamar smith of texas, remember the committee, said, you know, if i know the investigation is now closed or finished, completed, i think was the word that was used. if something turns out that suggests that you might have to go back into this would you let us know? that wasn't the exact wording of the question. he said yes. was he then more or less
4:53 pm
bound? >> probably. what we have learned here there is a lot of disarray within the fbi, within the justice department not only with regard to the email investigation but with regard to the clinton foundation as well. there is just a lot of distortion going on. >> we have about 25 seconds left for this last question. so, what, in your assessment, was his motivation in the first place of coming out and taking it on himself to announce a prosecutorial recommendation that he knew was going to be followed and making it public? >> play it straight in a situation that was never going to be -- you could never play like that. it was already crooked. >> okay. got it okay, gentlemen, thanks very much for being here. coming up, a final round of tweets, some of them mean, but not all. stay tuned.
4:54 pm
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>> time now for final round of mostly mean tweets.
4:58 pm
>> thanks for everyone who tweet. i enjoyed all the good, bad
4:59 pm
and sometimes ugly. that is about it for us tonight and stay tuned to the o'reilly factor in which bill will give forecast for the big day tomorrow. in the meantime we leave you as always with our political quote of the day which has been widely attributed to jefferson. it seems appropriate for this election eve. quote: we in america do not have government by the majority. we have government by the majority who participate. i will not be back here tomorrow night at 7:00 but i hope you will as bret baier and megyn kelly will be anchor electric night coverage from 6:00 on. starting tomorrow i'm back to my former role as the fox news senior political analyst. i'm deeply delighted that each of you stayed with us. and especially to the staff of this broadcast who have been so patient and so kind. starting next monday as you have heard, tucker carlson begins a new error with tucker carlson tonight. i know i will be watching and i certainly hope you will, too. in the meantime, thanks to all of you and good night. ♪ ♪
5:00 pm
>> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> tomorrow, can you vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. >> it is crunch time for hillary clinton. she is actually holding a midnight rally in north carolina. that's how close the election is. >> we are going to take back the white house. we're going to take it back. >> donald trump all over the place today ending up in michigan a state the democrats thought was reliable for them. we have live coverage of both mr. trump and secretary clinton tonight. >> >> what qualities of trump do you like. >> building a wall. >> maybe you can give him a help doing that also watters


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