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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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so i know how important that is. >> see you next hour. >> "outnumbered" start now. >> we are looking live at trump tower where donald trump is in a meeting with more potential members of his incoming administration including you and ambassador john bolton who is said to be in the mix for secretary of state. he dropped a surprise announcement last night. this is "outnumbered". megan mccain, cohost of "after the bell," melissa francis, julie original key is here and hashtag one lucky guy, wall street week on foxbusiness gary kaminsky and he is
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"outnumbered". martha: you may want to reserve judgment. >> as we keep track of the latest comings and goings, president-elect trump kicking off his thank you tour, defense secretary. >> we are going to a point, bad dog matus as our secretary of defense was we are not announcing it so don't tell anybody. he is great. >> general james matus required a waiver from congress from federal law requires military personnel to be retired in 7 years before taking civilian position and has quite the marching orders, rebuild
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america's military might and destroy isis. >> a of major national effort, to have a badly depleted military. we have no choice. we have a strong military and don't want to have to use it. ideally we don't have to use it. we will destroy isis. >> that is a tall order for general matus. the affordable announcement is coming. that is big news. >> that is not the typical way of being a politician. americans embracing and loving it. as far as the general is concerned, we try the other
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approach. why not try somebody who is a military guy, and so what. and a democrat from new york. i deeply respect general matus's service but will oppose the waiver and civilian control of the military the fundamental principle of american democracy and i will not vote for an exception to this rule. >> many things to say about this. i was watching it live and i love mad dog matus. is a beloved figure in the military, highly respected, he never married, led the invasion of iraq. a small google search, that is what i wanted to share but this is my favorite. find an enemy that wants to end
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the experiment american democracy and kill every one of them until they are so sick of the killing and freedom contact. and the last years of eight years, and -- >> and my brother started crying, tried to stop this. a fantastic choice. >> even hearing from those who served with him or under him, amazing to hear what he had to say about how much they respect him. >> i like choice, he's a strong leader. i have concerns about civilian control of the military but going straight from uniform to secretary of defense, i understand the need general
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brand talked about, he should grant him the waiver. and stand in opposition to him based on that. >> not in opposition to him. >> exactly. voting against him rather than policy issues. going to start a real fight. with conservatives and republicans, the majority of people even some liberals comfortable with this choice, it is going to be allowed. >> he is many hillary clinton, this, all the money has flown into her coffers. >> i think that is why she's opposing this on behalf of hillary clinton. guarantee around the country, and -- --
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>> >> there is a rule in place, and civilian control and the department of defense. that is a rare case, tenure moratorium, and he she is supporting the rule, and the military confidence, the last eight years under obama, got to think about the big picture, just about him, the entire military at large and foreign-policy as well. >> the military as you said feels beaten-down at this point.
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reinvigorate the reins after they -- >> the type of leader he is, referenced a lot of people who served with him speaking out, published a piece by someone who served with him saying i served with james matus, here's what i learned, the rest of the world will soon know how truly gifted he is. >> just because the president-elect, actually worked in the business and understand finance, we tried it by putting a diplomat there, put somebody in the business, everyone running everything as though it is a business, the ceo making decisions based on who is running the different divisions -- >> i will say something i would like clarity on. he said he ran is a huge threat to us. if you're going to bomb isis, by
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nature because this is in the middle east, by nature you will be systemic strengthening iran. i would love to know from general matus how to reconcile those two. >> he hasn't been formally -- they have not formally announced his role in the administration but sidelined.
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>> donald trump kicking off his thank you tour in cincinnati speaking to a crowd at a rally that resembles one of his campaign events. >> i know if we set aside our differences and we do have
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differences, we are not going to be divided long. now is the time to embrace the one thing that unites, that is america. america. america. >> moment earlier the president-elect took a shot at hillary clinton promising the return of a familiar chant. >> although we had a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? right? [cheers and applause] be change i keep having the image of a parallel universe where hillary clinton won and there is no excitement and she is not happy. >> a coliseum filled with people. >> do you think his supporters are disappointed he's not going to lock her up, the chant on the campaign trail? >> you don't know what will
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happen. i think he is not going the one making the decision. the attorney general find this information, he will go in a different direction. that is not something he is pressing. he has been elected by the country to fit the economy and that is his priority. but you think hillary clinton could not get a victory tour because there was never anybody there for the rally. >> she won the popular vote of 2.5 million people. let's not pretend -- >> talking about the event. she got people that voted for her on the east coast and the west coast but those people -- >> greg got filled -- i can only imagine the that hillary clinton, on a victory tour.
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are we not talking donald trump's policies or how great donald trump is, what a great time fighting hillary clinton. never seen a more sore winner in my life. >> what he is doing is very calculated in the sense he feels there's a lot of excitement and momentum is a golden opportunity in the first hundred days to do a lot of the things he promised but that is contingent upon him keeping the excitement and enthusiasm at this level, but he makes his pick. i don't think you keep people at this fever pitch. one guy interviewed outside, told my wife i had to see him one more time, been to these rallies. and it is very clever and filled with intent. he can heal those things in the first golden moment. >> he said last night we need
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you. your elected officials, the congressman, to make certain what everybody wants gets past. a fresh direction, something you haven't seen. we haven't seen this in eight years. >> don't think barack obama has solid miranda -- he had this excitement. >> an attempt to keep the excitement. >> an attempt to unify, on the one hand you are talking unity of the other hand you are talking -- >> you know what he is unifying, people like me, very big critic of his. maybe he is starting out with his own party. i actually do see more unity happening. every liberal i have friends with is in a hysterical sells are dark moment on twitter going crazy about the election. maybe he's biding his time. i do have liberal friends if you can believe that.
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he didn't use the opportunity just to thank his supporters but to go back, who did he point out that you john kasich who wouldn't support him, the dishonest media. should he be doing that in this thank you tour? >> his base wants to hear that as we all know if we were in a similar situation, let's be honest, if john kasich, if we had our convention in that state and we were the nominee and that happens we would say the same thing. >> i don't know. i might do it but i like the point. president obama had this excitement in 2008 and don't think he capitalized on it. donald trump learned from that and realized it is a short window. >> imagine the hysteria from republicans if barack obama went out and said didn't we have fun
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beating up john mccain? i can only imagine, if people did that, didn't do it at rallies but in the press. did it in washington dc. >> gave obama a pass on this. donald trump is doing that. doing it at a rally. >> obama stand up and say publicly didn't we have a great time kicking john mccain's but? never happens because presidents -- did he ever do it? of course not because that is not what president do. >> the conversation between my father and obama where he said i won, my father says i remind you of it every single day. beyond -- >> i could tell you stories that would get me kicked off the air. >> this man is about to be president of the united states. obama's hands are so clean he has never done anything wrong. 's momentum continues. his legacy -- >> i would love to see that
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quote. >> the president-elect talking up his deal to save jobs and to carry a plane in indiana but some critics say a president getting involved with working individual companies is treading on dangerous ground. is mister trump doing that or keeping his campaign promise about saving american jobs? the bad blood from the campaign running hot. the clinton team is lashing out in a personal way. a lot of nasty up next. >> i would never lose rather than win the way you guys did. >> no you wouldn't, respectfully. the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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us. >> they are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences, not going to happen, not going to happen. we are losing so much. so one of the things we are doing is lowering our business sense from 35% to hopefully down to 15%. >> bernie sanders slammed him saying mister trump has endangered jobs that were previously safe. in an op-ed saying, quote, he has signaled every corporation in america they can print to offshore jobs in exchange for business friendly tax benefits and incentives, even corporations that weren't thinking of off shoring jobs will most probably be reevaluating their stance this morning, who would pay for the high cost for tax cuts to the richest businesses in america? the working class of america. mister trump had made a pledge on the campaign trail to keep
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those jobs in indiana. this is what is driving me crazy about this conversation but i thought to business leaders all the time who would rather not have their factories in mexico because number one, two out of 10 product you make you can't sell if there's something wrong with them. the factories are not as good, safety standards aren't as good, they worry about their executives getting kidnapped, they want to do business instead of anywhere else but you have to make the right economic environment, you have to deal with the regulation, and don't people want to do business here? >> all excellent points and what bernie doesn't understand and miley cyrus, katy perry, what these people don't understand is this is how business works, by negotiating and getting trade-offs. of tax incentives are created to keep businesses in the state you are trading off because you get the income tax at the state level from people working as
9:28 am
opposed to people who don't have jobs in mexico and also hoping we don't want to get into much business, all of this is hoping to grow revenues and everyone will benefit from it and so anytime a factory is outside of this country you don't have the opportunity. i'm not going to say every single deal is a good deal but in business you make deals and hope 65% of them are good deals. >> julie made the point, keep it here, you have to make it an environment where the economics make sense. beyond the tax incentive the next step they have to make everything else work in terms of regulation, cost of energy, cost of building your factory, when you make it an environment where the math works the other tax plan. >> can i drop this out for a second? this goes back to donald trump saying he is here to make this a business friendly -- environment in this country. you wonder where the enthusiasm
9:29 am
in the stock market is coming from, the average investor you are seeing enthusiasm there, everything he is saying whether it is going to work right away or take time, doesn't this go back to everybody said give us a business friendly president, somebody who says they want us to win and small businesses and large corporations alike will respond. >> so glad you brought up the stock market which has had a phenomenal run the last three weeks, everybody's worried hillary clinton was elected and the stock market will do better, donald trump knew it was going to crash, and the optimism associated with deregulation across all industries, financial services which is the engine economy, if the market, the great thing about the stock market is not republican and not democrat and not conservative and not liberal, the stock market only cares about one thing, earnings.
9:30 am
>> bernie sanders -- it is not sour grapes but what we talked about yesterday which is happy for these 800 people that are keeping their jobs, does not diminish the a congressman for them but ultimately are we now going to start providing tax incentives to individual companies in order -- if that is the case i want republicans to admit which they never have before that the government does have a role to play in finance? >> they do but here's the problem. i know this from personal experience. you have a lot of companies taking incentives, getting tax breaks and after the tax break still shipping jobs out overseas. >> that is what pens was saying. and clawback incentives. >> to do that first and foremost and more importantly, i don't know carrier will have an incentive to keep the jobs here long-term and cheaper for them to move which is why they are moving down to mexico. and 1300 other jobs.
9:31 am
>> for those thousand people that got their jobs saved they are not thinking about anything else right now. >> the election is over but looks like the fighting is still going on right here on the couch. doesn't feel like that but the trump campaign staffers spent a few hours arguing with each other after the election format harvard. such debriefings happen after every presidential race. this one got personal. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> note you wouldn't. know you wouldn't. >> do you think i ran a campaign where right supremacy at a platform? >> it did. it did. it did. you think you could have just had a message for the white working-class voters? you think this woman who has nothing in common -- over -- how
9:32 am
about if hillary clinton doesn't connect with people, how about they have nothing in common with her? >> sounds like me and julie. >> instead of acknowledging the shortfalls, continue to blame their loss on wikileaks, the media, james comey and a few other things which kelly and conway reacting this morning. >> i think the fireworks yesterday were grounded in the fact that members of the clinton campaign were accusing us of sitting, running a permanent campaign, just not true. the idea that a platform to certain people in this campaign, jim comey's followed hillary clinton who has been in public life for decades, his fault she lost. making the point to them that it is time to do what president obama and secretary clinton have done which is respect the election results. >> a resident harvard grad, what do you make of that? >> the institute of politics, they get together and mix it up,
9:33 am
something so lively and crazy and going at each other. i wish i was there, could feel them going at each other and attention still there. but it is a copout. states that voted for president obama, controlled by white supremacists, one of the things where we are better people because we lost, sour grapes which i understand it hurts. >> and kelly and conway -- they really got into it after this. >> >> don't act like you have a popular mandate for your message, the fact of the matter is more americans voted for hillary clinton and donald trump. >> there is nothing that said the popular vote anywhere -- >> i premise my statement by saying that. >> we won, you don't have to respond.
9:34 am
>> drop the mic. >> more people live in california. don't care how populist california -- >> i think this is too soon. postelection wins run east, i am telling you -- >> joking at you and i, and where they voted, a lot of rock wounds, for kelly and conway, right now just take a victory lap. these people who work for hillary clinton's campaign have no future in politics, nobody's going to hire them when you ushered in this historic loss for democrats, their careers are over. why don't you take a seat, keep it calm. >> like you guys do when you had -- at the commercial break -- >> let me say one of the people you just quoted has a good future and bright career in politics, in charge three presidential elections.
9:35 am
>> i get it. >> very hard to get hired again when you usher in a historic loss. he is not running campaigns. he is on some network some place. >> not a good network. >> the bottom line is i think -- >> not running campaigns. >> may not be running campaigns but where they endeded up, they did not measure the way properly. he took some responsibility for it. emotions are raw. one thing i will say to kelly and conway she is a good jersey girl, i like her a lot, take a step back. i have been up and i have been down and it always swings would you take a victory lap like that. how would you respond? she won the popular -- >> in fairness, kelly was not part of this but by his own
9:36 am
admission he ran breitbart, a platform for the alt right. when you have somebody like that comanaging your campaign you have somebody in charge who said he ran a platform for the alt right. that is just a fact, you can't dispute that, it is a very repugnant movement. >> got to leave it there. one year after the san bernardino terror attack and days after an ohio state attack being called possible terrorism the white house and president obama preparing to speak about how his anti-terror strategy has made our country safer. we will debate his case.
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>> a grim reminder of the dangers, in the holiday season, today marks one year in san bernardino. after syed farouq opened fire at
9:41 am
a company christmas party. this as president obama will how the success of his counterterrorism strategy. this tuesday in florida, reportedly defend strategy as the right path forward to the new administration. his wife and accomplice was a pakistani national who got into the us using the controversial fiancée visa program. president-elect trump who has been a sharp critic of the president's counterterrorism efforts reinforced his campaign promises. >> we will suspend immigration where it cannot be safely processed was we have regions of the world, people of oregon, don't have to say who is letting the minute again anymore. they are just pouring into the country. we don't need san bernardino, we don't need another aleppo,
9:42 am
another world trade center. >> during obama's presidency, there have been a dozen scandals investigated as such. one lucky guy goes first, the strategy has worked. any metric you look at, lives lost, terrorist attack, lives lost overseas. i don't know how you measure it as a win. >> i will take president obama's position, what he might be trying to say. we lived through september 11th in new york and for those of us, a definition of the terrorist attack, it is all semantics. they are terrorist attacks, just trying to take with the obama
9:43 am
position might be. and september 11th, not as tragic and not as terrible. >> the metric -- >> taking that approach. >> that is what they are going to attempt to say. >> it is ridiculous. everything remembered about the obama administration the worst will be foreign-policy of the past eight years. was left in iraq, he made the iran deal which will start breaking out in hives and paranoid about the fact we have funded terrorism to iran. to obamacare, and everything policy related was a joke. >> first and foremost, families lost their lives in san
9:44 am
bernardino and other attacks, a life is a life in new york and the pentagon, many fewer, it doesn't matter. i will say i am and saddened because i don't know what the solution is, you will have these little for tax and not sure what resident trump or any president, not a knock on him, whoever, will be able to prevent that because unfortunately you radicalize people who are american citizens, european citizens in paris, most of them were not foreigners but european citizens so in the world people are in today it is not necessary to come here out of flight school from egypt or saudi arabia, you could be born in florida, detroit, california, anywhere. >> it has to do with taking the fight to isis. he talking about the success of his no combat counterterrorism strategy in the middle east and
9:45 am
this idea that the caliphate was established, terrorism, this ideology grew so strong overseas, now it is coming home. >> no combat policy makes you wonder after the president and the president-elect met for the first time in the white house, president obama said he will be ready to speak to donald trump anytime he meets him, wonder if there will be an exchange of ideas which i don't want to distract from something good about the final moment, final speech president obama will be making because josh earnest, press secretary says he will be offering the gratitude for the professionalism, skill and sacrifice of the american patriots that serve us. take a moment to thank the troops and we will be a fan of that. the popular website buzz feed's recent backlash over a report slamming the stars of the hit show fixer-upper. the belief of their pastor who
9:46 am
opposes day marriage, this is a witchhunt because of a couple christians, we will debate this one. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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>> backlash against the website buzz feed for questioning the beliefs of chip and joanna gains from the hit show fixer-upper blasting the couple for attending a church whose pastor opposes gay marriage, the venom brothers who claim they lost their tv show because of their christian beliefs are coming to the couple's defense. >> they are a wonderful family, chip and joann are believers in jesus christ, they are not anti-anything, they are pro-god, pro-people, pro-jesus. this is what is happening, a witchhunt. >> even the reporter who wrote the article admits she does not know their position on gay marriage but buzz feed editor in chief doubling down saying, quote, this is about a big company refusing to say whether they ban lgbt people from a tv show. they should just answer the question. they do not discriminate against gay people in any show. >> they did answer the question.
9:51 am
>> you have to hold liberal beliefs in order to have a hit show, in order to be on television. most churches to my knowledge are against gay marriage, the pope is against gay marriage. i am struggling to find the controversy. >> can i jump in as a liberal. what the h-e-double hockey sticks is wrong with people? they believe what they believe their pastor believes and their pastor believes, it is none of our business and the bottom line is if you are a catholic, you go to a catholic church, doesn't support marriage equality, i am the most pro-marriage equality person you can find but if you don't agree with my position it doesn't mean you should be thrown off of television. that is your position, these people, not even their position. it is their pastor's position.
9:52 am
and an orthodox jew, a synagogue that holds these beliefs, they subscribe to this. >> just watch the show. >> they are going to show. even as all hell is breaking loose, just look for my four precious babies, what do you make of this? >> you are probably surprised i know the show. -- >> your wife who watches the show. >> i don't -- actually bought their book that came out. i like the show when you pick three houses and got it down and decide which one they are going to buy. >> i don't -- if you think -- the buzz feed woman think they have this bias which there is no
9:53 am
evidence for. don't watch the show, vote with your eyeballs, free market, free country, do what you want, think what you want, watch what you want. >> i get tweets on a minute by minute second by second basis from people who hate what i say, turn off the tv. or lease the phone -- because you don't agree with somebody doesn't mean you have to boycott. >> this writer who i work with. >> the washington post put out a piece saying the entire article is an elaborate exploration of a hypothetical question so is it against same-sex marriage? the question -- >> are they not allowed to host hit television shows if you are against same-sex marriage? it is ridiculous. >> this idea that you can't be popular, these people are from
9:54 am
waco, texas, red state taxes and the idea that this writer thinks these people shouldn't be allowed to have this platform and a television show on the offense they don't support marriage equality. the cultural left needs to understand tolerance runs both ways, you can't be intolerant of someone's christian beliefs and not expect them to be tolerant of yours at the same time. >> for every lefty who believes those -- you have the right to burn the american flag as an expensive speech, that goes for waste. if you think being anti-american is important to you it is important to me but you have the right to have your opinion as much of anybody else. >> we don't know whether opinion is. isn't it about them fixing up houses? how do we care what they feel, they feel how they feel. >> okay. what you are watching -- >> you learn something new,
9:55 am
today, without question. your wife loves it. >> and a good husband watches what happens, you do know that. >> happy wife, happy life was more "outnumbered" in just a moment. . that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. nothseafood celebration.self" like red lobster's holiday so try new dishes like the new grand seafood feast, and the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio, with a lobster mac-and-cheese topped lobster tail. come treat yourself to feast fit for the season before it ends.
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>> gary kaminsky, you can see him on wall street week on the fox business network tonight, thank you for being here. >> that congratulate foxbusiness, the first time, the number one business network in the country now. >> a promise you shattered yesterday, very wonderful to me, you love this show. >> a big shout out, thanks for watching, we will be back, thanks for being here. >> we will see you again soon, have a great weekend. >> happy friday, back at noon on monday as we do every single
10:00 am
week, fun to have all of you and see you, have a great weekend, "happening now" starts right now. smokey mountains have killed 13 people. >> we are covering all of the damage now. >> companies are not going to love the united states anymore without consequences. >> the delivering how far he is willing to go to it get involved. >> old rules no longer apply. >> the debate of over how far is too far in the push for are american jobs. >> and why the fbi is still struggling to answery key questions. >> we can work to give people a voice and also need to stop


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