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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. right now on "justice" -- >> they are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it's not going to happen. >> the inauguration may be two months away but we're already starting to win again. tonight in my opening statement, i'll tell you why it's a new day in america. plus -- >> as people get to know each other you realize, you know, maybe i was wrong about this. >> incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus is here with the inside scoop on president-elect donald trump, mitt romney and all those
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secretary of state rumors. >> we have a president-elect who is willing to say i'm going to appoint the best possible people. i'm not going to live in the past. i'm going to live in the future. >> and i celebrate the future justice style as i visit the world's most famous christmas tree in rockefeller center. >> barack obama's term is over. >> over! >> the people have spoken. >> listen up, "justice" starts now. breaking tonight, the death toll after a fire during a dance party in oakland, california, has reached nine and could still climb. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. that fire started during a party in the converted warehouse late last night. crews are still searching and warn the death toll could rise as high as 40. just last month, the city of
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oakland opened an investigation into the same building after a series of complaints about people living illegally inside. officials will hold a press conference and we'll update you when it does. reince priebus on president-elect trump's busy transition. but first, my opening statement. it's a miracle. we finally have an incoming president who understands how to conduct business for the american people. business rather than politics. although we've just proven themselves to be pretty good at politics, too. president-elect donald trump already making deals, just as he promised. the strategist and ceo that our country needs. certainly not a politician, constantly worried about universal approval. great leaders, whether they are heads of countries or companies
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deliver. they understand making decisions are not about winning the popular vote. they know instinctively what's needed to get it done, not stopping to test fingers to the wind. and so on thursday, president-elect trump in a carrier plant in indianapolis announced a deal to keep more than a thousand jobs in the united states that were scheduled to be outsourced to mexico. amazing. a president who actually fulfills a promise before he even moves into the oval office. remind you of another great leader? ronald reagan and those 52 american hostages held in iran for 444 days that jimmy carter couldn't get released for the life of himself before he left the white house? and in june when president obama
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was and carrier leaving the united states referencing the candidate trump had just said he could do it mr. hope and change himself answers. not a chance. con tif indicating that american workers need to learn better skills to adapt to new technology like clean energy by the way, remember the clean energy company destined for failure, sure. more on that technology and you'd be out of a job there for good and then obama takes his shot. listen. >> those jobs of the past are not going to come back and when somebody says like the person you just mentioned i'm not going
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to advertise for that he's going to bring all of the jobs back, how are you going to do that? what are you going to do there's no answer to it. he says i'm going to negotiate a better deal. how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have? >> the magic wand that donald trump has that you certainly don't is a business acumen, a focus and a passion for the american worker who desperately wants nothing more than a job and the ability to feed the family. and to those naysayers, including sarah palin who criticized him, let me ask you a question if we can keep companies by offering incentives, why wouldn't we do
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that? we do all kinds of generous things for illegals, refugees. we educate them, medicate them, house them, give them food stamps. we even give this obamacare although the president said it wouldn't cover them. so much for transparency. we bring them in by the thousands. now, all that costs us taxpayer dollars. not to mention, the security danger. where's our incentive? shouldn't american workers be allowed to keep their jobs, pay their mortgages and their rent, put gas in their cars, heat in their homes, buy food, help their elderly parents, not to mention putting a gift or two under a tree? assuming they can even afford to buy one? all of which keeps our economy going. at least americans pay taxes, more than sales tax, to fund our government to then pay for the illegals and refugees.
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so if we give that tax cut, at least we get some tax money back. not to mention that these american families will then have to go on unemployment and welfare. no fancy slogans here, folks. no one liners. but you're watching history. you're watching another ronald reagan. you're watching in realtime a president-elect who is not all talk. a leader who was going to show us real hope and change. it's time for america to believe it's not only christmas, everyone, it's morning in america once again. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter #judgejeanine. and also breaking tonight, the green party has dropped their bid for statewide pennsylvania
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recount but the recounts in wisconsin and michigan continue as of now. i spoke with our rnc chairman reince priebus. we discussed the carrier deal, the latest in the recount and the transition team. take a look. we're here with the incoming chief of staff reince priebus. i want to thank you for joining us on "justice." this is the first time since the president-elect was voted in. first of all, i want to congratulate you for what the president-elect has done at carrier, saving 1200 jobs before he even got into the oval office is just incredible and just what the country needs. >> well, i mean, it also shows you what kind of president it is going to be that he's not the type of guy that i want to have an appointment with at 4:45 for five minutes on the phone.
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he picks up the phone, makes the call and then a week later there's an announcement that these jobs are saved. that's really what the american people should expect. the president is going to stand up for the american worker and get things done and that's who donald trump is. >> well, you know, it's what he said he was and it's a man that i know and i'm just so happy that america is going to see what he is capable of even before he gets there. but there's so many topics tonight. let's talk about this recount where jill stein got like 1% of the vote. i don't know what the woman is thinking. everybody is suing everyone else. fcc complaint by her against hillary and then trump supporters are going against stein and clinton but the bottom line is, there's no way that either one of them are going to win, although i think hillary would come back from, you know, another planet to try to win again but what is your take on all of these recounts? >> i think they should be
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dismissed. you have a person with 33,000 votes in wisconsin running against -- want a recount against donald trump who had 1.7 million votes. it's an illegal impossibility for her to overturn the election so therefore the courts and judges and board of canvassers shouldn't have allowed these things to go forward. but i understand the statutes the way they are. we are going to have a recount. it's going to be a waste of everyone's time and money. we're going to have to spend money that i think jill stein's campaign should reimburse us for for a waste of our time. donald trump will win again. they will lose again. but unfortunately, it's just a big, fat waste of time. and that's what we have to put up with. >> it's a waste of time and money and friends of mine in wisconsin are saying that in the recount, the president-elect is up. so i don't know what they are thinking. and in michigan, the attorney general is moving to stop the recount. >> here's the key, judge.
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the key in michigan is jill stein has alleged that she's been agrieved by the outcome. i don't know how you can lose by 2 million votes, move for a recount and then claim that you've been aggrieved. it's a frivolous case and totally hypocritical for hillary clinton to not be denouncing this recount when she conceded on election night, she agreed to concede after the a.p. called the race, totally hypocritical and, look, they were worried about donald trump not accepting the outcome of the election. remember that outrage? total joke. >> yes, it is. let's move on. you are now chief of staff. you will be in january. you are pretty much representative of the establishment is this a signal by donald trump that, look, i'm draining the swamp but there are some establishment people who are going to be on the inside? >> there's going to be a combination of people.
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me and steve and jared and kellyanne are workihat donald t together. the reason why he had one of the biggest or the biggest, historical, electoral landslides in a long time is because he was able to bring all spectrums of our party together, move them down the center of the interstate and make it happen and so he brought that same coalition into the white house. i think it's a great combination and everyone works well together and, you know, why change things up that have been working so well? >> and clearly it appears that you are working well together. but as we look back at the race, donald trump certainly made some people pretty angry. do you think the bushes will ever accept the trump presidency? >> i think so. many of them have already reached out to the president-elect and he's had great conversations with them and meeting with others that in some cases were critical and appointing people that had some critical words as well and, as
6:13 pm
you know, meeting with governor romney and burying the hatchet there. it's bringing americans together and moving forward. >> for all of those people who said he was so thin-skinned, his connection and continuous meeting with mitt romney. if he decides not to take mitt romney or appoint him as secretary of state or nominate him, do you think there's another position that the president-elect will put romney in? >> you never know. the fact is, they didn't know each other. they hit each other pretty hard and mitt hit a little harder but he didn't know president-elect either. as people get to know each other sometimes you realize, you know, maybe i was wrong about this. and so i think some of that is what you see but, most importantly, to the american people is what they see is that we've got a president-elect who understands that and is willing to say i'm going to appoint the best possible people. i'm going to talk to the best
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possible people. i'm not going to live in the past but i'm going to live in the future and that's what donald trump is doing every single day. >> and quickly, you know, there were times in a ditch. what is the magic of donald trump? >> well, i think number one it's a vision but, number two, i think he's someone who is real and authentic. i've often said what this country is starving for is real, authentic, genuine who wants to serve their country with a pure heart and make a difference. i think people are tired of the washington politician. they had a choice between plastisize or genuine and that's what he captured. >> mr. chairman, thank you so much for joining us on "justice." >> thank you. joining me now, republican
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congressman darrell issa. you've just been elected. how many terms for you? >> this is my ninth term. >> long time. >> the most exciting term since my first. i came in with george w. bush, what they called a pointed president and now we're coming in with a similar situation, a president who clearly won the people's heart, unconventional, house and senate and a mandate to really roll back the things that were killing jobs. every decision is based on the fundamental cost drivers. so are regulations and taxes. and energy. you build a building, some costs you can't avoid. he talks about how you build
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great buildings. >> congressman, let's talk about some of the things that have been happening on the transition or during this transition. china is lodging a complaint and they are upset that the president-elect talked to the president from taiwan who is legally and democratically elected, i believe. was this a faux pas or an opportunity? >> it was clearly something that he thought about before he made the call. this isn't about the mistakes like bill clinton made coming in that caused us to move an entire fleet after his comments this is about china building islands to intimidate in international waters and i think it's a great pushback.
6:17 pm
he's telling china they don't automatically get a pass on everything. we don't need their imports enough. he met with japan's president and was dealing specifically with a country that's being intimidated by china and building military islands. >> it's clear that things are not going to go as president obama necessarily wants them to go. >> let's talk about mad dog mattis. he knows his way around the pentagon. there are some centers, a junior senator from new york, who is vowing to stand between the general who has been nominated for secretary of defense. >> there's no question that he's qualified and that although it's the first time the reality is
6:18 pm
this is decorated war hero and somebody who can make a difference for the department of defense and to use a military term, it's pretty obvious the american people don't have any question about the general mattis left office, went out to stanford and it teaching. this isn't somebody flipping. >> he's broken the ties but hasn't, if you will, broken the chain of knowledge that's going to allow him to do great things when he comes back. >> do you bet on for secretary of state? >> i bet on donald trump. >> good answer, congressman. >> i'm never known for my diplomacy but he picked a great group of candidates.
6:19 pm
he's vetting them much like the apprentice and he's going to make a superb choice. >> worried about romney? yes or no. >> a little. >> aren't we all. >> thank you, congressman issa. >> thank you. and still ahead tonight, more on the president-elect's deal to keep the carrier jobs out of mexico with one of his top economic advisers, steve moore is here. but then -- are you more confident about saying merry christmas and not being politically incorrect? >> absolutely. what else can you do around here? >> that's right. >> it's a beautiful tree up there. >> street justice in your christmas stocking. i'll head to the world's most famous tree as "justice" rolls on in just a moment. or sleds on. in a moment. [ cough ]
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developing tonight, new reaction after president-elect trump makes a big deal with air conditioning company carrier to keep jobs in indiana. so is this just the beginning? with me now, steve moore, senior economic adviser to president-elect donald trump. good evening, steve. thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> great to be with you. >> if you heard my open. >> i did. >> i am thrilled. you know, to me, it's about americanism, america first.
6:24 pm
let's get going, let's make america great again. what about those critics? it's very, very easy to exaggerate the economic importance of the carrier intervention. less than 1,000 jobs. the politics are absolutely terrible for free market conservatives. what do you make of that? >> i'm a free market conservative and i'm very happy about this and i'll tell you this, judge, i know there's a thousand families that will have a lot better christmas because of what donald trump did. now, look, this is just the start of something really big. the president-elect trump when he becomes president isn't going to be able to save american industry one company at a time but i think he was sending a message here to the voters of pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, wisconsin, iowa, midwestern states, i'm a midwesterner myself, that he cares about them and he is going to fight for their jobs and that's what they wanted to hear for a long time. i love that clip, judge, you
6:25 pm
played from barack obama. i think it was earlier this year when he said, there's nothing we can do about it. yes, there are things that we can do to bring jobs back to factory workers and hard-working middle class people who lost their jobs. we can lower our taxes, our regulatory costs and make america a very competitive place and this is, as i said, the start. what happened at carrier i believe we can see with thousands of companies in the months ahead. >> what do you say to the people who say every company can hold america hostage by saying, look, we're moving, give us some kind of a deal in what do you say to them? >> well, i think ultimately what donald trump did was say to the carrier executives, don't leave now because good things are coming in america. we are going to lower your taxes, going from being the highest to the lowest. don't leave now because we're going to get those regulations off the back of you.
6:26 pm
the average regulatory cost per manufacturing job, $18,000. so it there any wonder that we're exporting a lot of these jobs to china, mexico and india? if you cut those costs, those jobs are coming back. >> so this carrier deal is not a one-off. it's a precursor to lower taxes, loosening up the regulations and at the same time you've got a president, a house and a senate. he can do it. >> there's no question, he's got to do this. you have so many voters like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and wisconsin who never voted for a republican before who took a risk with donald trump because they thought he would fight for them and, you know, i work with them on this -- these plans and on energy, on taxes. it is focused towards bringing
6:27 pm
jobs back to the united states. and i guarantee, a lot of people say, judge, they are very skeptical and say we can't bring jobs, we're not going to bring manufacturing back. that's wrong. we can be one of the manufacturing leaders of the world. >> okay. i just have 30 seconds left. i want to understand this. why is it that we tax things where we produce them as opposed to when we import them? >> exactly. we have the dumbest tax system in the whole world. you are exactly right. why not have a tax system where we're taxing what has consumed you rather than tax what we produce and send abroad but when something comes into the country, we don't tax it. that's a dumb system and we're going to correct that. >> the price of labor is so high. what percentage is the price of labor on an air conditioner? >> i don't know exactly with an air conditioner but with most
6:28 pm
manufacturing, the cost is only about 20%. if you lower the regulatory and tax cost, guess what, america is a competitive place to do business in. >> steve moore, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. "street justice" from the rockefeller christmas tree is coming up next. and then matt schlapp and chris hahn ready to rumble. the panel and i are standing by to debate. "justice" rolls on in a moment. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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good evening. this is a fox news alert. fire crews still on the scene of a deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. right now the death toll is at nine people but crews warning that number could rise as much as 40. fox news is still waiting for confirmation on any updates to those final numbers. the fire broke out friday night on the second floor of the building during a rave party, we're told. as many as 100 people may have been attending at the time. the building had no known fire sprinklers. the city of oakland says it had
6:33 pm
received reports of people living illegally in the buildings. an investigation into those claims was just started three weeks ago. the process of recovering and identifying the fire victims started today. now back to "judge jeanine." for all of your headlines, logon to, the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. welcome back to "justice." another big week for president trump and his transition team. syndicated radio host and former senator chuck schumer. i think the news right now is that the pennsylvania recount has stopped. we don't know what is going on in wisconsin and michigan. the ag in michigan brought an order to stop it. here's the bottom line.
6:34 pm
if you have michigan and wisconsin, which is 16-10 electoral votes, it's not enough to move anything. so was this all really a fraud to get money into the coffers of jill stein? >> yeah. i don't like her and i don't trust her. >> truth and justice on "justice". >> that's it. i think she's a fraud. i think she's doing this to raise money. would i like to know if there was any mischief in those votes? sure. but i don't think she's the person who should be going after it and we're going to let it go and be done with it and i think that's enough with her. >> matt, why did hillary clinton's team join in the fray? >> because donald trump is going on a victory tour and hillary clinton is going on a sore loser tour. i was at harvard university where they are blaming the
6:35 pm
alt-right and racism for -- >> what is the alt-right? would somebody please explain what that means? >> i'll tell you what it is. it's a term that basically hillary clinton popularized and there's one group that claims that title, had about 200 members, a little bit of a splinter group and absolutely nothing to do with the conservative movement or the republican party but a nice tactic for hillary clinton and, guess what, she lost and she needs to stop the recount and stop blaming other people. she needs to go to the hamptons and relax. >> she spent enough time there raising money. i want to move on. chris, i want to talk about the democrat party. >> okay. >> so we have nancy pelosi. she beats what's his name tim ryan, is it? what was his name? >> something like that, yeah. >> something like that. she beats him and now she continues to be the house minority leader and she lost in
6:36 pm
i think 2010, 12, 14 and 16 in the house. why do they keep making her the leader? >> i don't know but there needs to be a major shift in the way that the democratic party goes about picking candidates. it can't just be about money and proximity to money. they need to find people who connect with the districts and help them get the resources they need. it's all about who can raise the money, who is willing to sit on the phone for eight hours a day and they are not finding candidates connecting with voters in their congressional districts. once they make that shift, you will see more competitive races around the country. >> matt, he makes a good point. i think it is all about the money. matt, i want you to respond to it. we've got the senior whip in congress, a gentleman by the name of cleaver. he made a statement about pelosi when he won against ryan. and he says, at "at the present time, we have no strategy, we have no plan but at least we
6:37 pm
have proven leadership that can take us into what is going to be a new era." in other words, even though we keep losing, we don't have a strategy. it reminds me of obama and isis but i degrees. >> stop. >> he says we're good. no, you're not. >> remember, they were all ready to spike the ball and have this great election and come close to taking back the majority in the house, get the senate, hillary clinton was going to be in the white house. and so now they are looking inward and say, my lord, we've lost everything. what do we stand for and what's our strategy? congressman cleaver is being honest and people like nancy pelosi don't move aside because for liberals, political power is the most important thing in the world. they don't give it up easily. >> well, i want to move on. i want to talk very quickly about mattis. chris, to you, junior senator of new york, she wants to block it.
6:38 pm
it's not going to be blocked. he's going to make it. people love him. for confirmation, what is it, 52, you can get 8 from the other side but the waiver is going to take more than that, which is interesting. about why is she doing this? why is gillibrand doing this? >> i don't think this is about mattis himself. it's about the separation between the military power and the civilian leadership of the military and the national defense -- national security act of 1947 was very clear and, quite frankly, the framers were very clear, they wanted civilian control of the military. i think he's a great candidate but we have to have a conversation about whether this waiver should be given because civilian control of the military is a major founding stone of our country. >> matt, quickly, i've gotten seconds. >> that act is unconstitutional. the president can pick anybody he wants. he picking a general is exactly the right thing. he only needs 50 votes to be
6:39 pm
confirmed. >> matt, chris, i don't have time. mercedes schlapp, a possible rnc chairman. >> i just left dinner to come to your show. your show is a priority. >> i'm a big fan of president trump and my wife. i'm not going to make either upset at me so no comment. >> i hope you can get around the baggage you've got. coming up, we go to rockefeller christmas tree. and next, one year after san bernardino shootings and we talk about how the game is about to change when it comes to the new u.s. playbook against terror. ea be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero."
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one year ago this week, terror came to the united states in the form of two armed radical islamists in san bernardino, california. but here we are, one year later and a lot is about to change when it comes to how this country fights extremists. author of "defeating jihad" is joining me now. good evening, doctor. it was a year ago and i think most of us clearly remember san bernardino before christmas, co-worker ends up shooting 14 people and injuring many more and i tried to find out what happened to those people who are family members and it turns out that there are charges that are filed against the brother and sister-in-law of syed farook and they were arrested on federal charges of marriage fraud and then the wife and her sister are
6:45 pm
charged with an immigration fraud marriage case as well. so does this -- and these cases have not yet been disposed of by the feds. is this something you would consider part of a predictable islamic jihad where they are bringing in spouses like this? >> absolutely, especially if you look at how the federal agencies drop the ball completely when it came to malik and farook, the san bernardino murderers. right now, this is a woman whose pattern of life was not closely examined. the fact that she went to a muslim seminary before she came to the united states and also that her facebook posts weren't scrutinized by the state department that was handling the first contact with the individual applying for a visa. so, yeah, there are certain indicators always. this idea of lone wolfism is a complete fallacy. the concept that somebody is sitting in their basement, goes
6:46 pm
online and then suddenly becomes a jihadi, totally bogus, judge. >> clearly, clearly. in the united states, we have to start looking at the jails and we have to start looking at the mosque and getting into the community and those areas where people are not going. there are a lot of areas in terms of the homeland that we need to look at. but you know what is having, the shooter's mother of farook and the sister have not been charged criminally. however, minnesota life insurance company filed a civil lawsuit alleging that they knew of the planned attack because they were in the apartment and yet no charges against them. so, i mean, clearly you've got a whole group involved but i want to now move into what you think in terms of the new administration and how they are going to be handling this kind of thing differently. >> just look at who
6:47 pm
president-elect donald trump is picking. we have the first significant pick, lieutenant mike flynn, the man who wrote the book on counterterrorism "field of fight" that everybody needs to look at. you have now this legendary marine, "mad dog" mattis who will be named as secretary of defense. you have pompeo as director of cia, former alabama senator sessions who will be attorney general. you cannot imagine a better a-team. it will be like night and day, judge. we will finally take the war to the jihadi. >> and we'll finally, i believe, with all of those great nominations be in a position where we can identify the problem, actually say what it is
6:48 pm
and then execute. dr. gorka, always great to have you on "justice." thank you. >> thank you. "street justice" from rockefeller, next. . . garlic herb butter, or crispy shrimp for just $15.99. and hurry in for a free ten dollar bonus card with every fifty dollar gift card... at outback. with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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. you've, waiting for it, now
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it's finally time for your weekly dose of street justice. this week, i went to the rockefeller center christmas tree to see what people thought about president-elect trump carrier deal and if people are really back to saying merry christmas. take a look. >> donald trump just delivered a bunch of jobs in indiana to the carrier employees. great christmas present. are you hoping that it will make some great christmas gifts to all of in this country? >> oh, i think he will. i think he's going to be great. he's going to do more -- and he's already done more in a month than i think we've done in eight years. >> i actually believe he'll truly do an excellent job and everything he puts forward to. >> about the 1,200 people have jobs, about 1,800 are leaving indiana and going down to mexico. so i don't think it solves every problem. we can't do it multiple times. but i think the gesture was very good and the negotiation was good, as far as that's concerned. >> donald trump saved 1,200 jobs at carrier in indiana.
6:53 pm
just talked to someone who said, well, he didn't save 'em all, not really such a big deal. >> well, 1,200 is better than zero. better than having all the jobs go out to mexico. certainly a good thing. >> geraldo's wife, gorgeous erica, what do you think about the fact that the incoming president brought 1,200 jobs to indiana. >> say merry christmas. >> merry christmas! >> are you more confident about saying merry christmas and not feeling politically incorrect? >> absolutely. what else can you do around here? it's a beautiful tree up there. >> how about merry christmas? >> merry christmas to you and everybody out there. celebrate what you love and be happy because you're in the greatest country in the world. >> i ditto that. >> what do you think of the fact they got 1,200 jobs in carrier in indiana and trump hasn't even gotten into the oval office?
6:54 pm
>> first of all, this economy, this country was built on small business. okay, first of all -- first of all, we do need to cut taxes. if i own a company and i got $50 million and i got 100 employees, if the government overtaxes me, i'm not going to be able to put anything back in the business. >> what's the answer to my questions about the 1,200 employees getting their jobs back. >> they should get their jobs back. >> good! >> hold on, it should be a tax incentive, on a structure, a tax incentive where you can have a structure where they can work to have their job back. the way to do that is to give the owner an incentive, so that he can reinvest -- >> in that company! well, can i tell you something, this is a very short interview. are you happy that trump brought back 1,200 jobs? >> right now, yes, i am happy. >> good! do you think he's going to do good jothings for jobs, for you? >> i think he's going to do a
6:55 pm
wonderful job and i think my future will be set if he's in the oval office. >> what do you expect is coming? >> his first hundred days will be all awesome. he'll do more in the first hundred days than the last eight years. >> donald trump is running for another four years after these four years. >> barack obama's term is over. >> over! >> the people have spoken! accept your loss and be a crybaby >> be a man! put on your big boy pants and deal with it, you crybabies! >> let's just say merry christmas. >> together. one, two, three. >> merry christmas! we'll be right back. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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7:00 pm
see you next week. . donald trump says he likes tough-talking generals. he wants to talk tough to our enemies and sometimes tough talk isn't the way. so should we worry? >> oh, my god, a tough-talking general! we're all gonna die! all right. shut up! stop it! so thursday night saw trump's thank you tour. thank god there was no gloating. >> and that person was saying for months that there's no way that donald trump can b


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