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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we'll being off on a special project this afternoon. see you tomorrow. >> we will. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, news editor for, katie pavlich is here, and today's #oneluckyguy, columnist for the "washington examiner" and fox news contributor charlie hurt and he is outnumbered. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. it is great to be here. sandra: looks like you finally got rest after the election. >> oh, man, literally five days at home with the kids. harris: that is rest. yeah. >> compared to this, it is. at least it's fun and, they're always hilarious, the kids. sandra: here we are.
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let's begin. today marks four weeks since election day as new polling shows president-elect donald trump's favorability rating surging. most voters now believe he will deliver on his promises to reform health care and other issues. 45% of voters in the latest george washington university battleground poll saying they have a positive opinion of the president-elect. nine point increase from mid-october. when it comes to his signature promises and overwhelming majority, about 80% are confident mr. trump will repeal or replace obamacare, while most are more skeptical when it comes to building the wall. all this coming on the heels of the dow on monday, closing at another all-time high, as the president-elect takes to the road again today, for the second stop on his thank you tour. look at that 19,200 on the dow. but before we leaves for north carolina mr. trump will meet with exxon ceo rex tillerson, one of 10 reported contenders for secretary of
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state. i say 10 with emphasis, charlie, for a while, it was two, then it was four. now it's 10. rex tillerson now being thrown into the mix and he wasn't necessarily a vocal trump supporter. he didn't even donate any money to trump's campaign but he apparently wants the job. >> a lot has to do why we're seeing up tick in the polls for him. he is, all the talk about how he doesn't have the temperament to be president, obviously he is doing a fairly good job of it. i think the picks he made so far have been tremendous. i think gin jim mattis is a -- general jim mattis is spectacular pick. obviously ben carson sun conventional one. harris: he you grew up in urban development situation. >> anybody who read his book, knows what extraordinary thing it was that, his mother was able to put him on the path to this success.
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the federal government isn't the answer to everything and you know, usually it's mom or dad. sandra: the left's response to that as nancy pelosi saying that doesn't necessarily qualify you for that position. that is some of the criticism. harris: you mean like don't have any answers before its passed and we'll know more about it. how important to keep promises to have predictability. sandra talking about the dow, this was supposed to be the man that was so unpredictable and look at the response on wall street. >> shows how wrong media has been. sandra: wall street analysts. >> and pollsters. all the doom and gloom they predicted with donald trump, obviously it is not coming to fruition but one of the things i think is most positive about the trump victory about the fact that you have a lot of dissension among republicans. they're disagreement about stuff. in that open disagreement you have a far greater possibility of arriving like, honest, you
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know, debates about things and coming up with good ideas as opposed to like what you talk about, let's not read it until we pass it. that is no way to govern.r insts how some of media covering it. "new york times," front page, cabinet picks portend shift far to the right for donald trump. >> one thing i want to point out when conservatives criticize barack obama on policy they were called a bunch of racist, quite fine for people like nancy pelosi to criticize ben carson to get away with it. that is the first double-standard. second of course the media will continue running with the narrative. they haven't learned a single lesson. headlines of all of trump's white men to be in his cabinet. the truth his choices have been very good. his reluctancy to appoint someone to secretary of state shows he is really interested in choosing the right person. ceo from exxon, executive, he has experience at center for strategic international studies. he doesn't just have business
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experience as a businessman. he has international business experience that work with hostile countries that don't necessarily have our best interests in mind. i like he is expanding the field and disagreeing with people that criticized with him during the election. sandra: critics are quick to point out where do you think we stand for the president-elect? meghan: i'm pleasantly surprised. we talked about this on the couch. pleasantly how surprised how calm its and every person he has choicen so far. i like every single person. i like who he has chosen for one person. friend of mine is liberal, still freaking out over the election. you have to let him get in office and let him lead. it is courtesy i gave president
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obama, when he got elected and for last eight years. hysteria on the left will continue to kill them in every election. if every single thing that president trump now does is the end of the world, then no one will take you seriously. sandra: i guess you say there would be some concern, considering a month after the election. still the president-elect. favorability ratings are surge ing and he actually isn't president yet and hasn't implemented any policies so is the bar set really high for trump? >> if it is he did that for himself. same thing with president obama, people that didn't street for him, it was pretty i will thrilling time, boy the bar was really set high there. one other thing about the cabinet picks it is important to remember, election of donald trump was sort of this rejection of all the experts. only experts can govern. if ben carson can't go into hud and figure out a way to make that work, that is not, that doesn't mean there is something wrong with ben carson. that means there is something
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wrong with hud because it shouldn't be that complicated. sandra: huge responsibility. harris: i'd say also feeding the favorability once again he surround himself we know people are popular, his family. and they are moving out in the forefront. you hear reports of ivanka and her husband moving to d.c. i think that helps them. people like them. meghan: stay tuned. meanwhile mr. trump's team is expected to sit down with former secretary of state henry kissinger, four days after the president-elect's phone call with the leader of taiwan triggered an international uproar and official protest from the chinese. kissinger happened to be meeting with china's president at the time call he took place. he was impressed by the chinese leadership ace calm reaction to the phone call which former gop presidential nominee bob dole helped arrange. in the fallout, newt gingrich believes president-elect is sending a tough signal to beijing and that is about time. >> this was a deliberate, well-thought out specific signal.
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he accepted a phone call from the freely-elected head of a democracy of 23 million people and frankly, if it is okay for president obama to go down and hang out with the castro dictatorship, it ought to be okay for donald trump to talk to a democracy. meghan: charlie, he makes a great point, when president obama opened diplomatic practices with cuba, by the way, not a democracy. 23 million people voted for the president of the taiwan, elected her president. there was adulation in the media, oh, this was a fantastic move by the barack obama, but when donald trump accept as phone call from democratically elected president, and it could start a war, a direct quote from a news source. what you do you make of this? >> i love the whole story and i think it encapsulates all the hysteria we sort of endured for the past year about donald trump but, you know, but this is, he is a deal maker.
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he likes to, he understands that, you have your strongest hand when you're unpredictable, i believe that it probably was something that they thought about. harris: unpredictable to some. i think that the meeting, having part of his team meet with kissinger bring us back to the center of predictability. kissinger historically is a strategist. no reaction that taiwan would reach out to kissinger after a week after warplanes were flying around taiwan. >> they knew what was happening to chinese aggression left alone by the obama administration. everyone is panicking in the media when they swooned over president obama initiating to iranian president. responsible for more deaths since 9/11 with hezbollah. come on. obama administration sold directly billions of dollars worth of military equipment to taiwan.
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if that is not something that is aggressive from taiwan to china i'm not sure what is. based on the meetings that they're having, they are strategic. china might respond in a way more than what we're seeing now and they should be prepared for that but for the outrage to be this phone call is going to ruin everything that has been happening in the south china sea and everything else is absurd just based on all the history. sandra: ambassador bolton was here yesterday, our one lucky guy, didn't have a problem with it. kissinger, this is not obviously the first meeting with the president-elect. he met him two weeks ago. when he walked out of the meeting he was rather complimenting of trump, calling him unique. said there is no baggage. there is no obligation to particular group. he is president on basis of his own strategy and program he put in front of the american public that his competitors did not. that is a unique situation. interesting two weeks later after this happened to have him meet and hear what he has to say. >> i always believed, if you randomly picked 10 people out of america and set them down to solve, you could solve 90% of
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the most intractable problems in washington like that. and the fact -- harris: wow, who are the 10 people you know? do we know them? >> of course, you would definitely be -- harris: god bless you. >> you would like the jury forewoman. meghan: i met somebody who didn't know what the u.n. was i don't know. >> let's be kind. harris: go ahead, charlie. >> even somebody who doesn't know what the u.n. would be able to do a better job than a lot of these people that think they know everything but the idea that trump is going to meeting with al gore and meeting with henry kissinger. harris: his daughter did and then happened to meet. >> whatever, it's a wonderful thing and it reveals that he does, he listens better than anybody gives him credit for and he has an open mind. i think that is a tremendous thing. harris: one thing about today, as far as we know because it is off-site it is not the president-elect meeting with mr. kissinger, it is part of his
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team. that could change. if it does we'll break it right here. what that tells me they're extrapolating out their ideas now. there is something in the bloodstream maybe coming from that point of view of mr. kissinger. >> kt mcfarland is deputy national security advisor and used to work for mr. kissinger. there is that connection and i'm sure will serve mr. trump very well. harris: a-team. meghan: president obama is ready to give a speech about his counterterrorism stratabout that he made america safer and president-elect donald trump should stick to his policies. wee debate. there is plotting to resistance to the incoming president. what they're doing and it could work. join us after the show, clicking the "overtime" tab at harris: you know you want to be there. meghan: and of course tweet us. see you there.
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♪ harris: president obama is headed to florida today to deliver what the might e white house is called a closing argument on his national security record. charlie, why are you shaking your head?
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he is scheduled to meet with special forces operations at macdill air force base in tampa and touting his counterterrorism strategy and claiming he made the united states safer and building coalitions and working with local government to stop terror groups like the islamic state. he is also to urge president-elect donald trump to continue his policies even though some experts pointed to rise of isis as an example how president obama was slow to respond at least to that emerging threat in particular. meghan? meghan: this is ridiculous. of all the legacies of the obama administration he will have failed obamacare number one the we've seen the rise of the islamic state. we've seen the rise of isis because we pulled out of iraq. we have the nuclear deal with iran. you can go toe-to-toe about the feckless foreign policy. this is not how i would end. harris: that is fair to ask the question, but the president
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pulled the i killed the usama bin laden card. can you use that on balance with some things meghan listed? >> that was a great thing no doubt and i'm thrilled, we're all thrilled but, you can only dine out on that so long when you have all these other things and to add to it, here the situation in syria where, that was the most damaging thing, was not that we were somehow responsible for fixing that situation but the fact that he lost so -- he gave up so much u.s. credibility by having red line and ignoring it. from that moment on, if you go back and look at a timeline, everybody just walking all over, not only the united states but all of our allies that, you know, looked to us for protection. harris: you know, just to pull from the headlines which we've been talking about this hour with the situation with taiwan and china flying its warplanes around i think it is interesting in response to president-elect trump talking with the president of the taiwan the white house has not come forth with some response to what happened with
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these chinese warplanes that would be, an answer back, yes, you talked to the president. here's what we're doing? >> they criticized the phone call of course. get used to that because president obama will not go away because he is leaving office. he will be in d.c., on the airwaves criticizing. harris: will he be famous? >> he will be famous and continue that this is ridiculous. look at stats here, 70% of the terrorist attacks since 2006 have been lone wolf attacks according to global terrorism index. san bernanadino, fort hood, orlando, paris, "charlie hebdo," nice, isis is from libya to iraq. harris: boston marathon. >> this same administration said yemen was success and base our libya policy off of yemen. this idea we're safer now is not only not true but also very dangerous moving forward people thinking they're safer when they're absolutely not. harris: obviously i was in jest
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he wants to be famous because he will be clearly in the public eye. seriously will he try to protect his legacy going forward and is this why he is giving this particular speech? sandra: charlie seems to want to jump in on that. if i were to look at this speech and example how he should lay out the counterterrorism efforts and used going forward when president-elect donald trump enters office, charlie, when we saw the two meet in the white house for the first time after trump was elected, what a moment that was, and president barack obama, sort of ended by saying that i will be readily available to president-elect trump whenever he needs me. i will be willing to offer counsel. how much information do you think that they are and will exchange? >> i think that, i think there is no doubt that trump will utilize that offer, and he made it very clear he is interested in hearing opposing opinions but, all the rest of this stuff seems to me kind of undermines trump's ability to you know, to move forward.
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but the question i have is, if he does stay in the public eye, president obama does, how long -- meghan: if? he will be slow jamming the news every night for balance. >> my question is, if he does that, he is leaving office the most popular president like we've ever had, despite these problems. will he remain popular? meghan: do you believe polling at this point? i mean that. harris: trump will carry on -- sandra: answer is everybody agrees, yes. >> which policy? meghan: i heard a great point, president obama was first president who considered himself a global citizen. if we learned nothing from donald trump he loves america. he considers himself an american all day long, 100%. so i think the nationalism and pride in america i'm happy too have ushered back in by donald trump, not apologists for being an american, apologist, we'll talk more about it on different topics, talking about world war ii coming up in the show. for me that is one thing
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ultimately looking forward to. when he can call donald trump anytime, donald trump doesn't need to take the call. donald trump has proven he doesn't need any advice from president obama at this point. come on. harris: wow. that bounced. meghan: new sheriff in town. i'm certainly happy to see it. harris: whoa. i love sheriffs. meghan: me too. harris: law enforcement. we'll move on. president-elect trump took a fresh swipe at some in the media, and over his active twitter life. take note of this as well, a key trump ally is questioning traditional roll of the white house press coverage. vice president joe biden may want to boomerang his last run for the white house. is he serious about going forward in 2020? from a so-called clinton dynasty candidate to a throwback from the obama administration, what is happening inside of the democratic party fueling a call for mojo?
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♪ sandra: controversy growing before one day that marks 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor. it killed 1300 americans and sent the united states into world war ii. japan's prime minister will visit the site of the attack, the first japanese leader to do so. government spokesman say he will pay respects to the dead but will not apologize. press secretary josh earn effort was asked about world war ii veterans would react to that. he said we shouldn't underestimate their patriotism and i said this. >> some may feel personally embittered, but i'm confident many will set aside their own
9:28 am
personal bitterness, not because they're personally satisfied bit words of the prime minister, but because they recognize how important this moment is for the united states. sandra: it is important to note president obama did not apologize for the united states use of the atomic bomb when he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima in may. harris, go to you first on this one, what do you make of josh ernest's words there? harris: it is interesting to me that we have these conversations about how other people should treat other people coming from the white house because i would like to know what the conversation between president obama and bashar al-assad would be from a man killing his own people and opened up a venue for isis who are now killing a lot of us on the battlefield and per lone wolves at home? are we supposed to have a complete pallet of forgiveness. i'm strong in christian values, i get it. from the white house that is not about forgiveness, that is about policy and i am confused by it. >> i wish they could explain it has been 75 years. we have a different relationship
9:29 am
obviously with the japanese than we did back then. this is horrible thing that happened but in the act, in the meantime, they have to insult the military, the greatest generation by doing so. why can't they just properly explain that the relationship has changed rather than saying, how it is an important moment for the united states. how about it is an important moment for japan to be able to come to pearl harbor and heal that wound from their perspective? we're not doing, they're not doing us a favor. we're helping them close that chapter. harris: recognizing their leader does not mean that we have to forget the history that got there. >> right. harris: people can bridge the gap of 75 years and understand he wasn't the leader at the time. meghan: not big asking our veterans to get over war wounds in any capacity whatsoever, be it iraq veterans, world war ii veterans, any veterans of our country. this is greatest generation. 855,000 world war ii veterans left and 492 die every day. this is not the legacy and doing
9:30 am
so much for our country and talking about the patriotism and loving america, this seems so tone deaf to me. don't ask world war ii veterans to get over anything especially talking about the atomic bomb being dropped and pearl harbor. just seems to be a lack of sensitivity to our american history. this is why i have grown to hate the obama administration with stuff like this. >> condescending arrogance of josh earnest is staggering. president obama didn't go over and apologize for hiroshima. it was viewed that way by a lot of people. and, i, you know, i agree. the idea that of asking veterans to just sort of get over this stuff or analyzing their feelings is kind of stunning to me. sandra: the white house, wonder if we hear another response from them. at the moment it does appear pretty insensitive to make a remark about that. is it okay for americans to be outraged by those comments? harris: they can be outraged by whatever we want.
9:31 am
we would look at our jewish-american citizens ask them if the white house gave an edict with things that happened with the history there, there certainly would be outrage. americans can get outraged. the question i have is, what is the white house doing to respond? >> describing the feelings of veterans as bitter. they might have -- using that word, bitter, as -- earnings clinging to their guns and religion? >> not if a more serious issue of war and having their friends killed and family members killed and dying for their country and sacrificing. they're not it per this is bigger thing that that. it is sacrificing for their country and they describe in superficial terms about it being bitter. >> ending the administration very much the way they started it. >> right. >> another thing, not to get into this, because i love the fact that japan is wonderful ally and everything, let's not forget history.
9:32 am
pearl harbor started a war. hiroshima ended a war. and, you know we can quibble about a lot of things but i know which one of those acts i would never apologize for. meghan: amen. threw that mic, charlie hurt. president obama donald trump blaming media for all his posting yesterday. he said quote, if the press would cover me accurately an honorably i would have far less reason to tweet. i don't know that will ever happen. house speaker newt gingrich wants to see changes to the white house press corps. >> in terms of white house press office i would like to rethink from the ground up. it ought to be the american people's press office. use things like facebook, like twitter, a variety of other opportunities, to let, for one thing reporters from all over the country ask questions. to let experts ask questions and to organize a whole new way of making that office serve not the elite media. not the politicians.
9:33 am
serve the american people. meghan: katie, i will go to you first. i love donald trump can sort of bypass traditional media. i love he doesn't have to have off the record kissing sessions, traditional candidates do for so long with the press. i think the press is mad he beat them at their own game. >> the press deserve as beating based on some of the things they have said and done over the last nine months, this is one issue donald trump needs a little more respect. i very much believe in the first amendment. i think there are good people like kevin corke who is our correspondent at white house, doing a good job to bring information that not everyone can pay attention to. i think there is role for social media and role for citizen journalism now in this environment and the media doesn't like it because people beat them at their own game. there is tradition that should be honored and i think media can be held responsible like the president is. harris: there is role for imagination. if there is anything that we
9:34 am
learned from this past election cycle it is that, there were questions that just simply didn't get asked. there were subjects, like the -- we needed imagination of voter via the internet to be interjected in any of that. >> all experts in washington clearly don't have all the answers. we found that out in the election. i was in the white house press corps for a long time and one of the maddening things, when they have the press conference, the president decides who he will pick, and press basically goes along with it. harris: capitulate. >> they will pick who gets to ask questions. i don't like that at all. i think that, more rowdy the questions, more outlandish the question, whatever. i think those are many so of the best questions that get asked. sandra: there has been a lot of question too, even inside of trump's camp about the use of twitter because it is not easy for, even them to monitor what he puts out. he could be there in midnight which we've seen him do, one of the controversial tweets was
9:35 am
about fraudulent votes. people questioned whether or not that was presidential for president-elect to be tweeting about that. kellyanne conway was asked about it. i love her response. well, set president-elect, so that is presidential behavior, yes. this is, everything's changed this time around, right? while he might be the first president to be using twitter in this way, maybe all future presidents do. >> i would very much agree with charlie, questions should be rowdy. there is supposed to be adversarial relationship between the press and government. the press is supposed to hold the government accountable. we haven't seen that with the liberal press we've had for 20 years. we've seen some break-through of media outlets, fox news bringing different perspective and different stories to the table but there should be tough questions. there should be rowdy exchanges between the president, between the press secretary and the press corps. the thing is questions have to be asked. there were never questions that
9:36 am
were asked about the obama administration that were asked about the bush administration. harris: how the adversarial relationship between two factions give revelations how we learned things. we learned about watergate not because people with buddyies but -- >> universities have the safe spaces set up to not hurt people's feelings. enough of that. meghan: you're triggering me now. in d.c. and around journalists unsaid roster you have to go through. you have to go through this journalist to get to this story. you have to talk to this person. all that needs to be changed and frankly needed to be blown up. so many reporters are jaded from campaign trails and jaded from interviewing same people over and over again. reporters, you get a few drinks from them you find out where their policy lies. harris: that is what the other side will bring you. meghan: you're on the campaign
9:37 am
trail, on the campaign trail, staying at one hotel, see people, that is when i really learned about the bias because, you know, people are human. you have your own -- harris: said same thing when i was covering sports though. i would stay at team hotels. i'm not going to say anything about anybody in particular, you would see people coming and going, okay, i'm getting real skinny why he didn't throw straight today. i hear what you're saying. meghan: i like it is all starting new and like i said i like there is new sheriff in town especially comes to the media. i like watching them squirm right now. as president-elect donald trump getting ready to take office hillary clinton allies are reportedly plotting anti-trump resistance. what they're doing and whether it could work and new normal in politics or just sour grapes. ♪ it takes hours of practice for a drumline to perfect its routine.
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♪ harris: let's keep it moving. president-elect donald trump gets set to take office, hillary clinton allies are reportedly plotting, anti-trump resistance. according to "politico" liberal activist david brock are recruiting liberal donors targeting donald trump same strategy what think believe led to hillary clinton's loss. sources say the movement would be modeled on the armada organizations. i don't say that word often enough, opposition research and insulted clinton into 55% disapproval rating. one democratic operative involved in the effort says we're going to throw everything at him he threw at us. other left-leaning groups are report he hadly looking for ways to hold the president-elect's feet to the fire, sending out
9:43 am
reports to voters and media in swing states that went for mr. trump. i can tell you in this era of fake news they better make sure the facts are right. make playing right. >> the idea, these people are political hacks is what they are. [laughter] tom fitton and "judicial watch," these are people who sued the bush administration, they sued dick cheney about privacy stuff. these people have done terrific work. the idea that there somehow political arm is absolutely ridiculous. the reason that she had such terrible approval ratings, the reason there was so much stuff came out of it, because all the stuff that the clintons did! harris: yeah. >> they have also made clear, tom fitton, great patriot and "judicial watch," that under the trump administration, they're going -- if they see any cause they will go after him and i'm glad they will. sandra: katie pavlich's face while reading intro. hysterical. talk about how often
9:44 am
donald trump put his own foot in his mouth during the campaign? meghan: yeah. harris: the bravado of other side watching that, diminished, if we let the house burn, if we let it happen that way. clearly they're upset. he went on. people who voted for him, said we're here for the message. >> first of all, to charlie's point, hillary clinton did enough opposition research to lose the election. if you don't want to lose an election, don't nominate someone who is under fbi investigation, as kellyanne conway says, lies for a living. that is simple thing what to do. based on what they do for the dnc, they have nobody to take over the operation. i think they actually believe the obama administration, barack obama's coalition was still there with the structure and voters and automatically get plugged into hillary clinton's operation. they stayed home. they weren't interested. democrats have a huge task ahead of them to rebuild and their top donors are not interested in
9:45 am
helping. they have a long road to go before they can actually get back on their feet and be for something, rather than just against something. harris: during the lead-up, sandra, you and i had ongoing conversations about wow, this new fact about the email dump on this particular friday isn't hurting her politically. >> but it was. harris: but it was. sandra: it was. isn't it, wouldn't their time be better spent, taking a deep look within? making a few changes. finding out wet wrong. meghan: self-reflection. sandra: self-reflection might be a good time for that. there were a lot of mistakes made and as we're about to talk about in the next block, don't worry i won't give it away, how about deepening your bench a little bit? seems like a complete waste of time. harris: you are a cub fan. you know what you're talking about. sandra: we have deep benches here. meghan: people leading it like nancy pelosi clinging to power and not letting new blood, young generations come in. there is a lot of people in the
9:46 am
democratic party, tim ryan, we talked about at length, that they have a huge problem. no, old way of doing same thing. we'll stay here. my favorite part of opposition research from david brock. i joked they called, literally called donald trump a nazi but i said everything short of like the duke, the horror movie, the demon takes you in the middle of the night. it doesn't work. scaring people about donald trump is number one thing that has not worked. you have to come up with some positive messaging, just can't be donald trump is nazi. harris: interesting, do you have tails off what i was saying before. he was creating potholes for himself but he was able to dig out of them because there was this, what were they doing on the other side that was so in effective? >> the left jumped the shark with their political correctness over and over again. the environment for trump was set up in 2010 with the tea party movement, in 2014 with takeover of the senate, then his presidency. when you look at what the argument has been for the past eight years, if you're critical
9:47 am
of barack obama you're a racist. if you're proponent of voter i.d. to make sure there is no fraud in the system you're a racist, you're sexist. people are so sick of superficial arguments when their lives are at stake and they want changes. if that is the strategy they will take, they will lose next four years as well. harris: charlie, real quickly, money that was spent. meghan: billions. harris: look at cash she spent compared with donald trump's camp. >> when somebody comes in and rewrites all rules and disobeys everything and does thing in new way, good things happen. harris: we'll move on. vice president joe biden keeping the door open for a potential 2020 presidential run. what his comments could indicate about the status of the democratic party and challenges it may face in the future. i like this. what is this music? meghan: rock it out, harris.
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♪ >> knows a lot about it, mom
9:52 am
lived in long island for 10 years or so. god rest her soul. although she, wait, your mom is still, your mom is still alive. your dad passed. also i'm told that chuck graham, state senator is here. chuck, stand up, chuck. let them see you. oh, god love you. what am i talking about? i tell you what, you're making everybody else stand up, pal. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america, barack obama. [cheers and applause] [bleep] sandra: some vintage uncle joe for you, eyebrows raised on the couch after the vice president made a few comments to reporters yesterday. mr. biden said i'm going to run in 2020, what the hell. when the president asked biden if he was serious, he took a long pause, yeah, i am. yeah, i am. we're going to run again.
9:53 am
when reporters said they would run with the story, he said then, i'm not committing not. harris: wow. sandra: charlie hurt. >> the guy is off the chain. it is so terrific. but at least, you have to hand it to him, we know that obviously hillary clinton lost. and a big reason was because of the political correctness. if he, you know, if he had run, if, hillary, at least wouldn't have been a referendum on political correctness. harris: so here is my question, why wouldn't he have said we have so many stars in the democratic party, they don't need me to run? he didn't say that he speaks his mind, right. >> that would have been false. they don't. sandra: okay, so but the broader conversation here, all kidding aside his, how deep is the bench on the democraticside? >> that's what i said, yeah. sandra: we put a lilies, especially agewise in the group. clinton herself is 69.
9:54 am
joe biden is 74. nancy pelosi, 76 years old. bernie sanders, 75. elizabeth warren, 67. chuck schumer, he is the baby at6. i guess you could add tim kaine, he is still in the late 50s. >> their washington bench might be thin, their bench out in the country might be more capable of taking over the party. the new attorney general in california. former mayor of san antonio, julian castro they are trying to foster and bring up but overall as meghan said earlier in the show, nancy pelosi's are not giving up power. because bernie sanders has following of young people doesn't mean he will stick around. joe biden, you have to remember, i'm sure he was sitting through the election, going, i can't believe he run this time, could have beat hillary in the primary, despite early polling and given trump -- sandra: talking about the the day he made the announcement that he would not be running in the rose garden with president barack obama at his side.
9:55 am
and we thought, hold on, wasn't there opportunity for him? maybe there is another opportunity. harris: we covered that live right here on "outnumbered," katie, as you were talking. i don't think that is what joe said. i think he said why didn't i tell the president get his hand out of my back and tell him what he might to say. he was grieving. he just had a loss of his son beau. he was thinking about it. >> he is likeable guy. crazy uncle joe. mesh as some form of nostalgia from him, what kind of vice president, but easy to forget what a terrible campaigner was. he did not do well when he ran for president both times. easy to sit in the white house, i will make a run again. he is 78 years old. he is pushing 80. there is some young blood, when you see people like tulsi gabbard they don't want crazy joe. harris: or cory booker. it does, charlie, bring up a red flag of the democrats not you have in of them doing what we all do with our young children
9:56 am
and nieces, nephews, mentor new talent. are they not interested in having new legacy? >> disgusting things we've seen past few years with the democratic party, they thought they would ride this demographic wave into the future so that they would never even have to have good candidates, they just had to have democrats. donald trump blew that up. and blew up racial politics and demographics. sandra: all right. joe biden, not ruling out a run in 2020. enough said. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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harris: charlie hurt put a hurt on us. that is not new material. >> and charlie of the sea, charlie tuna. harris: we'll see you online in a few seconds. "happening now" now. i am greg jarret in for jon scott. >> i am melissa francis in for jenna lee. it is an optimum time for them to speak. in the meantime mr. trump started the day off with more meetings in trump tower including with the ceo of shell


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