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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 8, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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saint nick this little boy cry. >> he said something to me that really disrespected me. >> that's horrible. bye-bye. good morning on this thursday. one more alarm clock. it's december 8. brian, i see you smiling. steve, isn't that great news? i'm ainsley here with steve and brian. listen to this, general outrage. donald trump set to name another general to his cabinet putting three top military men in his inner circle. and the left is freaking out about this. wait until you hear what they're saying this morning. and maybe it is time for a different approach, because the obama administration just said this about isis. >> the ability of isil to
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initiate major land offenses, that was not on my intelligence radar screen. >> it wasn't? we were all talking about it. we have tape that proves otherwise, mr. president. yep. and colin kaepernick, are you listening? >> those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played. >> and they just stood up and applauded that. the admiral's patriotic message is going viral. we'll share it with you, because your mornings are better because you're with friends. ♪ the old sheriff clark knows our name. >> why, sure, everybody knows his name now. he'll be on with us and tell us
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that fake news started in ferguson, missouri. plus, john ratsinburo is going to be with us. he's the voice of a blue collar worker and a great poseman. and jenny garth from 90210 will be here. i wanted to be her. >> she'll be with friends on this thursday. welcome aboard live from new york city. it's "fox and friends," the number one cable morning news show thanks to you. meanwhile, i was watching kellyanne conway yesterday, she said the number is about 70. about 70 different people have been invited to visit donald trump. some are appointments, some are being consulted and some are offering good will. and others are invitations from people on the other side. along the way, donald trump is setting a record pace for filling out his cabinet. and yesterday was also a very significant day. >> you know, what is interesting
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about the donald trump cabinet and yesterday's big face is a retiring general john kelly heading up the homeland security, this is not a usual republican cabinet, which is republican establishment think-tankers and government officials. instead, he's got business people, he's got government officials, he's got a lot of military men. so far it looks like three. also, he's considering david petraeus and admiral stabirinas for the department of state. so he could have five generals there, which is interesting, because a lot of people say there has always been a constitutional tenant when you have a division between the civilian and military. you have so many military guys, do you really want to do that? >> the three generals we know for sure on the cabinet, general flynn, general "mad dog" mattis and also general john kelly who is homeland security director
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that was just announced. >> so you have the generals together and then people speculate, wait a second, is this the right mix? are swending out the right message? especially adam shift. and listen to john earnest take a shot at donald trump. >> what may tip the balance for me is if the president-elect pop lates even more positions in the administration with other military figures, i'm going to have a lot of heartburn about this. it's going to place them and waiver them in jeopardy. >> the president appears to have, in many cases, different priorities, different styles, and in some cases, starkly different bank accounts. >> right. so there are some rich people. that is usually not a bad thing. >> what is wrong with differences? >> but josh earnest was not on the same page as his president
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because evidently this president is speaking to donald trump about cabinet positions. and donald trump is applauding him for the advice he took. when adam shift comes out to say he might have a problem with this, he's not in step with nancy pelosi and adam smith on the west coast, they said, listen, we're not going to stop mattis' waiver. >> which is a good thing. i think people really -- i know donald trump supporters are excited about that. what is wrong with this? you have donald trump bringing jobs back, he started doing that with carrier, that was the number one reason. the number two reason was national security. if he fills his cabinet with people with military experience, those are the kind of people who sacrificed the most. general kelly lost his son, he served for 40 years before he retired from the marines. he's a gold star father. he lost a son in afghanistan in 2010. marine first lieutenant robert kelly. this is a man who knows what it is like to sacrifice.
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>> he commanded the country in iran and south america and saw the problem with immigration into our country. >> which we still have a big role in the implementation with the wall if donald trump builds the wall. >> generals can run big things. and the organizations they are talking about running are big. also, they are results oriented, they are generally pragmatic rather than ideological. and they know what is going on in the world, which was shocking when president obama sat down with a guy over at cnn, he was talking about isis or as the president refers to it as isil, which he says is a problem. and he didn't really see it coming. what? >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offenses, that was not on my intelligence radar screen. >> i say what? because so many people warned the president. okay, you say that isis is not on the rise, what about al
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qaeda? we have killed al qaeda, they are both big problems, still are. >> but the president said that's not the case. listen to this. >> syria has become a huge magnet for extremists. >> al baghdad i, we believe, is currently based in syria. his mission is stated in his own at the same time, he is carving out his own governing territory from syria to lebanon. >> just a level of destruction they are having and the level of killing they are doing inside of that country is just terrible. >> they told him there was also a problem with him not reading his daily briefing and a problem with centcom having an analysis coming up that was changed. that has never been a problem. >> do you think he doesn't get c-span? maybe he should watch it. >> the other thing important to bring up is when he made that
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statement, people said, there's a lot of unrest in iraq and syria. he says it, and these are just affiliated. just because they're wearing a laker jersey doesn't mean they are kobe bryant. this is the jv team. man man, they were wrong. listen to this from last night. >> barack obama has been a complete disaster. he knows darn well the community told him that. and when people told him isis was going to be a problem, he fired him. the ones that didn't speak up are the ones he didn't get rid of. so when he says he didn't hear about this from the intelligence community, i know that's ma already a key. general flynn told him this was going to be initiated. >> a lot of generals told the president what was going on and he fired a lot of generals. and now we are where we are. we have a new commander in chief that starts the 20th day of january. >> and a new poll, this is from
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bloomberg, i believe. a bloomberg politics survey. it shows trump's favorability. remember back in august, look at the bottom. he had 33% favorability. now after a month and a day or a month and two days after the election, his favorability is 50%. so half the country is in favor of donald trump. >> whether is interesting on many accounts, barack obama was through the roof at this point in 2008, people had high hopes, he had 69%. this is the first poll in two years that donald trump has been running for president he's been at 50%. >> here's the thing, he has jumped 17%, which is extraordinary, but when you look at the other parts of the bloomberg poll, the whole question, is the country on the right or wrong track, right now the number is the highest it has been in four years. the wrong track number is the lowest it has been in seven years. and regarding the affordable care act, 67% of those responding said, yes, we want to fix it.
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>> that's going to be huge. because the way they get rid of repeal and replace is going to make or break his four years in office. >> i think the reason for the favorability being so high right now is carrier. i think that was great. >> it sure helped. >> absolutely. >> a lot of people are optimistic. and we have breaking news, and heather is over there standing by with some headlines. hey, heather. >> good morning, everybody. right now a massive manhunt is underway for an escaped inmate wanted for stabbing a police officer in south carolina. michael alan williamson is accused of stabbing an officer inside walmart after he broke out of prison. he was serving a life sentence for armed robbery. the officer is now hospitalized and is in stable condition. we'll follow this story as it develops. at this hour there's a desperate search on for a missing marine. his jet crashing near the coast of japan after something went wrong during a training mission. that pilot forced to eject. this is the sixth f-18 jet crash this year for the united states.
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14 people killed and nearly 2,000 homes and buildings destroyed. and this morning police say the two teenagers are to blame for all of that. the suspects now behind bars accused of starting the deadly wildfires that have been raging across the great smoky mountains in tennessee. the two, we're told, could be tried as adults. and so long to harry reid, the senate minority leader, giving his final farewell speech just a few hours from now. the five-term nevada senator first elected to serve back in 1986 in the senate. hillary clinton will be there, her first time at the capitol, since she lost the presidential election. new york democrat chuck schumer will now take over as the democrat minority leader. and those are your headlines. a lot of stuff going on today. >> times are changing. thank you. meanwhile, as president-elect donald trump works to fill up his cabinet, the secretary of state's slot is still open. who is it going to be? could it be rudy, romney or petraeus?
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>> senator corey gardner says you better watch another name. he's here to tell us who, next. and michael moore is not known for his fitness, now planning a major disruption for inauguration day. he's activating the liberal left to force the ceremony indoors. when i have a headache, i don't want to put my life on hold. i've got a big night planned with my friends. and i want to enjoy every moment of it. that's why i use fast-acting excedrin for my headaches. excedrin has two pain fighters plus a booster. and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this.
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a group of republican lawmakers have a letter to give to the president. cory gardner was one of the leading senators behind that letter. good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> we know how this works, president obama has a month left, and he's going to try to jam as many regulations through as possible. but you don't think that's a good idea, do you? >> it's a bad idea. over the past eight years the american people have seen nearly a trillion dollars of regulation. we know the midnight regulation period is the time between the election and swearing in of a new president. under republicans and democrats,
3:17 am
has led to an extremely intense new period for new regulations. in fact, if you look back at the 2000 and timeframes, under the president we have seen two times more regulatory activity. particularly regulations that cost the economy $100 million or more. and with a trillion already on the backs of americans, that's too much to try to stop. and that is what we're telling the president. >> we have graphics to show the projected number of regulations under president obama is probably in the 440, something like that. 80 more than president bush and a whole bunch more than president clinton. doesn't president obama understand, senator, that as soon as donald trump comes in, he's going to undo a bunch of that stuff? >> well, the president spent a lot of time bragging about what he was going to accomplish with a pen and a phone, but the same actions can be undone by the pen and the phone and the congress that was sent to the majority in the house and the senate with a mission to undo the damage to our economy and to the opportunities that this president has created the last
3:18 am
eight years. so that is what we're going to do, make sure that we can make opportunities, innovation, entrepreneurs need to happen again for the success of this country. >> here's the thing, the epa is writing a whole bunch of regulations to make sure we have clean water and clean air, which we do. however, the attorney general of the great state of oklahoma, scott pruitt, he's donald trump's pick to be the epa administrator. he's the kind of guy who would like the government to get out of the way. >> that's what we need. let the government get out of the way. and let the epa for taking actions of spilling toxic waste into rivers in colorado, pay the damages caused by the spilling of that toxic waste, which they have not gone yet to private claimists, even though this was well over a year ago, and to make sure that, look, the last eight years, if they hold true and we don't repeal them, that's an added cost of $3,000 to every
3:19 am
single american. if you look at the number of people across this country who feel like they are worse off today than they were before this president, we have to do better. that's why they turned the election around the way they did in november. that's why they sent republicans back into the majority in november. >> and with all that cost, you're talking about the loss of many, many jobs, but that is for another day. meanwhile, i understand as donald trump is going to be announcing his secretary of state pick, which could come next week, you think senator bob corker, one of your colleagues in the senate, has a pretty good shot at secretary of state. why? >> i i do this senator corker has a good shot at secretary of state. this is a senator who understands the importance of the united states' role around the globe. somebody who has built relationships with important leaders around the globe. somebody who is very much in line with the thought process of president-elect donald trump. i believe it's important that the president have somebody he can trust, somebody who has good relations on capitol hill. and i think bob corker fits that to a t. there are others very good as
3:20 am
well, but i do think bob corker would have an easy time getting confirmed by the u.s. senate. >> real quickly, if it were mitt romney who didn't have anything nice to say to donald trump before the election, if it were mitt romney, are you okay with that? >> i think mitt romney would be an incredible secretary of state. and think he would have an easy time as well through confirmation. there are a number of good people qualified, but what we have to do is find somebody who is going to stand up to russia, who will understand the problem and catastrophe we face in north korea if we don't change our direction away from the president's failed strategy, president obama's failed strategy of strategic patience. that's what the new secretary of state must do. >> we should know the name by next week. senator, thank you for joining us. you'll be the first in the op-ed today there in d.c. thank you for joining me. not one but two american flags torched on the 75th anniversary of the pearl harbor attack. and the person who did it will probably get away with a crime. we'll tell you what we know. and do you share a bank
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we have engine ignition, two, one, and liftoff! >> some space headlines coming your way now. a delta rocket successfully launches from cape canaveral. the rocket carrying a u.s. air force satellite to improve communications with u.s. troops. and an american astronaut john glenn is battling a mysterious illness. he's 95 and was admitted to a cancer facility in ohio. officials aren't releasing any information about his
3:25 am
information. glenn was, as you know, the first american to orbit the earth back in 1962. he later went on to become an ohio senator and went back to space. thank you, brian. 'tis the season for shopping, but 78% of americans believe that they have overspent during the holidays in the past. so what should you do this year to keep more of your own money? here to answer your questions is ramsey's solutions finance expert and author of the book "love your life, not theirs" is rachel cruze. good morning, great to see you. >> good morning, ainsley. thank you for having me on. >> for folks here in america dealing with issues this christmas, let's get right to it. heidi from arizona says, my husband and i are paying off debt, and we don't want to lose any momentum during the holidays. it seems rude not giving back to those who have given to us, how can we convey gratitude without spending money? >> when it comes to the holidays, communicate with your friends and family. so the situation, they are
3:26 am
putting all their extra income to paying off debt. so talk about that, share that, and on the flip side, it's not like they expect to be given all the gifts and nothing in return. so you can say, hey, we're going to skip christmas gifts entirely this year. don't feel the pressure to buy us a gift. so really, you have to look at your present and really, really be very focused on paying off that debt. >> a lot of people are too embarrassed to tell their friends about their financial situation. but it really makes you real and gene union. a lot of people can relate to that. that is great advice. this is from lisa who lives in texas. she says, i love this one, my 12-year-old daughter saved her money for 13 months to buy a $200 i them that she wants. my husband and i would like to buy it for her for christmas leaving her with all that money that she's saved. is that doing her a disservice? what is your advice here? >> well, first, congratulations as a parent. well done, right? making this connection between work and money as a 12-year-old. you have taught that. so that is amazing. what i would say is, go ahead and let her buy the gift.
3:27 am
she saved up, let her realize that she made a goal and that she accomplished it. really reinforce that for her, but i would take that $200 you were going to buy the gift and buy her something else. >> steve, willen to this one. steve was talking that before we went to commercial. katrina wrote to us to say, my husband and i have combined bank accounts and understand the importance of talking openly with money. we love to surprise each other with gifts for the holidays, so how can we maintain the secrecy while being transparent? >> if you want to buy online, buy a gift card to the store and buy a gift. the positives of having a joint checking account as a couple are tremendous. i mean, the communication, the unity, so the few times it is kind of inconvenient, it's worth it. this is what my husband and i do. trust me, you would rather have a combined bank account and cash out money and go buy gifts.
3:28 am
>> great advice. katherine from iowa says, i'm struggling to save for my wedding, my pay for student loans and other bills every month. i'm considering skipping christmas this month. what do you think? >> you can skip christmas entirely. i really am okay with that. focus on the present for the long-term gain. >> christmas is not about the gifts as we know. i have a friend, they bring three gifts for each child, because the wisemen each brought a gift. i thought that was a great idea. >> absolutely, love it. >> i like your advice. thank you, rachel. good to see you. merry christmas. left-wing filmmaker michael moore now planning a major description for inauguration day. and he's activating the liberal masses to help him. and if you listen to the mainstream media, president obama is leaving behind a good economy. just check out the headlines,
3:29 am
look at that. but is it true? we'll have the answer, next. but first, we want to wish sam hunt a very happy birthday. the singer turns 32 today. and we are glad he was born. ♪
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there are reports that donald trump will be getting a gooden goodle puppy when he takes office. it will teach you how to roll over for mitt romney. >> the name of the dog, by the way, somebody down in palm beach is patton. >> it's been born? >> it's a dog that was shown to baron trump over the last couple of weeks by a woman down in palm beach. she said, every president has a dog. donald trump said, go show it to baron. baron liked the dog. >> so they are definitely getting this dog. >> maybe, if. >> the golden doodle is one of a poodle and a golden retriever. >> i think golden retrievers like to run away.
3:34 am
>> would you run away if you were them? the press has a brand new line hailing president obama for handing donald trump a booming economy. the economy is booming, folks. >> critics point out, if this were true, why would americans have voted out the party behind it? >> here is stewart barney. stewart, i watched the president and he's very happy with the economy. >> it sounds like a desperate spin to me. we have had the worst recovery from a recession of any recovery since world war ii. and the middle class has slunk. and the kind of jobs we are creating are not the kind of jobs that will put people in america's middle class. one week ago, as of last friday, there was this jobs report, okay? hundreds of thousands of new jobs created. >> that sounds really good? >> that's how the press played it. but when you dig into the numbers, 118,000 of the jobs were part-time jobs.
3:35 am
>> how many people said that part? >> that was not mentioned reported by anybody else except fox. >> they are taking whatever they can get. >> it's desperation. >> i understand the importance between full-time and part-time. >> well, what we should be doing is digging deeper into these claims of a booming economy and expose what is really going you did -- what he says, he helped pull us out of a crisis, is he right? >> i think the crisis was over by the time he spent his first three months in office. the recession that began in 2007 was over by june of 2009. and that was a few months into it. >> how much did the stimulus help? >> the stimulus did not help at all because the stimulus money was spent after we were starting to come out of the recession. >> all right. donald trump was voted to be the president a little more than a month ago. his favorability rating is
3:36 am
better than it has been, 50%, and the economy is doing really well. >> if you look at the stock market. >> the stock market is doing extremely well. >> right. >> is there a correlation there? >> yes, there is. donald trump has a can-do cabinet. people with executive experience. they have a goal, they want results, they know what they're doing. and investors look and say, you know, that works. maybe we will get rapid economic growth. we're going to definitely get big stimulus. tax cuts and pump money into the economy, spending on the military, spending on infrastructure, pump money into the economy. we're going to get growth. that's why the stock market is going straight up as of now. >> it's great to have a businessman because he understands business in the white house. i read yesterday that apparently he has made it clear, he will personally negotiate with the president and ceo of boeing for the deal on air force one, which is essentially what he did with carrier and has done with the
3:37 am
united technologies. >> he's gone further and said he's going to talk individually to the leaders of big companies. and he's going to strong-arm them. that's not going well with a lot of conservatives because they say, don't interfere with private enterprise and mess up a corporation. >> but let's get the best deal for the country! >> he was elected to keep jobs in the united states and that is what he was doing. if you want to complain about it, go complain. but that is what he's doing. the investors love it. you're in the middle of, well, maybe not the middle, but you're seeing a trump rally. huge. nobody predicted it. nobody did. >> well, stewart, you're going to be on the fox business channel. >> that's a solid prediction. >> heather, tell us what else is happening besides stewart who is always happening? >> he is, isn't he? good morning, everybody. a couple news headline, chaos and violence outside a high school in reno when a teenager pulls out a knife and then starts swinging at his classmates. a school police officer shot the
3:38 am
teen after the teen refused to drop the weapon. watch this. that 16-year-old has now been hospitalized and is in critical condition. it started as a fight between students but nobody else was hurt. the police officer is now on administrative leave. and freedom set on fire. american flags flying outside two gyms in california burned to a crisp on the anniversary of pearl harbor. the owners, one of them, a combat veteran, defending that flag and what it stands for. >> america is the best place. i mean, whether you want to accept that or not, it's got so much freedom and so much opportunity. >> go somewhere else for a couple months and see what your rights are there. you'll be happy to come back here. >> he is so right about that. well, police are still trying to track down the suspects. the fnew flags have now been pu
3:39 am
up there. and michael moore is calling for violence on inauguration day. the filmmaker predicted donald trump's victory well before election day. and have you heard of this one? an admiral gets a standing ovation at pearl harbor at the 75th celebration for calling out colin kaepernick. he takes a swipe at the quarterback for refusing to stand for the national anthem all season. you have to listen to this. >> you can bet that the men and women that we honor today and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played. >> he's right about that. the comment bringing the crowd of servicemen and women to their feet for a lengthy applause.
3:40 am
and those are your headlines. how about that? pretty incredible, huh? >> those guys are in their mid to late 90s. for them to stand -- >> that meant a lot to them. >> cry iing for what they fough for. >> we have come a long way. thank you. it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour, janice dean is outside. janice, it's not as chilly in new york as it was, but cold man winter is coming. >> that is right. and we're going to get it this weekend. and maybe on monday, maybe, we will get some snow here in the big apple. let's take a look at the map. i want to show you where the coldest air of the season is across the northern plains, ticking as far south as the gulf coast, but the coldest of the air right now is across the rockies and the northern plains. those are actual air temperatures. watch what happens when i switch over to the windchill. minus 20s, minus 30. so this is really dangerous cold. the coldest air we have felt so far. quick look at the radar, we're looking at the potential for a
3:41 am
feet of snow across the great lakes. a little bit of rain and snow across texas this morning. and our next big weather maker is moving into the west coast with a lot of snow, a lot of rain. and this is the system we're going to watch for perhaps some snow. our first major -- well, i won't say major, the first snowfall, perhaps, in new york city on monday. we'll see. stay tuned. and brian kilmeade, i just saw marcus allen in the hallway, he's one of the nicest people of all time. >> did he mention he was looking forward to talking to me and steve and ainsley at all? >> he congratulated me to say i was his favorite meteorologist. and he was happy to see you, too. >> janice, the cold man winter married to mother nature. >> oh, that is a good question. ly i will find that out and google that during the commercial break, to you cokay? >> thank you. sheriff david clark will be
3:42 am
with us. why he said fake news started in ferguson, missouri. and protesters in some of america's largest cities fighting to remain sanctuary for illegals. >> so what can president-elect trump do to enforce the law? all rise, judge andrew napolitano is on the case. he's entering our chambers. >> how do you know? >> i see him right there.
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that we welcome them because they are training and striving for the american dream. what can mr. trump do when he's a sanctuary city. here's judge andrew napolitano. >> you have to give the president credit for talking to rahm emanuel. after the things rahm emanuel said during the campaign. they disagree on nothing. the president wants to know, why are you providing legal services at the taxpayer expense to resist deportations? the deportations are required under federal law. president obama didn't do it but i will. and they're having that back and forth conversation. >> and we know how much the sanctuary cities and what that issue meant to the voters.
3:47 am
we know it would have meant to donald trump as he met the victims -- >> it basically means a city or a town where they want to have expanded social services for undocumented immigrants. and they don't want to cooperate with the feds who are looking for undocumented immigrants. can they refuse to cooperate with the feds under the constitution and under the supreme court interpretation? yes. >> they can. and right now in chicago, if they want to -- if law enforcement wanted to do an illegal immigration raid, they couldn't. they were told not to. >> the feds could go in, but the chicago police would not help them. and the chicago social service administrators would not tell them where the illegals live. >> we have a standoff. the next move, what does trump have in his quiver? what he has in his quiver is money. to the tune of how much roughly would you say chicago is getting from the federal government? >> a billion dollars. rahm emanuel, this has to come from congress, but president-elect trump can't do
3:48 am
this on his own, but he has majorities of both houses of congress. here's your billion dollar. here's $550 million for the schools. the supreme court has said, congress can tie these strings for the acceptance of money. the city can refuse the unmany. brian, they will never refuse it. if they refuse it, there are no strings. if they accept it, the strings are enforceable. >> now two people are digging in. and you have something else. rauc rahm emanuel could be playing the good cop sticking up for the illegal immigrants who are weighing tremendously on the social services system, which is in the red. >> yes. >> so if he shows resistance, he can make donald trump look like the bad guy, but he's doing him a favor. >> yes, he is. he is going to make donald trump look like the good guy when he comes across with the cash to pay for the bill for the social service. here's another complication, the supreme court has said if a state provides social services to citizens, it's going to
3:49 am
provide it to non-citizens. even non-citizens here illegally. it can't discriminate on the basis of citizenship or immigration status. that's one of the reasons why the cities are in the red. and they need the federal dollars that they will get from donald trump with the strings attached. >> you have this on, right? >> yes. thank you for plugging that piece, by the way. >> no problem. if people want to know more than what could be played out, you'll see that if donald trump makes that move, rahm emanuel's move is to give free legal services to these people in order to stare down donald trump's move of the federal government. will that be effective? >> guess what it costs -- legal fees per deportation? $250,000 per person. i'm not sure mayor emanuel is aware how expensive this will be. >> at least two people talking face to face will make progress. it doesn't have to be a big political standoff, especially when the honeymoon phase ends. >> here's the enemy going up the elevators at trump towers.
3:50 am
>> his brother was there earlier, al gore there two days ago. it's been face nighting. but when i get invited, i'll be there. thank you so much, appreciate it. still apartment. president obama's right-hand woman valerie jarrett finally admitting how she felt when donald trump won the election. and marcus allen is here to react with the late football fall-out. and jewelry. maybe it's for me. ♪ . . .
3:51 am
hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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3:54 am
well, should high school football games be canceled? forever. >> a new push telling high school athletes to dump football due to the rising concussions. >> marcus allen joins us live to talk about this and a few other topic. good morning to you. >> good morning. great to see you. the last time i saw you -- >> they did not get along. >> that's not true. >> he raised millions of dollars for those kids. >> i was glad to be there. >> you are here for another great call. a study comes out a couple of days that 60% of athletes are likely to get concussions in high school football than any other supports. in average, six concussions in high school and college, 11 concussions. when you hear those numbers,
3:55 am
should they cancel the game? >> no, i certainly don't think they should cancel the game. >> what is the right response? >> i really don't know. they are trying to do everything possible for safety. the helmets are something that they are really focusing on, obviously tackling something that has been emphasized as well and stuff. i don't know the answer but i think they are trying to do everything possible to protect these kids. >> some people won't be satisfied until the kids are out there running around in bubble wrap. >> you are actually right. there are some concussions in soccer as well. >> let's leave soccer out of this. >> i know you are a big fan of songer -- soccer. >> would you have played in the nfl if it were flag football. >> no. >> now you have brought this beautiful ring here. tell us a little bit about this piece of jewelry from kay jeweler's. >> kay jeweler's is the official sponsor or store of the pro
3:56 am
football hall of fame and they have a wonderful campaign. first of all, it's their 100th anniversary and they are celebrating their 18th year of raising money for st. jude's children's research hospital. it is a wonderful cause. we're singing in the famous jingle. >> you see the jingle? you sing the jingle. >> i'm going to sing first. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪ ♪ that sounds pretty good, right? if you go on facebook and twitter, you will be able to sing a jingle, right, if you post that video, we'll donate $100, up to $50,000, using the #sing for st. jude donation. >> we'll have it on the screen. >> i want everybody to participate and i want you guys
3:57 am
to sing the jingle with me right now. >>. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪ >> you guys sound flat. we got to work on you. >> we'll see you at the super bowl. >> we'll step aside. sheriff david clarke next. most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
3:58 am
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now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. good thursday morning to you and your family. one more alarm clock. it's the tail end of the week. it's december 8th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. two cops shot. one is dead and other in critical condition. a massive manhunt is under way for that killer. how can we stop all of these cop killings and should killing a cop be a crime? that's a question? >> of course it should be. >> hate crime. >> general outrage, donald trump set to name another general to his cabinet, putting at least three top military men in his inner circle and the left is freaking out. wait until you hear what they are saying about that this morning. it's general outrage.
4:01 am
and kid rock causing quite a stir in social media just because he's showing his support for the president-elect of the united states. the outrage is mounting this morning because, again, he's showing support for the president of the united states. mornings are better with friends. breaking right now a cop killer is on the loose. the feds offering a $30,000 reward for information on menguel lynnbrick. he's accused of shooting at two officers. one officer is dead. and one is in critical condition. he posted this message. not going to jail. at the time he was wanted for kidnapping. sheriff clarke, another sensele crime. >> the senseless slaughter of
4:02 am
america's finest continues. my heart and prayers go out to the good people in the state of georgia. it rips my heart out every time i hear. when a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty, a bit of every law enforcement officer in america dies with them. >> the other issue we wanted to talk to you about, not knowing this murder was going to take place, was about cop killing being a hate crime, and even though we think it's the most egregious things that can happen in our society, what would it mean to make it a hate crime? >> well, first of all, i think any murder is a hate crime. you have to hate somebody to murder them. i think killing a law enforcement officer should be a capital crime and punishable by death. there are certain states that don't have a death penalty, then the federal court system should enact a death penalty for these cases accident they should go through the federal system and upon conviction they should be
4:03 am
put to death. >> sheriff, what happened to our country? i remember growing up in south carolina, if you shot a cop, or if you killed a cop, i remember as a kid even knowing that person is going to the electric chair. that's how she killed people -- how they killed criminals. this country has changed so much. we've got so many more cops being shot open a regular basis. where do we go wrong? >> well, we became -- we let the pass ifists take over. we started going soft. started talking about rehabilitation and second chance for individuals who have long criminal histories. there are a lot of things that go on that we need to do differently. it starts to send a clear and convincing message to the criminal element that thribl there will be swift consequences to this behavior. you look at the sentencing reform bill in washington, d.c.,
4:04 am
criminal justice reform bill in washington, d.c., that's what has gone wrong and it has come with some catastrophic consequences to good law-abiding people all across this country. >> sure. sheriff, everybody is talking about the election. either you are for hillary or you are for trump and so many people on the left are saying one of the reasons hillary lost was fake news. you say -- i saw this on line -- you say fake news actually started in ferguson, missouri, with the myth regarding hands up, don't shoot. >> that's the anniversary, that fateful summer night in august of 2014. it started with the hands up, don't shoot lie that was prop investigated by every mainstream media outlet in this country. "the new york times," cnn,
4:05 am
msnbc, chicago tri bub -- tribune. they all prop gated that. >> let's hope it stops and people be responsible in situations like that. one confrontation headed for a collision is the sanctuary cities between the president-elect and these mayors. now, california says you are not going to deny me money, federal government, in fact, i'm going to make the whole state a sanctuary state preventing law enforcement from qucting -- conducting any raids or tossing them out. >> this is the moment of truth. we're gone from sanctuary cities to sanctuary states. we have federal laws on the books. we don't have the will to enforce. one of the laws provides criminal sanctions to those who
4:06 am
harbor illegal immigrants in this country. sanctuary cities are doing this and are providing them cover. look, all we get is crocodile tears about these sad stories of separating children and so on and so forth. that's not what's going to happen anyway. until the federal government gets their arms around this thing -- this is the moment of truth. this is our last chance to get our arms around this thing. what's it's estimated to 14, 15 million people in the country illegally or unlawfully. it's only going to grow. if we don't do it this now, if we're going to be a sovereign nation, we have to protect those borders and they have to honor the borders. otherwise, this is a lost cause. if these numbers continue to grow, it's going to be futile. >> what do you think was going on at trump tower between
4:07 am
president-elect trump and rahm emanuel? >> i think president-elect trump needs to make it very clear and i think he did in the campaign trail that illegal immigration will not be tolerated in this country. you got to look at this e-verify system that's voluntary now where employers can put names through to make sure people they are hiring is legal citizens. it's voluntary. they should make it mandatory. sanctuary cities, sanctuary states in california's case, these are sanctuaries for criminal behavior. criminals know that the victim is going to be reluctant to go to the police for fear being discovered of being in the country illegally themselves. we have serious crimes going on, things like rape, abduction, things like domestic abuse, child abuse, that go under and unreported in these cities
4:08 am
because the victims are not going to call the police to report it. that's what california needs to think about. do they care about their residents or do they not or do they want to play politics? >> sheriff there has been general outrage about the generals that donald trump has selected to be on his cabinet. so far he wants to appoint three. general flynn, general kelly, and general mattis. what do you make of the mainstream media and liberals saying they don't want all of that? it's too much military. >> i think it's laughable. the laugh -- the left is in a general state of outrage. to the victor goes the spoils. the president of the united states reserves the right to surround himself with who he thinks will help him move his agenda forward. if there's some extreme situation, that's why the constitution brilliantly put in a check-and-balance on that and that's called senate confirmation, but except for the most severe situations, the
4:09 am
president should be allowed to have the people that he wants to serve in his cabinet. he doesn't need the approvals of the "new york times," president-elect, or "the washington post" of these cabinet selections. he puts this before the senate and have these hearings, get these people in office, in place, so that on the first day, he can get a running start to make this country great again. >> can we ask you, sheriff, i know we saw you go up to the 26th floor over at trump tower in the last week or two, newt good evening rich was asked -- newt gingrich asked what it was like when people go up there, he said because donald trump is putting people under pressure to see how they react. it's kind of like the apprentice. if you want to know what it's like, watch the apprentice. what do you think? >> i don't want to try to get into the president-elect's head, but it was a great opportunity.
4:10 am
he had a media feeding frenzy up there. there's no other way up other than through that lobby unless you want to go on the fire escape. for heavens sake, i spoke in front of 20,000 people in the quicken loan center. it wasn't anything new. donald trump owes me nothing. i wanted nothing in return. i supported donald trump because i felt and i still do feel that he is the best thing for the united states of america at this particular time. i respect any decision that donald trump makes as it relates to who is going to serve in his administration. i'm in a good place. i'm just happy that he won the election. >> and we're just happy that you showed up and shared your perspective on everything this morning. sheriff clarke, thank you very much. have a good day.
4:11 am
>> my pleasure. it's 7:11 now here in new york city. today, president-elect trump is going to make another stop on his thank you tour, america. in a couple of hours he's heading to des moines. >> joining us now is abby huntsman. >> holding a rally in des moines to let voters know how much he appreciated americans showing up at the polls for him. this is the first time any president-elect has done anything like that. he ended up with 51% of the vote there before tapping their governor as the next ambassador to china. the tickets are first first serve and they are free. before that, the president-elect is meeting with the victims of the ohio state university terror
4:12 am
attack victims. and his next stop tomorrow is at grand rapids, michigan. i will be at a local diner in iowa to get the response from the voters to see what they are thinking about this thank you tour. one of the most interesting things is when he goes to the army-navy game. we know the president sits in the middle of both sides. the president is not going, so where does -- i'm wondering, where does the president-elect go? he has such a way for drama. does he stand in the aisle? does he go, wave from the -- >> maybe he will just stay in his seat and everybody switches in the entire stadium. >> with donald trump, you never know. meanwhile, talk about back fire, the left calling for recounts in battleground states
4:13 am
but the results are the opposite of what they were hoping for. trump is actually gaining votes. >> we're live in detroit next. ♪ for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, this is big. a chance to live longer with opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life and is the most prescribed immunotherapy for these patients. opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. opdivo works with your immune system. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen any time during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away
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good morning and welcome back to "fox & friends." it's now 16 minutes after the hour. there is an intense scene unfolding at this hour for a man accused of stabbing a police officer. that suspect, an escaped inmate. this happened at a walmart in south carolina, and authorities say they believe that michael allen williamson got out of prison by sneaking into a food service truck. he was sentenced for life behind bars in 1988 for armed robbery. that officer is now in stable condition. 14 people killed and nearly 2,000 homes and buildings destroyed. this morning, police say that two teenagers are to blame for all of that. those suspects now behind bars. accused of starting the deadly wild fires that raged across the great smokey mountains of tennessee. those two could be tried as adults. michigan's vote totals are final. the judge doing an about face sealing donald trump's win.
4:18 am
>> however, jill stein not giving up just yet, trying to stick taxpayers with another million dollar recount tab. >> robert murdock is live with the details. what is the resolve? >> reporter: this keeps on going back and forth. it's one of those stories that you have to continue to follow try to figure out what is going on, but the very latest here in michigan at least is that the 4.8 million ballots that were being hand counted that were cast during the presidential election, they are no longer going to be counted. that has to be stopped. that is as a result of the federal judge's ruling that basically said there was no reason for a recount. it was not valid. in his eight-page opinion he also stated there were no signs of tram perg or -- tampering or fraud. since about monday, counties have been recounting those ballots by hand because of an
4:19 am
earlier court ruling which favored green party candidate jill stein and her asking to expedite the process. now, in a statement the republican party chair said that they reaffirmed that jill stein is not legally entitled to hijack the will of the voters. they called this an expensive publicity stunt because it's estimated to cost about $2 million here in michigan. obviously, the green party says they are going to continue with this. they plan to go with the supreme court and ask them to continue with this recount, and, again, in pennsylvania, there's expected to be a hearing tomorrow to decide whether there will be a recount there. so this is a story that keeps on evolving in the various states in which this is connected to. it's something that we're obviously going to have to keep an eye on. reporting from detroit, robin murdock back to you. >> it seems lick a waste of time
4:20 am
and money. >> really, seems? >> jill stein, however, says she's doing it for the folks. >> what folks are there? what about new hampshire, that was close to, oh, hillary won. coming up, she's the president's right-hand woman, this morning, valerie jarrett making headlines because she says her soul is crushed. >> this might be the perfect place to rent for your vacation. but it is fake. it's one of the biggest scams out there. >> fake real estate news? i got to hear this next.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
it is day four of our don't get scammed series.
4:24 am
if you are planning a holiday, scammers could be lurking. what's your advice to people? a lot of folks are going out of town for the holidays. >> number one, if somebody asks you to wire money if you are doing a vacation rental home. don't wire money. use services like air bnb and they don't release it to the host until 24 hours after you check in so you know you are going to get what you are paying for and if there's any issue, you can get it resolved before you pay the host. once it's paid, there is no refund. >> and there's also fake pictures, you think you are getting this unbelievable villa or bait and switch, they will show you that and you'll have a cabin three miles from the lake which is exactly where you are going to end up staying even if
4:25 am
you have place. there have been people shoepg up at a rental and there's people living in the house. >> how do you know, though? >> you do a few things. you go through like -- if you are going to rent a house or a villa, you use sites like vaca hero. and you also want to do google mapping of the property. if you are dealing directly with an owner, you want to look at that map to make sure the house is where they say it is. if you can use a travel agent, they have e & o insurance and other protection, they work with accredited suppliers, you know what you are going to get what you are paying for. >> you also told us to check the reliable sites. what about when you are there? >> look at free wi-fi. that means it's an open, unsecure network. what does that mean? they have access to your photos,
4:26 am
if you buy something, your credit card information. literally everything sitting on your computer, so i use something called the wireless traveler. it's about the size of a credit card and you basically look something like that, it's a wi-fi hub spot, i can take it to any country i go to and i know i'm in a secure environment. >> even in hotels, are you protected in a nice hotel? >> not necessarily. you could have a five-star hotel. >> where do you buy these cards? >> there's one company, wi-fi spots from at&t and watch the data and buy a block of data so you are not going to get your overcharges. >> what about exchange rate scams? >> people don't realize, would you like us to charge you in your own currency, if they do that, it makes you comfortable because you know what you are going to get on your credit card will. bill. the problem is they give a bad
4:27 am
exchange rate which is 5 to 7% different. use a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees which can add another 2 or 3%. you could lose 10% of your purchasing power simply by dynamic currency conversion and the currency fees. check your credit card to make sure there are no foreign transaction fees. >> mark, thank you for being with us. >> always glad to join you. tomorrow, we're going to tell you how to avoid getting scammed while shopping for holiday gifts. this morning, valerie jarrett makes headlines because she says her soul is crushed. why? you know him from cheers but there's something you don't know about john rathsen berger. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
4:28 am
4:29 am
and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
4:30 am
4:31 am
i've got a pet little theory about that. you see, if you go back in history and take every president, you'll find that the knew nirk i cal -- new mayor i cal value is going to equal the year they were elected. >> who is going to be the next president? >> our next president's name is yelnick malwa. >> what were you guys drinking at the bar? it looked like beer. >> at times. any show i directed, toward the end of the night, i tell the prop man go ahead and put some
4:32 am
hine he kins in there. >> remember, news anchors could smoke on set. >> you could smoke anywhere back then. movie theaters. >> we allow the crew to drink. that's why they are so happy. >> oh, yeah! >> that's why they never leave. >> i always say this. i know you are curious about things i say. >> when i woke up this morning, i thought what does brian think? >> cheers had a mix of heart and comedy. it made you care about the guys. >> the writers of "cheers", they grew up in the generation where they grew up reading books and didn't watch tv. they understood the classics and dickens and shakespeare, they understood character
4:33 am
development, ethos and pathos. >> and a lot of people voted donald trump because they want to go back that. >> john was on the trump train over a year ago. >> oh, yeah. i was on neil cavuto's show over a year ago. >> i have never met neil. >> nice fellow. we talked about the therapy dogs and the play-dough and coloring books and people are so crushed that their candidate, hillary clinton, didn't win. >> isn't it nice that the adults are back in charge? okay, kids, give us the keys to the car. you've done enough damage. we'll take over. >> how about donald trump has made it clear he wants to bring back as many jobs as possible? last week it was carrier, this week it was the soft bank guys. you are one of guys that people learn a skill so they can get the job from the get-go. >> we teach our children that in
4:34 am
grammar school and middle school. even if they grow up to be a psychologist or doctor, it makes no difference, at least they are fix their own screen door. also they have the fundamentals to go to i amanufacturing facility and be trained in that. now, that's gone, they don't even have the facility to be trained. >> we were talking in the hall, how i was in high school, my dad said if you want to go to law school or whatever, you need a back up. i joined the faa and learned how to weld: they make a pretty penny. >> they start out at $126,000. >> i would train to be a dog catcher. >> there are a lot of loose dogs out there. >> the pet give box. >> what are they? >> what's going on? >> this is a company we started and these are gift boxes, so instead of going all over the internet searching for different
4:35 am
presents, we have everything in one spot. if you go to the gift, then they have the menu. you've got pets. golfer, fishing. >> travelers. >> these are the three that we're starting this week on. >> candy. >> this is the sweet box. >> oh, that looks delicious. >> where's the golfer box? >> right over there. >> that would be you. do you have a soccer box? >> well, that's coming. >> what we're doing is we're buying up companies now. when i was traveling, doing our made in america show, also traveling, speaking about the trades, things like that, i keep bumping into people who have these great businesses, they don't have access to walmart. wait a minute, why not put them altogether under one roof on the internet and that's what we have done. david polinski started it off. >> according to your interests, you hit that and once a month, you send a box out, right? >> even the person you send a
4:36 am
box to, say you send somebody candy, we have enough sweets and we have a dog, they can switch over. >> i want the dog box in february. >> it doesn't make any difference to them and they accrue points and when you check out, you got a couple of choices of charities you can donate to if you want. >> giving people a business a chance, put them in the big guys. >> exactly. exactly. if you are making soaps up in vermont, you've got your act together and you can deliver, then, sure. come on and join the family. >> what's the website? >> the gift >> if you order now, you'll get it by christmas. >> as a matter of fact, i'm going to leave these here for you guys to scavage through. >> that was a general statement, john. >> mr. ratzenberg.
4:37 am
>> my kids do a craft box they get every month and they love it. these are great gifts. >> we'll be doing a craft box especially for kids. >> fantastic. smart idea. >> we'll get you a coupon. >> not free. >> i want a coupon. good morning, everybody, i've got a couple of news headlines to bring you right now at 37 minutes after the hour. the alleged mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks appearing in court later today, just hours from now a closed door hearing is is set to beginning at gitmo for khalid sheikh mohammed. >> what a catch, border control agents seize a billion dollars worth of pot on an abandoned boat in southern california. it contained 2,400 pounds of pot
4:38 am
on board. chaos and violence outside a high school in reno, when a teenager pulls a knife and swinging it around at classmates. an officer forced to shoot after he refused to drop that weapon. >> boom! >> that 16-year-old is now hospitalized in critical condition. it started as a fight between students. no one else was hurt. the police officer now on administrative leave. and one of president obama's top advisers still recovering from the shock of the election results. >> it's going to be -- it was like -- i'm not sure what the right analogy would be, but like a punch on the stomach, let's say. soul crushing. >> soul crushing they says. that is valerie jarrett making the dramatic admission of a woman rules event.
4:39 am
these are pretzels are great they are from a company in brooklyn called fatty. >> save some of the candy for me. are there any sneaky treats in there too? you know i love my sneaky treats. let's take a look at the map, shall we? you know what, winter is here. we have the coldest air of the season that's sunk as far south as the gulf coast in florida. behind this, another shot of cold air. the cold air is in place and that will mean if we get any storm systems on the horizon, that could mean snow. we have lake-effect snow warnings across the great lakes.
4:40 am
several feet of snow. this is the one to watch as we get into the weekend. we could get some snow in the northeast. you want to say hi to everybody. where are you from? >> texas. >> what do you think of the weather? >> it's very cold. >> a weather man in the making. you guys stay out here. you know who is coming out? steve doocy. stay right here! oh, my gosh, steve doocy is coming out here. >> they are calling me. >> look at the crowd for you, my friend, right here! >> j.d., the weather machine. >> way to terrify the tourists, j.d. general james mattis nominated to lead the pentagon. >> how do our veterans feel about that? and kid rock facing some backlash for showing support for president-elect trump. god, guns, and trump. what the outrage is all about.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
a document dump revealing the worst va hospitals in the nation. "usa today" obtaining internal files ranking each facility from one to five. the worst offenders, texas and tennessee, where some got one star. the phoenix clinic where dozens of veterans died waiting for treatment also got one star. that's pathetic. the pentagon attempting to right the wrong, after initially saying thousands of soldiers needed to pay back decades old reenlistment bonuses, now officials say they just want 700
4:45 am
soldiers to pay pack. >> that's about 700 too many. donald trump hailing his pick for secretary of defense as the best choice to lead the united states in the war against terror. >> what do combat veterans think about mad dog mattis and what do they want to see from the next commander in chief? former navy s.e.a.l. eli crain joins us now to answer that question. >> whose boss was once chris kyle, american sniper. >> what do you make of -- some of the left are saying donald trump has three generals already. way too much military in there. >> actually i think it's a good sign. it's a sign that donald trump is not interested on bringing on yemen -- yes, men and politicians. mattis is a legend in the marine corps. you don't know get that without
4:46 am
knowing what you are doing. it makes foreign leaders take us a lot more serious. >> very interesting. you mentioned your brother is a marine. this is what the nay-sayers are saying. we'll talk about this in a second. generals are used to getting it done. they make sure things are done. sometimes in the positions they are in, they have to say no, this shouldn't be the way. is that a legitimate concern? >> yeah, absolutely. i think you know what president-elect trump is going to do is he's going to assemble the wisest generals and admirals in the land and he's going to ask for a couple of con continue yen si -- contingency plans, and how we're going to go forward, one of the things i like so far is donald trump has not discussed what they are going to with the media. that's a sign right there. >> you have a bunch of military men in there. they just take us to war faster than the average person. when you look at, for instance,
4:47 am
colin powell, he was one the most conservative, most cautious guy on the cabinet. >> what people have to understand is they are going to give courses of action to president trump and ultimately he make the decision. it won't be the generals that make the final say. they will come up with the battle plan. they are going to give him a bunch of courses of action and president trump will make the final decision. >> eli, what are these? >> these are some of our famous bottle breachers. what they do is they breach your beer, they open your beer. >> it's a bottle opener. >> it is. you came up with when you were in the service. you needed something to do, you took a round and what can you do with it? >> i took a tool to the first one and i started cutting on it and i spray painted on it and a
4:48 am
polished and took a sticker on and i took it to work and all my buddies loved it. >> can you show us how it works. >> basically, all you do is you take your beer, you put the tooth underneath the cap. >> i saw this on "shark tank." >> that was a great experience for us. we landed two investors, mark cuban and the other one. >> here's the scene from "shark tank" if you missed t. >> at bottle breecher, we make the finalist, personalized 50 caliber bottle openers on the market. >> why would anybody want a 50 caliber bottle opener? short answer is they are awesome. >> we've got two sharks, no contingency, we're going straight in. >> right to work.
4:49 am
>> mr. cuban, mr. wonderful, you guys are awesome! >> there you are with your wife. what have they done for you? >> they have opened doors that they would have had a really difficult time getting into on our own and they helped us make connections that would have been difficult. >> it's not just a bottle opener, now it's a wine opener. >> we have a wine opener. we have this wine opener and all of it is made right here in the usa. we have a pen. we have whiskey bullets down here. >> this is a live grenade. >> wrong connection. >> we call that the freedom frag. that just went live the last week and it sold out in six hours. >> we launched the product. >> the bottle opener as well. >> people would like to support your business. >> go to
4:50 am
>> s.e.a.l. turned entrepreneur, great job. >> thanks for your service. our viewers are amazing. i hope you have a lot in stock. >> that you guys. remember when designer tom ford said this about dressing our future first lady. >> melania trump, she's quite thin: >> she's not necessarily my image. >> one designer is stepping up, saying working with melania would be an honor. carly shimkus is here to talk about it. billy joel was topping the charts in "we didn't start the fire." remember how that went? >> that was my history class. afd i take to the open road.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
melania trump, she's quite beautiful and she's thin. she's going to look great in the clothes, no. >> i don't know, i was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and i declined. >> why? >> she's not necessarily my image. >> oh, burn. >> really? joining us right now, talking about what's lighting up the internet. tom ford taking some heat. >> equally high end fashion designer carolina herrerra.
4:55 am
she said it is an honor to dress the first ladies of the country and it's something to do for the united states. it's not for myself. it's for the public. she's receiving a lot of praise after so many designers came out and said they would not dress the future first lady, who tom ford said his clothes might be too expensive for melania trump. he dressed michelle obama. >> people don't care about designers, why does it matter so much? is it personally insulting by somebody to be rejected by a designer? >> you hit the nail on the head. it's insulting. it's a position of power and honor to be a first lady and for a designer to say they are not going to dress them. >> if you are a designer, you have to make clothes for everyone, wouldn't you be so grateful if anyone wanted to borrow your clothes? >> the designers are shooting themselves in the food. forget about tom ford. a lot of people want to get
4:56 am
dressed by kid rock. >> kid rock is actually selling some pro trump merchandise, one that says god, guns, and trump and a hat that says make america bad [ bleep ] again and other sayings that are too vulgar. he's seeing a lot of criticism for him. corey tweeted, kid rock should be banned from detroit and no more welcome in my city. and other people like it, some people say kid rock makes me proud to be pure michigan. he created this merchandise because there was overwhelming support and a lot of people were requested this kind of stuff. >> don't be surprised if donald trump gives him a cease and desist order. >> some are funny. >> let's tell you what's coming
4:57 am
up straight ahead. he called castro a remarkable leader. we're talking about canadian prime minister justin trudeau. guess who is meeting today with him. and a motorcycle that costs as much as a house? wear a helmet. in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed.
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good morning to you and your family. it is thursday, december 8th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. a massive manhunt is under way this hour after two cops are shot. one is dead and other in critical condition. we have breaking details moments away. and donald trump heading to the state of iowa today. the third stop on his thank you tour. this as his cabinet continues to take shape. president-elect giving a few names the thumbs up but the left is freaking out over a couple of them. >> president obama just said this about isis. >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offenses, that was not on my intelligence
5:01 am
radar screen. >> really? we have the tape. we'll show it to the president. i'm sure he's watching and let me just remind the president and everybody else, murngs are better with -- your mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> no doubt about it. janice dean is stuck in the 80s. she thinks she's in a white snake video right there. we've got some really cool ducati motor bikes. . >> one fan will get one, is that correct? >> sure. they are all for sale. >> good. if they want to buy them. >> let's talk about what donald trump is doing with his cabinet. i find the dramatic fantastic.
5:02 am
>> i find out the number is about 70 plus of how many people have been invited or have come in to speak to donald trump about appointments as well as cabinet positions and some have gotten jobs already, including, if you are listening on radio, i'm sorry, including everybody there who is pictured. >> there are ten people who have gotten jobs so far. there are six more obviously. >> it looks like as if the secretary of state shadow will be fixed in next week. three of the names in there after it was announced that retired general john kelly will head up homeland security, there are some who say look we've never seen so many flagged officers in an administration and what that does it ignores the constitutional tenets of civilian governance. >> they are civilians.
5:03 am
that's their past job. that's a part of serving the country. here's what adam schiff said yesterday followed by josh earnest. >> what may tip the balance for me is if the president-elect populates even more positions in the administration with military figures, i'm going to have a lot of heartburn about that, it's going to place the mattis waiver in real jeopardy. >> they appear to have different priorities, different styles, and in some cases starkly different bank accounts. >> yeah, no kidding. >> wow. what's wrong with having a potpourri of people? >> the proper pronunciation is
5:04 am
pot-por-e. >> scott pruitt has been nominated to head up the epa. the sierra club says it's like putting an arsonist in part of fires. he said that climate change is far from settled science and obviously those on the left just hate that and it is his intent, it sounds like, to undo a lot of the onerous regulations put in place. >> who is pleased? jeb bush. >> you voted for donald trump overwhelmingly and president obama -- isis began or grew under president obama. >> the jv team. >> he also said that he had no idea about isis. he was never briefed on isis.
5:05 am
listen to this. >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offenses, that was not on my intelligence radar screen. >> of course not. keep in mind this administration, the narrative has been, you know, we killed osama bin laden and everybody is on the run. we've decimated al qaeda to the exclusion of isis which has risen up. if you watch over the last couple of years on this channel and others and c span, you've had a parade of experts say the president is not paying attention to this isis thing or isil. >> i thought he didn't know about it. >> he should have turned on the tv. you got all these people saying this. listen. >> syria has become a huge magnet for extremists. abu bakr al baghdadi.
5:06 am
his mission is to carve out an area from baghdad to syria to lebanon. >> they have a level of killing they are doing inside of that country is terrible. >> read the book. he talks about it. his hair was on fire. a lot of people who saw the rise of isis and we pulled all of our troops out and the president ended the war in iraq, remember? karl y, former navy s.e.a.l. >> barack obama's foreign policy has been a complete disaster. he knows darn well this this intelligence community told him that and any general told him that isis was going to be a problem, he fired them. that way he didn't listen to them. when he said he didn't hear about this from the intelligence community, that's ma larky, i know guys told him this was going to be an issue. >> absolutely correct. >> so he did know about it.
5:07 am
they warned him about it and he ignored it, i guess, because isis is now here in america. >> speaking of threats, yesterday in particular we observed it here on this program and this channel as well, it was 75 years previous that the japanese attacked the americans in pearl harbor. yesterday, they had a commemoration, and it included the u.s. pacific commander admiral harry harris, who took that moment with about 10,000 people in attendance throughout the pearl harbor area yesterday to take a shot at a very famous american who is not being very patriotic these days. >> you can bet that the men and women that we honor today and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played. [ cheers and applause ] >> some people were brought to tears in that audience. it reminds me of my grandfathers.
5:08 am
i remember my mom's dad telling us, it didn't resonate with me because i was so young. he was out in the ocean and a kamikaze comes to their ship, and gives them a thumbs up and flew into the ocean. >> many of them in their mid to late 90s, what did they do, they gave them a standing ovation? a lot of men are in wheelchairs and walkers and needed assistance. brushing the tears aside because that's why they were all there that day, to protect the united states of america, and they don't like the disrespecting that some are showing our american flag. >> the nfl, it's hard to find out who is standing and who is not for the national anthem. it was devastating to the league
5:09 am
and aggravating to people paying top dollar to go to these games. you don't see the national anthem. it doesn't mean you don't see the fists in the air. >> they are not showing them. >> the networks are saying, look out, especially when they had two weeks of a salute to the military. >> i know some people who have said about two months ago, i will never watch another nfl game as long as they have that policy. >> and a lot of people are taking it out on the 49ers and are not going to the games. that's what's happening. >> as you can see, it has been a very busy morning thus far and we turn now to heather for the very latest on how is that recount going in michigan? >> well, listen to this. we've got some new news. signed, sealed and delivered, the judge who ordered the michigan recount doing an about face, he said jill stein had no evidence of voter fraud, just
5:10 am
speculation. the green party candidate not giving up just yet. trying to stick taxpayers with another million dollar recount tab, this time in the state of pennsylvania. tomorrow, a judge in that state will decide if they will proceed. we'll watch it for you. >> an intense scene unfolding for this man accused of stabbing a police officer. the suspect, an escaped inmate. this happened at a walmart in south carolina, and that's where authorities believe that michael allen williamson got out of prison by sneaking into a food service truck. he had been sentenced to life behind bars back in 1998 for armed robbery. that police officer now in stable condition. and another, cop killer manhunt is on. this man is accused of killing nicholas smarr on the right and
5:11 am
critically injured smith. >> we didn't go tough on crime that like we used to. we started going soft. we started talking about things about rehandle tags, second chance for individuals who have long criminal histories. there are a lot of things that go on that we need to do differently. it sends a clear and convincing message that there will be swift and severe consequences for criminal behavior. >> he posted a chilling message on facebook, quote, not going to jail. at the time of the shooting, he was wanted for kidnapping. 14 people killed and nearly 2,000 homes and buildings completely destroyed. police say two teenagers are to blame. the suspects are behind bars accused of setting the wild fires that are raging across the great smokey mountains in
5:12 am
tennessee. the two could be tried as adults. dolly parton is going to have a big telethon i think next tuesday or wednesday. >> kenny rogers and lots of great people will be on board that. >> so much damage and destruction and it was done intentionally? >> started by two kids. crazy. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump reportedly tapping general john kelly of the marines to run homeland security. who is he? lieutenant general richard newton joins us next. michael moore planning a major disruption on inauguration day and he wants you to help. >> i'm busy. >> really! >> i'm really busy. walked around the shelter, no intention of adopting. he was the very last kennel in the very last row. emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs.
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president-elect trump reportedly tapping retired four star general john kelly to head the department of homeland security. this marks the third general who could take a top spot in donald trump's cabinet. who is general kelly and is he a good fit for this role? joining us is lieutenant general richard newton. bring us up close and personal
5:17 am
with general kelly. what kind of guy is donald trump getting? >> well, good morning, brian. it's good to be with you. i think president-elect trump has tapped an extraordinary american to serve as the secretary of homeland security. john kelly and i served in the pentagon together as three stars. i don't know him well, but certainly when he was the senior military assistant to the secretary of defense, that prepared him well to be then the commander of u.s. southern command. again, over 40 years experience as a marine. both key positions in washington, d.c., but leading troops in combat for nearly two years. if i may also add that he and his wife karen are an extraordinary couple. they are goldstar parents. they lost their son robert, who was a first lieutenant in the marines back in november of 2010 in afghanistan, so john kelly knows what it means to serve this nation and serve this nation well. >> so he will be taking this job, of course, losing his son, he understands the risk of going to war. he also understands the
5:18 am
frustration of not being able to act. he also talked about being head of southern command and seeing things and people enter the country and being told to stay back. do you think he asked questions about what donald trump's policies before he jumped into this prestigious position? >> i can imagine. obviously, i wasn't in trump tower when they had the conversation. i imagine it was a wide-ranging conversation. i imagine that general kelly had more questions for donald trump than donald trump had for him. john kelly is more than ready to be qualified. i think on day one when he take over, the nation is going in great hands knowing he's at the helm of that important department. >> he was the only one that i know that spoke up and talked about iran infiltrating into south america and central america and he did in front of congress back in 2015 and no one has done anything about it. general to general, will
5:19 am
generals have trouble -- co-has been tating and sharing ideas and sometimes losing these arguments with other generals? >> again, there's lots of discussions between sitting general officers, particularly at the senior ranks at the 3 and 4-star ranks. there's lots of wide-ranging discussions where issues are put on the table, where people disagree with one another, but you walk out of there, again, supporting the decisions, supporting, again, where you can defend the constitution of the united states. you keep that in the forefront of your mind and so where there is disagreement, that's well and good, but once the decision is made, it's made by the president, you support that decision. >> right. you would think so. i know general powell is frustrated with the secretary of defense at different times and i know in years past, you know, there have been other types of
5:20 am
brave men and women who can't see eye to eye, so the question is how they will get along and only time will tell. i think it's heartening for the military to see so many officers in high-ranking positions. general, thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. god bless. >> he called fidel castro a remarkable leader. we're talking about canadian prime minister justin trudeau and guess who he is meeting with today. stay tuned. one of those motorcycles costs more than a house? ainsley, janices, or heather's. ♪
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5:24 am
we're back with quick outdoor political headlines. so long to harry reid. opponent of everything republican has given his farewell speech hours from now. i cannot wait. hillary clinton will not be there. her first time at the capital since losing the election. you heard she lost, right, jill stein? chuck schumer will now take over as minority leader. >> and joe biden hanging out with the canadianster, justin t. joining us to talk motorcycles, ainsley earhardt. >> run inside and grab your helmet. we're talking motorcycle this morning. get your motor running, brian. the new york international motorcycle show kicks off here tomorrow in midtown manhattan.
5:25 am
and here with us is the ceo of ducati is jason chinnic. what's it all about? >> it's an opportunity to showcase all the new products we have for 2017. especially during the winter months, people get a chance to see these motorcycles, interact and learn about their plans for next year. >> right before christmas too. that was smart. this one right here costs $80,000. that's as much as a thousand. >> this one isn't $80,000. 1395. >> this is 12e,000. what is this one about. >> this is the scrambler cafe racer and it evoke the spirit from the 60s motorcycles that sparked a revolution in motorcycling where people could customize their bikes. it gives that aesthetic of a classic bike but all the modern
5:26 am
technology. >> brian needs some air time. brian is getting jealous. >> she's not gotten me a christmas present yet. how much would this cost? >> 11,395. this was the desert sled. a lot of people would take motorcycles and they would customize them to be able to ride them off road. big street bikes and you would take this on, off road, it's a perfect city bike because you are sitting upright. >> and it's good on gas. janice dean, with all that hair. >> this the best promo that ducati has ever gotten. i know how to mount a motor bike. >> the idea is takes a sport bike design but strips it down
5:27 am
to a beautiful naked motorcycle. >> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. >> this is a 797, it acts as a entry into the world of ducati. under $10,000. >> i'm going to be taking this baby home with me today. >> heather. >> tell me about this one. this is a good looking one. >> this is the super sport. it offers a balance between a smart bike that ducati is known for and a little bit more comfort and good ergonomics, so if you wanted to ride in the canyon as well. >> if you are an experienced rider, this is the perfect bike. >> it fits you perfectly. >> where is the key? start this thing up. >> usually, the key is in your pocket. you don't have a place to put the key. >> really? >> what is this baby? >> this is a multistrada 1950.
5:28 am
on, off road, long distance traveling. you could put a passenger on the back, cross the country if you want and this also allows you to be able to put large luggage on the side as well. >> it's affordably priced for ducati. >> absolutely. this is 14,995. >> this one right here, it's petite, but it's a chunk of change. >> this is the $80,000 ducati. this is a 1299 super lijara and it's super lightweight. it actually allows access into a whole another realm of sport bike riding. 215 horsepower. the most powerful sport bike ever made. 343 pounds. complete carbon fiber chassis, wheels, spring arm, frame. >> very, very nice. and good on gas. >> you know, if you are spending $80,000 on a motorcycle, zeevent
5:29 am
matter. >> go with premium. >> check them out this weekend at the international motorcycle show. thank you very much. >>s it's a pleasure. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] coming up next on our show, somebody really popular, any michael moore fans? i didn't think so. michael moore wants a disruption on inauguration day. he wants to force donald trump inside to get sworn in. >> speaking of donald trump, donald trump taking on boeing. it has many wondering what would be found on donald trump's version of air force one. email us and we'll share your thoughts on the other side of the time-out and janice dean pretends it's windy. ♪ i don't want to put life on hold because of a headache.
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5:33 am
an urgent scene is playing out down in georgia where a manhunt is under way for that person right there. >> he's accused of shooting two cops. one dead and one in critical condition. >> natalie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, the georgia bureau of investigation just announced in the last hour that the reward is now up to $50,000 for information that leads to
5:34 am
the arrest of 32-year-old manqel lembrick. they have been aggressively searching for him and continue to do so this morning. take a look at the officers getting ready to continue that search. local, state, and federal law enforcement officers are part of that massive manhunt. lembrick fired shots at one of their officers, 25-year-old nicholas smarr and jodi smith who heard the call and responded to the apartment complex. smarr was killed and smith was airlifted to a trauma center in critical condition. now, i have been in touch with officials here at the command center in ameiricus, we expect to get a briefing from law
5:35 am
enforcement officers this morning and get an update on officer smith's condition and along with their search efforts overnight. officers have been urgently searching for lembrick this morning and overnight and we'll have that update for you as soon as that briefing takes place. back to you guys. thank you. police shootings up this year all across the country. it is really concerning. let's hope law and order comes soon. heather nawrt has more news. outside a high school in reno, a teenager pulls out a knife and starts swinging at his classmates. a school police officer forced to shoot that teenager after he refused to drop his weapon. >> that 16-year-old now hospitalized in critical condition. it all started as a fight
5:36 am
between students. no one else was hurt. the police officer is on administrative leave. well, freedom set on fire. american flags flying outside two gyms in california burned to a crisp on the anniversary of pearl harbor. the owners of that gym, one of them a combat veteran, defending the flag and what it stands for. >> america is the best place. whether you want to accept that or not, it's got so much freedom and so much opportunity. >> some -- go somewhere else for a couple of months and see what the rights are you have there and you'll be happy to be back here. >> he's right about that. police are still trying to track down the suspect. texas economy could take a major hit because of its version of the bathroom bill. it cost cost taxpayers $8.5 billion per year if the bill is
5:37 am
passed. it could band transgenders from using the bathrooms of their choice. the study is based on states passed similar laws. michael moore asking protesters on twitter to disrupt president-elect donald trump's swearing in. saying, quote, disrupt the inauguration. the majority have spoken by nearly 2.7 million votes and still counting. silence is not an option. the film maker predicted his victory well before election day. and those are your headlines. well, sorry, michael, that's just the way it works. it's this crazy electoral college things. >> what happens when people win. >> there you go. elections have consequences. meanwhile, in the real world, donald trump is talking about getting involved with different businesses. we talked about carrier and two days ago he said we just found out these new air force fleet is being built by boeing at a cost of $4 billion.
5:38 am
since that time, it looks like donald trump will get involved in the construction of air force one if there is going to be a new one. >> and after that, there was a hash tag that was trending on twitter, #found on trump force one. we want to read you some of the things we're finding. >> if donald trump is negotiate being the price, he's obviously going to have air force one the way he wants it. jeanine says this. twitter on every device and screen #found on trump force one. >> nikki says this, gallons of liberal tears, #found on trump force one. >> and where's waldo. apparently on the plane. it's very rare for a president to be involved in a government procurement deal and that's what he's going to do. he's personally going to get involved in negotiating down the price of the air force one. >> and steve some find a way,
5:39 am
find out where $115 billion is being wasted at the pentagon along with air force one. >> they are spending it to try to figure out the next generation of air force one. >> for the boeing. >> it seems a little expensive for donald trump. >> talk about expensive, janice dean costs us a lot of money every time she brings an update. but she's worth it. >> i didn't break the motorcycles. it all looks good. >> what happened to break you buy? >> oh, $80,000. hi, everybody. how is it going? you just showed up. where are you from? >> here. >> you are from here? where are you from? >> orlando. >> orlando, what do you think about it here in new york city? >> awesome. >> let's take a quick look at the maps. it is cold outside. how cold is it? the coldest air of the season has arrived. we have windchill warnings and watches across the rockies and the plains, where it feels like minus 30 and minus 40 degrees.
5:40 am
brrr. that cold is coming as far south as florida. it is on the way. freezing temperatures stretching across gulf coast. we have lake-effect snow warnings across the great lakes where we could see three feet of snow and then our next weathermaker is on its way from the west that could bring feet of snow to the higher elevations and some know across the midwest and maybe across the northeast. are you happy to be on "fox & friends"? >> yea! >> what a crowd. happy holidays. what did you say? >> fox is the greatest. >> i just met these folks and they already know the script. it's amazing. say bye to everybody at home. >> bye! >> say hi, ainsley, steve and brian. >> you are the best. >> our fans are the best. >> they are. >> back to you. >> janice dean, the fan machine. meanwhile, 20 minutes until we're done. straight ahead, an inauguration fit for a t.v. star. we have the inside scoop on what
5:41 am
trump is planning for january 20th and who is he planning it with? can you say helicopter? >> aleppo. >> you know her from 90210. did you know jenny garth is a great cook as well? she's making her recipe for pie and she served it at her own wedding. y age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia.
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5:44 am
we have engine ignition. 2, 1, and -- and lift-off of the united launch alliance delta 4 alliance. >> we covered the earth news. let's talk about the outer space news. a delta rocket blasting off from earth from cape canaveral. it's carrying an air force satellite to improve
5:45 am
communication. john glenn was admitted to a cancer facility in ohio. he's the first american to orbit the earth in 1962 and went back into space later in life. he became a senator from ohio and many people thought he would be president. he's 95 years old. back here on earth, let's talk about the process that donald trump is conducting over at trump tower, the vetting process. according to the "wall street journal" today, so far he's had about 80 different job interviews with people and newt gingrich was asked what's it like? he said have you ever watched "the apprentice"? he said it's a lot like the tv show. for instance, donald trump is trying to put the applicants under a little pressure to see how they react. rick perry came in. he's up for energy. and apparently he really wowed him and so he is a top contender for that. then you've got the oklahoma
5:46 am
governor, mary fallon, she came in and trump says explain this deal where you want to sell off these public lands. she couldn't answered. he turned after she left and said i think we need to look for somebody else. even when there's a courtesy ca call, it could end up with a job. steve bannon stead call mitt romney. it could help create unity. >> he said mitt romney that they had a lot of chemistry. he also said that after his meeting with president obama. >> i'm not sure if mark burnett said donald trump how do you interview people and build a show around that or vice versa,
5:47 am
meanwhile, harry leaven asked this question. >> if it weren't for this show, would you be in a position to run and do what you've done? >> i don't know. a lot of people ask that question. >> it changed you and it changed the perception of you in the public. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> before we find out who won. >> you know, it is my hair. you know that. >> and it may have helped me develop a certain skill, television, who knows, whatever that is, but i will say very, very strongly, that if it weren't for "the apprentice" it's been for me a great experience. >> he became best friends with mark burnett who produced "the apprentice" and produced "the voice." they were at a restaurant in midtown for a big fund riser -- razor. you know how he reveals things.
5:48 am
we were talking about what we're going to do for the inauguration on january 20th and march -- mark burnett said we should have a big parade, jump on a helicopter, do it all live and go down to washington, d.c. >> if he's consulting with mark burnett who is trying to stay out of the election process, clearly likes donald trump, he has a way of bringing up drama from survivor. >> do you think ffs a conversation? they didn't meet it? >> i'm not saying the helicopter is real but i bet you mark burnett has an idea how to make this inauguration different. >> look for a reality-tv-style inauguration. speaking of that, we will be down in washington, d.c. we'll be on the parade route or where the chopper will land. we'll be there wednesday, thursday, friday, the day of the inauguration and saturday morning. keep it right here as donald
5:49 am
trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. >> right. it's going to be easy getting a hotel room. >> we're going down in an rv. we're all staying in a winnebago. >> there is one bed in that rv for all of "the five. i ". >> we love her from "beverly hills 90210." ♪ >> jenny garth is in our studio. how do i know? this is our studio and that's her. she's making pie and maybe she served it at her own wedding. she's going to share with us.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> are they zeroing on a secretary of state and is one person starting to look a little bit more lightly for -- likely
5:53 am
for that role? sean spicer joins us and representative jim jordan. we're talking to him about isis and what the president did and did not know as he is now claiming. jack keenen is here, the question is whether or not there are too many generals in donald trump's cabinet. we'll talk to you at the top of the hour. see you then. ♪ ♪ holidays made for baking and who better to help us out this season than one of america's swee hearts. >> i cannot believe that i'm standing next to jenny garth. this is such a treat to of you in here. what are we making? >> we are making pocket pies, you know, holidays is all about having family and friends together. >> and you love pie so much. you served pie at your wedding. >> not a cake. traditional. i like the pies. pies are having a big moment right now. >> we're making these little pocket pies. who wants to help me?
5:54 am
>> brian. >> i've trained classically. >> add that to the powdered sugar. vanilla. give it some whisking. >> the next step is to roll out our dough. >> it's okay to roll out the stuff from the store. >> it's so easy. this is ridiculous. >> you go like that and you go like that. >> i don't know how much easier you can get. >> this is our leftover pie from our holiday get-togethers. >> you have three daughters. do they love this pie? >> yes. who doesn't love pie? smell this. >> it's rhubarb. >> there it is. put this in. >> now you are putting the filling in. >> right. top it off. >> this is way too easy. >> i know. this is our left over. you use a little fork and crimp it together. >> pie is great for breakfast. >> and we have the finished
5:55 am
product. >> how great that. >> just drizzle this over them. as they come out of the oven. >> can we try one? >> yeah, here. >> this one is so quick. you can do this for the super market. how many can you make at once? >> i don't know, i've never really cook for a lot of people like that. >> i know you call them pie pockets? >> pocket pies. >> you are attempting up with marie callendacalendars. we're doing a dining room. it's for people who don't have enough space to entertain in the city. we have three dining rooms to choose from. you can come there with 12 to 16 friends of your family. you can be served three course dinner with wine. all it takes is a $100 donation.
5:56 am
it's a great opportunity. each of the dining rooms have been designed by myself, one of them, and daphne oz, stacey landon. >> what is the theme? >> mine is upscale contemporary. >> if you would like more information, go to fox and >> and daphne oz was an intern here. >> jenny was busy. >> more "fox & friends" in a moment. >> delicious. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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. .
5:59 am
♪ >> i will be in jacksonville at 11:30. handful of tickets left at ritz theater for 90 minutes. tell intimate stories of steve. >> intimate stories? hmmm.
6:00 am
>> thanks so much. also if you want to see ainsley -- >> come to barnes & noble in brentwood, right outside of nashville. that is noon on saturday. barnes & noble. i can't wait to see all of you. thank you for coming. >> see you tomorrow. >> and pie. bill: good morning, everybody as we say helloç to you. cabinet picks for team trump and the names will not please those on the left. this time to run department of homeland security, picking a strong critic of the epa to run the epa. this is intriguing. morning everybody, good show. live at "america's newsroom." martha: he will get a big welcome when he shows up there i bet. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. happy thursday to you. get started with former marine general john kelly, third general offered a top post in the trump white house while oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt, who has deep ties to the energy industry will be the man at epa this is how the trump cabinet is shaping


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