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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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it is original. >> i was the first guy. >> always good to have you. we will let you know. have a great weekend, everybody, thanks for being here, we are back monday, "happening now" starts right now.
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grand rapids michigan and that is where mr. trump continued. president-elect first high profile meeting of the day was to it sit down with paul ryan. they are working together in washington d.c. starting next month p. they met in midtown manhattan to start out a game plan. >> i enjoyed meeting with the president-elect and talked about the transition and we are excited about hitting the work and getting the country back on track. thank you, guys. >> there was a twist in the
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secretary of state sweepsteaks. jennifer griffin reports back to exxon mobile extiler ston. mitt romney's fallen. and rudy guiliani is in a weaker position because he talked so much to the press about wanting to be the top diplomat. last night in des moines mr. trump defended the cabinet picks. he said he wants people who made a fortune on their own. and this morning, top advisor kelli nan conway brushed aside criticism he's putting too many generals in the cabinet room as well. >> i say it is a refreshing rewarding departure from
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awarding donors. generals are serious people, steve. they have proven themselves literaly on the battlefield and figuratively with distinguished service in the military and on behalf of the nation. i keep reading is there a quota for tough minded, accomplished people? >> reporter: we are are minutes away in louisiana. and he will be in grand rapids where it is snowing. where he will be joined by the pick to be education secretary. >> we'll be watching. as we wait to wait for the pick for secretary of state. what do his picks tell us? jamie weinstein is host of the
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jamie winestein show. welcome to you. jamie, what do you see? what do the cabinet choices tell us about the next president? >> he obviously likes people who are accomplished, generals and top business executives who made a lot of money and he seems to like people who look the part. that's why mitt romney is under consideration. he's straight out of central casting. that is a quote attributed to donald trump. he looks the part of secretary of state. what is interesting, we learned a couple of things. a lot of people projected he would look at those loyal to him and helped him out. but the fact he is looking to mitt romney suggest that he is open to those who are not as supportive of him. and candidates who do not share
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his world view. talk of immigration was tough on the trail and the pick for labor secretary is certainly a guy who does not share his ideas on immigration. he's open to those who don't agree with him. that is not a reputation that he cultivated. people thought he would look for only those like him. that's not the case. >> johnathon swain i have looked at your name all day. inserted an extra i. there is a former oon ponent that he's bringing in to audition for the cabinet? >> look, the main thing we need to bear in mind here, and you talk about anyone around donald trump, he understands stage craft. there's probably no person on
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the public sphere make reagan or jfk who understand television and how to create images and the scenes in trump tower are to project the image that trump wants. he gets al gore that comes through. and shows the left he's not so scary. you need to separate that from the substance of the people he is appointing. nikki haley was an appointment, but not many people are appointed that were disloyal to trump. >> at the same time he's putting people in his cabinet that disagreed with him. cathy moore rogers is on the list to be secretary of the interior and yet she was tough on him. >> look at the labor secretary, he was not sharing his world are view the way he expressed on the
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campaign with immigration. you can look at education secretary. betsy devoswho was on jeb bush education board. pro common core are are and earned the ire of they did not adopt his agenda in the campaign and yet appointed to positions of high power and loyalist are out in the cold. look at rudy guiliani and chris christie and at great risk to their political careers backed donald trump and they are not the seeing a benefit to that. >> do his appointmentes join the promise of draining the swamp. >> we saw bernie sanders came out today and criticizing on
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msnbc, the goldman sach's president is director of the economic council. he has four major donors already in his cabinet. that is more than president bush and president obama had in his cabinet. you got to remember the nationalist popullist base that elected donald trump and briet bart is hardly friendly to wall street. politically he's treading in dangerous territory. >> we mentioned cathy mcmorris rogers and leading contender are to interior secretary. what does she bring to the post? >> it is the stage craft. he's critiqued he didn't have much sdersity. it would bring a woman to the cabinet. and to john's point.
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goldman sach's people, donald trump's own rhetoric used to attack tread cruz as a pawn of goldman sachs and now one is running the treasury and another goldman sach, coo into the white house as head of the economic council there and we are are seeing a lot of surprises that maybe the base would not like. but donald trump can do a lot of anything and the base shrugs their shoulders because they trust him. >> he's full of surprising, jamie and john and thanks. >> people will trust him with their tax dollars. and we have new detail and keeping it running and the house passing a bill to fund the government through april of next year. but a push by democrats in the senate threatened to derail that deal. chief congressional correspondent mike has the
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details. >> reporter: hi, heather it is a stand off after the government package passed the house of representative and now the senate is threatening a shutdown. chuck schumer and democratic colleagues are meeting to figure out the next move. it would keep the government up and running through next april 28th and extend health benefits for retired coal miners for four if month and the senate democrats want a longer deal. >> democrats care about the min miners. >> and the end game we keep fighting. and i think you will be surprised with the strength they have. >> the house passed the package 326 to 96 yesterday and members have gone home. that vote included 118 house democrats voting in favor and
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that is bipartisan as things get these days. and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said while senate democrats may want to delay. house democrats overwhelmingly rejected that approach. it is worth noting that mcconnell is a coal country senator and he would like to extend health benefits for a year. he's noting that the house is gone, so extend four month and keep the government open. >> it would happen. thank you. it is not all in the republican family when it comes to meetings and conversations. he has sat down with plenty of democrat and even some liberals. divisiveness or unity, howard are kcan urtz with his thoughtses. remembering a hero and icon. and remembering the life and legacy of john glenn.
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>> well, perhaps no one has more of the right stuff than john glenn who died yesterday at age 95. in 19skooshgs he became the first american to orbit the earth, sitting behind the murkry seven space capsule as it circled the planet three times under five hours. that accomplished and a life of spectacular achievementes. we see captain gene who joins us on the phone.
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our condolences on the loss of your friend. >> heather, thank you for having me. it is not just a pleasure on my part, it is certainly an honor to talk about john. it is ten years after john glenn orbitted the earth that you stepped on to the moon and off of the apollo 17 and dedicated that first step to those who made it possible of course, one of those is john glenn. america lost a hero and you lost a friend. what did john glenn mean to you? >> you called earlier john an icon and trail blazer and he certainly was both of those. but p he was more are than that. he was a great loss to the space program and to our country. when we needed a hero in the '60s, with what i call as the
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terrible '60s. al shepherd and john glenn stepped up and fulfilled that role and became the hero we see desperately needed at a time when the country was you know, not in that great of a shape. >> do you remember where you were when that happened on february 20th, 1962? >> i remember almost exactly where i was. i was at 2:00 in the morning or somewhere there abouts and woke up from a solid sleep to watch john maybe for the third or fourth time attempt to go into orbit and that was a great event, just to be there and watch it and know what was happening. this is the thing, "happening
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now" was a pretty great feeling. john glenn launching at this moment and in to it space and i am here now and they are great feeli feelings ten years later you launched yourself and landed on the moon. did you two have a conversation about that when you returned? >> well, we talked a little bit. you know john and i, we developed something common he went in earth orbit and i was in the moon. and it was a common ground and talking and sharing and you know, the only reason i was able to go to the moon, and i will never take it for granted is that a guy like john glenn had the guts to go in to earth's
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orbit when no one else did it before. if if it was not for john, you and i would not be on the telephone right now. and heather to be able to look back. i didn't even know john when he launched in to space and look back and i can call him a legitimate friend and i think i was that to him as well. a legitimate friend, that is a unique and special honor and i don't take it for granted at all. and john, you know, john didn't just mean a lot to today's generation, i think one of the most important things, he's meant a lot to future generations of our kids. our kids and grandkid.
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before we are out of time i want to ask about annie. he said she was a hero. and you know what is it like with the families dealing with on astronauts? >> john's family is one of the closest and dearest things to him. and annie was the epitome of that. he flew with annie and annie was his heart and soul and you could see it any time they were together. people should not forget her contribution to his success. he would not have achieved if not her backing and annie herself. she was unique and special. >> captain, thank you so much. i can feel the pain of the loss
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in your heart and as we speak and condolences go out to you and his family as well. and thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome and it is a big loss and don't forget it. loss to the country. >> you are a hero as well. >> it will be tough to make up. there's only one john glenn. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, heather, my pleasure and my honor. we'll be right back. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man.
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>> and "happening now"ing right now. donald trump getting ready to assume the presidency six weeks from now and it is clear he's not shy talking things over with
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people who necessarily don't agree with him. liberals like al gore and leonardo dicrap row. and other leaders show up. and we'll bring howard host of media buzz. thanks for joining us. >> hi, heather. >> i don't know if you listened to the segment that jon was doing and his guest said it was stage craft and smoke and mirrors when leonardo dicaprio and al gore shows up. >> the press always does this with al gore. climate change guy. and comes out and said we had a serious and positive discussion and open to areas of common ground. and talking to mitt romney about a possible cabinet job and
10:27 am
donald trump is talking to president obama and taking his advice on cabinet selections. that is reaching out to the opposition and yet it goes against the narrative that donald trump likes to beat people up on twitter. >> what would it take? is there anything he can do? >> going to change the media narrative? >> i am not sure at this point. part of this is because of things that trump is doing tweeting about boeing and air force contract and another company threatening to move all jobs to mexico. and then the carrier deal. this is a very different style that we are are used to and trump is a sfreet fighter and the media is horrified and it is
10:28 am
one thing to tweet. but they get over the fact that this is a guy who is very different style as the president of the united states. >> he will not quit tweeting. and announcing his nom in aings, going to the people on the thank you, tour. bypassing the media for that. and what is gotten more attention is jennifer paul mary. the communication's director in a hot bed pose saying trump won in part because he appealed to white supremist. it was a divisive campaign, but you know, with trump, it's not like we didn't see it for 18 months. he has a different style. will that work in governing as president? we'll have to see. but there is a little beltway press this is not presidential and the way it is done.
10:29 am
some is putting pressure on companies to get things done. >> he won the election and all of those people who voted for him department like the way it was done. have a great weekend. >> well, a bitter back and forth going on between the clinton and trump camps, as a top clinton aide doubles down on accusations and a trump aide said it is time for the clinton supporters it is time to stop making unsubstanteated allegations. ♪
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>> white supremacy and jim comey and fake new and bernie sanders, he had the oddacity to run. and he won 22 state and they never assimulated. and any time i respond or defend myself against the allegations that are now leading to death threat. i try to respond and my guy is a winner and next president of the united states. it is rhetoric that is people who can't admit they lost. it is costing a lot of angst. >> that senior trump advisor firing back at team clinton after clinton's former communication's director accused
10:34 am
donald trump's camp of giving theality- right movement a platform in the election. she said the clinton camp should recognize the reason they lost. voters didn't connect with their candidate. mark larson rnlt and leslie marshal and fox news contributor. also there with us. leslie, what do you think of kelli ann conway's advice should the clinton camp just stop >> no. if they want to, yes. we had a first amendment right to give the opinion. and i do agree that is not the reason the hillary clinton lost. but honestly i don't think she should pay mind to the insults. i get plenty on line and they go away. and move forward and focus on the country.
10:35 am
>> she's gotten death threats because of all of this. >> that is disgusting. i have had death threats and we know a union worker tweeted the other day and that is part of the problem that jennifer is speaking to. the continued divisiveness and vitriollic nature of the country and it is essential that president-elect trump stagged stand up and speak to at this time hate crime and the division. he's promised to unite the country, we need to see that and i would like to see her speak to that as well. >> mark, what do you think of what jennifer and the clinton camp are saying. >> i think jennifer is using a bic light to light the torch and despite what leslie is saying here. her side needs new material. it is always the isms. racism or woman and words mean
10:36 am
things and they have result and consequences. i am concerned as this heats up. both sides should make sure they are not fanning the flames. but the mainstream media and left have not learned from the election. and figured out, even though it is free speech. rhetoric that leads to violence in the street is a concern. activity groups are looking to stir things up. too. and it is a time to be cautious. but don't blame it on the conservative or nondemocrat side happens to be. >> she seems to be be blaming jennifer and white supremist for giving the election to donald trump. there are not enough in michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin to make him president of the united states, are there? >> i would agree with you, jon. that is not the reason that hillary clinton lost and i said that before. there are a number of reasons.
10:37 am
she did not visit wisconsin or take former bill clinton's advice and care about the disenfranchised white working class voter and that gave it to donald trump. and bernie or bust and african-american that stayed home. the list goes on. but i do think that the red rick to mark's point and rhetoric fanning the flames is out there and that came from the president-elect and he has a responsibility and power to stop it. >> that is old news. >> it sounds like a dodge if those are the reasons that hillary clinton lost the election why not own up to. >> i don't think she's wired to it. maybe needs to go back to chelsea's apartment and get rebooted. it was her body and she thought she was entitled.
10:38 am
and they are having heads explode. that is having a hard time figuring out they lost. the issues didn't match a number of americans that felt disinfranchised. bernie sanders understands that better. he was disinfranchised by the hillary clinton machine. >> you point out. kelli ann conway said bernie sanders supporters were never fully embraced by the clinton come pain and we could get in to the basket of deplorables report. half of the donald trump supporters which is a quarter of those voting in the election are deplorable. that is not necessarily a way to win friends and influence people. >> i don't disagree, john. the numbers don't show that as the reason why she lost. i cited earlier. one was the division within the
10:39 am
democrat party and the differented whys of those willing to move center with hillary clinton and those staying to the left and really didn't want to stop the ref lugz and many of them stayed home and joeted for gary johnson and jill stein. those are the numbers and why she lost. >> she had baggage and a horrible candidate. >> she beat him in the popular election. >> take california and new york out that so what. the constitution matters, lesly. you know that. >> you can't say this is a completely flawed candidate to get that. >> she's a human and mostly flawed. mostly flawed then. you can smile lesly come on. >> i always smile and i will be the first to admit that i and all of us are are flawed. >> amen to that. >> and mark and leslie, good
10:40 am
discussion. thank you, both. >> and still to come, warning from a surgeon general as the popularity of e- cigaretteses sky rockets among the. and is vaping worse than smoking cigarettes. >> a new report on russian athletes about the use of performance enhancing drugs. >> it is impossible to know how dope and how far back the conspiracy goes. for years, international sports competitions have been high jacketed by the russians. ♪
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the investigator claim cans that the conspiracy. the russian sports ministry participated in a massive program of cheating and cover up. state sponsored doping was evident in the winter olympics in soche. there is a threat that the government says that ecigarettes pose to young people's health. the number of teens using e- siings has tripled in five years. it is a major public concern. >> the ecigarettes contain nicotine and it has adverse affects on the developing brain of adolescents and young dults. and that leads to addiction and deficits in attention and learning and reduced impulse
10:45 am
control and mood disorders. >> joining me now is dr. tiffany sizemore. thank you so much for joining us. >> use with the teens has increased. and why are the numbers going up. >> they are flavored and it is like cigarettes in the 1950s. and it was the new thing. you have your electronic thing and it is flavored like gummy bears or cotton candy. but the problem is nicotine is addictive. they took out the tar. but they are addictive as regular cigarettes because nicotine is the addictive factor. >> will that lead to cigarette use? >> there is a potential risk, right? the problem i am a cardiologist
10:46 am
and yes, the tar was taken out and there is less of a cancer risk. but the nicotine causes heart disease and level of stroke. we see them starting this young, the odds of them becoming nicotine addicted and having heart disease is significant. >> heart disease and possibility of stroke and mood disorders. it runs the gammet. >> it is very, very scary. it is nicotine and an addictive property and how do we stop it from our team? >> you asked the question yourself. how do we do that. >> only way to stop smoking with gun and patches. is cold turkey. >> the patch has nicotine as well. >> the key to that is tapers
10:47 am
down. it is not one stop withdrawal. >> and why were they marketed as a way to stop smoking and help you get off of cigarettes. >> because someone probably wanted to make money. again, they will get off the cigarettes, but they will stay on the ecigarettes. >> and if you are a parent at home and you know your child is vaping what steps can can they take to we anthem off. >> it is a matter of education. i don't think they realize the harm they are doing to their bodies. and nicotine does have adverse mental affects. it decreases brain developments and lord knows teens need the brain cells. it is a matter of the parents saying it is bad for you, stop. >> we know cigaretteses are banned in public place and
10:48 am
public transportation. what about vaping. >> a few states are banning as well because they don't want confusion. second-hand smoke is it safer than regular cigarette smoke absolutely. but safe as clean air. no. there is small levels of carcinogens from the vap. >> and so the damage that is done, using the vaping like cigarettes, if you do stop, can it be reversed? >> yes, it takes a long type. the artery has to rebuild itself. but just as in regular cigarette smoking. one day their blood pressure drops and there is significant changes that happen when people stop. >> it is never too late. doctor, i hope you have a great weekend. jon? >> they are charged with lying
10:49 am
to customers. one woman sowing big retailers. and we'll tell you which sdoers could be in trouble next. ♪
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. . .
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more on the trump transition pick. a surprising big league name surprises as ambassador to japan. we're following possible movement. plus a huge challenge that may not be so big after all
10:53 am
one state now suing over benefits they say aren't that great. >> you think this election is over? not entirely. donald trump is headlining a get out and vote rally in baton rouge. later today he goes to michigan to continue his thank you tour for the voters. and just in time for the holidays, an attorney is suing retra retailers on charges they're deceiving customers. live from the beverly shopping small. >> the basic allegation here is
10:54 am
some of the biggest retailers in the country have repeatedly lied to their customers saying certain items are on sale, reduced from the original price, but they were never sold at that original price. one of the examples given by the l.a. city attorney was sears selling a kenmore washer at $999 saying it was reduced from $1100, but it was never on sale for more than $999. >> they referenced pricing and it means misrepresenting the original price of the item, and then offering it at a purported discount or sale to endeuce customers to purchase the item because it appears, falsely, to be a bargain. >> we reached out to all of the retailers named and they all essentially said no comment.
10:55 am
jc penney says we appreciate the opportunity to weigh in, but the company doesn't comment on pending litigation. there was a class action lawsuit just last year in which a couple companies had to settle for millions of dollars. they say the basic message this holiday season is buyer beware. and let the holiday season begin in the city where jesus christ came of age. nazareth lighting it up in the final 30, up next. try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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when are they leaving? grilled cheese and campbell's tomato soup go together like grandchildren and chaos. made for real, real life.
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>> time now for the final 30, celebrating the holiday season. hundreds of people gathering and
10:59 am
cheering, it is the annual lighting of the christmas tree there. >> nazereth is jesus's hometown. thousands of tourists flock to the streets. >> great to have you here, heather, have a great time. >> america's news headquarters starts now. >> president-elect donald trump hitting the road in the middle of his thank you tour as his cabinet search continues. this is a live look at baton
11:00 am
rouge. then he goes to michigan. on monday he has meetings scheduled with opponents, and democrat senator joe manchan. better is joining us live from grand rapid, michigan. what else are you hearing about mr. trump's new schedule? >> the meeting on monday with ted cruz's former running mate from late in the primary, the former hp ceo, carly fiorina. we can add her to the list of people who have been critics, but have been thought of as council or considered for jobs. the president-elect right now is


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