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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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will damage democrats agonizingly for the next year or two. >> thank you, panel. that's it for us. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. >> a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump is taking his thank you tour to grand rapids on the west coast of michigan tonight. when he takes the stage, we will take you there live as we always do. right now welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. well, there is a new scourge in america. you that i have heard of it because it's nul newly famous called fake news. something the left is very exercised about. the idea is propaganda is finding your way into your daily read and influencing your behavior. hillary clinton has some of her first remarks since losing the presidency last month described it literally as life-threatening. the question is what should we do about it and can we do
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anything about abridging freedom of speech? we want to talk tonight to someone who is on the front lines of the battle over fake news. kim low, worked at the famous and very valuable news site. he says big news companies aren't doing enough to stop it thanks for coming on. we appreciate it? >> thanks for having me on. >> i don't think anybody is for fake news or inaccurate information or propaganda. it's offensive. but i guess the point i would make is it's everywhere. i read every day. i have a rich media diet and here are some of the things i learned on your sight. this is on vox, there is a bridge between the gaza strip and west bank, false. there are 102 toilets per person in boulder, colorado. not true. if you had 10.9 billion syrian refugees you would probably only have three terror attacks. that's bad math. here is my favorite there was a man who escaped both doomed malaysian airlines
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flights. [ laughter ] and i could go on. germany isn't a major arms dealer actually it's number three. kathleen sebelius resigned because obamacare was successful. on and on. your site like a lot of sites have fake news on it should we shut it down? should congress act? should take you out of the news feed. >> absolutely not. i'm not advocating anything here. facebook is private company and set their own. i'm urging them to set the content for readers they direct their readers to. we published hundreds of articles. yes we make mistakes. the difference when we make mistakes on rare occasion we change the article to fix the mistake and. >> actually, i am anticipating you might say that and i checked some of these pieces are still up. the irs is proof theist needs bigger budget? >> sebelius is still there because obama care succeeded that's still up. i just looked at it. >> so those seem like more
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analytical things. >> straight up not true and propaganda. that's what you are accusing the fake news producers of making. >> for example, one of the most widely shared fake news article claim that the pope had endorsed donald trump. that simply did not happen. >> that's wrong. >> no evidence that happened. that is different from claiming that, you know, making analysis of why kathleen sebelius resigned can you agree or disagree with that. >> no different than saying there are 102 toilets per person in boulder, colorado. they are both totally wrong. look, who is going to make these decisions? the promise of journalism is the only reason we are allowed to practice it in the first place there is a free flow of information. new don't like something. explain why it's wrong and make a counter case. you are saying don't even bother with that shut it down. crush it. >> what i'm saying to facebook it's part of that free flow of information. they are a company that in the business of directing people to certain types of content. they are not simply showing people the content that
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their users are sharing. they are choosing from the many different types of content that their losers share. which ones are most worth sharing. they could too a better job of putting first in the news feed the stories that are from more reputable outlets with a history of doing good journalism and putting at the bottom of the list stories that are clearly factually erroneous that claiming, for example, that the clinton campaign was running a pedophilia ring out of a pizza joint in washington, d.c. facebook can do the same thing with vox. if we do publish an inaccurate article and facebook determines it to be inaccurate they should put that to the back of the line as well. >> what bothers me here and you are a working journalist and you write pieces and cover things. the idea that someone somewhere is making totally subjective judgments about what's legitimate and what's illegitimate what's worth sharing and what's not. what's propaganda. what's true. these are things subject to the whims of people and once you start making those
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judgments, you start suppressing other points of vow. i mean, the nims, i assume you would describe as legitimate. they put all kinds of fake junk out about the election. they predicted hillary was going to win. trump could never win. hispanics would never vote for her. a lot of things they wrote as fact were not fact. you would never consider suppressing them, would you? >> well, no. i think that's actually exactly backwards. as journalists, i understand that a we part of journalism is choosing which information is most reputable and showing that information to journalists. i just think that facebook as the largest media organization in the world needs to start taking responsibility. just like vox and fox news. you shouldn't put any garr back up on fox news and facebook should not be sharing an article that says that the pope endorsed donald trump. >> here is what bothers me when you say takes responsibility. when you are saying assume more power. as a journalist whose job it is to challenge those with
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power i think you would say wait a second. facebook has too much already. it is the most powerful. all of news in america pretty much flows through facebook. you want to say to them go beyond your current responsibilities and decide what people can see? i mean that's too much power concentrated in too few hands. wouldn't you say? >> i'm not saying that anything should be suppressed. with the news feed facebook decides here are the ones we aring about to put it the top of the list and here are the ones at the bottom. right now the criteria they use the primary one is showm times is something shared and we see that people like to share ininflammatory stories that are often inaccurate. i'm just saying that facebook should change the way they prioritize argue articles. >> what's inflammatory mean? is it okay to share inflammatories, stories you disagree with right? i mean to you story partial birth abortion would not be inflammatory but to someone in utah it might be.
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it's subjective. >> i'm not saying inflammatory once. the fake news ones because you can make up facts saying the trump endorsed trump is highly inflammable thing. >> i doubt you could maim ten. this is a threat to speech. i think you know what i'm talking about. you are a journalist. i kind of get what you are saying i think we should be very vigilant about attempts to suppress information we agree with. >> i absolutely agree weed witweshould not suppress. it's a private organization, large organization. using the power it has. >> when does the left start making apologies for big business. i guess when big business went left. i don't know. they have more power than the government in my life. i know that thanks for your time. i appreciate it thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> you we are still waiting for president-elect trump to speak in michigan. peter doocy is inside the arena there in grand rapids,. >> big news tonight ahead of the president-elect's
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remarks which sounds like might be a few minutes from now as the program is starting is that rudy giuliani, america's mayor, who we all thought was in the final four maybe final five, secretary of state contenders is now saying that he sent a letter to the transition team on november 29th saying he wanted to be taken out of contention for any administration post. but at the time on november 29th, that letter was not accepted. they said no. we are still thinking about you for a job, a good job, mr. giuliani has been quoted as saying the only one that he wanted or that he thought he wanted to put his name in for was secretary of state. so something happened between then when this letter was written and reince priebus says he was vetted for possible conflict of interest pass good flying colors. now is he out of the mix. and the word is coming now from the mayor himself. listen to this. >> the other positions i
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didn't have an interest in. really that was the on one i had any real interest in. but it wasn't so overwhel overwhelming that, you know, i'm terribly disappointed. >> the mayor also elaborated with this he said quote, before i joined the campaign i was very involved and fulfilled by my work with my law firm and consulting firm and i will continue that work with even more enthusiasm from the vantage point of the private sector i look forward to helping the president-elect in any way he deems necessary and appropriate. the president-elect is chiming in, too. mr. trump says this. rudy is and continues to be a close personal friend and as appropriate, i will call upon him for advice and can see an important place for him in the administration at a later date. the president-elect is on his way here to michigan right now from louisiana where he used his star power as the g.o.p.'s most in demand surrogate to get out
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the vote for john kennedy who faces a run-off tomorrow. the president-elect also made some news by suggesting that the reason the u.s. government agrees to some bad contracts is because government workers are hoping to some day work for the companies that they are granting contracts to. >> i think anybody that gives out these big contracts should never ever during their lifetime be allowed to work for a defense company. for a company that makes that product. i don't know. it makes sense to me. [cheers and applause] because i'm sure it's never happened. i'm sure it's never ever happened in the history of our country. i could see somebody approving a deal they shouldn't have approved. >> so it's getting loud in here. in this arena that is normally the house of the nba b lying league team here in grand rapids, michigan. we are not sure exactly what to expect from mr. trump because we never do. we know his favorite to be
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the next education secretary betsy devos from michigan is going to be here. we also have our eyes on his schedule from monday we found out he is going to meet in manhattan with carly fiorina, a long time rival who also served as ted cruz wants running mate during ted cruz's time in the primaries. tucker? >> peter doocy inside. by the way new york city mayor rudy giuliani will be on with bill right after this on "the o'reilly factor." i'm going to be watching that trump has supported most republicans in this country. not everyone is impressed. not all the republicans especially in washington. reuben in washington writes opinion piece for "the washington post. the latest one trump swamp will deepen. she joins us now with her assessment of the president-elect. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> everyone is trying to figure out how this happened. the democratic party is going through the process on whether they are trying to figure out whether to take them seriously. dismiss them as bigots or acknowledge legitimate
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concerns. you are a republican writing a column on the right for "the washington post. i wonder where you are now. i want to read you your assessment. since i read it and from washington. you wrote this in october of this year. as the old white males who made up trump's base and fox news' tv audience literally die off over the ensuing decade insufficient to be able to stand on the hill on immigration row strictionism. you go on to attack as you have a number of times angry white males the immigration ploy is not about males but angry white males. you have revised your view or do you think it's about racist white men? >> first of all that passage doesn't say it's just about racist men. it states a fact which is true that trump's demographic is older and whiter. and although it didn't happen in this election, at some pointed they will not be enough white people just to rely primarily on that demographic. and it's happening at a rate of about 2 to 4% each year
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that the percentage of white voters goes down simply truism. extraordinary election that it worked this time so to speak with the celebrity and with hillary clinton on the other side let's not forget. it's not a winning strategy over time. you want to let you attic could you late your point of view. let me refer to your words here. >> it's not. >> september 22nd you wrote this and i'm quoting. trump immigration ploy is not about jobs or terrorism but angry whites who think the country is changing. do you have access to some special poll the rest of us haven't seen that proves that it's not about jobs it's about anger paced on race? you don't know that and you claimed it anyway. why? >> you just asked a different question than the one you accused me of lying on. well, i do have evidence that the white demographic is declining. >> you are talking about motive here. >> now you asked a different
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question. so, let me answer this question. when you look at trump voters in a variety of testing modes. they have more negative attitudes towards african-americans and towards hispanics. >> african-americans are not imgrating to the country. so that's not -- that's a different category here. >> when you say racist. i didn't know you were referring to. >> let me for the third time read what you said the immigration ploy is not about jobs or terrorism it's about angry whites. you are saying it's not about jobs or terrorism. they are pretending it is. i'm asking do you have evidence of that or dismissing them as big gots because you can't imagine another explanation? >> no. i assume that people are rationale and that i guess, was a big mistake for this election. >> you are claiming they are irrational, actually right here. >> i'm claiming that they are just wrong and that donald trump did a very good job of perpetuating. >> no you are claiming that they're immoral. you are saying they're racist. that's not wrong. bad people.
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about angry whites who think that the country is changing. >> some of them are. >> here is my point to you why would you write something like that in a newspaper without having any fact to back it up unless you somehow have access to the inner thoughts of trump voters? why would you imagine you know their motives? >> we have lots of facts. in fact, people have written entire books this year. sociological analysis. >> all right. there are a lot of trump voters who have very negative feelings towards african-americans and towards african-americans. >> stick to the topic here. >> can i finish the point? they have negative views about minority groups. we also know that the average trump voter is not affected by immigration and displacement. there are about $72,000 a year in the economic. so that's pretty good to them. >> you think that's pretty good? is that what you make you? think that's enough for people to make that they are not affected by immigration? >> it's much higher than the average american. not the people who are hurting the most.
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it is also happening in areas in which the influx of minorities has been the fastest and heaviest. in other words, white areas of the midwest. >> so they must be racist. here is my point. you are making a very serious charge. i think this is an interesting debate. two legitimate sides. before you call people racist. you better have some real evidence and you don't. i just asked you it and you don't have it? >> that's not true we have. >> you can't know their motives so how about don't speculate on them. >> well, listen, we all draw conclusions and there is evidence. there is polling evidence, in fact, created quite a stir, you remember, before the election that trump voters do have more negative views of minors than nontrump voter. >> that's probably why they don't want increased immigration because they are bad people. i have heard that before. >> some people do and some people don't. >> contempt of voters of ignorance and unwillingness to understand their point of view and unhelpful and i think you should be above that i guess that's the point i would make.
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we are out of time. thank you for joining us. jennifer reuben for "the washington post representing the republican side week after week. now it's time for dewitt twitter storm. most intense weather patterns. tonight a heavy wind of political ignorance is sweeping former "star trek" actor george takai tweeted this. dear democrats, you had better be prepared to filibuster folks like mad dis, flynn, and sessions we are counting on to you hold your ground. okay. there is only one problem harry reid, the outgoing democratic head in the senate got rid of filibusters on administration nominees back when the democrats held the senate. ha ha ha. takai since deleted his tweet. andrew wrote this. sounds grand, george. please stick to acting. kevin tweeted yawn. who cares about celebrity opinions. if people did, hillary would have won which is a fair point honestly.
4:18 pm
ihc wrote this oh the democrats like to filibuster now. yes they do but it's through the. >> remember martin skelly the guy to jacked up the least popular person in america. is he on to something new now and taking place on twitter. he joins us in studio in a manipulate. donald trump continues in the state of michigan. preprogram underway right now. waiting for him to take the stage and of course we will go there live. stay tuned. visit to join the fight. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> you saw the new president-elect just a few minutes from speaking at the
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grand rapids, michigan. we will put him up live. remember martin shkreli he was dubbed the most hated man in america when his pharmaceutical company raised the price of the drug 500 percent. he has been busy making a name for himself and speaking a lot on twitter. he joins us now. martin joins you now. hard to know who is the most hated man in america but you are definitely up this. i would give you the crown but i don't have it here. at thitypically when people are now under assault press go through series of public confessions. go on ellen and cried or "dancing with the stars" or hide. you have gone on to twitter and it's gone like crazy. i can't even read some of these because they are still over the top election night you tweeted this to hillary clinton. i have always hated you stupid blank. time to close the curtain. no more influence to pedal, hillary clinton. you go on to attack celebrities, brittany spears you attack and i could go on and on and on.
4:22 pm
bernie sanders you are a loser doesn't understand economics or business. take your communism to a country that wants it. >> that's what happened, right? this country rejected socialist and communist policies. >> sure, your strategy has been rather to pull back to pull forward. >> look at our president-elect being honest and authentic imperfect. we have hired consultants for millions of dollars that will tell me the right way to look and right way to act in front of news cameras at the end of the day can i only be myself. that's why i think one of the reasons why donald trump is our president-elect. >> did anybody advise. did you any advisors say if you really want to rebe rehabilitate your finger go on twitter and give your financing tore hillary clinton. >> nobody told me that. speaking from the heart is something again carefully trained. carefully managed your product to be consumed by our electorate she lost. trump is sort of the fake persona that 90% of
4:23 pm
pharmaceuticals ceos have. they sort of look and act the part but reality is they are 100 times worse than i am. >> so you were at the bottom of the media dog pile. a hate fest. it was like that short story the lottery you were being stoned by the crowd. i'm sympathetic to that. however, i have to say in cases like yours and in yours specifically where you have someone who takes a product he did not create. added no apparent value to it. and then jacks the price up it does seem like a parasite move. >> it's interesting these big jar companies don't look at drugs any more fondly than you do the shoes in your closet old medicines that nobody cares about anymore. they get passed around from company to company to company looking for a home for tender loving care. the ren they get passed around is they are not viagra and lipitor. these drugs sell almost nothing. it costs millions of dollars to make a medicine even to make it one drug i bought the company stopped making it because it wasn't worth it to them. 300 patients needed this
4:24 pm
drug to survive. they didn't have anybody that actually wanted to make the pill for them. stamp out a pill. we raised it 20 fold. there was no media celebrity. there was nobody knew i was the day before or the day after. it was only about -- i have done this six times. each times the patients thank me for doing it they say i would rather have someone make a few dollars and make my pills reliably, maybe continue research in the field. give grants out and do the things you need to do to be drug company when i have rare disease only a few hundred people have. i don't have the numbers of rectal dysfunction or cholesterol. >> if you raise it 5,000%. >> it's still barely profitable. look at the amount of people that have this illness and add it all up. drugs worth half a million for year. you have got to pay a drug company $5 million to survive. that's a hostage situation. $25,000 if you take for the amount of time you are supposed to take it that's pretty comparable or a lot less of drugs of its kind. i looked at it and said, i
4:25 pm
don't livin' to the media i don't listen to politicians. i listen to rationality and logic. i think you do as well. i'm going to price this drug where it belongs. not where somebody tells me to. not where it's going to look bad or make me look good and serve these patients. >> you are facing criminal charges not related to this? >> that's right. >> how did that happen? the cliff notes version. >> i wish i had the bill clinton loretta lynch friendship that apparently allowed him to talk to hillary clinton and loretta lynch and explain his situation before she was indicted. fortunately i don't have that kind of pull. i think a loot of people feel my prosecution was politically motivated and these charges are very hard if you try to read what happened. it's very hard to understand. we don't understand what exactly was done that was illegal i think this case was only really brought after i was entrusted in the media spotlight. >> did the investigation
4:26 pm
begin before you became infamous? >> absolutely. >> but your contention is you never would have been indicted not tore the attention that hillary brought you by tweeting about you. >> never is a strong word but prosecutors, like any other politician they become famous when he this indict famous people. thee prosecutors need a job at a law firm. they need to make $5 million working taya. the same way fara could be a law firm at this building. >> you like trump. >> sure. >> seem to on twitter. >> love him. making a counter case. did with boeing we want them to make money but we don't want to make too much money. >> company across the street from here. literally catty corner, profit margins very good. pfizer raises the drug prices of viagra 13 pest last year. >> not to brag but i wouldn't know. >> you are supposed to raise prices in line with inflation. inflationary forces that's why your story goes to 10% but most people's go up 1 or
4:27 pm
2% a year. supposed to keep pace with inflation. doesn't make sense to me that phase his or her is going to make 10, 20. needs to raise the price of viagra. i got people catty cornered trying to make ends meet. trying to make new drugs for diseases. we don't need the money. pfizer doesn't need the money. we are doing ground breaking research in five or six different diseases. i think it's okay for us to make a small profit. >> you are cool with the government coming down on big companies and saying you are price gouging. >> i'm not cool with any communist price fixing. i think what trump wants to do is pretty smart. he understands that pharma companies have been getting away with quite a nice gig raising drug praises. i think what he wants to do is encourage f.d.a. to approve generics. f.d.a. has done a bad job of that if he can figure that out. he seems to be on top of thing there will be a lot more competition. >> wouldn't that undercut your business?
4:28 pm
>> sure. i -- part of being business person is taking advantage of the playing field. if they are throws a blitz i'm going to pass and visa versa. the situation the play field was set up the way it was when i started my company. i'm not permanently going -- i do drug research. that would help me. depends on the situation. >> interesting. martin, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> did you not come with security. i just want our viewers to know that good to see you. that was really interesting. president obama apparently agrees with adam schiff that the russians hacked our presidential election. he want a review of what happened. we'll tell you more next. plus, president-elect trump is about to speak in grand rapids. guess who is going to carry that live? that's right. us. ♪ rice, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. >> at any minute president-elect trump will take the stage in grand rapids, soon, actually. some are still convinced that the russians stole the election and gave to him. today president obama offered a full review of russian hacking during the election. ranking democrat on the house committee adam schiff blames vladimir putin is to blame for all of this. >> look in the camera and say they hacked john podesta's emails. if you can't then you are hiding behind weasel words. >> i just said. >> say that the russians hacked john podesta email. >> i can't. >> because you can't. done, one. >> that was intense, here now jessica tarlov, much
4:33 pm
friendier conversation. so, lock, they are doing a review. i'm actually for reviews of all kinds. i actually want more information rather than less. core allegation still baffles me. talk about as plainly as we can how do you believe the russians, i will stipulate they did. i don't think we know that but let's just say they did how did they influence the outcome of the election. >> the argument the democrats are making and i don't want to blame russians for our loss. >> influence by hacking? >> the idea that once the dnc emails got out there, the inner workings of what was going on there were expoised and not a particularly pretty picture and turned off a lot of bernie sanders voters who were called out they are basement dwellers and whatnot. we this those insults. anti-semitic remark that came out in those emails that turned people off. >> exactly. >> learning off to later supposed hacks of the podesta emails we had conversations about spirit cooking. you saw that her own team was confused about what her
4:34 pm
message was or why she was still meeting with foreign donors and it brought up the whole huma thing again. >> exactly that's the argument why it happened. >> you are making my point. >> did i not mean to do that. >> everything you said is absolutely true we did learn all of that. in other words, voters had the more information. opposite of fake news. real news, accurate, it was precise and provablely true they had that at their disposal when they made their choice. they learned a lot more about the democratic party is anybody with a straight face arguing they should have had less information. >> i think voters should have as much information. >> then why is it bad? >> well, listen, if one of these things it was lopsided we never got rnc emails and never saw what kellyanne conway's emails would have been saying. >> they would have been horrific. come on. throughout the primary with donald trump taking this thing by storm you don't think that people in the rnc were emailing pretty hateful things. >> about trump definitely they were. i think anyone's emails
4:35 pm
including mine if revealed to the public would be embarrassing. i'm against hacking. i don't think can you argue in public that voters shunt have known things that were true. that's what the democrats are arguing. they shouldn't have known. the public should have had less information. it's a hard argument to make. >> it is a hard argument to make. the smarter argument to make is the fact that we may have had our number one geopolitical foe influencing or paying with our election that's the more serious issue here. that's why john mccape and bob corker says there is going to be an investigation. mike mccaul. you have everyone and there is a unification around this as an issue. it's a concern not only about knc emails but also hacking in and seeing our intelligence system. weapons design which think have done. >> clapper said russians responsible. that is concerning. >> by the way not just the
4:36 pm
russians. the chinese military has been doing this for years. >> north korea. >> no great outcry because it didn't hurt a political party in power the democrats. my only point is that not in defense of hacking, it's the opposite of fake news. a little orwellian to pretend that voters were mislead when the real problem democrats believe they were too informed. >> i don't think any democrat is saying that. >> because they are not telling the truth. but that's true. that's what they are saying. >> democrats always tell the truth. [ laughter ] >> jessica tarlov. it's great to see you. >> it's great so see you. have a great weekend. >> president-elect trump is expected to speak in michigan at any minute. we promise. you can take our promises to the bank. as soon as he takes the stage, we will go live right away. don't depart, please. ♪
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and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. >> a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump just took the stage in grand rapids, michigan as part of his thank you tour. going there live right now. [che >> i'm here tonight for one main reason. to say thank you to the incredible people of michigan. incredible. [cheers and applause] you went out and pounded the pavement, organized your fellow citizens and propelled the victory, a grass roots movement, the
4:39 pm
likes of which actually, actually the world. we don't just have to say the country, the world has never seen. never seen. [cheers and applause] and now we're going to bring back your jobs. we're going to bring back your jobs. i also want to give a special thank you to our veterans who have been so incredible to me and to you. our service members and our military families boy, did we get their votes. thank you. big numbers. america's men and women in uniform are the finest and bravest the world has ever known as far as i'm concerned. so to all who have worn the uniform. i say right now, on behalf of all of us, thank you thownk very much. great people. we're in your debt.
4:40 pm
and we will never ever let you down. believe me. you will see that with the vets because we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to honor your service. and that begins with respecting the american flag. that's the flag that our soldiers fought and died for and we're going to protect it. you'll see we're going to protect it. one man who understands the meaning of service is general mad dog mad dis. dog mattis. earlier this week i formally announced my plans to nominate him as your new secretary of defense.
4:41 pm
[cheers and applause] and everybody's happy about that. even the democrats are loving him. isn't that nice? what can you say? he has some record. let me tell you. got a record of winning. that's what we want. we want to win. you know, when he had to do battle, whether he agreed with it or not, but when he had to do battle, he won and he won fast. and there were no games there was no games. so, he is going to be great. secretary of defense. i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in our nation's history and you are seeing that. and you will be seeing some more names coming out next week. that are phenomenal. one of the most critical issues we will have to tackle is education. you know about that. you know what i'm about to say.
4:42 pm
america spends more on education than any country by far. and, yet, our results are terrible. we spend more per pupil than any nation in the world by far. and you look at sweden and denmark and no norway and china and japan, and they are all at the top and you look at us, spending much more purr pupil and we're down at the bottom. we're going to change that. we're going to reform our broken education system to put students and families first. so importantly, this includes providing great education to students living in our inner cities. i talk about the forgotten man, the forgotten women let me tell you they are not so forgotten anymore in case
4:43 pm
have you noticed. they are trying to figure out -- they are still trying to figure it out, the media, where did all these millions of people come from? i knew they were there. they just never had the incentive to go out and say i like this person. but boy did they come out in big big league numbers. our reform plan includes eliminating common core. [cheers and applause] bringing education locally and providing school choice. we want every child, every single child, low income, we don't care where they are, where they live, every child in america to be able to attended public, private, charter, magnet, or religious school that is right for them. [cheers and applause] choice. the person i have selected to lead the department of education in my opinion, one
4:44 pm
of my most important decisions is a native of michigan, of all places. michigan. and considered by everybody to be one of the top education reformers in the nation. someone totally respected. someone devoted and devoting decades to helping disadvantaged students. i am thrilled now to welcome to the stage your next secretary of education, betsy devos. come up, betsy. [cheers and applause] >> thank you.
4:45 pm
thank you, thank you. thank you, mr. president-elect. what an amazing leader. west michigan, aren't we proud of president-elect trump? [cheers and applause] you know, the so-called experts didn't think we could win it, but we did. we believed in president-elect trump and we went to the polls and changed the world. [cheers and applause] it's an amazing thing what can happen when someone believes in you. and nowhere is that more true than in our schools and in the lives of our kids. i am so excited and humbled to be nominated as secretary of education. [cheers and applause]
4:46 pm
and in deference to the u.s. senate confirmation, i'm not getting interviewed but just between us, let me share this. it's time to make education great again in this country. [cheers and applause] this means putting kids first every single day. this means expanding choices and options to give every child the opportunity for a quality education regardless of their zip code or their family circumstances this means letting states set their own high standards and finally putting an end to the federalized common core. [cheers and applause] for me, it's simple. i trust parents and i believe in our children it
4:47 pm
won't being washington, d.c. that unlocks that potential it won't be a bureaucracy or a federal department. nope, the answer isn't bigger government. the answer is local control it's listening to parents and it's giving more choices. [cheers and applause] and if i'm fortunate enough to be confirmed as your secretary of education, our kids, your kids will have someone fighting for them every single day. [cheers and applause] i have been involved with education issues for 28 years as an activist, citizen volunteer and advocate for children. i have the experience the passion and the know how to make change happen.
4:48 pm
still, there are many of you here and many in the media, the senate and the education community who may not know me. [crowd booing] in fact, there is a lot of false news out there. to you all i ask for is an open mind and the opportunity to share my heart. [cheers] >> together, let's make education great again. [cheers and applause] so let me repeat. there is a lot of false news out there, all i ask for is an open mind and the opportunity to share my
4:49 pm
heart together, let's make education great again and let's win for kids. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] thank you, betsy. is michigan proud of betsy? yes. [cheers and applause] and you are going to be even more proud as time goes by. she is going to do an incredible job. and with betsy at our side, i know we will make great strides in fixing our broken schools all over the country. it's going to be a beautiful thing to watch. so just hold on and watch because she'll do it. i have no doubt. but to accomplish our goals for this country, government must stop listening to the
4:50 pm
special interests and start delivering for the national interests and for the people have to. it's time to deliver for you, the american people our plan begins with bold reforms to create millions and millions of great paying jobs. [cheers and applause] whether it's building cars, producing steel, or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in michigan. and you know so i won michigan. [cheers and applause] and michigan hasn't been won for many, many years.
4:51 pm
long, long time ago. and i felt i was going to win it. do you know when i felt i was actually going to win the whole thing? so i didn't have michigan on our list of stops but until that final day and i did the speeches. i did six of them. that's a lot. i did three a day for a month. and these were big speeches. we didn't need any entertainerrers to come and entertain. we had packed houses, thousands and thousands. but at the last moment i said 9:00 in the evening, let's go to michigan. right? because i heard my opponent had scheduled michigan unexpectedly. it was like all of a sudden with president obama and michelle and bill and hillary and they were going to michigan.
4:52 pm
[crowd booing] forget it. that play is great before the election. now we don't care, right? i said let's go to michigan. i see some faces. some of you were here. tell me, so we had between inside and outside we had 31,000 people and i started speaking and almost 1:00 in the morning. so now it was election day, right? pause now it was tuesday. i left on monday, by the time we got here it was almost 1:00 in the morning. we had 31,000 people at 1:00 in the morning. [cheers and applause] and i said we are going to win michigan. i felt it. i said how does somebody else win it? i heard an hour ago the
4:53 pm
courts we totally won it. not that we care about that. that was just a way of somebody trying to raise some money for themselves because they weren't very successful during the race i would like to tell you. but the courts, we had great people. and rona and the whole -- where is -- you spoke very well. i was very impressed with you. she didn't sleep for about six months. i will tell you that. but what -- and merry christmas, everybody. merry christmas, right? [cheers and applause] that's right. they reminded me we are going to start saying merry christmas again. [cheers and applause] how about all those department stores they have the bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow but they don't have merry christmas. i think they are going to start putting up merry
4:54 pm
christmas. merry christmas. that's very good. that's a big group of people that said that. i just want to congratulate, everybody. really, it was that evening, which turned out to be election morning, and i got home at 4:00 in the morning. and i said to my wife. i said, you know, honestly, i don't see how we are going to lose. how are we going to lose? and we did phenomenon mali in michigan and then we won wisconsin. we won wisconsin. and, of course, we won pennsylvania. did you see the look in their face? [ laughter ] you know, it started with ohio that we won by almost 9 points. which was much more -- we were expected to win ohio. we didn't have any support there. i have to tell you except for the people. the people were our support. but we were expected to do well in ohio. win by 3 points. well, we won by 9.
4:55 pm
[cheers and applause] and then iowa came in and we won by more than 10. and we won almost every single county in iowa. and we won one county that hadn't been won since 1952. that's a long time. by the way, the governor of iowa, who has a great relationship they sell so much product to china. governor terry branstad was just made the ambassador to china. that's called a good move. he likes china. they like him. that's a good move. he is going to be fantastic. so, what happened on that evening was incredible. the espn people and so many other people said that may be the greatest single sporting event we have ever seen. so it started with ohio and iowa. it also started, remember they said texas is in play. remember? now, texas is not supposed to be, if you are republican you are supposed to win. and for two months we have
4:56 pm
been hearing texas is in play. and we heard georgia is in play. and i said man, we are in trouble. if georgia is in play and texas, and i sort of like you tend to believe these people even though -- [crowd booing] >> right? so the polls open and close and now we go lyon television with the numbers. and we got lousy exit polls, right? the exit polls in fact i got a call from ivanka and she said, not looking good. 5:00. the exit polls. it doesn't help. you don't have to get bad exit in two hours you're going to know. you don't have to do that. she said it's not looking good. those exit polls are not looking good. and you know, they put bad questions in the exit polls. they say like many people say donald trump is a very, very bad person do you agree
4:57 pm
that he a horrible human being? yes or no? and the people go yeah. i guess. , boom. so, you know. so we go out and immediately this -- no, the election is over. [crowd booing] that was a bernie fan. [cheers and applause] >> the election ended three weeks ago, darling. some day soon w see will be on our side. you watch. so it was so exciting so i get these horrible calls, i get a couple of them. but ivanka said dad, i will tell you, you really worked
4:58 pm
hard. i said you know what; ivanka, as bad as it may be, i don't feel, you know, like in a football team, i left nothing on the field. right? i left nothing on the field. get them out of here. [cheers and applause] where could these people come from? where do they come from? unbelievable. [chanting u.s.a.] is there anything better or
4:59 pm
safer than a trump rally, right? [cheers and applause] i will tell you. it's a movement like they have never seen before. look at this. the election is over. it's packed right to the corners. i wish the cameras would show it. they never do. they never do. it's a big room. this is a big place. this is a big, big place. every place is packed right to the rafters. they never show it. they never ever show it. [cheers and applause] but they hear it. [cheers and applause] you know, they will never show it. they never do. but you know what i -- what i say? they hear it. because it's a big difference between a massive crowd like this and having like 250 people in a ram, right? big, big difference. so people say we never saw the crowd but, man, that sounded like michigan or michigan state.
5:00 pm
right? which do we like? i went say it sounded like ohio state. [crowd boos] >> but so the polls close i'm hearing that that texas is closed. i'm getting all these horrible calls from my kids, from jared, from everything. too bad, dad. because they had me written off. they said no, the polls. i said, you know, honey, i may have lost. because i really -- based on what they were saying it was going an early evening. they didn't realize it was going to be an early evening for us. [cheers and applause] even though they refused to call it. it should have been an early evening. but, i said but i left nothing out there. i felt so good because again, i was getting this news which really sounded like it was sort of over. and


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