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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we will be back with more happening now in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. we are looking live at trump tower in midtown manhattan where president-elect donald trump meeting with two of his former campaign rivals and red state democrat senator. mr. trump appears to settle what could be the most important piece of his incoming administration, his pick for secretary of state. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, host of "kennedy," on fox business, kennedy, today's #oneluckyguy, host of "lou dobbs tonight" on fox business. lou bobs is here. he is outnumbered. >> great to be here. good to see everybody. happy monday. sandra: you have a lot to say, we might as well get started. >> okey-doke. i'm ready. sandra: president-elect donald trump meeting with carly fiorina and rick santorum as
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well as west virginia democratic senator joe manchin at trump tower today as it appears he settled on his pick for secretary of state. transition sources telling fox news exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson is mr. trump's pick for america's top diplomat, with a official announcement expected later this week. in an exclusive interview with "fox news sunday" the incoming president was asked whyç tillerson makes sense as the chief diplomat. >> he is much more than a business executive. he is a world-class player. he is in charge of, i guess the largest company in the world. it has been a company that's been unbelievably managed. and to me, a greatknows many ofd he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company. not for himself, but for the company. >> democrats quickly pouncing on reports of tillerson's election. the dnc in a statement quote, trump's outrageous pick of rex
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tillerson being secretary of state demonstrates that he lied again to the country about draining swamp. it is a victory for vladmir putin who interfered in our election to help elect trump and has a close alley with no foreign policy experience serving as america's top diplomat. lou dobbs, what do you make of that statement? >> i was expecting a much warmer embrace than that from the democratic party. if that is the best they can do on their initial outburst, rex tillerson, if donald trump does indeed appoint him, he is going to breeze through the confirmation process. i mean that was just pure nonsense. and the left has become vacuous declining decaying organization. when they can muster up fictions like the russians stole the election, when what they were talking about originally was getting some kind of handle on what was happening within the
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republican national committee after they had already claimed the dnc but they haven't explained yet how is it that we don't know who hacked the office of personnel management in the federal government leaving absolutely no footprint, no tracks, whatsoever but decided to throw their fingerprints in the air for all to see when it comes to the dnc and rnc? sandra: this pick, kennedy, is giving the left an opportunity to say oh, another ceo, another businessman of the you heard the president-elect saying he is much more than that he is a key player. what do you think he means by that. >> there are two things here. one he is not the official pick yet. we're still hearing about bob corker and john bolton but the left would have issues with themes specially with bolton. i think he is philosophically very much diametric opposition to many things that ambassador bolton stands for. i think for anti-intervention its like myself, that could actually be good news. i'm not in a position to embrace his personal history and his
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business philosophies wholeheartedly personally because i don't know enough about them, but i will say this, a person with his background tends to favor stability, as do global markets. he understands how the global marketplace works. that necessarily make him a globalist? no. seems like as secretary of state would be someone who leans much more toward peace and ultimate stability. sandra: interesting you say that where we're seeing u.s. stock market hit another record high as it is widely speculated another businessman one of his top picks for the administration. >> this is an odd choice. i would have preferred someone with more diplomatic and more foreign policy experience. it is difficult to unite two sides the republican party and marco rubio, rand paul, your favorite coming out having questions about this choice. if his ties so russia are commercial, that's fine. i have a problem with it. ceo of biggest oil company in the world.
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russia was rich with natural resources. that is all well and good. he got an award from vladmir putin. he has come out in favor of this choice. there are questions need answering. i want to know more about this guy, other than that he is a fantastic businessman this specifically would be the choice for our largest diplomat internationally around the world. harris: i would say to add to that, in order of friendship medal he got from the kremlin. there are some questions probably that are warranted to come about what the relationship ties were, as i have been reading though, it was for a commercial deal he did. so i mean we go back to comfort zone where you say, if it is all commercial i'm okay with it. i think it is a matter of doing due diligence and vetting i hope they would do of anybody. speaking of ambassador bolton, we had him on "the fox report" last night, one of the things he couldn't go into detail, now it is being floated out there maybe deputy secretary of state for someone of his ilk. with would mean there would aback stop for a guy like rex
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tillerson. that backstop, might be idealogically different, that might be good for the cause. i think to ask the questions is important because he doesn't have a former u.n. ambassador title next to his name. >> or assistant secretary as does john bolton. who, first he is immensely respected. irrespective the idealogical camps within the republican party. i am by the way no fan of neocons whatsoever and those who want to invade small countries routinely are not my favorite people but that isn't who john bolton is. and it is also definitely not who rex tillerson is. and other part of this is, the president of the united states will be running foreign policy. i guarranty you this. he will not be barack obama leading from behind. we're sitting here with 38 days to go before he takes office and he has, he is engaged in foreign policy, in domestic policy. he is moving his agenda ahead.
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and everyone should be cheering in my opinion. harris: does it give you pause or maybe -- make you question why he won't take "daily beasts." ambassador bolton was uncomfortable with that but are you? >> i am, very bright, accomplished individual has demonstrated. would any of us want to hear from someone, every day, saying the same thing? situations aren't changing that rapidly around the world, yes, over time they do change. but is scede -- let me finish. let me finish. please. what would be the point of having a briefing where it is repetitious? why not alert me when there is change? wouldn't you want to be told when there is change. kennedy: you can say that as president after you had ramp up time. things we hear about the presidency, almost no time to study. if he has a little bit of extra time now before inauguration
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day, then whatever puts you at advantage knowledgewise i would certainly pounce on that. >> yeah. i don't think we should look at this as advanced tutorials for a reticent student. sandra: we have move on, i'm sorry. meghan: president-elect trump suggesting he won't mantle all president obama's policies despite cabinet picks of tom price, a obama care critic, and fast-food ceo, andy puzder and climate change skeptic scott pruitt, the oklahoma attorney general currently suing the epa on tap to lead that very agency. mr. trump signaling there will be big changes to come, watch. >> fair to say that you will take a wrecking ball to the obama legacy. >> no. i don't want to do that at all, i want what's right. epa you can't get things approved. people are waiting in line for 15 years, before they get
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rejected. okay? that is why people don't want to invest in this country. meghan: kennedy, i would go to you first, doesn't matter what donald trump's intentions are, his very win is complete implosion of the obama legacy. whether obama likes it or not he ran on hope and change and we got to make the country great was winning. harris: that is what politics are about. the here at the hands of electoral college an voters in those states that handed donald trump the victory, he now gets to decide. and again as limited government person, if you have people coming in to each of these agencies who has an implicit disdain for what the agency does, i think that is fantastic for the american people. i think we have been overregulated. we have had so many rules put in place and so many unintended consequences from labor to the environment to education. and the fact that you possibly have critical thinkers coming in who could undo some layers and perhaps decades of red tape, that could be very good news.
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harris: interesting. kind of the dimon principle, how much pressure is put on and how much shine and grit put into that against the grain of what has always been there, you get the shiniestç diamond. sandra: if i may to back to how many times i said leading up to the election day, the man or woman who could prove they were the most business-friendly and business-friendly environment in this country would win the election and it happened and now he is in there and do you think his supporters are upset not bringing the wrecking ball? they're looking to roll back regulations and cut taxes. they want the wrecking ball. for him to say that a disappointment? >> i think it is absolutely donald trump as president. there is no legacy to hit with a wrecking ball. all of the debris is out there. i mean obama has already smashed his legacy to bits and what, all that is remaining not to hit it with a wrecking ball. donald trump and his administration have to start
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cleaning it all up and making the grown ready for the -- ground ready for next era of building. here we go. harris: interesting how some democrats are getting behind the president with the iran deal, how it would create 100,000 jobs. >> my god. harris: we were watching this unfold this morning. >> fatuous, nonsense, coming from the left. donald trump said we're going to get tired of winning. we won't. we'll get tired very quickly the left trying to come up with pathetic rationalizations of their demise from the political spectrum. they're at 1922 in offices they hold in this country. thank you barack obama. that is his principle legacy. who would want to hit that with a wrecking ball or anything? let it be. meghan: they have nobody to blame for their legacy for themselves as well. did horrible job last eight years, she did a horrible job running. wrecking ball already wrecked, in the rubble of the obama administration. president-elect donald trump is blasting the cia over its
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findings that russia interfered with the election to help him win the presidency. mr. trump saying he doesn't believe it but some lawmakers calling for investigation, whether despite the agency's findings should be taken seriously. china raising concerns about mr. trump's comments about taiwan. bejiing is warning any changes how the u.s. deals with taiwan could damage diplomatic ties. how the trump administration can keep the peace. after the show, join our overtime chat. tweet us. we'll see you there. ♪ seeing is believing, and that's why
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i don't believe it. well, if you look at story and take a look what they said, there's great confusion. nobody really knows. an hacking is very interesting. once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act you're not going to catch them. they have no idea if it is russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. they have no idea. harris: but a bipartisan group of senators is calling for an investigation saying this should not be either about either party and that when it comes to cybersecurity, the stakes are too high. that group includes senator john mccain. >> the question is, of course, what was the intention. that's why we need an investigation. more importantly than that we need to finally seriously address this issue of cyber and potential damage it could do to our national security. harris: a couple of things. 17 u.s. intelligence agencies came to the same conclusion. that is a fact to put out there.
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facts don't care about feelings. >> right. harris: but why would the russians care to do this? would they? >> i think they would. i think that after the sanctions under which they have been placed by this administration, europe, i think a man of vladmir putin's obvious personality traits would be delighted to return the favor in any way he might. would he be clumsy about it like this would require? maybe. the only maybe i can think of is, that he would want people to know it was russia so that he could take credit and enjoy the spite, but larger question seems to me, harris, is, what are seven teen intelligence agencies doing getting involved in politics, a, b, why isn't this investigation about why they couldn't trace down who hacked the office of personnel management, the department of defense, and who the hell is john brennan to beç holding foh on american politics?
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harris: that second question about why they can't find out who it would be is really troubling we don't know the answer to that, kennedy. kennedy: absolutely. it speaks to the fact you can't make forceful conclusions cia is making, fbi in their briefing in congress had very different summation of the same facts are quite disparate. it doesn't lead to the pat answer that the cia wants, for whatever reason. now i think you're seeing these two agencies, law enforcement and intelligence, pitted against each other once again. and we know that these agencies have a great deal of disdain for each other. there is so much competition. tough wonder are they politicizing themselves? does the cia, see the fbi in the tank for republican party. therefore are they defending the obama administration? harris: that an excellent question too, meghan. honestly you have a president that is coming into power, president- to happen on january 20th. so is intel or nsa, whoever it
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might be, why would you ever get involved in this. meghan: i know former cia agents. these people put their lives on the line without any glory, not making a lot of money to keep america safe. i don't like the precedent that we'll have administration having personality conflicts or differences with our intelligence community i have never been given any reason to believe except keefeing america safe and -- harris: do you believe the seven teenage sis? meghan: yes, i do. harris: let's hear from reince priebus who said the russians didn't tell hillary to ignore. watch. >> the russians didn't tell hillary clinton to ignore wisconsin and michigan, okay? i know this is insane analysis. she lost the election because her ideas were bad. didn't fit the electorate. she ignored states she shouldn't have and donald trump was change agent okay. this is all very interesting. donald trump won in electoral landslide that had nothing to do with the russians. harris: rnc chairman there,
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sandra, obviously talking about the political vein but what meghan brought up a interesting point. why would you doubt the agencies that have proven they have only interests -- sandra: to reince priebus's point, democrat are looking for plame after this stunning loss for them. maybe they should stop to look back what happened and learn from that for the future. that being said, as far as the questioning of the central intelligence agency, lou dobbs, to you, this is one official reacting very sharply to donald trump saying inclination to ignore such intelligence and impune the integrity of u.s. intelligence officials is contrary to all that is sacred to national security professionals who work day and night to protect us. is this a good precedent, back to meghan's point, for the president-elect, okay, maybe question it, but find out what is in it and find out what we can learn from that? as john mccain pointed out so eloquently we need to be worried how they're doing this. >> i think that it is important for us to understand that this
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17 agencies response was not from men and women who make up our secret service, our intelligence services. they are, as you suggest, meghan, these are committed professional spies, operatives, analysts, doing the lord's work in protecting this country. but this is from john brennan, the head of the cia. john brennan before he was the head of cia was a national security advisor. he is a political appointee as each of the managers of these institutions are. whether it's james clapper, whoever it may be. the fact of the matter is, this was a political statement. it didn't need to be made. it was done in the clear and the open, if there has been an insult to the professionals of these agencies by their very leaders getting embroiled in presidential politics. and it is noxious and it should be stopped and if this president had an ounce of decency he would
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say stop it now. instead i believe he gave the order for this to take place. sandra: yeah, it is interesting juxtaposition, president on one side and cia on the other. we'll move on. chinese officials are now expressing quote, serious concern after president-elect donald trump questioned whether the united states should keep the decades old policy of considering taiwan part of china. what mr. trump said and the potential effect. plus, how democrats reportedly planning to revamp their messaging after their historic election losses. they call it the sound of shellacking, will this reboot work? for lower back pain sufferers,
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the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. ♪ sandra: china says it has serious concern about president-elect donald trump's comments on taiwan, warning any changes how the u.s. deals with theç island could damage diplomatic ties. a chinese foreign ministry spokesman saying adhering to the
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one-china principle is the bedrock for development of u.s.-china relations. if it is compromised or disrupted the sound and steady growth of bilateral relationship as well as bilateral cooperation in major fields would be out of question. this comes as mr. trump told "fox news sunday" he didn't feel bound bit decades-old policy unless a u.s. makes a deal with china having to do with other things, including trade. >> we're being hurt very badly by china with devaluation, with taxing us heavy at the borders when we don't tax them. with building a massive fortress in the middle of the south china sea which they shouldn't be doing, and frankly with not helping us at all with north korea. sandra: the one-china policy permits beijing to regard taiwan as part of its country while allowing the u.s. to sell the island weapons to defend itself. lou dobbs, your thoughts on this, sir?
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>> i think it is absolutely terrific before taking oath of office this president is conducting national security policy. that he is carrying out the job of president. he has intervened what is ossified, archaic position taken by the united states, frankly which jimmy carter pitched away u.s. interests and those of taiwan as carelessly, capriciously of course, self righteously as he could muster. this is, this is a time for change. this was a change election and by god, donald trump is changing thing. to the great discomfort of the elites and the establishment of the washington media in particular, we can, which have room for "new york times" and a few other organizations like entertainment network news operations but the fact is, this is healthy. it is healthy for china too, because we have a deficit. we've been running a trade
9:30 am
deficit, the united states, since 1976, folks. 40 years of trade deficits. you will hear these harvard professors and yale professors whomever, they will start clucking about comparative advantage. the fact of the matter is okay, where is it? we send them soybeans like they're some sort of third world country. brag about we have the doggone trade deficit down to 300 billion. these people, whether they're academics or whether they're multinationals or whether its neoliberals that have been running policy far too long in trade, they think we're all fools. harris: my day is made. you said clucking. that is word we don't often hear. look at politics of the democracy that is happening in taiwan and what's going on in china. if there were ever an argument to see them differently, would wouldn't it be democratic election after woman, first in asia, not to have familial ties with the previous leader in asia? wouldn't that be just enough
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to -- look at these two countries and say, wow, they're different, aren't they? taiwan an china? i don't know, it is just a question. meghan: one is a democracy. this is one of the moves from donald trump that i really supported and i was pleasantly surprised. it is simple. china is a bully. not used to anyone standing up to them. donald trump did it. they're angry. 100% he knows what he is doing. i like the idea that we are not going to let them get away with bullying the rest of the world internationally. i certainly like this, as you mentioned. taiwan is free and fair democracy. we can't be hypocrites and not support democracies across the world as we have so many times before historically. kennedy: because we are so indebted to china, we borrow so much money from them, we're pimp slapped like prostitutes. this is unacceptable. harris: let me grab my -- kennedy: pacified them so long. time for nixonian level rethinking our relationship with
9:32 am
china. pimp slapped. sandra: that is obviously what is going on here, china warning the president-elect about making these changes? kennedy: china this regard, they're very serious about it, they have been like, todd letter having a tantrum and in a supermarket, they have been given a doughnut year after year after year. maybe it is time to rethink these things and redraw the boundaries. last thing i want to be drawn into a war with china. i don't think that is going to happen, especially if you have a secretary of state like i said at the beginning of the show, who prefers stability. harris: wow. kennedy: i think out of the box. harris: clucking, doughnuts and pimps. let's move on. sandra: okay. we are watching the dow jones industrial average, again today. it is skyrocketing. it has been since election day. well, today it is up 7 points. but that is continue ages. that is another record we're seeing today. it is on the verge of hitting 20,000.
9:33 am
so how high will you u.s. stocks go? how much credit does mr. trump deserve? plus the democrats reportedly focusing on a new message following their stunning loss in the election. now stressing the economy, instead of cultural issues. imagine that. will this help them win back working class voters. lou dobbs has something to say about that.
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♪ kennedy: welcome back, this is "outnumbered." get ready for 20,000 on wall street. that is a number once seemed completely out of reach, now looking very possible. the dow jones industrial average rapidly approaching that historic mark riding a wave of momentum since the election. take a look at these milestones. the dow has risen 8% since donald trump's surprise victory on november 8th. it has been on a steady climb, closing at record highs on 14 of the last 22 trading days.
9:38 am
capping it off on friday, the dow had its largest five-week percentage gain, rather, in more who kicks off prime time every night on the fox business network -- >> yes, ma'am. kennedy: business is obviously good. what does this mean for donald trump and what does it mean for the country? >> for donald trump it means millions of people will be sending him personal thank you for what they have seen happen to their iras and 401 company. s and their investments. it is extraordinary are. without question, direct result of election of donald trump. what should everybody expect? if we're up 8% in a month, that we'll be up 9% over course of a year and -- i'm just kidding. sandra: let me ask you the question everybody is asking right now. not necessarily whether we'll see 20,000, 21,000. we may or may not.
9:39 am
looks likely that will happen by year-end. what will cause the market to sell off? you always have to be anticipating that. a lot of talk on wall street is right now, you're seeing the stock market rise in anticipation of president trump's policies. what happens when he is actually president and that becomes fact do we start to see selling? does that set the bar high? >> i think it sets the bar high, appropriately so. we're watching an administration be formed that is business-friendly. a president-elect who is business-friendly. by the way we're now escaping from eight years what has been a man who was so dour, so negative, so, so constrict tiff when it came to emotions, ebullience was not permitted. the obama white house is the most negative place and has been for eight years in this country. it is terrible.
9:40 am
instead of sucking all the oxygen out of the room, donald trump is pumping it in. he is blowing open the windows and doors, it is time to get to work. we'll create jobs. believe in yourself. believe in your country. the favorite campaign line for the president-elect, believe in yourself, believe in your country and believe in our future. kennedy: contrasted with president obama who said famously you didn't build that, to companies which insult to people who put their blood, sweat, tires and lifely hoods and life savings -- >> was trying to drive a stake threw the heart of the american dream, that you didn't build it. kennedy: let me ask you about this, people who don't have a dime in the market. maybe they don't have a 401(k) or an ira or pension tied to the market, what does it do psychologically? sandra: they may have a house. for most of us largest asset we ever choir is the home.
9:41 am
you're watching stock market rise to record levels with near zero interest rates. what happens when those start to tick up. >> we're already seeing that happen. harris: the fed is meeting this week. >> they will announce direction, they start tomorrow. and they will start to announce direction. wednesday, expected to raise, i don't think we have to worry too much -- harris: hearing a quarter point. we could see -- sandra: doesn't matter. talking longer term. >> the bond market already made its move. right now the 10-year treasury looking out six months, maybe a year, we're looking at over 2.5% yield in the treasury. and that's, that's strong. and that means, that is a good thing as far as all of us who want to see a return to prosperity for all americans. harris: as democrats get back to work on capitol hill they're looking to how to revamp their message following their stunning loss in last month ace election, losses, that includes the capitol building, not just the presidency. "the new york times" is
9:42 am
reporting that the party plans to pull back on social issues for now and focus on crafting a strong economic message to win back the working class voters. the paper spoke to several lawmakers and says quote, there is little appetite among most democrats to be substantively revise stances on abortion, gay rights, gun control, and immigration where trends on national level continue favor the party, constructing a platform on overafterring theme of democratic fairness. democrats try to avoid yoking candidates to divisive agenda that could sink them in states like north dakota and west virginia, crucial to the control of the senate. end quote on that. come to you first, meghan. i guess we'll not talk about gender neutral bathrooms and all of that within the democratic party. and maybe bernie sanders message all about the economy is getting through? >> some reflection going on with democrats being obsession with cultural issues, and obsession if you say merry christmas
9:43 am
you're a racist or whatever. i mean -- harris: really? meghan: i think the political correctness in this country reached such a fever pitch donald trump was obviously reaction so that. heidi heitkamp and some. democrats met over the weekend the message anything except you're politically correct in all forms isn't working. whether their economic message will end up ultimately working, i don't believe socialism is good for america. i don't think it will actually work for the mass of americans but certainly better tone shift than what they have been doing the past year. harris: that is the gymnastics move, kennedy, democrats will have to do. they will have to bridge again, spend more time doing it than summer with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. find a place in the mid did i. what do you think that could look like? kennedy: the middle is what sandra has been talking about over a year and that's the economy. meghan is absolutely right, these identity politics don't resonate with most of the country. for a lot of people it is polarizing and off-putting
9:44 am
especially worried about your bottom line. they have to get back to that. they have to seriously consider turning toward people like tim ryan, who challenged nancy pelosi to lead the house democrat for a message that resonates with more people in this country because, and, you know, pragmatists know this, there is more that unites us than divides us. right now there is nothing more uniting than seeing the economy improve, especially people's personal bottom lines. harris: you know, lou, i'm curious to know about this messaging, where this comes from and why democrats settled for going down the social road and not getting all the cues from the country? they were out and about with the people. hillary clinton did go to that chipotle. she had to hear from somebody. >> don't forget, donald trump was running against 16 other people and they didn't get the message and republican national committee didn't get the message and republican senate didn't get the message. republican house and leadership,
9:45 am
those go bodies didn't get the message t wasn't the democrats. by the way, bernie sanders, god bless him, i mean he was a lot of things but he wasn't the guy moving the democratic party to the center on the issue of the economy. he is a damn socialist! and that is not the center. and that really was the choice that the democratic party -- kennedy: pain is at the center. he tapped into. he just had the wrong reaction and solution to fix that pain. >> as you wish, but in my opinion, he is a socialist and a damn socialist. everybody ought to understand we have just missed, you know, hallelujah, one more time, donald trump because we missed the third term of barack obama. and socialism as a national objectiveç economically, whichi think would have not only just torn this country to pieces, wouldn't have given us a chance to rebuild. sandra: unfortunately for them the democrats message was largely look at stock market.
9:46 am
look what president obama done for the stock market. unfortunately most of america wasn't getting to epjoy the rally because they didn't have a job or enough money to invest. >> look all the money they spent, wall street spent on speeches for hillary clinton and donating to the democratic party and who is it just blows the doors off again? donald trump. mark it up. 8%. harris: somebody you can't sway with the paychecks. >> there you go. harris: interesting. how do you really feel? >> i always feel good. harris: i know that's right. a police officer drawing criticism now for shooting fellow students at ohio state university with a car and butcher knife. how protesters explain their issue with the police officer.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what's coming up in second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hey, sandra in the next hour more on the huge controversy swirling over possible russian meddling in the u.s. election. is it a serious worry? depends who you ask. donald trump's fascinating comments on climate change and paris climate deal. a fair and balanced debate on environmental policy in the trump administration. a scary accident on board a plane. is the airline accused doing enough to help?
9:51 am
an interesting story ahead. "happening now." sandra: we'll be watching. thanks, jon. >> thank you. meghan: activists at ohio state university blasting the actions after campus police officer who shot and killed a student before he could slaughter victims with a butcher knife. the terror attack happened last month. 11 students were injured when abdul artan rammed his car into a crowd of people and starting stabbing them. the officer shot and killed the 18-year-old before he was able to do anymore damage. activists protest killing adding artan's name recent killings of people of color. they don't condone the incident they have compassion for the attacker. one student even gave a eulogy, reading i can't make this up, in part, the protests against police brutality extends to innocent and guilt at this alike, no matter the crime, justice and due process don't come from a cop's bullet. so, lou, i'm in a tornado of crazy. i don't know what to do with so
9:52 am
much. this is stupidest thing i ever heard in my life. >> i love the activists. exactly who are these activists and what are they activating for and, and by the way, who taught them philosophy, logic, because what they're saying makes no sense at all. ohio state should move quickly to disassociate itself from them just simply because it would be a mark against that great institution of higher learning. meghan: the police officer shot and killed, the terrorist, terrorist by the way is hero. why are they not seeing that? harris: you know i will say this, on friday, we saw president-elect donald trump touch down at john glenn airport in columbus, ohio, shortly after astronaut glenn at passed away. one of the first people he met with is the police officer because he he is being hailed as a hero. it is not within my knowledge and maybe you guys no better, there was any sort of pushback whether or not this man did all of this. in fact, those activists are saying oh not like we condone the crime.
9:53 am
what would you have them do? do nothing until he stabbed more people? kennedy: exactly. same mentality in baltimore. just let them finish. let artan finish. harris: stand back and let them finish. kennedy: using two forms of deadly force a vehicle and butcher knife the only vehicle he didn't kill dozens of people because he wasn't good at it and a police officer was there. if one of these activists were relatives of one of the people who were attacked, you really want the police officer to stand down and let the terrorist finish and take people's lives? it is so incredibly insane and incompetent. that is the most toxic combination we have on college campuses. >> could i say too, this is about justice doesn't come from the muzzle after gun. that's where all justice has started certainly, in modern, modern world. there was a great fight that resulted in the magna carta.
9:54 am
they were firing one shot at a time, and not a 9mm in this instance. but the fact is this country was born because we had the guts to fight for our liberty and for our rights. people talk about universal rights, they talk about human rights. that is nonsense. the rights that we have in this country, we fought for, and we protect and we have lost hundreds of thousands of people doing so. and every day across this country some cop has to put his life on the line or her life on the line to preserve those right. meghan: not just the student body. we have an ohio state university member saying artan was a buckeye, a member of our family. if you think it is okay to celebrate our death or with pictures of dead body i see it in the timeline i will unfriend you. sandra: oh, my god. meghan: troubled as it clearly was. there is visceral reaction. what about the compassion for
9:55 am
students who were stabbed? sandra: i knew this was coming, the day it happened, the news conference we waited for it. i don't know if we took it this hour or later hour, the news conference happened, questions from reporters, to tee off kentucky -- kennedy. kennedy: either. sandra: the questions from the reporters did the shooter or offender resist the police officer? what attempt did the police officer make before shooting? it was the, the reporters on the scene were already going there. kennedy: think about it, this terrorist was trying to create a higher body count than we saw in orlando or san bernanadino. this person had intent of killing dozens of people as many people as possible. i mean when you see people who are bloodied and on the ground and you don't know if they're alive or dead, that police officer absolutely did the right thing in protecting their in
9:56 am
liberty as lou alludes to. harris: bigger context we've seen this on the streets of israel and vehicle and first ram and then kill. meghan: we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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sandra: many thanks to lou dobbs. always good to have you, sir. >> great to be with you. thanks for having me. harris: you will stick around too, right? >> yes, ma'am. you ordered me to. sandra: if you like to join us after the show, we'll keep it
10:00 am
right here for "outnumbered" overtime on the web. find us on we're back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. happing you now starts right now.% never happen. >> the dow approaching 20000 as the dow gears up for a big week. >> they call it the trump bump. >> the dow breaking one record after another and up eight percent since election day. what does it mean for main street? >> plus a run away bev perrage cart injured a passenger on the american airline's flight. >> i was in extreme pain. >> why he said the airline is not treating him right. >> and bringing the holiday spirit to families of our american heroes. >>


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