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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 12, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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that's all of the time we have left. see you back here tomorrow. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. report tonight from the american higher education arena in the trump era. tony is a long time math professor from the state university of new york. shortly after the election the professor sent a mass email to about 600 of his colleagues with you addressed to unnamed trump supporters it began this way, quote: so you vote ford a candidate who elm bodies the white power movement and was enthusiastically endorsed by the ku klux klan, neo nazis and other white supremacy groups. i think it's perfectly reasonable to ask you the following question: one, do you believe in white power and the supremacy of the
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white race? two, do you believe the multiethnic and multicultural democracy can succeed? "yes" or "no," i will respond accordingly. joining me now to expand on what he meant on that is professor tony macula. professor, thanks for joining me tonight. >> you're welcome: the letter didn't start like that the letter ended like that. >> okay. my apologies but to me, that was the sort of the meat of it. let me ask you this. >> actually, the meat of it was the concept of civic responsibility. >> okay. well, i will ask you about that in just a minute. let me get to your accusation that trump elm bodies white supremacy and white power. i watched the campaign pretty closely. i never heard trump say anything about white power or even allude to white power. i'm not sure i know what white power is what did you mean when you wrote that? >> well, let me give you, again, the beginning of the letter. and then i can expound on that after that. so, the reason why i wrote
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the letter is that silence in the face of civic irresponsibility is civic irresponsible. >> okay. >> and i think writing a casting a vote for a candidate who doesn't embody the ideals of the preamble of the constitution, nor exhibits the values required of honesty, tolerance, equal protection, and respect, those values that are required to sustain those ideals, in my opinion is such a casting such a vote is civically irresponsible. >> so you believe it's irresponsible to cast a vote for someone that you disagree with why can't you be wrong. why view to be irresponsible for someone to disagree with you. >> it's irresponsible because we are charged to support the values of our constitution. one of the values or one of the main points in the preamble is domestic
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tranquility. that's the point when we get to white power. >> okay. >> so i mean donald trump has retweeted white supremacists over 75 times. he has had opportunities to come right out and refute the support he has been given. he was just in north carolina and two days before he was in north carolina, the kkk had a parade in his honor. and he said nothing about it. he hasn't taken opportunities. >> okay. i get it. so you are saying bad people support him and he hasn't disavowed them. we use to call that mccarthyism. the idea that people were responsible for the endorsement of others or physical proximity to others. if kim jong came out and endorsed you wouldn't be responsible for his regime. if some campus shooter took your class you wouldn't be responsible. talking in public. did he say anything to endorse white power or didn't he? >> yes, he did endorse white power. >> when? >> he essentially by
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deporting -- by his building the wall. this is what really emboldened the white power movement. and realized that donald trump was their embodiment. they got excited when he decided to label all mexicans as rapists and said he was going to build a wall. that's when they really felt like they had a champion. >> you are a math professor so presumably you deal in logic and linear thought one leading to the next. you are saying building a wall is prime fascia evidence of white supremacy? i just want to understand you. >> no i'm not saying that. >> look, you say that he elm bodies the values of white power. you are holding him responsible for the views of people he has disavowed and hasn't supported. i'm asking you, can you name anything he has said that endorses the concept of white power and you can't, can you? >> yes, i can. yes, i can. >> okay. go ahead. >> he retweeted a quote by
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wee retweeted a quote by white genocide tm. this tweet irresponsibly said that white murders were -- 81% of white murders were committed by african-americans. that's complete falsehood and trump retweeted it. >> so getting a crime stat wrong or retweeting some creepy guy and i don't think he should be tweeting in the first place. i'm not defending his tweeting. retweeting a crime stat that's wrong is evidence of white supremacy? that's not a real argument, professor. >> i didn't call trump a white supremacist. i says he elm bodies their movement. that's i said. he does. they actually claim him as their leader. >> i get it i just wanting to know. and this is subject of fascination to me. you live in the university world. you have tenure.
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over 20 years. you live in this little world. >> hold on a second. one second. one second. >> no, no. let me finish my question. what would happen if one of your colleagues sent out email calling black lives matter racists. they have excluded nonwhites from their meetings. trump has not excluded nonwhites from his. do you think if the university said they were racist. would you stand back and say free speech or consequences from the. >> i never called anyone a racist? of course you did. >> don't you know the difference between assertion and question? i didn't make it. >> i know what a weaselly inference is if you say the guy is responsible for the ugly views of people who support him. even though he never articulated them you believe set embody of white power. yoyou are calling him a bigot. be a man about it you are calling him a bigot. >> i am. andy back tum. okay? and i did back it up. >> he retweeted some phony crime statistic?
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that's white power 2016? are you serious? >> i mean, look, you don't have to like trump, i'm not saying you should. >> he's done many other things. other than just other than just retweet things. >> okay. well i just gave you seven minutes and you haven't told me what they are. we are out of time. i want you it come forward and put some data behind this accusation that i'm hearing every single day and you couldn't. maybe we will get another professor who has done his homework. good toe see you. >> trump transition team has made fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live outside trump tower with the latest on that. john, how are you doing? >> good evening to you, tucker. we are doing well. we heard weeks ago that donald trump is going to hold a press conference thursday the 15th at which he was going to detail how he was going to separate himself from his vast business enterprise. his vast array of businesses that he is tied with. but now we understand that he is going to delay that from this thursday until some time at the beginning of january, possibly the
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first week of january. the reason why? , according to a transition official that they have just got too much on their plate right now in terms of filling out the cabinet. donald trump is doing interviews from 10:00 in the morning until 7:00, 8:00 at night. there just wasn't time to wedge all of that. in they said no worry, there is no problem in delaying it. we will get it done. however, a top 2016 democratic campaign operative says that donald trump could be playing shrewd with them this saying he doesn't have to any possible conflicts of interest until after the elector's vote and that happens on december 19th. there is already a move afoot to get some of those electors to not vote for donald trump on the 19th in the state where they should be voting for donald trump. another potential conflict coming up. and that
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at the test test test test test test test test test test test test test same people that had this russian reset under president obama that gave syria to rushing shah. that gave eastern europe and crew rainy to russia. people look at this and say why we hit an alternate universe. i think we need to f. there was hacking. there needs to be against punishment against the russians if in fact they did. that doesn't undermine the legitimacy of the fact that donald trump was elected president by a big majority of people. >> he didn't win the majority of voters. he won the majority of electoral votes it would undermine the legitimacy of it my question is hack what? what is the core allegation? as far as i understand. having followed the campaign pretty closely the main revelation that came from
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hack were john podesta's emails and they were got thriewn fishing scheme. the russians did that necessarily. so what's the hacking we are talking about, specifically? s agencies is any hacked the dnc. they got the information. ways in which the intelligence community claims to have known which others go into how they release that wikileaks where wikileaks then metered it out as we saw in the last two to three months as an attempt to embarrass the dnc and attempt to embarrass hillary clinton and influence. >> wait, just to correct you. i think that information was from john podesta g mail account. the daily leaks that were in the papers or some of them every day through wikileaks. >> of course. >> hack into my email. >> the allegation is not that john podesta's email was russians as t. was the dnc.
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>> i don't remember that information from hack whoever did it influenced the election in any way. how exactly did the russians supposedly or anybody influence this election? i'm totally confused? >> here is the point i'm trying to make. if they in fact attempted to that is information we need. it may have affected or benefited -- this is going to come back against the republican party in two years when it benefits russia to do it or whatever. we can have nobody try to influence our election that way. now, i don't think it undermines the legitimacy of donald trump. i think he was elected by a huge amount of electoral votes. we're going to see that come to fruition on monday. but we do have to get to the bottom of if in fact the russians attempted to do it and if the intelligence community says they do and we spend billions of dollars for them to come to these conclusions about national defense, we have got to get to the bottom of this. >> the same intelligence community that didn't know russia was about to invade crimea. the same one that missed the fall of the soviet union? that one? >> yeah. >> really quickly, the russians we think at this
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point hacked the white house computer system in october of, i think it was 14, and put the whole system down for weeks at the white house. i mean, that's a big deal. i don't remember that being covered very closely in the presser. nobody seemed to care. where was the outrage when that happened. hacking the white house computer system we can say is bad. why didn't anybody say anything. >> any time they hack anything on the institution of the united states whether electoral or government there needs to be problems. this is something we have not taken seriously for a very long time. broader issues about why they didn't see them coming into crimea, but that's something that can't be discussed here. [ laughter ] >> i'm happy to discuss it. pretty claim if that's your job and you miss like everything but whatever, sorry. >> no. it also kind of has to do with there is reasons out there that you can't reveal on television. you know, at the end of the day, we all should be on the side of saying we have to protect our systems here and we have got to get down to that. >> all right. congressman, thanks a lot for joining us, i appreciate it. >> you bet, take care. see you.
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>> time now for twitter storm. our nightly forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns. tonight's outlook is tainted by a fog of denial. coming from the pages of the "new york times" opinion section, of course, at the epicenter of this hurricane of silliness paul krugman he happy birthday bemoaning the he has been bemoans headline trending on twitter. there was disagreement. russell brown wrote this if exposing the hard truth means we have the tainted election, i want every election to be tainted. austin wrote this i thought the tainted election was referring to when the dnc rigged the primaries against bernie. who am i kidding? that would never happen. whoa. and the link wrote this i see clinton voters still in denial that the rust belt
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having spoken clearly on november 8th. my god you cry babies you lost. stop trying to find excuses for your failures. self-responsibility is wonderful. oh b that's tonight's twitter storm. next up, the electors who will officially vote for president one week from today are being threatened. some of them are but the doj doesn't seem too concerned about it why is that? we'll tell you. also ignoramuses and few generals. that's how one conservative "the washington post" columnist is describing the trump cabinet so far. laura ingraham will assess that assessment later in the hour. stay tuned.
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right know update on a story the viewer incident is to us you choose the news seeing: a week from now 53 elector also cast their votes in the final and definitive and constitutionally mandated election of the year. some of those electors some gord trump voters have been threatened with violence. a few the voters anyway have been subject to it somehow the department of justice doesn't seem all that interested in investigating any of this. or even commenting on why it won't investigate. one elector, michael joined us last week and told us about his experience. >> i just have been inundated not just myself but electors across the country hundreds of emails, facebook messages to my home. i'm getting like five or six a day. i got a large stack on my dining room table. they are just generally very hateful, angry messages and unfortunately i have received a couple of death
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threats and death threats and people disappointed in the election results. >> kind of a big deal. where is doj in all of this? well here now in the studio, jay christian adams a former attorney with the department of justice. it's great to sigh. >> thank you, tucker. >> you would think under any other circumstance that you could imagine doj would be on this. they are on any kind of voter intimidation story always it seems like but not these? >> the inaction by justice really promotes a culture of lawlessness of tolerance and political violence. just imagine, tucker 2, 5 years ago and clinton just won and his electors are being threatened with death or imagine someone voted for obama and got him elected and georgia or western pennsylvania was caught on video being brutally beaten up. >> it's a total -- you are right. the idea we are not going to protect you unless you vote for success scary. no better example of this than a video of a guy called david wilcox. i'm sure a lot of our viewers have seen this horrifying video november 8th right after the
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election he got in into some kind of altercation in chicago and got out of his car and here is what happened. >> you voted trump. you voted trump. yeah, he voted trump. >> you are going to pay for that. beat his. >> don't vote trump. [ laughter ] >> don't vote trump. >> now, i'm not for hate crimes laws because i think all of us are equal before the law. if you are ever going to invoke one, shear a case we are beating you up because of your race and how voted for. could it be clearer. >> voting act you can't intimidate intimidate someone for voting. clear violation. i have sent letters to the justice department saying why aren't you doing anything about this? the justice department when it comes to elections protects their friends and ignores their enemies. that's why this guy is not getting justice in chicago. >> so there is no federal investigation into the tape rejust showed that you are aware of?
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>> as far as we know. we have gotten no response. public interest legal foundation sent a letter to the voting section and criminal section in the civil rights division. the same people who rushed to any other event. but we have got none response. >> who argue that your opinions are making me feel, quote, unsafe, okay. here you have a guy getting kicked in the face on the ground for voting trump and because set wrong skin color and they are not doing anything? >> yeah. >> it's hard to believe that. >> they are specifically yelling he voted trump. imagine if it was right outside pittsburgh in 2008. obama wins the election and people are dragging people out of cars who are african-american saying he voted for obama. everybody watching knows what the justice department would do and should do. >> and by the way i would be completely for it i mean, i would be for them -- you can't hit people or commit any act of violence because you disagree with their politics. >> exactly. that's what we are risking here with the electors being threatened by people. if you vote for trump we'll kill you, with voters being threatened, you voted for trump, let's beat him up.
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that's a dangerous incendiary situation that needs. >>, i would love to have someone at the justice department on and i doubt if they would come to explain why they are not doing anything about that. christian adams thanks a lot. good to see you. >> >> you too. >> a college professor caught on camera going on unhinged rant about trump. she isn't in trouble. guess who is? the student who filmed it. we will talk to him next. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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another story viewer sent to us you choose the news section of the news. student recorded psychology professor olga perez cox teaches a class on human sexuality causing trump's election an act of terrorism during the lecture. take a listen. >> our nation is divided. we have been -- it's an act of terrorism. one of the more frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people committing the assault. >> after uploading the local teacher's union threatened the students who recorde recordt who remain anonymous. the group is refusing to reveal who did it and for probably good reason. here now is josh, the president of the orange coast college republicans and sean steele, the attorney representing that group. it's great to see you both. so, josh, first to you.
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here is the account of a kid who was in the class, his name is tanner webb quote of the teacher she tried to get everyone who voted for trump to stand up and show the rest of the class who to watch out for seems ominous to me was it surprising given that and her quote that the union is threatening you? it is we will be pressing for her be fired from the school for those new actions taken in that class. >> and i don't want to be caddie or anything but i listened to the whole tape and read a bunch of quotes from her. she didn't seem very professional or even capable of grammatical english really. i mean, is this common in her class do you know? you have talked to student who have taken it before? >> well, one of the reasons why my professor has her as a 1.7 when it comes to difficulty is because it's such an easy class. and i think it's pretty obvious why that is. and on top of that the union
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considers itself a union of professionals. that's their slogan. well, can i tell you by defending this professor, they're clearly show that they're a union of unprofessionals to me. >> well, and also a thug. sean steele this is one of the quotes from that union. the student who is sitting in assigned seating will be identified and could face legal action the union is threatening to ferret out his identity and punish him. do they mention the behavior of the teacher? >> well, of course not. they are defending the teacher who talks about trump being a white supremacist that voting for trump is an act of thai. but, here's the worst parted of it all and you mentioned it earlier. she actually after the video she asked students to stand if they supported trump so other students could see who these people were. and then she said oh i see nobody is standing so i guess you are too cowardly to admit it now this is a line crossing. this is information we didn't have. we knew they were going
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after the students who took the video. that's why i came in as a pro bono attorney. we knew that the college republicans were under attack. we knewed that the administration was not going to be helpful. but we did not know until two other students came out and said no. she went further. she wanted to identify, humiliate and shame the students that crosses a line. this teacher is unfit to be in a classroom. >> well, it's such an abuse of power. she is the authority figure there. and she is threatening. >> she is a bully. >> who disagree with her political views. >> she is a bully. she controls the grades at the captive audience. >> that's right. >> she has no respect for the students. >> so josh, this all came out. we're talking about it now because somebody had the presence of mind to film it. every college student has an i pony phone in pocket or some kind of phone with a video camera on it what a transformative thing would be if more of these videos come out you? are encouraging your members to videotape their professors? >> well, one of the things that we did was not, you
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know, preemptively encourage members to videotape their professors. i know that people on the opposition side is saying that we did to get an i gotcha moment. and that's simply not true. in addition to that i just want to inform you all that we have recently received word from the school in a joint statement made by the union the college president, and the academic senate president that they will be standing by the teacher and that they will continue the assault on the students. you know, stuff like this to me is really astonishing at the school which i love so greatly. and serve as a member of their student government. it's astonishing. >> let me ask you a question, sean, as a lawyer, why shouldn't every student who feels he is subjected to propaganda and threats as in this case from a teacher film it? what's the counter argument against that? >> there is none. it's an sloot first amendment freedom. >> amen. >> there is no expectation of privacy among 300 students.
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students are recording their professors all over the country. we're asking that every conservative college student as soon as they get in as a freshman, make sure that their phone is always charged before they get into the classroom. and when things get crazy, absolutely record it because that's the only way to keep these professors honest. the intellectual diversity doesn't exist on college campuses. it's one-sided and it's mean-spirited. >> i totally agree and god bless you for saying that thank you. if you are watching the show and you have kids in college. send videos here. "tucker carlson tonight" at we will put them up and whatever you do, be sure to get it on tape. we appreciate it well, in the news you can't make up section of tonight's show, the "new york times" has hired a new reporter, a man who once described himself sarcastically but very accurately as a hack. this is a man who sought the clinton campaign's approval a couple of times for his stories before he printed them. his name is glen thrush and he works at politico and he was exposed when wikileaks released emails from clinton
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campaign chairman john podesta's g mail account. in one those emails thrush told podesta and we're quoting now because i have become a hack i will send you the whole section that pertains to you. please do not share or tell anyone i did this. tell me if i fd. anything up. the "new york times" in its release described thrush renowned in the press corps as the democratic party sick fant as a premier journalist and stellar edition to our white house "time" team. across washington people who know him started laughing. thrush, of course, will be covering trump who he hates. if you don't believe that check out twitter account where it's all on full and fluid display horrific bombing killing women and church in cairo yesterday. horrific attack on christians overseas. does anyone care? we'll talk to the head bishop of the cop pick church.
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fox news alert. donald trump is on twitter, breaking transition news at this hour. just minutes ago he tweeted this, quote: i will be making my announcement on the next secretary of state tomorrow morning. it's official. we now know president-elect trump's tomorrow is going to be doing that and of course he we will be covering it right here at 7:00 eastern tomorrow. well now onto the continuing and very sad story otto warmbier, college student sentenced to 15 years hard labor in north korea. he turns 22 years old captivity. ohio native grabbed at the pyongyang international airport north korea a year ago. weighs on a school trip and trying to return to the u.s. tour group. he was convicted of hostile acts against the north korea government for allegedly taking a poster from his hotel. according to his family the north koreans consider him to be a prisoner of war and agent of the u.s. government. the obama state department seems to have done very little to get him out. we will be following that story as long as it takes.
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manhunt underway this hour at cairo, egypt. dozens of people mostly women and children murdered when when a bomb tore through that coptic church on sunday during services. more suspects aarrest more suspects on the run. not the first time christians in egypt have been under attack. joining me is the general bishop of the coptic orthodox church in the united kingdom. bishop, thanks a lot for joining us. >> good evening. >> this is horrifying attack. do you think christians who seem to be under attack from all side in the middle east have a future in that region? >> there is definitely a future. i think it's very challenging. it's very difficult, there are obstacles and there are major problem. recognitions in egypt representing 80% of the christians in the home. 115% of egypt. we very seen a very quick and rapid decrease in
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numbers across libya, iraq,. >> yes. palestinian territories, even syria. >> yes. and lebanon. and, yet, there has been virtually silence relatively speaking from christian leaders in other parts of the world. you would think since there does seem to be a concerted effort to drive christians out of these countries and attacks on them because of their faith that you would have more from the archbishop canterbury, for example and pope francis but you don't. and i wonder why that is? >> slight correction any would say you are right. but in the past couple of years pope francis and the archbishop of canterbury who is a personal friend have responded. i was just speaking to contact the archbishop yesterday. we are having memorial service in london as soon as i get back on wednesday for the people who have died in london in cairo. so there is a lot more interaction at the moment because there was a lot more visibility, i think. >> let me give you a specific example of what i'm talking about. under american law, people
11:43 pm
who are being persecuted for, among other things, their religious faith have a claim on refugee status. and, yet, the obama administration has admitted virtually no christian refugees from syria. out of the 0,000 we have admitted 57 christians. half of 1%. clearly discriminating among christians. you haven't seen leaders of christian faith in america or europe decry that and say wait a second why aren't we allowing christian refugees in greater numbers? why? >> i think there is a major flaw in the system. we just had the patriarch in london last week and i organized a meeting in the house of lords for him. the problem is that these schemes bring in refugees that are registered under the united nations unhcr. system. christians tend to be cared for by christian communities and they are not registered under that scheme. so we need to encourage governments to work with you
11:44 pm
to get the christian registered. double discrimination. they don't have the protection of the camps and don't come under status refugee status. >> i don't want to single anybody out and a lot to be said about pope francis. in may he went to grees and was among refugees and brought about a dozen of them back to rome. christian family of refugees didn't bring them back and didn't use that opportunity to decry what some quality the genocide of christian notice region howvment helpful would it be if pope francis say this is a huge problem and ought to tie it to problems and rescue from the dangers they face. would that help. >> i think it would be very helpful as recognition and i think i stand in the same place even though i'm an egyptian i'm a coptic bishop. think we need need to stand refugee crisis blind to faith equally at least
11:45 pm
christians should be proportionately represented. i too think under these schemes whether it's church leaders, whether it's nation states. whether it's organizations they need to bear in mind christians need to be represented at least proportionally so they can have an equal opportunity to leave the difficulty and struggle they are living through. because they are persecuted for their faith in many cases when they go into camps. they are persecuted for their faith and then they have no way out. >> do you think -- my last question to you. you have often heard the government of syria, the assad government of syria described as a protecter of christians through the years. do you think that's accurate? were they a protecter of christians? >> i think when you look at them at least in a broad sense, whether it's iraq, syria, egypt, libya, that existing government gave a status quo and a balance. the removal of these governments created a vacuum. and so that in itself
11:46 pm
created a challenge. now, christians are resilient by nature. they are hopeful. they continue to live. they continue to be a reconciling force and their presence is important. but before we scream for democracy and democratic change, we surely must have an alternative otherwise we create political vacuum. those most vulnerable christians you seeds or anybody else end up bearing the brunt not only of the vacuum but also of oppressive groups and regimes that come in. >> that is such a wise point. one of the many unintended consequences. bishop. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> well, at least one republican in washington is not happy with donald trump or his cabinet pick. not just one, actually. there are many. but you might remember jennifer reuben from the show friday. laura ingraham is here to respond to that among other things next.
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>> time now for the friend zone where we invite one of our friends within the building including one sitting next to me laughing on the show. >> what is this "fox & friends"? friend zone? what is this. >> laura ingraham she works here and radio talk show host and neighbor here in washington where i see all the time. >> eating pizza the other day. >> exactly. a lot of republican establishment figures are very upset about trump. and i would say none more so than the republican blogger, writer, whatever from "the washington post jennifer reuben. she has been going after trump. she said this on nb msnbc the other day and i wanted to get your response to it. >> i wish i could say that ben carson was the only person that didn't have experience in his area. as you mentioned tillerson. we also have terry branstad
11:51 pm
the ambassador to china he has been the governor of iowa. and i like her. i think she is smart. nikki haley, terrific person but she is going to the u.n. does she have any foreign policy experience? so, i think what we have will ignoramuses, billionaires and a few generals. >> you don't have to like all the trump appointees, i don't. but there is a hostility there that you recognize from other republicans in dc. what's that about. >> she is the same type of person, bless her heart, who will say that anyone is for enforcing our border is anti-immigrant. anyone who is for examining this is the construction of the establishment that just got drugged in this electric. wilbur ross. one of the most investors.
11:52 pm
one of the top folks goldman. then went into investment films. incredibly smart. obviously hasn't met him. general mattis. these are. so finest people we have in america let alone qualified to do their job. not every pick is a complete home run. we certainly had a lot of so-called experts both the bush administration that she is elm marcenamored of around as america got weaker and weaker and less powerful and more indebt. maybe it's time to give it a different try. >> weaker pandemic like jennifer rubin. >> i guess we can't be as qualified as blogging for "the washington post. >> you are tough and strong and assertive. i saw at lunch with your children a couple of them. laura is actually one the sweeter people in washington.
11:53 pm
i wanted to highlight something you were doing a charity that you are involved in. tell us about it. >> food for the poor. actually operates in 17 different countries. they are phenomenal. 9 5% of all the money. they get small contributions. bigger contributions as well. goes right to services that help the poor not just handing out food and water but self-sustainability. areas that haven't gotten the benefit of a free market and haven't gotten the benefit of a non-corrupt government actually helps these people help themselves. it's amazing. why i know 'it is because i went to one of their countries guatemala which is near and deer my heart my daughter maria 11 is from guatemala. i have got to see what you all do. we went and i was like i spent time both crying, smiling, laughing, and just absorbing the angels that walk among us. people that do the kind of stuff that you and i don't do but give money and support it from nuns who are
11:54 pm
like these frail 70-year-old nuns to young people to people from the united states who go there and work i know a lot of people watching say we have problems here. of course we do. sometimes the least among us actually aren't in our open backyard. sometimes they are in other countries. last time i checked the bible doesn't discriminate between people in your own country and other country snrs it's true. food for the >> and you endorse it? >> phenomenal group across the board. the people who run it very faith-based but they work with people from all different types of ngos and i mean you meet peopl they just emanate goodness? >> yes. >> these are those people. >> i love that there are so many bad charities and this is a good one. laura ingraham great to see you. >> take care. >> coming up, almost time for news abuse. send egregious example of bias or dumbness you see in the press. email "tucker carlson tonight" at
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we will read the best coming up.
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>> well, now it's time for news abuse. we ask you to send in the most egregious examples of media bias and dumbness. there are so many to choose from. it's unbelievable. freedom 628 tweeted us this headline from salon. women's march on washington barred from protesting donald trump inauguration. turns out they didn't get their act together in time to get a permit a little different from being barred just so you know. next up is a headline sent from dave from "the washington post. russian interference could give courts legal authority to install clinton. wow. indeed wishful filament category tonight. and then twitter user sent us this headline pretty direct donald trump is actually a fascist. if you think that's out
12:00 am
there. tonight's subtle at this in journalism award goes to the "new york times" as always this headline at right makeover shrouds the swastikas. welcome to "red eye." hello, every, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> the cia claims russian hackers tried to influence the election. accusations donald trump says are [inaudible]. and there are no political statements in the "star wars" movie "rogue 1". i believe his words are these are not the political statements are you are looking for. and half of the people remember events that never happened. i guess the other half weren't alive for the moon landing. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. like the


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