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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 16, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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thank you for being with us. we hope you have a great night. amazon it will be under your tree by christmas day. enjoy. have a great weekend. tonight sore loser hillary clinton is making even more excuses for her election loss. he. >> he has a personal beef against me. >> trump's manager corely lewandowski reacts to this. president trump promises to get tough on terror. dr. sebastian gorka is here tonight with reaction. plus a mother of four from california is missing. police suspect her husband killed her. he was an illegal immigrant from mexico.
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we'll have the details. and first lady michelle obama takes a shot at the incoming trump administration. >> we feel the difference now. see now we're feeling what not having hope feels like. >> "hannity" starts right here right now. welcome to "hannity." so the biggest liberal cry baby of them all, sore loser hillary clinton keeps making excuses for her loss. that is tonight's opening monologue. all right. so hillary clinton is still refusing to accept the real reason she lost to president-elect donald trump. now instead of just acknowledging a that he was a terribly flawed corrupt candidate with a long track record of failure and a large majority of american voters didn't like, thought was dishonest, hillary clinton is blaming everything but herself for her election loss. last night at a swanky party in new york city, well her and her liberal elitist donor friends, they went out there. she's blaming the fbi, vladimir
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putin, russian hacking fer her historic defeat. >> swing state voters made their decisions in the final days breaking against me because of the fbi letter from director comey. and nate silver believes, i have to believe this, that that letter most likely made the difference in this outcome. vladimir putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system, against our democracy apparently because he has a personal beef against me. this is not just an attack against me and my campaigcampai although that may have added fuel to it. this is an attack against our country. we're well beyond normal political concerns here. this is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.
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>> a personal beef? okay, hillary. let's see if aye got this straight. it's the fbi's fault that you set up an insecure server in a mom and pop shop closet. it's their fault. it has classified information on that computer server that put america's national security at risk. it's their fault. hillary, that's not the fbi's fault. that is your fault. and if we're being totally honest here, you're kind of lucky that president obama's department of justice has protected you because you did break the law and many, including myself, think you should be prosecuted. as for russian hacking, it's not a fact that russia acted with the purpose of helping donald trump win. you need to stop saying that. you're lying to the american people, yet again something you do often. fox news has learned that an internal cia memo confirms that the intelligence community is now in agreement that russia
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sought to interfere in the election but the memo does not include a reference that there was an intention to aid donald trump. the cia has been taking the lead on this. that's the same agency that lied to the american people, all of you watching by changing the benghazi talking points to say terrorism was not to blame. their argument spontaneous demonstration related to youtube video and the demonstrators just happened tore mortars and rp kbrgs in their back pocket. president obama reacted to clinton's claim earlier today. listen to this. >> when i saw president putin in china, i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out. there were going to be some serious consequences if he didn't. 37% of republican voters approve of putin. for too long everything that happens in this town, everything
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that's said is seen through the lens of does this help or hurt us relative to democrats or relative to president obama. unless that changes, we're going to continue to be vulnerable to foreign influence because we've lost track of what it is that we're about and what we stand for. >> obama is so tough, he told putin and china to cut it out. now if the president is so concerned about interference in elections from foreign governments, then why did a congressional investigation find that back in 2014 an israeli political group used 300,000 taxpayer dollars in the obama state department in a grant to create a political apparatus to try to defeat the israeli president, benjamin netanyahu. mr. president, were you trying to interfere in israel's
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elections? the facts for them, it says otherwise. yesterday i had the founder of wikileaks, julian asage on my radio show and he said russia did not give him the podesta e-mails. do they have any proof? so for they haven't presented it. listen to aage. >> our source is not the russian government. >> let me be clear. russia did not give you the podesta documents or anything from the dnc? >> that's correct. >> ku you confirm if you have information containing hacked info from the rnc? >> we received -- public somewhere else. >> whether you like julian aage or wikileaks or not, for ten years they have never been proven to have gotten anything wrong, not one time. then there's president obama on the daily show saying there was no vote tampering done by t
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russians in this election. he told us himself. take a look. >> we were frankly more concerned in the run-up to the election of the possibility of vote tampering which we did not see evidence of and we're confident that we could guard against. >> all right. so what we're seeing here is the sore loser left acting like spoiled little brats, they didn't get what they wanted for christmas so now they're going to ruin the holiday for everyone else. here's one thing they're not talking about and that is what wikileaks actually exposed about the clintons and the dnc. it's all true. it's not like anything you heard was a lie. now wikileaks proved what many of us had suspected for a long time, the clintons are corrupt. the mainstream alt-left media is corrupt as well and they were colluding with the clinton campaign. we learned the dnc worked against bernie sanders in a corrupt way an we learned that some the dnc e-mails contained racist, sexist, homophobic and
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anti-semitic language. in my opinion the country was better off because the truth was told to you, the american people. now all the administration cares about is hacking. my question to president obama, where have you been for eight years. look at this list. these government agencies have been hacked dating back to 2012 and the obama administration didn't lift a finger to try to fix the problem. i've said it many times on this program, yes, julian asage is controversial but did he not do us a favor by exposing one of our glaring weaknesses and shouldn't we have been fixing it the last eight years? if the left is so upset about publishing stolen material were if you're really consistent intellectually, where was the outra outrage when "the new york times" reported donald trump's tax return. they reported it. if wikileaks had the information that was about donald trump, i think the left would have loved
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it being exposed. it would have been wall to wall coverage every day, every minute, every night. what this comes down to is this. the left, the media, they're mad. they're angry. they're in denial. they don't want to admit that they failed and that they got exposed and in the end they lost and they can't admit that they failed. and by the way, what happened to the left's attitude before the election, remember, when they were telling donald trump to stop raising concerns about the system being rigged? remember when obama just a couple of weeks before the election said this? >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even -- you could even rig america's elections, in part because they're so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved. there's no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which
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that will happen this time. and so i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and try to make his case to get vote. >> president obamas and hillary clinton need to stop whining. hillary clinton did the same thing. remember this before the election. >> that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is rigged against him. now, make no mistake, by doing that he is threatening our democracy. >> hillary, stop whining and complaining. listen to your own words, your own criticism. because what you said and what the left is doing is you're advancing a false conspiracy theory as to why you lost. you can't accept responsibility. it's also time for hillary to stop making it all about her. for decades she's been playing that same victim card, the samer
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troubles and scannedments on someone else. remember in the 90s she tried to blame the right wing conspiracy about bill clinton's misconduct. take a look. >> the great tori here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is the right wink conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> this is what the clintons do sadly. they deny, they lie and point the finger and pass the plame. this is about as big a conspiracy as roswell, new mexico, area 51. joining us for reaction, former trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski. how do you sbeinterpret this? >> when it suits them they call on donald trump to stopcying things that they believe to be untruthful. but when donald trump wins the election, now they're saying no, it's the russian's fault, that
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the russians did something that julian asage was aligned to help donald trump. every single e-mail that was published from the podesta e-mail chain has proven to be authentic and the clinton campaign did not want to authenticate those. but they have never ever said that those e-mails were wrong or that they weren't authentic because they know them to be true. this is sour grapes is what this comes down to. >> tell me where the evidence is that russia is involved. now the daily mail had a report yesterday about this guy craig, i believe his last name is murray. and craig murray says he got them directly from a democrat who was disgruntled because bernie sanders had been cheated and the corruption at the clinton foundation and the actual e-mails were handed off personally in a wooded area. which is more likely to be true? >> look. the bottom line is, you know, there is no hard fast evidence. we heard president obama say
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directly that the russians weren't involved in any way, shape or form. and the system is so decentralized that there's no individual way to steal the election. this election was not stolen. donald trump went out, he connected with the voters and look at what the stock market has done since donald trump has taken over as president-elect. it is through the roof. more people are more money to spend at christmas. >> litet's look at this objectively. we're to believe that the democratic blue wall that broke down in iowa, ohio, michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania, states that have a lot in common economically, that those are the only states that were the ones that were influenced by quote vladimir putin and russian hacking. wouldn't it be more likely that it was the message that we can get america back to work, putting america first, bringing in manufacturing? isn't it more likely that those states who have suffered disproportionately to others that the message is what made
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those states change, otherwise the whole country would have bought into russian hacking, right? >> well, that's exactly right. and the bottom line is you get states that are disproportionately affected. hillary clinton was in favor of the tpp called it the gold stan running in a campaign. states like wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania has been hammered by bad trade deals. donald trump from day one on this campaign has said we're going to have fair trade. it's going to be fair trade to the american people for a change. that message resonates with all of those people in those states that have been put out of work by bad trade deals perpetrated by this administration and others and they want a change. washington had lied to them for 30 years and now they're ready for a change. >> you worked for cnn during this process. how horrible -- i mean i guess it was you, jeff lord and what was kaylee is that her name?
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>> yeah, nice woman. >> what was it like, six, seven, eight, nine on one every night? >> look, i think there's a lot of good people over there. i think what the difference is, sean is they fundamentally believe that hillary clinton would have been a better president than donald trump. i don't believe that. that's why i worked for donald trump and stood up for donald trump every chance i could on cnn. washington is broken and until now we've not had a leader who is not beholden to specialst interest that's willing to change it. donald trump is the change agent. the american people see it now. now the networks are seeing it and they're going to have a great year moving forward. trump is going to change washington for the better. >> it's nice to hear your comments without david axelrod an getting in your grill. coming up, president-elect donald trump back on his thank you tour tonight.
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he's in florida. we've got the highlights. also tonight -- >> i will get the gulf states to give us lots of money and we'll build and help build safe zones in syria so people can have a chance. >> president-elect trump says he can get the gulf states to pay for the serious safe zones. later tonight, a california mother of four missing and police suspect her illegal immigrant husband may be to blame. that and more straight ahead. my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. live from america's news headquarters, the u.s. upped the price it has on the head of isis leader el-baghdadi, offering $25
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million for information leading to arrest and conviction of al-baghdadi. the state department says under his leadership isis has been responsible for thousands of deaths in the middle east and terrorist attacks elsewhere. wind chills in the northeast hitting 20 to 30 degrees below 0, making for dangerous driving conditions. the national weather service claiming arctic air is going to get worse with overnight snow and ice moving into new york and pennsylvania. now, back to "hannity". for headlines log on to welcome back to "hannity." president-elect trump is back out on his thank you tour speaking to supporters. here are some of the highlights. >> let's start off by saying
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merry christmas, everyone, merry christmas. i'm here today for one main reason. to say thank you to the incredible people of florida. what a group. as you know, florida is my second home. in many ways it's my first home. i love this state, i love the people, i love the people of the state. you propelled to victory a gr s grassroots movement, the likes of which the world -- they've never seen it before. look at these people. how many people are here. man. that's a lot of people. there's rarely been a time when we needed military power more than it is right now and we're going to have it. it's going to be peace through strength. peace through strength. at the same time, our foreign policy needs a new direction.
8:21 pm
we've spent $6 trillion in the middle east and now it's in worse shape than it's ever been before. years of horror. and look at what's happening over there right now. $6 trillion and look what's happened. it's death. it's a horrible thing. we're going to do everything we can. we're going to get it straightened out one way or another. at home our infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are failing and our workers can't find good paying jobs. you know that. we're going to change that so fast your heads are going to spin. instead of rebuilding foreign nations, it's time to rebuild our nation and that's what we're going to do. for too long we've been moving from one reckless intervention
8:22 pm
to another, countries that most of you have never even heard of before. it's crazy and it's going to stop. a trump administration will focus on the vital national security interests of the united states. and that means crushing isis rapidly and defeating radical islamic terrorism. >> here now with reaction, pollster frank luntz and john mclaughlin. what do you make of the effort of the president and hillary to delegitimize the russian hacking did it. there's no new evidence. nothing new came in. we knew all of this before the election. >> it's 2000 all over again. this is a democratic strategy so that voter wills not accept the outcome. >> it's going to backfire. >> but the problem is -- i love the fact that trump is going out to the people. this is the first time since ronald reagan that the president
8:23 pm
has this kind of army. for every issue, every concern, donald trump will be able to turn out not just tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people that will come to washington saying you have to listen to us. it's a brilliant strategy to run against the cynicism that the democrats are promoting. >> so the president has had eight years to fix the so-called hacking. we've known about this forever. even talked about i told them to stop, meaning the chinese and the russians. influencing elections is so horrible. you were the pollster for prime minister netanyahu. did barack obama use taxpayer dollars and did barack obama send his surrogates on the ground in israel for the purpose of defeating netanyahu? >> yes. the panel found they used tax dollars and that was chaired bipartisan. it was also the tip of the iceberg. he sent jeremy byrd over there. they set up a huge super pac and it got minimal press here.
8:24 pm
the reason he was trying to do it -- thrchlts is the o >> this is the one voice pack. >> right. they were teaching our opposition how to organize and turn out to vote. i'll tell you what it was about. my suspicion was it was topping netanyahu from being able to speak to congress and win the election and then tell them how bad the iran nuclear deal was. >> which he did. >> it's wrong but the president was behind this stuff and the tactics that we learned with prime minister netanyahu we were able to employ in the trump campaign to help him beat hillary clinton. >> was this election a rejection of obama or a rejection of clinton. >> it with us both. we just did a survey for secure america now, it's up on our website, the voters as of this week want change. 52 to 39. and that includes -- i mean, by
8:25 pm
the way, trump has a 48 -- 41. 44 among hispanics. >> there's a demographic shifted. >> if he goes into 50s and 60s, frank says he will be like reagan. if you have a 55%, 60% of the population approving you, we can get the republican congress to repeal and replace 0 bce obamac >> you did not think trump had a good chance. >> i did not think he had a good chance but i thought he was viable because of what he said and how he said it. two points. in fact just one. if trump can keep this majority of the knew voters who have never voted republican before and bring back some of the republicans from the suburbs who voted clinton but voted republican all the way down the line, this is a long term
8:26 pm
majority. he has the chance to change politics as we know it if he can keep the groups together. up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> i will get the gulf states to give us lots of money and we'll build, help build safe zones in syria so people can have a chance. >> extreme vetting, safe zones in syria. we're check in with dr. sebastian gorka. he'll weigh in on that. later tonight -- >> now we're feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. >> i guess for the first time in her adult life she feels hope is going away. why? because donald trump won the election. what's that all about? we'll have a full report, be diddle, mike myers have reaction, much more straight ahead tonight.
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we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. >> all right. that was president-elect donald trump talking about defeating radical islam. he's also addressing the humanitarian crisis in syria, promising to build safe zones for those suffering from the civil war and much more and all of the people that are there. take a look. >> and we'll build safe zones in syria. when i look at what's going on
8:30 pm
in syria, it's so sad. it's so sad. and we've got to help people. and we have the gulf states. they have nothing but money. we don't have money. we owe $20 trillion. i will get the gulf states to give us lots of money and we'll build and help build safe zones in syria so people can have a chance. >> here with reaction, the author of "defeating jihad" dr. sebastian gorka is with us. you've been in touch with the transition team, you've talked about radical islam. you believe it's something we can defeat. obama was out there at a presser saying he took the best course in syria. do you believe in that assessment in. >> no because i live in the real world, sean. it's a catastrophe. the real reason he calls it's l
8:31 pm
inste isil instead of isis -- >> why is that? >> a said kept marching, the jihadis kept on marching. the fact is this is all going to end on january 21st. our foreign policy has been a disaster. we've neglected and abandoned our allies. we've emboldened our enemieenem. the erra of the pajama boy is over january 20th and the alpha males are back. >> let me play obama here and what he said at his press conference today and you tell me out of this what donald trump will do differently. let's roll the tape. >> with respect to syria what i have consistently done is taken the best course that i can to try to end the civil war while having also to take into account
8:32 pm
the long term national security interest of the united states. unless we were all in and willing to take over syria, we're going to have problems. and everything else was tempting because we wanted to do something and it sounded like the right thing to do but it was going to be impossible to do this on the cheap. >> he's the one that drew the red line in syria, if they do this, and they did, which is use weapons of mass destruction against their own people, that would be a bridge too for. they did it, he did nothing. what will be different? >> everything. it's not going to be just wagging your finger or sending samantha power to the u.n. to show at russia or syria. it's been laid out. the youngstown speech by president-elect donald trump is the most explicit expression of his national security policy. you heard it yesterday in hersh hershey, pennsylvania. you've heard it again and again.
8:33 pm
safe zones. there's going to be a place where the refugee wills be protected. we'll send aid to them but we're not going to deploy the air unit. what we did, which is nothing, invading and taking over syria. that's absurd. that's a true man argument. the idea that there's nothing in the middle. donald trump, the master of the deal will use the smart moves in between doing nothing and invading. >> dr. gorka, always appreciate it. any chance you work in the administration? i know you've been over to trump tower a few times. >> i'm waiting to hear. they asked and i said i would be delighted. >> that would be awesome. good to see you, sir. merry christmas. coming up next tonight on the busy news night right here on "hannity." >> see now we're feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. >> really? for the first time in my adult
8:34 pm
life i am proud of my country. now she's not so proud. anyway, michelle obama slamming the incoming trump administration clearly well isn't taking voters who elected trump too seriously. we'll check in with be dit l and mike myers next. tonight, a california woman is missing and police suspect her illegal immigrant husband may be to blame. we'll tell you that story and more ahead. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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my message tonight is for all americans from all parties, all beliefs, all walks of life. whether you're african-american,
8:40 pm
hispanic american or asian american or whatever the hell you are, remember that we are all americans and we are all united by one shared. >> he's having way too much fun. president-elect donald trump delivering a message about uniting the country and americans. first lady michelle obama is telling oprah infriday -- remember he said for the first time in my adult life i'm proud of this country. not now. watch. >> your husband's administration, the election was all about hope. do you think this administration achieved that? >> yes. i do. because we feel the difference now, yeah. see, now we're feeling what not having hope feels like, you
8:41 pm
know. >> now we're feeling what not having hope looks like. all right. madam first lady, may i suggest, you want to know what not having hope is, under your husband, 50 million americans in poverty, 50 million americans on food stamps, 13 million more than before he took office on foods stamps, 8 million more in poverty since he's become president, lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s, lowest homeowner rate in 50 years. really? a lot of people didn't have hope because of his failed policies. joining us now is democratic new york mayoral candidate bo dietl and mike myers. really? for the first time in my adult life i'm proud of my country. now we're feeling what not having hope feels like. >> look, i have hope now.
8:42 pm
i have hope that we're going to have a president. for the last eight year i didn't have hope. i talked to everybody in new york city, there's a lot of people, black and white, people are starting to feel good about this new leader going to lead us out of the abyss. i love what congressman king did when he visited president-elect about opening up the federal investigations into the muslim mosques if there are terrorists that are percolating there. we've got to find out. we can't wait for another attack. >> these two, hillary and -- >> what do you mean these two? >> hillary and michelle. >> two queen bees of the real deplorables. >> we've got to call them irredeemable deplorables. >> they're the real ones. i am so sick of this. wait a minute. let me talk. i can't wait until december 19th when the electoral college finally votes. >> that's monday. >> that's right.
8:43 pm
but you would never believe it because hillary still believes she's campaigning. this is an endless perpetual campaign. she lost. i hope that donald trump comes january 20th, 20th and 21st, we'll have, finally we'll have a new government -- >> now you let me talk. all i can say is one thing. you know hillary clinton lost the election. you know president, the first lady with all respect to her, she came out and said he was not proud to be an american when he was elected -- >> she said for the first time in my adult life i'm proud of my country. >> so she wasn't proud. i'm proud of my country that we're able to take the people's vote, the majority of the country voted someone for change. >> she's living in a bubble. 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty.
8:44 pm
michelle, your husband didn't get the job done. >> i want a government that really drains the swamp. >> you want to come work for me in new york. >> i want a government that defunds sanctuary cities. i want a government that really builds the wall. i want a government that has real borders. >> stay right where you are. we're coming back with both of you. we've got an important story out of california, mother of four missing. police charged her illegal imgrant husband for possible murder and now are asking for the public's help. we'll talk about that and much more straight ahead. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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and we will put an end to illegal immigration. >> all right. that was president-elect donald trump vowing to reduce violent crime by tackling the issue of immigration when he takes off. this can't come soon enough. we have a disturbing story to share with you out of california. in june a mother of four went missing. well now authorities have charged her illegal immigrant husband, an apparent bigamist with her murder, along with his other wife, also an illegal immigrant. he's charged as an accessory after the fact. and joining us now is the man conducting the investigation in this case and that's the sheriff make budreau. was this a case of somebody marrying somebody with the hopes that they get to stay in this country? >> that's what happened in this case. back in 2007 francisco entered
8:51 pm
the united states via california and was caught by i.c.e. and sometime after 2000 he reentered with the united states and met our victim in this case. a relationship developed, a business relationship. he convinced her into marrying him, in the hopes of gaining, you know, being here legally. >> just to fill in gaps, she had four kids from a previous marriage, and his wife in mexico found out he was married to this woman in the united states and is that why the murder happened? in your belief? >> we believe the murder happened because cecelia decided to discontinue the relationship. the information from family members and forensics we can't go into, she decided she was no longer going to participate in that relationship. because of that, we believe that
8:52 pm
francisco decided to kill her. >> are there forensic that's prove that you know she's dead? >> we believe she's dead. she was very close to her family. multiple contacts throughout the day and phone calls, visiting through multiple years as well as social media sites she's active on throughout the day. that ceased and discontinued the day we located her burned vehicle in an orchard. >> good grief. so sad. bo, when donald trump talked about some people being criminals, we know the numbers and they're massive. >> this guy was an illegal immigrant, arrested eight times and on suspicion of killing that
8:53 pm
officer. i become the mayor of new york, you commit a crime and you're illegally in this country, bye-b bye-bye on the next plane out of here. >> you may not have a primary because your opponent is so corrupt. >> i said like june 15th. i will tell you there will be no sanctuary city for new york city if i become mayor. >> the law is the law. what happened to equal protection and rule of law? we need a government where everybody is treated equally. >> sheriff, you believe you're close to resolving this case? it's so sad. >> we believe we have two people responsible for this case in custody. what we're asking for is anyone that might have information as
8:54 pm
to the body. you know? so we're in hopes to give comfort for the family and provide services they deserve. >> very sad. >> listen to me. this will be the first time in my life if i become a city -- >> they need a moderate like bo. they've gone too left-tatacious. >> all right. no more does everybody make santa cookies? everybody i know. how does he eat them all? he's working hard all night... he gets hungry. why do you spray that? well, it magically keeps the dough from sticking to our cookie cutter. with pam nothing gets stuck. ♪
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welcome back to "hannity". what do you think hillary clinton's next excuse will be for losing the election? my dog ate my home work? go to
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thank you for being with us. we hope you have a great night. breaking tonight, a new controversial with reports the fbi is on board with the cia's assessment that russia's end game was a donald trump presidency. welcome to the kelly file. the washington post reports the heads of the cia and fbi met and agreed that donald trump was a motive in the rush cyber security. just moments before the president took


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