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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 19, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> okay. [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. great to be here. >> thank you. >> we are going to be back all week. join us tomorrow same time, same couch. crowded house, crowded couch. good morning, everybody, the electoral college today voting across the country in various state capitals, and some republicans saying they are now being pressured to change their vote. president-elect trump saying if the tables were turned, it would be a whole different story. so then is there a double standard? it's christmas week. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer -- martha: i did, did you? bill: fantastic. martha: good morning, everybody at home. here's the big question3yñ?ñ? fr
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"the new york post" dubbing it d-day. have to switch sides to make a difference. it's never been done before. incoming chief of staff reince priebus saying overturning the results on election day is not the goal here. listen. >> i think the real question is why the democrats and why these electors and why and all these organizations are doing everything they can to de-legitimize the outcome of the election. the reality of all of this and all of these players that are spinning these reports are doing it for a political purpose which is to de-legitimize the outcome of the election. martha: so we've got fox team coverage on this. byron york is on deck, first let's go to peter doocy who's live at mar-a-lago in palm beach, or florida, where the trumps will be spending the the holidays.
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peter, what does the president-elect think about what they are doing here? >> he thinks they are getting basically ignoring, because right now on the left there are a lot of voices complaining about whether or not the electoral college is the best way to pick a president and about whether or not it's going to be possible to stop trump from becoming the president today. weekend. if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing they would be scorned and called terrible names. so what kind of complaining is the president-elect referring to? well, the latest word from the losing clinton campaign manager is that he still does not think she would have lost if it wasn't for russian hackers. >> a foreign adversary directly intervened into our democratic institution and tried to tilt the election to donald trump. i think that if you look back and see what happened over the
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course of last few weeks, you see the way the votes broke, you know, i was highly critical of the way the fbi, particularly the fbi director managed the situation with respect to the russian engagement versus hillary clinton's e-mails, i think that all had an effect on the election. >> reporter: but members of the trump inner circle are still out there saying they don't thinks that is right,zbcuxgy%[ mr. podesta said. she got fewer votes. martha: we'll be getting into all of that throughout the course of the morning, peter. so what does the president-elect have planned for today? >> reporter: martha, last night the president-elect had an off the record meeting with some of the reporters who are here all of the talk of that was off the record. later on today he's going to have some more meetings behind closed doors, high profile. we expect to get a guest list a little bit later on today, but
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he does still have two cabinet positions to fill with inauguration day approaching, so he's got some work to do. martha? martha: base of operations now in palm beach florida -- bill: not a bad place to hang out. sunshine. you would need to actually make history to change this vote. the last time more than one elector did change their vote was before the civil war. so then you wonder why is this such a big deal. byron york, fox news contributor, good day to you on a monday. >> good morning, bill. bill: so in theory, this is the last chance for the never trumpers today, correct? >> it is, indeed. after the electors vote, donald trump will be the president. all he has to do is take the president. hamilton electors, they call themselves hamilton electors, who are trying to convince republican electors to defect from trump, about a week agoing they had one
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republican elector, a man in texas who wrote an op-ed for "the new york times" and said he now today, a week later about all this talk about russian hacking, all these efforts to persuade people, they still have one republican elector who says he'll defect from trump. so it looks like what we're going to have is an electoral college vote in which one, maybe there's two electors vote differently than what their voters, essentially, told them to do. that's what has happened several times in history, and it has never, never changed the course and outcome -- bill: that's remarkable. 21 states do not require the electors to vote for the winner of that state. 29 states, however, do. that is a high bar, byron. >> very high bar. as a matter of fact, that is why this group, this anti-trump group went to court in a couple of states channeling these laws, and -- challenging these laws, and they haven't gotten decisions on that yet. but the bigger thing is most of these electors if not all of
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these electors say that they are going to vote the way that the majority of voters or the pluralityz#r 8#j states voted. we just saw a report from pennsylvania, one of the most hard-fought of the swing states, where all of the electors said we're going to vote the way pennsylvania voted, which is for donald trump. bill: you know, hillary clinton wasn't the first choice for a lot of democrats either. but nobody's asking the question as to whether or not electors will vote for bernie sanders. could happen. >> well, the theory behind the hamilton electors was not to actually elect hillary clinton, it was to actually throw the election into the house of representatives with neither candidate getting 270. a number of these democrats had said they would be open to voting for some sort of moderate republican like john kasich or something. and then somehow magically the house of representatives dominated by republicans, many of them from states that donald trump won, somehow they would elect somebody other than trump.
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but the theory was that a number of clinton electors would go away as well. bill: one last point here. the protests are happening in new york city. not on a grand scale, but you could see it over the weekend here in manhattan. if that is able to spread to chicago or st. louis or atlanta, 2017 could be a rocking year. of brooklyn, new york? what is your expectation? >> yeah. well, it actually could happen. clearly, the protest errs, the more progressive wing of the democratic party, they were shocked like a lot of people on election day. they've got their feet back under them. i would expect you'd see a peak day on january 20th here in washington, we'll certainly see some of that. but my guess is if you have some sort of permanent protest structure, it would be more kind of like the occupy movement, like a self-marginalizing
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movement that donald trump republicans and many in the mainstream of politics could look at a small fringe who are not really involved in the mainstream of american politics. bill: something to watch, and we shall. thank you, byron, merry christmas to you. see you tomorrow, okay? on tuesday. martha: so electors across the country have reported being pressured and intimidated in some cases to change their vote. one republican elector or out of michigan says he has received death threats. >> i got inundated with facebook messages, e-mails, letters to my house, i'm getting four or five every day, and a lot of hateful, angry messages, death threats, death wishes. so it's been quite the martha: he's going to join us live only hourses before he or or casts his vote, that's in just a few minutes from now. bill: an elector down in texas says they've gotten 300,000 e-mails.
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can you imagine? bill: no, i can't. martha: at least everybody knows i'm an elector now, right? bill: the head of the democratic party now says they were attacked, and e-mails were the weapon. watch. >> the president's party was hacked. not the democratic party, the president -- he is a democrat. his party was hacked. the e-mails were weaponized. bill: well, president-elect trump saying the e-mails revealed democratic dirty laundry and nothing more than that. well, who's right? we're going to have a fair and balanced debate discussion on that coming up in moments here. martha: and a fox news alert as war crimes continue unpunished in aleppo. now a new international push to rescue those who are still there, the innocent children and families that are caught up in that fighting. bill: also a teenager trained to be a suicide bomber by isis is now talking. why he says he could not go through with the terror plot that he helped design.
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target civilians there. this as iraqi forces advance street by street to retake the second largest city in that country. u.s. military commanders say the fight has been tougher than they expected, and they warn it could go on for months. look at the scenes of the people in the streetses in mow all right now. heartbreaking pictures as refugees beg for food. serious food shortages in the city right now, and they're trying to get it for the workers at a camp about 45 minutes outside of mosul. >> police spent $1.2 billion, lost an election they should have won, didn't see us coming and got a lot of help, frankly, in -- the campaign is over. this man is the president. bill: that has not stopped the campaign to get electors to switch their vote today. my next guest has received even death threats. michael is the youth vice chair9 of the michigan republican
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party. michael, good morning to you. you've gotten all kinds of attention in the last week. thank you for your time. did you vote for donald trump? >> oh, absolutely. yes, my whole household did. bill: it did. did you vote for him in the primary season as well, michael? >> no. i was actually a marco rubio supporter through the primary, but once it came around to the general, it was a pretty easy choice between the two candidates. bill: okay. what will you to today in lansing? >> so what we're doing is we meet for a special session of the senate, and we'll officially tally our votes for president and vice president of the united states. that vote is then certified by governor of the state of michigan and sent to washington, d.c. where the vice president tallies those votes in front of a joint session of congress. bill: i'm assuming today you vote trump, correct? >> absolutely. myself and the 15 other, and the 15 other electors. bill: so that's 16 from michigan. what has the story been like for
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you when you relay the media story thes of death threats? what's that all about, michael? >> yeah. so the devisiveness of the political cycle -- divisiveness of the political cycle just bled over. i got 3,000 letters to my house in the last three three days. it's been create crazy. and unfortunately, i've received death threats, people talking about putting a bullet in the back of my mouth, burning my family, sending me pictures of a noose, just some nasty, disappointing messages from people from across the country. bill: what was the impact on you? did it give you pause or not, michael? >> well, i think it's one of those things where these guys are just bullies, and you can't let bullies get to you, because then they win. so i've chosen to not let it bother me that much. i, obviously, am disturbed by these messages, but i reported them to the police, and i feel that they're handling it appropriately, and it's made me very confident in my safety. i think you've got to lower the
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shoulder and trudge on because if you let these bullies win, they get what they want, and they don't deserve it. bill: when you heard about that, would you -- is that something that you were interested in, that intelligence report? >> no, i laughed when i heard about it because i think it's pretty ridiculous. there's no precedence for giving national security briefings to presidential electors based on a rumor that's come out about the cia. we had, i think "the new york times" article that reported on this said that their sourcing from the cia was just anonymous source and nothing beyond that, and if that's the precedence that we're setting for average american electors to start receiving national security briefings, i think it's pretty ridiculous. i think the fbi also had refuted some of these claims, so there's a lot of conflict here, and i'm confident if there was any russian hacking or anything into the dnc or anything like that, it'll be handled accordingly, and we'll have it investigated. but i don't think it's appropriate to have presidential electors receiving intelligence
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briefings before the vote. bill: we're receiving word out of texas that at least one elector in that state will not vote for donald trump. that would be history. it may not make a difference in the end, we don't believe it will. what do you think of that as a republican colleague? >> well, i think it's absolutely shameful, what that man is doing in texas. because if you look at the facts of the situation, his arguments don't hold any water. so he was elected at the texas gop state convention as an elector for the republican nominee for president and vice president. he signed a legal affidavit saying that he would do so. he then appeared on the november 8th ballot as an elector for donald trump and mike pence, and millions of texans voted for him as an elector for donald trump and mike pence, not a rogue elector. so to be that deceptive to the voters and think that your opinion is somehow better than the millions of people of your own state who told you to send that message for donald trump and mike pence, it's absolutely ridiculous, it's shame. , and i think it's going to be the lone republican out there
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that's going to be doing that in this election cycle. bill: you think he's the only one? >> yeah, absolutely. i, i can't see anybody else doing what he's doing. i know especially in michigan all 16 of us are very confidently and proudly going to deliver the message that the michigan voters sent on november 8th. bill: 200,000 e-mails have been received by one elector in the state of texas. now, you shared a little bit about why they're contacting you. what do you think this is all about? >> well, i mean, they want us to change our votes. it's pretty clear. and i think a lot of these messages are coming from people who really just don't understand the electoral college. and i think it's important that people understand that we have this process in place for the specific reason that every american has a voice in this process. so that big states with large populations, dense pop belations like california -- populations like california and new york don't dominate every single election cycle that we have. states like wyoming, new hampshire and all of these smaller states in middle america
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have a voice in this process. i believe hillary clinton, her popular vote lead is coming, almost all of it, out of three counties in california while donald trump won geographically far more than 80% of the united states, middle america, the midwest. so i think it's important that people kind of reevaluate this and look at why the electoral college was put into place. bill: that's a very interesting argument. he would argue -- she would argue i've got 2.8 million more votes than donald trump. >> well, like i said, the large populated states on the east and west coast are what are providing her that large lead. and i think if you look at the diverse vote that donald trump has received not just from the states, but demographically, you'll find that he is representing the majority of america, agriculture, industry, things like that. so i think that it's not an argument that holds water. and this system was not put into place so that 538 elites could get together and decide what is the best leader for everybody
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else. will: a -- bill: a pretty good civics lessons hasn't it? i bet you've learned some things. >> yeah, absolutely. it's been an interesting process. i think the unfortunate thing i've learned is that a lot of americans are not as informed on this process as they probably should be. bill: what time do you vote today? >> so we vote at 2:00. bill: 2:00ing. in michigan. we'll watch it. thank you, michael, for your time. >> thanks for having me. bill: you bet. thanks for coming on. martha: all right. so the excuses and the rationalizations for the clinton loss continue. john podesta refusing to call the presidential election fair and free. he says putin hacked the election because he, quote, wants trump as his lap dog. karl rove is here to respond to all of that later this hour. bill: also the president-elect with two events over the weekend, another message for china. do not bother giving back the drone that you stole from the waters underneath the pacific, rather, you can keep it. that was his message. new diplomatic troubles or something more?
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we'll dive into that in a moment. >> maybe they saw the success that the iranians had after they captured two american vessels and put american sailors on their knees. there's no strength on the part of the united states of america.
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bill: breaking news on a monday from trump tower, another nomination from the president-elect, trump will nominate vincent viola for secretary of the army, infantry officer, trained as a ranger, serves in the 101st airborne division. he's long been engaged with national security issues even after his military service, he's
6:25 am
been in private business as well, owns an nhl team in the state of florida, so he's getting the nod. his name will be put forth in nomination come january. so that's the news from this moment. martha: the very latest. meanwhile, u.s. officials now telling fox news that china will return the drone that they seized, and that will happen as early as tomorrow morning. there'll be an exchange between the ships, the ship that took this drone and our ship will receive it in the water -- in the open waters there. the chinese military say they found the underwater drone while they were collecting unclassified scientific data in the south china sea, but president-elect trump telling china not to bother, tweeting: we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole back, let them keep it. our next guest is michael walz, former counterterrorism adviser to vice president dick cheney. good to have you, welcome. >> hey, thanks so much. martha: let me first get your
6:26 am
thoughts on this breaking news for the new secretary of the army, vince viola. he sort of combines the things we have seen most strongly focused on the trump team which is military and very strong business expertise as well. >> well, that's right. and i think, let me be clear, this is a great pick. mr. viola, you know, also spent a good amount of time in the army reserves, so he was able to continue his army career and stay plugged into those issues, understand what the army was going through as it evolved, but then also build his business career. and i think you're absolutely right, it's in this kind of common vein of bringing business expertise to our foreign policy and national security or bureaucracy where, frankly, you have to get things done. you know, in the business world the bottom line matters most. you can't let things foster and linger or, and i think many viola's going to bring that mindset to the army, and i'm excited to see the pick. martha: yeah. he got very involved after
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september 11th with his concern with counterterrorism. >> right. martha: he's a new yorker so, obviously, he and donald trump share that history, and he raised his family here as well, so we're going to hear a lot more about vince viola. in so many ways he seems to fit the mold of what we're seeing in terms of character and background experience that we've seen in a lot of these individuals that have been chosen so far. michael, i want to get your thoughts on this incident with china over the weekend. what do you think about this whole thing? >> well, i'm hoping the chinese paid more attention to mr. trump, the president-elect's first tweet which said this was an unprecedented act, we shouldn't stand for it and to give it back. i can guarantee the u.s. navy wants it back, because they know that the chinese probably spent the last several days under the hood of this underwater drone looking at every sensor, how it communicates, and just how the thing operates. you know, one of the biggest pieces that the chinese navy is putting funding and emphasis on
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is its submarine fleet as it expands in its very aggressive posture in the south and east china seas. and just as aerial drones were kind of the big, hotst thing ten years ago, now these undersea drones are also very new, and the chinese want to figure out how we're doing it, steal our technology like they're doing through various cyber hacks and catch up with us. martha: yeah. you know, you say you hope they spend more time paying attention to the first tweet. the second tweet is the one that said, you know, forget it, we don't want it back. because i would imagine the underlying thinking is you've already got everything you want off of that thing, and point well taken. so you don't agree with that. >> well, you know, i'm not sure why, you know, where the shift came from or what the president-elect was thinking in that regard. but, you know, i am encouraged by his stance thus far in taking the call from the taiwanese president and really seasoning the signal to china -- sending
6:29 am
the signal to china that this relationship needs to change. it's been kind of go along and get along for the last 37 years, since 1979 where, you know, china needed to be helpful with north korea, stabilize the trade routes leading through the south and east china sea to japan and south korea and essentially be, you know, a positive actor on the world stage. i don'ti don't think that's beee case, and we haven't even talked about, again, these massive cyber intrusions that have been the largest theft of american technological superiority in history. martha: it's fascinating to watch the back and forth between these countries x this incident with china over the weekend, i think no doubt, is a test to throw out in front of donald trump and see how he responds to it. and it'll be good to see the negotiation that takes place in the water today and whose terms
6:30 am
that happens on. michael, thank you very much. bill: a top democrat saying the party is under attack from forbe forces and e-mails -- from foreign forces and e-mails are the weapons of choice. how republicans are now responding. >> what the democrats ought to do is look in the mirror and face the reality that they lost the election, and they lost the election because they're so and completely out of touch with the american people that they're still shellshocked, and they can't believe it.
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bill: getting news from overseas
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now, a teenager trained by isisd bombing attempt. he was arrested in august while attempting to carry out a suicide bombing at a soccer stadium in iraq, 15 years old. telling sky news he knew it was wrong when he saw the other kids as he approached his target. wow. he returned to his trainer saying he could not go forward but was ordered to go back, and that is when he was arrested by police. he says he was trained at an isis camp for kids where they were taught suicide bombings, how to use machine guns and shown videos of beheadings. he's being held on terrorism charges at a juvenile decenter today. detention center today. >> this was a very intrusive process. the president's party was hacked, not the democratic party, the president -- he is a democrat. his party was hacked. the e-mails were weaponized, the
6:34 am
release of stolen, hacked e-mails caused a lot of confusion and, of course, it disrupted our daily campaign lives. martha: that is interim dnc chairman donna brazile on the magnitude of the russian e-mail hack. she says the dnc was overwhelmed by the cyber attacks and that the leaks kept coming every hour of every day even after president obama told putin to knock it off. mary ann march, kristin ankerson -- ander is the author of the selfie vote. kristin, let me start with you because you say you were in the green room yesterday doing the same show with donna brazile, and you were sympathetic to what she had to say. >> well, i like donna, she's very kind to me and, you know, when wikileaks put these e-mails out there in the public, you know, wikileaks always says they're about transparency, but when these e-mails were released, they weren't released as one big dump saying, hey,
6:35 am
world, take a look at this. it was drip, drip, drip over time. they began some of these leaks around the time of the access hollywood tapes, but that kind of got -- of course, that story was the one that was the bigger story, so over time these things dribbled out. but i do think democrats are running into a big problem when they make the case that the election was hacked. there's a difference between john to podesta's e-mail was hacked, things were introduced into this campaign that probably shouldn't have been in the campaign, and the idea that donald trump's win is illegitimate. democrats are conflating the two. we should be able to say that, yes, russia and wikileaks were trying to intervene in our election, and that was bad. it doesn't mean that donald trump's win has to come with this asterisk. martha: here's a couple of things i just don't get, mary ann. they're basically saying, you know, we were embarrassed, we were sort of stumbling over the fact that we had to deal with personal e-mails put out into the atmosphere every single day.
6:36 am
now, i can see why that would be distracting to a campaign, however, nobody's arguing the contents weren't real. so what we got to see was embarrassing e-mails between co-workers. now, that is 'em embarrassing, but it isn't necessarily -- you know, tactic may have been evil, but it's not manipulating the information. and why is it that they are so concerned and wishing for government hem on this e-mailish knew -- help on this e-mail issue, and yet they felt everybody should just ignore fact that there was an unsecure server at hillary clinton's house that foreign governments, most likely, had access to? >> i mean, martha, there's so much there, let's start -- martha: well, go ahead. [laughter] >> first of all, we were at the convention together in philadelphia. the use of these wikileaks were dropped at specific times, on the eve of the convention, during the the debate, and as we know, wikileaks was covered second only to hillary clinton's e-mails. so so the entire campaign except
6:37 am
for a few precious days were consumed by wikileaks and e-mails. number two, we don't know as we speak right now whether there were wiki leak e-mails that were fabricated -- martha: no one has ever said that they were. see that e-mail with my name on it? i didn't want write it. >> martha, martha, he's the problem, we have not heard from fbi director james comey on the wikileaks. he hasn't told us whether they were authentic. where is the letter? martha: look, if an e-mail came out with your name or my name on it and it wasn't, it was something you never wrote, wouldn't you say so? >> martha, as i've said on this show previously, i have no doubt someday we will find out that some of those e-mails were fabricated. perhaps not the ones in the beginning because they tried to establish credibility, but the back end, i promise you. and the fact that there were fabricated e-mails and that every media outlet that reported on them -- [inaudible conversations]
6:38 am
martha: they made people look bad, right? on the other hand, they have a server that had classified information on it that the democrats were saying shouldn't matter to people. >> we -- no, martha, actually, in all of this hillary clinton's probably the only one who did not get hacked. that's the irony here. she probably -- martha: a little bit of twisted logic there, i think. >> no. martha: kristin, go ahead. >> i do think this argument that it should be up to jim comey to come out and say these e-mail were real or fake, i don't think that's his job. i think his job -- >> of course it is. >> -- is to evaluate the, who is doing this and why they're doing it. and that's where they're coming out now, and they're all beginning to get on the same page and say, look, this was russia. i have no doubt that russia was involved in this. we've seen a lot of talk recently are republicans becoming too cozy with rush. rush -- with russia over this. we're conflating, was russia involved with wikileaks? yes, absolutely, and we need to
6:39 am
develop the capability to do something about it. when president obama comes out and says i told putin to knock it off and he knocked it off, you had donna brazile saying on tv that's not the case. they didn't just knock it off because president obama said so. that's a fundamentally different thing than did russia illegitimately steal this election for donald trump -- martha: yeah. that's a leap, i think, people will get to in time. however, i keep going back to the main point which is you can't be outraged that your e-mails are stolen when a server is outside -- >> martha. martha: quick thought, mary ann. >> comey, 11 days before the election came out and talked about possible e-mails, and then there was nothing there. yet we've not heard one word from james comey on anything about wikileaks, and it clearly played a role in this election. that is shameful. martha: point made. good to see you both. bill: so the interim held of the
6:40 am
dnc not the only ones blaming the russians -- >> you can't answer the question, do you believe this was a free and fair election? >> well, i think it was distorted by the russian intervention, let's put it that way. >> and what does "distorted" mean? bill: so that's hillary clinton's campaign manager refusing to say the race between clinton and trump was fair. so what's karl rove got to say about that now? we'll talk to him live in a moment in studio. martha: look at this. this is not what you want to happen out there, bill. bill: no! martha: what happened here, and how did it all turn out? live from fox news capital of the world, midtown manhattan, all dressed up for christmas. take a look, folks. bill: yeah, we are. martha: there it is. is this going to fit on your tree? all lined up if for you. ♪ ♪
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martha: so some new video of terrifying moments on the slopes. check this out, a snow snowboarder got caught on the chair lift. he can be seen dangling here. this is not what you want to happen. this is in oregon just over a week ago. the lift was stopped, rescuers were able to get the victim down but, boy, everybody was holding
6:44 am
their breath for a while on that one. thankfully, everybody's okay. bill: looks like hemmer sometimes on the slopes. >> i think russians clearly intervened in the election. clinton got 2.9 million more votes than donald trump, but, you know, donald trump is claiming the electoral college victory, and, you know, tomorrow the electors will get to vote. >> you didn't answer the question. do you believe this was a free and fair election. >> well, i think it was, i think it was distorted by the russian intervention, let's put it that way. >> and what does "distorted" mean? let me ask you this then -- >> a foreign adversary directly intervened into our democratic institution and tried to tilt the election to donald trump. bill: john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign manager, from sunday. blaming the russians clearly for hillary clinton's loss in part, calling president-elect trump vladimir putin's lap dog. karl rove, former white house deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and a fox news contributor, in studio today. nice to to see you, sir.
6:45 am
>> good to be here. bill: merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. bill: it's a special day. >> well, thank you. with. bill: podesta said russia clearly intervened. to what extent, and when do we see the evidence? >> well, look, we know they were behind the hacking. i accept the word of the cia. bill: you do? >> i do. this ought to be thoroughly investigated by the regular committees of congress, senate and the house intelligence committee, in my opinion. but to what effect? the day before the october 7th wikileaks release in the real clear politics average, hillary clinton was at 48%, and on election day she got 48.08%. the absence of a compelling message to vote for her, a dreadful candidate who came down to the end and sounded like i'm more of the same, status quo, elect me because i deserve it, they're blaming the russians for the failure of the clinton campaign to actually have a campaign. and i thought it was pathetic yesterday that after piously lecturing the american people
6:46 am
that donald trump ought to accept the outcome of the election, that they are now not accepting the outcome of the election. bill: so you were to hot on fire, that continues today. i appreciate the vigor and enthusiasm. what is the means to the ends here for democrats? what is their objective prior to inauguration? >> well, look, i'm passionate about this because this is déjà vu all over again. i saw after the 2000 election when they tried to de-legitimize george w. bush's election. we had james carville, the democratic leader of the house on "meet the press" twice asked by tim russert do you think george bush was legitimately elected, and twice dick gephardt, who's a good man, said no. and yesterday john podesta attempted to do the same thing 16 years later with the incoming president of the united states. it is not good for our country, particularly people who have piously and hypocritely lectured the american people who then
6:47 am
don't support the outcome of the election and also say things are inaccurate. will: if you're right about that, i'm looking around manhattan, and i see protests, maybe 100 people here, maybe 200 over there. if you are right to delegitimize trump when he is sworn in, does the left stop what they're doing? >> no, this is a way for them to raise money. we saw it in stein. let's go out and raise $5 million overnight to contest the election in three great lakes states because hillary clinton had the election stolen from her. well, it turned out donald trump got more votes as a result of those recounts. look at it on and all these left-wing groups. they need it to collect member, get names, yet internet e-mail addresses and raise money. and this is going to continue. bill: so you support the investigation or hearing, whatever comes of that.
6:48 am
>> it's not going to happen before the president leaves office, and it shouldn't. he's rushing in order to have it done while he's in office so that he can be the pontificator in chief. this ought to be done in the normal course of, and in a bipartisan way through the house and senate intelligence committees. bill: so your job to figure out why people vote the way they do, and you're damn good at it as a matter of fact. i thought your piece in "the wall street journal" last week was telling, the many democratic excuses for defeat. apparently, they had democratic operatives all over the state looking for direction in michigan, and they could not get it because the headquarters would not provide it for them. >> not only that, but some people were dispatched to go to iowa which they were clearly going to lose, and the michigan ers said, no, no, and clinton team reads them the riot act. they were consistently behind in
6:49 am
the polling in iowa, michigan was tightening, and they said keep them at home. bill: saw this on another network earlier today, cnn. the biggest challenge is getting out of our bubbles. that's a quote from clinton supporters saying they knead to understand -- they need to understand trump voters. so what is happening in that world? >> well, john december that and donna brazile and others are showing they aren't getting owl to out of their bubble, they're fortifying their bubble. they're staying in this we didn't lose the election because we lacked a compelling message, because we had a lousy candidate, we didn't lose the election because we were far too left wing, because we were status quo, we didn't lose the election because we're a bunch of smart people sitting in brooklyn con she -- condescendingly looking down at the rest of america. no, that isn't true. and the democratic party will not heal itself until it accepts the fact that it lost the election to donald trump because
6:50 am
they had a lousy candidate, a lousy message, a left-wing attitude, and the american people didn't buy it. bill: nice to get you out of austin. >> good to be here. merry christmas. martha: all right. a race against time as we have discussed in the war-torn country of syria to help thousands of civilians trapped in aleppo. the u.n. security council voting this morning, calling for officials to monitor evacuations. you may wonder why this took so long. more to come. bill: also america, hollywood remembering the life of zsa zsa gabor, leaving us at the age of 99. ♪ ♪ ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq.
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>> darling, i don't know how i missed marrying you. you're everything i'm looking for in a man; you're handsome, you're italian, you're rich, and you're not so bright. [laughter] bill: a hollywood icon. she has now left us. hungarian-born actress zsa zsa gabor known for her glamour and for her multiple marriages, nine of them, in fact. she played mostly minor roles in movies and t shows but -- and tv shows but became famous as an outspoken socialite. she wasn't afraid to joke about herself be also served time in jail, 1989 in california for slapping a police officer. she apparently was in poor health for the past half a dozen years and suffered a heart attack at her home in california yesterday, and zsa zsa gabor was 99 years old. an american original, you could say, right? martha: yeah. zsa zsa and her sister, ava, they were quite, you know, some say sort of like the kardashians in terms of that celebrity presence in all of the magazines
6:55 am
and the tabloids and all those marriages and the diamonds and everything. but she was a beautiful woman. we look at all of those pictures -- bill: and she did it without facebook and instagram, right? martha: yeah. i thoughting you were going to say something else. and she did it without a facelift. [laughter] i was like, well, i don't know about that. no, without facebook and instagram, that's absolutely true. all right. bill: 99. martha: 99. so amid the growing knew humanitarian crisis in syria, inspectors monitor the evacuations in aleppo as we are learning more about the rescue of dozens of children trapped in an orphanage seen on this video pleading for help last week. conor powell live in our mideast newsroom with the latest on this, conor. >> reporter: for a week now, desperate civilians have been trying to get out of aleppo as part of a massive evacuation effort, tens of thousands lined
6:56 am
up to get out, only a few thousand in the last week were able to. that's beginning to change today as the buses are rolling including 47 young syrian orphans who were seen in a video last week begging for help, begging for freedom to get out of aleppo. the u.n. now saying these children are safely out of aleppo, many of them are malnourished and in desperate need of medical help, but they are safely out. however, tens of thousands of other civilians and some rebel fighters are also trying to get out today. the buses are rolling, many lining up, braving freezing cold temperatures at night, trying to get on these green buses to take them out of aleppo. the temporary ceasefire is probably more just a small lull in the fighting. there's a real concern that the fighting is going to pick up, but these buses are moving, people are getting out. but there's a real concern that in the last week or so we've seen many of these convoys be attacked. both the assad regime and rebel fighters blamed for these attacks, but we've seen buses
6:57 am
set afire, gunfire attacking these convoys, so it really a precarious situation as these people are desperately trying to get out. the good news, martha, people are getting out. there is some hope right now. but how long this actually lasts, well, that's sort of the big question. the fighting is expected to pick up soon. these guys, obviously, want to get out. martha: a tragic situation and good to see at least a little bit of movement, some light in that tunnel. bill: back in this country now, fox news alert as the first group of electors now i set to convene now, live look inside the statehouse in west virginia. electors will vote there in a matter of minutes. much more ahead as the process plays out state by state, about to make history. back in a moment, top of the hour. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers.
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show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new martha: all eyes on the electoral college as the electors around the country start heading toward their state capital to cast their ballot to confirm the next president of the united states. let's take a look where some of this is happening. we are watching the press as they start the whole thing rolling and we welcome you on day that we could see donald trump finally confirmed as the next president of the united states, i'm martha maccallum.
7:01 am
bill: i'm bill hemmer. collect real college members will vote today, 306 pledged to donald trump and 232 for hillary clinton. >> other electors received thousands of letters, emails, facebook messages, i got 3,000 letters in my house in the last days, it's been pretty crazy. unfortunately i have received death threats, burning my family, sending me picture of news and saying that if i don't work for hillary clinton, they will hit me. bill: that was from michigan, live at harrisburg, pa. blake: you said it feels like an election day all over again, that is exactly right in pennsylvania, state capital.
7:02 am
it's been loud and lively. 20 electors are expected to come behind me in a couple of hours from now. there's the last dish push. faithless elector. that being an elector who night go in a different direction, however, that has been a very rare case in american politics, for example, the last soul faithless elector was in 2008, one constitutional law expert who we spoke said basically what happened on november 8th is very likely to stick, listen. >> we may see one or two stray votes here and there but nothing that will affect the majority of the electoral college and that he will be the next president. blake: this official gets formalized in washington, d.c. a couple of weeks from now when the new congress convenes first week of january whoan the votes
7:03 am
come in bill. bill: what kind of pressure are they receiving? blake: take a look behind me. these are probably a few hundred protestors, largely peaceful, you could read the sign. you know what they are trying to get accomplish here. when speaking with law enforcement official in pennsylvania, much like other elector that you played the sound bite, here in pa some electors have received death threats we are told, emails, messages and the like. there had been anecdotes like this all over the country. we believe they will continue to be here for several hours. bill: we will be back with you later. harrisburg, pa. martha. martha: accusing democrats of using report of russian hack to go delegitimize mr. trump's win
7:04 am
but some electors say they deserve answers. >> i believe in the constitution and i believe that this is real process and i also believe that donald trump will be selected as president and i support the peaceful transfer of power. but in the meantime, we have a meaningful role to make sure ha the american public has information and to make it absolutely clear that no foreign government should be able to get away with this. >> editor in chief of the weekly standard, steve, you listen to words of passion, he believes that the outcome will not change but that there's an important principle at stake here, what do you make of it all? >> look, i think they are right concern of potential role that russia played in intervening with the election and attempt to russia to affect outcome of the election. we are far from being able to prove that russia had impact on the election and seemed increasingly clear that
7:05 am
democrats are playing partisan politics by trying to delegitimize donald trump as he heads into office. martha: in terms of that, all of the effort to poke holes in the legitimacy, this is going to be confirmed january 6th, after they finish could wanting the ballots and make official proclamation. what's the impact, if any? >> donald trump shouldn't be president because vladimir putin put him there. there's amount of evidence that we would need to see, we haven't seen it. we have seen leaks from cia and intelligence agencies affirming leaks from the cia. we haven't seen testified. you have republicans, quite forcibly that this polittization
7:06 am
that we have seen and silly for electors to claim that they need to see evidence that hasn't been presented to the u.s. congress. you remember last week the represents from the cia, the director of national intelligence refused even to brief members of congress who have constitutional obligation to conduct this oversight. it's silly to suggest that they ought to be briefing the electors before congress whose job it is to look at this. martha: when you look at the impact on the election, there's another story about "the new york times" that we are not talking about ballot boxes here. the president confirmed that on friday. the in the news conference said, look, i believe the evidence is compelling that with regard to the e-mail leaks, john podesta emails, it looks like that is -- that connects back to the russians, which i get and everybody would find it
7:07 am
offensive if it happened to them. the emails appeared to be truthful. they put information out in the bloodstream, it's tough to see how that's devastating to an election. are they pointing at something that's peripheral of the outcome here? >> the kinds of arguments that you saw those democratic officials make in their private emails confirmed or basically reaffirmed the main argument donald trump was making, which was the system is all rigged. in many cases that is what those emails show and some of the emails were unimportant emails back and forth, but the maintaining away from the emails confirms broader argument. the problem is as you said, martha. the president of the united states went out and gave a press conference in which he said, it looks like it may have happened and may also involved the john podesta act, as far as my reporting and we have done fair amount of reporting, we don't
7:08 am
have evidence of that. if we do, it's deeply troubling and we need to have a broader conversation about the kinds of measures we need to protect the integrity of our elections. if we don't yet have the evidence, the president of the united states asked for a report from the intelligence community and we haven't gotten yet the report. we don't have the evidence, it's irresponsible for for the president to make assumptions based on intelligence he hasn't provided to us. martha: what was exposed revealed, yes, they were working hard that hillary clinton became the nominee. it was the sausage making that was exposed but there's been no compelling argument that it was untruthful or manipulative at this point. it's a tough argument to make. steve, thank you very much. great reporting on this as always. we will talk to you soon. bill: income white house chief
7:09 am
of staff, will find to findings if the leaders come to public consensus. >> he would accept the conclusions if the intelligence professionals get together, put out the report and show the american people that they are in the same page as opposed to through third parties. we haven't heard from comey. so, look, i think that these guys should be straight with the american people and come out and say it. bill: so what will they say and when would they say it and when it happens. it appears on both sides they are willing to do the hearings or file a commission or try and figure out the findings, but as you heard 25 minutes ago, the president wants this done before january 20th, we will see where that would happen? >> where was the enthusiasm
7:10 am
where it started happen, why is it retro active, it probably wouldn't have happened at all if hillary clinton had won, they wouldn't be concerned about the leaks. there you have it. president-elect trump calling double standard, if his supporters were pressuring the electoral college after he lost in that scenario, what would be the reaction to that? is that a fair point? former senator scott brown is here coming up. bill: also we are getting stunning new information about the capture of saddam hussein. the story, rather, you have not yet heard. we will have that for you in a moment. martha: meeting in the tarmac that had everyone crying foul. now attorney general loretta lynch was interviewed over the weekend and she said, she should have known better before meeting with president clinton. >> i regret it not seeing that issue, not seeing around that corner, i regret the viewing and as a number of people --
7:11 am
>> it didn't cross your mind. somebody is going to make a big deal out of this
7:12 am
7:13 am
bill: keep an eye on the developing story. jordanian blocking capital sights. at least ten people were killed including a canadian tourist there. police say gunmen fired at
7:14 am
officers at two locations an stormed the castle, authorities saying four gunmen killed by security officers after a stand off, no one claiming responsibility yet but officials in jordan call it a cowardly careless attack, enquote. martha: the electoral college casting ballot to formally elect donald trump as the next president of the united states. a civics lesson for all of us to watch the whole thing unfold. let's listen in for a moment. >> may have a little bit of trouble signing all of the numbers but it is my responsibility to read to you the certificate of ascertainment of appointment of presidential electors and it will include not only the major parties, libertarian and green parties that we all knew ran but for many independent writing candidates as well. i'm going to go through this as quickly as i can. it starts out greetings, as goner of the state of indiana i
7:15 am
certify the follow. in accordance with article 2, section 2 of the constitution of the united states, the indiana general assembly direct that had the electors for president and vice president of the united states be elected at the general election conducted on november eighth 2016, on the 29th of -- martha: it's you're going to be on the edge of your seat. it's going to be incredible. but it's fascinating to watch the process play out because this isn't something that get many attention. letters pouring through their front door pressuring them to change their votes, celebrities telling them to vote their conscious, the president elect slamming that effort, tweeting, quote, if my many supporters threatened they would be scorn
7:16 am
and called terrible names. senator, good to see you this morning, welcome, to the show. >> good to see you, that martha. martha: in the end it looks like perhaps one maybe two, i mean, do you think any more than that are going to flip the vote in this process? >> i would certainly hope not. i hope over the course of history there's been total of nine that ultimately changed their votes but tremendous amount of pressure and it's abincredible double standard. if we had -- everything was reversed you'd here, you asked people, force them to be prosecuted and go to jail, all the threats and harassment, but it's typical, under effort to undermine this president elect and all of folks that have supported him. martha: so interesting when you think back to election day when the numbers had been leaving in hillary clinton's direction and no discussion about this,
7:17 am
president obama said, look, our elections are free and fair in this country and virtually impossible to mess with them or manipulate the outcome. you can't do that. boy, the tune has changed. >> the dnc having like a real fire wall and actually maybe spending extra time, effort and money, they never would have been hacked. the rnc was attempted and they didn't get in. let's go right to the crux of the matter. they blew it. there's been constant attacks from many different governments and criminal elements in the five or six years. everybody knows it. everybody is upset because the russians are coming. shame on them. they should have been more protective of their resewerses and it turns out that they were manipulating the system against bernie sanders. i don't feel bad for them at all. martha: i want to talk about the va secretary position which i
7:18 am
know that your name has been in the mix but i want to get your thoughts about vince viola, a billionaire but also someone who has deep military background as well. >> yeah, i love him. ic he will do a great job. i understand what the secretary of the army does and he bringing a great mix of not only business military experience to the table, somebody who is a regular guy who earned the stripes obviously being a charger. with regard to the va, the toughest job and also the one the president elect needs to put more thought and consideration because whoever he gives the job to, is going to have job cut out for them. i think it's going to take two years to turn around and you need the absolute support of congress so you can fire people. right now you don't really have the ability to get right to the
7:19 am
crux of the matter, you need the authority not only from president but congress to get in there and fix the mess and there is a mess. martha: let's talk about donald trump talk about it this weekend. >> so amazing. [cheers and applause] >> so amazing, the veterans and we are going to be naming somebody very, very soon to head up the va. martha: why do you think this one has taken so long, senator? >> i said from the beginning, because it's the most important cabinet position i believe because people are dying and it's such a big bureaucracy and there's some wonderful people working there but there are also some people who are just checking a box and picking up a paycheck and not treating veterans like they are walking in a five star hotel, not like what are you doing, stop bothering me type of mentality. it is a huge undertaking,
7:20 am
whomever he gives it too, is going to have their hands full and they're going to need the public-private partnership, partnership, not only members of congress but elected officials and state and nonprofit groups, all the veterans groups to come in and lend a hand. it can't be done just by one person. it really needs to be a team effort and i don't think we have seen that in quite a while. mar that are that person has to have the authority to fire people who are not doing their job. i don't know how you can run an agency without the ability to clean the ranks and get the dead wood out there when you're not getting the results. that needs to be fundamental in the reform in that agency. >> sorry, martha, there's a little delay. you're absolutely right. if you don't have that tool in the tool box, forget about it. martha: scott brown is on the list from everything we hear. we will see you next time. bill: standby for that.
7:21 am
democrats fighting russia and supremacist and the media, one columnist says it's time for the party of clinton to face reality. his point next. martha: finger pointing in camp clinton continues whoo why some of the inner circle are putting the blame squarely on one person
7:22 am
7:23 am
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martha: a fuel truck crashes off the highway in baltimore and burst into flames. massive fire ball captured on camera. watch this.
7:25 am
>> yo! jesus christ! what is going on? yo! martha: authorities believe that the video may be key to investigation to what caused 67-car pile-up. early saturday, 23 people rushed to the hospital. the crash was the largest multiple collision on an icy road that we have seen in some time. incredible video. >> michelle obama said yesterday that there's no hope. but i assume she was talking about the past and not the future because i'm telling you, we have tremendous hope and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. bill: president-elect trump speaking to reporters and supporters on the weekend on one of the final thank you rallies, some say it's time for democrats
7:26 am
to start looking at the future and reality as mr. trump gets close to inauguration day. new york post columnist, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: tough language on the video there where you clearly know where -- where he's coming from when he saw the tanker in the air. you write the following on screen now, we could be witnessing the death throws of the democratic party and death threats against trump voters and most americans consider to consider the dems a dead letter. where to, michael? >> the democratic party was supposed to rule for a very long time. you had obama going to hand the torch to clinton and the -- she
7:27 am
would win the election, control the supreme court. silent the coal business, shut down a lot of industries, the court would enforce, dictate on every american, whether it's about bathroom use or where they can go to school or how much insurance they have to carry, how much they have to pay for it, you would have the rise of bigger and bigger government and, of course, the people who actually work for a living said, no, we are not going to do that anymore. we've had enough of it and now for the democrats to be fighting the election this way, for the president not to use press conference on friday to say, stop it, the election is over, donald trump won legitimately, let's move on, let's unit the country. that would have been the presidential thing to do. where is hillary clinton in all of this while electors are getting death threats, where is she, why hasn't she spoken up, don't do this in my name, i don't approve of this, both of them have been sigh leapt on what is unprecedented attack on the constitutional system.
7:28 am
bill: we will see where that goes if anywhere. but your larger point is that democrats believed that they were about to build on a political dynasty and american people said, hang on. >> this is going to last for a long time. why it collapsed, why they were defeated is because they ran out of ideas. hillary clinton's message was we are going to have more of the same and, you know, as i say in the column, their ideas have run their disastrous course. nothing was going to get better under a clinton presidency and i think the people correctly realized that. bill: two more points quickly. elections have been dreadful, 2012 presidential election where barack obama won a second term over mitt romney, how then does donald trump, this is a foundation, how does he succeed in 2017? >> his performance will be the
7:29 am
final verdict on 2016, if he delivers jobs, jobs, if he delivers peace through strength, then i think he would be able to knit together a government conceps -- consensus. he was a democrat for most of his life. i think there's a lot of pragmatism in the trump administration. if he can govern successfully, then what we are witnessing with the democrats may be a whole new party being born because they are simply not able, i think, this way to govern anymore. so trump has really an unprecedented opportunity in our lifetimes to set a new course for politics and for government. there's a lot going on in the world. bill: your point about results is very well taken, that would be the measure of success.
7:30 am
>> sure. bill: thank you, michael, from the new york post. martha. martha: you remember the meeting between attorney general loretta lynch and a former president. it is once again in the headlines, what loretta lynch is now saying about what they conveyed as purely a social call. bill: also it is winter, another cold front on the way. freezing temperatures for millions. look at that. man, that says winter, doesn't it see me.
7:31 am
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martha: moments ago to kremlin putting out word that vladimir putin and leader of iran have been having discussions about moving forward in the political process to do something in syria. what that something may be, knowing that they have been aligned with bashar al-assad, we
7:34 am
will see, in the meantime united nations security council approving resolution to deploy monitors for formerly held areas in aleppo. mass atrocities by the syrian forces, thousands of people are trapped, there are still 50,000, resolution demands un to immediate i will provide humanitarian and care to civilians and aleppo and across syria making some wonder where they have been for the last 500 anaheim -- 500,000 people that have lost their lives. >> i wished i had seen around the corner because it did give people concern and make people wonder, is it going to affect the investigation that's going on and that's not something that was an unreasonable question for anyone to ask. bill: there is the ag, loretta lynch saying that she regrets that he met bill clinton in the
7:35 am
tarmac, remember over the summer, while the fbi was still investigating hillary clinton's use of private server at home while she was secretary of state. lynch insisting the meeting was no big deal but understands why it was met with such disdain. former new hampshire governor, now author of the book the quiet man among many other things, governor, on a monday, good morning to you and merry christmas. >> merry christmas, bill. how are you? bill: i'm fine, thank you for your time. they thought the story would never get out and that's perhaps why she took the meeting. what do you think about that? >> it wouldn't have gotten out if it wasn't for one reporter in arizona that caught glimpse of the president moving over there and as you know -- all of a sudden the secret service tells everyone there to put their phones away and no cameras, their intention was to have a secret meeting and it turned out
7:36 am
not to be secret, they got caught as often happens with the questionable behavior of the clintons and became an issue. one more straw on a hay stack of questionable behavior. bill: go ahead, sorry. >> no, no, and when you keep piling things on like that, it becomes a problem. bill: here she is again. jake tapper, cnn, lynch talking about the regret she has now. just listen to this. >> i regret and a number of people that come by and say hello. >> it didn't cross my mind that somebody would make a big deal it. bill: this is the attorney general of the united states and she went onto say that he's a talker and that's the reason why it went on as so long as he did. i imaged a lot of people said
7:37 am
why did it happen. >> he was mentor to her through much of her political ascendancy and in an odd way she might have been trapped by the president who may have had different intentions than hers on what the meeting would be about and, look, even if the conversation was enocuos as she said, the husband, the husband of the democratic candidate that was being investigated by her department is looking her in the eye and having a conversation, that in and of itself is intimidating and certainly puts pressure on her to try and make sure that things don't go badly . bill: henry kissinger was on cbs on sunday and he suggests a legitimate opportunity for the president elect when he said the
7:38 am
follow. >> i could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it. i'm not saying it will. i'm saying it's an extraordinary opportunity. bill: what he's talking about partial vacuum of world power, world leaders not entirely familiar with donald trump's thinking or decision-making and within that he finds an enormous opportunity for the next administration. is there and will that happen? >> look, henry is a very astu, -- astute of what goes on. trump is now coming in with a world in which relationship is uncertain. he has an opportunity to rebuild them in a very different way and i think that's what henry
7:39 am
kissinger was referring to and it is an opportunity if the president elect when he becomes president takes full advantage of the fact that those connections have to be reestablished and he can shape the form of those connections. bill: governor, thank you for your time. >> thank you. bill: thank you, sir, and merry christmas. martha: new book coming out this month that reveals startling details about saddam hussein, john nixon interviewed iraqi dictator after captured in 2003, he found hussein to be clueless even thinking 9/141 -- 9/11 would bring america and iraq closer. pretty interesting revelations in this book. >> they are, martha. one of the biggest quotes,
7:40 am
saddam was busy writing novels in 2003. he turned day-to-day operations to lieutenants. cia had evidence to that effect before the invasion, but it was never relayed to policymakers after the war. nixon also said saddam told him this, you were going to fail, you were going to find that it's not so easy to govern iraq. when i told him why i was curious, he replied, you were going to fail in iraq because he did not know the language or history and the arab mind. he complaint about cuts an bruises, pretty hard to take when you think about the brutality against his own people. par mar fascinating, looks like a great read, thanks, caroline. bill: shirtless vladimir putin, who doesn't want to say that, right, martha.
7:41 am
latest edition of saturday night light. >> since it is christmas after all, i got you a gift. this is elf on the shelf. he's fun, you just put right here next to your internet router. you keep it there all year. it's fun. martha: i love that. bill: ride in on a horse. pretty good stuff. martha: just leave it right here next to your internet router. coming up this morning hillary clinton's team lining up target, can huma abedin shoulder the blame and why are democrats reluck tenants to point the finger at the candidate herself. bill: arctic blast across much of the country. will it let up for the holiday
7:42 am
weekend or here to stay? >> it feels like in an tartic, i'm bundled up because i'm going to vikings game. >> this is not new, spent eight hours a day in this. it's cold, that's for sure.
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: celebration turning tragic over the weekend. large free falling in a party. near la and authorities say that one person died at the scene,
7:45 am
that leaves five others injured including a 4-year-old girl still in critical condition as of this morning. martha: >> we heard the tree crackling. it was like a scene in the movie where the tree is slowly coming down. you see whoever was running under it running straight to it not moving to the side. bill: what a mess that is. martha: hillary clinton's team playing the blame game over election loss, report surfacing now that clinton top campaign advisers, many of them pointing fingers at closest aides particularly huma abedin. she was an intern for bill clinton years ago.
7:46 am
the real anger is toward hillary clinton's inner circle, they reinforced all the bad habits. see what that means. joining me now lisa, fox news contributor and jessica, democratic strategist and former congressional candidate. welcome to both of you. >> hi, martha. >> they are. i think it's a bit of -- at this point pointless exercise and, you know, pointing fingers, but, you know, that's definitely what happened often. a bitter loss, not only for hillary supporters, democrats, a lot of people across the country and hopefully this will stop and they'll be some reflection and some changes, but you know, definitely part of the reason that they're going against the sort of inner circle is because so often unlike with donald trump who seems to be more
7:47 am
directing things and changes staff frequently, in most political campaign is really is the staff who is the gate keepers and i think there's a lot of people who are like, well, if i had only been able to talk to hillary and tell her what i thought, that would have changed things. martha: a lot of monday morning quarterbacking. >> exactly. martha: the story in vanity fair, she was enjoying the red carpet and enjoying the photo spreads too much in my opinion. she enjoyed being a celebrity too much, unnamed clinton source in the vanity source piece. lisa, one of the questions that it does bring up is robbie, john podesta, the inner circle that has been tight around her forever. do you think she may be thinking twice about that? >> yeah, possibly because, look, jessica is absolutely right and the democratic party should listen to her. the problems of the hillary clinton campaign start and end with hillary clinton herself and
7:48 am
when you surround yourself with circle, you don't have people criticizing you the way that show should, people being real with you and huma is now added to the long list of scapegoats that the democratic has been going through. there's a new one every single week and as i mention, the biggest problems with hillary clinton is herself. she was a flawed candidate. there was self-inflicted wounds. also strategic campaign errors as well. president obama criticized hillary clinton campaign, offered not visiting more eras -- areas like he did. she didn't step foot in a state like wisconsin, a lot of that comes with the arrogance of hillary clinton of someone who really felt like this is something that she deserved, that she didn't have to work as hard for it. i think that's part of the reason she had a difficult time almost defeating bernie sanders
7:49 am
as well. when you have the circle they are feeding the narrative of misconception. martha: jessica, you look at all the fingers being pointed in this direction for this loss, what do you think is the biggest lesson from it, what do you take away as a democrat and look look toward the future of the party? >> it's interesting, there's been quite a few articles. i don't think it's only presidential campaign, it goes down to congressional campaign. is this looking at who are the consultants, who are the people we are working with because in general, really, a lot coopted by trump and was popular and won in a lot of the states where obama had won and we saw trump win even in counties and places like, you know, in my hometown and it was very shock to go -- shocking to people and somehow, even though we had the right message, there was a lot of commonalities, it wasn't get ago cross to the voters and how do
7:50 am
we go do that going forward and make sure people understand that we represent the democrats and we have the same values and we are going to try to implement them whether it's in local government, state government or in washington and that's where sort of the disconnect is and i think focusing on that and making sure we do everything we can certainly across the board for democrats and republicans, this was a revolutionary campaign. martha: i have to go. >> but the democratic party has been rejected for the past eight years, you guys have lost -- you controlled more -- the democratic party controlled more fewer state legislatures than ever before. martha: i have to go, thank you very much do you both. we will pick it up next time. bill: cold front making its way across country. frigid temperatures cause lighthouse in michigan to freeze. how long is the arctic blast going to stick around as we count six days until christmas
7:51 am
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7:54 am
jon: i'm jon scott, becomes official today donald trump to be elected by 538 electoral college voters but not coming without drama. chinese aggressions, plus when does binge become a problem, news ahead on happening now. bill: jon, thanks, see you in six minutes, top of the hour. another blast of cool air sweeping across the country. dramatic video, lake michigan,
7:55 am
light that has frozen in ice, looks cool but, darn, it's cold. janice dean in the weather center. janice: well that is the million dollar question bill hemmer. look at tampa. 79. the rest of the country is in deep freeze. good news is we are going to start to see all the cold air retreat back to home in canada. 18 memphis, 22 in dallas, 32 in houston. you get the picture. with the windchills it feels like minus 145 -- 15. just bumped up to 4 in minneapolis. that's the windchill. chicago 35, 46 in new york.
7:56 am
so chicago, you're burr right now but things are going start to improve and you'll be more seasonal as we get through the workweek. quick look at the last 24 hours. some showers of the southeast but florida is the place to be where the temperatures are warm. really the only place in the map. snow across the northern rockies as well as plains as well as great lakes. everybody is asking, am i going to see a white christmas, here is your historical white christmas probability, rockies, northern plains, here is the snow cover right now across really a lot of good chunk of the country but because it warms up things will melt away specially along the northeast here. bill: warming trend, we see it. janice: you like the warming trend. martha: where's the white christmas? janice: i apologize, go to chicago. bill: run away.
7:57 am
martha: electors across the country are casting their baa loots today. major push to reject him. what will the electoral college do?
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ martha: one of my personal favorites. i wonder if we could bump into those guys skiing out there?
8:00 am
what do you think, bill? more than a hundred santas taking to the slopes about an hour outside of los angeles. hats, coats, beards, belts and pants. i think that's where bill hemmer was this weekend. bill: we've got to run, everybody, have a great monday. merry christmas. ♪ ♪ jenna: well, it is potentially a historic day in the making as members of the electoral college meet to cast their votes for our nation's next president. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. will there be any surprises, that's the question. today's vote should finalize the contentious and unpredictable election, but it's not over yet. the pressure is mounting as part of a last ditch effort to keep president-elect donald trump from the white house. 538 electors gathering at state capitols all across america, one for each of the delegates decided on


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