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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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think. unfortunately, that's all we have time for. i'll be filling in for sean all week. don't forget to tune in for ""the five" all week. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. afraid. ♪ >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we begin with a fox news alert. electoral college voting is underway. 538 electors gathered in the their respective state capitols to cast their votes for president as per the constitution. just a short time ago donald trump surpassed the needed 270 votes to secure the white house. it is now official. even at this late hour, some are desperately trying to invalidate the results of november's election and find a way to elect someone other than donald trump. dana has been a leader in this effort. the founder of the official electoral college petition to stop donald trump and he helped organize today's protest. he joins us now. daniel, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> so here's the
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contradiction i'm trying to figure out and have been for some time. you are against the electoral college and you make, i think, a pretty fair case that it's less crack than straight up one man one vote voting. >> thank you. >> and have you written a fair amount about that. and i don't agree with you but i think it's a fair case. now you are trying to use that very institution the electoral college to take the election away from trump. how does that work? >> well, first of all, the way you are framing it is not correct. we're not invalidating or taking away anything. the election was today. today is when the electors voted for president. november 8th we elected electors. we are not trying to invalidate anything. the constitution gives the electors the right to vote their conscience. the idea that because i don't think the electoral college is a good system means somehow i'm not allowed to use it or participate in the constitutional system that we have is absurd. we can participate in the system we have while reforming it. that's part of how democracy works. >> it's not for this reason you are against the electoral college, at least
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have you said so when you have written about it because it's not as democratic as a one man, one vote system, a pure democracy, which again, i think is a fair point. you are now resorting to less democratic means, putting the decision in the hands of even fewer people. so over 100 million people voted in the election you say it was not democratic enough. now you are saying 37 people should make the decision. >> that's right. to protect the constitution from unfit president, correct. >> but it's less democratic though. and i would think. >> tucker, it's the system we have. this is the system that we have. so i have every right as a citizen to exercise my free speech, petition the electors to get the result that i think is better for our republic. they are free to ignore me which most of them apparently did. >> no one is contesting your right to do that. least of all me. i think you have a right to say whatever you want. why because you say you are more a more democratic system would you be pushing the system any far less democratic direction.
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>> well, i don't think agree. democracy has a lot of different definitions. when you have a president-elect who has threatened to roll back free speech, free press, freedom of religion and advocated for torture preventing him from taking office is defense of democracy. furthermore, tucker. >> okay. >> furthermore, tucker the majority vote winner is not going to assume the white house. that is extremely undemocratic to install mrs. clinton, would have been more democratic. >> right. but, as you said, it wasn't the system we currently have. it's about the electoral college. >> well, it is that's why we are lobbying the electors. >> it's inconsistent. >> it's not inconsistent at all, tucker. >> i want to put up on the screen your problems with trump. you put out a video a lot of views explaining why electors ought to vote against him. here, i think, are the key rationales. here it. >> speaking of unfit leaders, donald trump would be the first president ever in our nation's history who has never held public office. he wants americans to
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register with the government based on religion. and he has promised to sue reporters who criticize him. that's a serious assault on our constitutional rights. those are just some of the reasons that we're asking every elector to think very carefully about their vote this year. vote their con venezuela. conscience cast their ballots against donald trump. >> these are the reasons you gave in video. they are all wrong. there have been five other presidents weren't elected to anything. >> i didn't say elected. i said never held public office. he has never held public office. there is no president who has never held public office. they have held either elected or military. >> i'm not sure the distinction. >> really not a meaningful distinction? wait a minute you telling me being secretary of the navy or under secretary of commerce or vice president or a general of all the forces in europe, and you think those are no different from being a real estate mogul who made casinos mail. >> i'm not saying that. >> you said there are no difference. >> abulbasher of in
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presidents from outside the system; they have all held public office. they have all held public office, tucker. stop lying to your viewers. stop lying to your viewers. i realize it's your m.o. but it's not going to work on me. every president held public office. i don't know what's funny. >> no, no. i got it you are making a distinction between elected office and public office. you go on to say he wants americans to register with the government based on religion. >> yes. propose registering muslims. >> and i'm quoting he wants americans -- americans to register with the government based on religion. now. >> correct. muslims. >> carefully. at no time has he said he wanted american citizens. >> muslims. >> americans. american muslims. when did he say that? >> well, i don't have a date for you but i will get back to you. but it's on video. the whole nation saw it let's not pretend he didn't say it tucker, we know he said it. >> american citizens to register based on religion. that's not true. >> he was asked about it. >> he said we have to look
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at a registry of muslims. >> it would be interesting since you put that in the video. >> we don't register people based on religion in the united states of america. citizens or not. no one should register their religious. >> meaningful distinction -- >> -- do you think people should register. >> hold on here. i'm assess ago claim that you made. and i asked you about. >> well, he said it. >> i asked you to back it up and you can't. you said there is a video out there that he said it i don't know when and where it is. there is not a video where he said that. >> yes, there is. i will tell everybody right now. >> tell everybody before you allege it? >> i will tell everybody right now if you go to facebook/electoral commission we will post it in the next 24 hours. >> i was just there. you don't have it. >> you are wrong or lying. one or the glory if you post that i will apologize. >> great, i'm holding you to it. >> he has promised to sue reporters who criticize him. that's a serious assault on our constitutional rights. >> yes, inkeyed. >> i don't know if you are making the case threatening
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to sue people. i'm not threatening tore sue reporters. >> threatening to sue reporters for criticizing him. >> slow down. he was a candidate at the time. is suing people for libel. >> he promised to do it as president, tucker. he said when i'm president we're going to change the. >> that's fine. >> we're going to change the law for the first time 240 years and roll back free press. are you in favor of that. >> did he didn't say he was going to roll back free press. >> he certainly did. i will post that tonight, too. >> you have access to videos no one else has seen which is impressive. >> everybody saw them. you saw them, too. >> yeah, i did i must be lying. >> you are very dishonest. let your viewers know how dishonest you are. >> since you are concerned with freedom of the press and you have lived in this country for some time if you noticed that the current administration, the obama administration pulled the phone records of news organizations that it felt were hostile to them, including the phone records of individual reporters and in one case, james rosen, who works right down the hall from me they pulled his
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parent's phone records. i don't remember you making any noise about that perhaps because you were obama supporter. how deep is your standing to free press. >> tucker, i'm a private citizen. i have never been on your station before. maybe if had you called me up i would have shared it only last few weeks that i have any national platform. you wouldn't have known what i said about that. i oppose that sort of behavior. i don't care if it's democratic or republican does it i'm opposed to it is it clear enough? >> i don't know if it. >> oh, okay. should i say it again? i'm opposed to it how is that. >> let me just get this before we go and we're almost out of time, if you can produce a video where donald trump in any context at all said americans, as you claim on your video that we just played for our audience need to register on the basis of religion, i will in awe. i want to say once more that video does not. >> will you have me back on the show in person? >> absolutely. if you get that video with him saying that. come back on. if you can't i hope you will
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apologize to the millions of people who you mislead. will you. >> bring me back on i will apologize to. >> you you have access to facebook. >> all right. i will print you an email. >> sure. i appreciate it daniel, great to see you. good luck. >> you too, tucker. take care. >> fox news alert, nine people are dead, 50 injured after a truck plowed into a christmas market in berlin, germany. right now there are reports that isis was behind the attack. fsn correspondent is live with the very latest in berlin. great to see you. what do you know? >> great to see you. well, just a tragic situation unfolding here in enter lib. the local police have confirmed that nine people have died and one of those they believe to be the passenger in the truck. they haven't specified that this was an act of terror. however, germany's interior minister has said that there are many signs that point that this could be an act of
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terror. we also heard a statement from the white house there and they also referenced a possible terror attack. the president-elect, donald trump, also giving a statement in which he blamed islamist forces for this attack. so, a very, obviously a tragic situation here and now they are really trying to obviously figure out what happened. and the police here say they suspect that the truck was, perhaps, stolen from a construction site in neighboring poland, as i mentioned before, the passenger of the truck is dead. but they have a man they believe to be the driver of the truck in custody. so much of this investigation will, of course, hinge on who that person is. what they are able to uncover. but, as things appear now, and given the statements that we have heard from public officials, much of the focus is,, on terrorism.
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and this bears some tragic similarities to that truck attack in niche, france, earlier this year. that killed over 80 people. so, in this case, a truck smashing into a crowded christmas market in one of berlin's most central and well known places in just unimaginable tragedy so far. >> pretty shocking. thanks a lot ira. and president-elect donald trump described it tonight as an act of terror. government assassinated. killer shouted allah akbar right before he fired 8 shots art gallery tuckerrish capital of ank ravment wearing a suit and tie moments after he killed ambassador andre. he was a police officer, he worked for his riot police. shot and killed by other police. the shooter also mentioned aleppo, syria amid protest in turkey over russia's role
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in the civil war there a week and a half ago "the washington post changed the debate over the 2016 election with an article that quoted anonymous sources who recently received a cia briefing given to congress. according to those sources the cia concluded that the russian government intervened in our presidential election to help donald trump win. journalist green wald founder of the intercept he joins us now from rio de janeiro to assess that coverage. it's good to see you tonight. so, here's the story, i know you read it. it really had instantaneous effect on the way people are covering the post election sort-out. it said, quote: the cia as concluded in secret assessment in russia intervened in the 2016 election to win the presidency that sentence right there changed everything here in washington. should we believe that assessment? >> >> we should be extremely skeptical of it for multiple reasons. to begin with, this is a second hand report somebody
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whose identity being shielded describing what the cia supposedly concluded, laundering that through "the washington post. these are assertions that are being made completely unaccompanied by any evidence whatsoever, let alone evidence that we can touch and rationalely review. there is all kinds of reasons to suspect the cia's statements, including the fact that they are wrong all the time. they are programmed in a lot of case its to disseminate misinformation and political actors. we ought to be highly skeptical. >> what's interesting, i agree with that. they are skilled in deception, that's what they do. yet, politically here in washington the response has been well, if you don't believe this account of an account of analysis by the cia, you are somehow acting on behalf of the kremlin or you are not patriotic or you are insulting the memory of the cia officers who died in the line of duty. you have seen that kind of response before? >> i saw it from a
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democratic congressman adam schiff actually when you interviewed him last week and all you were doing is asking him for evidence and he told you should put your show on rt. in my journalism this is the response i have been getting for many months now as not even when you deny that it happening, nobody should deny that russia might have done. all states do. and certainly russia but all do you is ask for evidence before believing it. before embracing it as true. and that alone subjects you to accusations you might be disloyal. you are a tool of the kremlin. toxic environment that democrats have created out of desperation and political maneuvering as well. but it is quite dangerous. >> it is so weird that russia is the focus. speaking myself i'm ago not stick on russia. i don't speak russian. i'm willing to believe anything basically i'm open-minded all of a sudden russia seems to be villain number one. why is that?
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it seems strange. >> you know, one ever the really interesting things is in 2012, when mitt romney run against barack obama the democrats mocked romney mercilessly for depicting russia as the number one geopolitical threat. they released a video saying mitt romney stuck in the cold warrstand the 21st century. obama in the debate said the 1980s want their foreign policy back to think russia is this great threat. throughout the obama presidency he tried putin he didn't arm anti-russian factions ifactions in theme manufactured out of cloth that putin posed some existential threat to the united states. they are our entrenched enemy and we all have the patriotic duty to resist it and it's not working. the americans don't wake up and worry about vladimir putin but democrats seem to be digging in further into this losing political attempt. >> well, i guess what
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bothers me about it is unlike the attack on the troskites group exiled. russia is a real country with nuclear weapons. are there consequences of what we have seen in the last six months where our foreign policy seems to have shifted to pretty hostile posture toward russia? that seems reckless to me even if in fact there is political motivation behind it. >> it's interesting, the democrats were very alarmed by trump's accepting this phone call from the president of taiwan based on the not invalid argument that china is a nuclear armed power and a formidable threat and we should be careful about producing unnecessary confrontation, when i agree with. the same is true of russia. to sit here and sort of suggest that vladimir putin lurks behind every american problem to concoct these wild elaborate conspiracy theories to try to convince americans that russia is this grave threat to the united states. we all have to stand up, i think it's incredibly
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dangerous not just because it creates a toxic environment domestically but because it's very dangerous and put us on a pot of almost unintentional confrontation with a country ha can do a lot of damage. >> that's the way it seems to me. i don't think you and i have ever voted for the same person. niles to hear you say that because it sounds less crazy. thanks for joining us. i appreciate it. >> great to be with you, tucker. ♪ ♪ >> now it's time for twitter storm. our nightly forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns. well film maker michael moore set things off by tweeting this. republic can electors if you vote your conscience at noon and your state fines you for this, i will pay your fine. ever the rich guy bragging. as always, twitter not impressed. here is some of the response. steve wrote this: so it's bad for putin to influence an election but it's okay for michael moore? i can't stand trump but, please. puppy punky wrote this you
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are making this worse money for votes? stefanie sharp wrote something similar is that a bribe, mike? what else are you offering to cover? security, relocation? do you know what sedition is? dvs wrote so you are trying to bribe electors. you know it's a felony, right? there aren't any bephase in prison. kind of funny but caddie. this stage of grief is wrote bargaining. that's tonight's twitter storm. election year forever changed the eelectoral college. joins us next for a glimpse of what that might mean. plus, bill clinton has a new villain. someone to blame for his wife's loss. angry white men. does that describe him? we'll tell you coming up. ♪
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you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. >> the votes are 10 votes donald j. trump. >> you don't deserve to be in america! [chanting shame] >> this is my america. [chanting no trump] >> hey, hey, ho, ho. donald trump has got to go. >> anyone who sees this and is scared and wants to fight. you are not alone. >> with the republican candidates i disagree with their policies. donald trump is not fit to be president. >> those are some of the protests across the country today state capitols electors from every state met to cast the final ballots of this election year. reporter michael tracy went to protest in harrisburg, pennsylvania today and he joins us now. thanks for coming on.
11:22 pm
what was it like in harrisburg? >> you know, it was quite incredible. i think the main theme that the protesters seem to be fixated on was this russia issue. so, if you went out to the perimeter of the capitol as early as 9:00 this morning, hours before the electoral college actually met, there were people brandishing signs saying you know, we can't let russia take over our government or putin has subverted the will of voters somehow. they were chanting literally treason, treason, treason. so it was a pretty remarkable turn of events especially for an event prior to this election cycle has really just been a formality. it's served to ratify the results on election day and now it's turned into this sort of circus. >> i mean, not to be too literal about it but any idea what treason means in this
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test test test test test test test electors to vote how they want, even though they are, you know divorce in their respective states chose another way. i think you probably agree, tucker, that the media would be shrieking about brown shirts on the march and rise of fascism and all the other sorts of histrionic what happened. this has now been what we have just witnessed for six weeks straight. it's unprecedented lobbying campaign, sort of a tossing centuries of precedent into the trash can.
11:26 pm
and, yet, the response from the media has been muted and some cases egged it on. >> well, sure. some of them literally wept when hillary lost. this weird mccarthy stuff. weird. thanks for coming on. i appreciate that. >> thank you. >> bill clinton is placing some blame for his wife's loss. try to guess who he says is responsible? here's a hint. it's not the hillary campaign. it might be you. stay tuned for that.
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well former president bill clinton was an elector and he cast his vote today for his wife hillary clinton. she, of course, did not win. that has not stopped him from pointing the finger and blaming just about everybody other than hillary herself. here now is david attorney and democratic strategist who worked for clinton in the white house. >> good to be on, tucker. >> he said yesterday with the new york newspaper that the reason his wife lost, brace yourself, angry white men. so two questions, one, isn't he an angry white man and two, if some republican got up and said obama got elected because angry black women voted for him. that's racist. you can't say that why do people get away with angry white men stuff. >> forgive me i'm still loyal to my former boss. i'm trying to be a good guy here. i went back and looked at the numbers when you invited me to come on the show to talk about this. >> right.
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>> what i found is that donald trump and mitt romney got almost exactly the same number of white male votes. the same proportion, that is. hillary clinton got a lower proportion than by about 7 points than barack obama did. so i would -- i mean, i love my former boss president clinton but i think in this case it was equally a story about a lack of turnout among some of our core convinces in some important quick states. i don't think it presents a complete picture. with that having been said, he then glossed over something that i think is much more relevant and you have been focusing on it on your show. he said yeah and then there was the fbi and the russians. hold on a second. we have john mccain, chairman of the senate armed services committee, lindsey graham, republican of south carolina saying hey we need focus on the fact that a foreign country tried to interfere with our election. that audited to be something we talk about. >> how real do you want to be? so apparently our intel community, we can what they actually said.
11:32 pm
>> greenwald segment was interesting on that. >> greenwald is no conservative for the record. >> that is right. >> it is believed russians started their hacking of the perspective committees for donald trump announced for president. >> right. >> there is constant hacking of american institutions in the private and public sectors. this is just ridiculous can i read you some numbers i think are really interesting. >> i think we ought to at least have hearings about it. >> that's fine but let's stop with mccarthyism. >> the hearings would tamp counsel. >> maybe, i don't know. since obama's election in 2008, the democratic party has lost 11 senate seats, 63 house seats, a dozen governorships and more than 800 state legislative seats. so there is a problem here that goes beyond the russians, the electoral college, angry white men, is anyone in the democratic party going to assess that? maybe obama is not a good thing for the democratic party. 800 legislative seats? >> well, look. i'm a good democrat. i think our party stands for a lot of good things.
11:33 pm
i also think that intraspeculation and figuring things out is really important. for example, in 2012, we had this postmortem effort at the rnc. bravo, i think that was well done and clearly they learned something from it i'm not sure it was the right thing. >> they totally ignored that stupid autopsy and trump did his own thing and won. >> i actually think in this case we have seen in this country all kinds of massive swings from one way or the other there was a time when democrats ran everything after the new deal for decades. i happen to think in this case we have sort of reached peak republican. i think now we are going to see a healthy intraspeculation and change in the democratic party. look, bernie sanders almost won this thing. >> i know. >> he was not supposed to show up at all and he almost won the nomination. >> the real election wig rigging was the dnc rigging the election against him. he ran on economic message. that was the only thing he had economic message. i disagree with it but it
11:34 pm
was a real message. >> and it connected. >> trump's message was you are getting shafted by a snl created to exclude you. >> very similar. >> what's the democratic party's economic message. >> i think center of greaftd right where bernie sanders was. >> and/or where trump was i absolutely think that's true. here's the thing. now the republicans are in charge of everything and we get to see will it work? donald trump seems to be naming people that look more like a george w. bush administration that didn't turn out well. >> in some ways. >> i'm hoping is he a success. i come from a state where that has been hammered wisconsin where i hope people get jobs. but now the proof is going to be in the pudding, this is where democrats like me get to okay okay, you won, you are in charge of everything, all the state houses and legislatures. let's see you produce. >> it's interesting what you just said. i think you are right. interesting what you just said. bernie ran on the system rig. trump ran on the system is rigged. and democrats will be stealing trump's economic
11:35 pm
message amazing. >> i happen to think trump stole our economic message. >> maybe he dncts david good friend, thanks for joining us. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas, thank you. president-elect trump is down at mar-a-lago for the holidays. peter doocy is live with what transition news is coming out today. how are you doing. >> i'm doing all right, tucker. we just heard from the president-elect but b. the just announced electoral cleaning results. he took to twitter he said we did it thank you to all migrate supporters. we just officially won the election despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media a little while before that tweet, mr. trump wrapped up a meeting with the retired admiral thad allen who we are now told is a leading contend tore become the veterans affairs secretary after a long career at the coast guard that included high profile assignments leading the cleanup efforts after the deep water horizon spill and recovery from hurricane katrina. we also learned today hot next president wants to serve as secretary of the army. it's billionaire businessman
11:36 pm
vincent viola who has made a lot of money on wall street but who also graduated from west point and trained as an airborne ranger infantry officer. that was the action today. we have also learned that over the weekend the soon to be most powerful man in the world had dinner with the sixth richest person in the world carlos slim, the mexican billionaire he accused of using the "new york times," which slim is a big investor in, to smear him during the campaign. the two had a back and forth a few months ago. slim said recently though he thinks that trump's policies could be good for mexico because what is beneficial to the u.s. would be good south of the border as well. and trump aides are telling us they think this dinner was designed so the two men could turn the page. there were some meetings at the trump tower in manhattan today as well. most notably the former secretary of state henry kissinger met with the vice president elect mike pence, tucker? >> thanks a lot. congratulations from moving from midtown, manhattan to
11:37 pm
palm beach. well, we have been staying on top of the story from otto war warmbier college student held in north korea. one of his childhood friends is here next. dana perino is here to talk 'the reaction to the electoral college. life before the white house. you would actually never guess. this stay
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>> well, here is something new and weird. goat horns are now approved religious apparel in the state of maine. a pagan priest by the name of phelan moansong probably not his given name. august they told him he had to remove the horns for the picture after appealing it and talking to the aclu, of course, relented and gave him the i.d. prince of pan. says he subscribes to earth based system neo payingism,
11:42 pm
the horns are parted of him and spiritual practice. he had to write a letter to be approved by the maine secretary of state describing the importance of the horns. >> constitutionally wise i was fine doing what i did, i think it is perception wise, major more training wise. i think they tried to think they needed to have a more stringent rule or reason why my spirituality or my religion was basically a proper one. that's not really required. it's just a strong belief to form any church. >> by the way marijuana was just legalized in maine. moansong fell in love 2009 pagan men's group gathering just after the death of a friend's beloved goat. no one else wanted the dead goat's horns so he took them and attached them to his head with fishing line of course he did and they have been there ever since. perhaps not surprisingly he has now written diversity guide help government interactions with other goat people. diversity guide. all right. we promised you an update on
11:43 pm
the toe warmbier the 22-year-old university of virginia student. he stole a propaganda poster in january of this year. he has been there ever since almost a year. forgotten by many. imagine if it was your son with christmas approaching. we want to keep this man in the news. joining us now is his friend. they were close as kids and he joins us tonight from cincinnati. trey, thanks a lot for coming on. >> no tucker, problem. thanks for having me on. >> i want to read a quote that you gave to the press right after he was taken last january you said if i had to pick one of my friends to be president of the united states, i would honestly without a doubt turn to otto. he is everything you could ask for in a friend and teammate. that is high praise. what is he like? sure, again, you know, if i were to describe otto in one word it would be a leader. you know, giving in t getting ie university of virginia. coming from cincinnati. that's a great ordeal and that right there is an
11:44 pm
accomplishment itself. and on the soccer field he was also a leader. he was left-footed very good soccer player. and, again, kind of taking back to what you said we need to get him back. and he has unfinished business here in cincinnati and he has unfinished business at virginia. and, again, we need to keep him in the public eye as much as we can. >> yeah. he is an american who didn't do anything wrong, apparently at all. so, he was for reasons that are not clear to me at all, blamed by some journalists in here for his own misfortune and maybe you saw. this people saying well, he was probably some drunk college kid who did something wrong. did he strike you as that kind of guy? >> no. no. and that's part of -- that's a part o of the motivation behind the outreach is because, again, on twitter and on facebook, my buddies and we were all seeing, you know, he was probably just
11:45 pm
drunken college kid out there. but, i mean, again, that is just the furthest thing from the truth. and that's why we wanted to get the we want warmbier both on facebook and twitter. just to have a common, i guess a common page for positive and accurate viewpoints and, you know, stories about otto. >> i guess it's -- maybe it's a generational thing, i'm much older than you are. tell me did you go up thinking if you got in trouble through no fault of your own foreign country you are an american. maybe your government might pipe up and try to help you. did you think that when you traveled abroad? >> yeah. i mean, again, i guess north korea is -- we fear the unknown and that's kind of the case with all of us here. with north korea especially. we have no idea the reasoning behind their motives. and with the -- i guess careful with that as well. but, yes, i would -- i would
11:46 pm
definitely after spending about a year now i would expect that the united states would have come, at least reach out in some sort after a 15-year i guess after a 15-year charge. >> yeah. i mean, and it's all totally made up. and you would think the u.s. government would say you are not allowed to do that to an american citizen. that's the whole point of having a country. someone will protect you if you get into trouble like this. it's been really dispiriting. thank you for coming on and keeping your friend in the news. we will keep it up. thanks. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. >> up next, dana perino steps into the friend zone. we will talk about the electoral college. plus, what do you get when you combine dana, a horse and some barrels in it's wholesome, of course because she is. it's also interesting. stay tuned ♪
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>> time now for the happier part of our show. friend zone. we brought a friend from the building here on the show. joined by an actual friend of mine dana perino famous for many things including co-host of the five and former white house press secretary. great to see. >> you glad to be on the same planet with you let alone the friend zone amazing snrl we have always been on the same planet. a lot of people didn't like your former boss, former president bush. >> they like him now. >> they like him now for sure. >> in the election. so what did you make of the response from some, not all but some democrats that we can take this from trump at the electoral college? what effect is that going to have, do you think long term. >> you know me well and you know i'm a veracious news
11:51 pm
consumer. did can i make a confession. >> i didn't bother reading the stories leading up to this because i knew it was ridiculous. i knew it wasn't going to go anywhere. today you see actually people didn't turn away from donald trump they actually left hillary clinton to vote for bernie sanders or collin powell or whoever it was. >> true. >> i have to tell you that my instinct was that this was an exercise in futility and i actually did not bother reading about it. >> interesting. well, here's my -- we had test test. under assault in previous election seasons. and do we really want to go down that road? >>. no a have -- you know, if the shoe were on the other foot, if hillary had won, and trump supporters were intimidating electors, can you imagine what the news coverage would have been with? >> i would have been against it by the way for whatever
11:52 pm
it is worth. >> the right is always accused of things like that. think how the tea party was accused of all sorts of parade of horribles when it actually bears out that it didn't do any of those things. so i do think this is the left like trying to get this out of their system. it's taking them a lot longer than i expected. you talked about bill clinton earlier and excuses. do you know today there were three, one, the russians, two james comey and three trump's ability to appeal to angry white men. i guess to me it's like whatever makes them sleep at night is what is helping them get through but hopefully they can turn a corner. i do believe that the democrats will get their act together at some point but right now it doesn't look like it any time soon. >> their donors -- people spent $1 billion to get little elected will reinforce a explanation. i felt i knew a lot but. i knew a lot about your childhood, i read your book. i had no idea at one point on horseback you raced around garrulous. >> i have to say i was not very good. i didn't get to grow up
11:53 pm
there. i'm not going to compare myself to many of the brave cow girls that are out there. yes, my grandfather would set up the barrels for me there were r. three of them. on a horse you go around one and around the other and race back. i actually was a pretty good horse woman i have to say. >> i saw someone get really injured at the jackson rodeo a couple years ago barrel racing. >> these are athletes. it is high risk. one of my favorite things to do is go with my uncle matt and cousins matt and donna perino from new castle, wyoming. they take a trip down to las vegas to the national finals rodeo. you want to find america, it's right there. you know what's interesting is that rodeo athletes or rodeo cowboys i guess i should say are athletes and the purses that they win have not kept up with other sports. and it's a real shame because you want to find like the backbone and values of america that can help grow up -- people that grow up to be really good patriots and citizens that
11:54 pm
contribute, you find they are in the heartland. >> he they're paid partfully copen hague again that's not. >> and trucks. >> i never got hurt. the reason i never got hurt is because i really wasn't that good. [ laughter ] >> you know what? i had the same experience. i have never been hurt either. dana, it's great to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks, dana. coming up, almost time for news abuse. keep sending most egregious examples of bias and dumbness you online in the press. you can twitter us that's a word at tucker carlson.
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jane gault sent us this: tomorrow night mean tweets
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are back. send cruelest, most unfair savage to us at turcotte carlson or email "tucker carlson tonight" at welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show members of the electoral college report being harassed with some saying they even got death threats. and procter and gamble want millennials to use fabric softener. this is what we call in the news business a fluff piece. and a british woman and her seven-foot tall dog. >> thanks, andy. let's welcome our guests. she is the it girl.


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