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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 20, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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fans not so happy. finally, the ugly. trying to hit a golf ball in a frozen lake. not too smart. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. bye. good morning. it's tuesday, december 20th. we start with a fox news alert. a wave of terror attacks sweeping the world with incidents in berlin, germany. in turkey, in zurich and switzerland as well. >> in berlin, a dozen people are dead this morning and dozens more hurt after a semi trailer truck that had just turned off its lights smashed into a busy christmas market 40 miles per ho hour. in turkey, ambassador assassinated by an off-duty police officer on live tv. >> in switzerland, three people
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are hurt and the gunman dead after an attack on a zurich mosque. >> so a lot to talk about this morning. the interesting thing about officially they haven't said any of them are terror yet, although one of the guys did yell, particularly the guy who executed the ambassador on television, a la akbar. >> yes. >> the christmas market attack, the driver, apparently, identified as that veed bee -- 23 years old, he's a pakistani asylum seeker. he was oebl in germany for a couple of months, on new year's eve a year ago. he went through the balkans then went into the country of germany. we look at live images of downtown berlin with thousands of other refugees. he entered the country under a false name. found with several i.d.s. he's got a criminal record and
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the country of germany said come on in. >> people were there shopping for christmas presents and this guy steals a truck, a semi truck, goes 40 miles per hour through the crowd and rolls over women and men, moms and dads and children. to see those images and to see -- this is a live picture. yesterday he could see people there in the streets with white blankets over them or white tarps over them. >> absolutely. a 23-year-old pakistani refugee, as you said, steve, had been in germany a few months. was seeking asylum, a refugee. you can wait to determine whether it was officially inspired or motivated or led by isis. this is a tactic that they have pointed out and said they want to use. it costs nothing. you don't have to have an allegiance to the country you're in, don't need special training, just the ability to steal a truck. this one was apparently stolen in poland, driven into germany with the driver taken hostage or
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killed and then he used it to mow through -- the target -- a christian likely, if you're -- >> we had earlier on our show, on "fox and friends first," you had police officers here in new york city patrolling christmas markets you because you see them all over new york city. i was passing one just yesterday and you see these police officers just decked out with their guns, ready to go. that is just very chilling to know it is christmas, you're shopping for your families, it's a loving time of the year, yet we still have to be vigilant and protective, just in case something like this happens here. >> sure. there were warnings because this was the ultimate soft target. a bunch of people enjoying their lives. the guy, all he had was a truck. he knew how to drive. his heart was filled with hate. you can see the people there in germany this morning picking up the pieces. meanwhile, you look at the incoming president of the united states. there is no doubt what he's
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talking about because he is -- he made it very clear shortly after, he wants to eradicate this kind of poison from the world. >> that's right. he put out a statement shortly after that attack saying these terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth. a mission we will carry out with all freedom loving partners. he tweeted as well saying the civilized world must change thinking on how we take on this threat. >> he wants to eradicate and wipe isis off the face of the earth. meanwhile, the pentagon sends this statement out. they say we're deeply saddened by today's horrendous event at a christmas market in berlin. the united states stands firmly with the german people during this time of sadness and offer any support they may require. we have to be past the sadness. obviously, we are sad. this is awful this is happening to individuals around the world. but it's time to wipe isis off the face of the earth. this is happening here.
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ohio state just, what, last month, you had nice the past summer. this is enough. >> the american people are sick of the reaction of sadness. if they wanted more sadness, they would have gone with hillary clinton. thoughts and prayers are important, but at some point you have to step up and say we're done being sad, we're going to be vigilant and be -- >> that's why people voted for donald trump. they wanted borders secure. there are reports in germany -- >> these things happen. when you don't have borders, don't demand allegiance, don't call the enemy what it is. you let anyone in, these types of things happen. policies have consequences. sadness doesn't help anybody. >> here's the thing. this open-doors policy is that of angela merkel who coming up shortly will be running for her fourth term as germany's chancellor. there are a lot of people inside her country right now who would like to close the borders. interesting, though, in the wake of this, cnn had an op-ed writer who used the terror attack to start talking a little bit about
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bashing the right wing candidates who want to secure the border. >> sure. >> the fella's name is david handle man, he wrote in part, right wing candidates are positioning themselves against immigration and islam defending a tougher stance with every new terrorist assault. there's a full-scale attack on traditional democratic values that many are increasingly coming to fear are only giving aid and comfort to the kinds of jihadist preparing to drive their trucks into crowds of innocents enjoying themselves. in other words, these right wing people want to close us off and have borders, whereas we should be welcoming people. >> that's the aid and comfort to jihadist if you want a border. it took them a long time to identify who the attacker was. if you don't know who is in your country, you can't maintain control. >> the guy had three driver's licenses. >> this is blame america first. isis doesn't have jobs so it's
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our fault. somehow we're bringing this upon ourselves. it's the reflex of the left oftentimes that the threat isn't real and if we sort of apologize more and appease more, everything will be fine. >> if you say republicans are taking advantage of the situations to try to close the borders -- >> talking about right wing politicians in europe. >> right wing politicians everywhere. when they want extreme vetting and go after isis or call it radical islamic terrorism, it fans the flames and it's our fault. >> isis wants to do this over and over. they want to eradicate christians and anyone who doesn't believe in their ideology. it's a fact that they're doing this in countries. we've got to protect the borders and get the criminals that are here illegally out of the country. this is exactly why people went to the polls to vote for donald trump. >> they're waging a religious war against us. if we don't understand their motivations you can't take it on. >> it's unbelievable that people
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think they would buy into this ideology that anyone would buy a truck and wipe out individuals. >> we have further details later on. >> in the meantime, let's talk about the story that's consumed us since the election. and that was, you know, the dems -- the democrats for the most part were trying to get members of the electoral college to flip and become so-called faithless electors. >> what was plan b. what was plan a? >> to beat them at the polls the first time. >> the recount. >> plan b was the recount. >> we're at c now? >> the electoral college. the democrats right now are 0-3 regarding donald trump. regarding the faithless electors, you're looking at the main sfleem media, people talking about -- in the end, it's interesting because the headlines are that there were two electors who defied the will of the stated voters but they
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don't mention the fact that hillary clinton actually had five voters flip on her in the state of texas, two republicans, one decided he wanted to vote for john kasich and rand paul and others voted for colin powell and faith spotted eagle. in hawaii, one democrat voted for bernie sanders. hillary actually lost more ground yesterday than donald trump did. >> donald trump has secured the election now. >> he was over 270 early. >> do you think this is the end? >> no. >> do you think the left is going to rest now? >> of course not. they're going to discredit, continue to. >> there was a column in the boston paper -- >> donald trump is the president-elect. it was sealed yesterday. all that blusterring and it goes out with a whisper. >> bill clinton was one of the electors in the electoral college and he has been blaming
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the fbi and the russians for her loss. he was at a bookstore in new york and took a shot at trump. asked if donald trump was a smart guy. he said i don't know if he knows much. one thing he does know is how to get angry white men how to vote for him. bill clinton is still bitter bill. >> way to go. >> bitter bill. >> have more headlines for us. >> thank you so much for working here yesterday. sitting here. you did such a good job. >> my pleasure. it was nice to be in for you but we missed you. >> good morning to all of you. we have a fox news alert from overseas. china returning the u.s. drone that was seized from the south china sea as tensions run high between washington and beijing. the pentagon slamming the communist nation for what defense officials are calling the unlawful seizure of the unmanned vessel. the navy says the drone was doing operations in -- now we
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have it back. the search intensifying for the man who killed a toddler. police in little rock, arkansas increasing the reward to $40,000. that little 3-year-old was caught in a crossfire while riding in a car with his grandmother and sibling headed to the store. the shooter became enraged because he thought the grandmother was driving too slow. that suspect honking at her and then getting out of the car and firing a single deadly shot. today the fbi search warrant used to reopen hillary clinton's e-mail investigation will be unsealed. it's the warrant the feds used to search anthony weiner's laptop for traces of classified information sent from her private server. his estranged husband of huma abedin, they argued that james comey's letter opening the case cost her the election. that's part of what they're saying that bill clinton talked about over the weekend.
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a record number of criminals soon could be walking the street. the president pardoning 78 criminals and commuting the sentences of 153 others making it a ecord for the presidential clemency power. the largest in american history. this while he was on vacation. take a lock at that. that's the president golfing in honolulu yesterday. it's the latest development in his clemency crusade. it started in 2014 to shorten the sentences of drug offenders. he says they're nonviolent. that's why they should get clemency or let go early. >> lot going on. >> yes, certainly. coming up, more on our top story. isis taking credit for the horrific attack on a christmas market in the city of berlin. could we in the united states being next? counterterrorism expert jim hanson with how america should be respond today. electors across the country getting harassed and threatened
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jim hanson joins us now to react. these images are stirring. this administration talks about sadness and thoughts and prayers. these emotions we all have. how vulnerable are we to this type of attack and how should germany and the west be responding? >> pete, you're smart enough to know and experienced enough to know that when someone declares war on you, you don't invite them to your country. that's the problem. chancellor merkel has been importing jihadists in massive numbers, more than a million last year alone. that's dangerous when you know you cannot vet them. as you said earlier, they have no idea who this guy was. he had multiple pieces of identity. they allowed him into the
3:17 am
country along with millions of others. we're doing the same thing. president-elect trump has a policy he announced where he will pause immigration from jihadist-influenced areas. that seems like a common sense way to start this. >> jim, as you said, they've been importing jihadists in europe. what can they do about those already there? n. light of those let in? >> that's scary. i don't know enough about the internal workings of the german security and their laws, but the bottom line is we know which chunt i community it is. all muslims are not terrorists. but most of the terrorists do follow their version of islam and they're fighting for allah. you have to start there and do everything you can within your laws to conduct surveillance and try to stop these things before they happen. >> you mentioned the president-elect commenting on the attack. this is what he said yesterday on twitter. he said today we were -- there
3:18 am
were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany. it's only getting worse. the civilized world must change thinking. i think that last sentence is a very powerful one. the civilized world changing its thinking. how does the west, america need to change our viewpoint and thinking and policies to adjust to this new reality where a guy doesn't need money or expertise, just a truck and a christmas market? >> yeah. isis put out the call to action saying you don't have to build a bomb and flag yourself by doing something that complicated as long as you drive over and kill infidels, you are one of the blessed. that's something we need to acknowledge. the enemy is here. we have people in our country. i mean, when i came in this morning, i searched to see if any new news was on this. my google came up with nice attack and osu attack which were both truck attacks. they don't have to do complicated things to kill us.
3:19 am
we need to pay attention to the fact that they're working that angle right now, right here. we need to face that. >> how worried are you about another attack like this happening in the united states this christmas season? >> terrified, pete. i think be lucky to survive without it. how long has it been since osu? in this case, we have people here who probably are watching the news saying i could be the next isis guy. that's the big thing they learned. isis doesn't have to designate -- obama brag that isis hasn't engineered any attacks here. they don't have to. they make the call and the jihadists hear it and take credit for it later. that's the best thing isis could do. it's much safer and it's working for them. >> it's less sadness and thoughts and more vigilance and clarity about the enemy. jim hanson thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, pete. before casting their
3:20 am
ballots, members faced death threats and harassment. >> one day i had a couple e-mails from a person who said they were going to follow me and make us uncomfortable because they knew where we lived. >> why isn't the doj investigating? a whistle blower here next. now they're getting immigration lawyers for free. stick around to hear this one. when i first started working with capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad.
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yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. quick headlines for you. los angeles wants to create a justice fund using your tax dollars to provide legal services and thim from being deported. half money comes from public funds, the other from private groups. tomorrow is your last chance to buy an ar-15 in the golden state. why? starting january 1st, a new law will classify the guns as assault rifles which can't be legally sold in the state of california. the state requires a ten-day waiting period before buyers can pick up their rifles. so the clock is ticking. steve?
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all right. electors cast their votes and donald trump won again. not before members of the electoral college were harassed and in some cases threatened for their lives because of who they were about to vote for. >> one day i had a couple e-mails from the same person that said they were going to follow me and make us very uncomfortable because they knew where i lived and need today cast a vote for trump. the next day on the freeway, i was actually looked to my right, i see people following me with their phone up against the window videoing. they slow down behind, one was at a traffic light taking pictures. that happened two days in a row, two different people. >> you know what, despite similar threats reported by a lot of electors, the department of justice is not investigating voter intimidation. why not? let's talk to former department of justice attorney turned whistle blower jay christian adams joins us from our nation's capitol. good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> it wasn't simple
3:25 am
intimidation. we're talking people were getting death threats. i'm going to put a bullet in your head. that kind of intimidation, i think, is a federal crime if proven, isn't it. >> it is. it's political terrorism, steve. there are multiple federal statutes do not allow you to give death threats to electors. understand, this is a larger effort to destabilize the system. destabilize the electoral college. there are people who spend millions of dollars trying to destabilize the electoral college and these threats are a part of it. because it tries to alter the outcome of the election. >> i get the idea of how the left is trying to delegitimize the future presidency of donald trump. but the department of justice, you know, that lady justice, she's got a blindfold. she's not supposed to look at politics. she's supposed to figure out, okay, is that against the law or not. >> they're not there because the fact that the electors were going to vote for trump.
3:26 am
that's the reason why. that's how this justice department plays. if you are against them, they don't help you. there are federal statutes exactly on point, steve. you cannot send threats by interstate communications to kill people, especially if they're electors. it's a federal crime. the fbi hasn't even called the electors to ask them what happened. >> jay christian, if for instance greenpeace was intimidated or something like that or black lives matter and there were death threats against them, don't you think the department of justice would investigate that? >> particularly black lives matter. imagine if hillary won this election and all of these alleged white supremacists on the at right were threatening, we know what would happen and what should happen because the system has to be preserved. you must have a system where people can vote according to the rule of law. not according to the chaos that the left wants to impose on america. >> we had the guy we heard from
3:27 am
in that sound bite was on our program about 24 hours ago. he called on the president to tell people to stop with the intimidation. we're better than that essentially is what he said. it would have been nice to hear from the president. to your point about it being political, i guess we wouldn't hear from him, would we? >> remember ferguson? remember what happened after that police officer used legitimate deadly force? you had the president, the attorney general all of them grandstanding about a lie. now you have real threats to the system, the constitutional order by threats toward electors and they're deadly silent. it shows you what these people are all about and good riddance to them on january 20th. >> let's talk about january 21st. if it goes through, the attorney general will be former senator jeff sessions. is there a statute of limitations on this kind of thing? could he look into voter intimidation of these electoral
3:28 am
college voters? >> let's hope he does. 18 u.s. 75 c. that's the statute. if you need help. that prohibits you from using interstate commerce to send threats to people. section 11 of the voting rights act prohibits people from threatening people from making a vote effective. those are the statutes that on january 21st, the fbi can pay a visit to the electors still and show that times have changed. that the rule of law is back. you can't threaten the constitutional order by threatening electors. >> the good news is, jay christian, apparently it didn't work. there were just a couple of people who did flip and more of them flipped for hillary. >> yeah. but steve, they played a long game. they know this is the first time they tried to destabilize the electoral college and they know they can get away with it. it's imperative for the new administration to clamp down and crackdown on these crimes. >> interesting stuff. let's see if they do something about it.
3:29 am
jay christian adams from d.c. thank you, sir. >> thanks, steve. >> that was an eye-opener. a fox news alert. a wave of terror sweeping the globe. an ambassador, the horrific attack on a christmas market in berlin and shooting outside of an islamic center in switzerl d switzerland. how do we stop terrorists before they strike? we have a guest next. caught on camera a police officer writing a ticket in his cruiser when suddenly a car hits him. come here, come here. >> apparently she hit his car on purpose and ran. we're going to tell you why, coming up next.
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you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. a fox news alert this morning. christmas markets across the country ramping up security as we learn the state department warned isis could strike three weeks before the berlin attack. >> so what needs to be done to stop terrorists from carrying out their plots? here to weigh in, the president of the american islamic forum for democracy, retired u.s. naval officer, dr. jase i can. >> what do you make of this --
3:33 am
it's alter roar, obviously. let's start with the berlin christmas market attack. obviously, a soft target. sounds like this guy hijacked this semi full of field beans and drove it 40 miles per hour with lights off last night through thousands of, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate christmas there. >> well, it's obvious to those of us who have been working for reform for decades that the problem is not the final step where they go operational. you can't predict it. that's why the magazine for isis, they tell them to find soft targets, use nonconventional vehicles like vehicles and knives. they want that moment of surprise where they attack christians, jews and other targets of their religious force. how do you find this? you shift the axis of discussion of the country from violent extremism to violent islamism. it's the global jihad stupid should be the mantra.
3:34 am
before they become militant jih jihadis. they're against democracy, believe in the sharia state. they're anti-christian and isn't semitic online. i guarantee you, we are not following those ideas online. therefore, they come out of nowhere once we try to find them to be violent, which is impossible to predict. >> doctor, that terrible attack in berlin comes when there was a fascination in turkey of the russian ambassador off-duty officer yelling, pulls out his pistol. steve is holding up the post right now. yells and shoots in the back, assassinating him. trying to fracture further relations between turkey and russia which has been difficult. the same strand of jihad at some level. should they have seen that coming? how do we anticipate those types of things? >> well, again, who are our friends and who are allies?
3:35 am
from the islamic republic of pakistan like the killer in berlin, they're from an islamic -- members of the ak -- believe in islamist state mantra and against western ideas, against russia, against countries that are not islamist, they're not going to be our friends. the akp tweeted out that this man was a martyr. the akp is the party of erdogan. they're upset that he was reaching out to russia and iran in order to maintain the dictator club in the middle east. therefore, it's not just about who our enemies are. the enemies of our enemies are not always our friends. if they're fighting for freedom in syria like our family and others, those are probably our allies. if they're fighting for jihad, an islamic state and supreme sichl across the middle east, those are our enemies. we have to be careful to say erdogan is our friend, but he's still the head of the akp party radicalizing the nation.
3:36 am
>> issued a warning to americans saying -- this happened three weeks ago. the department of state -- particularly during the holiday season. u.s. citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals events and outdoor markets. how do they know something like this? were there warnings they were seeing and that was their way of warning all of us to be careful and vigilant? >> here's the thing. two areas to look at. one is specifically this individual. we have to leave it to homeland security to monitor his ideas, his website that he's looking at if it's ideologically. publicly, we cannot let these chaotic islamists win by unraveling our fabric of society and who we are. israel has been dealing with this for decades. they haven't changed their public celebrations and other things. they're vigilant, if they see something, they say something. don't always be staring at your cell phone. look at your surroundings. make sure you're aware of the
3:37 am
fact that anything can become day weapon in a public place. >> if they knew about it, why did it happen? >> because the enemy to them is anyone who is just violent. this guy probably never projected that he was going to do something violent. if the enemy was islamist global jihadism, like san bernardino, orlando, those are sell fiji hadists, i bet it would be on the radar. >> the other component to it dr. jaser, the fact that this guy who shot the ambassador is a cop. he's the guy supposed to have a gun. they didn't realize that, as he was standing behind the ambassador, he was going to start yelling allah akbar and kill the ambassador. our important people are protected by officers all the time, guys with guns and you don't know when somebody like this knit wit is going to just go crazy. >> and we saw this in the cold
3:38 am
war. so many of the infiltrators were within our security apparatus. the orlando shooter was a security guard. many had clearances working within but they hate the country they're in because they're islamists who don't believe on our -- the war that -- >> ultimately, you're falking about allegiance -- talking about allegiance. thank you for providing clarity for us. dr. sunni jaser. heather is here with headlines. good morning. >> good morning. 38 minutes after the hour. couple quick headlines it bring you. the families of three orlando nightclub victims now suing facebook, twitter and google. they're accusing the tech industry giants of helping to radicalize the shooter omar mateen and others like him. that lawsuit slamming the web platforms for failing to shut
3:39 am
downter-related accounts saying they're crucial to -- he killed 49 people inside that packed orlando nightclub before he was killed in a shootout with police. lawmakers sent to repeal the controversy shafl bathroom bill in a special session planned for tomorrow. the law bans transgender people from using public bathrooms in locker rooms that don't match the genders on their birth certificates and puts the state in a national spotlight. musicians like bruce springsteen boycotted the state over that law. right into a police cruiser with an officer inside. police say this was no accident. >> body camera video capturing the sounds of the high-impact crash in norton, ohio. investigators say the woman behind wheel admitted to doing it on purpose and was trying to take her own life. >> i -- come here, come here.
3:40 am
get out of the road. >> oh, goodness. that woman is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. a hero who gave everything for our nation finally getting the proper burial that he deserves. the body of u.s. air force major troy gilbert finally arriving at arlington national cemetery in time for christmas. lee brice delivering a powerful performance. gilbert was killed in iraq in 2006. but his body was taken by terroris terrorists. his widow was on our show on friday to react. listen. >> unimaginable to take your children back to arlington national cemetery three times to bury their father but this time, this time there's a lot more closure to it. >> you may recall that lee brice was there with the group folds of honor. we've been telling but that. reuniting gilbert's truck with his children here on "fox and friend friends". that happened in may. gilbert had sold that truck before his deployment to help
3:41 am
families like the gilberts, you can go to folds of what a touching moment that was for those kids of his to now have gotten his truck back. what strikes me about that, he was set to deploy and the children were so young. now they're all grown up. that family finally reunited with their hero back home. >> set of twins, too. >> it's a commitment to those who are still here and leaving nobody behind there. our d.o.d. and so many committed to bringing everybody home. >> that was the third funeral they had had. the first time they didn't find the body. they had a funeral anyway. a portion of his body was found afterward. >> the head and the toes which was hard to hear. then she felt the rest of his body was in god's hands. >> then they found the whole body and it was returned. >> other countries don't do this. it's a commitment to life. >> folds of honor. a great organization. top of the hour.
3:42 am
>> it's 24 here in new york city with the windchill it feels colder than that. let's take a look at the temperatures. we have a warmup on the way relatively speaking. as you can see, still really cold, especially across the upper midwest and the great lakes. as far south as texas. look at the 24-hour temperature change. we're talking about a 24-degree difference in chicago than it was yesterday. so that is kind of a good sign that things are warming up. we have a storm system exiting the east. we have a couple of systems mofrg into the northwest that will be our weather makers heading into the weekend. just looking ahead, we could have a doozy of a storm on saturday and sunday. so that's something we have to watch and make sure that you're alert on. a lot of people will be traveling. for now over the next couple of days, a quieter weather pattern. we're going to warm up the temperatures a bit. 50 degrees on monday here in new york city. so be careful what you wish for. we'll certainly keep you up to
3:43 am
date into the holiday weekend travel. back inside pete, ainsley and steve. >> asking for no delays, no travel delays. a lot of people are leaving to go home for the holidays. >> yes, ma'am. i'll keep you up to date. >> thanks, janice. continuing coverage of breaking news. we have a vicious bear attack days before christmas sparking fear around the globe. former cia director james woo woolsey is here. the trump team remains focused on who will fill the president-elect cabinet position, still two positions to go. we go live to the nation's capitol for a live update here on "fox and friends." a lot to say about the chevy red tag sales event. this thing is a beast. steel or aluminum? steel. why? science. it's gonna hold up over aluminum, big time. you can get special holiday pricing and when you find your red tag, you get thousands more cash back. that's two deals in one. two deals sound better than one. that's a for-sure thing for me. during the red tag sales event, get two deals in one.
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3:46 am
headlines for you. how do you greet someone this time of year says a lot about your politics. >> we are going to say merry christmas again. merry christmas. >> we know what he says. according to the public religion research institute, democrats and republicans are nearly polar opposites when it comes to saying either happy holidays or merry christmas. 66% of democrats say happy holidays is more appropriate. 67% of republicans prefer merry christmas. there's a political correctness right there. remember how frantic arnold
3:47 am
schwarzenegger was to get a turbo mandol in the movie, jingle all the way. >> i'm trying to find a turbo mandol. >> me too, me too. >> do you have any? >> turbo mandol is the hottest selling christmas toy ever. >> someone just made, well, the real thing. a cleveland man launched a kick-starter to make this 3-d printed replica. sorry, america. it's already sold out. ainsley, over to you. >> thank you, pete. president-elect donald trump securing his white house victory with a final vote from the electoral college. now he's working hard to put the finishing touches on his cabinet. kristin fisher is live with the details on the search. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, ainsley. with one month to go until inauguration day, the president-elect has filled all but two spots in his cabinet. the secretary of veterans affairs and secretary of agriculture are still outstanding and so are the two
3:48 am
people who will have to deal with the media the most. communications director and his press secretary. overall, truchl has moved quickly to fill out his cabinet. yesterday the transition team said vince ent sigh owe la will be -- he's another billionaire businessman. he's a member of the florida panthers. he's a member of west point and trained as an infantry officer. a new name emerged as a serious contender. retired admiral thad allen. he met with trump yesterday. he's best known for leadership in responding to the deep water horizon oil spill. others in therunning. former massachusetts senator scott brown, admiral michelle howard. she's the first ever african-american woman to command a u.s. navy ship and iraq and afghanistan war veteran pete hegseth. if you've been watching "fox and friends," he's a fox news contributor. he's filling in for brian
3:49 am
kilmeade. ainsley, help me out. can you convince pete to give me something this morning. >> he's right over there. the big smile on his face. >> come on, pete, give me something. >> i got nothing. sorry. >> nothing. >> no scoop for you. mums the word. >> fine. >> we'll be watching. stay tuned. >> thanks, kristin. fox news alert. more on the top story. former cia director, trump adviser, james woolsey and dr. sebastian gorka are here with how america should respond in the next hour. plus, mr. trump is a winner again despite this myth pushed by the mainstream media. >> people are still holding out hope that the electoral college, when they vote tomorrow, will somehow miraculously decide that hillary clinton with is the winner. >> there's a glimmer of hope on the constitution. >> if some of that is true, does
3:50 am
that make it fake news? we're going to analyze that next. times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
3:51 am
3:52 am
welcome back. the electoral college yesterday made it official. they still out hope. the results could change.
3:53 am
he might not win. >> donald trump's opponents need just 37 electors to go rogue today and a handful said -- >> people are holding out hope that the electoral college will some how miraculously decide -- >> when they against a demagogue like donald trump. >> there's a glimmer of hope on the constitution. >> why that story line? good morning to you, molly. >> good morning. >> so why is mainstream media just accept the results? >> it is really funny. this is a story we all knew was never really real. they gave it a lot of prom naine
3:54 am
prominence. their number one story on sunday morning was all about this effort to some how have donald trump win the electoral college. the question is why are you covering it so much? >> that's the point. that's why we are talking about this. when you look at this you have martha who donald trump at his last event said she was crying on election night. martha was saying people are holding out hope. who are those people? is it here? it is legacy media or people on the left? what is she talking about? >> many people in the media are part of that progressive left. it struggled with results on election night. a lot of people that only show donald trump got more hope.
3:55 am
there was some glimmer of hope for the electoral college. it is not true that a handful of electors abandoned donald trump. we don't know who one of them was. so they are covering this story. they are not looking into what is most interesting. how close are people tied? who is fending tunding the prot? >> what's the answer to that? >> we haven't seen good reporting on who is ork straiting. if this were happening with republicaning targeting democratic it would be wildly different. that was not the tenor that we
3:56 am
saw. >> do you think the mainstream media will ever come around like the carrier deals, do you think they will maybe see his side at some point? >> i don't think that's likely. >> a glimmer of hope. >> a glimmer of hope. we don't have that right noucw.t it is in the media's best interest whether it reflects the possibility for everything he says or does. people are tuning it out. i would hope the media would think more about how we are covering, able to ask tough questions and get good answers but not anger. >> it doesn't reflect the voters. >> well, they are clearly out of touch with a huge loss of the american public. rather than quadrupling down on the inability to see what's going on in the country it would
3:57 am
be good for us to think about how out of touch we are and whether we could do a better job. >> thank you. >> thanks. fox news alert, terror attacks days before christmas. moments ago breaking news from berlin. we learned where the terrorist truck driver came from and the news, not good. >> it's not. >> the new complaint, the trump administration is too white. maybe they should take a look at their own staff. we sure did. what we found we will share with you next.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
steel beams smashed into a busy christmas market. russia's ambassador to that country assassinated by a rogue police officer standing behind him with a loaded gun.
4:01 am
it all happened on live television. >> that's right. . and in switzerland an attack on a mosque. an incredibly violent and dangerous day yesterday. >> no kidding. the authorities in germany talked a little bit about the driver of that truck who went through that christmas market last night. his name is, we believe, navid. he was originally from pakistan. on new year's eve 2015 he entered the country of germany and applied for asylum. he entered under a false name. he had a number of different id's and he has a criminal record. >> not a citizen from what we
4:02 am
could tell. >> a few people were injured. they were shopping there in a market. we see these all over the country. >> i pass them all of the time. people were there shopping buying christmas presents targeted by what looks like could be terrorism. it does have all of the hallmarks. >> absolutely. and you talk about christmas. definitely christians and holiday goers being targeted because of the soft target. this guy, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to determine what his motivations were. this is a tactic of isis who claimed responsibility for this. it's not difficult to get your hands on a vehicle. you don't need any particular training. when you opened up your borders you don't know who everyone is you're vulnerable to these types of things.
4:03 am
>> this guy was driving 40 miles per hour. he stole it apparently according to reports from a guy who owned a construction company in poland. the truck was being driven by his kcousin. his cousin was found dead. >> shot. >> either shot or stabbed. >> the guy driving this truck was found a mile and a half away. someone tracked him into a park. he was trying to hide and they found him and they arrested him. >> okay. so the suspect who is now in police custody and apparently is talking he admits since he got into the country he apparently has been living inside a refugee hanger at the airport which was raided at 4:00 local time there in berlin. >> it is because angela
4:04 am
merkel -- i don't know if we have the full screen or not, but over 1.1 million admitted in 2015 alone. the number matters a lot but all it takes is one or two to get through -- >> there before warnings about this. if you're going overseas you need to be aware of holiday markets like this. that's why donald trump has been about we rprotecting our boersd. >> political correct sns expected so much that they take advantage and flow right underneath. >> we have not yet heard from
4:05 am
our president. she on vacation in the great state of hawaii. after he was briefed on it he went golfing. donald trump did tweet out about the attack. he wrote this. today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany and it is only getting worse. doctor said how to stop future attacks? >> you shift the axis of discussion. violent extremism to violent islamism. they are nonmilitant jihadis who are against democracy who are
4:06 am
anti-christian. i guarantee you we are not following those ideas online. they come out of nowhere once we find them to be violent which is often impossible to predict. >> speaking of coming out of nowhere the other story is out of turkey. a security guard, a supposed turkish police officer with the russian ambassador and shoots him in the back yelling in the process. >> he also yelled we die in aleppo. you die here. there he is. this is so creepy. he didn't realize the guy was going to kill him. pumped a couple of bullets into his back. that officer, 22 years old, was. this was the russian ambassador.
4:07 am
putin is calling this aimed at sabotaging the ties between turkey and russia. things have been warming up over the last couple of months. i believe it was within the last year when a russian fighter intruded into turkish air space. the turkish, they shot it out of the sky. >> they did. >> yes. ander and erit is a very complicated situation. it is difficult initially to discern all of the motives but certainly an iz lachlist motive. >> we have a fox news alert to tell you about. we are getting video of the guy who drove that guy into the christmas market in berlin. he is being apprehended. you can see him on the other side of the gate and being put
4:08 am
into a police vehicle. >> yes. >> he is deanyinying that he to part. >> you added apparently a citizen followed this guy a mile and a half away from the incident. he is running to hide to save his own skin. >> pure evil. >> you know what i feel like when you talk and look at all of this? i feel like that's what donald trump is. he is seeing something. he says the civilized world is committing suicide. he is saying you have to have extreme ve extreme vetting. we need borders. he is doing what we have to do if we want to be vigilant as a society. >> it is a time to talk about results, how to we rat kate isis.
4:09 am
in the end seven did actually become faith and defy the will of their various states. the headline is donald trump lost two and hillary clinton lost five. i was watching one of the main -- i was listening to the radio this morning and they said donald trump lost two electors and didn't even mention that hillary lost five. >> who did she lose the five to? >> collin powell got some of the votes, also an activist, in
4:10 am
hawaii one voted for bernie sanders and two trump electors, one for kasich and one for ron paul. >> and this is the plan b. what was number one? >> the democrats right now are 0 and 3. they lost election day. they lost the recount and they lost the electoral college. now according to who will be here very shortly here in about ten minutes, up in massachusetts the u.s. senator elizabeth warren is trying to come up with a bill targeting donald trump's real estate holdings so he would be in violation of it so he could be impeached. >> man! plan b. >> you're exactly right.
4:11 am
it is to be legitimized. >> the unique thing is it's the way our laws were written. it is impossible to have a conflict of interest if you are the president or vice president. you can do anything and it will never be a conflict of interest. >> he was officially elected yesterday. >> feshlly i think the results goes to the house of representatives. two weeks before the inauguration. >> and officially. >> that's right. >> ahead, we have some headlines. good morning to all of you. hope you're off to a great day. china returning that u.s. drone that was seized from the south china sea as tensions run high between washington and beijing. the pentagon slamming the nation for the unlawful seizure of an
4:12 am
unmanned vessel. we now have it back. the search intensifying at this hour for a man who killed a toddler, this beautiful little boy, in a road rage shooting. police in arkansas increasing that reward to $40,000. he was riding in the car with his grandmother and one-year-old sibling. the shooter was enraged because he thought the grandmother was driving too slowly. he fired a single deadly shot. heartbreaking. president-elect donald trump might be bringing his own private security details to the white house. political reporting today that mr. trump hopes to use a mixture of retired former police officers and fbi agents who kept him safe while he was on the campaign trail. mr. trump's most famous stalker telling a judge that he plans to
4:13 am
go to the inauguration. he has been in jail since 2014 after trespassing multiple times at trump tower and putting that address on his drivers license. those are your headlines. >> okay. >> i'll see you soon. >> thank you. all right. next up, more on our top stories. isis claiming they are responsible for the attacks. what does it mean going forward? ryan has been thinking about that. he joins us live in a moment. what are president obama's plans for his final weeks in office? golf now but when he gets back to work, a plan that infuriates some people still ahead. pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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4:16 am this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet? apparently terroristing targets a christmas market in berlin ramming a truck into a crowd killing at least 12 people. what does this terrorist attack mean? that's coming up shortly. ryan, thanks for being here. no one better to talk to.
4:17 am
should we have seen this coming? did they see this coming? >> i don't think they saw it coming or they would have tried to stop it. if you're looking at the holiday threat you have to look at more than the attacks. you have to look at the number of foiled plots. i have never seen it so high. a 12-year-old boy tried to set off a nail bomb targeting a christmas event. you just don't hear about it. >> why did we receive such an increase in. >> there is a catch 22. it should be part of our coverage, the fact that -- >> but the catch 22 is that the first preference is to go. if they cannot go there anymore, what's option number two? carrying out an attack including
4:18 am
the united states. >> get here if you can, if you attack where you are. we know there was a successful attack last night but what's amo amongst local population? >> if they crack down you'll have more chaos. it's something they need to do or have to do. you'll have people trying to enter and in some cases trying to force their way in. >> we played this earlier. i want to focus on the last sentence. he tweeted today there were terror attacks. at the end he said the civilized world must change thinking. you look at europe and western europe. are they capable of changing thinking? >> yes. you're seeing the thinking change, not necessarily what
4:19 am
they are doing. they are focusing on the idealology. the other thing i love is that he included in that tweet as a terror attack the shooting of a mosque in switzerland. they say their strategy behind the attacks is they think it helps them recruit. by trump coming up it would have been over shadowshadowed. they say it matters just as much to me. >> great point. briefly, folks watching the show, they want to go to a christmas market or something in the united states what should they be aware of in. >> keep this on your mind but celebrate christmas. don't be depressed and keep in mind, if it is on your mind that we are beating back isis and you can celebrate that while being cautious and being vigil. >> you're exactly right.
4:20 am
merry christmas. christmas is back. thanks a lot. >> you got it. next, targeting electors voting for donald trump. >> you don't deserve to be in america. this is my america. this is my america, my america. >> in case you didn't know it this is her america, not yours. think this treatment is over? you better think again. harry is next with plan c. and continuing coverage of terror around the globe. the obama hasn't responded but president-elect donald trump has. former cia director is here live ahead. ♪
4:21 am
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tadirectv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. police in berlin say the actual prep traitor still has a weapon and is still at large. we are talking about the man
4:24 am
that drove the truck through the christmas market. >> yes. the story has gotten a little complicated. this is the police official briefing the press. we told you earlier the way they were able to track the original person we believed was the perpetrator. a good samaritan chased him for about a mile. now the police do not think the arrested pakistani was the perpetrator. the actual perpetrator is still at large and can still do damage. >> and the first reports are rarely completely correct, who they arrested, it was believed was the perpetrator. things change. christmas marketing across germany remain closed at this time. you have to be cautious and resume there will be a follow on an attack. this enmy is capable of just
4:25 am
about anything. >> ycan we see this live you can see the barricades. those were not there. there were about half of them earlier when we started the show. they put them all the way across the street. we'll have to see those at christmas markets all over the world so cars can't get through. >> i don't know if it can slow down a semi trailer. our producers are listening and monitoring the police briefing. if there are further details we will bring them to you. police do not believe they have the ultimate bad guy responsible for killing a dozen people. >> we'll bring you everything we have when we have it. it is official, donald trump surging past the 270 electoral votes need today secure the presidency but not without more drama from the left. >> you don't deserve to be in
4:26 am
america. this is my america. this is my america, my america. take me out if you must. this is my america. >> democrats lost the white house and electoral college but our next guest says they won't end there. liberals calling for impeachment. >> good morning to you, harry. >> good morning. even before the electoral college pipe dream went down in flames a bunch of democrat senators filed legislation. under this legislation the incoming president and vice president would have to divest themselves of all holdings of any conflict of interest. the key here as far as the fundraising is concerned is if you violated it. if trump forgot to list a deeded parking space he could be
4:27 am
charged with a high crime or misdemeanor and impeachable offense. >> so it's not over yet. they are still looking for blood. >> right. the recount didn't work out. the electoral college didn't work out. they have got this. there's no way this bill could ever become law with a republican congress. and also, even if it did become law they couldn't get rid of bill clinton even though he committed felonies. i think it's another way to raise money. it has been so profitable. jill stein. i'm sure they raised a ton of dough. now you have this one. they are putting a nigerian princess to shame when it comes to their ability to separate fools from their money. >> you're up there in elizabeth
4:28 am
warren country. does she seem to want to traffic in as much resistance as possible. do you get the idea that they are setting themselves up to be the barrier against donald trump no matter what up to and including impeachment attempts? >> absolutely. that's what's going on here. yesterday at the state house they have 100, 200 people out here. no question hillary clinton was getting all of the votes here. you have been playing that video all day. these people are totally deranged. their motto is if at first you don't succeed cry cry again. they just won't give up. and again, i think that the key to remember here is that there's an old saying if you believe in nothing you'll fall for anything. these people can obviously --
4:29 am
they will go for anything. they hate donald trump so much that they would realize they are all impossible dreams. they don't care. they will just send another check to whoever sends them the e-mail of the day. >> is there anything donald trump can do that he could bring some of the mainstream media into his court? >> i think he is just -- i think he has to get the economy back on track. you know, look at his fi favorability numbers. these people -- you know, you talk about ir redeemables. i don't think there's any way to convince people that were out there to ever come around. you have got to get -- you have just got to get the people in the middle to see that we can have a better government than we have had the last eight years.
4:30 am
>> i was at an event yesterday and a guy pulled up in a convertible. he yells out, i'm a deplorable. [ laughter ] >> i have a sweatshirt that says proud to be deplorable. merry christmas. deflorable paraphernalia, deplorable and bitter clinger g clingeringe clingeringeclingers. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. more breaking news out of germany. just seconds ago police saying quote we have the wrong man and the terrorist who drove a truck into a crowded christmas market remains on the loose armed and dangerous and likely to strike again. we'll have breaking details after this short break. >> that changes everything. and the former cia director
4:31 am
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4:33 am
police saying we have the wrong man.
4:34 am
and they don't know where he is. he is armed, dangerous and likely to strike again. chams is the former cia director. he joins us live. good morning to you. >> good to be with you. >> this is embarrassing. they thought they had the right guy. he said i followed him to the zoo. they released a bunch of information. turns out none of it is true. >> this is all going to happen again and again and again as long as we are just playing defense. it is really important and we deplor our entire team. we are going to lose. we can try to catch people after the fact. we can try to screen people out. if we keep going the way we are going we'll have continual terrorist attacks of major
4:35 am
proportion. it is very hard to find out which guy driving a truck the going to be a terrorist. trucks are all over the place. it's not as if he has some secret weapon we can spot or something. >> look what they are doing as a result. they are putting up the barricades. is this a new way of life? >> it may be. we can't do it that way. we have to go on the offense. >> what does that look like right now in europe and for the united states? >> i think if we look at iran it is causing great difficulty in the world. we look at what their economies are like. their are all dependant completely on oil. we permit it is between other fuels and gasoline. >> uh-huh. >> it is easily done with methanol with an m.
4:36 am
and if you can compete at the pump you can drive the price of gasoline down and drive the price of oil down. it will be his worst day a. they care more about that than they do about us chasing individual terrorists. >> thank you. they have a unique situation because angela merkel said if you need a place to stay come on in. many are just flooding that country and a lot peechl have had it up to here saying we are not safe anymore. >> right. they are not and they are not going to be as long as that's the principal thing they are trying to do which is just let people in. you can just let people in with a better screening process and you won't have as many terrorists but you're still playing goalie.
4:37 am
>> and president-elect donald trump is talking about extreme vetting. can they or is the enmy already mo mo amongst them? >> they will be generated inside germany as they grow up and see videos and see social media and so forth. this is a losing game just to try to defend that way. >> uh-huh. >> what are you telling donald trump? we are already seeing this happen here in america. we saw that at ohio state just last month. >> i worked for two presidents. i never told anybody what i say to them and i'm not starting now. >> what you have heard donald trump say in public, are we going to have a different approach than barack obama? >> i don't know. we are a month away from the new
4:38 am
administration. we are getting the people on board. we have two cabinet positions to go. people are tarting to talk about them but i don't think we will know for sure far while. we have some remarkable people in some of these -- nominated in some of these positions like marine commander and i think we will have a good team to approach these issues. this is tough. this is not an easy thing. >> right. james thank you very much. >> thank you. >> once again, real briefly, earlier today pretty much every news outfit in the world gave the information that the guy that ran that truck into the crowd of people last night was a pakistani asylum seeker.
4:39 am
police have said we have got to wrong guy. the actual prerpetrator -- >> they are having to put these barricades up at markets to try to block cars or trucks from going if into markets. >> what we thought was a finished 1i67uation is an active one. >> we had an expert on it. we were asking what do we do in a situation like this. if you're on the sidewalk, walk towards the pibuildings. when i'm carrying my daughter with her stroller, god forbid something hab happppen but thise way we live now.
4:40 am
heather joins us with news from the pulse nightclub. >> that's right. terror here on the home front, the families of three of the orlando nightclub victims are now suing facebook, twitter and google accused them of happening to radicalize the shooter. the lawsuit is for failing to shut down terror related accounts saying they are krushl to recruitment. he was we venn cully killed in a shootout with police. the obama administration intending to transfer 17 or 18 terrorists out of the prison before donald trump takes office. resettling them in italy and also saudi arabia. as far as 41 or 42 will be left.
4:41 am
those are your headlines. it's a story we covered a lot. >> absolutely. >> sounds like he is going to keep trying until the end. >> thank you very much. >> it is cold outside. then again, this is the tuesday before christmas. it should be a winterwonder land. >> it's good. >> some might think it's good. for travel a quieter weather pattern. that's the good news. as we head into saturday and sunday we'll have to watch the storm. i think it's going to be too warm for a big old fashioned snow tomorrow. the temperatures, a warm up is on the way. chicago, you're starting to feel a little bit warmer. it's 29 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. so still windchills in the single digits some times below zero. the warmer air is on its way.
4:42 am
the really cold air is retreating into canada. look at new york city. in the 30s today up 10 degrees tomorrow into the 40s and then 50 by monday. i know that's good news for you and it's good fuse for travelers but certainly we will monitor it. santa might be in a hawaiian shirt. >> frosty might be a puddle by tuesday. >> don't say that. >> he's magic. >> it's actually perfect weather though. we get to wear the cute winter clothes and layers. >> good thinking. >> but there's no wind. a little warmer. >> you look so cute. >> thank you very much. all right. the new york times going after donald trump over diversity. kevin jackson is here with a double standard coming up next. . and continuing coverage, a wave of terror attacks across europe.
4:43 am
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4:45 am
did you know that the new york times staff is less diverse. it is from times public editor.
4:46 am
only two of the 20 plus reporters who covered the presidential campaign for the new york times were black. none were latino. that's less diversity than you'll find in donald trump's cabinet right now. kevin jackson, good morning to y you. >> thanks, steve. >> now as it turns out it's not so diverse. does that shock you? >> not at all. the rules of diversity and all of the things that the liberals talk about don't apply to them. the new york times value didate that. you pretty much take anything liberals are in control of and
4:47 am
you'll find out they violate all of the rules. >> you were talking about this topic. you said the new york times cries on behalf of black people. they don't hire it. the senate democrats violate that. they act as if they are the keepers of all racial equality. it is a lie. as they witnessed it and they want to force donald trump to do this they go by the rules, when did america go from picking the best? the thing about it, i don't care honeyly, i don't think most of
4:48 am
america cares what the gerund make up is of your company. they want the best people. that's the first thing they do is cry about the statistics. >> sure. and i think you were looking at trump's cabinet picks so far in the graphic right now still lacking agriculture and veterans affairs. i'm sure as you said, donald trump is looking for the best americans. i'm sure the new york times would say we are looking for the best journalists. ultimately though they have got to hold a mirror up and say we don't exactly practice what we preach. >> that's sort of the fallacy of it all, if they are looking for the best people and the new york times found the best people most of america don't have a problem with that. the problem is liberals make it an issue. if you will make it an issue you need to live up to it.
4:49 am
whether it's the senate which we just found out, hillary clinton talked about helping women and we found out through her campaign she pays men more than women. it's always the ironies that they don't want to live it themselves. >> funny how that works out isn't it? kevin thank you for joining us live today. >> my pleasure. >> all right wlachlt do you think about that? we have a breaking news alert right now. german police saying thaw apparently arrested the wrong guy last night. a terrorist behind the wheel of that truck still ton loose, armed, dangerous. more attacks still possible. he says the timing around christmas is no accident and he joins us next. caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet
4:50 am
that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
4:51 am
4:52 am
police now saying the person they have in custody perhaps is not the driver of the truck that killed a dozen and injured at
4:53 am
least 50 more. that attack one of three in europe on the same day. >> that's right. here today, doctor, your reaction to yesterday. >> what i said last night on the show, the front line in this war is when you leave the house in the morning, whether you're going to a christmas party in san bernardino, a christmas festival in germany or a marine corp. fun run. it isn't world war i or world war ii. it is right here in network and in europe. all americans need to be aware. this season especially is incredibly attractive. everybody has to have their head on a swifl. >> are they targeting christians? >> the magazines of isis had a
4:54 am
recent issue. it was the cover terroring down the cross and the type of that issue was break the cross. when we there were 1.4 million christians in iraq. today there are less than 200,000 christians left. they are targeting christians. in the middle east in america and in europe! do you find where yesterday this off duty cop in turkey shot the russian ambassador in the back. he was standing behind him live on television. everybody thought he was part of the security detail. turns out he did have a badge and a gun. he took the moment to kill the ambassador and shout we die in
4:55 am
aleppo. you die here. do you see these things connected in any way? >> absolutely. this phrase that floats around d.c. called lone wolf terrorism, i completely reject it. it is a concept to make americans stupid. there is no such thing as lone wolf terrorism. people don't go on the internet and suddenly become jihadi. they choose that lifestyle and then they kill the infe delidel. >> we heard about extreme vetting, we building our mill tafrmt we know he is take it
4:56 am
seriously. angela has admitted it is the wrong approach. what can they do now even though they let so many in and they don't know what their motives are? >> she said we will live in freedom and in openness. no you won't as long as you have a million refugees who you haven't vetted. they have to screen people peas with screening interviews. on top of that they have to do what the nypd has done. you have to reinvent heem human intelligence. you have to identify them before they built that pressure cooker bomb or kill their fellow sit
4:57 am
se s citizens with just a truck. >> appreciate it. breaking right now in germany, the terror suspect behind the killing spree could still be on the loose, capable of striking again. the police say they have to wrong man according to german authorities. others are saying we are uncertain if he was the driver. >> that's right. laura is here straight ahead. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm.
4:58 am
for a healing night's sleep.
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5:00 am
good morning. a wave of terror attacks. we have a live look in berlin and germany where security is now stepped up and christmas markets have been cancelled for today after a truck, a driver, plows through a crowd of shoppers at the christmas market. the terrorists behind the wheel armed and dangerous and still ton loose. >> that is one spot. in berlin a dozen people are dead and dozens more hurt. german police saying at least one of the per pe traitors may be on the loose, armed and dangerous. they are unsure whether it was the driver.
5:01 am
earlier they said we have got to wrong guy. they may have been referring to the driver. russia's ambassador assassinated bay rogue police officer on live tv. in switzerland three people hurt after an attack on a mosque. so a day of violence across europe. a lot of people wondering how we can deal with it. >> uh-huh. >> absolutely. >> in germany said we have got the suspect in this. a good samaritan apparently saw the guy jump out of the cab and ran for about a mile. the good samaritan was on the phone with police the whole time telling them where they were. the cops said that's where they were. he is a pakistani asylum seeker. he had a number of fake id's
5:02 am
apparently. he came into the country this past year. now we are learning he may not have been the driver because he denied any involvement. >> police in germany are saying it is indeed uncertain that he was the driver. we are not sure if he was involved. they are asking anyone who had any video that was there at the time to upload the video. they saying that the true perpetrator might be at large. >> it was what we thought a situation contained now they are saying it is a fluent situation with the gunman at large. 12 people have been killed, almost 50 injured in a terrorist attack targeting christmas in germany. >> unbelievable. do you believe this is the way
5:03 am
life is now? i was watching some of the christmas markets here in new york city. there are security officers with guns standing outside of the market. >> i don't think we should be cancelling christmas markets or fearful to celebrate the faith and the birth of christ, which is frankly at the founding of our country where our founders understood the importance of god and virtue. we are going to -- -- cancelling markets when what we should be doing is taking a really brutal look and a pragmatic look of our policies, both immigration policies, refugee policy that allowed in more than a million muslim refugees into western europe. i went back and looked, by the
5:04 am
way. i lookd at a piece in the summer where they were interviewing refugee at various camps in germany. refugees were warning western europe about the infiltration by isis and other islamic militants. we know who of the paris nightclub attackers were able to infiltrate by pouring across into greece and moving into the rest of western europe. i think we are living in a fantasy land we think we can continue this without safety and culture. i think it's a conversation that's way overdue. >> no kidding. this is something we have been talking about for a very long time. donald trump said we are going have to have some extreme
5:05 am
vetting. they will letting in people they don't have any idea where they are from. >> and you cannot vet from certain countries orlando gin or supposed countries of origin. it's not like there's some database where we can say they never were radicalized. we are having trouble maintaining control over immigrants into the united states who are mostly islamic who are radicalized on line. we have already dealt with this time and time again, whether the mall attack earlier this year or attack in florida, the san bernardino attack, going all the way back to fort hood, the boston marathon bombings. but we are barely able to keep ahead of the problem of legal
5:06 am
refugees. we have to be beyond vigilant at this point to stop this kind of carnage from happening. >> many have said it is a preview of the united states. what's it going to take for western europe to realize when you open up your border and don't demand allegiance that infiltrate what will it take for them to say we will protect our borders, we will protect our identity and our faith or what's left of it? >> i think what happens with the fall of christianity, there is bound to be something that takes its place. there are a lot of empty churches. they are not getting married. i get it. i get that's the cool thing to do for a lot of people now. without faith it is hard to keep
5:07 am
a society together without a general idea of what it means to be swiss or german or swedish. we are seeing this mass flow of humanity. many people suffering. i understand that. europe has already suffered great terror attacks and cultural -- some people say it's a slow moving cultural genocide that's happening in europe. we are still bringing in hundreds of thousands of people legally who we really can't vet. i mean the answer is i really don't know. how many people have to die before people think maybe this is a problem. in places like belgium a lot of places are saying it's too late. there's no turning the tide back. >> some believe the solution is donald trump. he said this. these terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks
5:08 am
must be we rat ka must be , what's your response o that? >> that's a great sentiment. the problem is we have allies who are supporting some of the islamic attacks. so i mean the swes either going have an identity and exist or not. we cannot bring in a massive humidity every single year. people who do not buy into values, respect for women, respect for other snorts, they don't buy into it. we cannot bring them into the country, period. let's move onto politics. plan b or c backfired on yesterday. they were counting on a bunch of faithless electors to flip against donald trump. it turns out two did but five
5:09 am
flipped for hillary clinton and voted for various other people. >> i think hillary was looking for those too. behind that tree is another person. this shows the futility of both the so called conservative resistance to trump and the clinton, jill stein recount. remember in may they were talking about a contested convention? now all of these months later it's finally settled. it isn't going to be settled in the minds of millions of americans who do not expect trump as their president. he is going to do a lot but he has, you know, an agenda he has to advance. if he doesn't he will have one
5:10 am
that will be very unhappy. he has a tight rope to walk. so far his picks have been very strong. >> absolute saluly. >> i think you'll see massive litigation against some of the moves this he will try to make. i think they will use activists to disrupt his own movements across the united states. we have the center for american progress who is raising their other wing of that. they will raise a lot of money to continue to campaign. they will have a campaign against donald trump which means his operation has to be two or three steps ahead of them. they have been utterly ineffective. i don't know what they have to show to their contributors and supporters. hillary keeps losing ground, not gaining ground! i read online some said until
5:11 am
the democrat party has an autopsy to figure out what went wrong i'm not going to give another blanking dime to the democrats. >> yeah. but it's not good. heat will continue to be turned up against donald trump. i think they know that. i think they are ready for it. they have to stay ahead of this wave of discontent. >> sure. >> we have another radio talk show host today. he says they have no idea what's going on. listen to this. >> these people are totally deranged. i think their motto is if at first you don't succeed cry, cry again. i think the key to remember here is there's an old saying if you believe in nothing you'll fall for anything, just another way to raise money. this has been such a profitable enterprise since the election campaign.
5:12 am
jill stein 7.5 million. now you have this one. these people are putting bernie m madoff when it comes to separate fools from their money. >> what do you think? >> it is all about power and money. that's absolutely for sure. a lot of these groups, again, they have nothing to bring to their contributcontributors. they lost the presidency to all of these people that weren't tuned in. they keep agitating and a look for barack obama and his supporters. i think he is still going to be community organizing out there. he is not going to go quietly into that good night. >> he just leads to a great big house not far from where you're
5:13 am
sitting. he will be busy in d.c. >> all right. get your number two lead pencil. be on the radio in 40 5 minutes. >> all right. merry christmas if i don't see you. more breaking news. police in germany admitting the terrorist truck driver may still be on the run armed, dangerous and determined to strike again. and the pakistani refugee might not be the driver. we'll take you live to berlin in moments.
5:14 am
5:15 am
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nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. last night somebody ran through the christmas market in the heart of berlin and killed at least a dupzen people and injured 50 more. they say they had the driver in du custody. this morning it is not certain.
5:17 am
>> early reports were there was a construction company. the driver was driving into the area and was hijacked be i tby suspect. he was found in the front seat either with a bullet or was stabbed. the driver we are told got out of the truck, ran and someone witnessed all of this and chased after him. about a mile and a half into the road into some park or a zoo we are hearing is where they apprehended this guy. >> he could have been an accomplice or not. they are saying there is a suspect armed and on the loose. it is now an active situation with an armed and dangerous
5:18 am
suspect. five days before christmas a christmas market, clearly a terrorist attack with a religious undertone to it. >> right. targeting christians. he is still on the loose. it could happen again. they have closed down all of the christmas markets there in berlin. >> some said it is the right move but you're also sending a signal we are shutting down our christian holidays. >> the image you're looking at is of the area. they did move the actual semi trailer earlier in the day. we believe they have put up that thin fence to keep prying eyes from seeing the carnage. we believe in certain cases there are still bodies at the crime scene right there that we are looking at. they are trying to keep people from looking at it. >> these are men, women and
5:19 am
children shopping for christmas. >> innocent. >> it is evil. >> it is. >> it happened on the same day when shockingly it happened on live television where the russian ambassador to the country of turkey, the guy who is standing behind him as it turns out, was a cop and had a gun but decided he was going to kill the ambassador. >> we'll probably see video of what happened. that was on tv. we'll probably see video of what happened in berlin. the interior minister is asking if anyone w upload the video. >> isis said hit christians. you don't need training to mow
5:20 am
people over. . >> so we thought we knew who was involved but maybe not so much. >> right. critics saying germany's wide open border policy is to blame. are they right? former director of policy says the answer is obvious. he will share it with us next. the holidays should bring joy. so why are you still putting up with complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple.
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what's in your wallet?
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5:23 am
an armed terrorist may be on the run in the city of berlin. the man in custody is definitely -- isn't definitely the one who plow add truck into the christmas market killing a dozen and injuring 50 more. isis is taking credit for that attack. the third one to strike europe. critics pointing blame at the refugee crisis. former adviser to david cameron. we have steve on the couch with us. he is also a fox news contribute
5:24 am
to. gl -- contributor. >> i think it would be to blame something like this is an evil idealology that drives people to do this. it is simplistic to say it is some how islamaphobic. >> i was going to say, immigration policies, particularly merkel, these policies have made it easy to do that! that's right. you didn't have this global terror threat and didn't have the ability for people to find out how to travel across borders. >> and that's what brexit was
5:25 am
all about. >> that's right. and i think we need to -- >> and you -- at one point 1 37b9 1 million people were allowed to come into germany last year alone. >> exactly. that is too much. all of us would be happy with moderate immigration. we know it's a source of strength. you can't just have it unlimited and uncontrolled. it's not just security reasons but for the ability to absorb that many people. >> you're right. americans are looking and saying we have the benefit of oceans. how do we learn the lessons so we don't have the same kind of crisis in the united states? >> it is really important to say that. it didn't have sufficiently tough controls and i think things what he is talking about in terms of extreme vetting from
5:26 am
places where there's a record of islamic terror, those sorts of policies are accepting this isn't being in any way bigoted. it is sensible policy to make sure there is support for immigration down the line. people will support immigration. >> there certain sly is a new terrorist in town. >> when people are waking up and they are a little scared could it happen here? it is good to know the next president of the united states is going to do anything to get rid of these guys. >> it isn't a result of our actions. it's not something we have dub. >> we have been told that for eight years. >> but we haven't been confronted. we have got to change the way we
5:27 am
think about things at home and also integration to make sure people are already integrated in our eats. the sad thing is there were plenty of home grown radicals as well. all of these things have to be done at once. it is a really long-term fight we have to win. >> we saw ohio state and then what happened down in florida at the nightclub. >> they may not be radicalized right now but they could be in a year! right. we have to show it fwhar it is and make sure everyone signs up to our values! you used the word integration, how do you make sure that happens? it is so critical for the first and second generation. >> the government commissioned a study to show how bad the
5:28 am
situation is. in northern england you women who are literally kept prisoners in their homes. they not allowed to learn english. that breathes the sense of isolation. that's the sort of thing we have to realize that the integration isn't happening. producing reports that actually show the problem is the first step in following the accidenting -- in fixing it. >> the last time i was here this wonderful book you gave me and then we took it away on our thanksgiving vacation. >> thank you. >> they would kill me if i came here and didn't have you sign a copy. >> i would love to. >> thank you so much. >> steve, who is now part of the fox news team, steve, welcome aboard. >> thanks for being here. all right. break right now, a desperate
5:29 am
manhunt underway as we learn that the suspect behind the terrorist attack could be on the loose and ready to strike again, the breaking details next. president-elect donald trump doubled down vowing to wipe them off the face of the earth. quite the opposite message from what the pentagon is pushing. we are live next. -- next with sean spicer.
5:30 am
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5:32 am
we are back with a fox news alert and latest on the christmas market massacre. police say a blood thirty terrorist armed and poised to potentially strike again. >> they say the person they have in dust ki killing 12 people and injuring nearly 50 more. >> let's turn right now to the chief strategist who joins us from our nation's capital. >> how will the response change? >> i think it will be swift and
5:33 am
fierce and we have to be able to call it what it is. we cannot be being politically correct. we have to understand the threat and attack it straight on. >> two statements in reaction to this. this is the statement he said these terrorists must be we rat kated. emission we will carry out with our freedom loving partners. they said we are deeply saddened and it has a few lines in there you -- do you think that's what
5:34 am
the american people are looking for? i think it is saddening. it is not something that should be tolerated. to feel they have to be under threat of their lives. >> s disgusting. think we all feel for our brothers and sisters around the world when there's a loss of life that threatened their way of life. we can feel sad and we also have to be dill jenlt. >> how are you plarning on doing that? how do you do that? >> i think part of it is what he
5:35 am
has done. fist off recognizing the threats head on. getting together the principals and creating a plan which he talked about doing day one and making sure that is a top priority and a focus to mike shaur america is first and foremost safe. >> of course yesterday it is interesting one of the electors in the state of new york was bill clinton. bill clinton still blaming the fbi and russia for the loss. it's interesting a couple of days ago he took a shot at your boss. when asked if donald trump is smart he said he doesn't know much. he does know how to get angry
5:36 am
white men how to vote for him. he started tweeting about bill clinton. first one stated bill clinton stated i -- they focused on wrong states. it's sounding like the next president is take ago shot ing former president. >> let's walk this back. they thought this would be a coronation of hillary clinton. they had fireworks ready to go. they lost. they were shocked. i get it. they spent a lot of times in the woods taking selfies. they ended up losing in wisconsin. they lost that and went after electors and tried to undermine the process and not only today
5:37 am
did they fail in it but hillary clinton lost five electors in that she lost three to collin powell and one to sanders. the double irony is jill stooin got less lek terror ral votes than jill stein got less electoral votes than powell who didn't even run. >> at some point they need to stop, look in the mirror, understand that it was their campaign, their message, their candidate that was the problem. if they want the keep going in this direction as a republican i'm more than happy to keep them going. they got number four, five and six loss coming up. >> jill stein did walk away wit. >> more than hillary did.
5:38 am
>> if fourth and fifth step, you think about these things. what are you anticipating they will try to do next? >> i think when you now gone to losing three in a row, if you will, at some point hopefully if you're in a smart establishment elders sort of step up and say ladies and gentlemen, we need to look ourselves in the mirror and figure out what's going on. the opposition despite our differences with them have cleaned our clock at every level, local, state, federal. at some point we ned to coed too grips with who we are. look, that's what a good organization would do but i'm happy with the direction they are going. >> sure. >> even though you're in washington work goes on at the
5:39 am
tower? palm beach county. i know there are two big cabinet level jobs that have to be filled and other important jobs like press secretary, any word on who that person might be? >> i think president-elect trump is meeting with a lot of qualified individuals as he has for the last 40 days i i would expect announcements over the next couple of days. he has a lot of big positions to fill. the va secretary is something that's near and deer to har to heart. i think it will make it a huge opportunity for him. so there are big positions left on the table that he is spending a lot of time interviewing unbelievable candidates for those positions. >> absolutely. >> all right. sean spicer, thanks for joining us. >> thanks. have a merry christmas if i
5:40 am
don't see you again. all right. we have a fox news alert. deadly terror attack serving as a reminder of how important it is to secure our nation's borders. >> we will have extreme vetting. it will be very very tough to come into this country. that i are bad. if they were vetted properly they wouldn't in this country. >> will president-elect trump's -- chris joins us live coming up. [ cough ] shh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! psh psh lunch is ready! campbell's spider-man soups.
5:41 am
made for real, real life. thanks mom
5:42 am
what bad knee?u'll ask what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what
5:43 am
pain? advil. the pentagon blaming for the unlawful seizure. the navy saying that i were performing routine operations in international waters. the search intensifying for a man that killed a toddler in a road rage shooting. police are increasing the reward to $40,000.
5:44 am
the three-year-old was caught in a cross fire while he was caught in a car with his grandmother and one-year-old sibling. the shooter was enraged because he thought the boy's grandmother was driving too slowly. they say he honked at her before he got out and fire add single deadly shot. reporting that mr. trump hopes to use police officers and former fbi agents may not be such a bad idea. his most famous stalker telling a judge he plans to be at the inaugurati inauguration. he trespassed multiple times at trump tower and even put that address on his drivers license. anchts justice fund for illegal immigrants would use
5:45 am
taxpayer dollars to provide resources to protect illegals from being deported. half of the money would also come from private groups. he blejpledged a $1 million fin. all right. thank you so much. we are outside. how cold is it out there? >> reporter: it is 20 -- i think it's 23. windchill feels even cooler. how are you doing in the cold? let's keep warm by doing the wave. start here. >> go. >> not bad. we didn't even rehearse. >> reporter: believe it or not we have got a warm up on the way. in some cases it's 20 degrees above what it was yesterday. it feels a little warmer. that's why we all nug l up here.
5:46 am
a look at your temperatures including the windchill where it feels like single digits, teens, 20s. you get the picture. monday it will be 50 degrees here. you guys have been fun? what do you want to say to everybody out there? >> merry christmas. >> reporter: what do you think of new york city? >> it is good. >> reporter: do you have your list for santa yet? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you want most for christmas? >> i don't know. >> reporter: we'll have to write it down. thanks for coming everybody. >> thank you. >> reporter: anybody you want to say hi to at home? >> hi. >> a nice wave. >> reporter: i know we have serious news but we have so many good friends out here today. >> tel her we'll get the list to
5:47 am
santa. >> and the cold wave out there. >> very good. >> without a rehearsal. we do have serious news to tell you about. president-elect donald trump doubling down on his call for extreme vetting. will it work? we have met to talk about his plan. he will join us live next. first let's check in with what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> a lot we do not know this hour. more on this christmas attack in berlin, how will putin respond? donald trump is reacting to some of this already a as the transition continues to the white house. john bo hope you can join us when we begin in 12 minutes from now. see you then. >> thank you, guys.
5:48 am
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12 people dead after an isis terrorist hijacked and crash add truck through a crowded christmas market in berlin. the attack a stark reminder of how important it is to secure our country's own borders.
5:51 am
>> extreme vetting. it has to be very very tough to come into this country. they are bad if they were vetted properly they would not be in this country. >> talking about vetting right there. let's bring in chris who has talked to donald trump. in particular let's talk about extreme vetting. how would extreme vetting prevent what happened in germany next and help protect us here? >> i want to start by reflecting one point you just made, how important our border is. when you see attacks where they are using a truck or where they are using a few guns you realize that all the terrorist needs to do is get inside the united states or the target country. they are not where they are flying an airliner anymore.
5:52 am
that mean it is border is the most important line of defense. the question, how woul it work? the answer is you can do it in a number of ways. one is you have to actually ask the questions that are obvious questions that are not being asked right now. if a person says yes, i do support that that's probably a good reason to say guess what? you're not coming into the united states. you can also follow up on the person's story. the refugee program is a perfect example. we are turning down 7%. that program is right with fraud. i could name 18 terrorists for you in the last 20 or 25 years who have come in using the refugee program. the two boston terrorists come
5:53 am
in. that is another program where the program there's a get to yes mentality. it will be let's ask a few questions but there isn't a sense of wait a minute, this is a potential triferrorist. we need to be careful. we also have to get background proof, some documentation. >> right. >> so things like that. right now we are just letting them get past it. they have been ramping up the
5:54 am
refugee flow. that says to me the program is allowing people in too fast without adequate vetting. >> there is some vetting where as merkel is throwing the doors open. who wants a place to live? she is facing backlash. it is not necessarily a done deal. >> i'm not expert on german politics. my guess is that they will say wait a minute. some of these terrorists should have been stopped. it is important to remember that of course many of the refugees are persecuted. you have to remember they are embedding themselves among the refugees. it will be very hard to detect them while they are in the united states. >> here is a problem. what about you let somebody in and they are not a terrorist
5:55 am
today but they self-radicalize online two years from now. >> yeah. and it's a huge problem. it's not something we were thinking about at the time of 9/11. now you can see this problem happening. we'll have to rely on our interior agencies like state and local police to try to find out where this is happening. you know, when you see a number of people radicalizing from the same place in minnesota or where ever you have a clue that maybe there is teaching going on in that particular place. >> all right. interesting stuff. we thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. we'll step aside. more fox and friends coming up in two minutes.
5:56 am
5:57 am
♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust.
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nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. okay. there's been a lotover information regarding the terror strikes last night. we know a black semi fell from a construction site in poland and drove into a crowd of people and killed at least a dozen people. we know that for sure. there were reports of a man running from cab and he was caught later by the cops. somebody spoke to a local paper that said they had the wrong man.
5:59 am
there was a press briefing and that was the first question. you got to wrong guy? they said we are uncertain if we have actually app rehrehended t driver. >> they are asking people that were there to upload the video. >> they have a guy. they don't know if it is the guy. it is an active situation. christmas markets on lockdown as they search for a man that killed 12 and is likely to kill more. >> if you go to a christmas market be ware. inside people are shopping for christmas. >> sure. one of the reasons the antenna of the cops is up in berlin is because this guy said look, i wasn't the driver.
6:00 am
of course that's what they always say. they have been looking into it. they don't quite have the correction whether or not he was involved but they feel as if it looks like they are uncertain the driver has been apprehended. >> keep it here on fox. >> stay here. bill: thank thank you. 9:00 o'clock in new york city. police now searching for a driver that plowed into a christmas market in berlin. there's a lot we don't know but we are going to work through the story and many others too. big day news. heather: i'm heather childress here for martha macallum. police think they have the wrong man in custody. they are treating this incident as terror though there has been no claim of responsibility. here is what we


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