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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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christmas weekend. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert, italy's interior minister now says, quote, without a shadow of a doubt the prime suspect in monday's deadly truck attack on a christmas market in berlin was killed in an early morning shootout with police in milan. this brings an end to the massive manhunt that had a continent on edge and the 24-year-old suspect had pledged his allegiance to the islamic state savages on the terror group's web site. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg talcott is in berlin for us. greg? >> reporter: hi, harris. yeah, the truck attacker, anis amri, might be dead. but as you noted, his ugly message lives on. in a selfie-style video posted by the isis terror group, he pledged allegiance to it just hours after his death in milan. in it he says he will, quote, kill crusader pigs. remember, isis has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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this as authorities here in berlin try to figure out how amri made the trip some 600 miles from berlin to southeast france and then by train to turin and milan, italy, and all the while he was the most wanted man in europe. in fact, again, while there was a european-wide arrest warrant out for him, he was gunned down in milan when he simply refused to show identification papers for a routine foot patrol in a northern suburb of that city. officials here in germany say they're looking very hard at whether he had a network supporting him for his deadly act here in berlin as well as along the way. they also admit they're looking at very hard at how this man not only got to milan, but also was allowed to stay in germany and move around for 18 months even while he was under suspicion. just a couple of hours ago, harris, we heard from german
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chancellor angela merkel, and she probably speaks for everyone in this country when she says she breathes a sigh of relief. at least one terror threat is gone. but she more than anyone is on the hot seat for an open door immigration policy that some here tonight are saying not only is leading to jenin security in this country, but actually helped to facilitate the truck attacker do his dirty deed. back to you. harris: wow. and so that question of whether he had help. of 600-mile trek for the most wanted map in europe. how did he do it? greg, thank you. ♪ ♪ meghan: this is "outnumbered," i'm meghan mccain, here today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. fox business network's elizabeth macdonald and today's #oneluckyguy, the political editor of, guy benson.
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you are outnumbered. >> merry christmas. meghan: merry christmas to you. >> the luckiest guy ever. [laughter] thanks for having me. harris: christmas eve eve. kennedy: i still have shopping to do. [laughter] >> don't mention that again. that was triggering for her. harris: i'll pretend like it's not real. meghan: all right. we begin with the tweet heard round the world. it all began yesterday when president-elect donald trump took to social media to talk tough about america's nuclear might saying, quote: the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. mr. trump's tweet came after russian president vladimir putin told a gathering of his top military advisers that russia's nuclear capabilities should be a chief priority in the coming year. earlier this morning mr. trump reportedly telling an msnbc host, quote: let it be an arms race.
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we will outmatch and outlast them all. his use of twitter is coming under fire. this reaction from former ambassador to the united nations bill richardson. >> they weren't warranted. what we now have is foreign policy by tweet. president-elect trump has a cadre of advisers. he should review these issues besides sending tweets in response to putin. i thought they were friends. now we're going to have a nuclear arms race because they're trying to outdo each other? this makes no sense. meghan: and reaction from russia's putin at his year-end news conference. he said if the arms race speeds up, quote, it's not us. so, guy, i'm going to go to you. any mention of a nuclear arms race just gives me anxiety of any kind. >> yeah, it should. meghan: what do you make of all of this? >> russia's not our friend. meghan: according to president-elect trump. >> i think he's aspirational
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towards that, which is fine, but you have to be clear-eyed as well. and i think it's safe to say twitter is such a useful and impactful medium for him in so many ways, and trying to rein him in in any respect on twitter is difficult, but maybe 140 characters or less when we're talking about nuclear weapons and possible nuclear war at some point, not the best venue for that. and i think, look, one of the reasons -- i said on america's newsroom earlier this morning, one of the reasons americans gravitated toward donald trump, and he made this point repeated hi in the debates, you have to keep our adversaries on their toes and guessing and be unpredictable. and that's intriguing and interesting, but you also have to reassure our allies. and if you're sitting in london this morning or tel aviv or sydney or tokyo and trying to look at, okay, here's a tweet, here's what he apparently said on a morning show, let there be an arms race, let it be an arms race, you're probably feeling a little bit of anxiety ahead of christmas. and he has to be more
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circumspect and aware of himself. he's the president-elect. he's not a private citizen anyone. meghan: kennedy, i know you feel differently than i do on foreign policy, but i think the idea of a nuclear war can make, i mean, for me it's pet try fight. why are we -- pet trifying. kennedy: and somewhere in heaven ronald reagan is shaking his head. come on, you guys. donald trump doesn't have to be sitting in the national mall talking about de-proliferating. i don't know if that's a word, but i like it. i think he's responding directly to putin in a very different way than president obama has. because putin this week said before a ministry in russia that they have the most powerful military in the world, and they will outmatch any aggressor. and i think trump took that as, you know, some sort of a direct verbal threat. and he said, oh, really? well, we'll do something that will make you go absolutely broke. we will spark up the nuclear
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arms race because russia can't afford to do that. they've been really good, i was talking to a former cia agent about disinformation and getting into these campaigns in various countries and things that are much more cost effective for them. they don't have the capability to go on a full nuclear spending spree at this point. >> and i like the fact this was a brush-back pitch on putin. that's a positive sign, in my view. the question is when you're, you have to use very precise language when you're talking about nukes. harris: well, maybe he did. you know, i was interviewing evan seeing freed who is a millennial like yourselves and a gop strategist, and he said something surprising to me yesterday afternoon. he said maybe this was a brilliant move because this lets the world know that he's not kidding, and maybe this is what people are looking for. so maybe it wasn't an accident. i can tell you that jason miller shortly after that tweet went out sent out some clarification. i won't read this swire thing, was it's -- entire thing, because it's not a tweet. he said president-elect trump
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was talking about proliferation, particularly to and among political organizations and unstable rogue regimes. he has emphasized the need to improve our current military. jason miller, as you know, has just been named part of that press secretary -- liz: that's a good point, but why didn't donald trump tweet that? harris: you can't -- [inaudible conversations] >> that's the opposite of what he tweeted. he allegedly -- harris: they called it a clarification. >> tweet comes first, then the clarification -- harris: but then he doubled down on what he tweeted. >> that is the opposite of non-proliferation. harris: if you have duality coming out of something, does that accomplish -- liz: it feels destabilizing. harris: does it? liz: yeah. doing it via tweet when russia and the united states could annihilate themselves within a half hour. your point is well taken that russia's been tiahrting on the -- teetering on the brink of recession. they're almost like a third
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world country, how bad their economy is. so is it bluster, bullying via tweet? be yeah, i don't think that's the way to do foreign policy. kennedy: i think he's showing he's going to take a very different tack than president obama did. president obama deployed really ineffective condescension toward world leaders, and i think trump is saying i'm going to beat you at your own game. if you're going to get lippy and talk about how powerful you are, then i'm going to put our money where my mouth is. now, of course, it's dangerous. of course -- >> well, all of it is. kennedy: that's the wrong direction. but to your point, harris, it wasn't an accident. he knew exactly what he was doing, what he was saying, and there's a point to each and every -- harris: i would say so because he did double down. and in between that sandwich of i said it and i said it again is this clarification from the team. so, again, is that planned or something different? we don't know. but it's getting people's attention today. you can bet putin's paying anticipation. meghan: yeah.
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i mean, i think the concern is though, especially for guy and my generation, i don't even know what a nuclear arms race would look or feel like. harris: i think we're like what e. mac said -- liz: terrifying. meghan: i think the point that e. mac is making is very well warranted. just reading it on twitter gives me anxiety. the talk that he was talking about -- the fact that he was talking about this in a phone call off air, just clarify yourself. a new sheriff in town, it's not going to be like president obama -- liz: it's called the, quote, madman policy that started with truman and went through nixon, threatening other countries with nukes. we've threatened china in the past and russia with nukes. i don't think it's the way to go. meghan: what does this mean in context with the iran deal as well? aren't we paying them not to also expand with nukes as well? i mean, there's -- harris: i don't know how that's working when they went forward with the ballistics program they
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weren't supposed to to have, and the u.n. was supposed to put sanctions on that. samantha power went before the general assembly, and it didn't happen. i don't know that they're listening to us -- meghan: fair enough. >> iran is going to be a nuclear arms state by the expiration of these restrictions in about 10-15 years -- harris: and maybe with russia's help, we don't know. >> absolutely. the arab states are worried about iran, so they're thinking about proliferating and getting into the nuclear arms business. trump was talking about japan and south korea, he said a lot of -- kennedy: who decides who gets the bomb? harris: wow. >> we should have at least some influence. american influence is very important, right? harris: excellent question. >> and i think generally we shouldn't be encouraging new countries to join the nuclear fraternity. harris: is that what you think we're doing? i think they want to do it whether we want it or not. >> that's what i'm saying, we should take actions to make sure especially rogue states like iran don't get nuclear weapons. harris: the horse is so far out
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the barn. merry christmas. meghan: yeah, merry christmas, guys, nuclear war. [laughter] i'm joking. president-elect donald trump announcing who will be on his communication team after we'd already heard we might see some changes in the daily press briefings. and vice president joe biden delivering one of the most blunt and direct assessments of why hillary clinton lost the election. what he said and where the democrats go from here. ♪ ♪ generosity is its own form of power.
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also hope hicks, campaign spokesperson jason miller and dan scavino to. and big questions around how the trump white house is going to handle the media and access. some team members have suggested changing the daily briefings. sean spicer talked about that with our own sandra smith on megyn kelly last night. sandra: you had hinted maybe daily press briefings aren't needed. >> i think what we need to do, and it's the same thing donald trump's looking at everything in government, can we do things better, can we be more effective, can we put the american people first in some of these. it's not a question of getting rid of certain things or maybe we add certain things. but i think that we want to be innovative, entrepreneurial as we hook at all of these -- as we look at all of these positions -- sandra: so where there be 2k5eu8ly press briefings? >> i believe we'll have daily briefings, but maybe not everything's on camera, maybe we bring more people into the
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process. harris: interesting. now, one of the things i was reading is possibly social media would come in, you hear from the american people and their own questions in the press briefings, but we'll have to see how it shakes out. one of the things that a press briefing would give us is the ability to ask about the nuclear situation that the president-elect started tweeting about, and then we saw the clarification from the team, and he had more to say. liz: yeah. and the other thing they were talking about, too, is shaking up the assigned seating in the press room at the white house. and, wow, that would be a sea change. so it would make people, reporters, basically have to do more work to get the story. and also introducing -- harris: you mean they wouldn't automatically be called on -- liz: correct. there'd be a change. so the nuclear issue. also obamacare -- this is the 100-day agenda that's just coming out, obamacare, trade deals, the border, remove criminal illegal immigrants. and so is this going to be a new
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world in the d.c. elite media? yes, with sean spicer and his team. harris: now, we were told last week to expect something a bit more traditional, and that's that first news conference from the president-elect in 2017. so you need a team like this in place to be able to handle the infrastructure of what that will look like, i would imagine. >> yeah. so i'm all for this idea of keeping some of the important traditions like that opening press conference, like having the daily press briefing which it sounds like they're going to keep, but i also can get behind this notion of let's innovate a little wit in the way -- little bit in the way that as an administration we sewer act with the -- interact with the american people and the press corps. i think as journalists we should also be pushing for more access, is more transpatience city s and it sounds like -- transparency, and it sounds like that what's sean spicer's talking about. harris so the questions are about what's actually happening and not coming from a place that some on the media might want to
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sell that night on the evening news. go ahead. meghan: donald trump has changed the game on how politicians communicate with the american public, so to me it's just a natural recourse that he would do it as president as well. i hate the assigned seating in the white house press room. i think it was helen thomas who always had the front seat. why is it that if you've been around long enough and work for a specific publication you get this seating. i like that he's mixing it up and making the press corps nervous. i also think there is a need for daily press briefingsing. i actually look toward to having some messages from my president on twitter -- harris: oh, look at you. meghan: anything that's going to communicate with as wide an audience as possible and with young people, i'm all for. harris: i think everybody's okay with that, as long as we get a seat in there. fox news has a seat in there too. kennedy: and i think you are going to see -- i think we're going from a factory setting to an office setting. i think he's totally going to change the environment.
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and so, you know, what we've seen in the protocol, we've seen the traditions, i think he'll do away with a lot of that. what's interesting to me is sean spicer has already had an exhausting day, and he hasn't really begun the formal job yet. and, you know, dana perino has spoken extensively about -- and we've heard this from other people who have had that job, how quickly they burn out because it is such an intense proposition. and for a president who's not focus grouped, who's not fact checked, who doesn't run every single thing down the chain and back up the flag pole six different times to make sure it's messaged properly, i think it creates a lot more work for those people. harris: you know, i think back to the campaign, guy, and this was something he liked to do, these types of news conferences. so, you know, as you sort of lay that like tapestry over what you would see in a white house press corpses, i could see maybe him bringing some of what worked in the field which was the american people being able to is ask some things. >> that's great.
9:21 am
that that's fine, i'm okay with that. regardless of the venue or the medium, the press has to be able to ask routinely difficult questions of the president and the white house. that's the bottom line prerequisite s. and aside from that, the bells and whistles and how they do it, have at it. harris: yeah. >> let's shake it up a little bit. that's cool with me. harris: okay, let's move on. the negotiator in chief? after getting boeing to come down on the price tag for the new air force one, president-elect donald trump's arm twisting when it comes to slashing costs for a controversial fighter jet. what to make of this very public wheeling and dealing, and it work? well, it did this time. plus, vice president joe biden has delivered a brutal postmortem on why hillary clinton lost and why democrats may have been out of touch. wow. wait until you see what he's saying. but will his fellow democrats even listen? ♪ ♪
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9:26 am
run. she thought she had no choice but to run, that as a first woman who had the opportunity to win the presidency. i think it was a real burden on her. vice president biden also says the democratic party was hurt by, quote, a bit of elitism that crept into their thinking. and he says he began to worry that donald trump could win when he saw how good the republican was doing among working class voters in biden's neck of the woods, scranton, pennsylvania. guy, we were talking during the break, i have nothing politically in common with joe biden, but i love him. and i love him for things like this because i do think he speaks from the heart, i think he's an honest man and he's, you know, just gutting it to hillary clinton right now about her failures. >> that's a tough line saying she didn't know why she was running. i think she was running because she's been a power-hungry person, i don't think it was a tough decision for her to make. of course she was running. she's been running since the we'll. [laughter] but in this -- the womb. but in this case, why was she running? what does donald trump want, make america great again,
9:27 am
something people viscerally understand. with her, what was the slogan? stronger together. >> i'm with her. >> i also think with biden he's got to wake up every morning kicking himself being like, oh, i should have run. because i think he would have -- democrats really didn't want to nominate her. they had to rig the whole thing in her favor. bernie did really well. i think if biden's in there, he probably wins the nomination, and i think he'd have a good chance of winning the general. harris: yeah, i think he would have done something else better, and that is he would have been able to soothe some of those bernie sander supporters. and i think what you're talking about, meghan, not because he would have been so yoked to them, but because he's lovable and likable, and he's got the likability that really hillary clinton could only glimpse to have. liz: it was such -- sorry. it was such a brutal assessment, he was so candid. he said these people are not racist, they're not sexist --
9:28 am
that was a real shot at hillary clinton. said that at a fundraiser, called half the country deplorable, and he said, yes, the democratic party should be about identity politics over the economy which was a weird thing to say. but then joe biden went on to say, you know, you can't eat equality. it's sort of like saying you can't fill your gasoline tank with fair share kind of thinking. boy, he took shots at hillary clinton there and deservedly so. you know, people focus for the first time on the u.s. elections normally on average in august, and hillary, we know, was going to fund raisers and calling people deplorable. a lot of first responders voted for trump. they ain't deplorable, and they're not racist and sexist. kennedy: and that's the thing. see, owe biden has a -- joe biden has a really good understanding of where he's from, and he knows the type of people who feel completely marginalized. describing people who haven't been a part of the political process, and they certainly haven't been a part of the economic process either. liz: right. kennedy: and i think he could
9:29 am
have spoken to those people directly and authentically in a way that hillary clinton is just incapable of doing. liz: he admitted creeping elitism -- kennedy: yeah. she acknowledged that as well, she acknowledged she should have changed her campaign. i don't think she was doing anything but pandering to him. i also think joe biden was emboldened by donald trump's truthfulness and delivery and also the fact that he's essentially done, and there's something very freeing about that. he's not running for anything right now. harris: you know what was interesting to me was how absent he was compared to the obamas on the campaign trail when we knew hillary clinton was struggling and in trouble. liz: yeah, that's true. >> pennsylvania, new hampshire, michigan. kennedy: who do you think that was, him or her? harris: i think it was him. remember the day, and we covered it here live on "outnumbered" when he said he wasn't going to run. it took him a lot of time to get to those words. >> it might be interesting, this popped into my head, for trump to invite biden in for a very
9:30 am
public meeting. i bet they would hit it off on some sort of level, and there's some synergy there. i'm not sure what it is, but if there's some way trump can tap biden, i think -- harris: oh, that's interesting. >> -- it would be a smart move. meghan: harris, you have raised the question numerous times why aren't democrats listening to someone like tim ryan. harris: i think joe biden would listen to the next generation. our hearts just cry out for beau, his son who died this year. i think he has a real heart if that generation and hoped to lift that up with his own son. him mentoring somebody, that's realistic right there. meghan: it'd certainly be good for the democrats, but we'll see. they seem not to be ready to listen. nancy pelosi's still got that stranglehold. harris: oh. you have another -- kennedy: nancy pelosi, i'll drink the blood of silicon valley babies. [laughter] i'm talking about executives. harris: oh, okay. kennedy: and draining their wallets.
9:31 am
>> may she reign forever. kennedy: she will. she'll outlive us all by a thousand years. president obama taking on the defense industry after trump criticized boeing's high price tag of air force one. he's now asking the aerospace giant to come up with a better price for its state of the art fighter jet and pitting boeing against its main competitor, lockheed martin. the president-elect tweeting, quote: based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of lockheed martin f-35, i have asked boeing to price out a comparable f-18 super hornet. you know, guy, when people talk about military waste and overspending, they always point to the f-35 first. $400 billion for 2400 planes, and there are a lot of people in the military who say this is just way too much money we're spending. and i think, you know, donald trump is right to insert himself in a conversation about defense.
9:32 am
what dueck? >> yeah. and -- what do you think? >> yeah, and he didn't just land on this particular jet by accident. it's come under criticism from multiple sources, including within the military as you pointed out. and i think this is sort of an appropriate role for a president to come in and say despite my campaign promise to rebuild the american military, rebuild and invest should not and does not mean let's just take piles of cash and shovel it out the door. let's be smart about it and make sure the investments are in the national security interests and not just funding some job's boondoggle for a huge amount of jets that are way overpriced that we don't necessarily need. kennedy: yeah. and if you google f-35 boondoggle, get a mountain of paperwork on the subject. [laughter] but is this the first time a president has so specifically inserted himself into one of these issues about -- >> well, so rapidly. liz: yeah, so rapidly via twitter. and by the way, i think he's helping twitter's stock, because
9:33 am
that's a company that's been under duress, and he's moving stocks, moved boeing and lockheed's stock to the downside. you know, the f-35, according to analysts, is so important to lockheed martin's revenue line, some analysts say in any given years a fifth -- kennedy: that's expensive. liz: so should the iron triangle be called the golden triangle instead down in washington, d.c.? i don't think there should be any -- i'm sorry, i keep saying i don't think. i think analysts on wall street are saying, yes, these guys have been a little bit oversold and that, you know, there's going to be more to the downside because there is a lot of fat that can be trimmed. harris: you know, i'm thinking if democrats don't start to get on board, they're going to be, i mean, just angry over stuff like this, because this is exactly what donald trump said he was going to do. and the more he -- i think, and i will say i think -- the more he does what he said he was going to do and it benefits the bottom line of taxpayers and they can check that box of, yeah, we saved some money, it's
9:34 am
more and more complicated for the political party that did not understand the middle and lower classes in this country. it just gets complicated. kennedy: i mean, do you think his business expertise helps in matters of military and military spending, or is there something disingenuous about it because he's never served? meghan: he was very clear america wanted a businessman, someone who was going to put the government's feet to the fire when $25 billion goes missing from the pentagon. i'm all for strengthening our military, giving them whatever they need, but $25 billion that have gone unaccounted for, i don't know what american wouldn't be angry about that. as i have said all along, i'm willing to give him a shot and see what happens. you seem to know more about this plane than i do, if it really is this expensive and bankrupting america and we don't need it, yeah, of course, this is a discussion we should have right now. i'm willing to give him a chance. that being said, obviously, you know me very well, i do think he should listen to military experts to really find out if we need this plane.
9:35 am
but when it comes to getting d.c. in order and stop this egregious spending as my father says, spending like a drunking sailor, then i'm all for it. kennedy: all right. fleet week is just around the corner. harris: thank you, senator mccain. [laughter] kennedy: ivanka trump along with her husband and kids getting a lot of attention when they took a commercial flight. the plane drama, what it says about our culture and what it means for the trump children going forward. we will discuss on the couch in moments. ♪ ♪
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9:39 am
out. one of them tweeting, quote: ivanka and jared flying commercial. my husband chasing them down to harass them, hashtag banality of evil. he later tweeted i sincerely regret my actions today and upon further reflection am ashamed to have verbally attacked ms. ivanka trump. the passenger did not say anything directly, just that he was complaining aloud about how the trumps ruined the country as well as the flight. that's because special boarding for eye van ca and family apparently delayed the flight. okay, so this happened yesterday during the show and, harris, i -- i talked to you about this off air, that i felt so deeply sorry that this happened to ivanka trump. i know what it feels like to be harassed in public because of your parents and their political leanings. there is nothing that feels more dehumanizing. she had three little kids with her, her family was just boarding a flight. i don't care how you feel about
9:40 am
the trumps, if i had the obamas sitting next to me on a flight, i would never dare do anything like this. these people are barbaric. those little kids will remember this, i guarantee it, and it's disgusting, and i'm so grossed out by the behavior of these people. harris: for those of us who have children and live in public life and, kennedy, you and i have been around long enough to know, people will say and do things you can't even imagine what they'll say. kennedy: yeah. harris: but it's in real life. so you're trapped on a plane, and you're antagonizing someone with little ones with them. these guys, these grown men who -- after reflection -- thought about it and -- do they have any idea how that imperils people who are in the public eye? people just aren't thinking. they're so much on an emotional whim. and i'm all for coming real with the truth, but to me, that's almost borderline unprotected speech. we're getting into a place now where that's aeal threat. kennedy: yeah. and, by the way, like, what
9:41 am
happened to decency? it's not okay to do that to someone if you would be -- and i guarantee these people would be deeply offended if some jerk did that to chelsea clinton and her family. and it's not acceptable. it's okay to, you know, go on social media and express your displeasure, and i understand that people do it all the time, and ivanka trump knows it's part of being in public life, but don't attack someone -- i mean, she's got, essentially, a newborn baby. she had a baby this summer, and she's with her family x god bless her for flying coach and commercial and all -- she's the kate middleton of these united states of america. liz: so breathtakingly inane that he tweeted out he harassed her. meghan: he was holding a child, by the way. liz: how liberal and progressive it is to harass and bully a mother with her child. and what about the first lady who said when we go low -- when they go low, we go high?
9:42 am
>> the thing is if you're an angry liberal right now, if you're these particular angry liberals, are you guys trying to help the trumps? this story turns out really badly for you and really well for them. here you have ivanka trump and her family flying coach on jetblue, being harassed for no good reason in front of their kids. there was another passenger nearby who did a facebook post who does not like trump but said i don't want to make a big deal out of this. they come out totally ahead in this, and it makes the opposition to trump seem unhinged and rude. so it's -- aside from being the wrong thing to do, it's also politically super counterproductive to do this type of thing. harris: i go that step further though, i just get worried. if people are bold and stupid enough to do something like this, what is the next step? i mean, it's different than having, you know, somebody who's on tv every day go out with their kids and get a little bit harassed. we know this was one of the most
9:43 am
vitriolic, and you talk about visceral and emotional election seasons we've seen in the open air. i think the unpredictability there is not fair for a family that's -- kennedy: and the emotionalism hasn't let up. but i'm going to take a contrarian approach to this. maybe, just maybe, the guy was a plant and ivanka paid him because she really wants to ply private. bro, seriously, we have to go commercial for a while. i'm going to be president of the united states, we can't have this fancy pants lifestyle out in public. it's not all gilded -- and she's like, but, dad. i know what i'll do, i'll hire a guy to harass me, and then i'll fly private forever. harris: i love where you started with this, because it was based on your own experience, and you know how it feels. meghan: it feels dehumanizing. i have one memory in particular. this gentleman is a professor at hunter college, these are the people that are teaching the young kids of america. think about it. all right.
9:44 am
we know it's supposed to go you hit your early 20s, spread your wings and fly the coop. leave mom and dad for a place of your own, not so much anymore. ♪ ♪ psh psh lunch is ready! campbell's spider-man soups. made for real, real life. thanks mom
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meghan: more identity without numbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: hey, meghan. updates on two big terrorism stories. the latest on the berlin terror attack and the aftermath. also on the hijacking of a libyan airliner. we'll have a fair and balanced look at new attacks on president obama from his own party over the 2016 election results.
9:48 am
plus, total meltdown at lax as holiday traffic overwhelms that airport. better news today, but it's shining a light on the big issues that remain for the nation's airports. that's all ahead, "happening now." meghan: looking forward to it, jon. jon: thanks, meghan. harris: failure to launch. millennials are staying firmly planted in mommy and daddy's bird nest. a new report found that in 2015 nearly 40% of young americans were still living at home with their parents, siblings or other relatives. that's the highest level in more than 75 years following the official end of the great depression. and according to pew, nearly 35% of millennials own their own home down 8% from just 2004. also young americans have been getting married and having children later in life than previous generations. you're nodding, guy benson. something you want to tell us? [laughter] and, of course, there's more in higher student debt. you left, what got you to leave? >> i felt that was the natural progression. my first job was in a city far
9:49 am
away, i was living in chicago, so it wasn't an option. and what i looked at there, it was -- the demographic is 18-34. i get this sort of thing if you're working your way through college or a couple years out of school and you're trying to make ends meet and save up some money so then you can afford to move out and rent or buy at some point. but if you're getting into your upper 20s or 30-34 and you're still living at home, i mean, with very few exceptions i feel like there has to be some sort of social shaming. not like mean-spirited -- harris: wow. kennedy: that's it. that's the exact word. i think, you know, i left home when i was 18 and never looked back because i would have been sort of mortified to be living with my mom at that point. i wanted independence, and i know we've spoken about this and we may disagree, but i think helicopter parenting has done such a great disservice -- harris: she's looking at me. [laughter] kennedy: they're no longer -- harris: the helicopter on the couch. [laughter] kennedy: parents do so much for
9:50 am
children thinking that it's a blessing when really they're capping them -- harris: preach to me. kennedy: these kids go to college, they expect safety, safe spaces and then -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: college is too expensive finish. meghan: i have a very good friend who is mexican, and she lived at home when she was making her way through law school because of the intense student debt, and she didn't end up leaving home until she got married. when you're faced with the kind of student debt and the economy that millennials are living in, i give it a little more compassion than just helicopter parenting. harris: it is awful. kennedy: you should be able to get a job -- meghan: she did. she was at home. harris: kind of a raw look at the numbers and where we are with the debt. liz: about $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, and it's the highest ever. these fat cat academics who act like donald trump who think they're running real estate empireses on their campuses are gouging middle class families. but my parents charged me rent when i lived at home. maybe that's an option. i like to call it the wayne's
9:51 am
world meets the golden girls phenomenon -- [laughter] you know what? kids like it because they get free food and get their laundry done too. and the parents, you know -- meghan: i know good people trying, i really do, i know good people from my hometown in phoenix that are really trying to make it. they live at home for a little while -- >> that's fine. [inaudible conversations] kennedy: their parents are going to crash the housing market. meghan: the idea they're these babies that couldn't take care of themselves, they weren't. she was strapped with law school debt. >> what if you're 31 years old, you've been out of school for a decade? at some point the buffer zone kind of goes away, right? it should at least. harris: the american dream -- [inaudible conversations] harris: a number of times, the american dream has shifted, and some people think it's unattainable. if you think you're going to have to work three and four jobs to get to where you can live on your own -- meghan: we went through thehous. we grew up during the housing crisis. the idea of owning a home is not the american dream. i know people it has bankrupted
9:52 am
and ruined their lives. the idea that millennials should be strapped with the same kind of burdens that other generations have when we see the ramifications, i just have a lot -- harris: this helicopter mom has to fly to the break. [laughter] the mainstream media seem to be spending time onboard john bolton and whether -- onboard john bolton and whether he was passed over because of his manly moustache. [laughter] the ambassador's response, because you know he has one, and the group now defending him, next. ♪ ♪ i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there.
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♪ ♪ you may not have the looks, you may not have the dash -- ♪ but you'll win yourself a girl if you've only got a moustache -- ♪ ♪ kennedy: and what a moustache it is. despite all the breaking news this week, some in the media playing a lot of attention to a report in "the washington post" that happened on thursday that president-elect trump may have passed over ambassador john bolton for secretary of state because of his moustache. bolton later tweeting: i appreciate the grooming advice from the totally unbiased mainstream media, but i will not be sheaing my moustache -- shaving my moustache. meantime, the american moustache institute is releasing a
9:57 am
statement: our quarrel is not political as we are a nonpartisan institution of learning, thought and facial hair militancy. it merely regards the equity with which we value human capital and potential, in this case as it relates to mr. bolton. you know, guy, i noticed that you are one of shorn face. you have smooth skin. perhaps it's not as easy for you to identify with ambassador bolton. but what do you make of this bruhaha and the defense by the american moustache institute? >> i just feel like somehow 2016 would not be complete without an outraged public statement from the american moustache institute. [laughter] it's been one of those years, and this is hike the perfect little ending note. the john bolton moustache controversy. like, i don't want to believe that he was passed over for an important job because of his facial hair, and to i'm going to not believe it. but there's a part of it that does kind of wonder. kennedy: what do you think, harris, is it true? was he passed over because of
9:58 am
the iconic bit of cotton candy -- harris: you know this is not going to be what you want to hear. can we talk about aleppo? is because that's what i talk to ambassador bolton about, and that's what matters. i don't mean to be a debbie downer, but that's all that matters. he's a super smart man. and i think in some regards the administration will be working with him as they have been. he's been talking back and forth with the president-elect. we don't know what the future's going to hold -- liz: i think his moustache is a gift to the world. kennedy: very funny. harris: i like how that statement was bigger than his manly moustache. meghan: well, i have to say a lot of women in america really like moustaches. my mom really loved tom selleck, and i think -- harris: he's just like the ambassador. meghan: i'm just saying why are we hating on men with moustaches? harris: i think it's hot. meghan: it can be quite sexy on the right man, and it's really sad, the idea that anyone would get passed up because of facial hair. and it's a trademark.
9:59 am
you can buy coffee mugs. liz: i think he deserves a safe space. kennedy: he does. if your boyfriend showed up with a thick and manly moustache, how would you -- meghan: well, he has a beard, so i don't know. but it's like a shorn beard. i like facial hair. i think it's kind of a trend with millennials. i don't have a problem with this. except on you. it looks -- >> i'm the least trendy millennial. [laughter] harris: i'd love to know what you think will be -- and you gave us a list of the 100 days. what order do you think it'll be in? >> i hope they do focus out of the gate on tax reform and obamacare repeal. liz: i wish it was retroactive too. it doesn't look like that's -- i hope it's tax cuts. make it retroactive. harris: all right. kennedy? kennedy: i think obamacare's going to take longer, roll back epa regs right away. meghan: i think obamacare.
10:00 am
harris: rex tillerson, secretary of state? meghan: i don't know. >> hearings are important. harris: good to see you. >> merry christmas! harris: we wish you and yours a wonderful christmas. we're back on tv monday at noon eastern. and we begin our second hour on this friday with the deadly end to an international manhunt. the prime suspect in the berlin terrorist attack shot in shootout with the italian police. i am jon scott. that happened after the tunisian migrant became the focus of the search after his finger prints were found in the truck. y we see him in the video pledging allegiance to isis. gregg has the latest for us


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