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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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harris: rex tillerson, secretary of state? meghan: i don't know. >> hearings are important. harris: good to see you. >> merry christmas! harris: we wish you and yours a wonderful christmas. we're back on tv monday at noon eastern. and we begin our second hour on this friday with the deadly end to an international manhunt. the prime suspect in the berlin terrorist attack shot in shootout with the italian police. i am jon scott. that happened after the tunisian migrant became the focus of the search after his finger prints were found in the truck. y we see him in the video pledging allegiance to isis. gregg has the latest for us in
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berlin. >> reporter: hi, jon, aáq!orities in berlin are relieved and shaken by the death of the 24-year-old tunisian it attacker monday night. he travelled 600 miles from berlin through southeast france and then by train to milan, italy. all the while, he was the most wanted man in europe. he was gunned down simply when he refused to show identification to and fired at a routine police patrol in milan. underscoring the seriousness. hours after the death of amri, isis posted video of him saying
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he wanted to kill crusader pig ps. officials are looking hard at whether there was like- minded islamics supporting him for his travel. and they are looking hard at how he was allowed it stay inside of germ no and move aroundç for 1 full months while under suspicion. and a lot of people are blaming chanceemmor merkel who spoke to the german people acknowledging that there is work to be done. >> this is what they said today. >> now he's caught and dead. >> it is a relief. there is no more danger. >> i can't say it. i can't say it in english. >> justice. >> justice was done and some
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relief and concern as well. back to you, jon. >> greg is our national affair's correspondent. back to you. two high jackers diverted a plane and threatened to blow it up. it was forced to land in malta. the stand off coming to an end with no crew or passengers hurt. the incident raising concerns about airport security in war ravaged libya and john hutti is following the store live for us. hi, john. >> and now weç know according the maltes officials that two handgun and a hand grenade were found on board of the plane. speaking about airline security that raises serious concern can and how exactly these weaponses were smuggled on board may be the central question at this
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point. it all started around noon in malta when the airline flight landed in the island with 118 people on board. it was en route to tripoli. when it was diverted to malta. hijackers released all of the passengers and flight crew after being told that negotiators would only talk to them if they released everyone. at one point as we saw in the video. one of the high jackers came out and waved a green flag. they were arrested a short time later. it is unclear why they high jacked the plan. this green flag was associated with gaddafi. and there is report ares that the highç jackers may be seeki
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a sylum in malta. they are in police custody. this raises concern about airline and airport security in libya. so far there is no comment from the airline or libyan officials. and thankfully it all ended peacefully. >> indeed. thank you. >> after condemning the berlin attack, president trump is suggesting that he is ready to move ahead suspending immigration from muslim country s tied to terror. [inaudible] 100 percent of what is happening. >> let's bring in dan, deputy editer of the wall street journal. and donald trump said he's proven 100 percent correct and
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the kind of muslim immigration ban that he asked for in this country is what they should be addressing in europe on. >> with donald trump, one of the things we are trying to doç is understand his motus oprandi. i don't know if he will put a total ban on immigrants from muslim countries. he is trying to force the national security bureaucracies in the united states and europe to act and focus on a plan to minimize the threat. bureaucracies, it is not that they are are not doing nothing. but not enough. they are engulfed in the politics of their countries united states. trump is saying, you people have to come up with a plan to
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suppress or minimize or i will impose a total ban. it is an incentive to get the people who are supposed to protect us to get moving and do that. >> there is a fascinating nugget of the man who was killed overnight in the shooting in milan. german police had him under covert surveillance for six month and tried to deport him after his a sylum. andç they couldn't do that because he lacked paper and tunisia denied he was a citizen. that goes to the heart of what president trump talked about. you don't know who they are. >> there is a lot of legal reasons for the germany acting
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the way they did. they are reinstructed by their laws. we have one of our own. usa, freedom act restricted the ability of the american telephone companies to create a metadata and information about bulk telephone calls and i think what trump is going to say, we need an a- z review and come to grips on whether we are adequately protectingment american people. if you will not do it. i will do it unlaterally. >> and if you look at cabinet appointmentes, with rex tillerson and someone who run large organizations. he's trying to turn the shipç around and find people who have run effectively large
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organizations? >> yes, that's what businessmen like rex tillerson has done and carl icon. and i believe trump is bringing them in because they have had the business you are describing. they worked with large private bureaucracies. can can you imagine how big exxon is and they understand how to drive the large institutions and incent vise them to act. with public bureaucracy in washington it is difficult. trump said i have to step outside of the current mold. i can't work with people who are are in the bureaucracies. he wants people from the outside like rex tillerson who will shake it up. >> there are new aggressions from china.
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a senior israel official accuse president obama of colluding with the palestinians in a shameful move against
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israel in the u.n. after the white house failed to voice opposition to a solution on the settlement construction on the west bank. the white house has not said how it will vote on the resolution. >> breaking news, the u.s. officials tell fox news/beijing sent new surface to air missiles to the south china sea. what is that all about? >> reporter: jon, breaking right now. u.s. intelligence satellites spotted new chinese weaponry on a high end island in the south china sea. it is a province that belongs to china. but they believe that these missiles will go to the spratley chain of islands in the south china sea. that is the first time it would
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be that they go to the spratlies. gun placements are spoken in the south china sea. they have built up 3000 acre of artificial islands and bomber flights have occurred. and a keek ago they flew a long range nuclear bomber. moments ago, i spoke to former head of a force intelligence and he reacted. >> this is another example of the adventurisms and aggressiveness of the chinese in the face of quite frankly, an a nemic and feckless set of policys that we have seen in the last eight years. >> now to counter the chinese
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threat, the head of the u.s. air force needs 30000 more air men. and over the summer, he said he was 700 pilot and 4000 mechanics short and the top officer said the shortage of people has fundmentally changed the way we do business in terms of the operational risk day on day. he wants a variety of attacks and cyber are and nuclear, and the drones in the start of the afghan war. there was one drone orbiting the battle fold and this year, 60. and they need air force personal to take in recognizance. the air force had 130 fire squadron and now two did dayed later they are down to 55.
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yet the air force has conducted 76 percent of the bombing missions over iraq. and the bomber tankers are fuelled also. and the navy in a now study commissioned by the secretary of the navy. they need 30 percent more ships right now, the u.s. navy is 273 ship and they need to grow to 355 ships. there will be attack submarines. the head of the u.s. pacific command. admiral harry harris needs more attack submarines. and he said he needs the submareaps to keep watch over the chinese and counter the growing chinese and military
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threat. the defense bill pass ped and addressed the manpower shorta s shortages. >> and that is generations low. and luca s, thank you. >> and democrats taking out the long knife and blaming president obama for the stunning loss. did he really hurt the party over the last eight years. >> it is time for soul searching in the democratic party. evidence is clear when you lose the white house in a campaign with a gentlemen who will enter the white house as the least popular candidate in the history of this country. canned can chlor
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canned can chlor
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>> to fight president obama's strong victories in 2008 and 12, the democratic party has lost enormous political ground over the last eight years. whatever the leadership of the democratic party has been doing. over the last many years has failed and we need fundmental change. >> that was bernie sanders on the future of the democratic party. and the wall street journal suggested that some of the people are blaming: >> sunshine president obama, democrats suffered both loss in cop reand they lost control in
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governors and lost kral. network joining me is mark ha and former staff director. >> and i i am spou glad you are here. julian, you heard bernie sanders there. the democrats have lost a lot of ground and lost the white house and didn't retake the senate and things bloke for them in 2018. >> they look pretty bad right now. and you try to diagnose where the problem is or isn't. i don't think they can blame it on president obama. his approval ratings are 55 or 56 percent.
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it was black turn out on. that is not obama's fault. this is the hillary clinton can can pain. they have not made necessary investmentes in the infrastructure. and this economy is not working for working class people and the power structure is not working. it is the job of the dnc and next candidateses to get right on the message and infrastructure. and that's not a problem you lay on the doorstep of barak obama but hillary clinton and dnc chair deber waszer man schultz. >> it is it is worse in the state house level.
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and does president obama share the blame? >> i will agree with julian that hillary is got her own problem are. and they are caught up in denial. before the fake news controversy. there was fake hope. people have bought every promise. and now the legacy is repolished here. it was a referendum on him and her. >> that said, conditions to have work. obama care and still other things coming home to roost. that is overpromises and hillary did the same thing and berniey did it.
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but trump promised, i will never let you down. human beings are human beings. and there are obama finger prints. the legacy is shifting. >> julian, i want to go back to the wall street journal, suggesting that president obama left of the party weakened approval numberses are are good. 56 percent. >> i think that is right. 56%. and i think that most people if obama were on the ticket he would have won because p he showed the ability to carry the white working place vote and siing can numbers and better numbers than hillary clinton did. parts of the obama coalition. he showed, i think it is
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misplaced and that gets you anywhere in the conversation. the new democratic party is going to have to reinvest in the state, and the >> in from frainstruct nurtheinates they are not invest. snfks the and rote fop it was a mistake for the democrats. and it certainly eclipsed. and is donald trump going to bring the kind of change that people are looking for? i suspect working class voters will be disappointed and say this is not the change i am
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looking for. >> time out. >> and it is the same old crowd and economic policies that will not. >> got to leave it there. >> you have to capitalize that with conflict of interest. >> guys, i have to leave it there. and we'll see you next time. >> a government of how much the bank is back. >> and airline passengers tell a different story. >>y me, i felt like i was a terrorist. this is no prank at all. chlorred i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new
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>> germany's largest bank agreeing to a $7 billion settlement with the u.s. justice department to end civil claims in the 2008 financial crisis. but adam is live from the new york stock exchange. what have you got there? >> it is it a major settlement. it is not as much as the u.s. government said they would go after the bank for.
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that is a huge amount of money and raises the question of whether they will get out and raise capitol. it goes back to the financial collapse and what the banks use to it sell mortgage back securities. this is what everyone is doing. deutsche paying 2.5. and u.s. banks, jp morgan chase and citibank. it sounds like a lot of money and it is. but don't forget the financial collapsed wiped out not only for
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investors, but world wide. >> an internet so- called celebrity adam said he and a friend were escorted off of the plane because he was heard speaking a rabic. >> she stood up and put his fist in the air. and no reason sat down. a some the people saw p are it was really uncomfortable. it was not fear. but uncomfortable. why is it happening? >> delta issued a statement saying the buddies tried to
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disrupt the captain with provocative behavior. >> and people tell itting me to leave. we felt like we were terrorist. that is not at all. >> we'll take it up with william and richard stant paul who is a former defense attorney. >> it might not be an issue fred if this guy didn't have a history of stoking racially tinge the events and filming them for delta to their credit dispatched the aircraft and when it landed. they put a team and crew on and interviewed the passengers and flight crew and they were straightforward. and some in story.
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it nodeputy no >> could be the airline bring crim until charges againstiment. >> what helps thi jfk or where ever it landed. they will be there to prosecute it. and there are are other instances where people were kicked off. jet blue recently a guy yelled andy he was kicked off. the primary condition is passenger safety. if there is a disturbance they will step in well and protect it
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there. >> talk about the ivanka trump incident. two guys come can on who are married and they start screaming at her that her father is ruining the country. and they, too, were taken off of the jet blue flight. they are complaining saying they were denied the first amendment rights, do they have a case? >> not way at all. it is unfortunate. their mental a lot of people are afraid to fly. we have flying for 30 years. but a lot of people who are a pay and i think it very because
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of their kwm block bent" it is ffrm that flight on allentown and he was yelling and screaming, he is have been removed. the end doesn't justify the means. and that they did was not yellow the. daniel go why is she on the flight? she should be trying to raft they razed and i with her family she is verbal .
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>> and that is out in the public walking down the street. there is a safety and security concern that primary and utter most of what the airline had to deal with. and you can't make people feel uncomfortable on the flame. delta is not the federal government and therefore first amendments don't apply. he is have been removed because he was called in disruption and making people feel uncomfortable. you don't want a disruption 30 foot in the air. >> to it her credit ivanka ignored him. daniel jennings gold dle stein. and his >> tweeting the whole thing. networ
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networks -- >> they had bragged about it on twitter and now they deleted it and they are not so proud. richard st. pause and fred, thank you. merry christmas. >> thank you for having me. >> and the weather outside can can be frightful at time and so can the atmosphere inside of the aurpt this time of year. how to navigate the nuttiness. why one airport is calling out the dogs.
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test. test test. test test test.
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>> the fox extreme weather alert. the middle of the country bracing for severe weather and that can interfere for travel plans. forecasters are calling for snow on christmas eve. and most of the dakotas under a blizzard watch and a winter storm watch in effect from montana to lake superior. and out west. torrential rainfall causing flooding. and rising water and the area braces for more rain this evening. >> would you like to hear my rendition of white christmas. >> sure, why not. >> a couple of rough days for travellers out in los angeles with hundreds of delay and
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cancelled flights. grid lock is not exclusive this time of year in l.a. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. and you will need patience you can muster. and edward trial export and blogger and pizza emotion. what is your number one piece p of advice. >> thank you for having me back on. >> be prepared and bearily. white christmas stuff will mess up the weather. you want to make sure you are trouble checked and if your flight is on time. >> the advantage we have these days, some of the apps that you can down load to your smart phone to help keep you where you are going on time.
10:43 am
and that is a number of apps out there. they will post apps. you can talk about where to go if there is a problem. >> say you are at a airport and your flight gets cancelled and said no chance of getting you on the flight for 24 hours, what are you supposed to do. >> that is a tough one. they are at cacan pasty maximum and the problem with lax. snow ball affect of not getting on a flight for several days. think of alternate airports and reposition yourself. you may not want a drive to it
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destination. and if you can get there. rather than missing out on christmas and hanukkah. getting close and driving that last leg is an option. >> find a rental car and find airports that are not impacted by the weather you are experiencing. >> if you are having a weather problem. there are plenty of weather that are in the issues. >> and if you if with weather and cancellations, it is likely not to get better soon. >> you mentioned the airlines are good at filling up their plans. it seems rain, and the frekwept flyer programs. don't seem to have the perks
10:45 am
theyo they used to have. >> there is a lot of sameness in the big carriers and the strategy is to get a higher level of status. they are diluted that it you can get a credit card to get most of those benefit and before flying 25000 or 55000 to get a free checked bag and now they are reserving a good benefit for those who spend 25000 a year or more. >> affinitiy credit cards with a airline is your recommended mean to fly comfortably. >> if you are not having a lot of credit card. and the big key if you are a business traveller. you want to focus on one
10:46 am
program. top level elots get great benefit and they are hard to achieve and splitting that between two airlines is painful. and i lean on getting the highest you can there. and put a credit card in your wallet that gets you the other benefit. lounge access or free checked bag. and you are ready for a back up if you can't get in your own airline. >> thank you, jon. >> and here's something that helps you feel less frat ared in therapy dogsroaming the concurs in dfw airport. now they have 12 dogs working in one terminal. you can play and get pictureses and dfw.
10:47 am
plans to have is 60 dogs in the terminals next year. >> i have winston. he would not be good at this. it is his breath. >> they have little shops with toothbrush p. >> he's more popular than me. >> a link between holiday stress and reaction from a board certified occurredologist straight -- cardiologist straight ahead.
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hi, everyone.
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what investigators are learning about the final days. president-elect donald trump showing off a letter from vladimir putin after mr. trump said he will make it a priority to beef up our nuclear arsenal. . >> tell us your social media e use. well see you at the top of the hour. >> the american heart association publishing a new study on holiday health concerns. the research concerns from health related deaths around christmas, but removes the cold weather as a reason. we havetive any, a board certified cardiologist. this is such an important subject matter for anyone that
10:52 am
has heart decide in their family and i know a lot of our viewers have. what are some of the contributing factors what we talk about taking out the cold factor. >> the patients with the higher heart attack statistics, they typically have more risk factors to begin with. but what we know is there is an increased amount of stress over the holiday season. the north, shoveling the snow, and really the emotional stress behind everything. it increases blood pressure, heart rate, and heart attack risk. also lack of sleep. >> and the age range of the deaths in the study are a little
10:53 am
surprising. >> yeah, it is a little younger, and we have seen that on wall street, too, and it has to do with stress. >> a lot of people can probably relate to some information in this that you don't exercise as much, eating and drinking a little more. >> we all do it, right? now the advice is get out, start moving, and don't eat as much. what is your motivational advice. >> keep it in the back of your mind that bad things happen to good people. have your glass of wine, not six. >> we were talking just before we went on camera about how people don't want to raise alar alarms, it's christmas, i feel funny, i don't want to cause a problem, but there are warning
10:54 am
signs. >> i tell my patients to trust your gut. obviously chest pain is a predominating system. sometimes overriding nausea. feeling extraordinarily fatigued for no reason. jaw pain, arm pain for no reason. it is your gut feeling. if something is not right, call 911 and go to the hospital. time is heart, and you said this is the busiest time for you. >> i'm on call on the 25th and the 31st, so i will be busy. heart attacks, number one day of the year is christmas day, second is the day after christmas, third is january 1st. >> whoa, i'll be paying attention. one way to ease the stress of
10:55 am
the holidays so don't end up like those in dr. seizmore's care. we ran a special about luke's wings. they connect donations to help family b.s. with their wounded warriors in hospitals. so far, they delivered more than $90,000 worth of plane tickets. go to to make a tax deductible contribution. >> 7 may be young to work at mcdonald's, but not for trenton gardner. so in indiana, they made him an honorary employee for the day so other kids can have a christmas
10:56 am
as nice as his. >> i wipe the tables, and i get paid for it. >> i don't know where me and his dad went with this, but we were so glad we raised him up this way. if he is willing to work this hard at seven, i can only imagine when he is older. >> and mcdonald's pitched in more toys for to thes. what a great story to share. and how this stranded teddy bear made it home for the holidays in just the nick of time. our final 30, next.
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at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up.
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do you like nuts? a missing teddy bear made it home for the holidays after getting a grand tour of the airline. >> a worker there searched for the stuffed animal and found it on top of garbage can. they took photos of the bear all over airport, including a
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picture in a cockpit. the teddy bear made it home to one very grateful little girl. >> this is like family but better. >> way better. >> thank you, america's news headquarters starts right now. >> thank you, an international man hunt ending. now the questions are why and how. size relating chilling new video of the expect, anis amri pledging allegiance to a terrorist group after a shootout with police in italy. he was senior foreign affairs respondent, what we know about the young suspect and the events that


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