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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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this is the kelly file. welcome to hannity. the obama betrays the closest ally. i'm june gejeanine. in if west bank a violation of international law. israeli prime minister continues to condemn the obama administration for the unprecedented move.
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take a look. >> israeli governments have disagreed about settlements. we agreed the security council was not the place to resolve this issue. we knew that going there would make negotiations harder and drive the peace further away. as i told john kerry on thursday friends don't take friends to the security council. >> throwing his support behind israel and tweeted out the united nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get
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together, talk and have a good time. so sad. joining us with reaction is author of ally. all right. hello. thank you so much for being here this evening. can you tell us why israel was so deeply offended by there resolution? >> good to be with you, judge. we were hurt. we were outraged. understand this resolution labels over 500,000 of our citizens criminals, violators of international law. as he said, it takes our holiest places and labels them illegally occupied territory. the resolution exposes us to sanctions and boy kocotts for
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international criminal courts around the world. it is a greater threat thon the missiles fired at us. it is a terrible terrible move. it sends a horrible message to the world about what america cares about, what the u.n. cares about. about two hours from where i'm sitting from you here is syria where over 400,000 people have been butchered. five hours east of here is iraq where tens of thousands very killed in a civil war. three hours south of here is a civil war against isis. an hour and a half from here is hamas. they are crying out, help us. what do they do? they beat up on the only democracy in the middle east. think what the allies think. >> for a moment i want to look back. in 2011 or 2012 susan rice
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vetoed on behalf of the united states in the u.n. the same resolution. what has happened in four years and did you have any notice that this was coming? >>. >> i was there when she gave that speech. they would never let the u.n. impose a solution. it arose from direct me gauc negotiations. the obama administration has backtracked and negated its own long standing position. it is going back to 1957 that there is no direct talks. we knew this was going to happen. we have been discussing the dangers that were looming in the
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three month window between the american elections and the inauguration of the next president. president obama, since the first day in office in 2009 has publicly condemned israel, our policy in the west bank and in jerusal jerusalem. he was never going to desist from that. he was going to keep oncoming at us. we assumed this window would be a very dangerous time for us. >> and it is. what can you do about this now and what can you expect from the trump administration going forward? >> well, you know about the iron dome, judge. it is an anti-bolistic system. they say to those entities that want to do us harm, that want to boycott us, if you touch the
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state of israel you'll have to come to us. we'll protect israel by making anybody who hurts israel pay for it diplomatically, pay for it financially. if they didn't have incoming trump administration would move the american embassy to jerusalem it would saend powerful message that the united states has no intention of conforming with this appalling resolution. >> america can make those who try to apply the resolution, it can make them pay for it. america has a lot of tools in its hands, judge.
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it comes from the united states. without it the united nations would be in very rough shape. >> and very quickly you have high hopes for president trump and the relationship with isr l israel. >> there's no other country in this region which is military proficient. no other country is pro-american. it is burning american flags from where i'm talking to you from. >> thank you so much for joining us this evening. all right. and here now with more reaction is dr. gorka and rick.
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and u.n. security council does nothing they take a disputed land issue, prejudge it and make it as though an international ruling is in effect and should control. what do you say? >> merry christmas, judge. it is outrageous. this is a lame duck. the obama administration has created global chaos. the world is on fire where ever you look, north, south, east and west. asia you see china build fake islands then you see disaster after disaster in the middle east, the rise of isis, the rise
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of bharam. the do no harm promise what do they do? they throw gasoline and side with everybody else who is really using the united nations to execute. there is nothing else you can describe this as. they say this united states is one that is behind the resolution in the first place. >> there's no question. i spoke specifically and directly to the french ambassador to the united states and he told me that they have been working on the obama administration for weeks. then we see the media that have come out and confirmed the facts that have had multiple conversations trying to find this t language that would be
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acceptable so that the united states would abstain. what we are looking at is this has been weeks in the makes. this is a plan of ben roads and barack obama. they have secretly tried at the end of the administration to give it to israel and to try to blame this on new zealand or others while they have been the others negotiating the language. they have been secretly trying to figure out a way. how do they kick him on the way out. don't forget they tried to -- >> it is from the beginning of the to now this lame duck session where ben roads and barack obama are trying to -- >> do you see donald trump doing something significant in terms of any way reversing this
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decision by the security council? >> i think the ambassador was right. america is the most powerful nation in the world. it is the only nation that can really do something about this by itself in terms of putting pressure on every nation responsible for this resolution. on top of that i think after january 20th, judge, i think the white house will have a very different attitude to the utility of the united nations and also the importance of israel which is one of, if not, most important ally in the middle east. >> as it relates to the united nations and israel, israel is now apparently calling in all of the foreign ministers from other countries and they will exert whatever diplomatic punishments,
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do they have any leverage at all in a situation like this? >> they do have leverage and they have a lot of leverage in donald trump. let's make it clear. president-elect trump will be israel's best ally. he will make sure it is a priori priority. it literally encourages countries to find ways to punish israel for not giving up land to the palestinians. this is a land dispute between two countries and we have an international body like the security council taking sides and saying that the world should punish israel for not taking the palestinian side, for not giving up land. it's really outrageous and directly effects every single nation. >> doesn't the palestinians get money for every israeli that they kill? >> oh, sure. >> okay. that's what i thought.
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>> thank you. thank you. >> we'll make sure -- >> thanks so much for being with us tonight. coming up right here on hannity. >> if i run again i think i could have motivated and articulated people to rally behind it. >> president obama says if he were allowed to run again he would have beaten president-elect donald trump. and later -- >> are you saying then that you would not sit down with president-elect trump if he invited you to the white house to meet on common ground? >> oh, no. i won't go. i'm not going to sit down with him. i'm not going to go. i'm not going to pretend.
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>> democrats are already drawing a line in the sand saying they will not work with president-elect trump. that and much more as hannity continues. m lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.
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good evening. i'm jackie in new york. president obama and japan's prime minister visit at pearl harbor to pay respects to america's war. it is a historic gesture and shows enmys can become allies. the prime minister did not apologize for the december, 1941 attack but did con seed japan must never repeat it again. the first economic pull back in nearly 25 years. a surge in tourism was not enough to offset a plunge. the 55-year-old u.s. embargo
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getting some of the blame costing cuba $4.5 billion last year. now back to hannity. welcome back. just 23 days until president obama is out of office but he wants to know if allowed he would have beaten donald trump and won a third term. take a listen to this one. >> the majority does buy into the notion of a one america that is tolerant and diverse and open and and full of energy and dynamism and the problem is it doesn't always manifest itself in politics.
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you know, i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to ramally behind it. >> president-elect trump wrote back on twitter, president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. she should say that but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, etcete etcetera. all right. i will start with you, charles. is he delusional or depressed or afraid people are going to forget him?
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why is he talk about this? >> i don't have any idea what he was talking about before he got to the part where he said if i had run again i would have won. that's what you say as you're running away from the bar fight. the bottom line is he may not have been on the ballot but his policies have been on the ballot for the last eight years. while yes, he did win reelection democrats have lost a thousand seats based on his policies and his record. you know, what he is saying is flat out simply not true. >> all right. and isn't he the one that said i will take this personally? you know, if she doesn't get elected it is really a third term for me. >> you're absolutely right. the motion was denied.
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>> no one was buying into it. it's not about president obama's ego. it was the 900 legislators who lost. it was the american people who lost income. it was the american people who lost affordable health care. instead of him talking about how he would have won let's talk about the people that lost. perhaps as we go into the new year they could figure out how to not make it about a shiney objects and perhaps they will see it win. let's get over it and get off the field. you have lost. pick your toys up, go home and try again. >> just as she was saying just look at the facts. the senate, the house, this was a trifecta. >> so much for a smooth transition. president obama said let's make this smooth. let's do the best we can. whatever on that. you know, it's like he believes
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his own rhetoric. and how arrogant to say if i would have run far third therm i would have run. really? slap in the face hillary clinton and the middle class voters that voted you out. although he may have won some of the states that trump won -- >> previously. >> yes. >> and not only did trump win but they changed parties and that's pretty huge. all right charles i will have you ask what he said about obama not accepting that it was a referendum on his view of the world. >> he doesn't accept that the election was a verdict on his view of where the country should be going. he points you he feels he would have won the lechlkts there's no doubt there is in his remarks. >> and to me the criticism is of
7:23 pm
hillary clinton, correct? >> absolutely. i mean i'm not saying it's one part of all of this. but just how much he throws her under the bus at every turn and he was doing that talking about how much harder he worked when he ran for the first time and talking about when he beat her how hard he worked in iowa. can you imagine if george w. bush had come out after the election and just trashed john mccain? no decent person would do this. to have him doing this it really does say a lot about how he governed and kind of his, you know, the way he is going to be remembered going forward. >> and he said in this interview, he says even people who disagreed with me and says that my vision is the right vision. now, how do you justify that?
7:24 pm
>> people wanted to see action. when it came down to what was actually done people were over it. we see we mentioned several times you know, this grass roots movement that republicans have been able to implement came from the ground up. although he gave a good speech and greet vision people were over it. for him to say he was in the on the ballot and he did not instruct clinton is just a flat out lie. he instructed everyone to support hillary clinton. we saw that with bernie sanders. he will not accept the fact that you lost. you put everything on the field, you left it there and you lost. >> they talked about the fact that they had the ground game and donald trump didn't. the fact that he won and his
7:25 pm
whole party won, what does it tell you? >> it tells you they did not have the ground game and number two they really didn't have the ball and they didn't play the right way. americans are ready to see israel to take a respectful place and ready for prosperity. >> thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. coming up. >> are you saying you would not sit down with president-elect trump if he invited you to the white house? >> oh, no. i'm not going to go. i'm not going to pretend. >> democrats already saying they will not work with president-elect donald trump once he is in office. and later, growing outrage after a drexel university professor tweeted he wants white genocide for christmas. chaos at malls all over the country. all that and much more as
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welcome back to hannity. president-elect trump is weeks away from taking office. the democratics are already promising. take a listen from maxine waters. >> i have no intention of pretending everything is all right, that we are going to work together. for me as a ranking member of the financial services committee where he said he is going to bring down the consumer protection bureau i will fight him every edge of the way. >> if i could interrupt you. i want to get this straight. are you saying then you would not sit down with president-elect trump if he invited you to the white house
7:29 pm
to meet on common ground? >> oh, no. i won't go. i won't sit down with him. i won't go. i'm not going to pretend. >> all right. gentlemen, i am going to fight him every step of the way, but to sit there and say as an elected congress woman whose job is to work for the american people is she not violating the spirit of her oath as an elected member of congress? i'll start with you, frank. >> well, i don't get the politics of it. the fact is that the democrats will have 25 seats up in 2018 and ten of those will be that trump won by a big margin. actually if a democratic senator is watching waters right now she or he ought to be furious because it will make it
7:30 pm
impossible. the american people won't compromise. the american want cooperation and want to get things done. they want to repeal health care and appeal the obama executive orders. they want to make change and they expect the politicians to work together to get it done. >> didn't the american people in this last lek maelection make i clear they want the sides to work together? and by her digging her heels in the sand so deeply saying i won't meet with him this, i'm not going to talk with him, what is that about? >> it is about a narrow sliver to her constituency. >> does it do her any good? >> it does her no good and does the party worse as frank suggests. he is right. the american people want compromise and conciliation. it's not to say that democrats have to agree with everything trump does or says.
7:31 pm
to rule out legislating and working with him is a profound mistake. >> i have to tell you, you have looked at the numbers. you know what's going on. you have nancy pelosi now. you have no credibility but, you know, got reelected to her position because she apparently has the money. aren't they understanding they lost seats in the house, they lost seats in the senate, they tl lost the white house. they lost 50% of the state houses, both houses in this t states. are they tone deaf? >> i think so but this also puts pressure on the republicans to actually make this happen. i can't imagine a viewer of this show right now who will accept republican failure to repeal obamacare. i can't imagine a viewer accepting the republican
7:32 pm
inability to stop waisteful washington spending. the democratics want to listen, if they participate and have their voices heard. >> the g.o.p. can do that can't they? >> they can do it but as we saw with obamacare, you do better for yourself with a broad bipartisan constituency rather than a narrow constituency. if obamacare is repealed the american people and democrats should maintain the coverage that was extended in a more cost effective way. there are ways to protect social programs. democrats could k and should cooperate because it's good politics, it's good government and it's just plain right,
7:33 pm
common sense. >> and given that the american people feel so strongly about obstruction, don't the democrats now become the obstructionists? >> the smartest strategy is to save each of these interviews, every time a democrat comes up and says i am not going to work with the that and then be getting in the middle of next year start to run the ads in places like montana and idaho and to ask the democratic senator, do you agree or disagree? you could see republican gains in 2018 even though typically you would have a bad election year. the dumbest i could ever imagine the democrats doing -- i don't get it. >> knowing donald trump as i do, he will work across the aisle. he will do everything he can to bring people to his side and to
7:34 pm
listen. i think that the democrats can only look bad, agree? >> i couldn't agree more. i know donald trump. i worked for him in a business capacity. i know him to be a practical man. they are the basis for cooperation. the democrats would make a mistake putting him in as head of the dnc and following the precepts of waters. >> all right gentlemen, thank you. coming up, a drexel university professor under fire after tweeting he wanted quote white genocide for christmas. plus, scenes like this played out in malls across the country as americans battled each other during holiday shopping. a panel will have reaction to both stories. that and much more as hannity continues. so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe.
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>> test test. >> test test. >> test test
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welcome back to hannity. a professor under fire for inflammatory tweets. he tweeted quote all i want for christmas is white genocide. he doubled down in another tweet to clarify, when the whites were massacred it was a good thing indeed. the university released a statement saying his comments are utterly rep henceable. they do not reflect the values of the unit. he has since clarified his remarks claiming that his tweets were -- he said white generocid is a figment of the imagination. it should be mocked and i'm glad
7:39 pm
to have mocked it. joining us turning point charlie kirk. is it rhetorical or is this real? >> i don't know about you, but it makes me realize indeed i spent too much time in -- at least this one particular academic was being honest about the level of radicalism that is prevalent in our universities today. i kind of hope he keeps tweeting. >> and darl scott, what do you make of this? >> i think maybe, first of all, the guy had too much eggnog to drink over the holidays and got in front of the computer and his hands didn't think with his brain and he realized what he said and tried to dial it back.
7:40 pm
he needs to be fired. that's what needs to happen. >> let's talk about the first amendment. >> some times when you take certain public positions you have liberty but you have to have responsibility for those who are under your influence so you don't say anything because you can influence people in a negative way. he needs to get fired from his job or start his own school or something. >> and charlie kirk, you have been talking about campus fares a long time. i imagine many agree with him. >> what i think is most disturbing about this is the media is acting like it is some how isolated.
7:41 pm
we have been documents these examples of these professors that have been going completely off the rails. we have been getting messages from parents and students that said this is nothing. another example that's been in the news is, yes, people pay money for it that says the problem with whiteness. i mean it's unbelievable. this is not an isolated incident. higher education has been completely corrupted by the far left and we are happy to play a role in helping expose this. i think the media need to high light how off the rails higher education has become. this is another example of that! . >> we are certainly hearing more about it. want to go to scenes playing out all over the country at malls. take a look at this.
7:42 pm
there are all kinds of fights at malls across the country. some of this instigated by individuals. some of it is supposedly -- is this a new phenomenon that we are going to be seeing? i'll start are doctor. >> this is a mob mentality. this is similar to the same anonymity people feel they have when they get on twitter and spew their rhetoric and people join in thinking nobody really knows who i am. if you have two people in a store that both want the same item you won't see this sort soft fighting. when you have a mob like that there tends to be a feeling of anonymity in those numbers so people act completely differently than they might act if they knew they were going to be identified. beginning to identify them
7:43 pm
individually might help a little bit. these are the reasons why many of us sadly shop online and why merchants all over the country in some cases are really hurting. people don't want to encounter this if they go to a mall. >> a lot of talk about liability in situations like this. we have s.w.a.t. teams responding, police responding, reports of gunfire. what do malls have to do, you know, to spot thtop this. all of this for a sake of a few bargains and at the end of the day there are only two things available? >> people do this so they can get likes or whatever on facebook. it seems as if rioting has become fashionable in america. it was pro momoted and become fashionable. it is getting out of hand and
7:44 pm
it's gotten out of hand. storms will take necessary precautions. they will be accused of profiling and accused of racism because there is a certain demograph demographic. there is a certain collective that is behind all of this. >> and charlie? >> they will be criticized for it. >> what would you say the demographic is? is it young people behind this kind of thing getting their rocks off here? >> it is mostly young people. amazon prime subscriptions went up through the roof. the more people keep seeing this they are get behind their laptops and keep using amazon. i do agree with the comments that say this kind of behavior is kind of glorified through social media. it is a way to become an instant celebrity. it needs to be locked down immediately. >> coming up, after the terror attack in germany, do moderate
7:45 pm
musl muslims need to do more to speak out about what's happening? and carrie fisher passed away earlier today. we'll have details about her life that you might not know about. that and more when "hannity" continues. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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we will also work to keep our country safe from terrorism. we have seen islamic terror attacks from paris to belgium to orlando to the world trade center, to the world trade center.
7:49 pm
think of that. one attack after another after another. so let me state this as clearly as it can be stated. i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the held out of our country. >> that was president-elect during his recent thank you tour vowing to fight islam. after the radical islamic threat to muslims here in america need to speak out more to try to prevent these attacks from happening? joining me with reaction from the islamic house of wisdom. all right. good evening. >> good evening. >> good evening. >> i will start with you. we have got this islamic threat. you don't deny that? >> first we --
7:50 pm
>> that's a yes or no. there is an islamic threat facing the united states, correct? yes or no? >> let me answer this way. >> no. >> i will answer this question. let me first of all say to the prayer for peace in christmas ceremony -- >> i'm happy for the pope. hatred and intimidation and violence. and crimes, and everything. >> what is your point? >> my point is that expression of islamic radical is kind of hijacking the identity of the muslims. >> it is like somebody. >> can i ask you -- >> who is responsible for the world trade center? who is responsible for san bernardino? orlando? paris? all right?
7:51 pm
imam, i'm out of time. >> this is exactly the problem we have in this country. it's because imams like him, put on spot and asked questions are not coming forward and answering the question. how can we expect them to urge their followers to come forward with information about radicals plotting to attack us? >> you're a radical christian. >> brigitte, the muslim community is not coming forward. >> imam, going to give you another chance. all right? here is the chance. should the family of the san bernardino attackers who saw the weapons and instruments they used, should they have said
7:52 pm
something? why didn't they? >> we have to condemn terrorism and do something about it. president trump must do something about it. and the way to do it, and the way to do it, i believe, judge, you can take care of isis in one month but this is the way to defeat terrorism. let the cia, don't trade in syria and saudi arabia. don't send military and money for them, and israelis media for them. let us deprive them. >> do you agree we've got to prevent the radical islamic extremists from killing us and muslims, too? yes or no? >> we're against radicals. >> say yes. i'm going to tell the courts you said yes. brigette? >> he is beating around the
7:53 pm
bush. ask about the families they were putting the bombs together in the house, how come the mother did not come forward? this is the problem, they're harboring and protecting and covering up for terrorism and imams like him are the first part of the problem. they're not saying anything. >> the care he wishes more had died in the russian plane crash. do you condemn that, imam? >> of course. >> in charge of a care in michigan.
7:54 pm
and i have been criticized throughout syria. sometimes they turn a blind eye. >> if you kill innocent people, you're the devil. brigette? >> cair is a terrorist organization already in the united states. two are exiled and -- >> that is not true. >> that is reality. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> terrorism every day in america. >> star wars icon carrie fisher passed away today at the age of
7:55 pm
60. diane is here with more. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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7:59 pm
here now with more is diana falzone. all right. princess leia, no holds barred a kind of in your face new yorker. everyone is devastated. >> she thought that becoming a celebrity could lead to problems and carrie fisher had a problematic life with trials and tribulations. >> and she overcame them. >> she did. she was a work in progress. probably one of the most candid and honest celebrities out there. she was on a wild book tour before her death about her latest tell all. and that is where the rumor came out about her confirming she had
8:00 pm
an affair with harrison ford. >> thank you. that is all we have left. thanks for joining us this evening. >> i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. obama vs. trump. president obama campaigned campn vigorously for hillary clinton in the 2016 election telling supporters, quote, my name may not be on the ballot but our progress is on the ballot, unquote. despite clinton's defeat he thinks he would have beaten donald trump in a head-to-head matchup as he told his former advisor david axelrod in a podcast yesterday. >> i'm confident that if i had run again, and are a articulated it i think


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