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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 29, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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spouse?" they reach a new high. and no word if this guy ended up in the penalty box after the game. yeah, i'm feeling good. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning to you. it's thursday, december 29th. i'm abby huntsman in for ainsley earhardt. an army helicopter crashes killing two service members. their chopper crashing right into the water 25 miles south of houston, texas. we've got the breaking details just moments from now. and a war of words. secretary of state john kerry delivering a blistering attack against israel. and israel is firing back. >> it's the choice that israel can choose to be islamic or
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democratic. it cannot be both. >> that is just the beginning. much more to talk about. and charlie sheen just unleashed himself on the president-elect. now wishing, not making this up, wishing death upon donald trump. imagine if somebody did that to president obama or hillary clinton. do you think the media would be outraged? mornings are better with friends. good morning. happy thursday, everybody. we are here. >> wow. >> we have made it. almost to the end of the week. >> we are going into the end of the week strong. we have a couple more big days. >> every day we sit here and say, what are we going to do for the three hours? >> we survived the hour and 15 minute speech from john kerry yesterday. i think we'll make it through today. >> we have a lot to talk about. we have heather with headlines this morning. >> hi, good morning. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great day,
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thursday it is. we'll start off with a fox news alert. death by a broken heart. hollywood legend debbie reynolds passing away just a day after her daughter carrie fisher. according to tmz, reynolds told her son, i miss her so much, i just want to be with carrie. just hours before she was rushed to the hospital for a suspected stroke. reynolds was an acclaimed actress, dancer and singer whose career spanned nearly seven decades. ♪ good morning good morning to you ♪ >> debbie reynolds was 84 years old. no word on plans for her and her daughter carrie fisher. and an explosive crash killing two servicemen after their apache helicopter plunges into the water. the national guard chopper was flying unusually low and broke apart in the air before crashing into galveston bay in texas. >> i heard a loud bang, seen
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pieces of the prop flying in the air, seen the rest of the crowd turn, like it was turning upside down and started nosediving down towards the ground. >> the military officials say the unidentified soldiers were conducting a routine flight when they crashed. divers jumped into the water to recover the bodies. it is not clear what caused the crash, but we are praying for those families this morning. a parting shot for russian president vladimir putin. president obama set to announce sanctions against russia as soon as today over its alleged interneerinte interference in the 2016 election. many insist an iron fist is the only way to stop russian meddling. >> vladimir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer. he understands strength. and that's all that he understands. and we're still the strongest nation on earth. we just have to do it right. >> well, russia is still denying
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all those accusations promising sanctions of its own against washington. we'll follow that story throughout the day. and for the first time in 40 years, the catholic bishop will participate in the presidential inauguration. the archbishop of new york timothy cardinal dolan, one of six faith leaders taking part in next month's swearing in of president-elect donald trump. ryan kilmeade taking a holy stroll with the cardinal just last week. >> i said, you know, if you want, on the sunday before your inauguration, why don't you come on down the block. >> the cardinal will be reading from scripture and giving the invocation at the january 20th ceremony in washington, d.c. and those are your headlines. he is such a great person to ask for that. talking about cardinal dolan. >> we do love cardinal dolan. thank you, heather. all right. so two big speeches yesterday,
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kind of a war of words, between secretary of state john kerry yesterday and benjamin netanyahu. let's take a look back. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. and friendships require mutual respect. they fail to recognize that this friend, the united states of america, that has done more to support israel than any other country, the israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state solution. but his current coalition is the most right-wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. the status quo is leading towards one state and perpetual occupation. here is a fundamental reality. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic, it cannot be both.
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>> i must express my deepest disappointment with the speech today of john kerry, secretary kerry talked about the campaign against the islamic state for nearly a century. israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. israel's hand has been extended in peace to its neighbors from day one from its very first day. >> yeah, john kerry there talking about friends telling each other hard truths. that was a playoff of previous war of words where benjamin netanyahu said friends do not take friends to the security council at the u.n. which is what he felt the u.s. was abstaining last friday, when it started this whole deal, not shielding israel. but yesterday, just going on, when you have a democratic senator chuck schumer saying, while he may not have intended it, i fear secretary kerry in his speech and actions at the
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u.n. had emboldened extremists on both sides. that's chuck schumer, that is the incoming democratic leader in the united states senate. it is bipartisan outrage. it was a one-sided speech. it was real reality tv yesterday. i mean, john kerry gives a 90-minute speech rambling. one of the things where he said it six times and somehow it became more prominent. or 16 times. it's almost as if he knew exactly what john kerry was going to say, which is a condemnation of israel. we have the stats of what was mentioned during john kerry's speech. one mention of iran, one of hezbollah, four times of hamas, seven times of terrorism. 14 times of occupation. and 42 times settlements. he used the words of the left, of anti-semitism, frankly, of the occupation. it's offensive.
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and netanyahu has a great question, how do you make peace of someone who rejects your very existence? how do you do that? >> how do you even come together or have conversations? and also something that netanyahu said in the speech, president obama and his administration over the last eight years kept being told over and over again, we'll work together and have the conversations. so for them, this came out of nowhere, even though this was, as they said, they have got real proof this was preorchestrated and planned behind scenes. netanyahu said that yesterday. but i found this interesting with a new chapter beginning. we mentioned this yesterday, maybe a backlash that could happen after -- >> and to pick up the pieces, it's donald trump for president-elect. maybe netanyahu praised donald trump and donald trump was on twitter yesterday saying among other things, we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s., but not anymore. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal.
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and now this, u.n.! stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. so netanyahu also said to president-elect trump, thank you for your friendship with israel. this will be a heavy lift to pick up the pieces from what the obama administration has done. >> absolutely. a lot of people are reporting from behind the scenes, the private position of the obama administration coming into public. and they have been sort of badgering israel to say, hey, your settlements are the impediment to peace, but this is offensive. settlements are equivalent to suicide bombers. you're dealing with an ideology that still teaches in their schools that you should be killed. >> "the washington post" today is editorializing that the obama administration is on the right side of history here despite what you just said. >> sure. >> but i'm saying, you've got the mainstream media saying this is the right way to go. >> yesterday was the last gasp
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of the two-state solution and the mainstream media believing somehow this fantasy piece they hope to exist will exist. you need a partner on the other side that has not existed for a long time for israel. donald trump is about to usher that in. >> the obama administration is talking about their leg sip. this is a strong eight years for them, but you listen to what john kerry said yesterday, he kept saying over and over again, we have a great relationship with israel. things have been wonderful over the past eight years. >> is anybody buying it? >> then you listen to netanyahu and say, where is the disconnect? that's not how they are feeling. >> rhetoric versus reality, right? if our congress is talking about cutting off funding to the u.n. because of what was just done with the demonstration of how far we have fallen. this is a reflection of congress more so than necessarily president obama. >> a lot on the foreign policy for the president-elect as he gets ready to come to power. meanwhile, he's not slowing down and making these big economic deals that could help
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us here at home. >> yes, another big announcement. >> 8,000 more jobs from sprint. all kinds of action down there. >> here's what he put out yesterday. >> i just got a call from the head people at sprint. and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the united states. they are taking them from other countries. they are bringing them back to the united states. and also, one web, a new company, is going to be hiring 3,000 people. so that is very exciting. >> this comes at an interesting time. if you look at consumer confidence, this is the highest point since before the recession. since 2001. >> since 2001. and you've got the dow edging closer and closer to 20,000. it hasn't quite gotten there yet. i'm certainly not saying that's because of the election of donald trump -- >> you can say that. >> but i think, look, presidents have to deal with the bad news when they come into office. and so now you're dealing with the peace process that we have
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been talking about. and you'll have to deal with it, like it or not, you have to figure out how to go forward. but sometimes good news comes in, you're the recipient of it, and look, he's trying to build on it. he's not sitting around to say, okay, the economy is starting to hum here, this is good. he's trying to get more deals and get this going. >> on election night, the futures market was down 700 points. immediately, reaction was to donald trump, but the last thousand points in the dow is the bullish market saying, hey, we think what he'll bring in will improve the economy. when you hear more news like this quick wind is what they call them, that's great. it does instill confidence. consumer confidence believes because the consumer believes in the future. that is more important than the stock market. >> and you know what he's doing that really makes a difference? he has an actual conversation, whether it is on the phone, whether it is in person, one-on-one, that's how you make deals. that's how you figure this out. >> he did write a book about that.
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>> are you tired? he looked a little tired. i didn't know why, now i do. >> he also said sorry. i'm sorry! >> people just can't handle it. all right. more to come on the show. no clinton support, no service. that restaurant owner who banned trump voters is now speaking out for the very first time. so does he regret it? we'll play that tape. >> i hope he does. and what happens when a pint-sized basketball player goes one-on-one with an overconfident stranger in the middle of the street? whoa! those are handles there, that's what they call it. he broke her down. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company
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we could not in good conscience protect the most extreme elements of the settlement movement as it tries to destroy the two-state solution. now we may not be able to stop them, but we cannot be expected to defend them. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic, it cannot be both. >> attacking an ally. secretary kerry delivering a blistering speech against israel following the u.n. vote on israel's settlement. >> so what are israelis living in those settlements thinking this morning about the speech? daniel lorea is one of those living there in east jerusalem. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> the u.n. says this is occupied territory. tell us what it is like to live there and what israelis are
3:17 am
feeling this morning? >> well, first of all, i work all the time in what the world refers to as east jerusalem. so from our point of view, it's the eternal capital of the jewish people. and the reaction is there is not much the world can do about it. friends don't put friends in danger. to ask us to put a terrorist on our back doorstep when we have one on the gaz a strip is just phenomenal. friends that understand we have a four-year history with jeer jerusalem and the land of israel. the people are concerned about the occupation or illegal settlement is just astounding. the two-state solution in addition to that is clearly an oxy moron. you can't have two states when
3:18 am
one wants to destroy the other state. i live in a regular city of 40,000 people, five minutes outside the city of jerusalem. i work with every day regular people. we do not teach our children to make molatov cocktails or throw stones. and that's what we're up against. so in addition to the fact that israel is the jewish homeland, so it is impossible for us to be illegally occupying our homeland, we're surrounded by millions of people who are being driven into the sea. >> your voice is so important. where you are is where everyone is affected by the resolution. help people better understand watching this at home here in the united states and afar, help them understand the impact of this resolution. >> well, let's put it this way. the size of israel is the size of new jersey, 7,000, 8,000
3:19 am
square miles. to even think of dividing up that area as a terror state is totally absurd. it cannot be. to think that we have literally already today missiles, thousands of missiles coming to regular cities is ircome prehenceable. there are plenty of arab that is live side by side, but there are too many that want to see the end and do not recognize the smallest jewish entities. what the world doesn't understand is that we're not moving. so terror isn't going to drive us out. >> sure. daniel, i was in israel a couple months ago visiting judea and is a maria -- samaria, what is the biggest misconception that the world has about these settlements? >> well, i speak to many americans overseas, and it seems
3:20 am
we live in shacks on hilltops. we are talking about close to 800,000 views today living in judea and somaria. the views were displaced here, so if anyone was illegally occupying, it was the jews. jews were the ones, we're the ones displaced and yet the world says we are the occupiers? there's something distorted about that thinking. regular people, beautiful cities, who are not teaching hate or incisement. >> daniel, such an important voice to hear this morning. thank you for being with us. >> pleasure, thank you. have a good day. coming up, the amazon echo may be able to solve a murder, but the company refuses to give over the evidence. should amazon hand this over to
3:21 am
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good morning, again. time for a squik loquick look a headlines. bernie sanders is helping to mold the future of the democratic party and fight the president-elect's agenda. the progressives said they are learning from past failures to occupy wall street. and hillary clinton seen eating alone at a resort? upstate new york. looking a little down, maybe. she's largely been out of the public loss except for the hiking snapshots in chappaqua. abby? thank you, ed. it's one of the hottest holiday gifts of the season. >> alexa, what is on the calendar today? >> you have 12 events scheduled. >> listen to this, now it could help police solve a murder case. authorities in arkansas issuing a warrant for information from a man's amazon echo device who was accused of strangling and drowning a man in a hot tub.
3:25 am
detectives hope to pull clues from the device always listening to alexa. amazon refusing that information. the question is, should it? here's the former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney jonathan stillmore. it's amazing how many questions alexa can answer. you both have different perspectives on this. you say amazon should hand over the evidence, why? >> the more evidence a better. we know a homicide occurred and this device is capable of recording audio. that's probably cause to think that the device has evidence related to a crime. that means the constitutional standard is met. if i'm a prosecutor seeking that warrant, if i'm a judge, i'm signing that warrant. >> here's what amazon says. amazon will not release customer information without a valid and
3:26 am
binding legal demand properly served on us. we object to overboard or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course. you're on their side to say they should not release it. >> i applaud them. amazon has a duty to its customers to withhold any information from the government without, in this case, without basically a court order. what amazon is essentially saying here is, look, your arkansas search warrant is not enough to compel us to turn the information over. what will happen at this point then is either, remember when apple was refusing to create code to unlock the phone for the san bernardino killers? same thing, there was a standoff there. so now the choice for arkansas is, all right, maybe i'll get a judge involved to compel you to. or we'll find another way to get it. but i think one of the most important points here is alexa is not going to solve this crime. she's not going to say it was colonel mustard in the kitchen with a candlestick. she doesn't record full conversations.
3:27 am
so what information are they going to get? and how valuable will it be? >> that's the big question, we don't know. maybe there could be something on alexa. once you say, alexa, what is the weather today? it starts recording. they can hear your voice. maybe there is something and potentially could be the only evidence they might have. >> any time you seek a search warrant there's speculation because you don't know what could be in the home or in the device or the car you're looking to search. so you're always speculating a little bit. but this could help the defense because theoretically, just like evidence points the finger at someone, evidence can exonerate someone. if it turns up something, the defense lawyer says, they seized his alexa, that's a reason to find my client not guilty. we want to follow the evidence. the more evidence we have, the more confident we can be in any verdict, guilty or not guilty. >> but keep in mind, if they took the alexa device and dissected and got jewels they can get from that, that's great. the investigators are looking to a third-party to help convict a potential suspect. that's like, if i send you an
3:28 am
e-mail, and the police come to your house because i sent you an e-mail and want to search your computer, the right to seize evidence is not infinite. that's why we have the fourth amendment. >> you know what? i have a feeling this will be the first of many debates, many, with alexa and so many other devices out there. >> we live in that world now. >> thank you for breaking this down. coming up, the deadline is months away, but now is the time to shrink your tax bill. chris hogan has the best financial advice money can buy and is answering your questions, next. and then three teenagers stranded miles from land. their boat sinking, life jackets trapped under water. how they managed to call for help just in time. that is next. and this story is crazy, charlie sheen just unleashed on the president-elect. now wishing death upon him. imagine if someone did that to hillary clinton or president obama. we'll talk about that. but first, happy birthday to our friend jon voight.
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he's 78 years old today. >> you guys are the best. i go right to the television set and am watching you guys.
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winner winner chicken dinner, i don't think so. winner winner sheen dinner. if you borrow my brain for five seconds, then you're like, dude, i can't handle it! i have a different heart. i am on a drug, it's called the charlie sheen. and it's not available because if you try it once, you'll die. it comes from my grand wizard master. duh, winning! i win here and win there. now what? >> there was so much in that one-minute sound bite. >> it's amusing but -- charlie
3:32 am
sheen has been a mess for a long time. and now he goes on social media last night after the death of debbie reynolds, her daughter had just died, carrie fisher, within 24 hours has a stroke and dies. there's all this talk about celebrity deaths this year, david bowie, george michael, and so what does charlie sheen do? he goes after donald trump and wishes that he died. >> look what he tweeted, he tweeted this after he said, the deaths of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher, dear god, trump next, please! trump next, please! trump next, please! he goes on and on and on. >> just imagine, i mean, the nice way to look to these things is to flip it. imagine if that was tweeted about barack obama or hillary clinton or anyone else. he would be accused of sexism, racism or another ism. >> how does anyone in the right
3:33 am
mind think this is okay to tweet? >> he went on the apology tour to say he had hiv and a drug problem. >> there's more there, i would think. >> now we've got to do this? come on. it's so ridiculous and absurd. >> i think it's because the left is in an alternate universe. it's okay to say these types of things. if donald trump has this little caveat, they can say whatever they want about him, but everyone else you can't. i really think it's like a hiccup in the brain. >> we talk about the vision of this country, it is coming from tweets like that. >> do you think he's mad that he started the winning thing and donald trump copied it? he's like, i started the winning thing. >> winning! >> you know who is always winning for us? heather, whom we love. >> i love the use of his word
3:34 am
warlock. all right. good morning, everybody. i have a couple quick headlines to bring you. three teens lucky to be alive this morning after a harrowing ordeal while vacationing near the florida keys. the boys forced to climb on top of their rental boat after it started taking on water and capsized two miles off the coast. their lifejackets trapped underneath. but the quick-thinking tweens kept their phones above water. they got a signal and called 911. crews finding them just before sunset. wow. and a disturbing new report revealing corruption at the u.s./mexico border. federal agents taking millions of dollars to let drugs into the united states according to "the new york times". in one case, the agent approved a citizens application in exchange for ten, actually, 100 eggrolls. yeah, that's right. the food. the report shows nearly 200 employees have pocketed nearly $15 million in bribes over the past ten years.
3:35 am
and a restaurant owner sparking outrage for the ant anti-trump sign changing his tune saying it wasn't meant to offend people. >> it wouldn't be offensive. it is just a heads-up. thank you for the info, man. it was a reaction to the election. i wasn't able to vote. >> you heard that right, the guy didn't vote. he plastered this bright yellow hand-written sign on the front door of cafe 8 1/2 in honolulu. if you voted for trump, you cannot eat here. no nazis. really? trump supporters fought back. but the owner didn't regret it but did take down the sign. what happens when you go one-on-one with a basketball prodigy on the streets of new
3:36 am
york city? watch this. you just fall down in the middle of the street. well, let's watch that again. this mini basketball player taking street ball to a new level with this epic crosswalk crossover. an oncoming pedestrian tries to play a little defense. but as you can see, she can't seem to stay on her feet. she was a great sport, though. we don't see any of the guys taking that up. good job, lady. she later posted on twitter, my ankles were destroyed, which in the basketball world means, yeah, i got schooled. henry, you're a big basketball fan, would you have done that to the kid in the crosswalk? >> i would have tried and he would have beaten me. i probably would have fallen on my face. carmelo anthony, he doesn't play defense for the knicks. they lose a lot. but i have to go back to the restaurant owner. he didn't vote. >> he didn't vote. >> jill stein is waking up to that today. i was here! >> it is technically called
3:37 am
broken ankle. now to extreme weather, thousands bracing for impact. >> yeah, the northeast preparing for a weather bomb with heavy rain, snow and gusting winds to close out your career. >> who better to get the weather bomb than senior meteorologist janice dean tracking it all. >> the weather bomb. kind of like the polar vortex. this is going to rapidly intensify off the coast. we call it a nor'easter, but tonight and tomorrow, that's when we'll see the gusty winds. and it's going to intensify. that's why they call it a weather bomb. okay, look at temperatures right now, it's cold. behind the frontal system pushing across the southeast, ahead of that, we've got warmer than average temperatures. they are lucky ducks across the southeast in florida. so let's take a look at the storm. it hasn't bombed out yet. once it gets off the coast and some of the energy is transferred from this area of low pressure across the great lakes, that's when things are going to get interesting. so taking a look at it, we've got rain right now in d.c.
3:38 am
cloudy skies for philadelphia and new york. but it is on its way as we get into the overnight and tomorrow. the big snow totals after this storm bombs out will be across new england where they get upwards of 12 to 24 inches of snow, which is great for the ski resorts. and the other good thing is it will be out of here before new year's eve. there is your silver lining. >> that is good news. >> janice dean, you are the bomb. >> you arejanice. >> go on, go on. we'll talk about basketball here. carmelo anthony, it never ends. what money move should you make before 2017? chris hogan is here next to join us. >> there he is live with us. good morning, sir, how are you? >> i'm fantastic. good morning. >> excellent. we have questions, we'll go straight to the questions that folks have been writing us to let us know what advice they need from you. steve writes from my homestate of minnesota, he says, i have
3:39 am
money left in my health savings account. should i take it out before the end of the year or invest it? or should i leave it there? >> well, i would tell steve, steve, what you want to do is make sure you leave that money there. you've taken the kind of pre-tax option of putting the money in there. leave it there, let it sit there for the next year in case you have some major medical situation. you'll have extra money sitting there waiting to come to your aid. >> that is really good advice. this is norm coming in from kansas. itemizing my taxes each year, any taxes for maximizing my deductions? >> norm, what you want to do is really sit down and take a full-on view of your financial situation. make sure you maximize your charitable contributions, but also don't forget about your charitable donations. whether you're taking things, clothing or materials you're not using, those donations can help you tax-wise as well. all in all, sit down with a tax professional and have them
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review the deductions you're taking to see if there's anything you're missing. >> sammy in oklahoma is talking about something a lot of people are wondering about. i need approximately $2,000 in dental work done next year. should i use my flexible spending account to save for this expense or my traditional savings account? put it aside and get ready for next year? >> sammy, if you have access to a flexible spending account, you have a great opportunity to be able to save for these things tax-free. now, remember, with the flexible savings account, you've got to be able to be intentional with the money. because with the flexible spending account, excuse me, if you don't spend that money, you end up losing it. so be very aware, it comes in handy for things that major medical doesn't cover, like vision and dental, so if you have that, use that account. but be very intentional. >> for people who don't know what a flexible spending account is, pete was just whispering to us, what is that? >> well, if your job offers it,
3:41 am
it's a great opportunity to be able to put aside money for medical types of expenses that your major medical doesn't cover. for example, a lot of times people don't have vision coverage or dental coverage. so if you've got a major dental thing in need or a wisdom tooth or braces, that flexible spending account can truly come in handy. >> i'm going to have to look into that. another question here, brandy in north carolina, she writes, i'm going to owe about $800 in taxes for 2016. should i use my emergency fund to pay my tax bill or set up payments throughout the year? >> well, brandy, here's what i really want to help you with. because this is a question a lot of people are going to be asking. any time you set up payments with the irs, there's two things you're dmoupg to be paying. you're going to be paying penalties and interest. remember, your emergency funds are for unexpected emergencies. a tax bill is something we have to prepare for by setting aside the right amount of money. so i want to edge courage you to do that. take on a second job, start to budget.
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this $800 is something you can take care of. you have until april 15. so get very intentional and really tighten up your budget and let's get this bill taken care of. >> thank you for being with us this morning and breaking this all down. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> happy new year. coming up, not sure whether to call someone he or she? one school has it figured out. give out gender pronouns. really? and the health and human services secretary, thousands are signing a petition against him. nicole sapphire is here on that, next. here she is. come on in. plan
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3:45 am
. students at illinois university are demanding that the school become a sang ware campus. sanctuary campus. they are asking them to shield illegal immigrants and their families from president-elect trump's illegal program. and another college adding its name to the list of cushy places. the university of kansas is handing out buttons with pronouns on them. four that don't identify as male or female, they, them, theirs or their. and ivanka trump on the flight with her children. now 30,000 people have called for the firing of matt lasner over his partner's actions on
3:46 am
that flight. and the price is right for the president-elect. mr. trump is selecting tom price to run his health and human services department. >> ever since president obama and the democrat-led congress passed obamacare six years ago, the law's failures have been piling up. this is ridiculous. and the american people should not have to put up with it. >> but he has been controversial. nearly 6,000 doctors signing a petition denouncing tom price as the country's next top doctor. why the division? nicole sapphire is here to join us now to weigh in. good morning. is this a case where the american medical association is being his biggest donor as an association, but you have individual doctors saying, maybe who are more liberal, saying we don't want him. >> the american medical association has about 250,000 position members. and it is the nation's largest medical advocacy group. however, just because someone is a member of the ama doesn't mean they are in line with everything
3:47 am
that they say. all of -- the majority of doctors surveyed will say tom price being the next secretary of hhs will make patient and job satisfaction better for physicians, which will improve the doctor/patient relationship and help with position burnout. >> what do you think about democrats trying to line up opposition saying and charging that he's going to end medicare as we know it and try to make him a boogeyman before he starts? >> he won't have that power. he'll be able to make modifications to moedicare like waivers, but he's not able to take office and take his position and disband all of medicare as we know it. >> it's not a magic wand when you get into the cabinet. >> same with the affordable care act. he can't take his position and the affordable care act is gone. it's an act of law. congress needs to make the
3:48 am
changes on that. >> what are your thoughts on tom price individually? when you look at the affordable care act, they talk about repealing it and replacing it with something else donald trump says will be better. >> as a physician, having a doctor in position as secretary of hhs is a very exciting thing. i'm cautiously optimistic that he'll listen to the doctors of the nation, not necessarily just a political party. i do think that he has demonstrated leadership qualities when it comes to bringing a better way to health care,especially when it comes to keeping washington out of the exam room. there are some controversial issues at hand when it comes to some of his previous beliefs and policies that we'll have to deal with. >> last thing quickly, planned parenthood. that's a big political issue that will come up. donald trump and tom price talking about defunding it. >> very true. we are at an impasse in an either/or political system. defunding planned parenthood is
3:49 am
something they are trying for. mark twain said generalizations are false so i try to stay away from that. however, you can't argue that comprehensive women's care, health education, campus screening is all very important. however, what we'll need to do in an effort to satisfy public opinion as well as bridge this proverbial gap, we're going to need to modify how we fund the services offered here. >> people complain about their tax dollars going to abortions. >> we need to reset everyone's beliefs and everyone's rights. >> dr. staff fiapphire, thank y coming in and letting us know your views. and how the stories will impact the new year and the new president, next. and a couple gets caught on the infamous kiss cam. but the heart wants what it wants for this guy. it's not the girl, it's the beer.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ as you know, 2016 is coming to a close, but many political crises will carry forward into the new year. >> how will this year's biggest stories play out in 2017. here to weigh in is erin mcpiper. >> let's start with the past year. the police shootings, so many horrific events played out, lives that were lost. you listen to the black lives matter movement, they say they are still moving forward, going to protest throughout president-elect trump's time in office. >> they do, and we're hearing a lot of people -- even michael moore has said disrupt the inauguration but with all of these protests, the founders of the black lives matter movement called donald trump a supremacist in their statement after the election, you know, i think we're going to see a lot
3:54 am
more of these protests going through the year. the founders of this movement are proud of the fact that it is a decentralized movement. there are a lot of local chapters, what i would compare it to is back in 2009 when you saw the tea party boil over and you had a lot of local chapters having these protests and town halls that got rowdy in august. we could see a lot of activity in donald trump's first year in office. >> i don't know that i agree that the town halls in tea party were rowdy or violent. >> the second you talk about is the dnc leaks and russia's involvement. >> i would say that this is a big political crisis for the democrats because you have a wide swath of americans essentially believing that donald trump's election might not have been legitimate. but really you have the clinton campaign blaming a lot of their loss on russia and i think
3:55 am
that's a big problem because i've talk to democrats in the city who are mad about it. saying the clinton campaign has not been intro spective enough to see what they have done wrong. >> democrats still upset by the the role of james comey. >> they weren't in july. >> they were happy in july when he said we're not pressing charges. let's start with that news conference that sort of started this whole cycle, watch. >> so in july is when comey basically cleared hillary clinton, said it was just carelessness and republicans were furious. a lot of them believed the election was over and james comey came out at the end of october and said we have more emails. you have republicans mad at comey back in july. then you had democrats mad at comey in october. this is a problem for comey. he's just three years into a ten-year term and the fbi is supposed to be an independent agency, independent of politics. this is going to be a problem for him going forward and for
3:56 am
fbi and law enforcement in this country going forward. >> absolutely. something that i think every american cares about right now is thinking about going into this next year is the spread of isis, the spread of terror, something that president-elect trump is saying he wants to crack down on. >> abby, you know what i think is so interesting is people are upset that donald trump has appointed so many generals, of course, he should because nobody can get a handle on isis. we had terror attacks in belgium, in nice in july, explosions in new york in september, and you had the attack in germany earlier this month. these are spreading. they have not been prevented. >> this is coming here at home. orlando as well. it isn't academic in iraq and syria. right in our backyard. >> thank you very much. secretary of state john kerry getting slammed by both parties, democrats and republicans, for his response on israel, but don't expect any tough questions, of course, from
3:57 am
the mainstream media. >> how disappointed are you? all the work that you have done. >> it's not my job to comment on nominees of a new president. >> all the work that you have done that didn't work. a closer look at the coverage ahead. and so much for a smooth transition. president-elect donald trump and president obama in a war of words. yesterday, a late night phone call between the two. is there a truce or is this bromance over? ♪ ♪ my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
3:58 am
3:59 am
good morning. it is thursday, december 29th. i'm abby huntsman and we begin with a war of words. it does not do it justice. secretary of state john kerry delivering a blistering attack
4:00 am
to israel and israel is firing back. >> if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic. it cannot be both. >> secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians. >> and that is just the beginning. and the president-elect promised to keep jobs right here in america and this morning he's delivering again. the latest company pledging to keep thousands of workers right here in the good old usa. a couple gets caught on the infamous kiss cam but the heart wants what it wants and for this guy, it's not the girl. >> look at that pose. it's the beer. >> mornings way better with a little bit of beer. >> life is about choices. such a guy move. such a guy move. >> oh, no.
4:01 am
the pose with the beer. i can't wait to talk about that later. >> we'll talk more about it. >> i could see you doing that, pete. >> yeah. or you go for the mega make-out and embarrass everybody. >> there was a big day yesterday in politics. two big speeches. no kissing. there was a war of words between secretary of state -- >> they are doubling down rather. john kerry gave this blistering inteech and -- speech and doubled down. >> they put a marker in the ground. donald trump will have a decision to make. it was reality tv yesterday. >> they could not have been further apart. >> netanyahu responding in realtime to john kerry. here's the highlights of what both said yesterday. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths, and friendships require mutual respect. they fail to recognize that this
4:02 am
friend, the united states of america, that has done more to support israel than any other country -- >> in a speech os stensably about peace, he paid lip service. >> here is a fundamental reality. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic. it cannot be both. >> what he did was to spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace. >> the israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state solution, but his current coalition is the most right wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the important of
4:03 am
peace by foreign leaders. >> and his point about the focus, pete, you were talking about this earlier, it's all about beating up israel. when you go throughensions of what john kerry talked about, it was glaring. >> iran was mentioned one. hezbollah once. hams, 4. terrorism, seven. occupations 14 mentions and the settlements 42. >> this was a lecture by john kerry. it was incredibly unbalanced and a line i love from netanyahu is how do you make peace with someone in the palestinians who reject your very existence as a state. that's what he was talking about. if you are going to force a untenable situation on us, you're going to put us in a precarious situation where we can't defend our borders. you are comparing it to suicide bombers which is not a comparison. >> you don't have netanyahu.
4:04 am
you don't have republicans critic. you have democrats saying stop. don't go forward with an attack on israel. he does it anyway. chuck schumer says while he may not have intended it, i fear secretary kerry in his speech and action at the u.n. has emboldened extremists on both sides. you are in the white house today, you don't want that coming in from your quote unquote friend. >> that's a strong statement. we spoke to someone earlier this morning who this actually affects, someone who lives over there in jerusalem and he broke it down to us just how real it is and how concerned they are about this resolution. here's what daniel lauerious said to us this morning. >> to even think of dividing up that area to create a terror state is totally absurd. there are these little shacks on hill tops. we're talking about 800,000 jews
4:05 am
living there in neighborhoods. the jews were actually displaced from. if anyone is an illegal occupiers it's the arabs. we're the ones who are dismissed and the world is saying we're the occupiers. >> he's talking about judea and samaria. they are not what the world thinks these are. these are people living in their traditional homeland, biblical homeland who want to live peacefully but they are under perpetual assault because they are jews. that's something we have wanted to get rid of it. israel has one main friend on the world stage and that's been the u.s. when that gets called into question, you could understand why they would be upset. >> he said basically they are waiting over the next three
4:06 am
weeks and preparing for the possibility that on the way out the door president obama and his aides might go forward with another u.n. resolution blasting them or some other action, some speech, that they are waiting. think there could be more action by the obama administration. that is incredible. >> they have got three weeks to go here in his presidency. anything is possible. he wants to leave his lasting mark and it was so nice in the first few weeks after president-elect trump won the election, maybe they are going to play nice and help each other out. now it's starting to get a little bit ugly. you can see them tweeting things and underneath the surface just these tones of anger between the two. >> president obama gave an interview to axelrod's podcast and talks about how he would have won the election if he were the candidate. donald trump is not going to take that. he sweetd yesterday about what president obama has been doing, saying i'm doing my best to disregard the many inflam tory president obama statements and roadblocks. thought it was going to be a
4:07 am
smooth transition. not. good usage of not. it's true. he's got to be frustrated by the fact that he was told one thing, i want to work with you, i want to be helpful. now he's looking at flash points around the world, especially a place like israel which he's going to be a stawj ally too. >> they have got evidence apparently from israel as netanyahu said that gives proof that president obama knew about this or even orchestrated this. we'll see how they use that, so they apparently had a call yesterday. [ voices overlapping ] >> donald trump came out and told reporters about it. >> mr. president-elect, did you speak with president obama today? >> i did. i did. he phoned me. we had a very nice conversation. >> did you bring up any of your concerns about these roadblocks? >> we had a general conversation. i think the secretary's speech really spoke for itself. but we had a very general conversation.
4:08 am
very, very nice. appreciated that he called. >> we don't know what was said but it seems like there was some sort of conversation that said we're going to disagree on a lot of things. let's play nice out in public. let's not say bad things about each other. obviously we feel a certain way behind closed doors. >> we were talking about the democrats criticizing the president on what happened with israel. later on, we'll have a democrat speaking out about this. >> it's bipartisan criticism. but it's words, deeds that matter more than words. you can have a private conversation with president obama and president obama can say to you, oh, i want to work with you the transition is going to be smooth but in every step you are seeing other places where he's trying to under mine your agenda. at what point do those words ring very hollow? >> a bunch of land mines. >> let's get to headlines with heather nauert. >> good morning, everyone. some sad news out of hollywood
4:09 am
this morning and it is a fox news alert. death by heart break. hollywood legend debbie reynolds passing away a day after her daughter carrie fisher. reynolds he told her son i miss her so much, i want to be with carrie. that with hours before she was rushed to the hospital for a suspected stroke. reynolds was an acclaimed actress, dancer and singer who career spanned nearly seven decades. ♪ good morning, good morning, it's great to stay up late. >> quotes singin' in the rain making her a legend. so far, no word on funeral plans. a parting shot for vladimir putin. president obama set to announce sanctions against russia as soon as today over its alleged interference in the 2016 election. critics slamming the president for so-called weakness when it
4:10 am
comes to moscow. >> vladimir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer. he understands strength. that's all he understands. >> russia is still denying those accusations and promising sanctions of its own. we'll go live on the details. a brand-new christmas murder mystery, jonbenet's brother burke suing cbs after a documentary blamed him for his sister's murder. >> we go to the super market sometimes and there would be a tabloid with my pictures, they would follow us around.
4:11 am
seeing that as a little kid, a chaotic nightmare. >> the family was cleared of her death in 2008. jonbenet's murder remains unsolved. and i love brew. a hockey fan giving his girlfriend a cold shoulder on the kiss cam. watch this right here. he decided to kiss his beer and down the entire cup instead of kissing his girlfriend. there he goes with a hand behind the head. he celebrated that feast. she seemed to laugh the whole thing off. no word if he ended up in the penalty box after the game. >> i was thinking you set that up. he said to her beforehand, we're going to joke. >> did he tell her beforehand or did he tell himself beforehand? i'm going to be a cool guy. >> you couldn't see two sets of legs. oh, totally different. >> he totally practiced that
4:12 am
move. she did seem surprised. she was mortgage fieed. critics including president-elect trump saying the iran nuclear deal makes the world less safe. >> you have the nuclear deal with iran that helps protect israel which would likely have been the first target of an iranian nuclear attack and they now can't do anything for at least ten years. >> it helps to protect israel. tell that to the prime minister. a closer look at how the mainstream media is covering this next. and her main cain -- herman cain joins us next. actor nicolas cage taking a shot at ronald reagan. wait till you hear about this one. oh, that's lovely...
4:13 am
so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ some quick headlines this morning. a school bus driver sleep at the wheel nearly crashing as dozens of children on board fear for their lives. terrified students in connecticut taking these photos of the driver dozing off. the kids making frantic phone calls and sending parents text messages. he admitted to police he took methadone and nyquil. he's now banned from driving for the district and facing multiple charges. actor nicolas cage is worried about accepting a new role because it might infuriate liberal hollywood. ♪ >> okay, let's ride.
4:16 am
>> the oscar winner reportedly in the running to play former president ronald reagan in a new movie. it's expected to show him in a positive light something "the new york post" cage fears could hurt his career. those are your headlines. it's pretty remarkable when you think about this. this happened with will ferrell i believe a year or two ago where he was supposed to -- i think he pulled out of the role. he was like oh, gosh, this is going to be -- ronald reagan is not going to be doofu su. >> it's about acting as a conservative. >> isn't that what it means to be a good actor? play a role. it's not you. you are not telling people how you feel politically or whether or not you like that person. it's can you actually get into their character. those are people who actually win the awards.
4:17 am
>> you could play some despot or deck tate -- dictator. you are an actor. >> ronald reagan was an actor from hollywood and became the most popular conservative president ever. >> it's interesting. as secretary of state john kerry rips israel for an over hour, how is mainstream media covering it. >> we've teased some of these out. what do you think has really stood out in some of the mainstream media coverage? >> i think what really stood out in the mainstream media coverage, is that two things are not getting talked about and getting covered. the first being that the term settlements is not being defined. the media is just throwing this term around and using it the way that john kerry used it from the podium without making any sort of distinction between hilltop outposts and important cities like jerusalem. okay. and also the second issue that
4:18 am
the media isn't talking about or isn't pushing john kerry on at all is the fact that just over a decade ago, israel completely withdrew from the gaza strip and now bombs are raining down on the southern border of israel. what i would like to know, what i think should be answered is how exactly john kerry plans to, you know, dissolve these settlements without creating a second terror state. these are issues the media is not talking about, they are not defining, they are not pushing back on from our leaders. >> we played a clip earlier of jonathan alter on msnbc talking about how this iran deal is actually a good thing. watch. [ no audio ] >> what netanyahu can say right now, he's at risk at that funding being cut back once
4:19 am
trump is in office. >> that's obviously is not him. the point is there was a bite on msnbc where he was saying the iran nuclear deal is good for israel. it protects israel. to say the least, that's not true. at the very least, you should be giving the other side was that the israeli prime minister himself has said over and over before the entire world this does not protect my nation. >> yeah, you are completely right. i think a glaring issue with the iran deal is that just a couple months ago obama ben rhodes praged to the media and said we tricked all the media they are so dumb. they bought the narrative that the iran deal is good for america and good for the world hook, line, and sinker because they don't know what they are talking about. just the fact that the media is now doubling down on their stupidity when it comes to the iran deal really just shows that they don't understand the nuances of this issue, and that they are just willing to carry
4:20 am
water for the obama administration and villainize israel as the bad guys that's what they learned in their anti semit semit semit semitic journalism schools. >> coming up, fox news alert, an army helicopter crashes, killing two service members. their chopper crashing right into the water just south of houston, texas. we're live on the scene next. and marijuana, guns, and catfish? those are some of the subjects of new laws taking effect in the new year. we're breaking them down. what they mean for you and your family, the marijuana, the catfish, the guns, all of it, next. ♪ ♪ wouldn't a deal on car insurance
4:21 am
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4:23 am
a fox news alert and a sad one. an explosive crash tragically killing two servicemen after their apache helicopter plunges into the water. the chopper broke apart in the air before taking a nose dive into the galveston bay.
4:24 am
nate griffin is live in with the latest in the investigation. good morning, nate. >> reporter: good morning, pete, and we're actually very, very close to the crash site where that helicopter went down yesterday, killing those two servicemen. it actually happened around 3:50 yesterday afternoon and certainly it was an ah-64 apache helicopter that crashed into the water just off the bay port cruise terminal here in pasadena. remnants from that crash, one of those being the propeller, you might be able to see it there. divers were in the water assisting with the search and recovery efforts yesterday and that will continue again this morning once sunlight does hit. in addition to those divers, other authorities are all here to respond.
4:25 am
there were eyewitnesses nearby who saw exactly how it all unfolded. >> i heard a loud bang. seen pieces flying in the air. seen the rest of the craft turn like it was turning upside down and started nose diving, going down toward the ground. >> reporter: pete, obviously, it's still rather dark here but once sunlight does hit, recovery efforts will begin. we're live in houston, nate griffin, fox news. thank you for that. obviously the souls of those soldiers and those families are in our prayers this morning. thank you. abby. back to you. >> such a sad story. transitioning here to marijuana, guns and even catfish, those are the subjects of some new laws taking into effect in the year. what does it mean to you? we have an attorney here to break it all down. we'll get to the cash fit in a moment.
4:26 am
we'll start with an important one. obamacare, some states are hoping to hold on tight to this one. >> we see the trump white house coming into play and this is a last-ditch attempt for obamacare to survive. when it first launched, they didn't want states to have control. a lot of states were vying for this at the time. now that we see obama's legacy on the block, he's looking to say to the states to save that. i think a little too late to have that happen. we shall see. >> a new administration coming saying we're trying to repeal it. gun control, one state with real changes this year is california. >> california. no surprise really after we see the san bernardino terrorist attack, we see this legislation come forward. but gun control in california, they did narrow the second amendment there. now they are going to register ammunition and they are going to do background checks on people that buy ammunition. they also have a new law that
4:27 am
says you can't lend your gun to a friend or family member which is generally the way it is in the rest of america and we are just seeing this stringent attempt to try and narrow the gun laws. i think in reaction to really who the gun laws are not protecting or the class of people, they are not out there to protect. >> marijuana laws going on both across the country, more and more states are looking into this. >> yeah. we have eight states where we have recreational marijuana use and 28 for medical marijuana. it's illegal on the federal law but what you are seeing in the last year which is kind of interesting is you are seeing the federal laws come more into play. even on the state level in california, there was a case, a quadripleg quadriplegic was fired because he was using it. he said i can use it. there's a backlash there.
4:28 am
medical marijuana use is legal in their state. it looks like the federal law will have to be tackled by the trump-pence administration and that means even more power to the states. >> that's interesting. also, minimum wage hikes. we've seen that debated heavily over the last year. that's going to spill into 2017. >> it already has. we've seen 23 states raise the minimum wage. 19 local its. it's definitely a wave that is coming. the real question is it a wave that the economy wants to see because all economic data is pointing to the fact that when we raise minimum wage we lower the opportunity for young people, with every 10 percentage points that we raise a wage, we lower unemployment for young people by 1%. people who start working younger end up 20% more in their employment wages every year than the people that don't start.
4:29 am
so it will play out. >> that debate will continue on. this one i'll be waiting for. catching catfish with a pitch fork. that is not only a thing, it will be legal. >> it's really interesting. >> hill billy hand fishing will take a hit. this one will. we have so many people especially in illinois and so many back country fishermen and it makes it a little bit easier to travel. i don't know if i want to see a bunch of pitch forks on the boat. the dep is still going to see how this hits the bottom of the pond. >> it sounds so graphic. >> and it is. >> we'll leave it with the catfish. good to have you here this morning. coming up next, president-elect donald trump already making good on his promise to, quote, make america great again. saving 8,000 jobs from moving overseas. herman cain is here. he knows all about creating jobs. he's joining us next.
4:30 am
come in, sir. crime doesn't play -- pay, but does hurt really bad. this guy picked the wrong house to mess with. ♪ ♪ this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood,
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4:32 am
vladimir putin suspect a thug and a bully and a murderer. he understands strength. >> critics of the obama administration demanding an iron fist as the president prepares his parting shot for vladimir putin. >> sanctions for alleged election tampering could come as later today but moscow is ready to fight back. >> we have breaking details on this. >> u.s. officials tell us the
4:33 am
white house's response could go beyond sanctions as well and include possible covert cyber operations. the sanctions part could be announced as soon as today and some are calling it a parting shot at russian president vladimir putin just weeks before president obama leaves office. russia continues to deny having any involvement in the u.s. elections. russia's foreign minister says if sanctions happen, they will be prepared to retaliate as well. it could complicate things for donald trump who would be forced to remove the sanctions. mr. trump said we should move on with this. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think computers have complicated lives very greatly. the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows
4:34 am
exactly what's going on. >> in gop lawmakers are also speaking out against any retaliatory action by the obama white house and said those decisions should be left to the next congress and administration. thank you. >> back to y' all. >> herman cain loves that. >> makes me right at home. >> will these sanctions by the u.s. firing back at vladimir putin, how much impact will they have? >> zero. we have a new sheriff in town. his name is donald j. trump. obama is trying to go out with some hyperbowle. mr. tough guy after eight years of vladimir putin kicking him around and basically embarrassing this nation, he's trying to go out with some hyperbole. >> there's been a lot of hyperbole. >> what do you think is happening behind the scenes? is president obama being helpful
4:35 am
or is he going to be an obstructionist all the way to the end? >> president obama is being hurtful. he's not being helpful. secondly, he's already trying to position himself as a spoiler during the trump administration. that's sad because george w. bush set the example. he said i'm going to shut up. get out of sight and let the new president be president. this president isn't doing it during the transition and he's probably not going to do it after president-elect trump take office. >> you were here yesterday covering the speech yesterday with secretary john kerry. do you think the american people, three weeks left to go, do you think they have tuned out? we talk about the lame duck president. do you think that's the case this time where people are hearing it but ner not -- they are not digesting it? >> they haven't tuned out but they are afraid of what obama could pull in the last few weeks. that speech yesterday by kerry was a perfect example of deceiving and misleading the
4:36 am
american people to believe several flawed assumptions. number one, a one, two-state solution is not the only option. number two, he never talked about the fact that israel has come forward multiple times with a proposal for peace and the palestinians walked away from it every time. they don't want peace. the palestinians. that's the third flaw. they don't want peace. they have said they want israel destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth. big difference. >> to be fair, on another topic at the beginning of the obama administration there were a bunch of republicans like mitch mcconnell who said we're going to try to block him at every turn. that's frustrated president obama. maxine walters talking about she's going to fight this president every step of the way. watch. >> he's called names. he's lied. he's done everything to show that he really doesn't have good values and he can't be trusted. why should we work with someone
4:37 am
that we can't trust? he will tell you one thing today and another thing tomorrow. as a matter of fact, those people who voted for him out to be really concerned about the fact that he's already back pedalled on some of the promises that he made, and no, i have no intention of pretending everything is all right, that we're going to work together. >> she went on to say i won't even meet with him. herman cain, what happened to they go low, we'll go high? >> they are not going to go high and the only people that believe maxine waters are the people that vote for her. everything she said about donald trump is simply not true. she snows and the democrats know they can get away with deceit, divisive comments. not wanting to meet with him is a divisive comment. they know they can get away with dishonesty.
4:38 am
harry reid admitted that he lied about mitt romney's taxes and he's proud of it. nobody believes maxine walters except the people unfortunately who continue to reelect her. >> they are going to fight back. if they do that and donald trump delivers what he said he will deliver is bringing jobs back to this country. yesterday, he announced 8,000 jobs coming to the u.s. and then on top of what he did with carrier. he's not president yet. we'll play some sound from palm beach. >> i was called by the head people at sprint, they are going to bring 5,000 jobs back to the united states. they are taking them from other countries. they are bringing them back to the united states and also one weft, a new company is going to be hiring 3,000 people. that's very exciting. >> your take. >> did you see me raising the roof when i walked in? >> i saw it. >> it's called the tome from the
4:39 am
top and it's driving liberals crazy. people are calling donald trump saying, okay, are you making special deals? i don't know, he's probably saying, no. i'm going to get my tax cuts through. that's what's causing businesses to keep jobs here and bring jobs here. i think the tone from the top, you've seen it, you mentioned about consumer confidence. the stock market that's revealed it. business heads are calling him. it's because of the positive tone from the top, not the negative tone from the top. >> i want to find out where you are going to be on new year's eve. with those moves, i want to be that's an internet meme waiting to happen. >> i'll send you a text. >> herman cain, happy new year. >> what do you think of those dance moves? >> we're going to have to do a competition with john bolton. good morning to all of you. new outrage this morning following president obama's latest land grab by the federal
4:40 am
government. the president designating a 1.3 million acre area in utah known as bear's ears as well as 300,000 acre space outside las vegas as new national moumts. -- monday u --monuments. three teenagers lucky to be alive. the boys were forced to climb on top of their rental boat after it started taking on water. life jackets trapped underneath. they managed to keep one of their cell phones above water, get a signal and call 911. crews found them just before sunset. a would-be burglar learning the hard way that a life of crime doesn't pay off. matthew burgstno kicked down a
4:41 am
door and instead finding loot, the owner wi. those are some shiners. this dad has some jokes. a father from maine uploading a hilarious video about his college daughter who is on winter break. from carrying a broken 150-pound suitcase through the airport late at night and make -- baking until 3:00 a.m. and keeping dad awake. >> she hasn't brought her luggage upstairs. she's living out of it. it's in the living room and she has piles of clothes all her room. we don't gym anymore. we jump over the piles and pretend they are hurdles. >> a lot of parents can relate
4:42 am
to that. i remember those days. still have your suitcases to take home. now to some extreme weather. new englanders bracing for impact this morning. >> northeast preparing for a weather with heavy snow and gusting winds to cloe out the year. >> let's get to the bomb herself, janice dean. >> it hasn't even bombed out. yes, you can wave crowd. absolutely. good to see you. happy new year. let's take a look at the maps real quick because we do have -- the temperatures are dropping and our low pressure is headed off the coast where it will woman bomb out overnight tonight and late tomorrow. that means 24 millibars in 24 hours. we're going to be monitoring it. where are you from, sir? >> long island. >> what's your name? >> killian. >> what's your name? >> elizabeth. >> where are you from? >> mississippi. >> you want to say happy new year? >> happy new year. >> all right. back inside. thank for coming everybody.
4:43 am
wave! we all know, charlie sheen, he's got a lot to say. >> from my grand wizard master, winning. i win here, i win there. now what. >> now the actor is wishing death, seriously wishing death upon president-elect donald trump. not so funny. has he finally gone too far. >> yes, i can confirm that. what's really going on behind the scenes in the rift between the obama administration and israel. gillian turner works under presidents bush and obama and she joins us next.
4:44 am
4:45 am
mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
4:46 am
>> on several floors at the rio hotel and casino in las vegas, thankfully no one hurt. first, c span revealing mr. trump's very first presidential oil portrait. the picture joins a election of 44 other presidential paintings in a touring exhibition. and finally, number one, for the first time ever, fox news channel, that's right, the most watched basic cable network in prime time and, yes, total day and it's all thanks to one person! pete -- no, not to pete. it's to all of our viewers. we simply say thank you. >> ed, i was going to say it was you. >> thank you, sir. secretary john kerry launching a blistering attack against israel to outline the next steps for peace with the palestinians. >> regrettably some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means the u.s. must accept any policy regardless of our own interests, our own positions,
4:47 am
our own words, our own principles, even after urging again and again that the policy must change and we may not able to stop them, but we can not be expected to defend them. >> he went on for about 90 minutes, repeating that multiple times, but with 21 days until donald trump takes office, how do these parameters impact the new incoming trump administration. gillian turner works under both bush and obama. she joins us to break it down. you look at this and say it's probably not black and white. it's more gray. how does what john kerry say affect our relationship with israel going forward? >> i think you'll be hard pressed to find someone this week to find it was the only option here. the nuclear option was the only option here. what worries me coming from the critics this week is that it seems a lot of hard liners on the right are turning their backs on the two-state solution and i don't know that's necessarily in america's long
4:48 am
term interests or the israelis long term interest. >> i met with folks on both of this issue. some acknowledged that facts on the ground have made the two-state solution untenable and even the republican party and its platform removed the two-state solution. is john kerry grasping at an old solution? >> there was never a perfect and easy solution. the problem to me is that i haven't seen any real viable alternatives here other than a negotiated settlement that leads to a two-state solution in terms of bringing peace to the region. i have yet to see one that really fits the bill in the way that this does. again, it's a reach and it's obviously been a generational struggle. a hard work, and compromise on both sides. >> you have to learn the lessons
4:49 am
of history. israel has said we gave away gaza strip and other places to only have them turn into terror states. how do they negotiate in the partner in the palestinians who show no track record to live in peace? >> one thing that needs to happen is the palestinians have to uncategorically israel's right to exist as a sovereign nation. the palestinians have got to for their part stop with the violence, stop with the acts of terrorism or sponsoring of terrorism. israelis are going to have to macon sessions too. what that means is to sleet halt -- to at least halt or seize forever settlement expansion east of the 1967 line. >> we spoke to a settler earlier today who has a different view on that. >> i know. >> what's the first thing president-elect trump can do or should do to advance the ball down the field? >> one thing is he's going to do
4:50 am
he's going to kind of increase cooperation with the prime minister of israel. what i worry is while that will be great for the p.r. aspect of the bilateral relationship between the u.s. and israel. long term, us end bending over backward to accommodate everything that the israeli government wants is not necessarily in our national security interests. >> that's a fine line, but starting to show your friendship means something is needed at this point. >> absolutely. >> he was borderlined and partially -- blinded and partially paralyzed serving our country. his wife became his caregiver. she's had enough with the problems at the va. she's not staying silent anymore. she's back next. first, on this day in 1986, the bangles were topping the
4:51 am
chart with this classic, "walk like an egyptian." ♪ ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ welcome back. we've heard the horror stories of veteran getting poor treatment at the va hospitals across the country but now the wife of one of those vets is hoping that mr. trump make the va great again writing an op ed. >> it appeared in the wall street journal yesterday. our men and women who have sacrificed on the battlefield deserve better when they come home. so unlike what they are receiving. tiffany smily joins us. >> good morning. >> we first want to thank you for your service and your husband's service. he was wounded in iraq and you said that started an interaction with the va that was extremely cumbersome and difficult.
4:55 am
tell a little bit of your own story. >> yes. in april, in 2005, when scotty was injured by suicide car bomb, i quit my nursing job to be by his side and ensure that he could fully recover, and live a productive life. so i begin the journey of being his advocate, and you know, it's really disappointing when i knew technology and computers would be his link to his world. he was 24 years old and to be greeted with less than that, cassette tapes and very little computer training, i realized i had a tough job ahead of me. >> you said cassette tapes. i think if i ran around fox news channel and try to find a cassette player, i couldn't do it. he was given cassette tapes. >> honestly, i laughed every time i went into his room and saw him flipping over his cassette tapes to play his tapes. you know, i wrote this article not to be scajing for any particular va center or rehab
4:56 am
place. this is an overarching call to action for the nation, for the new administration coming in. obviously, we are not giving the customer what the customer needs like i wrote in the op ed. we have a lot of work to do and it's more than just a silo 'd veterans administration area. it's something that our congress has to work on and make direct change for. i expect to see some things happening in this new administration. enough talking about it. we all know that it's horrible and we're a living example of it. we fought hard. we've worked hard. wee per ser veered. we've had many dark days and days where it was hard to see that your sacrifice is really worth it, but together we worked as a team. we started our own business, we were able to purchase a lot of our own technology, but this is -- not many veterans have that -- [ voices overlapping snx ] >> you had to quit your job to
4:57 am
take care of him as a nurse. >> i did. >> not everyone has got a spouse and a family to step in and take care of them. >> that's right. >> you say you are optimistic about this income being administration. what advice do you have for mr. trump? >> yeah. i think if mr. trump wants to make america great again, i think honestly it needs to start with the va, and it needs to start with our veterans. if we're a country that can't take care of our veterans, then something is wrong with us. we have to get it figured out. you know, in business, it can be simple things. simple changes. it's not that hard. you look at the bigger picture, you implement simple changes and you deliver. processes don't have to be so complicated. when we're filing for va adaptations to our home, both of them were denied, and then the advice that was given to us was to hire a lawyer to help us navigate the va benefits system. that is absolutely unacceptable. that is so i shouldn't have to go hire a lawyer a 100% disabled veteran to navigate the system.
4:58 am
>> we have to wrap right there. but thank you for speaking out. know our country is with you and we're going to keep fighting and highlighting this issue. >> thank you for your service. >> we'll make the va great again. >> thank you. >> we'll be back right after this.
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning to you. it is thursday, december 29th. i'm abby huntsman, in for ainsley earhardt and a war of words does not do it justice. secretary of state john kerry delivering a blistering attack on israel and israel is firing right back. >> if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic. it cannot be both. >> secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians. >> and that is just the beginning, folks. plus, we all know charlie sheen always has a lot to say. >> come from my grand wizard
5:01 am
master. winning! i'm by winning. i win here and i win there. now what. >> he was winning. he's not winning anymore, though. the actor is wishing -- and this isn't funny, death upon president-elect donald trump. has he finally gone too far? i think he has. >> what happens when a pint-sized basketball player goes one-on-one with an overconfident stranger in the middle of the street right here in new york city? this happens. >> mornings are better with friends. >> it's time to get dressed. >> that's a kilmeade line. ♪ ♪ >> we're all happy this morning. did you see how happy herman cain was this morning? >> he was raising the roof. >> he brings happiness in. >> do you know how america is going to be tomorrow when we try
5:02 am
to resimulate that? >> we're trying to book him at the moment. he is so talented. he was right here in new york city. that's what i love about new york. you never know what you are going to run into. >> you might get somebody to guard you just like that. all of this playing out after the u.n. resolution last friday where the u.s. decided to abstain. did not protect israel and so secretary of state john kerry decided, let's just double down here. >> he doubled down rather than trying to clarify. he reclarified for 90 minutes, repeated himself 50 times on these topics, and really took shots at israel. i mean the failing "new york times" headline this morning is kerry says -- the failing "new york times" as our president-elect says. israel keeping sab staging the peace process. right after that, netanyahu says not so fast. we disagree. >> it was a war of words.
5:03 am
our great producers did a back-to-back montage. take a look at this from yesterday. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. and friendships require mutual respect. they fail to recognize that this friend, the united states of america, that has done more to support israel than any other country. >> in a speech about peace between israelis and palestinians, secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century. >> here is a fundamental reality. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic. it cannot be both. >> what he did was to spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace. >> the israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state
5:04 am
solution, but his current coalition is the most right wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. >> and you had a democrat, chuck schumer, saying that what john kerry did is embolden extremists on both sides. we're going to have elliott eveningle coming up on the show in a few minutes. a long speech yesterday, over an hour for secretary of state john kerry and we did a list of the mentions that he made during that over hour long speech. iran, there was one mention. hezbollah, one. hamas, 4. terrorism, seven times, occupation, 14 times, and settlements, 42 times. >> this has been a longstanding crisis using words like occupation to describe israel
5:05 am
from the u.s. secretary of state is really offensive to israelis and netanyahu, something he said that cuts to the heart of it is how do you make peace with someone who rejects your very resistance and the pill stinians want to say they want to wipe israel off the map. >> i decided to poke around on this. the gettysburg address lasted three minutes. fdr's first inaugural was 20 minutes. ronald reagan, tear down this wall, 26 minutes. john kerry, 1 hour, 13 minutes. >> he said a lot of same things over and over again. >> i felt like i was watching the same speech over every 15 minutes. if i say it six times to you, then it must be true. no, you can't equate settlements to suicide bombers and now, if israel defending its right to exist and realizing the u.n.
5:06 am
shouldn't be a bludgeon of anti semitism. that's why they feel their backs are against the wall and are welcoming president-elect trump. >> he's concerned things could only get worse with president obama. we saw the tweets going back and forth between netanyahu and donald trump yesterday focused on the future and the next chapter. what did i say, backlash to all the happening because they might double down on this and say we're going to strengthen this relationship together. [ voices overlapping ] >> how do you get the peace process going again? >> you recognize that the infrastructure has failed. old attempts haven't worked and settlements are there.
5:07 am
>> we talked to someone who is living over there in israel. it's easy to talk about it from afar. to hear from people affected by this every day, that's when it becomes real. we want to get to heather for headlines. >> secretary kerry referred to hamas militants as opposed to top terrorists. we start in hollywood, death by a broken heart. hollywood legend debbie reynolds passing away a day after her daughter carrie fisher. she was rushed to the hospital for a possible stroke. according to her son, she had said, quote, i want to be with carrie and she was gone. reynolds was an acclaimed actress, dancer and singer whose career spanned nearly seven decades. ♪
5:08 am
♪ debbie reynolds was 84 years old. so far no word on funeral plans on her daughter carrie fisher. a parting shot for russian president vladimir putin. president obama set to announce sanctions against russia as soon as today over its alleged interference in the 2016 election. russia denying all accusations and promising sanctions of its own. just moments ago, syrian military officials confirm that rebel forces have agreed to a cease-fire in syria halting the bloody civil war. it's a plan backed by russia and turkey. that truce begins at midnight but we've seen that happen and fail before. president-elect donald trump delivering on his promise once again to bring more jobs to america. mr. trump announcing an agreement with sprint to haul about 5,000 jobs back to the united states and another company that will bring in 3,000 jobs. that's from another company. this after that deal with carrier to keep jobs in indiana. and for the first time in 40
5:09 am
years, the catholic by bshd -- bishop will be participating in the swearing in of president-elect donald trump. >> i invited him. you know want, on the sunday before your inauguration, why don't you come down the block and let's pray with you. >> the cardinal will read from scripture and give the invocation at the ceremony in washington, d.c. couldn't have made a better job. i love cardinal dolan. >> that will be great. so this also happened. charlie sheen, we've been playing this throughout the show. he's had some rough moments in his career. we never quite know what's going to come out of his mouth. yesterday, he went to twitter. >> he started with the worst greatest hits. >> do we have it? >> winner, winner, chicken
5:10 am
dinner, i don't think so. winner, winner, sheen dinner. warlock, the power of my mind. you borrow my brain for five seconds and dude, can't handle it. i have a different constitution, i got tiger blood. i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. it's not available because if you try it once, you will die. it comes from my grand wizard master. winning! i'm bi-winning. i win here, i win there. now what. >> tired of winning now. >> maybe charlie sheen is mad about that. he feels like the president-elect stole his line. he took it to an extreme yesterday. >> this was during a moment right after debbie reynolds and carrie fisher passed away and the country mourning their loss. >> it's been a tough year for celebrities that we've lost. he went to twitter. he said dear god, trump next, please!
5:11 am
he repeats it four or five times after that. >> he's basically saying i want trump to die. it's so typical of the left, you could never say that of barack obama and hillary clinton. >> and you shouldn't. >> you shouldn't of anybody ever. >> it's ridiculous. >> this says more about him than anything else. no sane person would say something like that. >> he told us we couldn't be in his brain. >> dude can't handle it. you can't handle it. >> that's bad, though. back to the big news of the day. secretary kerry's blistering attack against israel upsetting people in his own party. what happens when a pint-sized point guard goes against a guy in the street. that happens. broken ankles.
5:12 am
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at each other the hard truths, and friendships require mutual respect. they fail to recognize that this friend, the united states of america, that has done more to support israel than any other country, and we may not able to stop them, but we cannot be expected to defend them. >> secretary john kerry's blistering attack against israel outraging even some members of his own party, including our next guest. democrat engel.
5:15 am
we've heard republicans say that this is going to be tougher to be on your friends than enemies. >> we didn't do what we should have been doing in syria in these past years. i've just gotten back from israel. it really pains me and i'm someone who believes in the two-state solution. i think the two-state solution is the only way to get peace, but what secretary kerry did was just beat up on israel in a disproportionate way, gloss over the terrorism that the palestinians have used throughout these years. neglects the fact that israel picked up and left gaza. did they get peace there? no. they got terrorism. it's ridiculous to put the blame on the only democracy in the middle east. >> you are a senior democrat. help us understand. what could motivate president obama and secretary kerry to beat up on israel? >> well, i don't know what
5:16 am
motivations are. i think the timing is the fact office in a few weeks. i just feel very badly about it. i'm very sorry that it happened and it doesn't mean that, you know, friends can't disagree with friends, and that's true. but i think the united nations, in which israel can never get a fair shake, we join the crowd, beating up on israel, and it's really disingenuous to say, well, we abstained, we knew full well what that meant. it meant the resolution would pass and israel relies on us to block all these resolutions against them because they can't get a fair shake. >> look at the list we have of democrats who oppose this u.n. resolution. chuck schumer, joe manchin, dick blumenthal, debbie wasserman shultz, and ron wyden, chris
5:17 am
coops. can you work with president-elect trump who is saying he will be a staunch ally of israel? >> i will work with anyone who will strengthen the u.s.-israel relationship. i think support for israel is bipartisan and if president trump is working with us on israel, i'm perfectly happy to work with the president of the united states. >> you mentioned the two-state solution. there are a lot of suggestions out there that in part because of all of this and how it's all played out, that the hard liners on both sides are going to dig in and that the two-state solution, the words of ambassador john bolton has been on life support for a long time and may not be finished. what's the plan b? if nos the two-state solution, is there any hope for any other path forward? >> plan b, this is the part of the speech that i agreed with kerry on. part b is a one-state solution and frankly i don't think that benefits israel in the long run because of the demographics of the situation. you know, the situation is this,
5:18 am
we're here in new york, 000 miles away from israel. it's easy for us to sit and point fingers and say the israelis should do this and do that. by the way, i didn't hear very much from john kerrly about what the palestinians need to do but it's easy for us to do it. they are living in a very dangerous area with their derriere on the line. i don't know how to put it. >> big challenge for president-elect trump. we appreciate you coming in with your serious views about all this. the housing market is still struggling but some say there's a light at the end of the economic tunnel. some disagree. who is right? property man, bob massi, is here with whether real estate is going to be great again. plus, no clinton support, no service. the restaurant owner who actually banned trump voters is speaking out for the first time. does he regret it and who do you
5:19 am
think you voted for? i got a hint. this one will really frustrate you. we'll play the tape next. ♪
5:20 am
what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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5:22 am
quick headlines, new year's edition, people in massachusetts may not be able to smoke a joint with their glass of champagne during the new year after all. the state in a gray zone where marijuana is legal to smoke and grow but illegal to buy and sell. try to figure that one out. >> heading to new orleans, don't expect to drive on the famed bourbon street this week. it's blocked off for new year's through january 2en. they will station trucks and intersections to keep holiday crowds safe. the deadly isis struck attack in berlin, that's what it's in response to. what will the housing market look like in 2017? there are some conflicting predictions. >> bob massi, the host of "the property man" joins us now to break it all down. good to see you. >> good morning.
5:23 am
thank you. >> so there are mixed reports about the housing market come 2017. some people say it gets better. worse. what's really going to happen. >> i think thesing it gob to be a good year. lenders are optimistic but not as aggressive and then for example, the national association of realtors, they are a little more guarded with it. depending upon whose eyes you are looking, renters, brokers, depends on what you see. >> you think it's going to be a buyer or seller or both, what's your thoughts? >> that's a good question. i think there are parts of the country, like vegas, florida, the ones that are hit. it's okay to be a buyer right now. but here's my concern. interest rates, i'm concerned
5:24 am
about and inflation. interest rates has already moved up. usually after a new presidency is coming in, the housing market gets a little shaky. we saw the stock market going crazy but the housing market has its own heartbeat so that's my concern is. where is interest rates going to be and how is that going to affect the growth of people wanting to be able to buy homes. >> how will millennials doing next year? what is the status of the consumer financial protection bureau? >> well, listen, they were basically the police force to oversee that lenders behave and treat homeowners, consumers correctly. from what i've read so far, abby, that may be dismantled. i don't know what it's going to look like. i don't know how they are going to change it. i'm not sure. but if you take that away, where homeowners don't have somebody overseeing things, i am concerned that we could get back into some of the problems back
5:25 am
in the early 2000s, so i'm hoping with the new administration coming in, they don't get too aggressive. lenders, of course, they are not real crazy about the bureau because they put a lot of guidelines on them, but i am concerned first about the homeowners more than anybody else. >> sure. the question was is the cbfb too burden some. another question, is dodd-frank? is it being realigned? what will the impact be. >> obviously, the dodd-frank was there for purposes of regulating. i'm concerned that again if we allow all the lenders to basically police themselves, could it get out of hand like you were talking about? there has to be a balance here. the regulations have burdened many of the lenders, but again i want to make sure that we don't go crazy giving people money that really should not have had before that caused part of this problem. i think next year in the real estate, you know, area, and we're going to be covering a lot of this on "property man" next
5:26 am
year, you got to be careful to make sure we don't get too far crazy and dismantle some things that kept things in check. at the same time, you want people to be able to buy. watch the interest rates. that's what i'm concerned about. >> that's interesting. something we do know will go into 2017 is "the property man." season three will be airing in january right here on the fox news channel. good to see you, this morning. >> appreciate it. >> happy new year. imagine if america had to defend our borders from a constant -- from constant enemy threats and rocket fire. it's something the israeli military battles every single day. i traveled there and talked to their troops on the front lines and we're going to share it. >> that will be interesting. remember those tea party ral lies. they are making a comeback. they are arguing for more and starring bernie sanders. >> tea party is for big government. how does that work?
5:27 am
uh-oh, a gra to a -- gratuitous steak segment. ed is ahead of me and i'm jealous.
5:28 am
5:29 am
♪ ♪ >> he doesn't even miss a beat as she falls over. it's your shot of the morning and he lets it for you. the next time you try to go on one-on-one with a basketball
5:30 am
prodigy in new york. >> an uncoming pedestrian tries to play defense and as you can see it's a woman. she can't seem to stay on her foot. >> she's a good sport. let's call her the secretary of defense. >> my ankles were destroyed which in the basketball world basically means, yeah, i got schooled. we're trying to book this kid. i want him to go one on one with abby right here. >> oh, no. >> my special christmas pocket square. >> i don't think he can get past my friend abby. >> you know what, that's creepy. all they can see my big eyeballs. we did a secret santa here. this was a gift that ed henry got. he has carried with him every single day. . i'm not going to lose this thing. >> that looks odd. >> you get the eyes of abby. >> oh, wow. >> i hope we get this little guy on. he's so talented and i want to
5:31 am
see him go at it with these two on our plaza. if president obama and john kerry have their own way, israel will be on the fence trying to protect their on borders. >> we get a fresh hand look at their fight to protect israel. >> place yourself in one of these bunkers, along these trench lines, atop golan heights. if you look out from this location, you can see syria. you can see jordan. obviously, syria today, a country embroiled in civil war with the islamic state on the march. a location like this, when you look out, reminds you of the precarious existence of the state of israel. >> coming from an enclave 45 minutes from your capital city.
5:32 am
we're surrounded by enemies. this is normal life. >> fighting for their homeland is something almost every israeli citizen does, literally. while only 1/2 of 1% of the u.s. population serve our military, a an overwhelming majority serve in israeli military. >> it's people's army. every man and woman is obligated to serve their country. >> everybody is vested and has a role to play. everybody will live with the results brought about in the battlefield. >> it's a unique battlefield for many americans to fathom because it's one fought day in and day out along the borders. >> if you want to protect the united states, you go far away from your borders, for us, down here, it's our home, and over there, it's the enemy. we see them eyes. we live the situation. >> what's it like to fight on
5:33 am
the front lines knowing you are defending your homeland immediately behind you, which is a bit different concept than most american soldiers face. >> it's very difficult in israel not to feel that because even let's say i was in the war, we're positioned there, close to the border, the feeling is that you know that it's for real. there's no -- it's not abstract connection between, you know, what you are doing and how it affects your security at home. >> the end of the war, we would just finish the 30 days in lebanon and i returned to the israel border and i saw my wife and my three children there. it was amazing moment, but it gives you the understanding what's happening in israel. everything is so close. you fight for -- in the place you live. >> we're standing right here on the golan heights. if you look behind us. within our view, is terrain
5:34 am
controlled by al qaeda in syria. i eat breakfast. >> 300 yards from 400 kawbns who are trained to kill you. >> walking around the heights, like so many other parts of israel and seeing families hiking and sight seeing, it's easy to forget that danger lurks so close by until one of our interviews is interrupted. >> there's a war going on just on our right here. and the background noise right now of bombs going off, that's just common. >> i feel pity for them. i hope -- somewhere in the future, they find peace because no one deserves to live in war. not them, not us. >> it was fascinating. seeing and understanding the u.n. regulations. they fight for their borders
5:35 am
almost every single day and almost every serves in the israeli military every single day. it's as if mexico or canada had missiles pointed at us and we're told to give away minnesota so that they can have it, but we're worried minnesota would turn into a terrorist state, that's what you have to think about it when you think about what israel faces. let's go to headlines with heather nauert. good morning. a couple quick headlines to bring you right now. a brand-new twist in a christmas murder mystery that captivated america 20 years ago and for many years after. jonbenet ramsey's brother, burke ramsey now suing cbs for $750 million after its series blamed him for his sisters murder. it's the second lawsuit over the series which he says permanently damaged his reputation. the family was cleared of the little girl's murder back in 2008 but the case remains
5:36 am
unsolved. the dems are looking right and forming their own tea party? senator bernie sanders supporters using the party blueprint to help mold the future of the democratic party and fight the president-elect's proposed agenda. progress sieves say they have learned from the successes of the right this past election and past failures of occupy wall street. the restaurant owner who sparked outrage for the anti-trump sign changing his tune saying it wasn't meant to offend people. >> it wouldn't be offensive. it is just a heads-up. thank you for the info, man. it was a reaction to the election. i wasn't able to vote. >> i didn't vote. well, that owner plastering this bright yellow sign on the front door of cafe 8 1/2 in honolulu. if you voted for trump, you cannot eat here. no nazis. really?
5:37 am
nazis. he doesn't regret it even though he took down that sign. let's head outside to janice dean for extreme weather as folks here on the east coast are bracing for the first nor'easter of the season. >> it's happening right now. do you feel the beginnings of a nor'easter? oh, my gosh, they are so excited about it. what's your name? >> my name is chris. i'm from edgewater, florida, i want to say hello to my best friend, peggy hickey. >> my name is carol-on anthony, seven of us. i'm from mississippi. we left my husband at home. happy birthday terry. >> there are the temperatures in new york city. 38. we've got some rain falling right now. this is our first nor'easter of the season. it brings rain along the coast and snow in interior sections of the northeast and new england. there are your temperatures and snow.
5:38 am
do you have a message for everybody? >> happy new year's! >> yea! thank you! you guys are the best! >> hi mom, hi mom! >> of course. >> can we get your picture? >> of course. >> thank you, janice. >> i love her energy in the morning. so now that the year is coming to an end, it is time to treat ourselves with some steak. >> joining us now is executive chef of delmonico's restaurant, billy olivo with each of our favorite cuts of beef. >> i love the new york strip. i'm from new york, but it's a little less fatty it feels when you get that new york strip and it's hot, it's incredible. >> the strip is from the short loin. what we have here is a dry aged one. it's got about 40 days of dry age on it. delmonico is actually named the new york strip. back in the 1800s, the delmonico
5:39 am
steak was the new york strip and it kind of -- as time went on -- the rib eye kind of took its place as the delmonico steak. >> we'll get to that. >> new yorkers have tough, but your meat is not too tough. >> no, absolutely not. >> so i picked the porterhouse, best of both words. you have new york strip and you also have my favorite, all the women in studio have been debating, the filet. >> this is the new york strip side. that's the fail -- filet side. >> they were saying, the men in the studio, they will have the filet as long as it's wrapped in bacon. >> everything is good with a little bit of fat too which is my favorite is the bone-in rib eye. the marbling. >> fat tastes good.
5:40 am
that's the sirloin. the bone-in rib eye. then we have the t-bone here which is kind of a smaller version of the porterhouse. the filet, the classic delmonico state and down there is the monster, tomahawk. >> is that your choice, pete? >> that's what i'm going to eat. after the show, i'm going to eat that. i'm not joking. >> what is the tomahawk? >> we go our -- our signature steak at mel monday -- delmonico, we go through 50,000 pounds. the next best-selling steak is the filet and then it's the sirloin. >> look at this. and the side dishes, potatoes. >> we have delmonico potatoes, potatoes, bacon, two different types of cheese, topped with toasted bread crumbs. >> baked aalaska invented in
5:41 am
delmonicos. netanyahu is all but certain that the u.s. is behind the u.n. resolution. >> we have absolutely incontestable evidence that the united states, organized, advanced and brought this resolution. >> if the prime minister does not have the administration's ear, who does? dr. sebastian gorka weighs in. the palestinian leaders who met with obama administration. they deny that. airline fees are expected to drop in 2017. we have the trends to keep your wallet in check. ♪
5:42 am
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5:44 am
the obama administration shooting down reports the u.s. is working behind the scenes to push through the controversial u.n. resolution but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is suggesting these reports are true. >> we have on absolutely incontestable evidence that the united states organized, advanced, and brought this resolution to the united nations security council. we'll share that information with the incoming administration. some of it is sensitive. it's all true. you saw some of it in the protocol released in an egyptian paper. there's plenty more. it's the tip of the iceberg. >> clearly the longstanding ally of the u.s. doesn't have the white house's ear anymore. >> let's bring in author of "defeating jihad" dr. sebastian
5:45 am
gorka. good morning. who does have the ear right now? >> of the administration? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> if you look at the latest reports coming out of actual u.s. websites, it's the palestinian authority. it's the chief negotiator. it's the head of palestinian intelligence. it's the people who have been behaving in bad faith for more than a decade now. basically, this administration, if these reports turn out to be true, has been working with the other side to spite israel and to throw one more monkey wrench into the machine before they leave office in three weeks' time. it's really quite unbelievable. >> doctor, as surprising as it is, is it just their private position coming out in public at the very end because hillary clinton is not going to be able to continue it? is this where john kerry is just finally revealing it in public? >> john kerry is irrelevant.
5:46 am
he is a man who probably doesn't know what day of the week it is. he's just a bag man for the white house. the people here that are most culpable are individuals like ben rhodes, the deputy national security adviser, and also the president himself. remember, i mean, nobody should be surprised at this, peter, that this happened. look at the last eight years. look at the fact that the people who helped get president obama elected, that team was sent to israel to work against bibi netanyahu in the election. that's all you need to know. this is pure personal animus against israel and against the administration of bibi netanyahu. >> the white house has denied that that meeting happened with the palestinian leaders. you qualified it and said we have to see how it all turns out. the bottom line is where do you think we go from here? president-elect donald trump has
5:47 am
said he's going to be a staunch ally of israel but there are many who believe this two-state solution is on life support at best. how can he pick up the pieces moving forward? >> look, i think everything, as of the afternoon of january the 20th, ed, everything changes. there's going to be a 180-degree shift in policy on key issues because look what's happened in the last eight years. we've embraced cuba. we funded iran. we've created vacuums in the middle east and europe that have been exploited by isis and russia. we've got this phrase, this bumper sticker in official u.s. white house documents leading from behind. that's going to change. we're not going to be leading. leading from behind means following, so everything is going to change. look at the tweets. look at the statements that have been made by president-elect trump in just the last 48 hours. everything is going to change with regard to israel and the united nations. >> absolutely. well said. also a brand-new fox news
5:48 am
contributor. thaep new year. >> save some porterhouse for me, please. it may be the best story of the day. beer can help you lose weight. >> so we can have steak and beer. the science ahead. >> fatty steak and beer and you lose weight. that's a science fact. back your bags? we're looking at the travel trends of 2017. which days are the cheapest to fly? we will break it down next.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
oh, yes. travel more tends to be a popular new year's resolution so here to help you turn that resolution into reality is expedia travel expert courtney. you are grog do break down some of the best tips. the cheapest days to fly in the week. >> this is one of questions i get asked most frequently. mid week travel tends to deliver the cheapest airfare, so tuesday, wednesday, thursday. industry research indicates these are the cheapest dates to fly. business travelers fly on monday and friday. families like to get out on the weekends. these are peak travel days.
5:52 am
high demand bumps up prices. >> and the best time to buy, you say sunday. >> specifically sunday will be the best day to find cheapest airfare. 11% savings compared to booking the same flight on friday. >> when do you book? some people say last-minute deals are all the best. but you say actually 21 days in advance. why 21? >> well, perhaps even more important than the day o to boo book and three weeks out is when the advanced purchase ticket pricing is in effect. as we get closer to the date of travel, prices increase the day before your trip, typically the most expensive day to book your flight. i like to set a calendar alert or alarm. >> and thun with also interesting, include a saturday night. who wouldn't want to include a saturday? >> leisure travelers tend to
5:53 am
include saturday night stays. business travelers avoid that. the saturday night stay rule has been in effect for over a decade and it gives discounted pricing to what airlines deem as leisure travel tickets. it doesn't apply to all regions. china not a place that saturday nights are cheaper. >> new year's is right around the corner. what advice do you have for people that are going to be traveling. we know how crazy it is on the roads, at the airports. you are the expert. what are the tips that people should be focused on? >> we've got winter weather coming across the country. it leaves lots of extra times. two hours for domestic flights. three hours for international flights. download your boarding pass on your mobile device 24 hours in advance, you make sure you secure that seat assignment and pack your patience this holiday season as we know it's going to be a hectic time to travel. >> any last-minute deals to think of, some people didn't realize they had work off.
5:54 am
>> go to mexico in january. get some sun and enjoy. >> good to have you here. >> happy new year. coming up, a couple gets caught on the infamous kiss cam but the heart apparently wants what it wants and for this guy, he's wanting a little bit of beer. such a guy. ♪
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5:56 am
now stories for the road. we are raising a red solo cup to its inventor this morning who died at the age of 84. robert huloman came up with the design back in 1970 while working for his family's cup
5:57 am
company. how often do we drink out of these things? >> amazing invention. >> it shouldn't be empty. toby keith needs to do a shout-out to him. >> we sho
5:58 am
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>> an unprecedented speech from the secretary of state, a fiery response from israel's prime minister and a new low point in relations between two staunch, u.s.oyç allies.ó thelb and israel? with only weeks until president-elect trump takes office. good morning, everyone, i'm heather childers live in "america's newsroom." leland: a lot of news for a christmas week. i'm leland vittert. reaction really pouring in from state john kerry's speech yesterday that condemned israel and defended the u.s.' decision to allow that anti-israel vote at the united nations.


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