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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 3, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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eyeballs to the conversation of school choice. >> she was a great guest, so optimistic and confident. we have to run, have a great weekend. >> i'll see you on monday. ♪ >> are big headlines today, attorney general jeff sessions trying to silence his critics recusing himself from any criminal investigation. >> jon: president trump giving his full support to his embattled attorney general calling sessions and "honest man" and blasting the democrats for the mounting pressure, calling it an "witch hunt." chief white house correspondent, john roberts, on the north lawn. >> the democrats are calling for
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the attorney general to resign, but as you mention just a moment ago, he does have the full support of the president who in a statement last night in a series of tweets said the following. "jeff sessions is an honest man. he did not say anything wrong. he could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not intentional. this whole narrative is a way of saving face for democrats losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed to win. the democrats are overplaying their hand. they lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. the real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. it is a total 'witch hunt!'" yesterday, the attorney general recused himself from any doj investigation that might a arise regarding the chum campaign and any encounters with the russian ambassador. sessions ran into trouble when he told the senate and confirmation hearings that he had no contact last year with russian officials.
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sessions argues that the question was simply about context about the election. sessions told tucker carlson last night that nothing about the election came up during his meeting with the ambassador. >> i have professional nonpolitical staffers with me, and we discussed international issues. i learned something in that meeting, i usually did, so that's what happened. ambassadors were coming back to see me pretty often. >> sessions said he met with about 25 ambassadors last year. another brushfire, this one has vice president mike pence was using a private account to conduct public business. he turned those emails over to the state to be properly archived. governor pentz concluded his time in office, he concluded all
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communications to ensure that state emails were properly archived in accordance with the law. it doesn't seem a little ironic on the surface, considering how critical then governor pence was, but his people say it was completely different, he was not dealing with information at a high level. >> jon: john roberts, live on the white house lawn. with more on this now, white house correspondent for "the wall street journal," you've written extensively on those over the last few days, this topic. what is the very latest? >> as we saw last night or yesterday afternoon, the attorney general has recused himself from any russia related, campaign related investigations. that seems to have taken some of the tension out of what we saw
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yesterday, in terms of lawmakers on capitol hill calling for him to resign, pressing for him to recuse himself, he did that, so that's kind of given him a little bit of space. he came out and he addressed it very early and directly, and then we saw the president back him very strongly and what's interesting about that, if you recall when national security advisor flynn had his communications with the russians disclosed and that he had misled the nature of those discussions, we didn't hear this from the president and the same way. it suggests that he has a much stronger backing and his attorney general than he did for his national security advisor, perhaps in part, because a problem with general flynn was that he had misled the vice president. >> jon: the president also earlier in the day he said he had not seen any need for general sessions to recuse
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himself, and i wonder if he got the support of the man who occupies the oval office, why go ahead with a recusal? >> what the attorney general said, he had discussed it with his advisors and with the ethics at the justice department and he reached this conclusion. at that point, given everything that i come out, it seemed inevitable that he was going to do that. from the white house's perspective, they wanted to give him the space to make that decision on his own and not put any pressure there. it's also the way the white house is kind of the defending itself. >> jon: they think it's being driven by the democrats of this old administration. there were two meetings between then senator sessions in the russian ambassador, correct? one in a loud room on the sidelines, as you wrote so
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eloquently, of the republican national convention, and one in the senator's office. >> right. the issue is that obviously, jeff sessions testified under oath that he had no contact with the russians, with any russian officials and his explanation for that is that he was thinking about and campaign capacity. the other issue is that the white house and jeff sessions' advisors said he was not operating in a campaign capacity, but as a capacity of a senator. that's a difficult argument to make when, senator sessions at the time, paid for his travels out of his own campaign committee fund, not with senate funds, government funds as he was traveling with a member of the armed services committee, and his speech that he delivered a this event, where he happened
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to meet the russian ambassador on the sidelines, that included some of donald trump's campaign positions. he mentioned donald trump's campaign missions on trade. it's kind of a blurred line. the idea that he was wearing two hats there is a little pushy. >> jon: he also pointed out that as a senator, he's been very tough on the russians in the past, very critical on russia for invading ukraine. >> he was extreme the critical of russia's actions in ukraine and he had very tough rhetoric for russia up until -- as you would expect, somebody signed on with a candidate who had a different view than yourself, and he did do that. he was not nearly as tough and his rhetoric towards russia once he had joined the chum campaign. >> jon: carol lee is the
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white house correspondent for "the wall street journal." keep it right here. an exclusive interview with speaker of the house, paul ryan. bret baier sits down at the speaker to discuss jeff sessions, russian interference in the u.s. election, obamacare, and a whole lot of other issues. brett will have the full interview with speaker ryan tonight on special report, 6:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. >> jenna: in the meantime, san francisco police department suspending ties with the joint terrorism task force they are. that decision, by city leaders, comes a med the trump administration. the withdrawal could also cause problems for investigations. >> one of the great failures pre-9/11 was a lack of communication between law enforcement and locals. they stopped 93 terror attacks, but san francisco fearing that president trump will use the task force to target illegal immigrants.
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a bomb planted in portland, a plot to kill the president, a terror attack in times square, these are among dozens of cases stopped by the joint terrorism task force. >> is only working side by side that able to stop act like this before they can take hold. >> so successful is the model that they created 71 units since 9/11. only now, san francisco is pulling out. >> we are prepared for a lot of different kinds of scenarios, but i just think that the one thing that we didn't prepare for is the trump administration. >> after an outcry from local activists, the police department suspended its rulership of the program, concern the trump administration will target muslims. >> we are waiting to see a reasonable day with the next move is coming out of our federal government, we need to do everything we can to sign tp for our residents. >> fbi access is denied. >> what you lose when you take
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away from the local police department is you lose that on the ground knowledge. >> that limits both sides ability to connect the dots, to share data and gain access to potentially vital leads. informh ways on these cases. that is vital, and that should transcend any politically -- any political leaves held by the mayor and/or the administration of san francisco. >> so the fbi can pick up a lot of their leads and losing services go petey's cops is a big loss, not just for the city, but of course, the rest of the country. fortunately, the only city so far to pull out. >> jenna: we'll see with the end result is. >> jon: as we await the speech from vice president mike pence on jobs and obamacare, will we learn about his use of a private email server while he was governor of indiana. plus, president trump strongly
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backing his attorney general after a firestorm and criticism. one top criminal official is echoing the president's comment comments. howard kurtz will have his take next
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>> jenna: more now on our top story, president trump strongly defending his attorney general tweeting last night the democrats are overplaying their hand. they lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. the real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. it is a total 'witch hunt!'" that exact language later added a code by a top russian diplomat. >> it strongly resembles a witch hunt, which we thought were long overdue. >> jenna: howard kurtz is with us. what do you make of that? >> i'm not surprised that
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president trump would use the word witch hunt, because there is a desperate desire for the democrats to lead somewhere that would reveal some nefarious dealings in his campaign or associates in russia and might even raise questions about the election. at the same time, "the washington post" reported accurately that jeff sessions had had these two conversations with russian ambassadors during the campaign and it didn't exactly own up to that. when he testified and at least as a partial result, he decided to recuse himself from any investigation involving russia and the campaign, so that's not a witch hunt, that's accurate reporting. >> jenna: we are in a time. where there's so much examination of the past and the intention of the press, do you think is a media firestorm that is self crated by the press or as assay media media firestorm over something?
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>> let's start with the proposition that the media over plays everything. all these firestorms tend to be a little bit overdone, but what i think what is driving this, because you have a similar situation after the washington post with mike flynn, when you have -- and may turn out to be nothing, but when you have people like the attorney general, the national security advisor, and another trump aid, they didn't tell the entire truth, it may be that it is innocuous to talk when you're talking to administration or campaign, but when the press loves to jump on people who are not complete lee candid, and i think that is driving the story as much as anything else. >> jenna: there is a continuous theme that we've talked about, your reference to nothing burger, the fact at the
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center, the content of the calls, the content of the conversations, some of it still remains unknown, at least to this point. maybe we will learn more. there's a different conversation that took place, so we'll leave that aside for a moment. bernie goldberg was just speaking out on "america's newsroom" and he's a singer's double standard here. >> i'm with donald trump all the way. they overplayed their hand and i'm with bill o'reilly, this is hypocrisy, they didn't show nanna outrage over loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton, not a good day for the democrats. >> jenna: what you think about that? is there a double standard? is it possible to compare the two stories? >> sure, but i think the democrats are showing hypocrisy, because they didn't show any inclination for loretta lynch to
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recuse herself after that awful appearance with bill clinton during the email investigation. i think the press made a very big deal about that. there was a huge story for days and days and days. i think what's remarkable here, just 48 hours ago, we were all talking about how the pundits on the left and the right were praising donald trump's speech to congress and you got a rare shining moment in this environment. this "washington post" story completely wipe that out. i will say the attorney general saw better than the white house and recused himself, this firestorm would continue to build. whether he did anything wrong or not, he didn't have any choice. it has taken some air out of the story. >> jenna: the timing of it all is the reason why critics of the press and of the story essay, wait a minute, is there anything here? why is this coming out now? why do we hear about this a few weeks ago? quite frankly, we don't know all the interest at this moment. i want to ask you about what you
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wrote about this week, which is the speech. you had a very interesting take about why the president was receiving such positive reviews. what was your opinion on that? >> he gave a pretty good speech, let's give him credit for that, but this is the president of the media really wants. they like a president who gives a speech and his discipline, he reads up a prompter, he calls for unity, he wants me bipartisan, he said let's get beyond the petty fights, although he's had a few of those himself. what i don't like, as a president who attacks opponents and the press on twitter, presides over the white house, doesn't know it is going to say next, he seems dumb at times, very partisan. i think the reason beyond the particular policies, this is the way they would like president trump to behave. i don't think he is always going to behave that way, nor does he have to form us out to the media perception of how he should conduct himself in office, but i think that's one of the reasons -- i have to tip my hat to donald trump.
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that didn't last very long. >> jenna: you never know who is evolving when. we'll wait and reserve some judgment. great to see you as always. spin on the airplane maker going trying to cut costs moving forward with job reduction and voluntary buyout. how many workers the company is cutting now. also, vice president pence, long critical of hillary clinton for her email practices, no he learned he was a private account for official business when he was governor. we'll dive into that next worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah.
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right now we're just talking to you. i told you we had a fortune. yes, you did. getting closer to your investment goals starts with a conversation. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today. >> jenna: a little news on the economy now. boeing is cutting hundreds of workers, at least 1800 workers will leave the company who volunteered buyout.
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boeing announced these cutbacks in december and offered the buyout by reducing its workforce and the commercial airplane uni unit. >> jon: we are awaiting a speech by vice president mike pence, who is in wisconsin at this hour, talking and listening to small business owners. meanwhile, we are learning mr. pence used a private account when he was governor and it was hacked. at times, he discussed sensitive matters and homeland security issues. the vice president's office pushes back saying "similar to previous governors, mike pence maintained a state account and a personal email account. when he concluded his time in office, he directed outside counsel to review all of his coming occasions to ensure that
8:25 am
state-related emails are being transferred and properly archived by the state in accordance with the law." let's bring in jamie weinstein, political commentator and contributor to the guardian, pablo henriquez. thanks both of you for being here. pablo, what, if anything, has former governor, no vice president mike pence done wrong here? >> everybody knows that mike pence is a hypocrite and attacking hillary clinton for something he knew, from the start, he had done it as well, was definitely hypocritical. i think there's a larger issue here. keywords like email servers definitely incite passion, because it's one thing that unites us all, none of us know how an email server works. what we're finding out more now, is the outrage over the way that
8:26 am
donald trump's presidency has been unfolding continues is how the american presidency works, and how it's not working under this president. >> jon: we are getting away from vice president pentz's emails. jamie, are there parallels between what hillary clinton did as a secretary of state and what vice president pens is reported to have done? >> from what we know, there is a difference between in the legend ask martyr a alleged jay walker. hillary clinton wasn't secretary of state, she routinely dealt with classified information, that is not the same as the governor of indiana. the biggest difference perhaps as it is not illegal for the governor of indiana to use a private email server, it's quite a loud, it's in the law that you're allowed to do that. it is against state protocol for secretary of defense to use a private email server. hillary clinton deleted 3,000
8:27 am
emails and said she turned over all of her emails. mike pence said he returned his emails over to an independent counsel, they're reviewing what is personal and what is estate business and giving it to the state as he is supposed to do. i see a very big difference between the two. >> these are both people who are there to serve the public and i guess, participating and a common practice at that level of communications email server enters a lexicon of a political news cycle. >> what you say it's common practice, and that may be so, but there is a clear difference between the governor of indiana, to use a private email server for business, as long as that gets turned over to the records and the secretary of state, who is prohibited by
8:28 am
state a permit protocol from using a private email server. those are very two different scenarios. >> there's also a difference between talking about mike pence's private email server and some indiana basement and the fact that russia hacked our election and there are all these questions surfacing. >> there are differences between i agree with you that there is a concern about russia interfering and trying to undermine our institution, but i don't see what that has anything whatsoever to do with mike pence's email. >> jon: pablo, to be clear, there is no allegation that mike pence set up his own server, which is what hillary clinton did. he was using an aol account, and when the indianapolis star says he was talking estate matters, it writes "topics ranging from security gates of the governor's residence to the states response to terror attacks across the globe."
8:29 am
those hardly seem to rise to the level of the kinds of things that would be considered top-secret information. >> if he did something improper with his email server in indiana couple years ago, these are things that are being looked into, but the emergent people are not interested in email servers, they're interested in what's going on in this country. there's long division out there. >> you're sounding like someone who doesn't want to stay on topic because it's an indefensible comparison between hillary pence's email server. i'm happy to talk about how russia interfered with the election, but on this particular topic, there is not much of a comparison between what hillary clinton did with her email. >> when i was at the dnc, it was a fabulous thing, for them, i was a great play.
8:30 am
email servers are confusing. there's a lot of people that disliked hillary, a lot of people dislike mike pence, but email server -- >> jon: it was in an email server, it was a private email account on aol, unlike hillary clinton's private email server. we have her make the distinction and we have to leave the topic there. we'll get back another time to discuss all this. thank you both. the speed to a video baby monitor captures a disturbing image, an intruder snake into a baby's bedroom. it will tie the back story next. plus, the price tag is raising some alarms on capitol hill. can the president stick to his promises? >> we've spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas while our infrastructure at home has so badly crumbled
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>> jon: right now, a quick look at what's to come this hour of "happening now." the president calling for a big boost to military spending, but is it enough? general jack keane with his thoughts just ahead. an angry ex-husband takes matters into his own hands after an ugly divorce. a controversial way to fight gun blinds in chicago, what one group is trying to do.
8:35 am
>> jenna: president trump setting aside rebuilding bridges and roads as he calls to approve a new plan. the hefty price tag is sparking some concern on capitol hill about who will foot the bill. >> crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, and railways, gleaming across our very, very beautiful land. i will be asking congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure in the united states, financed for both applicant private capital, creating millions of new jobs. this effort will be guided by two core principles. by american and higher american. >> jenna: our guest has worked
8:36 am
on issues around the world and is author of the book saving america. i want to underscore something that president trump said, he said a $1 trillion investment, that's different than a trillion dollars spending package, but sometimes is difficult to understand how. what do you see the difference in premise? >> i think there's two pieces, and i think the first is the president has really come out and been very, very clear about what it looks like in this regard and then he puts americans and safety first. the reality is that so many people, 600,000 bridges in america are known to be structurally deficient, yet we send our sculpture and across them a reasonable day. the president is saying first of all, we'll fix this for a matter of american safety, the second is that it's the right thing to do. it will create jobs, there's no question about that.
8:37 am
>> jenna: most americans have the point of reference for mr. mills package during the obama administration, coming out the financial crisis. i went back and looked at those items, it was separated, $8 billion here, a billion dollars there to repair infrastructure. this seems different, but how is it? >> i can tell you how it's different. i was running a public agency that was getting some of those daughters from the stimulus, and the biggest fallacy of that entire conversation is 30% of the money went to fund bureaucracy. it literally went to fund government itself. i think what we'll see genetically different is that he'll take that 30% to fund bureaucracy that last time and put it into concrete that will make our introductory essay for americans. >> jenna: how do we know that? what is the role of the private sector that's been talked about over the years? >> one of the things are meeting to see is the private sector
8:38 am
stepping in and beginning to invest through private partnerships in a number of vehicles, for example, an indiana recently, they just opened the first ever 100% privately financed tollroad. it's completely modern, completely managed by the private sector. you are able through technology to be told. that's what the president is going to use. >> jenna: i'm glad you brought that up, because the new secretary of transportation was on with sean hannity after the president's address to congress. they talked about what it would look like to have the private sector really involved and perhaps leading this effort when it comes to repairing our roads and bridges. >> if i'm hearing it properly, what you're saying is, for example, if a company were to rebuild a road, they might get their investment back by having a toll on that road and that's where the taxpayers don't pay a penny, they make a profit, it's
8:39 am
a win-win? something like that? >> yes, thank you for putting up that way. that is certainly one example of how that would work. i have to say, there are some people who may not support toll roads, but we have to take a look at all of these financing mechanisms, because once again, the needs of our infrastructure are so great that the federal government cannot and should not be the only source of funding to repair our bridges, our roads, our energy grids. >> jenna: viewers might be thinking i'm paying taxes to make sure that this is happening, if a private company steps in, i'm going to be paying for tolls on top of it? how does it work for your average consumer? would we be paying double? >> no. i think the reality is, we do pay taxes. one of the things the federal government, they've set a record the last two years for revenue
8:40 am
that's rolling in, but it's not being put into the right places. i think the key here is we are going to pay taxes, obvious in this way to continue, hopefully they'll be less taxes under the president and the congress, but the reality is, user fees in regards to infrastructure, particularly over a 30-year period of time, which is what these projects are for is so critical. i think the point of this and the reason that user fees do make sense, we've seen a lot of in the news about rush over the last several months. the reality is, we are all playing russian roulette when it comes to using an infrastructure that is deteriorating. >> jenna: listen, we don't want to drive over bridges that will collapse. we've seen the tragic stories over the years and it is horrifying, but it is a question of money management. we've been battery on the story for so many years and it's a question about why hasn't anything improved? what's your assessment for why it hasn't been done already and why this is going to be different? >> it's a good question as to how it's going to be different.
8:41 am
i think we're starting to get to the point that people are starting to recognize that for 40 years, democrats and republicans alike have not taken the issue seriously. this president has stepped up, it's on exactly -- is not going to have the top like things like re-energy, but the reality is, when people are trying to talk about those topics, they're driving over bridges that we know are not safe. the president has said, no more, i'm not going to continue to send billions of dollars to build dams in egypt when you have safe roads and his country. this president is making it a priority and is going to make it happen. republicans and democrats are not put the money into these projects of a need to. >> jenna: we'll see if focus changes. you just take a picture of your past. it's like online shopping, you click the button and it adds up
8:42 am
over the years. that's why i'm asking these questions. >> it's customer friendly at its best, right? >> jenna: it's amazing. we appreciate your expertise, we look forward to having you back. thank you. >> jon: here's another promise president trump is made. to project american power worldwide, with a major boost to military spending. our next guest says of the president is proposing isn't enough. general jeff keane joins us with his thoughts. caught on camera, an image to make any parents blood run cold, a stranger in a child's bedroom so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom...
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>> jenna: right now, a look at a crime story today. a baby monitor at a home in montana captures a frightening image of an ink trigger and set a child's room. place in billings that they found no trace of the intruder and no sign of forced entry. a dog's shot caller remote is
8:46 am
missing. a prison riot in nebraska leaves two inmates dead. it's unclear what sparked the uprising, to other inmates were killed during a riot in 2016. police and so southern california say a man upset over a divorce burned on a house full of people of people. fire crews in santa ana were able to put out the fires and rescue those inside. the unidentified man was arrested. >> jon: the u.s. military about to get some major upgrades if president trump has his way. it telling sailors the ussrald e spending cuts in them tied the hands of the defense permit for years. >> you need the tools to prevent war and only do one thing. you know that is? win. win.
8:47 am
we're going to start winning again. >> jon: must talk about it with general jack keane, a retired four-star general, former advice chief of staff for the army, a fox news military analyst. general, good to have you here. when you heard the president's speech, what were your thoughts? >> first of all, it's music to our ears. we definitely have to have an increase in the defense budget, i don't think it's enough. it's a start on the right direction. the $54 billion increase in proposing, i think it needs to be close to 100 billion per year for 4 years. he said earlier this week on fox that he may add another 30 billion to that which is absolutely needed. >> jon: the navy is supposed to have 11 carriers in its fleet, it has ten right now, he wants 12. is that appropriate? >> 12 is about right. what's happened so our viewers can understand, we should have refreshed the military, but the 9/11 wars got in the way back in the 2000s. as a result, when the words
8:48 am
began to wind down, we began to take down the military. so much so, the size of the military is an issue as well as the readiness of it. we do have enough ships, we don't have enough airplanes, and we don't have enough ground forces. where can have to increase capability, that's technology and modernize, but will also have to increase the size, and that gets to 12 carriers in the battle group sets are almost carriers. >> jon: will remember what happen when the sequester was proposed, the obama administration thought it would be unpalatable to congress that they would never go along with it, and they did. here we are, still living under the terms of the sequester years later. speak out that has been very unfortunate, because it has drove down the sides of the military. the sequester is a budget control act, will have to be removed to increase the size of the defense budget at the levels it should be at.
8:49 am
>> jon: the pentagon is famous for $100 hammers, should people be worried that if there is this new big infusion of cash that it's going to go down some rathole someplace? >> i think that's a legitimate concern. defense reform is really something that has to be done. while the defense department is not a business, there are many businesslike functions in the defense department. we can truly commercialize, make incredible a cheaper, and make it more efficient, and i think if we take that approach and look first and cited defense department for its own money, for reform, we can make some progress. the budget will still have to be increased, but there is a lot of money in the defense department. >> jon: there are adversaries out there who are willing to test to the united states. >> the stronger we are, the more credible deterrence we have. on the last president, he was weakening the military and everybody knew that he wouldn't have to use it.
8:50 am
everyone has taken advantage. if you're willing to use the military, the likelihood is you will not have to use it. >> jon: that's an aircraft carrier that the president spoke those words on yesterday. a brand-new design of an pretty aussie machine itself. general jack keane, good to have you here. later today, ryan zinke sits down later today on american news headquarters, 2:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channe fox news channel. now to jenna. >> jenna: the problem aiming
8:51 am
at violence in chicago. why police are accusing one group of breaking the law when it comes to medicare,
8:52 am
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of aarp medicare supplement plans. sixty-five may get all the attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. go long™. most >> jon: let's get a friday check on "outnumbered" on top of the hour. >> attorney general jeff sessions recusing himself from any campaign related investigations, but democrats say that's not enough and he needs to resign, but are they overplaying their hand? >> meghan: estimating report that president obama is getting back in the game and setting up his new home as the nerve center for the resistance against president trump. the endgame is to get them out of the white house. all that plus our #oneluckyguy, outnumbered the top of the hour. >> jon: will see you then. >> jenna: right now, gang violence showing no signs of slowing down in chicago while
8:55 am
everyone is targum of the problem, one group made up of former criminals and gang members states making a difference. mike tobin has a report from chicago. >> most people speak about chicago violence talk about macro solutions, feds, national guard, one group calling themselves violence interrupters are working the streets when shooting at a time. >> is your dad around? no. >> don is a chicago gangster who is planning a robbery. >> i was going to take care of him. >> it is what it is. >> he's got a gun? is >> right. it's killed or be killed. >> chicago is a set for one more gun battle.
8:56 am
this group injected themselves and talked both guys down. >> we ended up cool, but we are not tight. we have trust issues. i don't trust him and he doesn't trust me. >> everyone is talk about chicago violence, he claims his interrupters have talked guys out of 15 murder plots. >> if you introduce somebody and they cannot tell you the last time they stopped the killing or a potential shooting, they need to step up. >> the violence interrupters are straight guys. if they don't behave like street guys, the gangs listen to them at all. cops don't like them, politicians are afraid of them and millions of dollars in funding have disappeared. hartman claims they have prevented 15 shootings this year so far, there's no record for gunfire that didn't happen. >> jenna: a thank you. it's going to hour of the
8:57 am
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>> jon: we are back in an hour. >> jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert, jeff sessions recusing himself. the attorney general calling his past conversations with the crimmins ambassador hyped and unfair. president trump is calling all of this a total witch hunt. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith coming here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, cohost of after the bell, melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, juan williams is here and he is outnumbered. >> juan: nice to be with you.


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