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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 8, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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d's largest workforce works for themselves. we work for them. quickbooks. backing you. >> we want to solve the problem but what's most importantly you have to have government security. >> it would be a disaster for the country. a president who precipitated the process by revoking the daca position. >> it was probably stuff that was more damaging. >> i ran for president one time and i hear this guy that does not know me and doesn't know me at all. >> good evening, ladies and remaining, gentlemen. marijuana allowed and sexual harassment finally isn't.
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♪ ♪ heather: good morning, live from new york city. sunshine might appear in new york city but still really cold across portions of the east coast for another day this january on monday, you're watching "fox & friends", i'm heather childers, thank you so much for joining us. steve bannon doing a complete 180. the former white house chief strategists apologizing for the first lady -- or the first family i should say for controversial comments in a tell-all book called fire and fury. griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. about how the president is firing back about questions of mental stability, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather, happy belated birthday, it seems sloppy steve may be campaigning
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for a new name, backtrack bannon. questioning his fitness for office firing back in news conference from camp david. i've had to put up the fake news from the first day i announced it -- i announced i would be running as president. this as bannon walked back comments from the first family. he's not disputing the quotes and he isn't formerly apologizing for them either but issued statement explaining criticism which was aimed at paul manafort which says not don, jr. i regret about my delay regarding don, jr. has diverted the president's accomplishments in first year of presidency, my support is unwavering for the
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president and his agenda. donald trump, jr., is both a patriot and good man, he has been relentless in advocacy for his father and the agenda that has helped turn our country around, bannon did not address the fight against ivanka. this as many as president's allies mike pompeo rallied to his campaign calling this ridiculous. >> the president is engaged. he understands complexity and asks difficult questions at cia so that we can provide him information, statements like mr. wolff on what we think about the president is ridiculous on its face. >> the president travels to atlanta to national college football championship. heather: i like your name for him, backtrack bannon. steve hilton, meantime host of
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next revolution elites can call president trump all they want but have voters to choose him to call him their president. >> here in america the establishment on a new effort to overturn the 2016 presidential vote. they are saying president trump is mentally unfit and must be removed using 25th amendment which is overnight replaced russia as number one topic of conversation at elite dinner parties. according to establishment proves the president is crazy, but the real world doesn't matter to elites, for them it's all about style and tone, not substance and results, donald trump offends the elites like a piece of art that's not to their taste. the close factories, the boarded up shops, in 2016 working americans put someone in the oval who did see all of that and whatever his mental state, he's
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achieved more for working americans in one year than predecessors did in 8 or 16, frankly. heather: another news we are following you, u.s. joining search for missing sailers off the coast of shanghai. look at that. 30 iranians were on board carrying millions of barrels of oil. all sailers rescued. the crash called an accident. ambassador to the united states nikki haley standing firm to disarm north korea's growing nuclear program despite the president being cautiously optimistic about potential negotiations with the rogue regime. >> there is no turnaround, what he has said, yes, there could be a time where we talk to north korea but a lot of things have to happen before that actually
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takes place, they have to stop testing, they have to be willing to talk about banning nuclear weapons, those things have to happen. but then asking for money and, quote, cheating their way through. delegations from north and south korea plan to hold talks, first time in two years, we will have much more on this story coming up. stay with us on that. >> but right now president trump heading to nashville today as immigration reform takes center stage at budget talks this week. todd pirro live with negotiations, where they stand. >> in a few hours the president will be speaking in american farm bureau convention in nashville, first time the sitting president has addressed the group in 25 years all this while host of issues top his agenda, number one on the list for now, dka -- daca, with
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potentially government shutdown, main obstacle to government spending bill. president trump has stressed that any plan on dreamers won't happen without a wall and while democrats reject that, they appear split over whether to force a government shutdown to get their way. >> we want the wall, we want to get rid of chain migration, very important and we want to get rid of the lottery system. in addition to that we want money for funding, we want additional border security. we all want daca to happen but we also want great security for the country. >> government shutdown would be a disaster for the country, so what we have got to do it seems to me is to pass the dreamer's legislation which protects and provides legal status to these young people, later on we have to work for a comprehensive immigration reform. that's what the american people want. the american people, in fact, do not want to spend billions of dollars on a wall --
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>> while the trump administration has proposed spending $18 billion over ten years to extend the border wall with méxico calling for 316-miles of additional barriers by the year 2027, heather. >> additional 15 billion for security as well. thank you so much, todd. hollywood's biggest stars come together for golden globes in solidarity against sexual harassment, some taking shot as@white house, not entirely unexpected there. carley shimkus with fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115 here with the moments that everyone will be talking about this morning. so what did you think? you have to tell me what happened? i had to turn it off, i will be truthful here. carley: big niect for actors and actresses, seth myers didn't waste no time bringing sexual
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harassments rocking hollywood. >> marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment is finally isn't. [cheers and applause] >> it's going to be a good year. carley: calling out harvey weinstein and kevin spacey. harvey weinstein isn't here tonight because, well, i've heard rumors that he's crazy and difficult to work with. don't worry, he will be back in 20 years when he becomes the first person ever booed, they are going to do another season with house of cards, is christopher plummer available for that too? i hope he can do a southern accent because kevin spacey sure couldn't. carley: celebrities joining the conversation, many dressing in black, men to declare times up on a culture of silence. oprah winfrey won the life-time achievement award using her
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speech about women fighting to be heard. >> at this moment, there's some little girls watching as i become the first black woman to be given the same award. i want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon. [cheers and applause] >> carley: calling for her to run for president, nbc even joining the 2020 push on twitter tweeting, nothing but respect for our future president. that's for what the show was really about, the awards, of course, big winner for the night, hbo little lies, nicole kidman winning best actress for her role in the show, best actress to elizabeth moss. big screen three billboards outside winning multiple honors
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including best motion picture for a drama. so, of course, awards were handed out but overall mood of the night was somber given the ongoing conversation. heather: political as well. carley: not as political as people expected. a majority of sexual harassment issue. president trump jokes to be expected. heather: too late for me. that's why we need you. carley: i need a lot of coffee this morning. heather: appreciate it. airport finally opening terminal 4 after water break forcing evacuation and hundreds of flights already behind schedule from bomb cyclone winter storm, crews cleaning up the flooding that stranded thousands of flyers adding to the travel backup nightmare. port authority officers had to break up a crowd of angry passengers after virgin atlantic flight was canceled and if that wasn't enough, wings wings fromo
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international planes collided on the tarmac, lots of troubles flying. nfl players teaming up. new orleans beating my carolina panthers, but the lead now looking into whether the panthers violated the new concussion quarterback. newton took a big hit in fourth quarter and then getting checked on sidelines before returning, i was surprised that he returned. newton say that is the issue was with his eye and not his head and then there was the question rounding wall we won't get into. the jacksonville the jaguars holding bills for just field goal for 10-3 victory. first playoff win in decade. match-ups on saturday, falcons up against the eagles, sunday the jaguars and the steelers face off followed by the saints and the vikings. football. will the time is now 12 minutes
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after the top of the hour and the mainstream media quick to pounce on claims about the president's mental health. >> it raises questions about his mental capacity, ability to process information, his impulse control. >> if this book is to be believed it's frightening for the american people. heather: does this prove liberals don't care about the proof. blizzard of snowflakes in the stance, antifa to derail tonight's trip to college game. speaking of snowflakes disney under fire for the sassy kid shirt, wrong message to young girls? stick around for that. ♪ ♪
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>> stable genius, like richard nixon, i'm not a crook. raises serious questions about mental capacity, ability to process information, his impulse control. >> he has put the question of competency by responding in way he has. >> it is quite frightening for the american people. heather: left media has gone from crying collusion to accusing president trump of being mentally unfit for office and the dramatic messaging is part of the fallout from the new book fire and fury, so when is enough enough? joining me right now radio talk show tammy bruce, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> sure. heather: first of all, your reaction from what we just heard from members of the media. >> it's ironic they are speaking of the president's mental health and based on own hysteria over what they can't believe and don't want to deal with. our republic is based on ability
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to have dialogue, to have debate, to have even fights and all of that. politics is fight for power. this kind of accusation is meant to stop the conversation. it is like calling someone a racist or sexist or homophobe but now goes down to personal condemnation about someone's mental fitness. they also think that there could be a good avenue for this to use this when it comes to impeachment. like everything the democrats have done over the last generation, it's a bad idea and it will fail and the american people i don't think like it very much. heather: at this point glabbing anything to see what sticks. president trump responded to some of this and he was talking about, he said, that he is, quote, very stable, very stable genius who two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart. >> this is what is always miss bid the left.
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they have no sense of humor. this is why comedians can't go on campuses these days. ridicule involves comedy. with normal person you see that, you smile, you know the president is being funny, he has interestingly dry sense of humor and he's trolling everyone on the left. so i love that response, but the other concern is too, when you say someone -- if someone is mentally ill, mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of and on the other hand, they are using to say it makes you dangerous and someone shouldn't be around anybody who -- heather: and make fun of him. >> and make fun of him. this is what the left does, it reveals actual nature. this will backfire and i think the president -- heather: the book itself has been discredited. >> well, yes, my column at deals with this. michael wolff is not denying, he has a history of having
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difficult relationship with the truth where you don't have scenes that are conveyed to the reader but scenes that are made up. so this is -- it's like the old fake but true from the left. heather: right. >> but you can't have that, this is a serious business and a bit of a panic, if you will, because of the president's excellent first year and the fact that this year is going to be good as well. heather: right, amazing what's become of journalism when this book is admittedly gossip even by the author himself is being used as platform on all of these mainstream media shows. >> he doesn't even know what's true or what isn't. it's about journalism, that the american people deserve better and the fact is is thank goodness that the president is the president and can get passed through all this and get things done. heather: the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. did cnn try to silence white house adviser.
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>> no. i think i've wasted enough of my viewers' time. thank you. heather: more from the fiery exchange and how the president is reacting this morning.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", what if donald trump never ran for president? well, outgoing new jersey governor chris christie think that is he would be occupying 1600 pennsylvania avenue instead telling in interview, quote, it's frustrate to go think to yourself, wow, if this guy were not in the race we would win this thing. christy says during the campaign that he met many people that told him they liked him but president trump had their vote, what do you think about that? new york city mayor de blasio is
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hitting the road, he will be traveling across america in support of progressive causes during next four years in office but deny that is this is preparation for a presidential run. according to new york post de blasio has traveled outside the u.s., udz the u.s. at least 11 times since taking office in 2014 and traveled outside the city at least 53 times but that doesn't include trips to al beeny and washington, d.c. brian ross heading back to nbc but with a different job following botched report about president trump and michael flynn. >> testify that president trump as candidate donald trump ordered him to make contact with the russians, which contradicts what donald trump has made at this point. >> starting a new gig, lincoln square productions, believed that he will hold same title as chief investigative correspondent but will focus on, quote, long-term projects. follows return no-pay
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suspension. and excitement for president trump's fake news award, so off the charts that we have to wait another week to find out who won >> it's all fake news, it's phoney stuff. fake news. [laughter] >> fake news. heather: president trump announcing the delay on twitter writing the fake news awards, those going to most corrupt and biased of the mainstream media will be presented to the losers on wednesday january 17th rather than this coming monday, the importance of these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated. so you have to wait till next monday. well, the time now is about 26 minutes after the top of the hour and daca for the wall, democrats using dreamers as bargaining chip but is that really their best option? our political panel on deck to debate that up next. >> i was so shocked to hear that -- that e doesn't believe in paying their female cohosts the
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same as their male -- heather: debra slams e news on their own show, the golden globe moment setting social media on fire.
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heather: 4:30 in the morning on the east coast. you're watching "fox & friends first". steve bannon doing a complete 180, now apologizing to the first family for comments on the tell-all book fire and fury where he called donald donald t. meeting with treasonous. and my support is also unwavering for the president and his agenda. bannon claims that his comentsz were aimed at paul manafort who
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is facing experience against the united states charges unrelated to the campaign. and then this happened, white house senior policy adviser steven miller defending the president against comments made in fire and fury, he got into a heated exchange with tapper, listen. >> changed the course of politics. >> i'm happy that you said that -- >> jake, no, no, you could be con descending. >> i'm not -- >> you're not going to give three minutes for the american people. [inaudible] >> one viewer that you care about and you're -- >> no. heather: a report that miller was escorted by cnn security and turns out the president was
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watching, jake tapper at cnn got destroyed by steven miller. watch the hatred and unfairness of the cnn. heather: president trump will be met with more than just sports fans as he heads to college football championship game, naac to protest with signs and bring white towels to create wave while the president is in packed stadium. trump supporters mocked opposition calling snowflakes but when we come together we create a mighty storm. we will see if that happens. let's talk about this, also happying this week, president trump wants to help dreamers only if democrats agree to help keep border safe. >> we want the wall. we want great security for our country. >> we believe there should be border security, real border
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security and help for the dreamers. >> what they want to do is take 800,000 dreamers and throw them, democrats have to hold the line. heather: what will it take to bring democrats to the table to negotiate daca? here now to weigh in former congresswoman hayworth and editor of cafe, james. i will start with you, what's the difference with many of these democrats who agreed to some of what's happening when it was the obama administration? what's the difference now, why are they not willing to negotiate? >> two things here, the first is that, i think, democrats want president trump to stick to promises during campaign which american people weren't going to pay a dime for the wall. heather: which he did say that méxico will still pay for it. >> the question is are they going to reimburse or payment
1:34 am
plan, we are taking his word for it that this money is going to come and i think the american people would like to see the money first. that's thing one, the second thing is that's 18 billion-dollars for completed project. 18 billion-dollar few down payment for a project that's estimated to cost $70 billion and $150 million a year to maintain, what we are talking about here is holding president trump accountable and making sure that the american people don't have to pay that money when they were promised they wouldn't have to. heather: in terms of combining daca with border security and immigration reform? >> well, it's crucial. clearly the president is -- heather: he wants -- >> supported by the american public. this is a great opportunity for him to link the crucial as president clinton we said, we are a nation of immigrants but we are a nation of laws, what is crucial that we have border security and there's also broad
1:35 am
american public support for the kind of security that a wall is crucial part of and, indeed, you know, the president has been very resourceful about getting foreign colleagues, nations to cooperate with us financially in way that is others have not. so i'm confident when the president says he will have contributions from méxico, they'll be there. heather: you were talking about 70 billion-dollar, 18 billion and additional 15 billion for added security measures, more money going to border patrol agents, that type of thing, that's what democrats agreed to before but the problem is combining with daca, is that the issue? >> no, that's not the issue. a couple of things, first, when we talk about the support of the american people, only about 39% fox news poll, 39% of the american public want to build a wall along the southern border which involves seizing land from u.s. land holders right now private land holders and u.s.
1:36 am
states hold two-thirds of the land of the border. heather: overwhelming people do agree that something needs to be done about immigration, so democrats and republicans. >> well, donald trump made a deal with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi in september and excluded a wall and now turned around and said, actually, that was a bad deal, i want to make this deal instead. so, you know, the president may get golf course but you don't get do-over on a deal like this >> clearly, an element is protecting our borders. it will be combined with technology, it will be combined with all sorts of other measures but it is a perfectly rational thing that we have physical barriers as well. heather: also chain migration and visa lottery programs. >> these are separate issues, and it's important to know that the dreamers that are covered by daca, 83% of americans think
1:37 am
that they should have a path to citizenship, fox news poll, and these are folks who serve in military, who work in businesses. heather: the president does not disagree with you. >> easy fix then, so if funding, set aside a border wall to put that to the side, you can get this done tomorrow, we can get it done today. health heat not really easy fix, though, they've had since october to get something done with march deadline. march deadline coming up. >> exactly. the march deadline is coming up. heather: that has nothing to do with p agreement. >> they did come to agreement initially and now he changed the terms. you set wall aside and you say that we will d the border fundit we talked about in september and make sure that the dreamers can stay which the american people want in part because they're part of our community and because kicking them out -- heather: nan, final word. >> he always promised that we will have a border wall.
1:38 am
president obama himself when he was a senator supported a wall. so this is part of what the democratic party is also promised to the american people and it's incumbent upon them to cooperate with the president with the senate majority to get this done. heather: no matter who the president is. we will see if they come to agreement, right? >> i don't think that's the issue. i think that, you know, we are talking about donald trump keeping his promise and not sticking the american people with 18 billion-dollar bill for a wall they don't want. heather: all right, which he does say méxico will pay for. thank you so much for joining us this morning. appreciate it. the time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour and chant death to america in streets now iran is making sure it lasts for generations, brand-new lesson plan in schools aimed at avoiding a cultural invasion. a new weapon in the fight against addiction in america, how the postal service is stepping into to stop illegal drugs from crossing our borders. >> oprah, you will never be
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president. now we just wait and see. heather: it started out as a joke but could oprah be making a run for the white house in 2020? carley shimkus has the brand-new buzz from the golden globes. us. we push back. we even push each other. to challenge conventional thinking. find smarter solutions. that's what makes us one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. forging ahead with technology that wasn't available to cancer patients just a short time ago. like advanced genomic testing. a diagnostic tool that lets us see cancer at the molecular level. then helps us find different ways to target it. and immunotherapy, a treatment that actually makes your immune system smarter. trains it to attack the cancer in your body.
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heather: welcome back, hollywood getting political at the golden globes and many now asking oprah 2020. >> i told some jokes about our current president at the white house correspondence dinner jokes about how he was unqualified to be president and somebody said that night convinced him to run. if that's true, i just want to say oprah you will never be president and hanks, where is hanks, you will never be vice president. now we just wait and see. heather: social media lighting up, carley shimkus with fox news
1:43 am
24/7, siriusxm 115 with all of the reaction. welcome back. carley: thank you, her name is still trending on twitter this morning. so many talking about oprah winfrey, could there be another celebrity in the white house in 2020, that's a big question. some people on social media say no way, never not happening, like jane who says, there are millions and millions of good people who are completely unqualified to be the leader to have free world, oprah is one of them. jill tweets just stop amazing speech, love her but let's not push celebrities to be governing. okay. celebrity in the white house right now. scores of other people say that oprah should run for president in 2020 so we will have to wait and see if enough people say to her, maybe she'll run for office, who knows. heather: remember the whole rumor about him running? carley: he is strongly considering it. heather: could be interesting in 2020. carley: oprah versus the rock.
1:44 am
heather: involved e news and she wasn't shy about letting them know about that. carley: kat left the network, debra supported kat sadlel live on e news. i was shocked that e doesn't believe in paying their -- their female cohosts the same as their male cohosts, i miss kat sadler and we stand with her. carley: she was talking to e news when she said that. linda said wrong time, wrong place, very tacky. a another woman says never the wrong time to encourage the right thing. heather: thank you very much, carley, appreciate it as always. the time now 15 minutes until the top of the hour and president trump he says he's willing to come to the table as north and south korea prepare
1:45 am
for historic diplomatic talks, why our next guest say that is military force could still be an option if we truly want a nuke-free north korea. underfilling your lattes just to save money, i suspected this. the grande ruling just revealed. ♪
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heather: welcome back, fox business alert for you, be aware before you get mind the wheel, exploding takata air bags in millions of vehicles. tracee carrasco here with what
1:49 am
we all need to know. >> really large recall, 3.3 million air bags that are being recalled because they're faulty. now, this has been going on for years and specifically we are talking about the 2009, 10, and 13 vehicles, toyota, honda, gm, ford, big list of these. now the specific model will be released sometime later once the automakers get all the information together. heather: let's move onto u.s. post office doing something very important. joining the fight to stop opioid crisis, how? >> they have been working with federal agencies, they have been working working with local and state law enforcement to try and intercept some of these dairnlts opioids specifically fetenyl.
1:50 am
880% in terms of those domestic seizures related to opioids. heather: this is something i suspected for a long time. starbucks underfilling lattes. >> this is a lawsuit and has been dismissed. a lot of people were complaining and what you suspected that they were not filling lattes all the way to the top and the foam was taking up too much space, there's not enough evidence here so we are tossing out the lawsuit. heather: only half filled. thank you so much, tracee, appreciate it. switching gears completely now. let's talk about the tensions escalating with north korea, u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley say that is president trump is ready to talk when the rogue regime is ready to draw down. >> there is no turnaround, what
1:51 am
he has basically said, yes, there could be a time when we talk to north korea but a lot of things have to happen before that takes place, they have to stop testing and banning nuclear weapons, those things have to happen. heather: as north and south korea are set to hold talks in over two years, what will it take to bring the u.s. and north korea to the table? here to weigh in author of nuclear show north korea takes over the world gordon chan, thank you so much for joining us. always a pleasure talking about this. >> thank you, heather. heather: on saturday at camp david, president trump said he's open to talks with kim jong un but he says that -- this is a quote, firm stance, also another quote that he's not messing around. what do you think about the possibility of bringing the two sides together? >> well u you know, the united states is always willing to talk as long as the north koreans have said that they nuclearize, give up arsenal, this is
1:52 am
long-standing american policy. it goes back to the bush administration and the six-party talks and so i don't think that the north koreans are there yet. the president has a strong program of cutting off the flow of money to north korea so that north korea is in a position where it realizes it has no choice but to disarm. we can get there and we can get there without the use of force but it's going to take a little while longer for sanction's program to have effect. heather: that's our stance, before any talks with begin with us involved that north korea has to agree to denuclearize, but what about south korea, they don't agree with that, correct? >> well, south korea normally agrees with us but south korea's president moon jae-in is progrowth north korea and has nationalist point of view and if it were up to him he would throw hands of kim jong un but
1:53 am
president obama and president trump preventing what he wants. very good diplomacy over the last year that we have been able to stop south south korea from g the other korea. heather: in terms of china and where they stand with historic negotiations or talks set to begin between south korea and north korea? >> well, beijing is very much in favor of any type of dialogue and so in the last couple of days we have seen global times and other chinese media outlets speak very favorably about these talks that will occur on tuesday between the two koreas. heather: i want to ask you this and i'm kind of throwing this at you because we weren't prepare toddies cousin it, you and i have discussed the north korean soldiers that have been defecting, have you seen the latest north korean soldiers that had antibodies of anthrax
1:54 am
in his body, what are your thoughts on that? >> obviously the north korean military thinks that their soldiers are going to be fighting in an environment where there is anthrax and that's indication that they plan to use it because we don't plan to use it and the other thing is that american soldiers who were assigned in peninsula, 28500 of them have been vaccinated for anthrax, so there's a real serious deficiency and south koreans need to be prepared to fight in an environment where there has been anthrax and smallpox. heather: absolutely specially since olympicses are coming up. thanks, time now six minutes until the top of the hour and we will be right back. stay withe us. - ah, ah! (woman screaming)
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even when nothing else is. keep her receipts tidy,t brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks
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and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you. heather: you're watching "fox & friends first". it is monday morning, brand-new week. thank you so much for joining us. we certainly appreciate it as always. we have this to tell you about. professor coming under fire claiming that president trump may foresee extinction of the entire human race. yeah, dr. brandy lee,
1:59 am
psychiatrist at the ivy league school, briefed lawmakers on psychological state and according to lee, public health emergency that needs to be responded to as quickly as possible. well, thousands of protestors flood iranian cities, regime is banning teaching english in elementary schools, officials say that learn to go language too early would trigger western cultural invasion. this comes as iran's government, the number one state sponsor of terror, by the way, cracks down on demonstrators. at least 22 people have died. finally, disney under fire for a cinderella inspired t-shirt, mom in london posting a picture of the shirt from the disney store saying it sends a negative message to young girls. the children's shirt reads shoes speak louder than words. the london mom said that disney responded to her
2:00 am
on facebook and says it is investigating her complaint. what do you think about that? that wraps it up for 4:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends first", "fox & friends first" continues right now. i will see you tomorrow. bye. ♪ >> serious questions about his mental capacity, ability to process information. >> i'm with him almost every day. we talk about some of the most serious matters facing america and the world, complex issues. >> mainstream media is going mental over president trump's fitness for office. the administration now firing back in the only way it knows how, by pushing the agenda to make america great again. >> good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen, it's 2018, marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn't. rob: all right the golden globes getting into the issues and gett


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