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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 11, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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away. jillian: is this shopper fir real. get it in in this woman returning christmas tree to cosco and asking for money back because it was dead. she walked away with full refund 10 days after christmas. got to just show you have got to try. have a good day. >> we have confirmed what w. three separate sources that the russia propaganda dossier was, in fact, used in part to obtain fisa warrants. >> people within law enforcement are concerned that they were using this dossier to find a way to look into the trump campaign. >> president trump is standing firm for his border wall. >> any solution has to include the wall because without the wall it all doesn't work. >> all eyes on controversial surveillance vote by the house to renew the nsa's warrantless spy program. >> if we do not put the f back in fisa it becomes isa and american public should know the eyes are on them. >> senator feinstein
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ridiculous apology for publicly released the closed door testimony of fusion g.p.s. >> i have had a bad cold and maybe that slowed down my mental facilities a little bit. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: he sang that song on this here program parking lot party. ainsley: this here program. it's a great song, isn't it? parking lot party. that's what everybody does. college football you tailgate beforehand. before concerts. brian: i don't know what you are talking about. ainsley: in your in effect woods there is a place called something beach where i have been to a concert. steve: jones beach. brian: jones beach. ainsley: go to a jimmie buffet parties there. you can't drink in the concert. brian: hard for them to sing over the blengsder on the ice machine it makes a lot of noise. they put it on crush. ainsley: i was wondering why he chose that video though
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because you can't brink inside. everyone was drinking on the outside. steve: already thinking about closing time on friday. brian: absolutely. steve: lots of news to think about. we have been telling you all week long there has been some suspicions among republican lawmakers was that dirty dossier which is completely unproven except for one thing that carter page did, in fact, go to russia. was that dossier used to put in front of a fisa judge so that the federal government could officially, via the fbi and the department of justice spy on that man, donald trump and his associates? and now we know the answer is, yes, the dossier was used to get a fisa warrant maybe more than once. ainsley: sara carter is the individual we have interviewed on this. she has three sources she told sean hannity last night has confirmed yes the dirty dossier was used in part to spy on the trump campaign. listen to her last night. >> i have spoken to a number
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of sources. one senior law enforcement officials. and another in the doj. and the dossier was absolutely used as part of the fbi's ability to gain a warrant, to basically spy on members of the trump campaign. we know, coming from the mouths of members, senior members of the fbi who testified, both comey and mccabe, that the only part of the dossier that they were able to confirm that was actually factual was that carter page had actually traveled to moscow. everything else in the dossier apparently they did not talk about that. they did not confirm. there are a number of sources that are alarmed about that. particularly people within law enforcement, who are concerned that they were using this dossier to find a way to look into the trump campaign. brian: what's the significance of this? well, if you give $10 million to an opposition research firm, which 7 point
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something from hillary's camp and 3 from the dnc, really the same thing because we found out from you donna brazile's book that hillary clinton camp bailed out the democratic national committee and basically had made it an arm of the clinton camp. if you pay somebody $10 million to find something out about your opponent and then that information is given to the fbi to spur some type of fisa warrant to go up to a court and say, listen, we have this proof, now we need a warrant to unmask or follow or tap these people's phones, what does it say about this entire process? and you got the clue that they were hiding something. when the fbi was asked over and over again, even the department of justice, hand over the information about the fisa warrants, what went into getting them. and they just refused to do it. even when chris wray took over. ainsley: there are some questions here. the focus now is on the fbi. did they go to the secret court and get this fisa warrant. steve: sounds like it. ainsley: to spy on the president's campaign. did they do that with an unverified dossier.
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if the only thing they verified is that carter page went over to russia shah. nothing in that 35 pages was verified. that is unbelievable. second thing they want to know. sara carter wrote an article the next thing they want to know did the fbi pay for this dossier. steve: on hannity's program last night he and sara carter both heard that perhaps james comey or andrew mccabe themselves paid for through the fbi the dossier. just the fact that they could have used just a folder full of made up stuff, opposition research. they took it to a court, the fbi did, and weaponized that to spy on americans is unbelievable. and that's some of the frustration the president feels and has felt and expressed yesterday. watch. >> there is collusion, but it's really with the democrats and the russians. far more than it is with the republicans and the russians. so the witch-hunt continues. there has been no collusion
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between the trump campaign and russians or trump and russians. no collusion. it's a democrat hoax that was brought up as an excuse for loses an election that, frankly, the democrats should have won because they have such a tremendous advantage in the electoral college. so it was brought up for that reason. brian: if you read last week's editorial from glenn kessler the founder of g.p.s., he says you know, i'm going to tell you right now i need all these transcripts to released to show how viable and how reputable fusion gps is. you could drive a truck through some of his explanations. one of those explanations was that the fbi corroborated most of which was when the dossier and that is why christopher steele had so much credit. well, really, when james comey turned around talked to president-elect trump. he said unverified salacious material. and now we founder find out it was not only corroborated but used in many cases to get these fisa warnings. other problem is they say
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the fbi had a molly inside the trump camp giving this information. turns out he might have misspoke and it's not a mole, it was papadopoulos, a drunken conversation with australian ambassador. tells that this was out there. steve: you just mentioned george papadopoulos. remember, it was about two weeks ago the "new york times" had that big exclusive story that apparently it was george papadopoulos that was the reason, you know, the drunken things he had said and that's what got the collusion investigation rolling. nothing to it. ainsley: reminds me benghazi with the video? steve: yes. ainsley: sitting down with cabinet members and touting accomplishments first cabinet meeting of 2018. listen to. so things he will accomplished in the first year. >> 2017 was a year of tremendous achievement. i don't think any administration has ever done, has done what we have done. and what we have accomplished in its first
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year. which isn't quite finished yet. we confirmed an incredible new supreme court justice. and more circuit judges in our first year than any administration in the hills industry of our country. we have set a new record on reducing regulation. the records that we set, 22 to 1, nobody has ever come close. we peaced the largest tax cut and reform in american history and including the fact that the individual mandate was terminated. people are supposed to pay for the privilege of not having healthcare. that was not good. brian: deliver in so many ways, if his administration continues to deliver, if they can tick off some type of administration deal, if the president can deliver that tone and not put his chin out every day in provocative tweets, now how accurate it is and how entertaining they often are, it will allow the moderates
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to get his approval rating up something quinnipiac poll. because when people are asked about the economy and that's a very personal question, how is the economy to you? 66% says it's excellent or good and 33% say not so good or poor. those numbers usually mean 50 plus approval rating for the president in office. steve: that's the highest number the quinnipiac poll has ever had since they were asking that question in 2001. so you can see that 2017 ended with flourish, ended on a high note for the president. there were a lot of set backs and a lot of them you have got to figure could have been in part due to the mainstream media coverage of the administration. i mean, you look at, for instance, if you look at the big three networks, their coverage from january 3rd through the 9th. look at the morning shows and nighttime shows. if they had a choice between cover the michael wolff book, fire and fury or dow
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up 25,000. fire and fury 2 hours 20 minutes and 5 seconds covering that book. ainsley: that book was supposed to come out tuesday of this week. came out last my day because of the hype over it the hype started a few days before that. that's what this poll looks at. this poll looks at last wednesday two days before the book came out up until tuesday of this week when the book was supposed to come out. brian: i understanding it. no doubt about it. we covered it more than the dow. should be a little bit closer. when you come out and say president's chief confidante turns on the president and urges people to cooperate on inside the administration book, i get it but the balance could have been a little bit different. people didn't want to jump on anti-trump. ainsley: i think we covered the dow much more. steve: absolutely. we also covered the fbi reopening the investigation into the clinton foundation and they only covered that to the tune of 11 minutes. keep in mind, when it came to dow 25,000. how much time do you think abc spent on it?
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take a guess. ainsley: how much? steve: 23 seconds. that's all. but the wolff book. if you are online buying fire and fury. apparently people are buying the wrong about about fire and fury. that guy is shooting through the roof on amazon. one of the reviewers said i don't understand there is nothing about trump in here. brian: it's a canadian book, too. how long do we spend talking to jillian? have we done a study on that? ainsley: more than 23 seconds. jillian: if you would like to prolong this you can. people in the control room might be mad. brian: open to too much criticism in the control room. ainsley: so hard to put the show together. jillian: and we mess it up. let's start with a fox news alert right now. overnight the air force three nuclear capable stealth bombers to guam mental to sent a strong message to north korea. show bombers on the way to
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the territory. 200 airmen deployed to guam. this comes a day after mike pensz vowed white house would put maximum pressure on north korea as he prepares to lead the u.s. delegates to south korea next month. a race against time at this hour to find people still missing in those devastating and deadly california mud slides. staggering amounts of rain triggers raging rivers of mud and debris running down hillsides taking anything and everything with it? >> we are stuck in our house. we are not able to get out. we are running low on food. we are hoping we can get south to pick up some food. i don't know if we can get there. ainsley: hardest hit area montecito where thousands are without power. hundreds of homes destroyed hundreds more are damaged. house majority whip steve scalise is resting comfortably after successful follow up surgery. is he expected to return to the capital next few weeks.
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this comes months after he was ambushed and shot in the hip by a lone gunman at congressional baseball practice. he was close to death when the bullet ripped through bones and organs. three other people were shot and survived. that's a look at your headlines. this whole time steve scalise has been nothing but positive energy. always smiling. positive outlook. brian: thanks, jillian. 13 minutes after the hour. illegals caught hiding in this semi but they didn't go to jail. they went straight to catholic charities question mark? exclamation point. we can't make this up. steve: dianne feinstein why she released that fusion gps testimony. it's not a happy story. brian: genius. >> that's because i don't make excuse i have had a bad cold. maybe that slowed down my mental facilities a little bit.
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especially when inside another amazing machine. your an amazing machine. the lexus es. with standard technology like lexus safety system plus. the lexus es, and es hybrid. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. brian: new questions this morning after the san antonio police chief allowed a dozen illegal immigrants found in a semi-truck to go free. joining us right now is the president of the san antonio police officers association mike kelly who wants the police chief put on leave. so the police chief. this is a very odd situation. the police chief has gone soft on illegal immigrants. why has he defied his own state's law, sir? >> well, i think that's a
3:18 am
question that i asked our mayor and city council. state authority with the department of justice that very question. just some breaking news that happened late last night. we had spent, my vice president and i, my legislative director spent most of the afternoon at our texas capital, excuse me, and we met with the folks up there and the lieutenant governor's office and met with the governor's office themselves and their attorneys and they have already issued, based on our testimony, a cease and desist but not a cease and desist but basically notifying the san antonio police department, especially chief mcmanis, he is not allowed to touch any of the evidence that's involved in this. they are not allowed to destroy anything. they are not allowed to do anything at all whatsoever. they are to preserve every
3:19 am
single piece of evidence that is involved in this incident so that they have the ability to come down here and begin an investigation. so we're very happy about that. brian: chief mcmanis says they -- he refers to the 12 illegal immigrants as victims. you say they are a party to the offense committed. >> that's correct. as a matter of fact, he keeps intertwining the definitions for your viewers if they don't know, human trafficking is completely different than human smuggling. human trafficking can actually have an element of enslaving somebody that's brought into the country illegally, predominantly it has a sexual connotation to it where you are forcing people into prostitution or some other horrible kind of crime such as that and human smuggling is the actual act of the person trying to get across the country paying a fee or service into our country. completely different. they are a party to the criminal offense. brian: right. so, michael, essentially,
3:20 am
texas did what california-the exact opposite. they said we are a sanctuary state. texas says no, no. we are going to make sure that the entire state, there are no sanctuary cities. but the police chief is not on board. in fact, the police department's statement is this: homeland security was never told. their services were not needed. so sapd handled this investigation utilizing the state smuggling statute. this police chief is not going to get on board. you want him on desk duty until he does or do you want him relieved? >> i think he needs to be removed in the police department completely and put in plain clothes while this investigation takes place. because as the chief of police he still has the ability to have influence over the subordinates underneath him. what's even more critical and even more dangerous in my opinion and scary is that even that very narrative that you just described that the chief has said that he did is false. that is not what happened at the scene and that's the story that has not come out public yet that i tried to
3:21 am
get council and the mayor to listen to but they refused to. brian: when law and order can't be put forward by the chief there is a problem. michael, thank you so much. >> thank you for listening to us. brian: you got it aspiring body builder dies of the flu. we will give you details. night . when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. night . but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting.
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now, with instant text and email updates, you'll always be up to date. you can easily add premium channels, so you don't miss your favorite show. and with just a single word, find all the answers you're looking for - because getting what you need should be simple, fast, and easy. download the xfinity my account app or go online today. steve: it is 6:24 in new york. and we start with exclusive fox news alert. attorney general jeff sessions announcing brand new team aimed at taking down individuals and networks supporting hezbollah. the hezbollah financing and narcoterrorism team will work on stopping violent drug trafficking and restricting the flow of money to terrorists with aggressive prosecutions. and a top u.s. military advisor under fire for threatening to kill isis terrorists with a shovel. army commands sergeant major
3:25 am
john wayne troxel posting this picture on facebook with the caption if they choose not to surrender then we will kill them with extreme prejudice. whether that be by dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face or beating them to death with our intrenching tools. and that is your headlines. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. 21-year-old aspiring body builder dies a few days after catching the flu. he is not the only victim. just yesterday ohio confirmed two young boys, a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old also died of the flu. so when should you go see the doctor if you think you have the flu? dr. nicole saphier has the answers for us. first of all, before you get to that how do you know the difference between a common cold and the flu, dr. saphier. >> this is devastating what is going on right now. this is becoming epidemic deadly flu season. a lot of people are walking around with congestion and cough right now that doesn't mean you have the flu. very important to
3:26 am
distinguish symptoms of the flu, fever, chills, body ache and headache in addition to cough and congestion. ainsley: when do you go see your doctor? >> that's a great question. unfortunately there is not right answer. there is not a check this, this, this and you absolutely have to go. if you have a chronic illness, diabetes, overweight. heart disease, lung disease you are absolutely increased risk at getting severe flu symptoms. if you have flu symptoms, again, fever, chills, body aches, headaches, you can stay home for the most part, rest, drink a lot of fluid us but if you start finding yourself chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe headaches, confusion, or you're elderly or a young child, you really need to go see your physician. you have need to make sure you are under the care of someone. ainsley: parents with young kids you hear this story the 1-year-old, 4-year-old, the 21-year-old, what do we do when we start seeing symptoms in our little ones. >> yes. we both have little ones at home and this is terrifying. really, you have to watch them because they are sick all the time during this
3:27 am
season. earaches. ainsley: runny nose constantly. >> every day. you want to just know your child. you know if your child isn't normal. will he tharlg, very tired. not getting up not playing. vomiting so much they are not taking in water. keep an eye out for that or the persistent fevers. even for little ones at this point, even if the slightest thought of having the flu, you should go see your doctor because there are medications we can give to lessen the duration and lessen severity. you don't want to be the patient who said what if i took them in earlier? what else could i have done? a lot of people got the flu shot. does it really work? first does it work "yes" or "no," sorry then i have another one. >> it absolutely does work. it's not 100 percent effective it does prevent anywhere from 40 people to 60 people from getting the flu. not only that, if it doesn't prevent from you getting the flu it can lessen your symptoms or severity and absolutely decrease your risk of dying from the flu. even though this flu vaccine may not be the most effective we have seen we
3:28 am
still everyone get it don't just get it your yourself get it for your girl at home and elderly relatives. protect those around you as well. ainsley: 40 to 60% who get it won't get the flu. friends been in bed for entire week one of my friends during the holidays. she couldn't wrap presents. had to have someone hire. she doesn't remember. she can understand how people do die of the year. >> it is a bad year. h 2. people remember the swine flu. this strain is essentially a mutation of the virus. it is bad. it is causing severe symptoms in healthy young adults. so no one is immune to getting the flu. take care of yourself. if you are sick, stay home. don't be a martyr. don't go to work. you are just infecting everyone. don't touch your mouth and nose. wash hands, stay safe. ainsley: good advice.
3:29 am
thanks. murder mystery, college student found dead. what he did right before he vanished. plus, president trump posting a listening session on prison reform, a very personal issue for his son-in-law jared. our next guest is going to be there our next guest opens up why she released that g.p.s. testimony. you need to pass the tissues. nicole, you need to hear this one ♪ you're as cold as ice ♪ you're willing to sacrifice our love ♪
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♪ more than a feeling ♪ more than a feeling ♪ brian: boston wrote that song and broke up. i don't know why.
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meanwhile happening today, the white house taking on prison reform. ainsley: this issue is especially personal to the president'sson and senior advisor jared kushner. brian: pastor scott will be at the white house today and joins us now. were you behind this initiative or were you asked to join the president at a forum on. this actually, this is not the first conversation that has been had or being had concerning prison reform. it's a concern for the president but it's also a passion for jared kushner. that they want to cus curb this recidivism rate and integrate former prisoners in sewed so they become productive members of american society rather than get in that cycle back and forth in and out of prison. something this administration is going to be very, very proactive on and has a huge concern about. steve: pastor, to your earlier point jared kushner is passionate about this because his own father went to prison for 18 months and he would fly from new york down to alabama, according
3:34 am
to one article, every weekend to visit with his dad. so he understands what's involved. and you say he is passionate. you just touched on recidivism, that's one of the biggest problems is people go to prison and then, they get out and they wind up going back. >> yes. and so this is a problem that we're looking at. there are a number of solutions on the table. once again, this is not the first meeting that's going to be had. maybe it's the first one made public to this extent. there have been several ongoing meetings. it's something that we really want to look at to find solutions to once again reintegrate former prisoners into american society so that they become productive members of society. steve: how do you do that? >> there are a number of solutions that are on the table. skills training, social programs, opportunities that may exist and then, you know, the nature of the crime oftentimes dictates the rate of recidivism.
3:35 am
nonviolent offenses, some have been crimes of passion. we are looking at all of it is he bringing in experts all over the country that have been involved in these kind of endeavors for years. it's a little think tank of the best and brightest that can be assembled to try to do it as the best for this situation. ainsley: pastor, why did you get involved in this? and what is your message for the president? >> i have to be honest, i have three nephews all three of them in the penitentiary right now. all three for nonviolent crimes. some of them have gotten caught in that cycle. some of them went back to prison because of technical violations of their probation. different things like that. so all of these are being looked at. but in the black community, this hits close to home. a number of -- almost every family -- a lot of families in the urban community have someone who have been touched by this -- by. i do happen to be black.
3:36 am
[laughter] and family members that have been touched by. this so it's personal to me as well. brian: pastor, real quick, the president said on the campaign trail to minorities in the black community what the hell do you have to lose? and essentially unemployment is down. but we have not seen a major rollout of any type of urban initiative. is it coming. >> it's on the way, i promise you. i will be back on "fox & friends," you guys will get the skinny first. there's a huge urban initiative that the president and this administration is spearheading that's going to be very beneficial for the urban community. now, the urban community is not the majority black as most people would think, latinos and hispanics make up 60% of the urban community but there is going to be a huge initiative public/private partnership going forth that's going to be very beneficial for this nation. and this president and this administration is very, very proactive in it and very aggressive about it as well. steve: well, have you got a busy day at the white house. pastor, thank you very much
3:37 am
for starting your day with us here at "fox & friends." ainsley: pastor darrell scott from cleveland, ohio. god bless you. let's hand it over to jillian she has headlines for us. jillian: the mysterious disappearance of a missing college student is now a homicide investigation. investigators in los angeles discovering 19-year-old blaze bernstein's body at the very same park where he vanished one week ago. his parents, as you can imagine, are devastated. >> so many friends and family that have reached out to us. it's unbelievable what you people have done for us and our son and his memory. >> bernstein vanished after he was supposed to meet a friend in the park. police do not consider that person to be a suspect. overnight his classmates modeling a candlelight vigil at the university of pennsylvania. president trump sneaky diane for releasing the fusion gps testimony. why did she make it public? well, in part because she has a cold. >> the one regret i have is
3:38 am
that i should have spoken with senator grassley before. and i don't make an excuse but i have had a bad cold and maybe that slowed down my mental facilities a little bit. jillian: there have you it. democratic lawmaker also coming under fire for working with fusion gps, the firm behind the dossier to redact large sections of the transcript. that undercuts her argument that the release was done in the name of transparency. all right. if you are not watching and just listening, come to your tv screen for this one. the virginia man finds out the hard way his entire driveway is a sheet of black ice. watch. ainsley: oh my god. this home security footage going viral to the tune of 40 million views after the man's wife posted on facebook in the caption she wrote just another day heading to the office.
3:39 am
he was not hurt thankfully but maybe his ego is a bit bruised. i saw this yesterday. i can't get enough. brian: thank god for the mailbox he would have been in the street. ainsley: thank goodness he. brian: this is his first wife, right? why would she release that? jillian: that i don't know. steve: facebook. thanks, jillian. january miss dean the weather machine joins us and janice, i just saw one of your other maps. we have flooding to worry about today. janice: absolutely we do have flooding. storm condition bring slippery conditions to the tennessee river valley and mississippi river valley. also want to quickly make mention that southern california where we have had those mud slides a period of drying out. some of that energy where we did see the heavier rain is pushing into the central u.s. i am concerned about blizzard conditions as well as ice over areas that don't typically see ice or snow. northern mississippi into tennessee, kentucky, the ohio valley. the winter storm watches and
3:40 am
warnings are in effect. the temperatures here are cold. behind the system, dealing with another artic blast for the northern plains in towards the midwest. and can you seat future radar. this is what i'm concerned about as we head into friday. see the line of pink that's freezing rain, sleet and ice. unfortunately that's in areas that don't typically see this weather. watch for that mainly a rain evening for the northeast. as steve point pointed out flood advisories for the northeast and england. steve: be happy it's rain not snow. janice: winter is not over yet. steve: it's not although it feels like it today. thank you investment. vermont is about to go to pot without ivan asking the voters. the first of its kind legislation coming up next. brian: plus, all eyes on the controversial surveillance vote today by the house to renew the nsa's warrantless spy program. judge napolitano likes this issue. he has stuff to say about this issue. he is here to talk about
3:41 am
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in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. brian: federal judge banning officers in washington's second largest city enforcing immigration laws. part of a settlement in a lawsuit filed by a man claims he was unlawfully detained and handed over to border patrol after being victim of of a car accident. city modifying detention policies. ainsley: green mountain state is about to get a little greener. vermont is set to become the first in the u.s. to legalize marijuana through its legislature instead of a ballot initiative. the bill does not set out framework for retail sales. scott is expected to sign
3:45 am
the bill go in to effect july 1st. brian: let's go down to down to steve and the judge. ainsley: in a fish bowl. steve: whether to renew a controversial surveillance program backed by the white house crucial measure in protecting all of us against terrorism. judge napolitano says it puts the constitutional privacy rights of every american at risk. explain that. judge: it's a very dangerous program. look, in the nixon era when president nixon used the fbi and the cia to spy on political opponents, the response to that was fight, is a foreign intelligence surveillance act which said no spying unless done through a warrant. except it permitted warrants from mass bulk spying, that is spying on huge numbers of people. steve: when they do every day. >> zip code, area code, a customer list. one of the warrants was for all customers of verizon. that's 115 million people. without any suspicion or allegations against any of
3:46 am
them. that program is about to expire on january 19th. the president wants it renewed. but he wants it renewed even stronger. he wants it renewed so that if a conversation innocently picked up by domestic spies reveals a criminal act. steve: unrelated to terrorism. >> correct. totally unrelated to terrorism, that that information can be used in the prosecution of the crime. that violates the whole purpose of the fourth amendment, which is to prevent suspicionless surveillance and to deny the use of that evidence to the police. steve: i know the house freedom caucus doesn't like this whole program because so many americans are targeted, whether we know it or not. but for the white house to be behind the part that will open more americans up, that's surprising for the administration because it was the fisa and essentially this whole program that got donald trump in trouble with the russian stuff. not his fault.
3:47 am
judge: in my column this morning and elsewhere i did my best to explain the history of this and why it's against the constitution. at the end i said i'm scratching my head. i don't understand why donald trump is in favor of this. his whoa woes began with foreign surveillance and unconstitutional domestic surveillance of him before he was the president of the united states. now he wants to institutionalize it. mr. president, this is not the way to go. spying is valid to find the foreign agents among us. but it's got to be based on suspicion and not an area code. steve: judge, it's got to be based on fact. our lead story today was about how apparently that dirty dossier filled up with stuff just made up apparently used in part to get a fisa warrant to spy on president trump, then candidate trump and all of his supreme. judge: because they knew the court is issuing these warrants and it shouldn't be. i don't know where it's going to go. senator rand paul says is he going to filibuster it.
3:48 am
steve: you would support that. judge: how long he can stand in the well of the senate. there are democrats who oppose it liberal democrats and libertarian republicans who oppose it. we'll see what happens. steve: one other story that is making news and that is that apparently huma and anthony weiner are calling off their divorce. they are putting it on hold. judge: don't tell me they are reconciling. steve: no, no, no. they say for the privacy of the child and stuff like that. i had a lawyer send me something yesterday and wondered whether or not they were calling off the divorce for spousal testimony privilege if she were indicted. judge: if she is indicted, she can prevent him from testifying against her. steve: if they are married. judge: so long as they are married. that may be a legal reason. they may have practical reasons for it i don't know where he is in jail but is he in jail. you can't manage your litigation while you are in jail. we will see where this one goes. steve: no kidding. thank you very much.
3:49 am
judge: i'm off to d.c. for bret baier and company tonight. steve: we will watch you. no wall, no daca. >> we need the wall for security. we need the wall for safety. we need the wall for stopping drugs from pouring in. any solution has to include the wall because without the wall it all doesn't work. steve: okay. so what happens next? is he any closer to a deal? we will tell you what we know. it was new york citi' deadliest fire in over 20 years. our "fox & friends" viewers have stepped up in a huge way. father jonathan morris asked for your help and he got it he is here with an update. that's next.
3:50 am
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ainsley: you, our "fox & friends" viewers, of course, are stepping up in a mighty way to help the victims of the deadly fire at an apartment building in new york up in the bronx. this was fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris on our show over the weekend. >> the families are waiting outside my door saying i need help. i haven't worked. these are people, like you said, poorest congressional district in the united states of america in the south bronx. they are not working because they are taking care of their families and they're spread out in shelters all over the city. it's a very serious situation and we need help. steve: father jonathan is on the couch three days later with an update. after that appeal people opened their hearts and wallets. >> incredible. two minutes on a sunday morning on "fox & friends"
3:54 am
people have come n a major way. and what we're doing is we are splitting this money based on need. not just giving it out with 27 families and doing case management assessment of each one of those families and saying what is your need and looking what they have received from other places. what their situation is. and it's so efficient compared to, i would say government organization, i brought a little leadership of our community together, of our neighborhood, and we have oversight from catholic charities to make sure every penny is going to these families. brian: tell everyone about this. how did it start and how many families are affected? >> so there are 27 units these are basically all first generation immigrants. little microcosm of the bronx from so many countries. hearted working american citizens. and the first floor, a child, a 3-year-old child was playing with the stove and the whole thing went up like a chimney.
3:55 am
and -- i had the blessing of being able to be right there because i live there with the families as they identify the bodies. it was something you can't believe. ainsley: how many died? >> 13. three still in critical condition in the hospital. ainsley: your parish is three blocks away. you know these families. when we hear about giving, when our viewers hear about giving, you never know where that money is going to go and how it's going to be used. we love you, we trust you. you are on our church. you are a man of the church and of faith. do you need more money? how much do you need? how much have you raised? >> break down $225,000 by 27, that's $7,500. that's on average. one family lost five members of their family. imagine five burials. another family i just did the funeral for just the other day lost a 7 month old. and the grand mother who was taking care of that child. so, of course, we will make sure every penny, people just have to look up. go to go fund
3:56 am
look up bronx fire victims. go fund and we will make sure every single penny gets to these families. steve: father jonathan, what does it say to you that some people from around the world who are watching never met those people, never been to the bronx will open their wallets? >> most people are looking for an opportunity to do something really special. and you guys have done it. and it's really -- it is so inspiring. you know, one last thing i might say is in talking to these families and dealing with -- of their suffering, i always ask them and this is something i have learned just in the last few days, would you trade never having known or loved these people for not suffering what you do -- what you are suffering right now? everyone says i would never trade it i am so grateful i came to know and to love them even though it's very painful now. ainsley: if you can only afford a dollar. give a dollar. $5, $20. steve: go to our site
3:57 am and we'll link to that thomas homan will be joining us, stuart varney and kellyanne conway. got lots to talk about so stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ rolled my windows down and cruise ♪ who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). over 40,000 patients have been prescribed opdivo immunotherapy. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you experience new or worsening cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; diarrhea; severe stomach pain or tenderness; severe nausea or vomiting; extreme fatigue; constipation; excessive thirst or urine; swollen ankles; loss of appetite; rash; itching; headache; confusion; hallucinations; muscle or joint pain; flushing;
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as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. steve: there have been some suspicions among republican lawmakers, was that dossier used to spy on that man, donald trump, and his associates? now we know the answer is yes. >> people within law enforcement are concerned that they were using in dossier to find a way to look into the trump campaign. >> congress is full steam ahead to determine the future of the obama era daca program. >> any solution has to include the wall because, without the wha wall it all doesn't work. brian: all eyes on the controversial surveillance vote today by the house to review the nsa spying program. >> spying is valid to find the foreign agents among us but it's got to be based on suspicion and not an area code. >> security footage going viral virginia man finds out
4:01 am
the hard way that his entire driveway is a sheet of black ice ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm falling ♪ so i'm taking my time on my ride ♪ steve: debate on the couch should that man's wife have released that video from their ring doorbell or whatever it was and post to facebook so the whole world is talking about how he is lucky he didn't break his neck. ainsley: trying to walk down the driveway. brian: as a guy that's charging his ring doorbell right now, i do fear that embarrassing things i have done in the driveway will some day air. steve: like what? >> i'm not sure. i can't remember. do you think a good wife would allow that to come out? the whole world knows her husband. steve: the fact that he was not hurt so hilarious one of the few things on the internet not made up,
4:02 am
apparently. look at that as santa looks on. ainsley: it's okay. what's scary imagine that feeling it's like when you are driving your car and it's icy outside and have you ever done the spin around and you don't know when you are going to stop. this guy is going down and there are cars driving. brian: unless you are brian boitano everyone is going to have that same reaction when you walk out in dress shoes. ainsley: he probably doesn't care. his wife might have shared it one person and that person shared it with someone else. brian: going to be a tough date night this week. steve: i disagree. i think, brian, that he loves the attention and everybody he knows and everybody in his family knows is talking about hey, that's herb or whatever the guy's name is we are trying right now to track that man down to bring him to the show. ainsley: it could have ended a lot worse. brian: absolutely. if you are in a neighborhood and see a man wrapped around his mailbox, please wake him and tell him to come on the show. steve: meanwhile today on
4:03 am
the show our top story is. this we have wondered about this and now sara carter, the great investigative reporter is telling us that apparently the fbi did use that dirty dossier to go in front of a fisa judge and then wind up getting permission by the federal government to spy on donald trump and the trump associates. if this is true, this is a massive scandal. think about it. the party in power uses the levers of the federal government to spy on their political opponent. that is gigantic. brian: here is sara carter last night. >> i have spoken to a number of sources. one senior law enforcement official. and another in the doj. and the dossier was absolutely used as part of the fbi's ability to gain a warrant to basically spy on members of the trump campaign. we know, coming from the mouths of members, senior members of the fbi, who
4:04 am
testify, both comey and mccabe that the only part of the dossier that they were able to confirm that was actually factual was that carter page had actually traveled to moscow. everything else on the dossier apparently they did not talk about that. they did not confirm. there are a number of sources that are alarmed about this, particularly people within law enforcement who are concerned that they were using this dossier to find a way to look into the trump campaign. brian: so ron desantis and jim jordan are saying, look, in light of what senator feinstein released because she had a cold without telling anybody, let's let everything out there. it's time to let all members see all of this. christopher steele wanted -- excuse me, kessler, glen kessler wanted all his things out about fusion gps. he got what he wanted. now, the rest of congress saying couldn't you just put it all out there? let the american people see everything that we see. steve: as long as it doesn't mess up the investigation. ainsley: only complaint
4:05 am
about dianne feinstein releasing all of this is the way she did it without telling. brian: put it this way. grassley is the chairman of the committee. he said it is not good because we want to call other people out and maybe bring other people in. now are they going to say because you have a confidential agreement behind closed doors and you just know that any ranking member can just put it out, there what's the message to the next man or woman you want to bring in. ainsley: at the same time it's allowing americans to get answers we have all been asking for. steve: sure, ultimately at the end of the investigation we are are going to find out, it won't be long before the department of justice inspector general comes out with his findings and we have heard in the past that there are going to be some, you know -- some heads are going to roll over at the fbi. also, and the department of justice. also, according to sara carter, there are more examples of fisa abuse coming out where somebody used the fisa courts to spy on people in a fashion that they probably should not have. ainsley: sources said that
4:06 am
information is going to come out in the next week. the president is talking about this and says it's all a witch-hunt. >> there is collusion, but it's really with the democrats and the russians. far more than it is with the republicans and the russians. so the witch-hunt continues. there has been no collusion between the trump campaign and russians or trump and russians. no collusion. it's a democrat hoax that was brought up as an excuse for losing an election that, frankly, the democrats should have won because they have such a tremendous advantage in the electoral college. so it was brought up for that reason. brian: mark meadows last night says he is calling for every member of congress to have access to not only the fisa applications but all the other outstanding work chairman nunes has put forth in gathering documents. they haven't seen it. so, this brings up another thing. what was samantha power doing unmasking as u.n. ambassador unmasking
4:07 am
everyone possible. what was the reason you put forth michael flynn talking. who else was unmavericked? we don't know because we don't know what robert mueller is using not using. is this just a side show to something else he is working on? steve: the good news is the answers seem to be coming out. i think we will get to the bottom of it. it's going to take some time but nonetheless people are starting to talk and dots are getting connected. brian: before we leave this, i would say the thing that stuck with me is, the president in front of the norwegian leader said the country is being hurt by. this the international perception of this and distraction to my administration is real. and i'm sure he didn't revel in saying that 11 months in, this is a distraction. so whatever you think of the trump administration, they are being hampered by. this and there seems to be much more to the case than what everybody thought was there last spring when robert mueller took over. ainsley: bipartisan senate group also talking about immigration. they say they are very close to a deal. the president drawing a hard line.
4:08 am
he said we're not giving you daca unless you give us the wall. listen would you be willing to sign immigration deal that would not include the border wall or would that be a red line for you. >> no. >> no. >> it's got to include the wall. we need the wall for security. weave need the wall for safety. we need the wall for stopping the drugs from pouring. in any solution has to include the wall because without the wall it all doesn't work. you can look at other instances. look at what happened in israel. they put up the wall. they solved a very major problem. we need the wall. we have to have the wall for security purposes. security is number one. and so the answer is have to have the wall. steve: the answer is in congress right now he has made it very clear as you look at chuck and nancy flanking the president in that photo montage, no wall, no daca. ainsley, to your point, reportedly senators are close to some sort of bipartisan agreement. but there are a number of democrats who are getting
4:09 am
push back from their base saying, hey, don't give away too much stuff. you know, if you are going to do the daca deal, they are worried that they are going to do something about change of plea migration and also the visa lottery program. but the democrats in the senate say they are okay reigning those programs. in where does it end? up that's all part of the negotiation. brian: two weeks ago we told you when the tax deal was done there was word that bipartisan senators working under the wire trying to come up with a bipartisan solution. that solution is now emerging. what we saw two days ago is more on that. and the leadership out there is about to announce it and the democrats that steve just referred to are pushing bang on their leadership. the headline in politico is mutiny. if you are a leader, be a leader. do what you think is right and you can't get anything done, conservatives hate and this liberals hate this. but you can't get anything done unless there's some sense of compromise. we haven't had compromise in
4:10 am
15 years. steve: so let's see what happens. keep in mind, the senate can pass something, but then it's got to go into the very conservative house of representatives where it's got to get enough votes. and then will it be something that the president can get behind? ainsley: it's called negotiation. the democrats want one thing. democrats want another. come together, work together. make it happen. steve: we will see. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. happy thursday to you at home. we do have a fox news alert to get to. do you want free health insurance? get a job, go to school or volunteer. that's the message from president trump for people who use or apply for medicaid. new guidelines opening the door for states to cut off benefits to those who don't have an approved reason. this has never before happened in the 50 year history of the program. more than 74 million people are enrolled in medicaid. also breaking right now, overnight, the air force deploying three nuclear capable b 2 stealth bombers to guam meant to sent a strong message to north korea. these brand new pictures show the bombers on their way to the u.s. territory.
4:11 am
200 airmen also deployed to guam. this comes just a day after vice president mike pence vowed that the white house would put maximum pressure on north korea as he prepares to lead the u.s. olympic delegates in south korea next month. an urgent travel warning for u.s. tourists. the state department issuing a do not travel advisory for five crime ridden states in mexico, giving them the same threat level as countries like syria and a afghanistan. the states are considered hot spots for drug cartel activity, trafficking routes, car jackings and robberies. is this shopper fir real? get it? a woman caught returning her christmas tree to cosco, 10 days after christmas. she is demanding a full refund because well, it was dead. a man in line behind her posting this photo on facebook as she waited at the store's counter in los angeles, california. incredibly the woman walked away with a full refund. have you guys ever heard of something like that? steve: absolutely. i was at a home depot once when somebody returned about
4:12 am
a 20-year-old water heater and he had the receipt it's the same idea. people return stuff that is way past the sell by date. brian: if there is no rule on it i bet you the guy with get money back. steve: got to be within 90 days. jillian: my mom is the queen of returns you got to try. steve: your mother would support this? jillian: probably. ainsley: have you 90 days. you buy at the beginning of december technically you could do it. you are not supposed to return something that's used. jillian: right. steve: there you go. ainsley: let us know what you think. send emails. have you ever done this? steve: got to try according to jillian's mom. brian: return the wedding dress the day after the wedding. ainsley: as long as the tag is still on it tuck the tag in. steve: i bet it's been done. brian: limiting free speech to just one hour a day. ainsley: plus a real life bonnie and clyde.
4:13 am
cops chasing for miles and then they surrender with a kiss. oh. steve: last week. ♪ my whole world ♪ favorite girl ♪ perfectly together ♪ you know what? no one cares.
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>> all right. here is a personal story of anti-trump bias. are you ready? next guest shares new op-ed in the federalist how coming out as a republican trump supporter has been tougher than coming out as gay in his real life. he writes this. ainsley: a number of my friends no longer have time to see me. lifelong acquaintances now regard me with fear and distrust. no, i am not a sex offender. i am something even worse than that. i am a donald trump supporter. adam lavine joins us now. is he a contributing writer for the federalist and ceo of mark limited. he is the son of a former democratic congressman. adam, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me on, you guys. ainsley: you are welcome. what made you want to write this and why was coming out as a trump supporter even harder than coming out and saying that you were gay? >> well, you know, i think
4:18 am
we have becomes a my grandmother likes to say we have become so open-minded right now in our society that our brains have fallen out. the corollary out there goes that there is nothing in the entirety of human history that even approaches the level of evil of our president. so, no treatment of a supporter of our president is too bad. >> so you talk about being 20 years old and came out as gay and your family was fully supportive. now you say when you came out and republican, that's when you started losing friends. you actually say supporting donald trump according to others, the people that were in your life, is nothing less than satan embodied. so how do you explain the anger thrown your direction just because you have a political point of view and a candidate that you support? how do you explain it? >> right, well, you know, i think we're currently seeing a crisis which marks the
4:19 am
party of the democrats high ground. over the course of history parties change. remember when abraham lincoln ended slavery weigh as republican. my dad switched from being a republican to the democrat in the late 1960s because the democrats republicans were moving in the wrong direction and the democrats were underdog racial equality. now insidious intolerance is which is for diversity of thought it manifests itself of oppression of free speech of the highest order and cloaked in morality. by promulgating people capable supporting our president which is complete rubbish they claim to be motivated by righteousness, but the only problem is that there is no truth to that claim. ainsley: so why do you support the president? >> i support the president
4:20 am
for [inaudible] of reasons. i think that without obama, we would never have had trump i think in order to understand the rise of donald trump, you need to understand how much certain members of our country were harmed by the obama administration. but that said, i'm really in awe of donald trump on his own. i think that he has, from an economic standpoint, taken what was a gigantic dumpster fire of an economy and actually successfully put it back on track in such a short period of time. but i think across the boards he has just been outstanding. i think he is probably the greatest president that our country has ever seen. brian: adam, what you are experiencing is the exact reason why nobody understood the way donald trump won the election. nobody thought about it, they saw the backlash, they did vote for him and they might just do it again. adam lavine, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you. >> thanks for having me guys, i really appreciate
4:21 am
it. ainsley: do you think you are a great america? then the president wants to have dinner with you at mar-a-lago. details on that coming up next. brian: that wouldn't suck. ♪ that's what i mean ♪ the twist n' turn. the stretch n' grab. the gummy squish. centrum micronutrients fuel your body from the inside out. grab a centrum and join in. repeat daily. and go to bass pro shops for great deals on great gear. like the mr. heater portable buddy heater for under $80. plus, now's the perfect time to cash in your christmas gift cards.
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4:24 am
ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first 7%. that's how much generation x says they won't be able aford retirement. a new study from td ameritrade half of them are behind in their savings and are worried about running out of money. brian: going to talk about that over the weekend right, steve? ainsley: 11, how many states have the highest rate of recruits that get injured in basic military training. researchers say all of those states are in the south which tend to have higher obesity rates. and finally 2.
4:25 am
that is how many great americans will soon dine with the president. the trump campaign is offering sweepstakes down in palm beach, florida to have dinner with the commander-in-chief. it is a fundraiser. you do not have to donate in order to enter. steve: all right. meanwhile in other news, south korea has credited president trump for a rare meeting with north korean officials this week. >> the accomplishments of south/north dialogue was largely credited to president trump. i would like to express gratitude to him. steve: does this prove the president's tough talk is in our favor here to weigh in is "fox & friends" co-host pete hegseth. may be about the olympics but they will be at a table talking. pete: they have talked before. it's not the entirety of this credit would go to the
4:26 am
administration. it's been two years. it didn't have to happen and didn't have to happen this way. north korea is clearly feeling the pressure because of the tough talk, "fir, fire ad fury, little rocket man. tough approach has mattered. pushing out into the bloodstream if they launch again we may strike proactively, one of their sites one of kim jong un's homes one of their military facilities make it clear this is a counters punch bloody nose they don't want to trigger all out war. ainsley: how does the enemy respond to that. pete: that's a difficult part of this calculus north korea is not a country we understand how think would hit hard. talks alone won't work. this is a good thing. i'm glad south korea is realizing they have a true ally in president trump. they are still headed like a truck down the freeway toward nuclear weapons. we have to do something now. brian: what i think is encouraging now front page
4:27 am
of the "new york times" say china is crark cracking down on the company caught giving oil to the north korea. pete: i hope so. have very little faith china has. we have to be aggressive with them if we are going to get anything done in south korea. steve: white house has put out a statement and it is hey, the country of iran has a bunch of political prisoners, americans political prisoners they have got to let them go. watch this. she said. this iran's regime claims to support democracy but when its own people express aspirations for better lives it once again shows true brutal nature that from sarah huckabee sanders. pete: night and day from the obama administration. this is a massive opportunity just like the obama administration had in 2009. we are taking the exact opposite approach channeling what the people want. which isn't just frustration over their economic situation. it's repression. utter repression under
4:28 am
theocracy. steve: iranians swept up after protests. pete: up to 4,000 of them. 21 dead. could be under reported as well. one dead in prison. so we don't know -- we can only imagine what's being done to december dissidents we know what these type of regimes do. i would love to see this administration go down the path of decertification of the iran deal. big road block coming up in the numbers couple of days. they have to recertify time and time again. steve: can we get the money back? pete: we can't get the money back but the moral high ground. talk about the people fighting the regime. recertify this deal and find out who they are. ainsley: so tough and he talks tough and not afraid to, you know, even called north korea's leader the rocket man. what does the military think about this. pete: they love that they want that it's not just talk. then they get their hands untied where they are. so they actually do their job. especially your special operators who are at the front lines of so many places. brian: general mcmaster
4:29 am
wants the deal to stay in place with everything else going on and the europeans have done nothing even after the uprisings to crack down on iran. even tell them to moderate their blow back. pete: i think general mcmaster is wrong. i think europe is wrong. when america stands on the high ground of who we are and what we represent and we clarify the fact that the world cannot live under the blackmail of a nuclear iran. and israel can't live there, we can't live there. you have to do something about it otherwise, north korea is the lessen of what iran will be. they will have the capability and they will hold it over us and the region forever. brian: they are helping each other. no doubt about it. pete: of course. brian: also fascinating to see that we are publishing the figures about how much iran is financing syria to really foment the unrest. that's what caused this to happen. people saying you are giving all our money that we have sanction relief. you are giving it to these other terror nations. support terrorism and i can't get a blanket or band aid. pete: did they really think it was going to trickle down to the people.
4:30 am
of course the regime was going to enrich themselves and perpetuate terrorism. steve: we will be watching you this weekend. pete: thank you. steve: ice storms 7/11s across the country in the biggest crack down of illegal immigration since president trump took office. the acting director of ice tom homan says it's just the beginning. time's up. what's he talking about? hear from him next. brian: have to worry about if the place was closed or not. somebody draft this kid. meet the 22 mold that can 22 mot can hit like he is in the big league. this video is going to make your day ♪ put me in, coach ♪ i'm ready to play today ♪ look at me ♪ i can be center field and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor.
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4:33 am
steve: ice officials have targeted 7/11 stores nationwide in the trump administration's biggest
4:34 am
crack down on a company so far. federal agents raiding nearly 100 stores across the country. they have arrested at least 21 people. ainsley: 7/11 taking immediate action terminating franchise agreements with stores where individuals were arrested. brian: let's bring in tom homan now acting director of immigrations and customs enforcement. what went into the targetings of 7/11s? was it a tip? was it your personal -- was it just something you guys noticed? how did you decide to crack down there? >> well, look, you know, i have made no secret since the beginning of year we are going continue to crease worksite ebb forcement across the country to remove another magnet a reason for people to come to this country illegally. no one should be surprised in the 7/11 operation is a big operation. one of many to come. we are not just concentrating on large companies. we will be concentrating on small and medium size countries. this is all about removing magnet that entices illegal entry. elm employers need to be
4:35 am
held accountable pay their taxes right and wrong way to hire workers and this is the wrong way. steve: what about everify? if you had everify this wouldn't be a problem. >> i totally support everify and other legislation on the hill. i believe goodlat included information that may include that there is a smart way to go. system in place. show it works. used by all employers in the country. brian: some people want to say so-called experts. wall doesn't work or surveillance is just as good. or that is very old school. it's all about politics. tell me, tom, from what you could tell and knowing the border like you know, what roles does the wall play barrier play in stopping illegal immigration. >> people that say the wall doesn't work they obviously don't understand how operations on the border work. look, i started my career border patrol 1984, i'm an old guy. 1984, san diego sector there is thousands of aliens being arrested on daily basis coming across the soccer
4:36 am
fields down near tijuana. once they built the wall in san diego, the numbers declined significantly. every place that built the wall, whether san diego, whether it's eastern san diego county. whether huma arizona, el paso, every place, 100 percent of the time where they built a wall or a barrier, numbers went down. it has shown it works. why wouldn't we not want a wall to protect national security and public safety? what price are you going to put on the safety of this country? it's working. we have proven it's working. and several years ago there is a bipartisan approval for a wall both sides of congress, republicans and democrats. steve: people saying no now were saying yes then. >> it's politics at its worse, right? steve: it always is. ainsley: when we were talking about 7/11 i was thinking about sanctuary cities. do you support being jailed supporting sanctuary cities? >> did i an interview with neil cavuto last week talking about sanctuary cities and the hate mail came in hard. what i said i meant.
4:37 am
what i said was sanction jerry cities is a public safety threat. it's an officer safety threat. what i have asked the department of justice to do. i have had a conversation with the attorney general. i have ha conversation with his attorney saying, look, i want you to look at the sanctuary cities. i want you to tell me in your opinion at the department of justice are they violating federal law? one statute asked him to look at 8 usc 1824 alien smuggling statute. talking about knowingly shielding and harboring illegal aliens from enforcement. i haved asked the doj to look at every sanctuary city differently. ask them to look at the facts on the ground. if we are denied access to a jail we know there is an illegal alien in that jail that's been arrested for a crime, if we are denied information, if we are denied access, is that a violation of federal statute? and if it is, let's hold somebody accountable. steve: you are saying whoever that public officials it could be town council the mayor a lot of people. they should be held personally responsible for
4:38 am
the bad acts whoever nothingly vital a federal law should be held accountable. every city operates differently. that's what the department of justice is looking at. i'm providing data and information on sanctuary cities and what access i do or more importantly what being he's i don't have. we will take action based on their findings. brian: let's keep politics and negotiation out of it. what's your greatest concern from the border patrol perspective and for border enforcement perspective about a compromise revolve being around damascus a can a. if you are going to allow the kids who were brought here as young -- as infants against, you know, by their parents illegally. if we are going to allow them to say. what's your greatest concern if it's passed? >> look, i hear a lot of talk about a clean daca bill. let's just pass daca and not worry about all this other stuff like the wall and border security. look, we need underline causes of illegal immigration. for instance right now we have a lot of family units been increase of family
4:39 am
units coming across the border. mothers with children, fathers with children. and there is courtrooms is a say we can only detain them so long. get released into community not to show up in court. even if they do show up in court. they get a final order and don't leave. if we tonight address the causes of illegal immigration. if we don't give the men and women on the ground to tools to close loopholes and path of legislation we need to enforce immigration law interior of the united states, you have daca again in 10 years. the families are coming across. brian: they are going to surge. >> that's your next daca in 10 years. we have to fix underlying problems to immigration. let's not just reward illegal behavior and end it there. let's make changes to fix this problem. under this president, we had a 45-year low in illegal immigration on the border this year. that's not a coincidence. is he successful. he has allowed us to do our job. let us continue down this path for once and all, let's fix this problem on the border. we made a lot of good progress this year. we got a lot more to do. let's continue the work we are doing.
4:40 am
steve: congress, it's in their court right now. tom, thank you very much for joining us from d.c. today. ainsley: thank you, tom. brian: there is movement on. this meanwhile, 21 minutes before the top of the hour. let's move over to jillian. jillian: good morning guys, good morning at home. two young boys are the latest victims of the deadly flu spreading around the country. 4-year-old and 1-year-old both died from flu i related illnesses in ohio this week. earlier dr. nicole saphier explained when you should seek help if you are feeling sick. >> if you start finding yourself chest pain, difficulty breathing. headaches, confusion elderly or a young child, you really need to go see your physician. jillian: flu is widespread in 46 states. the university of university amherst slapped with a lawsuit accused limiting free speech to an hour a day and only on one side of the campus. conservative student group young americans for liberty filing the suit saying it creates a, quote: chilling effect on speech deterring students from engaging in
4:41 am
their first amendment rights. the university has not responded. how about this? a toddler is going viral for some serious skills at the dish. this is asher willig hitting like mlb slugger at just 22 months old with his dad by the way who is a minor former league ball player. you can see he gets his skills. the left hander has massive pull to right field. little asher loves the game so much. he even sleeps with a baseball. isn't that adorable? steve: was he using a real baseball or a smaller kid's ball? he kind of looks. jillian: i don't know i was watching him swing. ainsley: amazing to make contact. i don't know if i could do that 10 years from that age. steve: jillian, thank you. jillian: that's impressive. steve: coming up, imagine seeing this on your drive to work this morning a car spinning out of control in front of you on a busy
4:42 am
highway. ainsley: no way. steve: how does it end? ainsley: it keeps going. steve: look at that give you more details coming up. math professor at university merit based immigration calling it a tool of whiteness and she didn't stop there. ♪ abc ♪ easy as 1, 2, 3. do-re-mi, abc, ♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪ baby you and me, girl ♪ easy as 1, 2, 3 ♪ i. will say so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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4:45 am
brian: quick headlines now. here we go. caught on cameras, a on fire highway after three semi-trucks crash one of them spilling toxic chief meteorologist calls. explosion happened as one semi rear ended the others in indiana. one driver was hurt. and this driver, this next driver is somehow able to avoid disaster.
4:46 am
you got a car spinning out of control in the middle of the i-95 in palm beach, florida, facing oncoming traffic. the driver pulls and amazing move spinning back around just as another car is about to hit him. it appears nobody was hurt. this is one of the craziest things without the rock in it. ainsley? ainsley: brian, do you remember this scene from the movie your favorite movie mean girls? brian: yeah. you are taking calculus? >> yeah, like math. >> why? >> because it's the same in every country. >> that's beautiful. ainsley: brian says he does remember that a matt professor at brooklyn college which is a public city university seems to disagree with that statement. steve: professor lori wrote in an educational journal that she believes social justice issues should be injected in to math lessons, additionally, that mayor to come crazy, which is a system where rewards are linked to hard work and talent is a tool of
4:47 am
whiteness. here with his take is a student at that college, brooklyn college campus correspondent vido dejohn any. >> what is she saying? >> mayor to come crazy is that the outcome is going to be usually based on your talents and personal performance which is how life usually goes. so she is saying that white people use this system, this method of using personal talent to do better in math class. now, i don't know what she is talking about because personally i do terrible in math and people i know do bad in math. i don't see how there is another way to go about this. she is coming across as racist. she is saying that black students and other minority students just aren't good enough as white people to use their natural talent to learn in the classroom or do basic other things. this is the same concept that we see with affirmative action. so then you see a white
4:48 am
student like myself at brooklyn college, you know, how does that come across to me? you know, now i have to deal with other students who, well, you know, she's students at brooklyn college usually agree with this type of thinking, these liberal biased students. don't know any better. start looking at me oh, he must be better at all this stuff because he is white. you know, where that doesn't really make sense because you still have these college professors telling them this over and over again. ainsley: how does that make you feel as a white guy? >> it makes me, you know, feel pushed out of the box almost. they are making me the enemy. making white people in general the enemy. so when i go talk to another student, you know, they already have a prejudgment of me based on what the professor is saying. based on, you know, the political tension and racial divide going on in the country already is. steve: vito, do you see a lot of this social justice stuff at your college. >> absolutely. brooklyn college is where
4:49 am
reverend al sharpton went, barbara boxer, bernie sanders. bernie sanders spoke for the commencement speech last year and brooklyn college went crazy over it. this guy is a super hero to them. social justice that is their life. that is what these college students strive for they want to be back in the 1960's and 1970s and be part of a movement. steve: when they graduate, how are they going to continue that in regular society. >> most of them, i think, are majoring in, you know, art history or racial studies or, you know, blah blah blah, that, you know, doesn't really translate into jobs. they wonder why they don't have jobs and just sitting around talking, complaining how white and black people don't have it the same way and, you know, on the regular stuff. ainsley: you work for campus you are a correspondent. you are a conservative. you are going to this liberal college. what made you want to go there. >> well, first and foremost, my education. so, i usually don't pick things and make decisions based on race. unlike many people on the left. so, you know, that's how you
4:50 am
find the rare conservatives on these liberal campuses. and that's why campus reform, these places unlike my 168 and my co-host vito at the show are inside the campus. a lot of people don't hear these stories because most of the students they agree with it they wonder how did all these people grow up like this oh they are just college students. it's a lot more than that you get that from a different perspective. steve: we left that off your resume. we didn't realize you were co-host of the vito and vito show. ainsley: still ahead on "fox & friends" dan bongino and kellyanne conway. steve: plus our own janice dean going viral after standing up to a bully online who wrote this. the full story coming up next. ♪ liberty mutual saved us
4:51 am
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4:54 am
♪ ainsley: well, our own janice dean going viral after standing up to a social media bully. her name is joanne. she wrote on facebook: dear janice please stop allowing fox to dress you in those short skirts. they are not flattering on you. you're an attractive lady. love the 80's hair but your legs are distracting every time you walk on screen. steve: janice dean replied hi, joanne, fox doesn't dress me. i dress myself. i'm sorry if you don't like my legs. i'm grateful i have them to walk with. you're right, i don't look like the typical person on tv, and i'm proud to be a size 10. imagine that. brian: this all happened after our show. joining us with her response that lit up social media yesterday and this morning is our own senior
4:55 am
meteorologist janice dean. janice, when did this all start fomenting? janice: it started monday. sometimes we check our social media, right, to see what people are talking about. brian: it's always so uplifting. janice: for the most part people are pretty good. some people use social media as a good platform others do not. we have things called trolls. people think because we are on tv nothing sticks to us. that we have armor. and this one got to me because, listen, i have been every size. i have been a size 4. i have been a size 12. i'm a size 10 right now and proud of that fact. you know, we all struggle with things. and i have always been, you know, cognizant of the fact that i'm curvey. a curvey person. steve: but you also talk about how you are lucky to have these legs. janice: so i saw the post. i said i'm going to post this for people to take a look at. and my sweet nurse friend jen smirka who with a s. my first nurse who diagnosed me multiple sclerosis. she said be proud of your
4:56 am
legs that you can dance and jump. i thought you are right, january. jen, when you have ms at any given time your legs can give out on you, right? i know people that are now in wheelchairs. i'm so thankful for my big strong legs. i want people to know that you know what? we have to be nice to each other. i think now more than ever. ainsley: women are saying this to other women. we are just doing the best we can. janice: don't judge a person until you really walk in their shoes, right? steve: that is so true. janice: i wanted to put it out there. the response has been incredible. we have such strong people here at fox. but i mean some of the tweets and the responses have been heart warming. steve: a woman by the name of tiffany tweeted proud of you for being proud of yourself. we are blessed to have healthy bodies. ainsley: steve says janice, you are what you are by the grace of god. you are a beautiful person both inside and out. that is true. scripture says we are beautiful little and wonderfully made we are all different. janice: we have to remind ourselves of that each and
4:57 am
every day. i'm so blessed to be healthy and these 47-year-old legs have taken me on a great journey with you guys. steve: j.d., thank you so much. ainsley: be careful when you s write anything on social media because we have feelings. steve: back with kellyanne. bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. new crest gum detoxify. gums are good, so is my checkup! look for crest gum detoxify in stores today. . . . .
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4:59 am
5:00 am
brian: we have wondered about this. sarah carter that the fbi used that dirty dossier to spy on donald trump and trump associates. >> people within law enforcement are concerned they were using this dossier to find a way to look into the trump campaign. ainsley: bipartisan senate group talking about immigration. they say they're very close to a deal. president drawing a hard-line. >> any solution must include the law. without the law it doesn't work. >> deadly crackdowns on political protesters. >> night and day from the obama administration. we're taking exact opposite approach. taking what people want which is not just frustration over
5:01 am
economic situation but oppression. >> toddler going viral like serious skills. he is hitting like a mlb slugger at just 22 months old. ♪ steve: ainsley on the edge of a long weekend. as heard as she heard lady gaga. ainsley: everyone is doing this i just want to do this when i hear that song. brian: really? ainsley: so good. brian: lady gaga doesn't do it for me. i find her very much overrated. ainsley: really? steve: starting her weekend in one hour. ainsley: i'm off tomorrow. i'm excited. steve: the guy slipping on ice -- ainsley: even though i love my job.
5:02 am
steve: the guy slipping on ice will join us. ainsley: can we hold him off. brian: whose wife released video. ainsley: if you're waking up you have to see the video. will we show it at some point during this hour? steve: which will. start with the lead story. it's a draw-dropper. apparently the fbi used dirty dossi used the stuff they have not been able to confirm, any of it, except carter page did go to russia, they used the dossier to spy on the trump camp going to a fisa court, saying look at all the bad stuff about that guy. okay, if you're the fbi you must want it. that is not the case. brian: on "hannity" show, he got three sources, sarah carter has two sources how the dossier was used in some cases to get a fisa court to unmask some people in the trump administration, who are not the administration yet, the trump campaign. here is sarah carter last night.
5:03 am
>> i have a spoken to a number of sources. one senior law enforcement official, and another in the doj and the dossier was absolutely used as part of the fbi's ability to gain a warrant to basically spy on members of the trump campaign. we know, coming from the mouths of members, senior members of the fbi who testified both comey and mccabe, that the only part of the dossier they were able to confirm that was actual factual was that carter page had actually traveled to moscow. everything else in the dossier apparently they did not talk about that. they did not confirm. there are a number of sources alarmed about this, particularly people within law enforcement who are concerned that they were using this dossier to find a way to look into the trump campaign. ainsley: let's bring in kellyanne conway, counselor to the president who is live this morning with us. kellyanne, if this is true,
5:04 am
they're saying their sources are confirming this, what in the world, can you believe this? what is your reaction? >> look at the reaction of our president just this morning, ainsley. there is a lot of disgust this has gone on for so long, that the heart of this, people refused to report who actually paid for the dossier at different times. i know people love to talk about how we're so obsessed with hillary clinton here. the fact is, we only have to talk about her because people won't let go of an election she lost miserably. she will be ungracious loser. people continue to talk about the 2016 election in light of the dossier, in light of this ridiculous, concocted russia dilution, collusion. it is one day a year where president trump conducted his press conference, january 11th. one day before the dossier came to light overflight. we're a year later we're talking about it through a nonsense
5:05 am
lens. this white house has complied with requests for information. everybody who has been asked to be interviewed has. as far as i can tell but what are we doing talking about that constantly, especially on other networks, and not talking about every single accomplishment, all the good happening. stuff happens here every single day. do you realize yesterday democratic senators and members of congress comming to the white house on very little notice, standing with the president as he signed into law bicameral, bipartisan sun legislation to stop fentanyl pouring into our communities? we have a fentanyl. what is fentanyl, everybody, look it up. educate yourselves. people want to talk about hillary clinton and collusion and dossiers which haven't been verified. we want to stop the poison coming into this country. that is the big contrast for the days. some days i'm really hopping mad people in charge of educates
5:06 am
informing the american people refuse to do their jobs when great things are happening here. that president gave the pen to democratic senator ed markey massachusetts who sponsored the legislation, neighboring states like new hampshire are suffering under the scourge of crisis next door we'll bend the curve on together. steve: we were talking in the first hour how the big three networks, last week they devoted most of their time to talking about the michael wolff book which is very gossipy and all sorts of problems with it as opposed to talking about the fact we hit 25,000 in the stock market. >> that is good news. steve: look at "qunnipiac poll," good news for the administration, only 1/3 of the country feels the economy is not good or poor, 66%, 2/3 of the country say right now the economy is excellent or good, kellyanne. >> you yo why they say that steve? they see it and feel it. they open up their 401(k) statements exploded unpresident
5:07 am
trump's watch and because of his leadership. you can't argue with the numbers, facts and figures. consumer confidence, manufacturers confidence is booming at an all-time high. unemployment is at all-time low including among african-americans, teenagers hispanics. downward trend of unemployed women. we are a job of labor searching for workers. we were labor in search of jobs. i was on different network, anchor said ticking through the fact, what tahas got to do with anything? that has everything to do with americans. it may not have anything to do with people with titillating graphics about russia and president trump trying to get in the way every turn. you see his response. the best response president trump makes everything, getting up and going to work to do his job. this week alone having historic, transparent accountable talks for all of america to see,
5:08 am
bicameral, bipartisan on immigration. yesterday signing i think it was five or six bills into law. things happen here every single day. the bilateral with the prime minister of norway. yet people are still stuck in last year's election and about that woman who will never be president. no one at, i said last night, no one at the white house talks about hillary clinton. only when we're forced to, only with he can requisite eye rolls. talking about 2016. brian: not talk about last night. talk about this morning. tom homan acting i.c.e. director said this what will be effective on the border and what has to happen. he knows we're looking at some type of compromise maybe right away. let's listen. >> if we don't address the causes of illegal immigration, if we don't get the men and women on the ground to close loopholes, pass legislation we need to enforce immigration law in the interior of united states you will have daca 10 years. families coming across now, that is the next daca.
5:09 am
under this president we had 45-year low on illegal immigration aross the border. that is not an accident. for once and for all fix the problem on the border. brian: he wants to fix it. get chain migration, do it at the same time with daca. he says the wall absolutely works. i get the sense, kellyanne, that democrats are looking to do something with republicans that might tick off both ends of the spectrum, liberals and very conservative. are we looking at some type of compromise we haven't seen in a while? can you give us some new news on that? >> well the president has made very clear daca comes, any talks about daca come with the wall, end to chain migration, end to the visa lottery system. this president put forth a 70-point immigration plan. many democrats look at immigration through the daca lenses only. brian: what about ones go to the white house working together, can you give us an idea, there are some reports that
5:10 am
leadership, democrats are experiencing a mutiny right now because their leadership is looking to to do a deal with the president. can you move that story forward? >> i can't speak for the democrats. i can tell you what i read and what i know internally. when you see this jen palmieri former clinton communications director, oh, i mentioned her again, yes in the context of her communications director had a memo that said "dreamers" are key to electoral success. many democrats are nervous today one of the greatest blunt instruments they have got against president trump may disappear when daca get the settled but it gets settled in the midst of the wall being built and it gets settled amidst chain migration and visa lottery system. i want to remind your viewers. 54 democrats in 2013 voted for security measures that look an awful like what the republicans are asking for now. only two things that have changed since 2013 and 2006
5:11 am
secure fence and secure borders act, something like that, that donald trump got elected and that the problem got worse. so we can't let these petty partisan politics get in the way of progress. steve: speaking of partisan, what about conservative supporters of the president, if the ultimate deal amounts to in their estimation amnesty they're going to be disappointed in the president and they're going to lose his support? he will lose their support? >> so remember what the president said the other day, the four principles that are being discussed and we know that we're up against budget deadlines here as well. we also know democrats are on the record of supporting through their votes very similar measures. this president won successfully in part on stronger borders, protecting our sovereign borders, on protecting, stopping the illicit drugs and illegal immigrants from coming over. our secretary of homeland security was on your network yesterday making very clear that we also need mechanisms at the border so when somebody comes
5:12 am
over illegally, we have to have a mechanism to remove them. this catch-and-release, this catch-and-release system doesn't work because the person is already in the interior, but this also has to deal with drugs, drugs pouring over the southern border, drugs coming into our country through the ports and through the mails. this president makes it very clear we need to be a nation with borders. you know who they conferred with to decide what to do next? the people at border, mr. homan, the people whose job every day to put their own lives on the line, their own health in jeopardy at border. there are brave men and women who feel they are there without the tools and resources they need. we're listening to them and our security experts what they need to make this work. ainsley: we as americans have the right to know who is coming in. >> that's right. ainsley: we need to make sure we know their backgrounds. steve: sign the guest book. >> it is common sense, folks. donald trump won a lot of crossover votes because of that very issue.
5:13 am
security, prosperity, transparency, accountability and fairness. for years people in washington what is fair to the illegal immigrant? what more can we do to them? what other benefits we can get to them. this president is saying what is fair to the american worker competing with them. what is fair to the nation that wants a sovereign, secure boarders? what is fair to our loved once because of drugs come pouring? brian: thank you, 13 minutes after the hour, kellyanne conway thanks so much. ainsley: the ceo of jack-in-the-box claims it makes more sense to swap cashiers out for robots. stuart varney says this is tragedy for young workers. he will talk to us. steve: he predicted that. brian: minimum wage. patrick woke up with back pain.
5:14 am
but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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5:17 am
steve: fox news alert. walmart now raising its starting wage from $9 an hour to $11 an hour but that is not all. ainsley: they are expanding parental leave benefits and giving out 1000-dollar bonuses. the changes are all thanks to president trump's tax overhaul. joining us now, stuart varney. this is huge. >> this is really big because a million walmart people will get
5:18 am
that bonus. that is gigantic. as of this morning, before we got the walmart bonus, one million 39,000 americans were getting a bonus. now it is 2,039,000 americans will get a bonus. that is what the script is telling me, the initial report is telling me. brian: biggest fear for people wanting to see if the tax bill will work, if the corporations would hoard their money they now can keep because the tax rate went from 39 to 21. >> the criticism was that you would simply pass this along to stockholders. they would get a bigger dividend or there would be a stock buyback. the stockholders would get the benefit. clearly it is employees and customers who are getting benefits as well. by the way before the walmart announcement, we had waste management chiming in 2,000-dollar bonuses for 34,000 employees. steve: fantastic.
5:19 am
stuart, look at company like jack-in-the-box, the fast-food service company where the ceo says, look, this minimum wage thing that is being mandated is killing us. so we're thinking about robots. >> yes. this is the exact opposite of the pass-through tax cuts, isn't it? here you have got mandatory higher minimum wage. when you raise the cost of anything, you use less of it. so that is what the fast-food chains are doing like jack-in-the-box, replacing workers with technology. red robin, for example getting rid of all busboys at 570 locations because of higher minimum wage. if you mandate -- ainsley: busboys, how will they clean the restaurant? >> that is what they'ring doing. tim horton, that is another chain, they are reducing benefits to employees because they have got to pay them more. look, you mandate higher wages, and you get fewer benefits for workers. brian: not a free market. >> give corporation as tax cut
5:20 am
people get bonuses they win. brian: if you have a responsible ceo. what people don't understand is, you're not just raising wages of entry level people, everybody wants a wage. if i'm making $12 an hour, minimum wage goes up to 15, what if you were making 15, they want 17 and 21. the whole workforce gets more expensive. >> wasn't the expression, america need as raise, wasn't that the expression the last elections early part of next year, now they're getting it thanks to the trump tax cuts. steve: all of those bonuses million members of walmart are getting they will spend it in the neighborhood. >> democrats want to take the bonuses away? will they run in november on raising taxes? should we do that? i don't think so. brian: stuart varney, we'll see if you give your panel a raise from nine to noon. how much you pay them. have a major announcement on your show on fbn. ainsley: we'll have them on your show to find out if you gave them a raise. >> i have no response. steve: don't blame you. doesn't get any better than this, soldier father coming home
5:21 am
surprising his daughter at his school. >> if you would like it come on up, please be sure. daddy. >> this is a real -- [applause] plus 36 month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family.
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5:24 am
brian: back with a fox news alert now. do you want free health insurance? get a job, go to school, volunteer. that is message from president trump for people who use or apply for medicaid. the new guidelines opening door for states to cut off benefits for those who don't have approved reason. more than 74 million people are enrolled in medicaid. the green mountain state is about to get a little greener. vermont is set to become the first in the u.s. to legalize marijuana through its legislature instead of asking the people.
5:25 am
the bill does not set out a framework for retail sales. republican governor phil scott is expected to sign the bill which would go into effect july 1st. that is summer. ainsley: there wasn't a dry eye in the house on tuesday morning just a few days ago at an elementary school in new york. it started off as a normal day for 7-year-old natalie seen running through the crowd. she was there at the morning assembly when her mom showed up as the special guest reader. they shared a book very close to her heart, called hero dad. listen to this. >> my dad sis american soldier. my dad is a hero, my superhero. ainsley: she is 7 years old. when they finished the story natalie's day got even better, when her very own hero dad surprised her at being deployed for nearly a year. >> if you new like to come right
5:26 am
up front, be sure you do -- [inaudible] >> daddy! [applause] >> thank you so much for your loyalty and dedication. ainsley: so sweet. here to tell us all about it is lieutenant colonel john paul flumenden. his wife on the end and obviously their 7-year-old daughter in the middle. thank you for being with us. thank you for your service. >> appreciate it. ainsley: how did all this happen. >> i've been on deployments before. my wife and i talked about doing something special for natalie. my wife coordinated with our local school. we live in clifton park, new york. it's a great community. they fully supported her idea. then she brought it to the school, the idea of actually surprising natalie at her school. ainsley: it all went off without a hitch. >> it did. i have to credit the school though especially mr. scott
5:27 am
diambro, third great teacher there, who runs morning program with the committee. he really took the ball and ran with it. we sat down had a quick meeting last week, i was worried about planning too far in advance, things changing. it worked out. i had been in the military so i know things change on a dime. you know could tell me i'm coming home in two weeks instead of next week. so, it worked out great. it was a great thing. ainsley: natalie, tell us about that day for you. >> i was just so surprised. i didn't expect it. i thought it was going to be february 1st. i saw him, i thought he was somebody else. when i realize he was daddy i just wanted to hug him. ainsley: i'm sure. what is the first thing y'all did as a family? i guess you left school immediately, right? , to spend the day with your dad? >> we went to friendly's. ainsley: that is what you did? you wanted ice cream? >> we went there for breakfast.
5:28 am
it was a nice breakfast. we had somebody come up to give us a gift card, customer there. it was really nice. ainsley: that is so school. >> everyday thing that we go do. ainsley: i can't believe, you saw each other in april. you went to the middle east to visit your husband but you deployed last february. so almost a year? >> correct. ainsley: natalie what is your advice to other kids watching? we have a lot of military families that watch the fox news channel, so what is your advice to them? how do you keep through that. >> keep calm, and keep your mind busy or it will get even worse. ainsley: that is good advice. that is good advice. did you hug your dad non-stop last two days. >> he had a problem trying to go to the bathroom. natalie wouldn't let him go. wouldn't let him out of her sight. ainsley: what do you have planned for next week? anything super special. >> because you invited us kindly here, we'll spend a couple days in the city. i grew up in new jersey.
5:29 am
i know it well. she has been wanting to come for a long time. we'll take in a show, go to some museums. >> going to the statue of liberty. >> we have a ski trip scheduled. ainsley: what is your advice for women that are watching, or some women are deployed and men have to stay at home with the kid? >> i was active duty, so i had a different perspective. being reservist you're more a little more on an island. i was about an hour from his unit but i have to say, family readiness group was amazing. shoutout to chris walsh, our sergeant major's wife who is the head of family readiness group, does amazing job keeping people together, connect connected, active families. doing business, doing daily everything. also, having a great support system no matter where you are. i had amazing friends like the botinso, and miss ellie's, they
5:30 am
were just amazing in terms of, kirschners, all amazing friends who really were there for us. and the rays. yeah, i know. ainsley: everyone who supports military families they thank you. we thank you. that is so sweet. she held both of your hands. i know. he thought of you the whole time. as a parent you think about them constantly. >> all the time. ainsley: thank you, god bless you and your family. >> appreciate it. thank you so much. ainsley: dianne feinstein opens up about why she released that fusion gps testimony. listen. >> because i don't make an excuse but i had a bad cold, maybe that slowed down my mental facility as little bit. ainsley: well, she had a bad cold. we'll be talking about that this morning. plus how is this okay? okay tore robert de niro attacking the president? it is pretty harsh. listen to this. >> this [bleep] idiot is the president. ainsley: dan bongino used to
5:31 am
protect presidents as a secret service agent. he is fired up about that one. he is live. ♪ i didn't know where i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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♪ >> people say the wall don't work, they obviously don't understand how operations on the border work. 100% of the time where they build a wall or barrier, numbers went down. it has shown it works. why wouldn't we not want a wall to protect national security and public safety? what price are you going to put on the safety of this country? if we don't address the causes of illegal immigration, if we don't give the men and women on the ground the tools to close loopholes and pass legislation to enforce the immigration law in the interior of united states
5:35 am
you will have daca again in 10 years. brian: it will be a magnet. let's talk to dan bongino, former nypd officer, former secret service agent, dan bongino show, your podcast is going through the roof. >> crushing it. brian: before we talk about russia, talk about the daca fix. you know there has to be some type of compromise? >> yeah. brian: where does the rubber hit the road on the compromise? what is must-have and a okay, i give? >> can't do anything without three conditions, we need need a wall, end to chain migration, end to visa lootry, if trump gets those three things, that is the best deal for daca at this point. let's put rubber here to the road. democrats don't give a hoot about immigration. this is not about immigration, guys. it has nothing to do with compassion. nothing to do with people coming here to help them out. it doesn't. it has for them to do with raw naked political power and votes. they were given opportunity multiple times to allow people
5:36 am
to say in the country with concern conditions on voting restrictions what did they say democrats. we don't want that? i thought it was about compassion letting people in country? it is about power. they lost middle class, calling them deplorables telling them they didn't build that they're replacing them women my grant votes. simple as that. steve: a number of democrats who are bense what we're talking about today were absolutely for it. but again, dan, you have a number of strong conservatives are saying if the president comes up with some sort of compromise that approaches in their estimation amnesty, we're out. we supported him but we're out on that. >> yeah, listen this is going to be a tough one because they need democrat votes. they need 60 to get this through, if there is any move on immigration. the problem i have, daca recipients are here. the best deal they are going to get, i'm not for amnesty, that is crystal clear, my position, but best deal to get 60, ending
5:37 am
visa lottery, ending chain migration, get the wall in exchange for daca. they will never fet democrat votes otherwise. brian: doesn't mean they get instant citizenship. there is still pathway for daca, 800,000, doesn't mean their parents are citizens. >> i rather not see it at all. it is not just 700,000 people. once they sponsor others it will turn into 1.4, 2.5, potentially million other people coming into the country right now. i think we need to move to labor-based model on immigration, rather than a model we have now which is complete train wreck. ainsley: sara carter, investigative reporter looking into the dirty dossier, sources tell her yes, the dossier was used to spy on the trump campaign when he was running against hillary clinton? who is at fault, hillary clinton, dnc, president trump? >> i had to uncross the legs for this one. you got me totally excited. you see me perk up. this is only the most explosive
5:38 am
scandal in american political history. listen i was secret service agent. i have done big federal investigations. i know exactly how these things work. we're asking all the wrong questions, guys and ladies. the real question is, this is a critical one, don't get me wrong, the question is not was the dossier used to spy on the trump team. the question, none of you can answer, i don't really have the answer for you, although i have some ideas, why is the trump team being spied on in the first place? remember the dossier is used to issue a warrant in october of 2016. but jim comey, the fbi director already acknowledged an investigation going on into the trump team in the summer of 2016. why, brian? brian: i have no idea. >> let me ask you this. change the names in this story. so let's just say george w. bush was spying on barack obama while he was a candidate, you think the question is what was in the dossier to get warn? the question is why a warrant in the first place? nobody answered that. brian: they say they were picking up interaction between
5:39 am
russian officials and the trump campaign. that is what they claim. ainsley: what do you think? >> you have these random people approaching the trump team throughout the summer of 2016. this is all on the record. cnn reporting, "the washington post," no friend of the right. why do you think they were approaching a trump team. steve: it a trap. it's a trap. >> remotely odd to you a guy shows up in a bar to london to talk to george papadopoulos. fusion gps finds out about it. this is the same guy involved in uranium deal from australia to rush share, ambassador to russia, so everyone knows, the ambassador to russia has interaction with george papadopoulos. >> not ambassador of russia. australia. brian: they have conversation. unpaid foreign policy advisor papadopoulos to the trump campaign. so alarmed the australian ambassador, when the podesta emails are released, he contacts the fbi, i got to tell you this
5:40 am
pop. >> how do they find out about that? they're not fbi agents. "new york times" reported this, minister notified american intel agencies. how does fusion gsp get to that? at same time bruce ohr's wife, nellie is on payroll of fusion gps and -- brian: bruce ohr? >> the shoot deputy attorney general at the time by way worked on project casandra, the gun-running story for the hezbollah deal they needed from russians on. steve: fired from another job at fbi last week. >> absolutely right steve deceive we could talk about the scandal forever. robert de niro is one of the greatest actors in the history of acting. he does not like president trump, watch. >> this [bleep] idiot is the president.
5:41 am
brian: bleeped whole thing out. couldn't be more brutal. ainsley: used profanity. >> totally unnecessary. i'm from new york so i'm kind of used to it. you are too. that is unnecessary talking about the president, but more importantly, you know that commercial, i'm not a doctor but i stayed at holiday inn. he thinks because he is a tough guy in the movies this transfers to real life. this guy is idiot. i have no respect for these guys. what i don't understand about hollywood, elitism, if they're trying to change mind what i think most consequential impactful presidency in modern american history, trump press den i, tax cuts, regulation, exploding economy, you think this is the way to do it? this is the deplorable speech on steroids with profanity. you're not only deplorable with buzzer in the beginning. you think you are changing mind? this pure unadulterated stupidity. brian: they're in a bubble. meryl streep says if oprah is president i hope she puts tom hanks and harrison ford in the cabinet.
5:42 am
they that i their world is real. it is not real. >> make luke skywalker as secretary of state. busom-buddies can be in the cabinet as well. steve: mr. bongino will be obi-wan kenobi on "outnumbered" at noon. ainsley: we need pepa pig and elmo. >> my daughter loves pepa pig. ainsley: me too. brian: listen to the podcast. find out even more. president trump surprised lawmakers, opening doors to the press for the bipartisan immigration meeting. much like the president, deal-making is nothing new to bob massi. what does he think of the president's performance and the way he held that meeting? steve: from the battlefield to the classroom, a yale professor is helping military vets make a transition to college. her story coming up. ♪ ♪
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5:46 am
no good morning to you, back with a good headline. president trump slamming senator diane feinstein as sneaky diane. why dud she release it to the public? in part she had a cold. >> one regret i should have spoken to senator grassley before. i don't make an excuse but i had a bad cold and maybe that slowed down my mental facilities a little bit. jillian: democratic lawmaker coming under fire for working with fusion gps, the firm behind the dossier to redact large sections transcript. that cuts against the argument that the release was done in the name of transparency. steve? steve: jill, thank you. president trump giving world a rare glimpse of what compromise
5:47 am
looks like, allowing tv cameras full access to a bipartisan meeting on immigration two days ago. >> democrats are for security at the borders. there are obviously differences, however, mr. president, how you effect that. when we talk about daca, we have don't want to be back here two years later. we have to have security. >> i will take the heat. i don't care. i will take all the heat you want to give me. i will take the heat from the democrats and republicans. my whole life has been heat. no reason we shouldn't debt this done. steve: our next guest has? high-level negotiations. what does he think of the president's performance, host of "the property man," bob massi. hey, bob. president of the united states, when he was running for president, if you make me your chief executive i will bring the democrats to the table and i will negotiate and that's what we saw. we saw the president right there. he was flanked by durbin and hoyer. looked like they were negotiating. what did you think?
5:48 am
>> yeah, what i really liked about this, one thing about negotiations hour you are. you know, you can't be trump, i can't be you, hour you are but the message that i liked, what the president did was to several levels, number one, he said look, throw whatever you want at me, i'm teflon. got no problem with it. i think that was message to the media who trashes him every day, look, you guys try to get me off the game, i've been through this my whole life, knock yourself out, this is the way it is going to be, this is the way it should be. steve: i think hell froze over, because that day cnn had nice things to say about the president's performance there. people were captivated about 55 minutes, we essentially saw the sausage being made, should he do that a lot or do it every once in a while because a little bit goes a long way? >> i think that you sport of sprinkle it here and there for very relevant issues. we agree, steve, this
5:49 am
immigration issue has to get taken care of. a lot of people reacted, whatever you guys bring to me i will sign, and a lot of people were concerned that is going off his message and his promise. i didn't see it that way. we know whatever will be brought to him he will be negotiating with the republicans. he is going to know what he will tell them to bring to him. even though that may have sent a message to his base, he is going to compromise that much, i think when all said and done he said i want the wall, we got to do something that will be best in the situation but the same time he drew the line in the sand. i thought it was excellent. i thought the on tibbs were good. i thought the dynamics were good. i think americans appreciated it. sprinkle once in a while, not all the time because you get tired of it. steve: great analysis. the massey memo from vegas, baby. bob, thanks. >> take care. sieve steve ten minutes before the top of the hour, from the battlefield to the classroom a yale professor is helping military vets making the
5:50 am
transition to college. her story is coming up next. first it is bill hemmer's story. what have you got going? >> nice to see you. good morning. senator rand paul is ready to filibuster yet again. what is that about? talk to him in matter of moments live. republicans are retiring from the house by the dozens. we'll talk to him. is there deal for immigration? corey lewandoski is here with an answer. busy day in "america's newsroom." see you at the top. hour. ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance.
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brian: call it operation opportunity. the warrior scholarship project funded by yale classmates. it is program aimed to help military veterans to make a successful transition from the
5:54 am
battlefield to the classroom. a yale professor has been awarded a one million dollar prize to expand the program. here is the proper and a former u.s. army ranger and student ad columbia university scholar project alumni ted scofiis welcome to both of you. >> thank you. brian: what do you think the need for this, accomplished mature person who already had success in the military, what made you think they need help on the transition? >> so many of our veterans came into the service before the service and struggled with school. perhaps why they went into the service. so in the military they learned unbelievable skills and don't realize those skills translate into the classroom and allow them to succeed and excel in a top university. brian: ted, you were an army ranger. went to colorado university, university of colorado for two years. >> yes. brian: so you go back.
5:55 am
so you already had the maturity, already weren't through maturity process. what needed to be done for you to be successful in your academic career? >> i hadn't been in classroom for four years, or written a academic book or written an academic paper. it gave me the opportunity to in a place that it was safe to fail. brian: safe to fail, what respect? >> warrior scholarship projects i'm here with my own accord with people helping me. i am not graded yet. i was able to cut my teeth in safe environment. brian: was this to go to yale, or a project to transition back to the classroom. >> this was started by yale, undergraduates at yale, and now expanded to a national program. we run one week boot camps on 15 campuses now. this summer it will be 18. we're looking to expand nationally in the future. brian: so i woke up from the battlefield. take the face paint off, get the camouflage, what is the first
5:56 am
thing i do when i come in. >> warrior, apply to the program. one week. very intense sieve. we're recreating the most intensive experiences on college. explain resources students have on that time. brian: you do the test. >> absolutely. brian: what are you doing now? >> i'm a student at columbia. i will finish this spring. brian: they accepted you well at columbia. >> they did. i feel i was able to hit the ground running. brian: marla, ted, thank you very much. >> thank you. brian: great program. glad you got your million bucks. more fox and friend in a moment. don't go anywhere, we're taking attendance. ♪ work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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>> bill: good morning, everybody. hope you're well at home. i'm bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom." good morning. thursday morning. the president backtracking and turning the tables saying the special counsel should focus on the democrats instead of the gop. >> bill: there is collusion but it is really with the democrats and the russians. far more than it


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