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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 12, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that would be a thrill for anybody. i remember meeting him in 1995. i certainly thought it was a thrill. thanks for joining us, everybody. got a lot more coming for you. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. it's 7:00 p.m. in london. the hour is now enormous breaking news. it's happening and it will effect the entire world. right now the vote is underway on great britain's future as one of our closest and oldest allies heads for a breakup from the rest of europe. it's a high stakes divorce that could have ripple effects around the world in all of our wallets. we're live with the vote as reporting begins now ♪ >> brit hume, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> shepard: listen live as they will begin what will be one of the most important
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votes of the century. they are walking out now for the vote to begin. we will have the decision in a moment. in a place where they are in a whale of a mess. it's all over brexit. the british divorce from the european union, which is going about as poorly as the brangelina break did. here's the deal. this exodus set to happen later this month. the prime minister, theresa may has worked out a new revised deal with eu leaders. the parliament vote is on whether to accept or reject that deal. now, listen. it sounds like something far, far away that's never going to effect you or me. that is the farthest thing from the truth. a rejection means the brits will leave the european union with no rules at all. kind of like a divorce with no rules. with no senddown from the court. in this case what to do about workers and trade and travel and commerce and,
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importantly, the border in ireland. if members of parliament approve this new deal, rules will be in place but either way, millions and millions of britains are going to be lived. the prime minister, theresa may, made a last-minute plea after negotiating with european union leaders in france. >> the danger for those of us who want to deliver, to have faith in the british public and deliver on their vote for brexit is if this vote is not passed tonight, if this deal is not passed then brexit could be lost. >> shepard: the european union is warning there will not be any more negotiating. the time for that is over if parliament rejects this deal. back in january, british lawmakers voted against the prime minister's brexit plan by the largest margin in the history at least modern history of britain. if may faces another defeat in just the next few minutes, over the next two days, lawmakers will vote on whether to leave without an
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agreement or to ask the eu to potentially delay this exit past the march 29th deadline. let's listen live now as they are calling the vote as only the britains can. >> no. >> no. >> yes. okay. well, the shout fest has been successfully completed. all the ayes. tell us all the nos. debonair and nick. >> shepard: analysts say a so-called no deal brexit would be a disaster, especially for the economy. here in the united states it could effect everything from the stock market to our trade to what some of our clothes will cost what some of the food will cost. whether we can get some.
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what our relationship will be like with britain. how will begin the process of moving from one place to another across europe. it could effect just about everything. so, what are the handicappers expecting from this vote? the good money is on rejection and our sister network sky news in the united kingdom is now predicting this evening in london a blow-out vote against theresa may's brexit plan. if that happens, theresa may is very much going to be looking for a new job. and all britains are going to be looking for a way to get out of this mess they have delivered themselves. greg palkot reporting. he is live tonight 4 minutes past 7:00 in the evening in london. greg? >> shep, we are watching as you are watching and, yes, it is not looking very good for u.k. prime minister theresa may after this sort of group vote in the house of commons. the members of parliament have left that hall and they are doing an actual member
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by member tally in hallways outside of the chamber. they will come back in and they will announce that the tail of the tape it is not going to be good. most of the opposition labor party members of parliament will be voting against it. and many of the conservative parties, her own party, theresa may will be voting against it as well. as you say our sister network sky news is saying it could be as much as 100 votes, maybe more. the hitch is a technicality how to get the uk through a transition break jump and before the final arrangement. hard line eu folks that really hate it are worried that the u.k. could get stuck in a customs unit indefinitely. here a little bit more of what the opposition labor movement jeremy corbyn had to say. take a listen. >> it is a bad deal that will damage our economy. undermine our industries. irreparably harm our manufacturing sector. risk our national health service.
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damage our public sufficiencies and harm our living standards. >> pretty strong stuff from corbyn again some of her own conservative party members upset about it, too. again we are a couple minutes away from hearing what tonight's vote will be all about, shep. >> shepard: we have live coverage when it begins, 6, 7 minutes from now. thanks. there is breaking news in a united states and steve centannier ostevestunner ofan i. dozens of charges coming from boston. listen to this figure. $25 million. that's what parents are accused of paying in prescribes to help get their kids into prominent universities across this nation. and on top of the money, prosecutors say the parents created bogus profiles filled with lies about kids being elite athletes when they couldn't even play the sport at all. even act and sat administrators accused of being on the take for the rich people hospitalled
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their little ones to get ahead of people who didn't have the power, money, influence and pro-pence state of ohio create crimes. the sorted tale is unfolding now in new england. two hollywood actresses are among the dozens of people charged. fell his city huffman from housewives and. huffman expected in federal court in just a few minutes. we are also expecting another suspect. a former coach at stanford university to enter a guilty plea in court at any moment after the feds laid out details of the plot. >> who paid enormous sums to guarantee their children's admission to certain schools through the use of bribes and fake academic and athletic credentials. >> shepard: in addition, prosecutors have given stunning details of how they say the rich parents rigged the system. >> we're not talking about donating a building so that a school is more likely to take your son or daughter.
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we are talking about deception and fraud, fake test scores, fake athletic credentials. fake photographs. bribed top officials. >> shepard: fakes and bribes all around. the operation code name varsity blues. the alleged master mind is this man. rick singer. he entered a guilty plea inside a boston federal courtroom 30 minutes ago. and here's how prosecutors say the whole thing worked. the parents, they say, paid money to singer. the guy who is behind this website. according to the feds, singer would then bribe college coaches to label their children as top athletes when they were anything but. they say he went as far as to photo shop kid's pictures into sporting events end made up athletic achievements. in some case parents are alleged to have paid to have their children take college entrance tests but would actually have another person take the test for them. >> the stupidity would actually g -- student would comr
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would come in afterwards correct the answers submit the exam. >> shepard: and that's that. prosecutors say some kids were wise to what's happening. but it's not clear as to how many or whether any of those will be charged. molly line with the breaking details she is live this afternoon in boston. mollie? >> thanks, shep. as you mentioned william rick singser he just pled guilty to four counts. money laundering. conspiracy to fraud obstruction of justice. prosecutors believe he was the ring leader of this very broad cheating conspiracy. this bribery conspiracy to try to get kids into colleges. per sentencing guidelines the judge has indicated in court 15 to 19.5 years. worth noting this appears to be a plea agreement so the sentencing has yet to occur. so we don't know how much time he could potentially spend behind bars. alongside irs officials, the fbi today announcing essentially this bust, an international bust of
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college admission scheme bribery, fake tests and athletic produce ease. helped students gain admission to yale, georgetown, university of texas, the university of southern california. these institutions did not know about this scam. and some, including yale and stanford have already taken actions against coaches that were indicted. the alleged ringleader rick singer as you mentioned charged with this onslaught of charges. wealthy parents gave him millions of dollars to either pay off the exam takers or literally have someone take the exam to fake their child's ability at sports. bribe coaches. doctoring photos. the victims here those that play by the rules. >> every year hundreds of thousands of hard-working, talented students strive for admission to elite schools. as every parent knows, these students work harder and harder every year in a system that appears to grow and more competitive every year. >> and as you mentioned,
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shep, there will be more folks stepping into the courtroom in this investigation far from over. >> shepard: so some coaches and some hollywood stars. what more do we know about those who have been charged? >> >> there are some 50 defendants in this case 10 10 current former ceo. two test administrators and one very, very talented test-taker named mark rodel could give someone an excellent test score or particular improvement one could be looking t for. lowe laughlin known for role in full house and another actress fell his city huffman of desperate housewives fame. unclear how many names we may see days and weeks as this investigation goes on, shep? >> shepard: molly line in boston. first bob is here, criminal defense attorney. penalties, what's possible? >> well, these are whopping
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penalties, shep, so on the major charges, which we just saw happening in court today, with mr. singer, racketeering, which is one of the charges carries up to 20 years. >> shepard: that's a mob thing. organized criminal business. that's what this was. very sophisticated and very involved. using a fake charity, tax fraud involved with that the huber russ of it, shep to me not only are they doing something to get advantage over students that don't have money or power but then able to donate to charity and take a tax deduction on these taxes these parents. something as a prosecutor that would get me extremely agitated money laundering 20 years. tax conspiracy 20 years and another charge worth five years. is he looking now and cooperating with the feds. given substantial cooperation from anywhere from 15 to 19 and a half years. he gets 3 point reduction for acceptance of responsibility which is trying to get to you do the right thing. but he is also i'm pretty confident got a 5 k cooperation agreement that the more that he cooperates and the more that he gives the feds the more is he
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looking to get a downward departure. it's not going to go that low he is in deep trouble. >> shepard: what about these two hollywood stars? >> i think they are going to be much less. they weren't involved in an overall criminal conspiracy for a significant period of time like this man was. singer made $25 million over five or six years with regard to these things. so prosecutors will look at that more seriously. and you could tell more seriously by who they indicted as opposed to who they filed the complaint and accusation against. the parents will go easier. i think they will make a point that you cannot use your privilege and you cannot use your wealth and you cannot use your fame to game the system. >> shepard: bob, thanks. expecting some of those to be in court in just a moment. we will go there. first to breaking news. the brexit vote is underway in britain. we should know this, i'm told, within the next two to three minutes. so time for a quick commercial break. the vote that will effect europe and britain and all of us will have the details right after this.
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>> shepard: a live look at parliament in britain where the prime minister, theresa may has just walked. in this is the vote on brexit and her new sort of revised deal with european union leaders for britain to exit the european union come the 29th of this month. they had hoped that this might be a good enough deal where she could get widespread support but, instead, the attorney general in the united kingdom dealt a real blow a few hours ago when the endorsement was a bit lukewarm and now our sister network sky news in the u.k. is reporting that it's widely believed that this brexit deal with l. fail and as a result a no deal or a no deal brexit is likely and the delay of brexit is something that most likely the parliament will ask of the european union. this sounds like just jibber irish, doesn't it?
12:19 pm
because though we have heard about brexit so long in the united states, why do i care about this? why does this guy stand up there and everyone yell what are you doing? matt, global editor at politico, founding editor of politico, europe. why do we care? why should americans care about what's about to happen? >> we are seeing our closest ally in the world, historic ally in the midst of a political meltdown. run out of synonyms for chaos. britain has been consumed by one issue presented by the referendum in 2016 which is europe. we also care for economic reasons. outside of new york, the biggest american banks have their presence in london. the city of london is a huge
12:20 pm
financial center. if britain goes out without a deal, it will be a different kind of chaos in terms of trade flows across the world, because it's passenger travel fullly unhard to imagine what it will look like because we have never been there this effects not just britain who hebrew consumed by this and who -- ha has been consumed by. this. >> shepard: theresa may did this as a move to say your brexit thing we are not doing this here. let's have a vote on this thing and then we can just move on and much to her dismay and the shock of the world, the brexit vote went forward. >> i think she david cameron thought he would win. divided britain but divided the conservative party which is theresa may's party. and the reason why she can't pass this through. >> let's listen. [cheers]
12:21 pm
>> on the assumption that he can get anywhere near them. we interrupted you so we could hear what was happening there apologies, matt. if you could pick up and sort of take us through that again. >> i was going to say that basically if she is going to lose value today and don't know you by how big a margin the political consequences here are also quite big for the u.k. the conservative party which has ruled britain for almost a decade now has split down the middle over europe. if we go to early election. we will probably have or high likelihood that jeremy corbyn who is the leader of the labor party will become prime minister. is he not a centrist like tony blair was. he is in the aoc style for britain. so, our closest ally will be led by someone who is very difficult for washington and for the trump administration to work with. >> shepard: because of
12:22 pm
political ideologies and more? >> >> definitely political ideologies, jeremy corbyn to the very far left of the labor part. questioned britain's role in nato. >> order. >> shepard: order. >> the ayes to the right 242, the nos to the left 391. [gasps] the ayes to the right 242, the nos to the left 391. so the nos have it, the nos have it. >> shepard: that means this new brexit deal fails and it fails in resounding way. they just lost by 149 votes in parliament. >> she managed to get a few moderates over to support
12:23 pm
her. >> shepard: let's listen to theresa may. >> by far the best outcome is united kingdom leaves the european union in orderly fashion with a deal. >> here, here. >> and that the deal we have negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal available. >> yeah. >> s mr. speaker have the government means to proceed. two weeks ago i made a series of commitments from this dispatch box regarding the steps we would take in the event that this house rejected the deal. i stand by those commitments in full. therefore, tonight, we will take a motion for debate tomorrow to test whether the house supports leaving the european union without a deal on the 29th of march. the house will make emergency business statement confirming the change to tomorrow's business. >> shepard: so in essence what's happening is now there is going to be a vote within parliament on whether they leave with no deal. no deal would mean for britains if you work across
12:24 pm
the channel somewhere else in europe? can you get back and forth? what happens with your paycheck? if your produce comes from france or germany or somewhere else? how does it get across the channel? if you have a family member who works over there or one who lives over there and works over here what happens? in addition, the border in ireland because, matt, the situation in ireland is an important and unresolved one. >> that's the one that's been made so hard to push through. europe does not want to see a hard land border in ireland and it's put in place something called a back stop. the people who have voted against this deal, especially from the conservative party can't swallow that, which is why this has failed. now, what is fascinating to watch is what is going to happen in the next 48 hours. you don't have a majority either for what she has just proposed to do which is to vote to accept a no deal exit. so, what's going to happen on thursday is they will likely vote to ask europe for an extension.
12:25 pm
you didn't finish your paper, can i hand it in next week? at some point, so this is going to continue, this circus is going to continue probably until may if the european union agrees to give them an extension. >> shepard: we will see if that happens. lots of news ahead. matt, thanks very much. appreciate it the dow took a bit of a dive on this news. it went down, i don't know, 40, 50 points on the news. frankly, this was expected. they have been reporting throughout the day the united kingdom since the attorney general over there said look, we are lukewarm on this. we are not sure the legalities of all of this. whether this will be enough to protect us going forward. the long and short of it is there is a horrible mess going on. there is ka chaos scene in seene last 100 years. whether they will exit, how they will exit. what the rules will be. whether there will be rules all matters for another day as theresa may has just gotten an astounding rebuke,
12:26 pm
149 vote loss in parliament now likely there will be a new prime minister in great britain. more countries around the world are banning boeing's new jet from flying in their airspace after two crashes killed hundreds of people. the european union has suspended all flights of the 737 max 8. but here in the united states and in the united states basically alone airlines are standing behind the safety of the aircraft so the federal aviation administration. this follows sunday's crash in ethiopia. 157 people died, including 8 americans. a person who saw the plain go down says the boeing jet plummets, nose first directly into the earth. and nearly five months ago the same model boeing jet plunge dollars into the sea in indonesia killing all 189 people on board that jet. another of the exact same model.
12:27 pm
investigators say an automatic feature, forced the plane into a nose dive. even as the pilots tried desperately to pull it up. the chairman of the house committee that oversees the aviation industry today admits that he would have second thoughts about getting on a max 8 right now. >> do you have a problem getting on a plane like that right now? >> i would think twice about getting on the plane, truthfully. i'm not going to be dishonest here. the initial data is eerily similar to indonesian in terms of the unusual climb and dive. >> shepard: is it the plane or pilot. today a boeing spokesperson says the company has full confidence in the safety of the max 8. so what you may want to know is what airlines in the united states fly these planes? well, in the united states, it's southwest and american airlines. and among them, well, american has about 24 of them. southwest has even more.
12:28 pm
if you want to know whether your flight is on one of these jets, you can go to the website or to the app. and check in advance if you so choose. the actor accused of faking an attack against himself is back in court and he is sticking by his story. coming up, we will tell you fox star jussie smollett's lawyer says she wants cameras in the courtroom during his trial. plus, the united states ordering americans at the embassy in venezuela to get out of the country now as folks there have gone days without electricity and power. is there military conflict ahead? the unknowns of the day as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel. ♪ to look at me now,
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12:33 pm
power, water, communications and in many cases food. secretary of state tweeted last night that embassy staff staying in the country has become a constraint on u.s. policy. this comes after the power grid collapsed last week causing days of blackouts. folks drinking water from a dirty river because they say they have no other options. the country has fallen into a deep recession under the disputed president nicolas maduro and frankly it borders on a failed state now. lots of people can't get basic necessities including food and medication. maduro blamed the united states and the opposition leader juan guaido for the blackout. he suggested a cyber attack shined the crisis a united states cyber attack. of course, he provided no proof or evidence. guaido blamed government corruption and mismanagement in venezuela. the u.s. and dozens of other countries recognize guaido as the leader of venezuela, china, russia, cuba and others are among those
12:34 pm
backing maduro. steve harrigan reporting. he has been covering the venezuelan crisis and traveled there earlier this month. hey, steve. >> shepard, you really have two sides pointing at each other, blaming them for this catastrophic situation inside venezuela. you have the disputed president nicholas mawrdz blaming the u.s. saying this was an act of sabotage that caused the power blackout calling it an electric coup. he doesn't offer any evidence for that on the other hand the u.s. secretary of state saying this is the result of corruption by the maduro government and the incompetence. the secretary of state also took a shot at venezuela's ally cuba. >> when there is no electricity, thank the marbles of modern do you believe ban led engineering. when there is no water, thank the excellent high draw just frohydrologist. when there is no food thank the cuban communist overlords. >> one point that's often made in analyzing the situation on the ground in
12:35 pm
venezuela maduro still controls the police and military. opposition leader juan guaido posted a picture of some of those agents trying to get water from the poo looted river. they are also getting it from sewers as well trying to fill their bottles. you have protesters and police on two opposite sides but both of them drinking from the same polluted river, shepard? >> shepard: as for money, what you can find is not worth anything, i suppose. >> it is very odd to try and do business in a country where inflation is 10 million percent a year. even to get the currency is hard. if you ask at a hotel or store to try and change a $20 bill you get a look. it simply isn't done. when you see a reporter posting a picture of a foot long stack of bills saying this is what our lunch cost. it's really nonsense. most transactions are carried out electronically, on the other hand, it's very modern but it's modern for all the wrong reasons. the currency simply doesn't have any value. you combine that with old fashioned socialism, subsidies on prices,
12:36 pm
gasoline that cost 4 cents a gallon stolen and sold across the border. you have a real mess. one thing to keep in mind this government gets almost all of its money supports everything from the sale of oil. without electricity they can't move it, they can't put it on tankers, they can't sell it things could get even worse in the darkness there in now. >> shepard: steve harrigan on the developing situation in venezuela. thank you. the american actor, the fox star jussie smollett back in court after a grand jury indicted him on not one but 16 felony counts of lying to police among other things. the star of the fox television series empire has stood by his story that he was the victim of a hate crime attack even though police in chicago say jussie smollett staged the whole thing for publicity. >> the judge decided today that he will allow cameras in the courtroom for smollett's next appearance on thursday. matt finn has been following the case since the beginning. he is live outside the courthouse.
12:37 pm
matt? >> shep, jussie smollett is scheduled to return to this chicago courthouse on thursday where he is expected to enter a plea on those 16 new felony charges of giving a false police report and we now know the judge will allow a camera inside the courtroom for thursday's hearing. inside the courthouse today, jussie smollett once again arrived with his siblings and an assistant and also an attorney from mark geragos law firm. that attorney told the judge today that jussie smollett wants the cameras in the courtroom so that the public can hear what smollett calls the truth. >> there has been a lot of misinformation in this case that has been presented as facts and evidence against mr. smollett, which is demonstrably false. we welcome cameras in the courtroom so that the public and the media can see the actual evidence. >> smollett's attorney say they think there is a lack of evidence in this case to convict the actor and high profile criminal defense attorney mark geragos is scheduled to be in this
12:38 pm
courthouse for the first time with smollett on thursday. shep? >> shepard: those attorneys had to get special permission just to represent him? why is that? >> well, mark geragos and at least one of his associates are not licensed to practice here in the state of illinois. they did submit documentation requesting special permission to represent jussie smollett here in illinois and today a judge did approve their request. shep? >> shepard: all right. matt finn in chicago. matt, thank you. ♪ updating the breaking news of the day. the television actress felicity huffman due in court this afternoon. minutes from now in southern california. she is one of the parents caught up in the college admissions cheating scheme on which we have been reporting for the last couple of hours. investigators say wealthy families and others used their money to get their kids into top universities and broke the law along the way. trace gallagher is following the story. is he live in our west coast news hub. trace? >> i want to bring you some breaking news in this, shep. you just mentioned lori and
12:39 pm
felicity huff facing mail fraud charges which reportedly could hold up to 20 years in prison. it's interesting because you just talked about jussie smollett, that's one of the charges that he also could be facing for sending what was allegedly a phony letter to himself. now you have this college scheme and these parents could be facing the same thing. this is just tip of the iceberg stuff, shep, because more parents and college coaches could still be charged. you mention lori loufman and felicity huffman. there are dozens of prominent figures in law and business also on the list for bribing college coaches and testing administrators and paying a private counseling firm at least $25 million already involved in this you have coaches from stanford, you have sailing coaches from different schools because these are kind of secondary sports. and the way they were able to sneak these kids in you would have the sailing coach from say a stanford would
12:40 pm
say okay i'm going to recruit this kid. the media is not really following the sailing program all that aptly so what they do is sneak the kid through the back door. the kid has never sailed before but still gets into stanford and does whatever. you also involve in other schools some soccer programs. kids who admittedly came out and said have never played soccer before got admitted into some schools because they played soccer. the other part of this whole conspiracy was the fact this was kind of run out of a college recruiting center down in newport beach and what they would do is they would convince these test owe taking sites, did you go and take your sat. so what they do is they convince these test-taking sites that some of these kids have some disabilities or some learning disabilities. and they would have a proctor go in with them and take the test. so the proctors would either correct the test, give them more time to take it, or they would take the test for them anyway and these kids were getting extraordinarily high grades on the sats.
12:41 pm
i want to go back to lori loughlin, i want to read you something her daughter olivia j. posted on instagram. she is a freshman at uac. i don't know how much of school i'm going to attend she said this in her posted video on youtube which by the way she has 1.9 million followers. she says i do want the experience of game day's partying, i don't really care about school as you guys know. this is what she put on her youtube page saying she doesn't really care about school and now the feds are saying yeah, but her parents paid a boat load of money to get her in to usc by doing one of the above. they haven't detailed yet. don't know but did something to manipulate the admissions process for her to get in and a lot of other famous parents are also on that list. shep? >> shepard: yeah, trace, people who read the "new york post" know that lori loughlin's daughter made a lot of posts saying i don't really care about the school. i just want to go to the parties and go to the
12:42 pm
athletic events. and she also posted about her nice amazon postings and twitter is eating her alive this afternoon. >> yeah, and a lot of these people will be eaten alive as these names come out. let's face it we are talking about big-time lawyers and big-time business executives. these are people who would actually pay the consultant $400,000. for example, one coach and i'm not going to name the coach because i'm not sure if they have been indicted. one coach was paid $400,000 to bring a female in to the woman's soccer program at a certain school and then on top of that, once the student was admitted, parents then paid $1.2 million in admission fees to this college counseling saying this group. we are talking about extraordinarily high prices to get these kids into some of these elite schools, usc, stanford, yale among the top. >> shepard: new england the quote of the youtube channel i don't know how many school i'm going to attend from olivia jade.
12:43 pm
i'm going to go talk talk to my deans and everyone and hope can i balance it all. i do want the experience of like game days, partying, i don't really care about school as you guys all know. not aging well. more on this throughout the day. also, we are waiting for the ringleader of all of this, rick singer who has pleaded guilty as our molly line reported at the top of the hour. pleaded guilty about an hour ago now. and there he is. he is signing paperwork right now inside the courtroom. and we expect that he will walk out of that courtroom in just a few minutes. we will see if he has anything to say about the $25 million that were alleged to have been paid to get kids into college who apparently didn't deserve it. ♪ ♪ can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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>> shepard: the ceo of wells fargo bank says that bank has made changes after past scandals but he can't promise perfection. members of congress grilled him today on capitol hill. one lawmaker suggesting the bank is too big to management the ceo denied that wells fargo is one of the nation's largest banks. back in 2016 company execs admitted that employees had opened millions of fake accounts and routinely pushed unnecessary, if
12:48 pm
unneeded fees and services on customers. the fox business network deirdre bolton is reporting from new york. deidre. >> shep, you mentioned those accounts. let me give you statistics. 1.5 million accounts were opened without any knowledge or consent. 565,000 credit card accounts were open, again, without knowledge or consent. i think it's pretty clear to most people in the industry that wells fargo sales practices abused customers. these exchanges on capitol hill today were very fiery. this is a congressman from wisconsin, sean duffy grilling the ceo. >> has wells fargo undertaken reforms to fix the problem? >> we have. >> is the problem fixed? >> it's fixed. >> it is? okay. i'm surprised because as you come in and talk to congress i'm shocked that you are no not in an orange suit and a little jail cell testifying today. >> so, shep, that is an example of some of the lawmakers saying hey, if the average person on the street
12:49 pm
did what wells fargo did, that person would be sitting in jail. i want to highlight this as well because it was unprecedented at the time that the fed actually got involved, went to wells fargo during this period of abuses and said you are not allowed to grow or do anything until you clean up your corporate governance. now the ceo did make some comments today that he is addressing all of that shep. so steps being taken from the massive ceo to the lawmakers. >> shepard: what changes have they made. >> taken out compliance and risk from the sales departments which seems like a basic thing but they have in fact, done that also the ceo. >> shepard: wait, wait, wait, wait. they have taken out compliance and risk. you are not on fbn anymore. what does that mean? >> i'm sorry. those are the controls, the measures, it's basically very high level accountants and before they were working alongside of the traders of the sales people. so, they are now independent groups where they have direct access to the ceo and that is a structure that is
12:50 pm
a lot more sound and if any monkey business is going on, the ceo will know about it directly. >> shepard: in theory? >> in theory. but they have set it up to be pretty clean. they have learned their lesson. the ceo saying he is the only employee of wells fargo on the board in past times they had a lot of employees who were also sitting on the board and that just makes group think a little more dangerous, shep. >> shepard: all right, deidre bolton. coming up a hearing on capitol hill how the military is planning to use artificial intelligence on the battlefield. plus, the senate planning a vote on whether to block president trump's national emergency declaration. details on that straight away. system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency.
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12:55 pm
corner of the defense department. that's from the pentagon now. and senators on the armed services committee are hearing from the defense department officials. so what's it all going to mean? our national security correspondent jennifer grifn live at the pentagon. jen, what about it? >> well, shep, to give you an idea how much the pentagon is shifting focus to artificial intelligence to make its weapons smarter, last year it budgeted $84 million on ai. this year it is requesting $414 million for artificial intelligence research. the hope is that improved ai can help predict equipment faults and parts needed in military helicopters and army vehicles. help improve maintenance records. ai is being used in cyber security and to program drones to identify civilians during airstrikes and also can help with humanitarian operations during wild wildfires and hurricanes. the pentagon outlined first ai strategy in unclassified report last month. the new three star general in charge of ai says the u.s. is finally looking at
12:56 pm
how to protect personal data especially from china. >> protecting our data, doing everything we can to make sure somebody doesn't understand what that data is, how we built our algorithms, there is so much more than. this but i believe the sounding board of what china is doing, just within the past two years is now making a difference. >> on february 11th, president trump signed an executive order directing federal government agencies to make r and d on artificial intelligence a priority. quote: continued american leadership in artificial intelligence is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic and national security of the united states. the concern is that russia and china are already investing in artificial intelligence and could surpass the united states. >> china and russia have already recognized the enormous commercial and military potential of ai and are investing heavily with aims to become dominant. the chinese government leverages several military fusion whereby law every commercial ai innovation is
12:57 pm
immediately transferred to the chinese military. >> the problem of pentagon faces is some tech companies in silicon valley don't want to work with them and don't want their algorithms used for any sort of killer robots. shep? >> shepard: jennifer griffin report from the pentagon. thanks. mitch mcconnell says that the senate will vote on thursday, the day after tomorrow, on a resolution to overturn the president's national emergency declaration to build a border wall. the house passed the measure last month. and the president has said he will veto it. it would be his first veto since taking office. our senior producer for capitol hill chad pergram has a history of this presidential power and how it works. >> veto is latin for i forbid but you won't find that word itself anywhere in the u.s. constitution it works like this. article one section 7 of the constitution basically says if the president likes a bill, he can sign it. if he doesn't, he can veto it. and send the legislation
12:58 pm
back to capitol hill. alexander hamilton engineered the veto writing in paper 73. hamilton argued in favor of the veto saying the president may periodically need to hold congress in check. the founders wanted to give congress one last chance to go over the head of the executive, that's the veto override. believe it or not, congress never overrode a single veto until 1845. president john tyler holds the distinction of becoming the first president to have his vito overridden. tyler vetoed a spending bill to pay for what's now the coast guard. the house and senate objected and overrode tyler that's because the bar is so high the gamut requires a two thirds vote by both bodies of congress that's 67 votes in the senate provided all 100 senators cast ballots and 290 in the house if the house is fully populated at 435 members. 427 house members cast ballots to terminate the
12:59 pm
national emergency. 245 voted in favor. the house fell 40 votes shy of the 285 yeas necessary to override a perspective veto. the last successful veto override came in september 2016. that's when the house and senate overrode president obama's veto of a bill to allow families of 9/11 victims to sue those responsible for the attacks, including saudi arabia. the last unsuccessful veto override came in february 2016. the house failed to override president obama's veto of a bill to repeal obamacare. presidents have only vetoed 2500 bills in the history of the republic. congress has only successfully overridden a veto 111 times. that works out to about 4%. and that's precisely why president trump isn't expecting to have his veto overridden in this instance either. on capitol hill, chad pergram, fox news. >> shepard: should news break out, we will break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the final intelligent ringing on wall street and
1:00 pm
it's a down day on the dow off more than 100 points on the session. let's see, 23 of the 30 dow jones industrial components are in the red today. "your world" with cavuto starts now. ♪ >> neil: less than 24 hours that nancy pelosi says impeachment should be off the table. did a democratic congressman named al green just put it back on? >> i do not believe that an unfit president should be allowed to stay in office. >> neil: battle not over. welcome, everybody, i' m neil cavuto. i would like to thank charles payne for filling in while i was out. al green was pushing ahead with impeachment despite the leader of his own party saying not so fast. he is not alone by the way. we will talk to the congressman in just a moment. ahead of that mike emanuel on the battle brewing within the democratic party. mike? >> neil, good a


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