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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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if this ever happens again, it is really bad. we will can't get away with that. thank you so much for being wit else. terrific interview. >> laura: terrific interview with the president and it just tells what i'm going to argue tonight. perfect about holding them accountable and holding them specifically under the legal ethics rules. we can do that. >> sean: there's a few of us. you, tucker, mark, rush, others. i won't get everyone's names. thank god they've been there. the truth got out finally. >> laura: thanks so much sean. i'm laura ingraham and this is the "ingraham angle" tonight. 24 hours after mueller's big meltdown, what are the takeaways of this mess and what will be held accountable? joe digenova, john yu, andat
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former acting attorney general matt whitaker will weigh in. plus the democrats reactions to yesterday's hearing tells us about their chances in 2020. and later ilhan omar has something against white men. annually revealed video reveals an insight into her warped mind-set. do you like to bathe in warm toilet water dr. drew here with all the literally sickening details. but first, time for accountability. that's the focus of tonight's angle. the fallout from that calamitous mueller testimony continue to reverberate today and the questions keep mounting. how is a man who's obviously so detached from key aspects of the case ever allowed to run the investigation?
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why didn't they end the investigation when they realized there was no collusion or conspiracy to throw the election. how could mueller not know anything about fusion gps? and why wasn't the fisa court fully informed about the origins of the dossier? how did trump hating partisans manage to become key players on mueller's team? why do elites always seem to get away with the abuse of power when conservatives like trump are dragged through the mud for something he didn't even do? well, as for the last question the elites of both partiesth let's face it, have a lot to answer for. it's up to us to hold them accountable. this kind of thing doesn't happen ever again to anyo president or frankly any american citizen. so that no one is subjected to defamation or saddled with
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massive legal bills, or has his or her entire life's work, in this case, his entire presidency, put in jeopardy. the fact is the so-called elites have been failing us for decades. and trump, remember, called them all out in 2016. i do not think they ever forgave him. elites have been wrong about major history authoring issues. remember former fed chair alan greenspan, they even called him the maestro. he presided over the housing bubble and along with bill clinton, he thought it was just peachy to allow china into the world trade organization. >> permanent normal trade relations with china will have profound implications for the free world's trading system and the long-term growth potential of the american economy. >> laura: remember, folks from the bush years, paul wolfowitz? he was the architect of the iraq war.ra he also got trump wrong too.p
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>> is there a reason you're picking clinton over trump? >> i find it incredibly disappointing when the country needs to come together that we have two major party candidates who enjoy so little confidence in the american people. >> laura: [cackling] that's funny. confidence in the american people? according to a pew research poll by 2008, only 38% of the country thought that the decision to invade iraq was the right decision.nt that helped elect barack obama. as for obama, he pledged into bring in a new team of pros, tha elite of the elite who would show everyone how governance is really done.ld instead, he brought us anemic growth, the iran deal, and ann obamacare website that didn't even work. >> did you try signing on theac site yourself? i have created an account on the site. i have not tried signing up because i have insurance. >> what did you think of it?
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>> there are some challenges that could be smoother, could be easier to access, that's really what we are working on. nobody says the site is working the way we want it to. >> laura: wait a second. i thought they were going to be the smartest people ever. and yesterday, we were reminded spent $34 million for an investigation that could've been easily easily handled by the regular line prosecutors at the justice department. an investigation led by a man who was clearly past his prime so past his prime that he didn't even bother doing a conflicted check on the team he assembled. >> andrew weissmann attended hillary clinton's election party. did you know that before after -- >> i don't know when i found that out. >> are you aware genie dean rep is in hillary clinton originating from hillary clinton's time from secretary of state? >> did you know that before -- >> no.
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>> laura: a first-year associate at pretty much any law firm knows that the mere appearance of bias or conflict is often enough to require recusal from any case. in the situation, with the stakes so high, this was of paramount importance. by the way, each lawyer on mueller's team had an affirmative legal obligation under the ethics rules to consider their own anti-trump bias. and decline the offer to work on the russian collusion investigation given their past connections to the democrats. my friends, republicans must hold them accountable and get real answers as to why this team was allowed to operate outside the code of professional responsibility that all of us attorneys are subject to. heaven forbid, this travesty could happen again. and that's the angle. what's next for these elites? tonight, we offer a path forward to hold them accountable. joining us now, u.s. attorney
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joe digenova. and former deputy assistant general john yoo. what's the first form of action here? should lindsey graham hold hearings as chair and bring the real authors of this report before the committee? and find out why this recusal was not done and whether any conflict check was done in this case? >> absolutely.e it won't do any good to file complaints with bars. lindsey graham has a wonderful opportunity before the final report from borowitz comes out as an interim accountability staff, he should hold a hearing he should have wisemann, he should even invite mueller to testify about why he didn't engage with these people, clear conflicts of interest. they should never have been on this case, should have absolutely been precluded from becoming involved in these cases and nothing was involved about it.
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the reason is weismann went about this from the very beginning, he told mueller i want to be on this, i want to be the one you used. mueller gave him the job. mueller didn't care whether or not he had conflicts. mueller has been absolutely absinthe, a wall -- >> laura: not even a figurehead. a figurehead would know more. the standards of conduct, we'll put up the full screen graphic. obtaining advice and approval on ethics related matters. an employee should contact his or her designated ethics officials for advice or approval when the employee is assigned in a matter in which his or her official actions may affect the employee's own financial interest or the interest of any person or entity whose interests are imputed to the employee. there is another provision if any question arises after your
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impartiality, which is the operative one in this case. you must go for approval to the ethics official. we have no record of there having been given any approval from the ethics officials at the doj. >> right. as a former justice department attorney, as joe was, you are supposed to take it on yourself to ask yourself, can i be impartial? it's not even whether i can be impartial, when anyone knowing about my work, my past clients my personal friends or political contacts, would anyone on the outside question the impartiality of the justice department if i participated? you are supposed to report that. a good attorney will do that themselves. they do not need to be poked prodded, attacked from someone on the outside. doesn't look like anybody brought that to anyone's attention. you would think that if you are representing the clinton foundation or your personal friends were working for the clinton campaign and working onp
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an investigation where the origins of the very facts of the investigation seem to have been fed into the justice department by the clinton campaign, that's a perfect example of when you should be recusing yourself. >> laura: i want to read provision four. the employee has to ask the ethics officer for approval if the employee is asked to participate in a matter that might cause a reasonable person to question his or her impartiality. so that's the operative ---- >> here's what's important. yesterday, bob mueller lied. he was asked by committee members, did you have any conflict of interest. he said no. that is false. he did have conflict of interest and in fact he got waivers for them. after he was appointed! so he knew that he had to deal with conflicts and he never required weissmann to deal with their conflicts. this is a major, major ethical
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flaw in everything that he gets. by the way, the investigationon was taken from day one by all of these biased people. it's a joke.l >> laura: why are there no sanctions? republicans tend to declare victory and move on without actually getting to the underlying punishment that is necessary to prevent this from happening again. you, i, john, we all talked about what happened in the kavanaugh case. a leak from the committee went to "the washington post" and spread all over the media about the accusation against kavanaugh. no investigation. right? where are the republicans though? w it's like they just want to shake hands and move on. >> you have to have it. >> laura: lindsey graham has to bring them before the committee. >> they have to come before the committee and ask them questions. >> laura: will they deny and say no, or will they be under an obligation to appear. how would that work?
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>> a lot of them have left the justice department so what i would do, congress can't really punish anybody. i think you go to attorney general barr. these people work at the justice department, they abused the procedures, they did not report these ethical problems, so the attorney general, the justice department could perhaps launch an investigation and see if there were any laws broken. >> laura: you were supposed toau get approval and there are mechanisms that allow for a formal complaint, joe, at the justice department. i want to take a closer look at one of the hires they didn't ve. because people hear these names they forget what the history was. jeannie reid, this attorney has a long history with the ties to the left. she served in the time of doj twice she twice representative clinton's. so, joe, either mueller was nothing more than a ghost at the investigation or he perjured himself on the stand. what could be the case?
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>> bob didn't care any of this. he was a phantom. this is the andrew weissmann investigation. >> laura: should've been called the weissmann report. >> wanted her on the staff, got her on the staff, and the reason was they were all clintonistas they hated trump. this was a rig investigation from the beginning. lindsey graham can subpoena they have to come. they are former doj employees? >> laura: running out of time. but john, this may have affected the 2018 election. >> that was the goal! that was the goal! >> laura: to get them out of office or make sure the midterms went a certain way. never know how much it affected the election, but talk about meddling. >> didn't help it. >> laura: john, final thoughts. >> as you say, this was very cleverly done. i am still a big supporter of
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bob mueller as a person but after that terrible performance yesterday, i think it's perfectly legitimate. i think i might have been wrong. but you are raising very excellent points. actually, it looks like people took advantage of him and were driving the investigation >> the future of the country was at stake.t that's when you better err on the side of being careful on conflict checks and impartiality for the inheritance of impartiality is enough to throw you off an investigation and its your individual response believed to raise it. so they decided not to do that or bob mueller was out to lunch. i'm getting back to him my professional ethics. thank you so much. my next guest, took a lot of criticism in his temporary role overseeing the mueller investigation, including charges that he mishandled it. >> whitaker may be biased against the investigation. he now oversees as acting attorney general.
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what a curt is known as a vocal critic of mueller's inquiry. >> it was luca brasiesque. >> i do not know how he was that cowardly. >> he made the doj into the dojo, the department of justice obstruction. >> laura: i am surprised these people have jobs. being a liberal means never having to say you're sorry. matt, your reaction >> i hope we can get this behind us. >> you don't want any accountability? >> but i want the mueller report to be behind us and to move on to the important work that we need to do.n one, to hold the folks accountable for the decisions that were made. but the other thing is to work on all of the things that congress should be working on instead of what it appears that it's going to continue to occupy
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the house. >> laura: when there is a political vendetta being carriec out under the auspices of the u.s. department of justice, when the taxpayers shelled out $34 million for this travesty when they basically lied to the fisa court with that i think that's enough, if this happens again, we could flip an election. that's why rhee and weissmann i'm not going to be like, let's go home -- no way. we've got to bring people into account here. otherwise if they are going to be knocking trump, it may be someone else next time. what's the process in justice in the department for a conflict check? obligation to not be involved? >> we are in the appearance of lack of impartiality. exactly what i had to go through when i was a point of attorney general. five weeks it took me to do that analysis. it's a multipart task. every lawyer needs to do it.
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clearly were allegations that they lacked impartiality, so they had to do this analysis, and i think all you have to do is look at part two of the report to see exactly how that lack of impartiality manifests.k it's that new standard that john ratcliffe really laid out clearly, which is that we don't exonerate as prosecutors. i've charged over a thousand people with a crime. u.s. attorney for five and a half years, i never stood up at the podium or file a report or do anything that said, i fully exonerate or don't exonerate this opponent. it's either you charge him with a crime or declined to prosecute. and the regulations of the special counsel laid that out that's what the report had to do. instead, we have this strange part two that does this, we aren't going to charge, or
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allege any crime, but not going to exonerate him, but we are all left in this strange place that we have to figure out. >> laura: that's why so many people right now are hung up on prosecutors. i know you are a former prosecutor, a lot of friends that are former prosecutors. patrick fitzgerald turned many people's lives upside down until the supreme court came and overturned convictions. we have conrad black, look what they did to him. i am glad president trump did the a lot of prosecutors out there looking for their next step next move. it's the best system out there's but it's a problematic system. i want to get to something that the democrats kept pushing. the idea of prosecuting president trump after he leaves office. one suggested that the statute of limitations, if that runs it's another argument for basically defeating trump in the next election. let's watch. >> what if a president serves beyond the statute of limitations? >> i don't know the answer to that one. >> would it not indicate the statute of limitations on
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federal crimes such as this, or five years that a president who serves a second term is therefore under the policy above the law? >> i'm not certain i would agree with -- i am not certain i would agree with the conclusion. >> laura: he went on to say that the only remedy is to make sure he is held accountable is>> to defeat him? that's basically what he was implying. >> that hearing was difficult especially the questioning down those lines. the report on its face says we are not alleging the president committed any crime period period. then it puts the weird exoneration clause that has congress thinking there are crimes to prosecute. this needs to be behind us. this is my point when we started.ic the president needs to have this behind us and needs to focus on continuing this great economic recovery, the immigration system that's broken, the southern border, great progress. employment is the lowest it's been --
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>> i think only trump could have withstood what he subjected the past two years and still deliver the results. i started off the monologue by talking about the elites and all these best of the best have screwed up major things in this country and trump is like, he doesn't have any political experience. i think you are full of it basically and show you how it's done and done all the stuff they were going to claim to do, hold china accountable, usmca. >> i was in the room with him many times.ik i saw somebody who could focus on what's important and hold his leaders impressed and pressed his cabinet secretary to get stuff done, to accomplish his agenda knowing we have limited time. we have distractions. had to focus on getting stuff done. >> laura: i like the fact he's impatient for results and you look at the difference between mueller and bill barr, that testimony? come on. trump's cabinet by far the best cabinet we've had in a long long time. what happens next?
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democrats are now insisting they'll never stop trying to take down the trump. kristin fisher is here with the democrats' dynamic plans. >> republicans say it's over. but democrats are continuing to move forward with their investigation. you have got the house oversight committee issuing subpoenas for emails from ivanka trump and jared kushner's personal accounts, the judiciary committee is issuing a subpoena to former white house counsel don mcgahn, and the house financial committees probing the president's finances, an area that the mueller investigation avoided. there is the question ofre impeachment. texas democrat al green who was defeated last week quoted, there was no aha moment because we've the report and discussed its point at nausea. but pelosi and congressman adam schiff are still not sold.
11:25 pm
>> does the country benefit going through an impeachment if it's going to be unsuccessful? we know in the senate it would be unsuccessful. i am not there yet but i'm keeping an open mind and i may get there. >> republicans argue there is nowhere left to go. >> why would you ever bring up h impeachment after yesterday's hearing? that should be put to bed. that's over. we watched it, we heard it, we read what more can they make up? >> there are two investigations that republicans do want to continue. the justice department's internal reviews into the origins of the russia probe. once those are over in the senate judiciary committee led by lindsey graham will also investigate. laura, we've got quite a ways to go. >> laura: it never ends. thank you. they were labeled spies and traitors, their reputations and finances ruined. s they were the collateral of the damage and robert mueller's
11:26 pm
investigation into donald trump and associates. one man who had his entire life turned upside down is here to deliver his own message to bob mueller. former trump campaign manager michael caputo is here now. is this the end of the molar saga for you? do you want to just shake hands move on, call it a day, or republicans demand real accountability? >> of course we need to demand real accountability. i went from emotion to emotion like tarzan on vines. i thought it was hilarious and then i got really sad. i realized our country is probably founded -- laura, i'm just mad. i'm angry for they chose robert mueller because of his outstanding reputation, but still knowing he really didn't have it all together anymore.
11:27 pm
they knew if they installed himt as special counsel that the hillary loving lawyers there could rip each of us apart limb from limb while robert mueller was trying to program the cloth on the microwave in the break room.g this has got me really angry. i've talked to survivor after survivor who was dying to come out and say something about this right now. but each of us told by our attorneys that if we go out here and defend the president and g talk about how this whole thing is a complete travesty, these house democrats in hearings and cost us each $20,000, $30,000. i'm just not afraid about it anymore. i'm so angry about this. everybody should know that robert mueller is the new admiral stockdale and these hearings will be in the lead of the obituary just like stockdale's. even though he was a hero, all
11:28 pm
we remember him for is making an embarrassing performance at that debate. >> laura: michael, how much personally did this cost you? people understand you were an advisor to the campaign, yet you are dragged before the mueller investigation and you had to hire counsel. how much money did you end spending of your own wealth? >> well, i've been billed overn $200,000 of legal fees alone -- >> laura: my god! >> i've been sued for $25 million for some crazy reason, i can figure out. i'm still paying legal fees. the great thing is people who support donald trump were very generous in donations to help me pay for legal fees, but you'vep got the thing people like roger stone who is going to end up with $3-$4 million to defend against charges from people led by a man who couldn't find his
11:29 pm
backside with both hands in front the house of representatives. >> laura: they came to his house using gestapo tactics military vehicles, someone in the office tipped off the media and filmed at all. >> do you know what's really interesting, laura? do you know what's really interesting, laura? friday i was contacted by a very reliably liberal reporter from a reliably liberal outlet that the word is that donald trump or weeks that robert mueller has lost his step and he's going to embarrass himself before these hearings. i went back to the reporter that may be donald trump is out on something because that reporter is a freshman d grade criminal reporter but donald trump was on this before anyone was paid he knew this was coming.
11:30 pm
>> he knew the vindication was coming. we have to hold these people accountable. cannot let it drop. michael, thank you very much for sharing your story. coming up, we attempt to answer this question. does congresswoman ilhan omar hates white men. that sounds like an extreme thing to say, but given some recently unearthed statements of hers, it's worth asking. stay there. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value.
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>> laura: today come in "the new york ti >> laura: today "the new york times" featured a
11:33 pm
column by the anti-semitic congresswoman ilhan omar. she is a platform to level charges of racism against president trump. the timing of this is pretty ironic because it comes just one day after a shocking video resurfaced where omar said this. >> our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country. >> laura: so is ilhan omar's antiwhite male, as many online were raging? what do you think about that statement where she references white men, people online saying that she has a problem with white people. how do you take it? >> it's amazing how ilhan omar's views are taken with a smile. when she puts up his big grin you know something awful was about to come out. what i've heard over the last ten years by muslims including
11:34 pm
her is this effort to deflect. what they were talking about is this issue of violent jihadism but the interviewer from al jazeera, the al qaeda propaganda channel put that in air quotes and wanted to divert that to the issue of white men and that's their ploy to try to take all the attention from issues in the muslim community that need discussion. >> laura: how about this rapper over in sweden who according to this swedish reports was attacked by it looks like an afghan refugee who had a criminal background. the president has urged this guy to be released, he was basically trying to defend himself, but swedish stories have him in custody. in sweden, people are wondering why laura is talking about sweden. they have a huge problem massive. >> i was going to do a road trip to sweden but what i did instead is a pilgrimage to the offices p
11:35 pm
of charlie hebo and the theater where there was a shooting. there's a huge radicalization problems here in america. >> and rashida tlaib, ilhan omar, look, the fbi talked about what were some assists the united states, but according to the fbi director, that has the most force in domestic terrorism now. they'll say, look, even the fbi director is saying that. is it unfair to say that they have a problem with white men? >> white extremism is a problem. it happens. black extremism is a problem jewish extremism is a problem. muslim extremism is a problem. in our community. she is trying to deflect issues in our community. they basically hijacked america. that's what i come here in the united states over these last
11:36 pm
couple of weeks. i've just been frightened to see. i see that the democratic party is not standing up to these politicians and what they are doing is basically pushing forward the agenda of this radical muslim lobby that wants to destroy -- >> why are the democrats sliding into this? why are they afraid to take on people like ilhan omar? >> what i brought with me is the propaganda that the muslim lobbies have been at my muslim. it's a -- they are using all of the language of liberalism right? in god we trust, americann values. >> laura: that's a muslim -- >> these are all propaganda from the alphabet soup ofhe organizations in the united states. >> laura: they are using the language of liberty, freedom civil rights to try to turn the narrative. >> the great muslim adventure day, i just got an email where muslims are going to have a great muslim adventure day at six flags.
11:37 pm
in the fine print, it says wear reasonable, modest attire. >> laura: cover up. >> that's what the democratic party is allowing, and they've got to stop. >> laura: thank you for c joining us tonight. that's not all from congressman omar. in another comment the end ofev that same interview that's even more disturbing. >> this fear is the driving force of power to keep america safe, americans safe inside of this country. we should be profiling monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men. >> laura: okay. you've got that? a muslim-american calling for more domestic surveillance. i wonder what the aclu thinks about that. lucky for us, president of the new york civil rights coalition and former aclu national vice president michael myers is here with his reaction. you just heard talking about the
11:38 pm
need for a muslim reform movement that speaks truth to power, on what's really happening with the propaganda of the islamists and now she wants surveillance of certain white male groups.a >> yet. it is unbelievable, and a sheer racial rhetoric on her part. she doesn't even the american history. she doesn't even though minnesota history.y. some of the greatest white men in the civil rights and equality movement were white man! hubert humphrey! look it up! and walter mondale! read the name on the law school there! walter mondale, the great liberal white! they were looking for racial equality! they didn't believe in racial rhetoric, they didn't believe in racial separatism, they believed in equality. yet they believe in immigration but immigrants who want to enrich america, not take advantage of it. not to scapegoat it.
11:39 pm
we are in a situation where we have engaged in racial rheteric. a reversal of our american heritage, which has been truly equal opportunity for everyone without regard to their race. and now she's profiling -- she is profiling white man! >> laura: that was azra'sfi point, she had all this p literature on the table, all this rhetoric of togetherness and unity. you look at the fine print wear your modest clothing, and the edicts of political islam come into play. my issue, when did liberals become so okay with a restriction is approach to language, dress free speech whether it's speech on college campuses.'s i dealt with that back in the days of dartmouth. or what we are seeing with some
11:40 pm
of the more violent elements of antifa? >> strong liberals, those who do not think they are racist but are being those liberals who have racial bleeding for minorities, like muslims, irrespective that there are muslims who want to be a real americans, who want to have equality. they do not want preferences based on race. they do not want preferences based on gender. this congresswoman is completely erratic. she's wrong! and people have got to say that you are wrong and that you are distorting and inverting the language and the history of america's civil rights movement. >> laura: when she said this. i want to play this really quica
11:41 pm
and we've got to take a break but this is what she said last night about president trump. watch. >> when we are talking about the president, people will say, his remarks are racist and will forget the inherent racism that has always been part of him, and how much he always takes an opportunity to others, to vilify them. >> order control is not racism. go to australia! go to any country that believes in protecting its borders! that's not racism. that's common sense. >> laura: they use racism as a cultural and weapon, continue to do that as long as people take it -- >> it is racial double-talk. it has to be rejected. >> laura: thank you for joining us tonight. this is an odd transition, but poop in the water in your
11:42 pm
favorite beaches, really? is this what it's come to to the "ingraham angle"? dr. drew is here to break it down.. c in your study, tell us why this might be happening and what to do about it. stay tuned.
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
>> laura: well, it's not really smoke on the water. it is poop in the water. the report is finding that human
11:45 pm
and animal feces is contaminating some of america's most popular beaches for the nation's dirtiest? you'll find that outside in l.a. and outside of california nearly 80% of the state's beaches had one day with fecal matter above the epa s safety level. dr. drew, some pushing back against these studies but do these findings seem plausible to you? >> absolutely. it's no doubt that the ability to keep the water clean gets exceeded by a current technology, but what's going out here in southern california, i can tell you precisely what's happening here and you can extrapolate out to the rest of the country. there is an organization called heal the bay that keeps close tabs on our water safety along the beaches ofn southern california. since the rains this last winter, they've been giving us cs to fs, the f means completely overrun with fecal bacteria. unsafe amounts of fecal bacteria. what comes with that is other infectious i spoke to a representative at
11:46 pm
heal the bay. his explanation was all the run off -- there were the fires that cost 2,000 homes to get disconnected from the sewage treatment plant. laura, there are 60,000 people directly into our gutters every day. their sewage is going directly into the ocean. we had a massive die off of mammals in the spring and suddenly it became disconnectedn from our sewage treatment plant where do you think the environmentalists would be on that? they would be screaming blooding murder. where are they now? where are they? this is a catastrophe. it is exposing all of us to potential, really serious infectious disease is. >> laura: dr. drew, you do not let your kids go in the water most of the time. >> i saw the algae bloom in the southern beaches. i was a lifeguard in the beaches back in the day. i know what's going on when the
11:47 pm
water gets bad. it happens sometimes with runoff, that'll always happen here and there. this is a consistent contamination of our water and why shouldn't it be? 60, may be as many as 80,000 people are contributing directly into the l.a. river, they were let out right where they let off in impossibly bad water. >> laura: there is also a problem with mexico pumping raw sewage into the ocean without long sewage pipe -- i did a report on this 20 years ago. a terrible problem with raw sewage from mexico, floats up to the san diego beaches. that's been a consistent problem for a long, long time. i guess we aren't doing anything about that either. you mention the homeless crisis in california, you focused on it. this youtube star namedn
11:48 pm
he hit skid row just to show how horrifying this situation has become. >> l.a. county, there is 53,000 homeless people out on the streets. there are over a thousand registered sex offenders. when it comes to the problem this people face, a third or so are mentally ill. another third have substance abuse problems or are addicted another third are off the grid or drifting. >> this because the state airlock, your thoughts really quick? >> it speaks for itself, it's a sanctuary city. people beginning to wake up that we are providing unlimited health care and jobs -- by the way committees 800,000 undocumented immigrants we welcome in the sink cities all have found a place to live so the city focuses on what you are seeing in this video is a
11:49 pm
housing problem. this is a law problem. the cops cannot enforce the we cannot bring this to the health care for the people we need, and uninhuman numbers. the numbers is how many must die? that's what we asked the aclu the other attorneys -- what you are seeing here? what you are seeing there is considered the "belonging" and law enforcement cannot touch them. they cannot touch anything. it's separated to the point that literally traffic is getting blocked by debris and feces and garbage.oc it's not consistent with civilization. how many people must die before we change direction? >> laura: dr. drew, as always thank you for raising awareness about this -- it's not political. you have to wake up. this is absurd. up next, three reasons we know the democrats are in a panic, frothy panic post mueller.
11:50 pm
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11:53 pm
i want to start with pelosi and a few of her media friends who s use a certain loaded term post mueller. watch. >> what we saw today was a very strong manifestation, some would even say indictment, of this administration's cone of silence in their cover-up. >> he could've done a sealed indictment, theoretically. >> laura: indictment. they can't actually indict trump and they did not want to impeach him, but they will use the word indictment anyway.t >> the whole process is a mistake. there were 40-50 cameras outside of those hearings. what about health care? what about immigration? what about trade? issues that really matter to the >> laura: nobody wants to hear, they are really low ratings. >> if i'm a democratic advisor i'm going insane. focus on quality of life, things that americans care about. >> laura: i want to get to our second example of dems in danger.
11:54 pm
instead of taking out funding to address the growing crisis at the border, the house oversight committee approved the subpoenas for trump family members. this enraged republican congressman chip roy who said this before storming out of the hearing. >> this is a fishing expedition for political purposes which we saw on high display yesterday in the room next door. this is the face of the democratic party. this is the face of your congress today, america. >> shame on my colleague from texas who question the motivations -- >> shame on his body. >> i know, we've heard from you. >> america deserves better from what i just heard from, mister. >> laura: when they called trump a racist basically on the house floor but they don't like saying it's a shame? >> it's out of control now. >> laura: i think that's very effective. >> instead of making a statement, i would ask a question. is this the face of the democratic party? you are much more effective if
11:55 pm
you asked the question and your view responds to it because thed are answering it and their minds are answering it visually. change it to a question. >> laura: joe scarborough ramped up the rhetoric with this gem on what the democrats need to do. >> if you want to stop donald trump, it is time to stop fighting by marquis of queensbury rules. it's time to roll up your sleeves and go after him and do what i have ever it takes to win. >> laura: that's what maxine waters said, get their face in the restaurants. we are so scared, joe. >> i have to roll down my sleeves been now it looks like i'm taking -- the public doesn't want this. the people that are going to make up this next election, the don't want they yelling. they don't want the screaming they want you to do the job for the american people.
11:56 pm
>> laura: results and success. >> they want it to be meaningful, three more words efficient, effective accountable. i do not hear that language from the democrats. >> laura: they are huffing puffing, all of that. do you like it better than what it was two and a half years ago by november 2024 years ago? are you doing better, is your family doing better? that's a pretty simple questiona to ask and answer. frank, always great to see you. >> it's 60-40 that we are better than we were two and a half years ago. >> laura: frank will be with us for this election season. frank, thank you so much. we will be right back. .. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans
11:57 pm
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>> time for the {blooge msnbc's nicole wallace has the solution for what aob democrats. the key is puerto rico. >> message to democrats, this is how you do it. a corrupt leader with misogynist and intolerant leanings resigns
12:00 am
laced midnight driven from office, an investigation in the legislature and protests from the people he represented. >> love that dramatic music, that made that all the more credible. my new podcast, shannon bream, fox news in 19, take it from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert, the political firestorm in the wake of mother's testimony is heating up and nancy pelosi trying to manage a caucus that flipped between pushing for impeachment and moving on. and hours she sits down with her most vocal members who many say democrats say the speakers getting numerous headaches because of alexandria ocasio cortez. a federal judge in san francisco blocks the president's asylum case and lawmakers on the hill blame each other for growing crisis at the border so what now. mark


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