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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 2, 2019 8:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with special coverage of hurricane dorian, on record as one of the most powerful atlantic hurricanes to ever make landfall. ♪ we are going to have two hours of live special coverage for you tonight. dorian is bearing down on florida, threatening georgia as well. the big question remains right now where exactly will the massive storm go. we will give you a live update on its past and just a minute and take your life or the particles where preparations are still underway. the category four storm still reaping havoc on the bahamas, crawling across grand bahama island with sustained wind gusts of 150 miles an hour, killing
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already at least five people. heartbreaking videos are surfacing tonight showing the catastrophic damage. stick around for the very latest. we've got fox team coverage nine. adam klotz is standing by at the fox extreme weather center, kristin fisher monitoring the white house response, but we start with correspondent jeff paul live in cocoa beach marta. jeff. >> yeah, shannon, we are in a mandatory evacuation zone, because this is a very low lying area. it's a barrier island and up and down the coast most of the barrier islands are very low lying and they are all in a mandatory evacuation zone because we are only about 100 yards away from the ocean and when the storm starts getting closer and closer, the big concern is the storm surge -- we are about 15 feet above sea level, but it doesn't take much to have all that water come rushing through and we are right pushed up against many stores, shops, businesses, hotels, and even residences. that's why when you drive through town, it is very quiet right now. you see a lot of homes that are
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boarded up. businesses with their hurricane shutters on some of those business owners and shop owners we spoke with today say this has been sort of a frustrating ordeal. it's labor day weekend, cocoa beach, you expect a lot of people out here, some of the last summer trips, they are hoping to make some of those sails and get extra hours for the employees and count on those during these holiday times. and he says, you know, it's just a tough call to make, we had to close up a couple days ago and he hopes his employees can understand his decision-making. >> we just learned how to prepare better. the hardest part, again, is it not moving. and it just seems to be taking forever for us to have the best idea of what we should have to do. if we have to bug out, we are going. >> and that is the most frustrating thing right now, if you talk to anybody up and down the coast here, especially in cocoa beach, is when is this storm coming? we're starting to get some of those very outer bands of the storm, strong wind gust, rain every once in a while, but it is still very far away and very slow moving but emergency officials here hope everybody
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doesn't kind of let their foot off the gas on this one and keeping attention to what's happening, because things can change very rapidly and that can of course lead to damages and the loss of life. shannon buried >> shannon: the storm is already been so unprintable in so many ways. good advice, thank you, we will check back with you. hurricane dorian unleashing massive flooding across the bahamas. at least five people have been killed there. sustained winds over 150 miles an hour, hampering rescue efforts. authorities are urging people now to take things into their own hands if they have to to find flotation devices, grab hammers to try to break out through their addicts and the roofs if necessary. reports of death and catastrophic damage continue to come in from the abaco islands. >> probably the most sad and worst day of my life. >> we experience hurricane conditions like we've never experienced before.
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>> extremely high. >> this is very deep water. >> oh, my god, ! >> we have received catastrophic damage. >> we just pray that we can come out of this. >> still there are individuals within the area who still refused to leave. i hope this is not the last time they will hear my voice. >> it seems like a nightmare that's never going to end. >> shannon: were also getting in new video right now from the bahamas. this is a view u.s. coast guard helicopters. the coast guard deployed helicopters and emergency medical technicians to try to help with the rescue efforts in the bahamas, getting a video that now underway so now let's get an update on the storm's path from meteorologist adam klotz in the fox extreme weather center. i know that this one has been puzzling in a lot of ways, but what can you tell us?
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>> it truly has, shannon and unfortunately it continues to not move. this is the radar loop from the last 12 hours. i could go back 24 hours. 12 hours of seeing a massive category five storm, now a category four storm, not move is very rare and it's sitting over the grand bahama island. if it over the abaco islands. this just continues to spin and it certainly is a nightmare for folks in that area. eventually it is going to turn to the north and maybe begin to affect the united states a little bit more. currently sitting 85 miles away from the very outer bands there, running into portions of florida. we are beginning to see maybe some rain with that, some wind picking up at times, certainly the seas are getting rougher, but we don't know how close this is going to ultimately get very few cds winds anywhere from 25 to 35 miles an hour. if we do expect those to eventually pick up a little bit more in the coming days, but as far as the movement of the storm, from the category four right now, expecting probably not until probably until sometime tomorrow morning or afternoon until he finally gets
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a movement, so folks there in the bahamas, the northern bahamas are going to have to continue to ride this out. we start to see some movement and some weakening. here we are getting into tuesday at 2:00 p.m. and then once it starts to move, it starts to move a little bit quicker. likely running their about 40 to 50 miles off the coast before eventually running up to georgia, the carolinas, may be getting a little bit closer in those areas, eventually falling down to a category two storm. but this is going to be a big system for a lot of folks and we will leave you with the tropical miles because we actually are getting a little bit more agreement, staying roughly off the coast of florida and making a closer path to the carolinas, but that's not getting in until thursday or friday. if this has been such a long one to watch and unfortunately we have some more time ahead of us, shannon buried >> shannon: we will check back with you adam klotz, thank you very much. dorian now dangerously close to florida's coast. authorities taking no chances. >> mandatory evacuation of the islands and low-lying areas. such as hutchison island --
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mobile homes, homes and low-lying areas. >> shannon: police officers cruising the streets and armored vehicle telling residents in martin county it's time to leave. millions of residents are under mandatory evacuations from florida to south carolina. it let's bring florida's attorney general ashley, way too happy you with us tonight. >> good evening, shannon, thanks for inviting me. >> shannon: i want to talk with the issues that i know you're going to be dealing with and already have, this idea of gouging. everybody is out there trying to gather up supplies, water, gas, whatever they can get their hands on. in one account i read says that you got more than 2,000 reports already of people price gouging. how big of a problem is it in this kind of situation? >> this is such a dangerous storm. as you know, we've been warning floridians for days to evacuate from coastal areas and get supplies needed for at least seven days. food, medicine, water and as that happens, there are always
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bad actors that want to take advantage of a horrific situation and jack prices up. and why that can't happen is because people need access to these life-saving supplies. this is such an incredibly dangerous storm, you see what happened in the bahamas, our hearts and prayers go out to the bohemians and now we are on vigilant watch in florida and has these evacuations take place and people leave the coastal areas, you start seeing price gouging in hotels. we are at about 2300 contacts regarding price gouging at this time. >> shannon: we want to put information for floridians who may be watching last night about what the law says there in florida. they have a little bit more information about this. essentially if people -- it applies to all kinds of essential items like food, ice, gas, water, you mentioned hotels. the price can't grossly exceed whatever the average price was of that good for the 30 days prior to this emergency. i didn't know this. civil fines up to $25,000 to possible misdemeanor charges as well. we got the information there for
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people to report scams if they think it's happening to them. there's also this run on gasoline. information in a lot of towns where 40, 50% of the gas stations there say they are out. what's your advice to people now if they need to evacuate and make choices? >> we know that there is still gas among the evacuation routes. anytime we are getting complaints of a gas station hiking up prices, our investigators are in the store talking to them. secured refunds. again, it's important that the information be given to our office so we can take action. and the hotline is 18669 no scam. if there's also a no scam app, which can be downloaded, i can tell you hundreds of floridians have taken advantage of that app and we've been able to get retailers to lower prices, to make sure people have access to lodging and supplies. so all i can say is right now is about safety. we are encouraging floridians to stock up, make sure that they are safe. this storm, lives are on the line. it's so very important thinker
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to governor desantis and his team. they've done a great job making sure people are prepared and ready. >> shannon: quickly want to ask about the storm. afterwards if there is damage, it's undoubted there will be. asked advice for people dealing with contractors are looking to get things fixed up? >> absolutely. never sign anything that's not a complete contract. just as we are dealing with trying to prohibit people from coming in and taking advantage of consumers preparing for the storm, as soon as the storm passes through, all kinds of people come in trying to take advantage of a really bad situation. never sign something that's not complete. if you have or have so many, demand money, demand cash and then take off, report it to our office immediately. >> shannon: as you said, we'll put the information up again for people. it's a really urgent time and not the time to be taking advantage of people. we are glad you are there to crackdown. attorney general of florida, thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. tonight we're learning more about the shooting that left seven people dead in odessa,
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texas. more wounded. the violent spree began at a traffic stop. alicia acuna is in odessa with more. >> good evening, shannon buried today authorities are confirming that the suspect was fired from his job hours before the shooting and that he also called 911 and the fbi with rambling messages. >> he was on a long spiral of going down. >> texas state troopers say two of their own tractable driver over in the west texas town of midland for not using a turn signal but the driver shot out his back window, injuring one trooper, then began what authorities say they never encountered. the driver headed 20 miles west to odessa, continuing to shoot, terrorizing families and driver drivers. >> nothing could have prepared us for a moving active shooter. tragedy that happened. >> the cop just hit the barrier. get out, get out. >> police stop the rampage at a movie theater, rimming the u.s. postal service truck he stole. >> you'll notice that i'm not
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naming the subject and there's a reason for that. i refused to. i'm not going to give him any notoriety for what he did. >> seven people were killed, ages ranging from 15 to 57. more than 20 were injured, including that trooper, two police officers, and 17-month-old anderson davis, who was shot in the face while her family was at a stoplight, her parents telling local media she is home recovering. the day before the shooting, texas governor greg abbott held his first domestic terrorism task force convened after 22 people were killed at a walmart in el paso last month. >> i'm tired of the dying of the people of the state of texas. too many texans are in morning. >> this as a new state gun laws went into effect, loosening some restrictions, the governor tweeting today that the government had a criminal history and he didn't go through a background check for the gun he used in odessa. agents for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives are now investigating how exactly the suspect got his hands on the ar-style rifle that
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he used on saturday. shannon brady >> shannon: alicia acuna, thank you. tonight, the president's coordinate emergency declarations, staying plugged in with officials across the southeast as dorian approaches. we're also getting where that the white house is working with the justice department on a new death penalty bill. if correspondent kristin fisher tracking the latest headlines from the trump administration, good evening. >> shannon, the white house wants to expedite the death penalty for people who are found guilty of committing these kinds of mass shootings. and today, the vice president's chief of staff that the department of justice has drafted legislation that would do just that. of the plans to do that in a larger gun-control practice that will be sent to congress after lawmakers return from their august recess one week from today. but already the idea of speeding up spot capital punishment or mass killers is being shot down on the campaign trail. tonight, elizabeth warren said she opposes the death penalty. and joe biden says the proposal has "nothing to do with rational gun policy. >> you think that that will stop
8:14 pm
that last argument. the white supremacist who blew everybody up in texas? i don't think so. i've seen nothing -- the president has no intestinal fortitude to deal with this. he knows better. he knows, his instinct was to say we will do something on background checks. what's he doing? come on. this is disgraceful. this is disgraceful, what's happening. >> so this debate is going to be front and center once congress is back in session, but first president trump has hurricane dorian to deal with. if the white house says president trump received hourly briefings about dorian today, but he also managed to squeeze in a round of golf and it's something is 2020 opponents are quick to pounce on. >> apparently his idea of dealing with the emergency is to go golfing, but it would be nice for him to at least show respect for the americans were currently playing for their lives for the evacuations. >> tonight the president's point
8:15 pm
defense after the national weather service in birmingham's disputed claim that alabama was in danger of getting hit by dorian. a few hours ago the president pushed back by saying "under certain certain original scenarios it was in fact correct that alabama could have received some hurt. always good to be prepared. so to be clear, alabama is now definitely in the clear, but of course florida, georgia, and the carolinas very much in dorian's way. so much to watch for over the next few hours. >> shannon: and exchanging minute-by-minute. thank you. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: former defense secretary jim mattis speaking out and the democratic front runner probably will not like with a retired general has to say about him. bistro. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home. this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached.
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>> shannon: china launching a complaint against the united states at the wto over tariffs.
8:20 pm
the lawsuit is the third aging has brought to challenge president trump at the wto, which limits the tariffs each country is allowed to impose. the trump administration instituted 15% tariffs on a variety of chinese goods yesterday. a beijing responding with new duties, rolling out on things like soybeans and crude oil here in the u.s. he won't take on sitting presidents, but former defense secretary and retired marine corps general james mattis is criticizing the former vp and current 2020 democratic presidential front runner joe biden in a new interview tonight. correspondent david spunt has the story. hey, david. >> general mattis spent 40 years in the marines and as we both know he's not want to frequently sit on the front of the camera and spill his guts. his book hits the shelves this week and while mattis is candid about his service on why he left the trump administration, he is cautious with a few words, listen. >> i will not speak ill of a sitting president. i'm not going to do it. >> former defense secretary
8:21 pm
james mattis planned to serve at least four years in the trump administration but resigned in december after making it clear his opinion on getting u.s. troops out of syria didn't jibe with his boss. >> what about the decision to withdraw from syria? >> i disagree with it. >> because? >> because we need to maintain enough influence there that we don't see the same thing that happened when we withdrew from iraq. >> mattis told cbs news he and president trump last spoke when he left the pentagon eight months ago. cutting short a presidential assignment was not a first for the four-star marine. he ran the show in the middle east during part of the obama administration and was relieved of his command after west wing officials felt he was pushing aggressively for a confrontation with iran. in his new book he wrote "my traction inside the white house was eroding. the white house was wary of my command and increasingly distrusted me. while mattis will not speak ill
8:22 pm
of the current sitting president, he is critical of current democratic front runner former vice president joe biden. despite warnings obama's team pulled forces from iraq in 2011, he argues that was a mistake, recalling a meeting with then vp biden. "he exuded the confidence of a man whose mind was made up, perhaps even indifferent to considering the consequences were he judging the end to situation correctly. mattis shared his overall frustration with wars involving the united states over the last two decades. >> i think that we have had serious policy challenges in figuring out exactly what it is we intend to do and then holding firm to that vision. >> to be fair, general mattis did offer some words of praise to the former vice president biden. jenna, i know you like to read, i like to read, this was an interesting part of the interview. general mattis said that one point he had a library, 7,000 bucks and he read about 90% of those books. can you imagine? do the math right there.
8:23 pm
>> shannon: i'm way behind. i may have 7,000 books but i've read maybe 100 of them. got to catch up with the general. thanks, david. so former general mattis of accusing the former vice president of being indifferent to the consequences of completely withdrawing u.s. forces from iraq. let's bring in former cia station chief and fox news contributor daniel hoffman. member of the ny pd intel section, welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: let's talk about something the former general, former defense secretary talked about, this idea is having a defined mission of being certain and short of what any administration wants to move forward with. it sound like he had criticism for more than one administration on that front, daniel. >> for sure. i think he criticized the bushes administration as well as the obama administration on that account where we went into iraq, first with an idea that we were going to target al qaeda there and find bin laden and bring justice to him, and it elevated
8:24 pm
to nation building, which is not why we went in the first place and cost us a lot of blood and treasure. i think that's probably the clearest example. in iraq as well, we didn't have a post-conflict reconstruction plan and even after defeating saddam hussein we were unable to prevent the beginnings of an insurgency, that really made it very difficult for iraq to have any sort of chance for democracy. >> shannon: and, buck, david and his report touched on this from the "washington examiner," quoting some of mattis blasting the left, specifically the vice president and he said biden was essentially indifferent. he said he wanted our forces out of iraq, whatever path led their fastest. he favored -- he exuded the confidence of a man whose mind he made up, perhaps indifferent to considering the consequences were he judging the situation incorrectly. your reaction? >> the obama administration was remarkable in allowing domestic political considerations to determine what was going on with
8:25 pm
foreign policy, with national security considerations in a way that was quite apparent in iraq and afghanistan and afghanistan, notably, obama decided to escalate troop levels at the same time give a date for withdrawal, a stop and start maneuver that still to this day i've never heard anyone make strategic sense of and in the case of iraq, that was, to put it simply, from the obama and biden perspective, the bad work, so they felt that whatever they had to do to get out of there as quickly as possible was what had to happen. we had tactical success after tactical success on the ground in both major theaters of war, but the strategy has been a problem and i think president trump coming in and taking a different approach goes to show you that we can't keep doing what we've been doing, because we are not going to get a different result. before tina's walking a fine line here, by the way, but not criticizing the present. he's also not saying a lot of great stuff about them so i think we know where his mind is. >> shannon: he made clear why he resigned, at least in part it was because the president's decision to withdraw from syria and he says he's very worried about repeating the mistakes of
8:26 pm
iraq. >> right, he emphasized that we withdrew from iraq precipitously in 2011, even after he had received intelligence briefings that isis would reconstitute itself if we removed are relatively small number of troops and that's what it was really concerned about in syria. there's roughly 18,000 isis fighters who have melted into an insurgency, which goes back to their al qaeda and iraq roots and he's concerned that without intelligence and military capability in that region, that our homeland could be at risk again. >> shannon: very quick final word to you, buck? >> biden was consistently wrong for decades on foreign policy, so it was fitting that when he joined the obama administration and a lot of foreign policy was in his hands, that we had the outcomes that we did. i understand that there is something of a consensus among many in d.c. that we should be engaged in some form of forever were in this country. i think the president has a different approach, mattis didn't agree with it. he did the honorable thing. he said i can't serve under the circumstances and move on. >> shannon: the president was
8:27 pm
clear during his campaign where he still needs his things and i tried to work together and it didn't work. thank you both very much. >> good to see you. >> shannon: a dive boat with passengers catches fire on santa cruz island, it leaves eight dead, dozens still missing tonight. details next. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health, and we find one that works just for you. no matter what your name is. [dog barks] [dog panting] [dogs barking] [dogs growling]
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because you have e*trade, whose tech helps you understand the risk and reward potential on an options trade it's a paste. it's not liquid or a gel. and even explore what-if scenarios. where's gate 87? don't get mad. get e*trade and start trading today. >> shannon: what was supposed to be a labor day adventure has turned into a deadly nightmare for people on a chartered diving boat off the coast of california. at least eight people are confirmed dead, more than two dozen others are still missing after a devastating fire. christina coleman has been following the breaking news all day from our west coast newsroom. christina. >> shannon, the santa barbara county sheriff confirms some of the victims were found near the boat on the ocean floor and authorities also confirmed some of the victim's injuries were consistent with drowning. >> our hearts go out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. we understand the tremendous
8:32 pm
burden that they are under right now as they wait to determine exactly what happened and what condition and situation their loved ones are in. we will be working diligently to try to get them as much information as possible as soon as possible. >> take a listen to the dispatcher on the made a call. if you can't hear how the crewmember is responding, but gives you a sense of this urgent situation. >> can you get back on board and unlock the boat -- unlock the doors so they can get off? but you don't have any firefighting gear at all? no fire extinguishers or anything? is this the captain of the conception? is that all the crew that jumped off? there's no escape hatch for any of the people on board? >> families gathered at the harbor in santa barbara with the ship, conception, was based. the boat was on the last day of the labor day weekend cruise about 70 miles north of los angeles when it caught fire around 3:30 this morning. 39 people were on board. a coast guard officer says people were below deck asleep.
8:33 pm
five crewmembers were awake and above deck and able to jump off the ship. a couple reportedly left them on their boat to help them get to safety. the 75-foot diving boat sinks are 20 yards offshore and 64 feet of water while firefighters were trying to put out the fire. a lot of shock, especially from people who have been on the boat, especially former employees and divers. >> over 12 years i've been diving on that boat. it's a top-notch outfit. i can't believe that this happened to them. >> one man getting the molecular's word that his brother, a cook on the boat, escape the flames. >> usually he's making breakfast at four in the morning so something happened. he got off of the boat, he is one of the survivors, going in here to talk to him right now. >> they are investigating the fire and the coast guard says an early look at the boat's records show it is in compliance with state laws and that the owner of the boat is cooperating with investigators. shannon buried >> shannon: christina, thank you.
8:34 pm
a new california bill could require all public and charter school teachers grades seven through 12 to take lgbtq training once every two years. that story tops tonight's western roundup. the courses would teach support for lgbtq students, including policies to combat bullying and using school bathrooms and locker rooms. one christian public school teacher, who reports already undergoing the training claims that her religious upbringing and beliefs on gender issues were disparaged, subjecting her to public shaming. to say the crews now were labor day beachgoers sarah so make sure the sand with the growing community but despite the signs that say no camping lifeguards there between ten and 20 tens have popped up in the last few weeks, some folks expressing concerns about needles and safety at the beach. comedian kevin hart is recovering from surgery after a serious car accident in calabasas, california, left him and the driver of the vehicle with "major back injuries." his wife says the 4-year-old actor is recuperating and will be fine.
8:35 pm
according to police, alcohol was not a factor in the crash that sent the car rolling over into a ditch. and to check out this dramatic surveillance video released by california highway patrol. an alleged drunk driver tumbled out of his own truck while making a turn. if the truck then crashed into a sign. fortunately no one else is hard. if the driver suffered minor injuries and after trip to hospital he was taken into custody. urgent warnings, millions order to evacuate as hurricane dorian approaches the east coast, a brand-new update on the track coming up. ♪ the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here.
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8:40 pm
>> good evening, shannon. the outer band of this storm are absolutely here. we have seen gusting wind, pelting rain as intermittent bands pass through, but the storm surge is really the story. i'm going to step out of the way so you can just see how violent the surf is. look at those huge swells just pressing that retaining wall. we've lost about 20, 30 feet of beach in the last couple of hours and the waves have really begun to kick up. so for the coastline here has largely escaped 185-mile-an-hour winds that ravaged the bahamas. the prime minister of the bahamas saying at least five people there are dead, including a 7-year-old boy who drowned when his family was trying to seek shelter. that boy's sister is reportedly missing and the death toll could rise. the eye of the storm hovering over the bahamas for more than 30 hours. it made a second landfall and then stalled over grand bahama island, continue 185-mile-an-hour winds for several hours. u.s. coast guard they're helping to transport people to hospitals who need rescuing. gusts over 200 miles an hour in
8:41 pm
the bahamas. that is comparable to an ef for tornado. think about the fact that usually passes in minutes. these conditions are lingering over the bahamas for hours on end. the winds have now slowed to about 130 miles an hour but it is still a category four storm. here on the florida coast, every precaution is being taken in case the storm comes closer to land. black hawk helicopters are staging in miami. they can fly further up the coast when conditions allow it but high water vehicles are in place all along the coastline and the florida national guard has more than 4500 chilled to soldiers and airmen ready with boats and generators for search and rescue support, especially to the barrier islands. for local officials in jupiter and west palm beach, the priority has been getting vulnerable folks to safety. west palm beach used city buses to bring disabled people to shelters. they also rounded up the homeless population there and caravans of ambulances moved patients from area hospitals further inland, good samaritan hospital is 1 of 8 hospitals
8:42 pm
evacuated statewide along with 88 nursing homes and because the bands of the storm are intermittent in the area has not been hit too hard just yet, people were actually coming out to the water to take in the sites. a few folks we saw surfing just before sundown. that said, the houses here are boarded up. shops have been close, many of them for days, and everyone keeping an eye on the track of the storm and waiting, ready and prepared to move to higher ground shut that time come. in the meantime, we are just taking in the sites here and it is really jaw-dropping to see just how quickly conditions have eroded. shannon. >> shannon: thank you. slow moving dorian up making a turn north and was told considerable uncertainty with where she may end up. there are now five states issuing emergency declarations from florida to virginia. the next move is critical for dorian and for you. that's the message from fema. we're joined now by james
8:43 pm
joseph. great to have you back with us on the show. it's been a thank you -- >> okay, let's talk about this. i want to play something that we've heard from the prime minister of the bahamas as we now see just horrible images coming in from there. we know the death toll continues to rise. here's what he says. >> many have not heed my warning, many have remained behind and still there are individuals in the area who still refused to leave. i can only say to them that i hope this is not the last time they will hear my voice. >> shannon: james, how worried are you now about folks here in the states along the southeastern coast, about them heeding the warnings that they are hearing when there is still uncertainty about the track? >> first and foremost, shannon, i thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted in the bahamas. they were really impacted severely by dorian and continue to be, but that's my concern now
8:44 pm
is this move towards i don't want anyone to become complacent and think that it will be okay, it's no longer a category five, it's just a category four. category four hurricane is a very strong hurricane and regardless of what direction it moves in or how much it gets downgraded, we are looking at potentially dangerous rain, wind, and storm surge that comes from this. please, please, listen to your local officials and if they're asking you to evacuate, please do so. >> shannon: how do you all go about making decisions about what resources to have on hand and where to position them? because now, as we talked about, the track continues to change as we get a little bit more certainty but it looks like there are number of states that could be impacted. how do you make those decisions? >> we stirred up stomach work with states throughout the year around the clock our planning process so we arty have a good idea in working with the states of what the resources may need to be. we already know how many people need to evacuate certain areas.
8:45 pm
the states and local officials take that on, they are the first responders in this situation and they know how they need to stagger those evacuation times and zones. so what we do is we work very closely with the governor 's offices and their state emergency management agencies to preidentify what they may need and where we can stage those. outside of harm's way. should they requested, then we can provide. >> shannon: there have been a lot of political questions in recent days over whether you have the assets, the funding, the things that you need. what can you tell the american people about that? >> i can tell you where 100% committed to supporting all the states that could be impacted by this. as you look at the room behind me, about 100 federal employees around-the-clock from different agencies working in support of those teams that are already on the ground and out in the field. we have the resources we need and we are going to continue to support the states in the southeast that could be impacted by dorian. >> shannon: former governor there in florida rick scott, now a senator here
8:46 pm
in washington, talked about this cone of uncertainty. i'm like a lot of folks, i grew up in florida so i know what this is like when you are refreshing over and over again, looking at the models, looking at everything online, but he said you have to be really cautious about the cone and the predictions because there's a lot of damage that happens outside of that, people's lives are at stake. what can you say to them about looking at the productions and being prepared? >> so don't just look at the predictions and think that it's moving east and that we will be okay. i was with senator scott on saturday and again on sunday. we had the opportunity to talk about that cone of uncertainty and depending on which model you look at, that cone of uncertainty has about 17 million people in it, so we need to ensure that they heed the warnings, they are taking a protective measures in advance and that they are evacuating, or seeking a safe place to be should they be in an area that is required to do so. >> shannon: better to be over prepared and evacuate and be a little bit inconvenienced and to be in the wrong place and not have the ability to then be rescued from that spot. region five fema administration
8:47 pm
james joseph, thank you for joining us again and we wish you all the best as you folks are working around-the-clock. >> thank you, shannon, i appreciate it. >> shannon: why are you running? how 2020 front runner joe biden answers that question is raising some eyebrows tonight. our power panel on deck to weigh in next. ♪ d. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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♪ >> shannon: counting down to 2020 while senator elizabeth warren writes the momentum from big crowd sizes and growing phone numbers all the way to next week's debate, some are questioning vice president joe biden's momentum. from "the new york times" mark lubavitch on certain days, 20 can feel more like a beautiful slob in the last part of a happy warrior. so let's analyze it with a host of left coast news, ethan berman and g.o.p. poster chris wilson. welcome to you both, gentlemen. pick a happy labor day, shannon. >> shannon: nt was well. that article goes on to use words like obligation responsibility to talk about why he was running and when he was asked why he really sort of stumbled all over that question and that didn't inspire confidence for a lot of the folks involved in the democratic primary. >> it really didn't. it was kind of is ted kennedy moment. if the one thing that everybody who works for the campaign knows that the candidate has to have an answer for, why he wants to be president and this was his time to answer and he just swung
8:52 pm
and he missed. i think joe biden is really finding two things that are creating problems for him. one is he's really a relatively weak front runner. you compared to hillary clinton in 2016, consistently above 50 or even george w. bush in 2000, who was always above 50%, he stays in the high 20s, low 30s, and can't really seem to break away from the back. if anything he's seen his leg dissipate. but the second part is this is just not your father's democratic party. he is just an old-style big government liberal in a party and a lot of voters that are looking for real socialists and he's not far enough left for them. i think it makes him -- she's having to now abandon a lot of the principles that he's fought for for the last three, four, five decades, to be able to capitulate to the democratic electorate. he's not having a good time doing it. >> shannon: will "the new york times" then goes on to talk about how there are other candidates in the race who have very clearly articulated. they say this. "supporters of ms. warren point to her fight of a corrupt
8:53 pm
political system. sanders has been pointing to the scourge of economic and equality for decades. supporters of pete buddha stomach buttigieg -- even, why you think it so hard for the biden campaign to sort of crystallized into this issue of why he's actually running after all this time? >> i don't know if it's as hard as everybody wants to make it out to be and i give chris a lot of credit for his polling capabilities, but let's keep in mind, every single pole over the last several months shows biden beating trump, and that's what this is all about. here's a guide who was given five decades of his life to public service. that's where the word duty comes into play. his wife and child died in a car wreck and he still continue to serve his country. his son died before the 2016 elections and he chose to take a little quiet time with his family. he has given a life of service to this country. that is a reason to serve, to defeat donald trump, and he is leading in the polls. he hasn't pulled ahead in the primaries yet with the democratic party, but it's still
8:54 pm
quite early and january will show whether or not he can really pull it out and he very well may, but overall, he's ahead of trump. >> shannon: well, from "the washington post," they say joe biden, the anemic front runner in his piece by paul waldman, says his candidacy has essentially been a series of small controversies over old positions and new misstatements with a type of debate performance are two types thrown in. the democratic primary contest is being led by someone who may not particularly enjoy running for president and is plainly not very good at it. chris, ethan talked about the fact that it's about beating president trump and it's essentially the answer that he sort of ended up with when he was asked about this, is that going to be enough? >> and that's i think the problem. ethan is right. joe biden i think would give democrats a good chance in the general election according to mike assuming the economy doesn't stay where it is, just because he is the more moderate of the candidates running when the rest of them are still in to the left. and you said in that piece, he points out that that's not a good enough reason for someone
8:55 pm
to run for president. just because you want to beat the incumbent, doesn't make you a candidate who can articulate why voters should choose you. and i think it's a real challenge. i think ethan chooses or points out about biden what his strengths are. right now if you give their best general election opportunity, but in a primary, that's really not enough when you've got a lot of the primary voters were looking for red meat socialism he's just not serving that up in a way that makes them happy. >> shannon: was put up a pole and, this is the average of real clear politics polling and when look at this, the numbers that sanders and warren -- they have a lot of similar positions, have together, that does beat biden. if one of them eventually drops out, is forced out of the race, ethan, do you think the further left coalesces behind at least one candidate in a way that will get him a real challenge, quickly? >> well, i mean that's the problem, i think bernie's expiration date was 2016 and i don't know that enough of his supporters get behind
8:56 pm
elizabeth warren. i think it's very possible that biden pulls it out. >> shannon: okay, we got to leave it there. thank you both for being with us on this labor day evening. up next our live coverage of hurricane dorian continues into the next hour so don't go anywhere, we got updates on her track next. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out. and so can you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i get to select my room from the floor plan... when i book at free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if ylittle thingsate tcan be a big deal.,
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because you have e*trade which isn't complicated. their tools make trading quicker and simpler. so you can take on the markets with confidence. don't get mad. get e*trade and start trading today. >> welcome back to fox news at night. i'm shannon bream in washington. this is live special coverage of hurricane dorian. they category four storm threatening the carolinas and georgia as well. still wreaking havoc on the bahamas, crawling across grand bahama island with sustained wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour. catastrophic damage from the prolonged direct hit on the bahamas coming in, we got those images and fox team coverage tonight live in jupiter, florida, adam klotz still standing by. and steve harrigan is live in daytona beach. but let's go back and kick things off of corresponded jeff paul live in cocoa beach,
9:01 pm
florida, as dorian inches closer to the east coast. hey, jeff. >> shannon, today was really the first day where we get started a sense that there was a storm turning out there in the atlantic. the last couple of days have been picturesque, sunny, hot, perfect day going out to the beach. today we have the outer bands of the very, very outer bands of this strong storm that is very slow moving. it would be a perfect day again but they would be strong gusts that would work through and the downpours of rain, and a storm surge which you kind of start to see the waves come up a little bit closer to land and that is when emergency officials are warning as this storm works its way up the coast and the storm surge could send the water come flowing to these low-lying communities, especially here in cocoa beach. a lot of people at the beach just taking it in, saw some guys out there surfing. tight kite surfing with their boogie boards, doing whatever they can
9:02 pm
to soak up the last few minutes of fun. because the residents were given the warning last week, they feel like everyone is prepared. >> i think most people panicked and they left. by my mom, the whole place is empty, everything is boarded up. going through orlando, going to hotels, sitting waiting it out. >> the last few hours we haven't had many of those hard downpours of rain. the only thing that's really changed are the wind gusts that seem to be getting a little stronger, our anemometer or wind gauge we are checking it out, 10-50 miles per hour. now it's been up as high as 20-25 miles per hour. it really gives people perspective what they are going through. kind of catch you off balance when you have a strong gust, but what the people are going through right now, 180, 85-mile-per-hour winds, so the people are watching it closely seeing what this hurricane can
9:03 pm
do knowing that they are very fortunate because in the case of here we are in cocoa beach, we are on a barrier island but we have somewhere to go. the people in the bahamas unfortunately did not in some cases. >> shannon: jeff paul, thank you very much. let's check in with corresponded jacqui heinrich. she's in jupiter, florida, . jacqui? >> we are under a mandatory evacuation order, we have been seeing is the independent winds pushed the you can see we actually lost a couple of stairs because the surface just really pushed up in the waves pushing the sand in and we lost the bottom two steps. if you pan off behind me you can see the retaining wall getting pummeled with surf. the storm surge continuing to creep in, 4-7 feet, the waves have been cresting that wall, a big one there right now. this has been the scene we been watching worsen over the course
9:04 pm
of the night. we do expect this area to flood and we expect this area to lose power because it is in a low-lying flood prone area. more than 1700 utility workers from 37 states are in florida ready to restore power. remember back in 2017, eight people died in a nursing home. the state is preparing for the worst-case scenario to avoid repeating history. the priority for the local officials have been getting vulnerable people to shelter, the city's buses to disabled homeless people and 80 nursing homes and it hospitals are evacuated. that being said, because of the storm there hasn't been much to do except watch and wait for people who live here. people trying to get people off the beach and out of risky areas, but some folks came down
9:05 pm
to enjoy the surf before nightfall. >> i was more nervous when they said it was coming more this way. but now they say it's going to be going north, it's i'm not really nervous about it now. >> keep in mind, dorian is still stalled about 100 miles east of here. we are just seeing the outermost bands of the storm passed through and take a look behind me again, this violence. just imagine what that would look like if the storm increased in word. we are keeping an eye on it and hoping for the best along the florida coast. shannon? >> shannon: jacqui heinrich, thanks for the update there. dorian's next move will be critical for those on the east coast. meteorologist adam klotz standing by with the latest, the extreme weather center working on. what can you tell us? >> unfortunately for the folks in the bahamas what i can tell you is this storm continues to sit still. this is a satellite loop from the last 24 hours and you see very little movement, it's absolutely pummeling grand bahama island for 24 hours, down
9:06 pm
240 miles, sitting about 85 miles off the florida coast. winds currently and have been going for a couple hours anywhere between the 30-35-mile flowered range. we expect that to intensify a little bit once the storm starts to move, but that's going to take a while. here's the forecast, the storm . though winds along coastal florida, they do start to jump up in the 40-mile-per-hour range. it's not until the system starts to move likely tomorrow afternoon, so there is still a lot of time where this is going to sit and spend and cause a whole lot of problems across those northern bahama islands islands. eventually the starts to take off and you do see these wins climbing up in the 35-40-mile-per-hour range. enough to start to do damage along the course down the coast and piled the water when you think of storm surge. here is a forecasted track, currently winds at 130 miles per hour. we suspect by the time this gets going tomorrow afternoon it will weaken a little bit falling down to a category three storm.
9:07 pm
the code of and certainty is off the coast of florida, not making landfall but close enough that you'll continue to see very choppy seas, dangerous storm conditions, it actually gets closer to the coast, perhaps making landfall in the carolinas, that's the most recent information falling down to a category two, and it's getting into thursday. the thing to pay attention to is it makes its move to the north and to go different forecast models we track, gets a lot closer as you get to portions of northern florida, georgia, the carolinas bear that could mean a higher storm surge for those folks, more rain. this is a developing situation as it has been for the last week. >> shannon: adam klotz, thank you for the update. let's get some clarity what some of the early forecast showed a different projected path and what we know now. joining me is that she forecast her for whether bell and i've got a couple of question.
9:08 pm
first of all, can you tell us or explain anything why this storm is just sitting there? what actually propels it one way or another or causes it to stay put. do we know for sure? >> these are quirks in the stream. a lot of people fascinated, look how big and powerful the storm is. in the realm of the entire atmosphere, the movement is simply a product of what is around them and their interaction with it. there have been storms that have done this further north. hurricane carol stored for north to go days and just waited, wound up in providence august 31st, went by that anniversary. we see storms stall quite often between 25 and 30 degrees north. that's where the big upper hyatt that is up in the atlantic begins to break down. we have not seen a storms stall on top the northern bahama's like this. this storm very well behaved
9:09 pm
with the intensification. by that, i mean this. we were saying last week back wednesday the classic path of bending back to the west is indicative of a pattern that leads to explosive development and you notice as soon as it turns west, that's when it really started to deepen very quickly. right now, it's sitting over that water and it's cooling the water underneath it. what happens is it's taking energy out of the water, you see the hurricane spread apart not being strong, but as it starts coming more northwestward, it may try to tighten up a bit because that water is very, very warm. shannon, i've been looking at a lot of things waiting to go on here. waiting on the peak wind gusts, i think this is going to be pretty similar, 10-15 miles per hour lower along the florida coast, but when you get further north and my company whether bell has been saying we believe there is going to be landfall around cape fear, when you go
9:10 pm
further north this is going to be a worse storm than matthew from the south carolina northwood up to virginia beach. i want to talk briefly about nor folk, what happens in our fourth is the convergence of the wind down chesapeake bay, accelerates the wind into tidewater and that's what you see some of these storms, you know how they say the strongest wind is on the eastern side with the exception of what goes on around tidewater, you want to see 60, 70 miles per hour winds to show up, but finally friday night to saturday, i worry about is coming in close enough to bring tropical storm or minimal hurricane conditions to the cape cod and england and places like that, but that'll be determined a little bit later. >> shannon: with all that in mind, we want to read something from the florida sun sentinel, talk about the cone of uncertainty, hurricanes hit within the cone of uncertainty also nicknamed the cone of terror or cone of death, despite the success of the national
9:11 pm
hurricane center has warned that nearly a third of storms over all go outside the cone at some point in their course. what is your word of caution or warning to people today who may see a differing track and think we are out of the woods, it's not going to be that bad for us. what do they need to know? >> what i try to do is i try to compare storms to previous storms and then maybe people can think about what's going on. this is similar to matthew. you guys in florida just went through matthew in 2016. it stayed 60-80 miles offshore. that was also forecast to come in and bulldoze the central florida coast. two days before, the modeling had that right on a one a and was going to be a real problem. it stayed off to the east and if you remember what happened with matthew you will get a similar occurrence at the height of the storm. further north, where matthew broke the flood record in charleston, south carolina, and even if the storm stayed active, i think it will stay passed east
9:12 pm
of charleston, the fact it's moving so slow, folks, it's piling water in, then you get the search to start coming up, this is probably going to break matthew's record with floods from northeast florida all the way on up to north carolina. >> shannon: those images when it happened a couple of years back were unbelievable and the inability to get the water drained out england kept picking up. it's a good caution for all of us to pay attention wherever we are along the east coast and beyond. always great to have your insights, thank you for staying up late with us tonight. >> [laughs] i've got to get up and work in the morning. when the storms come, i don't sleep anyway. >> shannon: and we are grateful. thank you, joe. corresponding kristin fisher following the latest in the white house tonight. good evening, kristin. >> president trump was at headquarters yesterday and the white house that he's received hourly briefings about the hurricane's path and the coordinate response.
9:13 pm
he also managed to squeeze in a round of golf and it's something his 2020 opponents are quick to pounce on. >> his idea of dealing with the emergency is to go golf. to be fair when he shows up in emergency zones i'm not sure if it helps, but at least it shows a respect for who are currently fearing for their lives and evacuation. >> tonight, the president firing back after the national weather service in birmingham disputed his claim that alabama was in danger of getting hit by dorian and the media picked up on it. the president clarified by saying, i suggested yesterday at fema that along with florida, georgia, south carolina, and north carolina, even alabama could possibly come into play, which is true. today, referring to the media, made a big deal about this when in fact under certain original scenarios it was in fact correct that alabama could've received some hurt. always good to be prepared. now fema says it's -- they've been preparing for several days, the agency said it's as ready as
9:14 pm
it could possibly be. everyone pretty much waiting to see how bad the damage from dorian is actually going to be. shannon, your last guest just said, it could be pretty bad especially georgia and heading into south carolina area, even in the virginia area. >> shannon: even the areas that don't get a direct hit. there are significant concerns along that path. thank you. as millions brace for dorian's wrath, can the unpredictable hurricane make another course change quickly our special coverage of hurricane dorian continues next.
9:15 pm
9:16 pm
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
>> shannon: thousands of utility workers from across the country using the daytona speedway as a staging ground in anticipation for any impact from
9:19 pm
hurricane dorian. live with more as preparations are underway. good evening -- i should say good morning, steve. at least on the e codes. >> good evening, shannon. while you know there's a lot of parking, several being utilized by heavy machinery used to move down the trees, and other parts of it used by florida power & light. hundreds of workers coming from around the country to deal with what could be some major power outages. right now, eerily quiet here as people away for what could be coming their way along the coast of florida, parking lots all up and down that coast, being aligned with emergency vehicles ready for what could be along the way. it is quiet, though. a number of grocery stores close to my gas station closed, gas hard to find in short supply. even the hospitals being evacuated near the coast, perhaps most significantly, airports shut down. some of the major ones including orlando international airport and here in daytona as well, including west palm beach
9:20 pm
international airport. some of them could reopen tomorrow depending on the track of this storm, but the thing that officials in florida are emphasizing over and over again, people should not be complacent about the direction of this storm. two, even three hurricane force winds or even higher onto the shorelines. you know, we always plan for the worst and hope for the best. >> we haven't seen much rain at all so far. wind gusts just about 20 miles per hour. the worst of it in this daytona area should come around 8:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. at that point, we could see some tropical forests winds, in fact some hurricane force wind gusts in the 70-mile-per-hour range. some concern about rain. and a flood surge could reach 4-8 feet. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: steve harrigan live in daytona. thank you, steve. with dorian taking a turn north and some considerable uncertainty where she may end
9:21 pm
up, there are now five states issuing emergency declarations from florida to virginia. the next move is critical. for dorian and you, that's the message from fema. joined by fema administrator james joseph. good to have you back on the show. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: let's talk about this. something i want to hear from the prime minister of the bahamas as we see horrible images coming in from there. we know the death toll continues to rise. here's what he said. >> many have heed our warning. many have remained behind. still they are appeals to me. i can only to say to them that i hope that this is not the last time they will hear my word. >> shannon: how worried are you for folks in the states on the southeastern coast with them heeding the warnings they are hearing when there is still
9:22 pm
uncertainty in the track which make >> prison us most , thoughts and prayers have been impacted in the bahamas. that's my concern as we move towards florida, i do not want anybody to become complacent and think that it'll be okay, it's no longer a category five. it's just a category four. category four hurricanes is a very strong hurricane regardless of what direction it moves and/or how much he gets downgraded, we are looking at potentially rain and storm surge that comes from this. please, please listen to your local officials if they are asking you to evacuate. please do so. >> shannon: how do you go about making decisions about what resources and where to position that because we talked about the track continues to change and continues to be how do you make those decisions? >> we work with states
9:23 pm
throughout the year around the clock in our planning process. we already have a good idea working with the states about what the resources may be to be. we already know that how many people need to wrestle with local areas, they are the first responders in the situation. they know how to stagger those evacuations, times, zones. we did was we were very closely with the governor's offices and their state emergency management preparations to manage what they need and stay out of those. out of harm's way, should we provide with what they -- >> shannon: the assets, the funding, the things you need. what can you tell the american people about that? >> we are 100% committed about supporting all the state they could be impacted by this. as you look at the room behind me 100 federal employees around the clock from different agencies working in supports of those teams that are already on
9:24 pm
the ground, we have the resources we need to continue to support the states of the southeast that can be impacted by dorian. >> shannon: the former governor there, rick scott, now senator cotton washington, unlike a lot of folks i grew up in florida so i know what this is like when you are refreshing over and over again looking at the model, looking at everything online, says you have to be cautious about the conan predictions because there's a lot that happens outside of that. peoples' lives are in the stake. what can you say about being prepared? >> don't look at the predictions and think it's moving east and that will be okay. i was with senator scott on saturday and again on sunday. we have the opportunity to talk about that cone of uncertainty. depending on which mile you look at, that cone of uncertainty has 17 million people within it. we have to make sure they heed the warning, taking the protective measures in advance, they are evacuating or seeking up safe play to be if they are
9:25 pm
in an area where they are required to do so. >> shannon: better to be inconvenienced than not have the ability to be rescued from that spot. fema administrator james joseph, thank you for joining us and thank you for working with us across the clock. >> i appreciate it. >> shannon: late breaking developments on the shooting that left several dead in odessa texas coming tonight.
9:26 pm
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9:29 pm
>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. tonight, we are learning more about the shooting that left seven people dead in odessa, texas, many more wounded. the violence began in a traffic stop. correspondent alicia acuna picks up the story from there. >> good evening, shannon. authority is confirming the suspect fired from his job hours before the shooting and he also called 911 and the fbi with rambling messages. >> he was on a long spiral of
9:30 pm
going down. >> texas state troopers say two of their own try to pull the driver over in midland for not using a turn signal but the driver check out his back window injuring one trooper and began what authorities say they never encountered. the driver had a 20 miles west to odessa, continuing to shoot, terrorizing families and drivers. drivers. >> nothing could have prepared us for a moving active shooter. a tragedy that happened. >> the cop is at the barrier. >> the police stopped the rampage at a movie theater ramming the u.s. postal truck he stole. >> i'm not naming the perpetrator and i refuse, not giving them 80 80 notoriety. >> seven people were killed, ranges and including that trooper, two police officers, and 17 month-year-old anderson davis shot in the face while her family was at a stoplight, parents telling local media she
9:31 pm
is at home recovering. the day before the shooting, texas governor greg abbott held his first domestic terrorism task force, convened after 22 people were killed at a walmart in el paso last month. >> i am tired of the dying for the people of the state of texas. too many texas are in the morning. >> this as a new state london gods went into effect listenings and restrictions, the governor twin today that the gunman had a criminal history and didn't go through a background check. now investigating how exactly the suspect got his hands on the ar style rifle used on saturday. shannon? >> shannon: thank you. as texans continue to mourn the victims of the odessa shooting, nearly a dozen new gun laws passed month ago are beginning to take effect. correspondent david blunt has more details on that. david? >> good evening. gun control advocates call these new taxes they lost a responsible. gun rights advocates say the only help law-abiding citizens
9:32 pm
protect their second amendment rights. they make it easier for people to carry guns in public areas. i will go through a few of them with you. hb 1387 will get rid of limitations on the number of staff members designated as armed school marshals on campus. before this law, only one marshal for a building or one martial per 200 students. 1143, stops public school districts regulate how license gun carriers can score guns or amnesty from their vehicle in the school parking lot. finally, 302 stops landlords from including language in lease agreements that bans license renters and guests from carrying guns on property. >> we know that words alone are inadequate. words must be met with action. we need solutions that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals like the killer here in odessa while also ensuring we protect our second amendment rights, we must do it fast.
9:33 pm
>> these laws in texas take effect at one week before lawmakers return to the capital here in washington. you better believe gun control will be at the top of mind. it may not satisfy gun-control advocates, but the conversation will take place. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promised a discussion but we'll see what that means. mcconnell opposed a tougher gun laws in the past. several of those running for president or in the senate now, they are making can control a high priority on the campaign trail, will likely do the same on the senate floor. the house judiciary committee on wednesday in two days will mark up several bills to respond to mass shootings and gun violence in general. they are called "keep americans safe act," and a book disarm hate act." vice president mike pence overseas now, advisors on air force two having extradited process for mass shooters, we'll
9:34 pm
see what happens when congress comes back but it will be quite a show next week when they come back. >> shannon: they have a lot on their plate. >> hopefully get on it soon a lot of people hoping for. >> shannon: nu california bill could require all public and charter school teachers from grades seven through 12 to take lgbtq training once every two years. that story tops tonight's western roundup. the report says policies to combat bullying and using school bathrooms and locker rooms, one christian public school teacher who report already undergoing training claims her religious upbringing and beliefs on gender issues were disparaged, leading to public shaving. santa cruz lake going beachgoers shared the sand with a growing homeless ten, despite the signs of saying no camping on the lifeguard say between 10-20 tens have popped up in the last few weeks. some folks expressed concerns about needles and safety at the beach. comedian having
9:35 pm
kevin hart recovering after a serious car incident left him and the driver of the vehicle with "major back injuries." said the 40-year-old actor is recuperating and will be fine. according to police them alcohol was not a factor in the crash that sent the car rolling over into a ditch. and check out this dramatic surveillance video released by california highway patrol. an alleged drunk driver tumbling out of his own truck while making a turn. the truck crashed into a sign. fortunately no one else was hurt. the truck driver suffered mental injuries. after a trip to the hospital, he was taken into custody. hong kong protests under threat of a brutal crackdown. why protesters were counting on the u.s. to get involved. should we?
9:36 pm
motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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the anticipation.
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the tradition. the foul ball. the 15 seconds of fame. the big catch. the game winning homerun. but the most important moment, happens when we all stand together. join us as we stand up to show our support for loved ones affected by cancer. visit stand up with us. >> shannon: a bit of a different tone in hong kong.
9:40 pm
unusual acceptance of responsibility by the woman in charge of the semi autonomous territory, continuing massive pro-democracy protests in the region. jonathan hunt response from hong kong. >> extraordinary admission monday from hong kong's chief executive carrie lam that she would resign if she could. the recording of the unusually candid comments was obtained by reuters, showing a leader seeming to admit she has failed her people. >> to have caused this for hong kong, it's unforgivable. it's just unforgettable. >> hearing lamb under such pressure is likely to embolden protesters who again turned out in the thousands monday to signal their determination to win this fight for the future of hong kong. under the watchful eye of the hong kong authorities and by
9:41 pm
extension the chinese central government, thousands of students have gathered here in the hong kong, part of a general strike called for by protest organizations or . despite the violence over the weekend, despite the crackdown by the hong kong right police, these protesters are not going anywhere. this is just one of several large demonstrations across hong kong today. monday's demonstrations were peaceful, unlike the scenes that unfolded over the weekend. one hours long clashes between protesters and police turned at the streets of hong kong into battlefields. 159 arrests, 92 rubber bullets fired, and 241 teargas canisters, driving protesters and the media back from hong kong's government headquarters >> my eyes are right now full of tears, my lungs are burning.
9:42 pm
the commitment of those demonstrators to stand there, to endure those volleys after volleys of teargas is incredibly intense. and with hong kong's leader admitting she is out of ideas, and has no room for political maneuver, it seems carrie lam is essentially telling china's central government it is now up to them to solve this crisis. the question on everyone's mind here is if and when china will send in the army. the chief executive carrie lam says there are no plans to do so that. the protesters are unlikely to believe that assurance. shannon? >> shannon: jonathan hunt in hong kong. thank you, jonathan. what role should or shouldn't the u.s. be playing as protectors protesters calling us. talk to john you, also cohost of the pacific century podcast. perhaps great to have you on our show
9:43 pm
tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: hong kong leader carrie lamb, talking about some brutal crackdown, they know that the price would be too huge to save. they care about the country's international profile. what do you make of what we may see from china? >> even in the united states, wish and hope there is no violence, that beijing does not send troops, something like tenement square massacre does not occur. on the other hand, in the united states we should be supporting a territory like hong kong that stands for democracy and capitalism in asia. it tells people in china that living under a repressive regime like xi jinping's country is not their fate, they can see people across the border who live in relative freedom and have individual liberties. at the same time it also is a
9:44 pm
symbol to the rest of asia that china should not be trusted if they are going to break their word to great britain and the terms of the treaty that handed hong kong over and denied the civil liberties of hong kong. people, took over a their individual freedoms, they should work with united states to try o change the regime in china for the better. >> shannon: i know that you think amidst this tragedy and what's happening there, there are opportunities that, as you say, expose china for what it really is and to strengthen relationships with allies there and he convinced them it's better to come along with the u.s. that it is with beijing. do you think that's going to happen in the situation? >> of china make this mistake of sending troops, that will happen, give the letter states several opportunities here. unfortunately, that's the best we can do. one of the best things we can do is, of course, try to welcome people from hong kong. hong kong is a very wealthy territory. the united states can say we are
9:45 pm
going to welcome people from hong kong, bring your capital, bring your great companies, bring your highly educated and intelligent workforce and move to the west. the second thing second thing united states can do is say to the other asian countries that are worried about the rise of china as we are and say, you can't trust china, they have broken their word. reach trade agreements with us. let us build security alliances to protect your stability. look what happens if you fall under the control and become vassals of china. this is what they are doing to their own people. what do you think they are going to do to you? >> shannon: let's play a couple of sound bites from protesters in the streets talking about their appeal to us here in the west. here's what they had to say. >> mister, president trump, we respect the spirit of the united states. 300 years ago, the american
9:46 pm
people, they stand up to fight for the freedoms. >> shannon: they are making a very clear appeal to the u.s. about what they are expecting what we could or couldn't do for them. >> of course. the president down including secretary of state pompeo should make statements of support for the people of hong kong and call on beijing to exercise restraint, but we should also recognize there aren't that many other options that we can pursue against china itself. we are not going to use force to intervene militarily. we do not have the kind of leverage we once did in the stomach the philippines or south korea where we could take advantage of protest like this to move the country towards democracy. already locked in a trade war with china so we've imposed heavy economic sanctions on them. our range of options are limited other than, as i suggested, welcoming people from hong kong and try to strengthen our alliances in the region to contain china. >> professor john yoo, thank you
9:47 pm
very much. the difference of life and death could all be in how you prepare for a storm. coverage of hurricane dorian continues.
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>> shannon: hurricane dorian unleashing massive rains and winds in the northern bahamas. sustained winds of over 140 miles per hour hampering any attempt at rescue efforts. authority is urging people to find flotation devices and grab hammers to break out to their attics and roofs if necessary. reports of death and catastrophic damage reporting from the island tonight. >> we are saddened. >> we are experiencing hurricane conditions like we've never experienced before. >> this is very deep water. my god expects >> we have seen catastrophic damage. we pray that we come out of it.
9:52 pm
>> we are hope those people who are reinforced there who refused to leave, this i hope this is not the last time they hear my voice. >> this seems like a nightmare that's never going to end. >> shannon: helicopters are transferring the injured to a hospital. we are taught at nassau, the air force deployed helicopters and emergency medical technicians to help with efforts there in the bahamas. what are rescue is going to find and with a face when they go to business in the bahamas? let's go with fox to contribute remarks to go. thanks for having you with us tonight. we know there are injuries coming from the storm, but as it moves too, we know the aftermath is incredibly important as well and it's very important for people. the american heart association talking about what happened after hurricane sandy or super storm sandy said that the new jersey caddy dentist down the hardest say that heart attacks increased to 26%.
9:53 pm
heart attack related deaths also increased with the number of strokes. dr. come what should we be looking for in the days to come? >> that's a very good point. we are surprised with that, or receiving a lot more indirect deaths in our storms then direct us from the storm itself. in the aftermath, you may be displaced, you may be in a shelter, hopefully you listen and you were evacuated. you tried to go back to soon? there's a lot of stress involved in that. guess what stress leads to? heart attack and strokes, people with underlying heart disease are much more likely to have a heart attack. i'm not surprised. also if you are bouncing around looking at what kind of if your home is in, shannon, you may bang into something underwater. surges from the storm itself are much more of a problem with floods and, of course, electricity going out, the power going out, so you could get electrocuted, you can get injured, lacerations and cuts
9:54 pm
are very, very high number one cause of injury after a hurricane like this. so we want to make sure that when people leave their homes, they should leave their homes if they are told to by fema or by the military, they better bring their medications with them, they better bring water they can drink, and even devices they use, hearing aids, these are things you have to take along with you. then do not rush where you are to get back. >> shannon: we do not know what the impact will be in the u.s. but we are seeing in the bahamas just heartbreaking, devastating for the pictures i'm sure we'll get in the days to come are just going to be gut-wrenching. and if you are in a situation like they are going to be in the bahamas, without, you know, power, you know, the strains and septic infrastructure, those kind of things, what are your worries and those kind of situations where it's complete devastation? >> shannon come in at what i was going to say already but i wanto give one moment about that seven year old child drowning, leaving
9:55 pm
the home. that's just terrible. there have been five deaths in the bahamas so far, but i am concerned about floodwaters in the aftermath of this, contamination, water that is not cleaned to drink and food that is not clean. you see a lot of infectious diseases. you see as my community allergies from the mold that forms. as we mentioned already, we see heart attacks. i'm particularly worried about flooding and electricity going out. >> shannon: there are going to be so many needs that we can all chip in and watch, u.s. assets already helping in the bahamas as well. >> one more thing. fema and the military, everybody, nhs in advance of this have done a lot to prepare the united states this time around. >> shannon: they have position assets all over the place. we are thankful for that and think for you, dr. siegel. our special dorian coverage continues now. we'll keep you alive tonight. we toss it off to new york.
9:56 pm
thank you for watching our extended coverage from washington. washington. i am my mom actually was a nurse at st. jude.
9:57 pm
she would come home and tell us the stories of all the children that she got to work with on a daily basis. we were taught and raised that we all exist . .
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>> we prepare every die take on a storm like, this and we shutter up, keep all our belongings as we can and say a prayer and hope for the best. >> hoping for the best, bracing found one of the most catastrophic storms in recorded history. hurricane dorian slowly, almost inching along, towards the florida coast. after pummeling the bahamas, you can see the after mast there. massive floods have shredded the bahamas islands, at least five people are dead and peopl


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