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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 4, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> laura: keep the baby quiet please. bernie seems to remind me of a movie i saw -- wait, back in a posh man is. what was that? the grumpy old man expect remember when they got him from to tell mick mulvaney to stop coughing? it's distracting bernie -- get the baby to be quiet, please, no. he beats it out with his hands. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team are never grumpy. shannon. i'm sorry, that cracks me up about the baby. >> shannon: absolutely actually literally made me laugh out loud. it was one of those moments. the campaign trail is so much fun. >> laura: have a great show. >> shannon: thank you, laura. would begin tonight with a fox news alert. tonight the death toll in the bahamas rises to 20 as total devastation by hurricane dorian is coming to light. residents say they lost everything as rescue efforts and relief organizations are mobilizing around the clock. the salvation army commander in the bahamas joins us live in
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minutes. and tonight, the story about a young african-american woman in texas defending herself against an attempted robbery with her own handgun. it's becoming a hot-button issue in the wake of the odessa, texas, massive shooting. their argument will exactly why the second amendment must be protected. members of the so-called "squad" of progressive congressmen are weighing in too, stick around. breaking his tone in the trade wars, the trump administration and the chinese government agreed to a new ground, ground of talks here in washington and just weeks. checking on the path of hurricane dorian. just moments ago it regained enough strength to become a category three storm. millions in georgia and the carolinas being ordered to evacuate tonight. dorian is expected to bring a life threatening storm surges and flooding in the coming days. the storm it now about 130 miles south of charleston moving northwest about 8 miles an hour. still very dangerous with wind speeds of 110 miles per hour. hello and welcome to
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"fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington buried would begin tonight in savannah, georgia, . mike tobin, where communities are bracing against hurricane dorian's impact. mike. >> well, shannon, to respect the power of the storm, look no further than the impact of the bahamas with that death toll at 20. the health minister expecting the death toll to rise as people have an opportunity to go through all the debris out there. if you look at the islands of abaco and the grand bahama, entire neighborhoods have been reduced to nothing more than splinters of construction supplies. the people who have survived the storm are lucky to be alive, glad to be alive, and glad to have the support of their fellow bahamians. >> 70 people are trying to help. 20, 30 people have offered so much. you know, we are all wearing the same clothes that we escaped this house in.
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sorry. so it's just really good to get that support. we will just find another house and just start again. >> people on the florida coast, by comparison, got off easy. a lot of wind, a lot of rain, downed trees. power outages but florida power & light is boasting to have power restored in most cases in under an hour. the were some cattle casualtier the most part people hurt themselves prepping a hospital storm. if you're among the georgia coast the eye of the storm is about 60 miles away. we see the wind and the rain increase from time to time as the vans work through here. but the key hours really seem to be at about two and a half hours from now, 1:30 in the morning, that will be high tide. high tide should combine with the storm surge. these low-lying roads, particularly the roads that connect the mainland with the barrier islands and the beach areas, those should be underwater at that point and the people who have elected to write
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out the storm on the beaches in their beach houses will be stuck there until the water goes back down. there is some flooding in the barrier islands, places like tybee island. there is some water that is up right now. not too severe. there are some power outages but we are talking about thousand customers who have lost power at this point. what really remains to be seen is what's going to happen as the storm surge from a trek north northeast as it is supposed to do, we will see the impact as it hits the carolinas. shannon buried >> shannon: mike tobin in savanna, thank you. the death toll rising in the bahamas tonight as relief and rescue operations are kicking into high gear. u.s. forces already working around the clock. there are some of the latest sights and sounds from the rescue effort. >> [screaming] >> we are beginning now to get on the ground, get our people in the right places. >> that's why i'm here.
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it's the least i can do. >> right now our biggest challenge is the conditions that we are seeing on scene. the weather has been severe. this is really hampered our search efforts. >> it's terrible, the looting has started. >> we are all wearing the same clothes that we escaped this housing. >> we don't know. she needs medical attention. >> your mama? >> not my mama, but like my mama. >> shannon: as we get a better picture of the utter devastation across the bahamas, let's talk to the salvation army's divisional commander, they are on the ground in the hurricane stricken islands. major clarence ingram. thank you for joining us. when we see these images coming out of where you are now, it's hard to know where to begin. how do you decide who to help, how to help in a situation this devastating? >> right now we are just on the ground and grand bahama reaching out to as many people as we can. there are so many that it's really overwhelming, but we are able to begin to supply food and
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clothing and some emergency relief to the people that we are able to reach out and contact at this point. obviously there are many, many thousands more that we are able to assist at this point, but it's the beginning. we have amassed a large amount of supplies in florida, it's arranging transportation down to grand bahama so that we can make it a much larger effort and reach many more people in a very short while. >> shannon: major, how does this compare to other disasters in places where you've been in your years of service? >> this one is the worst that i have seen. i have been the last four or five years, visited hurricane joaquin, hurricane matthew,
8:07 pm
hurricane maria, hurricane irma. irma was really bad certainly in terms of kinko's, bermuda. this one is worse in many ways simply because the storm stalled and just kept over these islands for such a very long time. >> shannon: "the new york times" say families picked through the ruins of their home, many of them too overwhelmed to fathom the next steps. hope was in short supply wednesday as officials warned of an impending health crisis, the risk of contaminated water supplies loomed large. what you anticipate in the coming days, sir? >> well, i think it's going to be more of the same until we get a large amount of supplies. i understand now that the airport is beginning to open up during daylight hours for emergency relief flights only. that's a good start that we can start to get some goods on the
8:08 pm
ground in order to help them, but it's going to be a rough few days until we can get a major amount of supplies and, particularly water and food, hygiene supplies, obviously a lot of our people that have been impacted have nothing but the clothes on their back right now and we have a large job just to provide basic needs at this point. >> shannon: major clarence ingram with the salvation army, we thank you and everyone else with your group was down there working, thank you, sir. >> thank you, and again, if people want to help, if they would go to help salvation army salvation and make a donation, that would be much appreciated. >> shannon: our viewers are very good at doing that and they will, sir. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert now. iran threatening to violate yet another provision of its crumbling nuclear deal with the
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west. so france is offering a very big incentive not to. president trump says he could fix the situation in a single day. correspondent kristin fisher has the very latest for us tonight. hey, kristin. >> hey, shannon. both iran and the u.s. announced intends to turn up the temperature on this already volatile situation. president trump remains optimistic that he'll be able to get iran back to the negotiating table before it's too late. >> they tell you they want to talk, they are in a much different position than they were two and a half, almost three years ago, when i came into office. >> president trump says he's opening to meeting with the iranian president at the upcoming assembly in new york but iran says there will be no negotiations until the u.s. lifts those crippling sanctions. >> that's not happening. okay? that will be happening. >> not only is it not happening, today the u.s. imposed even more sanctions on an oil shipping network with the revolutionary guard and for the first time, the u.s. is offering a reward of up to $15 million to anyone who
8:10 pm
provides information that leads to the disruption of the guard's finances. >> the cruise, the captains, the people repositioned ships, there are many people who are involved in that and it's often the tips that you don't think you're going to lead to something big that often do. >> iran's foreign minister calls it "outright blackmail" and today iran's president announced his country will begin developing nuclear centrifuges this friday. >> in my opinion, the third step is the most important step with very extraordinary impact. >> as iran continues to step further and further away from the 2015 nuclear deal, france is still trying to save it like considering offering around about $15 billion in credit lines if tehran comes fully back into compliance. but today the u.s. special envoy for iran signaled that the u.s. may try to block that plan. >> we can't make it any more clear that we are committed in this campaign of maximum pressure we are not looking to
8:11 pm
grant any exceptions or waivers. >> asked for that iranian oil tanker that the u.s. has been pursuing for several days now, it has reportedly turned off its tracking beacon right off the coast of syria, fueling speculation that that's where it's oil is going, even though they are running government promised that it was not going, and it was going smiles. >> shannon: surprising. >> surprising. >> shannon: thank you very much. >> sure. >> shannon: the pentagon sending stomach shedding light on the effort to divert $3.6 billion in military construction funding to build or fix 175 miles of border wall. construction projects at 23 u.s. military bases affected by the cuts include a space control facility, peterson air force base, temporarily and possibly permanent home of the military's new space command, parking structure at west point and a drone facility at holloman air force base in new mexico. the pentagon is hopeful congress will provide new funding for those original projects.
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vice president pence is defending his decision to stay at one of president trump's properties while in ireland. democrats and others say he is enriching his boss at taxpayer expense. he says staying at the facility was a logical choice because of his personal connection to the village of dune bag. he says the town was home to his mother's grandmother. his chief of staff of the current property was the one facility in the area able to accommodate the vice president's entire travel team. a texas woman says her handgun just saved her life as the gun control debate heats up hitting house members aoc and dan crenshaw against each other. the gloves are off. our debate next. ♪ that is amazing.
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>> shannon: in the wake of the odessa, texas, mass shooting, a young african-american woman in
8:17 pm
texas says she's safe and unharmed after using her own gun to save her life. our chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has more on that story. hey, trace. >> hi, shannon. 2:30 sue's stomach tuesday morning when police say michelle hudgins had just parked her heart worked on my car out of her home and two men reached into the driver side window to grab her purse, but before they could grab the bag, she reached in, pulled out her gun and fired two shots. watch. >> it was all i had in my gun. i shot, i couldn't shoot anymore. i saved my life. i saved my life. >> police later found a juvenile male with a gunshot wound. he will survive but is facing average. abrogated stomach aggravated robbery charges and texas g.o.p. congressman dan crenshaw is using the story to argue for gun rights saying that with universal background checks he wouldn't be able to let his friends borrow his handgun for safety. this democratic counterpart,
8:18 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez responded with an unusual conclusion, quoting, "you are a member of congress, why are you lending guns to people unsupervised who can't pass a basic background check? the people you're giving a gun to have likely abused their spouse or have a violent criminal record and you may not know what. why on earth would you do that? "in return, he wrote, quoting, "just one click from you think my friends are domestic abusers, criminals? seriously? better argument? that they can't pass background checks? wrong. people lend guns to friends, especially if they don't own a gun, for self-defense and hunting purposes. this is america outside new york city." meantime, the separatist go board of supervisors approved a resolution naming mra as a domestic terror group that promotes gun ownership and insights gun owners to act violently. watch. >> people are dying every day in his country, 100 people moves their lives to gun violence prevention and doing nothing is not an option and that's what the nra continues to do.
8:19 pm
>> the nra called the resolution a ludicrous stunt and a "effort to distract from the real problems facing san francisco such as rate and homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing petty crime," to name a few. san francisco decision came the same day walmart decided to phase out sails of ammunition and short-barreled rifles. shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher in l.a., thank you, trace. a texas state representative is facing criticism tonight for rejecting any new gun control laws in the wake of the odessa mass shooting. now if i will tweet stream. do something is the statement we keep hearing. i'm not going to use the evil acts of a handful of people to diminish the god-given rights of my fellow texans, period. so let's talk to him. republican texas state representative frank schaeffer joins us along with fox news contributor leslie marshall. welcome to you both. >> good evening. >> good to be here. >> shannon: representative, i saw your tweets, there were a
8:20 pm
number of them for the weekend. there were a lot of folks who thought it was just completely appropriate in the wake of what had just happened. what kind of criticism have you faced, and how do you respond? >> well, without a lot of criticism, in particular of the fact that we even mention the word god when we talk about this, but we talk about god because we believe that the right to self-defense is god-given. and that's a belief that's shared by many texans and by many americans and so to be marked for that is really shocking. but i can tell you that locally in my community in east texas and around the state i received a lot of support for what i said because these proposals that they're putting out to take guns away, to restrict gun rights, those are broken ideas. they're just going to make good people into criminals and are not going to make us safer. >> shannon: what about that, leslie? a lot of folks are set -- the point to the store we had a
8:21 pm
little earlier about the young woman on a texas we used a gun to defend herself and i know you have faced some pretty terrifying things in your own life. what about the fact that people say you pass more gun restrictions, criminals are not going to pay attention to them and it's good people who may lose the ability to defend themselves? >> well, this woman who defended herself, as many people who do, was not carrying an assault weapon in her purse. she did not get it illegally and she didn't borrow it from congressman crenshaw. but what we do see is the idea that more guns make a safer and in texas, where they have -- they are in the top percentage of the united states of guns owned per capita per household in that state. you had a passel, you had odessa. when i sat on the couch next to the lieutenant governor of texas and i asked him face to face, could you please tell me -- could you please tell me, mr. patrick, why in the state of texas when you have so many concealed carry permits, this is after el paso, why nobody stop that gunman?
8:22 pm
he said because those people ran away from the gunman because that, shannon, is our human nature. it is fight or flight. this woman saved her life, but that is not the story the majority of the time and if it was, than with the increase gun ownership not just in texas but across this country, we should have less mass killings than we do. >> shannon: we do see stories of people who run towards these things and a lot of times they are former military law enforcement officers or just people who are thoroughly and representative, that takes an investment of your time and willingness to do those kinds of things, but how to respond to leslie foster best statistics regarding texas? >> this woman showed great bravery and it's really an insult to people to say that they shouldn't have the right to have that gun, to defend themselves, because you don't know how they're going to react. you don't know how you are going to react either but that is a god-given right, to protect her family, to protect your property, to protect your home and that's not going to be taken away in texas. let me tell you, you want a
8:23 pm
texas-sized bite, this is it right here. the criminals don't obey the laws. it's a profoundly simple concept but it seems to be harder and harder for the left to grasp. if you pass these laws, you're going to hurt good people and you're going to get the guns in the hands of the criminals. >> shannon: leslie i'm a quick final word about what people are saying. if you talk about -- some of the democratic contenders are openly talking about taking guns back from people, confiscating. you say mandatory by that, that does mean confiscation. if there are millions of people in the country who are going to go along with that. last not peacefully. >> and i agree, but this is not but the majority of democrats in a democratic party -- not just the democrats, majority of americans want universal background checks. majority of americans don't want people with a mental illness having guns and now majority of americans, even republicans, are saying, hey, assault weapons ban become a good idea. that doesn't take away your second amendment right. it doesn't take away all your guns, and it doesn't stop you from protecting your family or killing bambi and his friends in
8:24 pm
the forest because you don't need an assault weapon to do that. and with regard to god, i have read the bible a number of times cover to cover in one of the reasons -- i must say this, i'm going to get in trouble for saying this but i left christianity because of the perversion of god's word. god does say i believe in the bible that we have an inalienable right to defend ourselves but not with these types of weapons, that i just can't buy. >> shannon: is important to note that when you talk about assault weapons, a lot of times that's thrown around deeply to understand the last man it was pretty much dealing with cosmetic things, scopes, bandits, things that could be added to the gun but didn't change the ability of that gun to fire bullets and the way that they were fired, so, you know, way to clarify when we are talking about things. quick final ordeal, representative about the religious issue there. >> cheney, first of all, i want to make a point. look at what's happening in chicago with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. how was it working out there? it's not working out. these policies have no effect on
8:25 pm
the criminals. and, you know, it really is -- it goes back to what freedom really means in this country. it's an old idea and it is inherent in the way we think about ourselves in texas, and yes we do believe that god gives us that right to self-defense and we don't believe it gives you the right to tell us how to do it. these types of rifles are common in texas. they are the commonly owned rifle. they are used for sporting, they are used for hunting and if people choose to use them for self-defense, that might be the best tool for them. but that's not for the government to determine grade >> shannon: we are going to leave it there but i know there are a lot of folks out there that hope that the two sides can find some kind of common ground that would actually make a difference. if we will see when washington gets back next week. in the meantime, leslie marshall, representative, great to have you both. breaking developing students tonight, trump administration official forced to resign after
8:26 pm
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>> shannon: tonight, an employee in president trump's labor department is back on the job. he said he's grateful to be back at work. he resigned after a report revealed old social media posts which the writer of the report characterized as anti-semitic, but that was not the real story and once the truth was told, olsen was back on the job. fox news media analyst and host of fox media buzz, howard kurtz, tells us what happened. >> shanna, a mid-level trump administration official lost his job after just 18 days following a bloomberg report that some journalists on the left and right are calling unfair. bloomberg law reporter tweeted this scoop. trumbull is a department senior advisor leif olson posted on facebook that jewish media protect their own. four hours after he asked for comments, that apartment issued
8:31 pm
a one sentence statement accepting olson's resignation. but olson says the story seized on a sarcastic joke posted three years ago. "i never thought i'd see the day when making fun of alt-right anti-semites lead to being branded nmi anti-semite. there was no revelation of the post because there was nothing to reveal, it was publicly available on my feet. was bloomberg being vice? also has a history of advancing controversial conservative in faith-based causes in court, which has nothing to do with the facebook post. the facebook post began sarcastically saying corporate tool paul ryan at won and emasculating 70-point victory over a primary candidate who described himself as pro-white. when a commenter, and he also primitive, they say neocons are upper east side scientist who don't golf on saturdays. when he was mistakenly called jewish, olson quipped that must be true, because i've never seen mainstream media report it and you know they protect their own. the anti-defamation league, which initially criticized
8:32 pm
olson, now says it except his clarification. the liberal site box says olson was forced out over an unfair and misleading charge of bigotr bigotry. bloomberg stands by the story saying it's reporter simply contacted labor for comment. whether bloomberg missed the sarcasm or the labor department overreacted, this much is clear. a charge of anti-semitism can be a professional death sentence even if it turns out to be untrue. shannon. >> shannon: howard kurtz, thank you. thousands of documents related to convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein could be unsealed. and that's terrifying for some of his associates whose names could go public. correspondent bryan llenas has a surprising motion just filed in federal court. >> good evening. an anonymous man is asking a new york federal judge not to unseal jeffrey epstein-related court documents because the documents could unfairly associate people with epstein's alleged sex trafficking crime
8:33 pm
and such closures would not it would be "life-changing," but would quote throw these nonparties into the middle of this frenzy and unfairly do irreparable harm to their privacy and reputational interests." a new york federal judge is sifting through the documents to determine what should or should not be unsealed based on legitimate privacy concerns. the court documents contain the names of hundreds of people, 29 depositions of witnesses or victims related to epstein's alleged crime. hundreds of pages of investigative reports, and a lawyer's of the include epstein's little black book, which is said to contain 1,000 names. epstein's former house manager described in his book as the "holy grail or golden nugget" to unlocking epstein's alleged sex trafficking operation. the documents stem from a civil defamation lawsuit filed by epstein accuser virginia against epstein's former girlfriend and alleged binary coconspirator ghislaine maxwell.
8:34 pm
a trove of 2,000 documents was released the day before epstein was found dead in his jail cell. that first document dump included explosive sexual abuse allegations including that maxwell forced -- not only with prince andrew, but with former new mexico governor bill richardson and former maine democratic senator george mitchell. allegations these men deny. the lawyers argue all the documents should be unsealed. >> what virginia has all his hope is to bring light to the issue of trafficking and in my view, those documents will reveal what happened, in the case what happened with respect to her journey so they are particularly relevant for those issues. >> there is a lot of speculation and interest into who and how many people, if any, allegedly abused women at epstein's homes. shannon buried >> shannon: brian, thank you. climate politics top tonight's 2020 and 60. 2020 democratic presidential hopeful tom steyer excluded from
8:35 pm
tonight's cnn climate town hall even though it's a hallmark of his political activism. bret baier asked him what special report tonight about president trump's assertion that the u.s. is reducing emissions more than any other country. he says it's up to the u.s. to get countries like china and india to reduce their emissions. >> this is a global problem, and you know it. we all know it's a global problem. if we are going to solve it, we are going to have to solve it on a global basis. >> shannon: former vice president joe biden on the state of the climate change town hall and asked about a fund-raiser he's reportedly attending tomorrow, the home of an investment banker who has put money into natural gas companies. listen. >> how can we trust you to hold these corporations and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity when we know that tomorrow you are holding high dollar fund-raiser hosted by andrew goldman, a fossil fuel executive? >> he's not a fossil fuel executive. [applause] he is not a fossil fuel executive. >> shannon: former deputy
8:36 pm
director of the fbi turned cnn contributor andrew mccabe headlining a democratic front drugged dominic fund-raiser later this month. lancaster comments fall banquet in pennsylvania. 2020 presidential democratic candidate and spiritualist marion williamson told the new yorker "i didn't think the left live like this." williamson accusing the left of implying she keeps crystals in her home and think you can love enough to cure a disease. she denies at all. breaking news on the trade war with china. late tonight sending stock futures searching higher, flush match lap joins us from hong kong, his eyewitness account of exactly what he's seeing on the street. ♪ and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible.
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8:41 pm
negotiations. futures are up as the news broke just a few hours ago. this comes as the white house is watching another development on foreign soil, one that could also have major implications. >> order. order. >> the tumult in the house of commons intensified today as prime minister boris johnson pushed his hard brexit agenda. >> in my view, and the view of this government, there must now be an election on tuesday the 15th of october. >> but that's not going to happen. johnson is pushing for a no deal brexit breathing more life into that brexit debate. >> it's really important that the mps in their put aside party differences and work together to avoid a catastrophic no deal brexit. >> vice president mike pence is in london tonight. he will meet with the prime minister tomorrow. >> united states of america stands with the united kingdom
8:42 pm
in its decision to leave the european union. that was a decision that was made by the people of the united kingdom. >> president trump is also coming to johnson's defense. >> boris is a friend of mine and he's going at it. there's no question about it. he's in there. i watched him this morning. he's in there fighting. and he knows how to win. boris knows how to win. don't worry about him, he's going to be okay. >> boris johnson suspended 21 members of parliament who ended up voting against him, one of those, shannon, winston churchill's grandson, a longtime member of parliament who said it will be ending his service in the house because of this. both sides will hash this out in parliament tomorrow morning london time, we will be watching. this is big, this box of things been going on for several years, doesn't look like there's really any and buried >> shannon: in a game of chicken continues. thank you, david. >> sure. >> shannon: protesters in hong kong are begging the united states and specifically
8:43 pm
president trump to help them in their fight for democracy. tonight, some prominent american conservatives are meeting them in a semiautonomous territory. the chairman of the american conservative union is in hong kong and joins us where it is morning, good morning to you there, matt. >> were to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: what he was seeing on the streets? we see a lot of things on social media, it's hard to separate fact from fiction but what can you tell us firsthand? >> i've just never seen anything like it. what you have is literally at points millions of people, but on a nightly basis, almost every night, you have thousands of most of what i would call students, or kids, teenagers. if some 12 years old have been arrested and they take to the streets by using the new app and platforms where they can communicate without the government knowing about it and they pick location, it is by and large peaceful, but it is really rattled the regime. >> shannon: we have talked with joshua long, you're talking
8:44 pm
with other folks who are sort of leading this movement. we talked to him, he's been arrested, in and out of jail a couple of times and with the news that carrie lam is bringing back or completely tossing extradition bill, at least that's the news, here's his reaction and one of his tweets, we says we urge the world to a alert this tactic and not be deceived by hong kong and beijing government. they have conceded nothing in fact in a full-scale clampdown is on the way. a number of these young protesters were speaking out there don't seem to think that that concession is real or that it really does anything. >> yeah, there is a real cynicism. i will give you an example. we had our third cpac in tokyo just days ago and we invited one of these protest leaders to come speak to the conservatives in japan and the government arrested him as he boarded his flight. while he was going to do is simply give a speech in a free country of japan. then they invited us to come to hong kong and meet with others of their leaders and the
8:45 pm
alarming thing for all of these young people is that they see an increased hostility and aggression from a police force, which they believe is more and more controlled by beijing and less hong kong police force. we talked to so many on the streets, they are willing to give their lives for this struggle. it's a very emotional thing to see young people committed to democracy. at some of these protests they bring out the american flag, facing the american anthem, they quote our founding fathers. this is a very, very important thing. you know what else i learned on the streets? they love president trump. over and over and over again they said will you please go back until president trump that we finally have a president who is standing up to communist and they love him for it. >> shannon: and we fight sound bites and stone posters and things as you mention from the folks therefore waving the american flag, singing the national anthem saying president trump, we love you, but also saying we need your
8:46 pm
help and we are also seeing her back at home bipartisan calls but his administration to step up and do more. it is not going to be a u.s. military intervention. what could the u.s., do you think, reasonably be expected to do, or should they in this situation? >> well i don't think from a protest leaders i talked to, they are not expecting america -- troops to hit the ground, they are not expecting anything other but what they told me is tell the president to double down on his pressure on the regime. we had this conversation in america about tariffs and disney people have different views about tariffs. the question in hong kong is very unique. it's about human rights, the ability to vote, the ability to peaceably assemble and so the message that i think that they want the president to understand is that they appreciate that he's being strong and they want him to continue to be strong. don't back down, because they believe it's the only way that they'll get true change in china. we all have -- we all want china to get to a better place and at
8:47 pm
times it seems like they were in hong kong is an example of where -- there was a frightening side to having a communist overlord and the american people and our president, you know, we are the quintessential voice on all these questions about democratic values, but what they can do specifically, shannon, is what they told us, don't give hong kong on these policies. >> shannon: match live on the ground in hong kong, thank you very much for joining us. the killers stored from win from california appeals court but the case is far from over for this illegal immigrant. u.s. attorney david anderson joins us next to talk about the pending federal arguments. the the calling for everything. the searching for id cards... musical
8:48 pm
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>> shannon: a reminder to you, an update on hurricane a door and, again upgraded a short time ago to category three as we watch its path among georgia and the carolinas. we will keep you updated, but again, it has regained some strength, it's on the move. new tonight, we are learning what will happen next for the illegal immigrant who admitted to firing the shot that killed 32-year-old kate stanley on a pier in san francisco in 2015. you remember friday night right here we broke the story that a california appeals court handed the man, who is already been
8:52 pm
deported five times, a legal victory by throwing out the only conviction against him. it was on state gun charges. tonight u.s. attorney's confirming he will face federal charges. let's talk to the u.s. attorney for northern california, david anderson. could have you you with us tonight. thank you, shannon. >> shannon: let's talk about this. the state board that throughout that gun conviction said it's undisputed that the defendant was holding the gun when it fired but that fact alone does not establish he possessed the gun for more than a moment. to possess the gun the defendant had to know he was holding. his story was he picked up a t-shirt, the gun happened to be wrapped up in there, it fired and killed her. so that the state conviction is out. tell us what he could face now on the federal level. speak on the federal level is charged with two accounts. one is being a felon in possession of a firearm and the others being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and both of these violations of federal law carry a maximum sentence of
8:53 pm
ten years imprisonment. >> shannon: my understanding is that trial is shaping up for january. can you tell us a little bit more about the timeline? >> the case has been pending now since while he was still under the state charges. he was indicted in federal court in december of last -- of two years ago and now a trial is set for january. >> shannon: i want to play something from his attorney, who said this in january of 2018. seeming to imply that these federal charges are political in nature. here's what he said. >> it's rarely done. the federal government to come back two years later and say by the way, we're going to charge you with federal gun possession because the jury acquitted you or because the president was upset with the verdict. yeah, it's unprecedented. >> shannon: how do you answer that suggestion? >> the dash the gun charges that are fired in the northern
8:54 pm
district of california are decided upon in the northern district of california. the attorney in the northern district of california make those decisions and we charge upwards of 100, as many as 200 of these cases each year in the northern district of california. so there's abundant precedent for the filing of these charges in the interest of public safety and upholding the rule of law. >> shannon: there are a lot of folks obviously will look at this case, reportedly been reported five times, they want to know what's going to happen to him if he's convicted and what happens if he's not convicted. >> if he is convicted, he will proceed to sentencing in san francisco and it is not convicted, he still has a supervised release violation pending in the state of texas. either way, he'll go and face that proceeding as well following the trial and the conclusion of the proceedings in san francisco. >> shannon: and of course the law is supposed to be impartial, unemotional, dispassionate, but to understand why there has been
8:55 pm
so much emotion over this particular case? >> well, of course. every federal gun case has the potential for violence. that's the reason why it's such an important category of cases not just in my district, but all around the country. but here it wasn't just the potential for violence, in this case that violence, unfortunately, became all too real. >> shannon: well, we will be watching very closely, that federal case as it proceeds in january, david anderson, thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: well, one woman is on a mission to make sure man's best friend is taking care of after dorian hit the bahamas. phillips has taken a nearly 100 abandoned dogs and tonight she's our madman hero. check this out. she said she's not getting any assistance from outside groups, this was something she decided to do on her own in her home is full. full of love and a lot of dogs who need things to eat and to be taken care of. she's had a lot of success at
8:56 pm
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what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." hurricane dorian spent two days just devastating the bahamas. if you've seen the pictures you know how awful it really was. now the storm is coming here, could soon make landfall in the carolinas. we will be tracking it of course throughout the night here on fox. first, a major shift in social policy that every american ought to be paying some attention to. yesterday walmart, which is the world's largest retailer, announced that it is now taking sides in the gun debate. the company announced it will no longer sell handgun and it stores nor will they stock common reforms that can be "also used in large capacity clips on military style weapons."


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