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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 12, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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answered the call on 9/11, both separately in state court, the trump administration looking to ban all non-tobacco products as tragically lost their lives. the last words both men sent to health officials warned of a their beloved dad was also a new york city police officer, said i love you, dad. surge in vapeing illnesses. medical contributor doctor mark today we remember them, their siegel investigates if the science backs up the possible ban. sons, three of the sons are in >> the centers for disease military government service, one control continues to investigate is a member of the nypd, amazing the cause of success out of 450 legacy for that family and cases so far of sudden severe remember all those who lost respiratory illness tied to vapeing. their lives that day, learn the authorities for the vast majority have been associated right lessons from 9/11, god bless all of them and god bless my friend barbara olson who i think of all the time but especially think of her on this day, one of the most courageous people i knew and always been upper room, she was brilliant, funny, we would have heard a lot with vapeing, with product containing thc and attempting to determine which chemical additives are at fault including possibly vitamin e. hhs, cdc of the american medical more from barbara olson. the world got dimmer when we lost it. mike emanuel is in for shannon bream and here in the fox news at 19 take it from here. association of all advised
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people to stop vapeing, the trump administration announced it plans to clear the market, >> we begin with a fox news alert. donald trump crafting a foreign policy agenda without john bolton. quote, of unauthorized nontobacco flavored e-cigarette products, this announcement is not directly tied to the illnesses but rather to where does diplomacy go from here, a big point of contention was how to deal with north korea. more insights tonight from a preliminary numbers released from the national youth tobacco survey that show more than a quarter of high school kids are vapeing and close to two thirds say it is because of the flavors former insider on the national while showing lack of awareness security council. stick around. we are hours away from house judiciary committee, lawmakers of the nicotine content. e-cigarette uses a four times on the panel say the formal more likely is nonusers to technology went of the impeachment inquiry, democratic house leaders are shying away from using that terminology. ultimately turn to tobacco but vapeing advocates talk about the decline of cigarette smoking is evidence that e-cigarette's are we will cut through the confusion tonight. the house minority leader kevin having a positive impact at overregulating that will lead to more tobacco smoking among teens. mccarthy is on deck. trump administration officials are in california on a fact-finding mission. the white house says donald >> the big news is we just saw a record-setting 27% decline in trump has taken notice of the homelessness crisis. what are residents saying? we will tell you what we are teen smoking. >> the new england journal of
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medicine published a study earlier this year which showed that hecigarettes are more effective tool for treating all that is coming up but first breaking tonight a win for the trump administration, the smoking the nicotine products like the patch or gum. supreme court giving the white the teens are not legally allowed to buy cigarettes in all house a green light to enforce 50 states and the problem is trying to enforce this, at the same time there appears to be a benefit for concerned smokers restrictions on asylum-seekers on the southern border. that is worth preserving. mike, back to you. late breaking news, good evening. >> the order came down earlier this evening and is quite a victory for the trump administration. >> the number 2 democrat backpedaling as house democratic leaders seem to be unable to get there impeachment messaging straight. the president and his team proposed a ban on asylum for house minority leader republican people crossing by transiting congressman kevin mccarthy joins us live to make sense of it all next. hey, want to try it? through a third country. ok here you go... if a family from el salvador through guatemala into mexico to over... under... the united states would not be able to seek asylum if they did hey whoa, pop, pop... your shoe's untied. ♪ ensure he's well taken care of, even as you build your own plans for retirement. not in another country before and this applies to other countries at the southern border hoping to come into the united states. see how lincoln can help protect a us district judge in california put a stop to the practice over the summer. your savings from the impact
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the ninth circuit court of of long-term care expenses at appeals narrowed the injunction to arizona and california meaning the band could only be put in place in texas and new mexico. the supreme court says it can move forward in all states now the two of the 9 justices on the court dissented. sonya soto mayor and ruth bader ginsburg, sotomayor wrote the executive branch has issued a rule that seeks to upend long-standing practices regarding refugees who seek shelter from persecution. donald trump celebrating in a tweet come big supreme court win on the border for asylum. hogan wrote there's much more work still to be done, thankfully the supreme court took a decisive step and rejected the lower court's egregious ruling. the president and his administration celebrates it is important to note this is not a ruling on the merits of the case was arguments over the merits of
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the case continue in lower courts, groups like the aclu found to challenge this new. >> thanks a lot. looking ahead to later this week donald trump may have an announcement on the measures to keep guns out of the hands of possible killers and the mentally ill. the president speaking today with senators pat toomey, joe manchin and chris murphy about their proposal to expand background checks. in the oval office donald trump said background checks may be just one piece of the puzzle. >> is gun sense if you think about it. what we're looking at is that is what we should move on to, a gun since bill. >> donald trump is expected to speak with three senators tomorrow and could soon indicate what he would be willing to throw his support behind. house speaker nancy pelosi got angry with the san francisco chronicle reporter for asking about democrat in action on gun-control.
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>> we did have action. let's get that straight, the senate did not come to action to .. pass the bill. some of the following has been omitted to avoid and getting very angry. >> nancy pelosi then told the reporter to ask senate republicans why they haven't acted on guns. bipartisan senators pitch expanded background checks to donald trump and the trump administration gets what some are calling a huge legal victory from the supreme court on restrictions for asylum-seekers, let's bring in republican senator rick scott. your reaction to the supreme court ruling tonight. spoiling this is us for the few who haven't seen it. season 4 of this is us is almost here. to catch every past episode, just say "this is us" into your xfinity voice remote. like the one where i... [ buzzer ] or the one where we show... [ buzzer ]
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>> it is positive but we have to get something done. when he was a... [ buzzer ] this place is completely dysfunctional. plus you can watch this is us we need to secure borders, have an immigration policy everybody understands, take care of people anywhere with xfinity stream app. who want to come here and work, take care of the dac akins is especially the... [ buzzer ] episode. awww, that one's my favorite. catch every episode of this is us with xfinity. why are we waiting on the supreme court's to make decisions, just get something done. >> your thoughts on the situation of people who are suffering after hurricane dorian, i know you have been there. what are your thoughts on those folks? >> we stop where it didn't hit in the bahamas but we flew over 1500 feet above and don't see how anybody survived. i've been talking with the prime minister, the consul general, we have raised goods to get over there. i've been talking to a variety of federal agencies, talk to border patrol today. they are working hard. >> mike: at democratic presidential are making their way to houston to set up i would like the government to >> democratic presidential candidates making their way to be more specific what they want houston, the site of tomorrow
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and that is what i have asked them to do. night's next debate. we are helping them in florida and it is the right thing to do. >> to the gun debate i want to play a clip from a gentleman joe biden is still the man to that you know well. >> first thing that ever happens beat but he is getting with a mass shooting with the increasing pressure from one of his rivals. peter doocy reports tonight from houston. mediators they blame the gun and for my daughter i had to uncover every single stone and fact to find out what went wrong. >> america's will be just got a warning from elizabeth warner. >> what is your reaction to that >> i'm not here to fight for the comment from andrew pollock? >> andy is a good friend who rich and the powerful. i'm here to fight for the rest lost his daughter, she was a of america. beautiful young lady. what he is saying is reality. >> warren, senator the new york times points out raise the money before she denounced big money is trying to remind that is that unlike the time as a senate candidate she won't have a fundraiser with rich donors and the she becomes a presidential everybody wants to go to the gun debate, the fbi had prior knowledge and didn't do anything about it, didn't follow up on a tip. nominee and contrast herself with joe biden's last campaign event was a saturday fundraiser where according to a report 125 guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and drinks mingling between the the school knew this kid was a main player and an outside patio looks over upon. problem. he had been stopped 20 times by warren's approach is winning law enforcement, they wouldn't let him come in with a backpack over some critical supertuesday and did nothing about it and then law enforcement sat on the sidelines while his daughter was killed. wire we focused on what people could have done to stop this. wise the fbi -- why won't they even tell us, did they hold
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supporters. texas democrats find her in second place, 10 points behind anybody accountable? biden. ahead of both, bernie sanders in i had the shooting at the texas's own beta o'rourke. >> take no one for granted, that's how we defeat donald trump. >> donald trump is taking a airport, fbi had prior knowledge on all of them, they won't tell me what happened, won't told her parents what happened. victory lap after the republican what democrats do is go off on dan bishop won a special the segway. >> what about the current election seen as a presidential debate, there is evidence of a election bellwether in north carolina. >> dan bishop worked really hard and i worked hard with him. >> elect ability against donald trump is joe biden's main argument but now he's taking several shots at the primary rival. surge in sales, a surgeon background checks, how are talks >> plans are great but executing those planes is a different with your colleagues going? thing. >> they are talking about what we did in florida because what i did in florida as as soon as >> elizabeth foreign is talking about all her plans and she parkland happened i got within a few days come within 5 days got law enforcement together, mental doesn't plan to stop. >> we start with a plan and then we get out and fight for it. health counselors together and said what should we do? three days after that i came out with a plan and within three weeks of the shooting we came out with a plan, if you are threatening harm to yourself or to me that is what being president is all about. >> warren biden will be at centerstage but one other candidate might leave the stage, andrew yang tweeted he will be someone else, the court system and law enforcement can take crowd surfing in sandals at the away your weapon.
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>> does something get across the debate which means he might not see support from voters, he finish line? >> if we do that is what we are might be looking for support to start with, make sure schools from people who won't drop him. are safe and have mental health counselors. >> the fox news alert. mixed messaging over what exactly the judiciary committee we have crazy young men right now, wasn't like that when i was growing up. will be voting on tomorrow, >> rick scott from the great balking at calling it and state of florida, thank you for your time. donald trump is delaying the impeachment inquiry and that has president obama's former speechwriter weighing in, the upcoming increase in tariffs on billions of dollars of chinese goods tweeting the requests come communications staffers and from beijing because october 1st is china's 70th anniversary, his consultants who signed off on this absurd and confused message referring to the founding of the modern people's republic of china. strategy should resign from politics forever. the president says as a gesture of good faith in turf increase will go into effect on support impeachment or oppose october 15th. attorneys for some 2000 local it, you can't fool people into thinking or doing both, stop governments say they have agreed treating voters like they are to a tentative settlement with stupid. committee members say tomorrow oxycontin maker purdue pharma over the nation's opioid crisis. is a formal acknowledgment of sources with direct knowledge of the talks told the associated press purdue will pay $12 the house's impeachment investigation. million over time and the >> donald trump profiting off secular family which owns the company will give up control.
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one of the sources says 20 states of agreed to the the presidency, having the tentative settlement but many military stay at luxury resorts state in scotland and putting false facts out when folks at birmingham had the real facts. >> the decision after the house majority leader contradicts colleagues by saying there is no impeachment inquiry but reverses course hours later. let's bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy, great to have you. can you figure out what is going on? here's the pitch from one of your colleagues, a democrat. >> we know if you look what happened during watergate, takes a while to get all the facts out for the public. it allows us to have certain procedures, grand jury testimony, having staff do interviews, will expedite the impeachment inquiry we have been in. mike: what do you see from across the aisle?
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>> the same thing, they have no idea what they are doing. imaginary impeachment. nadler ran to become chairman the day after the election and the campaign for his conference that he would be best for impeachment, they are trying to impeach a president when they have nothing to do because they have accomplished nothing. a new poll shows by democrats say no more about the investigations and anything they passed, they achieved nothing. name one problem they have solved. they are so angry because donald trump won the election they have never gotten over it. >> reporter: nancy pelosi, steny hoyer pumping the brakes a bit, take a look at nancy pelosi. >> chairman nadler -- >> we should try to advise what we have been doing together.
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>> i trying to have it both ways by trying to convince their base their going forward while trying to protect this wing district members? >> they are trying to appease their base, claiming or doing something they are not on impeachment because they can't impeach a president that hasn't done anything. the only thing he has done is built an economy that is the strongest in the last 50 years, risen wages for individuals, changing the course of where this country, think what happened last night, two new republicans just won in north carolina. this is not an easy seat to win. in 2018 we barely won by 900 votes. what happened last night due to increased at 400%. >> how does that leave you 2020? >> what previews for 2020 is this president is going to get reelected and republicans will retake the house. >> lookinge in houston. we your thoughts on the presidential race from the
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democratic side so far? >> joe biden, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, kamala harris and mayor pete, i don't think mayor pete will get there. kamala seems to be falling, joe biden is collapsing. the person they are going to select to best represent the new socialist democrat party is going to be in this before and and when that race comes it will be socialism versus freedom and i think donald trump is going to have a resounding reelection that is -- you have to remember this, 31 democrats sit in seats trump carried just like last night. >> considering her positions are you surprised by the energy behind elizabeth warren? >> not in the base of where this party is. they all raised their hands, they more care about giving healthcare to someone here illegally than somebody who is an american. they are concerned more about raising taxes to take more way, they came more about taking away
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your healthcare than making government control. this is what was with warren fundamentally believes. a socialist approach, where the base of this party is, nancy pelosi has the title but doesn't have the power anymore. from the new congress women inside -- aoc to omar, they are running this party and they don't even call themselves democrats, they call themselves socialist democrats. >> thanks for your time. do not forget to tune in tomorrow night for a special extended coverage of the third democratic primary debate. bret baer heads up our coverage. we are live at 11:00 pm eastern until 1:00 am. he is not mincing words was a man who lost his mother during the 9/11 terror attacks slams congresswoman omar at the ground 0 memorial service. now he is calling out the squad. trace is on the case after the break. my skin... it was embarrassing.
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>> mike: a dramatic scene at ground zero today. a man who lost seen at ground 0. a man who lost his mother during the 9/11 terror attack sending a message to congresswoman ilhan omar and members of her so-called squad on capitol hill after omar's now infamous remarks earlier this year about the terror attacks. trace gallagher has more. good evening. >> the bills told, beams of light shined and the names of the victims are read aloud, family and friends gathered to remember those they lost 18 years ago. nicholas junior came to pay tribute to his mother frances and more than 200 friends and coworkers and also wanted to make something crystal-clear to minnesota democratic congresswoman ilhan omar. >> madam, objectively speaking we know who and what was done. there is no uncertainty about that.
12:20 am
>> is referring to comments omar made in march when she spoke at an event for the council on american islamic relations. >> care was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> why your confusion? on that day, 19 islamic terrorist members of al qaeda killed over 3000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage. >> it is unclear if omar's comments, she tweeted september 11th was an attack on all of us. we will never forget the thousands of americans who lost their lives in the largest terror attack on us soil. it is not the first time he called out those he believes
12:21 am
disrespected 9/11. last year he criticized nancy pelosi for calling 911 a, quote, incident and an msnbc commentator for comparing donald trump's behavior to that of 9/11 terrorists. at the pentagon memorial, the president had this warning for terrorists around the globe. >> we will go wherever they are and use power the likes of which the united states has never used before. i'm not even talking about nuclear power. >> the president says on this day 18 years ago he remembers thinking how the world was about to change. >> thank you, many thanks. >> the washington post fact checker calling foul and democratic candidate valerie claim's new campaign ad topping tonight's real news roundup, running for new mexico absurd
12:22 am
district, a former cia operative known for the 2005 controversy when her cover was blown in a leak to the media, that we contributed to then deputy secretary of state richard armitage but the new ad claims dick cheney's chief of staff scooter libby leaks her identity, the washington post gives these assertions three pinocchios. washington free beacon reporting democrats in the 1990s eagerly train thousands of activists to call in and manipulate public opinion through talk radio shows under knowledge of the clinton white house, the initiative instructing activists to pose as normal callers and assume aliases in an attempt to boost democratic performance in the 1996 election. the virginia theological seminary creating an endowment fund for reparations to descendents of slaves who work at the school and build its buildings, the episcopal seminary demonstrating $1.7 million to the fund. the new york times deleting a
12:23 am
tweet saying airplanes took aim at the world trade center, accusing the newspaper of refusing to place blame on the terrorists. a bombshell lawsuit against new england patriots wide receiver antonio brown accusing the pro football star of rape and sexual assault against a former trainer, brown's agents say it is a money grab the victim herself is speaking out tonight. >> antonio brown is adamantly denying the rape and sexual assault allegations made in his newly filed lawsuit. his accuser retailers a gymnast who met brown they both attended central michigan together. in the complaint filed yesterday she claims he assaulted her twice in 2017, once at his home in the pittsburgh area and once in his home in miami. following those incidents taylor so she cut ties with brown but
12:24 am
once in a er he apologized and promised to, quote, stop flirting with her. the alleged rape occurred in may 2018. taylor so she stopped by his house after a night out and he forced her onto a bed. she resisted screaming now and stop according to documents. it is unclear if she ever went to the police. an attorney for brown's is the football star will aggressively defend himself including exercising all of its rights and countersuits which he claims the relationship was consensual and says brown, quote, refuses to be the victim of what he believes to be a money grab. the alleged victim released a statement saying speaking out removes the shame i have felt for the past year and places it on the person responsible for my rate, the patriot to just signed brown earlier this week say this team takes the allegation very seriously. the football star was at practice today and longtime patriots head coach bill belichick had this to say. >> representatives made statements.
12:25 am
i'm not sure i'm expanding on those. we have looked into the situation and taking it very seriously. all the way through the organization. >> the team says there is no further comment as the investigation is ongoing. >> thanks very much. firing him was just the opening act, donald trump thrashing his former national security adviser john bolton and probably blaming him for launching the iraq war. the latest coming up. my mom washes the dishes...
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...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. we won president trump taking swipes a >> donald trump taking swipes that is national security adviser extending the ugly parting into a second day. jillian turner has more including new insights on who will replace bolton. >> new late tonight we are hearing from multiple sources familiar with internal deliberations at the white house that donald trump is giving serious condition to replacing john bolton with mike pompeo.
12:30 am
turning him into both secretary of state and national security adviser, something known as the kissinger model. it is a move both presidents nixon and ford made when they had henry kissinger served a dual role the president is not committing to this yet. he is still looking at 5 or so candidates. he told reporters old and has agreed with other highly valued members of the inner circle. >> he said in that chair and i told him john, you are not getting along with people and a lot of us disagree with some of your tactics and some of your ideas. >> the president revealed some of his thinking about the use of force while criticizing bolton's comments ahead of the singapore summit. >> we have very much in mind that would be a model from 2003-2004. >> that was not a good statement
12:31 am
to make. look what happened with qaddafi. it's not a question of being tough. the question of being not smart, to say something like that. >> democrats are worried about how combining the roles of secretary of state and national security adviser may limit the ability of senior officials to rain in the president's foreign-policy. >> you want a national security adviser coordinating processes among all the agencies that deal with these issues on behalf of the president and essentially exercising some oversight on those cabinet agencies that would not be the case of the secretary of state were also the national security adviser. >> the president surrounds himself with yes men and women that is not good for our country. >> one former senior trump administration official says based on how the national security policy process works the kissinger model may be in a single. and other sources it is unlikely
12:32 am
he would do both jobs. things move fast at 1600 pennsylvania ave. and we are trying to keep up with it all. bringing it to you soon as we can. >> thanks very much. will trump administration go forward with north korea and iran it not enough stick which bolton wanted more of? task brigadier general robert spalding and bolton's former chief of staff, great to have you. let's start with you. what was john bolton's impact and do you expect major change going forward? >> i think john bolton works hard to promote the president's national security agenda. he helped the president score some major successes but there were major policy differences between the president and the national security adviser and when this happens it is normal and natural for the official who disagrees to move on. it is nothing personal.
12:33 am
>> with this a bad fit from the beginning since bolton and the president seemed to have a different takes on a lot of hotspots? >> it is difficult to get the right fit because he's coming up with a different strategy than we have had for the last 3 decades, the last 3 administrations. he is focusing more on the strategic competition with china and less about being interventionist all around, tried to pull back from afghanistan and iraq, had a hard time with the national security establishment doing that so he's trying to find the right fit. is going to be tough in this town because a lot of people think conventionally, post globalization, post-cold war foreign-policy which is trying to reestablish we are in a bipolar world and organized in a different world now. >> donald trump did not hesitate to point out the differences. let me get you to react. >> he made some very big
12:34 am
mistakes which he talked about the libyan model for kim jong un, not a good statement to make and it set us back. >> your response? >> the president is looking for a national security adviser who supported america first agenda keeping us out of wars, not start new wars and engage in negotiations, negotiations with north korea happen successfully, getting negotiations with iran will be tough but it is something we have to pursue. mike: here is the president on north korea and iran. let me get you to respond. >> those are two countries we are dealing with right now a high level. i think iran has tremendous potential. we are not looking for regime change. we hope we can make a deal if we can't that is fine too, okay?
12:35 am
mike: is that the deal maker in chief sending a signal? >> foreign-policy has been quite militaristic over the last 3 administrations which he says we have other tools and toolbox, diplomatic, information, economic, all those should be brought to bear. he is chief diplomat has elected representative of the american people, making a decision how each of these executives, to deal with them for the betterment of the american people so for him to call the shots and the rest of the federal bureaucracy to get behind him as representatives of the american people. >> thanks very much, thanks for your time. internment camps for the homeless, donald trump's solution to the crisis met with heavy skepticism, could clean up the streets? our power panel debates next. who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years
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>> mike: at time now for the mike: time for the western roundup, a sweeping new employment law that threatens how uber and lift do business in the golden state. it requires big economy workers to be classified as employees instead of contractors.
12:40 am
uber says the law as written doesn't apply to operations in the house to fight it. it is now on gavin newsom's desk awaiting his signature. the ncaa warns a new california bill that would allow college athletes to get paid is unconstitutional and harmful. the ncaa says it would turn california into an unbeatable draw for top athletes because they will get paid unlike anywhere else. lebron james says that is the point and the ncaa should pay college players across the country. speaking of paying, seattle city councilmembers proposing $1 million fund to pay homeless people to go back home. the proposal calls a family reunification for the seattle homeless who came from somewhere else. a team of trump administration officials are in california learning about the growing homelessness crisis. the fact-finding mission comes
12:41 am
in the reports the trump is cal and state officials are skeptical of donald trump's help the residents team divided but according to a new report from our los angeles affiliate many agree that somebody has to do something. >> concerns that it could be heavy-handed focus on criminalizing homeless people. >> citizens have had enough of this. we need leadership that will take care of the situation and thank god the trumpet ministration is coming. >> motorhomes -- where they throwing human feces? into the ground. it contaminated our water. >> for civilized city to allow this type of squalor on their streets. >> let's bring in the host of left coast news and former deputy assistant attorney general john you to discuss, great to have you. white house deputy president terry john deere says the president is taking notice of
12:42 am
the homelessness crisis particularly in cities and states where the liberal policies have over regulation, excessive taxation and poor public service delivery are combining to dramatically increase poverty and public health risks. what is wrong with that? >> we have a lot of issues right there. first off we have decades of issues that have built up due to everything from abuses of the early 20th century that led to the mental health crisis we have on our streets now that was never addressed properly, court decisions like the ninth circuit city of boise where we don't have enough housing so courts are tying the hands of cities in the west and a number of court rulings, we need to help people on the streets, don't torture them, provide the psychiatric legal health and addiction care they need along with a roof over their head. >> a letter to donald trump yesterday, i hope you will provide the federal assistance
12:43 am
needed to help cities stop homelessness in america and help our veterans and most vulnerable citizens. what is your take? >> i don't see where the constitution gives the federal government the power to take care of homelessness throughout the country. this is a state and local problem. i don't think it should be on the federal taxpayer. this is very rich state. of california were severed country it would be the fifth richest country in the world, gdp of $3 trillion all by itself. it has a budget of 147 of $147 million, it spent $1 million on homelessness this year. it's a question of throwing more money at the problem. is a question of the way the state is run. the state has gone far to the left in its economic policies and that is destroying the middle class, making it harder to build housing and it is no surprise homelessness has become a huge problem but it is not something the federal government should fix.
12:44 am
that california fix it themselves. >> state and local officials have the resources and ideas to address the problem? >> i think they do and conservative 74 of the problem. we are short of housing in california and there have been efforts in sacramento to address that and it has been a broad coalition opposing building new housing to address what you just said. it is an issue we have the resources, but you avoided the issue of the ninth circuit tying the hands of the cities to address it. >> i california officials wanting a check from the feds but no rules to go with that money? >> afraid so. if anyone is responsible for the housing crisis it is the city's take my hometown of california, any new house from using natural gas, overregulation, god knows how much -- overregulation is
12:45 am
preventing homelessness. >> thanks so much. tonight's midnight hero's are the hundreds of search and rescue dogs and their handlers that rushed to hop after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the world trade center 18 years ago. these dogs and their handlers worked tirelessly for weeks pushing every physical limit and revolutionizing the way search and rescue dogs would be trained in the future. that is our news tonight. extended debate coverage tomorrow night, to our to 11:00 pm eastern to 1 am. for now most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i mike emmanuel, god bless america. ♪ it's not just easy.
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>> it is thursday, september 12th, happening right now 4:00 on the east coast a landmark win for border security, the supreme court siding with donald trump allowing new asylum was to take effect. what democrats insist that the fight isn't over, despite the number of illegal border crossings plunging. enough is enough, 6 deaths and hundreds of illnesses nationwide now linked to vapeing. how the white house plans to crack down on you cigarettes for good. a trip down memory lane, why hillary clinton just spent an hour sitting by the mock resolu
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