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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 12, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hurricane season. we have a lot to go. the dow up about 45 points. this is seven days in a row gains as we close in on a recor record. we achieved less in july. we are back in that territory already. ♪ >> hello, everyone, i am juan williams along with jesse watters, dana perino angus who was back, it's greg! it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ speaks >> juan: bad news for inter-mccabe, federal prosecutors recommend moving forward with criminal charges against the former fbi deputy director. it is unclear what those charges what might be but here's what we do know. andrew mccabe was fired right before his retirement in 2019. it happened after your the
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inspector general found he authorized a media leak into an investigation into the clinton foundation. the fbi determined that mccabe did not tell the truth about what happened. jesse, obviously mccabe has been targeted by president trump for a lot of nastiness. what do you think this means for andrew mccabe right now? >> jesse: it's not good. let's remember, mccabe targeted donald trump ear that is how this whole thing started. >> juan: wait a minute, he targeted the clinton foundation. >> jesse: this lie was about that, yes. but lets her member he tried to take the president out. they hatched the insurance plot in his office, and when the president got wind of that insurance policy and fired his boss, james comey, then mccabe comes along and wants people wearing wires and getting trump out of office on democratically. and that is what this is about. this is the reason why trump was elected in the first place. people want to see justice in
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this country. just a small lead walks away, hillary gets locked away, no one gets locked up after the financial crash. i hope he pays the price, not only him but all the victims. >> greg: cnn, this was their prime cnn contributor and now he is gone. they need a replacement. so the situation, he just got out of jail, then you've got o.j. he's giving a lot of hot takes on twitter beauty just don't want to pass him off. >> jesse: that is when the patriots sign a d and then he gets hit with the rape charge. >> greg: don't try to organize a legal coup, have some fun for a couple years, think about it. >> juan: back to the story here because we have news coming
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from greg, but the reality is the grand jury investigating the case was recalled. we don't know why. they've got to get the majority of the people on the grand jury to agree but we don't know what it's about. >> dana: i'm going to not speculate because i don't know but remember the justice department under attorney general barr has declined to go forward and prosecute a couple of others and i can ever remember what their names are because if you don't get prosecuted yd of go into security. james comey, there you go. but remember also for mccabe, think about the people who donated to his legal defense fund. a lot of people donated a ton of money. he got a big book deal, a big contract. the guys basically, he set himself up to try to fight fire with fire. when the grand jury gets recalled, that doesn't sound good. >> juan: it was an effort by mccabe's lawyers to try to get the attorney general for the district of columbia to say we
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don't need the prosecutor. this has come back to bite him. >> his attorneys were quite arrogant when he was referred for criminal charges last year to the inspector general. they wanted to work out some deal but andrew mccabe is being referred not just by the ig but the u.s. attorney because he lied to federal investigators, inspector general and under oath three times. it is on the record and andrew mccabe is being held to the same standards as when he was the fbi director. he has taken away their liberties and he should be held accountable for it. >> juan: but jim comey, no prosecution. >> katie: there is obvious more information for them to look at more charges and proceed. "the new york times" reported that a possible indictment was coming. i don't know what the charges are going to be but perjury looks like one of them,
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considering the list of things in the ig report were about lying under oath to federal agents. >> juan: gregg, welcome back. did you miss this kind of argument? >> greg: i did. where i was there was no news. no word of the trump phenomenon, politics. >> juan: i heard about a typhoon. >> greg: there was a typhoon but this kind of typhoon did not reach there but it was delightful. >> juan: what do you think of it? >> greg: this? i just told you. all right. i'm over it. >> juan: switching gears, democrats taking a big step in the push to impeach trump. passing a resolution outlining how impeachment hearings would play out if democrats decide they want to move forward. the chairman jerry nadler and the ranking republican on the committee are clashing over the move. >> with these new procedures, we will begin next week an aggressive series of hearings investigating allegations of corruption, obstruction, and
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abuse of power against the president. the investigation will go well beyond the four corners of the mueller report. speak of the judiciary committee has became a giant instagram filter to make you apt something that is happening that's not. >> juan: the person on the spot is nancy pelosi. i think she is torn. the democratic base says let's have impeachment in all the members of congress who actually gave them the majority, many of them coming from trump majority districts, who don't want this. >> dana: i don't think she is torn. she might have a split within the caucus but i think she knows very well that impeachment is not a good idea and that is why she is like, okay fine. go out aside and play and everybody's going to come back for dinner and we are going to vote on the things that matter for the american people and she will list them out. there is a parallel universe happening with some democrats who do want impeachment. i don't think she wanted and i think she probably thinks there
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is only x amount of days between now and the end of the year. they will not do impeachment before then. >> juan: do you think republicans would be delighted to see democrats in the house try to do impeachment? look at these democrats, they are just having trump derangement syndrome. >> jesse: i don't think so. i don't think anyone wants impeachment and that is what jerry nadler said in the late '90s. you should not impeach if it is a long partisan lines or if the country is not behind you because it is just going to tear the country apart and now he is doing the exact same thing because there is a different resident with a different letter after his name in the white house. this is like trying to ground your child after the kit has already moved out of the house. let it go. it is over, democrats. there is nothing on collusion, and the justice department said no obstruction. nancy is right. this is only going to hurt people in swing districts. >> katie: did you just say nancy is right? >> juan: katie, i think the two things are one, whether or not there are taxpayer dollars going to trump properties. he is getting or may people --
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and the other one is obstructio obstruction. >> katie: i think the only taxpayer dollars here are being wasted on another investigation. jerry nadler is actually lying saying they're going to go past the four corners of the mueller report. not true. he is actually sending out fund-raisers email saying impeachment inquiry is open. they are being dishonest and wasting taxpayer money. >> greg: impeachment is what you get when you have, you are living in a great time and suffering from amnesia. i wasn't here yesterday for 9/1 9/11. it's 9/12 and they're not thinking about how to prevent a nine they are thinking about impeachment. that's a crime. at least we know what trump is doing about terror. if this happens again we also know what the democrats were doing. they were doing this and that's a shame. >> juan: okay, biden scam criticizes the media. elizabeth warren criticized as being a hypocrite and that is
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♪ >> dana: it's a huge night for democrats in what many of their campaigns. first up in our 2020 roundup, instead of projecting confidence, joe biden's team is going after the media. biden's camp says the reason for recent negative coverages and because of endless gas, they are blaming it on young reporters who think the politician is uncool. is he uncool question might >> greg: know, he's got problems and the media is not doing joe any favors by treating him like a faberge egg. he is saying they're picking on him. they are not. they are doing reverse trump. taken the spotlight away from him because at certain times he doesn't look healthy or right
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but they are fattening him up like a prized veal for trump. he is sitting in a tight cage because he is not working the muscles and becoming slow, succulent, and it's going to be so bad and they really need to get him out of there because it's not going to look good and a year. >> jesse: i think he gets bad press because he's a bad candidate. he is a relic, he's not a rock star. he wears aviators and knows barack obama. so what? i wouldn't want to cover him. i would rather cover elizabeth warren, even beto o'rourke. the guy is a gaffe machine. he doesn't attract any crowds. i just don't see it. if you are complaining about the president and you're a democrat, that is the problem. how much more help do you need? >> dana: i'm taking a contrary view. i think this is signs of life from team biden. they are finally attacking something. attacking the press, starting to
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tackle elizabeth warren even if they are not doing it directly. the op-ed from the former governor of pennsylvania, former dnc chair and calling elizabeth warren a hypocrite. but she's nice. that is basically what it's saying. i think that shows they are willing to do some dirty work but they're going to use their surrogates to do it. i think there's a lot more of it to come. >> katie: do you think elizabeth warren is going to go after joe biden tonight now that they are on the same stage? or do you think she will push biden left? >> juan: if she was going to go after anyone she would go after bernie sanders. >> katie: she's already beating bernie sanders now. >> juan: correct. i think the dynamic tonight is everybody says it joe biden is in the lead. they would love to see him take a fall and be able to take some of his votes. but do i think elizabeth warren wants to be the one who got his finger prints on the victim's back? know because that would hurt her with fellow democrats big time. in terms of this thing with
2:16 pm
reporters and biden, reporters didn't think hillary clinton was hip. they didn't think donald trump was hip, but was going to win. guess what, tough luck, reporters. you just go out there and cover the story. but especially reporters are like, biden is not exciting. biden is not obama. >> katie: one thing that doesn't seem to work in this political age is being a phony. elizabeth warren elizabeth warren loves attacking the wealthy but she has no problem taking her and their my peer sheets wealthy herself herself and is being called out for her hypocrisy. she took a bunch of corporate cash in 2016 that she rolled over to help on her current campaign. she has been on this kick of, i don't take corporate money, i'm only listening to grassroots, i want small donors but she is more than happy to take a lot of corporate money. >> greg: every time i see her hr icy jiminy cricket and i don't know why. the problem is her entire idea of banning fracking, taxing
2:17 pm
everybody to sponsor a trillion dollar fantasy is not going to prevent an apocalypse at all. it's actually going to speed up the apocalypse because other countries are going to fill the void. less compassionate about the earth then we are. not going to listen to a 12-year-old climate activist and take their marching orders from her. once we step off the world stage there's going to be iran, russia, venezuela will all step in, and the environment is just another road bump on the speed highway to love. [laughs] >> katie: messaging on this comment to marianne, the democrats in detroit talked about banning cars for the sake of the green new deal. they going to talk about fracking in texas? >> dana: i don't know. it will be interesting. you asked if elizabeth warren is going to push biden left. they are already left. he said he is going to end fossil fuels in ten years. basically, since they had the last debate, one of the candidates that will be up there, andrew yang, talked about a possible mandatory buy back of
2:18 pm
your gas guzzling vehicle. and be replaced by an electric vehicle. they are already there and i don't think it matters because now it is all a national campaign. >> katie: andrew yang is supposedly going to have a little bit of fun tonight so let's listen to what he has challenged president trump on. >> donald trump, because i would school him. donald trump? on my gosh. he would be standing there i would be like, oh, score left, score right! score jump shot! >> katie: trump or andrew yang on the basketball court? >> jesse: he had some game, i saw him play a little bit. which is fine. he can handle a nice jump shot but all these things are resolved on the golf course and i think trump would smoke him. >> katie: president trump is actually trolling the candidates tonight. his campaign is going to have a huge banner saying "socialism sucks" essentially. who wins the argument on
2:19 pm
socialism? >> juan: there isn't anything that democrats could do to prevent a trump from calling them socialists. >> katie: they are. >> juan: they are not socialists. if you want to see what a socialist is, these are people -- if you say socialist security, medicare, medicaid is socialist. i think you lose big time with american voters. but trump, this is trolling, this is silliness. i hope democrats don't pay attention. david axelrod had a piece today that said don't lead to trump get away with this kind of stuff, this jiu-jitsu. use his negative energy -- >> greg: it's too late. trump has introduced a new kind of campaigning. he is introduced the concept of the harlem globetrotters into politics. watch me come to town and last of the generals. that is is what it is going to. wherever the democrats show up he will have a little war room and say, what can we do to mess with them? you can't go back after this. even if he loses, people are going to be doing this way differently.
2:20 pm
>> juan: people get tired of this. it's just getting started. we've seen this act, for now. we saw it in 2016 and he doesn't stop. >> jesse: when you are on the beach and you hear that noise and you look up and see the plane with the banter about $1 coronas. nobody looks away. >> katie: coming up, a special treat for you. a live edition of "animals are great." a kangaroo, and sloth up next on "the five" ." plus melting down on the media over guns. we will play the video for you up next. ♪ the amount of student loan debt i have i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world,
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2:25 pm
this. don't ask me what we haven't done. we have done it. my impatience, it is because people are dying and senator mcconnell has not acted. why don't we spend some time going over to senator mcconnell and ask him why he doesn't want to save lives. why is it that you are hung up on the word over here when lives are at stake over there? >> jesse: that's not all. at 2020 democrat beto o'rourke now telling banks and credit card companies to refuse service on assault weapons sails. i actually appreciated the passion from nancy pelosi. >> dana: i'm watching and i'm thinking, good for her. she has a point to make but you can always tell when politicians come back from a recess and they have new focus group polling information. what this tells me is that it doesn't work for them to go after trump. it only works for them to go after mcconnell on this.
2:26 pm
think of jim carrey last week from hollywood. he complains that mitch mcconnell is worse than osama bin laden. that more people have died because mitch mcconnell won't do anything, then they come back from their recess and they are not saying let's take a trip down to pennsylvania avenue to the white house and find out what trump is willing to do, which is what mcconnell and all his people are doing. we will do something depending on what the president says he is for. i don't blame them. i think that is smart politics but on the democratic side, they have decided that mitch mcconnell's public enemy number one on this. mitch mcconnell is very patient so he is probably not bothered. >> jesse: you just got back from your recess. one of the focus groups telling you over there? >> greg: i did absolutely no research unless you count drinking whiskey alone. saying there are too many guns is like saying there are too many cars and too many drugs. it is not a debate anymore. i pitched you and you never responded to me --
2:27 pm
>> katie: i don't understand cars very much. >> greg: here is my theory. there is an argument when you talk about assault rifles, they are no different than hunting rifles. so what is the difference customer cosmetics. there something about the cosmetics that attracts a certain person versus a different person. the hunter doesn't pose in front of the mirror. the guy with all the accoutrements does. the difference between the driver of a basic jetta and the driver who fancies it up with spoilers. one is a responsible driver and the other advertises his own recklessness. if we don't want to touch the powerful nature of a gun, why can't we address the cosmetic appeal, which tends to attract a certain kind of guy. a white, lonely male who poses and fantasizes in front of a mirror. this is merely a suggestion. i'm pro-second amendment, i'm not talking about banning guns. if the cosmetic appeal is one of these elements that attracts
2:28 pm
somebody, what if he took you sy if they got rid of the military sterilizations that they attach to these rifles was marked as greg said, exactly the same as a hunting rifle. he >> juan: the key here is the high capacity. when you make it possible to buy high-capacity magazines that that fit onto these guns. then people think this opens it up to be far more -- >> jesse: what is high-capacity? >> juan: i'm not an expert but -- >> jesse: you want them to load each round? >> juan: yes. let me finish for a second. it's sad to say, most of the murderers that we see on the streets of big cities which is where most of this happen, happen with handguns. but what you see with these weapons that people are very turned off by is that you can have high capacity and keep firing, as we saw in vegas, as we saw in el paso. but i will say that i just think right now the polls are overwhelming. 89% of americans, 8 out of 10
2:29 pm
republicans want background checks. we saw a letter from 145 top ceos today saying, please do something! and guess what. the reason they are not doing anything is not mitch mcconnell. he is like a rock in the road. it's a president trump and he is in the pocket of the nra. talk about a special interest. >> katie: president trump actually risked a lot with his base and second amendment support is in the last couple of weeks by considering some of the proposals the democrats have put on the table, in terms of compensation, ban on semiautomatic sporting rifles. you say the most americans want background checks, i have news for you. we have background checks in this country. the fbi does 24 million background checks every single year. >> greg: you are an expert in this. you think my idea is stupid customer asked >> katie: yeah, i do. >> greg: i just want to know. i saw your face. why is it stupid? >> katie: i wouldn't say it is stupid. it's nice to think outside the box about why people may be
2:30 pm
attracted to these things. it's not because they can have overcapacity, whatever term you want to use, magazines. but i say that because the majority of mass shootings in this country are actually carried out with handguns. the idea that they are only attracted to semiautomatic rifles is not true, and this is the most popular firearm in america. when you have 50 million people who own an ar-15 -- >> greg: you're saying i am right? >> katie: yes, you're correct. [laughs] >> jesse: up next, a picture says 1,000 words. find out why hillary clinton was pretending to be president. plus, it's getting wild in here for greg's birthday. look at that. we have a new guest onset and more. "animals are great." alive in addition, not. i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce.
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>> greg: it was as if hillary knew today was my birthday, for what a gift she gave me and you, dear viewers. check out these pictures of her spending an hour going through her emails as part of an art exhibit in venice. venice, italy. now venice, california. i have a sneaking suspicion she wasn't going to do this in a southern california mall next to an anti-m's. she is off to europe where they don't have cameras or the internet so no one will surely see this and if anyone takes a picture they can mysteriously die in a prison suicide. just look at her. and you thought bill was the exhibitionist in the family. thank god they didn't turn his most memorable office moment into art. i hope she got paid. it would've been cool because nothing less then millions would get me to humiliate myself like that. and believe me i know humiliation. speaking of bill, he is the real winner here. as long as he is paid to sit there for hours, he will be haunting the venice version of
2:36 pm
houston. but it's sad. she should be living her best life, but she can't let go of the past or apparently the paycheck. as the curator admits, the exhibition is a way to allude to an alternative world that will never exist. the bright side, it never will. i thought she did this for me, she knew it was my birthday. are you going to do something for my birthday that will match that? >> juan: i'm going to bring some animals. we are going to make animals your celebration today. happy birthday. >> greg: thank you. >> juan: i must say, i didn't understand this. it looked to me like self-mockery. but i guess it was the curators who did it. by the way, i'm totally turned off this because some of those emails are my emails beer [laughter] i don't marker reading those. but i don't -- i just think we play into the russians game time and time again. when this became a big new story for no reason -- he is keeping it alive.
2:37 pm
>> greg: it is like she can't let go. >> dana: one of the great things about getting older, and their wealthy they don't need you, you can say no. >> greg: not if you like money. i don't know if she got paid. >> jesse: it was her idea. they were having this event and all of a sudden, three days before they get a call from team clinton, haiti, she would like to stop by. they thought she was kidding. >> dana: did you do more research than i did? >> katie: i was in early. i was on "the daily briefing" today. >> greg: i have a theory called the no friends signal. if you accept this deal, then you had no friends to talk you out of it. you've got to have a close friend that says this is going to look bad. >>ie what if he suggested the idea? do you think that is a very smart idea as opposed to your other ideas? >> greg: to people at home, when i come up with a good idea, don't just say it's stupid. to say why it's stupid or i will block you.
2:38 pm
>> katie: what is wrong with her? she sent this out. i think it is just another display of her elitist disdain for the american people and getting away with everything her entire life. this is a woman, she didn't get in trouble for this. not criminally. she put people's lives at -- 's before it wasn't a criminal. there was nothing criminal. go talk to jared and ivanka, please. same exact thing. >> jesse: think about what kind of person says on 9/11 i'm going to go to a foreign country, stand behind a fake oval office and read through for an hour of the emails to basically cost me the election. it is that type of thinking that cost her the election viewed trump actually said. hillary, she just doesn't get it. she just doesn't get it. a direct quote, i read the emails and they were kind of boring. why were they boring? you deleted 33,000 of the juicy ones. >> juan: oh, get out.
2:39 pm
>> jesse: the two defining moments in hillary's whole professional career, humiliated by bill and then humiliated by trump. >> juan: better than inviting the tele- band to camp david on 9/11. who would do that? rush, it's your pal donald trump. >> greg: if trump is going to meet with somebody he will meet with the person, whether they are good or bad. you can hate it all you want but it's his thing. >> juan: birthday boy, look. >> greg: he weighs about 8 pounds. very calm. >> katie: he is a good little baby. >> jesse: he is so soft. is this a boy or a girl? >> greg: it's a boy appeared all right, get ready for a live
2:40 pm
edition of "animals are great" with this kangaroo next. ♪ the amount of student loan debt i have i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪ every curve, every innovation, every feeling. a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months.
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♪ >> dana: all right, america. it is time for a live edition of
2:44 pm
"animals are great." in celebration of your birthday we got some special friends from the columbus zoo and aquarium joining us onset along with president and ceo. so good to have you here with us. i'm thinking you have already made this greg's favorite birthday ever. >> greg: you skipped the jingle but that is okay. yes, i am in love with this little creature here. my soulmate, essentially. >> dana: tell us about this guy. >> this is a sloth, definitely a great animal to enjoy beard from central and south america. they are just a wonderful animal that you can find. >> dana: can greg go look at it? >> juan: you told me not to touch it. >> greg: don't touch it but you can go over there. >> juan: i don't want greg hurt. >> greg: it will be worth it. >> jesse: doesn't do anything besides just hanging there? >> that's it. >> greg: a lot like you, jessie. comes in late in the day, barely does any work.
2:45 pm
you are enthralled with me and i am enthralled with you. i love the sloths. they are the greatest creature on earth. >> dana: what attracted you to the salt in the first place? >> greg: i like the fact that they take their time. and they can poison you, correct? >> no. they live in a rain forest, they rarely come down from their tree and they will just eat leaves all day long. >> greg: how do they protect themselves from fast predators customer and i thought they had sticky fingers and they kill them with the fingers. did i dream that? >> no, they hang onto the dream and stick to the tree. [laughter] >> dana: that is a sloth and we have another favorite animal for you. this is a links. this is tivo. >> this is from the columbus zoo. >> dana: from 2015, he likes
2:46 pm
to mess up here to speak of this is cat, it is a canada links. not anymore, but this beautiful animal weighs about 35 pounds when it is an adult. look at how big their feet. it had a disability when it was born but at ohio state we have an awesome vet, and they actually have helped this little guy out. and he has had several surgeries and he will be just fine. >> greg: am i allowed to touch him? >> yeah. you find this animal in northern america northern parts of the united states. >> jesse: oh, boy. >> look at the ear. isn't that beautiful customer >> greg: if you stole him we would have a missing lynxes. [laughter]
2:47 pm
>> dana: pretty good birthday. thank you. now the lynxes and the kangaroo. what would happen if we put her down? would he jump? >> greg: you want to put him down? he is so young. typical farm girl, she sees an animal, she wants to put him down. [laughs] >> jesse: can we see the pouch? >> this is a mail so there is no pouch. the my this is the largest animal in australia. pretty tall, about 5-foot. >> greg: smells a little rough. someone has been in the outback for a little too long. >> beautiful animal. kangaroos travel about 40 miles an hour. unbelievable. >> jesse: do you want to have
2:48 pm
a baby now? >> greg: only if it is furry and has a pouch. >> dana: jesse, would you like to hold it? getting brave. you can pass him down because he is very easy-going. >> jesse: i'm good, i'm good. >> dana: there's joey and we want to keep going. >> the thing i love about this penguin, south african penguin. every time we talk about south african penguins, people think -- >> jesse: don't do it! >> they always think they are found in cold areas but out of 17 species, only five live in the antarctic beard known to live in arctic. this is a tropical bird. highly endangered. and 200 million people go to zoos every single year and we raise money for conservation. last year, the members of all zoos and aquariums that are members of the apa, we raised
2:49 pm
$231 million for field conservation. >> dana: watts -- oh, wow. i've never felt a penguin. >> greg: you've only eaten them, dana. >> dana: they have these penguins in south africa? >> yes, there are 20,000 breeding pairs. when you walk the beach they are just walking right around. it is in it amazing? a >> jesse: kind of like mitt romney a little bit. >> juan: look at the kangaroo. >> katie: he is my australian cousin. we are bonding over here. >> i think animals are calming and it's a really great story. >> greg: can you use it as a therapy pad on a plan? >> not an emotional support animal over here. >> juan: how did these animals get from columbus to new york city? >> we drive. >> juan: do they stay at the
2:50 pm
ritz? >> we are paying for that? they stay right with us. they will go in the bathtub, they are having fun. >> jesse: upside down? does he fall asleep? >> yeah. >> jesse: like the shower curtain thing? >> he has a little house that we bring. >> greg: right now this is more interesting than joe biden. >> dana: when you watch the debate tonight with the penguin and the sloth. >> greg: that would be a great viewing party. >> jesse: are you okay with this? >> greg: this is the best birthday i have ever had on tv. >> jesse: great job, producers. >> dana: albright, are we good here? thank you, tom. the columbus zoo and aquarium, you've got to go visit it. maybe we will come back now.
2:51 pm
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♪ >> fabulous fun on "the five" today and now it's time for "one more thing" with dana perino. >> the animals we just got grade, we got a cake too, so we got to bring in the cake. and that's what's on the cake -- let's see her. animals are great. very, very good one. >> delightful. it's big i'm going to do my suite 25 really quickly. two high school students, this is really sweet, surprised freshman classmate for new clothes after he'd been bullied for three straight weeks. his name is michael todd and i changed when christopher, graham and antoine garrett handed him a gift. it was a bag full of shirts, shorts, and shoes. they grabbed a bunch of clothes
2:56 pm
so that they could help this young man. here is one of the kids that was the helper. >> i was like i think this is going to make you smile. you two are the only two to actually ever give me a gift. >> super, super sweet. a great lesson. >> straighten up, it's your turn to "one more thing." >> all right, they got filled monologue, we have two coming up this weekend, the first one is in orlando september 14 saturday in atlanta, georgia, the 15th. still take it for, by some now. now it's time for this. whatever it is. all right, what the heck is that? i was in japan for about eight days. i came across something really strange, take a look at this, at a store. if you take a look look at it,o know that is? that is a pet substitute and when you pet it it gets excited. >> i'm going to pass.
2:57 pm
hard pass. it's for people who can't have pets and apartments and stuff, you just pet it and it kind of gets a little -- i don't know, excited. >> no thanks. >> that's enough. by the way, look at this sloth over here. >> he smells the cake. >> i think is going -- >> he's like "i've had it." >> my turn for "one more thing." we have gregg's birthday today, but how about a birthday cake popping out of tragedy? in northern ireland, a man who tragically lost his 8-year-old daughter purchased a stranger's big birthday cake because he knew that day would have been his little girl's first birthda birthday. when she went to pick up the cake, she was left in tears. take a look at the peppy pig theme cake that ended up with his little girl. the anonymous stranger later identified, he's writing to mike raising money for a neonatal ward for the hospital where his daughter passed, unable to buy my daughter a birthday of him, but hope you enjoy this one.
2:58 pm
god bless, hannah's daddy. what a look moment that stomach. >> let's get ready for speech 27 buried jessie, you're. >> today is national school picture day, so i decided to embarrass myself. i think i was in the second or third grade. it look at that adorable young man. >> you had a lot of hair then too. >> the missing tooth, the caller was down, which is very controversial, but other than that, what a splendid young fellow. >> very nice. >> you are a handsome fellow buried >> katie, you're up. >> speaking of school, a pension for breaking guinness world records achieved his latest record by breaking 98 of these. watch. >> look up here. >> what is that? >> please don't poop on me. >> is breaking pencils. >> david rush is already won 100 guinness records to his name,
2:59 pm
but that's never enough, right? so he is an advocate for some education. it was at a school conference when he went for the record and passed it by eight pencils. not only did he beat it but he beat it by eight. he practiced snapping bamboo chopsticks. had to buy hundreds of pencils just to destroy them. >> i don't know, those are perfectly good pencils. >> they are buried >> here something else to upset you, dana, the sloth has left his perch and sat on the ground. >> is he coming this way? >> he's really showing oft on their buried >> he's fantastic. purity can be domesticated? i can't take them home with me? >> he's like the perfect child. >> what if he becomes a "the five" host? he's in the studio and he's taken over. >> do you think fox & friends will complain about us tomorrow? were member when they cooked seafood? it smells like a sloth. >> i think it's a she.
3:00 pm
>> you don't give -- >> it was a nice idea. pick a great show. >> set your dvr, never miss an episode of "the five," you never know what's coming. "special report" is up next, bret baier. >> bret: animals are great in studio tonight, thank you. good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, democrat on democrat warfare in houston, at least rhetorically, for the first time in the campaign, all of the top-tier democratic presidential candidates will be together on one stage for a three hour marathon debate expected to feature sharp attacks at the candidates try to differentiate themselves. meantime, back in washington were journalists of all strikes have described a circular firing squad with democrats mumbling over impeachment. we are in houston, the side of the third round of the democratic debates, we will have previews and predictions on tonight's event later in our program. plus, president trump is speaking right now to the press before leaving the white house. we will bring you that video here on fox when it comes in. first, democrats make the biggest


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