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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 12, 2019 8:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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say the last part? it's great. that was hilarious. that's all the time with the night, bret baier is in houston his reaction to the all-star debate. >> bret: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" live in houston. i am bret baier in for shannon bream. tonight, special extended coverage of the third round of the democratic presidential debates just wrapped up. for the first time the top-tier candidates were altogether on one stage. the debate kicking off with former vice president joe biden tangling with progressive senators warren and sanders. from there, the candidates debating the merits of liberal policies before and at times boisterous audience. tonight we will be talking to some of the candidates life. plus plenty of analysis ahead including reaction from the heads of the dnc and the rnc. first we have fox team coverage, peter doocy is standing by working the spin room here in
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kristin fisher is also live in houston right outside the debate all and that is where we go first for the highlights. good evening, kristin. >> well, the big question heading into tonight's debate was will joe biden finally debate like the front row that he is? will he prove that he's worthy worthy of his place in the polls? tonight joe biden was definitely more forceful and energetic than he has been in any of the previous debates, but julian castro would not let voters forget how forgetful biden has been on the campaign trail. watch this moment, really by far the most heated of the debate were castro accuses biden of not remembering the details of his own health care plan. >> when you said just 2 minutes ago -- i can't believe that you said 2 minutes ago that they had to buy in and now you're saying they don't have to -- you're forgetting that! >> anybody whose grandmother has no money. your automatically enrolled. >> automatically enrolls people regardless of whether they choose to opt in or not.
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if you lose your job, for instance, his health care plan would not automatically enroll you, you would have to opt in. my health care plan would, that's a big difference. i'm fulfilling the legacy of barack obama and you are not buried >> that will be a surprise to him. >> in that exchange, biden was right and castro was wrong, but there was another exchange for bernie sanders seemed to get the best of biden and it was on an issue that has a really dog to the former vp on the campaign trail. it was on his 2002 vote to authorize military force in iraq. speak of fact of the matter is that i should have never voted to give bush authority to go in and do what he said he was going to do. the big mistake that was made, which we predicted, was that there was no plan, we should not be engaged. we did not have the people with us, we didn't have our alliance, we didn't have allies. et cetera. >> talk about big mistake in
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iraq the big mistake, the huge mistake in one of the big differences between you and me, i never believed what cheney and bush said about iraq. >> this debate is being held in a state that still reeling from those two big mass shootings just last month and since then el paso native beto o'rourke has made gun control is primary focus and tonight beto o'rourke really had a moment when he explained why he was for a mandatory buyback of assault weapons. >> when we see that being used against children and in odessa i met the mother of a 15-year-old girl who was shot by an ar-15 and that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shot by that ar-15 in odessa and midland, there weren't enough ambulances to get to them in time. hell yes we are going to take your ar-15s, your ak-47s, we
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are not going to allow them to hurt all americans anymore. >> as for andrew yang's big surprise, tonight he announced that his campaign will be giving voters a taste of his signature policy proposal, the freedom dividend. they are going to be giving ten american families a thousand dollars over the course of a year. it certainly was an unprecedented move as yang had promised it would be, but there are already questions from some experts about whether or not that violates campaign finance laws. there's also questions about whether or not that big surprise actually lived up to the hype, though it did seem to leave mayor pete buttigieg pretty speechless. brett. >> bret: all right, kristin fisher, thank you. andrew yang, by the way, will join us in the midnight hour, so stick around for that. first let's get a breakdown of tonight's big moments. joining me here, mo elleithee. and fox news contributor and chief political correspondent at the "washington examiner," byron york. okay, guys, let's break this down.
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big picture, then we will go through some specific moments. here's my take, biden started off strong and maybe over the course of the night had a couple of shaking moments. it seems that booker" which any closure have big nights. >> booker and in a global shot i think at their strongest performances of this entire campaign. just every opportunity that they had to seize it, they did. coming into this debate, the big hype was that biden, warren showed on that is waiting for. biden, warren, and bernie were going to steal the spotlight. as it turns out, i actually think the other candidates really took their -- heather opportunities to shine. biden was fine. he had a very strong start and it kind of helped study, maybe tapered a little bit but held steady throughout the whole night. warren and bernie were very much in their in the health care in the beginning and then they kind of disappear for a good chunk of the debate, giving opportunities
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to people at cory booker, amy klobuchar, pete buttigieg, who had a good night as well. kamala harris, who had a couple of good moments. so it sort of the second-tier had a really good night tonight. >> bret: let me just play that exchange at the beginning with biden and warren and sanders about health care. >> i know that the senator says she is for bernie. well i'm for barack. i think the obamacare worked. how are we going to pay for it it -- that distinguish friend, the senator on my left is not indicated how she pays for it in the senator has in fact come forward and said how he's going to pay for it. >> bret: he didn't really have answers, that was kind of a strong moment at the beginning. >> it was. this has been really the heart of your campaign. i think on health care he has the right point. this is really hard to do.
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passing affordable care act was really hard to do, let's not blow this up. we were talking earlier about whether or not the people down in the field to break down the idea that it's really a three-person race. yes, klobuchar did well and booker did well but i don't think they actually it down. then i think in a bigger picture caesar condo, top aide to dick cheney and to marco rubio tweeted tonight that none of these people can beat donald trump. if you're looking at all of these and thinking one to one with the president and i think all of them might have a difficult time and one last observation is if you were looking think to was into a republican debate, you would hear a lot about jobs and the economy and productivity and wages and we didn't really hear much about that. >> bret: there was not a single economy question, it was tariffs and china but there wasn't an economy question in a really long debate. a big winner this time was
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barack obama. last debate he took it on the chin. this debate it was good, the phrase the 44th president of the united states. let me play this kept the filmic clip from castro, kristin played one of them, i'm going to play the other one where he goes after biden. >> every time something good about barack obama comes up he says i was there, i was there, i was there, that's me too and then every time somebody questions part of the administration that we were both part of he says well, that was the president. he wants to take credit for obama's work but not have to answer to any questions. >> i stand with barack obama all eight years. good, bad, and indifferent. >> bret: what about castro? you are saying off camera that you think this really hurt him. >> if you follow sort of democratic twitter tonight it was a really, really bad night for julian castro. the earlier exchange that was played where he went after joe biden for forgetting -- he's getting a lot of criticism for
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tonight and the sort of viciousness for that attack. sort of intimating that the vice president has a memory problem when it was actually the vice president was right in that exchange. castro made the mistake in that exchange. >> bret: he had some slip up later on in the debate but in that exchange he was wrong. >> he was wrong. i think it was a tough night for castro. but can i make one point about something byron was talking about earlier, you both were talking about on the health care exchange, the other really interesting dynamic was everyone was ready for sort of biden versus warren and bernie on health care but then you saw klobuchar come in strong and you saw buttigieg come in strong and it was sort of -- sort of the resurgence of the center left. the revenge of the moderates, pushing back hard on bernie and warren saying that's not how we want to approach this. >> bret: essentially what they were saying. >> i thought it was an interesting dynamic we hadn't seen yet. >> bret: one more sound bite
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from biden, later on he is talking about crime, and here is what he says. >> there are so many people who are in jail and shouldn't be in jail. the home means by which this should change is the whole model has to change. we should be talking about rehabilitation. nobody should be in jail for nonviolent crimes. >> bret: timeout. nobody should be in jail for nonviolent crimes. is he saying bernie made off should not serve time? >> a lot of republicans were saying free paul manafort right now. he's going to have to clean this up. he certainly could not have meant what he actually said, because obviously thousands and thousands of americans are in jail for financial crimes, other crimes that did not involve violence. >> bret: the campaign tried to walk that back. we will kind of analyze that. we've got a lot more to chew over and some candidates will stop by. stick around. we have peter doocy standing by in the spin room speaking to candidates, surrogates, what are you hearing over there? >> not a whole lot yet, bret,
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but candidates are all starting to come in to try to have the first word about the three hours worth of things that they said, maybe clean up something that they didn't like, that they want to maybe just correct the record or really emphasize something and it will be interesting -- excuse me to mo's point, we have secretary castro and his brother congressman castro right behind us right now. it will be interesting to see whether or not the exchange with the former vice president is something that they are going to choose to now make a bigger part of his campaign or maybe just leave what it was and then move on. bret. >> bret: peter, one of the things we talked about off-camera was to follow biden around all over the place, you follow a lot of these candidates around. what was your take overall of the debate and what you heard? did you hear something different, something that changed the dynamic that you saw
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coming in? >> it seemed like everything was pretty consistent with what we see with the exception of calling somebody out by name. the democrats are loath to go after each other by name in a critical way and you really saw that with castro and the former vice president biden today. as for biden, does his performance tonight help or hurt him? if you look at the national polls right now, the early polls it is about 3 out of 10 democrats in all these places say that he is their top choice. his performance tonight, i will say, based on all the things that i have seen, was very consistent with his performance in early states like iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. joe biden tonight was the joe biden that these influential, early state democrats are seeing for better or for worse.
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bret. >> bret: yeah, the spin room obviously will get very busy here in a matter of moments of the candidates and their surrogates come in, trying to spin. for the candidates who are not on this debate, it's a tough thing not to be on this stage, to be able to continue that campaign. >> right. especially because it was three hours long, so even the candidates that didn't get to talk for very much had at least a half a dozen opportunities each to get everything that they wanted to say out there and there were candidates tonight who did not make the debate stage who were in early states like iowa with a few dozen early state voters gathered, but that is a few dozen compared to a few million who are watching the showcase tonight and this is, because this is the first debate after labor day, when a lot of political watchers think people
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who have not been involved so far are really going to start paying attention, so this might be the first time -- and you know we have bernie sanders here. senator sanders, do you have time for a quick question? okay. senator sanders, the former vice president biden said that he thought -- he referred to you as a socialist and he said he thought you were too nice to corporate america. >> [laughs] yeah, well, one of us voted for the wall street bailout. one of us -- that was biden, by the way. one of us voted for disastrous trade agreements that were sponsored by corporate america. one of us voted for a bankruptcy bill that was pushed by the banks. that was biden. so to suggest that bernie sanders is sympathetic to the corporate elite i think is rather humorous. in point, the fact, the the whe theme of my campaign is to suggest that if we are going to be donald trump, and everybody up there wants to be donald trump, but if we are
8:15 pm
going to do it, we need a campaign of energy and excitement that speaks to the needs of working families whose wages have been stagnant for the last 45 years. and the only way you're going to get more people involved in the political process is when you have the courage to take on the greed and corruption of the corporate elite, which has so much power over the economic and political life of this country. i am very proud, by the way, that i'm the only candidate to be 100% funded by grassroots donations. >> how do you think you did tonight? what was the highest moment for you at the debate? >> i thought the debate over health care was really important and i hope i did well, i think i did. and that is, i think the american people understand that right now we have a dysfunctional health care system which we are spending twice as much per person on health care as any other nation and yet you've got 87 million people are uninsured or underinsured and you've got the pharmaceutical industry that is ripping us off every single day.
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>> and bret, as we listen to this, we are going to send right back over to you for a couple of minutes. >> bret: peter, thank you. if that's a great golf voice that you've got is her standing there. our next guest getting some attention at the debate for saying this comment on stage. >> if you feel stuck in the middle of the extremes in our politics and you are tired of the noise and the nonsense, you've got a home with me. because i don't want to be the president for half of america. i want to be the president for all of america. >> bret: minnesota senator is a ventral candidate amy klobuchar joins us. how did you feel? >> i felt good. it's great to be on, and i thought that was an important point to make because people watching this debate are not just democrats. even though this is the democratic primary, there are also independents there are republicans, and especially for my purposes and our purposes, moderate republicans, who are tired of this trade were that
8:17 pm
donald trump has gotten us in. they are sick and tired of the rhetoric and it's not what they want their kids to watch on tv and the things he says and they are looking for something different and i want to also reach out to them. >> bret: you seemed uncomfortable with the julian castro line -- lines about vice president biden. kind of jumped in there. if you cross a line? >> senator klobuchar: i think he did. and probably not in donald trump world, but for me he did, because i clearly was willing to take on bernie sanders on the medicare for all. i said look at page eight it throws 149 million americans off their insurance and i'm willing to take on elizabeth on free college for all. and so i will do that, but that's on policy, because i actually respect all my colleagues and what i didn't like about what julian said, as much as i admire his work as the secretary of housing, what i didn't like what he did was that he made it so personal and i just think it didn't go over well with anyone.
8:18 pm
>> bret: so when you go up against senator warren, senator sanders, and they say all of these big programs that have big price tags, do you think that they are pandering to get voters with those big programs? >> i think they need a reality check, and what i tell people is if you want a $16 trillion program on climate as much as i very much into my $3 trillion program which includes infrastructure, if you're into that when our economy is 20 trillion, then i'm not your candidate. if you want to kick people off their insurance, 149 million americans in four years, then i'm not your candidate. if you want to give free college to rich kids, i'm not your candidate but if you actually want to move this country forward and be smart about how we deal with the rest of the world, stand with our allies, they look at me at any >> bret: okay, so can senator warner senator sanders beat president trump? >> i'm not going to be a pundit here. i think a lot of people can be donald trump. but all i know is that i can beat him in a big way. >> bret: i want to ask about
8:19 pm
one thing that you did a few days ago. you tweeted out a tweet, you said here is your friday reminder that if georgia secretary of state hadn't been allowed to hold back 53,000 voter registrations, stacy abrams would be governor of georgia tonight. why did you say that? >> senator klobuchar: because i believe that. >> bret: why? >> senator klobuchar: because i believe the way he messed around -- i realize that. >> bret: there was a report, there were 53,000 registrations that were challenged. all those people could have come back with an i.d. and match the registration if they wanted to, but let's just say that all of them were thrown out. 53,000. he won by 54,723. >> senator klobuchar: okay. i don't like the way they are running elections in that state. and i'm someone that believes that everyone should be able to vote and i'm coming from a state that's elected republicans and independents governors. i'm coming from a place where i think the matter who wins, you've got to have a fair
8:20 pm
process and right now we've got a situation where because of gerrymandering, because of voter suppression, a lot of people aren't able to vote and let's add one more thing to this that's really relevant. >> bret: people look at this and say this is not fair because camp won fair and square. 54,723 votes. >> senator klobuchar: i don't think the voter registration rules are fair in georgia, but one more thing, you know what else is in fair? that we are not doing anything for backup paper ballots. the bill that i have with james lankford, there are still 11 states that don't have backup paper ballots. we have a foreign power that tried to invade our elections that i don't call it meddling, that's what i do want to call my daughter on a saturday night and asked her what she's doing. this was an invasion. they didn't do it with tanks, so i hope when we are back now -- we are back this week, that mitch mcconnell and donald trump decide we are going to allow americans to vote for america and not a foreign power. that's the big election issue. >> bret: i've got a heartbreak, thanks for coming by. >> senator klobuchar: thanks,
8:21 pm
it's great to be on. >> bret: fun to watch on the trail. coming up, howie kurtz and we continue our coverage from the democratic debate here in houston. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work.
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speak what you said they would have to buy in. are you forgetting what you said? are you forgetting already what you said just 2 minutes ago? >> bret: ten candidates, three hours, one stage, really big banner overhead today from the trump campaign reading "socialism will kill houston's economy." that was flying overhead. we are going to talk to the dnc chair and the rnc chair. tom perez joins us here in the spin room. your thoughts overall, first of all? >> it was a debate about issues. health care is your number one
8:26 pm
issue, you have all the democrats saying we want to make sure that everyone has access to quality affordable health care. they have different pathways from where we are now. 100%, and that's with the debas are about. boyer's rubble chose to make. do want to build on the affordable care act, do medicare for all -- but whatever one has in common is if you have a pre-existing condition, they want you to keep your coverage. >> bret: the number one tweeted moment was when we display, julian castro to biden saying are you forgetting what you said 2 minutes ago? turns out castro was wrong in that exchange. then he went back at it and challenged vice president biden about who was standing up for the obama administration. did he make it to personal, julian castro? >> that will be up for the voters to decide. >> bret: the candidate said that. >> that will be up for the voters. every candidate is going to have to choose his or her own strategy. i was proud to work for barack obama. barack obama has got i think a 98% approval rating among democrats and people are proud
8:27 pm
to have worked with him and he would be the first to say, bret, that we accomplished a lot, we got more unfinished business and we had a conversation about how we get that unfinished business done. >> bret: to think the fact that the president hits on that word, socialism, that it resonates, that that is a real battle, which we are party is going to go, a more moderate or centrist view, or more leftist and progressive view like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, is that the battle that we will see play out going forward? >> you know, socialism is the oldest trick in the book. if you're very good student of history. when social security was debated, when medicare was debated, when the minimum wage was debated, republican opponents of all of those three critical elements of our social compact said this is socialism. what social security and medicare and the minimum wage have done is make capitalism work for everyone and so this is the oldest attack line in the book. voters are smart. when we have -- when you have coverage for people with a
8:28 pm
pre-existing condition, i would hardly call that socialism. i would call that sound health policy and sound economic policy. ceilings will eventually -- you've been in agencies, you've led agencies. eventually somebody pays the bill, right? the president doesn't talk a lot about deficit and debt. that's not a conversation on this stage. if there wasn't a single question about the economy, per se, in this long debate. is this a concern for you? this party is talking about big things and a lot of people are going, "how are we going to pay for that"? >> actually think there is a discussion about the economy because when you talk about health care, if you don't have health care security you don't have health care -- economic security. people -- i think people understand the big difference between republicans and democrats on the economy is that democrats believe that the economy should work for everyone, not just a few of the top. republicans don't. democrats have passed in the house and increase in the minimum wage. donald trump acid seven and a quarter is enough --
8:29 pm
>> bret: so that country shouldn't think about deficit and debt going forward? >> this president doesn't think about deficit or debt -- >> bret: but democrats shouldn't? >> the deficit and the debt under this president has skyrocketed. >> bret: what to do under barack obama? >> it came down towards the end of the administration. in the beginning of the of administration, as you know, when we had to prevent the recession from becoming a depression, we did what you should do, which is stimulate the economy. >> bret: my question was is it an issue that's going to come up in his campaign? >> it will be hard for the president to raise that issue because he's been so irresponsible on the deficit and the debt. if you want physical responsibility in this country, go back 20, 30 years, elect democrats, stock market does better, deficit goes down, george herbert walker bush handed bill clinton a deficit as long as the eye could see, bill clinton handed george w. bush surpluses. >> bret: the bush people would push back on that pretty hard, but listen, mr. chairman, we appreciate the time. >> always good to be with you.
8:30 pm
>> bret: seated on the trail. >> look forward to it. >> bret: the chairman lana mcdaniel and howie kurtz coming up after the break. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me.
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the longest-lasting, most trusted forester ever. >> bret: welcome back to fox news at night special coverage of the democratic debate in houston. joining me right now in the spin room, south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> bret: your perception of the debate in a? >> felt good. felt like an opportunity present the envisions are camping. sometimes the bowler idea doesn't have to be the most polarizing. the concept of medicare for all who want to, i really believe a public alternative will be better but i want the american people to decide for themselves once it's on the market for them to choose versus the private plan. i believe that there are ways to tackle each of the major issues in front of us that engaged the american majority that wants higher wages, once immigration reform, gun safety laws to be tied to common sense. and actually get that done. >> bret: here's a people who look at these campaigns set about you. started out like a skyrocket,
8:35 pm
obviously a huge campaign fund-raiser, but the polls haven't matched the fund-raising. what you tell the people -- the people who look at that and say what's going on? >> a lot of the decision is made in the last few days but these last few weeks and months that we are in or where we are going to to the ground work that's going to make it possible to win. we exploded onto the scene early. of course we didn't keep up the rate of the first few weeks, if we did we would be pulling about a thousand% right now. at a certain point you level off, build your team and get to work and now i think is when the race is starting to crystallize for a lot of people. there are so many voters i've met were dialing into that kind of post-labor day phase. i think that's where we are going to grow our support and keep winning over voters were looking for something different, looking for a new generation of leadership and looking for something that's just going to cut through the washington noise. >> bret: you mentioned a new generation of leadership. there was one moment they got a lot of social media play between julian castro and the vice president. talking about forgetting. do you think that joe biden is too old to be president? >> mayor buttigieg: i don't think anybody is too old. i think it's a question of your vision and each of us needs to
8:36 pm
compete based on what we have to offer the country and how we are going to get it done. voters can decide. this is a competition and the only age limit is a constitutional one that says you have to at least be 35. >> bret: would you say this is the rise of the moderates tonight? i saw you speaking up, pushing back on some of these big-ticket items that senator warren and senator sanders talk about. >> mayor buttigieg: i think this is an opportunity to challenge the idea that the only way to be bold is to go as far left as possible. i think we can have bold solutions -- for example, my idea of medicare for all who wanted -- still the biggest thing with him to health care since medicare itself but when you do it in a way that doesn't polarize americans and to me this is not just about an electoral strategy. this is not a governing strategy because if we want to deliver gun safety, climate change, legislation, any of the things we've got to get done, we are going to have to do it together at a moment when that country is already dangerously polarized. >> bret: mayor pete buttigieg, thanks for your time. >> mayor buttigieg: thank you. >> bret: see you on the trail. next up the republican chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. she joins us next as art coverage continues from houston.
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>> i know that the senator says she's for bernie. well, i'm for barack. i think the obamacare work. how are we going to pay for it? i want to hear tonight how that's happened. such bar my distinguished friend, the senator on my left is not indicated how she pays for and the senator has in fact come forward and said how he's going to pay for it. >> bret: joe biden talking there about my next guest, presidential candidate, vermont senator bernie sanders. senator, thanks for being here. your thoughts overall about the debate tonight? >> i thought it was a good debate and i was glad we got into the health care issue. as you may know, where the only major country on earth but doesn't guarantee health care to all people, and yet we are spending twice as much per capita on health care as the people of other countries. if we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, 500,000
8:42 pm
people this year will go bankrupt because of medical bills. that's crazy. >> bret: you are the pushback from biden from amy glover chart, from mayor pete, that they just don't think that the american public can get there from here quickly and to be able to pay for it. >> first of all, we are already paying for it. all of the folks out there, we are paying 500 or thousand dollars a month in premiums, that's real money. you can call it a premium, you can call it an insurance tax. when you're paying out-of-pocket expenses, when you're paying copayments, you're paying money. we are eliminating all of that. so the point that biden was trying to make -- you're going to pay more in taxes, yes, but you're not going to be paying premiums, deductibles, copayments, you're not going to be spending under my bill more than $200 a year for prescription drugs, meaning that the overwhelming majority of the american people, except the very wealthy, will be paying less for their health care.
8:43 pm
>> bret: you think the quality of care goes up? do you think that people who see their doctor and like their doctor keep their doctor? >> absolutely. it's a good debate, but we should have our facts correct. >> bret: i'm just asking questions. >> that's not a criticism. some people are suggesting you don't have freedom of choice with regard to the doctor you go to. you do under medicare for all, you have it. go to any doctor you want to go to and by the way, because you know, right now if the doctor you like is not within your insurance network, you have to pay out-of-pocket to go to him or her. if we illuminate that. you go to any doctor you want, any hospital you want and you also -- we are also going to be covering home health care. we are going to be covering dental care, a big deal for seniors, hearing aids and eyeglasses. >> bret: but private insurance goes away? >> yes. >> bret: all right, so a lot of pundits will look at this race say it might just be biden, warren, and sanders. is that how you look at this race?
8:44 pm
>> i'm not a speculator. look, you've got 20 people, working really hard, a lot of smart men and women, the voters will decide. all i can tell you, i just came back from iowa, new hampshire, colorado -- >> bret: washer voice along the way. >> i lost it in colorado. if 10,000 people at a rally, there it went. but we are feeling really good. you followed last time around, essentially a two-person race. now a 20 person race. you need 30%, 35% to win, i think we can get there. >> bret: aren't you and elizabeth warren splitting the same kind of ideological pie? and do you foresee a time where going to have to really challenge elizabeth warren had to head? it didn't happen tonight. >> i'm running my campaign, senator warren is running her campaign. i'm proud of the record that i've established throughout my political career. we have taken on wall street and the drug companies, virtually every powerful special interests on behalf of working families, we are feeling really good.
8:45 pm
>> bret: senator sanders, we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. >> bret: next up the head of the rnc, let's turn to chairman perez's counterpart at the republican national committee joining me now, chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. thanks for being here. if you are the chairman, you are the senator and the mayor. your thoughts on this debate overall? >> well, i had a lot of takeaways tonight and that is that the democrat party wants to take away pretty much everything from the american people from their guns, from their private health care plan to a lot of their hard earned wages to fund a health care plan -- health care plans that are unsustainable that will destroy and erode the quality of our health care, they want to take our rights away. i didn't see anything that was put on the table -- and they didn't discuss the economy with 6 million jobs being added, which with my stomach with wage growth at 3% of all the things happening under president trump, i think a lot of americans are saying things are going really well for us and it is the economy and they didn't talk about that. >> bret: was there something
8:46 pm
that surprised you at this debate? >> i was a little surprised at the exchange between castro and joe biden. i know that's getting a lot of talk. i didn't think it was a very kind exchange on castro foster this part, although i'm not surprised, considering he tried to shame republican voters for giving to the republican party, so it's in line with the type of campaign he's running. i was surprised they didn't talk about the economy. listen, i've traveled the country all the time. i hear people say to me i have more money in my pocket. my kids can graduate from college and actually get a job. i can do better, i can afford a mortgage now, i can afford rent. my life is better, and that's what's happening under president trump and that wasn't acknowledged tonight and none of those candidates talked about how they would improve an economy that's already booming. >> bret: the other thing that wasn't talked about in less i missed it in the long debate was impeachment or robert mueller, or what's happening on
8:47 pm
capitol hill. >> no, but they did really disparaged from voters. i was surprised to see mayor buttigieg basically say that anyone who voted for president trump is a racist. they threw that word around a lot. they say we want to unify, yet they call half the country racist. i don't think that something that's uniting it all. listen, i met this trump rallies. i see that from voters, they love this country, many of them are veterans like mayor buttigieg. i thought that was very harmful, some of the rhetoric used on the stage, to have beto work call a president awaits a pharmacist, to blame him for the shooting in el paso. it went way too far but many of these candidates and this is the president who has been a president for all americans. at the lowest on up limit for hispanics, for african-americans, when you see what he's done -- you see wages coming back, of the 6 million jobs that have been created, over half of gone to minorities. the facts don't lie and this is a president who is listed every single american through his policies and that's what is going to run on and that's what he's going to win. >> bret: last thing, we've been through three debates. you talk to the trump campaign
8:48 pm
all the time. who is the trump campaign really want to run against? >> you know, i think we are enjoying the show right now, watching them fight it out. i will tell you that i think they have all lurched so far left, they really have embraced socialism. it when i say socialism, i don't use it as a punch line. they want government control of education, of our health care. if they want the government to take over every aspect of our lives down to eating cheeseburgers and tell us how we can live and who we can be as americans. and i think when you pose freedom versus socialism, we are going to win every single time in every democrat on that stage has embraced that socialism lurch of their party. >> bret: ronna mcdaniel is the chairwoman of the republican national committee, we appreciate your time tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> bret: all right, we continue our special debate coverage from houston, texas, here in the spin room. we will be back with howie kurtz for some analysis of the
8:49 pm
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8:52 pm
>> bret: welcome back to debate coverage, as often happens, debate moderators become part of the story. let's get a read on how that went tonight from fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz, howard kurtz. what'd you think you?
8:53 pm
>> abc put on a serious substantive and fast-paced debate with george stephanopoulos, but i have to say univision's jorge ramos is an unabashed crusader for illegal immigration. he made no attempt to hide it. let's look at one of his questions to joe biden. >> when you served as vice president in an administration that deported 3 million people, the most ever in u.s. history, are you prepared to say tonight that you and president obama made a mistake? >> biden did not. the obama administration was enforcing the law on deportation. ramos also spewed an invective against president trump saying why did he tried to ban muslims from the country in the form of a question. in the larger sense though, i would say this, there was very little challenge to the moderators when candidates like cory brooker, beto o'rourke, glenn castro called president trump a racist, made the inflammatory charge that the el paso shooter had been inspired by donald trump are going for the confiscation of some weapons, this was a debate
8:54 pm
conducted in the left lane. >> bret: what about -- i was struck by -- i talked about earlier how president obama made a comeback in this debate. the first debate, second debate it wasn't that cold before president obama and lesueur joe biden. this one, he got some praise. >> i think many of the democrats are the criticisms that it was not exactly smart politics to be beating up on a very popular foreign president and the democratic primary -- we have a little montage we put together, take a look. >> i'm for barack. i think the obamacare works. >> we all owe a huge debt to president obama, who is fundamentally transformed health care in america and committed this country to health care for every human being. >> what i favor is something that what barack obama wanted to do from the very beginning, and that is a public option. >> i want to give credit first to barack obama for really bringing us this far. >> of course we owe a debt of
8:55 pm
gratitude to president barack obama. >> is like there was a cue card, before pushing more liberal ideas. my last point is that sometimes the news is what does not happen and we can debate how forcefully joe biden did. i thought he was his most successful debate so far but the fact that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders did not take him on i think was the dog that didn't bark here. the headline tomorrow and after that ended after that, although some of them lower tier, did have good moments, they are way back. the headline is going to be joe biden enter this debate as the front runner and he is still the front runner because really almost nobody except for that embarrassing exchange with castro laid a glove on him. >> bret: i agree with you, it's quite something. if the dynamic did not change. change. howie kurtz in washington. thanks. don't go anywhere. andrew yang joins us live in the next hour. we will also have other candidates and surrogates, "fox news @ night" continues, the coverage of the democratic primary debate here in houston, texas, continues after this.
8:56 pm
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♪ >> bret: welcome back to "fox news @ night" live in houston, i'm bret baier inverse shannon bream. this is special extended live coverage of the third round of the democratic presidential debates. sparks flying is the 2020 democratic front runners are all together for the first time. ten candidates, one stage, high-stakes clashes between the former vice president joe biden and senators warren sanders. julian castro also focusing attacks on biking. coming up in just a minute, andrew yang joins us live, long shot making an expensive promise tonight and getting a lot of attention on social media. plenty of analysis i had. fox's katie pavlich, chris stirewalt, marc theissen all on deck. first we have fox team coverage. again peter doocy working the
9:01 pm
spin room here behind me and let's go back to correspondent kristin fisher, also in houston outside the debate hall for more highlights of this debate. it was a long one. >> it was quite long, bright, and criminal justice reform was a big focus of the debate, which was held in his historically black university and joe biden's record on that issue has really come under heavy scrutiny on the campaign trail. listen to what he said when he was defending that record during the debate tonight. >> there are so many people who are in jail and shouldn't be in jail. the whole means by which this should change is the whole model has to change. if we should we talk about rehabilitation. nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime. >> biden 's campaign is already telling some reporters that he was referring to nonviolent drug offenses and not white-collar crime, but it is still getting -- that comment still getting a lot of play online. another big focus of the debate was health care and the divide between moderates like joe biden
9:02 pm
and progressives like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, who support medicare for all. >> how are we going to pay for it? i want to hear tonight how that's happening. thus far my distinguished friend, the senator my left has not indicated how she pays for it and the senator has in fact come forward and said how he's going to pay for it but it gets about halfway there. >> joe said that medicare for all would cost $30 trillion. that's right, joe. status quo over ten years will be $50 trillion. i rode the bill, if i may say so. >> how do we pay for it? we pay for it, those of the very top, the richest individuals and the biggest corporations are going to pay more. and middle-class families are going to pay less. >> that was a good clean policy debate, but there was a very personal attack against joe biden and it came from
9:03 pm
julian castro, who accused the former vice president of not remembering the details of his own health care plan and castro was actually wrong in that instance, but it really opened the door to other candidates on the stage to talk about how democrats should be coming together and focusing on defeating president donald trum president donald trump. >> this is why -- >> come on. >> this is why presidential debates are becoming on washable. they remind everybody what they cannot stand about washington. scoring points against each other, poking at each other and telling each other that my plan -- your plan -- look -- >> democratic primary election -- that's an election. this is what we are here for. it's an election. >> a house divided cannot stand. and that is not how it will work -- >> we know we are in same team here. we know we are on the same team. >> senator kamala harris certainly seemed to get that memo. she ditched her previous debate
9:04 pm
strategy of going after joe biden and instead focused almost all of her fire on president trump. at one point she compared president trump to "the wizard of oz." she said "when you pull back the curtain, it's a really small dude." if the responded by saying if you would not take the bait. bret buried >> bret: kristin, thanks. no comment on george stephanopoulos there and the response. it right out of the gate you heard entrepreneur andrew yang taking his universal basic income proposal straight to the voters tonight, take a listen. >> i'm going to do something unprecedented tonight. my campaign when i'll give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to ten american families. someone watching this at home right now. >> bret: well, let's talk to the man himself, andrew yang joins us now here in the spin room. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. >> bret: what did you think overall? >> i was just having fun
9:05 pm
watching analysis because her on the debate stage watching exchanges and you're like oh, yeah. i was literally in the middle. it was very uncomfortable sometimes. >> bret: do you feel you got enough time? >> i think i got less time than we wanted, but i've been measuring myself by whether we have an impact with the time that we get. >> bret: you started off this deal. it is your pitch about universal income. some people looked at it and said you criticized the president for running kind of atv-centric presidency sometimes on the stump. they looked at that and said this is tough, little willy wonka giving out money. what's your response to that criticism? >> we have to make our country work for us again. and putting money directly into our hands is the best way to do that. so to me, i can't wait to choose the ten families that are getting this money and then see what they do with it and lo and behold, we are going to see that the money is going to make them
9:06 pm
happier, healthier, less stressed out. improve their relationships. when i give money to family and i went other places, one of the recipients bought a guitar and he told me he's not playing shows for the first time in years and it couldn't make them happier. another person used it on car repair. another person used it on home repairs and going back to school, so i can't wait for the stories to unfold. >> bret: the federal election commission says you can't use campaign money for personal use. there is at least some people out there like the director of campaign finance strategy at the campaign legal center, says ending up at him own personal use would seem to be a violation of finance law. our firm to envision that that's going to pass muster. how do you see it? >> we have a whole army of lawyers who have signed off on it. and campaigns put people to work in myriad ways and in this case, the people who get the money, they're just going to be sharing the story with the american people. >> bret: of us do this before, but how do you pay for this?
9:07 pm
because people sitting at home, you're handing out money, right? maybe it comes to pass that it all works for the economy, but how do you pay for it is a government? >> right now if you look up, the biggest winners in the 21st century economy for companies like amazon, google, facebook, over, amazon, trillion dollar tech company closing 30% are mainstream stories and malls literally paid zero in taxes last year and that's not unusual. so if you give us our fair share of every amazon sale, every google search, every facebook ad, then you can easily afford this. a study just came out that says our data, yours and mine is now worth more than oil. does anyone remember getting a data check in the mail? they're profiting to the tens of billions of dollars off of our information. >> bret: you had the most twitter followers added to your twitter feed tonight. >> nice. >> bret: the number one splash at the beginning. what is your plan, your blueprint to continue to get the
9:08 pm
next debate and to win this nomination? >> well, we are one of a very small handful of campaigns that's growing steadily, has been growing this whole time. the american people are waking up to the fact that we can actually solve our own problems. i'm one of only two candidates that was on that stage tonight at 10% or more of trump voters say they would support. when democrats figure that out, they're going to realize that i'm the best nominee to take on donald trump in 2020. >> bret: you think you can be donald trump? >> that's the math. >> bret: at the mouth, you've done it in your head, you can envision it? >> if i get 10% of donald trump voters, right now that's the level of support i'm getting and obviously am going to get the democrats as their nominee, so the math says i would be donald trump in 2020. >> bret: andrew yang, we will follow you around the trail, appreciate your time. correspondent peter doocy live in the spender behind us talking to candidates, what do you got? >> the candidate that you've been talking so much about his right here, i'm just going to try to get his attention.
9:09 pm
secretary castro come if you have time for one quick question live on fox? there's been a lot of discussion so far about you challenging joe biden, specifically asking if he had forgotten something that he had said only a few minutes earlier. what were you getting at their? >> well, in the last debate in detroit senator harris said that his health care plan would leave 10 million people uncovered. he said at the time it wouldn't, the media fact-checkers went and did their work and they said yes it would. when he said tonight that under his plan if you lose your job that you would automatically get to buy-in to his plan, i zeroed in on that, because that means that somebody would have to purchase that plan. under my approach, you would automatically get enrolled. you wouldn't have to purchase it. so i just suggested, look, we have a difference here and you said buy-in and that's when he said no he didn't say that. so my comments were about the fact that he had said that. not about personalities, this is health care policy.
9:10 pm
it's very important because it affects so many americans and we are there to debate, we had a good lively debate. >> and separate from the policy disagreement, it was interpreted by many in the room here who were gasping at times with some of the one-liners that you had. seemed like he might be going after him for being too old. >> it wasn't meant as a personal comment. it was reflective of the fact that he denied saying the words "buy-in" that he had just said, folks go and look at the transcript, those words are important because if somebody has to buy-in, what you're going to end up doing is you're going to leave a lot of people out. under my approach to health care, they wouldn't have to buy-in, they would be enrolled and they would have to opt out. so that was the disagreement. when i get on the debate stage, i'm there to debate but i always keep it related to the actual policy, and that's what we did tonight. >> one more. at the end of one of the former vp's very long answers you said that was quite a lot.
9:11 pm
what did you think was quite a lot about his answer? >> i was referring to from the beginning of the question to where we were at that point, there was a lot of different talk on different aspects of that question that you'll notice in my answer to that question i actually address several issues because we had gone a long way. if that's what that was buried >> thanks a lot secretary castro, thank you. bret, i will send it back to you. >> bret: nice job over there, peter. we had castro, sanders, klobuchar, buttigieg, a lot of people. we will try to get -- yang just a few moments ago, we will go over the big moments. to me now, fox news contributor mo elleithee and fox news contributor and chief political correspondent at the "washington examiner," byron york. okay, you heard the end of that defending kind of that exchange, thoughts about whether castro is going to take it on the chin with the democratic primary crowd? >> when you say to joe biden in
9:12 pm
the context of what everybody says about joe biden, are you forgetting what you said 2 minutes ago -- i mean, you're talking about his age. you're talking but his ability to be president, you're trying to raise these concerns, and there might be a legitimate context -- >> bret: you don't think donald trump is going to do that? >> oh, man, he's already talked about how joe biden is just losing a step in everything. maybe there's a legitimate context, but not when you're wrong. as julian castro was. so it was a real mess up and he tried to make the best of it, but you can't make much of it. >> bret: let me take the other side. at that answer about iraq and afghanistan, joe biden was rambling. he was talking about all kinds of things. we talked about -- i mean it went all over the place. he talks about splitting up afghanistan. his policy in office was to split up iraq into three portions. not afghanistan. and then later when he went to -- was asked a question about
9:13 pm
reparations, it was about education, about listening to records, about venezuela and maduro and at the end of that julian castro said while map, that with a lot of their as he was just asked about. their game? >> sure bearded vice president was -- i think the vice president overall had a good night but i think there were a couple of moments where he was less than crisp. >> bret: pretty good. >> a couple of moments where he was meandering a bit. and that stuff is fair game, but i think sort of castro coming at biden on that later was under -- his credibility in doing so was undermined by the unfair hit that he launched that first buried >> bret: how much do you think these debates matter? once nobody sits in iowa and new hampshire and they are used to having people come into the living room, let alone their town, how much does this tonight matter in that? >> i think we sort of in the media tend to overhyped the debates of it.
9:14 pm
they are important, there's no question. if they are just one factor, and you're right, with the voters in iowa, the caucus goers and i, the voters in new hampshire, the voters in south carolina see are these candidates much more up close, much more personal. there take away from those campaign stops are very different -- they're not having the same conversation that we are buried i don't know how many of them are actually going to sit around and talk about what julian castro said tonight. very important, they tend to weed people out more than they do lift people up in a sustained way. if >> bret: is there a thought that there will be somebody on the stage that's not on the stage in october, or somebody that's not on the stage now that will be on the stage in october? >> well, i think tom steyer -- >> bret: just because he's already qualified. >> the vice president did have millions of younger americans saying what's a record player. so is there going to be -- >> bret: vinyl is making a comeback. >> it ought to.
9:15 pm
>> anybody who drops out in his group, i don't really see that happening. i know that any clubs are barely got in. shortly after she got in i looked at her average in the real clear politics national polls and it was 0.9%. so she made it in on the strength of a couple of other polls. one little thing about viewers in iowa and new hampshire, they really are interested, and i think actually matters a lot with them -- the other question is what about the big rest of the country and i really don't have a sense they are focused on -- >> bret: plus you turn the camera down, there's a lot of people covering this and it will get a lot of oxygen at least for a few days. >> these things could also have a huge impact on fund-raising buried you have a good night, someone like an ab club shark, she a really good night tonight. i bet that's reflected in her fund-raising, which will allow her to keep going for a while. can castro come after tonight, get enough money to get him through another month? >> bret: how about
9:16 pm
beto o'rourke? >> i think he did himself some good with democrats tonight. >> bret: he was emotional, we'll talk about that next. our power panel in the spin room next. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
9:17 pm
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>> instead of saying that we can't, let's say yes we can. [laughs] >> that's just constitutional. >> i will fight this and bring a fight to the nra and the corporate gun lobby like they have never seen before. hell yes we are going to take your ar-15, ak-47. we will not let them be used against fellow americans anymor anymore. >> bret: big applause line for beto o'rourke talking about guns, and yes, he will take them, he says. let's bring in tonight's panel from washington. politics editor chris stirewalt,
9:21 pm
marc theissen associate editor at real clear politics ab stoddard. before we go gun-specific, i want to get overall thoughts about the debate down the line here. chris, mark, and a b. chris first buried >> not surprising the democrats would get into their toughest yet on health care. that was the issue if we were a member of the divided barack obama and hillary clinton most notably in 2008. those same condors are still there and the move to moderation on the subject. not just from biden, but from people coming to his defense and misplayed by castro and trying to attack on the same subject, all of it adds up to a big move tonight on the subject for democrats. >> bret: mark. >> i think joe biden have the best one tonight, safely because he is the front runner, he didn't have to score any knockout punches. he just had to parry well and not make it catastrophic gaffe and he achieved that. i think he parried very well with sanders and with warren on
9:22 pm
health care and he had a few good singers on them and managed to make the engagement focus on sanders as opposed to worn because what warren really wants to do is turn this into a warren-biden race he kept bringing sanders back into it. so i think overall he came out ahead, but on health care, it's funny, everyone talks about this as being a fight between the moderates and the left wing. it's really a fight between the left-wing and the far left wing because, i mean, the moderate position is public option, which was so far left that even barack obama wouldn't even touch it when he was doing obamacare and now it's basically medicare for all inside a trojan horse. it just takes a little longer. that's the moderate centrist option? that was so far left eight years ago that barack obama wouldn't touch it. >> bret: ab, your thoughts? >> i thought that julian castro had a tough night. he was prepared to get back in the game by attacking grandpa and it certainly didn't work.
9:23 pm
i thought harris' overly rehearsed stuff was really not good and i think they both had rough patches. i thought andrew yang was interesting as always. it was not the night that we thought we were going to see elizabeth warren really just take down biden. she played a very safe, doesn't seem to be talking a lot. i thought that cory booker and beto o'rourke had the best nights -- had the best night. they will get second looks. booker the most. and it's interesting that in interviews afterwards you chose to side with julian castro and start questioning biden's viability. that actually would probably not fare well in the days to come after what i thought was a strong two hours and 45 minutes for him. >> bret: i heard, chris, a lot of people going after castro and a lot of people questioning that tactic, but then i heard a couple of candidates say we have some questions about the rhetoric that we heard from joe biden tonight in numerous times. want to talk quickly about guns.
9:24 pm
we think -- beto o'rourke has his position and obviously impassioned about the shootings here in texas and his home town of el paso, do we think the dynamic is changing not only on the campaign trail, but also on capitol hill on the gun issue? >> sold democratic voters especially the older democratic voters were going to be decisive in the selection, remember to well what happens when democrats take out row positions on gun control. it has backfired on them, no pun intended, quite badly in the past. the clinton era assault weapons ban was a political disaster for democrats. people know that stuff and when beto o'rourke sounds, as he always has chosen to sound, very angry, profane, upset, we are going to take the guns, that feels good, that scratches an itch for a very outspoken loud minority inside the democratic party, but it reinforces a thing for him, which is he's just not electable. he can't take his message to a larger audience.
9:25 pm
>> bret: all right, panel, got to run, a couple more guests coming up. thank you very much. no mention of impeachment tonight on the debate stage. it's a hot topic in washington. we will have the breakdown next. when we started our business
9:26 pm
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>> bret: will conduct a special extended coverage of the third democratic debate in houston, we are live in the spin room. let's get some of the other big stories making news at this hour and this day. mike emanuel has more from washington. good evening, mike -- i should say good morning, washington time. >> good evening, bret. president trump spoke to house republicans but it's clear the 2020 democrats were on his mind. the president was in baltimore at the house g.o.p. retreat and he said he went after elizabeth warren to early, suggesting she could beat vice president biden. he also threw the jab at the mayor of south bend, indiana. >> they said "buttigieg -- do believe the sky?
9:30 pm
he's doing a rotten job running his own city from a lousy job, but they say "buttigieg is two points up in the state of texas against president trump." i said "i don't think so." >> the president has been highly critical of the city of baltimore, calling it filthy and rat and rodent-infested. today the house g.o.p. leader defended the president ahead of his appearance in baltimore. >> if you want to take the president's comments, you can go to the former mayor of baltimore. you can go to what congressman cummings had said before as well. if these are challenges we want to see a change to end this is something the president has been working on. >> on capitol hill, democrats and the house judiciary committee voted to move forward with an impeachment investigation against president trump. the vote was 24-17 but top democrats may not be on the same page. >> some call this process of impeachment inquiry. some call it an impeachment investigation. there is no legal difference between these terms and i know
9:31 pm
longer care to argue about the nomenclature. >> impeachment is a very divisive measure but if we have to go there, we will have to go there. but we can't go there and less we have the facts, and we will follow the facts. i'm not answering any more questions on the subject. >> some suggest democrats are trying to have it both ways. impeachment inquiry to appease the liberal base, but no articles of impeachment, to protect moderate members. bret. >> bret: okay, mike emanuel in d.c., thank you. joining me now here in houston, democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee from texas. congresswoman, thanks for being here. thanks for having us in your district. >> yes. >> bret: first >> bret: first bulimic air perceptions of tonight and what are your thoughts? >> i think it was a good night tonight. i think you got to see some sparks, if you will, fireworks, between some of the candidates. you've got candidates that share similar personal moments, and i think as we move into the debates in october and november, more and more you'll understand
9:32 pm
what their vision is for america. i think it's very, very important. >> bret: you're someone who has called for in impeachment. it's not a word that was used tonight. neither was robert mueller. neither was articles of impeachment. why do you think that is? >> i think that's a good thing, because i don't think the democratic party will be defined on the basis of impeachment. we should be defined on the basis of wanting this government to abide by the rule of law, wanting to represent all people. i'm on the judiciary committee, we don't view this as an attack on the administration or the president. we view this as doing our job. at the impeachment investigation that we voted on today is that, to investigate whether we should move to articles of impeachment. >> bret: why is there such sensitivity with some democrats, do you think, about calling impeachment? why do you think some moderate democrats have a real problem, they've expressed being uncomfortable on camera today about the path this is going? >> i don't have a problem with
9:33 pm
people having an argument with words. we ended the word fight today by calling it what it is, it's an impeachment investigation. and what we see is when we use that terminology, investigation, we will have more and more members understanding that we are really doing our job, as i said earlier. >> bret: you can't draw drafts, articles of impeachment tomorrow, for example. how would you impeach the president? what would you impeach them for? >> we believe that as we proceed, just as in 1974, the senate held hearings for nine months. i'm not suggesting that would be the case, until a smoking gun was found. that was the case. in this instance, an impeachment investigation allows us to have greater authority in the courts so that we can rebut some of the arguments made by the white house to keep mr. mcgann from testifying or keep other witnesses -- the more witnesses the american people are able to see, they can help make up their minds, but what are jobs is to present the case and then decide
9:34 pm
whether articles of impeachment should be raised. >> bret: these candidates on the trail don't talk about it all, didn't talk about it tonight and you've seen the coverage of this, it's not just us talking about it. if you put up on the screen the headlines from politico, they called it a dumpster fire today. cnn said that if the gang that can't shoot straight. democrats are already botching the impeachment flight. slates the democrats can't figure out if they're trying to impeach trump or not. does that hurt the overall because as you get ready to head into an election? >> i think the proof is going to be in the pudding what was spoken about tonight was all of the issues that the president is involved in that hurt the american people. taking away health care. not being in the paris climate agreement. confusion in foreign affairs and the trade process is that he's utilizing. so i think what was made very clear is that america needs a new pathway, a new future with the democratic candidates. let me be very clear, i've been
9:35 pm
through an impeachment before in 1998. i've also been through several impeachments of federal judges. i would take issue with the commentary. we are not here to do a dog and pony show. we are here to do our work. what we do in school, i did was we voted for impeachment investigation that sets the tone for ensuring that the work we need to get done gets done by utilization of the courts and the seriousness of what we're doing. i don't think we are misshooting. i think what we are doing doing a steadily doing our work. >> bret: we are here to cover it uncovered fairly. we appreciate your time. >> we are fact finders and that's what we intend to do. >> bret: thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> bret: hoping to turn the lone star state blue, we will look at that next. ♪[upbeat music]
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9:40 pm
peter doocy, just behind me talking to camp and surrogates, candidates. peter, what are you hearing? >> well, first i want to mention something that we are not hearing, and that is in a reaction from the one candidate who did not come from the spin room to talk about the performance, and that is joe biden. we have seen every other candidate down here defending their performances, clarifying different parts about what they said on the stage or maybe what they meant to stay say on the stage but we did not see joe biden inherent. it is the third debate in a row that he did not think he needed to come to the spin room to talk to reporters afterwards and he preferred, and his team obviously preferred, to let his performance on the stage stand. something else though. in the last 30 seconds, elizabeth warren was exiting, she walked very, very fast. i did my best to keep up with her, but i asked her to try to clarify something that was out standing in terms of this -- we
9:41 pm
still don't know what exactly she meant when she was asked if her health insurance plan would result in middle-class taxes going up, so i asked her again, please clarify, would middle-class taxes go up and she said, well, middle-class families will be paying less for health care, and i tried following up again, asking what would middle-class taxes go up and she exited and she is now on her way to her next event. so there obviously was a lot of attention on senator warren going into the debate, but for this evening, she has to share the spotlight with a lot of others trying to unseat joe biden as the front runner because there were a lot of one-liners tonight. bret. >> bret: yeah, peter, i mean i'm just struck by -- i don't know if the field is going to change. as far as if you look at polling, if you could think of one moment that is going to change up the whole list.
9:42 pm
can you think of one? >> the only thing that -- it seems like from sitting right next to you, but from my ears, the biggest applause line of the night might've been when beto o'rourke talked about taking guns and he was specifically referencing something that happened since the time of the last debate, but -- and there are different polls that show that young voters specifically are very motivated by young -- rather by solutions to gun control. however, our young voters -- our young voters going to be the ones that vote in primaries? we don't know. >> bret: that's the big question. peter, thank you. democrats said to have high hopes from turning the state, texas, blue next year. reaching the lone star state voters to make him a big part of that texas-sized ambition. retired air force colonel, democrat running for congress in texas.
9:43 pm
kim olson. also republican congressman from texas. i want to get your take on what peter just mentioned, that is the gun debate. obviously texas has seen some horrible mass shootings in recent weeks and months. how does that play here as an issue and what you heard on the stage, does that help or hurt you in your race? >> well, i think what you heard on the stage today, and i will quote what they said, that between 70 and 80% of americans want to some kind of change in gun control. they want universal background checks, they want to close the loop on private sales. they want to get rid of high capacity magazines. look, i'm a veteran, i've been to combat, and know exactly what these weapons do. they are built and made to kill people in short periods of time so that they never stand back up again and they simply do not belong on the streets of americ america. >> bret: congressman, i want to play a sound bite from kamala harris talking about this
9:44 pm
issue of guns, take a listen. >> do think trump is responsible for what happened? i said, look, obviously he didn't pull the trigger, but he has certainly been tweeting out the ammunition. >> bret: your reaction to that, sir? >> i honestly don't know what to say to that. i will just tell you that texas is an interesting place. you've got a lot of good people on both sides of this issue. i think you've seen our lieutenant governor recently make some comments that attracted a lot of attention and got a lot of excitement. he i have always been of the opinion that background checks are happening. people that -- people don't go to gun shows and buy are gone from a federal firearms licensed dealer without going through a background check. there is -- there is an area between family members and the loaning of guns. i guess this is going to have to
9:45 pm
be part of the discussion, but i will tell you the approach that is taken by formal representative o'rourke. that is off-putting in the state of texas. and while it may play well in the democratic debate stage and in the spin room in the afterglow, it is not going to play well during the election cycle itself. and i think you will see -- i think you will see that reflected in subsequent poll numbers, but as we go farther into the election cycle now. i'm not in texas tonight, i'm in beautiful downtown baltimore. we had an opportunity to hear from the president of the united states a couple of times today, once in sort of a private setting and once in a more public setting. i was so impressed by the energy of the president, the enthusias enthusiasm, he is looking forward to whoever emerges from this debate stage as the winner.
9:46 pm
the president is ready and it's going to be an interesting fall for you guys. >> bret: kim, let me ask you this. i just had congressman sheila jackson lee on. we talked a little bit about impeachment. there are some moderate democrats from suburban districts who were on camera today expressing how uncomfortable they work with this process and how kind of muddled it is. when you look at that issue and trying to turn texas blue, how does it play for you? >> well, how it plays out is exactly like the congresswoman said, they have a job to do. in their job is to exercise what the constitution says. if there are enough preponderance of the evidences in which impeachment would occur, then you have to do the inquiry and then exercise the articles like they said. we don't really discuss that in this part and i'm just going to swing back just really quick and push back on our congressman here. i find it appalling that just within weeks after we lose all these people in texas, that what texas does is loosen the gun
9:47 pm
laws down here. and that's what i think a lot of folks are reacting to. it's an absolute disconnect between this party and the people of texas right now. they want something done and yet all we hear is rhetoric about what they are going to do and then take no action to keep kids safe in the churches, kids safe in our schools and americans safe in their own homes and on their streets. >> bret: congressman, i will give you the last word. >> just to address the impeachment issue, it didn't come up tonight. that's probably appropriate, because whatever happens, if one of the people on the stage is elected president, impeachment will be a done issue. it's not going to continue after president trump's term is up, whether it's this term or next term, but honestly, to continue with these investigation after investigation after investigation, what i really didn't understand what representative jackson lee was saying, they've had their
9:48 pm
inquiries, they had robert mueller in for testimony. when do they got on with the things that matter to the american people? we got the u.s.-mexico free-trade agreement that is up, that is up and it needs to be voted on. this is the sort of thing that the american people -- >> bret: let me just ask what you just talked about. to the president talk tonight about any gun control for background checks push to house republicans. to kim's point that is on the mind she says of many texans? >> well, the president has always had is going to be a strong defender of the second amendment. i take him at his word, i believe he is correct on that. one of the problems we have as we get very little data out of the department of justice. during obama administration in this administration as well, it would be great to have those reports on who is feeling those background checks. are we prosecuting people who lie on their background checks as apparently happened in the incident in odessa. >> bret: yet, congressman,
9:49 pm
kim, a fair and balanced discussion tonight. stick around, katie pavlich, leslie marshall on deck for some final thoughts on houston, the democratic debate, fox news continues after this. ♪
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>> bret: wrapping up tonight's debate coverage, they are packing up the spin room behind me, nobody spinning, but we are fox news contributors leslie marshall and katie pavlich here to give us their winners and losers of the debates. leslie, let's start with your first. >> joe biden. he went into this the front-runner, he will leave, tomorrow you will see he remains the front-runner. this was his to lose, and i think he had his strongest performance of any debate, the clear winner tonight. >> bret: okay. katie, your? >> i would say president trump and the economy that he has built is the winner. i'm not going to choose a democratic winner because i don't think anything has changed. if someone had a breakout moment or the polling would change significantly, i would pick a democrat winner. i don't think that happened tonight. i think joe biden has a long way to go when it comes to actually building a platform on what he actually believes in, what he stands for so far, it's been very difficult to figure out whm is on what his campaign is going
9:54 pm
to be built on if he wins the nomination, to go up against president trump. and on the tariffs, too, none of the democratic candidates said they would repeal china's tariffs, which i thought was an interesting thing. >> bret: the loser may have been the issue of the economy. that specific question wasn't asked at this debate. okay, loser, leslie? >> julian castro, attacking not once, but three times when he wasn't even right with his attack of the former vice president. i think not only did he have booze in the audience, but i think he really alienated an entire segment of our population, which are senior citizens, because he clearly wasn't knocking on the former vice president's age. >> bret: okay, katie, loser, what do you have? >> kamala harris. she needed to do better in this debate. she has been lighting in the polling. she clearly was trying to push forward a stick tonight, she's been doing it on the campaign trail. it comes off as phony.
9:55 pm
she seems very insecure in her policy positions. i think she was the loser. >> bret: ladies, i can always count on you for succinct answers. winners and losers, leslie and katie, thanks so much. a big winner tonight, our coverage here from houston, comer covering the third democratic debate. to our coverage postdebate, on the show we had senator amy klobuchar, mayor pete buttigieg, senator bernie sanders, mr. andrew yang, secretary julian castro, represented jackson lee, represent of michael burgess, ronna mcdaniel, the rnc chair, and tom perez, the dnc chair. we've got you covered on the election, all sides. fair, balanced, and unafraid. i'll be back with "special report" in washington, d.c., tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. eastern. for fox news at night, mike emanuel will be in the big chair. good night from houston. it debate coverage number three in the books. we will be every step of the way
9:56 pm
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of lying, pomposity, smugness, ♪ >> all right, a busy news night. we begin with a fox news alert, the department of justice and i'll paved the way for former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe to possibly be indicted. tonight, fox news has learned federal prosecutors recommended moving forward with criminal charges against mccabe after his last minute appeal was officially rejected. now, mccabe was once the second-highest ranking member of the fbi, the interim director after super patriot jim comey was fired. and mccabe was also jim comey's right-hand man, and he was trusted to oversee some of the highest profile cases in the bureau and in the country. but in 2018, andrew mccabe was fired. why? for lying and for leaking. the doj inspector general issued


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