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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 13, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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he loves all humanity, he loves like. that's all the time we have tonight. have a great weekend with your family and friends, be safe out there. the "fox news @ night" will take it all from here. see you monday. ♪ >> mike: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i mike emmanuel and for shannon bream, breaking tonight i laid on the friday, we are one step closer to see investigating the investigators. attorney general is now reviewing the draft of the doj walks on reports on allegations of private abuse by the federal investigators during the russian investigation. stay tuned for the late-breaking news. also tonight, fevered speculation over the state of full house star, and the rising scandal. fellow actors whitney huffman is on her way to prison tonight.
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"night court" convenes later. the gun control debate reigniting tonight for the 2020 presidential candidates he who is doubling down on the ar-15 conversation plans and republicans are pouncing. congressman mark walker is next. trace gallagher standing by with the latest move from mckay but let's start with correspondent david sponge in the lead making so much breaking news. hello, david. >> michael horan is putting this finishing touches on the investigation on the surveillance powers. no horwitz completed a review on whether the fbi follow the law while applying for a warrant to surveilled former trump campaign aide carter page during the 2016 election. he was investigated by authorities following allegations of russian interference in that election, many say surveillance of page
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was just an abuse of power. if on friday, little bit earlier, horwitz wrote to members of congress and the authors conducted over 100 interviews and then close to finalize his report. if the general continues to say that his team over 1 million records relating to this case. if that's in may of 2018, horwiz office began avista getting weather and of these existed to sources tell our chief intelligence correspondent catherine that the could be discussed by declassified before it's released. listen. >> is there a timeline on when the public will see the russia records of declassified? >> whenever they needed this. whenever they need it, i will be doing it, but i will be to classifying everything. >> at the same time, horwitz putting the finishing touches on a report on durham, a u.s. attorney in connecticut who is investigating the origins of the
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u.s. probe. take a listen. >> i think there has been coronation in the justice department between what inspector general horowitz is doing and what to the u.s. attorney john doran who looking into the origins of the investigation is doing. they mark this out in a coordinated session, no doubt. probably it's the end of a phase of horwitz investigation, i don't know if it will impact dorms mark much. speak up the report is completed certain reports are classified it will be released to the public. that could come in a matter of weeks. we will continue to watch, mike, mike. >> mike: david sponge leading us off, david, things a lot. thanks a lot. this is a fox news alerts, from the justice department on whether charges are coming for former fbi deputy director,
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andrew mccabe. he was just summoned on the case now can mccabe's attorney wants the government to show his cards chief breaking news trace gallagher is working the case for us tonight. good evening, trace. >> good evening, mike, your rights. this is high stakes poker and some people trying to read the tea leaves. lawyers are indicating that they believe the department of justice's blessing when it comes to how strong the case against mccabe is buried at the lawyers have now sent a letter to federal prosecutors urging them to drop the case entirely. saying there's a grand jury voted not to approve charges against the former deputy director. context of the federal grand jury has 23 members and need at least 12 to vote in favor of indictment. if you can't convince over half the grand jury, it's difficult to to to convince the whole jury. they expected to be handed up
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last night, that did not happen. mccabe's lawyers say "the new york times" and "washington post" publish stories suggesting the grand jury declined to indict. that's not the case. the times report says they went without filing a public charge. which is clearly not the same as declining to indict. "the washington post" cited "the new york times," but the justice department is standing fast. mccabe returning that they made personal appeals to the both the u.s. attorney and deputy attorney general did not move forward with the charges. both appeals were denied. they were based on the findings of inspector general micro michael horowitz about his role in a leak to the news media. that leak confirmed the fbi was investigating the foundation. last month, mccabe who now works for cnn filed a wrongful
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termination suit against the fbi and the justice department. mike. >> mike: trace gallagher, many thanks. they're pressuring the doj to drop the case but don't knock against him. but there reviewing the doj watchdog report on alleged abuses. let's bring a national security attorney, brad moss and john yoo, gentlemen, it's great to have you. already, the chairman lindsey graham is talking about next ups. >> the senate judiciary committee call mr. horwitz and he will testify under oath about his report. we're going to pursue this in a transparent fashion. we're going to declassify as much as we can including the applications. >> mike: john, what are your expectations. speak up where's seeing accountability come home this is not the end, this is the beginning of the end. not only are you going to see
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this report come out and were finally going to see the truth. about how the surprise warrants get approved, what information did they fbi get to the court, did it really rely on steele dossier or not? we are also going to see investigations by the university of the attorney of connecticut, and also choosing to declassify all of this information and make it available not just a congress but the american people. i think it's finally were going to see, it was never any collusion between the russians and the trump campaign. if we went on a year and a half to year waste of time and we are finally going to find out if ths was an honest mistake by the fbi or if there is something more nefarious at work. >> mike: and former federal prosecutor defended mccabe and his actions. >> this is an extremely unusual
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prosecution. anti- mccabe had the right to speak to reporters. that is beyond dispute he had the right to speak to reporters. he had some one of the most impeccable records of his generation of fbi agents. >> mike: what are your thoughts? the weakness at the heart of the government case they do choose to bring this off statement demonstrating his intent to reason, the rationale, hopefully providing false investigative investigators, they had authorized that leak to the media, it's not part of a deep state truth. it was a leak that helps the trump campaign it hurt hillary clinton. how they were able to illustrate that, there was always a weakness, that's probably why the grand jury if the media are
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right by the jury's balking at the moment if they can't convince the grand jury, there's no way they would convince a actual jury at trial of his guilt. >> mike: i fear some viewers eyes glaze over when they hear the names, why does this matter so much? >> if a jury may not convict, i think it's utterly important for justice department to bring charges because people like mccabe at the highest level of the justice department, it is because they have to send an example for the rest of the country. if they're lying to federal investigators, how do they expect average citizens to interact with the justice department. it's very important, people who are in the trump campaign were charged for things, think about all these figures you just mentioned, mike, they were all convicted or played out to false statements under oath too. whether it significant or less
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significant than what mr. mccabe did, to make sure that justice department is clearing out equal justice under the law, charging the owner officials to show that there evenhanded. >> mike: they show the plead guilty. that was their choice andrew mccabe is saying, i'm not guilty of 1,001 charge. let's see what's happening with the grand jury. >> mike: bradley moss, john yoo, many thanks. >> thank you. >> mike: knew tonight, california highway patrol investigative is trying to figure out what the red substance is that anti-vaccine protesters allegedly cost down on lawmakers in the state capital. protesters shouted "that's for the dead babies" as she threw the red liquid. lawmakers report to leave the changes, protesters are angry that california is rolling back exemptions on vaccines for dangerous diseases.
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break into nights, the family that owns oxycontin maker purdue farmer used swiss banks accounts to conceal the transfer of millions of dollars from the company to themselves. that's according to the chief general, documenting a billion dollars in transfers between the sackler family, thanks, shell companies and advisors. there are growing concerns tonight about a possible strike against general motors. as contracts to the united auto workers, and on the makers are about to expire. if the agreement with chrysler, and 11:59 p.m. saturday is the target's company, gm is the original focus of bargaining and if there are strikes. gm will be the first victim. snared in the education primary scandal, it's just beginning. "night court" convenes next with the cases of the felicity
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♪ >> mike: from "desperate housewives" to the big house, actress felicity huffman sentenced to jail time for her part buying her children's way into prestigious colleges. they have more from boston. molly. >> hi, mike. now sentenced to two weeks by a judge in boston. at one of most recognizable faces in the college admission scandal became the first parent to face justice in the case. in court, she sobbed and apologized to the students, parents, and colleges impacted. if she did not speak to the throng of media waiting outside but did release a statement
8:17 pm
promising, "i will try to live a honest and more open life." she pled guilty to wink at sperry on fraud accounts in maine. admitting she paid a $15,000 to a phony scheme of the mastermind. who corrected her daughter's s.a.t. exam. prosecutors called for one month in prison and showed little sympathy in court or her claims of parenting challenges. saying, most parents have a moral compass do not step up the line in the defended dead end. huffman's lawyers argued more probation and the ultimately determined prison time was warranted. saying in essence, she knew what when she was doing was wrong and that was a fraud. it was not an impulsive act of trying to be a good mother does not ask useless." also entered guilty pleas, biblical peace
8:18 pm
before the same judge, it's a benchmark they can go look through. what does it mean to the parents moving forward to trial, including lori kaufman. determined by the bureau of prisons on october 25th. mike. >> mike: molly, thank you very much. all eyes are now on "full house" start lori loughman and pleaded not guilty for her role in the college admissions scandal and is now facing up to 40 years in prison. they are here to weigh in, robert patillo and defense attorney katie cherkasky. felicity huffman gets 14 days in prison, a short period of time, but it still prison. what's your reaction? what are your expectations? >> sure, quite wrinkly, it doesn't matter if she got a day in jail or a year. because her reputation is completely ruined for evermore and it'll apply for two lori loughman as well. as far as what sentence will
8:19 pm
look like, people are pretty much jumping the gun because she may not be convicted and there are good reasons for that under the precourt case laws. getting into for a long time. assuming that she is found guilty, i do not think that her case is necessarily very comparable. there's a lot of differences between facts, there's a differences between money exchange and quite wrinkly , frankly, it's something that's lori loughman can point to. >> mike: 's aunt becky her character facing serious prison time? >> if you look at the city huffman case, most people thinks it's a slap on the wrist, sentenced to five years in prison, not for bribing but for simply rolling her child in the wrong school district. who voted when she dated don
8:20 pm
monk did not know she was allowed to vote in texas who was also sentenced five years. the idea 14 14 days in prison h will mostly be like club fed, she's not serving a hard 14 days, it's turning to lori loughlin's case, i do think she's going to use aunt becky as being part of her defense. being the character, being a loving family woman as opposed to a cold facts which she spent half a million dollars to bribe her children into school. we have to stop giving these criminals so much cover. stop letting them cry in front of the court in order to get somebody. treat them as a critical crimil masterminds. >> mike: the judge and felicity huffman's case said "i think this is the right sentence here. if you can move forward and rebuild your life after this. without the sentence, i think the community around you would ask why you got away with this. do you agree, katie? "i think the sentence was pretty much what we expected.
8:21 pm
prosecuted only looking for one month in jail, she pled guilty and gave her a great benefit to begin with. the maximum sentence that she was facing, it wasn't that great for what she did. i think it was reasonable, of course, people want to see a pound of flesh for what you do, it's very entitled and dishonest. that is not outside the norm. it's very reasonable. >> mike: let me play for you, what meghan mccain said today about this case. i'll ask you to respond. >> i have a lot of theories about her becoming a mother. i don't think that makes you bribe someone to break the law. i don't understand the logical connection, the poster children of what everyone hates about white privilege and she deserves to go to jail. we want your reaction? >> i think she's completely correct on that. when most people look -- echoes to this idea this is the american, this idea they can go to go work hard,
8:22 pm
your nose clean. it's having rich parents who can buy your way into college to buy your way into the integer, value by your way into the job you need. it should be the absolute minimum, if not longer, because it cuts at the very soul of the higher educational system and the concept that serving people get treated differently. they don't have to play by the same rules as the rest of us of us. >> mike: robert patillo and katie cherkasky, thank you so much. liz cheney and rand paul were looking at the nasty battle over america's morris, and the age of policy in the age of trump. the report is next to straighten it all all out. ♪ the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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♪ >> mike: a feud over who is more aligned with the president trump on foreign policy is getting personal tonight. between the third ranking
8:27 pm
republican in the house, and fellow republican senator rand paul. it gets to the part of much we have been talking about this week about how this presidency sees the world and his ability to shape it. it hears gillian turner. hello, jillian. >> hi, mike. they cannot give the senator are still going at it. there are words and kind of full swing after igniting 24 hours ago. we don't often see heated interparty conflict over these kind of existential issues. the u.s. role in the world, failure, success of the first two world wars. you might want to grab some popcorn for this. speak out number three house republican get what she called rand paul's isolationist views. accused him of a warped sense of global reality. speak out their issues that surround whether or not you put america first as a trump does or blame america first as rand paul
8:28 pm
does and has for years. >> paul shot back, as far as legacies go, better to be called an isolationist and warmonger putting america's lives at risk for the sake of other countries. >> i guess the problem is they've always been never trumpers. they hate the president trump's foreign policy, they want to stay in afghanistan forever. >> he claimed him to be weak on spending, hyping up president trump's efforts in the process. one of the most important things is he's been in office as the vote of resources we need to rebuild our military. i look the senator paul has not supported it. >> he took his waiter to highlight the market era the neocon and list chain. they downplayed the idea that there's a nancy's plate within the party. >> know, it's a difference in opinion when it comes to national defense. it's a bleed.
8:29 pm
people can have a discussion about policy. if that's how they. >> both sides appear to be incurring favor from president trump, but both have views from him. the g.o.p. is cricketing evolution and how america's role in handling hot spots. >> mike: gillian turner life here in washington, thank you. right on red battle over america or afghanistan first to going on tonight and the g.o.p. retreat in baltimore, also pouncing on the democratic base especially when it comes to guns. vice chair of the house, g.o.p. conference mark walker joins us now. congressman, thank you to have you. >> thank you. we want what you make of this battle and senator paul is the future of the foreign party on the more hawkish wing and the more libertarian wing? >> i think both liz and ren both good friends of mine.
8:30 pm
certainly a colleague as he said. if she's tough as nails but i think it's a healthy battle because not always to rand paul's points is necessary. better to leave the regime in place but where liz is right in this, us a stronger approach ds determine things later on they could be a potential crisis. this is the president because of what he's doing is gleaning knowledge from both of these particular strategies, the heavy-handed one as one i think a little bit unfair to call an isolationist, but one that rand paul supports. i think he takes those two opinions and others and comes down with what is the best approach, what's the best long-term strategy we should have. >> mike: leavitt and commander in chief. okay, on guns , here's the the president accurate treat. >> democrats want to confiscate
8:31 pm
guns from law-abiding americans in their totally defenseless when so many walks into the house with a gun. it's like i'm a whatever you want whatever you want. i'm defenseless, whatever you want. how crazy is this? >> mike: they talk tonight about taking people's guns away from them, but "the washington post" poll says 89% of their favor universal background checks. what do you do? >> i think that anything we can do, the president has signed it to specific bills in the law, stopping violence act as well as making sure that were following up with the underreporting going on for somebody who is looking to the background checks. when you look at the facts, mike, in the last several years, 1990 gun ownership has gone up to 60%. that's close to 130 million guns. at the same time, 62% has gone up and violence including gun homicide has dropped in half. you have to be making common
8:32 pm
sense, as far as beto o'rourke, i served with him for a few years, i remember this, he had to promise when he was running for senate, if you like the ar-15, you can keep the ar-15. last night, he was saying that he was going to come and take the branch. it may be the reason that beto never got anything done in congress is because he doesn't understand the difference between ex i branch during the the different branches. >> mike: about all the deep state stuff. what's your sense of what this report will do when it reaches capitol hill? >> calling the person that talks as much as anybody on this is john ratcliffe, but we've talked through some of this. i think it's very important that we look at what happens with inspector general. what this report? i believe you're looking at a few weeks of what -- you have these classifications, these negotiations going on. i believe, 80% of this report
8:33 pm
should be made public at some point. i think this weekend, there's a lot of people former fbi officials that should be, and rightfully, be unaccountable. if it's going to prove that president obama, not physically himself but some of the administration officials, the fbi, using carter page to target the presences. if that's all, if we can prevent scum and in the words of lindsey graham , "this could be bigger than watergate." the pig >> mike: >> mike: sending shocs through the party. our penalties and after the break musical musica memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks...
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♪now i'm gonna tell my momma ♪that i'm a traveller ♪i'm gonna follow the sun transitions™ light under control™ new transitions™ gen 8™ lenses ask your eye care professional today and learn more at >> mike: democrats battling announced, are showing just how deeply divided they are. last night the debate in texas featured a tax on personality, with a unifying element of the desperation to defeat the president next november.
8:38 pm
respondent peter doocy has the report tonight from houston. >> who is a better guardian of the obama legacy? what are the three hud secretaries? >> is it fair for your rivals to play the h card? 's legal sureness >> i'm fulfilling the legacy of barack obama he didn't think that clear was a about who was eligible for medicare. >> are you pretending -- >> email supporters, not only was it low blow, the secretary castro got the facts wrong. what was castro getting at their? >> a meds bent as a personal conflict, is the fact that he denied saying the words buy in >> candidate not supporting medicare like for all like
8:39 pm
elizabeth warren. >> quick taxes go up? >> families would pay less on health care. >> axes specifically? >> bernie sanders isn't concerned about costs either. >> medicare for all will cost $30 trillion. status quo over ten years will be $50 trillion. >> sanders is overlooking possible problems eliminating employer-based insurance for the employers! >> you've got a lot more comforts and corporate america than i do. it's begun not everyone got so much time to talk, but he used his to talk about confiscating guns. >> yes, organ to take your ar-15, ak-47. >> president trump scoffed and said i like to see you make a deal. if >> they have to catch fighting even though he keeps making curious statements like this throwback.
8:40 pm
>> make sure you have the record player onto ninth grade make sure. concerns about age, by the promises to release medical records in. >> releasing medical records. man, you want to wrestle? >> democrats have tried to take the fight into the mat but nobody has been able to pin him down for long. all the extra attention on the former vp last night and less of attention on trying to impeach president trump. zero mention of impeachment. mike. >> mike: peter doocy in great state of texas, thank you. divided on the airways as they are on the stage, federal all work done here is how prominens responded after the debates. >> i don't think having our presidential candidates like
8:41 pm
congressman o'rourke did and were going to time and take people's guns against their wills -- did he hurt the party? >> i doubt he was passionate and commanding that he wasn't before. it's as if he's finally figured out why he's in this race. >> mike: he goes on to say he's not suggesting that beto would be president but some democrats are starting to warren to the far left candidates like beto. kevin chavous and bradley blakeman, gentlemen, welcome. we saw castro go after joe biden, and afterward, cory booker went after him again. take a listen to this. >> it's a lot of people who are concerned about joe biden. carrying the ball all across the end line without fumbling. i think castro has some really legitimate concerns. there's a lot of moments where a number of us were looking at the stage when he tends to go on
8:42 pm
sometimes. it looks like he is talking people mindlessly like a record player. there deftly moments we listen to joe biden and you just wonde wonder. >> mike: is there a danger of those kind of attacks at damaging biden and casey becomes the nominee? >> i think people watch biden with baited breath. the gaps do occur but as long as they stay minor i don't think it will be part of too much. i think people still believe he has the best bet to take on donald trump. he's got a good lead and most of the major polls, i don't think that castro's attack will hurd biden as much as it hurts him. because it look like it was a low blow. and i think biden basically is unscathed for right now. >> mike: he made that the on the view and uneasy. check this out. >> don't do that.
8:43 pm
that was not what we needed last night. that was not what we needed. you have an issue with older folks? you know, i guess that's your problem. >> this old thing has to stop because 25% of the electorate is over 65 and they vote. i'm one of them. i votes. we will turn on you. kamala harris went after by then, she stuck the knife in and it was fine for a minute and then the polls went south. >> mike: is there a risk of some of these attacks and a leading reliable older boulders >> no doubt about it, but it is quite evident that joe biden has been running for president for many, many decades now. his party has joe biden know it, has long since passed on by. joe bynum is a progressive, he certainly isn't a socialist. bernie called himself a socialist last night. what are they, what are they standing for? so far, it's taking guns and
8:44 pm
taking your money. i don't think that's a winning strategy. >> mike: kevin, was there a clear winner last night? does not move the needle for any of these candidates? >> i think there are some who stood out in terms of the way they present themselves like beto o'rourke. i believe he was passionate, i don't think the statement about the comments needing ar-15s in the long run will help them. but i think it probably was president biden's strong showing , he at least kept all caps to m and able to engage a little bit more and and he talked about details of his plan and things like that. it's beyond final thoughts? >> i don't think it was joe biden's finest at all. the fact that you judged his ability to when the debate, i did was bad episode of survivor and certainly the second and third tier cannons were trying to make a breakout moments.
8:45 pm
i think warren was strangely quiet when the attacks were going on. i think they're working with each other not to try to move the field. >> mike: brad blickman, kevin chavous, thank you. justice likes to stay away from criticizing up on it's what he does have words for those in the constitution is a living breathing document. if we sit down with the supreme court justice is next. musical means go ♪ bookers can book literally hundreds of daily deals... [so, any plans for this weekend?] you bet bookers have plans this weekend. with daily deals of 30 to 50% off, you can be a booker at why not? woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c.
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♪ >> mike: the supreme court was the deciding issue of the 2016 election. for millions of voters, soon taking after office, shannon sd the first television interview since he joined the nation's high court. here is part of our latest schedule. the most important thing of the president united states does, is a point people, hopefully great people like this appointment toe united states supreme court. this is a great honor. >> was there anything unexpected or challenging actually stepping into the role this year? >> it is been 25 years since, and much the place was as a foud
8:50 pm
it. it smelled like a family. some of the folks you remember, a particular vivid memories. when he retired, just as kingsford was his successor. i was asked by the justice to prepare his manual to give to her. at 25 years later, i get a note in my inbox saying you may remember this. i hope i improved it a little bit over the years, i hope you find it useful. the lockhart manual, just the same. >> who served since 1991. >> i've a very vivid memory of justice, i remember him walking down the hallway dragging a library card to conference. at this library card had a name tag on it like one of the grade
8:51 pm
teacher's name to come out one of those plastic slighting name tags. i kept wondering, he's got a life appointment. why does he have a slighting name tags? i walked out of his chambers and my first conference as a justice. what do i see? as he justice thomas with the same name tag. >> he then went for kennedy. >> talk about civics. >> kennedy became after he was confirmed, the first justice to serve with one of the former clerks. he has long been the courts swing vote. gorsuch was expected to be more in the mold, who actually actuy introduced him to philosophy of
8:52 pm
regionalism. >> he talked about regionalism. the constitution, it had a profound effect on me. >> the concept sounds simple, interpreting the laws and reporting to the original intent of those who wrote them. >> he says, the rights of the constitution, they were given 1789, the rights which were today, they can never be taken away. we the people. the alternative is, what they call a living constitution. judges making it up. who would want nine older people in washington, d.c., governing a continental country of 330 million people? judges should fearlessly defend the rights that people agree to. we the people. those are the first three words of our constitution. that we have in this document. your rights get taken away when judges are allowed to have a living constitution.
8:53 pm
>> do you think of the critics of her regionalism who change for the time and pendency foree everything we see now. >> baloney. etiquette deserves our respect. if you want to change it, don't ask five people in washington to change it for you. it's called the amendment process it's there in the constitution. you can do it. it has been done, it spent on 27 times. >> but being an originalist doesn't necessarily mean your decisions are particular. gorsuch has already raised a few eyebrows. for instance, he and liberal justice where the only defenders in the united states. a case holding that if you're prosecuted in both the federal and state courts of the same crime, that is not double jeopardy. really? there are other cases in which he joined the liberals. the concessions, sessions which
8:54 pm
found crimes as unconstitutionally vague. >> given described as a libertarian, a maverick, somebody is willing to break the conservative wing. in key cases. is that a fair assessment? >> i don't understand any of those assessments. those are all political terms. they don't mean anything to me. the up tap i want is to have his follow it the best i can. >> believe he he police peopleo skeptical of the court. >> other those 95% is by the trial of the court. and cannot appeal. supreme court go through 70 cases a year. that's it. of those are the cases where the law courses have really disagreed.
8:55 pm
strongly. there are nine of us. we are unanimous about 40% of the time. >> what about all those decisions? >> 5-4 decisions, yet we have those. a quarter to a third has been 5-4 decisions and that's been the concept for a long time too. i think what those 5-4 decisions look like. it doubly don't be so sure, i think the rule of law in this country is amazingly strong. predictable. accepted. anything but cynical about it. >> mike: had done over to your fox nation app to watch an exclusive director's cut of neil gorsuch, justice for the republic posted by my dear friend and colleague shannon bream. he spent the evening with us, and has been a great week, think
8:56 pm
you so much for watching. good night from washington. i mike emmanuel. shannon will be back next week. good night from washington. he's gone physical ♪pa your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ that's why with dell small business technology advisors. you'll get tailored product solutions, expert tech advice and one-on-one partnership. call an advisor today at 877-buy-dell. get up to 45% off on select computers. ♪ ♪ are we supposed to dance? ♪
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