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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thank you very much, that's all the time we have. shannon bream and the "fox news at night" team will take it from here. >> would begin with the fox news alert. president trump is calling on everybody at "the new york times" involved in a recent story about supreme court justice brett kavanaugh to resign. and, backtracking sexual misconduct allegations against justice kavanaugh. nevertheless it's leading to new calls for his impeachment and a member of the squad is getting ready to file an impeachment resolution against the newest justice. also tonight, president trump hold out hope for a diplomatic solution for iran as his administration releases new evidence that the islamic republic is behind a series of drone attacks on saudi oil facilities.
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and it later, elizabeth warren campaigns in new york while slamming wall street and president trump campaigns in new mexico, which has turned increasingly blue. and, he went over hispanic voters. the president sounds like it's winding things up in new mexico company speaking right now. we will bring you the latest from rio rancho shortly. hello and welcome to "fox news at night." i mike emanuel in for shannon bream. we begin with the latest kavanaugh controversy. will it backfire and help president trump in the long run? but first we go to fox news media analyst and the host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz with fax tonight. >> "the new york times" wrote an editor's note declaring an glaring omission. rob earned program in and kate
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kelly charge that kavanaugh expose himself at another one of those drunken yell parties. but the woman in question who supposedly wound up touching his genitals won't comment and "several of her friends say she does not recall it. that crucial point was left out of the story by the same reporters which was based on secondhand information of one former classmate, max stier. the authors didn't talk to him but to two unnamed officials said to have spoken with him. the controversy reignited the bitter battle over sexual assault claims that kavanaugh's confirmation hearings. they say this was a disgusting effort to smear justice kavanaugh to sell some books and that senate democrats knew of this last year and said nothing. "the washington post" said yesterday it passed on publishing the same charge last year. president trump tweeted that kavanaugh should sue over what hhe said our lives.
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president 's seized on the times correction. >> it's a shame that a thing like that could happen. how could they do a thing like that? and destroy somebody's life? >> at times said that this man exposing himself may seem like harmless fun. the magnitude requires a high level of proof, after leaving out exculpatory evidence from the alleged victim, the times correction is an admission that it fell short of that standard. >> mike: now for political fallout as political parties corroborate those obligations. chief correspondent trace gallagher has this side of the story for us tonight. >> league inc. had yet to dry on a "new york times" article laying out another sexual misconduct allocation when no fewer than six
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democratic presidential candidates called for kavanaugh's impeachment. kamala harris, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg, and then under extreme pressure and the times mistake certainly did not go unnoticed and while you're at it, the russian witch hunt hoax which is just as phony, taking the old gray lady, broke her down and destroyed her virtue and ruined her reputation. but even after "the new york times" correction knowing there is no corroboration to the accusation, kamala harris who was the attorney general of california and knows a thing or two about reasonable doubt still went on msnbc and said this. >> i've called for impeachment.
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i believe that is the clearest way for us to get an investigation of those allegations. >> mike: and apparently harris isn't alone. none responded. mike allen of axios said it represents a democratic smear campaign by portraying president trump, brett kavanaugh and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as villains defining the three branches of government, saying "each of these white men they argue symbolize republican corruption and will breaking. mitch mcconnell is already fighting back, making sure he's on the record. >> it would be a mistake to dismiss this as a bad case of sour grapes. it's not just a left-wing obsession with one man, it's part of a deliberate effort to attack judicial independence. >> of course not every democrat
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is on board with impeaching kavanaugh. jerry nadler says his hands are full impeaching the president. >> mike: trace gallagher, thanks very much. with the outline of the democrats 2020 plan which is allegedly aimed at justice kavanaugh, is what we are seeing a smear campaign or new efforts to get out the truth? let's get reaction from tom tillis who is on the senate judiciary committee. senator, great to have you. so your thoughts on that. the bogeyman situation with president trump, justice kavanaugh and senator mcconnell. i do think that's a winning play for democrats? >> i think the american people are tired of it, who even have house democrats wondering if they should go anywhere with this new story. i had a front row seat in the judiciary committee. it was a hit then and it hit n now, no information. the fbi investigation, the facts are what they are.
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brett kavanaugh is a great justice and they will are trying to take him where ever they have to to win the election. i saw the front row in the judiciary committee. the american people are tired of it, and they need to move on. >> mike: house judiciary chairman democrat jared nadler says "we have our hands full with impeaching the president right now and that will take up our limited resources and time for a while. >> they are even doing impeachment light for the president. the special counsel spoke loudly and there was no collusion, no obstruction. they try to use false allegations, and that didn't work out. i don't think this goes anywhere and, they walked it back and at the end of the day, brett kavanaugh is a great justice. not guilty of anything except being a great judge and he will be one of the great justice is
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the supreme court. >> mike: alexandria ocasio-cortez and would lie under oath to secure the supreme court. sexual assault is not a crime of passion. he must be impeached. >> what do you think that the alleged victim would have at least spoken up? they are trying to create allegations and they don't have a first-hand witness to his substantiate this. when the american people really care about one thing, getting the economy back on track and getting justices to the bench, i think -- they have nothing here. the house has already said they are moving and if they don't have the resources to do it, that's the best evidence that you can have two move on. >> you helped that these people
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for the bench. do you worry that some judges may say, i don't want to go through that? i don't want to put myself through that or my family through that, my reputation? >> i think whether you are a senate or house member, you have to come back and you have to continue to fight. that's why i'm running for reelection. we can't let this be the status quo in washington. cory booker. i remember vividly has spartacus moment. i remember kamala harris holding up a document that had nothing on it, pretending like she was a prosecutor. and, the politics of destructi destruction. >> mike: thanks for your time.
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an attack on the world's largest oil processing facility in saudi arabia. it has cut that nation's oil output in half. president trump's of the u.s. is locked and loaded. iran denies any involvement. gillian turner is here to break down the latest. >> the iranian regime is responding tonight to president trump's claim that the u.s. is locked and loaded. president trump is responding to that insisting, he doesn't want war, he never has. >> president trump: i don't want war with anybody but we are prepared more than anybody. >> the u.s. has released satellite images of the damage and, that came from either iran or iraq.
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that was multiple cruise missiles and drones from across the persian gulf. and, as soon as you find out definitively, we will let you know. >> iran's army's arm to the teeth with advanced missile technology and claims is not afraid to target those in the middle east. personal security teams are being accused of maximum lies. >> to accuse the islamic republic of iran with these attacks and defensive measures is in line with their maximum falsehood policy. >> saudi arabia so far is silent on the full extent of the damage that these attacks have caused but 90% of the oil supply is cut off. since the first gulf war i ripped it in 1990.
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president trump still not ruling out a meeting at the u.n. general assembly. sing the road to diplomacy is not yet dead. >> president trump: i know they would like to make a deal. on certain terms and conditions and we won't do that. and knowing this administration, the president could change his mind and make a call before pompeo even gets there. >> mike: can president trump turn in new mexico? the 2020 latest, after the bre break.
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>> mike: and president trump launching an ambitious plan to turn new mexico red and it starts tonight with a rally in rio rancho. on the opposite coast asserting 2020 front runner elizabeth warren while rally support in new york city's scoring a key progressive endorsement. we have fox team coverage of the dueling rallies. bryan llenas standing by with a look at warrants, but, -- >> always good to be with you. they turn this knowing reliably flew straight red. in the president certainly as we could have expected, bringing out a standing room only crowd. this arena by the way he holds about 7,000 or so and i would say there are 10,000 here with thousands more outside. and amid all the chanting of
8:18 pm
"build the wall" and "usa and four more years," his policies to the hispanic and latino community. he said his policies are working very well for him and he said that will pave the way for victory for the g.o.p. >> president trump: the unemployment of hispanic-americans is right now at the lowest level of our history. it's rising really fast, up nearly 8% since my election. and it's the great state of new mexico. >> as you can imagine, that really got the crowd excited. is new mexico really in play? the president lost here in 2016 by about eight points.
8:19 pm
and that has a lot to do with why we are here tonight. the president will continue his west coast tour in california tomorrow. for a are hot button issues. >> mike: a kevin corke traveling with the president new mexico. let's go to new york city where 2020 democrat senator elizabeth warren's rallying support and scoring key progressive groups endorsement. correspondent bryan llenas is live there. >> good evening. tonight momentum for senator elizabeth warren, her campaign saying more than 20,000 supporters packed washington square park here in downtown manhattan to hear her speak. to hear her unveil her plan to end corruption in washington, d.c., once and for all, her version of drain the swamp. part of that she says, this will be at the first thing that she is going to concentrate on to
8:20 pm
pass if she becomes president through congress. this idea of ending corruption in washington, d.c. she said she wants to bring big structural change that will bring government to work for the people. >> i have a lifetime ban on senators congressman and cabinets. now there is no more secret meetings. every single meeting between a lobbyist and a public official should be a matter of public record. >> warren unveiled the plan earlier today in a lengthy blog post. she also wants to create conflict of interest laws requiring, and the blind trust
8:21 pm
to be sold off. they own individual stocks and ban lobbyists from political fund-raisers. warren also zeroed in on the trump administration and called in that blog post, called the trump administration the most corrupt in our lifetime. and he tries to define. his buddies are stealing more and more of our country's weal wealth. >> warren it is certainly surging. according to the latest cnn poll from last week show, she has surpassed senator bernie sanders and is now second.
8:22 pm
we believe that sanders' time has passed and that the time for warren is now. >> don't get me wrong, i love bernie. but i think it's time for elizabeth to step up. >> bernie -- we need his messa message. that's a working family, and she still taking those. the president is looking for an upset in the democratic leading in new mexico. >> when i'm at the debate stage debating one of these far left
8:23 pm
radical democrats, they start telling you what they are going to do for you. new mexico as a whole. >> gentlemen, let's get to it. is there any chance of your neighbor in new mexico going republican, or -- >> it could be. president bush carried it in 2004 after losing it by just over 300 votes. the trump campaign's views, it's driven by one thing. namely they had a big rally in el paso and they had a large number of low turnout and low propensity hispanic democratic voters from new mexico that
8:24 pm
showed up from the rally. they continue to look at that data and massage the data and they think they have a shot at it. i'd suggest there's a different reason why they may have a shot. at the state in the southeast corner and the north of west corner are and, they are in the permian basin. if you have democrats like warren and sanders who say we want to end fracking, then they have a problem because that is driven by energy expectations. they stand a good chance of losing it. >> let's bring in doug. are you interested in new mexico as you look at the next year? >> obama won by ten points, clinton by ten points, the
8:25 pm
hispanics went to clinton by about 20 points. i'm not really that worried. it will be reelected by a very substantial margin. and republicans have gotten that in recent memory. i think the speech tonight speaks to hispanics nationally. if trump is able to up his hispanic vote to the high 30s, he's got a much stronger chance of getting reelected. the numbers that he cited are compelling. and my view as a democrat is that he can run a more inclusive campaign then he has both in the past and seems to recently. i think he has a much better shot at being elected and if we nominate someone like
8:26 pm
elizabeth warren, who increasingly seems like she is on the strongest path of any candidate, it will be, i think tougher given her program of redistribution and no economic growth that i can see for us to win the election and hold the 65 or 70% of hispanics we see. >> mike: gentlemen, i'd love to keep picking your brain all night but our time is short. the shocking video garnering national attention. a brutal mob style attack in representative ilhan omar's congressional victim mike congressional victim mike district, raising questions thenough cops, next. , cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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go to and get 2 months free. >> mike: the office of the manhattan district attorney sent a subpoena to the president's accounting format reportedly seeking eight years of the president's personal and business returns. the d.a. has previously
8:31 pm
subpoenaed the organization for alleged hush money paid to the film actress stormy daniels. the white house tonight ordering two former aides to defy how subpoenas. rick dearborn and rob porter are absolutely immune to testifying with the democratically led judiciary committee is telling its first impeachment hearing. in a separate letter from the white house counsel reportedly says former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski who never worked for the white house should not reveal private conversations with the president beyond what is in special counsel robert mueller's report. he is expected to attend the hearing as a sole witness tomorrow. judiciary chairman jerry nadler tells fox news tonight, all this is a shocking and dangerous assertion of executive privilege and absolute immunity. disturbing video show mob style attacks in downtown minneapolis
8:32 pm
garnering national attention tonight. is correspondent matt finn says the city is also dealing with the police officer shortage. >> we have to warn our viewers that this video is violent and difficult to watch. minneapolis police tell us that so far 16 people have been arrested for targeting multiple people for valuable objects like cell phones. one that young male is punched and kicked in the head and then a mob gathers around him until he's unconscious. as he lays there out cold, something is taken from his pocket. he is currently not living a normal life and can't drive to work. in another come to males are repeatedly attacked and they fight back but one is knocked unconscious. in a third daytime aerial video, a mob pummels a man to the ground and they beat him with a belt, pull off his pants and even ride a bike over him. the attackers run to gain speed
8:33 pm
and stop him. these are emerging as minneapolis is dealing with a crippling police officer shortage. the police chief is asking for 400 more officers but so far the mayor has proposed 14 more officers in the budget. the city council is investing in the department and use violence prevention. >> it was concerning to see those videos. we probably could have been able to connect some of these robberies together at an earlier time if we had more support and officers for our investigations unit. >> mike: bike minneapolis has until december. so far, the mayor has proposed 14 but now we are being told city council is up to 30 or 40. >> mike: matt finn, thanks
8:34 pm
very much. california banning state-sponsored travel to another state. iowa, a purple state making california's no-go list of 11 states because it does not require medicaid to pay for transgender surgery. thousands of preserved fetal remains discovered at the home of indiana abortion dr. ulrich klapper who died last month. vice president mike pence is calling for a thorough investigation of the grisly findings. planned parenthood reaching an agreement with its former ceo of her severanc a severance packag. she claims planned parenthood tried to buy her silence by holding her health insurance and departure payout. planned parenthood said that is untrue. and on a lighter note, former white house secretary sean spicer scoring four is across the board in his "dancing with the stars" debut. he played the bongos and sported a bright green flamenco looking
8:35 pm
shirt. in a tweet before his performance he said he won't forget this for some time and might even need some therapy. "the new york times" is facing scrutiny for running their story on justice brett kavanaugh causing some to question the objectivity in the mainstream media. mom (on speakerphone): hi! son (on speakerphone): dad, i two goals today! vo: getting to a comfortable retirement doesn't have to be an uncomfortable thought. see how lincoln can help. when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. try new pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. get powerful relief with new pepto bismol liquicaps.
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and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> president trump: the left tries to threaten, bully and intimidate americans into submission. they used democrat prosecutors and phony congressional committees whenever they can. whatever they can to demean you or a libel you. they try to blacklist, coerce, cancel or destroy anyone who gets in their way. look at what they are doing today to justice kavanaugh. >> mike: a president trump at tonight's rally in new mexico continuing to defend supreme court judge justice brett kavanaugh.
8:40 pm
meanwhile a plan to push against newest supreme court justice, the women's march severing ties with three of its founding and most controversial board membe members. david has more. >> the board will replace the top three this month, and tamika mallory -- allegations are years in the making. and they later apologized. at that it's important to point out that our stores are actively campaigning for bernie sanders who was jewish this presidential election. that was a campaign appearance earlier this month. >> i would be so proud to win,
8:41 pm
and be elected the first jewish american president this country -- the first jewish american president this country has ever seen, and that is going to be bernard sanders. >> mike: on a twitter quote, despite reports saying otherwise our outgoing board members have simply served out their terms and are moving onto new ventur ventures. we thank them for their groundbreaking work and sacrifice. the women's march puts out this image of 16 new faces that will sit on the board of the organization. that includes members of the lakota nation and three jewish women. this tweet is from 2016. this american muslim works to be on the front lines of redefining terrorism. it's isis but it's also u.s. military.
8:42 pm
looking at the group is organizing a protest in washington on sunday october 6th and he will be on the bench for the first day of the fall term, a day later on the seventh. expect that to be somewhat of a show near the supreme court. >> mike: thank you very much. the women's march and other progressive groups are regional march against justice kavanaugh on the anniversary of his confirmation. "the new york times" is facing intense and scrutiny on both sides of the aisle for making a major revision about a sexual assault allegation. he is in excerpt from the editor's note. book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident. that information has been added to the article. let's bring in senior analyst brit hume. senator chuck grassley was the chairman of the judiciary
8:43 pm
committee. >> i think when we refer to reporters and journalists, as police of our democratic system, but today i'm reminded of a very old adage. who will watch the watchmen? >> mike: if you've been in the news business a long time, how high does this failure go at the newspaper? >> when "the new york times" simply would not have done anything like this. i can remember back in the early days of the reagan administration in the 80s when reporters for "the washington post" where editorializing like mad in their coverage of reagan economics, which was being battled about in congress. "the new york times" didn't do that, "the new york times" covered it fair and square and
8:44 pm
straight-ahead. it was kind of a national treasure really, huge circulation, big market and bureaus all over the world to come up much of which it still has. what's changed though is that long-standing tradition of neutral news coverage is gone. and the times now find itself in situations where it pursues as it did for example the trump-russia collusion story which was, it turns out, there was nothing to it. the story completely collapsed in the end. "the new york times" would have been much more reticent about it and would have covered the controversy. but that wouldn't have embarked on that wild-goose chase the way they did. these things that we saw over the weekend simply wouldn't have happened because the times were different. the editor at the times at that time was ray rosenthal. he was kind of an eccentric guy. i talked to him about going to
8:45 pm
work there one time and he said to me, he wanted to be remembered. he wanted to be remembered as the man who "kept of the paper straight." well, now we know. in fact that saying, he kept the paper straight is on abe rosenthal's gravestone. he was holding back the tide and did for many years but now the tightest running. >> partisan attacks like this and why people feel like they can't afford to speak out. they are designed to intimidate witnesses and distract from the truth. your reaction? >> there could be some of that going on but that's not what this is about. it's entirely valid and, if you look at the story, the alleged witness, the alleged victim was somebody who told friends that she did not remember the
8:46 pm
incident. so i don't know what that has to do with what jane is talking about. and her own reporting on the story, going back to during the confirmation hearings, has been called into question and that wasn't partisan either. that was, you got called out for a bad story and it wasn't the first time. >> mike: so we have this tension in the middle east. it's causing some freak out over at msnbc. >> now that donald trump is president it's even harder to take the government the word for it. from his leading tracker is up to 12,000, everything from the trivial to the serious. case in point of the president has contradicted himself on this very issue repeatedly. our big question today is on the issue of war. how does the american public know when the government is telling the truth? >> that's a perfectly reasonable question. we need to have some basis for
8:47 pm
determining whether the government is telling the truth and a comment to the extent we can figure it out, that's based on how the government presents its case and what evidence it offers, where it comes from and the like. this situation is one where they may never know the exact details of that but we will know what the intelligence community is telling us. and, some of how they get the information that we may not know but what their conclusion is, i think we will be public. then the question arises, can you trust the intelligence agencies? i don't think there's a slightest chance that president trump will come out and try to fake the conclusion on the intelligence reports on something like this matter. we see "the washington post" claim that there have been 12,000 were however many lives. if you go through that, many of them are exaggerations. a great many of them are opinions and conclusions and when you boil it down, the number of lives is too many, for
8:48 pm
sure. but it isn't 12,000. >> mike: i could pick your brain all night but we got to go. he's calling it a ridiculous netflix deal but will president trump called to investigate former president obama as a gag with the studio backfire? our panel debates, after the break. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo!
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>> mike: a president trump suggesting today that instead of investigating him, the house judiciary committee which is building its case for impeachment against president trump should be investigating former president obama is a book and at netflix deal. let's untangle this web with the founder of catalina magazine and rnc. it appears the tweet from president trump offering suggestions to the democratic led house judiciary committee. look at the obama book deal or ridiculous netflix deal, and lastly the ig report. take a look and look at them. those investigations would be over fast. kathy, your thoughts? >> it's so odd, i really hope he skidding because the point is, the american people do not want investigations, that's the entire point of the republicans in the entire point that they
8:53 pm
made with mueller, a cost so much money to undo investigations that people don't like investigations. so why would we investigate a president who's no longer president on a netflix deal and book deal if every president had a book deal since they left office. no taxpayer wants this. >> the key between the business dealings, they weren't announced until well after barack obama left office, may 2018 to be precise. the point is to deflect criticism. your response? >> i think what's really tragic here is the death of perception of irony. i think the president is being tongue-in-cheek and also venting the fact that there are innumerable useless investigations going on at the house level and it, they don't result in anything. they are driving this administration through the mud for vicious reasons and yet the
8:54 pm
type of swamp activity that we see, it goes unquestioned. so while i don't think there is anything particularly suspicious about the obama media deals, some presidents have definitely enriched themselves very greatly, and a very fishy way. i think president clinton and his wife are the poster children of those but many others, like president carter and others have gone on and lead lives that go back to their private lives. i think it's much ado about nothing. >> kathy, some asked how he can be profiting when he's hemorrhaging cash off of some of his properties? >> at the same time we have no idea what money is being made. he has trump hotels everywhere and we don't actually know how much money is being brought into the trunk companies. so losing billions, who knows. we don't know how much money the
8:55 pm
sitting president is making so let's not divert attention to the president to left. let's worry about the one who's actually in there right now. >> mike: and barack obama spent his entire political career bashing the rich since he's clearly made enough money, why not give back the $200,800 taxpayers fork over for his presidential pension each year. your thoughts? >> what kathy just said is a bunch of nonsense and i think it's frankly irresponsible to speculate about the president's motives and profits. anyone with business sense knows to give up that and be in the presidency is that financial loss. this president turns over every one of his paychecks to different proper causes, the parks and different government agencies and so forth. his family has had to give up different businesses and assets. the petty jealousy and nastiness that we see here is unfortunate and beneath contempt, frankly.
8:56 pm
>> mike: we have to leave it there. thank you so much. most watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i mike emanuel, shannon is back tomorrow night. good night, everybody. all money managers might seem the same,
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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." believe it or not, it was a year ago this week that a constellation of left wing activist groups cooked up a series of outlandish lies designed to keep brett kavanaugh off the supreme court. the national news media as you remember, joined the smear campaign. they repeated and magnified the slurs. but in the end, it was to no effect. kavanaugh was confirmed any way. why? because not a single allegation against him turned out to be true, not one. and so they their only lasting effect was to traumatize brett kavanaugh's wife and children. yet, the left never to this day apologized for the


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