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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 18, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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after this one. how many women would benefit from joe's child tax credit? >> it would put 720 million women back in the workforce, increase gdp by 0.8%. things these guys are doing is not growing the economy but stifling the economy. >> 720 million women would be pretty good, only 330 million people in the entire country but these are minor details. that's all-time we have tonight, shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it all from here. >> that is why i went to law school, leave it there. we begin with a fox news alert, new revelations into was went down in a new york times article and corrections to story about
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secondhand allegations against brett kavanaugh plus a key player in the investigation into claims against brett cavanagh live to separate fact from fiction in a couple minutes. the trump administration sets its sights on california's exploding homeless population, what is the plan, i will ask had secretary ben carson coming up. secretary of state mike pompeo is on his way to saudi arabia and he has proof iran is the culprit behind the drone attacks, pressure growing on the international community to confront those responsible. welcome, we have fox team coverage tonight, katherine herridge reports on a fiery day on capitol hill his house democrats attempt to corner one of the president's allies doesn't go as planned. howard cortez the latest on the brett kavanaugh allegations. >> with a new york times facing
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mounting criticism on it story on brett kavanaugh that had to be corrected donald trump seized on the controversy with the aggressive suggestion the paper close its doors. >> i call for the resignation of everybody at the new york times involved in the brett kavanaugh -- dave taken the old great lady and broken her down, destroyed her virtue and ruin their reputation. >> in their new book two times reporters say washington lawyer matt stier saw kavanaugh expose himself at a drunken deal party. what was left out of the story is the alleged victim having told friends she doesn't remember such an incident. they say editors cut that crucial information from their peace. >> there was 0 intent to mislead anybody. >> somewhere in the editing process those words -- >> done in the haste of the
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editing process. >> is for the offensive times tweet making light of a man exposing himself he admits she wrote it, such 2020 candidate is kamala harris continue to demand impeachment. >> yes, i've called for impeachment. i believe that is the clearest way for us to get an investigation of these allegations. >> congressman iona presley is pushing and impeachment resolution but democratic leaders are dismissing the idea. the times saw revived questions about deborah ramirez who accused brett cavanagh last year of exposing himself at a yale party after searching her memory for 6 days. the office spoke to 7 people who say they heard about the incident including ramirez's mother but most were just repeating chatter and in some cases didn't identify kavanaugh. the book also reveals kavanaugh accusing christine ford got help from silicon valley, sheryl sandberg advising her hiring a lawyer, and lending private planes.
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the media have largely ignored the book, leland kaiser says she has no confidence in ford's accounts, it didn't make sense. that doesn't fit the narrative. >> thank you. could the authors of the new york times story face legal trouble? house democrats take the first formal step today toward launching impeachment proceedings against brett kavanaugh. joining me now, mike davis, nice to have you back, you're close to these investigations, you interviewed witnesses, what can you tell us about max stier? this traces back to him and what happened at yale? >> max stier reached out to senator coons, democrat from delaware on the senate judiciary committee. we are not sure when he reached out to senator coons or what he
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said or how senator coons came about this information so that is a big question that needs an answer. senator coons after the committee vote and within days of the fool vote by the senate, senator coons sent a letter to the fbi director with max stier's name on it but it did not include any allegations by max stier. shannon: nothing was presented you as part of the investigation. there were a lot of people who were interviewed but here's what a number of democrats are saying about those investigations last year. >> the fbi investigation was deeply disappointing and troubling. they did not conduct what i would consider a by the book background investigation. >> i knew the incredible allegations that should have been investigated that were not. >> the fbi was straitjacket and there is a need for an
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investigation. shannon: some of it refers to the fbi, some of it refers to what you investigated. how do you respond? >> interesting senate democrats who boycotted chairman grassley's fair, thorough, comprehensive investigation, 414 page reports. it is on the website, 414 pages on november 2, 2018, pretty rich the democrats who boycotted the investigation are complaining about the investigation. we tracked down every lead, had 6 allegations coming in accusing brett kavanaugh of being a serial gang rapist and track down these allegations from doctor ford to miss ramirez to michael avenatti bursting on the scene to several others and we took these allegations seriously and documented it in this report. >> we have congresswoman presley
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who introduced a resolution in the house that would kick off impeachment proceedings or at least starting the ball rolling on that and a letter from senator kamala harris who is part of the senate judiciary committee, her letter to the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler saying we must protect the integrity of the justice system and it is imperative we pursue a legitimate search for the truth for the benefit of the american people. a year later it seems like it is day one for a lot of folks on this issue. where do we go from here? >> democrats lost the presidential election in 2016 and big part because of the supreme court fight. democrats lost four senate incumbents in 2018 mostly because of the supreme court fight so if democrats want another supreme court fight in 2020 and guarantee donald
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trump's reelection and it mitch mcconnell is going to continue his record-breaking success in confirming donald trump's judicial nominees i welcome it. >> that may include hacking the supreme court and federal courts as well. that's another topic. thanks. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski sparring with democrats at the house judiciary committee continuing to pursue obstruction of justice allegations and possibly impeachment against the president. katherine herridge reports about a fiery day on capitol hill. >> republicans call the hearing political theater, democrats call the white house for blocking witnesses. >> a new and dangerous theory, crony privilege. makes immunity good by comparison. there are limits. this is a cover-up, plain and simple. >> this hearing which is you said is under the new rules, never seen a majority so amazed with packaging in all my life
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because you can't know what is inside, they can't sell the product. >> ron porter and rick dearborn were directed not to testify citing constitutional immunity which they argue protects can indications with the president leading corey lewandowski to take the heat from democrats over allegations in the special counsel report that donald trump and jeff sessions to curtail the special counsel investigation. >> you chickened out. >> i went on vacation. >> he went on vacation and so you put the message in your safe in your home for safekeeping, correct? before you went on vacation. >> i took my kids to the beach. >> did you tell mister dearborn to tell sessions you would be fired if you did not do as the president directed? >> i disclose the substance of any discussion with the president or his advisors to protect executive branch
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confidentiality. >> the president prayed lewandowski for pushing back against the obstruction and russia allegations. he tweeted his website for potential 2020 senate bid. >> this fake russia collusion narrative is the greatest crime committed against the american people in our generation if not ever. this is a president who was duly elected by the american people and members of certain bodies refused to accept the election results. >> house republicans said democrats should be calling the inspector general michael horwitz to testify about his recent findings, the former fbi director james comey violated fbi policy and was also a leader. >> katherine herridge, thank you. new tonight the federal government suing for national security agency contractor ed snowden alleging he violated nondisclosure agreements by publishing a memoir without giving the government an opportunity to review it first. the book tells how snowden came
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to reveal secret details about the mass collection of emails, phone calls and internet activity in the name of national security. charged under the us espionage act he lives in russia in order to avoid arrest. new tonight democratic senator kirsten cinema may face a censure vote in her home state by her home party by arizona democrats against the junior senator, reportedly due to disenchantment with her voting record. he did campaign on a vow to work across party lines. senator cinema has voted for donald trump's interior secretary and voted to confirm attorney general william barr. new tonight from arizona the state supreme court ruling in favor of a pair of christian artists who say their religious faith would be violated if forced to comply with the phoenix ordinance that would not allow them to decline same-sex marriage invitations. it is not without limited leave some questions unanswered. they told fox news at night how they were threatened with jail
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time and fines. every day they would violate the local antidiscrimination ordinance. california skeptics not impressed with trumpet ministration plans to wipe out homelessness. doctor ben carson joins us to respond to his critics next. ♪
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there's no excuse to not get connected. >> shannon: minutes >> a minute ago we had a story about senator cinema, the junior senator, the senior senator serving alongside senator mc sally. a first in california, progressive lawmakers and donald trump committed to wiping out the same problem, homelessness. as the crisis explodes california officials and donald trump are at odds over possible solutions and who's to blame for the root causes. trace gallagher is on the case from the west coast bureau is
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the president of the swing through california. >> two days in california donald trump is attending fundraisers in beverly hills, palo alto and san diego. the mayor of los angeles took a swipe at the president saying he should also leave a little something. >> appreciate your coming to take money, hope next time you will bring tax dollars and bring some money to angelenos. time for us to make sure we don't just address homelessness but end it, not just through punitive measures. >> reporter: the la mayor believes the answer to the state's exploding homeless problem lies partly with the federal government, donald trump is known for putting that shoe on the other foot and did so again today quoting we can't let los angeles, san francisco and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what is happening, the president addressed the issue saying he's considering the creation of an
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individual task force as a possible solution to the homeless problem but he did not provide details saying he wanted to discuss the topic with housing and urban development secretary ben carson. carson toured a public housing project in san francisco where carson rejected gavin newsom's demand the feds invest more money in section 8 housing vouchers. carson says overregulation and opposite the more housing is part of what is driving california's crisis. san francisco mayor london read says federal support for low-income housing has lagged for decades so it should be noted after a year in office the san francisco homelessness problem is reportedly the worst than in the previous administration. that includes an uptick in the number of homeless reports of dirty needles and human feces. bashing the trump administration
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still very popular in california because the president is not. all the republicans snapped oppose fundraiser tickets at breakneck pace. shannon: thank you so much. my next guest can shed some light on donald trump's thinking when it comes to taking on california's homeless crisis. joining me now, secretary of housing and urban development doctor ben carson in la, with us tonight. good to have you with us. a lot of speculation in the media about what the president may be putting together, possible using police officers and other resources to tackle the issue of homelessness, what is the plan, what can you tell us? >> first of all recognize it is a severe crisis in la. and many parts of california because it is not just the fact that people are on the street
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but there's feces on the street, all kinds of health hazards and this could blow up into a major epidemic. so we need to do something so the president really wants to look at all or different options. the police obviously need to be supported because there are many people on the street who are not orderly individuals and they impact on the freedom of the people have even to walk down the street so that must be looked at and we must understand as a nation we have failed a lot of mentally incapable people by just throwing them out and not supporting them. some people think that is compassion but that's not compassion at all. we have to begin to work with the american psychiatric association and others in terms of what kinds of programs are going to work for these individuals.
12:21 am
we want to maximize their freedom but also want to free all the other citizens. >> you of his a lot of cities here, the governor sent a letter local officials, governor newsom said state and local governments ramped up action to the families out authority. in contrast your administration proposed significant cuts to public housing and other programs. how do you respond? >> since i have been in this office there have been no cuts to those programs. there have not been any cuts. i'm not sure that is an accurate statement at all. just throwing money at the problem is not going to work. people have been trying that for a long time and when we look at places like california that have excessively hike pricing it
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means every year as those prices go up the cost of the subsidies goes up so we have to spend more money to take care of the same number of people. that's not something that is working, what we need to do is analyze the reasons the costs are so high and it is because of all the regulatory barriers and restrictions. in california it is solar panels on all the new constructs. that just raises the price ridiculously. in san francisco the median home price in the san francisco bay area is $1.7 million. who can afford that. we really need to go to the supply side here. what can we do to create more supply and if we have adequate supply, that will automatically take care of the pricing. >> i know you visited there today. i want to give you a chance to
12:23 am
respond to a picture, and she offers no help for san francisco in lightning fast visit to public housing, you were there about 20 minutes talking to residents in 20 minutes with reporters, no concrete proposals to share no promises of new federal funding for handling homelessness. is that a fair assessment? >> of course not. i made it very clear that i wanted to hear their side of the story, i wanted to hear from residents. we want to look at all the possibilities. i also told them this is not just us giving you money. we need to be able to sit down, we need to be able to explore the causes of homelessness and look at best practices. what are the things that have worked around this country and other parts of the world and let's take a logical approach, not an ideological approach. >> the department is looking at a lot of unique ways to go about tackling these problems.
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secretary carson, great to have you with us. >> nice to be with you, thank you. shannon: at this moment mike pompeo headed to saudi arabia as middle east tensions ratchet up another notch. - in the last year, there were three victims of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number.
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a location to de-stress. an activity to enjoy. or the name of someone to talk to. to create a plan that works for you, visit cigna. together, all the way. >> shannon: america's top >> america's top diplomat on his way to saudi arabia to meet with the crown prince and discuss the attack on the world's largest oil processing facility, jillian turner traveling as the us considers a range of retaliatory actions. what is the state of it tonight? >> the secretary of state is headed to the meeting to powwow with america's closest allies how to respond to these attacks they say iran carried out three days ago. mike pompeo kicks up the trip to
12:29 am
meet with saudi crown prince mohammed bin selman and moves on to abu dhabi, here at home donald trump is hashing out response options with top foreign-policy lawmakers on twitter. lindsey graham saying this earlier today. >> this says to me the shooting down of the drone, we had a measured response and the president got a lot of credit in not attacking. they saw that is a sign of weakness. >> this president responding a short time ago it was a sign of strength that some people just don't understand. the administration says they are following the trail of evidence wherever it may lead. >> i promise you we are ready, as the president said, we don't want war with anybody but the united states is prepared. we are locked and loaded. >> senator graham says it's time to call a spade a spade.
12:30 am
>> imagine the thought process that went into attacking an oil refinery in saudi arabia? that's an act of war by any reasonable definition. >> the white house is keeping messaging on this tightly synced, the vp's comments echoed what the president said yesterday insisting the us doesn't want a war but it will win one if a war comes calling. >> what are the options of the trump national security team weighing through tonight? >> they are considering a range of options, one administration source tells fox news they hope to get the human involved thing the un security council was created to address international peace and security and this attack meets that criteria but regardless of the you in the trump administration is standing firmly along with egypt, jordan and the uk. in the absence of definitive proof, other american allies are hedging their bets.
12:31 am
>> we have to wait for the results of the involved parties. right now i can't make a final judgment. >> tomorrow the saudi defense ministry says it will unveil evidence that proves iran was involved in the attacks including revealing the specific weapons used so obviously we will keep an eye on the press conference as it unfolds. >> apparent deadlock in israel leaving the fate of a key ally for donald trump unknown at this hour. prime minister benjamin netanyahu trying to hold onto power as he awaits the final results. live in jerusalem, to tell us where things stand at this hour. >> we are getting preliminary exit polls in israel this morning and they don't look good for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he still could win the overall election with his likud party up against the blue and white party
12:32 am
led by former army generally doesn't mean he's going to be able to reach a 61 seat threshold in the israeli knesset, their version of parliament that would give him the ability to govern in israel. a little bit about what is going to happen as the votes are still being counted everyone is looking towards a third party led by his relapse former defense minister and longtime rival of benjamin netanyahu, lieberman is expected to have anywhere from 8 to 10 in the knesset making him the kingmaker in this giving him the ability to decide who the next prime minister of israel will be. you can expect some horsetrading behind-the-scenes as they try to garner support and get the nod to form a coalition government. listen to what benjamin netanyahu had to say as it wrapped up last night. >> the next few days we will go
12:33 am
into negotiations to establish strong zionist government to prevent danger. this is what needs to be done at this time. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu is not claiming victory as he did when elections were held earlier this year in april. he was not able to form a coalition government, this is the second round of elections, he's not conceding. the prime minister still keeping his hopes up. shannon: thank you. where in the world kicks off with more than middle east. a palestinian takes his war crime case against israeli commanders to court in the netherlands. one of those israeli commanders, challenging benjamin netanyahu. a palestinian man wants damages for 2014 airstrike on a gaza
12:34 am
house that killed 6 members of his family. the taliban claiming responsibility for separate attacks by suicide bombers in afghanistan, one targeted and election rally for the country's president, the second trip to the center of the afghan capital, at least 40 people have died, several wounded. we have a comment from the press secretary of the white house saying it is cowardly and saying the president will not work with the taliban or negotiate any peace deal as long as they do this kind of thing. we australia now, looking for the next wave when a drone user alerted him to a circling shark, the drone is equipped with a speaker system which the operator, search and rescue volunteer, used to warn the surfer about a predator nearby, the server got to safety in time. tonight brand-new details in the shocking case of 2000 feel remains found at the home of the most prolific abortion doctor. the investigation live next.
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>> shannon: democratic socialist congresswoman shannon: alexandria ocasio cortez making a statement by endorsing the progressive democrat mounting a primary challenge to the longtime incumbent who happens to be a pro-life democrat. >> she has quite a bit of power in the democratic party especially when it comes to campaigning. she announced she will support a democrat in chicago with hopes of ousting another democrat. this is dan lipinski representing the chicago suburbs since 2005. ocasio cortez endorsing marie newman, she tweeted today it is going to take a bigger, stronger democratic party, returning to our fdr roots and fighting for working people to change our future in 2020. we can't afford deep blue seats fighting against healthcare and
12:40 am
equal rights. we need murray for congress. congressman lapinski is a democrat who is a well-known pro-lifer. is pro-life stand has put on top of votes before but aoc wanted to challenge that stands. lapinski has wrestled with his pro-life stance and where it fits into his party before. you use in an interview last year. >> i will continue to be pro-life. it would be easier for me politically if i changed my position, but that is not worth it. >> ocasio cortez is the youngest member of congress, 29 years old. she made headlines last year when she conceded a democrat in her district. aoc beat joe crowley in new york. he came to washington in 1999. newman lost a lapinski last year in a primary race, she has been
12:41 am
endorsed by elizabeth warren and bernie sanders to name a few. this district considered a safe blue seat. aoc was quoted as saying if we are going to make these changes they need to come from safe blue seats. that he said he thinks democrats should not be fighting against each other but should be fighting against the trump agenda. it will be interesting. >> it is an interesting first case to see what her endorsement does or doesn't do in this primary. a gruesome discovery, 2000 manically preserved feel remains discovered in the illinois home of the doctor who used to perform abortions in indiana. both state attorneys general say they will work together to investigate this shocking case. curtis hill joins us. good to have you with us. what can you tell us about this case or what you hope to accomplish? it sounds overwhelming.
12:42 am
>> it is overwhelming, 2246 unborn children discovered in a grisly manner, shocking. when we found out about it we recognized this was something we needed to address because there is every indication that those unborn babies came from indiana. i reached out to the attorney general from illinois and we agreed we would work together and pleased will county state attorney's office in illinois and the sheriff's department and coroner's office have done a great job cataloguing and getting information and we hope to cooperate with that and involve our indiana system as well. >> this -- he had clinics in indiana, in a number of places. he lost his licensing in 2015, he lost his license in 2016. a filmmaker, mark archer who sat
12:43 am
down and talked with this doctor, he was quoted the daily, the filmmaker said his clinic was filthy, dirty, full of clutter. i'm fearful of what they will find in the clinic. when we saw the clinic he let us see it wouldn't surprise me. do you anticipate this investigation would go into the still standing in gary, south bend, fort wayne. we anticipate in our effort to find the facts that are current, the first up is to determine are there more feel remains still out there unaccounted for and left in this degrading situation. that's one of the first steps we are working on right now. >> and reading about the case i know there were some very young patients, one allegedly as young as 10, there's 13 years old that he didn't report as he was supposed to, that is what led to the loss of his license. there were all kinds of record-keeping issues, pain management, medication issues. how does someone like that
12:44 am
continue operating for decades? >> it is shameful. there were so many things, incompetence, lack of professional standards, lack of reporting, lack of keeping adequate staffing in these facilities. i can tell you the indian is part of health, prolific is an understatement in terms of what he was doing but conditions were awful. abortion is legal, states like indiana have the right to regulate that process and part of that regulation is making sure operators are operating in a healthy environment as possible. clearly that is not the case here. we anticipate some additional findings. >> you talked regulation and there is some pushback about the new very tough pro-life or
12:45 am
antiabortion legislation out there. cbs news reporting the national abortion federation reported another new record high 1369 reported violent acts against abortion clinics, saying providers interviewed by cbs news of seen a direct correlation between the rise in violence and the wave of antiabortion legislation passed this year. any comments on that? >> we are moving in the right direction in indiana where we are calling on additional regulation to make sure we have situations like this where we have unborn children that can be disposed in a humane way, recognizing the dignity of human life. these are the types of things we need to move toward and i'm thankful many other states are moving in that direction. >> people across the spectrum on this issue are shocked at what was found in his doctor's home. we will stay with you on the case, thank you for your time. 2020 in 16, the trump campaign
12:46 am
releasing a new ad, joe biden's gaffe topping 2020 and 60 including his reference to senators sanders as the president and mixing up the state's and among others. biden defended himself say every politician i know has made gaffes, that is probably true. california senator kamala harris slipping behind the democratic competition according to a new poll. indiana mayor pete buttigieg overtaking harris by two percentage points nationwide. and lost a percentage points since july, more than any other candidate. donald trump, elizabeth warren's monday rally saying anybody could draw a crowd like that, the war and campaign claiming 20,000 people showed up. entrepreneur in 2020 democratic president of andrew yang drawing criticism for playing of asian
12:47 am
tropes in last weekend debate saying by poking fun at stereotypes he hopes to force americans to think about them. a homeowner reportedly confronted by three masked people including one with a gun exercises his own second amendment rights, now those teens are dead. a possible stand your ground case developing in georgia tonight. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow? before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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>> when the deputies arrived, >> the discovered masks on the young man. could be underground. based on the preliminary we have learned so far it is a matter of verifying. >> you could hear two guns going off. sounded like somebody shot at somebody. he that off a lot of shots. >> the stand your ground case, the homeowner shooting and killing three masked teens approaching his residents, one allegedly had a gun, senate democrats take to the floor holding a marathon session to protest in action on gun-control. fox news political analyst gianna caldwell, thank you for
12:52 am
being with us tonight. everybody is waiting to see what will happen in these behind-the-scenes discussions, here is nancy pelosi on mitch mcconnell saying i've got to wait and see what the president wants. >> i don't know why a leader in the senate would abdicate his responsibilities, the institution in which he leads. shannon: your reaction. >> ten statements where nancy pelosi said she was waiting to see what president obama wanted to do before she acts. that statement is totally inaccurate. she has done before. donald trump does wants to act on this and their two additional men important to this debate, mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham, which all gun control must go through his committee. the truth is we recognize something must be done but we don't want to infringe on second amendment rights.
12:53 am
we need to enforce the laws currently on the books in addition to figuring out how we can figure out who shouldn't have a gun. that is where the debate should be, not politics, you see a lot of democrats trying to score political points. >> the white house says there's a lot of behind-the-scenes conversation going on, the attorney general talking to folks on the hill but there is some negotiating going on in some democrats running for president are talking about the fact that there should be mandatory buybacks, confiscation. democrat senator chris coons is worried how that will play when beto o'rourke makes those statements. >> i think that clip will be played for years at second amendment rallies with organizations that try to scare people by saying democrats are coming for your guns. shannon: is a counterproductive to go that far? >> beto o'rourke made that
12:54 am
comment, let's pay attention to what is happening on the senate floor tonight at what has been happening on the senate floor since what has happened in the house with democrats in control. we passed a bill, a bill that says everybody gets a background onth 5individuals lost their life in mass shootings, couple weeks ago parents send their kids to school with bulletproof backpacks. what we got from this white house and mitch mcconnell is the same. we will wait and see, fox and prayers, the president says he doesn't want to confiscate guns, this bill has nothing to do with confiscating guns or just ensuring bad people don't get guns and don't go to walmart or public places and shoot people up. that is what we are trying to prevent and it is sad mitch mcconnell won't move an inch in protecting the lives of the american people. >> are those substantive measures that would stop these
12:55 am
recent shootings? >> studies have shown that is not true. i was just in chicago interviewing ten gang members and asked what laws on the books or could be on the books would prevent you having a gun and there is no law. they will keep their guns and shoot people rob people. that is what they do. when we think about leaves, a leading example of what gun-control policies have done and they don't work that way. we must make sure we are not infringing on individual rights. shannon: we will be there or get caught off. thank you both. our midnight hero fighting for the lives of children for 60 years, they started what is now known as childhelp, the largest child advocacy organization in the world bringing awareness to children who are victims of abuse. i've seen her work firsthand. their motto is all who enter will find love. incredible dedicated
12:56 am
hard-working women at this for 60 years, they are tonight's midnight here is. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. ♪ did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra. it's just the way things are. when you're under pressure to get the job done, it seems you have to accept the fact that some equipment will sit idle,
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. >> i think this fake russia collusion narrative is the greatest crime committed against the american people. >> are you ashamed of the word he wrote down? >> you are welcome to read it if you like. >> are you the hitman, the bagman, the lookout for all of the above? >> i think i'm a good-looking man, actually. heather: it is wednesday, september 18th. happening at 4:00 on the east coast we review that fiery hearing on the hill between corey lewandowski and house democrats, a top democrats


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