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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 19, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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ak-47s. and i don't want you or anyone else to get into the fearmongering that some have fallen prey to saying that the government is going to come and take all of your guns. >> it's not about fearmongering, you just said it. >> laura: score aware win chris. that's all the time we have for tonight, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here, shannon. >> shannon: thank you so much, tonight we begin with the fox news alert. the whistle-blower claim shutting up a firestorm in the capital taking yet another unexpected turn tonight. someone come to the questions for the democratic 2020 front runner, former vice president joe biden. new revelations that intelligence and legal experts tackle them in just minutes. also tonight, iran now accused of terror activity right here on u.s. soil. federal officials say a suspected agent to the terror group has blocked scout at dozens of prominent locations like the empire state building
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and times square as possible targets for attacks, we've got the latest. and later, a victory for religious freedom or licensed to discriminate? arizona supreme court ruling in favor of a pair of artists who say a phoenix ordinance would have voted to mike forced them to -- by requiring them to face imitations for same-sex marriage ceremonies or face jail time. one of those artists joins us live. i'll come to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge breaking down everything we know about the whistle-blower claim at this hour. >> behind closed doors on capitol hill, the intelligence community inspector general briefed republicans and democrats on the house intelligence committee. the democratic chairman said the session did not confirm media reporting that the whistle-blower complaint involves a phone call where the president made a promise to a foreign leader. still, he said that threshold for congressional notification was met and the intelligence chief lost it.
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>> it was an urgent matter, the director of national intelligence has made the unprecedented decision not to share the complaint with congress. >> on twitter president trump called the claims "another fake news story" and referring to fact that other officials were likely listening to his calls "is anybody dumb enough to believe that i would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially heavily-populated call"? american leaders are often measured by what they tell foreign leaders. then-president obama famously told the russian president he would have "more flexibility to negotiate a defense issue after the election." today the house minority leader was skeptical. >> another media always wants to rush when they think something sensationalist and nine times out of ten we find out a lot of that is not true. i think "the new york times" experienced that in just the last week. >> than the whistle-blower complaint may further stress the relationship between the intelligence community and the administration. there are remaining legal questions over whether acting
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dni mcguire and share intelligence from executive branch communications. >> we do know that the department of justice has been involved in the decision to withhold that information from congress. we do not know because we cannot get an answer to the question about whether the white house is also involved in preventing this information from coming to congress. >> the acting director of national intelligence is scheduled to publicly testify next week, committee democrats say they are willing to go to court over the issue while republican's called out schiff's statements as extreme adding they are taking a wait and see attitude on the complaint, shannon. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you very much. so the whistle-blower story taking yet another turn tonight with "the washington post" reporting that the complaint may involve ukraine. as you may recall, the president's attorney rudy giuliani start a controversy by threatening to go there to talk to the ukrainian government about what democrats called an attempt to manipulate the 2020 election. he wanted to find out more about
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former vice president joe biden's possible role in the dismissal of eight ukrainian prosecutor involved in an investigation linked to a company that employed biden's son hunter as a board member. this erupted earlier tonight on cnn. >> have an anonymous whistle-blower compared to -- >> i've got to go. >> clear proof that biden's on that $1.5 billion from china and you won't cover it. tell me you're not unfair! >> rudy, i told her -- >> nobody buys that, chris. that's why your network has no ratings. >> i'm sure they buy everything you're saying right now has nothing to do with distracting from what this president's problems might be. you've been doing it for over year and half. >> i have been doing that. >> you've been distracting for a year and a half. and hope you enjoy it because this president -- >> shannon: so let's turn to former deputy assistant attorney general john you and former cia analyst buck sexton. thank you both for joining us
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tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: so this is a little bit of what -- let's start with "the new york times." this is what they said back in april about what they thought giuliani was trying to accomplish, and he's pushing ukrainian officials to look into a couple of things they think would benefit president trump. one is whether ukrainian officials took steps during the 2016 election to damage mr. trump's campaign. the other is whether there was anything improper about the overlap between former vice president joseph r biden's diplomatic efforts in ukraine and his son's role with a gas company there. buck, what you make about what we know so far? and there's a lot we don't know about this apparent whistle-blower claim. >> is very early stage obviously, so it's tough to get too deep into whether this whistle-blower is somebody who is out of a partisan motive or really had something. i think it's highly unlikely, and obviously the reporting in the past about how trump has finally crossed the red line and someone in the intelligence community -- it's never been true.
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as for what we know in ukraine, but we are talking about is the possibility of joe biden engaging in corrupt conduct of his own. and that's completely within the bounds of what should be able to be investigated, it wouldn't be passed the statute of limitations and if we are going to have a discussion about whether or not we should get to the bottom of that, i think the time is now and quite honestly, after we've been through a year and a half long special counsel that was abridged to nowhere, for democrats to be so up in arms about finding out what really did happen with joe biden and with his son in ukraine, there's a lot of paper trail already and i think it's going to get longer. >> shannon: of course this-it's back to something the vice president said lester publicly in front of an audienc audience. talked about a loan guarantee that the ukrainians wanted and that he was one point saying to them if you don't fire this prosecutor, it's not going to happen and the prosecutor was fired. that prosecutor was allegedly looking for something involving a company that had hunter biden on the board. and tonight, john, people are saying it's not -- it's not
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appropriate to go to the next type about what biden was doing and that shouldn't be something of this administration be pressuring the ukrainians into looking into. have a crossed the line? >> first, i think we should focus on the appropriateness of even revealing to congress whether this whistle-blower in fact has any proof and the evidence in the nature of his complaint. one is because under the statute, the whistle-blower -- i'm sorry, the dni only has an obligation to let congress know about this complaint if it's something of urgent concern, but it's something that has to be within jurisdiction of the dni. people and operations. there, if the rumors are correct, president trump is conducting personal diplomacy, whether it's about biden, biden's son, or other issues, he's making commitments or not or negotiating with the head of ukraine. that's not something under the control of the dni. president trump doesn't work for the dni.
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the dni works for president trump, so this will complaint is about things that don't fall within the dni's jurisdiction but the second and more important issue, and this goes directly to your question, is that presidents under the constitution are in charge of the conduct of our foreign relations. over the president can speak and listen on behalf of the nation with foreign leaders. within the constitutional congress powers to interfere or metal with what president trump wants to stay with the head of ukraine or not. that is, under the constitution come up the purview of the president for good or ill. >> shannon: and we don't know for now. this is "the washington post" citing a couple of sources it says this is connected to ukraine, we don't know but congress is very upset about the fact that they can't get their hands on this. they think the acting dni, who is set to testify on the hill next week, has done the wrong thing by doing this. i want to play something from eric swalwell, how he is assessing the situation tonight.
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>> there's no discretion in the law on this. when the acting director of national intelligence get this information, he has to tell congress. there's no-go talk to the white house, go talk to the department of justice, go straight to congress and the fact that they are going outside of normal channels, again, it's just a breakdown of law and order in this country that this president has brought. >> shannon: he says this administration is doing things that i've never been done before and they are violating the rule of law and this is a perfect example. >> democrats keep saying things are president trump does are unprecedented and then we find many presidents for them and they never seem to learn their lesson. as to what was just said about what is the president's role here, what's his realm? he does have a tremendous amount of leeway. it's hard to even fathom what this whistle-blower would think that he heard that would cross into a legal realm that would be worthy of this kind of complaint. and look, let's be honest, we'd seen a number of very senior officials who have it in for president trump from the intelligence community, where i
8:10 pm
used to work, this could be another instance of that. >> shannon: we will see. the acting dni supposed of them held before the house intel committee next week, they will have plenty of questions, as we all do, waiting to find out exactly what this entails and who's involved. meantime, thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: a fox news alert. at the trump administration investigates the attack on saudi oil, federal prosecutors are outlining an alleged plot possibly by iranian-backed terrorist regular on u.s. soil. joe internal has got more on this breaking case. >> good evening, shannon. the homeland is an terrorist cross hairs again tonight. we're learning more details about an alleged american has below cost burden works -- a terror group operates throughout the middle east, it's largely backed by iran government very closely allied with iran's clerics. >> 42-year-old from morristown
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new jersey is facing nine counts of federal charges including providing material support to a terrorist group. the nine count indictment states saab served as an operative of hospital and conductive surveillance of a possible target locations. such covert activities conducted on u.s. soil are a clear threat to our national security. saab allegedly staked out dozens of big apple targets like the stock exchange, times square, statue of liberty, and the u.n. as well as transit hubs, including grand central station, the brooklyn bridge, and new york airports. authorities say he surveilled the capitol dome, lincoln memorial and the white house, and in boston, fenway park and the prudential center. prosecutors say in each location he collected data on vulnerabilities or soft spots and took notes detailing how close an attacker could get. he sent these notes along with photos from his phone straight to his terrorist handlers and the fbi says it's about in possession of all that evidence.
8:12 pm
his ties to islamic jihad go back to when he joined hezbollah in 1996 as an explosive specialist. even though saab was a naturalized american citizen, his true allegiance was to hezbollah. the terrorist organization responsible for decades of terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds. also today, half a world away away, -- two drone attacks in saudi oil plans. secretary of state pompeo in the region the past few days as the evidence against them is damnin. >> there are a blessing for there was no americans killed in a tap at any time you have an active war of this nature, there's always risks that could happen. >> pompeo is a is on his way back to washington. pentagon officials saying they are considering deploying more troops and military hardware to the region.
8:13 pm
>> shannon: at gillian turner, thank you. he took a big wins for the president in court today, let's start in california where a judge ruled to block a new state law that would have forced the president to choose between disclosing his tax returns and getting his name on the ballot. correspondent david spunt has the latest from the white house. >> the president's attorney say they have no intentions to comply with that law. they say that no california state law is unconstitutional. one day after losing the golden state, president trump is celebrating a legal victory there. a drug to block the law that would require him to disclose his tax returns in exchange for a place, primary ballot. earlier gavin newsom treated "these are extraordinaire times. we can and must ensure those running for high office are held to a basic standard and account ability. california now requires those running for president and governor to release five years of tax returns to get on our primary ballot. the president's attorneys call
8:14 pm
the law unconstitutional "because states are not permitted to add additional requirements for candidates for president," but the battle continues across the country in new york where earlier this week manhattan district attorney cy vance's office subpoenaed the usa. the president's accounting term. today trump's attorneys announced they are suing the office. again they used the word unconstitutional. a judge issued a stay in the case scheduling arguments for next wednesday. a portion of the lawsuit reads "because the subpoena attempts to criminally investigate a sitting president, it is unconstitutional. this court should declare it invalid and which minutes enforcement until the president is no longer in office. several congressional remedies have already subpoenaed deutsche bank -- those cases making their way through several different courts. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: david, thank you. a massive walk-up plan friday of school students demand adults follow their lead on climate issues. traces on the case as the global
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♪ >> shannon: the global climate strike starts in about one hour here in the u.s., already begun in other parts of the world. students oliver expected to walk out, protesting the use of fossil fuels. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has more, good evening, trace. >> good evening, shannon. here in the west we don't go on strike for another three hours but then of course it runs until next friday. it's unclear if we're supposed to skip school and opt out of work for the entire week, but the strike website is very clear that at some point during the week we are to demand an end to fossil fuels, you know, the stuff the powers 80% of our needs, and lets our needs no longer include things like food, clean water, transportation, and medicine.
8:20 pm
instead, the climate strikers would like us to use solar and wind energy. the problem is to get them out of the power grid, unit fossil fuels. there is always clean power like hydroelectric or nuclear, but those are also environmental no nose. by the way, if you're planning to march, look for presidential candidate beto o'rourke, will be in denver. the other 2020 candidates are also expected to join the strike and get a little campaigning on the side. and a canadian team, if you haven't heard, is now pledging not to have her own children until the climate crisis is solved. so far 1500 other teens have also taken her pledge. shannon buried >> shannon: trace, what is this in hearing about some sort of place for primate sinners, they are being called? >> if you already have kids or you're not striking, it may be had a burger last week, nbc now has a climate confession section in the early indications are that america is filled with bad people. quoting here, "i eat meat every
8:21 pm
day and won't stop because it's good." or this one, "i don't do anything for the environment, i don't care." or this, "i own a huge suv, take long drives in the country just because." in other words, you kind of get get the gist, nbc's new segment is engendering a bit of climate mockery. on the flip side, president trump says he's dead serious about his climate contribution. the president is directing the environmental protection agency to hit san francisco with environmental violations over its homeless population. it's unclear what laws san francisco is violating, but the president did talk about "tremendous pollution entering the ocean through storm sewers" especially things like used needles. san francisco mayor london break called the president's comments ridiculous saying the city has a sort of system "that ensures all debris that flow into storm drains are filtered out at the city's wastewater treatment plant." the president is already
8:22 pm
announced a plan to roll back the waiver that california was given a 1968 allowing the state to set higher emissions standards for vehicles than those at the federal government level. shannon buried >> shannon: trace gallagher live on the west coast, thank you. so, attorney general says he's not going to follow california's lead when it comes to climate issues. in reference to those strict fuel standards, california wants to continue enforcing despite a change of the federal level, cafe does not stand for california assumed federal empowerment. jeff landry joins us now. mr. attorney general, welcome. >> welcome, thank you for having me. >> shannon: you know that many of your counterpoints in other states do not agree with the policies of this administration. california's governor gavin newsom says this about the change to the fuel standard by the fed. he says today's actions were present act and donald trump's political theater, a failed attempt to assert power, a
8:23 pm
continuation of a political vendetta against california and our progress. bad news for him, we will prevail, see you in court. the attorney general out there, javier becerra, says this is going to court. what do you make it? >> i look forward to joining the president in court against those that believe that the president doesn't have the power to do this. again, just as you said, cafe doesn't stand for california assumes federal empowerment. the whole basis is that each state is sovereign and they have the ability to take care of things in the borders but anytime they impose policies that affect other states, that disrupts that federalism and is unconstitutional. so look, i applaud the president and i think is doing the right thing. we want to make sure the people in louisiana, especially low income people have the ability to afford vehicles. if it's up to california, we won't even be able to afford the vehicles. >> shannon: what the president's argument as they set the standard so high that
8:24 pm
automakers then comply with those standards and it does add to the costs, regulatory and otherwise, for purchasing a vehicle. citizen says this, from some move against california as part of his efforts to support the fossil fuel industry and kill efforts to fight climate change as california has long been a national leader in regulating auto emissions. what you make of this theme here that the president has some sort of political vendetta against the west coast? >> i believe it's absolutely baseless. the president is just ensuring that the rest of the country can afford vehicles. in fact, what he's doing is setting one standard for the entire country so that the automakers out there understand exactly what the rules of the game are and are not going to be required to do something special in california that when louisiana don't believe is necessary. >> shannon: i want to put something -- the competitive enterprise institute has put together a list of headlines and things that they say over the last 50 years that there've been several long positions about
8:25 pm
people saying the trunks of the population would disappear within 20 years, all kinds of other things. now folks say that it's backed by science. they would refer to people who don't accept their statements or what they call quote on quote science. science deniers, science deniers were just won't deal with fact or truth, how do you respond? >> what i like to actually do is look at the facts. and what you've seen over the period of time on this earth that the claimant has gone backwards and forwards, there was a thing called the ice age, i think of the many ice age all before there were big petroleum products out there that claimed that petroleum products were basically affecting the climate. in fact, i read recently that nasa had put out a report that what really affects the climate is the son and solar winds and certainly the position of the sun orbiting the earth.
8:26 pm
those are things that actually have been proven to affect the climate but again, you don't see that. if you don't hear that discussion. you don't see that even in the classrooms, but we do know that those things have a bigger impact on the climate than fossil fuels. >> shannon: we know you will be involved probably with some of these upcoming legal battles over these issues, so mr. attorney general out of louisiana, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> shannon: okay, more bad news for canadian prime minister justin trudeau, more blackface incidents surface. with his apology be enough? next. ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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>> shannon: canada's prime minister embroiled in a growing blackface scandal. the same time he's facing a tough reelection campaign. tonight, a third incident surfacing is the liberal party leader blames his privileged upbringing. here's fox business network susan li with more. fellow, susan. >> another day of apologies for that of canadian prime minister justin trudeau. this after video surfaced this
8:31 pm
morning showing trudeau with his face painted dark wearing an afro wig that follows pictures from a 2001 arabian nights party depicting him and brown face wearing a turban and one more incident in high school acknowledged by the canadian leader repainted his face black and saying the jamaican song "day-o" ," blaming ignorance clouded, he says, by a life brought up in one of canada's most famous families. >> i come from a place of privilege and i have endeavored in my life to put the advantages and the opportunities i've been given to serve this country, to fight for people's rights and i stand here today to reflect on that and to ask for forgiveness. >> the controversy comes at a tough time for trudeau, who was in a tight race for canada's leadership with trudeau virtually running neck and neck with the main opposition conservative party and his opponents wasting no time in the
8:32 pm
response to the controversy. >> you specifically asked if there were other instances where he engaged in this type of behavior and he indicated it was only one other incident and now we know there was at least three. >> i am deeply troubled by what this means for canada. young kids are going to see not just one or two, but multiple images of the prime minister mocking their lived reality. >> pressured for gender and racial equality is been one of his hallmark policies, filling his cabinet with an equal number of men and women, a first in canadian history, and choosing four seek indian cabinet members but his campaign has been plagued by controversy this year, including accusations of corruption and bullying of a female cabinet member. compared to the u.s., canada's election campaign season is relatively short and trudeau has just over 30 days to convince the canadian public he should remain as their prime minister. shannon. >> shannon: susan out of new york, thank you. ♪
8:33 pm
elizabeth warren drawing big crowds and posting growing phone numbers as she tries to catch joe biden in in the 2020 presidential primary. peter doocy takes a look at some of the issues the candidates are using to keep or get voter and donor support. >> bernie sanders is a progressive at a politician and now a pundit. >> joe can generate very little excitement. speak with a 78 sanders leaves 76 rolled biden like spas but in the fox news poll finds that among democratic primary voters, 76% would be satisfied if the winner is biden or moran. her famous selfie line found her at chicago o'hare's gate g1 be today. fewer democrats that it would be satisfied with sanders or kemal harris, who is now just aiming for a top three finish in the first in the nation caucus state i will where she plans to spend half of october and campaign officials tell fox news the issue they think will help her
8:34 pm
break through gun control. >> i am prepared to take executive action. >> and for most top-tier democrats, the marquee issue health care. >> we can afford medicare for all. >> i believe in medicare for all. >> one problem, the democrats need to bring medicare for all to the floor, doesn't like it. >> the affordable care act and that is a path to health care all americans. >> that's what joe biden has been saying for months, but bernie sanders argued the aca is no way to win. >> young people are concerned about racism and concerned about climate change. they are concerned about making college affordable. joe is not talking about those issues. >> college aged caucus goers and turn from elizabeth warren testing out her plan to forgive student debt with an audience of students here at the university of iowa, which goes to show that for some hopefuls, 2020 runs through the big ten. shannon. >> shannon: peter doocy on the road, thank you.
8:35 pm
new tonight, another board member dropped from the women's march just days after the anti-trump organization severed ties with several founding board members following allegations of anti-semitism. the group tonight is cutting ties with zara ballou after past online posts from deemed anti-semitic resurface. in the past she also equated the u.s. and israeli military with isis and al qaeda. the department of veterans affairs under fire after dying that is found covered in ants more than once. va secretary robert wilson is here exclusively to respond to the controversy. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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>> shannon: the department of veterans affairs making major staffing and leadership changes tonight in the atlanta region. after a woman says she found her dying air force veteran father covered in ants twice in a va living facility. ross telling local station wsb the ants were all over him. if it didn't promote his body to die quicker, what is the protocol within the va went
8:40 pm
something like this happens? (the secretary of veterans affairs department to respond, to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: i know there are some changes going on, senator johnny isakson, republican out of georgia said i'm shocked, horrified and downright maddened by the news that a veteran under the care of the va was treated so poorly without any regard to his well-being, what can you tell us? >> should be outrage, and social the family, a wonderful family. the veteran fought in the same conflict your father and my father fought in and with everything we do, our veterans deserve dignity. the difference here is that unlike previous administrations, we make changes rapidly. in this day and age, our veterans deserve much better than they have received and i have preached that our mission is about life and about taking care of the families who have
8:41 pm
spent so much for the country. that's why we moved when this happened. i was outraged just as the senator was, and we have made it clear that our veterans take first priority and we are not going to tolerate this. >> shannon: at the idea of accountability, the president has said there was a time you could fire anyone the matter they treated our veterans. since then, he says they removed 7600 employees who failed to give our vets the care they richly deserve. glenn kessler over "the washington post" did a fact-check on us. read pinocchio's out of four anti-trump ignores the fact that hundreds of va employees every month already were being fired before the law was enacted on top of that, the available data suggest the law is mainly being used to target low level employees, not necessarily senior officials set to avoid accountability. >> that's a fascinating story because of the top of the story there they are blaming the president for using inaccurate numbers. he used 7600. under his administration, it's actually 8600. that is a pace that was never,
8:42 pm
never met in the previous administration. and what's different with us, we do have more low level employees then we do hospital directors, but we just moved on one in atlanta. if the floor is not brushed or broomed out at the department of labor, you have a dirty floor. if the floor is not clean out a veterans hospital, you have potential for catastrophe. so we hold everyone to the highest standards, as has been seen by the actions that we've taken just in the last few days. >> shannon: i want to ask you quickly about congressman, and afghanistan war veteran, w amputee, he's been with us on "fox news @ night." he and some other lawmakers, republicans and democrats say they are off space within to be hospitals and for to come he said they need to be there to keep an eye on things, he says it's 100 square-foot closet that there has to be -- >> that's a pretty big closet. >> shannon: he says there has to be another space, can you find of another space? is going to be a press conference on friday.
8:43 pm
>> so let me tell you 529 other members of congress do not have offices in va. if they don't have offices on military installations either. we are the most overseen department in government. i think i passed my cabinet colleagues by fathoms in terms of the number of appearances that i make. they are doing oversight. but at the same time, they are criticizing us because we don't have enough space for veterans. i have a $60 billion backlog when it comes to space. i'm going to use every piece of furniture, every office that i can to serve veterans, particularly in florida. in the next year, florida will pass california in terms of the actual number of veterans it has. 1.5 million. so i want to space, i wanted for our veterans. and i'm not stopping the congress from getting there oversight in. they have offices that are already paid for. >> shannon: all right,
8:44 pm
secretary, we appreciate you coming to talk about the top stories and to update us. thank you for your time. >> while i think you too. >> shannon: the official storm area 51 rate may be called off, but will that stop thousands of curious visitors from descending upon the nevada towns this weekend? nobody really knows what to expect in the area known for mystery itself. correspondent william la jeunesse has more on how officials are prepping. hey. >> shannon, i think we can assume the men in black already moved the aliens to some other classified off-site location, obviously they won't let us see the bodies of the spaceships. however, it's just 1% of 2 million show up, that's 20,000 in an environment the sheriff says in this video is not friendly for humans. >> there was no water, no amenities, no resources in the invasion of this location is a crime. this area is home to scorpions, rattlesnakes, badgers, tarantulas and is generally not an environment suited for human
8:45 pm
habitation. >> police arrested two dutch tourists for trespassing but reduced to three days a one year sentence provided they leave the country. >> we take this crime seriously and people need to understand that we will not put up with this kind of nonsense. >> for the three nights we have to spend here and on thursday, we can go back to the netherlands, to our home country. >> we didn't want to cause any trouble. this was all gone a little bit out of hand but, we learn from our mistakes and it's good to be back in a bit. >> police hope that arrest as a warning, so what is happening right now? preparations are underway. organizers want to make a buck, cops want to keep the peace and at least three events, including alien stock, which expects several thousand videos camping and cars and rvs. >> it feels absolutely amazing and we don't know what to expect in the next few days, but right now, this is the calm before the storm and we are loving it. >> concerned with the heat, the
8:46 pm
lack of gas stations on a single highway, police have erected a command center. >> we are prepared for just a mass invasion of the net effect that dumb national security and we are prepared for the event of a lone wolf. >> so depending on your tolerance for the unexpected, this party could be a bust or a blast. shannon. >> shannon: all right, we will watch it, thank you. so i win for religious freedom or a license to? supreme court ruling in favor of christian artists fighting an ordinance they say was force them to violate their religious beliefs. >> we brought our case to protect this freedom not just for us but for all americans. >> shannon: here from one of the artists and her attorney next live. ♪ free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. a peaceful night sleep without only imagine... frequent heartburn waking him up.
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>> shannon: hud secretary ben carson coming under fire for comments he allegedly made in an internal meeting during a visit to san francisco. that tops tonight's western round up. carson reportedly referring to "big hairy man" infiltrating women's homeless shelters. some staffers reportedly interpreted that as an attack on transgender women according to "the washington post." a senior official saint carson does not use derogatory language to refer to the transgender community. a california-based mexican-style food company settling a lawsuit
8:51 pm
for $2 million after it refused to hire nonlatinos. a lawsuit claiming that marcus brothers international discriminated against black, white and asian job applicants. at a seattle coffee stand, dream boys espresso featuring all male shirtless baristas taking the place of ladybug bikini espresso, which reportedly closed for lack of business, the new shop first of its kind in washington state according to the owner. supporters are calling it a huge win for religious freedom while critics say it's nothing but a license to discriminate. at the arizona supreme court ruling in favor of a pair of christian artists who say their religious faith would be violated if they were forced to comply with a phoenix ordinance that would not allow them to decline work for same-sex marriage invitations. >> today's victory is not a win just for breanna and me, it's a victory for everyone. everyone should be free to peacefully live and work according to their beliefs
8:52 pm
without fear of unjust punishment. >> shannon: the ruling is not without limits and does leave some unanswered questions. let's bring in one of those artists, and from the alliance defending freedom attorney kristin, great to have evolved with us. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: i want to play something with the phoenix mayor said in response to the ruling, here's what she says. >> freedom of religion does not mean freedom to discriminate. personal convictions cannot be used as an excuse for outward bigotry. if you serve someone in your community, you should serve all the people in our community. as our first amendment experts are eloquently put it, we never allowed a commercial business to justify discrimination against a protected class based on the first amendment. we shouldn't start now. >> shannon: how do you feel having this reaction from someone in the community? >> we could not be more thrilled with this win. we serve all people. we just can't express every method through our artwork.
8:53 pm
this is a great decision for every american who values their freedom. we have loved art since we were little girls and creating this business was a dream for us. so when we came up against the phoenix law that was threatening us with jail time, we were extremely concerned and had to stand up so we are relieved about this ruling today. >> shannon: you've taken on a number of these cases. i want to read something else that the mayor tweeted and get your response. so the ruling was extremely narrow and because of that narrowness, there has been some misinterpretation stating that it struck the entire city ordinance, that is false. our enteritis, nation ordinance still stands and is going nowhere. so what does, what doesn't the decision mean? >> the decision is one of the strongest and most well written decisions on free speech that i've seen in my career. in fact, the decision itself opens by saying that free speech and free exercise rights are not limited to the soft murmurings that go on in churches are private homes. but that all americans have the right to be able to use and sell words, paintings, and to create
8:54 pm
art that is consistent with their convictions. so this doesn't just protect them, it protects people of all faiths and people of no faith to be able to express their views consistent with who they are. >> shannon: i want to read something from a former mayor of phoenix because this ordinance is not brand-new. previous administration involves said this decision will harm our economy by sending me unfortunate message that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is still acceptable by some state leaders, that is a sad legacy of this decision. how do you respond to those who say this is hurtful to certain people in the community, that it is bigotry and discrimination? >> i would say again, we serve everyone. we just can't communicate every message through our art and that's a freedom every artist should have and so we think this is a great day for arizona and for artists everywhere, because the arizona supreme court affirmed freedom and the right of artists, not the government, to make those express decisions. >> and the statistics tell us, research tells us that nine out
8:55 pm
of the ten best states for business in the united states don't have these laws and 12 of the 13 worse states do. that's simply not true. >> shannon: we know there are more cases on a collision course potentially to the supreme court. we are watching us as well. there will be more and more of these conflicts, so thank you for joining us after your victory last week. >> thanks so much for having us. >> thank you. >> shannon: tonight's midnight heroes, there are a bunch of them. it started this way, it looked as if a late air force veteran would not have a proper funeral service. no friends or family could be found after his recent death, but today hundreds of people packed into gateway funeral home to say goodbye to a man they didn't even know. the clarksville, tennessee, funeral home posted on facebook, they invited people, they wanted able to come honor him and they tell us and you can see the video here, the turnout was tremendous. it was laid to rest with full military honors. so everyone there in a community, for all of you, for your empathy and for valor, gateway funeral home, sergeant
8:56 pm
badgett and all of the kind folks who showed up at his funeral today, all of you are tonight's midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. we still need glasses on table ten. ♪ he'd be proud of us. a family business should stay in the family.
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which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like ah well i don't know what you'd wanna buy cause i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." so the canadian prime minister m justin trudeau got caught wearing black face and a lot of people are pretending to be very, very surprised. but are you really surprised? in fact, he probably could have guessed it, actually. it's a little like finding out that your supersensitive brother-in-law, the one who tells you he's a feminist, the one who's always scolding you for your sexism, is in fact hitting on the babysitter. of course he's hitting on a babysitter. the virtue is always a cover for the sin. that's the key to understanding the modern left. whatever they're accusing you of, they are doing themselves, t


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