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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 22, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ sound like there's a party down in georgia this morning. >> there is a huge party. the georgia bulldogs won 23-17 in a huge game. >> your necktie. >> i didn't realize that. >> i was hoping to wear this. game of the week as they call it in college football. cbs said there were 93,246 people in that stadium. my daughter was one of them. i stayed up -- i had to go to bed early. i stayed up until halftime and
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notre dame was winning a and thn my phone started to ring with the texts at midnight. >> pu you had the will power to go to sleep. >> congratulations dogs. >> welcome back. >> happy sunday. hope you guys have your pancakes. sunday with pancakes with friends. that's how you got to do it. like a combo package. you got to do it all. >> fols down in georgia were up super late. this' a lot to talk about. there may be a front runner the democrat presidential sweep stakes. but that man, joe biden may be struggling in places like iowa and you have to wonder if it's connected to the top story, the whistle-blower story that started as a big headache for president trump but may be shifting to a political problem for joe biden. >> listen. the campaign trail, joe biden
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needs to be on message giving messages. he's on the defense. you've covered campaigns. you understand that. once you're on the defense, you're losing. and biden is trying to deflect all of these questions coming up about his son. >> he sounds super defensive. he sounds like he's been backed into a corner. he's not like a guy who has to explain himself. he pivoted and he blamed donald trump. >> trump deserves to be investigated. he has violated every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader if that's what happened. trump is doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum. >> he thinks, look, the trump campaign is worried that in states like pennsylvania where biden was originally from before he represented delaware in the
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senate, that's where he grow up, the key states that donald trump flipped from blue to red that biden could get the forgotten man or woman. but if he's dealing with an issue that is a swamp story that is his son making 80,000 dollars a month on a board at the ukrainian energy company at a time when they were under investigation and whether or not the then vice president back in the obama administration used his official power to get this prosecutor fired who was looking at hunter biden's company, that focus is something biden doesn't want. >> first of all, this nonsense of biden talking like a bully with i'll beat him like a drum. don't come to the media and talk about how donald trump is a bully. biden throws this language around all of the time and you say nothing about it. and the idea of him violating every basic norm of president. what biden is saying about trump. we don't know that. president trump got on the telephone with a leader of a
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foreign country and had a conversation. that's what we know. we don't know anything has been viviolated. you've. backed into a corner and you have to defend your record. but no one with common sense is buying it. >> and my man peter ducey on the campaign trail is doing a great job of pushing biden. we need to know whether or not or how many times it is that joe biden talked to his son hunter. watch this. >> have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business deals? >> i've never spoken to my son about my overseas business dealings. >> peter saying look, mr. vice president, i get that you're raising questions about the president and his behavior. what about your behavior as vice president, what did you know and when did you know it. you heard the vice president say i never talked to hunter biden my son about this. but just a couple of months ago in the new yorker hunter biden
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said something different. this was a piece in july about whether or not hunter biden's business dealings would be a problem for the campaign. his age braced for renewed scrutiny of hunter's relationship with ba ris ma. the special envoy for energy panel raised the matter with biden but did not go so far as hunter leaving the bar. as hunter recalled, his hunter discussed this with his dad one time. he said, i hope you know what you're doing and he said, i do. it's not like they talked a hundred times. you have the son saying we spoke at least once and the folks in the obama administration are saying, hey, mr. vice president, this could be a problem. they knew this was an issue. and you have the former vice president looking peter ducey and the rest in the eye saying we never spoke about it. well your own son says something
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different. >> this just reminds me how terrible joe biden is. if you're a good cad date. if you're out there doing this well, you know you never say the word never. when you say the word never, someone is going to say you said it one time and then you look like a liar. it was surprising for me to see him say that. we don't know how many times he spoke with his son about it. we don't know how in-depth the conversations were. that was the sign of a bad campaign. >> we have this past week the hearing in the house intelligence committee where the inspector general for the intelligence committee went behind doors. we have this thursday the acting director of intelligence with who held this report from being transferred to congress. he will testify in open congress and they're going to talk about hunter biden. the republicans will. here is what mark meadows said about why biden is coming out as a loser in this. >> i've been working on this since back in may.
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this is not a russian hoax. this is a ukrainian hoax and it's not even by a ra get mate whistle-blower. there's reports out there that the whistl whistle-blower didn'n about this on the job. it was hearsay. when you start to look at the bottom line of all of this, one, it does need to be investigated. i'm calling on my democratic colleagues, let's look at it. and i think at the end to have day joe biden will be the one left with egg on his face. >> the week started with the democrats saying this is about all the president, president trump and his imhai behavior, pe call with the ukrainian president. now the story is shifting to hunter biden, joe biden, the business dealings, what they knew and when they knew it. over in ukraine, the foreign minister says that the phone call at the heart of this back in july between the ukrainian president and president trump is a whole lot of nothing. take a look at what the foreign
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minister is saying. i know what the conversation was about and i think there was no pressure. there was talk. conversations are different. leaders have the right to is the us can any problems that exist. this conversation was long, friendly and it touchedded on many questions sometimes requiring serious answers. he's downplaying, the foreign minister, the idea that president trump pressured the ukrainians into investigating joe biden. he's not denying it was raised tbhu the context there was a whole bunch of issues raised. it's pulling air out of the balloon that the democrats created that this was a big scandal. >> e with ale see if the democrats overplayed their hand open adam schiff is still driving at full speed, just to be clear. and what we know from the anonymous reporting is president trump spoke not once but eight times, this issue of investigating biden's son. but we've learned that the whistle blower did not have direct knowledge of this conversation. you saw the foreign minister
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saying i was familiar with it. this anonymous whistle-blower did not have direct. >> doesn't sound like the whistle-blower was on the phone. >> are people tired of this? this willingness? you're willing to criminalize donald trump second one before you have any information. but at the same time you don't understand that joe biden, maybe there's a need to look into what's going on there. there's a double standard in terms of the willingness to investigate one side and a reluctance to investigate the other side. it's boring to watch this play out in the media. here we go. what am i supposed to be getting apingry about today. let me hold off and let the media have their moments and see what the facts are. >> elizabeth warren renewed her call for impeachment, that the ukrainian situation is so bad in her eyes that maybe this is going the lead too impeachment
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before they have the facts on the case and maybe the story starts to unravel. this pole -- poll, i mentionedw front runner. brand-new poll, elizabeth warren at the top, the first time she's leading joe biden in a poll in iowa, the first in the nation caucus state. warren 22, biden 20 and sanders seems to be sagging. he used to be a clear number two. sagging there in iowa. buttigieg 9, harris 6. we've seen her, elizabeth warren, pick up a little ground, pick up a little ground and drive the policy debate and now maybe it's translating into poll numbers. >> just to point out, we're 130-something days from the iowa caucuses. so biden should technically not really be having this challenge from anyone else based on name recognition. but yet biden is not calling for
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impeachment. he's held off saying he wants an investigation which now appears will be like i wil likely into s business dealings. maybe it's this push to the left that's helping the democrats. >> biden's performances have been nothing short of terrible. he looks unprepared. the base is not excited about him. and bernie sanders is like, to me, a cranky pessimistic version of elizabeth warren. he really is. elizabeth warren managed to take the progressive message and go out and front and center and have the optimism and the energy that the base likes. i think the biden team is going to get concerned. >> is joe biden right that he can beat the president like a drum. friends@"fox & friends." people shot overnight in downtown indianapolis.
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police calling the victims a combination of adults and juveniles. they were all rushed to local hospitals. two in critical condition and one in serious condition. police are searching for the gunman who fled the scene. hundreds gather aten emotional vigil for a 5-year-old girl who went missing a week ago. police believe that the girl was kidnapped from a new jersey park last monday. family member members holding oe she's come home safely. >> she's been missing. the people, if they know something, tell the police. >> reward for investigation leading to an arrest is up to 35,000 dollars. and a fox news alert. a live look at hong kong, hundreds of protesters storming a mall. protesters got into a huge brawl on the city streets overnight. the prodemocracy demonstrators are calling for direct elections of city leaders and an a direct
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investigation into police actions. georgia holds off notre dame 23-17. 93,000 fans packed the stadium. ug a's largest crowd ever. ucla has a comeback with defense. watch. >> and the bruins have recovered. >> the bruins forcing six washington state turnovers. cougars quarterback anthony gordon threw nine touchdown passes. ucla win wins 67-63. number 13 wisconsin crushes number 11 michigan 35-14. those are are your headlines. i'm all fired up about georgia but that ucla game was unbelievable. it was 47 to something with six minutes to go. >> they may need some new khakis
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in michigan. he wants to burn up billions of dollars in medical debt. you heard us talk about bernie sanders. his new plan could end up costing you a whole bunch of money. we're crunching the numbers, next. ♪
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. we will eliminate medical debt in this country. stop and think for a second, why should people be placed in financial duress. for what crime did you commit? you had a serious illness? >> he hinted at it on the trail and yesterday 2020 democrat bernie sanders officially unveiling his plan to wipe out $81 billion in medical debt but at what cost. joining us now to break down the plan, dr. mark siegel. dr. siegel, we're hearing about this. sanders of course years ago unveiled medicare for all. now this medical debt is different.
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what is he trying to do and will it work? >> first of all, it sounds great, right? let's talk corporate taxes which immediately will stifle the economy to pay for $81 billion that people have built up in debt from medical procedures or medical treatments, right? well, first of all, it's not $81 billion. every time debt builds up bernie will pay for it. it's going to be hundreds of billions of dollars. second whereby wher, where is tg to come from in addition to taxes? it's going to come from money spent or research, money spent on new solutions for the future that are personalized and expensive. medicare ends up with more and more rationing if it's in the middle of paying for debt. also there's the idea of it leading to overuse. in other words if you knew that everything you built up in debt was paid for, you would go, let's go out and build up more debt. what the heck. >> let's look at what's in the
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plan. we know three things, renegotiates and eliminates the estimated 81 billion in debt expenses, blocks debt collection activity and erases medical debt info from credit reports. in the plan senator sanders claims that medical debt is the leading driver in bankruptcy. >> well, he's overestimating the amount of medical debt there is and how much it leads to bankruptcy. it's about 25%. it is a factor. let me tell you things that are in place that are moving towards helping with that. president trump and congress passed a bill that you can't get surprise bills anymore. that's a positive step in the right direction. if you know what's coming down the pike you might be able to pay for it. second, expanding health savings account in businesses and retirement so you have tax fre money thafreemoney that you're . having more choice as president trump and his administration has done when the individual mandate went away. in other words you might have a
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policy that covers more your needs. and i also am a fan of catastrophic policies for all so that everybody at least has a basic insurance so they go to the energy room, they don't get hit with a whopping unexpected bill. that would really cut into this, not having big government expand, take money from one pot and put it into another. >> bottom line, yes or no. we saw the other candidates jump on the sanders medicare for all plan. do you think other democrats would jump on this medical debt erasing ? >> some will. it sounds good. but tom line when the public hears about the details and where the money is going to be taken away from, no one is a winner. a marine veteran killed in the line of duty and another police officer shot in chicago. isn't i time for american to stand with the men and women of blue? our law enforcement panel weighs in, that's next.
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by the strolle♪s [ growl ] good boy. hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome.
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this is not happening right now. what the [bleep]. >> headlines for you. first an update to the terrifying story of a man driving uncontrollably through a shopping mall. that mall in suburban chicago has reopened. nobody was seriously hurt when the suv plowed through the entrance. police say the driver may have had a medical issue. and an american airlines flight in phoenix to minneapolis die verted a f a passenger appear to smoke pot on the plane. the guy told passengers he was high on cocaine before locking himself in the bathroom. according to tmz, he was taken in for a medical evaluation after landing in denver.
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over to you. >> sounds like a great transition to a law enforcement panel. in fact another dangerous and tragic weekend for police officers across america. in chicago police were arresting this support accused of shooting a police officer. this as louisiana pd captain and former marine vincent libito was fatally shot after a traffic stop turned into a chase. the captain is the 35th officer killed many the line of duty this year alone. law enforcement advocates tell fox news it's time for politicians to stand with the blue. here to weigh in wer weigh in, e law enforcement panel, along with police chief parker. chief, i want to start with you. we've seen it in new york and other cities where water is dumped on the officers, we've raised questions about it, their lack of respect.
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and you know, water is one thing. 31 officers in this country killed this year. what's happening on the streets of this country? >> well i think not only are we saying they're killed, they're murdered. they're murdered in cold blood. and we look at the officer down pages, 88 officers have been killed v have been murdered. we look for support from our politicians but we rarely see it. just recently in the "the new york times" yesterday they talked about a study they did from just memorial day to labor day and that study talked about mass shootings in the united states. and with that there were 126 people murdered in the united states as a result of that. what politician who really truly cares about the american people is going to demonize law enforcement. we need to come together and collaborate. we need to find solutions that save our people in our
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communities. it's not time for demon nighizi. >> mayor deblasio has gotten out of the democratic race. >> we're inserting politicians to run police departments. they're putting on the hat of the police officer. that can't be. i have been in law enforcement since the late '70s. you can't have that kind of interference. they're breaking us down and then they're making us vilified and encouraging it where people are throwing water at us, throwing milk at us. they're demonizing us. they're trying to break own what wdownwhat we have. >> what needs to happen? what do politicians need to do but also people? we can't just put it off on the politicians. when you see the water, the milk, we got people in the
3:28 am
streets laughing about it. >> politicians come and go but it should be a symbiotic relationship between the police and the community. we can't arrest our way out of these issues that occurred, shootings and that effect. we need to have the relationship where the information exchange between the police and the community is sound. as a result of that, that builds upon the relationship and people, i should say citizens refer back to the social contract where government affords protections for citizens. and that should be the focal point in continuing that relationship. because we look to police officers as individuals that serve the public. we're not here as a standing army but we're here to serve and as a result of that we need to move forward, converge and progress that relationship from to regressing from the shootings and horrific incidents that are happening to the cops. the public is a key component. it's not the police. it's the public. and that's not happening as it relates to a lot of the rhetoric being spewed by politicians such
3:29 am
as mayor deblasio. >> what's the balance that leaders like yourself have to strike as well in terms of some people in this country based on race or sexual o orientation, other factors feel like they're targeted by police sometimes. i know some of those cases turn out to not be as what they started as. but there are legitimate cases out there where people in various communities feel that they're not friends with the police. what's the responsibility of leaders in your community? >> it is incumbent upon law enforcement executive to whenever there is any type of inappropriate action, criminal action taken by law enforcement that we swiftly go in and investigate and prosecute these cases. but if you really look at it, look at what's happened in new york city. there's like 26 million contracts that they have with their community, and yet they're judgjudged by one case you knowr five years. i do think there needs to be a
3:30 am
balance. and if police officers -- i mean there's 850,000 law enforcement officers in america. and are there going to be times where we have to take action against one of our own? absolutely. because when they do something it affects all of us. but can't we also strike a balance and say, look at all f the 850,000 officers doing great things in their communities and strike that balance with the community as well and start with that. >> that seems to be an important point there, the context. not to excuse one bad incident for a police department somewhere but how do you bring some context and perspective to what they do that's good? >> there's a very extensive weeding out process from the time they come on, going through the police academy to when they're on the street. but what they're doing, what politicians are doing is they're overpolicing the police. so when you crush them, when you stop them from doing their job, they're going to sit back and say, i bought a house, i'm married. why am i going to risk my job
3:31 am
and my life. >> can i get darren on that last point? >> these politicians public and citizens need to be come together and apprise a comparable solution to the issues occurring. this is something that's horrific and it's reaching epic proportions and we need to regress and get to a point of sanity to move forward. it's societal issue. >> appreciate you coming in. reading, writing and social justice. a new curriculum that could become mandatory in america's high schools. what does that say about the future of america? plus, this is love. a service dog called nala gets some support from donald duck. stick around and find out the answer. ♪
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♪ only batman, it's your shot of the morning worldwide celebrations marking the 80th anniversary of the cape crusader. hundreds gathered in brooklyn, new york as the bat signal was projected onto a building. >> batman day celebrated every thursday saturday to mark the dark knight's first appearance in detective comics. now you know.
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>> i .>> i have a favor superhe, peter parker. i had a crush on him for years, before i got married of course because that would be bad. >> have you been to the pizza place? >> his new movie is great. i'm going to watch the rest of it on a flight today. >> you guys batman fans though? >> yeah. >> let's turn to the candy war. you may not have known it was a war. americans debating which classic treat they could give up forever. >> look at this treat. one has to go forever. which one do you choose. we've got the whole list here. >> snickers, reese's, milky way, m&m and twiks. i think the twix has to go. you cannot put that in the same category as reese's. it's not good for humanity. >> i thought you were going to say kit kat. >> you're getting rid of quit kt
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kat? this is a local anchor got on overwhelming response. come on, guys, m&ms are nothing but bad chocolate wrapped in advil. i'm allergic to chocolate. clear the table, throw it away. as a child, despite the allergy i did try to eat them. my mom never let me go near snickers because she was afraid it was a nut allergy. i had ry reese's and m&ms. >> as a kid i love mille way and over time i like snickers better than milky way. >> resees is good some stuff. i want to know. "fox friends@fndz.
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on@"fox & friends".com.>> policr adds they come face to face outside an i.c.e. facility in colorado. demonstrators on both sides chanting as they walked more than seven miles to the federal processing center. the rally was not violent and no arrests were made. police arrest a man in the 1985 hijacking of a flight. authorities aren't naming the lebanese man picked up in greece on an arrest warrant. he's accused of hijacking twa flight 847 in at thens demanding the release of muslims. they're accusing of killing a man during the hijack after finding out that he served in
3:39 am
the u.s. navy. and despite being cut twice in the past month, embattled wide receiver antonio brown is drawing interest from other teams. his agent said the unnamed agents want more information about the sex claims against him. the gnaw deal won't likely happen until the nfl finishes its invest. a disney support dog getting support of her own. you can see her taking a well deserved rest on donald duck. the pooch named after a character from the lion king works at the orlando park helping guests with autism. >> if that doesn't make your day, i don't know what will. adam, can you tell me which candy needs to be removed? >> you guys are arguing over the favorite ones. >> we've talked about knocking one. >> everybody hates these.
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get rid of them. nobody in the entire internet likes mille way. >likes milk way. get rid of it. >> we learned a lot. >> get rid of milky way. >> i will do whatever the people say. get rid of milky. >> you're not telling us which one you would knock out. >> i'm getting booed. man of the people. nobody wants a milk way. >>. tell us about the weathe. >> feeling a little bit like summer on the eastern half of september. these are the current temperatures this morning. 70s across portions of the midwest. 78 here in new york city. going to warm up to 90 degrees in cleveland today. a lot of spots is going to be hot and steamy. the other story continues to be what's happening in the tropics. we had what once was hurricane jerry now sitting north of san
3:41 am
juan. this system is going to continue to lift to the north and take a big turn out to sea. this is not going to hit us. but we'll continue the track the tropics because they're acting very active right now still in the middle of hurricane season. >> adam, your judgment on candy is cloudy. >> i'm going to come over there and grab some of those. from climate change to immigration and beyond. our next guest says there's another side to the big stories of the day that the left simply won't tell you about. that is next. ♪ okay, paint a picture for me. uh, well, this will be the kitchen.
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quick hollywood headlines. kevin hart's car crash could end in a series of lawsuits. they're lawyering up. facing criticism for not having air bags or seat belts in his
3:45 am
1970 barracuda. taylor swift canceling a concert after being criticize by animal rights activist. calling after her show at the horse racing cup in australia. activists saa spokesperson saidt could not make it because allege allegely her schedule changed. 2020 democrats sounding the alarm on climate change. >> not only is climate change real caused by human activities, it is already today doing devastating harm. >> we do not act with everything that we've got in the next ten years, it will be far too late. >> to reduce emissions you would want to modify american's diets over time. >> do you ban plastic straws? >> i think we should. >> but as they push for america to take action, a new report shows that 90% of plastic waste
3:46 am
actually comes from asia and afteafrica. and according to our next guests, that's one of the 50 things they don't want you to know. welcome. >> thank you. >> i love books that set the record straight on the things that the people on the left don't want you to know. the u.s. has deuced carbon emissions. >> despite the left's hysteria on this issue, the united states carbon emissions level hit its record low last year. the democrats don't realize this but if we ground every plane, leveled every building in america and lived in huts, the united states amount of carbon emissions only accounts for 15% of the entire world. addressing this issue you have to actually confront china,
3:47 am
india, russia and the european union which account for the overwhelming majority of greenhouse gas emission is. >> another hot topic on the campaign trail is obviously immigration. president trump's immigration policies have been labeled racists by many democrats. one thing they fail to reveal though is that most u.s. border agents are hispanic. >> sure. we're talking about over 50 purs50% ofthe united states borl agents risking their lives every day are hispanic. the democrats in the media won't tell you that and they castigate this administration's policies has racist. both can't be true. what they also won't tell you is that 80% of the women and girls who make the dangerous trek from central america to the united states are raped on their way here. and meanwhile, half of all federal arrests are immigration related. the irs documented 1.2 million
3:48 am
identity theft crimes committed by illegal immigrants and over a million jobs have been lost to black americans because of illegal immigration in the last decade. >> wow. and a third topic obviously we hear a ton about is gun control. gives us accurate information on the cities that are have the strictest gun control laws in the country. >> we're talking about chicago, philadelphia, washington, d.c. in these cities we see gun violence above the national average. and as you said, these cities have some of the most strict gun laws in the country. we've known for decades now that democrat-run cities have turned into killing fields. people like beto o'rourke want to confiscate ak47s. these crimes are committed with handguns. the one size fits all gun grabbing policy that the media and democrats are pushing won't
3:49 am
work to protect the people who live in these cities. >> well, thanks for being here and for writing this book. this sounds like a democrat campaign of deception as per usual. but appreciate you setting the record straight. maybe some of the republicans will get on board and get out there and do what you're doing. appreciate it. best of luck on the book jt thank you very much. reading, writing and social justice? our next guest breaks down how history is making big inroads in america's high schools that's coming up next. ♪ our 18-year-old was in an accident.
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3:52 am
. nearly 20% of high schools in california teacheth nick studies courses, a curriculum
3:53 am
usually reserved for college campuses. >> what is taught in these courses. our next guest investigated. >> here with more clear investigations, jowrn mur ros ki. what is going on in these ethnic studies courses? >> thanks for having me on. ethnic studies has been around for years and it's being established in high schools. it's already being taught in colleges. and critics refer to them as political correctness. buthe kind of things that they learn, there's a strong focus on oppression and identity and it kind of likes western imperialism and european and colonialism and american capitalism with oppression, racism, genocide, there's a
3:54 am
strong link there. the kids are encouraged to talk about the identity and oppression that they feel in society today. and they sometime hold mock trials and grand juries to hold -- to determine who's responsible for the extermination of the american indians. >> i want to read for you we have an excerpt from an anaheim ethnics study course and it says the students write a 900-word essay where students play the role of a grand jury who was responsible for the physical and cull keurl genocide of california indians. is that typical of the type of stuff that you would see in these courses? >> there are hundreds of courses and they're not all identical. and so it's only a handful of the courses that actually have these juries, grand juries and mock trials. but the issues and the themes are consistent throughout these courses. >> all right. >> so in some cases they simply may be readings and discussions
3:55 am
and writings. it's a com common theme. >> there's an assembly member from anaheim who said, i probably would say there were some lessons that did not have the students thinking for themselves as much as i would like them to. i want student to draw their own conclusions. so it makes you kind of wonder, isn't it the whole point of education of young people, college or high school like this, is to open their minds? >> and what's interesting is that medina is an ethnic studies advocate. he taught it in high school before he became a legislator and he introduced a bill to make ethnic studies a mandatory high school requirement in california because he was so concerned about the current proposal for ethnic studies in california, he pulled his bill and delayed it for a year. >> he introduced that in june and we'll see what happens. but here's the deal. i've got a 13-year-old daughter in eighth grade. if they're teaching ethnic
3:56 am
studies and trying to make it mandatory, they're not teaching studies. they're making social justice wars out of children. how worried should parents be? >> well, if they find it's upsetting, i guess they would be worried. but if they open up ethnic studies to all students, not just students who are already advocates, when you bring in all kind of students, you're going to open the classrooms to a wide range of themes, including children who are in disagreement. >> the sad thing is, this is not now. there's an anti-american sentiment on campuses for a long time. what is new is it's disclosed. it's coming front and center to people have an awareness and parents can get more involved if they need to. thanks for your input. did aoc spark a few with nancy pelosi and speaker. her challenging comments about impeachment that's firing up the
3:57 am
left this morning, coming up. millions of people promised to storm area 51. did they? michael knowles calls out the so-called alien believers coming up. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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♪ ♪ welcome back. 7 a.m. thank for joining us. we had a fierce debate going on last hour and was about candy. >> which one could you live without forever? >> it's a policy for candy and we asked you and your responses have poured in. we got an e-mail from lisa, hey, hey, ohio, the milk way has got to go. >> no! >> sara says the reese's can go. >> that's controversial. >> you can always dip any
4:01 am
chocolate bar in the peanut butter jar and get the same result. you turned me. i like being an outlaw. if you're going to take the chocolate and dip it in the peanut butter. >> technically twix and kit kat are cookies, not candy. i vote both. >> that's the age-old question is a hot dog a sandwich. >> it's different. it's a different -- a sandwich has to be on flat bread. >> so there are rules. >> yeah. >> which chocolate goes. i say get rid of all of it and you guys have been picking on me because you even send me chocolate on the show. >> he made a mistake when he had the pancakes with the chocolate? >> we'll be going backwards from dessert to a little lunch and dinner with patsy's. that's coming up maybe just for you. i know how much you love italian
4:02 am
food as i do as well. things not so sweet for the former vice president joe biden on the attack over the secret whistle-blower attack. it was supposed to be about the president now boomerang. >> suggesting that president trump needs to be investigated for abuse of power. >> kevin is live to morning. >> good to be with you guys. when you forget stories like this, don't listen to what's being said. listen to what's not being said. that's always the case in washington and in a story like this in particular. i want to tell you what's happening with the story. the president and the former vice president obviously in all of the news. this is really about political influence and power as someone suggested to get a foreign power to act on u.s. interest. here's what the president said about allegedly asking the ukrainians to act in his stead and investigate hunter biden's business dealings. he tweeted this. now that the democrats and the fake news media have gone bust on every other op their witch
4:03 am
hunt schemes, they're trying to start one as ridiculous as the other. call it the ukraine witch hunt. while trying to protect sleepy joe biden will fail again. it is a complicated dance to be sure for the former vice president because as you know he's on tape saying he got the ukrainians to do something or face their financial consequences from the u.s. government which is why this whole story is fascinating. but he says he was not involved in hunter's business dealings personally. >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> here's what i know. i know trump deserves to be investigated. he has violated every basic norm of a president. >> he says violating every basic norm of a president. it is usual to refer to a president as president trump. very interesting comment there from the former vice president. of course we're here in texas for the howdy modi event.
4:04 am
a texas rally. the prime minister of ind yanl makes his way here to the lone star state. should be a lot of interesting folks and reaction to that. a fairly largback to you. >> which candy could you live without? >> could or could not live without? >> you could live without? >> i would live without star bursts. i never got it. >> that wasn't one of the candidates but i'll give it to you. >> i love it. i'll give it to him. i'm allergic to chocolate, i want to get rid of something, i'll get rid of star bursts. interesting what i saw with joe biden, context on the campaign trail, he sees peter ducey, at fox, wants to pick a fight. i notice that the biden campaign put it on twitter. the finger on the face. hillary clinton used to do that
4:05 am
to me like i know you want that question. fox. it's not. it's about legitimate questions that he did as vice president which he boasted about. >> that is a great point. that wagging finger for those of us on the trail, i was pressing governor jerry brown about an immigration issue an the wagging finger is an indicator with the politician that you've hit a nerve that they're not comfortable talking about, that that worries them and they want to go over the top. and that's interesting. and of course the facts do also prove that we're going to hear more about this because of his son's tie to this gas company. >> i don't think it reads well for him. he looks like a beully. we don't know if there was an abuse of power and saying things like i'd beat him like a drum, talking about trump. i heard about joe biden's likability for a long time. there used to be a certain charm but now there's a desperation. he's so eager to make the moment, he's worried about
4:06 am
elizabeth warren. he's not in the right diseen to havzone tohave his likability s. >> joe biden himself boasted publicly that he used his power and position as vice president to pressure the ukrainians at a time when his son was raking in big money, you know, on the board of a ukrainian energy company. corey lewandowski teed off on that. watch. >> joe biden has already admitted this publicly many times that he was proud of the fact that he pressured members of the ukraine to stop this investigation so his son could make money. our president didn't do anything of the sort and the difference now is the media doesn't like the fact that they can't get to donald trump so now they want to go after him on this. i've watched the cable shows, these people are unhinged. when they say this is what joe biden did, they say there's nothing to see there. joe biden didn't do anything
4:07 am
wrong but donald trump had a conversation which was completely appropriate and now they're saying this is the impeachable defense? these people have trump derangement syndrome. >> the trump folks were on the defense. >> and there's a huge rift in the democratic party when it comes to the issue of impeachment and what to do about that. and now you have alexandria ocasio-cortez calling out her own party's refusal to impeach president trump sparking a feud with democrat leadership. nancy pelosi has come out, staying far away from impeachment. she doesn't want to back that because practically speaking she knows that may hurt her party's chance of beating trump in the election. at this point the bigger national scandal isn't the president's law-breaking behavior, it's the democratic party's refusal to impeach him on it. >> the question is what will the
4:08 am
democrats do. because pelosi is almost on an island of herself on this issue. so many people -- elizabeth warren who we pointed out is raising in the iowa poll, leading in iowa by two pounds over biden. she jump on this right away, hands down, undeniably impeach and she's tacking in congress as well. watch. >> congress failed to act and now donald trump has shown that he believes he is above the law. he has solicited another foreign government to attack our election system. it is time for us to call out this illegal behavior and start impeachment proceedings right now. >> so you got to wonder if elizabeth warren and aoc are more in tune with what the left
4:09 am
wants and pelosi is stuck in the mid until the feud that you mentioned where she's trying to say folks calm down want i want to focus on health care and the economy and other issues that democrats did well on in the midterms but instead impeachment has hijacked. >> why doesn't someone ask them what the legal impeachment is. what did he do that was illegal that was a problem that violates clauses that -- i want to know specifics. >> that's a good point. impeachment of course, high crimes and misdemeanors what do we know from the anonymous source reporting? we know the president spoke with the ukrainian president eight times, brought up this issue of investigating hunter biden. but we know from the ukrainian prime minister the that the call was friendly and they felt pressured in no way. and we're learning that the whistle-blower did not have
4:10 am
direct knowledge of this call. did not personally witness it but achieved it through another means. >> how does this tie back to the rtion investigation. russian investigation. it's all about him and his behavior. then it's flipped around. wait. what happened before. what led to this. now it's the biden thing on ukraine. on russia it was andy mccabe. guess what andy mccabe has been doing. he's saying i wasn't a political figure, i was doing my job at the fbi. yesterday he was out there raising money for democrats. so he's playing politics after the president called him out and say this guy was not just the facts man, fbi number two. instead he was playing politics. >> andy mccabe on his decision to speak out. it with as bold decision, a risky veng chur. i am not a political speaker, not a politician, i am not running for anything and not running from anything. >> but he's speaking at a
4:11 am
democratic fundraiser? >> i'm just a cop, just the facts ma'am. i'm number two at the fbi doing my job. >> president trump called him out as a crooked cop and now here he is, a political figure at a democrat fun rayer. >> anrayfundraiser.>> and he's r impeachment saying clearly he should be impeached. >> every democrat who's running in 2020 if they're going to talk about impeachment should be asked to speak about the specifics of what trump did. i would love to hear it. >> let us know what you think, we're going to turn to headlineses for you. a fugitive accused of shooting a police officer is taken into custody in chicago. michael blackman accused of wounding a cop trying to arrest him on a separate incident during the a week. he has not been charged yet. and the new warning that
4:12 am
iran is planning another attack on saudi arabia. "the wall street journal" reporting houthi militants are warning of the potential strike. this as the u.s. and saudi arabia blame iran for attacking a saudi oil facility this week. both iran and the group involved any involvement. iran's foreign minister says the u.s. is going in the wrong direction after sending american troops and defense equipment to saudi arabia. state party officials said a republican primary would serve no useful purpose with an incumbent candidate. that's five states canceling republican primarie primary. >>. a college football's fans viral sign asking for beer money. his espn college game day sign
4:13 am
has raised more than 966,000 dollars for an iowa children's hospital. >> i mean children's hospitals they do so much for everyone around the country. obviously anything you can do to help the kids you have to do. >> the fundraiser still skyrocketing thanks to the generosity of our viewers. also busch light giving king a year's worth of beer with his face on the can. >> pete picked the wrong weekend to take off with the beer flying around. >> maybe he'll get over a million. 2020 democrat cory booker says he needs to raise millions by the end of the month or he's dropping out of the race. our next guest is a democrat and says this could be a publicity stunt for some quick cash. we'll talk about it next. ♪
4:14 am
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4:16 am
4:17 am
. make ore break for our campaign and he eve already seen when we told people it's hard to continue without resources. and you think i belong in this race. you think my voice is valuable, help the campaign in some way. if you don't want to support my campaign. support somebody. more than you are now. there might be two people you really like in the race. support them both. >> well, first his campaign leaked out an e-mail yesterday. now cory booker speaking out himself about potentially quitting the 2020 race if he can't raise millions in a few days. here to react, jonathan harris. good morning. what do you make of this. we've got 18, 20 candidates still in there, deblasio has gotten out. what's going on with cory booker. >> deblasio backing out and
4:18 am
with cory booker putting out this message, it's a sign that the field is narrowing for sure. it's note uncommon for campaigns to put out a message that we know we need to hit this benchmark or whatever it is to raise money. it's not shocking that he's doing this. he's polling at 3% nationalling going in iowa polling at 3%. the quarter two fund-raising numbers weren't great. the top fund-raising candidates raising 19 million, he was at 4.5 million. the writing is on the wall. >> a tweet that caught our eyes, kirstekirsten gillibrand out ofe race yesterday, she sends out a tweet help my dear friend cory booker stay in the race, chip into his campaign. i just did. she opened up her checkbook. what's going on in terms of folks dropping out saying keep anymore in there. are there some folks in the
4:19 am
democratic party saying between bernie, elizabeth warren and biden, still not sure where they're going to go? >> i think they see a lot of potential with cory booker in crossing over and appealing to groups that democrats want to appeal, to african-american voter, younger voters but maybe it's not showing up now. but i think they want him to stay in because of that, there's no tenl ipotential in the campa. and booker believes there is potential. he's setting an arbitrary deadline for himself. he's signaling that they're not going to be able to keep going if they don't have the funds to keep the campaign offices open and things of that nature. >> let's go big picture. something you said a moment ago about the field. i think back to 2016 and all of the smart people in the media said donald trump would never win. he's in a field with so many candidates. their voices are muffled. they can't get their message out. no way they'll beat hillary
4:20 am
clinton. maybe some are saying that about the democrats. is it your hope that it windows down and the democrats don't have such a divided message? >> i think one of the things that the p ares benefited from in 2016 with having a wild field, it showed an array of ideas from the republican party and the candidate that rose to the top rose to to top. you're getting an opportunity to see a that with the democrats. even the differences between warren and sanders who are very similar. you're starting to see the differences between the two of them. but that allows a front runner to emerge obviously as biden leading and warren. meanwhile, stress over climate change fueling a whole new treend. climate society groups. that's next. ♪ good afternoon board members.
4:21 am
we have some great new ideas that we want
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4:24 am
. time now for your news by the numbers. first, 10 million drars, that's how much the massachusetts man won thanks in part to a detour. road closures forcing him to take an alternate route moment and make a pit stop for gas. it was at the gas station that he bought the winning ticket. next, nearly 18 thoirks dollars18,000 dollars,that's hon owned by bonnie and clyde sold at an auction. and finally, $31 million, that's how many downton abbey is slated to make in its opening weekend. the film based on the popular tv show made nearly 14 million bucks on friday alone and
4:25 am
expected to top the weekend at the box office. we've been telling you about millions across the country demanding action on climate change on friday. >> and apparently it's causing real stress for the protesters now joining climate anxiety support groups. >> here too react, michael knowles joins us to fill us in. michael, good morning. what's going on? >> we keep using thi using this, climate change hysteria is not a scientific matter. the current chief spokesman for the climate change is a 16-year-old swedish girl. thiwhat this is actually is a natural reaction to the religious longings of people who have abandoned traditional religion. it's people who have natural
4:26 am
anxieties and are exploring eternal questions. they're not focusing on a traditional religion. >> michael, check out this quote about the climate anxiety program from the daily beast. the program guides participants through practicing self care. each week focuses on a different part of the curriculum ranging from confronting morally to practicing gratitude. there is a focus to properly accept, and act about the processes that the severity of climate change can bring. what is happening to people, michael? >> we saw last week nbc news set up a news secular sacrament, the climate confessional website. you can go on and confess your environmental sins. you have the sin of pollution, the atonement of recycling. now we have a full-blown church service in the climate anxiety self care group. the trouble is, it is actually their own anxieties that is
4:27 am
causing this climate change hysteria. this ain't going to fix it. the anxiety i fear is only going to get worse and worse. >> good stuff. let's move on to millions of people saying they would storm area 51 out in the nevada desert. but, michael, it seems like hundreds showed up. >> tens of people. >> yeah. >> you talked about a cult a moment ago. it was supposed to be a huge group and we've got video here. there was even like a famous deejay there, was going to play the venue and there were, as jed says, there were dozens 0 people. >> barely anybody showed up. it shows you how broken our immigration system is that the left is now supporting open borders for illegal and extraterrestrial aliens. you know, this movement to come to nevada and storm area 51 it does show us a political truth, which is that social media is not real.
4:28 am
you had millions of people on social media saying they, going to do this and then when it comes to real life, very few people show up. this is an important lesson for politics, for society, even if there's some big hull la ballew going on, come down, wait for reality. things in the real world are a bit more normal. we should point out that there's always a chance that the thousands that were supposed to come, abducted on the way there. >> is there a conspiracy theory on that? >> well, i don't know if it's a conspiracy theory. it's likely the case that millions of people showed up and their memories were simply wiped by the government. people need to talk about the real issues here. >> that's why we have you on to talk about the real issues that matter to real people. >> thanks, michael. great job as always. it is one of the most famous tv shows of all time and this weekend it is turning 25 years old. the one op-ed calling out
4:29 am
friends, how dare you, for sending young generations the young message. we're going to break it down for you next. ♪ these days, we're all stressed. (honk!) i hear you sister.
4:30 am
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. shot of the morning.
4:33 am
plenty of talent and a gun. big arm and accuracy. >> friday's games against the washington nationals. ♪ >> this is the best part of it. they're cool but they lost another game. >> all right. >> we did this simply because we wanted jed to talk about it. >> yes. and guess what. we're approaching a big anniversary. sit the 25th anniversary of the famous tv show "friends" which many of you know and one op-ed is asking why we can't quit them already. first a clip from the show. >> you guys, we're sorry. our subway broke down. >> that's a lie. you went to the game. i can see joey's hand. >> for the love of god take it off! >> come on, it doesn't matter why we're late. we're all here now let us in so we can have some of your delicious turkey. >> i had a dream once about a
4:34 am
fax machine that did that. >> that's all the turkey you're going to get. >> how are we going to decide who gets this? >> water balloon! >> can i just say, you laughed the whole clip. >> i love it. it's just a show that made such a big impact on my life. i love them so much. but i want you to check out this op ed, i have a strong opinion about this. this is a quote, for a show snan mouse with the 1990s it's most lasting legacy might be the false portrayal of the real world that it bestowed on the millennials that consumed it as they grow up. >> it showed them as adults who did not have glamorous jobs could live in nice apartments, shirk responsibilities and act immaturely. dwelling in a bubble despite living with a diverse
4:35 am
metropolis. >> sometimes socially awkward, they generally seem to think they can have things handed to them and escape bad life choices without major consequences. aren't those the complaints that general x's have about millennials. >> with the op ed she was taking her head the whole time. >> someone was very cranky writing this op ed. first of all, listen, monica and rachel live in a rent controlled apartment. everyone who knows the show knows that's why it's so big and they can afford it. rachel gets all of the money from her dad at first and has to get a way stressing job and struggle to make money. ross is a pai paleontologist. >> and also, it's a tv show. when you're in your 20s, you have self involved. >> maybe we struck a nerve. >> yes. >> that op ed is true. they were all self involved. >> someone needs to book this person who wrote the op ed and
4:36 am
we need to have a debate about how this show helps people grow into better people. >> there are no consequences for them and they lady da in a renned-controlled apartment. nobody gets to do that $800 or whatever in manhattan. >> do you remember your 20s? you were trying to find yourself, trying to figure out your romantic life, figure out your job. everyone sitting at home looked on the screen and saw themselves. okay, i'm not so bad. my life is a hot mess but there is too. it's going to be fine. >> and you believe if millennials watch reruns of the show it will help their lives? >> i feel like they're going to be this is what it's about, finding friendship and love. it's a tv show. you think when you watch sks in the city those people are affording those apartments with those jobs? come on, man. you got to give a little leeway. >> we must ask you,, please let us know if you think watching
4:37 am
"friends" is a good thing. all right. turning now to your headlines, if that's okay. chaos breaks out at a california mall when shoppers mistake a brawl for an active shooter. watch this. erchlt>> oh! [bleep]. >> police did not find any evidence a shooter. but we think this sparked the mayhem. people shattering a glass door while trying to force their way inside. fortunately there were no injuries. a sports bar shooting left two people dead, eight others shot when shots range out 30 miles north of charlotte. absolutely frustrating when we get a call at 2:45 in the morning, there have been 10 people shot just because one
4:38 am
person can't get along with the other. >> the sheriff not identifying the suspect but said she shouldn't have had a gun due to prior convictions. a newly upgraded elevator at the washington monument breaks down dayings after the monument opened to the public. visitors stranded at the top of the 555-foot structure were finally able to use the elevator after about an hour. teachers capture a heartfelt moment when kids include a wheelchair bound student in their basketball game during recess. watch this. the fifth graders running up to the third grader giving him high-fives at their school's playground in north carolina. those are your headlines. >> i want to show your profile
4:39 am
off like that. >> i thought it was choice, a television choice. >> adam does that a lot. >> i don't think my profile is as knife as griff's profile. he's a handsome guy. i'll move on. it feels good on the plaza. temperatures around the upper 60s, 70 degrees here in new york city. a big heat wave on the eastern half of the country. 74 degrees in cleveland, a late september summer because we're going to see a heat wave for folks on the eastern has o halfe country, 90 degrees in atlanta. 91 degrees in memphis. of course it continues to be hurricane season. tropical storm jeri sitting north of the island of puerto rico. good news is it's going to catch om wind. it's going to head further north, it catches the upper level winds and takes a sharp turn out to sea.
4:40 am
this one is not going to be impacting the united states. because we're still in the heart of hurricane season, active tropics, that's something we're watching. but as of right now all is looking clear. back to you. when was the last time you saw a "friends" episode? >> last night at 10 p.m. i own the box set. aye watched every episode. >> i feel like you wanted to be on the show. >> i would love to be on the show and i would have dated ross. he is a great pick. >> which one is he? >> the paleontologist. an atheist group complains after christian students said the lord's prayer at a high school football game. our next guest says those students had every right to pray. it was reasonable to pray. why couldn't they do it? he's going to explain it next. that one?!
4:41 am
4:42 am
4:43 am
. some quick headlines.
4:44 am
the emmys are tonight on fox. don't miss it. "game of thrones qupt" ready for battle. the hbo series leading the 71st prime time emmy award show with 32 nominations, including best drama. they air tonight on fox at 8:00 eastern time. worldwide celebrations marking the 80th anniversary of batman. hundreds gathered in brooklyn to watch as the bat signal was projected onto a big building. festivities in tokyo, australia, all around the world, even mexico just to name a few. batman day celebrated every third saturday in september to mark the dark knight's first appearance. to be clear, it's no "friends." christian students in alabama praying before a football game by reciting the
4:45 am
lord's prayer. >> father in heaven, hallowed be think name. they king come they will be done. >> now an atheist group saying students should be prohibited from expressing their beliefs at a school event. buhere with more were jeremy die deputy council for first liberty institute. i love when separation of church and state is cited by atheist groups. they don't understand that the establishment of the clause in the cons collusion prohibits this. that does not happen here. what did these students go wrong. >> the letter went on to say they should not only be praying right where they were but they were specifically upset about the fact that these students were allowed to pray over the loud speaker prior to these football games. but i think what we've goin gotn
4:46 am
wrong, they're telling the students to stop exercising their freedom. but these students along with students across the country understand that when someone tells you freedom isn't as free as they thought it would be, they're right to get upset about it. what we've done at first liberty .org is to encourage these students along with the administrators throughout the country that as long as it's student-initiated and student-led on the sidelines or over the loud speaker is perfectly acceptable under the constitution. >> let's look at a statement saying that the supreme court struck down invocations given over the loud speaker at public school athletic events even when student led. can you give some context on what the alabama law and is what the u.s. constitution a actually says with respect to that and whether or not the statement is accurate? >> the statement is not accurate at all. the state of alabama passe passa law on this thing that says that students can pray in the
4:47 am
classrooms, in the hallways and even over the loud spiker. on the gridiron it's allowed to have student-initiated prayer. the school administrators cannot command students to pray but they can't tell them they can't either. in other words, students are free to exercise their religion, whether that's in the classroom or on the sidelines or in the press box before the football game. what i want every student to understand in this country, and school administrators need to pay attention to this as wl well. if school administrators are telling you not to exercise your religion whether it's in the classroom or the football field, go to firstliberty .org. we have a model policy that you can download and your school administration can adopt the policy to allow you to have a roar fume to pray or recite a poem or whatever speech you want to have. but this effort by some to drive religion off of the public stage entirely, to say that any student exercising their
4:48 am
religion even on the gridiron is somehow against the law, that is not freedom. and at firstliberty .org we're not going to stand for this anymore. students and teachers are fed up with this, telling them they can't do something that the constitution clearly says they can. >> this is obviously not the first time we're seeing this. when you see cases like this, how do they play out. does the school goa school get d and respond or do the school triumph over the accusations? >> sadly we see the school administrators doing what they did here, trying to convert something into a moment of silence. in other words they'rery stricting. censoring. limiting speech and freedom along the way. they don't have to do that. that was the point of my op ed, my open letter to the state of alabama. they can actually take steps to be able to create these forums, to create more freedom instead of less.
4:49 am
in the state of georgia they had the same thing happen to them but we were able to work with the administration to give them that model policy. and they're going to be able to continue to allow their students to have the freedom to that the constitution permits them to have. that's the count of the country we all want to live np. and again, students, teachers, parents, they're stick of these nags saying you can't do this kind of thing anymore and i don't think we should put up with that anymore. >> thanks for being here today and for obviously providing that important context. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. an disbram couple goes couple for several daring photos but now they're getting a lot of heat. that couple responds to the critics when they join us live coming up next. ♪ it's for my family, its for my self,
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well, if you've seen their gravity defying photos that have many catching their breath. >> this one showing the travel couple perched on the edge of a cliff high above a lake in peru. and in from bali where they're dangling off of the side of an i finty pool and the students are parking controversy. >> here with more is the travel couple, kelly and her boyfriend, cody. good morning. >> good morning. >> so these photos are real. they're not staged. we've seen other people on instagram saying there's trickery to it. these are legit. >> they're real. >> so 0 100% real. >> what do you think about the krit circumstance? >> we don't like to feed into it and honestly, you know, especially with the most recent photo, the lake photo the response to it was resounding positive pretty much up until
4:54 am
making the news. >> who takes the photos? >> we do. >> we take them ourselves. we have a tripod and a self timer. >> what about people that say just to play devil's advocate. i think the photos are beautiful. but what i think of immediately are young people on instagram who see the photos and want to emulate them. you see people trying to take a selfie and they've gotten injured and died. what do you say to critics that bring that point up? >> well we would never put our lives in any kind of danger. these are just a play on perspective. >> yeah. i think there's a bit of a misunderstanding on these photos for sure. as we talked about with the pool in april, it is a perspective shot. the ground in the most recent one is basically where the photo ends. we would never put ourselves in harm's way. but at the same time i don't want to tiptoe around, you know
4:55 am
concerns somebody might one day copy me. >> cody or kelly, either of you, a question for you, have you ever seen a photo, thought it would be a good photo and then thought on wk,' know the go ing to do that. it's too dangerous? >> no. no. not us. >> i feel like the context you provided is so important when you're saying the ground is pretty close there and i'm wondering if that would help to con tech chullize and say what you're saying to us right now on a wider level or maybe in the message below the picture so people get what you're doing and can appreciate the photo without that concern. have you thought about that, making it for public, what the construct of the photo actually is? >> no. >> these are photos that we take and that we love. a lot of time and effort goes into these. we share the ones that we love the most in the way that we think looks the best.
4:56 am
>> right. and you know, our photography is sort of our creative outlet. we view it more as an art. >> cool. now last question on the infinity pool one. you're saying that the perspective is such that the floor is not that far away. from the photo, if you were to fall, that could still be a significant fall. that's not just two or three feet. explain that one for us. >> so, the infinity pool one, there's a pool below which is just outside of the framing. so again, with that one, it's just a perspective shot. the play on angle makes it look like it's much higher than it is. and with the lake one, the ground is literally where the photo ends. >> the photos are beautiful. >> no question that the photos are stunning. that is to be appreciated and thanks for the context. that's appreciated as well. >> thanks for coming? >> check them out on instagram. meanwhile, joe biden going on offense against the
4:57 am
president. pete hegseth, the man, the myth, the legend, he joins us live next. ...
4:58 am
... let's get down to business.
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quickbooks. backing you. >> ♪ ♪ and the trumpets they go ♪ ♪ griff: dave is giving me the wrong queue. it's like a candy war is going on. there it is. jedediah: this has been a big topic of the day. as we all know, i'm right. ed: i could live without this. you could live without twix. he's got a big chocolate fan. griff: i'm being bullied here. i'm on the fire here. ed: he would be teasing you about this chocolate allergy. and there he is.
5:01 am
jedediah: look whose here! pete! griff: help me out, brother. pete: this is an easy one. this is an easy, easy one. it can't get rid of the twix, the snickers or the m&ms and the easy one is milky way. it's automatic. jedediah: oh, man, you haven't had a milky way recently. it's really delicious pete and by the way, griff is sitting in your seat here, we're torturing him and he's like wow this is a tough seat and i said well listen pete hegseth -- pete: it's a hot seat. griff: it's a hot seat for sure and we brought up the fat that you and jedediah months ago -- jedediah: do you remember that? pete: absolutely. ed: pete we're going to talk about -- pete: we're going to talk about it in the second we're here in the hills in the beautiful state of israel, but i'm honored to be with you guys for candy gate. ed: we wanted to kick it off
5:02 am
with ukraine gate, if you will the week started pete when you were back in the states on this notion that president trump was on defense over these questions about his phone call with the ukrainian president back in july and whether or not this was going to lead to impeachment. in fact there are democrats for the campaign trail currently and this weekend while you're overseas saying the president should be impeached over this even though they don't have all of the facts on this. well the story has taken a turn. here is former vice president joe biden playing a little defense. its now gone from the president to the former vice president, and his son's business dealings. we'll get you to react on the other side, watch. >> trump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader if that's what happened? trump is doing this, i'll beat him like a drum. ed: he thinks he can beat the president like a drum and the president tweeted now that the
5:03 am
democrats and the fake news media have gone buffed on their witch hunt schemes they are trying to start one as ridiculous as the others. call it the ukraine witch hunt while at the same time trying to protect sleepy joe biden will fail again the president says, pete. pete: ed, correct me if i'm wrong. did i miss something but this whole thing while i was gone, did it start with hearsay? with someone who said they heard something and i don't no one man s whistleblower can be another mans leaker and there are plenty of people out to listen into and be against this president for whatever motivation and i believe the foreign minister of the ukraine has also come out and said i know about these conversations. they were very straightforward. the problem is it's going to boomerang back on joe biden when they try yet another thing to impeach this president for, it's their own backyard that's not clean and this president gets this aspect. listen the clinton machine tried to enrich itself through the clinton foundation. political connections used to enrich individuals. it appears now that we look at
5:04 am
it that that's what vice president biden may have been doing. did he talk to his son? did he not? they are on two different pages. if they did the very same thing why wouldn't he want to know whether or not political connections were used to enrich individuals, so to me this feels like yet another media hunt that the president based on hearsay, is that the new standard, griff? griff: well that's a great point pete: that doesn't meet the standard. griff: it's anonymous sources and we do know that the president, not once but eight times brought this issue up but the ukrainian foreign minister says it was a friendly conversation in that whistleblower from the same anonymous sources we learned had no direct knowledge of this call , and my colleague, peter doocy was doing a fantastic job in iowa pressing joe biden about exactly what joe biden had to do with his son. listen. have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son
5:05 am
about his overseas business dealings. ed: he says i've never talked to him, pete but here is the problem. there was a new yorker article this summer and we can go into detail where hunter biden has this wide ranging interview and basically says they did talk about it pete in december 2015 as joe biden prepared to return to ukraine, his aids braced for renewed scrutiny with barisma, the energy company, the obama administration special en view for energy raised the matter with biden but did not go so far as to recommend that hunter leave the board of that company. as hunter recalled his father discussed it with him just once and dad said, i hope you know what you're doing and i said, i do, according to hunter, so here , from his own son, pete, a different story. pete: if somebody, what's that word they use all the time? lacking candor? one of the two of these is lacking candor, in this particular scenario and you know full well that his father, the vice president, knew his son was
5:06 am
up to something. if he's asking do you know what you're doing? he's knowledgeable there's connections with shady businesses, deals being made, everyone in the ukraine knows his dad is the vice president, visits being made to that country, and he's kind of saying are you going to get me in trouble for this? you telling me there wasn't a conversation or two or three or 10? we don't know whose right and whose wrong but when you say never, and you could see the animosity he had toward peter doocy god bless him, when you say never you open up a can of worms, because if they find one thing and suddenly now the rabbit hole is open. jedediah: i was saying pete, that just shows how terrible he is at campaigning because you never say never and you leave yourself open to somebody saying oh, we had this one conversation , and i think that i have a theory though. i think the other candidate, other 2020 people are loving this focus on president trump, because secretly they are saying they know this is going to bring the attention on biden and go the elizabeth warrens of the world,nd the kamala harris old world they want joe biden to have to answer questions about
5:07 am
this so by pushing the story front and center about trump, it's very strategic. it's also about biden. pete: absolutely and it shows as you've said clearly before, many have said, joe biden is not a good candidate. hasn't had a rationale from his candidacy from the beginning and he's dropping in the polls and he's explaining everyone is yell ing about impeachment, our president drives forward, because ultimately they've come at him with everything in the kitchen sink but this scrutiny coming back at joe is not helping him and you see it with voters in early polls and joe biden's candidacy was dead on arrival to begin with the party left him a long time ago but it turns out all of the connections he thought would benefit him just like the clintons are the ones that are his undoing because people don't want that in a president. griff: pete you brought up the impeachment word that continued to gain steam on the 2020 campaign trail but also the former -- pete: did it ever stop, griff? griff: well it's really fascinating because again as you point out this story, this whistleblower story may end up
5:08 am
being not what the democrats expected but yet that hasn't stopped elizabeth warren and others from saying that this is yet another reason for impeachment, including former fbi director mccabe, deputy director excuse me and here is a quote from his speech he made at a democratic fundraiser by the way about the whistleblower complaining he says i'm most concerned for the whistleblower. his complaint was essentially blocked by the acting director director of national intelligence. i hope that doesn't block the protections that that person is relying on to maintain whatever status they currently have in government. to me it is just an abuse of power on a scale that we have never seen before, so clearly, impeachment conduct says andy mccabe. pete: an abuse of power on the scale that we've never seen before from the lips of andy mccabe? this guy used to look straight into the mirror but then they exposed himself he goes to work
5:09 am
for cnn and does democrat fundraiser and we knew there was a group of people that hated this president they wanted an insurance policy and he got fired for lying and then he has the audacity to turn around and use again anonymous hearsay at this evidence of impeachment. people are sick of this i don't have to tell you that. this doesn't fire anybody up other than left wingers who are already moving to another candidate other than joe biden, whether it's elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. ed: there is another i word, israel. that's where you are right now you're filming two specials coming up the battle en bethlehem and the battle in the holy land and i noticed on twitter you were trying to talk to a pro-palestinian voice and there was an interesting map you found in your reporting. pete: yes there was a globe inside where we were meeting and on it in the world i moved it over to this region and israel was scratched out with a sharpie , so ultimately that's part of the view that you see here is everyone wants peace, reconciliation, a way forward but from their perspective it
5:10 am
means israel doesn't exist so if you go around this state you see what amazing things the jewish people are doing and our piece, battle in the holy city on fox nation was so successful because let's come back again and do two more so on fox nation coming at christmas we'll have battle in bethlehem the place where jesus was born heavily contested right now the christian population shrinking we went inside that church talked to palestinians and i've got a new tatoo from a christian palestinian which i'll share with you next weekend on the couch. ed: breaking news. pete: yeah, it is i'll show it to you i won't tell you what it is people can check it out, i'll share later and we did also battle in the holy land which is about the settlement you hear all about the west bank. we're standing in the capitol of samaria, a jewish settlement, the impression given about settlements is completely wrong. we'll bring the real story to you on the ground, of what it looks like. fascinating stuff, the biblical heritage, history, geography,
5:11 am
security, and we're going to bring it all to your screen on fox nation so if you don't have it, i can't believe i missed the weekend with you guys if i have to miss it for anything it's to bring the truth of the holy land ed: you had october fest on saturday there was beer all over fox square. pete: i know. jedediah: pete i have a bone to pick with you when you come back when you come back you'll have to explain yourself because your candy game is way off, pete so we'll have that debate, you better be ready i'm fired up. pete: listen, my candy game is unquestionable all right? thank you guys we'll see you. ed: we miss you. jedediah: we'll turn to headlines for you now beginning with a fox news alert. in downtown indianapolis, police calling victims a combination of adults and juveniles they were all rushed to local hospitals. two in critical condition and one in serious condition, police are searching for the gunman who fled the scene. >> the president is asking the u.s. to get out of the persian gulf. the president is vowing to drive security efforts in the region
5:12 am
after slamming the u.s. for leading patrols amid rising tensions. the u.s. sending american troops and defense equipment to saudi arabia after blaming iran for attacking a saudi oil facility earlier this month. iran says rebels are responsible , both iran and the group deny involvement. >> and police arrest a man in the 1985 hijacking of a twa flight. authorities aren't publicly naming the lebanese man picked up in greece on a german arrest warrant. he and several others are accused of hijacking twa flight 847 in at ens demanding the release of hundreds of muslims from israeli custody. the hijackers alleged hezbollah members holding the 146 plane passengers and crew members hostage for several days. they are accused of killing robert setham during the hijack after finding out he served in the u.s. navy. >> and hotel tycoon barron
5:13 am
hilton has died. his family says he died of natural causes in his los angeles home thursday. he transformed his father's hilton hotels into an industry giant and he was also a founding owner of the american football league, which later merged with the nfl and was the grandfather of paris hilton. he was 91 years old. griff: he's opened his doors to victims of hurricanes katrina and harvey and now, he is opening his showroom to flood victims yet again. his inspiring message, coming up >> ♪ ♪ day 23. i'm about to capture proof of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't.
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>> it is open right now, all day, all night, some we'll
5:17 am
shelter you and your family. we've got all kind of drivers standing by ready to come pick you up and we'll take care of you because texas takes care of us. ed: he's opened his doors to victims of hurricanes including hurricane harvey in 2017 before. griff: now mattress mack is back turning his showroom into a shelter as floods reek havoc. jedediah: that texas owner joins us now with more jim, welcome. ed: good morning. >> glad to be on the show. jedediah: jim the work that you're doing is so amazing and you've done this through katrina , harvey, and what drives you to do what you do that's so pivotal to the community? >> well you know i take care of the community because the community takes care of us. we've been involved in houston the past 38 years and we live by we all have responsibility for the well being of our community. we take that very seriously, in times of crisis. we have to step up and lead and try to make houston and texas a
5:18 am
better place especially when the rains coming down like it did last thursday. griff: it was a surprise, most people didn't see this level of flooding coming, but yet you reacted quick quickly. >> i was at the store and the called started coming in that people needed to be rescued out of the neighborhoods they were close to our location, and the report came in of highways flooding tremendously and i knew it was time to open the store and send our trucks out and we picked up hundreds of people, they came in and of course they were all shell shocked, but we tried to give them the comfort and food and those type of things, and just react like a good citizen would to help each other. we're all here to help each other, walk the mile and carry the load. ed: that's a great point and there are a lot of people in our audience who want to help as well. can you tell them if you're not in the houston area how they can help the website and help you do this heroic work? >> sure just over the next several days we'll have lots of
5:19 am
ways to donate, i'm talking to harris county judge today about setting up a way to get money to help these people rebuild their homes. the tragic thing is a lot of the people got flooded were just 25 months out from recovering from harvey. they had no insurance during harvey and now they are flooded again, so there's lots of needs as far as cleaning out their house and rebuilding, refurnish ing so there's a long road to walk uphill over the next couple years but we're going to stay with our citizens and help them get better because texas is all about people helping people. jedediah: can you just talk about the positive effect that it has for a community to come together as your community does with leadership like yours in times like this? so many communities around the country have suffered at the hands of similar circumstances and your community and work is such an inspiration to so many. >> well i think it's so important that we all forget about right wing and left wing politics we worry about people, and it's totally gratifying to
5:20 am
see people come together regardless of race, color, creed , national origin and help each other and that's what happened in houston last thursday, friday, and continue to happen over the weekend and will continue to happen over the next six or eight months as we rebuild together, so i think it's very important for communities to come together as a group and to help each other and the more we do that the more we get to know our neighbors the better communities we will have. ed: as a yankees fan i think you need an update to your wardrobe, but i think i'll give it a pass and maybe you and i can coming together during this time with so many people are coming together, sir. >> yeah, coming together is good, you know, the entire city of houston is rallying around the people, and in beaumont they have 45 inches of rain, so horrific flooding everywhere. it's time to rebuild one more time. griff: thanks very much, jim. protesters clashing with police outside an i.c.e. facility in
5:21 am
colorado this weekend. former acting i.c.e. director joins us next. >> ♪ ♪ not this john smith or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health, and we find one that works just for you. no matter what your name is.
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ed: good morning again, quick headlines an american airlines flight to phoenix to minneapolis diverted after a passenger appeared to smoke pot on the plane. the guy reportedly told passengers he was also high on cocaine. before locking himself in the bathroom. according to tmz he was taken in for a medical evaluation, yes after landing in denver. and tmz also reporting kevin hart's car crash could end in a series of lawsuits they say the comedian and two people on the crash have now hired attorneys, amid reports that he is facing big time criticism for not having airbags or seat belts in
5:25 am
that 1970 plymouth baracuda. he and two others were hurt in the crash earlier this month. griff? griff: ed, thanks. denver police brought him dozens of protesters as both pro-i.c.e. activists faced off outside a local i.c.e. facility. >> [chanting] griff: former acting i.c.e. director ron vitiello joins us now, why do we keep seeing protests going on around these facilities? >> i don't understand it. we all support the first amendment right for people to assemble and i'm grateful there were supporters there of the i.c.e. mission and its people, but survey san francisco survey, poll after poll shows that the american people want the border secure. in order to do that you have to have resources at the border including a wall, more agents, technology and you have to have interior enforcement and an immigration system that has integrity so you have to have detention and so these places are required in order for us to
5:26 am
secure that border, and give the american people what they want. griff: so estimates vary but it looks like there's 10 million or more illegal immigrants here in the u.s. , and when we look at this issue, you have the front end of the issue which is the border, we're now seeing with walls being built with declining numbers with cooperation from mexico that that is improving in remarkable ways but on the back end, it is the interior enforcement that needs to be done. why is that so important? >> you've got to do it both, right? as you said, the numbers are declining at the border because of the things that this administration and this president has moved the apparatus in a direction i've never seen, so we're doing better at the border there's declining numbers, but when people get by the border patrol when they come into the country and become illegal or commit crimes you have to have enforcement on that back end and have resources including detention, you have to have officers in the interior, you have to have attorneys that represent us in immigration court, you have to have all of that continum, you have to have that whole system to work to
5:27 am
bring integrity to the immigration system. griff: stepping back into your old role as i.c.e. director how difficult do you believe it is to accomplish that interior enforcement under this situation with these every time you look at the tv you've got these protests going on? >> there's a lot of misinformation out there. so people have to realize that most of the people that are in custody that are in immigration detention are mandated by congress to be in detention so they could come across-the-boarder illegal hi they have to be held. if they commit crimes or get arrested they have to be held so if you don't have that detention system then you're not complying with the law and the best way to remove people who are a danger to the society is to have them in a detention bed so they can be flown out of the country. ed: ron vitiello, we will see. unfortunately this is not going to end here, we'll continue to see it play out thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. griff: well, 2020 democrat kamala harris dancing her way to the iowa caucus but there's another candidate who should be
5:28 am
celebrating. we'll tell you who just took the lead in a key poll. >> ♪ are you dancing to a brand new beat ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect... and find inspiration in new places. leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. everything you need, all in one place. expedia.
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why accept it frompt an incompyour allergy pills?e else. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief jedediah: andrew yang taking a good look at himself as he checks out a supporter's leg tatoo of his face. ed: he is tweeting out a picture
5:32 am
of himself writing "i better wi" griff: and he met this supporter while campaigning in iowa i remember back during the obama 2008 i witnessed a guy getting an obama tatted auto on his calf i don't know if you saw that. jedediah: that's pretty cool anyone get a tatoo of you yet, ed or are we waiting for that? ed: no, pete got a tatoo in israel. jedediah: imagine he comes home with your face on him. that wouldn't be so bad. ed: meanwhile we mentioned all kinds of fun going on in iowa. kamala harris, look at this she's not doing too well in the polls, some people wondering whether after corey booker she might be next sort of backing into the wall but she's dancing around having a little bit of fun. jedediah: i love when they do this because you get to see a real side of their personality but do you know who should be dancing? oh, yeah, elizabeth warren check out the first choice for president among iowa caucus goer s 22%, elizabeth warren has surpassed joe biden, whose now at 20%, sanders 11%, pete
5:33 am
buttigieg 9 and harris 6. maybe harris was dancing to ever are up the crowd. ed: it was query within the margin of error. it's only a two-point lead. but you're right. biden has been at the top all along despite one thing after another, stumbles, gap, and all of the rest he's still been at the top. the fact that warren has been steadily gaining and is taking a slim lead and also that bernie sanders is dropping ever so slightly. jedediah: maybe he needs to start dancing, griff. griff: i guess so. kamala harris that's what they want to see, the drum line, the communications director lilly adams saying look at this, this is awesome but the other thing that they expect there is for you to engage in the local culture, and food and stake is one of the, this is a steak friday, traditionally everybody running has to be there they are flocking there but do you know not all of the candidates isn't that a little hypocritical?
5:34 am
ed: they cooked up about 10,000 steaks which is cool and if pete were there, he'd be dancing. he loves that but a lot of these candidates not only do they not eat meat but corey booker, they've talked about how it contributes to climate change if you eat meat and you should give it up because otherwise it's going to ruin the earth. here is what some have said. >> if we believe, as i do and you do, that climate change is real, we're going to have to tackel it in every single area including agriculture. >> as a nation we actually have to have a real priority at the highest level of government around what we eat. we should expand the list and included in that should be a measure of the impact on the environment. >> and it's very energy consuming and energy expensive and if you project forward on what we need to do to reduce emissions you would want to modify american's diets. ed: first it was the straws.
5:35 am
jedediah: i love the side by side though of this montage and you see them chowing down on a t -bone. ed: you have to in iowa. you do one thing you do another. jedediah: i'm curious though is it hypocritical or was this an exceptional day, maybe a special occasion, let us know. ed: i just thought we're going to have where they cannot get rid of the meat sauce they were going to taste it and talk about it in a minute. in the meantime turning to headlines a soldier, in training dies at the fort jackson military base in south carolina. this unidentified army recruit had a medical emergency before a drill on friday. fort jackson's commanding general said, "the tragic loss of a soldier,, our nations most precious resource, is devastating to the families, friends and teammates." now the exact cause of death is under investigation. we'll stay on top of that story. meanwhile, a driver takes police on a wild high speed chase because he did not think they could catch him in a 2002 acura.
5:36 am
an out of state trooper tried to pull the man over for speeding when he took off going 140 miles per hour. police arresting him after he finally came to a stop. the man says he's surprised the troopers caught him because he thought their cruisers had v6 engines, not the v8 hemi, they are actually equipped with. that is hilarious. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez calling out her own party and their leaders for failing to impeach president trump. the democratic socialistic from new york tweeting, "at this point the bigger national scandal is not the presidents law breaking behaviorist the democratic party's refusal to impeach him for it" and remember they tried to patch it up with a meeting a few weeks back? pelosi warned democrats to be very careful about pursuing impeached. and actress julie andrews earning her the american mill am institutes life achievement
5:37 am
award. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ed: oh, yeah, andrews is most famous for mary poppins and the princess diaries and the sound of music. griff: time to toss to the only man whose got my back today. he's got the weather my man, adam? >> griff you are a wonderful man, don't let them be mean to you. ed: no spaghetti for you okay? jedediah: yeah. >> take a look at this forecast even though we're getting late into september at this point, feeling more and more like summer kind of one last hanging on to summer therefore the eastern part of the country, a lot of spots hitting into the 70 s upper 60s in new york, 74 in cleveland and this is just the beginning it's going to be a warm one today, spots running up
5:38 am
to 90 degrees 91 in memphis, getting up close to 90 degrees in cleveland today middle 80s for large portions of the eastern coast, 84 degrees in new york city a little bit cooler out west, of course it continues to be hurricane season, we've got a tropical storm we're paying attention to, this tropical storm good news with this system though it is going to lift to the north run back out to sea, no big tropical storms we are watching right now as i toss it back to you guys what's that i smell? ed: something very special. yesterday we celebrated the foods of germany for octoberfest we are celebrating the feast if you can hear the music. griff: what better way to showcase this, than with frank sinatra's favorite restaurant in new york city, from pasty's. jedediah: here is the executive chief celebrating the 75th anniversary, you knew a brooklyn girl, right? >> it's a pleasure to be here thank you so much.
5:39 am
jedediah: it smells delicious what do you have today? >> we have a lot of great italian specialties and we have baked rigattoni, it has spaghetti and meatballs you can't be without, we got the cheesecake, and of course, the cannolis. jedediah: it feels like frank sinatra's favorite restaurant. >> its been run, this is my son is joining he's a fourth generation of the miller family and it's only one location, pats y's italian restaurant on west 56th street. other places similar names not affiliated with us. ed: why was it frank's favorite restaurant by the way? >> my grandfather met him back in 1942 and tom it dorcey says i've got this skinny kid from hoboken and fat en him up a little bit and that's where the love affair started. he came in the kitchen and he says make sure you cook as good
5:40 am
as your pop does. no pressure. ed: he told me that he used to have dinner there, with mr. sinatra, as he still calls him, sammy davis jr. , i could be a fly on the wall for them. >> oh, forget it, it was such a great time the yankees came in and won the world series 1977 and billy martin had a reservation and they took up the back of the room, the curtain was closed and billy martin wanted to go back there and my father said i thought that's saved for someone really important. you don't say that to just anyone but then frank sinatra came in and they met each other, frank had his dinner and they had their dinner at the end of the meal, frank left, yankees said can i have the check and my father said can't do it frank picked it up for you, for the whole yankee team. jedediah: i need some tips, i'm an an italian who can't took. >> well normally what we would do at this point with the oil and the flavors put some garlic, put some chicken broth, white
5:41 am
wine, and of course, some red peppers, we blanche these a little bit. jedediah: smells so good. >> i'll put in this juice now and then to do a short cut for our 50th anniversary, 25 years ago we came out with the sauce. so it's terrific. this is online on our website as well. so we have the two cookbooks that we did and frank sinatra's daughter, nancy wrote the first one. and we're so blessed to have 75 years of the same family. the only location is between eighth and broad way. please come see us i'd be happy to take care of you. jedediah: and bikers surprise a little girl running a lemonade stand all because of a good deed her mom did for them one year ago. that mom and daughter, they join us, coming up next. >> ♪ ♪
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5:45 am
griff: 45 minutes after the hour quick headlines turning in protests turning into chaos after police say a group of violent radicals infiltrated a climate march in paris. riot officers arrested more than 300 people as apt i government activists set fires and threw stones. more than 7,000 officers had been deployed to try and keep the peace. and protesters storming on a mall at hong kong riot police keeping a close eye on them after several clashes, including this one overnight, and you can see demonstrators running away from police after officers spray them with tear gas. >> and take a look at this. a massive brawl breaking out in the streets during the ongoing clash. ed? ed: imagine seeing this at your lemonade stand a group of 30 bikers walking up to a little girl as a long-awaited thank you
5:46 am
to her mom. jedediah: and the motorcycle group lined up at eight-year-old brianne's lemonade stand after her mom, a nurse, helps them after a highway crash a year ago griff: here with more is that mom and nurse, and her eight- year-old daughter. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. griff: so tell us, why did you do this? >> i was having a lemonade stand so i could get something. like saving money for something. i don't know what i'm going to get. jedediah: what was it like to see all of those bikers come up and buy lemonade from your stand >> it was like i thought they were going to give to the church but they weren't, they were coming over and i was like kind of like nervous because i thought i didn't have enough
5:47 am
lemonade. ed: well mom, you do some heroic work and this was being honored here and having just gone through some surgery, i realized probably for the first time in a long time, how much you interact ed with a lot of nurses in the hospital. you do incredible work. talk about what you did for these bikers? >> really, that day i didn't do anything besides be there with them until the paramedics arrived so i was one of the first to pull up and i didn't want to just reeve leave them there and went around and made sure everyone was awake, talking , and did the best i could with limited materials until paramedics arrived. griff: i want to ask you another question, did any of the bikers say anything to you that you remember? >> not really. i think they asked for a picture i was in work mode. jedediah: [laughter]
5:48 am
what did they give you? can you show them what they gave you? >> they gave me -- >> your patch? >> yeah, she got a patch. jedediah: this is such a powerful message you kept in touch with these bikers after the accident, they played such a key role your daughter obviously so happy to see them what a beautiful story to share with us today. >> yes, thank you. ed: we wish you well with the lemonade stand and that you continue, we know you're probably focused and you're back in work mode already, so we won't bother you too much. jedediah: so cute. ed: take care. griff: thank you. what a great story. jedediah: so cute. 2020 hopeful maryann williamson calling out her own party for taking religious voters for granted. >> you think that everybody who prays in those southern states and were praying dear god, turn this hurricane around, do you
5:49 am
think they're stupid? that's real smart strategy, democratic leftist. jedediah: jonathan morris says she's absolutely right and he joins us live coming up next. hmm. exactly liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ what might seem like a small cough
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5:52 am
jedediah: 2020 hope fundamental mary ann williamson warning democrats not to take religious americans for granted. >> you think that everybody who prays in those southern states and were praying dear god, turn this hurricane around do you think they're stupid? that's real smart strategy democratic leftist. that's real smart strategy. mock and make fun of everybody who believes that god is powerful. jedediah: here to react is fox news contributor, jonathan morris, good morning. >> good morning.
5:53 am
i love her and i love her more every single day, when she's teaching. i think a very important lesson to the democrats is don't think that just because one-third of your base, which is what it is right now, are non-religious and we should totally respect that, but the fact that one-third of your base is non-religious doesn't mean that the other two-thirds are not important as the democrats are going to win in the midwest they have to recognize that people in not only the midwest but i would say especially in some of these swing states, consider their faith to be not only a thing of tradition but real, and that there's power in prayer and this is what they were maying fun of, saying you're praying away a hurricane, what are you talking about? yes, we pray away hurricanes and we believe that god actually intervenes in human affairs, it doesn't happen always. griff: you have a good point. the middle of this country, as they say, mayor pete buttigieg also a candidate i want to play what he said and see what you think. >> my party has historically
5:54 am
been a little bit allergic to talking about faith for what i'd actually consider to be a very good region and that is that we have seen the consequences of someone's faith being imposed on somebody else beings and so we need to make sure that we honor the idea of standing for people of every religion and no religion equally. >> i think think there's a moment here where we should invite those who are motivated by religious moral considerations, to know that those are some of the things that are at stake, in what we're doing to this planet. >> well first of all -- jedediah: deep breaths. >> i do love the fact he's talking about religion but what does he do? he immediately pivots to say and my religion tells me that we should take care of the environment. excellent. but we have known that forever. creation and us being stewards of creation is something that existed way before the democratic party ever existed. now, when he says my party has
5:55 am
been allergic to talking about faith he says it's because faith is used to impose our faith on others. when has that ever happened in recent history in the united states of america? from a government' perspective, i can't think of any time, so they have to get better at actually talking about what their faith means in their life and how it motivates them towards making good politics. ed: pete buttigieg has gone after vice president on a number of cases which has orpheaned people, so what about bernie sanders, here is what he says about his reading of the bible. >> the bible if it is about anything is about justice, it is about reaching out to people in need, it is about standing up to the wealthy and the powerful. that's what this campaign is about. ed: surprisingly that plays into his message. >> and i believe the bible is about justice and taking care of people, but when he said that if
5:56 am
the bible is about anything, it's about this, no actually the bible, both in the christian faith, the jewish faith, is about salvation and redemption, and god giving us a second chance at life, and possibility of life in the christian faith it's about jesus christ and our personal lord and saviour. that's actually what the faith is about. now, if there's lots of other things, loving our neighbors, ourselves, so many other things, but you can't pick and choose, and i think republicans have to be careful of that as well as democrats. jedediah: it's so hard because i hear them talk about religion oftentimes it's like they are using it to justify their own policy as opposed to speaking from the heart about their personal faith and the role that's played in their lives which might resonate with voters >> absolutely, sincerity is above all the most important things. ed: appreciate you cominging in. we've got breaking news the president is addressing reporter s remember he's on way to houston. we'll bring you his comments as
5:57 am
soon as we come back.
5:58 am
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>> ♪ ♪ ed: all right, this is the final hour, we got a lot of news to get to the president just wrap ped up some comments to reporters at the white house, he talked a lot about former vice president joe biden, so why don't we go straight to peter doocy our correspondent on the scene because he talked to the vice president yesterday, impressed him on all of this so peter we want to go to you and then we'll hear the presidents comments, you're joining us from des moines, iowa where it all went down. talk about your former interaction with the vice president? >> ed the issue that the president is talking about with regard to biden is so complicated, because it involves a foreign government and biden's son and business dealings, so when the former vice president showed up at the polk county democrat steak fry yesterday i
6:01 am
tried to start at the beginning. >> have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealing? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealing. here is what i know. i know trump deserves to be investigated. trump's doing this, i'll beat him like a drum, and is usually the abuse of power in every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. everybody looked at this and everybody has looked at it and said there's nothing there. ask the right questions. >> there was no opportunity for a follow-up there, but this does seem like something that the former vice president is going to be asked about again, the next opportunity that there is for questions. back to you. ed: peter doocy. we mentioned the president and here he is talking to reporters.
6:02 am
president trump: we're going to spend some time on the flood and be briefed on the flood, we're going to make a big investment so we can try and help the terrible flooding they've been having so we'll be talking to a lot of people and meeting a lot of people. that's going to be at ellington air force base and then some of you are coming with me, i guess. we'll be going to houston and we'll be at a very nice big stadium packed full of people with prime minister modi of india, he asked if i'd go with him and i've accepted and we're going to have a good time. i hear it's a tremendous crowd, so that'll be in houston and then after that i'm going to iowa, pratt industry is opening a 1 billion-dollar plant and i told mr. pratt, whose a great friend, i told him hi he does something really spectacular
6:03 am
i'll go and cut the ribbon and he did he invested $1 billion in in ohio so pratt industry, it's a great company and they're great people headed by a very great businessman from australia , so they are bringing $1 billion into ohio and i said i'd go and cut the ribbon and here it is we're ready to cut a ribbon. it's a great plan and we look forward to that and then we're coming home and then we have a lot of work at the united nations during the next week. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: nothing is ever off the table, completely, but i have no intention of meeting with iran and that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. i'm a very flexible person, but we have no intention. it's not set up. we're meeting with a lot of leaders we have about 15 meetings set up, but iran is not one of them. reporter: mr. president?
6:04 am
[indiscernible] president trump: we had a great conversation. the conversation i had was largely congratulatory, with all of the corruption taking place and largely the fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son creating to the corruption already in the ukraine and the ukraine has got a lot of problems. the new president is saying that he's going to be able to rid the country of corruption, and i said that would be a great thing we had a great conversation. we had a conversation on many things, in fact, i believe ukraine put out a statement yesterday saying that we covered many different topics and it was a warm and friendly conversation i backed ukraine from the beginning, but i'm very upset that other countries aren't doing the same. germany should be spending much
6:05 am
more, france, all of the european unions should be spending money. why are we spending money and they're not or at least they're spending very little by comparison. so i'm not happy about that. reporter: mr. president? will you let rudy guiliani talk to congress about what he asked? president trump: i would have no problem with rudy is a very straight shooter and rudy wants to see the same thing as a lot of other people with respect to ukraine. ukraine has had a tremendous corruption problem. somehow they were involved in a lot of different things that look place in our country, and hopefully, it could be straightened out and i will say, the new president, we had a very good talk. the new president got elected based on the fact that he would end corruption. that was probably his number one thing. reporter: mr. president do you think somebody was spying on you on that call with ukraine? >> well whoever it was or the whistleblower because it sounds like it's not a whistleblower you can't have that happen to a
6:06 am
president of the united states. the conversation, by the way, was absolutely perfect. it was a beautiful, warm, nice conversation. it was put out last night also by ukraine, but you can't have people doing this. you can't have people doing false alarms like this, and you know when the president speaks to the head of another country, he has to be able to speak to those people, and those people don't want to know that they're being recorded or that you have a stenographer working, you don't want to have to hear that. you can't do that to a president and you can't do that to other countries, but with all of that being said we had a very great conversation, very straight, very honest conversation. i hope they can put it out. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: well i don't say anything but whenever i speak to a foreign leader, i assume there are many people in the line. i don't assume i'm talking to the leader. any time i'm on the phone with a
6:07 am
foreign leader, many, many people are on the line sometimes they are taping calls sometimes they are doing a stenographer but i also do assume many people are on the line from the other side, so if i'm speaking to a country, they also have people on the line. so who would say a thing like what you're saying? now i will say this. i said absolutely nothing wrong and was perfect. listen to me. listen to me. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: listen to me. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: listen to me. i assume many people are on the line. i know that before i make the call and you have intelligence agencies, everybody listening. that call was a great call. it was a perfect call, but what wasn't perfect is the horrible thing that joe biden said, and now we said he never spoke to his son. give me a break. he's already said he spoke to his son and now he said yesterday very firmly of course
6:08 am
you spoke to your son, so he made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son. he spoke to his son but more importantly, what he said about the billions of dollars that he wouldn't give them unless they fired the prosecutor and then he bragged about how they fired the prosecutor and they got the money. reporter: [overlapping speakers] president trump: no i'm very busy i'm going on the floods today. the floods are very important to me, and climate change. everything is very important, but today i'm going to texas on the floods, and then i'm going to houston on the big rally, it's a rally for prime minister modi and he asked me to do it of india and i look forward to doing it. reporter: joe and hunter biden [indiscernible]. president trump: well not only
6:09 am
ukraine. take a look at china. they took a tremendous amount of money out of china. now, they took over china negotiations, he would sell us out. look at all of the money he made in china. he knew nothing. the son knew nothing and he's making hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars, and he did the same thing in ukraine. he knows nothing. this is a very dishonest thing that joe biden did and then he said he never spoke to his son. does anybody believe that one? but then he also said long before that he did speak to his son. so he lied, again. but what he said is that he wouldn't give i think it was billions of dollars to ukraine, unless they fired the prosecutor who was looking at his son and his son's company, the company that his son worked with, and that's a very dishonest thing and i'm not looking to hurt biden or even looking to hold him to it to be honest but he said a very bad thing. he said a very foolish thing.
6:10 am
now me on the other hand, my conversation with the president, the new president of ukraine, was perfect. they put out a statement last night, they said the same thing. it was a warm, friendly conversation. there was no quid pro quo. there was nothing. it was a perfect conversation. reporter: mr. president, will you bring up joe biden? how do you explain the military aid? president trump: because i want germany and i want france and i want the european union to put up money, and i didn't delay anything. we paid the military aid to the best of my knowledge. listen to me. i gave so much more to ukraine than obama did. go back and check your records. and do you know what you should do also? reporter: mr. president? tell us why anybody should be allowed to buy a gun without a background check. president trump: we're looking
6:11 am
at it right now, studying it very hard and it's an issue that frankly congress is wasting all their time on nonsense and we're studying it very hard. if congress would get back to work we could work something but congress is doing all of this nonsense, this garbage they're doing and i'll tell you what they don't have any time. the democrats in congress are doing nothing. i'll tell you what. they're going to lose the election. do you know why? because they're not doing anything. reporter: are you going to make a decision this week on a gun proposal? president trump: we're working very hard with some democrats. the problem i have is that jerry nadler and all of these people, they keep wasting time in congress over nothing. they are studying nothing. the mueller report was perfect. corey lewandowski was magnificent. everybody is perfect. they're wasting time. they couldn't accept the mueller report. they couldn't accept that defeat they can't now accept the fact that we have the best economy we've ever had and we may be hitting another all time high. reporter: are you expanding
6:12 am
background checks to all commercial sales? president trump: we have a lot of different things but the problem we find is the democrats have very little time to talk because they are wasting their time. you take a look at what they're doing, it's a total waste of time and they know it. they know it. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: we're working with joe manchin, the senator and pat toomey, and a lot of people working on this and i'd say over a period of time. the problem that i have is the democrats in the house especially they are totally unavailable to talk, because they had herrings all day over something that's already been won by us, they made up this story it was a false story, it was a hoax, and frankly, we have to get to the bottom of how it started but they're wasting all of their time on a hoax. reporter: mr. president, how you
6:13 am
said jay powell was a bone head but no guts. why? president trump: well he's got a job and i could do things if i wanted but i don't want to we're so strong despite jay powell but he's not helping us. other countries have lower interest rates and he has, look, it's very simple. he listed the rates far too quickly and he lowered them far too slowly and it's a shame. it's a shame. reporter: are there other bone heads in your administration whose jobs are -- president trump: not too many bone heads. i'll tell you what. we really now have a great administration, but what we have is a great cabinet. our cabinet has done a great job reporter: mr. president? president trump: go ahead. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: no, he is a great gentleman, joe. he's doing a fantastic job and i
6:14 am
no one thing, he's only going to do what's right but he's doing a fantastic job. but just so you understand, the conversation i had with the president of ukraine was absolutely perfect. people better find out who these people are that are trying to subvert our country because here we go again. these are bad people. but the conversation i had with the president of ukraine, was absolutely a 10. it was perfect. now, what you have to do is look at the corruption on the democrat side. take a look at how the whole witch hunt started. now they want to try and start another witch hunt, but unfortunately, this one is reverting now to joe biden, because he's done some very bad things and i'm not even looking to hurt him to be honest. he needs all the help he can get i'm not looking to hurt him. i'm not looking to hurt his family, but the corruption and what he said is a terrible thing
6:15 am
reporter: well you bring that up with ukraine this week? ed: facing reporters on the south lawn of the white house before heading down to houston we'll get to that with kevin corke in a moment but the headline is the president saying again and again his conversation with the president of ukraine back in july, he says was perfect. there was nothing wrong about it , and that this is really now a story about democratic corruption. jedediah: he also said he has to be able to as president speak to leadership and the president of other countries and have these conversations. he said that they back ukraine from the beginning other countries should be doing that as well they had a warm, friendly conversation and he called out joe biden as a liar and he drew attention to the fact that biden had bragged about potentially, not potentially about withholding this money from ukraine if this prosecutor was not fired that prosecutor happened to be investigating a company where biden's son hunter biden had been on the board of directors at that time saying listen the conversation was about corruption, i did nothing wrong and now the conversation has
6:16 am
shifted to joe biden, the potential corruption there. griff: clearly the line was there at the end where the call was a perfect 10, he called it perfect and then just said it's perfectly 10 we'll have to see a readout of this call because certainly there's two sides of the story. ed: absolutely let's go to our correspondent kevin corke live down in houston waiting for the president to arrive, you can see them in the arena and kevin he also said he's would be to let his personal attorney rudy guiliani go and testify to congress about his dealings with ukraine and the white house trying to say they have nothing to hide. >> you're right and keep this in mind. you can say that i have no problem if he wants to go talk to him go ahead and talk but that's a bridge a bit far if to be blunt, between whether or not you can say sure i have no problem and whether or not his attorney actually goes and does that. i think any time you open yourself up for risk i don't think it's probably exercisable but that's something we'll be keeping an eye on. you also mentioned something
6:17 am
very important ed and you've dos this, this president pulls no punches. he said that joe biden was being less than forthcoming, that he lied about this idea and i never talked to my son about his business. here is what the president said not long ago. i'll share that with the folks at home. >> i've never spoken to my son about overseas. president trump: this is a very dishonest thing that joe biden did and he said he never spoke to his son. does anybody believe that one? but then he also said long before that he did speak to his son. so he lied, again. reporter: this is not a story that will go away easily especially because there is so many layers when you get down to about the business dealings of hunter biden. it's something the president certainly seems eager to take advantage of politically in the meantime. by the way speaking of in the meantime we're hearing for the howdy modi rally, a chance to
6:18 am
speak to tens of thousands of americans should make for a very interesting morning here in the lone star state of texas but for now back to you. ed: kevin corke all over the democracy of the job, and griff we've been talking as well about the fact that the president that phone call he says was perfect. he could release a transcript in fact i spoke to a senior administration official the last couple days ago who seen that transcript and this official told me there are some in the government saying we should just put this thing out there because the democrats are fanning conspiracy theories. this is what administration officials are saying and you wonder if the president believes it's a perfect 10 put it out there. griff: i totally agree and that's why i asked you the question, because the two sides of the story, we have heard that according to the anonymous sources and the original reporting that not once but eight times the president pressured ukraine yankees president while the foreign minister says it's a friendly call and now the president
6:19 am
clearly doubling down,. jedediah: it's just amazing the sunlight is being demanded on these conversations i don't remember the cry from the media for some light to be given on every conversation that president obama had with leadership and other countries and now this is a man that you have a president of the united states and president trump said it. he said listen i know when i get on these calls there's people in our national security team, there's intelligence officials people on that call i know what i'm saying ahead of time but we're now in a world where certain selective members of our country in terms of leadership have to disclose everything and the other side, those demands just aren't being made. ed: to your point remember when president obama got caught on the hot mic, and said let me get re-elected i'll be a a little bit more flexible, now democrats are out on the campaign trail saying why is donald trump consorting with foreign leaders? griff: that's a great point because that was a hot mic. that wasn't a leak. that started this whole process. ed: we've got a lot of other news to cover the president also talking about the fed chairman,
6:20 am
the economy, saying he's not happy with chairman powell's moves at the fed. he wants him to cut rates a lot quicker. maria bartiromo is all over this story and she reacts live, next. great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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griff: back with sports headlines despite being cut twice in the past month, antonio brown is reportedly drawing from from other teams, and his agent tells espn the unnamed teams still want more information about the multiple sexual assault claims against him, he has seen also reports a new deal likely won't happen until the nfl finishes its investigation. and to college football number 3 georgia holdoff number 7 notre dame 23-17, 93,000 fans packed the stadium, and the largest
6:24 am
home crowd ever in a west coast shootout ucla caps a 32 point comeback, watch. >> came from behind! and the bruins have recovered. griff: the bruins forcing six washington state turnovers, and cougars quarterback threw nine touchdown passes and ucla wins 67-63. and number 8 auburn survives number 17, texas a& m 28-20 and number 13 wisconsin crushes number 11 michigan, 35-14 and that's college football headlines as i proudly wear my georgia tie. ed: and the president calling out jerome powell yet again making it clear how he feels about interest rates and whether they're being cut quick enough. president trump: he's got a job but i could do things if i wanted but i don't want to do that.
6:25 am
we're so strong despite jay powell but he's not helping us. other countries have lower interest rates. look it's very simple. he lifted the rates far too quickly and he lowered them far too slowly and it's a shame. jedediah: here to weigh in "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo. maria welcome. maria: hey guys great to see you jedediah: what do you make about his comments about interest rates and powell? maria: well look it's not new to have a president criticize the chairman of the federal reserve and this goes back many times over the years, so what's new is that we're in a twitter world, and now, what the president says about jay powell and the federal reserve is broadcast for everybody to see it so you've seen all the way back to the nixon days that you know, where presidents would criticize their federal reserve chairman for not moving fast enough in terms of lowering interest rates having said that the economy is very strong. what the president wants more of is the u.s. to be more competitive with the rest of the
6:26 am
world. go across the world and you'll see either very rock bottom low rates or even negative rates in germany. you've got negative rates in other words when you put money in the bank you're paying think employee to hold that money so the u.s. needs to be in line with that, because any cut in interest rates impacts the currency and that's one of the reasons that the u.s. dollar is so strong. it's also the fact that it is the jewel of the world and everybody wants to put their money in u.s. assets, so i don't read much into it but what i read more into regarding the fed is what jay powell said about where we are. he said the economy is quite strong and expecting it to say strong. griff: should he be concerned about his job? maria: i don't think. the president isn't going to fire jerome powell and it's a debate whether he has the power to take jay powell out. some people say he actually cannot remove his chairman. but look, i think it is worth remembering that at the end of last year, the chairman of the fed said that he wanted to raise interest rates three times, and he wanted to unwind the fed's
6:27 am
bernie sanders which is another form of tightening so he clearly did make a mistake that six months later we're talking about lowered interest rate. ed: maria you've got your program at the top of the hour live but also a big special tonight on fox news channel about ai, artificial intelligence? maria: yes, thank you so much for that. it's coming the revolution impacting every industry. we go into various industries and we talk about where the job cuts will be, where we're seeing technology replace jobs, and the oracle of ai, he's the former president of google china. he says that 40% of all jobs will go away in the next 10 years so there are some real worries when it comes to artificial intelligence. we also take a look at ai being used in the military and what that means, and whether or not china is ahead of us and what that means, so ai has a lot of different legs to it i'm thrilled it will air tonight at 8:00 on fox news channel. we also have a big show coming up i'm featuring devon nunes, exclusive here as well as senator lindsey graham, and senator lindsey graham is going to talk about what we're seeing
6:28 am
in terms of iran, saudi arabia, what he believes the u.s.' next move should be and then of course we've got congressman devon nunes ranking member of the house intel committee. isn't it interesting that last week, we saw a testimony of michael horowitz, okay? the inspector general actually testified last week, not a peep about it in the media. he actually did address some comments about what we are going to see potentially with andy mccabe and all of the people who put their finger on the scale back in 2016. also jack keane is with he as well we'll talk to him as well, four star general to talk about what's ahead in terms with foreign policy. griff: with the presidents comments on the south lawn you know we have the acting joe mcgu ire will testify before that house intelligence committee this may change things. maria: exactly i'm expecting that devon nunes makes news as well as senator grandmas well, so congressman nunes and senator graham onset in the next 30 minutes. ed: don't miss it. a big special tonight 8:00 p.m.
6:29 am
eastern in the meantime mass antifa protesters descend on a portland i.c.e. facility pelting rocks at police officers. that's according to reporters on the scene. we'll have that story and the details coming up. griff: plus a debate which candy must go. jedediah: oh, boy. griff: the candy war we've got your e-mails, coming up. see that's funny, i thought you traded options. i'm not really a wall street guy. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation? it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade
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jedediah: that's the shot of the morning. griff: we are on fox square. jedediah: they are handing out cones with their latest limited edition soft serve flavor, kit kat made with real kit kat bar. ed: which is ironic because i picked that in our candy war that i could do without. if i had to pick one thing i don't want it would be kit kat but i've got to say this is pretty good. jedediah: it looks vanilla. it's a little brown. it has the kit kat in there. griff: which one do you like better? >> i didn't even notice that. >> both. jedediah: [laughter] >> i'm a man of the people. ed: which classic candy bar could you give up forever? one has to go, you saw this started off forever, which one do you choose?
6:34 am
jedediah: he's crazy and someone said i said twix bars and somebody said milky way, pete hegseth, these were the choices, snickers, milky way, kit kat, m&m or twix, which candy would you give up and we heard from a lot of you e-mail from bob, get rid of twix, thank you, bob it doesn't belong on the same table as the rest. i can not agree more. ed: e-mail from lisa, milky way has to go. it has no crunch factor. i didn't know that was a thing. griff: tony wants to get rid of milky way and snickers and add heath bar as well, but he will pull it in and kick it out. jedediah: [laughter] ed: jeff says i say see you later m&m and my wife is ditch ing the milky way. >> that is in there a lot. jedediah: you know what my favorite candy bar is though, it's like a combo of everything?
6:35 am
griff: with the candy bars? jedediah: yes, yes, but reese else to me, you give the best one. griff: what appears to be antifa protesters throwing rocks at police officers, and journalists sharing the video on twitter capturing chaos after friday's global climate strike. >> "put it down, step away." >> griff: all of this un unfold ing as millions of people protested around the world anthropology and in russia possibly facing another olympic suspension after tampering with drug tests, they messed with samples that it gave to the world anti-doping at say russia was banned from last year's winter olympics after a massive doping operation was uncovered and if the new allegations are true they would likely face the
6:36 am
same fate for next year's summer games in tokyo. and searching for a man wanted for divorcing his wife without her knowledge. paul nixon is accused of breaking off his marriage by submitting forged documents with false information. officials say his wife confronted him after finding out he was spending money on jewelry after the phony divorce was finalized and the divorce was vacated so the two are still legally married for now. and today we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of the hit tv show "friends." >> [applause] >> it's a cat! >> that is not a cat! >> yes, it is. >> why is it inside out? >> [laughter] griff: that's a clip from jedediah's episode and she's a huge fan of the show and here she is with her husband, jeremy, sitting on the couch, the friends couch at central perk in new york city and here she is.
6:37 am
jedediah: yes, i visited the studios and the first thing i said was take me to the friend's couch so we had a tour, and saw the cool stuff and then i had a chance to meet david schwimmer, who i'll continue to call ross g ellar. i love that show. i'll never stop loving it. that episode with the cat please go watch it. ed: normally, we got adam with a cone, double cone here. what's going on over there. jedediah: adam you're getting a little sloppy i've got to say. griff: it's warm out here. >> which leads me perfect into the forecast, it's going to be warm in the eastern half of the country, 71 degrees currently in new york city, and 76, do you know what it's really hard to do , come take my ice cream cones there we go. now i can pull out the clicker and actually move these forecast graphics a little bit. it's going to be running up to 84 in new york city, 90 in
6:38 am
cleveland 71 in memphis, a hot one here on the eastern half of the country and i came here and grabbed this because there's a couple signs, i would say we're is your dad? >> long island. >> happy birthday, dad. is he taking you out to dinner for getting on tv? >> i think we get out of it now , right? >> we had to take him to dinner >> you're definitely out of it now just bring him some ice cream home. ed: adam had to give it up. because you're going to toss it back to us. we'll take it away. >> three feet off to my right. ed: it was one of the biggest moments of the 2019 graduation season. >> this is my class, 2019. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. >> [applause] ed: giving another big hit, so we weigh in on that, next. >> ♪ ♪
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6:42 am
ed: quick headlines looking at the week ahead, first president trump said to hold a religious freedom event at the u.n. there he will call on nations to crackdown on religious prosecution and violence against places of worship and then on tuesday, the first high level debates begin as the u.n. general assembly climate change and universal healthcare are both on the agenda and on tuesday, a committee will hold a vote on labor secretary nominee, the president's pick is the son of course of the late supreme court justice who previously served as the labor department's pop lawyer, under president george w. bush. jed? jedediah: thanks edit was one of the most epic commencement moments of the 2019 graduation season. >> this is my class, 2019. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. >> [applause] jedediah: billionaire and
6:43 am
philanthropist rob it smith taking it a mega step further expanding his gift to not only include student loan, but the loans taken by their parents to a grand total of $34 million. here to weigh in is fox news contributor and syndicated columnist. welcome as always. $34 million the 1% is not always that bad is it? >> you know, from bernie sanders and elizabeth warren terrible people that 1% is greedy nasty awful people and here is a man who has the where with all to write a check for $34 million it's a beautiful thing and should be applauded and praised from coast to coast. >> it's also an example of charitable giving as opposed to people looking at the government to bestow wealth, this is someone who came out on his own, was very successful on his own and made the decision to be charitable. that is what this country is really about. >> yeah, absolutely and i think this is a beautiful thing, another aspect is a lot of private foundations are required by the irs to give 5% of their man in charitable gifts and i think that applies to the
6:44 am
endowments at harvard, princeton , yale, stanford, if they were giving away 5% of the money, i think they could do student debt relief as could the board and they might be able to lower or eliminate tuition at places like harvard which has something like $30 billion in assets and they could share that with high schools, other schools at that level of financial where with all. i think that would be very helpful and it would just put them under the same rules. jedediah: now you have a new op-ed out that's great on fox democratic presidential candidates lie when they claim trump is a racist. now we have seen this happen time and time again, he's a white supremacist and a racist when you look at the debate stage. let's check out a montage of what they've said and i want your reaction. >> to engage in racist rhetoric >> we have a president that contributes to it with his bigoted racist rhetoric. >> the president has now
6:45 am
brought it out into the open and made it permissible to be racist , openly in america. jedediah: what do you think when you see that? >> yeah, i think this is amazing we hear this over and over again and yet there have been repeated times the president of the united states has done positive things for black people the most recent example being september 10 they spoke to the black college and university conference in washington d.c. and spoke for half an hour and do a little drive by and photo op, and talk about the things the administration has done for this black colleges and universities and opening offices in the white house to make sure their needs are attended to and they asked obama for eight years to make pe ll grants applicable for summer school, obama did nothing trump deserves approved those. he's reached out to the corporations and started apprenticeships which they've done, and recruitment among schools for people with space related careers. if you are racist, you know, right up on his white supremacy or whatever and say half an hour talking to these black educators , guess how much time
6:46 am
abc and cbs spent on their news is zero so there's a major outreach to a significant black organization, and they do not give it any coverage which just leads to the further division of this country. they should be ashamed of themselves. jedediah: black voters when you look at polling they're very excited about joe biden so what is it about joe biden that appeals to them is it policy, what is it? >> i think it's the fact that he was the vice president under obama who is the first black president there's some familiarity within that respect but i think what the president of the united states should do is more like the one he did at the historically black colleges and universities, talking to black businesses, going to black churches, and it'll be very hard for him to be portrayed as a racist if he's spending a lot of time talking to black voters and he doesn't need to win 100% of support supporters, if he wins 15-20% we wins running away. jedediah: does that rhetoric work when you think about on the debate stage i'm saying president trump is a white supremacist, a racist. when you think about black voter s, who would be watching a
6:47 am
debate like that, are they paying attention to that? is that reverberating with them or are they more interested in the issues looking at black unemployment and these other policy initiatives president trump has put fourth that helped the black community? >> i think the unemployment is something that's clear and other s need to be expressed clearly because a lot don't get the coverage they need and the president of the united states needs to go out and do that and i want to see him knock-on black doors. jedediah: he himself? >> yes, go knock and black door s if 8/10 say get off my porch and 2/10 say thank you, mr. president i'll support you he wins. jedediah: do you have any predictions as to what kind of the be sent age of the vote he can get? >> he got 8% last time which is a third more than mitt romney did in 2012 and if he gets it up to 12 or 15% he gets up to 20 and he needs to go out and make the case. it's a very positive case but he needs to make it. jedediah: if i see president trump knocking on my door i have you to thank for it? well i appreciate it, deroy, and i think that's really smart for
6:48 am
a long time the republican party has not been very good about outreach, and that has unfortunately shown, because it shows in the numbers, but when you look at the stats and unemployment numbers these are all great points, everyone should check out deroy's op-ed on it points out the initiatives in the black man the. >> thank you very much. jedediah: the countdown to my baby boy's arrival is on and like any mom the safety is one of my top concerns up next we're checking out the safest baby gear on the market.
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6:51 am
griff: back with fox news alert three people are hurt one seriously as a fire breaks out at a 12 story building near times square, you can see huge
6:52 am
plumes of smoke, which is a mixed commercial use building with residential apartments and a small hotel. guests had to be evacuated the fire appeared to be coming from duct work of a restaurant. and a newly-upgraded elevator at the washington monument breaks down during its reopening. the malfunction coming just days after the monument opened to the public, following a three-year renovation project. visitors stranded at the top of the 555 foot structure were finally able to use the elevator after about an hour. jed? jedediah: well, baby is almost here and like any mom, safety is one of my top concerns so just in time for baby safety month we are checking out the most trusted baby gear on the market. we have it right here. ed: here to walk us through it is jessica from parents magazine good morning to you. >> good morning, yeah i want to start with safe sleep because that's a hot topic and the big news is you can't use the reclined sleepers, those were recalled you want your baby to lay flat at night, and the aap in addition says it's nice
6:53 am
to have them in your room for the first couple months because you're kind of feeding every two hours checking on them so i like this bassinette to start. you can bring it right up to your bed and it's smart because you can swivel the baby to check on him or to feed, and it's a super safe sleep spot and of course the other rules for safe sleep are no blankets pillows, no stuffed animals. jedediah: you have to swaddle them, right? >> you can. there is a wearable blanket and i like this love to dream one because look the first three months, right he's wearing this but then you can also turn it into a regular wearable blanket too. jedediah: oh, look at that. >> you use on the love to dream you use the little arms because when they do the startle reflex they can wake themselves up so that's the function of that. look, he's like in, he's all bundled in there, and in your
6:54 am
belly -- griff: like in the womb. jedediah: [laughter] >> they go all the way up to toddler size but not adult size. ed: what about the monitor? >> when you move him into his own room and you want to check on him is he crying because he needs me or putting himself back to sleep, you mount this over the crib and it sends the image to your phone but my favorite thing is it tracks the whole night and gives you a report the next morning of how much sleep your baby got and it gives you personalized advice like maybe let him cry for another minute before you put him in or put him down a half hour earlier at night it's really helpful like having a sleep coach. griff: let's get down to the changer, just so you know you'll be using this a lot. this is an important piece of equipment. jedediah: it's quite come comfy. >> i like the baby safety risks from that first year is that they learn to roll before you even know it.
6:55 am
right? so it has these kind of walls, the keekaroo, has the walls and straps to figure out how to roll like they're still going to stay on the changer and also the foam kind of grips the top of your dresser or whatever you have the keekaroo on. so easy to wipe clean. 125 is a little more expensive than traditional changers but it's so worth it for the peace of mind and it cuts down on laundry a lot and car seat is the thing that everybody needs, so you get home from the hospital. the big trend is this sort of like one and done. this car seat, from every stage goes from five pounds to age 10 years. jedediah: wow. >> it's the only one you'll ever need, starts rear facing for tiny newborn, and after two years you turn it around and it converts into a booster. it's made in america which i love and it's $280 which is such phenomenal price for one car seat.
6:56 am
jedediah: what is this mean? >> this is the gold version and yes exactly. this will connect to your phone, via an app. ed: don't forget the stroller. jedediah: i didn't even see this here. >> for a stroller make sure it's jpma certified, this is a direct to consumer story so it's only $350 even though it's super delex it has the sun protective canopy and also has reflectors on the front and back so if you're pushing this around in the dusk people can see you. jedediah: very stylish. griff: thank you for being here. jedediah: thank you for letting me talk about safety gear. griff: more fox & friends coming up. >> ♪ ♪ 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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>> vo: my car is my after-work de♪ music ion zone. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> how lucky? baby have it made. [inaudible conversations] >> we will see you next weekend. >> thanks, guys, have a great day. maria: good sunday morning, everybody, welcome, president trump speaking out short time ago on two breaking stories this morning, the fallout over the whistleblower complaint as acting intel chief now getting set to testify in capitol hill in the coming days, tensions with iran ahead of un assembly gathering in new york, join me ahead in sunday morning futures to react to all of that, senator lindsey graham, he will be here, the top republican on the house intelligence committee also here, congressman devin nunes joining me momentarily, also with me retired four-star general jack keane, preview of my special report on a


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