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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 24, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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with the stars? i like that jacket better than that flamingo thing that he had before. he is still in it. everybody who voted for him. that all-time we have tonight. mike emanuel is in for shannon bream. mike: we begin with a fox news alert. we are working for the latest on the ukraine whistleblower. new development straightahead and new pressure on nancy pelosi as calls for donald trump's impeachment intensify in the wake of the secretive whistleblower complaint but is the democratic narrative unraveling as fox news learns the whistleblower does not have firsthand knowledge of the phone call with the ukrainian president in question. tensions escalating with iran. the country's foreign ministers is the latest round of us sanctions against his country
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has closed the door to negotiations, both donald trump and iran's president are in new york city setting the stage for a possible showdown as fallout deepens. the state department spokesman morgan ortagus joins us live in moments. also tonight a cornerstone of this administration, protecting religious freedom and donald trump is allocating $25 billion to because. we will speak to the ambassador at large for international religious freedom. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with correspondent jillian turner who has the latest from donald trump on this whistleblower complaint. >> sources are confirming to fox news the whistleblower doesn't have firsthand knowledge of the phone calls between donald trump and president is a linsky of ukraine. the president and white house aides debating whether to release a transcript of that call.
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donald trump says it is fine to talk to foreign leaders about corruption admitting he spoke to ukraine's president about joe and hunter biden on july 25th, he says it was nothing more than business as usual. >> supporting a country, we want to make sure the country is honest, you don't talk about corruption why would you give money to a country that is corrupt? >> he insists there was no quid pro quo when it came to military aid to ukraine. >> did you tell ukrainian leaders if they investigated joe biden? >> now i did not make a statement that you have to do this or i'm not going to give you anything. i wouldn't do that. >> that transcript of a at the center of a raging debate in washington. democrats demanding to see it. >> what is the latest from the director of national intelligence on this transcript issue? >> lawyers are telling fox news
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they are not handling the whistleblower complaint itself as required to do by law because it involves confidential and potentially privileged communications by persons outside the intelligence community. essentially they are saying they are withholding it to protect the person who wrote it. democratic leaders like chuck schumer are accusing republicans calling them silent and submissive. >> how long must we wait for our republican colleagues to rise up to their responsibilities to the constitution, separation of powers and rule of law, donald trump brazenly violates that law. >> nancy pelosi is giving them until thursday to provide the complaints threatening failing to meet the deadline will lead to a new chapter of lawlessness in which the us will be led to a
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new stage of investigation. donald trump isn't splitting it. >> how seriously are you taking impeachment? >> not at all seriously. the president of ukraine, everybody knows it, it is just a democrat witchhunt. >> the washington post reporting of sources say donald trump told the acting chief of staff make more than any to hold back nearly $400 million of military aid to ukraine but also that was at least a week before this call with the president of ukraine took place. >> breaking tonight congresswoman debbie dingell a cautionary voice on impeachment is budging a bit by calling for impeachment inquiry. in a tweet the michigan democrat says after recent revelations i support and impeachment inquiry because we must follow the fact and told the president accountable. concerns over business dealings with some of joe biden's family
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members are nothing new in the firestorm over the secret whistleblower has catapulted that back into the spotlight. here's correspondent doug mcelway with how the biden family business dealings are raising red flags. >> 2 months after biden launched his latest run for the white house the new yorker published what many saw as inoculation for biden against his son's troubles. and it hunter biden acknowledges a longtime struggle with cocaine, alcohol and prostitution but these detail questionable business deals including $1.5 billion donation from a chinese businessman to a private equity firm hunter cofounded. the money donated days after the younger biden flew with his father to china aboard air force 2. >> two days later the kid gets $1 billion, this ridiculous private equity fund. >> a second private equity fund, received $3.4 million from the
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ukrainian gas company, paying hunter $50,000 a month to sit on this board. giuliani says when ukrainian prosecutors investigated for corruption, biden pressured the government to fire a head prosecutor. the biden campaign is wrong, vp biden and other western leaders and the international monetary fund want the prosecutor fired because he wasn't impressive, he secretly headed through a shell company. it was only after the ukraine government changed hands with a brett operating. >> there wasn't any scandal at all, impose the same strict rules. >> reporter: everly joe biden's
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brother james biden is being sued for conspiracy to defraud a business partner. >> james biden repeatedly would try to leverage his brother joe biden's connections. >> biden and his family have denied any impropriety. >> i never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses. go. >> hundreds declined another term on the board, told the new yorker his board term wasn't worth it, quote, it certainly wasn't worth the grief. mike: thanks a lot. donald trump says joe biden is corrupt emphasizing the former vp recently brags about pressuring ukraine. listen to biden in his world words in 2018. >> you're not getting $1 billion. i said you're not getting 1 billion, it was 6 hours. the prosecutors not fired you are not getting the money. he got fired. >> let's bring a national security attorney bradley maas, his firm is managing partners separately part of the
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whistleblower act legal team and harmeet dhillon. what does your experience tell you about this kind of case? >> in these types of situations there is a very high threshold, evidentiary burden imposed on the information outlined in the whistleblower complaint. i've seen the same anonymous sources leaking classified information that the justices based on hearsay and gossiping they don't have any details. unit who hasn't leaked? the whistleblower who went through the proper procedures, submitted this to donald trump appointed inspector general, it was validated as credible by the inspector general. the president is attacking this person's patriotism on twitter, questioning whether he is truly an american. >> fox news is reporting that the whistleblower who filed a complaint with the intelligence community inspector general did
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not have direct knowledge of communications between donald trump and the foreign leader in question. is this all based on secondhand information? >> it seems to be but neither of us knows exactly what is in that report and so i will reserve judgment on that but what is very clear is the inspector general doesn't have the last say. the legal team for the dni looked at this and based on evidentiary standards it has to be an urgent manager and fixing criteria but it didn't fit those criteria and that is right because we can't have a system of government or any employee of any level in the government works for the president can decide to go out and circumvent the process and report things to a congress that is hell-bent on dragging the president through the mud. we have some rules and i'm sure this will get thought out. i'm sure we will mitigate over the standards but who is the
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real loser? joe biden is one of the real losers in this situation because the entire country in the world are being reminded of the absolute corruption exhibited by him in that breaking session about getting the prosecutor was trying to investigate his son fired and we are being reminded about his corrupt son, absolutely ridiculous $50,000 month contract and so-called hedge funds and so forth and now we are being reminded that the democrats colluded significantly with ukrainian officials. the paul manafort smear that caused him to quit the campaign was all instigated by ukrainian officials a lot of information is coming out that is not flattering to the democrats. >> you really want to bring the campaign measure -- became manager about your back to jail. always people around the president committing crimes and you're going to try to blame it on the democrats? you kidding me with this? >> i know you are representing a client. >> i'm not representing this client. >> take a listen to the 2020 democrats talking impeachment. >> it's time for us to call out
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this illegal behavior and start impeachment proceedings right now. >> of course it is an impeachable offense. >> there is no way to defend the lack of progress on impeachment especially after what we have just learned. >> we need absolutely to right away begin impeachment proceedings. got to go. >> if the president is withholding military aid at the same time that he's trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit, providing dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign then that may be the only remedy. >> running short on time but is there risk they are jumping the gun? >> obviously they want impeachment, doesn't matter what the subject is. it will backfire on them so go for it. >> let's see the facts play out, see what we, in about that and make a decision at that point.
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>> thanks so much for your time. also breaking tonight a new memo showing then acting fbi director andrew mccabe apparently took former deputy attorney general ron rosenstein seriously when rosenstein offered to wear a wire to record donald trump in the white house. according to the memo obtained by conservative watchdog group judicial watch rosenstein told mccabe he wasn't searched when he entered the oval office so he could wear a wire. mccabe told him he would check with his investigative team and get back to him, rosenstein has maintained he was being sarcastic. also new tonight democratic officials are shocked a rising star within their own party facing six felony charges related to alleged voter fraud in connection with the november 2018 midterm elections, state police investigated the alterations of records of absentee ballots leading to the arrest of southfield city clerk hawkins. the center of state pointing out elections are the foundation of our democracy.
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>> oliver stand before you today to indicate that there will be no tolerance for any action that undermines that foundation anywhere, anytime by any person or official. >> prosecutors say the alleged fraud did not affect the outcome of the vote. hawkins was given a prestigious award four months ago by the michigan democratic party. new tonight prosecutors say u.s. army soldiers specialist derek william smith shared bomb making instructions to discuss killing antifa activists targeting democratic presidential hopeful beto o'rourke, then bombing a major news network headquarters. private first class smith is facing 20 years in prison if convicted. iran versus the united states, the showdown at the united nations as the iranian leader rallies for support against america. the state department spokesperson morgan ortagus is live with us next to tell us
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>> mike: the fallout of the attack on the saudi oil facility is front and center >> the fallout of the attack on the saudi oil facility is front and center is world leaders gather at the united nations. iran's president is there on a mission to support a win for his country, win support for his country. rouhani unveiling plans to invite persian gulf nations into a new coalition. at this time there is no planned meeting between donald trump and rouhani. with iran and rouhani coming to town the stage is set for a showdown between world leaders. let's turn to morgan ortagus. great to see you. >> great to be back. >> the washington post as a
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story saying donald trump ordered a hold on military aid days before calling the ukrainian president officials say it goes on to say ordering acting white house chief of staff mcilvain to hold back $400 million in military aid for ukraine. is that accurate? >> we will at the white house speak for the president's interactions, mike pompeo on the sunday shows reiterated that it is the trump administration that has provided aid to ukraine. during the obama administration, ukraine has been facing russian aggression for some time, the trump administration countering the russian threat. >> a new nuclear agreement with donald trump. >> donald trump is serious, permanent, nuclear programming.
12:20 am
permanent monetary of iranian nuclear facility. >> your reaction? >> let's look at where we are, mike pompeo went to saudi arabia and uae. iran committed an unprecedented attack against their neighbor saudi arabia. important to note secretary pompeo is right. many people in the news media and obama administration officials, people who should've known better, who believe the claim of abca12s were lying, they were responsible for the effect. anyone can figure out on their own it would have been impossible for the abca12s to do so. mike pompeo pointed this out right away. many critics rushed to believe the iranian's as opposed to a us secretary of state and former intelligence official in the
12:21 am
iranian's have painted themselves into a corner with this unprecedented attack on their neighbor and how they've done it is we saw something very significant today, what we call the e3, uk, germany and france put out a statement that they believe iran is responsible for this attack in saudi arabia and what is even more important, something we've been talking about for the past year in this administration, mike pompeo came to the office, we've been talking about why the jcp oa is not a good deal, not just because it provided a pathway for the iranians to get a nuclear weapon but because the jcp oa did not address the malign activity by the iranians in the region and did not address ballistic missile activity either so the uk, germany and france were grateful not the iran was responsible it in the new deal we have to confront iran's behavior in the region and look at a long-term nuclear negotiation and
12:22 am
ballistic missile production, something we want our friends and allies to be on board for some time and i know mike pompeo said earlier he encourages more nations to do so. >> your donald trump on potential socks with iran. >> a friend of mine -- we are not looking for any mediators. they know who to call. >> you expect conversations on the sidelines up there. >> that is certainly for the president to decide. i would remind you a of japan asked donald trump if he could go to iran and try to negotiate and be a go-between between the two and while he was there, how did the iranian to respond to the diplomacy of abe? they attacked the japanese lecture. every time we have seen in this administration donald trump and mike pompeo have extended their hand in diplomacy it is met with kinetic action, the president has been offering for a long
12:23 am
time, in the press conference saying from the white house that donald trump would be willing to meet. out of the iranian's response that? they took 60% of the oil capacity in saudi arabia off the market. with called for diplomacy and every time we are met and our allies are met with kinetic action by iran. there were responsible behavior has come home to roost. >> thank you for your time. iran's problems do not end of the united nations either. the country is getting called out by soccer's world governing body, world cup qualifying match. david fund is here to fill us in. >> with a qualifier next month on october 10th, the leadership continues to stand firm in the
12:24 am
face of iranian leadership. >> we cannot wait anymore. >> terse words to the iranian government encouraging a change to a policy that has been in plaisance the revolution of 1979. things became so bad women often were dressed as men wearing fake beards just to see a gameplay. the 29-year-old woman set herself on fire just weeks ago to raise awareness of gender discrimination. she was busted for trying to enter a stadium without a his job. she later died. the organization pushing back against iran's policy. the position is clear. the women have to be allowed into football stadiums in iran for all football matches. last week officials visited tehran to put pressure to make policy change. >> we have been a shortage of the next international game of iran in october women will be
12:25 am
allowed to enter stadiums. >> reporter: women in iran will only be able to walk inside stadiums, us soccer star megan or tino was named best women player at a ceremony in milan. what remains to be seen is whether iran will continue letting women inside stadiums or go back to that oppressive behavior. chrismac seems like something they could do to be more acceptable. setting the record straight as mayor pete walks that criticism of lgbt media but is it too late? that is next.
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>> mike: lgbtq media criticizing the only openly gay >> lgbt q media criticizing the only openly gay presidential candidate in the 2020 race since pete abca11 is speaking out about it. trace gallagher here to break it down.
12:30 am
>> good evening. pete abca11 went on a rant about lgbt media saying he gets frustrated because it seems they are trying to tell people how to be gay. here is part of what he said during an interview on serious xm radio about how he fits into the gay community. >> i am what i am. there is going to be a lot of it. too gay, not gay enough. >> first came the heat from the lgbt q media and then came the walk back from abca11 blaming what he called the grumpy moment. >> lgbt q media plays an increasingly important role especially at a time like this but i don't want to take away from the good work being done right now. >> mayor pete says the criticism he faced is fair game because he is running for public office and everything you say has an impact.
12:31 am
chrismac a transgender lawsuit in california can now move forward. what can you tell us about that? >> california man is suing mercy san juan because the hospital canceled his scheduled hysterectomy after finding out he was transgender. dignity health which runs mercy said catholic hospitals do not perform sterilization procedures like hysterectomies for any patient regardless of their gender identity unless there is a serious threat to the life or health of the patient but the aclu who represents the transgender patient says it is a fact that all hysterectomies i necessary saying they are only excluding transgender people because the catholic church as a whole does not recognize the existence of transgender people. the case was initially dismissed by the san francisco superior court but the first court of
12:32 am
appeals overturned the lower court ruling so the lawsuit is once again back in san francisco superior court though the next hearing has not been scheduled. chrismac thanks very much. joe biden facing new trouble tonight in the 2020 presidential race. he is no longer the unquestioned front runner at least in one state. peter doocy has the numbers tonight. >> reporter: joe biden bristled to questions about business ties and his record. >> also praised mike pence as a decent guy. >> you are a lovely person. >> and now he lost his lead in iowa. the cnn poll shows elizabeth warren is turning big crowds into big caucus support. warren is in first. biden is in second. bernie sanders is in third.
12:33 am
>> we are still months away from the iowa caucuses and primary elections. >> that is why pete abca11 feels good about being fourth place in iowa. >> i'm not worried about variation like that when you are one in 5. >> behind abca11 in iowa kamala harris. >> i don't know if you heard i am planning on moving to iowa. >> reporter: and cory booker. >> some of you might not know this but a big bald black guy from jersey, my roots are in demoing. >> increased half $1 million after warning he is in a cash crunch. >> we don't have the resources unless we raise $1.7 million. >> democrats are trying to a outclassed trump in the wardrobe department. >> armani suit is $1000 and you look at your rank jcpenney. that is what the differences. >> actually it is cole's.
12:34 am
[applause] >> cold cash, can't help qualify for the debate stage but there are new tools to make the stage, the dnc announced candidates will need 35,000 more individual donors than they need now and have to pull up to 3% on average nationally or 5% in early states to preserve the lectern. kaimac time for 2020 and 60, many democratic candidates curbing for meat consumption to combat climate change. several of them spent the weekend in iowa, 17 of the democratic candidates were in des moines serving 10,000 stakes including andrew yang who called for any missions tax to modify
12:35 am
american diets tweeting this photo of him in action, that steak made me angry and the 2020 democrats not just putting their growing skills on display over the weekend, several showed off dancing skills. senator kamala harris joined a drum line while former housing and urban development secretary william castro touted bringing his own flavor to the sounds of a local marriott she band. finally democratic congresswoman ilhan omar doesn't think joe biden is progressive enough to be the democratic nominee. a member of the so-called squad she told the guardian the former vice president is not the candidate to, quote, tackle the systematic challenges we have. donald trump takes a stand for religious freedom after slamming world leaders for hypocrisy, the president putting his money where his mouth is. ambassador a larger international religious freedom
12:36 am
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>> mike: president trump is >> donald trump calling out world leaders and demanding action for religious freedom. lauren green has more from the united nations event including first-hand stories from victims of religious persecution around the world. >> the religious freedom enjoyed by american citizens is rare in the world. >> donald trump speaking about religious freedom at the united nations, the surgeon religious persecution around the world, 80% of people living countries that are highly restrictive to religion. a christian in iran describing the government rate at christmas time. >> the authority separating men from women, holding bibles, confiscating all personal items. >> a jewish rabbi from yemen confronted with a life altering decision.
12:41 am
>> jews were given 3 choices, or face genocide. >> a muslim in china saying religious minorities are being held in government concentration camps. >> the chinese government targets religion to be sure people of faith do not serve greater powers. >> many countries like china and iran masked religious persecution by calling it anti-terrorism or state security. a high-profile example, the case of andrew brunson held in turkey for two years on terrorism charges. the trump administration looking for the state department to secure his release. the president announced the newly formed international religious freedom alliance inviting countries with shared values to join in the fight
12:42 am
against images persecution. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> donald trump announcing allocation of an additional $25 million to protect religious freedom. joining me now, us ambassador at large for international religious freedom sam brownback, good to have you. mike pence to aim at beijing today, let's listen. >> the communist party in china has arrested christian pastors to been a stable of bibles, demolish a defendant president million believers in the muslim population. >> what is being done to confront china's crackdown on both christians and muslims? >> we are raising this issue, pushing it forward tomorrow at the un, the deputy secretary of state will be hosting an event, and what is taking place to the muslim population there and we are continuing to raise this issue and build alliances of other individual countries that are concerned about what is taking place to their religious adherents that are active in china, china is at war with
12:43 am
faith but it is a war they will not win. we are confronting them and have a growing alliance of other countries. >> christians are being slaughtered and churches are being destroyed across the middle east. what is your assessment? >> reporter: you've had decades of christians being forced out of the middle east. there was a report that said it was near genocide in the middle east, what we are trying to do is stabilize the population and push a number of the muslim dominated countries to open their religious freedom space allowing people of other practices to live there, to worship there freely and to be protected. they got to protect the population so they are not forced to flee. >> how big day was it at the united nations? >> a big day. we had the secretary-general
12:44 am
along with the president push this topic of religious freedom. it is one thing in the united states to push this but to have the secretary-general in a broader body over 100 countries in this meeting the president addressed pushing for religious freedom, followed with the event tomorrow, a business of religious freedom event wednesday. this is really us using tactically the un on a major issue to engage. >> dan spinelli right there quick to highlight american adversaries, like nicaragua and venezuela, they often fail to mention an ally rated as one of the worst suppresses of religious freedom, saudi arabia. what about the saudi's on this issue? >> they are not good on this issue. they are a country of particular concern, the only country in the world without a church, a single one and we raised this all the time with the saudi's, the thing we do with the saudi's is we try
12:45 am
to do so effectively and you are starting to see some openings taking place. i will not oversell what is happening but the language is changing and i hope action will follow. >> you had a long career in public service, what does it mean for you? >> this job is critical to me in the most important job i have held in my lifetime because it affects billions of people. 80% of the world's population lives in a religiously restrictive atmosphere. a number of people being killed right now just for simply trying to peacefully practice their faith. this is the time for us to stand up, this is the united states leader we need other countries to join his international religious freedom alliance to push this forward so that these people can live quiet and peaceful lives. >> thank you for your time.
12:46 am
a vermont councilwoman suggesting disarming the city's police force in the real resounded. reasoning that some other countries police and armed for their daily duties, the head of burlington's police union blasting freeman's idea saying many americans do have guns and that makes police vulnerable. texas democratic representative sheila jackson lee questioned for things he held a are 15 and it is as heavy as 10 boxes you might be moving and shoots 50 caliber bullets. both inaccurate statements, lee propose to restrict and bills since july. the group abolish ice protesting outside the home of the ice detention facility, protesters were shouting profanity at police and upsetting residents. the aurora police chief colin the demonstration violent discussing. as the climate debate heats of concerns over young protesters surface.
12:47 am
of adolescent victimless become victims of child abuse? our panel debate after the break. great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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>> you've stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words and yet i'm one of the lucky ones. people >> people are suffering, people
12:51 am
are dying. entire ecosystems are collapsing. we are in the beginning of a mass extinction. >> teen climate activist greta t thnberg chastising leaders for inaction on climate change, she is getting attention for escaping speech but there's been conservative media about using child activists. the new york times pieces climate change is scaring kids, here's how to talk to them. washington examiner opinion be saying this is child abuse. let's bring in shown and mark -- are adult being unfair to children like greta? >> yes, they are terrifying them. the reality is you have people like aoc saying the world will end and 12 years and if you're an impressionable child that is
12:52 am
terrifying to hear that from responsible adults, they are to be saying it's going to be all right, the world is not going to end, climate change is a real problem and were going to address it but we are going to address it through capitalism and free enterprise which is creating the technology that will allow us to reduce carbon emissions and america is the strongest free enterprise system in the world. emissions are going down in the world is going to be okay. >> some are asking where are the parents? >> i'm asking where is the united states. why don't we reengage with the paris accords, why don't we pressure the chinese to do the same to to we don't want to scare kids that there are millions of kids all over the world protesting, we can't just call that a massive case of child abuse. there is a serious problem with carbon emissions, global warming, we should deal with it as responsible people, responsible grown-ups and let kids be kids and protest. we have a history in this country of children, young
12:53 am
adults acting as activists. i got involved in the anti-vietnam war protests. i'm as proud now that as i was then. >> the washington examiner reports greta began suffering from depression as a child, by her own admission because she learned about climate change at age 8. is that what happens when children are told the world is going to end? >> exactly. we've got to address climate change, but we should not be telling children the world is going to end. that is what is terrifying them. they are being manipulated and indoctrinated by adult climate activists were telling them things that are simply not true and second of all the solution isn't to join the paris climate accord, it isn't government. it is more free enterprise. it is a fascinating fact, a liberal thinking pointed out last september for the first time in 10,000 years of human history the majority of the world was either middle-class or
12:54 am
rich, the first time. every time before that the majority were poor or on the verge of party and the reason for that is capitalism, free enterprise, the expansion of the free and fry system produced by cheap energy, cheap food, cheap transportation and gives people a chance to this out of poverty. these people want to impose socialism which is going -- not only not going to solve the climate problem but decimate our ability to mitigate climate change and consign people to poverty. the solution they are pushing for is the opposite of what we should be doing. >> from the new york times psychologist say the way parents and teachers talk about climate change was children has an effect on the young psyches. what about that? >> undeniably true. to mark, we need state action on a multilateral basis to deal with climate, all the while committing ourselves to free-market capitalism. it is not a choice of capitalism versus socialism. it is acting responsibly as
12:55 am
government officials, as adults, and as responsible people dealing with a climate that is warming and air pollution, water pollution and threats to our ecosystem. >> i was in dc when all these people shut down the entire city and they are chanting the capitalism is a problem, democrats in congress -- >> that's not how i see it. >> that is how climate radicals see it, democrats, the green new deal, $100 trillion. we will end it there. thanks a lot. a really heartwarming site from hempstead north carolina in this video gone viral. francis, a student with special needs becomes the king of the court during recess when his shot came up short, his classmates quickly picks up the ball and slamdunk did for him.
12:56 am
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>> good morning. it is tuesday, september 24th, happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast donald trump set to take the world stage is tensions with iran little over the un but democrats would rather create a political battle at home. >> what they would like -- i didn't do it. what biden did is a disgrace, what is send it is a disgrace. >> now the left is going all in on impeachment despite new credibility questions surrounding the whistleblower report, plus.


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