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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 27, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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for a favor got me thinking is that the way he speaks? >> do me a favor, go back and check, do me a favor, will you please do me a favor. >> 50 of those, could have gone on another few minutes. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. fox news alert, brand-new video of the president commenting on the whistleblower in the eve offing showdown with democrat and unelected government actors over the commander-in-chief's call with the president of ukraine and inconsistencies regarding the whistleblower complaint surface, republicans are pushing to uncover the sources identified as, quote, white house officials. what happens next? attorney general matt whitaker is here.
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americans buckling up for the impeachment ride, lawmakers prepping for a 2-week break. progressive groups are urging nancy pelosi to keep up the impeachment momentum but the progressive squad need to go home to their constituents. moderate democrats cost in the middle, voters in key swing districts feeling about impeachment tonight. welcome to fox news at night. we start with jillian turner with inconsistencies in the whistleblower complaint. >> reporter: a couple major leads. the white house planning to address allegations of a cover-up, working on a statement, the whistleblowers claim they mishandled the transcript of donald trump's phone call with ukraine president is a lengthy. the linsky. officials were restricted from access to all phone calls due to security concerns.
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specifically they cite calls with australia and mexico and administration officials focus on identifying the leaker, in this new video by them, eager to identify the person who leaked information to the whistleblower. did in the old days with spies, we used to have them differently. >> i don't consider them to be spies that anyone who leaks conversations that are has -- classified are not to be working in the government and i hope you are watching, whoever you are. >> the whistleblowers a cia employee who was at some point details on assignment over to the white house. sources tell fox news they served on the staff of the national security council. on twitter the president reiterated his claim that he or
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she only had secondhand information, an allusion to the fact whistleblower didn't hear the conversation with the ukrainian president but was told about it afterwards. another thing, administration officials scrambling to explain rudy giuliani's involvement in all of this. a key element for the case democrats are trying to muster against the president. they say giuliani should never have been involved in the first place. we are getting screenshots from a cell phone purporting to show the trump administration solicited his input. take a look here, the special rep for ukraine allegedly introducing giuliani to ukrainian official close to president volodymyr zelinsky saying i suggest we schedule a call together monday. donald trump says the democrats
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focus on giuliani is a sideshow. >> they don't want to talk about infrastructure. they don't want to talk about lowering drug prices, they don't want to talk about anything because they are fixated on this and nancy pelosi has been hijacked by the radical left and everybody knows it. >> looking ahead congress continues its own investigation in the judiciary and intelligence community while the whistleblower is nailing down their legal team and their strategy could take several weeks. >> some of the scenes on fasttrack so we will watch minute by minute. thank you for getting us up to date. the nation's top intelligence team spending the day sparring with lawmakers in open session and then behind closed doors explaining why he initially delayed turning over the whistleblower complaint at the heart of the impeachment push to congress. katherine herridge is here with a recap. >> 31/2 hours of public testimony laid bare political
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differences and new secondhand allegations of a white house cover-up. >> this case is unique and unprecedented. >> is the nation's tops by the acting director of national intelligence testified before the house panel the now declassified 9 page whistleblower complaint was released. >> we were presented with the most graphic evidence yet that the president of the united states has betrayed his oval office. once again the supposedly candle ends up being nothing like we were told. >> the whistleblower said they relied on secondhand accounts from, quote, multiple us government officials, during the july 25th phone call with ukrainian leader donald trump used, quote, the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 us elections. on page 1 the complaint reads, quote, i was not a direct witness to the events described. this seems like a very important line to look into. >> the white house released record of the causes mister trump asked volodymyr zelinsky
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to investigate allegations of corruption. >> that conversation is not okay. it is disappointing for the american public when they read the transcript. i can see what else it is not. it is not what is in the complaint. >> reporter: passing no judgment on the veracity of the allegations mcguire testified. >> i want to stress that i believe the was lower and the inspector general have acted in good faith throughout. i have every reason to believe they have done everything by the book and followed the law. >> based on the justice department legal opinion mcguire said the complaint did not meet the legal standard for immediate congressional modification because the president's call was diplomatic and not and intelligence activity and because the president's private call is at the heart of the complaint mcguire said the next hurdle was executive privilege. >> you went to the subject of the complaint for advice first
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about whether you should provide the complaint to congress. >> it did appear that it has executive privilege. i was not stonewalling, didn't receive direction from anybody. i was trying to work through the process and the law the way it is written. >> the complaint alleges the transcript was moved to a secret system in the white house, quote, intelligence information such as covert action. >> there is allegation of a cover-up. >> of this military aid was withheld from an ally fighting vladimir putin's russia and it was done so to be used as leverage to get dirt in a us political campaign, don't you think that should be investigated? >> i have no situational awareness why it was withheld. >> i can tell you we are going to find out. >> reporter: the complaint relied heavily on media reporting which republicans compared to democrat funded opposition research targeting the president. >> much like the steel dossier the allegations in the whistleblower complaints are based on thirdhand mainstream
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media sources rather than first-hand information. >> reporter: two former talented -- intelligence officials told fox news they stumbling which the complaint the whistleblower had minimal understanding of highly classified system setting this could be a huge red flag. and if it is underway to bring the whistleblower to capitol hill. >> the top democrat on the house intelligence committee under fire for reciting what he later called a parody of donald trump's phone call with the ukrainian president. >> i don't see much reciprocity here. i hear what you want. i have a favor i want from you. i'm going to say this only 7 times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political component -- opponent, lots of it. >> chris hahn and fox news contributor kenneth starr, welcome to you both.
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>> thanks for having us. that was tweeting this, schiff knows a lot of people watching will think that is what the transcript said. it is not. the whole point is that the transcript doesn't say what schiff just said it said. >> there is a compelling need to get things right and not to play actor, to go on stage and pretend. we are talking about the president of the united states. what we used a comedy between branches, respect between the branches would just tell the chairman don't act this way. it is sophomoric and unpardonable especially given the nature of this, the international relations, foreign relations of the united states to do anything other than the fact and just the fact. >> it undermined his argument here, this is what britt hume tweeted out, if the conversation
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were as damning as schiff would like he would have simply read directly from it instead of making up dialogue, not surprising in light of the extravagant collusion claims or two years, undercutting himself. >> i don't think he is undercutting himself and sometimes you exaggerate for affect and i think he was doing that. it is horrible to think the president of the united states would use the full faith and credit of the american people and their investment in their allies for his personal political gain which that transcript clearly shows was his intent. shannon: why not just read those words? >> the transcript has been read, people see it. i don't know a lot of people who sit and watch these congressional hearings all day. the highlights, it made it into the highlight reel is you showed but what the president said in the president did should be the focus of what is going on and i'm interested to understand that kenneth starr who impeach somebody for getting it on in the oval office would be
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impeaching this president for sitting behind the desk and extorting one of our allies using dire straits with russia and needs our help. >> i will tackle that. >> my response? how about perjury before grand jury? how about obstruction of justice? about being found in contempt by united states district court judge. let's stick with what shannon asked us. we need a little dignity in washington on both sides of the aisle. it would be helpful if we just said mister chairman, we call you on this. you call the president because of his tweets or whatever, why don't you shows some dignity since you knew you were playing to the crowd. i think this -- >> i get it. i am not trying to say president
12:12 am
clinton's behavior was appropriate at all but the american people would like to know from you, a man who is very much involved in the last impeachment for president if you think the actions of this president warranted impeachment inquiry. i believe they do and i would imagine by your standards they absolutely do. >> get ready. what i would say is let's have a full debate instead of the kind of show we had today where i think the vice admiral who has had such an exemplary career in a vicious way, unbecoming to the house of representatives to do that. i say let's have a debate on the floor of the house, to follow the traditions of the house of representatives that go back, all 62 times there have been impeachment of judges or federal officers you've had a debate on the floor of the house.
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until we have a reasoned debate, vigorous and robust debate and then a vote, now. i don't hear what you call it but today was an oversight hearing but it is masquerading as impeachment and impeachment is one of those serious constitutional issues, the debate, let's have a vote. >> multiple committees started investigations and continue investigations as far as a more formal inquiry and we are going to get a lot more information in the weeks and months to come all the reports but it could be marked up sooner rather than later. please come back. >> i absolutely agree and i would like to know what he would recommend. >> i will let you talk it out in the commercial break but we will wrap it up so thank you for being with us. fox news alert, 24 hours and the democrats launched their
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impeachment inquiry republicans say they cashed and nicely, the trump campaign and the rnc say a combined $13 million in the past couple days from fundraisers to online contributions, eric trump saying thank you to nancy pelosi and the democrats, people are sick of your nonsense, your handing donald trump to win in 2020 but members of the so-called squad say they are looking forward to the congressional recess. they want to go home and so story for impeachment of their constituents, lay out the facts for them and persuade them. i get it all the time.
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>> shannon: at the whistle-blower complaint so alarming to congressional democrats they shannon: the whistleblower complaints alarming to congressional democrats they decided it was time for a formal impeachment inquiry but tomorrow they go on a two week break.
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why members of the so-called squad think this is exactly what they should be doing. >> there's a debate whether it is a good idea to go away, it was a big week for democrats on capitol hill but they are heading am not just for a few days but two weeks but they insist momentum is not going away and impeachment talk will continue while they are gone. >> you are not a king, you took an oath to public service. >> reporter: of the squatted house of representatives want donald trump not only impeached but out of office and soon. they held a rally outside the capital thursday afternoon. >> he is especially targeted minority populations in our country with white supremacy rhetoric and white supremacy policy. >> reporter: democrats across the political spectrum must come together to decide how to formulate a strategy that is cohesive. >> i am pretty confident that we are not going to see this process get dragged along. the timing and urgency of this
12:20 am
matter is part of the consensus we have all the way from the bottom to top. >> congressman alexandria ocasio cortez and her colleagues won't be walking the halls of the capital for the next two weeks. that will be in their home districts trying to make the case for impeachment with voters. >> another opportunity to hear directly from our constituents. >> dean phillips represents a swing district and came to washington in january. he tells fox news some of his republican constituents are starting to sour on donald from talking impeachment with voters isn't always popular, phillips knows that he calls the a grave decision. >> some of us recognize we served one term in this institution, do so with principal and honor and we will have done our jobs. >> on tuesday congressman eric's wall well who ran for president a few months ago will hold and impeachment townhall, still running for president including beto o'rourke saying members should stay in dc, do something
12:21 am
now about impeachment and skip the recess which is called the district work period. >> they are working and holding office hours at home, not just going on vacation. thank you. republican senator lindsey graham as a question for democrats tonight. he asked if you believe this complaint has put the public in grave danger don't you have an obligation to vote to lunch and impeachment inquiry? americans deserve to see where you stand and evaluate your judgment. joining me, host of the left coast news even bearman and guy benson. welcome to you both. to this idea of having a vote on the floor this is interesting for the new york times and they talk about the squad saying when they speak everybody listens, goes on to say the few democrats who oppose impeachment can ill afford to take a vote on the house floor whether to open and impeachment inquiry amid pelosi does not plan to hold one.
12:22 am
why not hold a vote? if it is time it is time. >> they are playing games on this. i believe there are some very concerning developments in this ukraine situation. i'm not sitting using the president has done nothing wrong. i have argued the opposite in a number of cases but if democrats actually believe their own rhetoric, that the president has committed this grave sin against the republic in misusing his power on foreign policy for his own personal interests it shouldn't just be some words in front of cameras from the speaker of the house but an actual vote to get the process going but because they are so interested in telling part of their base use we are pursuing this while protecting moderate members who are squeamish about it it seems they are not as serious as their rhetoric would suggest.
12:23 am
shannon: this opens a lot of other questions. and washington post democrats sprinting ahead of the evidence, the irony is thanks to the democrats impeachment push the president is going to get his investigation of joe biden's unaccepted won't be carried out by ukraine but by the u.s. congress. if they are going to dig into all of these things and all these allegations is biden likely to be caught up in this. is having to talk about a lot on the campaign trail and that can only be good news for his competitors in the primary. >> i don't know that this is all that bad for joe biden. i've heard some people talk about the fact this could be pushed by certain competitors of biden's in the race. but i don't believe this is a big problem for biden. back to what guy just said that is the reality of what is "happening now," getting nancy pelosi the time she needs to whip the votes they need for democrats to have the majority, to actually vote on the impeachment on the floor. they need that time to clarify this evidence.
12:24 am
if i am joe biden i don't want to be talking about this either, however, he didn't go to a foreign power's leader, withhold aid and say look at my political rival if you want military which we should give without qualms. >> people are pointing to him on camera more than one saying i tell them you're not getting your billion dollar loan guarantee unless you get rid of this prosecutor. there's a lot of talk about whether that prosecutor was a good guy or a bad guy but he was investigating a company on which under biden sat on the board. that is something biden has to talk about. >> no question there are appearances of potential conflicts but the difference is the anticorruption people in ukraine are on record as recently as may of this year saying that the reason biden went there was because of other people in the state departing saying the lead prosecutor was the prosecuting corruption so it
12:25 am
the biggest of the state department other than vice president said you have a problem, not going after corruption. shannon: that is what rudy giuliani is saying. the state department officials encouraging him to have conversations with ukrainian officials. >> i have no idea what rudy is doing, he's the president's personal lawyer but acting on behalf of the country in certain ways, talking about the interests of his client which is not the same as the country. the whole rudy aspect of this is confusing and gets more confusing as we watch him do interviews for 15 minutes at a time. it's fascinating to watch and is not elucidating much information that is persuasive or reassuring in either direction but let's be clear, the fact that donald trump has some very serious
12:26 am
questions to answer and real criticisms to respond to doesn't mean the bidens get a free pass either. whether or not you believe this prosecutor in ukraine was a bad guy, universally condemned as corrupt, having joe biden is the point person over in ukraine pressuring the government on that front when his son has been hired by this ukrainian gas company for $50,000 a month with no expertise whatsoever when biden's fingerprints are all over this issue that into itself smells very fishy as does the fact that joe biden was asked did you ever discuss these matters with your son, foreign business enterprises, he said no and it turns out that wasn't true. we can focus on two balls at the same time. >> we will see what congress chooses to do. great to have you both, thank you. trace gallagher on deck with a new look at the business dealings of another one of joe biden's family members next. moby to manage your policy,
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>> shannon: fox news at night has been investigating all week business dealings of joe biden's >> fox news at night has been investigating the business dealings of joe biden's family now getting new attention, not only biden's son hunter but former vice president's brother. trace gallagher is on the case tonight. >> there have been many allegations joe biden's family invoked his name and political clout to further their private business dealings but this is the first involving the biden cancer initiative, the nonprofit the former vice president started following the death of his son bo. joe biden's brother jim is being sued for allegedly telling an oral care company that his brother would, quote, be very excited about their new mouth rinse for cancer patients and his cancer initiative would promote the product. the suit alleges jim biden's true goal was to bankrupt the company and steal its business plan. jim biden spokesman says these
12:32 am
charges stem from a frivolous lawsuit and are pure fantasy. we are not surprised such baseless accusations have emerged during the democratic primary and last month joe biden said this. >> i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else what they do with their businesses, period. >> former top ukrainian prosecutor in his first comment since the was a lower story broke told washington post under biden did not violate any laws in ukraine. the same talk prosecutor whose earlier allegation prompted really giuliani to start digging for dirt on hunter biden anomaly did he reportedly meet with rudy giuliani three times but was mentioned in the whistleblower complaint released today. his name did not come up in the rough transcript of the phone call between donald trump and the ukrainian president.
12:33 am
he stepped down as ukraine's top prosecutor and has not yet explained his change of heart concerning hunter biden but the man who wrote a book about hunter biden's business deal says the case remains very cozy. >> very troubling. look around the world, two countries where joe biden is the point person for the obama administration, china and ukraine and in both cases his sunland huge deals in both countries. what are the odds of that? >> it still no evidence that hunter biden did anything necessary us. >> thank you. next, former acting attorney general matt whitaker is here live, we are talking about the white house's apparent leak problem and how to track it down but first time for the real is roundup. abc news issuing a corrections a report claiming donald trump made investigating joe biden a precondition for any communication with ukraine's president.
12:34 am
abc cited current advisor to president volodymyr zelinsky but has corrected the story to note the individually advised volodymyr zelinsky's transition team and has been distant from the administration. a police officer at electric car running out of juice in the middle of a high-speed chase in california. the cop pursuing a suspect in a tesla at 120 miles an hour when the battery went down. the suspect got away. they are testing the pilot program. the okay and just is now symbol of hate according to the antidefamation league which added dozens of entries to a database of symbols it says i used by white supremacists and other extremists. other entries include the all haircut, a nod to the white supremacist who shot and killed nine black people at church in south carolina. more news next.
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>> shannon: so one of the big question surrounding the president's call with ukraine's new president involves a >> one of the questions surrounding the president's call
12:39 am
with the ukrainian president involves crowd strike which was what hack the national committee. us intelligence officials and special service corroborated crowd strike findings. the dnc was hacked by russia in 2016, relying on forensic and data analysis, and crowd strikes imaging of servers was a practice for decades. that brings the president's ukrainian president, i would like you to do us a favor. i would like to get to the bottom of it. it is unclear why the president thinks crowd strike is connected to ukraine. the president is on the right track. >> he is really asking the president of ukraine to help bar in the investigation of when the
12:40 am
trump russia collusion investigation began and the fact that crowd strike got mentioned, >> after the transcript was released with regards to the investigation, forensic evidence and analysis, we stand by findings and conclusions in the intelligence community. top republicans are pushing for an investigation of their own. they want the was a blower sources pointing to what they say are inconsistencies in the complaint. >> did you or anybody in your
12:41 am
office leak this to the washington post or nbc news? >> we know how to keep a secret. >> get matt whitaker to make corrections. i noticed in the whistleblower, these are the phrases the person used, and half a dozen us officials, multiple officials, multiple white house officials, that person says all of those individuals were sources with this complaint. how many would have access to this information and to crack down on leaking, find out who leaked the information? >> we had dozens of open leak investigations. and in less than 100 to find a
12:42 am
specific person, it is important to find those people because they undermine not only integrity of the government but they could hamstring the president from having confidential calls with world leaders but knowing this president the way i know him he has exceeded in spite of these leaders and people out to get him. i think any other president would be completely stymied by this stuff and i see this president continuing to aggressively pursue his agenda and it is admirable. >> he doesn't mind having an opponent, he likes it. it fires him up and gives him new ammunition to keep going despite the things he is facing. the mention of half a dozen white house officials does that surprise you or doesn't seem
12:43 am
right? we are told reportedly connected to the cia that that many people would be sharing information from inside the white house with them about things they heard. those conversations part of what happened? >> i would be surprised if once we hear from this whistleblower they are willing to name names and support those accusations. these are anonymous documents that often times don't say who they are or who they talked to and they make it look bigger than it was. it could be just a couple rogue people at the white house on detail, potential leave the nsc got together and decided to write this in the most damaging way possible and get it out there into the bloodstream and they have accomplished that goal but they have to account for the facts, they probably won't hold up.
12:44 am
>> the president has a lot to address. let's ask you got crowd strike. this investigation haven't had a lot made of the fact the dnc wouldn't serve these over to the fbi. we share our information but josephine will wrote this, the dnc made a mistake and relying solely on a private company for its investigation thereby opening itself to these types of criticisms and conspiracy theories. >> it is a legitimate question and the theme ic, a president who used stands for transparency, turned over the mueller report unredacted, turned over the transcript and i think is expressing transparency on the other side. a lot of folks are frustrated what hillary clinton appears to have gotten away with and a president who wants to end corruption worldwide. ica president who is asking a
12:45 am
world leader to stamp out corruption and see if there was corruption in this biden transaction. to meet is a double standard. the russia investigation the mainstream media, the left, politicians, democrat saying we need to endlessly investigate russian collusion which came out with a big nothing. on the other side the same people for endless russian investigations now are saying we can't even look into this biden situation. we have to shut it down and it is a complete double standard. it should be about transparency and making sure the american people can judge for themselves what this is about. >> if they investigate you have to think the biden will come in too. great to have you with us. new video of children chanting how much they hate donald trump. where did this happen? la city councilmember is asking
12:46 am
the governor to declare a state of emergency over the exploding homeless population, live next.
12:47 am
12:48 am
12:49 am
>> [inaudible] >> shannon: that is a group of fourth graders from san francisco public shannon: a group of fourth-graders chanting they
12:50 am
hate donald trump during an immigration protest. the children taken out of school by parents join hundreds of others in marching in san francisco city hall protesting the trump administration's immigration policy. behind-the-scenes look at how immigration officials track down illegal immigrants and wanted criminals in california's largest sanctuary county. >> come to the door please. >> on august 9th, he was released. >> the release of committal illegal immigrants were made a problem for ice singers hard and dangerous in places like essentialist county. >> he is a danger to the community, just honored the detainer. we would pick them up and wouldn't be here now. >> reporter: a sentiment by the acting ice director.
12:51 am
and jurisdictions refused to cooperate with ice. >> reporter: democrats who called to abolish ice disagree. >> the jurisdictions that have instituted sanctuary policies are safer than those that haven't. >> reporter: ice says it issued 10,000 detainers in la county, 5% are honored. >> people inside this house, this individual, speaks to the difficulties ice has. ice eventually made an arrest on our ride along. >> 17 contacts with local law enforcement, dui dating back to 2007, one with a dui.
12:52 am
>> you were arrested by ice. what is your side of the story did you how do you feel about it? >> i feel bad. >> reporter: for all the criticism ice says the focus remains on interior enforcement, removing criminal illegal evidence off the street. shannon: to the homelessness crisis in california a member of los angeles city council says the problem is so bad it is time to declare a state of emergency. let's talk to councilman who joins us now, great to have you back on fox news at night. i want to talk as quickly as we can about this meeting monday where apparently there were measures you tried to discuss with respect to homelessness but people were not hearing it. la daily news is a proposal to restrict a location where
12:53 am
homeless people can sleep or on a rock of los angeles the council meeting that was disrupted by jeering audience members who shouted shame on you at the council for even considering the idea. how are you tackling this problem when you float a proposal, they don't want you to even have a discussion about it. >> the beginning of our democracy, this incident and ordinance, allowing city council to set rules and regulations where people can live, sit or sleep. the same will go back to committee and get some resolution to it. i always said you can be homeless, being homeless is not a crime but we have to have some law and order in place in ensuring there is some order on our streets. it doesn't give you an
12:54 am
opportunity to have a free for all if you are homeless. that is what we are struggling with. at the same time the city of los angeles and our mayor to advance, 2000 temporary emergency shelters. in my district, moving on 3 temporary emergency shelters. it is a 3-year period. we are missing the emergency part of that. we know we can bypass these. shannon: you want to ask governor gavin newsom to do this. it takes up a lot of administrative paperwork, to get these shelters up and running and get things passed more quickly and activated. do you think he will go along with the plan? >> i hope so. governor newsom is working hard to solve homelessness.
12:55 am
just today he signed a bill that will exempt all the environmental compliance on homeless housing but that took twee 7 months. if we had a state of emergency it would have been done immediately. we need to keep in mind 130,000 souls are living in our street in california. can you imagine god for bid if there was an earthquake tomorrow where 130,000 people would be displaced? we would call a state of emergency immediately. this is no different. we have a public health, public safety crisis, housing crisis in our state and we have to lead with urgency. shannon: we will stay in touch with you about that proposal and you know the numbers continue to skyrocket despite efforts on the ground, great to have you with us, come back again soon.
12:56 am
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>> reporter: a disgrace to our country. another which and. >> this is a cover-up, this is a cover-up. >> it is friday on the east coast, a fox news alert, plugging the leak. the race is on to find whistleblower, the whistleblower himself might be a cia officer. we have the latest impeachment developments. >> to go beyond my time.


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