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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 28, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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coming back and thank you for being here tonight. we appreciate it. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. [applause] shannon: fox news alert, breaking news on the whistleblower story, questions about why the intel community recently changed a key whistleblower requirement in order to complain he had to have firsthand knowledge, not anymore. what sparked the change and when did it happen? the us special envoy to ukraine resigning tonight, linked to the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani.
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democrats say they are fast tracking the impeachment push sending subpoenas to the secretary of state and prepping hearings for next week. republican jim jordan standing by for reaction. welcome to fox news at night. we go straight to jillian turner working her intel sources. >> reporter: breaking tonight donald trump's point man on ukraine is resigning, special envoy kurt vogel stepping down and collaborated. into investigating hunter biden. volker is a key figure in the impeachment probe laned in the whistleblower report, and summoned to capitol hill. this comes a day after donald trump's personal attorney told fox news, one of his main conduits to the ukrainian government. >> the whistle blower falsely alleges i was operating on my own. i wasn't operating on my own.
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i spoke to ambassador someone four times and voelker eight times. they knew everything i was doing. shannon: the whistleblower complaint alleges voelker traveled to kyiv to do damage control after donald trump's team began pushing for a corruption investigation. now the president's critics say it is giuliani who should be out of a job, not voelker. >> he has turned american diplomacy into a cheap extortion racket. he has denigrated, and let's be honest, stabbed in the back, the career foreign service officers who served bravely and selflessly. shannon: also developing tonight insiders say the white house is hunkering down for what they expect will be a long and ugly impeachment site. aids scrambling to put together a crisis management a team to help the president navigate what is coming, the president taking aim at the whistleblower on
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twitter sounding more and more like the so-called whistleblowers in the whistleblower at all. all secondhand information that proved to be so inaccurate there may not be somebody else, a leader or spy feeding it to him or her. the president's allies following his lead. >> if they are leaking stuff that is supposed to be classified then yes, that is inappropriate certainly and probably is criminal in nature. >> reporter: the president is concerned when people are possibly leaking information they shouldn't if it includes national security or sensitive or highly classified information. shannon: rudy giuliani double down on his claim it wasn't donald trump who dragged him into the ukraine situation but rather state department officials who sought his help and involvement but tonight he went a step further and said the ukrainian government actually approached him and said they were concerned about problems at the fbi and corruption and he
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said they reached out to him at some point for help. shannon: there is going to be a flurry of depositions and hearings. we will look at this more and more, thank you. congress is entering a two week recess but behind the scenes a number of democratically controlled house committees will be hard at work on officially launched impeachment inquiry into the president. david fund with what comes next. >> reporter: expect some action surrounding impeachment despite that 2 week recess. the house of representatives adjourned this afternoon. republicans are defiant. the president should not be put through the impeachment grinder. democrats plan to sell their narrative to their constituents. house speaker nancy pelosi announcing impeachment inquiry on wednesday and that is where we are right now, in an inquiry stage, not official proceedings
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but it is clear things are moving in that direction. nancy pelosi was in new jersey earlier this evening. listen. >> so this is not a cause for joy that we have to go down this path. it is a difficult decision to make. but we have that obligation because the actions that were taken to undermine the constitution and the oath we take to protect and defend. >> reporter: big news from the capital house democrats issued a subpoena for mike pompeo to hear from him about the whistleblower complaint and the president's conversations with ukraine. no word what pompeo will say about that. house democrats of scheduled depositions for the following state department officials, they will be deposed from next wednesday, october 2nd all the way through october 10th. several depositions happening right there.
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house intelligence chair adam schiff announced a closed briefing with michael atkinson, the inspector general overseeing the intelligence community. other members of congress taking a lower approach selling $29 impeach the mother effort shirts. congresswoman rashida tlaib said the phrase about the president back in january when she first took office. republicans in the house and senate playing down impeachment predicting it is democrats who will be the losers in the long run if they do impeach the president. >> washington is always a circus but this is three rings with all the clowns and it is nuts right now and at the end of the day congressional democrats are angry, they are angry about the 2016 election and angry at the voters, angry that the voters elected donald trump. >> reporter: several democrats including eric's wall well holding impeachment townhall's to sell their message back home. townhall's solely on the
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impeachment topic. >> some said publicly they think it is the best use of their time because they know public sentiment is a huge factor in the whole impeachment thing historically. carl bernstein of watergate fame says the whistleblower complaint contains hints of where the doj is going and down to get hope to president supporters. >> william barr is trying to deliver and other reporters from other sources to deliver that this has all been a deep state conspiracy just like donald trump alleges. shannon: we have reaction to the week's news, jordan of ohio, good to have you with us. carl bernstein in making that statement i wonder if he's referring to what we expect from the inspector general horowitz or us attorney durum. he didn't seem to say it in a positive way like we will get details about this.
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do you think that is what he is referring to? >> you could make the argument the democrats tried to get in front of what william barr and john durum will have in their investigation. what william barr said the first time this happened, he laid out clear there was a failure of leadership in the operation lines of the fbi. he said it took place, there was basis for his concern and use the key terms carry term, unauthorized surveillance and political surveillance and he wants to get to the bottom of it. maybe this is that. what i find interesting is democrats selling t-shirts, hillary clinton lecturing us after what we know the clinton foundation engaged with for so many years and the democrats saying because rudy giuliani -- we are going to impeach the president. it is ridiculous when you look at it. shannon: a couple letters from leadership or top democrats
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including the speaker and the house intel chairman who adam schiff will lead the impeachment investigation. letters to their members going home for recess, the complaint ways are credible and alarming set of allegations. sadly facts reveal in the past we have warranted an impeachment inquiry. why would you disagree with that? >> i was the first assistant attorney general of texas and served as assistant united states attorney. i never went into a grand jury and presented hearsay as a basis for indictment and that is what we have got here. we have a document containing nothing but hearsay and a democratic conference being led around by the nose by the left-wing radicals of the conference where they disdain for the president is coloring the judgment. they want to overturn the 2016 election and that is what we are seeing happening. when i talk to people in texas
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they want to see people talk about getting healthcare prices over $100 million in debt racking up, 1500 to 2000 people, the across the border every day. they don't want to see the swamp circus we are seeing democrats continue on a daily basis. that is what is going on. >> we sit on the oversight committee. that committee probably deals with more whistleblower complaints than any committee in congress so when a plate comes into judge his credibility look at two things, did they have firsthand knowledge, this individual did it, he tells us that. second you look at their motivation. we know this guy, the inspector general told us there was political bias. that is washington speak for this guy hated the president so this guy has problems on both fronts and yet we are supposed to believe everything he says? we got a transcript, we know the president did nothing on and that is what we have to focus on.
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shannon: sean davis writing that essentially the intake complaint form for someone who's going to be a whistleblower in the intelligence community use to require you have firsthand knowledge of the allegations you were making. at some point that form was changed. sean davis writes about this in the federalist and as we tonight, he was trying to get more information about when that happens, i talked to a dni official and asked when these decisions were made and why. the official said the intelligence community would not comment on anything to do with the anti-trump whistleblower. i never mentioned or asked about the anti-trump whistleblower. whoever wants to take this, that is raising some questions about whether it is connected to this case and why the change. >> it is an important question and sean has raised something that raises a red flag for me when you look at how the process is unfolding. with the timing in august.
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the ukrainian government didn't know anything about the dollars being removed until a month after the phone call. the dollars were released in ukraine before any of this investigation unfolded in the last few weeks and if you look at what sean is saying suddenly the change here so you don't have to have a firsthand account to present this claim is raising serious questions about what is going on in the intelligence community. >> it is troubling but it shouldn't surprise us. it is important, january 3, 2017, chuck schumer says to donald trump if you mess with the intelligence community they had six ways from sunday at getting back at you. this is one of those ways. i don't know but it seems interesting it happened the way it did and now we have the whistleblower who had no firsthand knowledge and had a bias against the president. the inspector general told us that. shannon: the inspector general for the intelligence community
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is supposed to be on the hill behind closed doors. both sides have a lot of questions and we will get a lot of information about what happened. thank you for joining us, have a good weekend. new tonight, three former white house officials telling the washington post donald trump told two senior russian officials in 2017 he wasn't concerned with russian interference in our election. the president's reasoning was the us does the same to other countries. three former officials claim the admin station wants to keep the comments from the meeting secret. a federal judge says he will block the trump administration's detention of immigrant children. they failed to honor a decades-old settlement agreement that spells out conditions of custody. in a new statement from the white house it says that ruling perpetuates the loophole the same judge created which has been exploited by criminal cartels who smuggle children across the united states southern border often resulting in their physical and sexual
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abuse. new tonight far outside the beltway texans holding a candle a vigil for a 10 year veteran who was shot and killed today during a traffic stop leaving behind a wife and three children. the suspect is in custody. texas governor greg abbott says the state is committed to bringing the alleged killer to justice. we will be back with the latest on joe biden and ukraine after this. it opens our minds, changes our perspective, connects us, and pushes us further. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories: audible. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪
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>> former vice president joe biden back on the campaign trail shannon: joe biden on the campaign trail in las vegas. he wants to discuss the core values of the nation he alleges donald trump is putting at risk. this is one of his first campaign appearances since the
12:19 am
release of the transcript. senior correspondent claudia cowan attended the event and joins us live. >> reporter: joe biden spoke for 25 minutes but anyone hoping to hear him shed light on his roller his son's role in ukraine matter not getting clarification at all and when the former vice president with the venue of today's townhall he refused to take reporters questions but during his speech biden did use the ukraine controversy to blast donald trump and make a campaign point about protecting american families. >> it is not about me. we will overcome this. this is fine. my family handled this but i am worried about all the families and all the lives at stake in this election because of his failure as a president in terms of the substance of what needs to be done. it is pretty clear he will stop at nothing to hold onto power.
12:20 am
and after 70 straight polls have shown me beating him -- [cheers and applause] -- it is not surprising that i have become the object of his attention. >> reporter: almost as soon as he began speaking biden was interrupted by a protester holding up a meat too sign. that man was shouted down by the crowd and measured out by police. support as we spoke to were sympathetic to biden and his son. >> i doubt that his son went to the ukraine to do something highly unscrupulous. i find it offensive, the whole thing. >> it is about morals and the constitution. >> if he did break the law than he needs to be impeached. the republican party has got to stand up for the constitution, not their party, the country. >> reporter: on other issues
12:21 am
biden reiterated his call for universal background checks for firearm purchases and pledged to help rebuild the middle class and public education and said healthcare needs to be a right, not a privilege. biden is fighting to keep his front runner status as elizabeth warren gains momentum in the democratic primary. one pole has her adam biden, another has are closing and in nevada trailing by four points. joe biden will be back next week along with elizabeth warren in several democratic contenders to contend a forum on gun safety. >> reporter: thank you. the fallout continues from that now infamous call for the president and former vice president. >> this situation involving joe biden's sons worked for the ukrainian oligarch owned gas company which i have to quibble with what your previous guest said is a significant liability for joe biden. there is a story here, there is
12:22 am
more to be told. jillian: let's look at the author of power grab, jason chaffetz and attorney general harry litman. welcome to you both. the statement from ken vogel who works at the new york times and has previously written about this topic for politico, the vice president saying it is not a big deal, it is going to go away, there is no credible objective media digging into this. >> reporter: >> mister vogel, the new york times and politico, look at the videotape. i want people to watch the videotape of joe biden talking about how he helped get this prosecutor dismissed, if you have any questions call barack obama. the fact about hunter biden, both in china but especially in ukraine, did he or did he not make $50,000 a month?
12:23 am
was he involved in this company that got these contracts with a couple weeks after the vice president visited. shannon: not a lot of people have been ticking into the story and ken vogel has a theory on that. here are additional comments from him. >> if we were to perform a thought exercise it replaced joe biden with donald trump and hunter biden with donald trump junior we would probably see more coverage of this story. shannon: is that fair? >> it is what he said 6 days ago on a show. two days ago, this is his real reporting, it said in fact the president is trying to deflect attention, that in fact he reiterates, the wall street journal and washington post, there is nothing here to indicate, no evidence biden has done anything wrong.
12:24 am
biden acting in accord with the ukraine opposition in the eu, the united states, etc.. this all happened over a year after the prosecutor had done his investigation of the company hunter biden was working for. we have to separate two things. was hunter supposed to be working there or not? the notion that there is anything right now that sticks to biden is fanciful, complete conspiracy theory stuff. shannon: many people have written on it. we mentioned, the new york times and politico and john solomon has went after presidents on both sides of the our visit on this. there has been a lot of digging and there is more to come. andrew mccarthy, you all know him, has written about this, he calls it a double standard, the
12:25 am
obama administration leans on ukraine for investigation of political opponents which he he says happened in 2016 democrats in the media say look how corrupt paul manafort was. when the trump administration leans on ukraine in helping an investigation of political opponents they say abuse of power, impeach him. >> go ahead. >> that is exactly right. you have a radical left hyperventilating, the resistance movement pushing nancy pelosi to places she didn't want to go but democrats already foreshadowed this a long time ago that this is what they were going to do in their playbook. the way they are treating donald trump is abhorrent. it is fundamentally wrong to have somebody without firsthand knowledge as a whistleblower to the point that the speaker says there is a formal impeachment inquiry. when people haven't even -- they don't -- haven't talked to
12:26 am
anybody with firsthand knowledge, compared to joe biden who is on videotape bragging that he twisted the arms of the ukraine government get rid of the prosecutor, just happens to be looking at the company his son is involved in. come on. shannon: you want to talk about that. >> i want to talk about the congressman as facts. he was not looking at anything about the company that happened the year before and again the premise is what the problem is. biden is acting at the behest of the international community. the whistleblower, i am a whistleblower -- excuse me, congressman, i am speaking now. i'm a whistleblower lawyer. it is routine for was a blue is to come forward with information to the second or third hand. shannon: it didn't used to be the policy -- >> then you have to assess the
12:27 am
evidence but the notion that it is secondhand, that is a routine fact that was a lower activity. shannon: come back, more to discuss on the topic, thank you. a social media pass, that reporter's post cost him his job. trace gallagher is on the case next. odors in a flowery fog. but febreze air effects eliminates odors. with a 100% natural propellent. it leaves behind a pleasant scent you'll love. [ deep inhale] freshen up. don't cover up. febreze. stop dancing around the pain that keeps you up again, and again. advil pm silences pain, and you sleep the whole night. advil pm
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12:32 am
up the democrats and their partners. >> reporter: the new york times partially out of the was a blower who trump has likened to a spy as a cia officer assigned to the white house. the report was called deeply concerning and reckless placing the individual in harm's way. and the hashtag is trending on twitter. the whistleblower's credibility is essential to understanding whether the president abused power in the white house covered it up. reports in the wall street journal and washington post prompted trump to release a rough transcript of his july call with ukraine's leader asking for help in investigating joe biden and his son. trump and his personal lawyer have been trying to shift the spotlight to allegations about the former vp. >> there was no quid pro quo but there was with biden. why we talking about us not biden? because the media in the city is corrupt, that is why. >> reporter: there have been missteps by the media after the
12:33 am
post reported acting intelligence chief joseph maguire threatened to quit if he couldn't testify freely. he said this. >> i did not. i know that story has appeared quite a bit. >> reporter: news coverage is focused on impeachment with house speaker nancy pelosi all over the airways. >> where they are going is a cover-up of the cover-up. >> reporter: the president's denunciations of the present whistleblower are out of his russia playbook of attacking the attackers but their allegations i was important now that we have a transcript of the ukraine call and there's an intensely partisan media debate whether that amounts to impeachable offense. shannon: social media never forgets. that's the lesson learned by a former reporter for the des moines register who is digging into the background of the subject of a feel-good story gone viral, launched a look into the reporter's own past. trace gallagher is on the case.
12:34 am
>> reporter: this is lesson one on how a feel-good story can devolve into the so-called cancel culture. 24-year-old iowa state football fan carson king appeared in the background of espn's college game day with a sign reading bush white supply needs replenished with his username. he race hundreds of dollars and said he would donate it to a children's hospital leading anheuser-busch to match the donation. the beer company through in a year's apply of free beer with his face on the can. all told, king raised $1 million and the des moines register wrote a profile on him. reporter aaron kalvin found old tweets he posted when he was 16 which were described as racist jokes, when comparing black mothers to gorillas and another making light of black people killed in the holocaust. king apologize for the tweets but anheuser-busch canceled the beer deal and cut ties.
12:35 am
internet users, angry about the paper digging up old tweets did some digging of their own, this time aaron kalvin and low and behold they uncovered derogatory tweets about african americans, gay people and women lose the des moines register fired kalvin saying we took appropriate action because there is nothing more important than having readers trust but many believe the action wasn't appropriate at all, quote, they learned absolutely nothing. the point wasn't that they should cancel the reporter but they should stop trying to dig up old tweets to cancel people adding people are angry because there was no point in digging backed we 7 years if you are not looking to tag down a good thing. just write the profile so you inspire more people to donate. ironically, your stunt made even more money for carson's cause. and it has. donations to his account still pouring in. he has now hit $2 million in
12:36 am
donations. shannon: thank you. tonight even big donor democrats sounding the alarm about senator elizabeth warren, why they are flirting with crossing the aisle. democratic congressman to do tweeting praise for an article showing a quid pro quo between donald trump and the national rifle association. if the below article is accurate, it appears donald trump seeks to trade action on legislation in exchange for financial support from the nra. that would be illegal. a felony to be exact. the times article may have not been accurate at the time because it was updated without explanation changing a key phrase. an earlier version sit in return for support was later changed to during the meeting. in a statement the nra categorically denies any discussion about special arrangements pertaining to the
12:37 am
nra support of the president. to the latest on political correctness the england patriots quarterback tom brady's popularity is tied to a rise in white rage and white supremacy. onto a college professor at the university of rhode island, that professor reportedly said he realized the connection to white supremacy as far back as the 2015, 10,000 brady under armour add. the professor says it reminds him of nazi propaganda. barbie is going gender was, but tell announcing the new dollar designed to keep labels out. the toymaker says it hopes to appeal to an expanding demographic, the gender neutral toys are available in six different skin tones.
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>> if she kept at this nomination over joe biden they are saying they are threatening to sit out the election and not
12:42 am
help with fundraising or even go as far as helping donald trump. shannon: consumer watchdog to massachusetts senator, to front runner for her party's presidential nomination now has even democratic big money donors worried that she will tax the wealthy. let's discuss this problem with legal analyst kathy arroyo and brian beenberg. this is from the chairman and ceo of the peoples corporation with the obama national finance committee twice was worried from wall street about if senator warren becomes the democratic nominee. >> she vilifies capitalism, vilifies wall street, vilifies business and corporations. we would be fools to support someone who vilifies us and wants to disrupt the free market system but it is not just wall street. the business community as a
12:43 am
whole and especially minorities are not going to support her. >> reporter: can she afford not to have those donors? >> she is running for president of the united states, she needs support from wall street. wall street has not had a problem supporting democratic candidates in the past. they have a problem supporting someone who's expressed goal is to undermine the capitalist system. the previous segment mentioned that. is not just a wall street issue but a broader economy issue. not just wall street that ought to be nervous but every business looking at their bottom line and saying how big is my tax bill going to get to fund what she's planning to do? shannon: she pledged to not take money from a number of these organizations but it says the open secret is her big-money fundraising through 2018 helped lay the foundation for anti-big-money run for the presidency. last winter and spring she had
12:44 am
leftover funds from the senate campaign to underwrite her 2020 run a portion of which was raised from the same donor class she is now running against. >> she is going to be just fine. where are these democratic donors going to go? they are not going to go with trump. it will be elizabeth warren at the end of the day if she becomes the candidate. a wall street republican is one of my best sources, quote, trump is bankrupting the country morally and fiscally. at the end of the day do you sleep at night? do you sleep better at night with trump running things or elizabeth warren? how do you trust someone who bankrupts a casino? very hard to bankrupt a casino and trump was able to pull that off. we don't trust our country financially to someone like
12:45 am
trump. democrats will back anyone but trump at this point. if she's the candidate, it will be just fine. >> reporter: the president talked about how he used that is a businessman to leverage things and get things done. he has not shied away from talking about past practice -- failures and successes and kathy talks about that, it is about the paycheck, the bottom line, the numbers. >> if you cut through the noise and drama around everything from this president what you have gotten is an economy that has been strong, wall street loved that performance. they are not wild about the tariffs but even with the tariffs wall street is excited about what this president has done. don't know how kathy can talk about wall street be more interested interesting in elizabeth warren talk about bankrupting. to look at her spending proposals, the wealth taxes
12:46 am
don't cover a fraction of what she's talking about spending. we are going to run up serious debt under a war and administration, if you think it is bad now wait until we have warren or sanders. shannon: is pressure on the former vice president whether to join the call for wealth taxes as well. thanks for weighing in, good to see you both. stick around for nice court, you are the jury, the case, the government is suing 2020 in 60, gun owners showing up to a beto o'rourke rally where he argued only the government should be allowed to have firearms like ar 15s, critics point out the irony of making that argument a place where the national guard killed four protesters during the vietnam war. the gun owner showed up, accused them of trying to intimidate his supporters. the presidential debate will take place on a single night instead of two.
12:47 am
the democratic national committee announcing that friday, the shutdown will be held in ohio. democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard the last holdout of the 2020 field support impeachment inquiry. after reviewing the whistleblower complaint and transcript of the phone call between donald trump and ukraine's president not moving forward on impeachment would set a dangerous precedent. ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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>> it is time now for night where you at home are our >> time for night court. you are our jerry. allegedly accused of misleading its users with fake accounts, the federal trade commission suing the online dating website claiming the company can't people into paying for subsistence with messages from phony accounts but is arguing fraud isn't good for their business. let's take you to civil rights attorney robert pattillo and attorney david bruno. welcome to you both. let's start with exhibit a, this is one of the people who allegedly had one of these free subscriptions and got messages that made her subscribe and
12:52 am
spend the money. cindy quick says these nice-looking guys who made $100,000 and up and were the right age started winking at me and emailing me, the way to connect was to subscribe but when she tried to reply their profiles were gone. >> says it wasn't them that made the profile or any of these fraudulent profiles and they are doing their best to ferret them out and is coming out hard putting on a statement the ftc has misrepresented internal emails and relied on cherry picked data to make outrageous claims. they are saying they are doing everything, they put out stats saying they identified 96% of the fraudulent profiles in one day. that is not good for business
12:53 am
but they are doing their best and i can't see how the ftc came after this company and not instagram, facebook, twitter, all the different sites that make money on advertising, the same problems with fraudulent accounts. >> they said there were 5 different alleged fraud they were laying out but as you mentioned said in a statement, neutralizing 80% of potentially improper account in the first four hours typically before they are on-site and 96% in a day. the systems we build at match to detect fraud and other proper purposes are among the best in all of tech. >> statistics real quick, in 2018 there were 21 romance based scams costing consumers $143 million.
12:54 am
over $10,000 each in these scams. they are doing all they can do, that doesn't sound like all you can do. they are the gatekeepers of these sites, the blue to ferret out and crosscheck to have data to increase their vetting process and create accounts and not just that but make it easy to sign up for these accounts. even the ceo and board members are on record that they make it difficult to cancel membership, it takes 6 or more clicks to cancel membership to these sites and when people thought they cancel their memberships they were still members and could not do that. the old gym technique of getting you in the door and signed up so you can't get out of it. shannon: i want to give you a chance to respond to that and you will wrap us up and give us your final argument. >> i have a problem with why is this company being singled out? there are other companies with
12:55 am
similar problems with subscriptions, automatic payments and small print but final point. in 2010 there was class-action brought against for similar allegations and they beat them. >> the beaded the first time and emboldened them to continue the same course of action now. shannon: excellent arguments, thank you both. we leave it to the jury at home. tweet us, shannon bream or fox news at night and use the hashtag night court. to our midnight hero, incredible surprise today. calvin sykes was honored as national hourly associate of the year. he worked hard to overcome cognitive and learning disabilities not only to succeed as a young adult but to leave an impact on everyone he meets. he has a lot of fans so excited for him chosen out of 16 other
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associates for perseverance and team spirit. he went to orlando, florida and will be honored at universal studios. you are our midnight hero. that is it for us from washington, i am shannon bream. it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo! no, just a sec. what would it look like if we listened more? could the right voice, the right set of words, bring us all just a little closer? get us to open up? even push us further?
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