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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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now the yogurt, he says, is kept on the top shelf. this huge intellect that would be such a staple with university is to keep you a how do you even stomach that the network at the time. how could a guy be that child. as i have oftend the much yogurt. rob: that kid is going to be a mess for a couple of days, smart care thatch about difference between kindergarten i would imagine. and college is the age of the she is going to the world sports? >> series. >> he had a side of him he me and janice are going to kinder. was just a kid at heart. brian: i watched the movie. hit some baseballs here in a that's part of his charisma it is impactful. few minutes. we will see you later. and why people love him so the perfect compliment to you is much. incredibly intelligent but he loved the things that he jillian: bye ♪ anything can happen adam corolla who is funny but ♪ anything can happen loved. it didn't matter -- he ♪ writes about it in the book. concerned. >> right. brian: this is documentary. you're looking, observing and the most irrational thing he ♪ challenging. steve: check that out. was obsessed with and what did you, how did you embraced it fully. approach this? that's part of being human. what did you learn from this? live from fox square. >> yes. that's one of the things he let me explain. ainsley: we have a diamond wrote about. ainsley: we have a musical it is, it sounds odd to be in a on the square. steve: tonight is game one of the world sear reels for talent on our show he takes movie and say what i'm about to the first time ever the credit for it. now he is trying to take washington nationals are in credit for getting your dad the world series playing on fox. say but i have an explanation. against the houston astros. brian: i gave him the biggest break of his life. who will win? find out tonight. steve: check it out "the it is a great movie. officially the game starts point of it all" also in it is not great because i'm in at 8:08. but you know what? it. i'm honored to be in a great i have got to figure that movie. 8:00 straight up there will paperback and daniel has written a new preface. i'm not mr. humble. be a tv show about baseball i'm mr. real. on fox. it is that good this film. what would charles say about it's a wakeup call to the brian: right. i will say this. this. brian: i will talk to you on i have never seen a team get radio in a little while. american people what is you don't have to wear the happening to free speech and happening on and i will be embraced by a city like the
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nationals have been embraced tie. steve: brian invented radio. by washington. it's like they have been brian: not invented but i was right there: blame there. people should go to no safe there 100 years. steve: here's the thing, when i lived in washington. brian: you had nothing. democrats for trying to if we sell out in phoenix, it you had the red skins. impeach him. steve: we had no team there >> for me the word impeachment is a dirty, was a push for 20 or 30 goes national. disgusting word. who would do this? years let's get a major who would play a dirty game steve: people want to see a league baseball team here. little more, here is one more when they came they always want the senators to come like this. clip. watch this. back. they are not the senators brian: former white house >> isn't it spooky we're having they are the washington press secretary sarah sanders here to react next. this discussion. >> you can't challenge us. >> kids grew up with purell and nationals. squaring off against a time steve: todd piro. from texas. you will see it all on fox little leaguers on deck. soccer games where they never and you will see us. time to play ball coming up kept score. >> there is no debate. next. ♪ >> the type of diversity they brian: here is the question for you guys. hate is diversity of thought. don't help, joel, who were ♪ the nationals before the >> we deserve the right to be offended by anything. nationals. ainsley: i thought they >> no university should ever didn't exist. create a safe space. brian: that's not nice. you will not protect people. do you know why? they became -- they were once the expos. steve: you will not protect people. you make the space that is what but people stopped showing up. welcome to fowler, indiana. colleges are trying to do. they sent them to home to three of bp's wind farms. >> they're really not protecting washington. steve: canadian team. ainsley: they moved them to which, every day, generate enough electricity them. they're simply censoring. washington. to power over 150,000 homes. they don't protect conservative steve: who are you hoping are going to win the big students from 90% of the show after the best of and of course, fowler. professors who teach them the seven? at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. following. ainsley: i guess you have this is the message, really in got to pull for the nationals. your son is there i have got america today, to american young
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to go for houston since i and of course, fowler. the business of hard work... lived in san antonio even ...hustle... ...and high fives. people. your past was terrible and your though they beat the yankees. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed brian: i'm supporting the future is terrible. broadcasters because the because our business is you. it is a tough time to be a young mets don't have a manager and the yankees lost in a get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels person in the greatest country in the world. brutal fashion. brian: yes. let me add to this you know who ainsley: you don't ever like when you book direct at to give your opinion. knows it first? comedians. steve: never done that good pi've had nineteen surgeries.l they're picking up about it. i'm 100% permanently disabled from the military they're getting huge blow black. news for the paper boy for the "the washington post" and after i went in to aspen dental and the "new york times." it sounds like he is not going to have to throw the it was just like night and day. i see the same outrage from bill paper over the fence at the they told me they were gonna take some x-rays, white house anymore because yesterday the president sat she said "and it's gonna be no charge to you". maher. what is happening to us? why are we reacting to i'm not used to getting that type of service. down with sean hannity and ridiculous. you guys have different beliefs. my name is robert chackley >> my view is, i will explain out there in the rose garden and my rank for the military was retired sergeant major. this, people can watch a video i and talked about a lot of things. including the fact that he at aspen dental we're all about yes. give on this at prageru or is probably going to cancel like yes to payments on your timeline not ours. article i wrote. the subscription to those yes to free exam and x-rays there is an enormous distinction for patients without insurance. two newspapers because he says they are corrupt and fake news and all that other and yes whenever you're ready to get started so are we. between liberal and left. liberals and conservatives have stuff. call or book online at he was asked by sean about far more in common than either why hasn't the mainstream a general dentistry office. media made a bigger deal of have with the left. the bidens and ukraine. the left is a purely destructive ainsley: we will go through. so things he talked about. why don't we start with that force. whether it is america or europe call that he had the or anywhere else. ukrainian president. liberals and conservatives may steve: you mean the perfect differ but they have similar call? ainsley: the perfect call. he remind dollars us last values. brian: but the left created it. night here is sean hannity it is blowing them up.
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>> yes. with that call. >> we are looking at the that's right. ainsley: you think liberals are 2016 election, which was a disaster. we went through hell my more mod and more in the middle administration. people were destroyed. and left is more extreme. their lives were destroyed. not one person colluded. >> i give save examples in the they found no collusion, no video but i give you one. nothing. and they went through hell. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. the left believes in all-black there was a server, the dnc even a- (ernie) lost rubber duckie? dorm on campus. (burke) you mean this one? server that never went to (ernie) rubber duckie! the fbi. the fbi didn't take it. (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? it was taken by somebody liberals believe in racial (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. that i guess it's crowd (grover) yoooooow! integration. strike. it should separate left and do you think i'm going to oh! liberal that is it an enormous say something wrong when i what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! feel that there is 25 or 30 difference. do you believe in racial (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? integration or, as harvard has, or two or something? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... separate and many other there are at love people on these calls. (bert) how do you know all this stuff? some listen for educational reasons. some listen because they're (burke) just comes with experience. universities, separate members of the state department there are many (all muppets) yup. graduations for blacks if they people listening to these ♪ we are farmers. want to attend them. steve: dennis, do you know of ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum calls. brian: people are fixated on the fact that joe biden is any universities had safe spaces running against possibly -- you know what? we don't need this? trying to get the nomination to run against the president we need to invite other people and leading for some time. in to give their points of view? what the president is emphasizing is i'm trying to let's get rid of kittens. find out what happened in 2016. >> you know what? one of the things that bothers him is something he this film may induce universities to get rid of them. that is how powerful it is.
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believes maybe the previous administration was behind brian: a wake-up call. it. who was in charge of the very well-done. i can say that you did a great ukraine? joe biden. by the way at the time this investigation was happening, job. biden wasn't running. adam corolla too. most people say if was >> thank you so much. inevitable he was going to ainsley: this thursday in run. it was inevitable he was phoenix, arizona. sell it out. going to run in 2016. >> this weekend. thank you. remember? that didn't work out because ainsley: thank you, dennis. his family decided to let hillary clinton have it plus steve: 22 minutes before the top barack obama wasn't in his of the hour. corner. he is saying there is a reason to look into the carley joins us and takes to us ukraine. and there is some dicey florida. things that happened through carley: got an update out of the ukraine. he has been told at the very florida. broward county sheriff scott least i wanted to get to the israel is one step closer to bottom of it. people have focused on him can a banana peel fuel your flight. losing his job for good. targeting an opponent. is he focusing on what bp and fulcrum bioenergy think so. the florida senate committee happened in 2016. recommending his suspension be steve: right. together we'll reduce emissions and landfill waste brian: my initial thought when i read the call still upheld. sheriff israel was suspended in stands the same from three by turning garbage into jet fuel. january for his department's response to the parkland school weeks ago. this was about 2016 and not at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. shooting that left 17 people 2020 for him. he doesn't feel as though dead. families of the victim were at there was an investigation. when did this call happen in the hearing telling the the day after the mueller committee the sheriff doesn't probe ended. deserve to get his job back. steve: because one of his the full senate will vote opponents could be joe biden, and he asked about joe biden, people are connecting a lot of dots one tomorrow. police officers save a toddler from choking on a cracker. bodies cameras rolling as of the other things the president talked to sean about is i want the attorney ♪ somebody florida cops perform cpr and got
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♪ can somebody find me him breathing again. general to look into somebody to love ♪ possible ties with hillary ♪ when he woke up in the hospital, clinton, the dossier. ukraine. her son was calling for his is there a connection here brian: wow, it's your shots of the morning. grandfather who died five years before he was born. multiple. former white house press >> there's a lot of connections secretary sean spicer survives another week on that can't be explained except it s. potus. >> you hear about ukraine. "dancing with the stars." for, you know, god is real and steve: sean got his highest i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody he is good all the time. who wrote the fake dossier. ainsley: look at that beautiful scores yet. was it out of ukraine? ainsley: he dedicated the performance to his wife of all of the things that happened. 15 years. he gives her a bouquet of baby m.j. stopped breathing for and i assume that the ten minutes. his family says he is back to attorney general, i would roses. >> how fantastic is that? like the attorney general to normal. find out what's going on. bring in sarah sanders. the missouri department of because, you know what? former white house press transportation apologizing what secretary. they had the same job. it calls an error in judgment. we are investigating corruption. so, have you thought about ainsley: he said you want to "dancing with the stars" because he is a shoe-in. know why they want to the.coming under fire editing impeach me? this photo of a teen wearing a because moody's came out >> no. i haven't. and i don't think i will. with those three reports. trump 2020 shirt and hat before under all three scenarios he i'm very proud and happy for he implode ad bridge. says that trump will win. sean. in the statement the department steve: they want to impeach that he has done such a him before that. great job. we are big watchers of sean apologizes. we respect all individuals ainsley: they did. but he said the point is choice and edited in the they are worried that i am each week. my family is maxing out our picture, many comments were going to win and this is the votes. only way that they can and i think that's the detracting from the intent of extent of the involvement that we are going to have tarnish my name. the post? >> oh, boy, "star wars" fans are with "dancing with the brian: couple of things stars." very excited this morning after happening today. steve: so how many times does your family vote for the democrats behind closed him in a week? a brand new trailer is released. doors. we don't know exactly what's >> what? steve: how many votes does happening. they are asking bill taylor he get from your family in a
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week then? to goes behind closed doors >> a lot. watch. ♪ i mean, between my husband >> long have i waited and now today. and i, my parents, my mom holding up the text are you holding up the money for political purposes? if so, it's wrong. and then later the ambassador to the european aggressively supporting union who has already sean. testified came back and said so we are fully behind him you're coming together. there is no quid pro quo. and, like i said, i think later said the president told him that but i thought that is where we plan to ♪ a very revealing poll was stay is only supportive of done by that newspaper that is your undoing. is no longer allowed in the sean spicer. and i don't think we will white house, i don't think. have any other involvement the "new york times" and or engagement with "dancing college poll. by about a 10 point margin with the stars." he has done a great job. carley: so much suspense. those embattled ground ainsley: highest score ever. the final trailer for the rise >> you have to love how of skywalker premiering during states polled are against impeaching the president. and if nancy pelosi doesn't excited he is. "monday night football." take note of that, she is how into you that as stick this is the last installment of the new trilogy. not the -- maybe she is the he is. there were a lot of people that didn't want him on the third rate politician. show. the movie comes out and pushed to boycott. december 20th. mark your calendars, guys. ainsley: for the inquiry but against impeachment. steve: chewbacca, r2-d2 are the i actually am proud of the steve: right. network for keeping him in majority is for the inquiry but do not want him only two i recognize. there. and letting him really get impeached and removed from out there and have a good office. 94% of the people in these time. he has shown that you can carley: she is so pretty. battleground states who the girl that you saw. pushback and do it with a voted for president trump want him to continue as smile and i'm proud of what president. he has done. i've seen all of them. they are squarely in his i thought last night was steve: got to be related to luke corner. incredible and special that brian: i think it's a he dedicated that to his skywalker. revealing poll. don't you think that wife who is a tremendous brian: speaking of princesses janice dean is outside. person. and i know firsthand how matters. ainsley: i want to know janice: brian, that is the best.
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about hillary clinton with difficult it is to have the the dossier. i want to know if there was i hope we replay that during our role he had at the white house with his family and year-end. that was a good one. fisa abuse. taking care of kids and she we haven't even figured that high, everybody, how are you? out yet. is just a great person. we are still waiting for and that was really neat to what's your name? that report. get to watch him from v. >> deneen. steve: john brennan was on janice: where are you from? nbc and he was talking about that moment. how he has been asked to brian: how do you handle the >> florida. interview with john durham, reports that. janice: are you glad to be here? so people voting are >> yes. the u.s. attorney up in russian? janice: what is your name? connecticut. and he also said james [laughter] brian: it's rigged. clapper is, which means they is there a russian judge? >> [inaudible] are expanding that >> you know, i think so far janice: smile for the camera. investigation. it seems pretty fair. ainsley: if you have done nothing wrong, have nothing right there. to hide, that's fine. pretty darn cute. inquiries taking so long. steve: and there is so many i think sean has a huge base cheeseburger. he is hired. of them. of support. happy birthday what is your also on capitol hill, house democrats yesterday blocked name? >> lola. by a party line vote that support the president. janice: where are you from? ainsley: let's talk about >> south carolina. vote by republicans to the president's interview last night with sean janice: thank you for coming to new york spending it with censure congressman adam hannity. "fox & friends." talked about impeachment. we have cloudy skies. schiff. ainsley: the house intel here is a clip of it. temperature is a little chilly. committee chairman avoiding >> to me, the word impeachment is a dirty, we have a front moving through, condemnation over his could bring potential for handling of the impeachment disgusting word. showers and thunderstorms, maybe severe weather. this is the same system that inquiry. ains. that isn't a reason to brought tornadoes across the brian: we asked griff impeach. jenkins to cover. the only reason they are south. but it is weakening. we'll see the potential for this. impeaching looked at the griff: i'm digging into what polls and moody's came out showers move into the new york is happening in washington under all three scenarios city later on this afternoon, because it's never simple. to be clear, this wasn't a trump wins easily. into the overnight. they see what's going on. our next storm system moves into vote for or against censure that's what they are doing. the west. because it never got there we could see a little bit of congressman al green, a
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democrats voted to snow across the mountains. democrat, said we have to do you guys love baseball? capability house freedom caucus andy biggs rests impeach him because he is lucien for censor s&ship and you do? going to win this is what we fantastic. >> yankees. janice: i know the yankees. dramaization of the are up against. president's phone call with who would play a dirty game the ukrainian president. astros, nationals on fox tv, like this. game one of the world series. all democrats voted against steve: so he says that because the economy is doing so well they are trying to we're celebrating steve ainsley it and. after this tabling vote get him out of office. and brian coming out to show us schiff tweeted this it. will be said of house >> well, i don't think it's just that i think it republicans when it found they lacked the courage to their best swings. brian: janice breaks down the confront the most dangerous certainly that the economy game for us tomorrow morning at and unethical president in is doing well. i think it's the fact that history they consoled the president has been able 6:00 an 8:00. themselves by attacking to renegotiate trade deals. steve: thanks, jd. those who did. he has been able to create president trump promised to meanwhile biggs calling schiff's lack of over 6 million new jobs build the wall. transparency unfair process significant number of those we got an update how the out. manufacturing jobs. construction is going. look, at the end of the day, deputy cpb commissioner robert democrats think that they not only going to let these are smarter than the perez has the numbers coming up american people. guys members of the they think they should be next. ainsley: we're counting down to committee get access to the able to choose your transcripts anymore. the first pitch we've been that's how objectionable healthcare. this is. they think they can spend talking about coming up on fox. >> this as speaker pelosi your money than you can. little leaguers hitting the four page fact sheet on batting cage on fox square. and the president doesn't nice. impeachment entitled truth agree with them. ♪. exposed. i don't think millions of pressure campaign in americans do either. ukraine. she quotes the president democrats were very clear in himself, rudy giuliani, the hey i need a ride! 2016 how they felt about whistleblower, and a u.s. people that supported the ambassador bill taylor's text message to u.s. president. hillary clinton labeled them ambassador to the eu gordon deplorable. we have a big decision to
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sondland. here, hold this. as you mentioned, brian, this is important. she president's taylor's follow that spud! quote in there as i said on make people have a very the phone call i think it's crazy to withhold security clear contrast in what path the big idaho potato truck has been touring america. they want to take. do they want to continue assistance for help with a under the prosperity of this president or do they want to go right! no, your other right! political campaign. she does not include go down a different road it's been telling folks about america's favorite potatoes. sondland's response saying that we know doesn't work in there will be no quid pro quo. socialism that the democrats heart healthy idaho potatoes. taylor is set to testify have laid out they know they and making donations to local charities. can't beat president trump doors. steve: griff, by the way, on policy and on merit, so oh man. down in washington, we would always look for the grown in idaho seal. imagine you are going to be they think impeachment is their only path forward and for the nationals, right? they have shown that this is so do i get my license now? purely political. and i think the president is griff: go nats. exactly right to call them tens of thousands of people out on it. giving the baby shark. brian: a lot of people would all about the baby shark. like to see him get a separate legal team like geraldo parra started in bill clinton did. june. punt on all ukrainian walk up song baby shark and issues. >> say that's handled by my fans going nuts. if you watch the world legal side. is that possible with this series you will be president? >> not only is that i don't absolutely inundated with think it's possible but i baby shark. steve: thank you very much. don't think it fits. i think it worked for bill clinton. but thank god this is a ainsley: hayden is swimming foswimpulling for the nationals. totally different president. i'm glad that president trump isn't bill clinton. steve: we are immersed in the world series stuff. i'm glad that i has carley shimkus is here approached the office in a because jillian is going to the world series. completely different way. the country didn't elect him
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carley: she is so excited. to come up there and be like i'm happy for her. she will do a good job: every other politician let's turn to headlines before him though wanted him right now. we begin with a fox news to come up and shake things alert. breaking overnight, a marine is killed during a training up great thing you hear so accident in california it much from the president. you don't have to wonder did his aides get it right. 21-year-old chris ball tease his president comes out and had died riding in a armored tells you every day where he is. whether it's through extended interviews like he did last night with sean vehicle. came on the same day three hannity. whether it's on twitter. army soldiers were killed this is president who talks while training in georgia. emotional general holding back tears. directly to the american people. and i don't think anybody that supports him and >> it is hard enough when frankly even those that you lose one soldier but when you lose three at one don't. any other way than to hear time, that pain is straight from the president. amplified. carley: soldier is identified as corporal steve: absolutely. thomas walker of ohio. eliminate the filter. sergeant first class brian meanwhile, sean hannity jenkins of florida, and talked a little to the president about the green private first class antonio new deal big on the left but not so big with the president. watch. >> the green new deal is garcia of arizona. fine. all of it is fine. paying 96% in taxes is all fighting bradley vehicle went off a bridge and fine because i want them to flipped into water. keep talking about it. and when it's time to run the illegal immigrant charged with murdering mollie tibbetts is due back
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in court today. attorneys for christian rivera want his confession thrown out. they claim police did not can you believe we are fully explain his miranda getting down to 12 months. double it? rights. tibbetts a university of steve: the president thinks that green new deal would be iowa student disappeared in bad for the country but good july 2018 after going for a for him politically. run. her body was found in a >> absolutely, the president is an incredibly smart cornfield a month later. person. rivera's trial is scheduled but he is also a very smart to start in february. president trump political reader. he gets the makeup of what's congratulating canadian prime minister justin trudeau for winning a second going to drive people in elections. he has great instincts. term overnight tweeting in i think you are seeing that on full display. part: i look forward to why take away one of the working with you toward the betterment of both of our greatest contrast issues that you know there is no countries. support from the american trudy beating andrew shear people for this early in the in canada's general election. election. trudy's liberal party let democrats go out there keeping its power in a and continue to talk about narrow election win. and build this case so that the president can make his all right. turning to sports and a monday night football case against it in a few months. massacre for the new york again, i don't think the jets. the team falling 33-0 to the contrast between what you have to choose from, between undefeated new england president trump and prosperity that will continue in this country vs. patriots. >> pressure off the edge. democrats who want to take all of that away. ball is out. brian: thanks, sarah, i
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appreciate it. great seeing you this carley: that's a horrified morning. ainsley: thanks, sarah. quarterback caught on a hot >> absolutely, thanks for mike. having me on. he committed five turnovers brian: if you are in law >> we are back with a in the game. fox news alert. enforcement and insurance british prime minister boris johnson making his final push to wide receiver julian edleman was much happier posting force a deal on brexit. industry. they want to get rid of the vote is expected tonight. this top gun poster with his face and tom brady's photo insurance. ashley webster from the fox take away cops' guns and now business network is live in shopped in. london as the clock ticks toward that's pretty clever. they want to destroy what you do for a living, gas and undefeated. brian: the jets couldn't oil. deadline day, or headline hour, have been worse. i don't think they could have practically -- it's steve: meanwhile, let's go ashley we should say. impossible to play worse on outside. world series is kicking off reporter: exactly it has been than they did. steve: you can't have a ticking for 3 1/2 years. number lower than zero. tonight, janice. >> have you got it. i have the clippers and the another deadline looming, carley: good point. brian: at one point, did you ainsley. but yes the british prime say this? mavericks. do your parents and teachers at one point trudy was know that you are not in minister wants lawmakers behind school right now? me to look at 115-page eu deal, caught on camera caught on >> not by teacher. mike saying he is seeing janice: no? do you you need me to write read it, peruse it, suggest you a note. >> no. >> yes, please. wearing the jets hat. changes. he is asking them to do it in janice: okay. i will do that so you know just three days. that the washington nationals are going to head lawmakers on the opposite side [sighs] to houston to take on the steve: joel fulton full time of the aisle says that is way astros in game one. manager always wears jets too short after time, we need and what better way to celebrate than to bring a more time. boris johnson put out a memorabilia. brian: sit down on the coach batting cage on to fox statement saying the public real quick. square. doesn't want anymore delays, it's so appropriate. this hour we have got todd piro and carley shimkus steve: remove your mini neither do other european lanyard. facing off. they have been practicing leaders, neither do i. brian: show the sweatshirt, and i have to tell you my joe. money is on carley shimkus. ainsley: what does it say? talking with european leaders
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they wade with bemusement what >> thank you, janice. happens next. carley: the jets make me jean-claude juncker, president drink. i was so impressed with rob. of the eu commission was asked when he thought about brexit, [sighs] janice: well, rob used to quote, simply a waste of time play baseball. carley: let's see how i do. and a waste of energy. janice: let's go watch guys. so i guess that sums it up. very quickly the newspapers have come on. carley: all right. i'm a little nervous. given up on brexit. all the headlines today, janice: you are going to be great. carley: let's see how i do williams fears for troubled brian: enough said. ainsley: you are so here. very nice. harry. all about the royal family committed. steve: now he is giving us a a little bit of contact. today. wrap. that sums it up. meanwhile a new ad campaign oh. ainsley: people are tired of it, warning about the dangers of that was excellent. aren't they, ashley? socialism who are lived through socialism. okay. got one. guests on the fox square, i told you my money is on talking to two ladies from >> many people warned us and london. said, you know, you need to we're so sick of this. it has gone on year after year. carley. not bad. stop this you do not need to reporter: yes. janice: one more and then ainsley: thank you for that go for think unfortunately todd is it. next one. we make the error to say report, ashley. that's not going to happen reporter: people are fed up for again. todd: all right, shimkus. you set the bar. sure. ainsley: we'll watch it. ainsley: will the democrats thank you ashley. carley: go todd. listen? rnc chair ronna mcdaniel we don't have a lot of time. steve over to you. steve: thank you very much. next. ♪ walking real proud president trump keeping his promise to secure our southern ♪ talking real loud again border with 74 miles of new wall ♪ never did think that it built and another 159 miles ever would happen again ♪ ♪ under construction. discomfort back there? so how significant is this? janice: oh my godness, toddy how much further do we have to do and go to secure our border? that is really amazing. his stance is really u.s customs & border patrol,
3:14 am
instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, incredible. todd: play ball. border protection deputy or powders, commissioner robert perez joins janice: wow, todd piro. us live from d.c. try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h, very impressive. todd: as i shrink coming out robert, good morning to you. of cage. >> good morning, steve. because your derriere deserves expert care. ♪ [cheers] >> if you want more baseball preparation h. get comfortable with it. action where can we watch? steve: these numbers sound pretty good, right? i'm off to college. i'm worried about my parents' retirement. janice: on fox channel. >> they're exceptional and we're it's happening day one of don't worry. the world series tonight. voya helps them to and through retirement... the nationals, the astros only accelerating those numbers dealing with today's expenses ...while helping plan, 8:00 p.m. and i believe the weather is coming months and next year going to be fabulous. invest and protect for the future. comes upon us. so they'll be okay? by end of this week we're going good job, by the way. to have constructed now every i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to todd: thank you, j.d. and through retirement. brian: good job. 75 miles, major milestone with both of you. respect to the wall ainsley: it's 43 minutes after the top of the hour. mollie hemingway, dennis construction. a few important points. the first, we're putting new, enduring capability in strategic prager and josh hawley priority locations throughout the entirety of the surgeon coming up. brian: one of them has a border from california all the movie coming up. way down to texas. yank whicyank which it's a border wall system as we mentioned before. not just the infrastructure itself but technology embedded into the wall, infrastructure as well surrounding the wall, roads, lighting. formed by the true experts on the ground.
3:15 am
our front line border patrol agents who are ones informing all of us exactly they need to secure that front line and our border. so we expect that by the end of next year we will have constructed again with the accelerated pace we're reaching ♪ construction over the next few months, oaf 450 miles of new border wall along that southern border by the end of next ♪ calendar year. steve: you have been pushing for it. that is why i said, it sounded good to you. let's talk a little bit what the border wall looks like compared ♪ to some of the earlier wall. i think we have a before and after of the 30-foot wall versus everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. the vehicle barrier which is expedia. only five feet high? >> that is a terrific point to make as well and emphasize, steve, this is new wall. this is new, enduring capability, again placed in the most important strategic locations there is a lot of
3:16 am
confusion at times by some, mischaracterizing what it is we're constructing. make mo -- no mistake about it. what this does for the cpb be give us capability of operational control of that border. we're interdicting all those who would seek to avoid us, particularly comes to drug smuggling and other criminals who continually penetrate not just the boarder communities but all the communities around the country, steve. the national security mission of cpb cannot be overstated. despite the fact we had this humanitarian crisis over the course of this last year, when we tally up our year-end narcotics seizure numbers we're going to end up seizing more hard narcotics along that southern border this past year than we had the year prior, despite the fact we're dealing with a humanitarian crisis. again it really speaks to the men and women on the front line, the job they're doing and the on going national security challenges we have.
3:17 am
steve: robert perez, thank you very much for the status report. when ywhat do you see?orld, >> i appreciate it, steve. we see patterns. thanks. steve: now you know. ten minutes before the top of relationships. the hour. up next little leaguers taking some practice swings in the when you use location technology, batting cage. on deck, brian, ainsley and me you can see where things happen, before they happen. as we celebrate the world series for everyone you love. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. on fox square coming up next. with esri location technology, so you only pay for what you need. ♪. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? you can see what others can't. not again. limu that's your reflection. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ (thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums peacefully once again in venezuela. >> american people need to protect the united states. steve: the republican national committee is launching a new campaign as ainsley: this is a fox news of today. alert. it's called the victims of severe storms spur powerful socialism. it gives firsthand accounts tornadoes in the south killing four people in of the perils of socialism arkansas and in oklahoma.
3:18 am
warning against democrats brian: a monster twister socialist agendas. joining us to discuss is rnc tearing through dallas. wiping out three schools. chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. steve: that's terrible. ronna, good morning to you. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? >> good morning. >> so what's the idea behind ashley per let that from our this? >> well, when you say affiliate in dallas joins us prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended socialism a lot of people in now. this country don't the clean-up is starting to understand what that means start as the sun comes up memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. shortly. >> that's correct. and there is still a lot of when you hear it firsthand prevagen. healthier brain. better life. from people from venezuela damage out here. first responders are trying or cuba who have been driven to keep people safe from from their countries, who that like this downed power have dealt with the poverty and instability it brings to line just hanging off the their government, i think it front of this building. really resonates. it could drop at any point. we have launched victims of but besides that they are so we can hear also looking at the debris their stories firsthand. because it's a mix of wood, and it is very powerful. steve: speaking of some of the people, here is a clip from it. watch this. trees and nails which could >> many people warned us and hurt someone. homeowners and business owners at the same time they are trying to keep their said, you know, you need to belongings safe. putting up caution tape as stop this and you do not need to go for this. well as boarding up windows. unfortunately we make the error to saying that's not going to happen in venezuela the city of dallas is aware of the concerns about looting. they have requested that there is us one thing we people stay indoors after always say if it socialist dark from 7:00 at night promoters, they should go through 7:00 in the morning there and see the reality through thursday.
3:19 am
dallas mayor eric johnson toured the affected areas watch is going on. telling people that dallas steve: in the beginning of police, they are stepping up that clip you showed aoc. patrols, besides boarded up i didn't see anybody actually running for windows tarps are being used president. are there some of the people to cover massive holes. who are running for president in that? >> absolutely. volunteers, family and friends have also been we have -- we actually in helping those impacted to the video a man named warner pack up their belongings, a former mayor. dallas please say use 911 to and he talks about report crimes in progress. politicians like potus and community members are doing promise free things like their part. they are watching out for each other. elizabeth warren promising free college, free now, during sunday night's tornado, something healthcare. had you all the candidates incredible happened, a baby girl was born in a laundry on the stage promising free healthcare for immigrants. room. that's just one heart-warming story out of including joe biden and bernie sanders promising free everything. this tragedy. they say they hand out free again, the clean-up things like candy but they really want the power. continues people trying to these are people who have pick up all of this debris. never created jobs. they have been putting it in trash can bags out in front they never created a of their homes and company. they are addicted to power. they take it over and they businesses. but it's not only going to never let it go. take days it's going to take we should be fearful of it. back to you in the studio and these people have lived reporting live in dallas. it. they have fled it. steve: thank you very much for the live report. and they understand the opportunity that america provides and they don't want ainsley: born by to see our country go down candlelight. that same path. steve: in the laundry room.
3:20 am
steve: let's talk about something else. brian: new action movie you guys have got to be all mixing faith and the second smiles at the rnc. when you look at the amendment. fundraising numbers so far in theaters. only in theaters one night this year, i think they are historic. only. rnc and president trump steve: it stars our friend raised $300 million so far kevin sorbo. he is here live coming up this year. $158 million cash on hand. next. >> never be any more worthy dnc has raised 66.5 million of you than i am of grace. so far this year. 8.6 million cash on hand. leave us alone. who are all these people who are giving you money? chevy's the only brand... >> it's -- it's people who love this president. i mean, the power behind this president, the energy behind him. at the small dollar level is like nothing we have ever seen. and they recognize that their freedoms are at stake. they recognize their jobs are coming back. that their wages are up. >> packed morning. and they are all. a few critical questions. in i say the greatest poll is the process for impeachment right now is the fundraising slowing down? and president trump is a what does new polling in critical state tell us where the juggernaut. it's not slowing down. american people are on this and it's putting us in a issue? great position to build joining us for that. ground games across the country in these big settlement in the opioid battleground states and get crisis. why the ohio ag has big problems ahead of the democrats. to earn j.d. power dependability awards... with the process. steve: we were just talking you will hear from him moments about how he-out move to across cars... trucks... impeach is support by people and suvs. away. four years in a row. ken starr, hogan gidley, join
3:21 am
in the swing states. six of them according to the since more than 32,000 real people... "new york times." just like me. sandra and me in a few minutes but, by 10 points they don't and me. at the top of the hour. and me. want him removed from took the survey that decided these awards. steve: the world series starts tonight here on fox office. when the closer they get to it was only right that you hear the good news from real people... broadcasting. we're celebrating early with a an impeachment vote, does that help or hurt your like us. i'm daniel. batting cage on fox square. i'm casey. ainsley: that's right. fundraising? >> it's helping our i'm julio. bring and will go first. only chevy has earned fundraising within the first j.d. power dependability awards across cars, 48 hours of the impeachment then i'm going. trucks and suvs. inquiry we raised $5 million four years in a row. janice has already been. steve: brian, been in the online. we raised 15 million total. batting cage three or four minutes. warming up. >> throwing it 91 miles an hour. our voters realize democrats are trying nullify their vote. guess what for the ainsley: brian let's see. 63 million people who voted take your time brian. for president trump. your vote doesn't matter. take your time. we are going to take your ♪. brian: i never heard that. vote away. it's phoney. steve: not on this show. even democrats are trying to say let the election decide. this this is not what our country wants right now. come on. steve: the president said last night with sean ainsley: yea. hannity, if he is impeached, steve: good shot. one for one, ladies and that's going to help him and the republicans. gentlemen. ainsley: nice. ronna mcdaniel, chairwoman of the rnc, ronna, thank steve two for two. you. >> thanks, steve. steve: all right. ainsley: got to first place on that one. 6:21 now in new york city. that might be a home run. it's 3:21 in california >> my goodness, i don't want to
3:22 am
where the homeless crisis is do that. getting worse by the day. steve all righty. voters say it's the top issue in the state. what are leaders doing to fix it? we will talk to tomi lahren ainsley: if i don't hit it -- who lives out there coming up next. ♪ [inaudible]. brian: i really don't believe it ♪ i'm an american girl ♪ steve: all right. managing lipids ainsley: i'm watching. keep your eye on the ball my dad says. i'm getting warmed up. steve: that's one. she is one for one. like very high triglycerides, brian: i like the wiggle. can be tough. you diet. exercise. but if you're also taking dot wiggle. ainsley: you like the wiggle. fish oil supplements, you should know, they are not fda-approved, they may have saturated fat and okay. ainsley: here we go. may even raise bad cholesterol. brian: run it out. that's three. to treat very high triglycerides, discover the science of prescription vascepa. steve: all right. i have not warmed up. this is really short bat. proven in multiple clinical trials, vascepa, along with diet, janice: do you want something is the only prescription epa treatment, heavier? come on, steve. approved by the fda to lower show us what we've made of. very high triglycerides by 33%, brian: 30 seconds, steve. without raising bad cholesterol. stay within yourself bad pitch. look. it's clear. there's only one prescription steve: i have officially lost. epa vascepa. brian: put your feet in cement. vascepa is not right for everyone.
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do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or steve: oh. any inactive ingredient in vascepa. brian: terrible pitches. tell your doctor if you are nobody could hit that. allergic to fish or shellfish, have liver problems or other ainsley: wooden bat. medical conditions and about brian: you got that one. any medications you take, especially those that may steve: i'm exhausted. affect blood clotting. brian: we'll review the tape, 2.3% of patients reported joint pain. and find out who is the best ask your doctor about vascepa. prescription power. proven to work. ever. >> first time you are going to see me in my wedding dress is when i'm walking down the aisle. >> marriage isn't always easy. >> for better or for worse. >> love is a sacrifice. >> i will never be any more worthy of you than i am of takin' it off road station ted! goiwagon, eh?ip, huh? you know it's an suv! grace. [explosion] >> leave us alone. your family is duckin' and rollin'... >> what's happening? >> under attack.
3:24 am
while we stowin' and goin' but that's cool, people are getting killed. we have to get out of here. i know for a fact your suv does not suck. right now we need to leave. and why is that? it aint got that vacuum in the back, whoo! >> unlike any faith action sucking stuff up! what else are we gonna find? film you have seen before. >> reliant following a family in america's we got to go. vacuum in the back, hallelujah! heartland after economic collapse bringing focus on the importance of the second get 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,250 amendment and faith in times of crisis. total bonus cash on the 2019 chrysler pacifica. steve: actor kevin sorbo the man right there with the gun plays the father of five. rick in the movie joins us right now live. good morning to you. >> good to be back here, guys. steve: somebody sent you a copy of the script and you looked at it and you wanted to do it, why? >> there is a number of reasons in there obviously there an underlying support for the second amendment. the movie deals with the economic collapse of america. think of venezuela what's going on there. steve: steve and a comedy. wthat's why xfinity hasu made taking your internetself. >> shows you the red path of and tv with you a breeze. socialism. really? what do you do when that yup. you can transfer your service online sort of world breaks out, when there is looting and in about a minute. you can do that? rioting, my family gets yeah. and with two-hour service appointment windows, targeted. what do you do to protect your own family. it's all on your schedule.
3:25 am
awesome. they believe in the second so while moving may still come with its share of headaches... amendment when people are shooting at us. yelling at them is not going no kidding. we're doing all we can to make moving simple, easy, awesome. to stop them. >> got to protect yourself. >> i know when they approached you, they gave go to to get started. you the script. what made you to be a part of this film. >> i 20 pages. if this doesn't interest me i throw it away. this one i thought had a great story about family, faith. the family does get ripped apart during this but their faith and hope and their love for each other brings them back together at the end of the movie. brian: you also brought a clip with you. does it need setting up or just roll it? >> i think just roll it. >> you are on the danger ♪ zone. >> you ain't seen nothing ainsley: quick headlines for you. yet. facebook's ceo admits to giving hiring advice to 2020 we are staying together. hopeful pete buttigieg. we are trusting in god. mark zuckerberg telling reporters in a conference call a number of facebook >> the only good answer to employees asked him to pass along their resumes in hopes of working on his the question why is presidential campaign. he says that it is not an endorsement. and wikileaks founder julian [inaudible] >> the light closed up all assange struggles to say his name and his age at a the darkness.
3:26 am
hearing in london. steve: obviously, you have he tells a judge that he been forced from your home. you are living out in the can't think properly as he woods. people will be able to see this in theaters for one fights extradition to the u.s. where he faces charges night only, right? >> it's a one night fathom. for leaking classified we don't have $100 million documents. right now assange is serving a 50-week sentence for advertising like they do for skipping bail. avengers. he was arrested at the fathom events have become very popular. ecuadorian embassy in april. they just blast it out to 750 screens one night only. this thursday. brian: all right. go to the reliant >> we hope we got you excited 26 mention after the hour. california governor gavin it shows you trailers. about watching game one of the newsom claims to be making strides in the state's shows you the zip code to put in. world series tonight on fox. homeless crisis. >> every day people are shows you filming. it will start at 8:08 eastern the dvd comes out on the broadcast network. coming off the streets. december 3rd. but this thursday, >> how many games will it go? individuals' lives are being at least four. radically changed for the >> bill: good morning, october 24th. brian: brian bosworth is in everybody. better. you are proving every single it. fox news alert. day you can solve this >> we have known each other house lawmakers set to hear problem. for years but first time we from another key witness. the question is can we scale those solutions? got to work together. he is an official democrats still looks like he can steve: i don't think is he play. been waiting to hear from and going to like the results of i wouldn't mess with him. we'll see what he says. a brand new poll where brian: still got the look. all right. this morning they get their californians named homelessness as the most kevin, congratulations. chance. tuesday, bill hemmer, the team >> thank you. >> eric roberts is in the is back. important issue facing their >> sandra: good morning, state along with jobs as you movie. mollie gray you saw. welcome back. can see right there. she is pretty popular. last-minute stuff. >> bill: i understand. brian: did a lot of people ainsley: i love you do faith >> sandra: good tuesday morning check i don't care. to you. that's the smallest poll i based movies. good morning, i'm sandra smith. have ever seen in my life. wholesome material out. >> there more to come. moments from now the top u.s. five in the can. i will be coming to see you 45% homeless people.
3:27 am
soon. ainsley: always welcome. diplomat to ukraine bill taylor >> thanks, kevin. brian: coming up straight will go behind closed doors ainsley: here to react to ahead. with lawmakers likely to ask this host of no interruption a big final hour or i should say final four we have. him about the text messages host of tomi lahren. where he raised concerns about mollie hemingway will be is it the biggest issue for here. dennis prager is going to be linking ukraine military aid to you? >> oh, it absolutely is. here live. help a political campaign. and the reason this issue is senator josh hawley will be >> bill: that as president becoming a bigger issue for here and cbp commissioner trump continues to insist he californians is because it's robert perez. did nothing wrong. steve: did you just say we are going until noon? starting to impact rich ainsley: for hour hours? liberals starting to see one more hour. they don't want people living outside of their very brian: i will go to noon. ♪ expensive homes. ♪ they don't want them camping outside of their businesses. ] it's becoming an issue because it truly affects the big idaho potato truck is touring america every california resident. whether they're living next telling folks about idaho potatoes. to it or working next to. and i want it back. having to shop next to it. this is the biggest issue in what is it with you and that truck? the state. governor newsom is delusional to think it is being solved. it absolutely is not. i can tell you that because i see it everyday. brian: how could he sit there and say something that your eyes will know is an outright lie? book now and enjoy free airfare, >> well, unfortunately, we free open bar, and more. live in a state where when norwegian cruise line. feel free. democrats say something, people just take it as the gospel truth and they don't bore to look into it. they don't bore to realize
3:28 am
that this problem has not gotten better in the last several years and it's getting far worse. that is under the leadership, of course, of gavin newsom and the rest of the democratic leaders in the state. they control the state. so, at some point, we don't want this to always be a partisan issue. when your leaders are all democrats, it's a partisan issue. and part of the problem, too. is they don't want to crack down on the problem. steve: right. california is just one of the 50 states. and, yet, nearly one quarter of the homeless people in the united states live in california. that's about 130,000 people. i was reading in this, i think it was the san francisco chronicle this morning. it said in oakland, california, the citywide homeless count showed 1430 people living in a vehicle, which is 131% increase in the last two years. i mean, things are desperate out there. >> well when governor newsom going back to the doctor just for a shot. says people are coming off the streets in the clip you played. with neulasta onpro...
3:29 am
they might be coming off the ...patients get their day back... streets and going into a vehicle to live in one of be with... these designated safe ... family... parking lots which is ...or just to sleep in. anything but a safe parking strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. lot. yes we feel compassion for those people who are in a key study... unsheltered. ...neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17%... those people homeless. at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself why is 1%... california the state that is ...a 94% decrease. experiencing this problem to this extent? neulasta onpro is designed to deliver... we have the fourth or fifth ...neulasta the day after chemo... largest economy in the ...and is used by most patients today. world. and, yet, we are spending neulasta is for certain cancer patients $100 million a year on illegal immigrant receiving strong chemotherapy. healthcare? and even the residents in do not take neulasta this state are saying if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). homelessness is the number an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. one problem? something stinks here. something's a problem. we need better leadership to ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal address it. as well as serious lung problems, brian: right. and tax the rich is also the allergic reactions, kidney injuries mantra from a few years ago. and capillary leak syndrome... big story in the "wall ...have occurred. street journal" today how report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing... about 40% of californians ... or allergic reactions to your doctor right away are considering leaving. good luck. keep taxes people and keep in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes... the homeless going. ...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... meanwhile, tomi, the big story is where you are going is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... to be. ...about neulasta onpro. that is in florida at the pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. fox nation first ever, as far as we know, patriot (honk!) i hear you sister. awards are you excited? that's why i'm partnering with cigna >> absolutely i'm excited to to remind you to go in for your annual check-up,
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see you guys there as well. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel we are celebrating our nation's patriots. we are celebrating great americans who have served - physically and emotionally. their country who have fought for their country. but now cigna has a plan as you know on fox nation we that can help everyone see stress differently. couldn't be prouder of those just find a period of time to unwind. individuals and really excited to honor them and a location to de-stress. it's going to be a lot of an activity to enjoy. fun. ainsley: if you can't make or the name of someone to talk to. it down there, you can watch it on the app. to create a plan that works for you, if you want to go and meet visit tomi and see all of us, then cigna. together, all the way. go to forward slash patriot awards and you can buy tickets there. steve: very good. all right. tomi, thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: all the money goes to folds of honor. >> thank you. ainsley: 30 minutes after ♪. the top of the hour. president trump defending tulsi gabbard after attacks brian: wow. by hillary clinton. >> i don't know tulsi nice swing. gabbard but i know one thing this is what it is about. she is not an asset of steve: starts at the that age. russia. these people are sick. there is something wrong eventually the deal of everyone with them. of those kids on fox square is brian: jason chaffetz is here to react. plus the world series begins tonight on fox. to wind up in the world series. we are stepping to the plate brian: nice contact. on fox square. first squaring off, rob and steve: you will see the houston astros square off against the
3:31 am
janice. they will be playing themselves washington nationals. ♪ clear out the dugout brian: i wish yankees were ♪ we're going to get real loud ♪ just throw me a fast ball watching the kids. these kids know how to hit. ainsley: our poor yankees. ♪ they didn't make it. nationals first time, right? performance comes in lots of flavors. steve: absolutely. historic. we'll be in the batting cage coming up this hour. brian: we'll not bring a bat. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, we'll avoid getting hit by the feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. ball a different approach. straight up at 8:00 the and then there's performance that president is up early and he is just leaves you feeling better as a result. tweeting quite a lot. one thing he was talking about that's the kind lincoln's about. yesterday with sean hannity, he ♪ has natural curiosity what is happening in the ukraine. why is everyone surprised to billions of problems. find out what happened in the morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? 2016 election by asking the president of ukraine to there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse investigate what went wrong back instantly fights all types of bad breath then surprises him. >> you hear about ukraine, you and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. have been hearing about it. there's therabreath at walmart. i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody who the ups and downs of frequent mood swings wrote the fake dossier. can plunge you into deep, depressive lows. was out of ukraine. (crying) all of the things happened.
3:32 am
i assumed that the attorney take you to uncontrollable highs. general, i would like the (muffled arguing) attorney general to find out or, make you feel both at once. what's going on. because you know what? overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? we're investigating corruption. ask about vraylar. some medications only treat the lows or the highs. steve: mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist," vraylar effectively treats depression, fox news contributor, coauthor acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. of "justice on trial" knows so much about all of this. full-spectrum relief of all symptoms. what do you make of the president's frustration he with just one pill, once a day. expressed last night to sean elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis hannity in the rose garden? have an increased risk of death or stroke. >> with the media you had them call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. for years botched into the antidepressants can increase these russia hoax story. they made into the biggest in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, story. they never admitted their which may mean a life-threatening reaction, errors. it made it easier for them to or uncontrollable muscle movements, repeat the same errors as may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. they're now pushing the ukraine metabolic changes may occur. story. movement dysfunction, you expect the media to be restlessness, sleepiness, stomach issues are common side effects. confrontational in power, even when bipolar i overwhelms, when they take years off with a vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. democrat in power. what happened in this story is something all together different. i think you have some people being frustrated by it. ainsley: the president has, he had his own predictions why
3:33 am
they're really pushing this impeachment so much. listen to this. >> to me the word impeachment is a dirty, disgusting word. they don't have reason to impeach. the only reason they're impeach ing they look at polls, moody's comes out under all three scenarios trump is winning. they see what is going wrong. congressman al green, a democrat said we have to impeach him. because he will win. this is why i'm up against. who would do this? who would play a dirty game like this. steve: who would play a dirty now you can, with! game like this. you think you know the answer to no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk that, don't you? >> i think it is interesting having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. adam schiff is the person who has been chosen to run this sending your own clubs ahead with so-called impeachment inquiry makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. although no vote has been taken with just a few clicks or a phone call, to launch the impeachment we'll pick up and deliver inquiry. your clubs on-time, this guy spent years lying guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. whether or not he had treasonous
3:34 am saves you time and money. evidence about the 2016 election make it simple. make it ship sticks. it is incredible you would think he is someone to run like this. like all impeachment proceedings there is highly political he will men. people are struggling to figure out what it is they want to >> to me, the word impeach him over. impeachment is a dirty, they tried with the russia hoax. disgusting word. that was, that ended with mueller report coming up with no that isn't a reason to instance of any american impeach. colluding with russia. the only reason they are they tried the obstruction impeaching is because they look at the polls and they effort. made more difficult by see moody's came out under all three scenarios trump wins easily. robert mueller showing up to they see what's going on. testify having little knowledge that's what they are doing. of the probe that bore his name. congressman al green, a they're moving on to the other operation. democrat, said we have to steve: they're looking for something that sticks. impeach him. ainsley: in secret. because he is going to win >> reporting today, the democrats are trying to draw out the impeachment they are this is what i'm up against. understanding that the american people are not on board. who would play dirty game despite what you hear with polls, seems a lot of those polls track with favorable, like this. steve: adam schiff. yesterday on a party line unfavorability ratings which is vote the house decided not not what democrats need if they to censure mr. schiff, want to be considered credible
3:35 am
shocking, isn't it, because or legitimate. brian: tell me what you think. the democrats do control the they went to polls battlegrounds house let's bring in former removing presidents. chairman of oversight where do you stand. committee fox news battleground states will decide. contributor currently jason 53 oppose, tossing the president chaffetz. hey, jason, good to see you. >> good morning. out, removing him. ainsley: was this just a slap on the wrist or an 43% support. that is 10 point margi -- attempt to allow the media to talk about this and highlight the fact that republicans are not happy with adam schiff? >> i'm glad the republicans split the difference every are finally playing offense. single election. that is democrats controlling they need to do more of it. they can do lots of other narrative with no republicans things against schiff. pushing back, with testimony they can file an ethics behind closed doors. complaint. they can have a minority day >> right. you've seen a lot of people of hearings. they can launch an pushing polls suggesting that people want impeachment. investigation of leaking the proof that is not the true that's coming out of the story that a poll like this intel committee. this came about a month later than it should have. at least they are finally indicate, nancy pelosi hasn't playing some offense and they need to do more of it. even had a vote to begin and lindsey graham over in impeachment proceedings f it judiciary, he has subpoena power. were as popular as people say in he could get after some people. i'm tired of everybody waiting for the horowitz washington, d.c., no question we report because that thing would see things much more just continues on in quickly, they would voted officially to start one. steve: idea of the impeachment inquiry is popular with 50% of perpetuity. brian: couple other things,
3:36 am
when you talk about people in the swing states of impeachment, alan dershowitz says two groups of people one to fight with the daily pennsylvania, florida, michigan, battles and one make sure there are no missteps and ohio, arizona. they support the inquiry but by the other to talk about wig 10 points the swing voters do picture. concerted effort to separate the president so he can be not support removing him from president and get the other office. >> more important than that. if people support inquiry, which professionals commune case and doing the legal work. they generally do. there is never a argument be be wouldn't that be better? it seems the democrats are much more organized and they got the witnesses and they means you get to the bottom of something. what we've seen in the impeachment proceedings, the so got the subpoena power. call impeachment proceedings >> well, again, republicans thus far with heavy assist from the media, thinks happening can start now because behind closed doors with lindsey graham and judiciary selective leaks, to make it committee in the senate are controlled by republicans. sound like things going better there is no reason why they than they apparently are. can't start calling those people up sooner rather than republicans have no ability to fight back on this, to call later. i think dershowitz is pretty their own witnesses to question people in an open setting or darn smart on this topic. i do think there is a lot of what not. if people want an inquiry, that logic to it. the president is going to is not what is happening. run it the way he does, ainsley: what is happening? because he knows he is are they continuing to interview innocent and he hasn't done people hoping they find anything. something? do you think they will find he is fed up with it and rightfully so after three something, something more than years of this daily that call? a lot of people read that call bombardment. i do think nancy pelosi is and they don't think that is probably the best fundraiser
3:37 am
quid pro quo? >> there is argument to be made for republicans. but that's a separate issue. donald trump is guilty of the brian: i know. crime of winning the 2016 >> it's a legal issue what's election which is what a lot of going on in the house is just fundamentally wrong. people want. steve: all right. when we're looking at, clearly meanwhile, let's talk a searching for something, one of little bit about this. hillary clinton out on a the things that is a problem book tour, speaking her here, the ukraine story is mind, made it very clear the something that people really other day on a podcast that should dig into. she thinks that tulsi gabbard, who has been the you have people already admitted that people affiliated with she she was referring to. ukraine government worked with the democratic national is a russian asset. committee's contractors to help hillary clinton in the 2016 the president -- along with jill stein who was the green campaign. now you might not think that's a party candidate against problem but for years we were hillary clinton and donald trump back in 2016. told that if there were any hint the president talked a of this type of behavior between little bit about this russia and donald trump that would be grounds for removal allegation with sean hannity last night. jason, listen to this, and from office. it did happen. then your comment. it did happen in 2016. >> i don't know tulsi it did happen in ukraine. gabbard. but i know one thing, she's we really still don't have good answers how this was able to be not an asset of russia. weaponized by the u.s. these people are sick. government. there is something wrong how it was able to be used to with them. launch a far-reaching you have hillary clinton investigation that really did a saying two days ago. lot of damage during the first couple years of the trump tulsi gabbard is a russian administration. we have a lot to learn. asset. unfortunately we have a media and that jill stein is a that suggests learning anything about this is something we can't do after spending years pushing
3:38 am
russian agent. and i said, wait a minute, the false and dangerous it took me two and a half years. conspiracy theory of russia i wish you would have said that earlier, because people collusion. steve: molly, a lot of people would have realized she is crazy. don't understand, when you are steve: jason, what do you running for political office, think of that? everybody does opposition >> i think the president is absolutely right. research into their opponent, i think hillary clinton is everybody. every candidate, every campaign. coming totally unglued. if they have the money to i think she is jumping at actually do it. so when you see that the trump shadows. so terribly irresponsible. people are accusing the biden i happen to know tulsi gabbard. i wouldn't vote for her for president. i will tell you what, she is people of something regarding a patriot. she has served this country. burisma and the bidens and she is a military combat hunter biden and thinks like veteran. that, what comes to mind? she serves in the house. she is a wonderful person. >> well actually i think people i just disagree with her on should be precise what we do everything politically. know from the transcripts. but that is so fundamentally one of the things trump was wrong. saying that the burisma shame on her for doing that. situation needs to be looked ainsley: do you think it is into. because of what tulsi said that is true. you have democrats spinning that she is angry with her because she supported bernie as saying he is trying to affect the 2020 election. and not hillary in the last it is really a look back at the election? steve: pay back. >> exactly. 2016 election which is a there is a political pay back for those that disagree different thing entirely. with hillary clinton. and if you disagree, you steve: he made it clear on the must be a russian. call. >> you might have a problem with donald trump and tulsi him mentioning bidens at all
3:39 am
gabbard and jill stein and probably steve doocy all fit that you think we should stay that bill. and it's just ridiculous. away completely, we should be precise what he said there. steve: in my d.n.a., i'm a a look back at burress moo. scandinavian asset. brian: nice cover. hunter biden with no credit to steve: thank you for joining us live. himself placed on a board he ainsley: thank you. made $87,000 a month. brian: meanwhile, go up to he acknowledges he got the carley shimkus now. positions because he was the at least that's what she said she would do. vice president's son. car care will try my best. burisma is a very corrupt i will bring you headlines guys. company that something not in a woman shot while driving dispute. we were helping ukraine, by a park playing pokemon guarantying loans to some these go. she was killed after witnessing a robbery in new companies, what not. that is a corruption we need to involve ourselves in, meaning we mexico: the suspect firing several shots into her car need to investigate it, as she tried to speed away precisely because we're doing so from the scene. much to help ukraine. police say the suspects got because we're doing so much to away and they have no leads. support them. if there are problems with connections there is no real ecigarette maker juul is being blamed for an good argument for not looking 11-year-old girl's nicotine into that. running for president does not addiction. the family is suing the keep you from being investigated company claiming juul aims that is what they told us with its social media marketing at kids. up to 90 similar lawsuits the donald trump investigation. are expected to be filed also with other people not donald trump. brian: communication matters soon. that is the president's word, he juul stopped selling fruit is about 2016 finding out what and dessert flavors last
3:40 am
week. the white house is working happened because mueller didn't. to ban all flavored he wants to find out about it. that should be the message ecigarettes nationwide. coming out. evacuation orders are lifted white house. i see all different messages after a wildfire burns near coming out of the white house. don't you think message multi-million-dollar homes in california. discipline has to kick into gear people running to safety as quickly? >> this white house does not the raging fire races have a best message discipline. towards the ocean view houses in los angeles. more than 300 firefighters people willfully misunderstanding what is going on. tackling the blaze, saving look at mulvaney press at least six houses. at least two people are conference. most people in the mead seemed injured. to misinterpret what he had to stars like sophia richie say. the president's dislike of sharing photos from the giving taxpayer funds to area, which is home to companies that are corrupt celebrities like reese without something like this. people decided to interpret it, i'm not saying that he wasn't witherspoon and matt damon. this double dog dare is on a confusing but requires the media roll. a fourth grader in maine not to be so, so reflexively wears a hot dog costume for hostile and actually try to understand the situation. his school photo. they don't want to look into the his dad offered him 10 bucks ukraine story because they to do it, but he has got to missed it. they got the russia story wrong. catch up on his payment since he has only paid $7 so it is embarrassing to the media far. how much they botched it. a level of self-preservation for jake's dad works as army recruiter and posted it on his professional facebook themselves makes them completely page. frankly he didn't know it incapable of handling the story. would go viral, but jake is
3:41 am
people are hungry for the facts. now relishing in his new they want to know what happened found fame. in 2016. how did this false, dangerous, ainsley: that's cute. steve: good writing. conspiracy theory take root in brian: what i would like to do is go outside because we are getting reports our government and media. unconfirmed that janice dean opposition is something any good and rob schmitt are kicking campaign will do. off the world series batting you don't need to fall for false competition. is this correct? stories on their face janice: it is. i learned this morning. because the world series ridiculous. brian: molly appreciate it. kicks off tonight. talk about thanks for joining us, i continue to say to carley rob: astros, nationals, game one in houston, i believe. as i toss to her. janice: on fox. rob: watch it here on fox -- on regular fox. not here on fox. carley: appreciate it. janice: rob used to play a man was shot stealing a baseball because he has a one-up on me. ambulance and running people over in norway. rob: that's right. local media reports several janice is going in the cage and hit some balls. people including a baby in a janice: i will be the most stroller were hit in the capital valuable player though. city of oslo. police fired shots to stop the ambulance. the suspect is not critically be gentle. injured. a motive right now is unclear. rob: there you go. she got a piece of it. also breaking right now, former president jimmy carter is come on. >> it's too early. hospitalized with a minor pelvic rob: there you go. good hit. fracture. janice: is that it? spokesperson says the 95 fell rob: that was good. >> does that count? inside of his georgia home. give me one more. he is being held for observation
3:42 am
and treatment. rob: there you go. the carter center tweeting in part, he is in good spirits, looking forward to recovering at ♪ baseball player. home. carter needed stitches after a fall earlier this month. ♪ he is the longest living president in u.s. history. president trump janice: oh my goodness. [take me out to the ball congratulating canadian prime minister justin trudeau winning park] a second term overnight. janice: why didn't do you this professionally? the president tweeting in part, i look forward to working with rob: wasn't good enough. janice: oh my goodness. you toward the betterment of even if your businessman both of our countries. suit. rob: one more. he beat conservative challenger ♪ and drew sheer in the election. janice: all right. he got all of them. trudeau's liberal party keeping not bad. power in a narrow election janice: what do you think, victory. guys? steve: i don't think we are a "fox business alert," kevin plank is stepping down as going to come out we declare ceo of under armour. rob the winner. brian: you just ruined it plank giving up his role at the for everybody. steve that's awesome. end of the year to become the janice: come on out all company's brand chief. he founded under armour in his morning long on "fox & grandmother's basement still in college in 1996. friends." brian: peter lonzo is going to bat for me in the 8:00 under armour's current president and chief operating officer will hour. become the new ceo.
3:43 am
ainsley: we should start a team. did y'all have a team. so big shake up within that steve: we did. company, guys. steve: interesting to see why, [buzzer] ainsley: is that a no you didn't? didn't all the networks play right? each other. thank you, carley. straight ahead on this tuesday, violent protests have rocked brian: pabst blue ribbon and get a cooler. hong kong for months as thousands fight for democracy. ainsley: that sounds good. steve: delicious. rock the vote calls itself a ainsley: senator josh hawley just got back from hong kong. nonpartisan organization. he says it is becoming a police why is it pushing to abolish state. the electoral college in the he will join us next. judge on that. he's next on "fox & friends." ♪ and unlike standard robots that bounce around, ♪ bria it cleans row by row. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. you have fast-acting power over pain, welcome to fowler, indiana. home to three of bp's wind farms. which, every day, generate enough electricity so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength to power over 150,000 homes. and speed of advil liqui-gels. and of course, fowler. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. what pain? i get it all the time. and of course, fowler. - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself ever since i started renting from national. into a base you can empty once a month. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter...
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3:47 am
ainsley: doesn't this prove that the group is taking a political stance? steve: let's talk to fox news judicial analyst. judge andrew napolitano. if they want to get rid of the electoral college. they sound like democrats who say let's do the popular ♪. steve: alabama woman running for vote. congress, promising to form a >> electoral college is not going to go anywhere. conservative squad to take on it's part of the socialists in congress. constitution. to say amend the constitution you need a vote >> private citizens can solve of two thirds of each house of the congress. problems better than government that's not going to happen. and then three quarters of ever could. so i left to start a business. the state legislatures and i'm tired of arrogant socialists the small states are not going to do it. like aoc, who have never even steve: takes forever to do. >> this happens when -- it run a lemonade stand telling us happened after george w. how we should live in alabama bush beat al gore. gore got a majority. and more government is the a slim majority of the popular vote. answer. brian: here with more on this, but bush got a majority of the electoral votes. now it's happening again. republican alabama congressional candidate herself jessica because donald trump lost the popular vote to hillary taylor. jessica, what makes you feel as clinton. but clobbered her in the though this is the right time for you to fill this slot? electoral college. brian: 30-20. happened in 1800 with thomas >> good morning, guys. thank you for having me. jefferson and happened in 1876 with rutherford b. i think now is the right time for me to fill this slot because haze. it's just a feature in the we need a new generation of constitution intended to conservatives folks who can go ensure the importance of all toe-to-toe with people like aoc
3:48 am
the states. and her squad who believe it's not going anywhere. socialism is a legitimate ideology that our nation should why these people are raising it now is beyond me. embrace. i'm pro-life, pro-second steve: it adds to the narrative that the system is amendment, pro-wall, protrump, i rigged against their candidate. won't apologize for it. ainsley: tell us about yourself and your family. your husband is in the service? >> yes. he is in the alabama national guard. she would say yes, i he is a major there he is an campaigned in the wrong iraq war veteran. state. my family is from a small town steve: she would call you a russian asset. >> i'm not a russian asset. in northeast alabama. my mom's a nurse. my dad's salesman. i don't know where this is we have small town alabama an going to go. i don't know why they are raising it now. looking forward to representing in their wildest dreams it the people of this district. steve: i heard, i saw part of couldn't happen between now and the 2020 election. your promotional video, jessica, brian: judge, amazing. more politics than legal. but to go to iowa and new you waited tables on the way through college. hampshire and tell them the put yourself through law school at night. electoral college is terrible. they wouldn't even -- these ultimately as we introduced you would like to take on candidates would not even show up there if there was no electoral college. "the squad" on capitol hill. >> they can't get any watch the sound bite. traction in the democratic primary without going to iowa and new hampshire. >> just as there is all this but you make a good point. fear-mongering that government is going to take over every corporation and government is
3:49 am
i don't know what rock the going to take over every vote is and who makes it up business, we should be scared or where they get the money right now because corporations from. none of the candidates are have taken over our government. supporting that at least not >> the use of sanctions to publicly. steve: it's bad politics in the small states. eventually intervene and, make ainsley: bottom line is it can't happen. it won't happen. >> maybe mrs. clinton in one of her book-selling regime change really does not help the people of countries interviews will address this issue. steve: you never know. judge, check him out over at like venezuela. >> for me is means living in a fox nation. >> pleasure, guys. thank you. just, fair equitable society. steve: 10 minutes now before that is not fair when you have the top of the hour. billionaire in the corporate brian: i will tease us out welfare line. with your permission. steve: you have got three of the >> please, brian. women who are referred to as brian: beto o'rourke not backing down from his plans to take your guns. freshmen congressman as "the squad" on capitol hill. >> those weapons of war. why do you think that congress ar 15s. needs a conservative "squad" ak 47s. those must be bought back. with you on it? brian: take down that wall. >> we need somebody who can one police union leader convince my generation and calls that idea ridiculous. others that more government is he joins us live next hour. not the answer. more government is the problem. ainsley: and to see is to believe. it is a brand new drama this country was founded on about humans losing their small business and private citizens who can make a sight. kurt the cyberguy was on the difference. more government is not what red carpet for the big premier. and he joins us next. is that you have that huge crowd
3:50 am
in new york city, tens of ♪ ♪ my husband never paid attention to his health, thousands of people showed up for socialist bernie sanders and aoc. does it concern you at all this is not an ideology you don't subscribe to but it is growing? >> absolutely. it concerns me greatly. that is why i'm running. that is what the campaign is b we have to get back to our fundamental values. our freedom is at stake here. we'll be talking about that on the campaign trail. we would love norfolks to follow us. if you want more information about the campaign. go to jessica, join our squad. ainsley: thank you for coming on till he signed up for with us. unitedhealthcare medicare advantage. >> thank you for having me. brian: jessica taylor, there you (bold music) go. keep an eye on her. now, it's like he has his own health entourage. violent protests rocked he gets medicare's largest healthcare network, hong kong for months as thousands fight for democracy. a free gym membership, vision, dental and more. ainsley: senator josh hawley there's so much to take advantage of. just got back from hong kong. he says it is becoming a police can't wait till i'm 65. state and he joins us next. a few more chairs, please. unitedhealthcare medicare advantage plans,
3:51 am
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3:53 am
steve: coming soon on november 1st apple is getting into the streaming business launching apple tv plus for 5 bucks. ainsley: feature original series like this one. >> for the few who remain, vision is only a myth. but after so many years, the power of site has returned. brian: that series called "see" features big stars. kurt the cyberguy was on the red carpet for the big premier. hey, guys.
3:54 am
unbelievable. they spent about $15 million an episode for this particular series that's coming out. jason how know as aqua man, one of the stars there we hit the red carpet. we wanted to find out well, has apple really welcomed ♪. brian: violent clashes continue between pro-democracy protesters itself into hollywood? i think. in hong kong. so and then it -- can they as demonstrators took to the streets for the 20th really nail it? straight weekend. can they nail it out of the missouri senator josh hawley recently went to hong kong to park? >> if you were ever drawn to get a first-hand look what is happening there, he joins us to the armed forces, which one would you be? discuss. senator, we see protests taking place and no massive >> gosh, i think probably go tianamen square crackdown. for marines. does that mean they were making >> marines? >> yeah. >> that makes sense. >> any message for our progress? >> i wish that was the case, veterans on veterans day? >> i love you and thank you brian. the government in hong kong, not for your service. elected by the way, pro-beijing and i'm honored. government, essentially installed by beijing. they won't grant protest jason momoa on the red permits. they're using violent tactics carpet and other stars talking about whether they brutal tactics to dispurse the can achieve what they needed to do. >to. protesters. won't submit to a right to vote. very crowded market space. hong kong is becoming a police state. that is bad news for us. disney.
3:55 am
we know what china is capable netflix. and $5 a month are we of. they have been ripping off our willing to jump into this. jobs for years. this is what they said. brian: what can we do about it? >> you have an idea and you >> we have a keep pressure on. think is this a good idea or a bad idea? and you roll it around and you talk to people and you president trump with trade pressure helped hong kong and write it and then formally keep beijing in check. we have to keep the pressure up. fofunerallyforfurniturely fofor. we'll not watch hong kong get steamrolled. next it will be taiwan and the region. we know what china ultimately wants to do shut us out of the region and take away our jobs >> apple gave us freedom. and our ability to trade. they gave us space. >> what's it like working brian: nba was a learning moment, wasn't it? with apple -- you know a it was not just about tech company verse sauce basketball, but about the power, arrow against and oppression. traditional hollywood studio. they think if they write the >> one thing apple is known for is quality. check, have this market, they they committed every single resource to this show. can start telling us to do on every level? >> exactly right. kurt: so, indeed, if they this is how beijing plays ball. can make content as well as they tighten the screws. they want to censor americans. they have made devices like the iphone, i think they are going to do well. here the thing about the nba if you look at one they're trying to tell americans additional thing, as to what what we can and cannot say. advantage they might have is my word to the nba, don't become that already there are millions upon millions of part of the chinese communist these devices in hands of party propaganda arm. have a little independence.
3:56 am
millions upon millions of people. so they have got a leg up in stand up for yourself. terms of that. and then if you bought one same message to apple. tim cook will join the board of their qualifying items like a new iphone from after chinese state-run university. will i be teaching on human september 10th onward, you rights in tianamen square. will get a year of this to time for the multinational try out on your own for free, which hey, that's room corporations get a little backbone. brian: they have to embarass enough to try right there. them. put the spotlight on them, maybe brian: remember for the they will be too embarrassed to longest time big stars wouldn't do television. then they said big stars work for them. senator you took umbrage at the never do netflix. now everyone has a netflix fact that the department of deal. agriculture will move out to now apple tv. they are the smart enough to missouri to save some money. know we have got to move guess how it was pursued, how it with technology. so you are going to have the was portrayed. biggest names doing. as punishment. this i think you are right. that bothers you. >> yeah. they are spending upwards of listen, the state of missouri, i $6 billion. am grateful every single day to by the way get that on the apple tv app. be a missourian. also on apple tv you can get it's a wonderful place to live fox nation which is on there and raise a family. as well. steve: very good. to have the d.c. bureaucrats say $5 you can have apple tv plus and stream it on all moving to missouri is form of your devices. kurt, thanks for the preview. punishment, only reason to get ainsley: i can't keep up. one more thing to get. back at usda employees. steve: i know it. if they don't want to go to meanwhile, a huge show ahead missouri. they don't have to work for in the next two hours of usda. there are lots of folks in the "fox & friends."
3:57 am
mollie hemmingway, sarah midwest, kansas city region all over the state who would love to have the jobs. huckabee sanders, kevin sore let them compete. brian: finally the usmca. sorbo senator josh hawley chad pergram is reporting there and dennis prager. has been a slowdown. ♪ ♪ they might not have a vote on if you live with diabetes, it. how is that possible? both sides agree on everything? >> i got two words for you nancy pelosi. that is possible. this is held up by her. the senate would pass it in a heartbeat. nancy pelosi won't bring it to the floor. why? because it i impeachment circus full time all the time over in the house. nothing is happening there, brian. the reason is, they are hell-bent on impeaching this president. they're willing to throw anything aside. brian: what would it mean, in 20 seconds what would it mean for missouri if they passed isn't. why fingerstick when you can scan? >> canada and mexico are the two with the freestyle libre 14 day system largest trading partners in the state of missouri. just scan the sensor with your reader, this is good deal for missouri. we need it. iphone or android and manage your diabetes. brian: country needs it. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, you have suffered long enough a continuous glucose monitor, because of the standoff you can check your glucose levels any time, especially china. this is something we all agree without fingersticks. on. it is inexcusable if it doesn't ask your doctor to write a prescription for the get pass or at least a vote. freestyle libre 14 day system.
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4:01 am
goes. brian: when we have a big news event is joy buck going to do a lot of news for us and troy a kin. steve: football uses this studio on thursday night. brian: when i get the check, the check clears every day. until that check clears, terry bradshaw is not allowed in the building. steve: you thought that check was real? like yard-sale savers. brian: yes. steve: interesting. tee-time savers. brian: president trump is urging the justice department to get to the bottom of the steele dossier and especially med d savers. once and for all. ainsley: the president opening up about select a medicare part d plan controversial call with ukraine in a brand new with walgreens as your preferred pharmacy interview about w. sean hannity. and get co-pays for as low as zero dollars steve: kevin corke is live and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. at the white house. isn't saving great? kevi>> very interesting save smartly on med d. walgreens. trusted since 1901. conversation i have to say sean because he has interviewed the president so many times, i think really knows how to extract more information from him. i thought it was a very interesting exchange. and in particular the president's comments about corruption and a former political rival in hillary ♪. ♪ the facts of life
4:02 am
clinton listen here. >> you hear about ukraine brian: shot of the morning. stars from the hit show "the and you have been hearing about it. facts of life" are coming back i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody to tv. who wrote the fake dossier steve: lisa whelchel, mindy was it out of ukraine. all of the things that cohn, nancy mckeen reuniting for the lifetime version, you happened. i assume the attorney light up my christmas. general, i would like the ainsley: about a woman who attorney general to find out what's going on. do you know what? we are investigating reignites christmas cheer in her corruption. hometown. >> investigating corruption the film comes out december 1st. brian: i sense a happy ending. said the president. he also talked to sean about ainsley: i was going to say, the impeachment inquiry, sounds like a lifetime movie. which, of course, has not yet been voted on by the house. says lifetime at the top. he talked, in particular, steve: the facts of lifetime. about adam schiff. this was a very interesting exchange. brian: new documentary out this check this out. week examines the issue of free speech and dangers of pc culture across college campuses in america. >> pretty much everywhere else, he might have given the whistleblower things to say. cops can come to your house, this is a corrupt politician. he should be impeached. arrest you for a rant, a and nancy pelosi should be complaint, or making a joke. impeached. they should not allow. the only reason they can't do it this. >> of course, we have heard here because we have the first the president say this before. amendment. brian: that's right. they are trying to impeach
4:03 am
me because they know they steve: joining us the man behind can't beat me at the ballot the film, radio talk show host, box. probably hear him talk about that in pennsylvania as well. for now back to you. founder of prageru, dennis have a great morning. prager. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. steve: talking about freedom of speech. no safe spaces but you go to america's college campuses these we know there was some kind of contact between the days, the narrative, everyone of whistleblower and the adam them has a safe space. schiff's staff. and it's not unusual because we know that adam schiff's >> that's how we got the title. staff was coaching michael every, not every, that's too cohen before he went to prison about what to say and how to handle it. overstated almost every college it looks as though they were basically scripting their campus, yes, well, absolutely, conversation when they did take control of the house and brought him up right absolutely every college campus away. comes as a shock to your viewers steve: the president is right. we have not heard from the whistleblower. >> we never will. who dot know this, college steve: and do we really need campuses have a place called to because we have seen the officially a safe space where if transcript but i think a lot of people would like to know a conservative comes to the that there was a political university and will upset you motivation. which is what the president. because he or she is there you ainsley: everything done in secret. the house democrats, no can go to this physical place surprise here, they tablegd that motion to censure the and call it a safe space and vote was 218 to 185 because they have the majority, there you will be given stuffed obviously in the house.
4:04 am
brian: so adam schiff stays, animals and hot chocolate and goes behind closed doors again. watch kittens play on videos to steve: happy days. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about a poll done give you a safer place for your by the siena college and the "new york times." emotions. it looks at the top six ainsley: dennis, do people go to thes tasks of the modern swing states and this is the take away right there. in other words, 10% more don't want to see the president removed from office. however, we should point out that they do support the impeachment inquiry by 50. go ahead and have the investigation and see what they find and ultimately they don't want him rye moved from office voters in florida, michigan, north carolina and pennsylvania. brian: devastating unless you don't believe the "new york times" and i think every democrat does small al
4:05 am
ban school great reputation and soccer team. they say the battleground states by a 10 point margin don't oust him from office and don't impeach him. good luck with that you go ahead and maximize the hollywood vote. and everyone in new york is going to love you impeachment. but the people that actually put a democrat into office by 10 points. and that's what the president not being able to really state his case. which would be a trial in the senate. with mitch mcconnell in control. without the president being able to -- by 10 points, the battleground states are saying don't do it. i mean, what other proof do they need? steve: they ever saying they want the inquiry. but they don't want him impeached and removed. brian: they're on track to do that before thanksgiving. ainsley: decide to take a vote. they did impeach him in the house. the senate is not going to impeach. because the republicans are in office there and have the majority there. steve: it was mitt romney or somebody said that oh, it was chris wallace who said
4:06 am
that there is a 20% chance that some republicans would -- 20% of the republicans in the senate would vote to impeach. ainsley: how would that he people re-elections? brian: blow up the republican party and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer would be high fiving for at least two years. steve: yesterday nancy pelosi got her wish. she wanted the house to vote on the censure for adam schiff. and essentially the censure movement was blocked. didn't even get to a vote. obviously it was along party lines. 218 said yes. and all 185 republicans said no. meanwhile, nancy pelosi distributed a fact sheet on the presidential abuse of power entitled shakedown. pressure campaign, and cover-up. this was all the same time as the censure vote. ainsley: adam schiff tweeted this out it will be said of house republicans when they
4:07 am
found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in american history, they consoled themselves by attacks those who did. brian: i wonder what novelist wrote that for him. was it based on a true story or like his remarks that opened up this whole inquiry. meanwhile adam schiff said. this if you can tweet. ainsley: andy biggs. steve: republican. brian: oh, yeah. here is andy biggs. adam schiff may not have been held accountable tonight but the american people are very much aware of his reckless disregard for the truth. they will not tolerate his calculated words and actions as i continues his secret impeachment inquiry to undermine the will of americans. behind closed doors today bill taylor former acting ambassador to the ukraine. west point grad, military officer. he will be there. the next day will be laura cooper who has a pretty good reputation but night not have the most positive things to say about the president's foreign policy as it relates to the ukraine. steve: well, ultimately, the democrats were able to table
4:08 am
the resolution regarding the censure of mr. schiff. but it was the republicans who even brought the issue to the table. and jason chaffetz was with us about half an hour ago. he said there are a number of things that the republicans can do to hold the democrats to the fire. and he is glad they're actually fighting back. >> i'm glad the republicans are finally office. they can do lots of other things against schiff. they can file an ethics complaint. they can have a minority day of hearings. they can launch an investigation leaking that's coming out of the intel committee. this came about a month later than it should have. at least they are finally playing offense and they need to do more of it. lindsey graham over in judiciary. he has subpoena power. he can get after some people. i'm tired of everybody waiting for the horowitz report because that thing just continues on in perpetuity. ainsley: when we interviewed lindsey graham last week he said this week is he going to put together a litter. he is going to get a bunch of republican notice senate
4:09 am
write a letter saying they are against what's happening in the house and they support this president. the president last night in that interview with sean said republicans need to get tougher. ains. brian: i would say looked at not a good move. a lot of republicans up in the air. they don't know what's going to come out. they don't want to sign on to a letter because it makes them look as though they are willing to do something without getting the facts. ainsley: the president made a good point last night though. he said the democrats, they they are so loyal to each other. and republicans, the party is divided. brian: sometimes. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about what's going on out in california. the public policy institute of california did a survey. and they asked people what are the top issues facing you and number one homelessness. and jobs and economy. which is interesting. only 46% believe the state is headed in the right direction. and obviously a lot of californians are very concerned with this growing problem of homelessness.
4:10 am
ainsley: 35% of the people homeless in that state live in their cars, too. they're allowing them to do that. steve: 25% of all the homeless people in the united states live in that state. 25% -- or 24%. brian: california, good job. the mayor that gave you the homeless problem in san francisco you made governor. the republican party has just disappeared since schwarzenegger had the mantel and governed like a democrat. they have not recovered. wasn't too long ago when they did have republican governors there and there would be a legitimate debate. right now whatever democrats want they get. right now getting high taxes and high exit strategies. the "wall street journal" did a story in their editorial board called to talk about the impact of the 2012 prop 30 which raised taxes on the rich from 10% to 13.3%. guess what? there is now a 40% more likely chance that the rich will be leaving california or have left already than prior to this. ainsley: look at the increase in the departure rate since they increased the taxes.
4:11 am
brian: 1% would leave. now it's up to 2% leave. over 40% to the so-called horrible people that make over a million dollars. because people who make over a million dollars also would like to hold on to it. ainsley: according to this poll that we are talking about, gavin newsom newsroom should be deeply concerned because more voters disapprove of his job performance than approve of it. steve: tomi lahren lives in california and had this observation about what's going on out there. this problem has not gotten better in the last several years and it's getting far worse and that is under the leadership, of course, of gavin newsom newsroom and the rest of the democratic leaders in the state. they control the state. so at some point, we don't want this to always be a partisan issue. when your leaders are all democrats, it's a partisan issue. why is california the state that is experiencing this problem to this extent. we have the fourth or fifth largest economy in the world and yet we are spending $100 million a year on illegal immigrant healthcare? and even the residents in this state are saying homelessness is the number one problem. something stinks here.
4:12 am
something's a problem. we need better leadership to address it. ainsley: you know, new york had similar problems. the taxes here are outrageously expensive and wealthy people are moving out of the state because they are paying so much. moving down to tennessee. moving to florida. moving to texas. where you don't pay state income tax. steve: and better weather in many cases. just saying. it is 7:1 now in new york city. thank you very much for joining us. carley joins us. carley: going to the world series and catching all the action on fox. for now i have a major development to bring you. new overnight, iraq warning the united states, troops leaving syria are not allowed in their country. the statement contradicts defense secretary mark esper who said those soldiers will travel to iraq to continue operations against isis. in just hours, the u.s. cease-fire deal with turkey will expire. turkey's president says up to 1300 kurdish fighters are still in the area. actress lori loughlin's daughters are no longer enrolled at usc.
4:13 am
the school making that scandal. they have pleaded not guilty to paying half a million dollars to get their daughters into the school and four other parents accused in that scam just changed their pleas to guilty. that includes a mom who allegedly gloated about helping her daughter cheat on the sats. wow. imagine that. steve: imagine that. brian: do you know how many parents didn't do it because of what happened last year. that's what i think a lot of people are scared straight. thanks, carley. steve: let me fix that chris wallace quote. well-connected republican told him 20% chance senate republicans would vote to remove trump. brian: senator recess i don't know where chris wallace got that from. he pushed back on that. steve: well, he is chris wallace. brian: enough said. steve: enough said. you heard beto o'rourke make this push to take americans' guns away. >> those weapons of war. ar 15s, ak-47s.
4:14 am
those must be bought back. brian: yes. make me an offer. ainsley: now police union leaders are coming out strong against that one of them is going to join us next. ♪ this is our country. ♪ "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. with usaa insurance. we're the rivera family ♪ and we plan to be with usaa for life. but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor.
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4:18 am
ak-47s, ar-15s. those must be brought back any law that is not followed. there have to be consequences. i think there would be a visit by law enforcement to recover that firearm. ainsley: beto o'rourke facing backlash over his plan to take americans' guns away. including from our next guest who calls his plan ridiculous. here to explain is national vice president of the fraternal order of police and president of the houston chapter joe go maldy. hey, joe. good to see you. >> hey, thanks for having me on. ainsley: you are welcome. you said it's ridiculous and idiotic. why? >> yeah. i mean, let me be honest. the only thing more idiotic beto o'rourke's suggestion we should go door to door and seize. president presidential run. polls at 2%. bridge the gap with the community. his idea to connect with our citizens is to go door to door and seize their property? it's completely ridiculous.
4:19 am
it puts our officers in a very dangerous situation where we are showing up to someone's house. we're armed. these people are obviously citizens are armed. now you expect us to seize their guns? give me a break. this is a joke. ainsley: between that and saying he doesn't want churches to have tax exemptions. how is this all going to play out for him? does he know his audience? >> you know, i will be honest. i think this just wreaks of desperation. is he falling behind in the polls. he is doing anything that he can to get attention. so, of course, just like he did during his senate campaign, which he lost by the way. is that he is taking a shots at the hard working men and women of law enforcement like he did during that time. but if we want to have a real conversation about guns in this country. then let's have it. how about we talk about the activist das and judges n baltimore, st. louis, chicago, right here in our hometown in houston. we are letting thousands of people go with violent gun crimes. our da is the worst. kim ogbueze. she is letting thousands of people go committing
4:20 am
thousands of crimes with guns. repeat over and over again. if we want to have a conversation about gun violence in this country. talk about using the laws we have right now and throw the book at the dirt bags violating our community. ainsley: well said. joe. >> thanks for having me on. ainsley: more than a year chins chakrabarti passed away. his stories live on in his final book. his son daniel on those stories coming up next. >> it's my job to say what i think is true. it's my job to say what i think will work. it's my job to call a folly a folly. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about.
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4:24 am
graced opinion columns with his elevated political discourse resonating with measures from all sides of the political aisle. >> it's my job to say what i think is true. it's my job to say what i think will work. it's my job to call a folly a folly. whether it straightens him out, i don't know. i don't know whether it's going to have an effect on them, but there is no other way for an honest critic to be. ainsley: gosh. we miss him, don't we. now a book of his writings collected by his son daniel is out in paperback. it's called "the point of it all, a lifetime of great loves and endeavors." brian: here with more on his dad daniel krauthammer. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. brian: what did you learn about your dad the first time through talking about it and how has it changed you today. >> when i first completed this and went to put it all together, i had to go back and reread everything he ever wrote, because i wanted to make sure nothing was
4:25 am
missed, there was no diamond in the rough that didn't make it into this book. so i think i got just more than anything, such a perspective on how lasting his words were. that i would be reading columns from decades ago that still resonate today. and in the time since, after the book came out in the months since i have traveled around the country talking about it and meeting his fans, meeting his readers, and that was a really moving experience for me seeing how much he impacted was a guide for so many people and really trusted place that they looked to get their sense of the world. ainsley: he was on television, we would all wait to hear what he had to say because he was always spot on. he was so bright. he died at 68 years old. how is your family doing? >> we're doing okay. it's still hard. it's a year and four months now. and, you know, time helps. but there is always a hole there. but it's good to know that
4:26 am
this book is there his words is still there. it is a consolation knowing that a big part of him lives on still. steve: indeed. i know he is your father. and at the time when he would write a column, i'm sure you would read it and might read it really fast. but then when you were putting it all together i read that the first time i missed all this good stuff in there. >> yeah. well a lot of it was before i was born, too. i had some catching up to do. and that was some of the most amazing stuff for me reading stuff even from the 80's that i actually had to insert some dates in this book inside some of the columns to make people aware of when it was written. because they could think he was writing about things going on today. steve: he was talking about reagan. >> exactly and the principles are so lasting though. brian: he was a democrat for a period of time. >> yeah. brian: you wonder how his thoughts have changed. excerpt pulled from the book imagine you support. could you read that for us, daniel?
4:27 am
>> sure thing. steve: topic on the american spirit. >> this is one of my favorites. there's something about the american spirit about the bedrock decency and common sense of the american that seems to help us find our way, something about american history that redeems itself in a way that inspires us all. steve: that is so chakrabarti. >> it is. that's actually one of my very favorite lines from the entire book. from a piece where he is writing about his political philosophies, his views of limited government and really what he called the miracle of the american constitution and our founding. and he had this real optimism about america, about its future. and that's something i actually always look to when i'm feeling frustrated and hopeless that he was very realistic but had such faith in america to get things right. ainsley: is that your mom. >> that is, yeah. ainsley: that's sweet. do you know what always impressed me about your dad. i don't know for a long time about his diving accident. i didn't know his
4:28 am
wheelchair. he was based in washington. i saw him in an interview where he opened up about it. he was so positive. he said i have never looked back. i never asked god why. i just accepted it and went on. >> yeah. no, that was -- you know, he didn't talk about it a lot. that was very much on purpose. that was not important to him who he was. he lived his "fox news live" an extraordinary way such that so many people didn't know that it was a lesson that you don't let yourself be defined what happens to you. you make your own life. i think that applies to everyone, no matter what they're dealing with in their lives. steve: something a lot of us know was that he was washington, d.c.'s number one nationals fan. >> yes. steve: the fact that the nationals are finally in the world series starting tonight on fox. >> it's very special. and i can't tell you how many messages i have gotten from his friends from, you know, fans. he had a special seat. >> he did. he picked it out when they were putting the stadium
4:29 am
together. it's on the first base side. i have kept his seats and i have been going to all the playoff games. and i know he would be so exstatic about this. brian: first time i interviewed him when i first started at fox for a baseball special we had to do. he wrote the back page of "time" magazine. i didn't know him then. i said who is this guyle did i s
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