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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 31, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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which leads me to why i tattled the book sam hissed and and the alamo avengers, the texas victory that changed american history. thank you for watching, everyone . >> hello, everyone. it is 5:00 p.m. in new york cit and this is the five. happy new year's eve, we've got a big show coming up very fierc gun control debate after an armed security guard takes down the manna takes down joe biden under pressure to testify in th senate impeachment trial, plus how the five are planning to ring in the new year or not. that's all coming up next, but first. around back militia supporters, in the iraqi capital of baghdad
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and shouting death to america. live from jerusalem, the very latest is is this story has developed all day. >> good afternoon. attends last day of 2019 in t middle east is hundreds of iraq storm the u.s. embassy in baghdad, this prompted iraqi security forces to intervene. those protesters setting fires across the compound and smackin windows chanting down, down, usa . they report the embassy is on lockdown with american citizens inside. the ambassador is out of town, but security ecforces we're see trying to push back demonstrators with tear gas and rubber bullets. mike pompeo stopped to reiterat that the u.s. will protect its people, also a phone call later in the day. the president taking to twitter to call on the iraqis to protec the embassy saying the situatio was orchestrated by iran. this comes after airstrikes on sunday targeted in responsible
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for rocket attacks the killed one american contractor. the group that was hit, has vowed to respond to gives the united states. >> it is flagrant aggression. it is a regression on iraq's sovereignty. it is aggression of all norms and values. this aggression won't pass unpunished. >> the president just a few minutes ago tweeting that iran will be held responsible for it actions in the middle east particularly against u.s. pe facilities and personnel there. certainly something to keep an ion in the new year as tensions do continue toio rise between t united states and iran. >> we will be talking to you a nice couple of days. thank you so much. the debate over can control bac in the after an arm parishioner stopped out massacre in texas. so saddened to hear about another church shooting in texas , ethis one in a white settlement near south fort worth . what were doing in texas, what were doing in this country with
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guns is not working. texas officials are hitting bac saying there are laws save lives . >> hope that other churches around the country will adopt policies like this and we can stop losing some of the people in these incidents occur. >> a lot of people in this country led by the democrats an the radical left who highly criticized our law we passed it to allow members to conceal mb carry in church, to allow churches to have their own security force. it is idiotic to say to the american public that we want to take your guns and that's going to make people be better. >> it was her horrific situatio they are. thankfully, there was an armed person there that was able to stop the shooter. lawrence chimera from nearby this area and i wanted to get your take on this because the new law that texas signed was just put in place about a year ago. >> if you watch the horrific video, you see there were multiple people with guns there and that's because of the new law that allows congregations t
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have their volunteer police force. i'm not going to speak on other states i'm speakingon on my hom state.e. if you watch local news, you will see the good guys with the gun all the time stop these types of shootersun. i think it's kind of idiotic of beto o'rourke he's from the state of texas and has witnesse this firsthand and seen on the local news he had to have seen it. people prevent this happening. we could be talking about a mas shooting but we're not because of the new law. no matter where you stand on th politics of this, at least say, at least continue to say that laws save lives. >> tom, in a way, i don't think it's just for texas although we are talking about the state of texas, but across the board yo see that over and over again, i there is somebody there that lawfully has a weapon that's been trained to use it is able to stop bag actors from in places that are soft targets. i don't like y slapping people down after shooting like this.
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with that political tweets convey he is exactly wrong. it's like the opposite of what you should be saying that what they are doing is working in texas. i'm a little confused because i've been looking at the law in the changes. we have a second amendment. i don't know why you had to change a lot to allow people to protect themselves in the first place, but that's where we were going g over regulation of guns and they were pulling that back. of course, they were able to defend themselves and the congregation. >> perhaps one of the things that he was thinking about was the man that had the gun at the bad actor or the criminal who i whose two ex-wives spoke out against him they knew he was a violent person, somebody who ha been helped by this church and then turned on the congregants, it may be that is what he's thinking of in terms of that person should not have been allowed to have a gun, but we'r at a point when if they do have them, should we at least be abl to set others down predicate we
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talked about this and they gave a lot yeof credit to this man t had h the gun and stopped a lar mass shooting. at think we're all grateful for that. i also said i don't think it should keep us from talking about widespread commonsense gu reform. i don't think we want to get to a point in this country i don't at my church want to rely on just average citizens that are armed t having to protect our church, that's not a solution. i don't want my church dues become sort of a free-for-all into shoot out with yes the guy was well-trained, but not everyone with a gun is. >> you don't think this is a solution? >> i think we>> were lucky this guy had that in this case, but it's not a solution for the epidemic. >> who would have protected them ? >> we can't pass laws to preven individual situations or antidotal nsituations. we need to look at the overall gun violence, some of them are mental health which a lot of people don't talk about. >> so who protect us when they bad guys have the guns?
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>> i want fewer bad guys to get guns. that's done through common sens gun reform, but we have to tal about even in this situation. >> in the meantime, there are bad actors with guns. >> at think one of the state senators that's cosponsored the bills that itat best is that ev people do evil things and legislation will not prevent them from doing so. i think what you guys are articulating is valued and it's one of prevention versus protection. what we have beto o'rourke talking about is he is talking about a preventative approach but without actual piece of legislation. what workrk that day is the protection legislation that bundle of legislation that was in texas that enabled the congregant to have the security force to train that prohibits landlords from banning guns and places in their abodes and et cetera. i think at this point, into we have identified those where we really are seeing the eradication of it, evil people
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are going to do evil things. >> when you talk about the people of texas, those of faith that go to church regularly, they were there during communio it happened, and how, you have to see it over and over again, but the texans do come together after something like that. >> it doesn't matter the political party. we rally around each other. i also think it's important to note what the difference was in texas. the law ready allowed people going to church to carry guns. that was already the state law.. but what it ratified and this i for there to be a police force. that way it could be organized. what you saw is an active shooter drill that they had already practiced. soey people when they talk abou texas, they think about the wil wild west that's not how it works, a lot of people go to classes, they trade with their families, and this is important to them. no cops where they are.
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i respect the law enforcement o this world, but there's not enough cops to protect every single one of us. there is just not. >> i see this as a success stor and beto is seeing this as a failure with there is not a pla there's not an option to preven that because evil people are doing these evil things. what you're talking about is this a story aspect. gunn safety, gun training, prop gun handling so within that moment he was taken down and prevented more than two lives being >> joe biden's surprising answe on who he might pick as his running mate in michael bloomberg gets mopped i can't wait to talk about this one. those stories are next.ha t if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> 2020 democrats are >> 2020 democrats making some serious .head scratching commens . first obligate who joe biden says he may pick as his running mate. >> and wonder if joe biden woul consider choosinger a republica as a running mate? >> the answer is i would, but i can't think of one right now. >> there is some really decent republicans that are out there still. but here is the problem right now with the well-known ones, they've got to step up. >> plus michael bloomberg is getting mocked over this idea. as president, i will turn the eased room into an open office plan. where i will sit with our team use the oval office for some official functions, never tweeting, but the rest of the time i will be were a leader should be. with the team. >> dana, he wears to work in th white house.
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you like this open idea? >> of all the ideas that i have heard, during the democratic primary, of all of them, and i' talking like the craziest of th crazy, i think this might be th worst of the ideas.. the open floor plan. no one in america, no human likes an open floor plan. may be if you work at the company where you have an open floor you have to learn to get along with people great and in the white house the fences make goo neighbors, opposite makes good colleagues. and also the east room is for ceremonies. there is a history to the white house and we want to preserve that and you need the ovale office for the president to think. also to have two be able to kno that this is where decisions ar being made rather than out on the open floor plan. >> i agree totally. there is something that comes with the open office and their president and the power of that it's where he and hopefully
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someday she will do their thinking and when people come i there for meetings, it means something. i don't want that to go away. on the first question of the biden running mate, i think thi is partly why people like joe biden. as part of his appeal to voters across middle america that he says things like this. a he says to independent voters, i'm not just a partisan hack, i would consider a republican, but his view of the republican party is shaped by years in the senate made up of republicans that are no longer there. this is a different republican party than when joe biden was i the senate. >> the progressive base already distressed by it in, so it's like when mccain said he was going to nominate lieberman and then they conservative base was like what? then he backed off of that. the republican base, they have the nomination. and it's inching towards that. >> i think a little different. i feel like he is pandering.s he's trying to still come off a
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that moderate joe. hey, guys, i'm the one that's going to bring everyone together . >> i think it does speak to the fact that thhe is archaic. he's too integrated. it annoys everyone, not only th liberal democrats that are righ there the fight rhetoric, they don't want to see this kind of collaboration. that is old news. you can't even name one, it seems distant genuine and more like a harkening back time. a quick point about that open floor plan, one of the details that i had as a managing ttorney in the federal government was part of an open floor plan, i was a manager dealing with classified and other people's disciplinary reports, and it was horrendous. it was also probably breaking a lot of rules that i was in that situation. i can't imagine an open floor plan you dealing with super falsified information and i say hey, what's on it for today. let's most fundamental lack of knowledge of the presidency i
8:18 pm
think you can have. >> i think o biden is also out touch when he said this about the coal miners. >> anybody can go down 300 dest 300 feet in a mine, showing how to program is well. anybody can learn how to program , it takes about 15 weeks to learn how to do it. >> does this sound, are they going to win the miners? >> what is he doing. it was supposed to be brilliant lunch pail joe. he's looking forward to retirement he said yes, learn how to code you can go work at . google+ or whatever. it's ridiculous. he should stop doing these open floor plan meetings where he takes questions. every time someway asks him a et question, he gets in trouble. >> i think no politician, at least in the democratic party has figured out how to talk to
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people in voters about the changing economy. people need to be trained for new jobs in different ways, par of the education system also, but it's hard to figure out how to do that without sounding lik you're just people telling people to go code. >> learn to code. o's an insult. the message, it doesn't seem like they have a clear concise message. >> and might have said coal is an important part of our energy mix, and that will continue as long as it can, however, let's be honest here, in the free market that we have, even if yo add in support from the government come up more deregulation like the trumpet ministration of done chemical mining jobss continue to decrea bird that is because natural ga is less expensive. yes, we wwant coal miners to h
8:20 pm
good jobs. that might mean that we have tw do some transitioning. let's not make any mistakes here . it's not going to be forever. >> he says to michael miners al of the jobs are coming back prettier went, they're not coming people have to be honest withou promising a bunch of things tha are quite frankly lies brickey think the president would say that his message is being energ independent. >> we are much more in energy independent. >> disgraced former fbi directo continues toto whine about president trump. we will tell you what he had to say.
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>> james comey refusing to go away and wont stop complaining about president trump. the former fbi director writing a new op-ed describing what it' like to be attacked by the president. it feels is though a strange an slightly sad old guy is yelling at you to get off his lawn. echoed by younger but no less sad people in red hats shouting yes, get off his lawn. we need to fight through our fatigue and contempt for this shrunken withered figure. former fbi agent claims this infamous anti- trumped text are protected enby the first amendm prayed he suing the justice department to get his job back. first, he is on his lawn. he's complaining the president is saying get off my lawn, but james comey wrote an anti- trumped book, he's campaigning against the president, he's on
8:26 pm
the lawn. >> he could go and do something else. obviously there's a big success for him. the thing that comey could do i ignore the president and move on . what you teach her kids of somebody's being like that to you on the playground, walk away . walk away, go do something else. you're able to move on and go d something besides running up beds in the washington post. >> he couldn't resist. he basically, i want to know about disability. people like comey are constantl talking about the president and he's uncivil, he's a bully come he's un- presidential, but what is about the shrunken withered figure. >> they are worse. >> that in the red hat. we know what that means. this guy that is pretending to have this high moral high ground , i think people see him as a fake.. can we stop pretending that the
8:27 pm
democrats like him as well. if hillary was president she would fire him as well. >> i think this is his new lane right now. to his point, he couldn't do an something else bright i think he's making a lot of money off of it. i think being that symbol, bein that rallying cry, i'm trying t protect the institution. meanwhile purports coming out o that mean it actually damage th fbi. >> well, i believe he did. i think most people believe he did.d. marie, he is not going to get o your good side no matter how hard he tries. in money how many book tours he does. you guys are still matter at what he did with hillary. >> i think he is right about president trump's behavior. it is unacceptable, it's bullying. >> what about his? isn't he just as bad? >> he's not because he is not sitting in the oval office tweeting about people who are dead, let's just be very clear
8:28 pm
that he is not wrong about president trump, is not the right one for this. i agree with you, democrats do not like jim comey either because of his behavior during the 2016 election. >> do you want to talk of cours his texts are covered by the first amendment. he has a right to free speech, right? he got in trouble for what he did in his office. obviously at the time that he was canned, he didn't put up a fight hthen. he accepted his fate and now he wants to turn things around. >> he already sued the doj to b clear for reinstatement and bac pay and also damages. the doj came back and filed a motion to dismiss. this isn't even deserve to be o its merits and courts. this was his response to that. he already heard them say and august that was basically that look. everything, i acknowledge my
8:29 pm
stuff with fbi property, but just because it could be monitored just because it was discoverable, doesn't make it unprotected. he argued that you fired me wit the contents of what i was eaying which means the results of which every middle level manager that was just having watercooler talk to be fired from now on out. he cited disciplinary action in the fbi inside it doesn't rise to the level of termination. i think it is one more self victimization that we are also hearing from comey and paige wh jumpedrm in saying 1,000 times s . i don't want to hear about this self-proclaimed jesus is and victims because i would rather e have an op-ed in that real estate given to a firefighter i california or a business owner in or anyone else besides those three. >> all of them destroyed the fb the credibility of the fbi. >> they were the leadership par of the leadership of the fbi.
8:30 pm
>> he said that he didn't know if it was political. the bias still can exist. i don't care if it was politics or because they just didn't lik donald trump, they had conversations back-and-forth an insurance policy, it they are saying this, they don't want to be treated like that. >> the problem is that the text messages were selectively picke by doj and leaked by their spokesperson for political purposes. i think both lisa paige and pet have some cause they're to say your official doj spokesperson only took a few that looked ver bad for us they cherry pick the and they gave them to reporters and that is not appropriate. >> i feel like that so squad selectively gave information. >> up next to 2020 democrat warning the party about how impeachment will help trump win reelection.
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...ask your doctor about piqray. >> ♪ >> joe biden under pre >> joe biden under pressure to testify about his son, hunter during an impeachment trial and is coming under attack from som likely places. >> in my administration will have a high standard around ethics and making sure that we do everything we can to prevent even the appearance of a conflict that's important because as we see, it can creat a lot of complications evenen w there is no wrongdoing. >> there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by vice president bidenon or that hunter biden broken you laws at all, but it does stink that hunter biden go this contract with no expertise in the energy sector and he likely has already said he probably got that money which was significant because of his connection with his father.
8:36 pm
>> the president now weighing i saying the democrats will do anything to avoid a trial in th senate in order to protect sleepy joe biden. >> dana, we saw today that collins expressed a willingness to have witnesses in the senate trial. you only need four republicans can come forward and say we wan the witnesses. what do you see this impeachmen trial hits. how are you handicapping that issue? >> i have put that thinking off until after the new year. because, what i think doesn't necessarily matter. yet to think about what does mitch mcconnell think. mcconnell and schumer and pelosi and mccarthy frankly. the leadership of the house and senate they have to think about what is in the best interest of their party in order to win as many seats is they possibly can in 2020. i know that sounds very political and that we should just be talking about the constitution, et cetera. we know that's what they're thinking about. schumer thinks that he does hav
8:37 pm
the possibility of slipping if you from republican to democrat on the senate side. republicans think that they have got a handle to be able to keep this majority, but it's a slim one. mcconnell has to be thinking in those terms. so i think they will all decid amongst themselves, the president, he has weighed in. he wants this all aired out, an i think that joe biden should'v just said i'm not going to answer hypothetical. instead what he does is open a pandora's box. could get you see dana mentione the seat republicans have to hold onto. they are starting to hear some constituents that in some holds up to 70 percent of americans say they want witnesses. if it's going to be a fair trial , we need to hear from people and when bill clinton go impeached, the majority and minority leader came together and figured out a way to do that . they weren't interviewed they are, but they were interviewed as part of it.
8:38 pm
can mcconnell and schumer come to some agreement here? >> i think what's going to happen as they won't't be witnesses.i i actually would prefer the witnesses to come up right i think it all should be put on the table. i know it's going to be a war, know it's not best for some political parties. the president thinks is going t be better mcconnell, i'm sorry , schumer thinks that it will be beneficial to him to have a witness testified. i think it's good for the country to put all of this on the table and let them duke it out in a civilized way of course . i think the american people wan this to be finally put to bed. i'm for the trial. >> don't think the democrats want a trial. they all know it's a mistake. they know it's. but they couldn't go back they had passed the point of no return. they have to act like they stil want to.e
8:39 pm
you cut it off because the big loser in this would be joe bide because the hunter biden thing will stay alive as long as impeachment is alive. >> congresswoman told c gabbard who is still running we have th sound of her talking. >> we all know that trump is no going to be found guilty and removed from office. they will increase the support amongst voters and it's going t make them harder to defeat. furthermore the house impeachment has increased the likelihood that republicans wil take over the house of representatives. >> whenever i watch her on vide is all i can think about it saturday night live, but i don' even know where she shot that video. she is playing a weird spoiler on all of this by trying to war democrats you hear from house members who are in tough races that say yes, it might be. we're not sure, but it might b
8:40 pm
because it was the right thing to do. how do you handicap this politically. >> that's an interesting question. i think the issue with her is that she doesn't provide a viable alternative. she's kind of like the guy that pointed out without saying here is the result, i'll give you five year intake way 15 here. i think it's about the motion t dismiss and i think as we discussed the merits of having witnesses called senator collin said i'm going to wait, i'm going to hear the evidence presented and then i will determine whether my analysis will be augmented with witness testimony, i will make the decision then. plenty are talking about the motion to dismiss which i think goes into your argument about whether as long as this keeps going, then they have that viable especially optics arguments about the hunter bide situation. i think it seems cloudy, even though they were saying there was nothing illegal but up unti
8:41 pm
now we hadn't had that. or the gop hadn't even had that. >> the big question, even the biden camp has been able to answer. what qualifications did hunter biden have to get that job. >> donald trump's impeachment i solely about the president's behavior in offense, why he did what he does is insularity. he is not being impeached. >> this is how it's all starting . they said the>> president was targeted as a political moment. if the president is asking for legitimate investigation and there's actual evidence something unethical or illegal there, then you should bring it out. that's why you get the complete story. democrats just want to say he just targeted his political opponent. they don't want to say if it wa a or not. that's what they want to bring out in the trial. up next, first, emily hits up times square as we get ready to
8:42 pm
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tonight we say >> tonight we say goodbye to
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2019 and hello to the roaring 20s. there's no better place than new york city to ring in the new year. take a look. ♪ we are entering a whole new decade. do you have any resolutions? f >> i applied to find a new job, be healthy. >> to improve myself. >> to lose weight, obviously. >> i want to be more motivated. >> more money! >> my favorite tv show, the golden girl. ♪ >> did you come to see the ball drop? >> it's a lifetime experience. >> it's on my bucket list. >> this is the year. >> 1:00 p.m. yesterday.
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>> where have you been sleeping? >> we didn't sleep! >> 1-2-3, happy new year! >> it was so fun being in times square. you guys are obviously ready to celebrate. tom, you've done reporting from times square on new year's eve. >> i don't like celebrating new years. to me it's at the end of too many holidays. give thanksgiving and christmas which i really like. bby the time new year's comes around, i don't want to celebrate. >> we don't do a roaring new i didn't even want to wear these glasses but the producers made me. because they frame your face well. >> i feel like devo.
8:48 pm
>> that's a nice 80s referenc reference. >> you wore those class as well. >> thank you. i will hang with some friends here they came from texas. i will make some cas queso, texs style. >> only the extremes. >> are there no bathrooms out there? >> i have no idea. >> i many work all week which i'm very excited about. my husband joined me from d.c. were going out to eat at this vietnamese place everyone is raving about. >> all of my interviews, hearing people's resolutions for the next year and things they left behind. one of the woman said she left cancel behind tell mike daum accounts are behind. it was so awesome. apparently we have the top
8:49 pm
resolutions for 2020 among them, my new year's revolutions. trying something new.e eat favorite foods. go to the better mental health. be more healthy in general. be a better person end. stay motivated. >> a lot of contradictory stuff in there. >> more of my favorite foods, lose weight, what? >> what are my favorites as a younger girl -- i said what is your resolution? she said to see pts a concert. i was like yes, that'ser a popur korean band. >> i wrote a limerick for our five bands. the highest rating show.ll i wrote a limerick. this is dedicated to our fans. >> you can't read that word.
8:50 pm
>> why? oh, you're joking. why would i listen to you? this is for the fans. at the end of the interesting year were so happy you are here. tuning into our station, we are not within the nation. cheers. >> cheers! one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ with advil liqui-gels, you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? ♪ work so hard ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot
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♪there's a me no one knows ♪waiting to be set free so, what's the empty suitcase for? the grand prize trophy ♪i was born to be somebody ♪ >> happy new year's eve. it's time for "one more thing." i'm going to go first because greg is in here to make fun of me.
8:55 pm
this has him watching me on tv. peter says he is never recognized on tv. jasper took his first flight. he went to south carolina. this third one was our april fools' joke. ambrose catching a fish which happened to be a shark. everyone was like, i can't believe he caught a shark. july 4th last year, we went on the harley. his dog walker got him some dog pajamas. i put them on him. there he is. >> the shark was just on the beach. he didn't really catch them. >> he caught it and he dragged it in. >> he's an amazing dog. >> fireworks erupting around the world all day as we speak. bidding farewell to a delegate that will be remembered for many things. the me too movement here in the states ending with donald trump.
8:56 pm
these are pictures from some amazing celebrations in dubai, taiwan, bangkok. that is bangkok. even pyongyang where they reign in the new year. the ball dropping in times square. >> what time is that? >> i almost answered you like it was a real question. amazing photos. of the great things about social media is watching it become new year's around the world. >> i like to celebrate british new year's and go to bed early. have a great day. >> if you have your christmas trees up, i have a great organization for you to donate to. he created canes for veterans and central texas. he's a army vet and after he served he was completely disabled. he said i do this so i don't sit
8:57 pm
home all day feeling sorry for myself. every christmas tree he takes one day to make into a cane that he t donates to an army veteran. it's a great cause. go to my twitter. >> one woman witnessed something while hiking. how was she found? with her iphone flash night. the county sheriff office share this video of this night vision goggle in black-and-white. while the park rangers were in the helicopter, they see this little flashlight going back and forth. they located the hiker after 911 call on sunday. she couldn't find her way. her cell phone light pointed her out. the woman is no safe. always remember to be safe and i guess bring your iphone. >> it seems like that heat
8:58 pm
vision technology helps. >> happy she is fine. >> this reminds me of my childhood. a 12-year-old boy got a magnifying glass. for christmas! they offered it to you before me? this kid, he wanted it for science. for the science of letting things on fire. he started burning the newspaper on his lawn. look at that long. it looks like dried grass. the whole lawn went up. the whole thing on fire. they threw buckets of water. they had a big christmasas memo. there was the christmas where there kid lit the lawn on fire. >> hee will dine out on that story for years. a
8:59 pm
>> pyromania. >> they're all in matching pajamas. >> i have a confession. i did this when i was a kid and they never knew until now. i covered it with that, i set it on fire. i was playing around. i saw it on tv or something. it caught fire and i freaked o out. it's bright a little bit. i covered it with all these big rocks. >> on the rocks till they are? >> i don't know. my parents live there anymore. i should tweet on the address spent time with. >> what is your biggest over the decade? >> more of the same. >> you're happy. you're the happiest guy i know. your beautiful daughters. they're ready for the decade. >> no drinking and driving people. it's a serious thing.
9:00 pm
use or a trailer. >> or you can stay home and organize your closet. that's it for us. have a wonderful new year's eve. catch our show tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern. have a great night everybody. ♪ >> it was the year the president returned to his real estate roots, the crown met the crib, and people weren't chicken to fight over a sandwich. here are the ten most exciting, outrageous, spectacular, compelling, deplorable, celebrated, significant, absurd stories of the year. "who could forget 2019?" >> this is going to be good. ♪ >> in 2019, there were a lot of democrats running for president. basically anybody who had a dt after their name thought, i'm going to run for president. >> what are we at now, 3,000? 3,te 4,000? >> you've got yourocon


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